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Shooting Straight, Part 15--Letter Links: Know Your Helpers and Hinderers

April 25, 2005

(ML #3540‚ GN 1130)

FD/MM/FM March 2005

None of These Things Move Me

ML #3307:41- 44, GN 906

41. (Mama:) Each of you is being tested. These attacks on your faith are part of the spiritual warfare.

42. Some people get a little resentful or upset when problems are explained in spiritual terms. I understand that some accuse me of explaining away any confrontations or accusations or persecution as "attacks of the Enemy" or "the Lord purging the Family." Some don't see the reality of the situation, and therefore think that's my little defense mechanism. I can understand that you might feel that way, because "the natural man receives not the things of the Spirit" (1Cor.2:14).

43. But the truth is, we are fighting a spiritual warfare and the Enemy is attacking. He always has! Don't just take my word for it—read your Bible! He's fighting you‚ me, Peter, and the Family as a whole with everything he's got! It's real! To truly discern what's happening, you have to rise above the finite, narrow mind of man and see with the eyes of the spirit. Consider the following verses from the Bible, which you know so well. Ask the Lord to help you look at them in a fresh light, applying them to your present situation:

Though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ (2Cor.10:3- 5).

We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places (Eph.6:12).

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the Devil‚ as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour (1Pet.5:8).

Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices (2Cor.2:11).

And the Lord said, Simon‚ Simon, behold‚ Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat: But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not (Luke 22:31- 32).

44. Acceptance of the existence of a spiritual warfare is crucial to understanding what's going on and to gaining the faith and strength you need to make wise decisions. As Dad has taught us, when you go over the top, that's when the Enemy starts shooting. We must be doing something right to have these attacks come up now.

What the Future Holds, Part 1

ML #3349:14– 24, 29- 30, GN 942

14. (Jesus speaking:) My four powerful angelic beings have been released for this new era ahead of you. Know that your years of light ahead are few, and they will be your golden years—years when you will reap the harvest as never before. Now at the dawn of this new millennium and era of action, I have broken the seal on this reserve of power—these golden ones, these previously harnessed angelic beings. Their time is now, and their destiny calls them with you, My brides, into the golden period of time ahead of you. Now their power can be released to aid each of My brides in all that the future holds for you!

15. With the ignition of this power, this activation of the keys to My Kingdom within your hands, My angelic beings are also set free and activated to help you, and in so doing fulfill their destiny. Their time is for this specific period in history‚ the final measure of time upon the Earth before great darkness engulfs humanity. Their form is as no other, for these four are the activation angels—golden beings of light, their level of power unprecedented and unchallenged, save by that of My archangels.

16. You, My brides, have now entered a new era, a new level in dedication and discipleship‚ a new level in power through what I have placed in your hands, and so have you opened a new level and echelon of power from My Heavenly resources to aid you. Be encouraged, My loves, and let your faith leap by what you see before you, for a never–before magnificence and awesome power has been released unto you!

17. Each angel, at the touch of your faith and request of your lips, will escort you into the future. They are in control of all that each of My brides will need in activating the power now placed in your hands. At the command of your faith they will work from the spirit world to perform miracles on your behalf. And because you, My faithful brides, will not use the power given you for your own purposes or glory but only as a means of reaching My lost ones and reaping the harvest before you, any impossibility before you will be bridged.

18. The first angel stands charge over the power to perform miracles of any form for My glory and in reaching those that are Mine. One of these is the gift of healing, which you now have. Be not afraid to use this power for My glory. You must access it in full faith and not be intimidated or fearful to possess this power, for you have it within your hands. This is My promise to you.

19. The second stands charge over the ability and power to accurately discern and reveal My secrets, including the events of the Last Days. Each step ahead of you will be revealed clearly, plainly, and in truth. There will be nothing withheld from you or kept from you, My beloved brides, that you have the need to see or know.

