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Shooting Straight, Part 14--Letter Links: Living in the Shadows?

April 11, 2005

(ML #3538, GN 1129)

FD/MM/FM September 2004

Die Daily

ML #182:1-9, DB 5

1. Do you really feel we're right without a shadow of a doubt about all of these things? Do you really think our message is the right message? Do you really think our method is the right method? Do you really feel it's God's Will—both our message & our method? And if so, what do you have a vision for? What do you have faith for? What do you really expect God to do THIS year, not NEXT year, through us? What can you see happening now & from now on? WHAT DO YOU PERSONALLY PLAN TO DO ABOUT IT? What do you personally hope to do about it & want to do about it?

2. We cannot go on "business as usual"! The spirit I feel creeping in is the feeling that we've arrived—that WE'VE MADE IT!—AND WE'RE SATISFIED with what we've accomplished. Because THE MINUTE YOU GET THAT FEELING‚ THAT'S AS FAR AS YOU GET! You never get any further.

3. The most uncomfortable place for a Christian is a comfortable place. One of the greatest dangers you have right now is the feeling you've really accomplished something, & so much so that you no longer have that driving motivation which makes you feel like you cannot stop, that YOU'VE GOT TO KEEP GOING EVEN IF IT KILLS YOU!

4. How like death moving is! It's the ending of one life & the beginning of another. Moving is hard to do. I'm even having a real battle moving on to the next place. If I have to keep moving, I have to keep dying! You can understand why Paul said, "I die daily!"

5. If you have lost that compulsion—that feeling like you just have to get out there & make progress & KEEP MOVING OR YOU'LL DIE, & if you don't have that feeling any more that you'd rather get out there & DIE FOR SOMETHING RATHER THAN LIVE FOR NOTHING, then YOU'VE LOST THE REAL MARTYR SPIRIT!

6. This DAILY DYING IS THE HARDEST KIND because you do it a thousand times, whereas at the end of your life the final death is nothing in comparison. Your final death is your graduation! This SLOW DEATH OF DYING A LITTLE EACH DAY—THAT'S WHAT TAKES A LOT OF GUTS!

7. A young reporter asked the leader of a well-known Eastern religion about his young followers & if he thought they were old enough to understand what it was all about. He wisely answered, "WE'RE ALL OLD. YOU'RE OLD. YOU MAY DIE TOMORROW! They're old because their lives may be over tomorrow! So today we're all old." In other words, they've GOT to be old enough! Their lives may be over tomorrow!

8. Boast not thyself of tomorrow! It may not only be later than you think‚ but YOU MAY BE OLDER THAN YOU THINK! You're counting on doing the job some day soon‚ but we'd better do it quick & NOW!—Or we may never get it done!

9. Are we getting in a rut? Are we turning sour, losing our fire, our convictions, our vision, our faith, our courage?—And where is our initiative?

Old Bottles

ML #242:1-11, 15-17, DB 5

1. To stay alive, everyone must have movement! There must be CHANGE, MOVEMENT‚ MOTION, & the signs of LIFE are principally manifested by MOTION, ACTION! There are only two directions in which you can move. THERE IS NO STANDING STILL. YOU ARE EITHER MOVING FORWARD OR BACKWARD, which is backsliding. So if you're not progressing, if there's any disciple who is not making progress, he is already backsliding, & any leader who is not making progress is already a backslider, because if he's not going ahead, he's going backward.

2. Every movement has to have constant change, revitalization, movement, action to stay alive!—There's plenty to keep us alive & moving till the Lord comes!

3. The reason some of these people sit down & quit & begin to sit back & fall out‚ is simply because they have lost their vision. And when they lose the vision they lose faith. And when they lose faith they no longer have any initiative to do anything. Backsliding is the reverse of pioneering, & when you stop pioneering you start backsliding. So these people who stop pioneering because they no longer have any faith to take the initiative, to do something different or pioneer a new field, it's because they have lost the vision, & WITHOUT A VISION THE PEOPLE PERISH. They backslide & sink back into oblivion.


4. So when you stop pioneering it shows you have lost the initiative. Any army which ceases to attack loses the initiative, & attacking initiative is what wins a war. IT'S GOING ON THE INITIATIVE, TO THE ATTACK‚ THAT BRINGS VICTORY! The minute any army stops attacking & just settles down, it will be defeated, because the Enemy will then launch a counter-attack.—Or the army's very IMMOBILITY & ITS VERY LACK OF VISION & PROGRESS & INITIATIVE WILL CAUSE IT TO HAVE A LOSS of faith in its own cause & to quit & give up without even losing! This is one of the Devil's favorite tactics. THE DEVIL CAN NEVER WIN. THE ONLY WAY HE CAN GET THE VICTORY IS TO PERSUADE YOU TO QUIT, that you have a hopeless cause, so you might as well give up & quit & surrender & leave the field to him.—It's no use, he says.

5. That's the only way we can ever be conquered, if we stop attacking & give up & stop having the faith to take the initiative, stop attacking & winning new publications, new disciples, new tactics, new fields! Then you are doomed to defeat. You've already lost. ANYONE IN OUR RANKS WITH THIS ATTITUDE IS ALREADY LICKED BECAUSE HE HAS LOST THE BATTLE OF THE SPIRIT! He's given up & fainted in his mind & his body will soon faint with it & he'll quit & backslide. YOU'LL GO BACK DOWN THE CHAIN REACTION IN REVERSE FROM WHAT MAKES A PIONEER & you'll stop pioneering because you have lost the initiative, the spirit & courage, because you have lost faith; & you've lost faith because you've lost the vision!

6. What are the four things that make a pioneer?—First of all VISION! Because of the vision you have the FAITH. Because you have the faith, that gives you the COURAGE, & therefore with the courage you take the INITIATIVE & you PIONEER & make PROGRESS! Now if you STOP pioneering‚ it shows you have lost ALL these things. Why have you lost the faith & the courage?—Because you've lost the vision! Without a vision the people perish! If you're defeated‚ therefore, & your surrender & YOUR BACKSLIDING CAN BE TRACED ALL THE WAY DOWN THE LINE TO YOUR LOSS OF VISION, WHERE did you lose the vision?

7. How do you lose the vision?—Somewhere there's been a break in the contact with the source of power. Somehow these backsliders HAVE LOST TOUCH WITH GOD, direct personal intimate contact with God, that direct hotline!—They've gotten out of touch with it somewhere. Now in every Bible Kingdom God always had a Prophet & always used some man, God's man. If the people have lost the vision, just like turning a television off, it's because somehow or another THEY'VE GOTTEN OUT OF TOUCH WITH GOD, SOME BREAK HAS COME IN THE CONNECTION OR THEY'VE LOST THE VOICE OF HIS PROPHET. What is the people's connection with God? Well‚ each can have his PERSONAL CONNECTION. If he loses that, he's in bad trouble. But he can still have THE PROPHET. His individual TV set can go off & he can personally lose the vision because of his break, but that doesn't mean the station's quit broadcasting. The power's still there & all he has to do is tune in.


