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Art of War, The--Part 1--Letter Links 1: Fighting the Enemy

February 26, 2005

(ML #3532, GN 1123)

FD/MM/FM January 2005

Baalzebub—Lord of the Flies

ML #168:8-10, DB5

8. (Dad:) I LOVE TO FIGHT THE ENEMY!—As a strong man that loves to run a race, and a strong man that rejoiceth and shouteth by reason of wine, as a knight that loves the fray, and arouseth himself to fight the Enemy!

9. IT'S SO RIDICULOUS TO THINK THE HOUSE OF BAALZEBUB CAN FIGHT THE HOUSE OF DAVID!—That the Lord of the Flies can fight the Lord of the Living! … I love to fight for the Cause of David and the Name of Jesus! Be strong in the Lord and the power of His might! Hallelujah!

10. We haven't even begun to fight yet! It makes me furious when people take the attacks of the Enemy lying down and let the Enemy walk all over them, without resistance, or go pussy–footing around trying to appease him or trying not to arouse him! I like to hit him head-on, and rebuke him in the Name of Jesus in the power of the Spirit and get rid of him, not just keep putting up with him, tolerating him and letting him hang around bothering us and the people he's oppressing, obsessing and attacking! LET'S DECLARE WAR ON THE EVIL ONE!


ML #171:10, 13-14, 16, 20-23‚ 25-26, DB5

10. (Dad: ) AS ANY MILITARY STRATEGIST KNOWS, IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO WIN A DEFENSIVE WARFARE! Defensive war is doomed to defeat! To win a war you have to launch an attack—you HAVE to go on the offensive! You HAVE to set him back on his heels! You HAVE to take the initiative! You HAVE to be positive! YOU have to attack and invade and overpower! You can't just sit there and try to ward him off while HE attacks and invades or he'll finally overpower YOU.

13. WE'RE IN A SPIRITUAL WARFARE, and our weapons are not carnal but spiritual—mighty to the tearing down of strongholds! This is a picture of your attacking the strongholds of the Enemy and ripping them apart, destroying the opposition! Jesus said of the Church, in Matthew 16:18, "The gates of Hell shall not prevail (withstand) against it!"

14. THE PICTURE IS NOT OF THE CHURCH STANDING FAST BEHIND ITS CLOSED DOORS WHILE ALL HELL ATTACKS, but the picture Christ painted was of HELL trembling behind ITS closed doors, while the CHURCH was in an all-out ATTACK against Hell's gates, which were collapsing and crumbling under the weight of the power of God through His Church!

16. THE ENEMY NEVER KNOWS WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO DO NEXT! You've put him on the defensive! He rocks and reels from sudden blow after sudden blow, so that he has no time to organize an attack on you‚ he's too busy defending himself!


21. SURE, WE'LL HAVE CASUALTIES! Sure, we'll have losses! Sure, we'll have wounds!—But we'll win, because we cannot lose! It's impossible, for God is with us! And we're on the offensive! We're moving! We're attacking! We're active! We're DOING something, getting things done!—ACTING, not just talking!—SAMPLES‚ not just sermons!—ACTIVISTS, not just theorists!—Converting, changing, conquering!

22. ONE OF THE MAIN REASONS FOR OUR SUCCESS HAS BEEN OUR WILLINGNESS TO FACE THE FACTS, to tell it like it is and know where it's at!—To refuse to continue to drift along in that dream world of religion, but to stand like a tree against the storm, like a rock against the floods, and then to move to the attack!

23. Hallelujah! "Onward Christian Soldiers, marching in His War, with the Cross of Jesus, going on before!"


26. "Resist the Enemy and he'll flee from thee!" Praise God!


ML #551:17-19‚ 21–25, 27-35, 38-40, 53-54‚ 56-60, DB 13

17. (Dad:) Now they've joined the army, so of course they're going to have some battles and have to do some fighting! But that also means they're going to have some victories! It's an army worth joining! There are victories worth fighting for!

18. They need to learn to resist the Enemy and pray for the Spirit of God to raise a standard against him. They need to learn that they didn't join the Peace Corps. They've joined the army‚ and we're in a battle! It's a fight, but we like it! We like to fight the Devil, and we like to defeat him!