20. The third angel stands charge over the power to discern and see deeply into people's hearts and spirits. He also has the power to inflame and activate and turn your hearts toward seeking out, winning, and feeding My lost as never before! He will escort you into a mighty Activated explosion around the world!

21. Finally‚ the fourth and last angel has been given charge over My chosen vessels—My Maria and Peter—upon whom much anointing will fall. Theirs will be a great calling, stirring and empowerment, and a great stepping out. A great power will fill them as they don the mantle of leading My brides into the coming era.

22. You, My little ones, My Bride of the End, will have the power to perform great miracles for My glory! You‚ My ragged ones, will now stand up among My children as leaders in the Christian world. No longer will you hide behind the skirts of another, or be intimidated by the gifts and outward apparel of power and popularity worn by My other children of the churches. This is your day to shine, My loves‚ your day to come out from behind the curtains and reveal yourselves as My chosen and anointed ones to lead My saved and redeemed children through the darkness of night ahead.

23. This period of time will cause a great turning of the eyes of all My children unto you‚ My Bride. For now you will be revealed. You will step out from My bedchamber as those who carry the strength and anointing, the insight and discernment needed to stand up against the wrath of the Evil One and his coming kingdom on Earth.

24. These next years will see a great falling away from the faith among My children of the churches‚ of those who are nominally Mine. As I have released this new power into your hands, so the Evil One has released his minions, his archdemons‚ whose power will cause a mighty dulling, a mighty blinding of the eyes of those who care not, and who have turned from Me and from seeking My truth. This will cause them to cleave as never before to themselves, to the ways of the world, and to the works of their own hands. (End of message from Jesus)

29. (Mama:) This should serve as another reminder that the tremendous power and spirit helpers that the Lord is giving us are for a purpose! This is not a figment of our imagination. This is real. There are definite powerful promises attached to the keys of the Kingdom, and these new activated angels have a specific mission. Please ask the Lord to open your eyes to the spirit world so you can appreciate how truly magnificent the Lord's plan is, which should increase your motivation to use the power at your disposal.

30. He's giving us these awesome gifts because we need them. We're entering a new level in dedication and discipleship; we will face bigger battles, stronger foes in the spirit world, and therefore the Lord has equipped us with a new level of power and released this new echelon of Heavenly beings to aid us. Several specific gifts come with the release of these four activated angels: (1) the ability to perform miracles, (2) discernment to see and understand the Lord's secrets, including the unfolding of Endtime events‚ (3) a guide to escort us into a worldwide witnessing and Activated explosion, and (4) a new spirit being who has been given charge over Peter and me.

Action Through Prayer, Part 5

ML #3414:46- 57, 127- 130, GN 1000

46. (Spirit helper speaking:) You on Earth are called prayer warriors when you wield the weapon of prayer. We in Heaven are called miracle warriors‚ miracle deliverers when we help answer your prayers. You pray the prayers, and thus you wield the weapon of prayer. We‚ the ones who help to bring your request to pass at the behest of our Lord and King, are your miracle workers. We work to bring to pass the will of God through your prayers, through your desperation, and through your importunity and faithfulness in prayer.

47. We fight the demons of Hell and wage powerful warfare in the spirit, in order to intercede on your behalf or on the behalf of those for whom you're praying. We transform impossible situations through the miracle-working power of the Lord's Spirit entrusted to us. We change circumstances and events. We move hearts, we change minds, we touch lives. We move the workings of the spirit world according to the power infused in us by Jesus.

48. We are your miracle workers, your prayer partners in the halls of Heaven. When you pray a prayer with real desperation, with power and with faith, we start to work in the spirit world right away. Not a second is lost, not a minute is wasted. As soon as you utter your prayer, we begin to work in earnest on your behalf—sometimes even before you've prayed your prayer. When we know you're going to pray, we begin to adjust things in the realm of the Spirit to prepare the way for the answer to your prayer.

