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Art of War, The--Part 2—Letter Links 2: Praise

May 9, 2005

(ML #3533, GN 1131)

FD/MM/FM March 2005


ML #33:21-23‚ DB 4

21. (Dad:) "ALL THROUGH LIFE, MY BROTHER, IF YOU'D BE A HAPPY SOUL, KEEP YOUR EYE UPON THE DOUGHNUT—and NOT UPON THE HOLE!" "Keep your eyes upon the goal‚ and the victory in your soul; always shout, never doubt!" When the Devil tempts you to get down and discouraged—fight! Don't even listen to him, much less surrender! Start doing something POSITIVE! Start saying something cheerful and encouraging.

22. DON'T JUST SIT THERE: DO SOMETHING—SING, SHOUT, PRAISE THE LORD, QUOTE SCRIPTURES! SOCK IT TO THE DEVIL WITH THE WORD! That's the way Jesus did it when the Devil tempted Him and lied to Him! He just quoted the Scriptures: "It is written!" The Devil is a liar, and the father of it and he can't take the Word! RESIST the Enemy and he'll FLEE from you! Put on the helmet of Salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the shield of Faith, to quench all the fiery darts of the Evil One; be girt with the Truth and shod with the Gospel of Peace‚ and take up that white–hot sword of the Spirit, the Word of God, and cut the Devil to the heart! Tell him to get behind and run—that you have no part in him and he has no part in you and he's got no business there!

23. GET BUSY WORKING! GO OUT WITNESSING! HELP SOMEBODY ELSE! GET SO BUSY WITH THEIR TROUBLES YOU CAN'T THINK ABOUT YOUR OWN DAMN SELF! Get so busy trying to make somebody ELSE happy‚ you can't help but be happy! Praise the Lord!

The Halloween Wheel

ML #363:22, 26, 27, 30, DB6

22. (Dad: ) A halo is like a spiritual crown, it's a source of your power like a halo antenna, and why the halo is above the HEAD is apparently symbolic. The fact that it's over your HEAD shows it's a crown of power, a crown of revelation, a crown of authority and your power that the Lord has given you, like your Guardian Angel.

26. The power that God has given is able to destroy the works of the Enemy. By God's Word, His Truth, His revelations, He destroys the power of the Enemy—DEMON powers! … It must be that when I'm discouraged like that, the Enemy is actually allowed to temporarily try to snatch it away from me, because obviously I was looking for it to try to get it back.

27. Murmuring, doubts and fears, the voice of doubt, they're not FAITH, and the Lord is very displeased. So thank You Lord for faith, amen? You're just sort of giving in to the Enemy when you murmur, doubt and fear‚ and when you do that he's allowed to take it away from you temporarily until you get right with the Lord and start thanking the Lord and get back on the right track.—Then the power returns to exercise your gift by faith, to turn your Wheel!

30. The way I'm saying this here could ... be that I'm talking to the LORD, that because of my discouragement and doubts the LORD takes it away, He temporarily lifts the gift and the anointing. … Maybe when we speak doubt and fear and murmur and complain He allows Satan to hinder us.—We know the Lord removed some of His blessings from Israel when they did it.

Count Your Blessings

ML #1259:2, 6-13, DB1

2. (Dad:) THE DEVIL DOESN'T ATTACK ME OR ACCUSE ME FOR WHAT I'VE ACCOMPLISHED, THAT'S TOO OBVIOUS. He accuses me for what I haven't done, for what I might've done or what He tries to tell me I could've done and I didn't do and all that I should do. He sure is the Accuser of the Saints, he just picks and picks! The Devil just picks at all the little things and little flaws and shortcomings.

6. WELL, THANK THE LORD, HE'S THE ANTIDOTE! He always rebukes the Devil and resists him and points out the good things. (Maria: It would be good if there was a rule that you had to say a nice thing for every time you nagged or you even thought of some bad thing about your mate!) Well, that's the secret, is to let the Light in! Rebuke the Devil and think about their good qualities and their good points and their good habits and their good deeds and think positively, the power of positive thinking, and remind yourself constantly of the good.

7. IT'S JUST LIKE SOME OF THAT EVIL MUSIC OF THE WORLD THAT USED TO PLAGUE ME WHEN I WAS YOUNG—some of those very evil songs that used to attack me because I heard it on the radio, and the Devil used to try to flood my mind with it and make it run through my head. And of course the only cure would be for me to do what?—I'd start singing!—I'd either listen to some good music or I'd usually just come right out loud and sing if I was where I could.

8. JUST FIGHT THE DEVIL POSITIVELY, ATTACK, ATTACK! I'd start singing a good song, a good hymn, a song to Jesus, a prayer, and there's no room for both! You let the light in and the darkness flees! You just have to be positive‚ you have to make a conscious effort to rebuke the Devil and think positive good thoughts instead. Try to think good about your mate or child or whoever it is, your parent or friend or co-worker. Resist those bad thoughts and either quote Scriptures or sing hymns or good Gospel songs. Pray!

9. DON'T JUST SIT THERE, DO SOMETHING! You have to take positive action! I mean literally, if not actual physical action, and quote out loud or sing out loud and do some act physically, or you have to do it in your mind.

10. Start praising the Lord and thanking Him for all your blessings. One of the best things is to praise the Lord and thank Him for all His goodness. Sing songs, that's praise too!

11. THE POWER OF POSITIVE PRAISE IS TERRIFIC! COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS! Thank God for all He has done and just chase the Devil away, all his shades of night‚ by letting the light in, God's positive light of Scripture, the Word, prayer, praise, songs! Get busy at work or get busy with somebody else and talk to them about their problems or something. It's just really counting your blessings and filling your mind and your heart and even your voice audibly, the sound around you, with positive sound—prayer, praise, quoting Scripture, songs—because you can't think about two things at once. That's why it says‚ "Thou shalt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee"! (Isa.26:3)

12. MANY IS THE TIME I HAVE VISUALIZED JESUS, raised up or called into my mind a mental picture of Christ and looked at Him and thought about Him in my mind's eye and talked to Him in the Spirit. That's why speaking in tongues is such a wonderful experience! Speak in tongues and you know the Lord has control! He just takes over and speaks through you and uses your tongue and your mouth and your mind! Your mouth can't be filled with evil when it's filled with good.

13. The power of positive prayer and praise and quoting and singing and action just really puts the Devil on the run! He sure doesn't like the Scripture and he hates praise and he hates thanksgiving and he hates songs of prayer and praise, and he especially hates our positive active work for the Lord.

The Power of Positive Praise

ML #1375:2-5, 12, 17-19, DB1

2. (Dad: ) THE ENEMY REALLY FIGHTS US, but as long as we keep fighting, he can't win! (Sings "Keep on Believing!") At first they used to sing that "Keep on believing and pray your way through", but my Mother was a great one for praise! She said "praise your way through"!—Because that's really how you get the victory! If you believe in your prayers, you're going to start praising the Lord for the answer, even before you see it! TYL!

3. As long as you're thinking about the Scripture and the Lord and you've got a song or a praise in your mouth‚ you can't complain and murmur and moan and groan and bemoan about how bad you feel!

4. YOU REALLY NEED TO ATTACK THE ENEMY!—And when you get down or feel down, quote Scripture, sing a song! I said, "You just need to really go on the attack and refuse to talk about it! Praise the Lord and thank God for the health you do have! Fight the Enemy!—Really attack!"

5. "THOU SHALT KEEP HIM IN PERFECT PEACE WHOSE MIND IS STAYED ON THEE." (Isa.26:3) If you keep your mind on the Lord, that keeps you from getting it on your problems and your troubles. Whatever you do, don't go around moaning and groaning and murmuring and complaining the Devil's own doubts and doctrines and lies! Don't do it, or you're just letting the Enemy in! The minute you feel like doing that, start praising the Lord, start going on the attack! Sing! Quote Scripture! Do something positive!

