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Shooting Straight, Part 12--Letter Links: Bible Knowledge

March 7, 2005

(ML #3534‚ GN 1125)

FD/MM/FM August 2004

The Monster

ML #175:16,18–20,22-23, Vol.2

16. Since the Word of God has been so horribly wrested and distorted by the Church all these years, we have to interpret and explain it, and that's what the MO Letters are for, besides supplying the general training the kids need!

18. I have nearly violated what was once almost a vow with me: I was so crazy about the Bible when I was a young man that I said: "Everybody and every cult has always gone astray on somebody's writings!—God forbid that I should ever write a book!" I was fanatical about that right up until Huntington Beach! But I found ... they needed something to hold in their hands to help them grasp the truth that was in the Bible, but that they couldn't understand. So I wrote a little two-page leaflet with a map to try to summarize the whole Bible! It was almost too simple. When I felt a little tract was needed, I printed up solid Scripture because I was so afraid to put down any words of my own!

19. But God finally had to do it supernaturally by almost forcing prophecy through me to give me the true living water for today! He almost forced me to write what needed to be written and to show me the Bible was not enough!

20. IT'S A DAMNABLE DOCTRINE OF CHURCH DEVILS TO CONFINE ALL THE TRUTH AND REVELATIONS OF GOD STRICTLY TO THE BIBLE! True prophecy won't teach anything contrary, but it sure can fill in a lot of gaps! The Bible is still going to be the standard of measurement. But that was God's message for them; but today, we have to tell them how to do it under these present circumstances.

22. This is not entirely without precedents. It happened in the Old and New Testaments. When you've got a whole New Nation that's too big for you, you have to get drastic! In a similar occurrence in history where a whole nation was taken out of its culture and the society of its day, and its whole religion, government, and economy and laws changed so that they had a totally new nation and society—when God did that, He explained everything they were supposed to do to the utmost detail‚ including how to go to the bathroom and eat and wash!

23. WE'RE THE CLOSEST THING TO SUCH A MONUMENTAL CHANGE SINCE THE DAYS OF MOSES! Another time when it was almost the same was the Early Church!—And what had to be done, as a result‚ to help guide this new religion and way if life outside of the organized churches of their day, so they could survive? What was created to guide them?—The Gospels and Epistles and whole New Testament!

Old Bottles

ML #242:38-39,42,47-49, Vol.2

38. IF WE'RE GOT ANY OLD BOTTLES STILL LIVING IN THE PAST, may God have mercy! I DON'T GIVE A DAMN HOW WE USED TO DO IT‚ IF IT'S NOT THE WAY WE OUGHT TO DO IT NOW! And I don't care how we did it yesterday, if we should do it differently tomorrow! But some of these old–bottle guys are still insisting on a rigid pattern of total conformity to the past, like the Revolutionary Sheet, and living according to the tactics and patterns of the past! Now I'm not saying the revolutionary Sheet isn't pretty much up to date, just like the Bible I took it from!—But some of the parts of the Bible are no longer up to date! (Bang, boom, bust!—There go some more ol' bottles!—Hear'm?) They're the rules God's people used to live by, not the rules they're supposed to live by today! I'm just waking up to the fact that we're no longer even trying to get back to the pristine pattern of the Early Church! We are not the Early Church! We're the Latter Church! The latest Church and the pattern God wants us to live by today is not exactly the pattern they lived by 2,000 years ago!

39. I'VE GRADUATED FROM THAT DOCTRINE, AND YOU'RE GOING TO FIND SOME OF MY OLDEST CLASSES AND QUOTES MAY BE OUT OF DATE! The Jewish Doctrine for example: We're the people of God, the New Israel, the New Church, the New Jews, and only the new ones are the ones God's going to bless! We're not living by the Early Church and the early disciples' standards alone. We're living a far cry from the way Jesus and his disciples lived, because if we were we'd ditch all these cars that cost us so much trouble and money, and we'd ditch these planes and start trying to swim or sail these oceans; we'd still be fighting the Jews in the temples, when God's told us to leave them alone and let the dead bury the dead! Let's go on to something new! There was a day for that, just like we went through the day when we tried to evangelize the churches. Well‚ we tried‚ but we soon had to shake off the dust of our feet and finish the job, and go to a people who would hear it!

42. Scripture memorizing is great as long as it doesn't keep you from reading the latest MO Letters! And I want to frankly tell you: If there's a choice between your reading the Bible, I want to tell you you had better read what God said today in preference to what He said 2,000 or 4,000 years ago! Then when you've gotten done reading the latest MO Letters, you can go back to reading the Bible and the old MO Letters!

