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Shooting Straight, Part 13

Karen Zerby

GN 1127 FD/MM/FM

God's views on current issues and attitudes in the Family

By MariaFD/MM/FM 3536 9/04

Note: The "Challenging Thots" in this Letter address commitment and discipleship in general and aren't always related to the issue being discussed.

The Worldly Concept of "Success"

The issue:

1. Some of you have adopted worldly ideas of what it means to be successful, and you use them to measure ministries and fruitfulness and usefulness in the Family. This leads to comparing and not being willing to do the more "unseen" jobs, and feeling dissatisfied or discontent with the place the Lord has called you to. Some of the manifestations or obvious aspects of these mindsets are:

— Looking down on those who have unseen jobs, or comparing if you have an unseen job‚ feeling like that must mean you're not very important.

— The attitude that your talents are somewhat wasted in the Family if in the System you could be making money or reaching worldly fame or acclaim.

— Equating the worth of your usefulness with how much you're getting in return—like how much income you bring in doing it, how much recognition you receive for your work, what your title is, etc. And if you don't have any of those things, you think you're missing out or not being used to your full potential.

— Many of you have come to look down on the role of being a professional teacher or caregiver, especially if it's for someone else's children. In your minds, it doesn't seem like much of a career.

— Some of you have the mentality that just being a missionary is not enough; you want a "real" career, and often it doesn't revolve around humble ministering and teaching and winning souls, but is something more tangible or glorious in the eyes of the world, or something that's more fun and exciting in your eyes.

— It's another reason some of you don't want to have kids, because you figure that if you do, you'll wind up just being a "parent" and won't have a chance at having a "real career."

God's mind on the matter:

2. (Jesus:) What is success in My eyes? What do you receive eternal rewards for? What is considered "success" in My Kingdom? What is true accomplishment for Me? How do I measure it? What is most important to Me? It's very simple: love and faithfulness.

3. I gave a pretty clear answer in the Bible when I said‚ through Paul‚ "One thing is required of a servant, and that is to be found faithful." That pretty much sums it up. Faithfulness to Me, and faithfulness to love—that's the true measure of success in My eyes. Faithfulness in doing what I have called you to do, in the way that I have called you to do it, and in the role I have called you to play. That's what you should work for in your service for Me if you want to be truly successful.

4. This requires humility, because sometimes the part that I give you to play doesn't seem as glamorous as that of others. Using the sports analogy‚ the guy who scores the goals often gets a lot more acclaim from the public. Often the most popular soccer players are the strikers because they are the ones that score the goals. But the coaches know, as do those who are serious fans of the game, that the striker wouldn't make any goals if there weren't a lot of other people on the team each doing their part and playing their particular position. If one guy didn't stay in his position because he tried to keep running up front to try to score the goal, and as a result the other team penetrated their defenses because of the hole left by that player, then his team would lose the game.

5. I can assure you that that player, no matter how good his intent might be in wanting to score a goal for his team, would get a bawling out by his coach back in the locker room. And if he continued to do it, he would get kicked off the team. Every position on the team counts, and each position has to be filled properly or the team can't win the game. This isn't just true in soccer but in pretty much every team sport, and it's a good analogy of how things work in My Kingdom.

6. You might think that you're actually doing the team a favor by running up out of your position, down the field‚ and scoring a goal. After all, isn't that the object of the game—isn't that being successful? Shouldn't you get credit from your coaches for being so on the ball, literally? No, because to be successful means to win as a team—that's the only way to achieve long-term success of not just that one goal scored, or even that one game‚ but the whole season. So just as I require faithfulness of you, so do coaches require faithfulness of their players, to stay in their positions, to work in cooperation with one another as a team to get the job done.

7. The best players are those who play their position well, whatever that position may be. The crowds may give acclaim to the striker who makes the most goals, but the people who own and control the team know what it takes and that the striker is just one piece of the machinery. In fact‚ sometimes they're not even paid as much as the midfielders. Why? Because they're good at making plays for the rest of their team, and involving the team and working together to score goals, and that's what makes a winning team.

8. Let's translate this now into Family life. What is My goal for the Family, or for all Christians, for that matter? To "go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature‚" right? To "feed My sheep." In order to accomplish that‚ what is needed? Lots of things, of course, but in brief you need people preparing the Word to feed the sheep with, and then you need people who print and ship the Word, and you need people who do the actual visible part of feeding the Word to those sheep. You need people who teach the kids of all those people so they can do their part of preparing, shipping, and feeding the Word. And those kids will in many cases grow up to be teachers and feeders of the Word too. You need people who can take care of the business of the Home so that others can get out and feed the sheep and get out the Word‚ and everyone can have a roof over their heads and meals to eat. You need people who shepherd and help everyone to stay on track and feeding the Word in the right way, and on and on the list goes.

9. All the sheep can see is the person feeding them the Word—they're the visible part, the one getting the acclaim—but they're just the tip of the iceberg. Like the iceberg would be nothing without all that mass under the water, so those doing the visible or credited part of the job wouldn't be able to accomplish anything without all the others who make it possible.

10. I need every part of that machine to work properly; therefore, being successful in My eyes means each part doing its job faithfully and well, so that the end result is achieved. One reason the world's idea of success is so different than Mine is that they're not part of any big plan that's accomplishing anything of eternal value or worthwhile in the scope of "forever." Each person in the System is working for their own goals—most of them having as their main goal to make money—so their main measure of success is how much money they personally make or how much they personally accomplish.

11. But even those in the System who are part of a bigger organization that is doing something worthwhile—such as a humanitarian organization—realize that the achievements of the organization as a whole are in part their achievements, even if they're just a hidden nobody working in an office somewhere. Of course‚ it's easy for them to lose focus and lose the vision because they don't benefit from the same cohesiveness and bond that you can have in the Family, and they don't have Me and My Words the way you do. But if even some of them can recognize the importance of faithfulness in the part they play in the overall organization, how much more should you?

12. What is it that you want‚ which drives you to worldly views of success, as opposed to the glory of faithfulness in doing the job—however seen or hidden it may be—that I've given you to do? It's pride, plain and simple. You want to be recognized for what YOU are doing. You want everyone else to realize just how much YOU are contributing. That was the Scribes' and Pharisees' problem—they loved the praise of man more than the praise of God! Don't make the same mistake they did! You might get your reward on Earth in the form of the acclaim of man, but I can tell you that it's peanuts compared to getting the praise of God hereafter!

13. I see the sacrifices that you make to be faithful, especially in an unseen job like teaching the children. It doesn't seem as glorious as other jobs. Or maybe you're simply a "witnesser" and you wonder how you could explain what your "career" is to those outside the Family in a way that will impress them. Because, after all, it's important to impress them, isn't it? Or is it? Who do you want to impress most—them or Me? Do you love the praise of man or the praise of God? Think about it! Is what you're doing as a "simple witnesser" important? You bet it is! Is what you're doing as a "simple childcare worker" important? You bet it is! It may not be important to the System‚ but it's important to Me, and that's what really counts!

