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Shooting Straight, Part 13--Letter Links: Are You Activating the World?

March 22, 2005

(ML #3536, GN 1127)

FD/MM/FM October 2004

What Is Full-Time Discipleship

ML #3469:309-340‚ GN 1056

(From "The Family's Future and Expansion Program")

309. (Jesus:) The Activated program is My vision for the future. It is a feeding program, a follow-up program, a work-building program. It's the future-of-the-Family program. I can't emphasize this enough. Activated is the future. (ML #3308:20, GN 908).

(From "Our Activated Future")

310. (Jesus:) You are now entering the days of action, the era of action. The days of training are over, and now you go forth as trained‚ specialized soldiers to battle. You are My brides, My wives, My lovers, My children, My friends, but also My soldiers, and the preparation you have received has been for your vocation as soldiers in the great spiritual battle of these Last Days.

311. After the Family has tried and proven their faith in this new anointing, and shown their willingness to believe and accept it and put Me to the test, then the new battlefield will come more into focus. That battlefield is the hearts and minds of men. That battlefield is the winning of new laborers, the harvesting of entire fields for My glory. That battlefield is the training of new leaders and ministering to multitudes with My Word.

312. The battlefield and the action of which I speak in this new day is outside your courts, outside your Homes, in the hearts and lives of those in need, the lost, the destitute, the poor and needy. One of the greatest fruits of this new anointing for this new era of greater works will be a tremendous outpouring of love and vision for those you have yet to reach and teach and win. You will turn your eyes from within your ranks and Homes, and you will look to those who have not heard. No longer will the Family focus so much attention and time solely on each other, but they will focus on those who have more desperate needs. They will bury themselves in ministering to the multitudes who need Me and My Words. They will feel within themselves a passion that will push them out the door to seek out and save the lost.

313. So many laborers will come to your gates and join your fold! You see the humble beginnings of the Activated program, but you have no idea what is to come of it.

314. You haven't seen even the tiniest beginnings yet, and what is humble and meager now will explode in the days to come to be your greatest witness ever. ... There will be such vast growth‚ such awesome receptivity to the products‚ such hunger for the Word that you'll stand in awe at the great things I have done.

315. Remember when David produced the first posters and said "millions for the billions"? You found it a little hard to believe or to take literally at first, because you had no idea how far those posters would go. You couldn't imagine there would literally be millions upon millions for the billions on all continents of the world. You had no idea of the tremendous abundance of finances those posters would provide and that they would become the Family's tool of choice for years and years.

316. I'm happy to announce that you will find just such extreme and magnificent fulfillment of the vision regarding the Activated program. There will be more active supporting members than you can imagine. ... Even if I were to say that it would be past your furthest estimation‚ you would still not come close to grasping at this time the potential that will be reached with the Activated program!

317. This will be one of the keys to your financial needs. You will have abundance. You will have more than you need for the many urgent and expensive projects you dream of, both to minister to outsiders and to the Family's needs.

318. Even more important, this ministry will be a source of multitudes of laborers. You will see in only a few short years that those of you who have been in the Family for many years, the second generation who were born and raised in the Family, as well as the nationals whom you have won and diligently trained in My ways, will instruct many.

319. There are many in the Family who lack vision. They feel the Family is too introspective‚ the "Consider the Poor" ministries too shallow, and they wonder if the Family is losing its fire, its purpose. All this will be remedied when the Homes are face to face with hungry sheep that are crying out to be fed. They will have been won by the printed Word sent via the Activated ministry, and it will be the responsibility of the Family to be the sample of that Word. They will feel compelled by My Spirit to show the babes that what they have read and heard of is true‚ that there really is such a life of service for Me, that the spirit world is real, that My love is truly the answer to all things.

320. Seeing the need‚ feeling responsible for others, knowing that these hungry souls are looking to them for the truth and to be instructed and guided and led to a life of service to Me will rekindle the fire of many faithful children of David who have grown tired and weary and become disillusioned. It will be a jump-start in the spirit to them, bringing them roaring back to life.

321. The complacency, the deadness of spirit, the attraction for the world, the compromise and slow seepage of the world into the hearts and Homes of the Family will continue to be eliminated naturally as they find these multitudes of hungry sheep on their doorsteps. Love for the sheep and a desire to meet their needs will automatically begin to replace a desire for the world and a focus on your own needs.

