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Shooting Straight, Part 14--Letter Links: Intergenerational Dating and Marriage

April 12, 2005

(ML #3538, GN 1129)

FD/MM/FM September 2004

The Lord's Commission to You

ML #3095:25-36, Lifelines 23

Two Generations United!

25. (Jesus:) Lift up your voices in praise, as do the holy angels and all the departed spirits that are encamped round about My king and My queen, for a great victory is won this day! … The old is united with the young! The first-generation fighters are united with the second-generation warriors! It is a day and a cause for rejoicing, for through this union shall come great strength in My army. There shall come a great strengthening and purifying of the ranks, a great preparation for the days ahead.

26. There is great need for the hearts of all My children of David, both young and old‚ to be united as one, to become of one mind, one heart, and one soul—to see that there is no longer a generation gap, but there is one Family, one army, one body of My children of David.

27. They are learning to look upon one another with great respect. They are learning to recognize the anointing and gifts and callings of one another. They are recognizing their need for one another‚ and seeing the great joy and pleasure that they find in working together‚ loving together, seeking Me together, leading My people together. … They are learning to lean upon one another, to open their hearts, to bare their souls, to share their innermost secrets, to show their weaknesses and their strengths. They are learning to need one another, to call out to one another, to reach out, to lift each other up.

28. This uniting of the two generations at the top will be the beginning of a mighty flood of love and unity and power that shall wash over the hearts of My people and shall cleanse them from their bitternesses, their resentfulness, their distance from one another. It shall create within them a desire to reach out, to understand, to give, to receive, to love, to feel compassion, to honor one another, to show respect and appreciation, to speak words of love and kindness and encouragement.

29. This is My day and hour for the uniting of the two generations! For only in unity will you have the strength needed for the battles that lie ahead, for the dark days that are to come‚ the time when the Enemy will walk about as a roaring lion, more fierce than ever before! Only through great unity, love and respect will you be able to withstand the onslaughts of the Evil One and his people.

30. Each generation is strong in its own way, each generation has much to give, and each generation is in great need of the other. They must be molded and melted together if they are to have the strength and power and anointing needed for the days to come when the battles will be great, and only those who are loyal and strong and brave will be able to lead the way.

31. This uniting of heart and mind and soul, this marriage of spirit, is crucial. It is of utmost importance! ... It is one of the most important results of this time together in My Spirit‚ when these have sat at My feet and heard from Me and drunk deeply of the well of My Truth, when they have opened themselves up in humility and allowed Me to wash them clean so that I might make them what I wish them to be.

32. All of this feeding and cleansing and purifying and strengthening is for a purpose. ... It is to join these precious ones‚ My generals, together in one heart—no longer as two generations, but as one Family with one heart and one mind before Me.

33. (Dad speaking:) We're talking about One Wife, about how there doesn't need to be two generations, but you can be one in Jesus. You can be one in the spirit if your hearts and your minds are united; if you're working together toward the goal; if you're fighting together; if you have respect for each other, you communicate, you appreciate each other, and you know the need that you each have for the other. That's what we're talking about.

34. The Lord calls it a marriage of the two generations because He wants you to see that it's long–term. It's enduring. It's a lifelong commitment. You're in this for the long haul, until death do you part. You're going to be together fighting for Jesus.

35. The whole point is that people should open their hearts—that the young people no longer look at the older generation as the "old ones," the "has-beens," the ones who are so conservative and who have made so many mistakes. And the old ones should no longer look at the young ones as those who are not dedicated enough, those who are too wild, those who are problematic.

36. They need to look at each other with love and understanding and respect, so they can each learn from the other and make a powerful team for the Lord. … Both sides have to do their part. The older generation will need to open their arms and their hearts to these young people to receive them with joy, and the young people will have to come in humbly. If they see this in each other, their fears will be allayed. The older people will not fear that they're being pushed aside and not wanted, and the younger will not fear that the older ones look down on them or are jealous of them.

Overcoming the Generation Gap

ML #3161:128–131, Lifelines 24

128. (Mama:) When we look back and try to analyze how it all happened‚ and think‚ "What was it that brought us [the two generations] together, that gave us such unity and love for one another?" I'd have to say that it was not any one thing‚ but it was a combination of many things. It was our working together for the Lord and our learning to respect others by seeing the load and responsibility they were willing to carry for the Lord and the Family. It was our sharing experiences in the Spirit together—praying together, hearing from the Lord together, following the movements of the Spirit together. It was our loving the Lord together intimately, our sharing sexually together (with those of age), our enjoying our times of get-out, recreation and fellowship together. It was our willingness to be honest and to open our hearts to each other.