14. But it kills your pride! It hurts to be looked down on by those in the world, who might consider you just a "gospel bum." That's why it's sometimes easier to hide behind a CTP ministry that is easier to explain to outsiders rather than promoting your main job—which is making disciples of all nations and winning the world before I return. You can say, "We give food and medicine to people, just like the Red Cross"—that's something that you feel might gain you more respect. And it's not a bad thing at all—helping people in that way is great, and certainly worthy of respect. But while it's something that I lead you to do in your outreach‚ it's not your main calling‚ and you shouldn't be ashamed of your main calling, which is to help people spiritually even more than physically.

15. If you're in the Family, it's because you're called to be a missionary, and that "low and humble calling" is very important in My eyes. It's something to be proud of, and something that you should be proud of in the face of others. And if you're faithful at it even if the world despises you, you'll have great reward in Heaven.

16. The fact is, the world will despise you—get used to it! They despised Me, and the servant is no greater than his Lord. But the true sheep will love you, and most of all, I will love you and reward you for your success in running the race, in doing what I asked you to do‚ in playing the part that I had for you as part of My machine to feed the world with My Words.

17. Back to the analogy of the machine: What if one part of the machinery decided to stop doing its part because it was a hidden cog, and instead move over to some other part of the machine that was more showy and obviously getting something "accomplished"? The machine would grind to a halt, or at least would be less efficient overall‚ because something would be missing. Translating that into your life, if you did that, do you think that I would look at you as being more successful or less?

18. What if a spring decided that it didn't like being hidden inside the watch and that it wasn't doing anything visible or noticeable, and so left off being a spring and decided to become another hand on the face so that its accomplishments could be visible to all? It might boost its self–esteem to be out there bright and bold, but the watch wouldn't work anymore. The watch doesn't need another hand and it wouldn't do anyone any good. Being successful means being that spring or that cog or that hand—whatever part it is.

19. Some jobs may seem more fun than others, and maybe they are. I'm not saying that all jobs are equally easy; some are certainly more difficult, and it's a greater sacrifice to do those jobs. On top of it, sometimes those are the same jobs that are more hidden and less recognized or that you get less credit for here and now—whether recognition from your peers in the Family or recognition from the System. So I can understand and sympathize with your desire to do something that makes you feel better about yourself.

20. But let Me assure you of one thing—the more sacrifices you make on Earth, the higher "paid" you are in heavenly eternal rewards. It may all seem equal down here—the folks with the jobs you consider "easier" or more fun still get to eat as well as you do, and are housed as nicely as you are—or maybe they even get perks that you don't get. But I can tell you that up here things are not equal, and those who gave their all without acclaim are going to get some of the biggest rewards.

21. Of course it's sometimes hard to relate to that, because it's in the future, and it's easy to just be consumed with the moment, with what's happening on Earth. I understand that feeling‚ because that's how the carnal mind is. But that's where faith comes in, and trust that I do all things well. Can you trust Me? Can you believe that I'm loving, that I'm fair, and that I care? You've got to trust—that's the first step. Then you can believe My Word when I say that true success is being faithful in the calling I've given you, the job I've given you to do, being obedient to what I tell you, knowing that I'm not lying to you, I'm not trying to con you into doing some lowly job just because I need "peons" to fill those posts! I'm not a cynical, hard–hearted boss, but a loving one who rewards each person according to their deeds—their deeds of love, their deeds of obedience, their deeds of faithfulness.

22. So if you want true success, be faithful! If you want to be a flash in the pan and have your moment of glory, well, do it your way. The choice is up to you. Don't worry about what others think—don't worry even about what you think or how it looks to you—just worry about what I think. When you choose to do what I've asked of you, no matter how it looks to others, be proud of it! The foolishness of God is better than the wisdom of man! Once you have that pride in your calling, it makes all the difference in the world—and the System will notice it too. Many will still despise you, but others will respect you for your convictions, even if they don't understand you or agree with you. And others will be drawn to the spirit and will come to know Me through you. And that, My dear ones, is the greatest success of all!

Additional reading:

23. (Mama:) The Lord has said that neither our job title nor the amount of recognition we receive is representative of our worth in His eyes. It's hard for us to comprehend that, but that's the way it is in the reality of the spirit. Recently the Lord was talking to me more about one of my spirit helpers‚ Asmet, and how to work with him (see ML #3446:44-59, GN 1032). Jesus was explaining the test that it is for us to come to Earth, and that there are special things we come here to learn, tests we have to pass here that we can't pass in Heaven.

24. (Jesus:) Many mighty ones and many chosen vessels have been given the privilege to experience this special time of training and growing in ways that they would not encounter here in the realm of the spirit. Many have proven themselves worthy, while others have fallen away. Time on Earth is a testing ground both for them and for you.

25. Each of you, My faithful Endtime prophets and witnesses, are also in training, being tested to show where your loyalties lie. It has nothing to do with the importance of your job in the flesh. Others of My children‚ despite their role in Heaven, may play insignificant roles on Earth. Because of the tests they must pass through, they may be the bum on the street or that crippled person you pass by. Not all have the calling to be My full-time soldiers of the End. These are highly specialized callings with unique tests for unique purposes.


26. (Jesus: ) My spirit world is a continually growing, expanding, alive creation. There are many reasons people are sent to Earth‚ and I can explain more about this another time. But here I am referring to you, My Endtime children.

27. You have each been with Me in the realm of the spirit and are called and chosen. And each of you, whether you comprehend it or not, have much of the wisdom you will need stored in your spirit in preparation for these days of training and testing, to carry you through and help you to learn all that you are sent there to learn. But you must avail yourselves of it and step out in faith and use it.

28. (Vision: ) There was a picture here of the throne room. There were lots of people there, and every so often the Lord would call one before Him and offer him or her a commission to go down to Earth to receive training, to be tested, and to gain a crown. He was explaining the task set before them, and if they agreed to go, then they were sent forth.

29. Others were arriving back in the spirit realm absolutely glowing as they realized that they had passed the tests, and they were given their place on the thrones and seats of honor that were all around the main throne in tiered levels spreading out from the throne. It seemed that each was tested according to his level of wisdom and training, and then his reward was waiting for him.

30. Some thrones were empty, but had crowns placed in them. I asked what these were‚ and was told they were the crowns of those who had for a time given up the fight. They had sort of an aura of sadness about them, but seemed to serve as an incentive to others to want to fight to gain the victory in their task. Yet it seemed that even these still had hope that they might gain the crown if they were ready to fight for it.