322. The children of David will fulfill their destiny as being the teachers of all nations, for they will train the leaders, those who speak the language of their land, who can go out and reach their own people in the distant fields, towns and villages. What begins as a pleasant breeze will grow to a mighty wind of power and fruitfulness.

323. The children of David will finally return to their roots, to the basics, and they will find the joy and satisfaction that has escaped them.

324. …It will be as if they've found a new profession—that of being a missionary! For there are few in the Family today who dedicate their full time to witnessing and follow-up. That once was and will again be the primary activity and ministry of all the children of David. In the future, the vast majority of Family members will be wholly dedicated to feeding the multitudes in some way. The joy and excitement of doing this will far outshine the joy they find in their present ministries. It will be as if they've been reborn, made anew.

325. (Mama:) It's going to take a considerable amount of work and time to put landing gear on the great plans and promises the Lord has given in the above message. Making it happen means that we have to give up our old ways of doing things, drastically change our focus, go back to our roots, to the basics of what the Family is all about—feeding His sheep! Peter and I are committed to doing all that the Lord has said. Are you? We sure hope you are‚ because without you doing your part, none of this will happen!

326. The progress and miracles the Lord talks about here are not just going to materialize out of thin air‚ effortlessly‚ from one day to the next. As marvelous and vision-increasing as these promises and predictions of the future are, they are conditional! That means we all have to do our part before the Lord can do His to make it happen!

327. Peter and I and WS have already done our part for the Activated program. … The Activated program is up and running! It's there‚ it's happening! You have a ready–made‚ feed–the-sheep follow-up program.

328. Now you have to do your part! We pray desperately that you don't just read the above message and think, "Oh, cool!" That won't cut it! You have to do your part, and at this point in time, your part is to continue to get behind the Activated program and make it part of your daily witnessing and regular follow-up activities.

329. The Family is going to have to change. Our focus is going to have to change. You as an individual are going to have to change. We're going to have to let go of what we're doing now and embrace the new direction the Lord is leading us in. It's going to take all of us working together to bring this era of action about, and we'll have to invest time, hard work, and our lives into it if we want to reap the blessings, benefits and fulfillment of the promises. (ML #3298:97, 100-102‚ 105-109, 112-113, 117-120, 130-133, 184; GN 895).

(From "The Family's Future and Expansion Program")

330. (Jesus:) Do you want to be part of My new move? Do you want to reap the harvest with Me? Do you want to become the leaders, teachers and shepherds that I have ordained you to be? If so, start now! Don't wait. Begin your preparation now and I will, in time, bring it all to pass.

331. Start on what you can now, personally and as a Home, through participating in the Activated program by sending in your addresses, and taking the extra time to tell those you witness to and lead to Me about the magazine. I know it takes more time and effort, but you must begin now to feed the sheep and prepare them for the call I will give them.

332. Do your part today, for you must if you want to be ready for the future that I have for you—the future of action, of feeding, of building My expanded Family, My Endtime church, and My Endtime army who will help to feed and reach the world in the days to come. (End of message from Jesus.)

333. (Peter:) It's easy to see why the Lord is telling us to get on the ball with Activated. It's the program and the wherewithal that He's given us to feed the multitudes that we witness to and/or lead to Him every month. I'm looking over the June stats and I see that in South America alone, 36‚000 souls were saved. That means, on average, each one of you voting members in South America led at least 27 souls to the Lord. Perhaps half of them were in group situations or were children, so that leaves about 13 souls won per person who you could and should offer Activated to.

334. How many of those 13 newly saved babes did you personally offer to feed through the Activated course? Did you tell them how important it is to be fed now that they've gotten saved? Did you explain how they could learn more each month by subscribing to the magazine? … Think about it. You led over 36,000 people to the Lord‚ probably about 18,000 of whom you had the opportunity to feed on a monthly basis. Even if only 5.5% of those agreed to subscribe, that would have been 1,000 new subscribers in June alone! Over the course of one year, that would be 12,000 newly saved brethren starting on the road to becoming Family members or disciples. Twelve thousand people equals our total CM/FM population—and that's just from South America!