19. A real soldier likes the battle like an athlete likes the athletic trial. He likes the fight, the excitement, the exhilarating thrill of victory!

21. We can't lose! It's impossible for us to lose, for "love never fails!" Even when it looks like we lose, we still win!

22. Like I've always said, there's no testimony without a test, no triumph without a trial and no victory without a battle! They sound like some athlete who says, "Now that I've joined the Olympic team, what do I have to run for? Why do I have to go through these tests and trials? I thought I was appointed a champion!" It's like some soldier saying, "I've joined the army, now why do I have to fight?" Isn't that ridiculous! That's what you joined the army for, to fight!

23. When we get saved, we've joined God's army and we've become soldiers, and we're expected to go into battle and fight! And there's no discharge in this war. It's a fight to the finish, every inch, till death do us part! Forget the guys who don't think it's worth fighting and dying for! Goodness‚ if they don't think it's worth fighting and dying for, what the hell did they join for?

24. It's a die–daily fight! There's a war going on—a war of the worlds between the world of evil and the Kingdom of God! They're on God's side, the winning side that cannot lose! But they've still got to fight!

25. I love the battle, because I know I'm on the right side, the winning side, and I've got the right Commander I'm proud of and happy to live or die for! But we're going to win‚ and it's worth winning! The fruits are worth fighting for.

27. If you don't realize what you're fighting for, why there is a fight, if you don't look forward to the goal, the fact that we're going to win, and if you can't see what we're going to win and what's in it for you and what victory's going to mean, then of course you're going to think the trials and tribulations and battles are too much and too hard and aren't worth it!

28. You've got to keep your eyes ahead on the goal, like Hebrews 11‚ the faith chapter. By faith they looked ahead, they looked forward. They weren't satisfied with being a citizen of this world; they looked for a country made by God, a Heavenly Country, a Heavenly City!

29. They were willing to go through all the trials and tribulations and be strangers and pilgrims and people without a country because they knew they had one coming! And they knew it was worth fighting for, living and dying for!

30. Even the benefits on the way are worth it! What soldier gets paid that well? Who gets a hundred times everything he gives up or forsakes to join the army? He's going to get a hundred times here and now in this life! What more could he ask than that!

31. A hundred times the salary he got before, a hundred times the family he had before, a hundred times the houses he had before, a hundred times the health, the blessings, the love—one hundred times as much as everything he had before! What more could he ask than that! Plus Heaven! All this and Heaven too!

32. Don't they think that's worth fighting for? Don't they think even the love of our Savior, the love of our Commander in Chief, and just because you love Him is worth fighting for?

33. They'll never have to worry about whether they're going to go to Heaven or not. That ought to be worth the whole thing, just having that battle off your hands! You should be grateful enough for that to be willing to now fight the Lord's battles.

34. He fought and bled and died for you on the cross to save you and won the battle for you. If you're not willing now to turn around and lay down your life for Him‚ to live and fight and die for Jesus after the way He suffered for you, for your salvation, then you're no soldier!

35. You should be willing to fight just in gratitude for the fact that He saved you—to go through a few little battles with the Devil to fight for the cause of Christ and for His Kingdom and His Family and His love and to try to save others!

38. God help us to be soldiers and willing to do anything for Him‚ in just plain thanks for His salvation! He bought and paid for us; we belong to Him now. He can do whatever He wants to with us. He can send us into any battle He wants to, whether we understand it or not or whether we think it's worth it or not! It's His battle, not ours!

39. You don't always have to know why you're fighting or what you're fighting for! All you have to know is that Jesus gave the order and you obey it no matter how it comes out—even if it kills you! "Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him!" (Job 13:15). Amen?

40. Of course it's a battle! What the hell do you think you joined the army for? An army is to fight battles, and we've got plenty of them to fight! But I love to fight because I know I'm fighting for the One that's worth fighting for and the souls that are worth winning and the goals that are worth attaining!