9. That's the trouble with some of our [people]. They've gone as far as they want to go & they're stuck in a rut, not really interested in reaching even the souls NEAR them, much less the REST of the World or any NEW field! THEY'VE ARRIVED & HAVE THEIR NICE LITTLE FOLD & NICE LITTLE FLOCK & ARE NOT REALLY INTERESTED IN WHETHER THEY BEAR ANY NEW LAMBS OR NOT or bring in new sheep. They're satisfied with what they've got, so they stop.—And there's no such thing as stopping!

10. If you have lost the pioneering spirit & you're not going forward to establish the Kingdom of God on Earth & you're content short of that goal, you're satisfied with what you've already got & you're not interested in progressing until you see the Kingdom of God really established on Earth & righteousness covering the Earth as the waters cover the seas & the Coming of Christ, THEN YOU'RE BACKSLIDING!

11. The minute anybody in our outfit comes to the conclusion that he has arrived & he's satisfied & has come as far as he wants to go, WATCH OUT! I'll tell you‚ it's not ME! I'LL NEVER BE SATISFIED UNTIL EVERYBODY ON EARTH IS SAVED, which will never happen‚ of course.—But that's a long way off! Brother, "WE'VE GOTTA LOT TO BE THANKFUL FOR", BUT WE'VE STILL GOTTA LOT TO DO!

15. When we stop pioneering the World, we're licked! We have failed! WE'RE DEFEATED BECAUSE WE DEFEATED OURSELVES BY GIVING UP! Therefore these disciples, whether they be babes or leaders, who have ceased to progress & have stopped & are satisfied to enjoy their little bit of this & that daily in their little bitty Home & their little bit of Heaven on Earth, their little "me, thee, thou & no other" & their few little sheep & their little fold—now they're the Shepherd‚ so, "Where else can I go but to the Lord?"—They've totally ceased to move & progress & go on & pioneer!

16. But some of our leaders quit long ago: They no longer have any desire to go any further. They're perfectly satisfied with where they are. THEY'VE SAT DOWN & QUIT & LOST THEIR LOVE OF THE LORD & SOULS & THEIR DESIRE TO WITNESS & WIN & GET NEW DISCIPLES & INVADE NEW FIELDS—WHICH MEANS THEY'VE QUIT!—And they think when they've quit they are going to keep what they've got. But GOD'S LAW OF PROGRESS IS, IF YOU DON'T KEEP ON GETTING MORE, YOU'LL LOSE WHAT YOU'VE GOT!—"To him that HATH, it shall be GIVEN (to have MORE, make PROGRESS!), but to him that hath NOT, it shall be taken AWAY, even what he THINKETH he HATH!"—Luk.8:18. The minute you think you HAVE it & you SIT DOWN to enjoy it, that's where you LOSE it! That's why many a great business, many a great nation, many a great civilization & many a great religious movement has vanished from the face of the Earth, because they thought they had arrived & had all they wanted & they sat down to enjoy it‚ & whooosh! GOD BLEW UPON IT & IT CAME TO NOUGHT, BECAUSE THEY QUIT ADVANCING & PROGRESSING, INVADING & ATTACKING & moving!

17. We can't stop or we're dead!—If we don't keep on doing more & more every day & progressing, or if we can't sit down at the end of the day & sum things up & keep books with our soul & weigh up the accounts & say, "Now WHAT DID I DO TODAY THAT I WON'T HAVE TO DO TOMORROW?"—IN OTHER WORDS, WHAT PROGRESS, WHAT MOVE OR ACCOMPLISHMENT OR NEW THING OR DIFFERENT THING OR WHAT MORE HAVE I DONE THAN THE USUAL THINGS I ALWAYS HAVE TO DO EACH DAY?" IF YOU COME TO THE POINT WHERE YOU'RE JUST GOING THROUGH THE MOTIONS BY HABIT & you're just coasting along on former momentum, ONCE YOU'VE GONE TO SLEEP & LEFT YOUR ENGINE GOING, YOU'LL SOON RUN OUT OF GAS & even the engine will go dead for lack of new fuel & YOU'LL SOON COAST TO A STOP & LACK OF MOTION!

What Have You Done with Your Life?

ML #1330, DB 1

1. JUST BEFORE GOING TO SLEEP LAST NIGHT we had been discussing the events of the day & its accomplishments, as well as perhaps some lacks‚ & I said to Maria, "I hope I'm doing my best! I hope I'm doing what the Lord wants me to do & what's best for the Family."

2. IT'S A GOOD QUESTION TO ASK YOURSELF AT THE END OF EACH DAY: "WHAT HAVE I DONE WITH MY LIFE THIS DAY? WHAT DID I DO FOR JESUS?" It's good to reflect on these things & assess these values as to whether you are obeying the Lord & pleasing Him‚ that He might say of you for that day, "Well done, thou good & faithful servant! Enter thou into the joy of thy Lord!"—In peaceful, contented sleep, thankful & satisfied that you have done your best & you can rest in peace.

3. THIS IS VERY MUCH THE SAME ATTITUDE WHICH WE OLDER FOLKS OFTEN HAVE AS WE APPROACH THE END OF LIFE'S DAY. We think back over our lives & we remember our deeds & our words & our actions & we wonder if we have done our best for Jesus. Has it truly been His life lived for Him, by His power & His strength & His guidance in His Will, having the fruits of His Spirit & the fruits of His Word—souls born into the Kingdom of God forever?

4. IT WAS A STRANGE & AMAZING DREAM, & the first thing I can remember is that I was seemingly still working for Fred Jordan, the founder of "Church in the Home" & the Soul Clinic, where under his Biblical teaching I learned that we needed to go back to the original plan & pattern in the Acts of the Apostles & the Teachings of Christ, summed up so simply in, "Go ye into all the World & preach the Gospel to every creature!" (Mk.16:15)

5. I HAVE FOLLOWED THAT SCRIPTURAL TEACHING & PATTERN TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY EVER SINCE, first going out & witnessing to the churches & trying to get them to go out into the harvest fields so white. But I found them hardened in heart & cold in attitude & lazy in response. So I got fed up with the churches & decided to win fresh new young souls who were not ruined by Churchianity.

6. SO I STARTED A LITTLE SOUL-WINNING MISSIONARY TRAINING SCHOOL OF MY OWN. And from our first little school in Miami we sent as many missionaries as we could to the Caribbean & South America. But I was still not satisfied! I realized that through the modern mediums of communication such as radio & TV we could reach manifold millions more‚ so I traveled for nearly 15 years serving "Church In The Home", a real Gospel-preaching program that I put on over 1100 radio stations & over 300 television stations throughout the U.S.A.!