49. There are also prayer warriors in Heaven whose sole job is to pray for you. Some prayer warriors pray as Jesus did, that your faith will not fail you—that you will hold on. Some pray for your health. Others pray for the many other aspects of your life. You can call on our wonderful Husband and Lover to ask that these prayer warriors in Heaven intercede on your behalf, and they will not cease to pray for you.

50. Even as Jesus prays for His children, so are there hosts in the Heavenly realm that also pray for you. But their ministry is different than ours‚ the miracle workers. These ones pray for you. They intercede on your behalf. They come before the throne of Heaven to be your advocates and to plead your cause. These are the prayer warriors in Heaven. But we are the miracle workers, the miracle warriors, those who fight the Enemy, those who work miracles through the power of the Lord's Spirit in us.

51. There are thousands upon thousands upon thousands of miracle warriors in Heaven. We are strong and well trained in the art of spiritual warfare, mind influence, changing physical circumstances‚ giving checks, encouraging‚ delivering healing, leading and guiding, and much more. So much goes into the answers to your prayers—so much work in the spirit world, so many details, so much thought and love and diligence.

52. We who work miracles in the Name of Jesus are at your beck and call through prayer. We cannot do the miracles or work the wonders or change the course of history without your cooperation through prayer. Without the power you give us through your prayers, we are helpless and cannot fight for you in the spirit‚ or change situations, or create the circumstances that you need for a miracle.

53. You must call on us through your prayers. When you do, we are abuzz with excitement! There's nothing that we love more than to help the children of David, to answer their prayers. You keep us busy, and we love to fight on your behalf, to wage spiritual warfare on your behalf, to fight the demons of Hell for your sake.

54. We've trained long and hard to be worthy of such a special honor and privilege of being Heavenly miracle warriors. We treasure our place, we treasure our job, and we give it all we've got. We love the fight, the challenge, the excitement in the spirit, and we love waging war against evil and conquering it with good! We love to see the Spirit of the Lord prevail. We love to see evil forced back and the light of victory shining in its place.

55. The only thing that saddens us sometimes is when you don't pray. We can see the big picture. We see the problems, we see the needs, we see the struggles. When you don't pray in such times, we are disappointed and saddened. We're saddened because we know how much even just one prayer could do. We're bound until you pray, until you ask for help‚ until you ask for miracles. If you don't pray, we're powerless.

56. We cry tears of sadness sometimes, because we see how wonderful a situation could have been if you had only prayed. We see how an answer could have come if you had only prayed. We see how the circumstances could have been changed if you had only prayed. We see the miracles that would have taken place if you had only prayed. We cry for you, that you may one day realize the full power that you hold in your hands through your prayers.

57. But most of the time we're happy. We're thrilled, we're inspired, we're excited! When you pray, we can work the miracles and do what's needed in order to answer your petitions and requests. Don't ever neglect to call upon us, your miracle warriors of the spirit. You're the prayer warriors—you have to pray in order to unleash our power and avail yourselves of our help through the power of the Lord's Spirit. So pray, and we'll be working behind the scenes, behind the veil of the spirit‚ to perform miracles for you on behalf of our Lover and Husband, Jesus. (End of message from spirit helper.)

127. (Jesus speaking:) In Heaven, prayers are always being offered up; prayer warriors stand watch continually from the towers of the Heavenly City. Yet I have specifically designed it so that without your prayers joining forces with theirs, the prayers of Heaven are not as forceful as otherwise is possible when you pray.

128. The prayers of departed saints in Heaven, together with the prayers of My angels and spirit helpers, effect awesome change and accomplish many purposes. Yet when you join your prayers with those of the Heavenly realm‚ the power is far superior. When your prayers are joined, the surges of power I am able to release go way beyond what the prayers on either side can do alone. I have made it this way so that you might work in teamwork with the spirit world to accomplish greater results through your prayers. This is a principle of My Spirit, for in the strength of unity there is unbeatable power.