335. The reason we're highlighting those of you in South America is because the Lord specifically told you that the Activated ministry is one in which you could lead the way. You lead the most souls to the Lord on a monthly basis; you live in a continent where the people are hungry for the Gospel and already have a Christian culture. You should be shining examples of pushing Activated, and we're expecting it of you.

336. But not only you—all of us need to get on the ball and make promoting Activated our priority. The Lord said it's the first step in His multistage program which will lead us to the future He has for us. Why aren't you offering those new converts the Activated mag, encouraging them to take it‚ begging them to subscribe or at least take the first three free issues, since they need to grow in spirit after getting saved?

337. Folks, we must feed them! We're failing the Lord and His sheep if we're not! Feeding the sheep is the Family's future. If we can't be faithful to gain subscriptions to a magazine that will give these new converts the spiritual nourishment they need to grow‚ then how can the Lord trust us to teach, pastor, and shepherd those He sends to our door? How about it? Will you do it? Will you get those subscriptions? Will you put feeding the sheep before your income? Will you trust that as you give, the Lord will more than repay?

338. Don't let another day go by when you lead someone to the Lord and don't offer to feed them through Activated.

339. Now is the time. Today is the day to begin. Please don't put it off till tomorrow, or you may miss the boat‚ and the future of the Family could suffer as a result. Let's throw our whole hearts, energy, initiative‚ prayers, vision and plenty of hard work behind this program—and make it work! The rewards and blessings will be more than worth it!

340. Let's do it! Amen? We're counting on you! (ML #3308:37-39, 49-50‚ 52-53, 61, 63, 150-151; GN 908)

Activate the World, Part 1

ML #3348:7-19, 22-23, 34; GN 943

7. (Dad speaking:) This is the Family's ­finest hour! This is going to be the biggest ministry the Family has ever been involved in. The Lord gave the Word, and great was the company of them that published it! The Lord gave Activated, and great is the company of you, the Family‚ that "activate" it! Praise You Jesus!

8. The Lord is so good to the Family. You are His pets, His favorites, so He spoils you and gives you everything you need to do the job. The Lord has taken the Family into a new era, the era of action, and given you a new tool that's perfectly designed for it—Activated. The Lord wants to activate every Family member worldwide and have this program bursting through in their lives in all that they do. The Lord wants this to be an explosion—possibly the biggest explosion of any pub ever created by any Christian organization! The Lord isn't pussyfooting around—He's serious about winning the hearts and minds of this world for His Kingdom. He's on the attack and He's dropping His love into thousands of hearts every day. People worldwide are feeling His message of love striking home in their hearts, and folks, Activated is it! Activated is the answer to the follow-up needs of the Family.

(Text box:)

9. Q: Some Christian magazines have an enormous circulation. For example, the Jehovah's Witnesses get out something like 20 million magazines a month. Will Activated even be bigger than that?

10. (Dad speaking:) The sky's the limit! No, not even the sky's the limit—the only limit is the faith and initiative of the Family! They can do it if they try. Look at what they did with the MO Letters, the tapes, the posters, the videos, with pub after pub and push after push down throughout our history. They've done it before and they can do it again if they'll set their hearts and minds to it! After all, what's that message the Lord gave you for the Feast?—"­Nothing Is Impossible," remember? So why should this be impossible?

11. Don't you think the Lord thinks your pubs are wonderful, powerful, life-changing and marvelous? Let me tell you, other religious magazines can't hold a candle to it! They're full of dead dry doctrines with maybe a testimony or two mixed in and a little bit of inspirational stuff to try to stir up their flocks, which usually need a lot more than a revival‚ let me tell you!

12. So you haven't seen anything yet when it comes to Activated! The Family just has to start doing it, pushing it‚ promoting it‚ and winning others with it. And then when you've won others with it, unlike your other pushes‚ you can get them plugging it too. In times past you mainly distributed lit and won souls. Well, this time you're going to win new members, new disciples as well, and they're going to also reach and win ­others through Activated, and things can snowball before you know it.

13. You folks may think I'm exaggerating when I say "The Lord wants this to be an explosion—possibly the biggest explosion of any pub ever created by any Christian organization," but that's the truth! He does want it to be an explosion and it can be if you'll make it that way. Claim the Lord's promises! You can do it because He can do it, and He wants to do it! Don't hold Him back by your lack of faith. God bless you, and may He help you to get activated as well! (End of message.) (End of text box.)

