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Shooting Straight, Part 14--Letter Links: Dive into the Fountain of Youth!

April 11, 2005

(ML #3538‚ GN 1129)

FD/MM/FM September 2004

A Wonderful Wave of Worldwide Witnessing

ML #154:49, Vol.2

(Dad:) They say you can tell how old people are by the way they quit struggling! At that rate, neither my Mother, Father, or Grandfather ever grew old, 'cause they were all doing battle to the very end: "There's no discharge in this war!" (Ecc.8:8)—no actual retirement!—Nobody ever arrives to where they can start coasting on boasting of past achievements! IF YOU'RE NOT OUT THERE WITH THE YOUNGEST OF THEM IN THE THICK OF THE BATTLE‚ YOU'RE A HAS-BEEN … !

Age in Heaven

ML #1826:1-9, DB 2

1. WHAT AGE WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE IN THE MILLENNIUM? Have you thought about it?

2. WHAT AGE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING TO BE IN HEAVEN? A lot of folks like my parents & Dr. Koger, etc., who were quite old when they passed away, when I saw them there they looked like they were in their prime, middle-aged. Dr. Koger looked as I remembered him when he must have been about 50, & I think my Mother & Father too. They were quite handsome & good-looking at 50, they looked mature & had grey hair.

3. I THINK MY PARENTS WERE REALLY THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AT THAT AGE, & if you have already matured & come to that age before you go to be with the Lord, I think you'd almost look a little odd if‚ when people met you in Heaven, you were 20 or 30 years younger! I think if I'd seen Dr. Koger as a young man I might not have even recognized him, I don't know! Of course, in some ways we're not actually affected by time & the aging process there the way we are here‚ I don't believe you could even call it aging. Here it's a gradual dying, but there it's more growing & maturing. If you're not fully grown, you'll grow up. If you're not fully mature, you've got a lot to learn.

5. SO HOW OLD DO YOU WANT TO BE?—MAYBE YOU DON'T REALLY KNOW NOW. AFTER ALL, YOU DON'T KNOW HOW IT FEELS TO BE AS OLD AS I AM! Some people call 50 getting old, but I was just beginning to hit my stride at 50! At 50, the beginning of the Revolution & the Family, I was making love to three or four or five girls every day! So I'd say I was almost in my prime in those years, & I think those were almost the best years of my life, 50 to 60. I think I was probably in the peak of health, the best health & going stronger in every way—physically, sexually, mentally, everything—from 50 to 60, believe it or not!

8. SO HOW OLD WOULD I WANT TO BE?—I DON'T REALLY WANT TO BE ANY YOUNGER. I'm perfectly happy the way I am right now, in fact‚ the happiest I've been in my whole life except for a few days I've been a little sick. But there will be no sickness there, no pain, no disease, no death or sorrow or dying, so at this age I should be doing great Up There!

9. I'VE DECIDED I'M QUITE CONTENT TO LOOK LIKE I AM & BE THE AGE I AM WHEN I GO THERE. If I was suddenly reverted to my 20s, you probably wouldn't even recognize me! So I have a feeling that you're going to sort of stay the way you are if you're full-grown, & at approximately the same age that you are when you go there.—Not looking old & weak & doddery & on your last pegs like in your 70s & 80s, but I mean in your prime!—What you looked like in the prime of life, the peak of life, which to me‚ having lived that long‚ I believe is really 50 to 60 years of age. I still feel fine now & I don't look so bad—I look a lot better than I did when I was young—so I wouldn't mind looking like I do right now!

Let Jesus Bear the Weight

ML #2987:91-101, 165-174, Lifelines 22

91. (Prophecy, the Apostle Paul speaking:) "In my time on Earth I saw many afflictions. For I was shipwrecked at sea and spent a day in the water. I saw the high waves crashing all around and it was very frightening. And I was not delivered out of it but I was kept through it. I was beaten and I was stoned and I suffered sickness.

92. "Many times I felt so discouraged that I felt like giving up, but I knew I had to keep going‚ that I was called and commissioned to spread the gospel far and wide. And had I given up, others would have taken the crown‚ but it would have taken much more time, for I was the instrument, the vessel that was chosen to do the task that was set before me.

93. "But I saw much hardship and many times I felt defeated physically, mentally and spiritually, and tired. And at times I would think, 'I've endured so much, and I'm so tired.' But I knew I could not give up, for I knew there was a great crown of righteousness laid up for me. And I knew that others expected it of me, and that if I had laid down my righteous crown, it would have stumbled many.

94. "And so in my defeat, in my discouragement and in my despair I carried on faithfully. And as I did, these things came to pass, and I was brought through them. The storms did not always end when I wished them to. I had to go through the beatings and the stonings, but the Lord always gave me the grace‚ and afterwards comforted me and healed me and kept me and rewarded me.

95. "And though I went through these things‚ I had so many highlights and wonderful things that the Lord did for me and used me to accomplish. And when you compare the fruit of my life to the sufferings, there is no comparison. For Satan buffeted me and tempted me and discouraged me‚ and tried to defeat me; yea, he tried to kill me. But our Lord kept me and protected me, even through the storm, and even through the beating, and even through the stoning, and even through the persecutions, and even through the discouragement. He did not deliver me from these things, but He kept me through them.

96. "And what of the martyrs of all ages? They were not delivered out of their afflictions, they were kept through them and they were delivered unto their heavenly reward. And there are those who have suffered imprisonment year after year after year. They were not delivered out of these things, but they were kept through them.