7. BUT I WAS STILL NOT SATISFIED! So we launched out into the home field in person with our own little family just going town-to–town & field-to–field‚ witnessing wherever we could find the youth. We had tremendous phenomenal results, TTL! But it was still not enough!

8. I WOULD OFTEN ASK MYSELF THE QUESTION, "WHAT HAVE I DONE WITH MY LIFE? What am I doing with my life? Am I really accomplishing the highest & greatest purpose that God has in store for me?"—Then we heard a pitiful plea from my own Mother, over 80 years of age & still preaching the Gospel: "Please come & help me reach this new generation of strange young people called hippies!"

9. SO AT HER PLEADING INSISTENCE WE FINALLY WENT TO CALIFORNIA & WE FOLLOWED THOSE POOR YOUNG PEOPLE DOWN INTO THEIR GUTTERS & THEIR DIVES & their dope dens & their hard-rock hells, & we invited them, not to come to church, but just to come to Jesus & He would solve all their problems, answer all their questions, satisfy all their longings & hungers & give them something wonderful to live for—the Truth of His marvelous Love!

10. SO THEY CAME & LISTENED & HEARD & BELIEVED & RECEIVED THE MESSAGE OF GOD'S LOVE & HIS MARVELOUS PREDICTIONS OF THE FUTURE! TYJ!—And they loved us & followed us & obeyed us & obeyed the Word of God & have obeyed Him ever since, following us now to the uttermost parts of the Earth!—Into over 100 countries, preaching the Gospel in 40 languages throughout the World!

11. THEY HAVE NOW GROWN FROM MY LITTLE FAMILY OF MERELY SIX TO OVER 20,000 THROUGHOUT THE WORLD! They have certainly done their best with their lives & given their lives for God in His fruitful service! TYJ! And they're going to see those souls whom they've reaped in Heaven for Eternity, as well as their thousands of little children that they have had themselves!

12. SO IN MY DREAM I WAS STILL BACK AT THE SOUL CLINIC trying to round up bums on Skid Row & get them into Fred's mission. I saw one of these bums crawling through a sewer & coming out & breaking into a store building & getting caught & having to pay the penalty of his crime. I saw how seemingly hopeless it was to work with these old, already-ruined derelicts & I realized that we must try to reach the youth & the young people.

13. THEN I FOUND MYSELF A PRISONER IN SOME KIND OF DETENTION OR CONCENTRATION CAMP. And suddenly I saw a young teenage girl hanging from what appeared to be a cross!—One of our own girls dying as a martyr on this cross‚ bound to it with ropes & hanging there by her wrists in agony & suffering‚ torture, torment & pain!

14. MY HEART WENT OUT TO HER & I TRIED TO COMFORT HER & they allowed me to temporarily untie her & let her down from her cross to stand there while I tried to massage the circulation back into her poor bound arms. She was clinging to my bosom in gratitude & love & affection, almost symbolic of the way we have saved the youth of this day from their crucifixion by the System!

15. AND AS I COMFORTED HER UPON MY BOSOM & HELD HER IN MY ARMS, I TURNED TO THE CROWD who were watching in cold, hard indifference, mere morbid curiosity as the majority had watched at the cross of Christ, & I cried out in a loud voice to them: "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH YOUR LIFE?"—As I was thinking about what they were doing to this dear girl, her crucifixion on that System cross of torment & the imprisonment of the rest of us!

16. I CRIED A CHALLENGE TO THOSE WHO PASSED BY, AS THE GREAT PROPHET JEREMIAH DID OF OLD: "IS IT NOTHING TO YOU, ALL YE THAT PASS BY?" (Lam.1:12.) Is it nothing to you that these suffer, that these are lost? Is it nothing to you that these are in torment & imprisonment & in sickness & in sadness? "Is it nothing to you, all ye that pass by?" In other words, what have you done to try to help & save them?—What have you done with your life?

17. AND I REMEMBER THE HARDNESS OF SOME OF THE FACES, THE SCORN & THE SNEERS, particularly the contempt of some of the well-dressed, highly-coiffed System women who it seemed were the hardest of all!—Sneeringly & contemptuously ridiculing my rescuing of this poor little hippie-like maiden who was giving her life for Jesus!

18. I CRIED OUT WITH SUCH A LOUD VOICE IN PROTEST & CHALLENGE & CONDEMNATION OF THEM: "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH YOUR LIFE?"—THAT IT WOKE ME UP! Apparently, that's the question the Lord wants to ask you: What have you done with your life? Are you living it for the Lord? Are you serving Jesus? Are you crucified daily for Christ, dying daily for God & His loving service for others?

19. HAVE YOU? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH YOUR LIFE? God bless you, I hope you have done your best for Jesus! For that's the question that will be asked you today & every day, & that you should ask yourself every day, & that God's going to ask you each day, & when you come to the end of life's day & you face Him! In Jesus' name. Amen.

The Action Series, Part 3

ML #3308:7-13, GN 908

7. (Jesus:) I am doing a new thing. I am bringing about changes that will affect all of My children. These are changes for good, but changes are never easy. They require work and sacrifice. They require getting rid of old mindsets. They require vision, faith, and a desire to do new things. The change that is facing the Family is not going to be an easy one; it will require each Family member to go through the steps of change.

8. It will require them first to receive My Word, to believe it, and to take on the vision that I give through My Word. They must then have faith and courage to see it through. It's going to require work on their part. It will require a change of mind, a change of the way they do things, and a change of their present vision and goals. This is not an easy thing‚ but it is necessary.

9. It's important that each one prays and asks Me to give them the vision, faith‚ courage and initiative that's needed. They must ask Me for help to let go of the old—the way they've been used to doing things—so that they can latch on to the new. As revolutionary as My children are, in many ways they're stuck in a rut. Now I wish to break them out of that rut and that mold. This is the test to see how truly revolutionary they are‚ if they can revolve and move as I do. I'm calling them into even greater service, into greater ministries which require more faith and more dedication and more work, but which will bring about more fruitfulness.

10. This is a challenge—a challenge for each one, and a challenge for you, My queen and king. The challenge for you is to give the Family the vision and to work toward setting up the new structure. The challenge for them is to accept the change, to move forward, and to let go of the things of the past. It's a new era. It's a new day. It's a day of change. If you expect an era of action, everything cannot remain as it was. You must be prepared to do what is required in order to actively participate in the era of action, so that action, progress and change will be brought about.

11. This is the call and challenge that I put before My children—to move, grow and change. It is a time to grow. It is a time to latch on to the responsibility of making the Family what it needs to be for this new era, and it will require each one of you doing your part. So be willing to let go of the old. Latch on to the new, and have faith for it. Have faith that I will bring it to pass. Have faith that though there will be some hardship, and though it will be difficult to make this change, it will be worth it.