14. The Lord wants to pour down His love abundantly, in huge bucketfuls, on this poor, lonely‚ love-starved world‚ and He's moving you into a new ministry. The way you used to do it will no longer meet today's needs. Today's weapon is Activated! Today's mission is to get activated. Today's goal is to reach the lost with the Words of the Lord through Activated.

15. Are you activated? Are you taking up the torch and running with it? Are you putting the Lord's newest and most effective soul-reaping, life–changing, heart-winning weapon to good use? Don't let it sit on the shelves—get it out to those who need it! Get the message to the starving multitudes! Feed the hungry! There are so many of them! The Lord can't do it without you! You are instrumental in making a difference in this dark hour of the world's history.

16. Now is your hour to shine brightly and brilliantly for all to see! Now is your moment to get Activated out to the millions who are starving. Now is the time to feed the sheep and follow up on them like never before, with Activated or any other tools you have available! Now is the time! Tomorrow the harvest will be past, and the crops will wilt and die in the fields if you aren't faithful to reap them for the Lord. Or worse yet, another harvester will come along, and his dark harvesters will tear the ground up and plow ­under the poor lost sheep who missed the message.

17. Are you going to be faithful to the Lord and not let one sheep pass you by? Are you going to be diligent to get this world activated? Are you going to pick up the standard and bear it into the fields so all can see that there's light and that there are answers? Raise high the standard of the Lord! Let His cry be heard throughout the world! Let the sheaves be drawn together to His standard. Let the grain be gathered before the approaching storm arrives and covers the land­scape with its lies and doubts.

18. This storm is a very real one, and it's coming. Look up and see in the spirit. See how short time is. Get out and activate the masses before the Devil can get to them. Reach them with the Lord's message before the Enemy reaches them with his message and they're subverted by false doctrines of devils.

19. Do you want to be instrumental in weaken­ing the forces of Satan? Then rip off his potential worshippers! Get them before he does. Reach them, and don't leave one stalk of grain standing in the fields that you haven't tried to reach and garner for the Lord.

22. This is our last great blitz before the events of the End set in. This is the "Gospel that is going to be preached in all the world for a witness, and then shall the End come!" This is it, folks—showtime‚ endgame, the grand finale of witnessing openly to all nations! This is the biggest, greatest, and most fantastic plan to reap the world the Lord has put into play since His coming to Earth and dying for the multitudes.

23. Generations to come will speak and sing of your exploits in these days! These are the days of which the prophets spoke. I know all this might sound overly grandiose to you who are getting out your little subscription cards every day, but you are the sowers. Where you sow, seeds will grow, and those plants will scatter yet other seeds into other fertile ground where new plants will spring up and carry those seeds on to the next hungry soul.

34. You are the warriors of this age, the hope and promise of this age. Will you fulfill your calling, or will you become lazy, lethargic and stuck in the rut of inaction like many other Christian groups that have come and gone before, or which are still here but are nearly invisible because of their immobility? Are you settling down, or are you activated?! Are you a here-today-gone-tomorrow person, or are you a live-on-forever person? What you do today matters, and will matter for eternity. This is the echo that will cause the very mountains to crumble before you. This is the rumble that will shake the world! This is the biggest‚ the best, the most powerful ministry we've ever had‚ and it could be our last great ministry. Do you want to leave your mark on this world? Then get activated! Amen? (End of message.)

Activate the World‚ Part 2

ML #3358:4-7, 9, 12‚ 13; GN 955

4. (Jesus:) My sheep have wandered through all the mountains and upon every high hill. My flock is scattered throughout the face of the Earth, seeking pasture, seeking to be fed and to be found‚ seeking to find their Shepherd and their fold.

5. I have chosen you‚ My loving under­shepherds, for the challenging task of finding My lost sheep, for I have seen your faithfulness these many years‚ your willingness to lay aside your own desires, needs and comfort in order to seek out and to save the millions of lost sheep who are scattered abroad across every mountain­side. You have even been willing to risk your lives and your reputations in order to find, feed, and nourish those who were lost. I give you this great honor, My loves—the greatest honor that you could have—that of being My Davids, My Endtime shepherds, and of feeding My lambs.