12. YOU REALLY NEED TO TAKE A POSITIVE STAND AGAINST THE ATTACKS OF THE ENEMY and FIGHT and try to really praise the Lord and sing and quote Scripture and fight the Devil and fight his doubts! You've really got to go on the attack and be positive about it and resist the Enemy, and God's Word says he will flee from thee! (Jam.4:7)

17. (Dad prays:) Thank You, Lord, for how wonderfully You've kept us and protected us and provided for us! Help us to thank You for it continually, all day long! Thy Spirit dwells in the praises of Thy people, Lord! (Pas.22:3.) TYL!

18. YOU SAID TO COME INTO THY GATES WITH THANKSGIVING, and INTO THY COURTS WITH PRAISE! (Psa.100:4.) "In everything give thanks!" (1Th.5:18.) Lord, help us not to forget to be thankful continually, constantly praising Thee and quoting Thy Word to encourage our faith, Lord, and singing positive songs of praise to rebuke the Enemy!

19. THE ENEMY HATES PRAISE, LORD! HE HATES SONGS THAT PRAISE THEE and HE HATES THY WORD MOST OF ALL! So keep us full of it, Lord‚ in Jesus' name we ask for Thy glory!—Amen?

How to Go on the Attack

ML #2128:2, 4, 5, 8-9, 11-13, 18, 22, 24, DB7

2. (Dad:) THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT SAYING THINGS OUT LOUD. IT IS A TESTIMONY TO YOURSELF and TO THE MULTITUDE OF WITNESSES THAT SURROUND US! It's not enough to just say it in your head; you need to say it out loud, quote Scriptures and rebuke the Devil and praise the Lord!

4. GIVE NO PLACE TO THE EVIL ONE!—Eph.4:27. If you get so busy quoting Scripture and praising the Lord and rebuking the Devil, you won't have so much time to think about your headache. "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee because he trusteth in Thee." (Isa.26:3) If your mind is centered on the Lord and stayed on Him‚ then He is the One you are thinking about and you can't think about both things at once.

5. SO KEEP THINKING ABOUT THE LORD and PRAISING THE LORD and QUOTING SCRIPTURES and PRAYING OUT LOUD. That takes concentration, you have to think about it, you have to keep your mind on the Lord and your mind on the Scripture and on your praises, even sing! The Devil hates song because it's praise to the Lord. You've just got to keep at it, really WORK at it! It's a testimony even to the Lord that you are really trusting Him, that you really have faith in His Word.

8. THERE IS JUST SOMETHING ABOUT SAYING THE WORDS THAT REALLY CRYSTALLIZES YOUR RESISTANCE and CAUSES THE DEVILS TO FLEE! They hate to hear the Word. Besides, if others are listening it is a declaration to them that you are trusting the Lord, that you have faith in His Word. It's a testimony and a witness to them, it even encourages them to know that you're really trusting the Lord and have faith in His Word and you really believe those Scriptures and just keep quoting them even if you can only whisper them.

9. IT TAKES MORE CONCENTRATION and IT OCCUPIES MORE OF YOUR MIND and YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS IF YOU HAVE TO SAY IT OUT LOUD, quote it out loud and praise the Lord out loud! Rebuke the Devil out loud! He has to obey. "Resist the Devil and he WILL flee from you!"—Jam.4:7. Quiet faith is fine but it is not enough of a real attack, a real fight!

11. YOU NEED TO GO ON THE ATTACK! BE POSITIVE and SHOW THAT YOU HAVE FAITH IN THE WORD, faith in the Lord, faith in praise‚ a sign that you really trust and you really believe.

12. THERE IS ABSOLUTE POWER IN THE WORDS! You really need to say it with your mouth. "Thou shalt confess with thy MOUTH that Christ is Lord."—Rom.10:9. "With my MOUTH will I make known Thy faithfulness unto all generations."—Psa.89:1.

13. When you're having a real battle with the Devil or sickness or headache or something, you've got to say it out loud, you've got to go on the attack and really fill your mind and heart and your mouth with declarations of faith and praise and prayer and Scriptures—the Word!

18. WHEN IT COMES TO THE DEVIL, WORDS ARE SORT OF LIKE BULLETS OR DEATH RAYS OR SOMETHING and THEY JUST BLAST THE DEVIL! Every word just zaps him! They're part of our offensive weaponry, the Word! It describes the armor of a Christian—it says the SWORD of the Spirit is the WORD!—Eph.6:10-17. It's sharper than any two–edged sword.—Heb.4:12.

22. YOU NEED TO DECLARE YOUR FAITH and JUST FLING IT IN THE FACE OF THE DEVIL! Just throw fiery darts of Scriptures at him out loud in prayer and praise! He hates that because it is a testimony to YOU even if you're all alone. And if there are others present, it is a testimony to THEM.

24. QUOTE SCRIPTURES and SING and PRAY and PRAISE THE LORD and TALK IN TONGUES and KEEP YOUR MOUTH BUSY and your mind busy and it keeps your ears busy too. And it's just like a vicious cycle against the Devil and it's a SAVING cycle for you!

Praise and Sing Your Way to Victory

ML #2833:1-7, 10, DB11

1. (Dad to Techi: ) Can I tell you a secret? This is one of my mother's secrets. She said‚ "Often the secret of victory is down the much-neglected path of praise." In other words, while you're praising the Lord and singing His praises, you can't be thinking about anything negative and the Devil can't be lying to you. The song or the praise takes up your consciousness and concentrates it on the Lord and what you're singing or praising the Lord about! The Devil hates praise!

2. And I'll tell you something about your mother that you may not know. One of her secrets is that she goes around continuously with a song of praise on her lips! She doesn't even know she's doing it sometimes, but she's singing in the bathroom, she's singing in the bedroom, she's singing in her little office, she's just always singing!—Sometimes saying the words, a lot of times just humming little tunes. I'll stop and ask her, "What is that song?" and she'll say, "Oh, was I singing?" She doesn't even know she's doing it!

3. I think that's one reason she has such victory in the areas of faith and courage and cheerfulness! She's always cheerful and she's always singing songs to the Lord. She's just constantly praising the Lord! And if she's not doing it out loud, she's doing it in her heart or in her head!

4. I don't sing out loud all the time, but I've almost always got some kind of song to the Lord or about the Lord running through my head and my heart. I'll often wake up in the morning with a new tune, some other song for the day! We have so many blessings and so many things to be thankful for!

5. When you're counting your blessings, you can't be complaining or murmuring about things! If you're counting all the good things you have and all the blessings God's given to you, you can't be complaining about this little thing or that little thing, because you're too busy counting your blessings and thanking the Lord and praising Him for them! Amen?

6. So that's the story and the secret I wanted to tell you! When someone asked my mother why she always seemed to be so victorious, she said, "I'll tell you a secret! The secret to victory is down the much-neglected path of praise!"

7. So if you have any problem along that line‚ sing! Praise the Lord! The Devil hates to hear praise; he hates to hear songs of praise, and he'll have to flee, because you're resisting him! You're doing something against him, actively fighting against him!

10. When the Devil tries to get you down and starts giving you bad thoughts or discouragement or whatever, just start praising the Lord and singing!