97. "So when the storms come and beat high upon your ship, and it seems as if your vessel is breaking into pieces, trust. And even if your ship does break into pieces and you are cast into the waters and the waves are overwhelming you, trust. And if the stones of persecution are being cast at you, trust. And if the scourging of the Enemy's lies is being meted unto you, trust. For our Lord is always there, and He does not suffer you to be tempted above that which you are able to bear, but He makes a way to escape.—Not always to escape from the affliction or the battle or the test‚ but you can escape through trusting.

98. "Hold fast that which thou hast‚ let no man, no, not even Satan steal that which thou hast, the crown of glory that is given unto thee. Hold it fast. Hold it through the storm. Hold it through the flood. Hold it through the fire. For there is laid up for you that are faithful, you that are trusting, an exceeding great reward.

99. "There are many, many, many here that died trusting, and theirs is an exceeding great reward. And there are many, many, many here that have endured, and theirs, too, is equally a great reward.

100. "So do not let go. Hold fast that crown, that crown of joy, that crown of life, that crown of service, that crown of reward. Set it not down. Hold it. For I can say it is well worth it to hold on through all the depths, for when you do, you have great reward there upon the earth, and abundant great reward here in the heavenlies. For we are watching and we are helping, but it is you that must make the choice.

101. "And once you choose to hold on, then we can spring into action and help even more. But you must choose, you must take the step of faith, that is for you alone to choose. So be not fearful to undergo whatever it is that is sent your way—your testings, your trials, your purgings. But know that He is faithful to keep you in all your tribulations‚ and through your tribulations and beyond your tribulations." (End of prophecy.)

Forever Young with the Fountain of Youth!

165. (Prophecy:) "And so do I stir the waters and dredge up all that is settled and bring it up and expose it, that it may be filtered through the sieve of testing and of trial, that it may be made pure and clean and fresh and re-aerated. For water that lieth still loses its sweetness. It becomes flat, for it is not filled with My air. But it must be stirred and it must be splashed about so that it can once again come to life. And so it is with these that I test and that I try, I stir the waters. And it dredgeth up some of the mud and some of the silt and some of the unsavory things, that these can be seen and filtered out.

166. "But this must needs be so that the water can be made fresh once again and alive and thirst quenching‚ and that it may be cleansed and filtered. And some say, 'Oh, but I like the flat water, the water that is still, that moveth not, and I am comfortable with this. Do not stir me up.' But I say that without the stirring they receive not the life of the air of God that reinvigorates and re-aerates these still waters.

167. "So when you look upon one that is being tested and tried, pray for them and encourage them. Encourage them to hold on and to realize that I am breathing My air into them, My breath, My Spirit‚ that they may once again come alive. For My church must be made of those that have life and life abundant, life of the Spirit. And those that are sedate and immovable, I stir them up, I challenge them. And they must decide‚ 'Yes‚ yes! I will go forth with this challenge!' Or‚ 'No, I have had enough and I am so settled down.'

168. "For the old must make way for the new.—But who are the old? The old are only those who will not change, who will not allow themselves to be stirred up‚ who will not take the step of faith‚ who will not trust Me. And who are the new?—The new are those who drink in My new wine, who trust, who say, 'Oh‚ yes, I will go forth! I know not what is there, but I will go forth.'

169. "And they that are old are not of a certain age, and they that are new and young are not of a certain age, for the newness or the oldness is a matter of the spirit. For those who will allow themselves to be stirred up, these are they that are new and young. And those that say, 'No, no‚ stir me not up, for I am comfortable and I am happy with the way it is,' these are old. And it maketh no difference if they are old or young in flesh, for it is a matter of the spirit.

170. "But I raise up a new and young army, an army of those that are full of faith. Not those who are strong, not those who are mighty, not those who have done great exploits, but just those who have faith—faith to trust Me, faith to hold on, faith to say 'yes' unto Me. And these are they that will partake of the fresh waters of My Spirit, and that shall have great rejoicing in these waters.

171. "But the road to the well of these waters is a difficult road, and those that climb it are those that must be young—young in spirit, young in willingness, young in yieldedness, young in obedience, young in desire for Me.

172. "But those who feel old and think, 'No, but I am old, I am old in spirit and I find the changes hard and the new things difficult,' I say unto you that before you stands the fountain of youth. For the fountain of youth is the will of God, and to receive of it and to drink of it you must only say 'yes'—'yes' to My will, 'yes' to that which I bring your way, 'yes' to My new words, 'yes' to Me and all that I would ask of you. If ye will do this thing, ye shall be young in spirit all the days of your life, and ye shall have the fountain of youth.

173. "Even as your David, though old in flesh was young in spirit‚ so shall ye be. For he was yielded unto Me, and he said 'yes' unto Me‚ and he was true and faithful unto Me. And so shall it be with you if ye will but say 'yes' unto Me.

174. "So come unto Me‚ young and old, and, lo, I will make you all young, even as those who enter into the heavenly realm are once again young and rejuvenated and revitalized because they are in the Spirit. And those of you who say 'yes' unto Me and who follow Me and who yield to Me and who trust Me, ye are they that walk in the Spirit. And I say unto you, the Spirit of God is the fountain of youth. And you shall be as a new creature, as a young bottle, and as a young and radiant bride. And, yea, ye shall be forever young!" (End of prophecy.)