53. Quit giving up so damn easy and getting scared off by the Devil! If you fight you cannot lose and he cannot win and he can't get the victory. So he tries to scare you into giving up, to frighten you into surrendering. He tries to persuade you to quit and wave the white flag of sickening surrender!

54. Keep resisting the Enemy, keep raising the standard of the Spirit, keep wielding the weapon of the Word, and you cannot lose!

56. You're a soldier called to fight for God and the faith! For God's sake, don't give up just because of a little tiny skirmish here and there! Be like John Paul Jones, who screamed, "Surrender? Hell no! We haven't even begun to fight yet!" His ship was sinking and half of his men were killed and he was wounded, yet he still refused to surrender! Instead, he captured the enemy's boat and kept on fighting until he won!

57. That's the kind of soldiers that win victories, the ones who refuse to quit fighting! No soldier that quit ever won a battle! No soldier that surrendered ever won a victory! No soldier that waved the white flag of surrender ever got to wave his own flag over the enemy's battlements!

58. My God, give us fighters who like to fight for the Lord with the weapon of His Word and who enjoy defeating the Devil, those who know they can't lose and who like to win victories, conquering heroes that like to live and fight and die for Jesus and their brethren and the truth!

59. Soldiers like that can't be conquered. They can't lose, even if they die fighting‚ because they'll get a crown of glory! Paul said, "I fought the good fight of faith, I kept the faith, I finished the course, and henceforth is laid up for me a crown of righteousness!" (2Tim.4:7-8). Thank You Lord!

60. So stay in there and sock it to'm! Amen? You can't lose if you keep on fighting the good fight of faith to the finish!

Fight For Your Healing

ML #2072:21-22‚ 24, 29-30, 32, DB7

21. (Mama:) We really need to go on the attack and remember that‚ especially nowadays when the Enemy is really fighting us hard, we're going to have to really fight back and really stir ourselves up to really want the victory! It's not just a matter of saying a little prayer, but it's stirring up our spirits‚ stirring up ourselves, asking the Lord to make us desperate to get the victory‚ to want to fight! You can say the words‚ but with spiritual problems and spiritual battles you have to continually have that attitude of desperation, of a stirred-up spirit on the attack. We have to have that attitude in our heart!—Not just … shout at the Enemy, which is a good thing to do and we'd better do that, but we've got to really feel it and continually be on the attack against our lethargy. (See Jer.29:13; Isa.64:7)

22. We've got to stir ourselves up; we can't be lazy and lethargic any more because we're in an army! This thing about fighting and rebuking the Enemy, this is what armies do, they fight! And we should actually have much more the attitude of an army! I think it's good to call ourselves an army, to keep that in front of us, to keep reminding ourselves that it is a fight and we've got to "endure hardness as good soldiers," we've got to "fight the good fight," "the weapons of our warfare are not carnal," "earnestly contend for the faith!"—2Tim.2:3; 1Tim.6:12; 2Cor.10: 4-5; Jude 3.

24. Most of us aren't fighters normally, that's not our natural tendency. But we have to learn to be, because it's so important to the Lord. That's what the Lord wants in an army, in this movement. He doesn't have the potential for such a strong army of fighters anywhere else in the world, so we've gotta be His fighters! ... We need to really stir ourselves up in everything‚ not only in healing, but in everything we need to be fighters!

29. [Dad] says: "I love to fight, because I know I'm fighting for the One that's worth fighting for and the souls that are worth winning and the goals that are worth attaining!" (MOP 38:1)—That should be our prayer, that we get to the point where we love to fight, we love to put forth the effort, we love to teach others, instruct others and fight the Enemy!

30. So even though fighting the Devil is hard work, if you love the battle and ask the Lord to give you that fighting spirit, then it's not going to be such an "Oh what a weariness, another fight with the Devil!" You're going to be challenged and you're going to love to do it! You can love to do it because you know you're going to win the victory!

32. The Lord doesn't want us to fear the battles or think, "Oh dear‚ not another battle!" He wants us to enjoy them! Of course‚ He doesn't want us to desire to have conflicts just so we can have a battle, but because we know there are always going to be battles coming He wants us to be challenged in fighting them and full of faith because we know we're going to get the victory! So let's get on with it, let's have the spirit to win the battle!