47. I WAS SHOCKED WHEN I FIRST HEARD THAT CERTAIN PEOPLE WERE MEMORISING MO LETTERS, and it almost gave me the shudders because of my old bottle!—And as for each new truth, they'll say: "It's something different‚ it's weird!—That scares me! Sounds like man worship! Departing from the Faith, the Bible, the Scriptures! Ah, that's building a new Scripture!" Well let me tell you, THERE WAS A TIME WHEN MOSES AND DAVID'S WRITING AND THE PROPHETS WERE NEW SCRIPTURES, AND THE APOSTLE'S WRITINGS WERE NEW SCRIPTURES, and yet today the Church condemns any new scriptures, any new messages from God's new man! I don't doubt that maybe there was a day when people were criticized for memorizing the Mosaic Law!

48. —"DID YOU KNOW THIS MOSES—HE'S ADDING TO WRITINGS of JOB and ENOCH and the great forefathers and prophets and Adam, Noah and Abraham, etc.! It must be heresy!" And they sure accused Christ and his disciples of that!—And just because of a couple of little verses in revelation about not adding to or taking from the words of "this prophecy"—the prophecy of John in the book of Revelation, that if you add to it God will add to you curses, etc.: THE CHURCHES HAVE TOTALLY REJECTED ANY NEW PROPHECIES OR NEW REVELATIONS FROM GOD! Who's adding to the Book of Revelation or taking away from those prophecies?—We're not touching it! We're just getting new ones! We're not adding to it in any way, much less in such a way as to CHANGE it!—Not on your life! But I'm sure quite a few Jews in JOHN'S day thought he was adding to it, Paul was adding to it, and JESUS WAS ADDING TO THE ALREADY GIVEN AND ACCEPTED SCRIPTURES!—And they crucified and beheaded them for it!

49. THERE 'S PLENTY THAT'S GOOD FOR YOU TO STUDY AND MEMORISE OF WHAT THEY SAID, but much is old hat and out of date—except what Jesus said. But even some of what PAUL said seems no longer up to date, because WE'RE NOT LIVING IN PAUL'S DAY UNDER THOSE CIRCUMSTANCES. Even he said "according to your OWN custom."—And he said, "We have no such custom!" Well, WE'VE changed customs too! We've got new customs! TO HELL WITH YOUR CUSTOMS! AS LONG AS YOU'VE STILL GOT CHRIST AND LOVE THE REVOLUTION‚ MAY GOD DELIVER YOU from old worn out Bible studies, and old worn out prophetic interpretations, and old endless scripture memorization, and old boring ancient classes, if it means you haven't got time to LISTEN TO WHAT GOD HAS TO SAY NOW, or you are not ready to CHANGE your method of operation according to what God is doing now instead of the way He did it yesterday!

War and Peace

ML #255:41-45, Vol.2

41. THE BIBLE WAS ENOUGH IN ITS DAY, it was all the truth that man needed when it was fresh and new and had just been given by the prophets, the original prophets, until it was contorted and distorted and misinterpreted and mistranslated and everything by the preachers! Although the Bible is just as new and fresh and good as ever to us if we can sweep away all this fabrication of man's interpretations, and sweep away all this churchy garbage and get back down and delve underneath to find the foundations, then we can see the plan how it was supposed to be.

42. BUT THE TRUE FOUNDATION HAS BEEN SO CLUTTERED UP THROUGH THE CENTURIES BY MAN THAT HE HAS LOST SIGHT OF THE ORIGINAL FOUNDATION, the original Plan. Even though he has the Bible and looks at it, he can't see it. He can't see the forest for the trees. He can't see it because he's been mentally conditioned by all the preachers and teachers and false teachers and the wrong way they live, their dandy bad example which is so contrary to the plan of true Christianity, that the plan is lost under a heap of man's own rubble!

43. NOT THAT THE PLAN IS NOT AS GOOD AS IT EVER WAS, BUT WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO REDISCOVER THE TRUE FOUNDATION? Who does the rediscovering? It takes an archaeologist who comes in and clears away the rubble! He knows the difference between rubble and the genuine Foundation, and he clears away the wreckage, debris and dust of centuries and uncovers for you again the true genuine Plan. He shows you what the Plan really was like. He digs out the Bible from under all the trash and reveals it to you as it really is and really was.

44. BUT IT TAKES A LOT OF HARD WORK AND A LOT OF DIGGING AND CLEARING AWAY OF THE RUBBLE OF CENTURIES, all the false teaching and example and false systems, to uncover the basic Foundation and the real Plan, compared to which the rest is all trash! God Himself, the Master Builder, built the foundation, but man covered it and buried it in his litter, so God has to take whom to unbury it? He has to take and use man and man's tools for the sake of man to unbury His Foundation.