Shepherding Our Children and Young People

ML #3191:99-101, GN 796

99. (Jesus: ) Praise. This weapon is still not used enough by My children. It is rightly said that in praise is found the victory. In your care of the children‚ it is easy to become frustrated and impatient. It is easy to become discouraged when you do not see the progress being made that you would like, or when you are tired and weary of the battle‚ or when the Enemy attacks in full with sickness or accidents, serious behavioral problems, or unhappiness in the children. At these times, praise is the weapon to use—not only yourself, but with the children as well.

100. For praise chases away the doubts and clouds of the Enemy. Praise lifts the burden of discouragement and condemnation. As you glorify Me and praise Me for the victories by faith, I am able to work miracles—not only in your circumstances, but also in your heart and in the hearts of your children. During your times of praise, your channel is also open to Me to receive My encouragement, My instruction, My ideas and fresh inspiration.

101. Praising Me brings down My blessings, and makes the mountains which the Enemy would put in your path melt away. Yes, there are mountains to climb‚ and there are battles to fight. But the Enemy is a liar and a bluffer. Many times the mountains are much smaller than he would make them appear, and it is through praising Me that you see them clearly and are given the faith and strength to climb them.

According to Your Praise Be It Unto You

ML #3432:7, 8, 12, GN 1015

7. (Natalia:) Count your blessings and give thanks and praise to the King of kings for the strong power that is given you to command.

8. Count your blessings for all that the King has done for you, and sing praise for all He is yet to do for you and through you! According to your praise you will receive strength. According to your praise you will be established and settled. According to your praise you will be filled with the hot gold magic power of the keys! According to your praise your channels will be opened wide to liberally receive power and revelation in the days ahead. Open wide and receive! Let it begin with your praise, for it is through your praise that you will be made ready.

12. Through your praises you bring down the blessings of God! Through praise you make the connection with key power. Through your praise you bring on the anointing of the Almighty! It is through your praises to the King that you open yourselves up to receive the greatest surge of heavenly power. Lift your arms in praise! Sing His praise! Ring out His praise!

Praise Your Way to Victory

ML #3449:3-16, GN 1034

Why Praise

3. (Jesus: ) Praise connects you to Me in the spirit. It summons My attention, and solidifies our connection. It brings you into My presence in the spirit. It puts your spirit in close proximity to Mine—fully under My protection and blessing and anointing, where you can feel My love and more easily see things as I see them. It's a law of the spirit. It always works.

4. Praise is the voice of faith because you're letting it be known that you believe I will work everything out. When you praise Me, you're testifying of My greatness and faithfulness to answer prayer, that you know I will do what is best even in those situations that seem bad. You're speaking faith. You're testifying that I do all things well, that I know best. It's one of the principles of My Spirit that faith brings victory and miracles. So through speaking faith, through praising Me, you open the door for miracles.

5. Praise chases away the Enemy. He hates your praise, because it's an obvious sign of your love for Me, our connection together, and your faith in Me as your Lord and Deliverer. He can't stand your praises; they block him out in the spirit. They lift you above any circumstance in the physical realm and bring you into the land of the spirit where everything is possible and I'm in complete control.

6. Praise lifts your spirit! It's a law of nature, of both the physical and spiritual realm, that when you dwell on the good‚ think about the good, speak the good, then good surrounds you. Even bad things are turned for good‚ and you benefit from them. When you think on the good, you feel good. Praising Me not only helps you to think on the good, but it reminds you of all that is possible through Me. It reminds you that you're not limited by the physical realm, but that you have access to the spiritual realm, and there, all things are possible.

7. Praise is something that you know you should do, so you're exercising obedience when you praise Me—even when you don't feel like it and you might argue that it's not really from your heart. I still bless it and reward it. I always bless obedience. And if you start praising even when you don't feel like it, it lifts you up in the spirit and soon you do feel like it‚ because you realize that I'm in control and will work everything out for your good.

8. Praise is a testimony to others, and lifts their spirits and encourages them. It sows faith and trust in Me; it sows encouragement and positiveness. It brings unity and oneness between My brides.

9. Praising Me humbles you in the spirit‚ reminds you that only I am capable of solving problems and bringing solutions, and so it makes you much more receptive to receiving My answers and solutions. It opens you up for growth and progress and receiving revelations and instruction. It puts you in a good position in the spirit to receive.

10. Those are just a few of the main reasons for praise. Praise is one of the weapons of the spirit that I've given you. It always defeats the Enemy. It always brings you close to Me. It simply works. It's a spiritual phenomenon, a powerful weapon that you can use at any time to be safe from attacks or to progress in the spirit. I wish My brides would use it more. It's one of the most neglected of the weapons in the arsenal I've given you, yet one of the most powerful. (End of message.)

The PCP Plan

11. (Jesus:) One of the many reasons that your praise to Me is of such great importance is because your praises to Me stave off your Enemy. If you want to defeat the evil ones, start with praise! Satan and his demons can't take your praises. They are like a shrill, deafening sound in their ears. It's like torture to their souls. The devils of Hell can't handle your praise. The evil ones cannot operate in the presence of your praise. Your praise inhibits them and derails them; it cramps their style and prohibits their activity. They can't cope with your praises to Me.

12. When you go to battle with the Enemy, when you find yourself in the midst of hand-to-hand combat with the Devil, the first action you should take is to praise Me. Praising Me is the first move to assured victory. Praising Me is the first step in My PCP plan. Follow this three-step plan and you can't go wrong! The PCP Plan: praise‚ call, perform. First you praise, then you call, then I perform.

1) Praise Me. This declares your faith in Me and restrains all the emissaries of the netherworld.

2) Call on Me in prayer; call on the power of the keys.

3) Then I perform. I answer your call by doing what you ask. The keys perform; they deliver your request.

13. It all starts with praise. Praise is the first step. Praise turns the keys you hold in your hands, and the keys to the Kingdom unlock all doors for you.

14. If you want to successfully fight the Enemy, start with praise. Satan and his imps cannot withstand the praises of the children of David. Your praises call Me; they invoke Me and My power, and your Enemy cannot stand in the face of My power.

15. Your praises not only draw you closer to Me, but they shut out Satan. Just as your praises woo Me, they repel the Evil One. He has no power to withstand your steady, heartfelt praises. Just as your praises turn My key, give Me great joy, and open the door for My Spirit to work‚ so do your praises destabilize the Enemy and bring him to a halt.

16. This is another reason why I love to hear your praises, for I love to see you fight and defeat the Enemy! In this day when Hell's fury rages against you‚ you must fight back with the three-step plan. Whack Satan and his demons by enacting the PCP plan: Praise, call, and then watch Me perform. I will never fail you! (End of message.)

Death to Depression, Part 2

ML #3464:225-231, 235-241, Post-it GN #11

The Underused Weapon of Praise

225. (Mama:) We'd all be a whole lot happier if we praised more. We have so much to be thankful for, bundles of blessings, and more to be happy about than anyone in the world. But I don't think we praise "the One Who freely gives us all things" nearly enough. So often we get our eyes on the problems and difficulties, when just focusing on the good, thinking on the positive, talking about the positive, and praising our Husband for the positive would drastically improve our lives for the better.

226. Being reminded to praise more may sound like a simplistic pointer for fighting depression, something you've heard a million times before and are tired of, and probably the last thing you want to hear when you're depressed. But praise is an underused spiritual weapon that is instantly effective in defeating the Enemy‚ and can help to reverse the depressive spiral. He can't stand our praises! Let's use that weapon more! Like that simple little song says, "If you really wanna knock the Devil for a loop, just start praising the Lord!" I could paraphrase that to say, "If you really wanna knock depression for a loop, just start praising the Lord!"

227. (Jesus:) When you praise Me it shows Me you love Me. When praise comes from the heart, it expresses your love. Praise gives Me the reverence and honor that is My due. Praising Me is worshipping Me. Praise is something that all the angels and beasts and saints in Heaven do constantly; they praise, love, and adore Me. Praise fills the halls of Heaven! My throne is filled with praise.