31. (Mama: ) It's so interesting how the Lord sees things, isn't it? And it's so different from the way our carnal minds can view them! I pray that little peek into His perspective is inspiring and encouraging as well as convicting for you. That bum on the street might be here to pass a special test and might have a very special calling in Heaven! So don't judge your worth by how much credit you receive for your job here—that's not at all what it's about! Just be faithful, and then you'll get the credit There, and it will last for eternity!

In summary:

32. (Mama:) True success is fulfilling the Lord's will for you—no matter what that is.

Key promise:

33. Claiming the keys of faithfulness will enhance your gifts and your usefulness‚ because you'll be where I want you, when I want you.

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Challenging Thot:

34. (Jesus: ) Never forget about what's awaiting you on the other side, because each day you have to make the choice‚ "Am I going to get my rewards now or later? Am I going to take what's offered here, or am I going to hold out for something better?" The wise choice is to wait, because what is in store for you later will be better and last longer than anything you could choose on Earth.

Feeling It?

The issue:

35. (Mama:) Some of you, you teens especially, don't always "feel" passionate about serving the Lord. You don't really doubt your place in the Family. You don't really think about leaving and haven't pictured yourselves doing anything different. You don't feel a strong pull from the world and you don't want to live in the System. You don't really want to leave, but you feel confused, because you don't "feel" a "strong" desire to be in the Family either.

36. On the one hand, you do think the Family is the place for you, but on the other hand, because you don't have strong emotions about it‚ it causes you to wonder if this really is the place for you. You don't "feel" dedicated and committed. You feel like you're faking it, because you don't have the feelings. The way you see it is‚ you have to "feel" dedicated to qualify for discipleship.

God's mind on the matter:

37. (Jesus:) It would be wonderful if you always "felt" passionate about serving Me and about your place in the Family; if you had a driving motivation to witness and win souls; if you counted the minutes until you could go out and follow up on your sheep; if each Activated mag you got out gave you the rush of knowing you might have just saved someone's spiritual life; if your times of praising and loving Me thrilled you; and if the whole idea of being in the Family, being part of My Endtime army, filled you with a sense of purpose. It you felt all this, it would make it easy in some ways to live the life of a disciple, because then you could ride the wave of motivation by feelings. This is reassuring‚ and it's a blessing to those who do experience such feelings.

38. Most of the time, however, serving Me is a life of simple faith, believing without seeing, believing without feeling, following My Word out of obedience, without the rush or the passion to go along with it. It's often a greater test of your faith when you follow Me step by step without the help of "feeling it." This is not a sign of weakness, and often it makes you stronger because you know it's a choice you've made without any help. When you dedicate your life to Me and stick it out in the Family, I will always bless you for that, and if you do it on blind faith alone without the highs and feeling the driving passion to encourage you to continue on‚ I often bless you even more in other ways, because it is a greater test.

39. You can think of your service for Me as being like a marriage. Some couples fall in love and remain in love their whole lives together. They get a rush, butterflies, almost every time they see or think about their partner. Others start their relationship with the highs of passion and then it settles down to a steady‚ secure flame. Some couples never feel the rush; they just know they were meant for each other and they make a good team, and they go on to have long, happy marriages.

40. You can't say one relationship is better than another, or that couples who have feelings are more committed or have a better marriage than those who don't. Feelings aren't what decide the success of a relationship; it's the decision‚ the commitment to do it, come what may.

41. It's similar to how I see your life of service for Me. Some people get a high every time they hear from Me, and some people need this, so I bless them with it. Others of My disciples have a heart that weeps for the lost and yearns to reach them, and that is their motivation to go out and lead others to Me. Some people are happy to serve Me and follow Me day by day without any overwhelming feelings or driving rush. They aren't made that way or haven't experienced it yet‚ but this doesn't make them any less dedicated if they don't "feel" that way.

42. You can "feel" passionate about serving Me, and many do, but that is not a condition for being a disciple. That alone is not an indication of your level of discipleship. If you are trying your best to be a doer of My Word‚ giving Me your time, your love, and your devotion, and making the decision daily to yield your life in active service for Me, then you are a disciple, and you will receive blessings and rewards from Me in this life and in the life to come.


43. (Jesus:) I sometimes allow people to feel passionate about serving Me‚ but you can never judge a matter by feelings. You can't gauge your level of discipleship according to how you feel. Feelings are fleeting and fickle‚ they come and go, and are up and down, and if you go by feelings, you'll be standing on shaky ground. There's nothing rock-solid about feelings, so please don't rely on them to measure how you are doing spiritually, and especially don't let them be your monitor as to how you are doing in the commitment and dedication department.

44. My Word makes it very clear that I don't want you to go by feelings. I want you to walk by faith, not by sight, so a lack of feelings and emotions should not bother you. It's faith that pleases Me. If you'll do a little study on this‚ you'll find My Word never points you to put trust in your feelings, but it frequently talks about faith, trust, and belief.

45. I want you to take things by faith. I want your trust and your yieldedness, and when you obey the things I tell you to do through blind obedience, this is the kind of faith and trust that pleases Me most.

46. There's a positive side to not having strong feelings and emotions. You can turn this into one of your strongest assets, because if you are lacking in feelings and have no desires of your own, you can more readily get My mind on matters and find out what My desires are. Your feelings will not so easily get in the way of you hearing My thoughts and getting My direction.

47. Human feelings and emotions can be very strong, but if yours are not that strong, or are even nonexistent, when you pray and hear from Me, it will be easier for you to follow the things I tell you to do‚ because you won't be so apt to be influenced or carried away by your own feelings and emotions.

48. This isn't to say that strong feelings or emotions always lead you astray. David, for example, was a fiery and passionate prophet, but was also very yielded to My will and My ways, and his emotions did not pervert his judgments. Those who do feel strongly about a matter should seek to be as yielded as he was.

49. Regardless of how you may happen to feel, if you love Me, walk by faith, and obey My Word, your relationship with Me will be firm and I'll keep you steady and stable.

In summary:

50. (Mama:) Passionate feelings are nice, but they are not an indicator of your love, dedication, and commitment to discipleship. You are not to judge, gauge, or measure things by your feelings and emotions.

51. Lack of feelings is not a sign of weakness; it's a greater test of your faith, which makes you strong. If you dedicate your life to the Lord and follow Him‚ even if you lack in strong, passionate feelings, you'll be blessed in even greater ways, having passed greater tests.

52. You've got to take things by faith. It really doesn't matter if you "feel" the passion and emotion. As I have shared with you before, most of the time I don't "feel" the passion and emotion either! It's your faith in His Word, your yieldedness, and obedience that counts and that pleases the Lord.

Key promise:

53. The keys of faith and trust will help you to believe, yield, obey and serve Me, even when you are lacking in feelings and emotions.

