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Jesus' Life on Earth, Part 1

Karen Zerby

By Maria ML 3546 [Link 2] 5/05

Dear Ones,

1. I'm so happy to have the opportunity to address all of you, dear Family. I'm thankful for the platform to be able to share with you new treasures from Heaven, new messages that Jesus has given through prophecy. I'm thrilled every day that He continues to speak to us frail human beings, and that through His Words we can get to know Him better and receive priceless information that aids us in our service to Him and others.

2. In this Letter I'm going to share with you a few personal messages from Jesus, some of which are excerpts of personal messages that individuals received. These are messages that He has given us through prophecy over the last few years, and there's something extra-special about them. Through them He has given us more details about what His life was like when He walked the Earth in human form. He tells us more than what was recorded in the Bible, fills in some blanks‚ and explains more clearly how He felt and what He experienced at different times during His Earth life.

3. You might wonder why more of Jesus' life wasn't included in the Bible, and why we are learning more details today through prophecy. Here is what the Lord said on this:

4. "The written word is powerful and endures! That's why I had instructed My disciples to write down all they learned so they could pass it on to others. They tried to write down everything, but sometimes they missed things when they didn't get everything written down right away. The accounts in the Gospels are not everything that happened in My lifetime, because they didn't have room for everything, or they thought that some little physical things were not important to record. They didn't realize that the physical things have a lot to do with the spiritual things. Now that you have the gift of prophecy, you can check in with Me and find out more about what happened during My days on Earth."

5. It's only natural for us to think that because Jesus was the Son of God, those 33 years He spent on Earth must have been pretty easy for Him. We figure that because He was so powerful, He probably didn't struggle as much as we do, spiritual battles must have been much easier for Him to fight and overcome, and He probably didn't deal with as many difficult experiences as we do on a daily basis. We hear the verse, "We have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feelings of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin" (Hebrews 4:15), but we don't fully grasp exactly how He was tempted‚ and how very intimately He understands us and what we go through—but He does, because He went through many similar things Himself.

6. Through these messages, we can see the more "human" side of Jesus—through hearing Him tell us in His Own words what it felt like to walk the dusty road of life. We can appreciate the sacrifices He made for us even more than we presently do. It makes us feel closer to Him, and it gives us a better understanding of exactly what He means when we're having so many problems and difficulties and He whispers into our ear‚ "I know what it's like, and I'm right with you to help you and strengthen you."

7. These messages are very interesting and comforting for me personally, for those reasons and more. I feel privileged to have a peek into the more intimate and personal details of Jesus' earthly life. These messages make me feel closer to Jesus. They make me feel trusted and included in the circle of His friendship and trust. That's the reason He shares these intimate details of His life with us, because we are close to Him, because we love Him, and because He wants to answer our questions so that we can know and understand Him better. We have been privileged to receive information from Him that not many on Earth ever have, because He loves us and loves to answer our questions‚ because we are more than friends to Him.

8. I pray that these messages will be a blessing to you as they have been to me. They're on a variety of topics, so there's something for everyone. And if after reading this Letter you're still interested in more, stay tuned for parts 2 and 3.

9. Enjoy delving into the details of "Jesus' Life on Earth"! Love in our understanding Savior,


(Note: All of the text from this point on, unless otherwise noted, was given by Jesus in prophecy.)

God's Higher Ways

10. Was I born in a palace? No, I was born in a stable. Was I a flaming prophet from childhood? No‚ I took up the humble trade of a carpenter for years and years. Did the world rally to support Me when I began My ministry? No, I was despised and rejected, classed with the harlots and the drunks. Did I have a ministry that reached millions? No‚ mostly I had the humble ministry of teaching and training My twelve, and feeding the Words I received from God to whoever around Me would listen.

11. I did have a public ministry at times, when people flocked to Me because they were curious to see miracles or to get a free lunch, after they heard about My miracle of the loaves and the fishes. However, there were many times when My ministry was the quiet ministry of a teacher, just ministering to those who needed to hear My Words and training My disciples to carry on after I was gone. All the popularity was fleeting, and what lasted was the Word that I had sown. It was the teaching and the ministering that ended up bearing fruit in the lives of My disciples and that caused them to change the world and reach millions with My truth.—Humble beginnings, greater ends.

12. You see, My Father had a marvelous plan for Me, as I have for you. Through My life and ministry, humble, simple‚ and short-lived as it seemed, God has worked in countless millions of lives through the centuries. He has been glorified, and many have been drawn to Him, because I was willing to be despised and rejected of men. I simply obeyed what God told Me to do, despite the fact that the educated men of My day looked down on My methods. Many wanted to crown Me king and wanted Me to deliver them from the bondage of the Romans, but it was not to be. They wanted to become a great, powerful, rich nation, with Me ruling over them, but God had a greater vision and plan.