Be Encouraged

ML #3047:84-101, 119-127, 135-137‚ Lifelines 23

84. (Prophecy:) You have looked upon yourselves as weak, as broken, even as forsaken‚ but I have said, great is your faithfulness! You have looked to Me‚ you have kept the faith. You have trusted Me year after year, decision after decision‚ baby after baby‚ country after country, trial after trial, persecution after persecution. You have kept your eyes on Me regardless of the circumstances, and even more, you have held fast to the Words of David. You have drunk these in as sweet nectar and honey. You have grasped at them! You have clung to them! You have taken them unto your very soul, as one who is thirsty drinks after a long walk through the desert. Your hearts have rejoiced at My Words through My servant David.

85. This has been your manner for year after year after year, in spite of your own weaknesses, shortcomings, or failures. You have clung to Me and to My Words, and for this I do highly honor you. For as it was said of Abraham, that he was blessed because he believed Me, and his faith was counted unto him as righteousness; so has your faith been counted unto you, recorded in Heaven, and never to be forgotten!

86. You have storehouses of treasure and rewards waiting for you! Each hour, each day, each week, each month, each year that you have lived for Me will be rewarded. You will be amazed and astounded at the rewards laid up for you, for every ounce of faith and trust that you have placed in Me.

87. For I do not look at the vessel, but I look at the heart. I look at the motive. I look at the desire to please Me. I look at the love for Me that you have exhibited in the face of great difficulty and great opposition. You believed when very few others believed. You took hold of My Words when there were only a handful who followed My servant David. When there was no one to support you‚ you said, "I will not let go! I will cling to the Words of David even if all others forsake me!"—And many did forsake you.

88. There have been wives and husbands and children who have left—but you have held on, and this will never be forgotten! This will be rewarded. I do honor you greatly, not because of your accomplishments or your achievements, but because your hearts have been Mine. You have given your hearts unto Me and you have not been dissuaded. And even many of those who had fallen away have returned stronger than before.

89. You say, "I feel so much weaker. I feel so much less capable." But I say unto you, in this state of humility I am much more able to pour through you than I ever was before. For in your humble, even more broken state, you are more yielded to Me than you were when you had greater physical strength‚ when you were brash and young, and dashed off here and there.

90. I could not speak to you then as I can now, when you must move more slowly, when you must stop and listen to be sure that you are going the right way. Now you know that if you fall down, it may take you a while to get up! So you look to Me much more than before, and you lean on Me much more than before.

91. I will not forsake you‚ for you are precious in My sight! Each of you has garnered many, many jewels in your crown and many, many rewards. For you are all as many Sophies, the washerwoman, who will not have little hovels, but will have mansions, because of all that you have stored up for Me; because of the many things that you did that no one knew about; the many kindnesses that no one recognized; the many little ways that you gave of yourself that no one could thank you for because they did not know about them; the many times you persevered when you had no more strength.

92. The times you thought you were forgotten, you were not forgotten. I have looked on your heart and I will reward the beauty of your sacrifice in giving and dedication unto Me. For without faith it is impossible to please Me, but you have pleased Me by your faith, by your holding on when you had no more strength to hold on, and receiving strength from Me.

93. There is coming a dark and cloudy day, and in this day, physical strength will be of no help. What will be needed and what will be important will be your spiritual closeness to Me, your attitude of leaning on Me, your habit of drawing on My strength. The channels that have been forged of connection with Me will be drawn upon in this time. For now you are learning to hear more from Me than before. The young people also are learning to hear more from Me than before, and this will be your strength. This will show you the paths to walk in. This will protect you in the dark and cloudy and stormy days.

94. More important than the many accomplishments that you have striven for in the past is that you strengthen your connection with Me, that you may hear from Me, and that you may know which way to turn. I will lead you and guide you into the paths of light and safety and protection, for this is My will for you.

What May Seem Like the End Is Only a Bend!

95. You have gone forth as a strong man to run a race, and you have run well! I delight in you‚ and I am proud of you! But the race is not yet over, and what may seem like the end of the road to some is only a bend in the road of this race, which will lead to even greater things.

96. For if you look back at My great men and women throughout history‚ and even your own Father David, their greatest accomplishments all came not when they were young, but when they were old. For the many years of youth are but a preparation for the greater things that come with age.

97. Fear not and be not discouraged. Do not look at the past, but at the future. Look at the sample of your Father David, how it seemed like he spent his whole life and yet had not reached his greatest accomplishment. But I worked through him more mightily than ever before‚ and so it will be with each of you‚ if you yield to Me and you keep your eyes on Me. Do not let the Enemy come in and discourage you and rob you of the victories that are ahead of you. Strength in life comes from Me, and I can give it to anyone that I choose‚ regardless of whether they feel strong or whether they feel weak, or whether they feel used up or not.

Follow in the Footsteps of Your Fathers!

98. And to you young people I say, despise not the wisdom of the ancients, for there is much to be learned from them. Open your ears and open your eyes, and think not that your own arm will save you. Think not that you are strong in yourselves, and that by your own self-assurance you will accomplish what you want. For it is I Who work through people. It is I Who work through you. This comes not of yourselves, and there is much to be said for the experience, and for the tests, and the trials.

99. This is how I shape great men and women of God. Look at the example of Moses, how he spent 40 years in the desert tending the sheep. I prepared him to be the man of God that I wanted him to be. For when he was young and full of his own ideas and full of himself, he was not useful to Me. But after I had taught him and trained him and brought him through the difficult experiences‚ the tests, and the trying of his patience, then was he fit to accomplish that which I had prepared for him.