129. All of these things worked together, and as time passed, we found that our love for each other grew. Our need for one another and our dependence on one another became so much more apparent, and the idea of two generations, the younger and the older, became less and less important. We were all becoming one—One Wife—as we lived together, worked together, loved together, prayed together, obeyed together and stepped out by faith together.

130. You just can't help but love and respect someone more when you see them make difficult choices and humble themselves to follow the Lord and obey. For example, we learned to appreciate each other more when we saw the willingness of the others to do the humble thing and obey in such things as receiving stories from the spirit world after the Lord gave the revelation published in "Spirit Stories!—Parts 1 and 2." (See GNs 733 and 737.) It also caused us to respect one another when we would see each other striving to exercise our gifts of prophecy‚ both personally and in public meetings. And we couldn't help but love each other more when we'd see our loved ones humble themselves to ask for public united prayer when they needed help to overcome their weaknesses or battles with such things as jealousy, pride, sensitivity, negative thinking, unyieldedness‚ etc.

131. It was also a big step when the young adults (21 and over), decided to begin having dates with the older generation. The wonderful intimacy and heart-to-heart communication that came about as a result of the sexual sharing was precious, and I'm convinced that it had a lot to do with bringing about the great unity and oneness that we now experience. In addition, the close interaction, fellowship and heart-sharing brought about as a natural result of our sexual sharing has helped both young and old make it over the hurdles as we grow closer in love.

Going for the 'Golden Victories'—Together

ML #3169:52-55, Lifelines 24

52. (Peter:) Dear Family, both you of the older generation and you younger ones, won't you please open your hearts and lives to one another? Whatever it is that might be holding you back—whether it be fear of the future, jealousy, bitterness or just thinking that you don't get along and you can't understand each other—bring it to the Lord. Seek Him desperately for the answers and victories that you need, and He won't fail you. What He's done for Mama and me and those in our Home, He can do for you!

53. Reach out today and break down the walls! Open the lines of communication. Just make the first step, even a little tiny step, toward unity and love and mutual respect, and the Lord will meet you! Step by step you'll gather momentum, and before long you'll really be rolling! And then you'll look back with amazement on these days of decision, this time when the Lord asked you to make a commitment, to leave the old behind and to begin again‚ not as two generations, not as the young and the old, but as one.

54. As the Lord has said, this unity is a marriage made in Heaven. The Enemy will fight it because he knows of the great strength and victories that will come as a result. But we are confident that as you call out to the Lord with all your hearts to help you make the changes you need, He'll bring the victory and defeat the attacks of the Enemy. And we'll go on to become the strong, united, unbeatable Endtime army that the Lord wants us to be!

55. Praise the Lord! God bless and keep you! I know you can do it because the Lord can do it through you! He has sufficient love, grace, understanding and strength. Look to Him and He'll never fail you, and you'll find that this unity is truly Heavenly and will bring you such joy.

Living the Lord's Law of Love, Part 4

ML #3204:31-50, GN 807

Your Responsibility to Not Hurt Others, Especially with Gossip

31. (Mama: ) With the blessings of being able to enjoy this sexual fellowship also come responsibilities. What are these responsibilities? I'd say the first and foremost is the responsibility to not hurt others. For you young people, I believe that the greatest hurt that you cause one another in regards to sex and sharing is through gossiping.

32. I've received so many letters from young people talking about how deeply hurt they've been when others have talked about them negatively and spread stories and private information about them to others. I've heard of some of you having sex with someone and then talking negatively about it with others‚ making uncomplimentary comparisons to other sharing partners you've had, putting down your partner's body with derogatory comments‚ speaking in an ugly manner about the person, etc.

33. I've had others write me about how they've been labeled as "loose" because they share with others. An SGA woman in Japan wrote to me, describing the pain that gossip has caused in her area, which became apparent at a YA/SGA meeting during which some of the prophecies that were published in "Stop the Gossip Now" (GN 792) were read, and those who were guilty of gossiping apologized.

34. She commented that the prophecies on gossip hit the nail on the head! Up until that time‚ she hadn't realized how vicious some of the gossip was or how quickly it had spread. Just five days before the meeting, she'd had a date with someone who lives at a Home about ten minutes away from her Home. This young man has a pretty steady girlfriend. She hadn't had a date with someone who was married or "attached" for a long time, and up until the meeting, she didn't see it as a bad thing, but she said she had second thoughts after seeing the gossip that surrounded it.