Right Time and Place

13. I was in the world as you are in the world, a human being, but I was not of the world—and this realization gave Me great faith and conviction. Knowing that I had something far greater, something of great price, something to be treasured above all that any human could ever even begin to imagine or think, was cause enough to keep Me on a straight path. I cherished My place and the mission I had as a human being greatly, and did not want to let My Heavenly Father down, nor you.

14. I knew I had a mission—that of saving you—and this spurred Me on. My stakes were high‚ as your stakes are high. I knew that in My frail human hands I held great power, for I held the truth of Heaven. In My human hands was the future of mankind, and this awesome realization kept Me going and desperate to obey My Father's voice, and as I did, I learned and grew in wisdom and in stature.

15. I was different from others, and this was obvious to those who were of understanding. I was the Light. "The light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not" (John 1:5). You, My children, are also different from those of the world, for I fill you with the light of My Spirit. As a city set on a hill, My light in you cannot be hid. I came to Earth on a mission from My Father in Heaven to bring the light to others, just as I send you, My children, on a mission to tell others of the glories of My Heavenly Kingdom that is soon to come on Earth.

16. I was a man of sorrows because I grieved over the corruption and perversion that reigned in the world. I grieved for the lost and the lonely and the needy in spirit. But at the same time, I rejoiced, for I had the light of Heaven in My heart. I was sorrowful, yet always rejoicing, for I knew the glories of Heaven and I knew that what My Father was asking of Me was worth every ounce of sacrifice required on My part.

17. I was serious about life, but that doesn't mean I didn't have a joy in serving My Father in Heaven and doing His will. My joy was true, lasting joy, My fun was true fun, and My pleasure was pure pleasure—unadulterated with the poison of Satan, for by Heaven's grace and intervention I rejected his lies, and he had to flee. I reveled in the freedom of the Spirit, and this is what carried Me through.

18. As I grew in wisdom, I grew to learn the importance of knowing that there is a time and a place for all things. A time to laugh and a time to cry. A time to let loose and a time to hold back. A time to party and a time to refrain from making merry. A time to relax and a time to be sober and to think about the world. A time to minister to the multitudes and a time to zero in on the individual—attending to someone's personal needs. A time to pour out to others and a time to pull back in solitude and prayer in order to refresh and refuel and receive clear vision and recharging from Heaven.

Strength in Stillness

19. There is great strength in stillness, for "in quietness and in confidence lies your strength" (Isaiah 30:15b). My children, do not take lightly the great importance of this wisdom, for indeed it is of great worth.

20. I had to pass time in prayer and in communion with Heaven, seeking My Father diligently, in order to receive His anointing, His holy consecration, the infilling of His power and strength for each and every major task I was faced with.

21. Why did I have to pass this time in prayer and in meditation, alone and in quiet? Because in Me, that is, in My flesh, I could not win the battle. The flesh was not capable of winning the battle in spirit; therefore, if I was to win, I had to have this time. I had to receive the anointing in spirit first. Only through this time alone with My Father was I able to receive the full strength in spirit that only He could give, to win the battle.

22. The battles I fought, though manifested in the flesh, were battles in the spirit, just as your battles in this Endtime, though manifested in the flesh all around you, are battles in spirit, and thus they must be won in the spirit. The only way I could win My battles was to draw on the strength of Heaven, and this could best be done by starting out in prayer and in supplication to My Father for the anointing and the power to carry on.

23. When I walked on Earth, having this time alone with My Father in prayer and supplication for My needs was the only way I was able to find success, for in My flesh I did not have strength. This private time to win the battle in spirit first is what caused Me to triumph, and so it is with you, My children. It was in these times alone with My Father that I was able to give Him My full, undivided attention; likewise, in these times I was able to receive more fully from Him, without the distraction and disturbances of others around.

24. The servant is not above the Master‚ My children, and if it was necessary for Me when I walked in the flesh, so it is necessary for you.

25. I had to get alone and quiet with My Father for each commission that He gave Me; otherwise I would not have had the strength to carry it through. I would not have had the anointing and the power to see the purpose and wisdom in what He was asking of Me each time had I not first stopped and received the power from on high. I would not have even known what I was to do. I would not have had the direction. For it was there, in those quiet moments, that I received the direction and My instruction on which way I was to go.

26. As I was alone in prayer in the wilderness, I received My commission to launch out into My public ministry. It was at the foot of the mount, as I rose up early to pray, that I received instruction as well as the anointing to go and preach to the multitudes. It was there, as I had prayer and held vigil with My Father, that I was filled with faith to work the miracle of the five loaves and the fishes.