We Are It

ML #2222:66, 69-70, 72-73, 75-78, DB8

66. (Dad:) From the very beginning, I really organized this thing like an ARMY! I tried to show our people that they were now in the ARMY, that it was the Army of the LORD, and that they had to sacrifice and be willing to give up everything, 100% for Jesus!

69. We are soldiers who are at WAR with the Devil and the lies of the Devil! When you're born into this Family, you're not born into just a nice little namby-pamby family that's not doing anything, but you are born into an ARMY which is FIGHTING!—Not with physical violence, not with arms, but with the WORD OF GOD!—2Cor.10:3–6; Heb.4:12. We are fighting for the truth and our people have got to be FIGHTERS for the truth of God‚ even if it kills them!

70. Joining the Family is not like joining the Peace Corps. You've joined the ARMY!—And we're in a BATTLE, it's a FIGHT! But we LIKE it‚ we LIKE to fight the Devil, we LIKE to defeat him!

72. In fact‚ we're not only an Army, but we're training the OFFICERS of the Army! We're the toughest officer's training school there is! We are God's ELITE TROOPS whose highest calling is the BATTLEFRONT, and whose greatest love is to DIE for others, to give our lives to win their souls!—1Jn.3:16; Jn.15:13; Rev.12:11.

73. We are WARRIORS who are determined to fight and live and die for Jesus and others and their eternal salvation!

75. May God give us FIGHTERS who LIKE to fight for the Lord with the weapon of His Word, who ENJOY defeating the Devil and who KNOW they can't lose and who LIKE to win victories, conquering heroes who like to LIVE and FIGHT and DIE for Jesus and their brethren and the truth! Thank You Lord!

76. Give us FIGHTERS, Lord, who aren't afraid to go on the ATTACK!—Who aren't ashamed of what they believe!—Aren't ashamed of what they practice!—Aren't afraid of the Devil and his stupid, silly, idiotic little challenges! Give us fighters, Lord!—Positive fighters, people who can stand up for what they believe and fight for it and die for it!

77. That's the kind of soldier who can't be conquered, who can't lose, even if he DIES fighting, he can't lose because he'll get an Eternal Crown of glory from the Lord! "Henceforth is laid up for me a crown of glory!"—2Tim.4:8. PTL!

78. (Prophecy:) "For indeed thou art My Army and thou art My warriors, and I will glorify thee above all thine enemies and receive thee even unto Myself in that great day when I shall judge them and the Battle is over!" Praise the Lord!

The Lord Is My Deliverer

ML #2427:38–43, DB 8

38. (Dad: ) ONCE YOU'VE DECIDED THAT YOU WANT THE VICTORY AND YOU'VE PUT YOUR WILL ON GOD'S SIDE, then you've got to go on the ATTACK and really be militant about it and resist the Enemy, and God's Word says, "He WILL flee from thee!"—Jam.4:7. That doesn't mean lying down and letting him walk all over you, it means FACING him, ATTACKING him and RESISTING him in the power of God's Spirit!

39. IF YOU FACE and FIGHT THE DEVIL, … he knows YOU cannot LOSE and HE cannot WIN, so he tries to scare you or discourage you into GIVING UP the fight, to persuade you into surrendering. He tries to convince you to QUIT and wave the white flag of sickening SURRENDER!—And if you STOP fighting, you're giving the Devil the victory and you are finished!

40. SO THERE'S ONLY ONE WAY TO HANDLE THE ENEMY‚ AND THAT'S TO DECLARE ALL–OUT WAR ON HIM, and run him right out of the woods! The God-damned Devil is a COWARD, and if you face him down and resist him, he'll run every time! The Lord says, "When the Enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of God will raise a Standard against him!"—Isa.59:19. What's the Standard?—The BIBLE, the Word of God! It's the Standard, the banner that you wave in front of the Devil's sharp pointed nose, and there's nothing that scares him like the WORD! He can't take it, he can't stand the Word of God!

41. THE DEVIL IS A LIAR AND THE FATHER OF LIES (Jn.8:44), and he can't take the TRUTH of God's WORD! So take up that white-hot Sword of the Spirit and cut the Devil to the heart!—Whack away!