228. Praise is also a weapon, like prayer, prophecy, and the keys. Praise is very powerful. It can protect you from attacks of the Enemy, or if you're already being attacked, release you from his clutches. Praise transports you from the earthly to the heavenly. It can release you from depression, sadness, anger and hate. It can strengthen you not only spiritually but physically.

229. As I have said‚ the weapons of your warfare are not carnal, but spiritual and mighty, and praise is one of those weapons. It makes you stronger in spirit, more yielded‚ more tuned in, more loving, happier, and more victorious. I dwell in the praises of My people! Your praises have drawing power, and the more you praise, the more power is released to you and surrounds you.

230. Praise calls down help from Heaven and surrounds you with angels and heavenly forces!—Just as I surrounded My children of old when they went to battle. They were armed with songs and praises as their only weapon against their enemies, and I went before them with My armies and slew all their enemies (2Chr.20). Your praises can slay all your enemies and do battle for you and get the victory.

231. Your praises surround you with a force field both spiritually and physically. It transports your mind into heavenly places. It can protect you from pain‚ eliminate fear, and defeat the Enemy. Praise is another weapon, mighty and powerful. Just as I filled the temple with My presence when the Israelites praised Me, so will I fill your home and your heart and your thoughts with My presence when you praise Me, and I will be with you. (End of message.)

How to Fight Effectively with Praise

235. (Jesus: ) All praise is powerful, and the Devil hates every word of praise that comes forth from your mouth. But he especially hates specific praise, retaliation praise, when he's attacking you with a particular battle and you turn right around and sock it to him with your praise—praising Me for the specific things he's trying to use to attack you. That kills his pride and mortally wounds his spirit.

236. Praising in general terms for anything you have to be thankful for or your many blessings does lift your spirit and help you to feel more victorious. All praise is good, but when you take the specific attack the Enemy is hitting you with and turn around and transform it into a praise to Me, looking at the situation positively and thanking Me for whatever you can think of that is related to the battle he's attacking you with, this is indeed a fiery sword that pierces his heart to its innermost depths and forces him to retreat, screaming with pain from your attack through praise. (End of message.)

237. (Mama: ) Isn't that tremendous? Imagine how the Enemy must reel in defeat when we use specific praise to fight him, turning what he originally intended to defeat us into a weapon to destroy his power! I was excited about this, and asked the Lord for a sample prayer of praise for those of you who, like me, find it helpful to have an example of how to put things into words. You can use or adapt this according to your needs.

238. (Prayer:) I activate the power of the keys of praise, dear Husband‚ which You have promised are powerful and mighty! I praise You even for the battles, because I want to fight the Enemy with this powerful spiritual weapon of praise. I want to see him defeated and driven back with the power of praise! I want him to feel my fiery sword of praise piercing him to the heart! I want to turn his attacks back on his own head!

239. I praise You, Jesus, for the battles—even the discouragement and depression I feel—because I know it's driving me to You. I feel helpless, weak, defenseless and feeble, but that makes me depend on Your power to help me, deliver me, and bring the victory. I praise You that nothing is impossible for You, and that You can destroy the Devil and all his demons and free me from their attacks. I praise You that no matter how hard I'm hit, You can deliver me.

240. I praise You that through these battles I'm learning how to fight! I praise You that though the Enemy is trying to defeat me, You've given me the power to rise above. I praise You, because as a result of these battles I will be stronger in spirit and not ignorant of the Devil's devices. I praise You that when I am weak, You are strong. I praise You and You alone, because the Enemy's attacks are puny and his power is weak when compared with Your mighty majesty and strength.

241. I praise and depend on You, my awesome Savior, my great and terrible Destroyer of Evil, my Shield and Defense, the Rock of my salvation, my wonderful Deliverer and Redeemer!

Practicing Praise

ML #3471:14-20, 40-42, 56-58, 81-84, GN 1059

14. (Jesus:) You've heard many times that praise is a weapon against the Enemy. But a good many of you think of that weapon as being specifically useful if you're battling negativity‚ discouragement, depression‚ murmuring, doubts, or one of the "negative" types of battles. Very few of you see much use for it in everyday life. But I want to open your eyes to see praise more as it really is in the spirit.

15. Praise is a weapon that defeats the Enemy in any battle. That's right—any battle! It could be a battle of persecution, it could be a battle for My supply, it could be a battle for unity, it could be a battle for your children. It doesn't matter what the attack or what the obstacle, praise is an extremely powerful weapon to set the Enemy back and bring victory.

16. And what's more, praise is linked very closely with your use of the keys. Since you have neglected the weapon of praise all these years, if you hope to become proficient in the use of the keys, you're going to have to pick up the weapon of praise now and learn how to use it, or else your best efforts will be found lacking. All of My new weapons link together. They strengthen each other and complement each other. Those who want to be miracle workers of the End, those who will be masters of the spiritual warfare, will be those who have learned how to use all the spiritual weapons in conjunction with each other, without neglecting any.

17. And I'll let you in on another secret. As you know, all of My new weapons require humility. Some of them force you to do the humble thing when you use them; others will not be activated unless you are humble and are doing the humble thing. You know this‚ and many of you are actively working on overcoming your pride, and that's great. I'm very proud of you. But praise is in many cases the secret to defeating your pride and doing the humble thing. As I have told you many times, humility is an essential ingredient if you wish to be effective in your use of the keys, heavenly thought power, prayer‚ etc. But what you might not have realized is that praise is often the lacking ingredient in putting on the garment of humility.

18. Praise will help tear down your pride and bring humility faster than almost any other effort you can make. Why? Because it's acknowledging Me, it's putting yourself in the place where you belong, and reminding yourself and everyone around you that I am the only one who is good, I am the one with the answers, I am the one with the power, I am the one who must bring all good things to pass! It's like letting the light in, and the darkness is forced to flee. Instead of trying to beat your pride down and eradicate it, open a strong spiritual vacuum for My Spirit with your sincere praises to Me, and there will be no room for pride in your heart or spirit!

19. So for those very important reasons, and many more, praise as a weapon is essential for you to master at this stage of the battle—not just praise as a "self-help" technique to make you feel more positive, nor as a "rescue rope" when you're sinking in negativity, but praise as an offensive weapon, used at all times to rout and defeat the Enemy.

20. One very great incentive for using praise, My loves, is that it's a weapon that the Enemy cannot defeat. He is instantly pushed back and forced to retreat when you pull out the weapon of praise. (End of message.)

Wreaking death and destruction on the Enemy's empire through praise!

40. (Jesus: ) I give to you, My brides, who know how to love Me intimately, this valuable and potent weapon of praise. Be not deceived by its radiant and beautiful appearance, for to the Enemy it is as if a thousand samurai swords had been unleashed upon him at once, cutting him to his very heart and severing any hold he might have on your heart or health‚ or any situation that concerns you. The very act of praising is not only beneficial to your spirit and uplifting to your heart, but it actually rejuvenates your body and causes great strength to flow through you. When you begin to praise, it's as if your uplifted arms channel My power back down toward you, and your body receives energy that is not of this world.

41. Many times has this story been told, this "Battle of Uplifted Hands" (2 Chronicles 20:1-29). But if those involved could have seen in the spirit what was occurring, they would have known they had the advantage from the beginning. As soon as the singing and praising began, the spiritual realm began to rumble. As their hands were raised to Me, it was as if a circuit had been tripped, and power, like lightning, shot down to each one whose heart was full of praise toward Me. At that instant, the panic the opposing armies felt was caused by the demons and spiritual enemies of My children freaking out, for they were familiar with the power unleashed by the obedience and praise of My children, and they knew that they had no defense against this great power.