45. WHO IS THE ARCHAEOLOGIST? IN THIS CASE I AM YOUR ARCHAEOLOGIST. With every Letter I'm clearing away the churchy rubble, getting rid of man's debris‚ and pushing aside the preachers' litter, to try to uncover for you once again what the Bible really says and means, what Jesus taught, and how He really lived, and what the disciples really showed‚ and what they were really trying to show by their example. In other words, we're rediscovering what God's plan was all the time! It's been there all the time and is as good as ever, but we can't build on that foundation again till we get rid of all the rubble of the Rabbis!

Grace vs. Law

ML #635, DB 1

3. THERE ARE QUITE A FEW THINGS I DON'T AGREE WITH THE APOSTLE PAUL ON‚ and I think I have as much right to my opinion as he had to his.

4. But what if you take Paul's word as law‚ like the Church does? Everything Paul said is total absolute law, they claim, and that's it! Even if he says, "This speak I, not the Lord" (1Cor.7:12), it still came from Paul so they think it is right. What he said about women in the Church (1Cor.14:34,35) and all that‚ was totally contradictory to what the Holy Ghost said through the mouth of Peter right in the second chapter of Acts. (Ac.2:17–18) How are they going to keep silence in the church if they are going to prophesy, or how are they going to prophesy if they are going to keep silence in the church?

5. So some of those old-time churchy Paul worshippers are apt to have quite a few doubts and questions about the things I say.

6. SO YOU HAVE GOT TO BELIEVE IN THE LORD AND IN ME, that I am a new prophet of a new day of a whole lot of new things that Paul never even thought about!

7. A lot of things that Paul said were right for his time and his day, but they don't necessarily bind us today. If God has spoken at all and shown me these things at all‚ if it's the Lord at all, it is His Words for today and it supersedes anything else that has ever been given, if it is different, if it is a change. That's what the Christian era did to the Mosaic era.

8. The Christian era was a total change, and it totally outdated, outmoded and overthrew the whole works. That's the fight that Paul was having!

9. If the early Christians had said, "Now wait, we have to check all of this out with the Mosaic Law and we still have to keep the law.—It's got to check out with the Scriptures, it's got to check out with the law!" they never would have broken away from the Mosaic Law.

10. Our Revolution has almost been as big a break with the past as the coming of Christ and His message was with the legalism of the past of the Mosaic era. It's been like a whole new dispensation of grace.

11. YOU SEE, WHEN PEOPLE DON'T WANT TO OBEY THE GRACE THEY ALWAYS RETURN TO THEIR LEGALISM in self-defense, they always go back to the law to prove their point.

12. When people are not willing to receive the revelations grace gives‚ the freedom that grace gives and the new wine that grace gives, they always turn back to their legalism and the law to prove their points, that it is not according to the law, not according to Moses, not according to the Bible, not according to Paul.—See, when they are not willing to receive the new wine that grace gives and the new truth, they go back to their law and their self-righteousness and their old rules, "back to the Book!"

13. When these people start going back to these old legalistic Scriptures, even some of the legalism of Paul‚ then they are turning their backs on the freedom of grace and the liberty which the lord has given us and the new wine and the new truth and new revelations which are for us today‚ here and now, and not for Paul and his day, much less Moses and his day!

14. If they go back to the law even on one point they are obligated to keep the whole law. (See Galatians 3:10.) See, if they will surrender even one point and feel that in any one point that they have got to be bound by the law and it contradicts what the Lord has shown, then they are going to go back to the whole works and there is no stopping place!

15. You've either got to go all the way by grace or you've got to go all the way by law. (See Rom.11:6.) "But that no man is justified by the law in the sight of God, it is evident: for‚ the just shall live by faith." (Gal.3:11,12)

16. "And the law is not of faith." (Gal.3:12) Now that's a pretty strong statement, "the law is not of faith"! Whew‚ that must have been a slap in the face for those old Jews, and I mean it still is today for any of our people who feel more bound by the old laws and the old words.

17. If you are going by last year's instructions, then you are way behind, because we are getting new things all the time and ever changing.

18. "FOR IF THE INHERITANCE BE OF THE LAW, IT IS NO MORE OF PROMISE: but God gave it to Abraham by promise."—(430 years before He gave the law to Moses!) (Gal.3:18) Grace, grace, grace! "Wherefore then serveth the law? It was added because of transgressions, till the seed should come to whom the promise was made; and it was ordained by angels in the hand of the mediator." (Gal.3:19)

19. The Lord really preferred the whole thing by grace and faith to begin with, that was His original plan, but He had to crack down with the rules because they didn't follow grace and faith and love. But keeping the rules didn't save them, they only showed them where they were wrong.