35. She said they had not done anything behind the girlfriend's back, and had talked about it with her. But just by what others saw, they got together and "sided" with the girlfriend of the guy, and within a few days young people in four Homes knew about the date. Apparently some of the young people in the area supposedly felt sorry for the girlfriend, so one free day they got together and gossiped for a couple of hours about what a ***** the girl was who had the date.

36. This is really pitiful! In just a few days, people from four Homes heard about this date and some had spent hours badmouthing the girl involved! This type of gossiping—or any gossip‚ for that matter—is ungodly, hurtful‚ and destructive! It's of the Devil and is designed to cause disunity, pain and hurt. It's a direct attack on the Law of Love! It's unkind, unloving, and should not be tolerated. Here is an excerpt from a message Dad gave about gossip:

37. (Dad:) Well, folks‚ this lesson is one that is as old as the hills, and yet it seems that each generation has to learn it for itself. I hope you folks are mature enough and wise enough to take a lesson from history, to take a lesson from the Lord's Word, or even a lesson from this little talk I'm going to give you, and learn this so that you don't have to learn it yourself through your own sad experience. Well, maybe you've already experienced this, and you can look back on what happened to you‚ or how what you did affected others, and learn from that. So stop and think for a moment.

38. Let me explain it to you this way: The Lord has given us a beautiful gift in His Law of Love. We are His last Church, the ones whom He's called during these Last Days to be His elite, to be called out, separated—not only from the System‚ but even from the rest of the Christians. Not because we're any better than they are, not because He loves us any more, but because He needs a group of people who will follow Him all the way, who He knows He can trust with the new revelations of the Spirit, those who can put them into practice and then teach others to do the same.

39. He's given us the freedom to share sexually under the Law of Love. He hasn't revealed the beauty of the Law of Love to the church people, nor to the rest of the world. Some might partake of some sexual freedom, yes, but most of them do it with a lot of guilt and shame, and they don't have the beauty and freedom of the Spirit like we have.

40. The Lord has given it to us as a free gift—a beautiful, precious, priceless treasure! It's like the gorgeous‚ unspoiled Garden of Eden. And yet there's a snake in the garden‚ and this snake wants to spoil it for everyone. You know what that snake is? It's the snake of little wagging tongues that go around talking behind people's backs or to others about what others in the garden are doing!

41. That little snake is the Devil's plan to destroy the beauty of the garden, the beauty of the Law of Love, loving, and sharing freely. He knows that if he can get in and get you to talk indiscriminately and unscrupulously with others about your personal, private affairs‚ or others' personal, private acts of love and sharing, that through this he can cause a breach in the wall—a serious breach through which he can get in and destroy the beauty that the Lord is trying to give you.

42. Haven't you seen it happen before? Someone was trying to reach out in love with pure, sweet motives, but because they were talked about, misread, and misrepresented, it destroyed the sweet act of love that they were trying to do, and instead it was turned into a scandal. Thereby that person felt labeled and was discouraged from continuing on in the loving thing they were trying to do.

43. Let me tell you, folks, it's dangerous! It's serious! It's letting the Devil use your tongue to be a snake in the garden when you go talking about things like that! They're absolutely none of your business! None of other people's business either! The only people you should be talking about them with are your shepherds, if need be. Or if you want to share something lovingly and sweetly as a lesson with someone else, you'd better pray first and make sure that that's what the Lord wants you to do‚ and that it's not going to hurt someone or get back to someone and cause a breach in the wall. And if you feel led to share either your own personal lesson that involves others or the lesson of someone else, you can help minimize the "gossip factor" by not using names. You can still share the example without having to make it known who was involved.

44. One of these days the Lord is going to hold you accountable for every idle word. It's going to be a sobering day. That's why I pray that you can learn this lesson now, rather than having to learn by your own hard experience of standing before the Lord and watching as He reviews the pictures and scenes of the folks who were hurt, the folks who were left out, and the folks who were lonely because you kept others from loving because of your little wagging tongue—the snake in the garden. Don't let it happen to you, kids. Be wise, beware, and be prayerful! (End of message.)

45. (Mama: ) I've been trying to teach you through this series of GNs the importance of doing the loving thing, of living your life in love‚ trying to love others and not hurt them, and doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. Would you want people to gossip about you? Would you like people calling you names? Would you like to be labeled? Would you like the people that you have sex with to talk to their friends about what you did, how you did it, what you look like, the things you said, or other intimate details? Would you like to be rated as to your sexual performance? Would you like it if they told their friends that you're not very experienced?