42. History recorded the rest, yet even now history is being written by you and your prayers and praises to Me. Let not your eyes be limited by the mere physical outcomes and manifestations of these acts‚ but look unto Me and lift your eyes to the heavenlies where I can show more fully the nature of these spiritual weapons and how they wreak death and destruction upon the Enemy's empire like nothing you've ever seen! (End of message.)

When you don't feel like it

56. (Jesus:) I understand that there are times when you don't feel very praiseful and thankful. There are times when you're hurting or discouraged, when you're sad or overwhelmed‚ and the last thing you feel like doing at those times is praising Me. It's natural to have highs and lows in your emotions—that's the way I made you.

57. But you must also remember that the Enemy tries to capitalize on those emotions and exaggerate them and get you to act on them when it would be in his favor. For example, when you don't feel like praising Me, he'll exaggerate those feelings and try all sorts of things to keep you from praising, because he knows that if you were to start, it would mean your victory and his end! Or when you do feel praiseful, he'll use your pride to hold you back; he'll remind you about what people might think, or how it might seem pretty uncool to praise Me right then, and he's probably often successful in his attempts to keep you from praising Me!

58. So while I understand that it's totally natural and human for you to many times not feel at all like praising Me, I still expect you to do it, and it's not hypocritical. In those cases it's simply obedience‚ and obedience brings on My blessings. Even if your praises don't feel like they're coming from your heart, because your heart is so sad or battling so much, if you'll simply start, you'll soon have real praises in your heart, and little by little the light will come back in and My Spirit will take over. (End of message.)

81. (Jesus:) When fighting in prayer, use praise boldly as a weapon of war. Tell the Enemy that you're about to praise Me for something, and then attack. Flaunt your weapons of the Spirit in Satan's face, while thumbing your nose at him, knowing that he's outgunned and it's really going to hurt him!

82. Here's an example. Let's say you're asking for united prayer against pride. Someone has already prayed for you, and now it's your turn to pray for yourself. You might try beginning the prayer like this: "Lord, we know that humility before You is the best weapon against pride, so I'm going to use it in conjunction with praise right now in order to thwart the attack of the Enemy. You're going to really get it now, Satan! Thank You, my darling Jesus, for the power of humility and that I am nothing before You and that You are everything to me! Thank You that I'm so weak, because it means I must depend on You! I praise You for Your strength in me, and Your power to destroy the evil works of the Enemy who has been trying to attack me through pride!" You may even want to step up the attack by lifting your hands and praying in tongues.

83. The Enemy can't stand up to the power of praise—especially when it's used in conjunction with the other weapons of the spirit and the keys of the Kingdom. There are many other ways you can incorporate praise—ways that will be particularly effective for you personally. So keep asking Me and I will show you.

84. When it becomes part of your thoughts‚ part of your conversations‚ when your first reaction (or closely thereafter) becomes pulling out the weapon of praise to sock the Enemy a good one, then you'll know you're becoming one of My heroes of the spirit and really doing damage to the Enemy! And I'll guarantee you that by that time, your personal quality of life and that of your Home will have improved as well. Praise is the all-around undefeatable weapon! Use it! (End of message.)

Renewal: A Praise Celebration

ML #3494:11­-17, 67, 69-70‚ GN 1079

11. (Jesus:) Praise is a weapon that defeats the Enemy in any battle. And the wonderful thing about the gift of praise, the weapon of praise, is that it's also a spiritual protection for you. It's not only an offensive weapon, but it also ministers to your spirit while you're defeating your Adversary. It shields you from his blows. It comforts and warms and clothes you. It nourishes your spirit and gives you strength, even while you're fighting away in hand-to-hand combat.

12. All of the new weapons of the spirit do that to some degree or another. But praise is an exceptional weapon, and I'm focusing on it right now in the Family because you have all neglected it for so long. It's been one of the elements lacking in your spiritual warfare skills, and has given the Enemy an undue advantage. So that's why I'm trying to get through to each of My children through whatever means possible, creating opportunities where they feel overwhelmed and have to grab their spiritual weaponry, and I'm hoping they will pick up the weapon of praise and start to use it. Once you do and you see how powerful it is, you'll never want to be without it. It will transform your life!

13. In your personal life, it's the solution to so many of the struggles you face. Praise is the lacking ingredient that will propel you to the stage where you're really winning these battles. Praise will make a huge difference, because praise unlocks the door to greater faith.

14. Focus on that concept. Every time you face a difficulty of any kind, praise Me. Praise Me when you're in the shower, going for a walk‚ preparing the food, sitting on the toilet. Memorize key promises on praise. Make it your focus. Pray when you get up in the morning that I'll help you to make praise a habit that day, that I'll help you remember to praise at those crucial times. And like any habit, the more you do it, the more you'll remember to do it, and the more things you'll think of to praise Me for‚ and the more positive your outlook on everything will become. Ask for prayer to become more praiseful.

15. Find things all along the way to praise Me for, which will bring My power into the situation. You'll see what I mean as you do it more. It doesn't have to become an insincere or hypocritical habit. It can be a beautiful attitude of positiveness, always looking for the good and a way to glorify Me, regardless of the circumstances.

16. When you're praising Me, you're bringing Me more into your life and circumstances, so things will start working out better. You'll not only feel better and react to things better, but things will actually be better, because I'll be more in control, My presence will be more manifested. By praising Me you're acknowledging Me and bringing My Spirit into the situation.

17. I love you, and as always, am ever near to help you with anything you face. Praising Me will help you to feel My presence more and take advantage of all the spiritual power that's at your command.

67. (Jesus:) When you use your demon–defeating weapons of the keys of praise, they will:


Answer your call.

Accomplish each task on your to-do list.

Achieve your goals.

Activate stronger faith.

Always win the battle.

Attack Arakan.


Boost your natural abilities.

Build on your strengths and anointing.

Blast every negative thought to Hell where it belongs.

Beat up the Devil's imps.

Bounce you into the joy of the Lord.

Bash Bacchus.

Blast Baal to bits.


Conquer Satan in every battle.

Carry out your work with excellence.

Create a force field of protection around you.

Complete your thoughts and help you remember things.

Constrain Oplexicon.

Change your mindsets.

Cut the Devil to the heart.

Crush the imps that pester you.


Do whatever you ask of Me.

Damn the deactivation demons.

Demolish the impossibilities and make room for My miracles.

Devastate your enemies.

Drown out Satan's voice.

Dissipate discouragement.

Defy the impossible.

Detonate the demons.


Escort you into My presence.

Execute My highest will.

Ensure victory no matter what the obstacles.

Energize your body‚ mind, and spirit.

Eliminate every iota of the Devil's influence.

Eradicate doubts.


Fight for you and win the battle.

Fix the problems.

Figure out the answers.

Find things you lost.

Fry the Enemy's circuitry.

Force the fiends of Hell to retreat.

Foil your foes.


Guard you from feelings of discouragement, frustration‚ and negative thoughts.

Generate a feeling of well-being.

Give you unexpected strength.

Gather spiritual forces to come to your rescue.

Gain the upper hand.

Glorify Me.

Gas the ghouls of gloom and despair.


Help you overcome in spite of everything.

Hold back premature persecution.

Hinder the Hinderer.

Hurt and wound the Imp.

Hallow you about with My angels.

Hammer down the hordes of evil.

Handcuff the Hairy One.


Inoculate you from the Enemy's venom.

Improve any situation.

Increase your productivity.

Infuse you with the positive medicine of My Spirit.

Invigorate you from head to toe.