42. THE ONLY KIND OF BUSINESS YOU CAN DO WITH THE DEVIL IS AGAINST HIM, to FIGHT him, curse him‚ curse his work and ask God to rebuke him and deliver you! "Give NO place to the Devil!"—Eph.4:27. I have NO patience with him at all‚ he just makes me mad and I want to blow him away!

43. I HATE THE ENEMY WITH A PERFECT HATRED!—Psa.139:22. I LOVE to FIGHT him! As a strong man that loves to run a race, and a strong man that rejoiceth and shouteth by reason of wine‚ as a knight that loves the fray and arouseth himself to fight the enemy! I like to hit him head–on, and rebuke him in the Name of Jesus and the power of the Spirit, and get RID of him! Hallelujah!

Problems and Solutions, Part 4

ML #3072:106-110, 114, 116-117, 121-125, 128-129, 133-134, 137, 141‚ Lifelines 23

106. (Dad: ) I need those who like to fight the Enemy with the Word of God! I need those who are willing to fight and die for their Family, for their brethren, and for the truth. Is that you? Are you with me? This is a call to arms, and I need those who are willing to take up the challenge!

107. I need fighters who know how to go on the attack, who are not going to be scared out at the Devil's first boo, or even his second and third boo! I need fighters who like to fight and die for the truth with the weapon of the Word, and who enjoy defeating the Devil. I need conquering heroes that like to live and fight and die for Jesus and the Family and the truth!

108. Are you with me? Are you willing and ready to fire back, fight back, and take a stand? This is the day to stand, Beloved! You have had the truth poured out to you in great measure. You've been given the truth and the means and the method and a whole hoot of a lot more besides.

109. And now, Beloved, this is the day to make the stand! And if you choose to stand with the Lord and with me and with the Family—well then, it's time to act like it! For God's sake, and for my sake, and for the Family's sake, if you are with me, then act like it, because I need fighters!

110. If you don't like to fight, what are you in the Family for? We are fighters! I'm a fighter! I love the battle! I love the fight, because I know I am fighting on the right side, the winning side that cannot and will not lose! I know I am fighting for souls that are worth winning, and goals that are worth attaining! Are you with me?

114. You folks need to be checking your own hearts and asking yourselves, "Am I lying down on the job and letting that ol' Devil walk right over me?" ... "Am I fighting the Devil daily with all I have in me?"

116. We are at war‚ Beloved! … I need fighters who are willing to hold the banner of David high, and fight on to win the war! The Devil cannot win if you don't give in! But you've got to fight!

117. Since when are we going to let a few little problems stop us? Where are the Martin Luthers who are willing to take a stand and say, "Here I stand! I can do no other!" Where are the John Paul Joneses who are willing to shout back, "Hell no‚ we haven't even begun to fight!" Where are the Joan of Arcs who are willing to lead the troops into battle, and to even burn at the stake if need be, for country and homeland? Where are the Bravehearts who are willing to stand firm and strong, courageous and unafraid? Where are David's mighty men?

121. Who is willing to stand with me? Who is willing to fight with me? Who is willing to rise above the petty problems and seeming difficulties and fight the Devil? Who is willing to lift the standard high and fight on in spite of troubles and difficulties?

122. What did you join the army for, anyhow? We are an army! We are a family, but first of all we are an army! And if you have made the decision to be in the Family, if you have made the decision to be in my army, the army of David‚ then it's time to get your marchin' boots on!

123. We are in a war, Beloved, and I need those who are willing to fight and die for Jesus‚ for me‚ for the Family, and for the truth! I need those who are willing to hold the banner of David high! I need those who are willing to keep sacrificing, keep forsaking, and keep fighting every day!

124. Are you with me? I need those who, when one battle is over, look forward with excitement and anticipation to the next one! Those with the "do or die" spirit who are willing to fight on in the face of despair, who are willing to stick to the fight when they are hit the hardest. I need those who are willing to take initiative, who never stop having faith, and never stop attacking! … I need those who are willing to keep wielding accurately the sword of the Spirit, cutting the Devil right where it counts—dead center in the heart!