46. If you don't want others to do this to you‚ then don't do it to them. That's the principle of the Law of Love! Love does not gossip, does not speak negatively about others, does not talk about shared intimacies, does not give someone else a bad name or reputation.

47. If you're guilty of gossiping, if you put down and talk negatively about those you share sexually with, then you're not living the Law of Love—and perhaps you should stop sharing because you're not mature enough to handle it! This is serious business and we cannot tolerate this cruel hurting of others. If you're old enough to be a voting member of your Home, if you're old enough to have the freedom to have sex with one another, then you're old enough to have enough love to hold your tongue.

48. And if you're not able to do that, then although you're old enough physically, you're certainly not old enough spiritually, and it's pretty clear that you have some lessons to learn! In which case it would be the responsibility of your Home shepherds to point out to you how your actions are hurting others and to help you grow and mature in this area. It behooves you to listen to and receive their counsel. Otherwise‚ if you continue to gossip and hurt others, then your shepherds would be responsible to give you some form of discipline, restrictions, reading list, etc., and if that does not prove effective, to come before the Home Council to propose that you be put on Probationary Status, as is their authority under the Charter.

49. It grieves me to hear how deeply some of you hurt one another by your cruel comments! Sex and sexual activity are very personal matters. It's a very sensitive issue‚ and when you talk to others about someone else's sexuality, it can cause deep hurt. It's hard enough when you're young and are just learning about sex. It's embarrassing, uncomfortable, and awkward enough without having someone else talking about you. So, young people, this is an area you need to work on. If you want the blessings of the Law of Love, then you need to bear the burdens of the Law of Love—the burden of loving silence and keeping the private matters of others to yourself!

50. If one of your friends starts to talk negatively about someone else, if they start telling you the details of the sex lives of others or start talking negatively about the sex they had with someone, then you should stop them and tell them that they shouldn't be talking about it. That's part of the Law of Love as well. If you don't, then you are just as guilty as they are, and you're not living the Law of Love.

Living the Lord's Law of Love, Part 9

ML #3209:101-104, 111-156, GN 812

Older Men's Attraction to Women—Younger? Older? Both?

101. (Mama:) Then there is the question of older men being attracted to younger women. … I wondered‚ "Is it that men really are more attracted to younger women than older women? Does the Lord put something special in older men's hearts for younger women, and if so, what is it and why? Or is it that men are attracted to all women in general, and there's no great advantage as far as youth goes, as long as the older woman is sexy, sweet and loving? Are men attracted to any and all women who are sweet, loving and well-groomed?" If you want to know the answers to these very interesting questions, read on.

102. (Jesus:) I have put the desire in the heart of men toward all women—that he would desire both the older and the younger—and you must not compare these two. For the more lasting qualities—that of a lively spirit, the warmth and tenderness of her heart, the fascination of her mind, the sweetness and kindness of her loving ways, her depth of spirit, her loving affection, her emotional companionship, the sparkle in her eyes‚ and the thrill of her soul—this is the biggest desire in man towards a woman, and that which down in his heart of hearts he desires most.

103. What a man seeks and desires most of all from a woman is to be needed, to be wanted for his manliness. A man seeks those who desire him‚ who show interest in him, those who long for the satisfaction he can give them and who want to give him their attention, and this has no age attached to it. A man seeks those whose interests are toward him‚ those who appreciate him for his manliness. Should the older women's interest seem to wane in this, should their interest be turned in other directions, then he will seek out others.

104. I say the younger women and the older women are likened to new wine and vintage wine. The man may want to experience the taste of the new wine‚ but this by no means takes away from his desire for that much-savored excellence of the vintage wine—that which is sought after with great joy. (End of message from Jesus.)

Dad on the Beauties of the Spirit

111. (Mama:) I'm now going to include a message that Dad recently gave to encourage the older women to not be fearful of their husbands' or lovers' interaction with younger women. You might be thinking, "Why is Mama so into this older woman/younger woman subject? What's the big deal?" You might think I'm going too far with this, or that the reason I'm particularly interested in this subject is because Peter shares with younger women. But I want to clarify that Peter loves all the women in our Home very much and he shares with women from both generations! He doesn't have an exceptional attraction to young women, he loves them all! Ha! I don't have any outstanding battles when Peter shares with younger women—to me it's all the same—but I know there are many older women who do have more battles when their husbands are with someone younger than when they're with someone their own age.