6. As I have promised‚ I will both search My sheep and seek them out. As a shepherd seeks out his flock, so will I seek out My sheep, and will deliver them out of all the places where they have been scattered. I will gather them from all countries and tongues and will bring them to their own land. I will feed them upon good pasture, yea, even upon the high mountains. I will seek that which was lost, and will bring again that which was driven away, and will bind up that which was broken, and will strengthen that which was wounded and weak. But I will judge those shepherds who are fat and self-satisfied, who think themselves strong, full, and content. I will feed them with judgment, and will deliver My flock from their hand.

7. I will bring together My lost sheep, and will give them one shepherd—even My servant David—and he, through you, will lead My sheep. He will feed them and he will shepherd them. He will shepherd them through you, the children of David and Maria. I will bring them out of every high hill and draw them together into their own land. A land which was not, shall now be. A ­nation which was not known before, shall now be known throughout all the Earth. It will be the Land of Activated, and it shall cover the world like a mighty wave of the ocean, just as I have ­promised.

9. There is coming a great and terrible famine in the land—in all the lands—and in that day, those other shepherds and sheep who have had, will have not. But because of your faithfulness to prepare for that day, those who have had not will then have. For the first shall be last and the last shall be first. Those other sheep who have until now been fat and full and self-satisfied, feeling that they had need of nothing, will soon be found wanting. But those sheep who have been in want; those who have been neglected, forgotten, and forsaken; those who did not even have the crumbs from My table, have not been forgotten by Me. I have foreseen this terrible day. I have heard their bleating and their crying out to Me, and I have helped you to prepare to feed them.

12. But I say unto you‚ now is the time to begin opening the storehouses and pouring out the grain to the poor and needy. Don't delay, for My sheep are even now crying out to be fed from My hand and from the hands of you, My undershepherds.

13. Please, My shepherds, don't be as the false and lazy shepherds who neglect to feed My sheep. Please don't be as the hirelings who are interested only in feeding themselves‚ but feed not My flock. Seek them out, feed them‚ and take them into your loving arms. Feed them from your own hands and store­houses all that has been given you. I have given you much, and I ask you to turn around and give it to others—the Words, the leadership training, the love and the encouragement that has been so prayerfully placed on the pages of Activated. Feed them, and they will in turn feed you in your day of need. (End of message.)

Activate the World, Part 8

ML #3460:13-26, 28-38; GN 1045

13. (Jesus:) Activated isn't just a new ministry or way to get out My message. It isn't just the latest fad or distribution tool. Activated is a lifestyle! It's the lifestyle of feeding the sheep and bringing them into the folds.

14. This is a new day, and Activated is the new way for this new day! You can't be fully in My will as a missionary on the field if you aren't pushing Activated as much as you can. Fruit that remains is very important, because that's the kind of fruit that will help you bear more fruit. That's what Activated does; it feeds those who can and will become disciples, friends, supporters and protectors, and who will help others do the same.

15. I've spoken a lot about Activated and its need in the Family right now‚ the purpose for it, and why it's imperative that My Endtime Church get behind it fully—not just get behind it in spirit and support the idea, but also get behind it in deed by collecting subscriptions‚ doing follow-up, and cultivating a local church. But even after all the pleadings, all the encouragement, all the inspiration and direction from My Word, there are still some who aren't jumping in with both feet.

16. There's hardly anyone in the Family who doesn't think that Activated is good and who doesn't support it in spirit, but a fair number of dedicated missionaries haven't yet become doers of the Word. That ought not to be! You who are not putting this into practice in your lives are going to miss out and get left behind. It's as simple as that. The Family is moving forward, and you must move with it.

17. Why are there those who aren't getting into this new wave? Why are some areas and Homes that should be shiners in Activated not living up to their full potential? There are many reasons, and each situation is unique‚ but the main reason is that some folks just don't have a vision for tomorrow, for what the future holds and for what things could be like if they worked toward it. They have their nose so close to the trees, they can't see the forest for the life of them! This is very sad, because it keeps people living and struggling simply for today, when if they would break out, I would lead them in a path that would totally change their future for the good.