129. The current of Heavenly prayer power is always on. It never stops or cuts off. Prayer warriors in Heaven are always on duty. They are always ready to join forces with you. When you pray in the spirit, when your prayers are in line with My will and directed to Me, then your prayers join forces with Heaven and their might and power is multiplied many times over.

130. This is why you must prevail in prayer, for in the strength of this unity, when your prayers join forces with Heaven, then I can really go to work for you in demonstrating unlimited power and authority over all things in Heaven and Hell, on Earth and throughout the universe. (End of message from Jesus.)

Pray, Obey and Prepare

ML #3420:141‚ 148- 149, 153- 157, 161- 162, GN 1007

141. (Jesus speaking: ) As I have revealed to you before, the emissaries of Satan can often take on many forms. You see them disguised as the innocent, the inviting, the average member of society, and I show you that all that meets the eye is not as it appears. I show you what lies beneath, that you might walk circumspectly, that you might continue to raise your guards and walk in vigilance in these dark days. I reveal this to you‚ My friends‚ My brides and lovers, so you can watch and pray and not be ignorant of the Devil's devices, so that you will not enter into temptation as those in the world.

148. I'm giving you another piece of the puzzle, in order to help you open your eyes more to the spiritual warfare that rages. The Last Days are not far off. They have begun, this is why I keep revealing to you the things of the spirit, so you are aware, forewarned, and forearmed.

149. I show you this picture so you can avoid Satan's traps. I want you to open your eyes wide and see the truth about what goes on in the real world. I have revealed to you evil ones‚ against whom you must take a stand—those who oppose the children of David. I have revealed the identity of these evil demons who oppose you—Oplexicon, Lethargy, the evil Selvegion, Pan, Bacchus‚ Apotheon, and others—so you will not be ignorant of their devices and can fight to defeat them. Now I reveal to you the identity of the Vandari—not to overwhelm you, but so you can bind their power, as well as catch the full vision.

153. I pull back the veil and reveal more to you now, to strengthen your resolve as to the need to put on My mind and live in My Word. Along with revealing to you the identities of the wicked ones who fight you, I have spoken repeatedly to you of the need to work more closely with the spirit helpers I freely send to aid you.

154. I know your temptation to mull over these truths in your mind, to ponder, "Is it really so?" I know Satan tempts some with thoughts of wondering if this is all too bizarre. "Is this all too much? Are there so many who would fight such little ones as us? Do such strange and odd creatures truly exist? Do such powers really fight to oppose us?"

155. Yes, they do exist. Yes, they are determined to stop you. Even the children of the world at times catch glimpses of the truths of the spirit. Even in the wildest of fiction stories created by modern man and presented to the world through books and popular movies‚ you catch glimpses, albeit small, of the truth. Science fiction portrays stories of aliens infiltrating the Earth and taking on human form to work their wickedness, of heinous creatures bent on destroying the innocent and taking over the world. And these tales are a shadow of the truth, for these netherworld creatures are alien to you and seek to destroy you and to take over this world for their evil master, Satan.

156. The Devil promotes this, for it is one approach through which he tries to desensitize the masses, by familiarizing them to a degree with glimpses of his own monstrous cohorts. He tries to inoculate the masses to the workings of the spirit world through making it seem like a fantasy‚ like child's play, or a figment of the imagination. These books, movies‚ and things of the world do not show a true picture of the true things of the spirit, for the Enemy mixes a lot of lies with glimpses of the truth—but I show you true pictures through My Spirit.

157. I have revealed to you some of the Vandari regiment‚ evil lords of the netherworld, set on preparing the ignorant to worship the son of perdition. These of the Vandari are dark, malicious ones. They are bent on destroying what is pure; they seek to mar the truth.

161. I show you this picture that you might call on the keys and bind the evil working of the Vandari through your enemies. Rebuke them in the power of the keys, and bind their power!