Illuminate your mind with My thoughts.


Juggle your work and help you multitask.

Join your mind with My mind.

Jump to encourage you when you feel down.

Junk the Punk.

Jerk you out of depression's pit.

Jam the Enemy's communication system.


Keep you on the cutting edge of the new moves of My Spirit.

Keep you on a positive track.

Knock the Devil for a loop.

Kick you in the pants and remind you to look on the positive.

Knit your thoughts with your spirit helpers.

Knock the Enemy out of commission.


Lift your spirit.

Look after all your needs.

Lead you in the ways of My Spirit.

Launch happy thoughts into your atmosphere.

Let you in on My secrets.

Lethally wound Lethargy.


Make molehills out of mountains.

Make sure your priorities are balanced.

Marshal My forces to fight for you.

Morph into a praisemobile to get you to your destination faster.

Minimize ungodly and negative influences.

Move the hand of God to fight for you.

Mortally wound every foe.


Never fail.

Nurse you when you're sick or discouraged.

Neutralize the Enemy's poisonous darts.

Nuke Satan's strongholds.

Not desert you.

Nullify condemnation.


Open the door to My Spirit.

Organize your schedule.

Obtain whatever you need.

Obliterate Obstacon.

Overcome fear and shyness.

Outsmart even the most outrageous opposition.


Protect your thoughts.

Pep-talk you through any difficulty and on to the victory.

Prepare your destiny.

Preempt the Enemy's strikes against you.

Push Lucifer over the edge.

Put down pride.

Prevail over all the evil plans of Pan.


Quiet the voice of the Enemy.

Quell all your fears.

Quicken to you your memory work.

Quench thoughts of self-pity.

Quash Hell's puny army.


Rush to your side.

Resolve issues.

Require the forces of darkness to flee.

Rip the Ol' Boy apart.

Resist and reflect the Enemy's attacks back at him.

Restore peace to your spirit.


Slam the door in the Devil's face.

Safeguard you from falling prey to the Devil's devices.

Start new circuitry to rewire your way of thinking.

Strengthen your defenses.

Sock it to the Selvegion.

Shatter Satan's lies to smithereens.

Slash sensitivity.

Shred Satan to ribbons.

Subvert the strongholds of the Slimy Snake.

Smash the delusions of the Devil.


Trigger victory.

Thrash every demon that tries to hinder you.

Transport you into the realm of the spirit.

Torture the Devil.

Transform your nature.

Torment the demons of depression.

Thwart the Enemy's plans.

Turn the demons away, shrieking in pain and fear.

Trash the mean Monster.


Unlock the door to greater faith.

Utilize the full power of Heaven in conjunction with the other weapons of the spirit.

Upgrade your faith.

Unravel the secrets of Heaven.

Undo the Devil's damage.

Unveil the truth in any situation.

Undermine every effort of the Enemy.


Voice My blessings.

Verify My Word to your satisfaction.

Vaporize the vile Viper.

Validate the truth.

Vastly multiply your prayer power.

Vanquish the Vandari.

Vault you over any hurdle.


Win, and not lose.

Wipe out any negative habits and replace them with positive ones.

Write all your communications through you.

Whack the Ol' Creep right where it hurts.

Weave beautiful blessings into the tapestry of your life.

Wallop Apotheon.

Wipe out the demons who oppose you.

Wash away every trace of evil.


X off anything negative.

X-tend a helping hand in your time of need.

X-pand your horizons.

X–tol My virtues.

X-pedite your spiritual progress.

X-ceed your every expectation.

X-onerate you and set you free.


Yield wonderful results.

Yell victory in the face of the Enemy.

Yearn for and attract My Spirit.

Yank the rug from under your enemies.

Yoke you to My love as never before.


Zap every lie of the Enemy.

Zip up the foul mouth of the Devil and his imps.

Zero in on and enhance My happy thoughts.

Zonk your Adversary.

Zealously fight for you in the spirit.

Zoom in and destroy every design of the Evil One.

69. (Jesus:) The keys of praise are your all-around undefeatable weapon. You can use them in any battle and they will help to bring the victory. They can enhance any prayer; they can augment any other specific key you claim. The keys of praise enhance the power of all of the other specific keys. For example, if you're praying for supply, claim the keys of supply and the keys of praise. Adding the ingredient of the keys of praise to any prayer you pray will not go to waste. It will make your prayer more powerful, not less powerful.

70. The keys of praise are effective in every battle, and multiply the power of your prayer a thousand times. So if you're praying for organization, supply, healing, or any other request, the keys of praise will add a unique boost of power to your prayer. The keys of praise are an important addition to any prayer. Praise is the voice of faith, and using the keys of praise is an expression of your faith that I will answer you, no matter what you are requesting of Me.

Shooting Straight, Part 1

ML #3499:162, GN 1086

162. (Jesus:) Don't forget the unbeatable weapon of praise in this battle. The Enemy will try to weigh you down with anything possible, but the weapon of praise can help you rise high above‚ out of his clutches. Any time you start praising‚ I'll be there to help you see things as I see them‚ to infuse you with faith, peace, and trust in Me, which makes it possible for you to relax and be truly happy and full of My joy! It's impossible to be really happy when you're weighed down with too much. So any time you feel that way, start praising Me. Activate your weapon of praise, and send the Enemy running for cover! As you praise, My spirit will pour down, and your joy—My joy in you‚ My heavenly perspective on things—will return. I love you! (End of message.)

World Currents!-No.102

ML #3528:361-363, 366-367, GN 1122

Wield the Weapon of Praise

361. (Jesus: ) Praise, My dear children, is already setting you apart from the masses‚ and it will do so even more in the days to come.

362. You must praise! Praise is not only a weapon that will help you be strong and powerful in these Endtime days, but it is the weapon of liberation that you can use to set people free. Teach them to praise Me and you will be drawing them out of the darkness into the light. You can't stop the darkness that is rapidly encroaching on the Earth. But you can chase it away and push it back through praise.

363. Praise is not only the most needed weapon for the children of David and their survival, but it's the most important weapon you have to give to the children of the world. Teach them to praise, and you have taught them to survive. Teach them to praise, and you have taught them to overcome. Teach them to praise, and the Antichrist and his people and powers will not be able to defeat those wielding it. Give this weapon to all My people, for those who wield this weapon, no matter what their nationality or religion‚ will rise above.

366. (Jesus is weeping.) If My children would wield the weapon of praise, the sorrows of this life would quickly pass away. I wish to draw people nearer to Me. But doubt and sorrow and murmuring on a massive scale are separating people from Me more than any other problem. Defeat the murmuring in their lives by teaching them to praise.

367. I now commission the children of David to wave the banner of praise far and wide, and hold it high!

The Art of War, Part 1

ML #3532:92-95, GN 1123

92. (Jesus:) The first step to take to stay a step ahead of the Enemy is to praise! It seems so simple, and almost "too easy," but in reality it's one of the most advanced spiritual weapons you can use.

93. When you're praising, the Enemy simply can't come near you. When you're praising, he can't get you down-no matter what. Even if I allow him to attack, which I sometimes do, you'll be on My wavelength, and I will easily be able to show you what to do in an instant.

94. When you're praising, your spiritual and physical bubble of protection is fortified; you're under the shelter of My wings, and can have perfect peace and freedom, knowing that you're doing your part and I'm in control.

95. When you're praising, you're automatically one step ahead of the Enemy, because you're invading his spiritual territory and he has to flee from you, rather than the other way around.