18. I understand that life is a daily struggle, but don't you believe that I am the great God of the universe Who can supply all your needs and more than bountifully reward you for following Me? Some people have lost the sure faith that if they step out, I will be there to meet them. They want security and something to be "sure" of.

19. Where is your radical faith in My Word? Where is the spirit of the first disciples‚ all of you who pioneered the world and went into cities and countries without anything, and yet I supplied? I haven't failed you yet, and I never will! So if you're struggling and barely making it financially and that's what's holding you back from getting Activated subscriptions and following up on your sheep, why not step out and see Me meet you and catapult you into realms you never knew before! Do you believe that I can? Why not live it!

20. Activated is fairly new‚ and many people have their ministries or ways of doing things and don't feel they can get into it as an additional ministry. That's where they've got it wrong! Activated isn't a new ministry, it's a lifestyle—My Endtime missionary lifestyle! To get on board with Activated you don't have to drop everything you're doing to go out and only sell subscriptions every day. Getting activated is making Activated a part of your life—feeding the sheep, cultivating a church, winning Active members and disciples, and of course getting subscriptions to the Activated magazine.

21. There are hundreds of Homes and thousands of adults in the Family today, but where are the subscriptions to match all those dedicated missionaries? Some Homes are doing their part, and you can see those Homes on the Activated shiner's chart. But there are so many more of you who can and should be doing your part! In the GN "Heading into 2002," My king and queen challenged each Family member to get just one subscription every couple of months, or a total of six subscriptions to Activated a year. Are you striving to meet that goal?

22. You don't necessarily have to reach that goal—it's not a quota—but you do need to be concerned about it, desperate to do your part, thinking about it, talking about it, and most of all, doing it! And if there isn't Activated in your country, in your language, you can pray fervently for those who do have Activated in their countries. Or if you're in a rich western country, have people sponsor Activated mags for the hungry and needy elsewhere. The Word is our message; what are you doing to get it out?

23. Something else that is a terrible roadblock to getting out Activated is the "it can't be done" spirit. This is the attitude that it's too hard to get subscriptions in your country, that the economic situation is just too tough, and to ask people to subscribe to a magazine would just be too hard. You reason that there aren't enough people out there who would be interested in something like that and it just won't work in your country.

24. I want to tell you right now that that's a lie of the Enemy! Why are you listening to him when I'm telling you it can be done? There are millions of people in every country of the world, and many of these—many more than you could ever reach—are searching for Me. These people need My Word! Will you give it to them? Specifically, these people need Activated! Will you share it with them?

25. Cast that "can't be done" spirit right out of your midst! Rebuke Apotheon and his foul imps, who try to stop you from getting activated or to hold you back if you have started. Shake loose and let My gold roll throughout all the Earth!

26. Share Activated! Get Activated! Do Activated! Be Activated! Live Activated! Dream Activated! Minister Activated! Distribute Activated! Go Activated! Walk Activated! Talk Activated! Envision Activated! Give Activated! Teach Activated! Motivate Activated! Activate Activated! (End of message.)

Don't Be Left Behind!

28. (Jesus:) If people are not getting behind Activated, eventually they will dry up and become like the Old Church. Activated is where I am leading, and is where the sap of My strength and Spirit is flowing. If some of My branches are not becoming activated, they will simply lose the fresh flow of My Spirit and will be subsisting on the old flow, last year's sap. Though they will bear a little fruit, they will not bear the vibrant‚ new, dedicated, on-fire babes that the new sap will produce.

29. I am constantly pruning and purging My vine, and many of those who do not receive and implement the new sap will simply dry up and fall off the vine. Like David in "The Hamburger Boat Dream," I'm moving on to the light of a brighter day‚ and those who want to follow can follow. But those who don't follow will simply fall behind because of their own inertia and refusal to follow for whatever reason. They will be left as part of the Old Church, as part of the way things used to be.

30. But those of My new brides who love Me enough to follow wherever I lead will be those who walk with Me through Great Tribulation, and whom I will mightily anoint and empower with the breath of My Spirit! Why? Because they have followed Me, therefore they will have the spirit of today, not the spirit of yesterday and the way things used to be done.

31. This is important, because to forge today's victories and reap today's fields you must have today's tools. Why stick with an ax or a saw when you can use a chainsaw, and why reap the fields with a sickle or scythe when you can jump into a combine harvester? Grab the tools that can do the job best!