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Challenging Thot:

54. (Dad: ) A disciple is one who follows the leadings and teachings. When Jesus called His disciples‚ He said: "He that forsakes not all that he has cannot be My disciple. If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself, take up his cross daily and follow Me. Whosoever will save his life will lose it, but whosoever will lose his life for My sake, the same will save it. No man can serve two masters—you cannot serve God and mammon. By this shall all men know that you are My disciples, if you have love one to another. If you continue in My Word, then are you My disciples indeed. Herein is My Father glorified, that you bear much fruit, so shall you be My disciples. You have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you and ordained you, that you should go and bring forth fruit‚ and that your fruit should remain. You are bought with a price‚ therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's."

55. Never once did He mention feelings; never once did He say you had to feel passionate about serving Him. He never made feelings and emotions a requisite to discipleship. But He did say, "Blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed."

The Poor-Me's

The issue:

56. (Mama: ) Some of you feel that your lot in life is worse than others, and you tend to be very vocal about it. You criticize others and talk down about their struggles, making them seem insignificant, because you feel that your own struggles are worse. You openly talk about how much harder things are for you, and you let it be known how much more difficult it is for you to cope with change than it is for others.

57. If something needs to be done, you begrudgingly agree to do it, but only after you've spelled out in an unwilling and murmury tone all the reasons why it'll be so much harder for you than if someone else did it. You easily become critical; you feel you work hard and others are lazy. Some of you feel it's your lot in life to go through spiritual "martyrdom‚" that God purposely makes life difficult for you, so you must be better because you're more "tried" and have greater battles, whether spiritual attacks, afflictions, or others.

58. You try to appear willing, but this often backfires on you because you don't have the right motives; you want praise for your good works. You're heavily laden with burdens and cares you've placed on your own shoulders, yet you tend to blame your struggles on the work, on the people you live with, on your shepherds, on your Home, and even on the Lord. Your self-centered, self-pity attitude is misery for you and a drag for others. It's difficult to pull out of this sorry state, because as you see things‚ life is harder for you, and new challenges are a drag.

God's mind on the matter:

59. (Dad: ) The Lord works fair and square in each person's life, according to what He knows they need and can handle. He doesn't allow an overabundance of problems in one person's life while making another's load extremely light. God works differently with each person, and in His omniscience He knows exactly what's best. The bottom line is that it's a manifestation of pride and unyieldedness when you have this type of attitude.

60. It's wrong to adopt the "martyrdom" mindset and continually lament your vexation of spirit, which often does not accurately reflect the struggles you're going through or the burdens you carry, but instead is a spirit of murmuring and complaint that God is unfair in the tests He metes out to each individual.

61. There's nothing to be gained in vocalizing your trials, in boasting that you give and sacrifice so much, in trying to pat yourself on the back and gain sympathy, while at the same time you're tearing others down. This self-pity attitude is nothing more than a spirit of pride! You're looking for an excuse, a way out of having to do what the Lord is asking of you, and if you continue to go down this road, it leads to a lack of willingness of spirit‚ unyieldedness, and to more murmuring and despair. You'll become stubborn and fight against the Lord's plan for you; you'll always be pointing the finger at someone else or some other situation‚ anything but putting the blame on yourself.

62. You don't want to admit that you're unwilling and proud; it offends you when someone suggests that if you just got up off your fanny and started praising the Lord for whatever He brings your way and facing the problem head-on, things would start looking up. Instead, you sit down to tea with the Enemy; you share your woes with Mr. and Mrs. Doubt and all their little doublets, who give you a hand in enumerating your problems and expounding on the difficulties you face.

63. Watch out, folks! When you allow yourself to take on this poor-me mindset, you're giving place to the Devil. There's no disputing this fact!

64. Life for the Lord requires sacrifice. The Lord never promised a cushy lifestyle. He promised the rigors of battle‚ forsaking of personal preferences‚ sacrifice, and giving all to Him. He wants your willingness to take the bitter things in life and learn from them. He wants the surrender of your will in order to do His.

65. Have you lost the vision and forgotten that your life is supposed to be a living sacrifice unto the Lord? The life of a disciple is to be a sample of faith‚ sacrifice, obedience, yieldedness, humility, and love.

66. Where's your spirit of praise and your joy of the Lord? Is your antenna pointing upward? Or is it turned down toward the muck and the mire of your own stinking self? Remember the little quote that says, "If you think‚ think, think, you're gonna sink, sink, sink, because you stink, stink, stink!" Your spirit of self–pity and your attitude that you're doing it all yourself stinks! When you try so hard in the arm of the flesh to appear "willing," but your spirit is anything but willing, it's nothing but husks—empty works of man. You're not allowing the Lord's Spirit to possess you and pour through you, to fill your mind and heart and spirit with the joy of your salvation.

67. It's akin to the Scribes and Pharisees who tried to keep every jot and tittle of the law to prove to others that they loved the Lord and that they followed His Word. But they were full of hot air, because they didn't live the doctrine, they didn't live in love, and they didn't have the energy of the Spirit running through their veins. They were empty, self-satisfied, critical hypocrites with their stinking holier–than-thou attitudes. Don't you be the same way!

68. You've read in the Word many times how the battles and tests in life are good for you—they bring a richness of spirit that can't be obtained any other way. But you want to prove you're made of tough stuff and that you can handle the battles on your own. Rather than letting the Lord work through you, you lean on self-works‚ which turn out to be nothing but dead works. You lack joy in your spirit, happiness in your sacrifice, and faith in the Lord's promises, and what's worse, you look down on those who do have it. You label them as having an easier lot in life than you do. You're lifted up in pride about your own sacrifice. You have the wrong attitude and you're yielding to the wrong spirit. You blame all of your problems on something or someone else‚ rather than rising above them.

69. There are always going to be tough things to face in the Lord's service; there are difficult battles that test your faith; there is sacrifice and you have to give until it hurts sometimes, but in return you have everything to gain. As David Livingstone said, "I've never made a sacrifice for God." What you stand to gain far surpasses any sacrifice you can ever make. You gain the joy of the Lord, His blessings for your giving, and His rewards for your sacrifice.

70. There's no comparison when you look at it in this light, because not only does the Lord repay those who give cheerfully in this life, but He's already stockpiling even greater rewards that He'll place at your feet when you get up here. But He can't fully reward you for the deeds you do for others in a begrudging spirit. He can't pour down the blessings that come through yieldedness when you're not surrendering willingly and cheerfully.

71. When you operate in that poor-me‚ self-pity attitude, you tie His hands. You put limits on Him and He can't satisfy your spirit with a full measure of joy and happiness when you're unwilling and you're following merely out of duty or because you want others to see your good works. To hell with your good works and your pitiful attempts to do the right thing in the arm of the flesh! It stinks!

72. Live for the Lord and this Family and the lost sheep simply out of a desire to please Him. Stop trying to prove your worth by bragging about your sacrifices. When you do, you make the commandments of the Lord—to give to Him freely‚ to sacrifice and surrender your life to Him fully—of no effect.