100. So it is with you. I have many things that I want you to accomplish, many things that I want you to do for Me. But I must bring you through these experiences, through the tests and the trials, like I have done with your parents. For they have come through as better gold, and I am able to use them greatly, and they are precious in My sight. They are My chosen people—not only the ones that I have chosen‚ but the ones that have chosen Me, and have continued to choose Me, even when the going was rough.

101. So remember that it is I, the Lord, Who give strength and anointing to My people. They that are faithful to Me and to the Words of David are the ones in whom I delight and through whom I accomplish My will. Therefore carefully study these Words and pay close attention to them‚ that you may also follow in the footsteps of your fathers, and that you may also pass through the tests and learn from the experiences and become the vessels that I want you to be.—Not necessarily vessels of great beauty or great honor, but broken vessels through which My Love and My understanding freely flows.

119. I look upon you, and I am looking down upon you now, and I am reaching out My hand! My arm reaches and stretches forth to you. Take hold of My hand‚ because I am proud of you! I have great pride in you, that you have followed the Words of David. I am very proud of you‚ that during this time of discouragement you have held on and you have not quit‚ you have not run out the door! You kept trying, and you kept praying, and you kept reading, and you kept pouring out your hearts to those around you, to your little ones, and you did not give up. I am proud of you‚ and I shall lift you to high and lofty and wonderful works again! Beautiful, lofty works that the world shall see and shall admire! I shall do these things. I shall pour forth My compassion through your broken hearts, and this is what the world will admire.

120. I shall pour forth great, wonderful, beautiful compassion through your broken hearts. I could not pour this compassion through your hearts before, for your hearts were all covered and enameled over with achievements. But now with your broken hearts, I can pour My compassion upon the world and upon the needy.

121. Do not fret or be ashamed, but rejoice! Rejoice and be thankful that you have stuck, that you did not give up during the dry years, that you held on to Me. Be thankful that you did not turn back when the going seemed so rough, and it seemed like maybe you did make a mistake by trusting in the Words of David. Even when these doubts have encompassed you and have clouded your vision, you have not given up.

122. This, My child, is a wonderful, wonderful blessing. As you count your blessings, do not look back to the past of your youth only, but look at the wonderful blessings of these dry years and these difficult years‚ and see the wonderful hand that I have had upon each one of you. See the wonderful way that I have led you and given you faith to hold on in spite of the battle, and rejoice that I have counted you worthy to go through this trying time.

123. Rejoice that I have broken your heart! Rejoice that I have molded you and I have purged you, because this shows that I have a great future for you! Rejoice in the difficulties that you have encountered! Rejoice in the lies that you have heard told about you! Rejoice in the discouragement that your young people have burdened you with, with their doubts and their questions and their self-righteous looking down upon you. Rejoice, because now I can take you to greater heights of wonderful compassion and caring!

124. You have passed through a difficult time‚ a difficult test. But believe and honor My Word and know that a great victory is in store for you, and great new heights are just around the corner! Count your blessings and gain strength from believing that I have used you, and that I have used these difficult years and these cloudy years. As you count these as a blessing and hold on to My Word and continue to pour forth, and continue to hold on and believe My promises, even when they seem to have failed you, I shall bring you to lofty heights again! You shall rejoice‚ and you shall be happy, and many shall look upon you and say, "If he can do it, I can do it!"

125. They shall look up at you and know that you have passed through these battles and these trials, and therefore you have become a light and a beacon unto them as they pass through their battles and their trials. Do not be ashamed, but continue to hold on by faith to the Words of David, and the wonderful Words and promises that I have given unto you, and you shall see each and every one fulfilled. For none of My Words can fail.

126. Hold on, for the crowns are descending! As you see your brethren receiving their crowns and you wonder, "Where is my crown?", hold on, because your crown is just around the corner!

127. I am proud of you! Stir yourself up and hold on to My blessings, do not let go! Stir yourself up and do not give up‚ do not look down! Hold on and believe! You shall be a great strength unto your youth, and through this breaking you shall be able to pull your youth up through the battles that they shall now encounter. Hold on‚ for I love you greatly and I want to make a great and mighty nation out of you!

135. Great is your faithfulness, great is the faithfulness which you Family elders have shown unto Me! Cheer up, ye saints of God! So you think you are the "over-the-hill gang," huh? Ha! What is that in thine hand? Behold the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God! Come with Me and let's cut the Devil to the heart! Come with Me, and look at My "over-the–hill gang!" Let Me open My book and show you a few of them.

136. We'll start over here in the Old Testament. There is Abraham and Noah, and Moses and Enoch—pretty old folks, weren't they? But they were mightily used. I started out with Abraham to build My Church, and though he was old, I fulfilled my promise to Him through Isaac. And remember Sarah? I loved her so much‚ but she didn't even start having kids until she was past time. How's that for using someone "over the hill"? How much more do you think I love and appreciate all you have done! All you faithful women who have had so many children, don't think you are all spent or all used up and have no worth to Me—you have been used as tools to make My New Nation, and I'm not done yet!

137. For there are dark days ahead and you will be greatly needed and greatly used, and you are greatly needed now! Don't listen to the lies of that Ol' Boy when he comes around and tries to tell you that you are of no use. For man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart.

Menopause: A Time of Strengthening and Renewal

ML #3127:23–24, 27, 32, 34, Lifelines 24

23. (Jesus: ) You are My beloved children; you are the mothers of God that I have called. Whether you have borne children or whether you have been childless in the flesh, you, the women of the Family of David, have all been mothers of God. You have dealt your bread to the hungry. You have fed and nurtured and mothered those in your care, and now do you think that this time of mothering will end?