112. When I asked the Lord whether this message should be included in this GN, He confirmed that this is not just for your information‚ but there is a very important reason why He wants you to know these things. He said:

113. (Jesus:) There's a great need to reeducate our Family men on how to look at women. The wiser and more loving and caring they are in their associations with the women, the better the living of the Law of Love will progress. So much depends on the maturity and understanding of the men, and this understanding and Godly viewpoint can only come from Me.

114. At this point in time, the men are influenced by System standards—what is beautiful by System standards, what is desirable by System standards, what the woman of their dreams should look like by System standards. So anything and everything you can publish to correct this false sense of values will be helpful. The message about older women will not just encourage the older women, but it will also help the men to look at them with My eyes, the eyes of appreciation. It will also help the younger women to honor the older women more, and not put so much emphasis on their own youthful beauty.

115. Many of the younger women are also off–track in their ideas about beauty. They're held as prisoners to the System standards that they're bombarded with from movies, television and magazines. This leads to much discontent, comparing and dissatisfaction with the way I've made them. They have unrealistic expectations and desires when it comes to the way they want or expect to look, or the way they think men expect them to look. So as the men learn to appreciate the finer qualities in women—which they will learn in part through the message about the beauties of older women—this will help set the younger women free also. They will relax when they realize that beauty truly is more than skin deep. (End of message from Jesus.)

116. (Mama:) Here is the message from Dad, which I pray will set you free and help to deliver you from the false System values about what is beautiful and what makes you sexually attractive.

117. (Dad:) Yes, men are attracted to young women, but men are also attracted to older women. Men are just attracted to women, period. But believe me, for the men who are mature, who love the Lord, and who are strong in the Spirit, it's not the flesh that makes the difference. They're not looking for the perfect breasts, the perfect muscle tone. They're not worried about whether your body has stretch marks‚ or whether you're carrying a few extra pounds‚ or whether your hair is gray.—All of that is really insignificant to the man.

118. The thing that makes the most difference and the thing that's the most important is the Spirit! Oh, how many times have I said it?

119. Don't you see, girls? What really counts is the Spirit—how much of God's love you have, how unselfish you are, how giving you are, how truly loving you are. That's what really counts. The Lord is the One Who enhances your lovemaking. He enhances it with the Spirit. That's what makes it more exciting, more fulfilling. That's what makes your head spin! That's what gives you such pleasure as you've never known before. It's because the Lord is there in all His glory. And He is able to be there more because of your freedom in the Spirit and because you create a vacuum for Him through your unselfish love and giving and your tender, caring, positive spirit.

120. Believe me, men are looking for a loving‚ caring, free, tender, sweet, open‚ honest, humble lover. What really makes sex exciting‚ fulfilling and satisfying is not the technique that you use. It's not how you move your hands, how you move your body‚ how you do this or that; but it's a mystery, it's a gift‚ and it comes from the Lord.

121. That's why you older women shouldn't pooh-pooh or minimize your experience and all the many times that you've loved a man and loved unselfishly and given and loved the unlovely—because all of that is honing your gift. All of that is strengthening your gift. All of that is just making you more and more a woman.

122. It doesn't matter how many different varieties of lingerie a woman wears, or how many new surprises she might try to come up with, it won't take the place of this gift of love that the Lord has given you older women who have given and given and given again. You have real sacrificial love. You have loved the beasts. You've laid down your lives. You've died daily and nightly to give men what they needed the most in the flesh, so that you could minister in the spirit and be a blessing and be my love.

123. You are anointed to be the Lord's hands, His kisses, His love. What you have learned has come through experience and maturity of spirit and sacrifice‚ and it takes time to learn these deep, deep lessons of the Spirit. So don't be intimidated. Don't fear. Don't look on the flesh and worry that you will lose your place or that your place is even threatened‚ because you are my experienced, honored maidens of love—the product of reading my Words and living the life of the Spirit for so many years, examples of unselfish giving and what women are truly meant to be. You are also His priestesses of love, the product of His creation and His hands. Your beauty is a deep, deep beauty of spirit‚ and to feel threatened or intimidated does you an injustice. (End of message from Dad.)

Younger Men and Older Women—Can It Be Sexy and Fulfilling?

124. (Mama: ) I want to come back to a subject that I touched on briefly earlier in this Letter when I encouraged you SGA men to not be afraid to reach out to the FGA women. I understand that there's somewhat of a mindset in some cases amongst you young men that sharing sexually with the older women isn't that cool. Of course, I'm sure that not all of you share that opinion, as I know of some young men who are quite happy to make love to older women. I realize, however, that not all young men feel this way. In fact, one of our young CROs wrote, telling me that to encourage you SGA men to share with FGA women was strong meat and too heavy. She shared with me that in her travels she has heard derogatory comments from some of the young men in her area, stating that the idea of sharing with older women is not appealing to them. And she expressed her concern as she said in her own words that "many [young men] don't fully understand the benefits of not only the unity of the flesh, but the beautiful unity of spirit this can be."