FJWL 1:333

Oh‚ that My children would be children of praise! Oh, that they would constantly have a word and a song of praise in their hearts and on their lips! For when you are praising, then I can envelop you in My Spirit. Praise helps to ward off the attacks of doubts and fears and worries put in your mind by the Evil One. Praise brings great strength, because praise helps you to keep your mind stayed on Me. My people ought always to praise and not to faint, and not to become weary in well doing.

Praise is so important! Praise is precious! Praise is valuable! Praise is the way of the Kingdom! Praise is the opposite of the way of the world. The Devil brings his people into bondage through fear and worry and contention and bitterness and murmuring. But I long to bring My children into freedom through praise and thanksgiving!

I find great pleasure in the praise of My children. Just as you find great pleasure in the compliments and praise of your lover, so do I find great joy in the praise of My bride. As you praise Me for My blessings‚ for My supply, for My protection, for My words of love, for My guidance and instruction, so will I open the windows of Heaven and pour forth all these things in greater abundance! (ML #3055).

FJWL 1:339

I will teach all My children to praise as never before! My people shall be known as a people of praise‚ prophets of praise. They will be a whirlwind of praise, beautiful and powerful in My sight! So think not that this is a small thing, for it is a great and powerful thing! This whirlwind of praise shall sweep the Earth, and in its wake will be showers of blessings! It will be a testimony to all who look upon My prophets of praise‚ that I honor and reward those who come to Me with praise and honor and glory (ML #3055).

FJWL 2:86

(Dad:) I wrote plenty about praising the Lord, because I knew it was important. My mother was always faithful to praise, and to impart to me the need to praise. I tried to impart that need to you‚ too. I tried to praise the Lord all through my life because I knew it was important. I knew it was uplifting. I knew it did me good, and I was sure the Lord appreciated it and loved me for it. But being on this side I see much more how important it is and how much it means to the Lord and how pleased He is with it!

It's very important Here in Heaven, and we praise the Lord all the time! It's very natural. It's part of being Here and what we do. When you see it from this side, you see how important it is and how much you want to do it. It's beautiful to hear the praises of the Lord that people give. It's beautiful to hear the many ways to praise the Lord Here, and to see that all things praise the Lord. It's beautiful! It's wonderful! I can't even explain it.

And as you praise, you partake of this Heavenly atmosphere, the atmosphere of praise that we have Here! You partake of it and you participate in it. It's a link between you there and us Here.

So though I said when I was there that praise was important, I say now that it is even more important than I told you then! I had a glimpse of it, I knew the need, but now I see much more the strength and the power that lies in praise.—Not only the power to give you victory and to uplift your heart, but the power that it has to draw power from the Heavenly realm. It's as if praise opens the channel to the Heavenlies that allows the Heavenly blessings to pour down, so that you don't just praise your way to victory, you also praise down the blessings of God!

The channels of blessings will be open as the voice of praise rises into the Heavenlies! So sing those praises, pray those praises, praise those praises‚ pour forth those praises to the Lord, and you will see the blessings of God come down upon you in new ways, in manifold ways, in abundant ways! (ML #3013)

FJWL 2:99

(Dad: ) I am so happy to see my children becoming children of praise and children of prayer and children of love, praising and praying and loving the Lord just like I always wanted them to! As you praise and pray and love Him‚ He will love you in return and pour forth His blessings like you've never seen before!

So join us Here with praises to God! Join us Here as you tell Jesus of your love and as you thank Him for all that He has done. And He will join us as we help to pour forth blessing upon blessing unto you! (ML #3013)


(excerpts), MOP2

By Him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips, giving thanks to His Name (Heb.13:15).

1. There are two times to praise the Lord: When you feel like it, and when you don't feel like it!

8. If you wanna knock the Devil for a loop, just start praising the Lord no matter what's happening!

9. Praise the Lord, and you'll often praise your way right out of the pit into which the Devil is trying to cast you!

12. The Enemy hates praise!

17. Dear old Raymond Richie used to say, "Lift your lightning rods! Get a stroke from Jesus! Raise your hands and praise the Lord!"

19. God gets His greatest victories out of seeming defeat, and He often brings them along the neglected path of praise!

20. Praise is the voice of faith!

29. Thank God for everything, whatever God sends or lets the Devil bring!

30. Work and Word,

Scripture and song!

Count your blessings

—You can't go wrong!

36. The power of positive praise is terrific! Count your blessings, thank God for all He has done and chase the Devil away and all his shades of night by letting the Light in. The power of positive praise and quoting and singing and action just really puts the Devil on the run. He sure doesn't like the Scripture and he hates praise and he hates thanksgiving and he hates songs of prayer and praise and he especially hates our positive active work for the Lord.

38. "Praise ye the Name of the Lord with the seven kisses of thy Father and be thankful and give praise to thy Love!"

Communion with God: Praise and Thankfulness

52, 130‚ Thots 1

52. Praise Him when the sun is shining,

When the winds of trouble blow,

When you see no silver lining

On the clouds that hang so low.

Praise illumines clouds of sorrow‚

Turns the gray skies into gold

Giving promise of a morrow

Bright with blessings manifold.

Praise Him when your load is heavy

And the day no comfort brings,

Then your burden God will carry,

Bear you as on eagles' wings.

God delights to have us praise Him,

And believe His Holy Word;

And He knoweth them that trust Him,

For they always praise the Lord.

—Ida A. Guirey

130. When upon life's billows you are tempest-tossed‚

When you are discouraged, thinking all is lost,

Count your many blessings, name them one by one,

And it will surprise you what the Lord hath done.

Count your blessings, name them one by one;

Count your blessings, see what God hath done!

Count your blessings, name them one by one;

Count your many blessings, see what God hath done.

Are you ever burdened with a load of care?

Does the cross seem heavy you are called to bear?

Count your many blessings, ev'ry doubt will fly,

And you will keep singing as the days go by.

When you look at others with their lands and gold,

Think that Christ has promised you His wealth untold;

Count your many blessings‚ wealth can never buy‚

Your reward in Heaven‚ nor your Home on High.

So, amid the conflict, whether great or small,

Do not be disheartened, God is over all;

Count your many blessings, Angels will attend,

Help and comfort give you to your journey's end.

—Rev. J. Oatman

Word Basics: Thankfulness

2, 3, 7,

2. Praising the Lord:

A. We are admonished to praise the Lord:

Psa.107:8Oh that men would praise the Lord for His goodness, and for His wonderful works

Psa.18:3The worthy to be praised

Psa.22:3(God) inhabitest the praises of Israel

Psa.66:8O bless our God, ye people, and make the voice of His praise to be heard

Psa.67:3O God, let all the people praise Thee

Psa.100:4Enter into His gates with thanksgiving‚ and into His courts with praise

Psa.103:1Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless His holy name

Psa.113:1Praise ye the Lord, O ye servants of the Lord

Psa.117:1Praise the Lord‚ all ye nations...all ye people

Psa.147:1Praise ye the Lord: for...praise is comely

Psa.150:6Let every thing that hath breath praise the Lord

Heb.13:15Offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually...the fruit of our lips giving thanks to His name

1Pet.2:9Ye should show forth praises of Him Who called you

(See also Psa.50:23; 148:all; 150:all.)

B. Praise the Lord in song:

Psa.30:4Sing unto the Lord...and give thanks

Psa.69:30Praise the name of God with a song...and thanksgiving

Psa.92:1It is a good thing to...sing praises unto Thy name

Psa.98:1Sing unto the Lord a new song

Psa.147:1,7Sing unto the Lord with thanksgiving; sing praise

Eph.5:19Making melody in your heart to the Lord

Col.3:16Singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord

C. Praise the Lord happily:

Psa.5:11Let them that love Thy name be joyful in Thee

Psa.95:2bMake a joyful noise unto Him with psalms

Isa.51:3bJoy and gladness...thanksgiving‚ and the voice of melody

Jer.30:19Out of them shall proceed thanksgiving and the voice of them that make merry

(See also Psa.100:1; Jer.33:11.)

