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Shooting Straight, Part 16—Letter Links: The Spirit of Weariness

June 22, 2005

(ML #3542, GN 1139)

FD/MM/FM April 2005

Rest for the Weary

ML #2915:23-24‚ Lifelines 21

Rest, rest for the weary,

Peace, peace to the soul.

Though life may seem dreary,

Earth is not thy goal.

Come‚ lay down thy burden.

Come, come unto Me.

I will not forsake thee.

I will not forsake thee.

I will not forsake thee.

Though all others flee.

Though all others flee.

23. (Dad: ) Some of our people probably feel pretty old and weary right now. Bless them, Jesus! Inspire them! Strengthen them, give them comfort. Give them rest. Help them to be good witnesses, Lord‚ faithful to Thee, to think about You and pray.

24. Rebuke the Devil, in Jesus' name! Resist the Enemy and he shall flee from thee! Help us to resist him, and all the demons of Hell will flee from us. Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!

Let Jesus Bear the Weight

ML #2987:40-47, 121-135, 136-142, 151-160, Lifelines 22

40. (Jesus:) "When you look at this job before you with the eyes of man‚ and when you think of all that there is to do and the weight that there is to carry, it is overwhelming. But when you look at it in the strength of God, in the strength of My voice, in the strength of My guidance and in the strength of My power, it is not too heavy; for I am God, and there is nothing too hard for Me. All that there is to do is beyond the capabilities of any man. For with man it is impossible, but with God all things are possible. All things are possible to him that believeth. Do you believe this? If you believe, come before Me and seek Me, and do those things that I show you. Bring your petitions before Me, and then stand back and see Me perform that which I will do.

41. "For I do not wish for you to be heavy laden and burdened and crushed, but I have put you in this position so that ye shall know it is impossible for you to do it, and you will seek Me, and I will teach you that your true strength is in Me. This you must learn, that you may teach others and that they may teach others.

42. "So come before My throne of grace and let Me carry the load, and I will show you the true power and the true strength—the power of prayer, the strength of listening. So though this looks like a very difficult and trying time, it is the time when I am calling you unto Me to show you that I have all that you need and I will give it freely unto you, if you seek Me." (End of prophecy.)

43. (Mama:) Thank You Jesus for that beautiful reassurance, that beautiful comfort! … You're continuing to tell us that all of us who are weary and heavy laden just have to come to You, and that You will bear our burdens; that if we will cast our burdens on You, You will sustain us. You really mean it, and You really will do it.

44. Help us to get the point. Please help us to do it—to do what You say and see You do great and mighty things that we know not, as we obey You and leave our burdens at Your feet and ask for Your solutions. Lord, help all our folks to unite before Thee in prayer, seeking Thy divine guidance and leadings in prophecy, visions and verses. Thank You for Your promises and that they never fail. If we will do Your commandments, You will do exceeding abundantly above all that we could ask or think. Thank You Jesus!

45. Thank You for Your love, that You want to make it easy for us. You don't want us to be bowed beneath the burdens or crushed beneath the loads, as You said. Help us to believe You—each one of Your precious Family, from the youngest to the oldest—and to reach out and receive of You. Help us to prove You and try You and see if these things be so. Help each one to let go of their works and their old ways of doing things and their old attitudes, and decide to let You bear the full weight through Your Word and Your voice, so they won't be crushed by the weight of the burdens.

46. Help them to find their strength in You, as You said: "You must take time with Me. You must find new strength to do these tasks. And this new strength is in Me, in My Words‚ and in My voice." "Bring your petitions before Me and then stand back and see Me perform." "I have put you in this position that ye shall know it is impossible for you to do it‚ so that you will seek Me and I will teach you that your true strength is in Me."

47. The Lord again is telling us that He has all that we need, and that He will give it freely to us if we will seek Him. Thank You Jesus!

121. (Prophecy:) "Throughout all the ages of man the struggle has been between leaning upon the arm of the flesh and the strength of man, and leaning upon the power of God. All of My children from the beginning until now have struggled with leaning upon their own strength in their service unto Me, and leaning upon Me to perform their service. For they struggle, feeling that they must do this and they must do that, and they have not fully understood that I wish for their service to be done through My power and My strength and My might.

122. "Always in My service there is so much to do, for the harvest is plenteous but the laborers are few, and My Spirit compels them to do all that must be done. But they feel they must do it in their power and in their might, and they have not sought Me and My power, nor trusted Me and My power. They have not fully understood all My power can do through the power of prayer, through the power of My Word, through the power of My direction.

123. "And those few who have understood and who leaned upon My power in prayer and who sought Me in all things have accomplished more than any men, for they operated in the power of My Spirit. For the power and might of God is so strong, yet My children do not tap into it nearly as much as they could. And this has been the battle throughout the ages.

124. "When the children of Israel did not trust Me and did not lean upon My power, they turned to the armies of men for their protection. And in these days when My children trust Me not, they turn to the thoughts of men‚ whether they be the thoughts of other men or whether it be their own thoughts.

125. "But those that would perform in the power and in the might of God turn unto Me, and they seek Me and they follow that which I say unto them and that which I show them, and thus do they accomplish My will with effortless ease. For have I not shown you how much easier it is to seek Me and to ask Me? And how that which I show you accomplishes My purpose with very little effort on your part?

126. "And so would I have it for My children, that they be not so strained and burdened. When they have a problem with their children, they should pray and seek Me. And when they have a problem in their Home, they should pray and seek Me. And when they have a problem with their outreach, they should pray and seek Me. When they have a problem with their finances‚ they should pray and seek Me. And when they have a problem with those in their Home, they should pray and seek Me, for I do have answers. I do have the strength. I do have the power. It is there.

127. "And have I not said, 'Pray without ceasing'? Have I not said, 'Call unto Me and I will answer thee and show thee great and mighty things that thou knowest not'? That 'they that seek Me early shall find Me'? 'When you call out to Me with a whole heart, I will answer.' 'Ask and ye shall receive. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and it shall be opened unto you.' These are not mere words of man, My children, these are the promises of God. Avail yourselves of these, My promises, and believe, and ye shall have strength and might and power that ye know not of.