73. Without love, all the works of your hands are nothing. When you are unwilling in spirit, when you complain about your lot in life, when you murmur about the tests He allows, and when you compare with those around you, thinking that they have a better deal than you, you lose the motivation of love to follow the Lord and give of yourself no matter how much it hurts or what it requires of you.

74. God puts the pressure on in our lives as He sees fit. Who are you to question Him? Who are you to presume that you know better than Him? Who are you to say that He is unjust in His dealings with you? You're missing the point.

75. Live your life as a disciple, one who gives all no matter what the cost. A true disciple doesn't question the leadings of his Master, Jesus; he obeys out of love and deference. He trusts that Jesus has a plan, knows his frame, and allows and plans for things as He knows best. A disciple knows that he cannot make a sacrifice for God; that all things work together for good to them who love the Lord; that there's a wonderful plan that the Lord wants to accomplish in his life, even if he doesn't understand at the moment. He knows and believes that his light afflictions [tests and trials] are but for a moment, and that they will work for him a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory, and he praises the Lord for it.

76. Are you a disciple or aren't you? If you are, then let God have the controls on your life. Stop pretending to yield when you're withholding. Either trust God with all you've got or you're not really trusting Him at all.

77. If the shoe to this issue fits you—get help. You don't have to live with a complaining, murmuring, proud spirit another day. Call on your mates, ask for the laying on of hands, and get delivered from your draggy old self! Start praising the Lord and keep it up until you praise your way right out of the pit where the Devil is trying to keep you.

78. The Lord can change your attitudes. He can change your spirit through the power of the keys. Don't delay, get prayer and start praising today, because we need you, the Lord needs you‚ and the world needs you! The keys of change can pull you through. Take the first step and the Lord will do what you can't do. Call on the keys of acceptance and claim the change you desire, and you will get it! Pray, and ask Him to do it right now!

In summary:

79. (Mama:) Life is fair and God is good. He knows what He's doing when He passes out the burdens and the tests He sees fit to allow in each of our lives. He knows exactly what we need and He works differently in each life. If you go around vocalizing the tests and trials you bear; if you pat yourself on the back because you think you give and sacrifice so much; if you criticize and tear others down; if you've fallen into a poor-me spirit of self-pity; if you give in to pride; if you're murmuring and complaining and dragging yourself down and others down with you; if you're leaning on self-works; if you lack joy, happiness, and faith; if you complain that others have it easier than you do; if you're lifted up in pride and you blame all your problems on something or someone else, you need help and deliverance. Don't delay, get prayer, and get out of this horrible trap of the Enemy!

80. It's hard for you to pull yourself out of this state, but not too hard for the Lord. That's what the power of the keys is for. Don't wait another minute, start praising and claiming the keys today!

81. And even if you don't have a specific problem with "poor me's," this message is still important for you. Making sacrifices is a part of our lives for the Lord‚ and we need to do what He asks of us cheerfully and with a thankful heart—not in a spirit of murmuring and complaining. Having a positive outlook and being cheerful about sacrifices is a part of discipleship. So let's all try to have a better attitude! It's an improvement our Husband can help us all to make that will change our lives—and the lives of those we live with—for the better!

Key promises:

82. The keys of new life, praise, joy, and happiness are strong enough to overpower a poor-me spirit. The keys enable you to have complete transformation.

83. Call on the keys of deliverance when pride, self-pity, criticalness, and discontent engulf you, and My light will chase away the darkness and restore to you the joy of your salvation.

Dig deeper:

*"Let's Talk About Jesus‚" ML #20:2-4, 6‚ 8, 10, 11, 13‚ 15; DB 4.

*"Dumps‚" ML #33:1-3, 8-16, 18, 24-25, 27-31‚ 38; Vol.1

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*"Victory Over Comparing, Part 2," ML #3328:2-3, 6-7, 9‚ GN 999

*"Thankfulness," 1-4,7; Word Basics

Challenging Thot:

84. (Dad: ) Why not put the keys of full possession to the test? Let them prove to you that it is possible to overcome the spirit you often have the most trouble with—your own. Prove the keys of full possession and let His Spirit take full control! Let go of yourself, let go of your pride and your own righteousness, and let Jesus go to work in you. Let go and let God have His wonderful way in your heart, mind‚ spirit, and life today!

A Word on the "Dig Deeper" Letter Links

85. (Mama:) We've received many thanks and very good reactions to this "Shooting Straight" series. Praise our Answer Man Who has given us His mind on these matters, either directly or through dear Dad and a number of other departed saints and spirit helpers. Many of you have commented on the Letter links that are included in these GNs, saying they are a tremendous study aid. Praise the Lord!

86. Regarding these links, the Lord has laid on my heart an important point I'd like to share with you. As you've noticed, the links include both new and old Word, some dating back to the very early Letters. The excerpts from the older Letters are a confirmation and reinforcement of the Words the Lord is giving us today. When reading the Letter links, as with all Word, please remember the principles Dad taught us on the importance of being Spirit-led in applying the Word to your particular set of circumstances. The Lord or Dad or we do not expect every single Family member to apply every single jot and tittle of the older Letters in the way it was given at that time‚ if it does not apply to your particular situation today.

87. One of the most important foundation principles that Dad taught us was to hear from the Lord fresh every day and follow what He says to do today. Some of the things Dad told us 25 years ago, and the manner and tone he said them in, were attuned to the times and the needs of the Family at the time. Dad freely gave what the Lord led him to give, and it was just what we needed. Overall, today the Lord is giving His Words in a different manner and tone, tailored for today and to meet today's needs. This does not in any way negate the Words of the past and the basic principles they contain. The Word‚ old and new, does not contradict; but as Dad clearly taught us, you must always pray‚ weigh scripture against scripture, and follow how the Lord shows you to apply the Word today. You can't interpret the Word by the letter of the law; you've got to interpret it by the Spirit.

88. We've grown and matured as a Family and a movement, and the Lord is putting more responsibility on each of you to seek Him regarding how to apply the Word in your lives. He does not want you to be led of the law, but He wants you to apply the Word by being Spirit-led and hearing from Him on how to apply it in your specific situation.

89. The excerpts from the older Letters show the continuity between the past and the present, they confirm what the Lord is saying today, and they contain basic principles that are wise to review. But again, keep in mind that the tone and presentation of the older Letters is often different than the newer Word, because it was geared to the times and the needs of our early days. Therefore some aspects of the older Word may not apply to your situation today. Pray, and be Spirit-led; follow God fresh every day. May our faithful Word-giver continue to lead and guide you as you read‚ study‚ pray, apply and obey His Words.

When Is Anger Justified?