24. No, you will now come to a deeper sense and a greater power, and a greater anointing in your lives than you have ever had in the past. For as a piece of fruit grows on a tree until it reaches ripeness and maturity, so are you, My beloved mothers of God. For each of you has passed through different phases in your life. Would you shun the time of maturity? Would you dread a time of ripening?

27. But you say, "I feel old. I feel weak. I have no strength." But have I not said that My strength is made perfect in weakness? Have I not waited many times for you to cease your busy activity, your running to and fro, so that you would stop and hold still and listen to Me? Have I not longed and pleaded and waited for the time that you would spend with Me? In this time of weakness, when you feel you are less worthy, and when you feel you are less capable, I see you as more worthy, and I see you as more capable, because you look to Me.

32. This will be your time of greatest fruitfulness. Believe these words. Hang on to these words. Believe My promises, and you will see a ripening in your life, a maturity, a wisdom and a gentleness that goes with your years. As people see you and meet you, they will turn to you to tap into the source of your joy and your happiness and your peace. They will see someone who is content with her age, who is content and satisfied and fulfilled and rewarded‚ even though she is at a time of life when other women are mourning the state that they are in.

34. You will be as Abraham and Sarah, who looked not on their own bodies as being old and practically dead, but who looked at My promises, and through My promises had greater fruitfulness than they had ever had, and became the parents of many nations. Even so, you will have more fruitfulness than you have ever had, as you believe My Word and cling to My Word‚ and put your trust in My Word. Just follow, obey, and trust Me and I will lead you into these paths of fruitfulness and peace and happiness in Me. (End of message.)

Midlife Victories—Meeting the Challenge Together

ML #3128:68-73, 82–91, Lifelines 24

The Prime of Life!

68. (Jesus: ) As I said, there is a time for every purpose under Heaven: a time to be planted, a time to grow, a time to sprout, a time to bud‚ a time to bloom, and a time to bring forth fruit. But you must remember that man often looks on the outward appearance and upon when a woman begins to bloom and to blossom. When a woman begins to bring forth fruit, the eyes of man often look at this as the prime of life. But they don't see things as I see things.

69. For I look at a mature woman, one who has learned My lessons, the things that I have taught her, as being in her prime. When I said a woman shall bring forth fruit in old age‚ I didn't necessarily mean physical fruit, but rather it is the time for her to bring forth the fruit of her wisdom and her understanding of life and of people and of deep lessons. It is the time to bring forth the fruit of her maturity. Her latter end shall be greater than her beginning.

70. It is not a time to be looked down upon, as though you can do no more. You cannot bear any more children; you cannot walk as fast; you cannot do so many things; but it is rather a time to bring forth the fruits of your experience, of your age, of your long life, of your wisdom and of your maturity. You bring forth these fruits by helping to nurture others, by sharing what you have learned, even by having a temperament to give love and understanding to those who do not yet have the wisdom of your years.

71. Just as the System and man often look at things differently than I do, so is it with this. For I look at you as coming into real maturity, a full-grown spiritual person, able to take on new tasks, having fulfilled the growing-up stages and now entering the mature years. As I said, this is the beginning of the rest of your eternal life. For you have been prepared and fitted by now for the job that is ahead of you and is at hand.

72. Therefore look not upon the younger ones as if they are the blessed ones. But rather look at them as those who have the energy to carry the torch‚ with you as the one who has the energy to guide the torch and wisdom to give them in many aspects of their outreach. For all the body should work together well‚ every piece being fitly joined together. Though others younger than you may now carry the torch, in some ways it is you who still play a major part in the foundation of My work, in supporting others with your prayers, your wisdom, your experience, your insight, your vision, your knowledge, and your understanding.

73. It is also you who have more wisdom with which to deal with situations—maybe not the energy, but often the wisdom. Therefore you must be used together. In the olden days, the younger did seek the wisdom of the elder‚ and this is why I have said for the younger to always obey and respect their elders. In a body that is fitly joined together, these things will be done. The elder must turn over the torch to the younger, but the younger must look to the elder for their counsel. Together you get the job done. (End of message.)

A Crossroads—And a Bright Future Afterwards!

82. (Jesus:) Now that you have come to a crossroads in your life, you are wondering which road I want you to take. You are experiencing the struggle of midlife, but do not be afraid of what is happening in your life.

83. Do not worry. What you are experiencing now is not because you are failing, and it is not because you are no longer useful. It is not because I am far from you and have stopped loving you, but this is a natural process for many as they grow older. It is a time in your life when things can change. While you are experiencing these new thoughts and emotions and feelings, and realizing that you are not as strong physically‚ that you get tired more easily, then you feel an inner desire to seek My face in order to find My will for your life. These are all things that I am helping to accomplish in your heart, and not only in you, but in many of the older adults in the Family.

84. It is a time when many take stock of their life. It is a wonderful time of life! It is something very special that I can do only with those who have reached an age of maturity. Because of their many experiences and their maturity, they desire even more keenly to follow Me very closely. Therefore this time in your life can be one of the best periods, one of the most fruitful in hearing My voice, one of the most satisfying in knowing that you're being obedient to Me. It can be a time of genuine fulfillment, knowing that I am leading you and will not fail you. Therefore, as you yield to Me and do My will, you will experience genuine satisfaction and fulfillment, even more than in your days of youth.

85. For you have now come to the age where you have experienced many of the things of youth—the adventures, the challenges, the needs, the romance, the pioneering, the ups and downs, the joys and the tears of growing up and maturing. Now you seek deep, true satisfaction in doing My will‚ no matter what it is, for this is where true peace of mind and satisfaction and fulfillment of heart can be found—in the center of My will.