128. "But oh, you work so hard. And, oh, you toil and strain and struggle, but My yoke is easy and My burden is light. These burdens were not designed for you to carry, for they are My burdens. You are My children. For does not the father of the household take care of the heavy burdens of the household and carry the weights of the household? Does he not supply the needs of the household? Does he not supply the protection of the household? And does he not decide the weighty matters? For he doth not ask the children to decide these things or to defend the house or to supply for the house, for he loves his children, and he wishes to supply for them and protect them and keep them. He wishes to answer their questions and help them to grow, to teach them. So it is with Me.

129. "So let Me be your Father. Let Me carry the burden. Bring it unto Me. Ask of Me and seek Me, for I promise to show you and to give you those answers that ye seek‚ that you may find true rest in Me. And thus thou shalt understand My Word when I say‚ 'Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit‚ saith the Lord.' And so shall you understand when I say, 'Stand back and see Me fight.' And ye shall know that ye have this treasure in earthen vessels that the power and excellency may be of God and not of man‚ that no flesh should glory in My presence.

130. "So let Me do the work, and seek Me, and hear My voice, and do those things that I show you‚ that ye shall know that it is by My Spirit that these things are accomplished, and thus shall I receive the praise and the honor and the glory that I deserve.

131. "And‚ yea, it is humbling to come before Me and admit that you need these answers. And it will be humbling for you to see My power in comparison to your own. But in humility is great peace. And in humility is great rest. So come unto Me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. I will give you the rest of My answers‚ and the rest of My strength, and the rest of My power, if ye will but seek Me, if ye will but hear My voice, and if ye will operate according to My plan.

132. "So rest in Me and be freed from the heavy burdens. For though the questions may not go away, the answers can come forth, flow forth in great abundance if ye will but tap into the source, My Spirit. For in Me is great power, and in Me is all that ye need, for I am all in all, and I am here for you." (End of prophecy.)

133. (Mama:) What wonderful answers You give, Lord.—So simple! You tell us over and over again the same thing, one time this way and another time that way, trying to get us to see it, trying to get us to believe it: That all we have to do is ask You and seek Your face about everything—our finances, our children, our outreach, our mates, our ministries‚ our battles. No matter how complex we feel the problems are, when we ask You‚ You will give such simple answers and melt all those mountains away by the voice of Your Word.

134. You even tell us that these burdens are not ours to carry; they belong to the father of the household, who doesn't burden his children with the heavy weights of the household. What a beautiful example You have made so that each of us can understand how You want us, Your children‚ to be with You, our Father. It's not just that You don't want us to be strained and burdened, although that's certainly a big part of it, but it's also that You want to get the glory for handling the problems and solving them. What a marvelous plan!

135. Help us, Lord, to fulfill our part by tapping into the Source and by resting in You and asking You the questions and receiving Your answers, which always work!

136. (Prophecy:) "The Promised Land is the land of My Spirit, the land of My power, the land of My strength, the land where My children no longer need to struggle in the arm of the flesh to do the things that they seek to do as they desire to accomplish My will, as they attempt to accomplish My will. For it is a place in the spirit where My children shall be empowered with a greater power and a greater anointing, where they shall have rest from their labors, where they will have tapped into the power of My Spirit and where they will operate in the power of My strength, and thus will receive My blessings. For they will operate in harmony and in unison with those in the Spirit‚ and thus will have a new power, a new strength and a new anointing. And this will bring forth a new joy and a new peace and a new rest, no longer struggling, no longer striving, no longer weary.

137. "For when the children of Israel crossed the Jordan, they still had much to do. They had to conquer the whole Promised Land. But as they stayed close to Me and cried out to Me, I defeated their enemies. Yea, they went forth to battle, they put in some effort, but they sought Me and I gave them instructions, and they always won as long as they stayed close to Me and sought Me. For they were assured of victory if they battled according to My plan. And I did miracles, yea, many miracles, and brought forth great victories. I even went ahead of them in My power and cleared the land of their enemies. I did things that they knew not of until later. For I sent forth hornets to drive out the inhabitants of the land so that the land would be free for My children.

138. "For I work in many ways, and if you will seek Me and cry out to Me, and if you will love Me and praise Me, and if you will grasp all that I am saying‚ My power and My Spirit will work in even greater and stronger ways than it did for the children of Israel in their Promised Land.

139. "And even as Moses was taken from the children of Israel right before they crossed the Jordan, so has your Moses been taken from you. For it was also a new day for them, a day to come out of the desert of hardship, the desert of famine into the land of plenty. And so it is with you.

140. "For as time marches closer to the End, so must My children be empowered by My Spirit in a new and greater way. But I can only empower those who make the decisions that they need to make, that make the decisions to put Me first, that make the decisions to trust Me with all of their hearts.

141. "Some may cross the Jordan now and some may cross the Jordan later, but all who wish to be empowered by My Spirit must cross.

142. "So call unto the others and say, 'Yes, come over! This is the way to go! This is the strength of the Spirit of God! This is where you will find rest to your souls‚ and this is where the blessings of God will be made manifest in a new and greater way. So come! Cross over to the power of the Spirit! Come! Cross over to the might of God! Come! Cross over to blessings and plenty! Come! Cross over where your David hath trod.'" (End of prophecy.)

151. (Prophecy:) "These are weary in well doing, for they have fought a good fight‚ they have struggled against hardship, they have struggled in defeat. And yet they have not surrendered, and for this I am well pleased in these, My beloved, My precious ones whom I love so dearly.

153. "And this is My message unto these ones, My darlings, My beloved, in whom I am well pleased. I say unto you, ye have not begun to see the victories that I am going to bring forth. And these days of struggle and these days of defeat shall be a thing of the past, and ye shall remember them no more‚ for the victories that are ahead. But before honor is humility. For as ye enter into this new day, ye shall do so with a greater anointing and a greater power and in greater faith‚ and in the days to come ye shall understand all that ye have been through.

154. "Therefore‚ lift up the hands that hang down and strengthen the feeble knees of these, your flock, and look ahead in real faith. Look ahead with encouragement. Look ahead, for the dawn cometh‚ and the night seasons of despair, of defeat and of discouragement are giving way to the brightness and the light of My coming. For I shall arise with healing in My wings, and I shall heal the spirits of these, My children, who have fought, who have suffered, and who have died—died to themselves.