32. Those who are activating and getting activated are those whose lifeblood flowing through their spiritual veins is My new spirit for today. Those who are not getting activated are simply setting themselves up to be left behind, and will eventually harden and crust into the Old Church‚ doing a little here and there, but for the most part slipping into the woodwork of the old.

33. Those who don't follow Activated will fall off the vine of their own accord‚ their own lack of initiative, their own lack of sap. Those who do follow Activated will burst forth with new buds of a new day! They will blossom bright and glorious and will bear fruit, some thirty–fold, some fifty–fold, and some a hundredfold! And their fruit will take care of them and will give them sustenance.

34. So if you want to be part of the new, if you want to follow Me to the ends of the Earth‚ if you want the full firepower of My Spirit, if you want to be able to rout the Enemy and defeat him, if you want to have the love and spirit that conquers all‚ then come, follow Me into the harvest field so white, where you will become an efficient and effective reaping machine bringing in the grain with all that is within you! Look, I'm already there—reaping, and reaping, and reaping! Come, follow Me, and I will make you reapers of men!

35. The Family and Activated will become known as one and the same. Those who are true disciples will be activated in some way, whether it is through pushing the Activated program, feeding the sheep and following up on them, or somehow doing their utmost to build and enlarge My Endtime church of the Family! I have called you to bear much fruit for My Kingdom, and to feed and nurture that new fruit, those new believers, to the point that they can go out and bear much fruit too. That is how you will build and enlarge My Church. True disciples will be these activated builders, whereas those who are not truly interested in building My Church, enlarging My Kingdom, will not find it within themselves to remain true disciples. They will fall behind and eventually fall away.

36. I have given the Family plenty of time, but now I'm taking the light and moving on. Whosoever will, may come! But if those who were invited do not come, then I will send My servants out into the highways and byways and invite in whosoever will, so that My feast may be full!

37. I have a work to do on this Endtime Earth, and if those who were invited will not do it, I will raise up the stones of the earth to fulfill My will, and it shall be done! Those who follow Me in this time of choice will be known by Me as those who love Me most‚ for they were willing to follow Me whithersoever I go. These are they who love Me most—those who are willing to do My will.

38. Thank you, My loves, for being My ardent Bride‚ following where I say to follow. Great is your reward in Heaven‚ where you will sit with Me in My House! (End of message from Jesus)

Show Me the Money

ML #3462:181-182, 191-203‚ GN 1048

181. (Mama: ) A very important part of building a well-rounded missionary work is feeding the sheep via Activated. This topic is one the Lord, and Peter and I, have talked about almost more than anything else over the last few years. Since 1999‚ there have been at least 65 GNs published that have touched on the topic of Activated. At least 30 of those 65 gave in-depth counsel about Activated—and quite a few of those 30 GNs were dedicated entirely to the subject of Activated! (See MLs #3238, 3280, 3291, 3298, 3308, 3309, 3313, 3315, 3321, 3348, 3349, 3354, 3358, 3359, 3361, 3362, 3363, 3364, 3366, 3370‚ 3371, 3382A, 3382B, 3382C, 3382D, 3395, 3400, 3405, 3427, 3436, 3438, 3460.)

182. Just that stat alone shows how vital Activated is! I even considered putting Activated in a pillar on its own in this GN, because the Lord has emphasized it repeatedly and it's obviously an important key to receiving His financial blessings. You can't expect to have a steady flow of monetary blessings if you're not building a solid missionary work through following up on the sheep and obeying the Lord's commission to get out Activated.

191. (Jesus:) The children of David are primarily missionaries, preachers of the Gospel, shepherds of the lost. This is what I've called you, My dropped-out disciples, to be. This should be the profession of each of My brides of the Endtime.

192. Being a missionary is a complex occupation. It's not just a matter of giving out a few tracts in your free time. The life of a missionary is a tremendous constant challenge; it's thrilling and awesome, but it takes work, vision, study, and a plan.

193. Those who are the most successful are those who incorporate all aspects of witnessing into their missionary program. Reaching the lost, winning disciples, finding and cultivating regular supporters, promoting Activated, being an influence for good in your community, training outside members, raising your children in My nurture and ways, feeding and caring for the poor, and teaching the meat of the Word are all part of being a successful missionary.