Bible Basics

ML #1381:7-9,35-37, Vol.18

7. The Bible is pretty well known and is a fairly well-recognized authority. Most people at least have heard about it and a lot of people respect it, and there are millions of people who even believe in it! So if you can quote the Bible to them‚ or if you can even find the verses you want or the proof you want in the Bible and show it to them‚ a lot of people will believe it.

8. And even for the people who pretend not to believe it, the Word is powerful just the same and very convicting!—"Sharper than any two-edged sword‚" full of the power of the Spirit and very convincing.—Heb.4:12. I've used the Bible on a lot of people who didn't believe in God or the Bible at all, but it sank in and it drove home.

9. So I hope you're not neglecting your Bible reading and Bible studies and reading only the Letters. The Letters are like a commentary, they're a little bit like the Talmud, explaining a lot that's in the Bible and a lot that's not; things that the Lord has given nevertheless—that I know‚ whether you believe it or not—and some things which are just as important as what's in the Bible. But if you limit yourself completely to the Letters and not the Bible, then you're missing something, because these were given more or less with the understanding that you already knew the Bible and were at least familiar with the Word of God.

35. The Bible is an absolutely inexhaustible source of wisdom and knowledge, out of which you constantly find "treasures new and old," beautiful!—Mat.13:52. So the Bible is a marvelous Book and I hate to think that you neglect it and confine and limit yourself just to the Letters, because the Letters are based on the Bible. The Word, the Scripture, the Bible is their foundation, and you will find that in many of the prophecies that the Lord has given subsequently, He has repeated Biblical phrases, Biblical quotations‚ used Biblical language, and He's telling you again what He's told you before.

36. So I hate to see you neglect the beauties, the riches, the treasures and the power of the Word of God! As you see‚ there can be certain truths that we think of as new truths, but as Solomon said, "There is no new thing under the sun" (Ecc.1:9), it's been there all the time!

37. I think it's thrilling when we discover something old that was there all the time, that we were so dumb and so stupid and so blind we never saw before!—Such as our conception of the Holy Spirit as a Mother‚ a female embodiment of Love.


ML #1501:2-5‚11-14, 69-72, GN Book 7




What more can He say than to you He hath said?

To you who for refuge to Jesus have fled!

To you who for refuge to Jesus hath fled!"

PTL? Hallelujah? Well, what more can He say? Really, He's already said it all right here in the Book, but He has said more, believe it or not! He loves you that much, to show you that He's not a dead God, he's a living God!

3. HE'S NOT A SILENT GOD WHO SHUT UP WHEN THE BIBLE WAS FINISHED 2000 YEARS AGO‚ He's a living God, a talking God‚ & He still speaks & has been speaking ever since then!—Talking to His people & His prophets & His children down through the ages, ever since the days of Jesus & His Apostles & the Early Church, ever since the last Book of the Bible, which you see here‚ the Book of Revelation, & the very last page here.

4. GOD SPOKE CLEAR DOWN TO THIS LAST CHAPTER IN THE BIBLE, our usually accepted canonical version of the Bible, used by both Catholics & Protestants, the last chapter of the Revelation, or as the Catholics call it, the Apocalypse. And in the Protestant King James Version, it is the 22nd Chapter of Revelation!


11. AND THERE'S SOME FOLKS WHO THINK, "WELL‚ THAT'S ENOUGH, THAT'S ALL WE NEED! God hasn't spoken since then, that's why we haven't added anything to the Bible. God doesn't speak any more, He doesn't talk any more. He just turned His back & walked away after He gave this last Book to John, & we're not supposed to get anything else from God any more." Well‚ those people really worship a pretty dead God & a very inactive, untalkative God!

12. WE WORSHIP A VERY LIVE GOD WHO IS VERY LIVING & TALKING & STILL LIVING & BREATHING & TALKING & COMMUNICATING WITH US & telling us everything we need to know! I don't know how those people seem to think that if the Church was going to continue throughout the ages which were to come‚ & they were going to have all of these gifts of the Spirit, the nine gifts of the Holy Ghost—gifts of prophecy, gifts of tongues‚ gifts of interpretation‚ wisdom, knowledge & all of these things which required the Holy Spirit & the very voice of God—how did they think the Church was going to receive all these gifts & have them & operate with them & have God speaking through them in tongues & interpretation & prophecy & knowledge & wisdom without God speaking? How? It's impossible!