155. "And as they march back in seeming retreat and onward into new fields, they shall come out of the night and into the day where the sun shall shine, and they shall receive the warmth of My love, and the light of My truth, and the strength of My might. For when they were in the strong countries, they were weak; but as they go to the weak countries, they shall become strong—strong in the power of My might, and strong in the spirit of My witness. And I will empower them and they shall help to fill the vacuum that the people in these countries have.

156. "And as they fill this vacuum and as they pour forth My Words unto the truly lost and the truly hungry and the needy, it shall revive them and revitalize them, and they shall forget the night season‚ for they shall be in the day. And that which was weak shall become strong; and that which was discouraged shall become encouraged; and that which fought the enemy within shall turn and fight the enemy without, and they shall be raised from defeat unto victory.

157. "And so shall ye be rewarded for your labors and for your love, and for the laying down of your lives for these, your brethren. For the dawn breaketh and the morning light begins to arise. So look up and see the darkness fade, as the sunshine of My love, of My power, of My strength and of My might begins to arise.

158. "And I shall wipe the tears from your eyes, and I shall wipe the hurt from your heart, and I shall wipe the strain from your bodies. Ye shall have rejoicing instead of sorrow‚ and ye shall have peace instead of turmoil, and ye shall have My power instead of your strength. For ye have been through the night, and now ye shall enter in to the daylight.

159. "So though ye are weary and though ye are weakened, ye are as those who have fought the good fight. When you have fought valiantly, and when you have fought hand to hand, you can only expect that ye would be weary and worn and wounded. But now I will heal you, and now I will sop your wounds and I will succor your spirit. And now I send you forth as an army no longer in defeat, but as well-seasoned soldiers who march forth into glorious victory ahead.

160. "So lift up your eyes, lift up your heads and gird yourselves about with faith. For ye shall now march forth victorious into the new day and into the sunlight of My love as shining lights, as soldiers of My realm, the realm of the King of all kings, and ye shall march unto victory. For in your weakness I shall make you strong, and ye shall have victory all the day long." (End of prophecy.)

Problems and Solutions‚ Part 1

ML #3069:28-37, Lifelines 23

28. (Mama:) Recently the Lord was speaking to one of our dear COs who was feeling very weary with her ministry. Not only did He comfort her, but He also put into words what a lot of you are feeling right now.

29. (Prophecy, Jesus speaking‚ first to the CO and then to us all:) "I know that you are willing, My dear, but I also know your inner struggle, that after many, many years of faithful service and diligently giving Me whatever I have asked for years and years, you are now tired and weary and feel you lack the inspiration and zeal and enthusiasm that you once had. You wonder, 'How can I go on? How can I continue to do this again and again‚ day after day?' You worry that you no longer feel that driving compassion or inspiration.

30. "You are not the only one, My sweet one, who faces this struggle and faces this battle. There are many who have served Me faithfully in the Family for 15, 20 and almost 30 years, and who are also beginning to feel that in spite of their deep love for Me and the work and Mama and Peter and their brethren and the lost sheep—in spite of it all, they too are beginning to feel that they just cannot go on one more step.

31. "My heart breaks for them, but in My wisdom I have foreseen their struggle and the difficulty they will face. Many of them know not where to turn or who to go to or what to do, for they feel that it is their fault. They feel that their weaknesses have at last brought them to the end of their road. They feel that there is no hope for them to continue in the Family, and the Enemy will use it to tempt them to leave. The Enemy will use many things against them to tempt them to leave their post and to leave their calling—their feelings of inadequacy, of weariness in well doing, of frustration in fighting their daily battles, of exhaustion after having fought on the mission field for years and years and years." (End of prophecy excerpt.)

32. (Mama:) Does the Lord in this prophecy express your sentiments? The Lord said He loves you very dearly‚ you who have served Him loyally and faithfully for many, many years. He knows you're in need of reassuring love and words of encouragement and comfort. He knows you're feeling at the end of your rope, and you're questioning, "How can I go on? I have come this far, I have served the Lord faithfully‚ I have been very happy in my service to Jesus. I have given it my all, and I feel I have nothing left to give. I feel so spent, so empty, so depleted of energy, strength, patience and love. How can I possibly go on?"

33. Are you feeling that way? I'm so sorry if you are, but at least I hope it encourages you to know that you're not the only one who is battling such discouragement. And even more importantly, I hope it lifts your spirits to know the Lord understands what you're going through.

34. But the Lord's message didn't stop there. He didn't just show sympathy and understanding, and leave it at that! He went on to give some very precious counsel—the answer, the solution you need to pull you out of your discouragement! He said:

35. (Jesus:) "Continue to lean upon Me and My strength. Continue to spend time with Me‚ drinking of My Word and sucking My seeds, for in them is the strength, the power, the inspiration, the desired energy, the enthusiasm and the help that you desperately seek. For no matter what role you play‚ and no matter where My voice may call you today or tomorrow, you can do it with the power of My Word upholding and sustaining you.

36. "And when you feel you cannot walk one more step, turn to My Word. Hold it before your eyes, absorb it, think about it, meditate on it and let it fill your very being. For in the days to come, the dark days ahead, so shall it be for all of My children. It shall be My Word and My Spirit that sustains them.

37. "Fear not the days ahead. Fear not how you will make it‚ for I promise I will help and sustain you. This time is only for a short while, for you will not be tempted above what you are able to bear, and you will soon mount up with the wings of an eagle. You will soon run and not be weary. You will soon walk and not faint. For I the Lord your God am promising you this‚ and will not fail you." (End of prophecy excerpt.)

Celebrating Our Second Anniversary of the Love Charter

ML #3097:63-70, Lifelines 23

63. (Dad:) Don't get weary in well-doing, dear Family. This is my birthday prayer for you. I know what it's like to get weary. I got weary many times and was tempted to come Home before my time. But I stayed till the time was right, I held on for you. And now I ask you folks, won't you hold on just a little longer for me? For the Lord? For the world?