194. You can't just concentrate on one aspect of this outreach. You can't have a narrow vision and decide you only want to do this or that, whatever your particular burden is, or whatever you feel most comfortable with‚ or whatever seems to be immediately fruitful, less humbling, or not as "risky."

195. To have a good‚ well–rounded missionary work, you must live the life of a missionary. Missionaries are always giving out, witnessing‚ and taking advantage of every single open door and opportunity to make progress and get out the message. As a fruitful‚ faithful missionary‚ you would be using all of the lit and tools available; you would be using as many methods of outreach as possible—such as following up through the mail, e-mail, phone and in person, going door to door‚ hosting seminars, having Bible studies, personal witnessing, and doing Holy Ghost samples.

196. When you have a "successful" missionary work, I don't mean you are accepted by the System and you do things just as they do. I mean that when people look at you, your works are obvious, your efforts have translated into fruit that remains. When people know you, talk with you, interact with you, and they don't even know that you're a missionary, then clearly you are not what I would call a "successful missionary."

197. I do not define "success" in the same terms as those in the world. I don't mean acclaim, acceptance, and a place of compromised coexistence with those in the System. I'm talking about having a work that is visible, something that people can look at when they're getting to know you and see that you're doing something‚ you're serving Me, you're investing your time in a spiritual goal and you're getting somewhere.

198. If you just do a little here and there on the weekends to raise funds, while you casually pass out some kind of little message at times, that is not what I am looking for. The type of ministries that the children of David disciples should cultivate are not the casual, the occasional, the comfortable and laid-back ones. They're not part-time or "on the side." I expect you to be passionate and to burn out in service to others. I want to see fruit! I want your sheep to be able to visit your Home and observe your life and priorities, and come away saying, "Wow, those people are serious about their service for Jesus! They're really going somewhere. They're really doing something. They're serious-minded, on the ball, professional in their application of the Word, practical in their goals and organization, and not satisfied with anything but the best!"

199. It's that kind of testimony and lifestyle and personal convictions that bring fruit, win disciples, and change the world. So look at your life, your ministry‚ your Home. Are you using every possible means at your disposal to build a missionary work? Are you taking advantage of all the tremendous witnessing tools that are provided for you? Are you organized and is your work well planned, so that you're not missing golden opportunities to witness and open doors to walk through that can lead you to new sheep and the top? Are you promoting Activated and follow–up? Is each person in your Home using their gifts and talents to the full for your outreach? Is everyone devoting time, attention and study to learning the local language? Are you becoming one and relating to the national people and culture? Is each person in your Home actively involved in the outreach‚ witnessing and follow-up in some way according to their talents and the time they have available? If you had to leave your field unexpectedly, would there be a national church of trained believers to continue your missionary work?

200. These are questions to ask yourselves. These are the things that help to build a well–rounded missionary work. It's a way of life, it's a passion‚ it's being driven with a vision, it's letting My love compel you to do more, go further, and stop at nothing less than success and lasting fruit!

201. So many of the children of David have lost the fire. Your Homes are dry and compromised‚ and so much time is lost on foolish endeavors that have nothing to do with winning the lost. You can't play at being a missionary any more than you can play at opening a new business, being a soldier‚ graduating from university or building a lasting marriage. These recognized and respected goals require hard work and planning, fight and fearlessness, study and sacrifice, and great love and patience. People in the world are willing to pay this price to achieve their goals. Are you willing to give this much to succeed as a missionary?

202. If you're not already living the missionary lifestyle, you can change. You can forsake the compromised, lazy, unappealing way you've been living for so long. You can stop using the ordinary "humanitarian aid/social work" request line that you've been hiding behind. You can quit being lazy, lethargic‚ and bored. You can determine here and now to stop eking out a living through your meager, pitiful, do-the-minimum approach to working for Me to save others. You can break out of all that immediately, now! All you have to do is determine that you want to become a full-time missionary, a dropped-out disciple.

203. Now is the time to forsake all, to let go of the past, your reputation, all your other interests, for only those who are truly soldiers for the cross can build a well-rounded missionary work that will make Me and your sheep and supporters proud to be called by your name. (End of message.)

End of File