12. I'm moving My children in a new direction, higher up the mountain, and this will require faith on your part—faith to trust Me, faith to make the changes, faith to go forward. But if you will follow, you will see great results. Even now begin to seek Me about change—change in your own heart, change in your life. Seek and ask Me for an openness to the new, a willingness to try, a willingness to move forward in the direction that I am leading.

13. This is the new era. It's going to be an era of change, an era of action, an era of faith, an era of reaping, an era of shepherding and teaching. So grab on to the new! Move forward by faith, putting your trust in Me and My promises. For I will do more than you've ever imagined‚ and it will come about because of your faith and your obedience and your willingness to move on to the new. (End of message.)

Coming Persecution?

ML #3361:86–102, 161-197, GN 957

86. (Dad speaking: ) There is a spirit of lethargy in the Family that's killing people's progress and effectiveness for the Lord. It's a complacency with the way things are! The Lord is tired of it! It's time to wake up and get moving! It's time to change! The Lord is upset with some of our folks, and I am too‚ for their lack of the fear of the Lord! (End of message from Dad)

87. (Mama: ) I asked the Lord to tell us more about this "spirit of lethargy in the Family that is killing people's progress and effectiveness for the Lord." Here is Dad with some more insight on this:

88. (Dad speaking:) Don't just be hearers of the Word, but doers also! That's the key. Some of you have slid back into your ruts and gotten comfortable and aren't interested in stirring yourselves up. You're hearers of the Word, but not doers. You've ceased being revolutionaries and have started to become like the churches. You're tired of the fight; you've stopped fighting.

89. Lethargy is a spirit of the world‚ of the Devil, and he's lulling everyone to sleep. He's going to be able to walk right on stage when his time arrives and take over, because there'll hardly be anyone to say he shouldn't! He will have lulled almost everyone to sleep and taken care of all the avenues of possible resistance, and the world will let him have his way.

90. Lethargy is one of the Enemy's principal weapons. He doesn't have to use a show of force to terrorize the Lord's children and take them down and destroy their effectiveness for Him. He's going to come in very subtly. He's going to come in quietly, unobtrusively, sneakily.

91. Since you are in the Last Days, you will find more and more that you'll be fighting some of these spirits that plague the world. The Lord has promised to keep you from them, but there is a condition to that promise. "If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord thy God, and wilt do that which is right in His sight, and wilt give ear to His commandments, and keep all His statutes, I will put none of these diseases upon thee‚ which I have brought upon the Egyptians: for I am the Lord that healeth thee" (Exodus 15:26).

92. The Lord isn't just referring to physical diseases here, but spiritual diseases. And the cure for those diseases is to listen to Him and obey what He tells you to do. The Lord needs you, His soldiers, to not just hear His Word but do His Word. He needs you to fight!

93. The Lord will heal those of you who are afflicted with this spirit of lethargy and any other spiritual problem. Take a stand against the Enemy and his attacks and get delivered. Watch out for the spirit of lethargy! Don't let it ruin your effectiveness for the Lord! (End of message.)

94. (Mama:) Note that Dad said that some of you are in danger of becoming like the churches. You've fallen asleep. You're lethargic. Maybe it's because you want to be in the churches. Maybe you like their religion better than ours. If that's the case, there are millions of churches to choose from where you'll probably be happier than here, because I can guarantee you that as we move into the future‚ we'll definitely look less and less like the church system.

The Silence of the Sleepy!

95. When our artist was praying about how to best illustrate this Letter, the Lord revealed yet another way in which lethargy is killing people's progress and effectiveness. Note His warning in the following graphic vision:

96. (Tamar:) I see a large evil spirit standing with its arms outstretched in front of him. In its left arm is a Family member—a woman—lying back, asleep in its arms. In its right arm and claw is a Family member—a man—lying back in the same spirit of sleep. This spirit is obviously very pleased with itself—it has this very evil smirk and smile on its face—almost an arrogant look of glee at the "prey" it has in its arms, who are obviously asleep, oblivious to the state they're in.

97. Its face is evil, its head is bald—almost resembling a "Buddha" type face, which reminds me that the Eastern religions are generally very complacent and laid back in spirit. Behind this spirit's head is black hair sprawling out in all directions.

98. There's cloth—like bed sheets—wrapped all around and on the people the spirit is holding within its grasp. This material is originating from this evil spirit—from its hair, even its claws—and it's wrapping and entangling itself around these Family members.

99. What is the most startling and shocking about this picture is that the Family members this evil spirit is holding have no mouths! There's just nothing there where their mouths would normally be. Is this right‚ Lord, what I'm seeing? What does this mean?

100. (Jesus:) What you have seen is a glimpse of the spirit of lethargy. It's shocking, isn't it?—To see these Family members lying limply within the spirit's grasp, and the evil gloat on its face as it flaunts its easy "prey." They are entangled in its power, its "bed sheets"—victims of its spirit of sleep. This spirit of slumber is wrapped around My children, entangling them, lulling them to sleep and complacency within its folds.

101. What you are seeing is shocking, but correct: My children have no mouths because this spirit of lethargy has taken their mouths from them. This spirit has silenced their voices, taken away their ability, desire and power to witness, even their ability to speak up with conviction about any wrongdoing, large or small! What you are seeing is the shocking reality of what is happening in the spirit to these, My dear children‚ who lie within the debilitating grasp of lethargy! (End of message.)

102. (Mama:) Don't lie back and let lethargy silence you‚ dear Family! And if it has, wake up and reclaim your voice, and speak up with conviction!

How Is This Spirit Manifested?

161. (Jesus: ) This spirit of lethargy is manifested by:

162. • People neglecting or ignoring the purpose for which I called you and for which you joined the Family: to witness, to feed My sheep, to win disciples. People doing the minimum amount of witnessing they have to in order to remain "members," or in some cases even neglecting witnessing altogether.

163. • The same problem, but to a lesser degree: People who do witness, who do get out and distribute tools, maybe even have Bible classes, but who aren't "instant witnesses"—who don't make sure to carry tracts everywhere they go or make sure to give some kind of witness to every person they encounter. People who forget about the Scriptural admonition in Ezekiel and aren't all that worried about others' "blood" being on their hands. (See Ezekiel 3:17-19.)

164. • People who are even very faithful witnesses‚ but who are hesitant to try the new things and ideas I put forth. People who are satisfied with the way they've been doing it for years. They're reluctant to get rolling with Activated because it's not "tried and proven."

165. • People who are reluctant to feed their sheep the meat of the Word for fear it will stumble them.

166. • A general desire to keep things the way they are, to not upset the apple cart‚ to not make waves in your Home or area, even if it's very obvious that things need to be changed or improved.

