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Praising Through Persecution

Karen Zerby

GN 1124 FD/MM/FM

By Maria FD/MM/FM 3535 2/05

Dear Family,

1. Since our Husband has been reminding us a lot about the weapon of praise lately, through the various messages He's given, He laid on my heart the idea of receiving from Him a praise prayer that we can use during any persecution battles. Dear Jesus eagerly answered this request.

2. This written praise prayer that He gave covers a number of the positive aspects of persecution. Please use this however you like, as you pour out your spirit to Him, either privately or unitedly. As you use it, make these your personal words to Him. He dwells in your praises! He loves your praises! Praise is the victory! Praise is our undefeatable weapon! Praise will defeat the Enemy in any battle! There's no greater way to win the battle than to praise!

3. We're thankful for all You're doing, Lord, in turning the battles our way. Even though things don't always look too good on the outside, through all of it we can just say, "We praise You‚ Jesus!" We can thank You in advance for the victory‚ because You've already promised it. No matter what anything looks like, Lord, we know that we don't go by circumstances. We go by the Word and what You've said. You've said so much‚ You've promised so much, so we can't fail to accept it, to believe it, and to know that we're going to come out victorious. The Family is Your work, Lord. You can't let it fail, and we know You're going to bring the victories You have promised.

4. Help us to cleanse ourselves daily with Your Word, to praise You for Your Word. We know that if we stand on Your Word we will never flounder and never fail, because Your Word is the rock of our salvation and will stand forever. We know that You're going to get great victories out of this media storm. You already have. You've already strengthened the Family in so many wonderful ways. You're strengthening all of us through it. You're teaching us things that will stand us in good stead in the days ahead‚ and You're helping us to strengthen our fighting muscles. There are so many good things that You're bringing about, dear Love, and we can't help but praise and thank You for it all.

5. Thank You, Jesus, that we can continue praising You now, with this beautiful prayer of praise You've given us to use for Your glory! We praise and honor You with our whole hearts, minds, souls, and spirits!

Praising our Husband together with you,


A Praise Prayer to Use During Times of Persecution

6. We praise You, our faithful Husband, that we are Your brides and we belong to You, our Forever Love. We thank You that all things work together for good for us because we love You. We give You glory and praise for choosing us‚ for counting us worthy to suffer persecution for Your sake. You were persecuted‚ dear Love, as were millions of others before us, so we praise You and thank You that we're in good company.

7. We magnify and glorify You for the challenges we face. Thank You for the opportunity to learn and grow in the use of our spiritual weapons. Thank You that our Adversary is our helper, that there is no victory without a battle, and that the battles we face will only serve to make us stronger. We kneel before You in praise and thankfulness for this opportunity to stand up for the truth, to speak Your Words to the nations. We praise and thank You for stirring us up to be witnesses for You!

8. We praise You that even negative publicity works together for our good! No matter what the media publishes, we praise You that Your light still shines through. We thank You for the little bits of truth that the media does publish. Even though it's not usually much, we praise You that through it You speak to the honest seekers and Your sheep hear Your voice and follow.

9. We honor You for the media coverage that helps us get out Your Word. We thank You and praise You that no matter what comes of persecution, the end result will be for our benefit! Thank You that You are in complete control. Thank You that You are able to use every single situation, even negative media coverage, for our good. We rejoice and praise You that we can look forward to the many miracles You will do for us as a result.

10. We exalt You, the one true righteous Ruler‚ King of kings and Lord of all! Thank You for giving us Your mind on these matters, and for helping us to see things as You see them.

11. We thank You that persecution separates us from the System and the status quo. We praise You that we stand out as different. Thank You that through negative media coverage, the sad state of the world can be more clearly exposed, how the world is given over to the Evil One who controls it.

12. We praise You, dear Love, that through persecution many will be brought to a point of decision to believe us or go against us, and therefore to choose for or against You. Thank You for those who are hungry for the truth and who will hear Your voice calling them through the media coverage.

13. We extol You, because through it all Your Word is preached. We thank You and praise You, dear Jesus, that many will come to us seeking for Your Words of life. We praise You for the guidance, instruction‚ and counsel that You give us to pass on to others, to the hungry and needy.

14. We thank You for the signs of the times and the opportunity that You give to the world to receive Your truth. Thank You that even negative media coverage accomplishes so much good—that through it the wicked fill their cup of iniquity, and those who are neutral must make decisions for or against You. We praise and thank You for the good and the bad that all works together to bring about Your coming. Thank You for all that is being exposed to Your sheep so they can be better prepared for the Endtime that is upon us.

15. We praise You, dear Husband, for this preparation in the hearts of men so they can eventually stand up to the AC and be willing to buck the System and make the right decisions in the days to come.

16. We celebrate You, our Strength‚ because You fight for us in battle! We sing praise to You, our Light in the night, our Helper and Guide.

17. We praise You, precious Love, for persecution that strengthens our resolve. Thank You that You are making fighters out of us and fortifying our faith. You're teaching us to endure hardness as good soldiers. We praise You for this golden opportunity to be tried and tested. We thank You for the cleansing, the purging, and the trying of our faith, which is more precious than gold.