162. Be wise and prayerful; acknowledge Me and acknowledge the keys in every way, so that I can keep you protected. Your constant protection is to stay so close to Me, in tune and in sync with Me, My Word, your spirit helpers‚ and the keys, so that I can see to it that there is not a moment concerning you that goes unguarded. Live in My Words moment by moment. Let the Word burn in your hearts, for this is the light that will carry you through to triumph. (End of message from Jesus.)

Christmas Gifts 2002

ML #3429:7- 17, 30- 36, GN 1013

7. (Jesus speaking: ) You are My blessed brides, My eternal loves, My favored ones, and I'm thankful for the gifts you give Me. I'm thankful for the presents you give Me daily. And now, this Christmas season, I want to give you a special gift‚ something that will help you carry on.

8. The timing of this gift is of special significance, for as the battle of good and evil intensifies steadily with each passing day, you will have need of what I am about to give you. In every sphere of society today‚ evil escalates at an increased pace. I caution you to resist the temptation of thinking you've heard this many times over and over—how the days grow evil. Resist the temptation to grow weary of these words, but rather open your eyes of the spirit and see the reality of this truth.

9. There is no turning back; the world will only grow darker and darker until the day of My return. You must not fall under the deception of the world that tries to cover up the realities of the spirit. Do not tune in to those whose words are suave and smooth, yet evil, corruption, war, and lying vanities are in their hearts. The days steadily grow evil. You, My brides, already feel the heat of the battle; it will not scorch you or overcome you as long as you follow faithfully in full obedience to the things I show you, using the tools and the weapons I have put at your disposal.

10. I have forewarned you in My call to greater conviction that the children of David will be pushed to the limit to try your faith. I have foretold in My recorded Word of old that in the dark days, if it were possible, the very elect would be deceived. These troubled times which I have spoken of are well underway, and even now the Enemy's cruel and vicious attacks against you intensify, for there are those who desire to hurt or destroy you if they could. There are those who are obsessed with fighting My Words of truth, whose goal in life is to fight My Spirit and stop My anointed. Nothing could be more ridiculous, and yet because strong delusion overtakes them, they are foolish enough to think they can fight the Almighty of the Universe!

11. They cannot stop Me or My reign of power, for I will establish My Kingdom on Earth and I will govern the nations with My righteousness! This, My loves, is the whole purpose for which I came to Earth in the first place. I came for the salvation of mankind and to establish My righteous rule over the Earth. I came to Earth, first as a babe in swaddling clothes, that in the end I might return in My Father's full glory, in His might and power to rule and reign forever over the Earth. And you, My faithful, will ride at My side in that awesome day. You, My intimate brides, are preparing the way. You are the ones who will set up My Kingdom on Earth and join Me in righteous rule over the nations!

12. I have revealed powerful dark ones who oppose you, My loves, that you might see the face of your Enemy and fight to overcome. I have made clear to you how your demon enemies are the dark forces behind the earthly ones who fight you. I have told you plainly of the evil Selvegion‚ of Lethargy‚ Pan, Bacchus, Apotheon, Arakan, the Vandari, and the grand archdemon Oplexicon. There are also rulers of the dark world assigned to specific areas, who have rule over certain principalities, such as Croswell and Lexipython. I have shown you that there are many fighting against you, and that it is wise for you to seek Me as to who your enemies are. I have instructed you to call your opponents by name, to call on the keys of the Kingdom and release My unfailing power to fell these dark ones of the netherworld! (See Mark 5:9 as well as "Oplexicon," ML #261, Vol.2; "Coming Persecution," ML #3361:85– 102, 156- 193, GN 957; "The Dangers of Division," ML #3362:95- 156, GN 958; "Are You a Disciple," ML #3365:59– 89‚ GN 963; "Reach the Rich," ML #3400:158- 208, GN 992; "Being Rewired," ML #3412:18- 27, GN 998; "Raising Junior Teen Disciples‚" ML #3419:16- 32, GN 1006; "Pray, Obey and Prepare‚" ML #3420:128- 191, GN 1007.)