64. Keep living and obeying and following closely. Keep on loving, keep on striving and fighting to put the Love Charter into effect, and as you do, you will soon be able to see all the good fruit and results, if you haven't been able to so far. You, dear Family, are getting stronger every day, and I'm proud of you!

65. Keep on loving, and through unity you will find strength. It's there, it's here, and there is plenty for everyone. In unity is strength, and as you strive to live the true spirit of the Love Charter, you will find all the strength and energy and anointing you will need for now and for the days ahead, when He is going to use you to rule the world!

66. This is the test run! This time of learning to live the Law of Love is the proof of the puddin', and you're going to be able to fall back on that in the days ahead‚ when you will be able to comfort others with the comfort that the Lord is pouring out on you now. … So please, dear Family, don't give up the fight now.

67. Keep climbin' up! Keep holdin' tight to each other! Keep prayin' together. Keep leanin' on each other. Keep relyin' on each other. Keep strengthenin' each other. Keep reachin' out and lending a helping hand to each other. Keep holdin' each other up. If one falls, pick him up, help him dust off, lock your arm in his, and keep walkin' on. Keep lovin' and carin' and sharin' one with another. Keep rising above the petty nagging little struggles of daily life, and forge ahead! Don't despair!—But if you do‚ fight on in the face of despair. Keep tappin' into the power and tunin' into the whispers. Keep on keepin' on! Don't stop! Don't quit! Keep fightin' on!

68. Keep that old Devil on the run! Keep the love flowin' through you! Keep praisin' and lovin' the Lord. Keep pourin' out to others. Keep huggin', keep caressin'‚ keep touchin', keep lovin'! Keep a soft heart but a tough spirit. Keep showing outgoing concern for others. Keep lending a listening ear and giving understanding to those in need. Keep showing love and compassion to those who are failing. Keep reaching out, that others may feel your love. Keep spreading the Lord's healing touch. Keep spreading hope to those you meet. Keep loving and living our Charter of Love. Keep raising a standard against the evils of this day. Keep breakin' down the walls and breakin' the chains of conformity. Keep storming the gates of Hell and keep chasin' away those dark clouds of gloom and doom!

69. Keep lovin' Jesus, keep lovin' each other, and keep livin' the Law of Love! The Family needs it‚ you need it, I need it, and the world needs it! Keep yielding and letting the Lord love through you. Don't just read about it. Don't just talk about it. Do it now! Keep spreading His healing balm to others and to the world. Keep lovin' everyone He brings across your path! Don't miss one chance. Don't let one golden opportunity pass you by. Keep on loving and ushering in the Kingdom of God.

70. Keep following close behind me—we're headin' on out! Don't get off the ship of the Love Charter. We're sailin' on into the light of the new day—the new world—where we're gonna live and reign and rule with Him, as we spread His Love and keep His lovin' laws of the Charter of Love. Hallelujah! (End of message from Dad)

How-tos of Home Education

ML #3189:77-80, GN 794

77. (Jesus:) This is a very great need in My Kingdom—for My parents to use every opportunity that they have to give unto My children‚ to train them, to educate them, to teach them, to stimulate them, to challenge them, to inspire them, and this can be done! For as you pour out, I will pour in, and you will not be able to outpour Me, for I have so much to pour into them.

78. You say, "But I have so much to do. I am so tired." I know you are tired‚ My parents! You have huge jobs, many pressing demands and multitudes of children, urgent affairs to tend to in your ministry to others, and you are weary and worn at the end of the day, or even throughout the day. But I am able to revitalize you as you look to Me and as you pour out to your children. I am able to make your yoke easy and your burden light.

79. So seek Me for the strength and inspiration you need. For tiredness breeds more tiredness, whereas inspiration and giving breeds strength. Tired and uninspired parents cause tired and uninspired children, which creates problems that pull you down. It becomes a vicious cycle where you begin to feel that you have not wherewith to give all that I ask you to give.

80. But when you, as parents‚ are pulling upon Me for the strength, the ideas, the inspiration and the courage to forge ahead each day and make the most of each moment and each learning opportunity, then as you pour into your children they will give back to you. For they will be happier, they will be more productive, they will be innovative as they learn. They will be creative, and this inspiration will create a positive cycle that will spiral upwards, and you will see yourself regaining new strength. You will go from strength to strength, both you and your children.

Cast Your Cares on Him

ML #3242:70-126, 162-170, GN 844

70. (Jesus:) Burnout is very dangerous. Most people don't realize how dangerous it is. They relate burnout to feeling tired at the end of the day or not wanting to take on one more task. Although that's part of it, burnout is deeper than that‚ and often creeps up unexpectedly.

71. It's a spiritual thing—the Enemy is constantly fighting, and when you run only on "spiritual adrenaline," the high of accomplishments or the fulfillment of being in My service, the inspiration of your brethren or even just the pressing needs which you help to fill which spur you on‚ you put yourself in grave danger of burning out. For though you do not notice it, little by little you are becoming spiritually exhausted, because you are not taking time to refill and refuel. You are running on a "high," but when you hit a low, you have no reserves, no strength, and you basically crash.

72. It can be triggered by anything—but when it happens, you have no strength to get up and try again. You even lose the desire to read My Word or hear from Me‚ and so you often get more and more run-down and battle-weary. When you are in this weakened state, the cure is the Word—time with Me and time resting and seeing My perspective on things. If you don't take it, you begin to see things as the Enemy would have you see them. You become vulnerable to his doubts and negative thoughts, and thus he is able to destroy your service for Me.

73. It is different than feeling tired or simply working too much. Even if you're working more than you should, if you're faithful in taking time with Me, you won't burn out easily. The danger comes when you're not taking time with Me, but you still feel fine. That's a sign that you're starting to run on "fumes" rather than fuel‚ and it's very bad for your engine. It's a good sign if you miss your time with Me and really feel it—that shows you're in the habit of taking it and you know you need it. But if you find that your Word time is slipping, your time in the temple is being eaten up by other things and you're not missing it, you're not desperately craving it‚ but you actually feel fine without it—that should set off alarm bells in your heart, and the first thing you should do is stop and take time with Me, whether you feel like it or not!