18. We bow before You, Anchor of our souls, and praise You for giving us the rock-solid truth! We praise You and thank You that You cause even the wrath of man to praise You. We praise You that You are our wall of defense, our shelter in the time of storm.

19. We worship You and thank You for teaching us more about how to win these battles through prayer, praise, and the power of the keys. Thank You for teaching us how to go on the attack and launch an offensive. We praise You‚ our Light at the end of this tunnel, that Your truth always wins out.

20. We praise You that this work is not of man but of You, the Supreme Ruler of the Universe, and therefore no man can stand against it. No man can stand against us because You are our Protector from all harm, our Defender from all danger.

21. We praise You‚ our King of Light, for helping us to stay on the wall of Your will. Thank You for helping us to make war with one hand and work with the other, while it is yet day. We praise You that the Devil cannot stand against Your work and Your will. We praise You and thank You for the awesome power of the keys that assists us in battle.

22. Thank You for teaching us how to wield our weapons, for making us into precision fighters, mighty warriors of the faith, fighters for love, truth, and freedom.

23. We praise You, dear Love, and thank You for the power of the keys that helps us to rise above these attacks, and to set our faces like flint so that we are not moved by the accusations of our enemies.

24. Thank You, our Strong Arm, for teaching us how to counterattack through first coming to You for personal words of faith and instruction, and then by filling our mind, heart‚ and spirits with Your Word, by reading, studying, memorizing, and focusing on Your Word and promises. We praise You that all of this is making us strong.

25. We thank You that praise is the voice of faith! We praise You, our God of brilliance, that Your truth is a blinding light to all who oppose it. We love You, dear Jesus‚ You are our Ultimate! We praise You for the privilege of being able to take a stand for You, not only in our minds and hearts‚ but with our words.

26. Thank You for the privilege to stand up for the right, to be lovers of truth and defenders of the faith. We praise You that we can make a difference in the world, that You cause us to shine as bright lights in the midst of gross darkness. Thank You that the darkness will never put out Your light.

27. We honor You for Your Word that is the greatest force in the world, for Your love and the keys of the Kingdom that are one. Help us to use Your Word, speak it, proclaim it, and witness it loudly and boldly! We praise You for persecution that gives us the opportunity to do so. We praise You for these open doors that help us to spread the message.

28. We praise You that these battles help to strengthen our connection to You, dear Love. We love You and thank You and give You praise for this time that draws us into closer teamwork with our spirit helpers. Thank You for our many helpers who impart their strength and wisdom to us. We thank You and praise You, our Lifesaver, for the power You give us to resist, rebuke, and bind the lies and power of Satan and every last one of his demons.

29. We praise You, our strong and wonderful Husband‚ for helping us to carry on in this fight. We praise You for bringing us through to victory in Your perfect time as the result of our desperate, key-filled prayers, and we trust in You to fight for us and win each battle.

30. We magnify You and thank You for this demon-defeating weapon of praise that always answers our call, that blasts every negative accusation of the Enemy to bits, and wins the victory! We praise You, Master of all, for Your judgments that are right and true.

31. We love You and praise and adore You! Thank You for allowing persecution and for all the good that it brings. We praise You and thank You that for us there is no standing still. We praise You, dear Lover, that things only get better and better, because we are doing Your will and accomplishing Your purpose.

32. We praise and bow before You! Thank You for using us, the weak and foolish things of the Earth, to confound the mighty. We give You praise and reverence, our King of Glory, for choosing us to help usher in Your Kingdom on Earth. We thank You and praise You that it won't be long now. Help us to stand strong in the power and might of the keys, the Word, and Your love, which are one.

33. We praise You, dear Husband, that although our Enemy has gone over the top‚ he has exposed himself and he'll only be set back and have more problems. We praise You for showing Your mighty power through us. We praise and thank You for these battles and tests that help us to hone our gifts and sharpen our skills so that we can fulfill our destiny.

34. We praise You, our Mighty Defender, that You do not leave us alone in this battle. You go before us, You lead us and show us what steps to take. All glory and honor and praise to You, the Most High, our Rock, our Fortress, and our Deliverer! We praise You, Lord of lords, Master of all!

35. We love You and praise You and thank You for this persecution that brings on so many good things and draws us closer to the End when we'll rule and reign with You. Thank You, our King of kings, that we have absolutely nothing to fear. We rejoice in You!

36. We extol You and thank You for giving us the plan. We praise and glorify You for giving us access to all power in Heaven and dominion over Hell through the keys of the Kingdom. We praise You and thank You for the power to rise above and overcome all obstacles! We love You, praise You, and give You glory‚ our Strength!

37. Thank You for all of the things You bring about in our lives. We love You and praise You‚ our Redeemer. Thank You for Your strengthening through conflict. We praise You and thank You, for the day of march is here! We praise You with all our might, with all our heart, mind‚ body‚ and soul!

38. We sing Your praise, dear Love! Forward we march, singing and praising the victor's song! All glory and honor to You, our dear Husband, strong and wonderful, Almighty God, faithful and true!

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