27. It was while I was alone and in the quiet of the early predawn hours that I received the anointing to preach the Sermon on the Mount. It was while I was alone in the Garden of Gethsemane that I was consecrated by My Father, sanctified and anointed with oil from Heaven‚ which gave Me the power to follow through and die on the cross so that you could be saved. It was in the garden in those midnight hours, as I held vigil with My Father, that I was filled with the faith and determination of God—the faith to stand true, the determination to not falter, the conviction to look Pilate in the eye and not waver in My resolve as I announced that My Kingdom was not of this world.

28. It was there as I passed the hour in prayer that I received faith and patience to walk the road to Calvary. It was there in that garden of prayer that My heart was filled with love to overflowing so that I might have love enough to forgive even those who pierced My hands and feet and crowned Me with thorns. It was there in the place of prayer that I received full preparation of faith and strength and power and the full anointing to finish the task that lay before Me.

29. Everything I did‚ all My accomplishments, all the victories, every success, began in the quiet moments, in the secret chambers, while I was alone with My Father. Why? Because this is when and where I received not only the commission, but the anointing and the power to go and fight and win the battle.

30. I did not try to fight the battles by Myself, and neither should you. I knew I couldn't make it on My Own. In the flesh, I knew I was weak, for this is the way of the flesh. In the flesh, it was not in Me, just as in your flesh it is not in you. In the flesh, it was impossible to win the battle of spirit; therefore‚ if I was to win‚ I had to have the full anointing and firepower of the spirit first and foremost.

31. Did I not defy all the power and might of the arm of flesh of man? I did indeed, for I won the battle in spirit first and foremost‚ so that victory in the battle of the flesh followed. I won the victory in both spirit and flesh. In spirit, by saving your souls through My death and crucifixion and atonement; in flesh, by conquering death itself by rising from the dead.

32. Only as you reach out for the Spirit of God and the mercy of God will you find success, and this is why you must get alone in prayer and supplication before the battle. I had to do it when I was on Earth, and so must you, My children, if you are to win. As the real battle is waged in spirit‚ so it is in the spirit that you must receive the consecration from My hand in order to fight through and win. This is why, as I did‚ you must have this time alone with Me before you launch out on each new venture or mission.

33. Each time an important task lay before Me, I had to go to My Father and implore Him for His help and His mercy and His strength to carry it out. This was the only way I could make it and the only reason I had success. I had to get alone with Him and win the battle in spirit before I could go out and demonstrate His power before all men.

34. If the battle were in the flesh, it would be possible for those strong in the flesh to win. But because the battle is not in the flesh but the spirit, you must come to Me. As I went to My Father for help and mercy, for strength and power to do each major task He set before Me, so must you.

Receiving God's Guidance

35. How was I able to know what the right decision was in each situation, and then make that decision?—By making listening to My Father the cardinal and unbreakable rule in My life. Every action I took, each choice I made, was the right one, the humble one, the perfect one, because it was the one My Father wanted Me to make.

36. Although being faithful to ask Me about everything may seem difficult and impractical to you, what you need to realize is that it doesn't have to be a long and in-depth process every time. The Spirit is broadcasting all the time—all you have to do is learn to turn on and tune in. Doing so is vital to the success of your personal mission on Earth, just as it was to Mine.

37. Of course, learning to hear clearly from Heaven sometimes takes time and practice. It doesn't always come easily; it requires discipline and concentration in order to focus and to receive, and it can sometimes be a real fight in the spirit. It was for Me; that was something I had to get desperate about and fight for too. What do you think I was doing those 40 days and nights after I was baptized by John, other than being tempted by the Devil? (See Luke 4:1-13.) I was getting desperate with My Father and learning to tap into His strength and Spirit. I was learning how to hear from Him; I was learning and practicing the art of full possession.

Full Possession

38. (Mama:) The Lord wants to live, think, and move within us, and He calls this "full possession." In order for Him to have full possession, we must not only give Him our mind, but also clear our mind and thoughts of all that is not of Him, of all that is of the world and linked to the things of the world or our own worldly nature. This full possession will allow the Lord to use us in the future to perform miracles for Him. He has said that when we allow Him to fully possess us, anything will be possible.

39. Being fully possessed by the Lord is not something that happens overnight. It's a step-by-step process and takes time. Here are some of the things that you can do on a daily basis to put you on the path of full possession:

* Spend time in the Word.

* When something is not according to the Word, shun it.

* Be instantly obedient‚ and stick to your convictions regarding what's right or wrong.