86. So at this crossroads in your life, do not fear what My will is for your life but accept it joyfully, and know that your life is not over because you are 50. Your usefulness has not ended. You are of great, great value to Me! I have gifted you and talented you and trained you in the ministry of using your hands and your mind to create and build. I have given you one of My very own talents. I am pleased with your work. I am pleased with how you serve others in love. Your life is only just beginning if you will take up the challenge to not only use your hands and your mind to build and repair and construct beautiful things for others, but also to use your heart to build love in others' lives. Oh, what a beautiful new life is beginning for you!

87. You have come to the crossroads, and the door is open for you to walk through into the beginning of a brand-new life, full of beauty, joy, peace of mind and contentment of heart! It is the path of humility and love for others. I promise that I am always near you, and I am especially nearer now and listening very carefully to your heart's desires and to your voice. I wish for our relationship and connection to grow stronger and deeper, for I have need of you. I will use you more than you have dreamed in the days to come!

88. It is important that you draw near to Me. When you experience battles or difficulties, come to Me and commune with your heart upon your bed with Me in heart-to-heart communion. Draw on My strength, My grace and My understanding. I promise I will not fail you! Take time with Me. Spend more time with Me, and your love for Me will grow even stronger, and your reassurance of My love will not falter.

89. So go into this new day with joy in your heart, knowing you are My bride‚ and with a spring in your step, because I love you. Look not at what you feel are your weaknesses or the things that hinder you, for I have made you the way that you are because I love you the way you are. I am proud to have you in the Family and serving Me. So reflect your love for Me to others in all that you do and say. Hold your head up and be proud to be My bride, and reflect My love to others. (End of message from Jesus)

90. (Mama:) The Lord says this is a wonderful time of life, when He wants to do something very special that He can only do "with those who have reached an age of maturity." Rather than this being a time to wind down and be less useful, the Lord says, "Your life is only just beginning if you will take up the challenge."

91. It's very encouraging to see that the Lord doesn't look at men at this age as though they are less able to carry responsibility or less able to have a positive effect on others. He says they are able to do more than they did before, but in a different way, perhaps in a new ministry; or if not in a new ministry, with a new anointing and a new loving approach.

How-to's of Home Education

ML #3189:218, GN 794

218. Don't get old yet! Don't stop yet! Don't give up yet! You're as young as I am, when you're full of Me! And that's pretty young, pretty strong, pretty full of faith and vision! You've got it all to give when you've got Me.

More on the Keys! What the Future Holds‚ Part 2

ML #3351:54‚ GN 946

54. (Mama:) Keep yielding, progressing, and growing in faith and dependence on the Lord. As you keep drinking deeply of the Word, with a believing, accepting spirit‚ the Lord will continue to give you all that you need to keep going for Him, being "all there" on the front lines. I know some of you feel pretty battle-weary, old and worn out and just plain tired. These feelings and even physical circumstances might make you think you don't have what it takes anymore to be a full-time dropped-out soldier for the Lord. But don't listen to that reasoning; it's not true! Remember the strength of weakness, remember that there are no impossibilities for us, and remember the power to rise above and the keys of the Kingdom! Why do you think the Lord has given us this enhanced gift of faith and greater power? Because we need it! So if you feel very much "in need," and if you feel in fact that you're barely making it, that's not a problem if that weakness in yourself pushes you to grab those keys and put them to use.

Coming Persecution?

ML #3361:199-213, GN 957

Warhorses to the Fray!

199. (Jesus:) You are like an old warhorse. I've ridden you into many battles, and you've never turned away. You've always followed My lead. Though sometimes I've had to dig My spurs deep into your sides to keep you going, you never turned back on Me. There have been times when I've ridden you right into the fire, and you didn't turn back. Though your mane got burned and your eyelashes singed, and your eyes got hot and they watered from the smoke, yet because of the spurs in your sides, and because of My intent to go forward, and because of your love and dedication to Me, knowing I was truly your Owner, you didn't hesitate or turn back.

200. You always knew that I knew what I was doing and where I was going. And though sometimes it may have been tough, nevertheless, you rode on and we always came out on the other side‚ you and Me. Yes, you have been My old warhorse. Other times I spurred you into the water. Sometimes you could still gallop through it. Other times it was up to your bridle and you had to take off swimming by faith, with Me on your back. Yet we reached the other side. You didn't give up on Me, and I didn't give up on you.

201. You have stuck with Me even when it caused you some personal suffering. You have put Me and My work first. This is what you have done for decades on end.

202. Yes, you have scars in your sides from the spurs that dug deep, and you have tears in your eyes from the smoke and the water. Your eyes are bloodshot and strained, and sometimes you look for a break. You've come through the waters and into the pasture, and you just want to eat a little green grass; you want to take some time off. You're sort of in disarray‚ for you want to go ahead with Me, yet you find yourself weary, in need of rest and rejuvenation, in need of relaxation, in need of love.

203. And now you hear Me sounding the battle call again, "Mount your horses! Are you ready to charge into the battle?!" You see the rest of the army getting ready. You see younger horses ready to charge into battle as you once did, only perhaps even better equipped, with better riding materials, better weapons‚ and better techniques than you had. And you wonder, "Can I make it? Is there more for me to give? Do I have it in me to give my last ounce of strength? Do I have the wherewithal to get up and get going again? Do I have the strength, the resolve?"

204. But I say unto you‚ "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings, like an eagle. They shall run and not be weary. They shall walk‚ and not faint."