The issue:

90. (Mama:) Some people get angry. They get upset and speak in a loud or angry voice. Some even use the excuse that Dad sometimes got angry, so they think it's okay and justified to show anger.

God's mind on the matter:

91. (Jesus:) My Word admonishes you to "be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath." And it is followed up in the next verse by, "Neither give place to the Devil" (Eph.4:26,27). It is put like that so you can see the connection. The wrath of man does not work the righteousness of God, but rather it works the unrighteousness of Satan. Anger is rarely godly.

92. Those who have a problem with anger should seek deliverance. Some have justified themselves, saying that David got angry‚ so they are merely emulating him. Well, perhaps those who say that should emulate David in all things. It is so often the case that people pick and choose, justifying some actions because David was occasionally that way, or criticizing him because he was another way.

93. If you are going to measure yourself against David‚ then you need to measure yourself in all things and see if you match up. Do you have the love and forgiving nature that he had? Do you have the love for Me and My Word that he had? Do you continually seek Me as he did? Are you ready to sacrifice all things as he did?

94. David never told you to copy him in all things. He never told you to measure yourself next to him. He battled discouragement at times, and he didn't want you to copy him in everything, but instead told you to measure yourself against the Word—Me. Comparing with others, and justifying yourself because of what they do or how they are, is not wise.

95. Men of force are men of faults. David certainly had his faults, as do you all, yet he was a man after My Own heart. He was a sinner saved by grace, as are you all, yet he loved Me with a rare and undying passion, and still does. So although you can look up to people as examples, you are wise to use only My Word when it comes to knowing what is right and wrong, and David will be the first one to tell you this.

96. David was not always right to be angry‚ and he has readily admitted it. Yet there were times when I led him to act in righteous anger. But unless you are ready to take on all the traits of David and endure the responsibility he carried and the sacrifices he made, you had better steer clear of anger or justifying any of your actions by saying, "Dad did it."


97. (Jesus: ) David's humility and honesty to admit his faults is one of the things that made him into the leader and the great man of God that he was. He wasn't afraid to share his blunders, his human frailties, or even his human errors that sometimes clouded the message or correction I wanted to give to the Family or to an individual. But David was humble enough to admit those faults and show that he was just as human as everyone else—he wasn't perfect.

98. Many people lack that same quality of honest humility, the willingness to admit that sometimes they get in the way of what I'm trying to say, that their humanness sometimes obstructs and hinders the correct presentation. That's a good question to ask yourself as well: Do you have the honest humility to admit to others when you've erred or not been in line with My Spirit?


99. (Dad: ) It's true. I got upset, mad‚ angry and furious at the Enemy and the way he worked in the lives and hearts of the evil men of this world. It was a "love the sinner, hate the sin" type of anger that often fueled my fire‚ and I wrote about it.

100. In those cases it was righteous anger manifested through one of God's prophets. Look at Elijah and the power the Lord gave him when the 450 prophets of Baal were slain! That's an example of righteous anger and indignation of the Lord.

101. But the big difference here is that you have to know what the balance is between your own emotions and the Lord's Spirit falling on you. You can't rely on your emotions and feelings and what upsets you. You've got to be desperate with the Lord, and so close to Him that you're afraid to let your temper boil over, or to let your own heated emotions be manifested toward others. There's a very definite line between the Lord's Spirit and your own evil nature or bad habits coming through.

102. I think this is one area that people have taken what I have said and done and used it as a justification for their own problems or uncontrolled spirits and emotions. That isn't right. There were definite times in my life when the Lord spoke through me and worked through me, and it came out as righteous anger. There were other times when it wasn't really the Lord‚ and I was peeved or upset about something that bothered me and I had to apologize.

103. You've got to be Spirit-led. You've got to be desperate and not allow yourselves to get all riled up about things—unless, in a very rare case, it's something the Lord has specifically spoken to you about and given you very clear direction on—but these times will be few and far between. The safest thing is to make it a rule to never get upset or raise your voice at all. It's much safer that way, and making this a habit will safeguard you from getting filled with your own righteousness instead of the Lord's. Everything and anything can go wrong if you allow anger to take over. You'll make big mistakes and do things that you'll regret in the future.

104. When you feel anger building up inside about things that are genuinely wrong‚ you'd better stop and pray‚ call on the keys of full possession, insight, temperance and patience, and let the Lord lead. The Lord might show you the problem and show you that something needs attention, but if you proceed in your own strength, if you are out of step with Him, you might have the right motive, but the wrong delivery.

105. There were times when I got upset and belted it out through my Letters and to the folks I lived with—but you have to look at the other side as well. You've got to balance things out and look at the many times I wept and cried and apologized and asked for forgiveness and mercy.

106. So don't use my example and what the Lord did through me as an excuse to let your unruly spirit manifest itself in trying to right the wrongs, correct people, or expose the Enemy in anger. Be desperate in prayer and hear from Him on how to proceed, what to do or not do, and how to present things in the most effective and loving way. The spirit you deliver the message in is very important, and you've got to pray and ask the Lord to help you say things in the right tone. Operating in anger isn't always raising your voice and shouting. If you are speaking harshly, if you're communicating in a hard and gruff spirit, these things aren't of the Lord.

107. God is a God of love, and so is Jesus, His Son. Love is the touchstone of everything and anything we as disciples of the Lord do. You should weep and cry and let your heart break for those you live with‚ work with, or teach. Don't go around blasting people and using my example or that of the Bible as your justification. It's wrong and ungodly to do that. "Vengeance is Mine, saith the Lord; I will repay" (Rom.12:19). "But let it rather be healed" (Heb.12:13). Let love lead and guide you in everything you do. Let the peace that passes all understanding fill your heart and life today.


108. (Jesus:) He who has no control over his spirit is like a city that is broken down and without walls. There are numerous references in My Word to those who are foolish and lack wisdom, those who get upset easily or say things they shouldn't.

109. As My children and My representatives on Earth, it's vital that you control your spirits and keep them in check. This includes restraining yourselves from raising your voice and getting upset, shouting, arguing in an angry spirit, yelling at others, being harsh and stern in your communications.

110. I am pictured as a dove—a soft, cooing dove that lands where it is wanted and is easily shooed away. I am not like the wolf who howls and destroys, but like the gentle lamb. I want you to be more like Me and take on the attributes that I am known by.

111. There is no reason to shout or yell at others. Raising your voice does nothing but put the person you're shouting and yelling at on the defensive. It's demeaning and degrading to have someone shout at you.

112. I am an advocate of "do unto others as you would have them do to you." Raising your voice and getting upset only makes others feel uncomfortable, on the spot, humiliated, and degraded.

113. Parents should never yell or scream at their kids or teens, nor should they take their frustrations out on them and be too gruff or hard, and the same goes for husbands with wives, peers with peers, shepherds with sheep, Family members with outsiders, or whatever combination of people you can come up with!