13. And I have not left you defenseless‚ for I send legions of angels to fight for you! All the mighty ones of Heaven are yours to command! Archangels Gabriel and Michael lead My armies to assist you in the power of the keys. Bold ones, commanding spirit beings come to your aid when you call! The departed—strong wise men and women of the faith—are at your disposal. I have given scores and scores of helpers to the children of David, and many more are yours for the asking.

14. I have spoken to you repeatedly, My loves, of the need to work with your spirit helpers, and to avail yourselves of the help I provide for you. I know this is a practice that you are yet learning to hone and to put to use in your daily lives. Dear ones, you must now make it a priority to progress in this area. As these days of evil continue, you must make use of these helpers I put at your command to a greater degree. You must not only call on the power of the keys to rebuke your enemies, to fell the dark ones who fight you in the spirit world, but call on the keys in conjunction with calling on these strong, courageous ones who wait to assist you, to fight for you, to encourage and uplift you, to help you in every way.

15. I have given many helpers to the Family as a whole—your own Father David and Family members who have passed over to this side, such as Aaron, Abner, and others; the prophets and disciples of old, Moses, Noah, David, Daniel, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Peter and Paul, to name a few who are at your disposal; great men and women who have passed on, such as Livingstone, Rasputin, Joan of Arc, Florence Nightingale and others; archangels, as well as awesome spirit beings such as Ellya, Natalia and others are at the Family's disposal. These are Family ambassadors at large; they come to the Family's aid when needed. And I have revealed to many of you your individual helpers—those assigned to stick by the side of the individual, to stick closer than a friend; those who not only have been chosen by Me to help you‚ but who have also chosen you, because of their great burden and love for you individually.

16. Dear ones, if you were to ask Me what present I would like from you this Christmas, it is the resolution from each of you that you will learn to tune in to and work more with your spirit helpers. It is the commitment from each of you to make this more of a priority in your lives. I have given you these helpers, and there couldn't be a more fitting gift you can give Me in return than to make full use of their help.

17. And now I have a special gift for you‚ My Family! I have made an addition to the lineup of the powerful and skilled ones who assist the children of David. I have assigned two stout and dauntless spirit beings to join the ranks of your ambassadors at large! These helpers are created solely for this purpose—to assist you‚ My Family, in these Last Days.

30. Meet Tola and Tor, My children! Tola is the female spirit being and Tor is the male. They are My gift of love to the Family at this point in time. They join the ranks of ambassadors for the children of David. They are at your beck and call, dedicated from now until the end of time to serve you, to come to your aid when you have need, to fight your enemies in the power of the keys.

31. They are the embodiment of key power! They are champions of highest rank, commanders of the power of the keys! Key power runs through every fiber of their being; it is the total sum of their makeup.

32. Tola and Tor are now at the command of the children of David. They will be your protectors, your guardians, your defenders!

33. They are victors! No power of the Enemy can withstand these two. All opposing spiritual forces bow at their feet‚ for they carry the force of golden key power within. This power, when released upon your enemies, destroys all in its path, as you have just seen demonstrated.

34. Use them, My children; take advantage of their help. Call on them when you're in the heat of battle, when Satan and his demons, Pan, Bacchus‚ the Selvegion, Apotheon, Arakan, Oplexicon and others threaten. Call on these two and they will be there to defend you and fight for you.

35. Many are the helpers of the children of David! Many are the mighty ones I put at your command! Call on them, My loves, for they are with you to see you through the terrible days that are upon the world. And these two‚ Tola and Tor, are honored to be among your ambassadors at large, as I am honored to send them.