13. THE CHURCH WAS TO CONTINUE BEYOND THIS BOOK WHICH CLOSED ITS DOORS ABOUT 90 A.D. with the final natural death of dear old John the Apostle, the Revelator, the Beloved, who wouldn't boil because he wasn't done. He was done after this book was done, the Bible, & his Book of Revelation, the last book in our accepted canonical text of the Bible, the inspired Word of God. He was the last Prophet to write the Words of God. He was the last Prophet to give us the Words of God which are recorded in this Bible!

14. BUT HE WAS NOT THE LAST PROPHET OF GOD! Because God's Word says so!—That in the Church there are to be prophets & there are to be those who have the gift of prophecy. What else are they but prophets? God's Word says so. It's true!

69. THIS IS NOT HIS ONLY WORD, BELOVED (holds up Bible), this is also the Word of God for today (holds up MLs), for His modern Church of today, His last children of today‚ His Endtime Church, His Endtime children, His Endtime people of the Last Days of man's history! God didn't forsake you! He didn't go off & quit talking right now when you need to hear the most of all what's happening right now & to understand it & be prepared for it & to know how to live through it & survive it! Hallelujah? TYJ! PYL!

70. SO THIS BIBLE IS NOT THE ONLY WORD OF GOD, THIS (MO LETTERS) IS ALSO THE WORD OF GOD! Somebody will throw up to me that Scripture I was going to read you in the last part of the last Book in Revelation where He says, "You shouldn't add to it or take from it the Words of this Book! You'll be cursed if you take away any of the Words of this Book. And if any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this Book!" (Rev.22:18-19)

71. WHO WAS TALKING?—JOHN! WHAT BOOK WAS HE TALKING ABOUT?—THE BOOK OF REVELATION! He was not talking about the Bible! He was not talking about that this meant this was the end of God speaking & the last book that God was ever going to write! I haven't added anything to the Book of Revelation! I haven't added anything to this Bible! I haven't added anything to the books that are already here & the Prophets that have already spoken! I haven't added a single word to anything they've said, nothing! Nothing!

72. ALL I'VE DONE IS TO SIMPLY RECEIVE WHAT GOD HAS SAID TODAY, TO ME!—Not added to what they said then, or to this Book then. But I have simply received the Words of God for you today that He wants you to know because He loves you, His children, & He wants you to be prepared for His coming! He wants you to be able to survive those Last Days as His Witnesses & as His glorious representatives through the most trouble the World has ever had‚ the worst dictatorship the World's ever had, the worst dictator the World has ever had, the worst persecution & torture the World has ever had, when some'll be killed for not worshipping the Beast or the Antichrist & His Image! Where you'll not be allowed to trade without his Mark 666 in your forehead or in your hand!

We're Still the Jesus Revolution

ML #1592:1-6, DB 2

1. (Dad:) I WON THEIR HEARTS!—It was, in a way, me & my Word‚ which of course came from the Lord. I & my Words came from the Lord & they believe in me not because they believe in the Bible, but because they believe what I say is from the Lord. And with a lot of them, it wouldn't make any difference if I agreed with the Bible or not, they'd still believe in me & what I have to say!

2. (MARIA: SO FOR THE FAMILY, IN A WAY, OUR FOUNDATION IS IN THE MO LETTERS, because most of us never had the Bible anyway. For your whole life the Bible was your foundation, but for us who didn't even know the Bible, the Bible couldn't confirm the MO Letters for us, it has to be the other way around: If anything, the MO Letters confirm the Bible. So our main basis should be the MO Letters & that should be our principal curriculum!)

3. THAT IS TRUE, REALLY, BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT THE MO LETTERS HAVE BEEN ALL ABOUT—TO GET YOU TO BELIEVE THE BIBLE! (Maria: For you, the Bible is the foundation. For us, the MO Letters are the foundation‚ because we didn't even have the Bible anyway. What you start with & build upon is the foundation, & we started with the MO Letters. So that's our foundation—the Bible just sort of confirms it & supports it.)

4. MOST OF OUR KIDS DIDN'T BELIEVE THE BIBLE & HAD NO FAITH IN THE BIBLE AT ALL, but the Lord gave them faith in me & my Words & now I've taught them to believe the Bible. But I was a church person, so like Paul, I had to document & authenticate everything I said by referring to the Bible. The Bible was my authority & my documentation & authentication to prove to both myself & the church people that I was right & a true Prophet of God. But you folks didn't need that.

5. MOST OF OUR FAMILY DIDN'T REALLY KNOW THE BIBLE, & I'D SAY PROBABLY MOST OF THEM DIDN'T EVEN BELIEVE IT‚ BUT THEY BELIEVED WHAT I HAD TO SAY! And since I've told them the truth & all the truth there is in the Bible, if they believe in me‚ they believe all the Bible they need to know! They could get by with the MO Letters if they didn't even have a Bible! (Maria: Oh, certainly!)