74. Yes, there are times when a certain project needs to be done, when the needs are pressing, and I give you extra strength to make it through without taking as much time with Me as usual. But even during those times, there is a danger that you will start to become accustomed to taking less time with Me, riding more on the anointing than on desperation and quiet times of My instructions.

75. So even during those times you must be careful, and as soon as they are over, you should take more time with Me to catch up on what you weren't able to have. Your attitude shouldn't be that things have gone fine and that I just helped you not to need time with Me. You should realize that while I did help you and give you strength, if you're going to be able to continue, you have to get back to the good habit of spending the needed daily time with Me.

76. It's like I put a mantle of protection over you during times when you're really not able to have as much time as normal, and you're desperate for My help. Then, when those times are finished, you have to build up your resistance again by taking even more time to be strengthened and refilled. The fact that it's humbling for some people to take extra time with Me is also good, especially after they've had a big mission or been anointed in some busy project. It helps remind them that it's only Me, as well as protecting them from the danger of burnout.

77. The important thing to remember about burnout is that it often creeps up very suddenly. You can be feeling fine, then all of a sudden hit bottom when the inspiration gives way‚ because you've been using up your spiritual stores and not replenishing them. The way to prevent it is on a daily basis, taking time with Me and letting Me give you the spiritual cushion of faith that you need. (End of message.)

What Causes Burnout and What Are the Results?

78. (Jesus:) The pilgrimage of the Christian life is always an upward climb, a continual climb to the top of the peak. There are small plateaus or ledges where I allow you to rest and relax, or even an occasional cave where you may camp out and regain your strength before going ahead. But sometimes My children have slipped and fallen and gone backward, for they have not stopped to rest when they reached the plateaus and the lookout points.

81. But sometimes My dear ones do not take advantage of the small plateaus and parks and lookout points to rest and be refilled, to just relax and not only enjoy the climb and the view, but to take the time to be fed themselves and rest before they continue their difficult journey.

82. The journey upward for My Family is very arduous. It is only for mountain climbers, for the most rugged. They must know that they have to pace themselves, or they'll burn out. When they come to these little plateaus or lookout points or places where they encounter a rest spot or picnic table, they should take advantage of it to regain their strength‚ knowing that the uphill climb will be taxing and require great strength and endurance.

83. Some of My dear children who have experienced burnout did not pace themselves. They knew the mountain was steep but they pressed on in their own strength and wisdom. And because they did not rest, they began to wear out slowly in certain areas and became weakened and sick.

84. They were beginning to feel unwell and to come down with certain sicknesses, but rather than resting, they pushed on, so they got worse instead of better. They were weakened with such things as impatience, feelings of hopelessness, lack of faith, irritability, etc.‚ and these things grew and worsened and festered because they did not tend to their wounds.

85. Why did they keep going, even though it is clearly stated in the Mountain Climber's Manual: "You must rest at the places provided and not go on in your own strength. You must stop, look and listen"?

86. It was disobedience. For obedience to Me is taking that rest and quiet time with Me and putting Me first. The first mistake was not taking that time of love with Me, letting it be crowded out, not stopping at the rest stops, at the lookout points‚ the little caves to rest and relax and be filled, to be strengthened before traveling on.

88. In this new day when the Enemy has been unleashed and given greater freedom, My mountain climbers must take heed to take that time with Me more than ever and listen to the whispers for their instruction, their guidance, their rest, their healing, and for the strength they need to carry on and to continue on the right path.

89. When My dear mountain climbers do not take that time with Me in rest and re-strengthening, they grow weary and faint in their mind. When they faint in their mind, My whispers become distant, cloudy, and confused. As they begin to faint in their mind, the Enemy is also able to get his whispers in, to afflict with his diseases and sicknesses. The less time they spend listening to My whispers, the louder the little lying voices of the Enemy become‚ taking them down the wrong path‚ though they think they're still going up.

90. This is a warning‚ that those who are weary and fainting in their minds must take time with Me to hear My whispers in order to stay on the right path. They must take that time with Me before they get weary, before they faint in their minds and burn out. They must hear from Me. They must take their quiet time. They must hear My whispers. They must practice this as never before so they don't reach burnout, and so they are well tuned and not receptive to the Enemy's voice of deception.

91. Reaching burnout is very, very dangerous—not only because the climber can become so weakened that he loses his resistance and becomes physically or spiritually sick, but he can also put his own life and the lives of others in danger. He can lead others astray. In not resting and in not taking the time to receive instructions and having a clear channel to receive My guidance for the upward climb, he instead gets on the channel of the Enemy in his weakened state—what he thinks is My channel—and can become deceived and then retreat down the wrong path.

94. Even those who are very good mountain climbers can become a stumbling block to others if they do not take the time with Me and time reading My Mountain Climber's Manual. Times change, circumstances change, the weather changes, and even mountain conditions change as you get further and further up the mountain. So even those who are very adept climbers must not only rest, but most importantly take time with Me, or else they too can become weary and discourage others from the climb. The climb is not too hard for anyone, as long as they take the breaks and the time reading the Manual and following its instructions.

95. Otherwise, after some time My whispers become so faint that they don't recognize them anymore, and they begin to despise some of the new tools of climbing and new methods, like loving Jesus, praise time, or various other beliefs or practices, and even the whispers themselves. Or they even despise the mountain itself, telling others that it has become some kind of weirdness with deviant practices. This is what My children can come to when they become burned out because they have not taken sufficient time with Me. They can become so weak that they can no longer distinguish the truth from the lie. This is not an overnight occurrence, but one which happens gradually over time—so gradually that often they do not see it coming.

96. Being burned out is a serious spiritual condition—one which takes you down the mountain, and which causes you to lose ground in the spirit if you do not immediately stop and refill with Me. Many who reach this stage of burnout do not recover, for they are so weak that they do not even desire to read My Word, which they must have in order to regain their strength.

97. Being burned out is different than desiring a change of ministry, or feeling the need for some excitement, or going stir-crazy‚ or even just needing a break from your regular work for a day or two. It is a condition of the spirit, where your spirit is weakened and you lose your perspective on reality. The Enemy's lies become as real to you as My Words, because you have depleted your spiritual stores and have nothing left to fall back on. Burnout can also come as a result of unyieldedness. If someone is taking time in My Word, but is not receiving it because they are unyielded and unreceptive, then they can also burn out in this way.