36. This is My Christmas gift to you, My brides, and this is My desire—that you commit to working with your spirit helpers more frequently. Call on these ambassadors when you have need. Learn to work with your personal spirit helpers on a daily basis. Accept them, teamwork with them, learn from them, lean on them. Your helpers surround you and willingly come to your aid. They long to work in closer counsel with you. They are My gifts of love to you, that you may know how much I love you, that you may constantly feel My presence, that you may know that I am the Provider of all your needs. (End of message from Jesus)

Obliterate Obstacon

ML #3434:1- 8, GN 1017

1. (Mama:) In this GN, the Lord reveals to us another spiritual power who fights against us, one who is specifically targeting the area of our being able to absorb and live the Word. The Lord showed us that this was important for us all to be aware of and to seek Him about before going into the time of discussion, application, and establishing safeguards to make the Word revolution a reality in our lives and Homes.

2. I realize that some of you may be feeling weary with a depiction of another demon that opposes us. The Enemy wants to make you feel that way and to take it lightly or blow it off‚ because then he and his minions would be free to do their business in the dark, without you being aware of them. The Lord is telling us these things because He knows that it's important for us to be aware of our adversaries so that we can fight effectively (2Cor.2:11). He wants us to be as prepared and fully armed as possible when it comes to the spiritual warfare we're faced with these days. He said:

3. (Jesus speaking:) Don't let the Enemy make you feel weary or like it's "too much" to have yet another demon exposed. This knowledge is a very key part of the spiritual warfare. Many people have the weakness of seeing things in only the physical realm, rather than looking at what's happening in the spirit.

4. It is in the spirit that battles are won or lost. Those who want to be winners will fight in the spirit. Those who choose to reject that insight and truth, and who prefer instead to stay in the physical plane, will wind up losing, for they will be weakened and will not see the attacks coming.

5. One of the main advantages of choosing to see things in the spirit and fight in the spirit is that you can see the attacks coming, you can prepare, you can be warned and ready. If you don't accept the spiritual point of view and instead choose to stay in the physical realm, then you just have to deal with the attacks as they come and you fight a much more defensive warfare. Plus, your enemy is safe from your attacks and offensive against him, because he's not limited to or affected by the physical plane.

6. So those who choose to limit themselves to the physical plane through disbelief or dismissing these important revelations of the spirit that I'm giving you are greatly disadvantaged. You also handicap yourselves in facing the future, for I will continue to expose your spiritual enemies in the days to come, as well as reveal your spiritual defenders and weaponry. Be not ignorant of the Evil One's devices, nor of your own defenses! (End of message from Jesus.)

7. (Mama:) The Lord makes it clear that learning to recognize the spiritual warfare, and working with those who are helping us from the spirit world, as well as fighting against those who seek to hinder us, are secrets to success and survival at this time in history.

8. This is a unique time. It's a time that is different from all that has gone before, because this is leading up to the grand finale, so things are different‚ more intense. The Enemy‚ as was foretold in the Bible‚ knows that his time is short and he's trying all sorts of new tactics and pulling out all the firepower against us that he can muster (Rev.12:12). It's very important for us to remember that, as it will help the battles and all that the Lord is showing us to make more sense and fall into perspective.

So You Want to Be a Disciple?

ML #3458:67- 75, GN 1043

The "Spiritual Warfare" Factor

67. (Mama: ) I know some of you don't like to look at situations as attacks of the Enemy, or blame problems on the Devil. After all, it's easy to think that if these active disgruntled former members, even if only a handful, are so determined to put a stop to the Family, then there must be something wrong with us or what we're doing. You wonder, "Can it really just be that the Enemy's using them?" You'd rather have some kind of logical, reasonable explanation. It's odd how sometimes the simplest answers are the hardest for you to accept, possibly because you've allowed your faith to weaken so drastically and no longer have the "faith of a little child" you once had (Mk.10:15).

68. I'm in the business of telling the truth, and the truth is that there is a spiritual warfare raging, and you're a part of it whether you like it or not. The spiritual affects the physical, and the physical affects the spiritual. There are forces for good and bad in both realms, and if you can't believe that—one of the most basic spiritual principles—then you'd better get serious with the Lord and ask Him to open your eyes and help you to see things in the spirit, as they really are, because in the physical, carnal realm, the Enemy is always right there to make things look very different‚ to convince you to see things from his perspective.