125. I need fighters! Are you with me? Choose ye this day! And if you choose the army of David, it's time to rally 'round the banner. All Heaven is rallying! All Heaven is rooting! All Heaven is marching! Are you with us? This is my call to arms to you. Put on your armor! Lift the banners!

128. I need those who are willing to arm themselves with faith and love and prayer and face the foe, to dispel the lies of Satan and to fight on and win the battle! I need those who are willing to refuse to give up, who refuse to give in! I need those who are willing to lay aside the sins and the weights that would beset them and fight on! I need those who are willing to forsake worldliness, those who are willing to forsake carnal ideas and carnal ways and keep their eyes on Heaven, keep their eyes ahead on the goal.

129. I need those who are willing to set their face like a flint and march forward, unashamed, unshaken by circumstances and conditions around them. I need those who are willing to march in where angels fear to tread and claim the land! I need those who are willing to take a stand, who will not be confounded, but who choose to lean on the mighty hand of God! I need those who are willing to go ahead by naked faith alone and win the battle! I need those who are willing to wage war at my side, not on the side of the right or the left, but on the side of the only One Who is really right—Jesus, our Lord and King. I need brave soldiers who have guts and conviction! I need soldiers who are bold and brave and unafraid—who are willing to fight back!

133. Give me fighters, Jesus, who like to fight and win! Help these, Your children, Lord‚ to keep fighting; not to be discouraged, but to keep on believing and not quit! Help them to get stirred up‚ Lord! Help them to be militant! Help them to stand guard day and night. Help them to be positive and rise up and fight the Devil! Give them courage, Jesus! Thank You Lord!

134. If you could only see, Beloved! The Lord and His angels are far more powerful than the Devil and his demons! Even Satan has to obey your commands in the Name of Jesus. But you have to command him! You have to fight!

137. This is war, and you've got to go on the attack! Wage an offensive! Fight! Hit him hard! When the Devil hits you hard and heavy, that is the time to hit him back hard and heavy. Don't lie down and let him walk right over you—hit him back! … This is war! Sock it to him!

141. Are you with me? Give me fighters! Beaten men will compromise and walk the beaten path, but let all my mighty men of David stand up and be counted!—Men of faith who will challenge both men and Satan's wrath! Stand up and fight! The strife will not be long! This day the noise of battle; tomorrow the victory song! Hallelujah! Forward march!

The Day of Renewal

ML #3164:77-78, 80-81, Lifelines 24

77. (Jesus: ) Sound the battle cry! Let this be a call to arms! Let it be known that the children of David march on! Gird on your armor and take a stand of greater commitment‚ greater dedication, greater understanding and compassion for those in need, greater hunger for My Word, greater attentiveness to wise counsel, greater vigilance in prayer, and a greater and bolder stand against the wiles of Satan.

78. Stand strong, O children of David‚ wielding accurately the sword of My truth! Rally round My banner of love and boldly fight for the right! Stand strong in My power and see Me fight for you, for it is I Who go with you both to fight and to win the victories!

80. Rebuke the Destroyer! Cast down the Enemy of love! Declare war on the imps of Satan! Woe to the Hinderer! Be gone! Toss them in the fire and cast them down! Call the bluff of Satan! Cast down his evil imaginations and every vain thought and intent of his vile heart! Refuse him, defy him and fight back! Fire away! Rebuke him, resist him, raise the standard against him, and don't quit! Take each weight and toss it into the fire, that the dross and chaff may burn away!

81. Will you answer the call? Will you let Me fill you and renew you and empower you so that you may find strength to faint not‚ but fight on? Fight on in faith, dear children! It matters not how long or how hard the battle goes, for I am with you and I will fight on your behalf—if you will but yield to Me.

Wham‚ Bam! Junk the Punk

ML #3179:10–11, 76-78, 82-84, 87, 90-91‚ 94-95, GN 785

10. (Dad: ) If you feel down and defeated and like it's no use, that's the time to stand up and fight! When the goin' gets tough, the tough get goin'! Even if you don't feel so tough, or you don't feel like you've got one more ounce of strength in you to keep going—well, that's the time to just sock it to him anyhow. That's the time to walk by faith, not by sight, 'cause the Lord won't fail you!