99. Don't try to climb in your own strength, in your own wisdom, out of pride, to show others how strong you are, or how you climb‚ or what a great climber you are, or what a wonderful guide. For unless you listen to Me and hear My whispers and receive your strength from Me, you will fall.

100. This mountain can only be climbed in My strength and by listening to My whispers. There is no other way up the mountain, and the only way to go up is to stop at times‚ for periods of rest.

101. All climbers must stop and be refreshed. They must look to Me. They must hear the whispers on the mountain. They must take off their baggage. They must lay aside the weights and they must rest. They must stop and look and listen to be refilled and strengthened before they continue on—even the guides and the shepherds.

102. Especially the guides and the shepherds, because they have to carry not only their own weight but sometimes the weights and weaknesses of others. They must carry the weight of responsibility for the group and other climbers. So it's even more important that they stop and rest so that they don't wear out or faint in their minds and burn out, endangering not only themselves, but others as well.

103. Never think you're above burnout. No one is immune to falling. I say to you: Tune in to My whispers. Take time to listen to them, time to stay close to Me, and time to rest and be strengthened. (End of message.)

How to Go on the Attack Against Burnout!

105. (Jesus:) My dear one‚ come and sit by My side and let Me speak with you. I see your great love for Me. You have given your life for Me‚ and I am well pleased. I see the longings of your heart, the desire to do that which is right, that which is needed, that which I have called you to do. I also see the struggle that it is, for the Enemy fights you greatly. He knows the importance of your tasks for Me, and he knows that if he can stop you or slow you down to where you become ineffective, that it will hinder My work.

106. The Enemy is out to hinder, stop, and even destroy you. You must therefore stand strong against his attacks. You must take up the shield of faith and put on the breastplate of righteousness—not your own righteousness‚ but Mine—and, wielding the sword of the Word, cut the Devil to the heart!

107. You must attack, attack, and attack! Go on the attack! Even when you don't feel like it, when you feel you can't take one more step and that you have not the willpower or the strength to do so, attack, and I will strengthen you as you lean on Me and depend on Me.

108. I am not the author of this burnout feeling that you're experiencing, but this is an attack of the Enemy. There are inroads that he has found, whereby he is able to enter in and cause damage. You must seal up these inroads.

112. Do not take the burdens upon yourself, for they are too heavy. You cannot carry them. You must take them off and simply rest in Me. Then you will find the strength that you need to continue on with your work. But even in your work you must not pick up the burdens and carry them again.

113. You must not only leave them aside during our times together, but you must leave them aside always. You must let Me carry them for you. You must go out into the wings and do the work‚ and the work is difficult and taxing. But the burdens, the worries, and the cares—wondering how things will turn out, whether people will change, whether problems will resolve themselves—these burdens you must leave with Me. They are not for you to carry.

114. Yes, you should be desperate about these matters. You should cry out to Me in desperate prayer, claiming My promises and releasing My answers and power through your prayers. Yet having committed them to Me in desperate prayer, and in continuing to bring them before Me, your task ends there, and you should not carry the burden further.

115. When you have committed the matter to Me in fervent prayer, then I take the burden and it is no longer yours. You should continue to pray and continue to do what I show you regarding the situation, but the burden of resolving it is no longer yours‚ for you have transferred it to Me; it is now on My to-do list, not yours.

116. So come to Me and lay down your cares. Forsake your resentments and frustrations.

120. You must listen to My voice, commit your burdens and the problems around you to Me, and let Me carry them.

121. Seek not to implement your own righteousness, for you have none without Me. Without Me you are nothing, and you have no strength to serve Me and to accomplish My will. All that you have is made possible by My power. So you must encourage others to tap into that same source of power. You must not become frustrated or angry when they are weak, for you are also weak. You must help them tap into My power. You must inspire them by setting the sample for them.

122. Many of My children are beset with problems and burdens that weigh on them. You can help them be free by showing them the way—by setting the sample in casting your own burdens upon Me and letting Me carry them, thus relieving you of the strain, resentment, and feeling of being burned out—and which others feel as well, for it affects and influences them.

123. I'm proud of you for coming before the body and asking for prayer. You should do this as often as you need to, for it has many benefits: It strengthens you, and the prayers of those around you help move the hand that will perform miracles in your life. It also encourages those around you and lets them know that you are just like them; this strengthens their respect for you and motivates them to want to listen to you more. It also humbles you, which in turn strengthens you and brings you closer to Me. So there are many benefits‚ and this is something that you should do regularly as the need arises.

125. Continue to humbly serve My flock, caring for the little lambs, leading them like a good bellwether‚ close behind your Shepherd. As you continue to look to Me, I will give you the strength and anointing and spirit that you need. I love you, My dear one. (End of message.)

126. (Mama:) One of the keys to overcoming this feeling of burnout—besides learning to cast your cares upon the Lord and taking steps in your life to close off the inroads of the Enemy—is asking for united prayer. If you'll take this counsel to heart and ask for help by asking for prayer when you need it, the Lord can continue to use you in the wonderful way He has planned.

162. (Jesus:) A lot of people faint in their minds and they faint altogether when they're burned out. They fail to hold on, and it has cost many even their service for Me. This is especially true amongst the ranks of the children of David‚ because the Enemy fights My Gideon's band even more ferociously. The demands on the children of David are more than the demands on My other children, because the children of David are accountable for the Word they know, their vision is greater, their expectations are higher, their ministries are more complicated, and they are more effective. So the Enemy does all he can to try to defeat them.

163. So you must recognize burnout as an attack of the Enemy. You've done well to recognize the seriousness of it, for there's a big difference between being tired or feeling temporarily pressured or overloaded with the workload, and being burned out. Burnout goes past physical and nervous exhaustion; it is an attack on your very spirit, your very life‚ your future for Me.

164. Many of the children of David have very strong, firm, deep foundations of faith which have been built over years and years of faithful study of the Word. But still, even these resources of strength can be depleted with time if you foolishly think that you can continue on in your own strength when you feel yourself weakening. The greatest danger is not the weakening of the flesh through tiredness or physical afflictions, but it is the weakening of the spirit through discouragement‚ losing the vision, a feeling of hopelessness.