6. THE BIBLE TO THEM IS AN ANCIENT BOOK & EVEN AN ANCIENT LANGUAGE! They can't even understand the old English & peculiar expressions. They don't know anything about it or its history & can't even understand it & they don't need to understand it now, but they can understand the MO Letters. That's what I'm here for, to speak the language of this modern generation & to reveal to them the Truth of God that they didn't get out of the Bible because they didn't believe it in the first place—or couldn't even understand even if they did read it! So God had to send them a modern Prophet to give them His Modern Word that they could understand & they could believe. So here we are!

Forget the Past

ML #1598‚ DB 2

1. (Dad:) THE TIME FOR STUDYING ALL THIS ANCIENT HISTORY IN THESE LAST DAYS IS OVER! I don't think anybody's got time to study this kind of past history like ancient history & Old Testament & even New Testament history, like all the journeys of Samuel & the whole life of Saul & all his travels & all those details! I only went into the Bible in Pictures to give my own little children when they were small the basic knowledge of Bible History.

2. FRANKLY, I THINK WE ARE TOO INVOLVED IN THIS MODERN TIME & TOO INTERESTED IN THE FUTURE to be worrying about the past! I can give you a Scripture for it! "Forget the things that are behind, press forward to the things that are before & the high calling of God in Christ Jesus!" (Ph.3:13,14)

3. THE DAY FOR STUDYING THE TABERNACLE & THE ANCIENT TEMPLE & ANCIENT JERUSALEM & ALL THAT JUNK IS OVER! It is past! To concentrate people on Ancient History & Jewish History I honestly believe is a … promotion by Jewish Christians who want to promote interest in the past & the Old Testament. Today, this time, this last hour of history when things are winding up & we have very little time to finish the job, for God's sake, we don't have time to study ancient history‚ especially ancient Biblical history & Old Testament History…!

4. ALL THE HISTORY THAT WE NEED, WE HAVE ALREADY PUBLISHED IN 7000 YEARS OF WORLD HISTORY & IN THE BIBLE IN PICTURES. That's all the ancient Bible History we need & all the maps & the whole works. We don't need any more ancient history! (Maria: Do you suggest they study the New Testament?) Well, of course, the New Testament is a very short‚ simple Book all about Jesus & Love & a blast of condemnation against the ... Jews!

5. I SAID READ THE BIBLE, I DIDN'T SAY STUDY IT IN DETAIL! You needn't know it, just read it & let the Holy Spirit tell you what She wants to tell you about it! … But not all this historical, geographical & genealogical detail & endless ancient history! You don't need all these outlines & the Books of the Bible outlined for you, why don't you just read it?

6. THIS IS SOMETHING TO SIDETRACK PEOPLE TO GET INTO THINGS ABOUT THE BIBLE INSTEAD OF STUDYING THE BIBLE! It's like knowing all about Jesus without knowing Him. In ancient times that was all they had to do. But right now we're in the End & we're far more interested in the Future than all of the past which is gone, & there's nothing you can do about it except to learn the lessons of what not to do!

7. WE DON'T HAVE TO GO INTO PROPHECIES FULFILLED IN JESUS' DAY! They have already been fulfilled & it's finished! Jesus said‚ "It's finished!" (Jn.19:30) And Paul said, "Forget those things that are behind!"

8. THAT KIND OF MATERIAL IS GOING BACKWARDS!—WE'RE TRYING TO GO FORWARDS! Forget the past! Let's go forward! Let's concentrate on the now & the Future & get our job done & stop wasting time on the kind of stuff the Church has been involved in & Bible Colleges & the … past-worshipping Jews!

9. THE BIBLE IN PICTURES WAS ENOUGH, & ALL THE REST I'VE TOLD THEM, THAT'S ENOUGH!—And all the rest that FC has already produced for them is enough! We've already given them almost too much Bible History & Bible Study & Bible detail, too much, & the day for that is over, it's past! … But I hate to have them totally ignorant of the Bible, so I have tried to give our Family & our children at least a brief synopsis of Bible History & to hit the highlights & the high spots & to give them the most important stories & lessons learned from it, & that's all they need, no more. Period!

10. THE ONLY REASON WE EVEN STUDY BIBLE HISTORY & ANCIENT HISTORY IS TO FIND OUT THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE PROPHECIES THAT HAVE ALREADY BEEN FULFILLED, which encourages your faith‚ & the Prophecies which are yet to be fulfilled, which are to thrill & inspire you for the Future, that's all! I think the children are better off to study the Gospels & the New Testament just like it is, book-by-book, story-by-story, not just pick out the kind of stories you want to read. (Maria: For little children like our little children?) Yes.—Or you might miss a lot of things that you actually need.