11. Look at all the great fighters down through history! John Paul Jones and others fought on in spite of all odds against them, in spite of what they felt like, and they went on to win the battle! It doesn't matter what you feel like, 'cause you can be strong in the Lord!

76. Stick to the fight when you're hardest hit, 'cause that's the time you mustn't give up. It's easy to quit, but it takes real guts to fight on! If you try and don't get results, that's the time to keep on trying! Keep going! Keep screaming at that ol' Devil when he tempts you to quit. Keep yelling right back in his face! Pound on him with the Word! Keep holding on! That's one thing you can do if you can't do anything else—hold on!

77. Keep fighting when you're hardest hit! To fight on even in the face of discouragement—that's the best game of all! That's where the challenge is! The real excitement and thrill and suspense is in the fight! In the heat of the battle is where all the action is! Like the strong man who loves to run the race! Like the athlete who loves the athletic event! Like the soldier who loves the battle and the exhilarating thrill of victory! Like me!—I love to fight the Enemy, because I know I'm fighting for you, and for souls, and for the things that are really worth fighting for!

78. Will you young people be my firebrands that will keep challenging the Enemy face to face? ... Will you keep fighting and keep holding on to Jesus? This is the only thing worth living for—the Lord and His love, winning souls, and fulfilling His Endtime commission. I know you can do it—that's why I love you so! I have faith in you kids, and I'm counting on you!

82. (Spirit helper, Liza:) When it comes to fighting the Devil, this is the time to let go and knock the pants off him! Jesus said that there's a time and a place for everything, and this is the one time you can go ahead and let your aggression out! Launch an aggressive attack! Our warfare is not carnal but is in the spirit, and this is the time and place to get riled up in spirit and whack that ol' creep right where it hurts!—Right between the eyes!—Between the legs‚ if you must!—Anywhere else you please, just as long as you whack him good and put him out of commission!

83. Don't be afraid to make it known in your words and actions! Sock it to him! Go to it! Get on fire about socking it to the Devil! Defy him! Hit him back! Shatter him to bits! This is your mission! Fighting the Devil takes action! Get excited! You can't do it calmly. Get angry at his dirty work. Shout at him, scream at him, … sock it to him! That's what we do up Here! We just sock it to him right and left, on every side. Don't give him an inch—shoot him right down!

84. I love to fight the Devil, because I love to see him defeated! We up Here in Heaven all love to fight evil. Heaven is made up of fighters—souls who love to fight and stand up for the truth! We're not about to let anything get in our way.

87. You want to know how we fight the Devil? The way we fight the Devil is with every ounce of strength that's in us! The way we fight the Devil is with every ounce of energy we can muster up!—Double barrel, no holds barred! When you're fightin' the Devil, that's the time to get aggressive; it's not the time to hold back.

90. Kaboom! Head on! Zip, zam, bam!—Right between the eyes! That's how you fight the Devil! Jesus has given us all power in Heaven and in Earth and in the universe to fight the Punk, so we just let it rip! No mercy on Lucifer—that's how to fight the Devil! Till the finish—that's how we fight the Devil! Till all evil is forever stamped out—that's how long we'll keep fightin' the Devil!

91. Words are real things‚ and Satan and his dirty crew can't stand the Word of truth! The Word is our weapon and we just sock it to him—right, left, top‚ bottom, on every side—with God's Word!—And even a few of our own words thrown in if it helps us get in the groove! It doesn't hurt to get riled up so you can pack those punches with a powerful delivery!

94. That vile viper is out to get your soul, so you've gotta attack back with all that's in you! Don't be fooled! Don't allow him to gain one inch of ground in your mind or in your heart. Fight him! Rebuke him! Reprove him! Zap him to bits with the laser gun of the truth you hold in your hand! Slash away with the sword of light! Cut him to the heart and be done with his poison! And if you see him sinking his deadly teeth into your brother or sister or innocent person to whom you're ministering, come to their rescue by sending the likes of this slithering snake into the depths of the sea!