205. Yes‚ you are an old warhorse, but you have the strength and ability to follow.

207. Mount up again, for I will mount you and ride you again! You've had your time in the pastures, nibbling and grazing where you wanted. But now I'm going to ride you again!

208. You're still in the army, you're still in the cavalry, and therefore you must begin to get yourself ready. Yes, this does mean discipline, for that's how an army works and what an army is based on, discipline. This means that you must discipline yourself by putting yourself on a regular schedule so you can accomplish the most possible.

209. I want you to discipline yourself, for you're an old horse, and you know the rules; you know the way I want you to walk. Discipline yourself to regular hours, regular projects, and regular feats. I want you to have the faith to get your things in order and to work orderly once again, as you have for years on end.

210. I want you to run and not be weary, to walk on ahead and not to faint. And this I will do with you.

213. We have a ride ahead, but this time you will not be weary; you will wait on Me and you will renew your strength and energy. So I'm going to ride you ahead and yell out, "Yahoo! Let's go! I'm riding again!" You have renewed strength now, because I have made it so. So have the faith to put your things in order and become My faithful warhorse again. (End of message.)

What the Hell Is Lethargy?

ML #3482:125-126, 128, 180-181‚ 183-184, GN 1093

125. (Jesus:) You're lethargic spiritually in that having done your job for so long, you've lost the burning desire to reach every soul that you can‚ the motivation to keep going until all the world is reached. You've also let lethargy creep in by not applying this burning desire and motivation to your work and not doing all you can for the Family. You've become lazy and old. You wake up each morning not with the thought of‚ "Oh, what can I do today to reach the lost?" But more like‚ "Oh, no, I have all this work to do and I'll never get caught up!"

126. It's like your desire and motivation have been eroded by the natural tendencies of old age and human nature—to let things be as they are and to quit hacking away and gaining new ground. You've meandered "out to pasture" in spirit to a certain degree.

128. Your spiritual lethargy has come in the form of losing the burden and desire to reach everyone you meet or to be a witness to them in some way of Me, and of not really bringing your commitment to excellence in your ministry to the level that it should be. … But now the time has come to regain that burning desire to do all you can until the world is reached, and of following Me step by step in all that you do. (End of message from Jesus.)

180. (Jesus:) The danger with long-term service for many Christians is that their life goes into remote control—getting up and doing the same things every day out of habit and losing touch with Me. But if you hear from Me every day and put into practice My fresh daily instructions, then you'll be connected, on-fire, following Me, burning with new life and desire.

181. Just like David wrote in "Old Bottles," the danger is in going to sleep and going through the motions. But if you're tapped in, hearing from Me and following My instructions, believing Me, you'll never fall asleep or get in a rut‚ because I'm always changing, moving, and electric. You can be in the same place and doing the same work, but it's exciting and thrilling and it's changing the world. Your outlook is alive, your attitudes are fresh and alive and filled with faith‚ and your spirit and heart are turned on because you're tuned in to Me. It makes all the difference in the world. It makes the difference between a dead Christian and a live one.

183. Lethargy is one of the long-term weapons that the Enemy tries to use on Christians to wear them down and cool off their lifelong service for Me.—To get them to settle down, lose the urgency and the fire of their service, to become comfortable and laid-back. But My Spirit never grows old. Though your flesh may grow old, My Spirit never ages; it's always the same. When you have My Spirit in you, then the things I inspire and empower you to do are as exciting and fresh and alive and electric as the day you got saved!

184. The secret is to stay plugged in and moving with the heat and fire of My Spirit! If you do, you will never cool off or give in or succumb to the hazards of long-term service, whether it's lethargy or tiredness or burnout or cooling off. If you're plugged in to Me, you'll feel My current just the same as if you were to stick your finger into an electric socket! There's no two ways about it. (End of message.)

Old Age

#2-5, 7, 10-11, 17-18, 20-25, Thots 2

2. "Nobody grows old by merely living a number of years. People grow old only by deserting their ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up interest wrinkles the soul. Worry, doubt, self-distrust, fear and despair... these are the long, long years that bow the head and turn the growing spirit back to dust.

"Whatever your years, there is in every being's heart the love of wonder, the undaunted challenge of events‚ the unfailing, childlike appetite for 'what next,' and the joy and the game of life.

"You are as young as your faith‚ as old as your doubt; as young as your self-confidence, as old as your fear; as young as your hope, as old as your despair."—Douglas MacArthur

3. Actor George Burns has been one of those named in a sometimes surprising list of the United States' "sexiest men" published in Playgirl Magazine. "We're looking for men who are accomplished & self-confident without being egotistical‚" Executive Editor Dianne Grosskopf explained. The magazine said Burns, at 87, the oldest man on the list, still "burns the candles at both ends" & is "still going strong & sexier than most men half his age."

4. They can't call you an old dog as long as you are learning new tricks.

5. Are you getting along in years and haven't yet made a name for yourself? Here are some words of comfort from some research people who looked into the histories of about 400 famous men‚ each one the most outstanding statesman, painter, warrior, poet or writer of his time. Of the group's greatest achievements, 35 percent came when the men were between 60 and 70; 23 percent when they were between 70 and 80; and 8 percent when they were more than 80. In other words, 66 percent of the world's greatest work has been done by men past 60. Feel better?

7. Age is a quality of mind—

If you have left your dreams behind,

If hope is lost,

If you no longer look ahead,

If your ambitions' fires are dead—

Then you are old.