11. They can read the Books of Psalms & Proverbs & things which are up-to–date, things that apply to today, about your spiritual life & your everyday living & spiritual lessons & praise to the Lord, as well as lots of prophecy about the Future in the prophetic books, but we certainly don't need to go delving into the depths of ancient times!

12. (MARIA: THAT'S QUITE A RELIEF THAT WE DON'T HAVE TO STUDY THE BIBLE!) I mean, you're quoted about all the Old Testament you need to know in the New Testament, & if you want to know about fulfilled prophecy & Jesus, just read Matthew!—He quotes them all, all you need to know! That's what Matthew's for, a Book to convince the Jews that Jesus was the Messiah.

13. WE'RE NOT HAIR-SPLITTING THEOLOGIANS, SO WE DON'T HAVE TO GO INTO ALL OF EVEN PAUL'S DETAILED DOCTRINAL THEOLOGICAL STUDIES. But I still say that the reading of the New Testament‚ especially the Life of Christ & particularly the Gospel of John, is very helpful to new Christians.

14. I'M TELLING YOU, THEY WILL GET ALL THE BIBLE THEY NEED TO KNOW IF THEY JUST READ THE MO LETTERS, (Maria: Well‚ that's sure a relief! I've always felt guilty I didn't read the Bible!) There are volumes & volumes of True Komix about true stories & true things that God has given us today, for today, for teaching the children, so why would they go back into that analytical study of ancient history? (Maria: I think the Bible in Pictures got some started on that track, & they thought that was what they were supposed to emphasize in their teaching.) So why don't we just learn about now & about what the Future is & what we're about to get into, that's what we need to study!

15. I MEAN, IF THE DEVIL CAN'T KEEP YOU FROM DOING THE BEST THING‚ HE TRIES TO SIDETRACK YOU INTO WASTING YOUR TIME ON SOMETHING THAT HE MAKES YOU THINK IS GOOD!—Like all this ancient history & analytical study of the past & ancient Bible gory gruesome Jewish history & all that junk! My God, deliver us from that stuff! You don't even have enough time to study the MO Letters! You'd be better off going back & reading the old MO Letters if you want to read ancient history!—They've got a lot more to do with the present than that old stuff, especially all that kind of analytical study of the Bible.

16. THE CHURCHES HAVEN'T GOT ANY PRESENT, MUCH LESS ANY FUTURE, SO ALL THEY'VE GOT LEFT TO STUDY IS THE PAST, a bunch of has-beens, because the Church is a has-been! I mean, it's dead & it ought to be buried! Obviously it's not doing the Churches any good, just look at their fruits! What have they accomplished? What are they doing? If their kind of study results in no fruits & a fruitless church, an inactive church that's only active in junk like that & ancient history & activities that have nothing to do with witnessing or litnessing or winning souls or evangelizing the World or preparing the World for the Future‚ why follow that kind of an example? But my God‚ the Lord has delivered us from all that, let's not get back into it!

18. MY GOD, THAT SO DEPRESSES ME LOOKING BACKWARD AT ALL THAT HISTORICAL ANCIENT ARCHAIC HISTORY JUNK‚ THAT IT ALMOST DISCOURAGES YOU! Why should we waste our time looking backwards & studying the past when we have all we can possibly do working in the present & studying the Future?

20. MY LORD! YOU KIDS ALREADY KNOW MORE ABOUT THE BIBLE THAN ANY OF THOSE CHURCH CHRISTIANS—FAR MORE!—More about the Old Testament & the New Testament & the whole works, & especially what it really means & how it actually applies to today & tomorrow than those Church Christians will ever know! You don't have to be ashamed or shy or embarrassed, you're smarter than the preachers!

21. GOD DELIVER US & HELP US TO GET OUT OF THAT & NOT GET BACK INTO IT & quit wasting our time on ancient history & ancient Bible History & all that stuff that I've already told you all you need to know about! If you want to get it, read the MO Letters.

22. YOU'D LEARN A LOT MORE ABOUT THE PRESENT AS WELL AS ABOUT THE PAST & THE BIBLE PLUS THE FUTURE BY JUST READING MO BOOKS! (Maria: Yes, of course, definitely!) I've spent the whole last 15 years of my life telling you all that you needed to know about the past & the Bible & Bible History & Bible Prophecy.