165. But, My darling‚ you are now well aware of the dangers and the powerful negative feelings of burnout. Thank you for recognizing the problem and taking the time to seek Me. Don't be condemned for these feelings, these outbursts, this much weeping, this heaviness of spirit; for if you recognize these symptoms, they can be your friends, they can be your salvation, they can be that which alerts you to the danger and causes you to take action to remedy the problem.

166. You've run a long race, you've fought a big battle, and you've done well. It's only human that you are now battle-weary, that you've suffered some injuries and are in need of healing. This is nothing to be ashamed of, but instead it's something that should be shared with others. You should confess your faults‚ your failings, your lessons, so that others may be strengthened and warned. You should also share these many battles and lessons with your shepherds, so that they too can help you to assess your schedule‚ your needs‚ and make any adjustments that are needed—not only for your life, but for the lives of others as well.

167. This is a time of war! It is a time of sacrifice, for it is a time of much preparation for the days which are to come‚ and I am asking you to work My works while it is day, knowing that the night comes when no man can work as you can today. But also, as you often say, "you're in this for the long haul," and if you expect to be able to continue to carry the load you carry and even a greater one‚ you must pace yourself, you must recognize your limitations, and you must see the error of your ways and how you have allowed yourself to become weakened in spirit.

168. And now, My precious one, I will give you safeguards:

1) You must have private Word time with Me every day. Regularity and consistency in your schedule is extremely important at this time, because when you don't have a good habit of getting your personal Word time every day, then you can't depend on your burden or inspiration or natural inclination to get it. You have to have something that disciplines you, a specific requirement that, if missed, reminds you that you are not fulfilling your end of the bargain, you're not keeping up your commitments to Me. So prayerfully assess your schedule, even if you have to do a little experimentation, and find out the time of day that works best for you for your private time of love with Me—then keep that appointment no matter what!

2) I ask you to please promise to take some time each day to hear from Me in personal prophecy. I know you hear from Me often regarding your work and the ministry you have, but it's not the same thing. When you're working and you ask Me questions and hear from Me in prophecy, it's as if we are in a teamwork meeting and we're counseling about the work at hand. But when you sit down to hear My voice personally, then it's like we're talking heart to heart in the bed of love, and instead of just being a source of answers and direction, your hearing from Me under those conditions is a source of encouragement and inspiration, which renews your spirit, increases your vision, and gives you the strength you need to carry on in spite of the pressure, workload or deadlines.

3) Humble yourself and ask for prayer from the body. Confess your faults and receive the prayer you need that you may be healed. This will serve not only as a good lesson for others, but also as a reminder for others who need it.

4) Keep a regular schedule. That includes not only your Word time and personal prayer time, but also your get-out, your fellowship with others‚ and a definite cut-off time at night.

5) Make a list of and collect the various GNs and publications that you'd like to read in order to have them handy. When you're out of the habit of reading the Word‚ if you don't have it handy and easily accessible, without having to try to go round it up, it's easy to put off having Word time or to become distracted. Make the circumstances such that they readily lend themselves to your having your Word time.

6) You need to reassess your work schedule. Any time you work on big projects with short deadlines, when the project is completed it is a good time to stop and reassess your schedule and seek Me for ways to adjust it back to a more relaxed pace which allows for more variety, more change, more fellowship, more rest and relaxation. Otherwise, the tendency is that your "big push" schedule will eventually become a way of life and your daily standard‚ and this is a sure formula for burnout.

7) Get in the habit when you are not working of playing more Family music or Word tapes in your bedroom. The beautiful, edifying, Spirit–filled music that I have given the children of David has great power in recreating your spirit and boosting your inspiration level.

8) Get regular exercise and get-out. This not only boosts your inspiration level and relieves stress, but it also helps you to feel good about yourself, helps you to feel like you're on top of it, that you're on the attack.

9) Slot some time to take care of some of your ministry-related projects that you've gotten so behind in—purge down, clean out, sort through your papers and materials, update, etc. When you get behind in these sorts of things, it can become almost a constant reminder that there are things that you're not getting to, which enhances your feeling of inadequacy or disorganization‚ making you feel like you're barely keeping your head above water.

10) Update your to-do lists, both work and personal; prioritize them and then commit them to Me. You can come to Me to ask Me what are the most important things‚ or even if there are things on your to-do list that you can delegate to others, or just drop altogether.

11) Take time to walk and talk and fellowship with your loved ones in the Home, and this will give you the intimate communication and bond with others that is so important to you and to your personal happiness. As you take the time and the initiative to reach out and to enlarge the borders of your tent to build more intimacy with your brethren, this will be a great blessing for not only you‚ but for them as well.

169. My precious one, be not fearful for the future, for as you follow Me in yieldedness and obedience I will protect you from further attacks of the Enemy. I will build up your strength, renew your inspiration, re-create your vision, and restore unto you once again the joy of your salvation and the joy of your ministry. I will not suffer you to be moved as long as you hold on and trust Me.

170. Do not listen to the lying vanities of the Evil One who tries to convince you that you can't make it. If you believe these lies of the Enemy‚ you forsake your own mercy as you give place to the Enemy. Know that I am your Husband, your Provider, your Shepherd. Have I not promised to give you all that you need? You do not know the future. You don't see all that I have in store for you, but believe Me, if you hold on, if you wait on Me with trusting faith‚ you will see the solutions to the problems, deliverance from burnout, and I will continue to give you the desires of your heart. (End of message.)

United Prayer Power

ML #3404:406-408, GN 995

406. (Jesus:) You are naturally easygoing, but your easygoing nature turns into a laid-back attitude when you get weary and stop caring about others as I do. I was willing to give My all for each one, and that is what is needed in your life too. To be a Christian leader‚ each person must be so important to you that it doesn't matter what it costs you to help and be there for him or her. When you stop caring for others with My love, you can't be much help, because your love is not enough, which of course you recognize; so then you feel incapable and get weary trying in the flesh, and adopt a laid-back "there's nothing I can do about it" attitude.