125. After hearing this, I asked the young men in our Home their opinions on this CRO's comments, since they've all had at least some experience with older women‚ and they had the following to say:

126. To me, having sex with FGA women was something that sort of had to grow on me. I'm reminded of when I was a teen and in charge of a small OC group. Sometimes when we'd watch movies and the hero and heroine ended up in a passionate embrace, some of the boys would invariably react with, "Ugh, I would never do that to a girl." I could only smile and say, "Just wait till you get a little older. You may change your mind!" to which they would, of course (being in the presence of their peers)‚ affirmatively answer "Never!" (Hmm, I wonder if I ever made comments like that when I was their age?)

127. Well, there was one point in my life when sex with older women was the furthest thing from my mind. But then I turned 21, and it wasn't long before the opportunity presented itself. While I initially entered these unfamiliar waters with some trepidation‚ I quickly found them warm and pleasant, and before long, it became as natural, though perhaps not as frequent, for me to have dates with the FGA women as it was to have them with my SGA peers.

128. So all that to say "grow up," ha! Once you try it, you'll see that it's really not so big a deal after all. It can be a lot of fun, and a very rewarding and uniting experience—and you get to see sides to "adults" that you might otherwise have never seen (and I'm not just talking skin either‚ ha!).

129. When I turned 21 and I first started sharing with older women, I was hit with the feeling of "this woman is the same age as my mom," which really wasn't very appealing. The thing that helped me overcome that was getting to know the woman better and maybe flirting with or teasing her a little in a friendly way, thus overcoming that age barrier which is so ingrained in us from the movies and the System we see around us daily. It takes a bit of time or effort to overcome this mentality at first‚ but once you try it, I believe you'll find yourself wondering what took you so long!

130. Really, sharing with older Family women is lots of fun, not to mention that they often have a lot more experience and know what pleases them the best, and from what I have found, sometimes our dates are even better than ones I have with others my own age. There aren't as many walls of pride or "trying to impress‚" which is so common among us young people. I also find that it is easier to communicate and love the Lord intimately while loving each other. So all I can say is, guys, if you haven't tried it, you're missing out!

131. I tend to agree that on the field‚ most young men are not at all inspired about the idea of having sex with older women. Most of them have probably never done it, and therefore it's a case of being prejudiced against something, judging by appearances, even though you've never really tried it yourself. I think young guys tend to look on the surface, and figure that since the older women don't have the nice tight bodies and breasts and young faces that the SGA women do, that having sex with them won't be as good. From my experience, they're quite wrong, since older women have a lot more experience than younger ones do, and can be very sexy; in fact, even sexier than some young women!

132. It helps if the older women take care to make themselves look nice. They don't have to dress fancy or look like models, but if they do what they can to make themselves look attractive, it can make a big difference—both with the older and younger men—and it will make the woman feel better about herself too! If older women don't pay much attention to how they look, then it wouldn't be surprising that many young men prefer to have sex with young women and wouldn't really go for older women—especially if they haven't tried it.

133. Younger women are also often more energetic, and that might appeal to many young men as well. Another factor is that there are a lot more young women than there are young men. So the young men are already in great demand with the young women, who want to have dates with them. So for them to‚ on top of that, go out of their way to have sex with older women (even though they would enjoy it if they did) is something they probably don't even think of. If we had more young men than young women‚ then perhaps things would be different.

134. I don't agree with the young men who decide that having sex with older women is not for them, because they could be missing out on some really beautiful times. Besides, the older women can be much more appreciative than the younger women, since the young women may often feel like they're doing the guy a favor by having sex with him, or that of course he should like them because they're young and beautiful. Whereas the older women, even if they are very beautiful, don't think about themselves that same way, and are therefore more appreciative and sweet, and it can be a real beautiful experience. It's especially nice if they're a single mom who is maybe feeling a bit unwanted, or a wife whose husband has had dates with younger women; it can really make their day and make them feel young and beautiful and attractive, and they'll start acting more like that too! Tell her she's young–looking and beautiful and she'll be young-looking and beautiful!