But if from life you take the best

And if in life you keep the jest,

If love you hold—

No matter how the years go by,

No matter how the birthdays fly,

You are not old!

10. You are young at any age if you are planning for tomorrow.

11. Gone they tell me is youth,

Gone is the strength of my life,

Nothing remains but decline,

Nothing but age and decay.

Not so, I'm God's little child,

Only beginning to live;

Coming the years of my prime‚

Coming the strength of my life,

Coming the vision of God,

Coming my bloom and my power.

17. Some four hundred names of the most noted men in all times, from all lines of activity, were chosen. There were statesman, painters‚ warriors, poets‚ and writers of fiction, history, and other prose works. Opposite to the name of each man was indicated his greatest work or achievement. This list was then submitted to critics, to learn their opinion of the greatest work of each man submitted. The names of their greatest works were accepted, or altered, until the list was one that could be finally accepted. After this was done the date at which the work was produced was placed after the name, and so the age was ascertained at which the individual was at his best. The list was then arranged according to decades.

It was found that the decade of years between sixty and seventy contained thirty-five per cent of the world's greatest achievements. Between the age of seventy and eighty, twenty-three per cent of the achievements fell; and in the years after the eightieth, eight per cent.

In other words, sixty-six per cent of the great things of the world have been accomplished by men who had passed their sixtieth year, the greatest percentage, thirty-five‚ being in the seventh decade.

The figures for the other periods of life are interesting. Between the fiftieth and sixtieth years are found twenty–five per cent‚ between forty and fifty ten per cent. These, all totaled together, leave the almost negligible quantity of one per cent to be attributed to the period below the age of forty.

Two great classes of work fall below the forty year limit. These are the deeds which require the extreme of physical power and vim, as the conquests of Alexander the Great; and the beautiful expression of the lyric poetry, which is typified by the nervous, super-sensitive temperament of such men as Shelley and Keats.

18. Age is a matter of mind. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.

20. For age is opportunity no less

Than youth itself, though in another dress,

And as the evening twilight fades away

The sky is filled with stars, invisible by day.

—Henry W. Longfellow

21. No wise man ever wished to be younger.—Jonathan Swift

22. Hardening of the heart ages people more quickly than hardening of the arteries.

23. To keep young, stay around young people. To get old, try to keep up with them.

24. Depending on how a man lives, he may die old at forty or young at eighty.

25. Old age can't seem to catch up with folks who have more things to do than they can possibly finish.

Word Basics: Old Age

2, 4-5‚

2. God's special help in our old age:

Isa.46:4Even to your old age I am He; & even to hoar hairs will I carry you...& will deliver you

(See also Psa.71:8,9,17,18)

4. God can mightily use aged believers:

A. Promises of fruitfulness:

Psa.92:13,14They shall still bring forth fruit in old age; they shall be (fresh) & flourishing

B. Material ministering & good deeds:

2Sam.19:32-35[Barzillai‚ 80 years old, helped support King David in his time of great need—See also 2Sam.17:27–29]

C. Spiritual ministries:

Exo.7:7[Moses was 80 years old when he led the Exodus]

Joel 2:28I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh; &...your old men shall dream dreams (See also Acts 2:16‚17)

Dan.9:1; 10:1[Daniel received two of his greatest revelations between the ages of 85 and 90]

Rev.1:1,9[The apostle John received the Book of Revelation in exile on Patmos‚ in his 80's or 90's]

D. Some conditions to being used of God:

Tit.2:2,3Aged men be sober, (reverent), temperate, sound in faith, in love, in patience [that they may teach]

E. The ministry of prayer:

1Sam.12:1‚2,16,19[Samuel, aged & grey-headed, prayed & the Lord performed a miracle to punish the errant Israelites]

Lk.2:36,37Anna, a prophetess...of about (84 years old), served God with fastings & prayers night & day

1Tim.5:5,9[Prayer‚ a special ministry for women over 60]

F. Witnessing:

Lk.2:36–38[Anna, 84 years old, witnessed to others about Jesus]

Phlm.9-11,16Paul the aged [led Onesimus to receive Jesus]

Acts 28:30,31[Paul witnessed to all those who came to visit him]

(See also 2Tim.1:5; 3:15—Witnessing to our children & grandchildren)

G. God can use those who think they are too old:

Gen.18:10-14;21:1,2[Sarah, at 90‚ laughs & doubts she can have a child] (See also Gen.17:15-17; Lk.1:36.)

H. God sometimes doesn't really use us until we're older & wiser:

Acts 7:23-34[Moses tried to start his life's work at 40, but was not really ready for it until he was 80]

I. Keep faithfully serving Jesus till our parting day:

2Pet.1:12-15I think it meet, as long as I am in this (body), to stir you up [& establish you in the truth]

J. Steadfastly enduring adversity in old age:

Phlm.9,10Paul the aged, & now also a bonds

Rev.1:9[John, in his 80's or 90's, exiled to the isle of Patmos]

5. Strength in old age:

A. God can give us strength & health:

Deut.33:25As thy days, so shall thy strength be

Deut.34:7Moses an 120 years old...his eye was not dim, nor his natural force abated

Isa.40:29To them that have no might He increaseth strength

Psa.103:5[He] satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle's

Josh.14:7,10,11I (Caleb) am this day (85) years old. As yet I am as strong this day as I was [when I was 40]

B. Courage & determination give strength & victory in old age:

Josh.14:10-14[Caleb, 85 years old, declared:] Give me this mountain [inhabited by giants in strongly-fortified cities] The Lord will be with me...I shall drive them out

End of File