167. • A weakening of personal convictions, and a lessening of faith to speak up to others about your convictions. This can be manifested in witnessing by soft-pedaling the message. It can be manifested in your personal interactions with your loved ones in the Family by backing off from checking or even correcting them when they need it. It can be manifested in your own attitudes, in a compromising attitude to where you stop believing completely that the things I have said are wrong are really wrong.

168. • A lack of militancy in fighting against worldly/ungodly influences in the form of the media—TV, movies, books, Internet, computer games, System music, etc. This comes about when you let yourself be duped by the Enemy into thinking that this or that habit or trip that you or someone you know are "a little bit into" is not really that bad or harmful. You get comfortable with it, and then you don't want to forsake it or make someone else forsake it.

169. • Too much tolerance toward worldly and ungodly attitudes, mindsets, and ways of life. This goes along with weakening of convictions and too much acceptance of ungodly influences. These all go hand in hand, though they are somewhat separate issues.

170. • Lack of faithful, godly parenting. Parents letting their children or teens get away with behavior that is obviously wrong and ungodly. This is usually a combination of the fact that the parents' convictions have been weakened and the fact that they don't want to put the great amount of time and effort it takes into training children.

171. • Not being stirred up about your personal weaknesses and problems‚ nor fighting to overcome them. Taking the "easy way out" whenever possible, or just ignoring the problems, sometimes under the pretense of having more important things to tune in to. True, self-improvement isn't the essence of Family living, but if you don't keep your personal weaknesses in check‚ they will in time affect and hinder your service for Me.

172. • Lack of desire and hunger for the Word, for prophecy, for My Spirit and spiritual input. (End of message.)

What Allowed This Spirit Entrance to the Family?

173. (Jesus:) This spirit is the way of the Enemy, the way of the world. It's one of Satan's favorite devices with which to hinder and trip up humanity in these Last Days, by deceiving and deluding them‚ by putting them to sleep. Why would the Family be immune to it? You are not! It's everywhere. It's in the very air, the atmosphere. It surrounds you. It's Satan's gas of deceit, which little by little has seeped across the world, so slowly, so gently, that few have noticed it. Now even those who do see it, who speak up about it, are more often than not met with resistance. Even others who claim to see it and notice it‚ who agree with those who speak out against it, have been affected by it. It's the spirit of apathy.

174. You, My Family‚ have been strong soldiers‚ and you received good training from David and a solid foundation of faith. You knew truth from lie, right from wrong. Everyone, from the smallest to the greatest‚ knew what My standard was, and accepted nothing less. You were radical, zealous, sometimes even overzealous‚ but you knew where your convictions lay. However, little by little, as the Enemy's spirit grew stronger in the world, his compromising attitudes entered your ranks as well.

175. Sometimes this spirit of lethargy came in as a result of doubt—of beginning to question whether the things that you had always believed and stood for were really so, or if they were open to interpretation.

176. Sometimes this spirit came in simply because people were weary in well doing, tired of working so hard and living in such an "extreme" way. It's human nature to be selfish, to want to work as little as possible and put forth as little energy as possible, especially when it comes to spiritual matters. As your older members got older, these weaknesses were more easily able to enter in. And as your young people got older, the desire grew in them to become more knowledgeable of the ways of the world, to be more accepted by their peers in the world, and this in turn further brought in the spirit of lethargy.

177. Look around and you'll see how in some form or another this spirit has permeated society. Look at the young, hip dudes with their pants hanging loose and their hair dyed. What does that portray? Well, that one's obvious. But then, look at the generation X'ers, the workaholic dot-com millionaires. Are they lethargic? Yes, they are, spiritually. They are self-satisfied and so caught up in the rat race that they have in most cases all but neglected their spirits, and even their loved ones and families.

178. Being a hard worker doesn't make you immune to spiritual lethargy. Being an energetic person physically doesn't give you any advantage over someone older or more tired. It's all about attitude. It's all about your spirit. You can still be supposedly "living the life" of a missionary, but becoming lethargic in spirit, doing as little as possible.

179. What has allowed this spirit into the Family is human nature—instinctive proclivities toward selfishness, carnal-mindedness‚ and laziness. But these things can be overcome. (End of message.)

How Widespread Is the Problem?

180. (Jesus: ) The problem is very widespread. I would say that nearly every person in the Family has been touched by it to some degree. Everyone should search their hearts and seek Me about it‚ so that I can show you how big the problem is in your life, and in what areas it has affected you, and what you should do about it. If you don't want to have to seek Me about this because you think it's not your problem, then the odds are that you have a very BIG problem.

181. One thing that makes this problem so serious is that most people who have it don't realize it. It's not an obvious problem, like being violent or drunk or listening to hours of System music a day. But it's an insidious problem, one that slowly and destructively eats away at you from the inside, without you realizing it.

182. People have the problem to varying degrees. Some are upfront and obvious about it—they don't really care what they do or what others do, and they don't want to be "pushed" by anybody into doing anything or adhering to any rules or guidelines. They just want to do their own thing in their own way—which is generally as little as possible. By the time someone is at that stage, it's pretty obvious they have a problem with spiritual lethargy.

183. Other people, though‚ are more at the "beginning stages." This doesn't necessarily mean they've had the problem for less time, just that it hasn't advanced as quickly. In this beginning stage‚ maybe the person just isn't super thrilled or inspired about the Word, or not so eager to seek Me about each thing that I put forth in the New Wine, or to put it into practice. They're not necessarily following after evil, yet neither are they actively pursuing the godly way. Yet in either case it's a very big problem, because, as I've said, it saps your conviction and your fight and your ability to move forward at the pace and to the degree I need you to. (End of message.)

184. (Mama:) When you read the above portion of the message‚ you can see why the Lord is so intent on getting rid of the evil influence of lethargy and why it's at the root of compromise. He explains it causes a "wearing away of your convictions" and it "saps your conviction." What better definition of compromise could you get?

185. We cannot allow compromise to destroy the Family! We must see where we're weakening, and change. And if you're not willing to fully let go of the compromises in your life and Home, then you would probably be happier in the FM Family where the requirements are not so stringent. You who are so compromised that you don't even resemble missionaries at all, much less full-time disciples, would do better to leave the Family. Compromise has been the end of many a revolution and reformation, and we cannot, by God's grace, let it happen to us!

What Can Be Done To Get Rid of It?

186. (Jesus: ) Wake up and realize that this is the era of action! Action means action, and that's that! It's the time for action! The age of lethargy is over! It may still be the going thing in the world, but it is NOT the going thing in the Family! If you want to be in the Family, you'd better get with the ACTION!

187. • Each person search your heart. Stir yourself up. Pray and seek Me. Hear from Me. Ask Me specific questions‚ like:

*In what ways am I lethargic spiritually?