135. Wow, where to start! Well, I very much enjoy having sex or just spending time with the FGA women here. I feel very comfortable around them and it is very satisfying as well. Before I came here I had heard some very off-color remarks about having sex with older women. To be honest, if you are comparing physical qualities between younger and older women‚ there is a difference. But that's not to say that all younger women have perfect bodies either. But for me one of the main things that I enjoy about having dates with older women is that they really know how to treat you right and make you feel like a man! That for me is the biggest turn-on that a woman could do for me, SGA or FGA. I think that some older women just really know how to make you feel good. It is also a lot of fun because you can learn a lot.

136. If I could tell the guys in the Family one thing, it would be this: Just give it a try and don't look at with the attitude of "What can I get out of this?" but more "What can I give?" and you'll have a great time! (End of comments from our SGA men.)

137. (Mama:) I asked Dad about this topic of younger men with older women and he gave the following message, which is a challenge and good explanation to you SGA men. I'd like to point out here as an interesting note that the young men in our Home had not read this message below from Dad at the time they wrote the preceding comments!

138. (Dad:) I'd like to talk man to man here to some of you men of the younger generation who are tempted to adopt the mindset that the older women are not for you. I'd think twice if I were you! Let me tell you, if you haven't discovered the glories of older women yet, you don't know what you're missin'! Our older women in the Family are the Lord's queen lovers, boys! Why, you could hardly ask for better lovin' than they're able to give you! And, if I can be forthright with you, you couldn't ask for better teachers who can show you some mighty good ways to love! Does that break your bottle? Is that humbling to admit to yourselves? You oughtta be thankful for it! Boy, what some of those poor fellas out in the world would give for the opportunities you have!

139. I know deep down some of you fellas are interested in the first generation women, but you're not about to admit it! You can't fool me, because I see you lookin' around plenty, all the while you try to hide it from your peers!

140. You know, when I was your age, I was attracted to older women, but I had to conceal it. It wasn't that I was so concerned about my peers; I didn't care too much what they thought. I was already a loner and I didn't have too much to lose on that score. But I could never let on that I was attracted to the older women! Why‚ if my mother knew, if she ever found out I was attracted to older women, even some of her associates—woooowee, that would've been the end of me! I never would have lived it down! So I had to suppress it! But I certainly would've given a pretty penny to be with some of the older women who crossed my path!

141. That's the beauty of the Family! That's the beauty of the freedom of the Spirit that the Lord has given you—not only can you have this freedom of the Spirit, but the freedom of the flesh that goes along with it! It's wonderful the freedom the Lord has given the Family‚ and I sure hope you younger men won't be too blind to see it or appreciate it.

142. The two biggest decoys the Devil is trying to use to block your vision are peer pressure and fear, in order to keep you from what he knows will be a wonderful strengthening, a wonderful experience, not to mention fun—your opportunity to really cash in on all the experience, knowledge, and know-how of the Lord's queen lovers, and to get some of that good lovin'! I'm tellin you‚ boys, what I would've given when I was your age to have the opportunity you all have! If you haven't discovered the wonders of sharing with the FGA women who are experienced in the ways of lovin', you're going to be the losers!

143. It's humbling. You know that they know a whole lot more than you do and have real depth of spirit, and this can cause you to back off a little when you feel you have so much to learn. The Devil likes to play on your fears to hold you back because he really knows the good lovin' you'd be able to get from the older women. He knows the blessing it would be for you to share with these who are so free in spirit‚ experienced and have so much to offer, who have deepness of spirit and all that experience in giving love and loving the Lord, and who can teach you to become a better lover, teach you the tricks of the trade!

144. I realize, boys, that there are some big differences, or what look like big differences anyway, between the young women and the older women. You tend to focus on their bodies, and what you see in the older women might not be exactly what you like. They have softer bodies, they're usually a little heavier, and many of our FGA women have had at least one baby. So of course their figures are usually different than the young women—sometimes quite different. But I'd say the secret to overcoming any barrier you might have, any "turnoff" that that might present to you, would be to ask the Lord to help you to be a little more open-minded, a little less picky about what you think you have to have in a woman. Look deeper than the flesh and see the person, see the spirit, see the Lord.

145. You might think that you wouldn't be sexually excited with a woman who's older than you, one that might even be the same age as your mother. I know that's a very real obstacle. You think, "But hey, this woman is from my mom's generation." That can be a problem if you let it hold you back, but if you just try to put that out of your mind and go by faith, I think it won't be long at all until that mindset is shattered. I think you'd be surprised to see what happens when you're in an intimate situation together. Your response might be much more than you expect. In fact, I think you'd be pleasantly surprised.