407. You know that My love and wisdom is the answer, so why do you hesitate to come to Me? I'll tell you why. It's because of laziness and pride. You've become lazy in spirit because you've kind of settled down and aren't fighting to move forward. You got weary and want to just do what you have to, to maintain. But that's a proud, old-bottle attitude and has no part in My revolution.

408. Let this be a wake-up call to you, My wife. Get back in the saddle and start moving toward the goal. Get ready to fight the Enemy at every turn. There is no discharge in this army! It's the Devil's new tack to convince you (and many others in the Family) that, "You've done enough; you're tired and weary and need to be able to slow down and take it easier." But I never promised My disciples that. I cannot, because My Spirit keeps moving forward, and it doesn't matter what age you are or how long you've served Me, you must fight on! There is no discharge in this war! I will carry you over the next mountain or change or revolution and through the next battle. (End of message.)

Death to Depression

ML #3464:100-101, 106-115, Post-it GN #10

100. (Jesus:) The Enemy has launched a massive attack upon your young ones—one that he hopes to prolong and that he hopes will be devastating. He besieges them in the fortress of their faith, seeking to cut off their spiritual nourishment, to shoot his fiery balls of fear and discouragement over their ramparts, and to strike here and there around their walls. He seeks to weaken their resistance and fortitude to fight on. He seeks to weary them, to cause them to succumb under the pressure of being one of My front-line soldiers. He seeks to tempt them to surrender, to desert their posts, to give up the fray. And how is he hoping to accomplish this?—Through them surrendering their minds to the spirit of depression‚ negativity, and hopelessness.

101. The Enemy has now opened the gates of Hell wide, and every foul spirit and ring of treachery has been unleashed upon the Earth in great quantity. Netherworld activity has intensified and is at an all-time high. The next line of attack has already begun.

106. This new attack is something that has been happening for some time and is fast gaining momentum. These green rings are a physical manifestation of the Enemy's vortex of depression‚ discouragement, anxiety and negativity that has gone out in wave after wave over the Earth. Its clouds sweep over the whole Earth, blanketing and weighing heavily upon its inhabitants. Its vortex and power to drag under—even down into the depths of Hell itself—grows stronger by the day. And it is especially targeted at the children of David. It pulls on young and old, but at the moment its pull is strongest upon your young warriors.

107. I have revealed to you the dominion of Pan, and some of his cohorts and minions—Arakan in particular—who work within the realm of the mind, causing negativity and depression. They work within these cloudy green rings, and wherever they go‚ they produce more of this filthy cloudy trail. It's their spiritual "excrement," so to speak.

108. I wanted to show you this picture to alert you, to show you the urgency of going on the attack against this heinous weapon and device of the Enemy. Now you've seen with your own eyes just how much time, energy, and power he is putting into targeting the young people in particular. And with each one who chooses to turn away from the pillar, the Enemy's ego is boosted and his determination to pull more away is refueled.

109. The Enemy seeks with a fury and unrelenting intensity to pull these ones away from their high calling. He knows these vital years are the prime‚ ripest years for pulling their attentions and love away from Me and toward himself and the ways of the world. This line of attack via these treacherous rings of depression is a nasty below-the-belt attempt to take these young ones completely out, many of whom are either weakened, battle-weary, or just plain exhausted spiritually from fighting on many different fronts all at once.

110. He's trying to besiege them, to cut them off from their vital spiritual supplies and starve them, and then overwhelm them‚ so that they fall into his pit of depression and negativity. He's trying to steal their Halloween wheels (ML #363:52) so they'll give up the fight and leave the fray just before the real action begins, just before they start seeing the magnificent manifestations and testimonies of My power and My Word fulfilled.—All the wonderful promises, prophecy and Word they've read over the years and known backwards and forwards, but which they have patiently been waiting to see fulfilled within their generation. He's now trying to deal this "death blow" through depression, so they'll give up their faith and completely succumb to his negativity.

111. This new attack and the siege of your faith is no surprise‚ My loves. The timing is no surprise either, especially since the Enemy is also furiously engaging his forces on the apostate and persecution front, and your young ones are at the same time having to weather the personal emotional storms of having to stand up for their faith to those who have left the fold—many of whom were their friends, acquaintances‚ or even family or loved ones. Many truly wonder if they too will fall by the wayside. They wonder if they'll really have the strength and fortitude to fight on. The vision of why they're fighting and if it's really worth fighting for is fading from their sight; the odds against them seeming to be stacked higher and higher with each passing day. And sadly, for many, happiness and joy seem to be slipping away from them.

112. The Enemy always seeks to cover his tracks, to hide under the cloak of anonymity. And he seeks—through this rash of depression cropping up—to cause you to turn your eyes inward, wondering if you as their elders, shepherds, and parents are failing your young people in some major way, if you're not doing this or that, or if there's some other major problem that needs to be addressed and solutions found. Yes, there are always ways you can improve, but the Enemy is seeking to pull your eyes away entirely from who is really behind this attack and why. He wants you to start self-analyzing, to start introspecting—anything at all but turn your focus on where these attacks are really originating from—Hell!

113. Under and within these sickening green rings—this hellish haze—lie the true enemies, the same evil fiends of darkness: Oplexicon, Pan‚ Arakan, Apotheon and their cohorts. They seek to hide their form and mischief within this green cloud, but it's merely another one of the Enemy's attempts to drag down, to pull My young ones down and away from the wall and battle at hand.

114. So launch a passionate counterattack in the spirit! Rebuke these foul spirits by name in the power of the keys! Don't let up! You must not fall under the false assumption that once you rebuke and bind these demons, they are forever defeated. Yes, you may drive them back, but they are unrelenting in their assault on the bands of David. So must you be unrelenting in your counterattack and spiritual awareness. Claim the keys and blast away every particle of the green cloud or fog of depression that they try to conceal themselves under.

115. The only sure antidote is the Word, praise and the keys!—The Word, the Word, the Word! Praise, praise, praise! And call on the keys! The Word is what will infuse your young ones with light and the will to fight on. Praise is the ignition‚ the fuel to blast them out of the stinking clouds of depression and into the clear blue sky of hope and renewed faith‚ and the keys give you power to triumph. (End of message.)