69. To have faith is a conscious choice, a vital one, but no one can make it for you, dear ones. You've got to choose the road of faith, keep the heavenly vision, stay connected to the Word, and fight to keep your spiritual eyes open so that you're aware of the supernatural realm and the battle that's raging. That's how you'll see things through the Lord's eyes, and remain strong and steadfast in Him!

70. (Jesus:) Faith is a gift of the spirit that many of you, sad to say, have all but lost. You've lost your childlike faith to believe, to receive, to grow, and to see things through My eyes. Many of you have chosen the logical, analytical, carnal, fleshly road, and you've been walking that path for so long that it's now very difficult for you to see things in the spirit. Many of you have become dull and familiar with the spiritual realm after hearing about it for many years, and now there is a great wave of those of you who have turned toward the road of your carnal mind, choosing the road of skepticism over faith.

71. Yes‚ you do believe in angels and demons, but you take it only so far and no further. You have a hard time believing the realm of the spirit actually affects the physical realm so powerfully. So because you don't believe that, you have a hard time accepting the revelations of demons‚ spirit helpers, and the like. Most of you are content to just look at the demons and angels as far-off beings who don't really affect life on Earth. It's sad‚ but true. This isn't the case with everyone, but it's quite a widespread mentality—the rejection of hearing things explained in spiritual terms and instead wanting to sort out in your own mind how it all makes sense. This lack of faith is prevalent in many areas of your lives, not just the rejection of the spiritual warfare.

72. It's precisely because the Enemy is fighting so hard, and you haven't raised a standard against him by strengthening your spirits with the Word, that you are lacking in faith, and because you don't really realize it, you are becoming prey to his devices. The spiritual warfare has intensified and the ante has been upped‚ and My Words and truth do need to be explained more clearly now than ever before, because the Enemy fights it harder than ever. But oh, how I wish that you, My children, would return to the simplicity of My Spirit, to the faith of little babes sucking to receive My Words!

73. Many of you have faith that goes only so far and no further. Your faith is conditional. That's why so many of you are swayed and stumbled by the lies of the Enemy—your faith is weak. You have conditional faith that believes what it wants to believe and rejects what it doesn't understand or doesn't want to accept.

74. You must see things in the spirit! You've got to choose to see things with the eyes of faith, because there's so much that can never be explained in carnal or fleshly terms. There's so much about the dynamics of the spirit, My spiritual gifts, and the workings of the world of the spirit that you will never understand with your human mind, and which will never make sense to the scoffer, the doubter, or the unbeliever. But that's where faith comes in—faith of a little child, faith as a grain of mustard seed, faith that can move mountains, faith that transforms you and gives you understanding.

75. To choose the road of faith is a choice you have to make! It's a choice no one else can make for you! But it's a vital choice, because when you lose your faith, then you have lost everything, and you're in danger of becoming alienated from My Spirit. (End of message.)

Which Comes First—The Revelation or the Artwork?

ML #3474:61- 62, Post-it GN #12

61. (Jesus:) The Enemy knows that many of you struggle with the explanations of the spiritual warfare already. You are sometimes tempted to feel that the descriptions of the demons and spirit helpers are overdone, or something that goes just a bit too far. He would love to push you over the edge with this train of thought to the point that you don't believe My warnings and instruction about those who fight you‚ and you don't call on those who could help you. Thus the Enemy would have gained a great advantage in his fight against you. That's his hope, his goal.

62. That's what he's trying to do in discrediting My Words, and specifically the revelations that I have blessed you with, My children of David. He doesn't like being exposed, so he'll try anything to keep you from believing the things I've revealed to you about the reality of the spirit world. Don't give away your advantage in the spiritual warfare through unbelief of what I've revealed to you! Call the Enemy's bluff! Try My Words, and see if they are not true. For if they are put to the test in faith, you will find that they do work, the Enemy is exposed, and victory is yours! (End of message from Jesus)

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