*What wrong influences have come into my life as a result?

*What wrong attitudes do I have that I need to change?

*What have I been avoiding stepping out and doing? What new moves of the spirit have I been hesitant to put INTO ACTION?

*What should I do to stir myself up more and keep myself stirred up in spirit?

188. • Some of you need to ask Me to do something major in your life that will shake you up and wake you up to where this world is at and where things are headed. You should pray a "whatever it takes" prayer, really. You should say, "Lord‚ do whatever You need to do in my life to open my eyes to the spiritual warfare raging around me. Take the blinders off my eyes. Remove the root of this problem, whatever it is and wherever it came from, by helping me have an experience that will snap me out of my rut of spiritual lethargy."

189. • Fill yourself with good healthy doses of My Word and hearing from Me in prophecy. There's nothing lethargic or laid back about My Word. It is a sharp, two-edged sword, discerning the thoughts and intents of the heart. If you're digging into My Word, and praying for a hunger, and praying that I will "open your eyes that you will behold wondrous things," that's just what you'll get!

190. My Words, the words I have given through your Father David, through your Queen Maria and King Peter, and through My voice of prophecy to you personally are alive, quick and powerful, and will not leave you unchanged! If you've been reading them for years and haven't been stirred up or changed by them, that's not the fault of the words; it's the fault of your own spiritual lethargy. Just reading the Word in itself‚ meanwhile daydreaming or doubting, is not going to cure you. But reading the Word after praying desperately that it will MOVE you, SHAKE you up and STIR you to ACTION is a large part of the cure!

191. • Make a commitment to put the Word into ACTION—and I mean now! You know how you've told your kids that delayed obedience is just as bad as disobedience? Well, try that on yourself now. If I say in My Word via the latest GNs that Activated is the vision‚ that I want everyone to get on board with Activated‚ then when should you get on board with Activated? Next week? Next month? Next year? Next time your shepherds come around for a visit? No way! Forget it! The time for obedience to Me is always NOW. Now is the day of salvation!

192. • Heighten your awareness of the Endtime. Read up about the signs of the times and open your eyes to what's going on around you. Some of you have lost the vision of "redeeming the time, for the days are evil." Because I haven't come back as soon as you thought I would, you have been tempted to fall into the deluded reasoning that "all things continue as they were" and that nothing's changing. Talk about delusion! Talk about blindness! Open your eyes! Look at the world today and what it's becoming! It's happened little by little, gradually, so that you could hardly tell. But think for a minute about how the world is today compared to 10, 20, 30, 40 or however many years your life goes back. Think about the horrors occurring today that are so widespread they're not even alarming anymore! That is the most alarming thing of all—when horrible things happen and the world (comprised of billions of people like YOU) just sits by and doesn't say or do a thing. You've let that spirit in, that spirit of Satan that has pervaded the world, and now it's time to kick it out! Let it have no place in you. (End of message.)

195. (Mama:) Jesus just now gave you a lot of things to do. Are you going to actually do them, or will you let the spirit of lethargy influence you to where you have no initiative‚ no sense of urgency, no feeling of "do it now"?

196. You know‚ it really bothers me when I hear that few of you ever take the time to do the things we ask you to do in the GNs. How do you expect to make any progress if you don't do what the Lord says? If you're serious about making it for the Lord in the Family, you'd better do so! That means doing the following:

—Get with the action; get rid of lethargy.

—Hear from the Lord about the five questions He proposed.

—Pray a "whatever it takes" prayer.

—Get filled with the Word (praying desperately that it will move you, shake you up, and stir you to action).

—Commit to living the Word! Become a doer of the Word.

—Get rid of any delusion about how we're not living in the Endtime.

197. Start now on these assignments from the Lord. Jump on the bandwagon now while there's still time—or you'll be left behind by those who are serious about getting on with the war! Don't delay, claim the power of the keys of the Kingdom today. Turn the keys, activate their power, and let the Lord fight for you. If you'll call on the power of the keys, you can remove any mountain that stands in your way. You can do it if you choose to, because there is no good thing our Husband will withhold from you if you call on the power of the keys. The victory is there for you, if you want it, through the power of the keys‚ He's promised to heal, deliver‚ save and restore.

To Our Teens—Do Your Best

Sara #66‚ DB 3


3. The Bible says, "Without a vision the people perish." (Pro.29:18), so vision is almost your number one requirement in receiving any kind of training, whether it's here or anywhere!

4. IN OTHER WORDS, IF WE JUST PIDDLE & PLOD ALONG DAY-BY-DAY‚ IT'S MERELY A MUNDANE ROUTINE, dull & boring, & you're not really accomplishing that much for the Lord, although those little jobs have to get done. It all depends on how much vision you have for each of those jobs you're doing & how much glory you put into it, how much initiative & diligence & faithfulness is behind it because of your vision. Just like Grandpa says, pioneers must have vision & faith & initiative & courage to climb any mountain! Without vision all these little things are zero, they're nothing, they're boring. I remember very clearly when I first joined the Family that it was sweet Alf who envisioned me with the faith & initiative & diligence by his sample of just really digging in there with all his heart & getting any job done! When he'd cook a meal he would put his all into it‚ he would make it look nice & he would clean the kitchen spic–&–span before the meal was done. He would always be on time & was always on the go & always happy & super cheerful & really challenged by every job‚ no matter how little or menial it was. I was surprised at first to see they weren't big things at all, & mostly accomplished on his own initiative!

5. SEE, ALF HAD A VISION—HE COULD SEE THE NEED: "The leadership should be hungry by now, they haven't eaten in six hours, I'm going to make a nice meal & have it ready for them by the time they're out of their prayer meeting." He was busy busy busy for the Lord all the time, & it'd "catch on" to others too. You know, our spirits are contagious whether good or bad & this is how I got some of my first training, from Uncle Alf, & thank the Lord for it!

6. I REALIZED THAT I COULD MAKE MYSELF VERY VERY USEFUL IN THE FAMILY IN ANY SITUATION, if I just had that enthusiasm & that vision to try & use my initiative & faithfulness & diligence to the utmost in every given situation. "There's always a place for the man of gifts or talents, even if his only talent is to know how to work! There is always a good place for people who are willing workers & work well." "If it's not worth putting everything you've got into it, it's not worth doing it! So give it all you got!"

7. MAKE IT A CHALLENGE, CHALLENGE YOURSELF EVERY DAY with that idea of just really serving the Lord with gladness & getting as much done as you can for the Lord & really redeeming the time & cheering others up & teaching others.

8. I HAD TO MAKE A CHOICE SOMEWHERE ALONG THE WAY IN THE FAMILY WHETHER I WANTED TO GIVE IT MY ALL & really be what the Lord wanted me to be as Alf's wife, or I could just plod along after him & ride on his coat tails & be "myself". So I made the choice!