114. Pray for a meek and quiet spirit, one that I will not despise. Pray for wisdom and tact, love and patience. Pray against the spirit of haste, of being too rough and harsh in your speech and actions, against rushed judgment‚ verbal anger and abuse, and especially against violence of any sort. I am a Man of Peace and I came to portray that spirit in all that I did and said. Take on My attributes as you claim the power of the keys. They will transform you into loving conversationalists, good disciplinarians, and tactful messengers of My truth.

In summary:

115. (Mama: ) Righteous anger was sometimes manifested through God's prophets, but anger is seldom called for. It's a serious thing to lose control over your own spirit‚ to get upset and raise your voice. If you've got a problem with anger in any form, whether it's yelling and raising your voice, or whether it's manifested in harsh and gruff actions and speech, you should study the Word on the subject and ask for prayer.

116. The safest thing is to make it a habit to never raise your voice at all, to be desperate in prayer. Ask the Lord to help you keep a check on your spirit and hear from Him on how to proceed. This will safeguard you from getting filled with your own righteousness instead of the Lord's. The best way is the loving way.

Key promise:

117. The power of the keys will help you to be like Me—slow to anger, patient, loving, kind, sympathetic, forgiving, always loving, always leading, not pushing or driving, always feeding and encouraging and strengthening My sheep.

Dig deeper:

*"Prayer for Love and Mercy," ML #75:1, 4-13, 17-18, 27-28; Vol.1

*"The Meekness Dream," ML #1250, DB 1

*"On Guard‚" ML #1377:50–54, GN Book 3

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*FJWL 1: #259

*"Anger," Good Thots 1

*"Anger!—One Letter Short of Danger," Treasures

*"Anger and Temper," Word Topics

Challenging Thots:

118. (Jesus: ) Are you quick to praise and love, and slow to wrath? When you feel like getting upset, do you slow down, stop and pray, and proceed in love? Love is the answer. Love is the key. Love is the way you should operate in every case, at every instance. There's never a good reason not to do things "the love way." Even when it's necessary to give correction or punishment, do it in love. "By this shall all men know that you are My disciples, if you have love one to another" (Jn.13:35). Are you known by your love?


119. (Dad: ) Look at Moses. He got upset and fumed and ranted and raved at those rebellious Jews. He was mad and gave'm hell! The Lord told him to speak to the rock, but he was a man of emotion and passion, and instead he let the rock have it. He let loose in his own anger with all his strength and might and whacked that rock, and look at where it got him!—He was barred from entering the Promised Land as a result.

120. There can be serious consequences for being led by your own spirit, for not following the Lord's leading to be loving and Spirit–led. If you don't, you might find yourself in trouble with the Lord for not controlling your own spirit and natural reactions.

Are You Activating the World?

The issue:

121. (Mama:) Our Husband tells us we can judge a matter by the fruit. After all that He has said about the need to distribute our Activated mags and tools, the bottom line is, many of us are still not hitting the mark. Overall, there is lack of vision to get out and distribute this invaluable tool. Many Family members still lack the faith, conviction, determination, and boldness to get out and sell the mag.

God's mind on the matter:

122. (Jesus: ) If you were served a piece of bread and a glass of water, and at the same time had other food and drink in abundance, that water and bread wouldn't seem so appealing or important to satisfying your hunger. Yet to those who were dying of thirst and hunger, they would be the difference between life and death!

123. So it is with the Activated mags. You in My Family have the food and water of life in such abundance that you're glutted, and you often fail to see the value of that which is in your hand. You eat and drink freely of the written Word, and you feed daily on the living Word. You look at the Activated mags and you like their appearance and content, but to many of you it's really a drop in the bucket compared to all you possess.

124. Each month more and more New Wine pours into your vessels, and when you compare what you have with the content of the Activated mags, you're tempted to think of it as trivial. Therefore‚ at times you don't go forth with conviction when you're trying to sell subscriptions, because you know that the riches you possess are far greater than the relatively smaller jewels contained in Activated. The satiated do not value things as much as the destitute.

125. You must pray that you can see things from others' perspectives. Ask Me to override your viewpoint and help you to see what you have from the viewpoint of the spiritually hungry, thirsty, and destitute. For only then can you value what you have‚ and have the conviction, determination, and boldness to peddle it. Then you will know that you hold in your hands the staff of life‚ the cure for all that ails the spiritually sick, the food that will provide true sustenance to the spiritually starving. Pray for Me to be able to give you this appreciation for your product.

126. You in My Family need to pray that I will help you to see the value of the Activated mag to the person who has nothing. Ask Me to take you on a trip so you may see the value of what you have, similar to Scrooge in A Christmas Carol. I'm not saying you are misers like Scrooge, but what I am saying is that when the spirits took him through his life and he was able to see things from another perspective, it changed his life for the better forever. He saw that his riches weren't to be hoarded, but that using them for the benefit of others provided the greatest satisfaction in life.

127. That was just a story‚ but it was an anointed one—one that has touched the lives of millions ever since it was written. You of My children can ask Me to take you on such an experience or achieve the same results through another method. Then your lives will change and you will appreciate what you have and what you can give others.

128. Follow-up is such a key, because it brings you closer to the realm of the needy. Getting involved in the lives of the sheep and seeing their needs helps to foster a great appreciation for what you have in My Family. Those of you who have a thriving follow-up ministry are by and large the ones who are most enthused over Activated.

129. In summary, let Me say this: Those who are sold on the product will be the ones who promote it the most! To get sold on the product, the promoter must seek to see things from the customer's perspective, especially the destitution and hunger of their soul, and how the mag will bring them so much love, joy, life and hope.

130. If you in My Family will ask Me to open your eyes to this, I will do it. I will give you a greater appreciation for these mags and the magical words they contain, and a great satisfaction of heart and spirit when you distribute them‚ for you will understand what an effect they are having.

In summary:

131. (Mama:) Our Husband summed this one up perfectly‚ and I say, amen! God help you to get out and do the job!

Key promise:

132. The keys of vision will help you value the tools I have put in your hands; the keys of conviction, determination, faith, and love for the lost will give you power to activate the world.

Dig deeper:

*"What Is Full-Time Discipleship?" ML #3469:309-340, GN 1056

*"Activate the World, Part 1," ML #3348:7-19, 22-23, 34; GN 943

*"Activate the World, Part 2," ML #3358:4-7, 9‚ 12, 13; GN 955

*"Activate the World, Part 8," ML #3460:13-26, 28-38; GN 1045

*"Show Me the Money," ML #3462:181-182, 191-203‚ GN 1048

Challenging Thot:

133. (Dad:) Believe me, when you get up here and it's time to review your life, it won't be all the great things you've done that will be most outstanding to you, but the things you were supposed to do and didn't do. I've told you many times that there are going to be tears in Heaven. Knowing that you possessed the truth, the Words of freedom‚ the cure for all ailments‚ the bread of life, water to quench all thirst, but you withheld from the hungry, you denied the thirsty, you didn't give to the needy—knowing you had it all, but you held back, that's when the tears will roll. That will be the saddest time you've ever experienced.