146. Let's be real here. When you get down to the nitty-gritty of lovemaking, it can be very exciting and satisfying even with a woman who is not "your type" physically. And the quicker you learn that, the more fun you'll have! If you are really choosy and you think you can only have good sex with the woman who has just the kind of body or personality you like, wow, are you in for some disappointment! I say disappointment because when you find out how wrong you are, you'll kick yourself for the many opportunities you missed!

147. So much of the satisfaction of sex depends on the things of the spirit—the communication, the sweetness, the openness, the freedom. Some of our older women will be very appreciative, and there's hardly anything that's more sexually satisfying than being with someone who really appreciates and needs you! When someone really wants you, wow, what a turn-on!

148. The point I'm making, men‚ is that there's much more to sex than meets the eye. So what if that older woman doesn't have the muscle tone you like! So what if she's had kids and has stretch marks! So what if she's a few pounds heavier than you think you'd prefer! All that is really not that important, and if you go into a date with a positive attitude, with real love, those shallow little physical things don't make much difference. It's better a few more pounds of curves than 100 pounds of nerves! Voluptuous tummies and a few curves can be very sexy too!

149. I know this is hard for you to believe. But why don't you just try it? Why not broaden your horizons and just try it! Find an older woman you feel comfortable with, someone who you like and can communicate with, and make a date. See what happens. You can try to disprove me if you want; go ahead. But I think I'll come out the winner, and you'll see that I know what I'm talking about!

150. Of course a date with an older woman will probably be different, in that it will probably be more relaxed, it will probably go slower. It probably wouldn't be that "just let it happen" type of date where you're on the dance floor and you're making out and you just get hot and go to it somewhere (but you never know!). You'll probably need to plan ahead a little, but I think you'll be surprised that the whole scenario can be quite fun. Just sit back and enjoy the conversation, have some fun, take it easy. Just let it flow.

151. If you're worried about what others might think, if you are afraid others might look at you as being "really hard up for sex" because you're making love to older women, don't worry about that. Forget that. Hey‚ who cares what others think! And I'll let you in on a little secret: The guys might joke about it and make fun of you, but the girls will like it. They'll respect you. When they see you giving love to others, not just trying to see what's in it for you, believe me, you'll score some major points with the girls. Women like men who are romantic, affectionate, sweet, considerate gentlemen. And what better way can you be all those things than to love without partiality?

152. So go to it, boys. Live it up! It's later than you think‚ and you're missing out on some good lovin' that will not only be a blessing to you, but a great big blessing to that sweet‚ sexy‚ voluptuous older woman! Like Mama says, if you haven't tried it, you'll never know what you're missin'—lots of fun, loving sex, wild and free! Don't miss it! (End of message from Dad.)

153. (Mama:) Wow! Dad makes it clear, boys, that there's a lot to be said for sharing with the older women!

154. We've covered quite a bit in this series about scenarios where the older men will want to share with the younger women, and the need for older men to take into consideration the older woman's feelings in the event that she's tempted to feel threatened by the younger. It goes without saying that the same good counsel applies the other way around, too, for you older women who share with the SGA men! You women should use wisdom, be prayerful, mindful, loving and considerate of the FGA men's feelings, should they feel threatened by the younger men! Everyone needs to show a large measure of love and consideration as you learn to give and take and spread the love around.

155. Also, you SGA women might be tempted to feel a little insecure or intimidated if your friends or lovers also have dates with older women. But take a tip from Yvonna (21), who said:

156. I used to have a difficult time knowing that the young men I share with have fun, free, sexy times with older women, who "know what to do." But something that's really helped me to be thankful for that is reminding myself that young men who've had sex with FGAs are often more fun to have sex with‚ more comfortable, and in many cases more knowledgeable about what pleases the woman in sex than many of their peers who haven't "learned from the pros." So we SGA women can be thankful that we reap the benefits of what the SGA men learn from having sex with FGA women. (End of comments from Yvonna.)



I wish all My children to truly be married one to another—the shepherds with their flocks, the young with the old, the single with the single, the marrieds with the marrieds, the singles with the marrieds‚ and Me with all My children. This is an ensample of things to come, a taste of the Marriage Feast of the Lamb when we will all be married together‚ and we will partake of the ceremony of love.

I will take each of My brides one by one into My bosom, to say special words of love unique to each person, for them and them alone. I will place upon them a ring of love, and a chain of My unending and unbreakable vow of love about their neck. I will take and kiss and hold and love each one. We shall all be one forever, as I love each one, and as we all love each other in our great marriage in the Heavenlies. For it will not only be a marriage to Me, but a marriage of all My children to each other.

End of File