9. AND THIS IS THE TIME IN YOUR LIFE WHEN YOU ALL HAVE TO MAKE THAT SAME KIND OF DECISION. You've got to let your vision far surpass the day–to-day routine of things. You've got to pray for & hold on to the vision that all these little things that you learn here are your boot camp & your training for what will mold your life & habits & attitudes for your very soon future! You, right now at this age, if you haven't already, need to make a choice as to what kind of adult, what kind of soldier you're going to be for the Lord.—It's up to you!

10. YOU EVEN HAVE TO MAKE A CHOICE IN EACH MINISTRY YOU'RE IN AS TO HOW MUCH YOU WANT TO LEARN & BENEFIT FROM IT. Why not look at it as a challenge, "Well, I can sit here & 'watch' the baby or toddler, or play tea set & then color with the toddler‚ then well, maybe we can go outside & play." You can go about it in a "baby-sitter" type way, which is even helpful in itself because you're still freeing the mommy or daddy to get their work done for the Lord,

11. OR YOU CAN REALLY PRAY & ASK THE LORD FOR MORE VISION & MORE GIFTS & TALENTS IN THAT AREA TO BECOME A TOP-NOTCH TEACHER! Why just settle for being a baby-sitter when you can learn to teach & train that little tiny child to be a future prophet & prince for Jesus! Our little ones only have a few more years before Jesus comes back! These little kids have a very very short time to learn all that you've learned & we don't have much time to teach them, so every minute counts. Don't you think you've got an awful lot to share & teach them? And if you don't, who will?

12. NOBODY CAN PUSH YOU, NOBODY CAN MAKE YOU GET THAT VISION, BUT YOU NEED TO DESIRE THAT VISION & faith from the Lord & His Word. You have to make a stand, a choice, how much you're going to put into each ministry & what you want to make of that child through the Lord's Spirit & help. Just think, you can pray for any gift in the World, you have access to any tool you want. We have Family pubs available to teach every given educational area possible, including all their schooling & childcare & cooking & kitchen & handyman & office work.—Every ministry in our Family is in print today. So we are without excuse, we have the personnel at our hand, we have the materials at our hand‚ we have the golden opportunities at our hand, but it all depends on what you're going to do with it!

13. YOU CAN TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF THIS TRAINING IN THE LITTLE THINGS & INSTANTLY APPLY EVERYTHING YOU LEARN TO YOURSELF‚ put it into action‚ pray about it, get on-fire about it & impart that same enthusiasm & faithfulness & diligence & initiative in everything that you do, & turn it into a fruitful, helpful service for the Lord!

14. YOU CAN PLANT THAT SEED IN EVERY LITTLE HEART OF EVERY LITTLE CHILD YOU TAKE CARE OF & they can be even greater artists & performers than you have ever been! It's just the same way that I & so many others desired to accept that challenge in my growing years in the Family, then imparted that seed of vision & faithfulness & diligence in the little things to every disciple we ever won.—And it really paid off! All those early disciples were also trained in much the same way like I do for the children today, & just like those disciples are teaching new & knew disciples today!

15. THAT'S THE KIND OF THING THAT SOMEONE TAUGHT ME THAT I COULD TEACH OTHERS that they are teaching others, & now they are World leaders & responsible for so many things because they took the challenge, they got the vision‚ they used their initiative to the fullest, they prayed for gifts, they got on-fire for the Lord & they went somewhere, they did something with it!

16. THERE ARE ALWAYS LEADERS & THERE ARE FOLLOWERS & IT'S REALLY UP TO YOU what you do with your training, how much you work at it & learn it & feed on the Word daily & get on-fire for the Lord!

17. SO LITTLE THINGS CAN BE VERY GREAT THINGS IF YOU LOOK AT THEM WITH A VISION in your heart & take each task as a challenge & really apply every lesson to your heart personally & live in the Word!

19. ALL THESE OPPORTUNITIES IN THE FAMILY ARE AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE TO EVERY ONE OF OUR PEOPLE, but some people do more with a little than others do. But it's up to you what you're going to do with it! You can even shine in several ministries instead of just one. Why not do your best while you're at it?

20. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE! There are David's Mighty Men, leaders, real fighters for Jesus & there are even leadership "little people" in the Family, real dedicated laborers for the Lord, really on-fire & challenged & cheerful & turned on about whatever they do, no matter what it is! And there are plodders & day-to-day, ho–hum, "Okay, what do I do next? Is there anything more I have to do?" People who just kind of drag along & do only what's expected of them & do only what they're told to do & don't really press–in & enjoy serving the Lord!

21. JUST PUT A GLORY IN IT & DO IT FOR THE LORD, do it for Grandpa, do it for others & enjoy it & pretty soon when you make that grade, when you learn these lessons I'm telling you, the Lord is going to give you greater things & greater jobs & greater ministries! How rewarding! That's not why we try to be faithful in those things, for rewards, but the Lord needs labor leaders desperately!

23. LOOK AT GRANDPA, HOW HE TAKES ADVANTAGE OF EVERY OPPORTUNITY FOR THE LORD'S WORK. Everything he puts his hand to do he does with his whole heart, the best possible way he could do it. He jumps right in there, he does it wholeheartedly, faithfully, safely‚ prayerfully & it's done, & the next day he's right at another job, another project, another goal.

24. MANY ARE CALLED IN OUR FAMILY, BUT VERY FEW ARE LEADERS MAYBE BECAUSE THEY DON'T CHOOSE TO BE LEADERS, they don't choose to be faithful, they don't make that choice in their own life to be faithful & obedient in the little things, so the Lord can't trust them to be faithful in the bigger things. It's a big job, it's a big responsibility, but what a challenge, what a blessing to be really on-fire for the Lord & really in love with Jesus & bringing forth fruit in everything you put your hand to do. How much better than being a stunted vine that doesn't really grow into a big strong tree bringing forth fruit every season. Every little fruit that a good tree brings forth can plant seeds in others & bring forth even more & more fruit!

26. REMEMBER, "WITHOUT A VISION THE PEOPLE PERISH" (Pro. 29:18), & all these little things don't amount to anything if you don't have a vision of how far they can go, how important they are in your training. If I sat & shared with you 500 little things a day it wouldn't do you any good without the vision of needing that real faithfulness & diligence & initiative, that obedience & willingness & cheerfulness & getting on-fire for the Lord about each little thing.

27. THAT SPARK & THAT ENTHUSIASM, LIKE IN THE LETTER "GOD'S EXPLOSIONS", ONLY COMES FROM GOD! You've got to suck for it, you've got to desire it. The Holy Spirit is like a dove, if you repel the Spirit then it's going to go somewhere else where it's more wanted. So thus it is up to us to accept the challenge!