134. But the good news is, this moment never has to come. It's not too late, if you'll get down on your knees and cry out to the Lord, call on the keys‚ and depend on their power to help you be doers of these words, to help you get out and do the job before it's too late.


The issue:

135. (Mama: ) Many of you are not as saving as you should be and, sad to say, you waste things. The problem is sometimes compounded when provisioning is abundant. It's not always a conscious decision you make to waste, but it's there in the subconscious when the Lord generously supplies, when you're tempted to feel like, "Oh well, we don't have to be so saving‚ we'll just get more‚" or "We have too much anyway." It's almost a habit with some that has been formed over many years of enjoying the Lord's ample supply.

God's mind on the matter:

136. (Jesus:) In the beginning I created the world so that there would be enough for everyone. My way is the "Land of Not Too Much" way, where everyone has just what they need—not too much and not too little.

137. The world is unbalanced in this way to an extreme degree. There are the few rich and powerful, the multitudes of poor and destitute, and a lot of people somewhere in-between. I let you‚ My children, experience different degrees of "abundance" in different areas at different times.

138. If you receive an abundance of a certain item in provisioning, it's human nature to take it for granted, to not worry about wasting it, and not put forth the effort to use only what you actually need. If you live in a place where water, electricity, and other essentials are cheap and plentiful, you can tend to hardly give a second thought about how much you're using.

139. You of the second generation for the most part grew up living frugally and were taught to be saving, but now some of you tend to look at being saving as a thing of the past.

140. But in reality, being saving is important to Me, and it's important for you. For one thing, it's a good testimony to your contacts, friends, and sheep to see you have a good balance and are not wasteful. When you are good stewards and do your best to use the things you have wisely and not wastefully, it plays a big part in helping them trust you, and it makes it much easier for them to give to you. It's a good sample.

141. Being saving also has a profound effect on your children and their attitudes and behavior. Children who are not taught the value of things, to be saving, to spend money wisely, etc., tend to take things for granted and develop spoiled, "rich kid," demanding, irresponsible attitudes.

142. Negligence with the things I give you affects how much I am able to supply for you‚ because it's one of the laws of My Spirit that I look at what you do with what you've got before I bless you with more.

143. When you're wasteful, it has an effect on your spiritual life. I can't bless and prosper you in every way, both physically and spiritually, when you're not trying your best to live the way I intended for man to live. Wastefulness is not My way. You are My showcase to the world; you're supposed to be a sample of living truly godly lives in every way. This includes good stewardship and not being wasteful.

144. So check your heart to see how you're faring in this department. Are you being frugal and thrifty? Are you being faithful stewards over the things I have given you? If you have an abundance in any area, are you sharing it with others in the Family or with the poor? Do your best to be a 110% revolutionary in every area, and I will bless you immeasurably.

145. A little thing is a little thing, but faithfulness in the little things is a great thing to Me. When I look for those to whom I know I can give more responsibility or more blessings, I look for faithful men and women. Being faithful stewards, saving, and diligent, is very important, and this is why I have said many things about it in My Word. David also had a lot to say on the subject. These words still hold true. So My advice to you is to study the Scriptures and the Letters on the subject.

146. Will you be slothful?—Or faithful, diligent and wise‚ so that I can say to you, "Well done, My good and faithful servant; you have been faithful over a few things, now I will make you ruler over many." I don't judge by how successful you are; I judge by how faithful you are.

In summary:

147. (Mama:) The Lord cannot bless waste. Being saving is not a thing of the past. It's important to Him and it's important for you, because His blessings hinge on how faithful you are with the things He gives you. Diligence and being saving is an important part of your sample. It encourages friends and contacts to give‚ it teaches your children proper values, and it puts you in line to receive blessings.

148. The Lord can't let you prosper in every way, physically and spiritually, if you're not trying your best to live the way He intended—including being faithful stewards. The law of His Spirit is that when you're faithful with a little, He'll bless you with more. Study the Word and Letters on this subject, and be saving, faithful, and diligent with the things the Lord has entrusted to your care, and He'll bless you with more.

Additional reading:

149. (Dad: ) The other side of the coin, dear Family, is that you don't want to collect junk and storage galore. Remember the Letter I wrote years ago, "God's Against Storage"? If you're being wasteful because you're unfaithful with what God has given you, or you think He'll just supply for you no matter what you do and no matter what you throw away, then He's not going to feel like supplying your needs. But there is a difference between being wasteful and being giving. You don't want to let what the Lord supplies go to waste, but when you have an abundance, you don't want to hoard it either. Give it away! If you are forsaking things and giving them away for the sake of keeping your belongings trimmed down, to keep the pioneering and missionary spirit‚ then that's a good thing.

150. It's not good to collect storage and be so "saving" that your life and Home is filled with clutter. That just weighs you down. But neither is it good to treat what God gives you wastefully. If you don't need something, confirm your plan with the Lord and give it away. Give it to someone else who does need it. Give it to the poor. Ask the Lord what He wants you to do with it. God doesn't want you to keep everything just so you can be sure you're not being "wasteful." Ask Him how He wants you to share your abundance with others, rather than just storing it. The important thing is to ask the Lord.

151. Ask the Lord for a just balance. Don't be wasteful, but also don't collect and "save" so much that you get bogged down with junk.

Key promise:

152. When you reach out to the keys of faithfulness, good stewardship‚ and diligence, they will help you to be frugal and saving, and you'll be blessed.

Dig deeper:

*"Owe No Man," ML #701:37-38‚ 56-57; Vol.6

*"The Tithe," ML #702:1,3,10–12,21-23,77; Vol.6

*"The Ragman," ML #1833:1, 2, 9‚ 11, 17, 32-37, 41, 46-47; Vol.15

*"Show Me the Money," ML #3462:126-133; GN 1047

*"Show Me the Money," ML #3462:404-433, GN 1050

*"Austerity," Word Topics

Challenging Thot:

153. (Dad: ) You determine your own future. What part you play in the future will not be determined by one triumph, or by any one great feat that you perform, but it will be determined by many little things that add up to a big thing—either for better or worse.

154. The diligent will rule with the Lord in His coming Kingdom on Earth. They'll have positions of importance and be governors, judges, kings; the slothful will not. Your faithfulness in the little things, how saving you are‚ how diligent you are, your good stewardship or lack of it—this determines your future. The more the Lord finds He can trust you with, the more He gives you.

155. Faithfulness in the little things is a great thing, and those who are faithful in the least, He will make rulers over many things.

(End of File)