23. FOR GOD'S SAKE, IF YOU'RE GOING TO STUDY ANYTHING‚ STUDY WHAT GOD HAS HAD TO SAY TODAY! Why look backward to what He said way back yonder about people that made a mess of things & are done for?—The same people that are wrecking the World today!

24. WE ARE CONCERNED WITH THE JOB WE HAVE AT HAND RIGHT NOW OF TRYING TO EVANGELISE THE WORLD & get the job done quick in at least the next 10 years before we have to go!—And to prepare the World, at least our Family & Christians for the Future. The past is done-for & we're through with it & we don't have time to go look at it any more!

25. ALL THAT TO SAY THIS, I DON'T THINK OUR FAMILY NEEDS ANY MORE BIBLE STUDIES THAN WHAT ARE ALREADY IN THE MO LETTERS. If you have a little basic knowledge of the basics, basic Bible Knowledge, that's about all you need. I've taught you guys more than you need to know about it‚ & a lot of that stuff is almost passé now, it's too late to even learn that! We need to concentrate on the job right now‚ what we have to do, & we need to know more about the Future to prepare ourselves & the World for what's coming. We're too busy & the Future is too close!

Don't Forget All the Past

ML #1691, DB 2

1. (Dad:) I SAID FORGET THE PAST! BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN THAT YOU'RE JUST TO FORGET EVERYTHING YOU'VE EVER LEARNED ABOUT THE PAST! You're supposed to know something & you'd be pretty dumb if you didn't! I expect you to know some Bible History & some World History & if you don't know both you can't very well understand the future & you won't ever understand or be able to interpret Bible Prophecy.

2. SO DON'T CARRY THAT TO THE EXTREME, RIDICULOUS LIMIT & FORGET THE PAST TILL YOU FORGET EVERYTHING! I'm still quoting Bible, Beloved, both Old & New Testament, & it's still an authority to me! It means a whole lot to me & the Bible was the basis of my faith. So don't go tossing away your Bibles & thinking you don't even need Bibles any more & you don't need to memorize Scriptures any more, you don't need to be able to quote Bible any more. That's the basic Book‚ really!

3. ACTUALLY‚ I'VE BROUGHT YOU TO BELIEVE IN THE BIBLE. It's still the basic foundation of our faith & I still use it as documentation & confirmation of whatever the Lord shows us.

4. I STILL SAY IT'S THE YARDSTICK OF MEASUREMENT, THE BUREAU OF STANDARDS BY WHICH WE MEASURE EVERYTHING ELSE GOD HAS EVER GIVEN US. There'll be nothing contrary to the Bible in the revelations God has given today to what He's already shown, except that He fills in a lot more of the picture, a lot more pieces of the puzzle. He gives you a lot of details & clearer things that you never had before.—Not contrary to the Bible but more like a fulfilling or a filling up of the gaps & spaces that were not filled in before. A lot of that Bible is still present & a lot of it's still future!

5. SOME PEOPLE NEED THE BIBLE & SOME PEOPLE NEED MO, & FRANKLY, I THINK THE FAMILY NEEDS BOTH! So don't go throwing away your Bibles just because I said forget the past! I'm talking about all this detailed, infinite, intricate study of all these little tiny details of ancient Old Testament Bible History. That's the kind of stuff we don't need to know & we don't need to teach our kids to know anything about!

6. BUT WHERE THE BIBLE EXAMPLES & LESSONS STILL APPLY AS ILLUSTRATING GOOD & EVIL, WHAT'S GOOD & WHAT'S BAD, THEN THEY STILL MAKE GOOD ILLUSTRATIONS & STORIES! Children require a lot of stories & you can get lots of stories out of the Bible. I think you can still teach'm the basic main Bible stories about good kings like David & bad kings like Saul & a lot of wonderful things in the Bible, good stories‚ thrilling stories, illustrating good & evil‚ right & wrong!

7. (MARIA: EVEN IN HEATHEN RELIGIONS THEY STILL RESPECT THE BIBLE AS BEING THE BOOK OF THE GREATEST RELIGION WITH THE MOST FOLLOWERS IN THE WORLD, CHRISTIANITY, so you need to know a little something about it‚ because they may even know more than you do!) You're going to be pretty stupid & ignorant!—Especially if you go out in the World witnessing & the sinners can quote you more Bible than you can quote them! And a lot of them still have faith in the Bible, in God & even in Jesus, & if you can't prove it by the Bible, they're not going to believe you.

8. SO PLEASE DON'T FORGET ALL THE PAST!—Just the parts that are no longer relevant to the present or Future! You need a little past to understand both present & future!—Amen? Use it!—But don't abuse it! GBAKY living in all of His great eternal NOW!—In Jesus' name‚ amen!—Amen?—ILY!—D.

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