3. Have a continual attitude of praising God:

Heb.13:15Let us offer...praise to God continually...our lips giving thanks to His name

Psa.34:1I will bless the Lord at all times: His praise shall continually be in my mouth

Psa.35:28My tongue shall speak of Thy...praise all day long

Psa.71:8Let my mouth be filled with Thy praise...all the day

(See also Psa.30:12b; 72:15b; 79:13; 104:33; 113:3.)

7. What to do when problems arise:

A. Praise and rejoice even when things go wrong:

Hab.3:17,18Although the...fields shall yield no meat; the flock shall be cut off...yet will I rejoice in the Lord

Mat.5:11,12When men revile you, and persecute you, and say...evil against you falsely...rejoice, and be exceeding glad

Lk.6:22,23When men shall hate you...separate you...reproach you ...rejoice ye...and leap for joy

Acts 5:40,41They called the apostles, and beat them...they departed rejoicing that they were worthy to suffer shame

Acts 16:22-25Beat them...cast them into prison...Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God

1Thes.5:18In everything give thanks: this is the will of God

1Pet.4:12,13Think it not strange...the fiery trial...but rejoice

(See also Jer.15:10‚11,16; Jon.2:all; Phi.4:4.)

B. If you have a genuine deep grievance, tell the Lord:

Psa 55:2,3Hear me: I mourn in my complaint, and make a noise... because of the heart is sore pained

Psa.55:22Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and He shall sustain thee

Psa.77:1-4I was troubled: I complained, my spirit...over whelmed

Psa.142:allI poured out my complaint before Him; I showed Him my spirit was overwhelmed

1Pet.5:7Casting all your care upon Him; for He careth for you

(See also Heb.4:14-16)

C. Keep on praising and victory is sure to come:

2Chr.20:22When they began to sing and to praise, the Lord set ambushments against the (enemy)

D. Keep a thankful attitude in prayer:

Phi.4:6By prayer...with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God

Col.4:2Continue in prayer...with thanksgiving


Praise Him

ML #3265:3, 128-129, 133-135, GN 868

3. (Natalia:) Hearken unto the Heavens, dear children of David‚ for a new day dawns! I am Natalia, I stand in the Heavenlies to help, to assist and to help watch over all that is born anew.

128. I come that I might instruct you in the sweet song and dance of praise to our Lover and King! I visit you from the Heavenlies, that I might direct you, dear Family, in daily praise to our dear Jesus!

129. I come that I might show you this picture of victory, for this is the victory that overcomes all obstacles. This is the victory that will sustain you and keep you through these days of tests and preparation. For your Lover and Lord dwells in your praises! This is why you must praise Him continually, for your praises have drawing power. ... Your praises call Him; they entice Him. They draw His Spirit, like a magnet‚ He clings to you when you praise.

133. I come to you, dear Family, to mentor, to guide, to lead you in the praise. As you praise our Husband continually, you will possess energy, power, vigor and strength that you have never known before. As you use this tool of praise, you will win victory in every battle.

134. Your Lover and Lord dwells in your praises! He comes when you praise. As you praise Him continually‚ you will find true freedom and strength of days, and you too will flow gracefully with the greatest of ease on the wings of praise, over and around and straight through any obstacle that Satan would try to put in your way.

135. I show you this picture of praise to encourage your hearts, and to help lead you in the song and dance of praise. For through continual praise, your life is born anew every morning. I help you by showing you this sample of praise. I demonstrate the freedom of spirit that is brought on through the power of praise! Praise, praise, praise is the victory! Praise is freedom! Praise is power! Let us praise our sweet Lover all the days of our lives‚ forever and ever and ever! (End of message.)

Christmas Praises 2001

ML #3372:5-8, 11-12, 14-18, GN 967

5. (Natalia: ) I was created to lead you in praise. And I am honored to help teach you, the children of David, the true secrets and value of praise. I am honored to lead you in praise, that you might avail yourselves of its magical touch‚ that you might immerse yourselves in its glorious glow‚ that you might put its awesome power to use!

6. I was created for this purpose—to continually praise our loving Savior in song and dance! And at this Christmastime, it is fitting that I come to you, dear Family, to lead you in Christmas praises to our mighty King.

7. Do you know why? It was I who led the praise on that wondrous night our almighty Lord was born on Earth! Yes, it was I who led the cherubim‚ who led the seraphim, who led the Heavenly choir to praise and rejoice and give glory to God before the shepherds in the fields.

8. This is why I bear the name Natalia, for I was to have the honor of leading the Heavens and those who witnessed the birth on Earth in praise on that first Noel! I led the praise on that glorious night when our King came down that you might live forevermore. I led the praise the night your salvation was made possible, when Love came to you at Christmas!

11. Let your praise be known to all the worlds! Be not as those who repeat the words in vain repetition, but immerse yourselves in the joyful sound of praise and glory in its power! Praise with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your soul, and let your praise lift you to the Heavenlies!

12. This is the kind of praise our dear Love wants. This is the kind of praise that empowers you. This is the kind of praise that brings fruit in your lives. This is the kind of praise that rises above. This is the kind of praise that turns the keys to the Kingdom, which you hold in your hands. This is the kind of praise that transcends the impossible!

14. Lose yourselves in praise to the King of Kings! Sing for joy and be filled! This is what your Husband desires as you remember His birth. He wants you. He wants your joyous, exuberant, happy praise.

15. Do you know why? Yes, He derives great pleasure and satisfaction when He hears your praise. Yet greater than this, your praises open the door for our strong Defender to fill you with His power. This is His greatest pleasure—to fill you with His Spirit. This is what He longs for. He wants to flow, flow, flow through your veins. He wants to pump His energy throughout you.

16. This is what pleases our King more than anything—to fill you with His Spirit, for He knows this is what brings true happiness—when you are filled with His strength and power! Through your praises you create a vacuum that He can fill, and when He does, you benefit in ways beyond compare. Through your praise your spirit is set free, and this is what pleases your Love. Through your praise‚ you raise shields of protection around you that guard you from the Enemy's attacks.

17. Through your praise you receive the blessings of God; you open the door to receive the riches of Heaven through your praise, and this is what He wants. He wants to heap on you His great treasure. He wants to give and give and give to you again—more than you can possibly conceive of. This is why He loves your praise; through your praises you make it possible for the King to love you like He wants to.

18. He glories in your praise. He dwells in your praise. He comes to you when you praise. His desire is to meet your desire, to fill you and thrill you and make you happy, to strengthen and empower you to move forward.

Practicing Praise

ML #3471:107, 109-110, GN 1059

Praise angels

107. (Jesus:) Each of you has a spirit helper that guides you in praise. They help you to praise and remind you to praise, but the way they work can be likened to a battery. The more you praise, the more they are charged, and the longer they can run without recharging‚ and the more output they can have. You need to increase your praise output in order to increase their output back to you.

109. Praise is so much like electricity. When the batteries are charged or the generators are running‚ then there's a plentiful supply of power. But weak batteries or faulty generators cause the lights to go out. If you don't actively praise and focus‚ then not enough spiritual oomph will be generated to push your prayers through to answers. This is simplistic, but it shows you how praise works and how you can get more and better answers by praising.

110. You must seek out your praise angel or angels. You must ask them how you can help them to help you, so that your praises are activated and your prayers are pushed along to answers. Claim a refilling of the Holy Ghost, not just today‚ but whenever you need it and are feeling a bit dry. According to your praise be it unto you! (End of message.)