* Hear from the Lord in prophecy. Let Him speak to you regularly.

* Be humble, and give the Lord the glory at every opportunity.

* Don't get sucked into the influences of the world—its media‚ entertainment‚ values, materialism, carnal-mindedness, etc.

* Praise the Lord at every opportunity.

* Be more loving and giving.

* Be a faithful witness.

(Jesus: ) If you are going to use the full power I have given you, I cannot share your thoughts with the carnal mind. I cannot perform mighty works through you in coexistence with the mind of man—for this hinders‚ it sets back‚ it stifles My Spirit from fully and completely performing great feats through you. It prevents you from activating the full capacity of spiritual powers that are at your disposal.

If you are going to work greater miracles, if you are going to fulfill your destiny, you must be Mine. You must be wholly, totally, completely possessed by Me‚ and in order to do this, you must put on My mind. You must more fully think My thoughts. You must allow the spirit of My mind to become one with the spirit of your mind. Your brain must be My brain. You must put on the totality of the mind of God.

There are no earthly words to adequately describe what I prepare for you who, yielding your all to Me, allow Me to fully possess you. To you is exceeding great and awesome eternal glory! For you I prepare My greatest and rarest rewards and gifts! So stunning are these rewards that I can only give them to those who pass the greatest tests, who give Me their all without reservation, without hesitation. (From "Full Possession," ML #3376:35-36, 55, GN 973.)

40. I knew that if I couldn't tap into My Father's Spirit and receive instruction and guidance from Him‚ I'd never make it. I knew full well that it would never be possible to accomplish My purpose and perform My Father's will in each circumstance I would be in, in each situation I would be faced with, if I didn't have a direct‚ strong link with Him.

41. You may assume that being able to hear from My Father was a completely natural thing for Me, that it was just second nature to Me, a part of My makeup, because I was the Son of God come to Earth. But that wasn't the case. It was very much something I had to get desperate about and work at. The Enemy fought it tooth and nail; it was an intense fight in the spirit and didn't come easy.

42. Does it seem odd to you that I wasn't always able to hear My Father's voice automatically and without any obscurity whatsoever? What you have to understand is that My Father had to allow Me to feel somewhat disconnected from Him at first, because connecting had to be something that I had to learn how to do, something that I had to fight for. I had to take on your nature and experience your weaknesses to understand the difficulties you'd be faced with, so that I could help you overcome them.

43. I was working with My Father, just as you work with Me today. I had to tap into His power. I couldn't do it on My Own; I didn't have all of the wisdom of Heaven with Me by osmosis, just as you don't today. I had to ask for it, I had to suck for it, I had to be yielded to receive it, just as you have to do today.

44. When I came to Earth, I underwent a sort of memory wipe. I couldn't have gone through what I needed to go through, and have learned what I needed to learn in order to be your High Priest, if I had been all-knowing at the time and had never needed My Father's help, and had never felt what it was like to be in need of answers, guidance, and instruction. I had to go through what you go through.

45. Of course, it eventually came easier to hear from Heaven once I learned what steps to take in order to break through in spirit and receive. But even when I became proficient in it, there were times when the answer or direction didn't come in an instant, when it was still a battle to receive, and it wasn't just "all clear" the moment I asked.

46. The first example that comes to mind was when the Pharisees brought the adulterous woman to Me, asking, "Master, what should be done with this woman?" I knew they were testing Me and that they were out to get Me with that question, and I didn't know how to answer it. I couldn't rely on My Own wisdom or experience, nor did I receive the answer from My Father right away, even though I asked. That was the hardest part and was a big test for Me. Would I panic? Would I go ahead in My Own reasoning? Or would I simply not answer and walk away? What was I to do? I did not know. I will wait. I will be still in faith and wait for My Father, and I will trust.

47. Those moments seemed like hours to Me‚ and to those around Me as well.—To My disciples who wondered inwardly if I had the answer to such a controversial question; it seemed like a lose–lose situation, and their faith in Me was tested. To the scribes and Pharisees, who were impatient and pressed Me, as they were eager to trap Me in front of the people. To the crowd around Me who were keen to mete out judgment. And to the woman whose faith was also deeply tested‚ as she awaited her sentence.

48. It was a life-and-death situation, and the pressure was on. I was tempted to give in to the huge amount of pressure I felt to "deliver." But I waited for the guidance of My Father. I waited quietly and patiently for the voice of the Lord. I waited in faith, knowing that My Father would not fail Me if I did not fail to do as He had commanded.

49. Then the answer came! My Father spoke, and then it was clear, and what a relief that was! It was the perfect answer and was the right thing to do. He instructed Me to say, "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her." And because no one there was without sin, no stones were thrown that day, and I forgave the woman's sins. (See John 8:3-11.)