29. YOU CAN REALLY EXCEL IN SOME FIELDS & STILL REALLY SHINE IN OTHER FIELDS. You can choose to be that way‚ or you can choose to do the least for the Lord & follow the schedule & only do what's required of you day by day by day. Jesus will come & you'll go to Heaven & everything's going to work out all right. But what have you done with your life?

30. YOU HAVE TO STIR YOURSELF UP WITH A VISION‚ it's something you have to constantly pray for the Lord to re-envision you & rechallenge you & "Lord‚ I'm losing that fire for You. I really pray You re-envision me & give me more faith & vision & initiative & diligence in every area." It all comes down to your prayer life & your desire, "If you will ask anything in His name He will do it!" (Jn.14:14) It's just a matter of asking & receiving, see?

31. ALL THAT FAITH & VISION COMES FROM THE WORD, IT'S THE WORD. "Without faith it's impossible to please God, & faith comes by hearing the Word", so the Word is your source of inspiration to keep envisioned. That's another real important point, without the vision you'll perish, & without the Word you'll perish. The Word sparks all the vision & faithfulness & diligence & inspiration, initiative. You can't live on someone's glowing sample forever.

33. WHY BE CONTENT WITH ANYTHING LESS THAN THE BEST? You get your reward right here on Earth, your reward comes daily with the blessings God gives you for that faithfulness. Your reward is right here on Earth day by day. Why just drag through the day doing your least when you can do your best & feel rewarded & fulfilled & accomplished & turned on & inspired!—That's the reward day by day for faithfulness.

34. BUT WE'VE JUST GOT TO DO OUR PART SO THAT THE LORD CAN DO THE REST & we don't have much time to do it. So TYL! Do your best for Jesus! "When you're willing to be what God wants you to be, not what you are‚ but what God wants you to be, then He can mightily use you!" Are you doing your very best for Jesus?


#38, 55, 233

FJWL 1:38

Look to the distant fields! For, behold, there awaits a great and mighty harvest that is yet to be reaped. There are multitudes, yea, multitudes who are waiting for the Words of David‚ whose hearts are breaking, those who are starving for the Words of David!

Therefore‚ go! Run to these fields! Run to these broken hearts! Pour forth the water of life that you may slake their thirst. For there are multitudes who are dying of thirst and who have yet to hear of the love of Jesus, who have yet to hear the Words of David, who have yet to feel the sweetness and warmth of My Spirit. Therefore‚ run, that you may embrace these hungry ones and feed their souls and their hungry hearts!

Lift up your eyes and look on the fields that are now white unto harvest!—That are more than white! The fruit is dying on the vines because there is no one there to reap it! Therefore, go and rescue these lost ones! Reach out your hearts to these hungry ones! Feel their need and see their tears and let your hearts break for those who are truly needy!

Run into these open arms and open fields, and there you will be well received and blessed, and I will supply your needs abundantly! I will pour down My blessings upon you, and you will know that I am with you. You will feel in your hearts that you are in My perfect will. You will have no doubt, for you will see about you abundant blessing, abundant fruitfulness, great satisfaction, and great fulfillment!

There is much to be done, and all will be greatly challenged. I will supply your needs! Whatever you lack‚ I will supply! Therefore, fear not‚ but only go. Run, as you lift up your eyes and look on these fields that are white now to harvest! (ML #2973).

FJWL 1:55

Be not afraid to launch out into the deep! Be not as those who crowd the shoreline and look out in wonderment and amazement at those who ride the waves. For have I not said that many changes will come like a mighty ocean breaker? It shall come and come and come again‚ and you must ride these waves. Even though you understand not, you must take the plunge into the cold water. You must fight against the current. You must put your heart into getting into position, that the wave may catch you and drive you forward to new heights of the spirit!

Though you may be inexperienced and though you may be cold or feel frigid, I ask only that you step out onto the water that I may take you up, that I may come under you with the power of God like a mighty wave, that I may swoop you up. You shall find the exhilaration of My Spirit far beyond what you have experienced before.—So much so, that you shall long for this feeling, you shall desire this change, you shall want more and crave more and never get enough.

Have I not put in the heart of those who ride the waters the same desire to want more? I shall put that desire in you if you will but take the first step and launch out into the deep for Me. Be not as those upon the shoreline who watch and marvel but do not partake. You must launch out to receive the benefits. You must strike out into the water. You must dive in!

I will not require it before your time, but I will require it, each in his own way. But I have promised you that you shall be able to ride this wave and the many waves to follow, if you will only take the first step (ML #2994).

FJWL 1:233

There are multitudes in the valley of decision. There are multitudes searching their hearts. There are multitudes looking for the truth. There are more looking for the truth than shall ever find it in this particular time period! But I have called you to go and to reach those that you can. For though you may not reach them all, you can reach some, and in reaching the ones you can reach, their testimonies will be spread abroad and others will hear, and those that do not know or have not heard will hear in My time.

So why sit at home where your faith dwindles down to a bare flicker and your strength is diminished and your hope wanes, encumbered by the cares of this life? Why not launch out and follow the leading of My Spirit to where you will grow strong and tall and you will find a new might and a new strength welling up in you, and you will find the power of My Spirit in the land where the anointing shall wait for you!

Why tarry behind? Why sit in fat places when I have called you to minister My Word and My truth and My Spirit to the lost and to the lonely?

Who will heed the call? Who will follow when I give the signal? Who will hear the trumpet blow? Who will hear the call of their Commander? Whose courage will rise up, and who shall pick up the banner of David and take it forth into the field that they may be a standard bearer and they may proclaim My truth and My Word to these dying and desperate nations? (ML #3027).



(David Livingstone speaking:) The greatest calling in the world is the calling of a missionary: to wake with the morning sun and know that you go forth with a purpose, that you go forth with a message of the love of God! To wake with the morning sun and know that your Father looks down with great, great love! To know that your Father looks down with great appreciation that you will go forth with the message of His love to the needy of this world.

I plead with you to go forth as missionaries to the lands where there are the needy—those in darkness, those who know not of the love of God. I plead with you to go forth and give the message! For believe me, your reward will be great. There will not be a day in which you will not feel the richness and the fullness of God's joy swelling in your heart.

Go forth as a missionary no matter where you are! For in every land and in every country there are those who sit in darkness. I plead with you, wherever you are, that you will daily fulfill your mission to go forth with the love of Christ.

You must not settle down, but you must continue to forge ahead! For the days are getting darker and the time for you to give forth this message is getting shorter and shorter. Therefore I compel you and plead with you to go out‚ to be missionaries! Do not let a day go by that you do not give the message! Do not let a day go by without giving His love to somebody. You have Heaven in your hearts—but do not keep it there, give it to others! (ML #3082)

End of File