50. You see, much like you, I had no great wisdom of My Own, save that which I received from the Father. For every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of Lights, with Whom can be no variableness, neither shadow of turning (James 1:17).

51. "Let every man be swift to hear and slow to speak" (James 1:19). Only once you've received My direction, then proceed in faith. Once you're sure it's what I'm showing you to do, don't be afraid to do it. Ask Me for My anointing, and then go in faith‚ trusting that it will bear the right fruit in your life, and in the lives of those around you.

Simplicity Rules

52. The best answers are the ones that are the simplest. The truth is always simple. My love is simple. My answers are simple. When you're witnessing, don't be afraid to answer complex questions with simple answers. No one can ever cover all aspects of any given topic in one answer. Many people, in trying to be so complicated, miss the point completely. So it's better to stick with simplicity—that's the way I am.

53. That's the way I answered when I was on Earth and face to face with difficult, tangled, or even complex questions. I was a witness and sample of My Father's love. I demonstrated My Own love. I told the truth. That kept things very simple, and answered the most important points.

Desperation Gets Results

54. When the woman with the issue of blood dragged herself through the crowd to wait in anticipation of My passing and reached out to touch the hem of My garment, that was desperation. She had no other hope. All that remained of her faith and strength was focused totally on that action.

55. Perhaps you don't have a clear picture of that event. This woman was not just being carried around on her bier. She didn't just get up and stroll over, casually waiting to touch Me as I passed by and then say, "Oh, how nice, I feel much better now." This poor woman had been bleeding for many years. Her body was emaciated. Her ability to walk had long passed.

56. This precious one had to literally drag her half-dead body across the ground, through the thick crowd, in agonizing pain to reach Me. It was frightening for her. She could have easily been trampled upon. All she could think of was the hem of My garment that she was determined to reach. She knew that if she could only touch the hem of My garment, she would be healed. She was desperate and she had faith.

57. She had a level of desperation that many have never even imagined. Even to reach out those inches to touch some part of My garment required tremendous effort on her part. It was her sheer desperation, born of faith, that wrought the miracle. Her need was so tremendous. This is why‚ at her touch, I felt the power of the Father flow through Me and into her. Her desperation evoked an equally strong bolt of the Father's power and Spirit that was channeled through Me, to her (Mark 5:25-34).

58. It was blind Bartimaeus' pitiful cries which could not be silenced, cries of desperation from a tortured soul, desperate to be freed from the bonds of blindness, that drew Me to him and worked the miracle of his healing (Mark 10:46–52).

59. It was the desperation of the friends and family of the man with the palsy, watching him slowly shriveling up in agonizing pain, that prompted them to break a hole in the roof when they could not reach Me any other way‚ using every ounce of effort they could muster to bring him into My presence (Mark 2:1-12).

60. It was the utter desperation of many down through history who in times of great anguish or trial have cried out in desperation to Me and have received miraculous answers to prayer in direct response to the desperation of their heart.

What People Need Most

61. There were many times when I wished I could have done more, when I saw the multitudes and was moved with compassion upon them, because they fainted and were scattered abroad as sheep having no shepherd; when I lifted up My voice and cried, "Oh, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how oft would I have gathered you under My wings, as a hen gathers her chicks, but ye would not" (Matthew 9:36; 23:37).

62. I felt a burden‚ a despair‚ a heavy feeling in My heart—longing that all the problems, all the hardships‚ all the pain, could just be lifted and taken away, but I knew that this was not the answer. Sure, I could heal some‚ and I could perform miracles to feed the hungry sometimes, but that was not the world's greatest need. These miracles were what they needed to see so that they could believe My Words and know that a prophet had been among them. But their greatest needs were not these physical things, although they certainly seemed the most desperate and immediate needs. Their greatest need was to know that God loved them, that I loved them.

63. They needed to know that God was not some Pharisee or Sadducee or rabbi who constantly quoted laws and rules and regulations. They needed to see God as their Father, a kind and loving Father, One Who loved them more than they knew, and Who longed to set them free from the dry letter of the law, the ritual sacrifices and ceremonial offerings, and give them the certainty of salvation.

64. That is why He sent Me to you, to feel your pain, to know your burdens, to be touched with the feelings of your infirmities, and finally‚ to give My life for you, that by My blood you would live, by My broken body you could be healed, by My sacrifice you could be set free from the burdens of sin, and translated into the Kingdom of God.

65. This was the salvation you needed most—freedom from that spiritual bondage of the soul, even more than healing from the nagging afflictions of the flesh.

[To be continued.]