95. Resist him steadfast in the faith! Beam a prayer at him with a mighty thrust! Show him where your faith lies—that in the Almighty you trust! Follow the sample of Jesus when He said, "I rebuke you, Satan! Get thee hence!" Do it with conviction! Sock him! Refute him! Make it total eviction! Hit him hard! Hit him high! Hit him low! Slam him on the right! Slam him on the left! Hit him below the belt. Team up with a partner and go for a bash!

The Weakness Revolution, Part 3

ML #3219:9-12, 16-18‚ 21–22, GN 821

9. (Jesus:) As your Father David so often taught you, it's the attacking initiative that wins the war.

10. Not only must you fight back when the Enemy is hitting you, but you must always be launching the attack. Take the initiative and go on the attack!

11. So often My children only fight back when they feel the battle strong, when they are amidst the battle. When the Enemy would try to ambush them or corner them, then they fight back, for the need is plain. When the Enemy comes in like a flood, when he is obviously pulling out both barrels, then it wakes you up and you know you must fight back.

12. But the key, My love, in this day when the war rages and battles are strong, is that you must never take your armor off. You must pray and take the attacking initiative at all times. Go on the attack before the Enemy attacks you. Don't wait until he strikes and tries to ambush you, but preempt him.

16. All My children who would fight through and win in this day must take the attacking initiative! Keep hitting him with the new weapons of praise and prayer and hearing from Me. Keep alive and active by hearing My fresh instruction for you personally every day. In this way I am able to guide you and keep you moving and changing from day to day, so that the Enemy will never know what you're going to do next.

17. This is how you can keep the Enemy and his little agitators on the run. For as you keep listening and pulling down My instruction for you personally, I will lead you on how to attack that day. I will show you where to launch the attack that day, in that moment, for I know the position of Satan. I know his plans and how he will try to fight you, and I am able to guide you around his traps. I'll show you when and where and what is needed—what method to use, where you need to hit him back that day—and this will keep you leaps and bounds ahead of Satan and all his imps.

18. Use variety in your times with Me, utilizing many means to pray and praise and listen to Me, so that the Devil will never know what you're going to do next, or what you're going to do to put him on the defensive! Keep launching an attack and hit him where it hurts so he doesn't have time or opportunity to counterattack.

21. One of the best ways to attack the Enemy is through your use of the new weapons I have given you—by praising Me‚ even aloud, loving Me intimately, and hearing My Words of help‚ guidance, strength and comfort! These weapons leave no room for the Devil's lies and evil devices! One way to hit him head-on when you are hit with a negative thought, with a criticism, with a doubt‚ is to immediately take that thought to Me and either turn it into a praise—by praising Me for My goodness and My deliverance and My overcoming power—or immediately ask Me about it‚ and let Me expose what a lie it is! Taking the offensive like this with the new weapons not only defeats the Devil but strengthens you tremendously!

22. Take the attacking initiative before the Enemy attacks you! Preempt the Devil and set him back on his heels. Constantly rock him and sock him and send him spinning, punch by punch, blow by blow, blast after blast! This is why I give My children these new weapons of war, that they may launch out, always on the offense—that they may strike first, wielding devastating blows to the Enemy through surprise attacks! Hit him hard! Hit him head-on! Hit him high! Hit him low! And most of all, hit him constantly!

You Can Make It!—Part 1

ML #3277:72-74, 77, GN 880

72. (Jesus:) There really is no other way to effectively fight the Enemy than to just fight him with all you’ve got. I know you don’t feel like you’ve got anything to fight with, that you’re just barely hanging on‚ and you don’t even know if it’s worth it to fight. You feel like you’re just a disappointment, a problem‚ nobody wants you around, you’re not needed. "What’s the use? Why should I fight and do all these things the Lord and everybody says I should do? It’s not going to work anyway."

73. You should fight because it will work! You should give it all you’ve got. Even though you feel like you’re at the bottom and you can’t possibly climb one step up, you should fight to take that one step. You have to put Me to the test, because when you’re at the bottom‚ that’s exactly when you’ll see miracles, and you’ll see Me do it through you.

74. The Enemy is really, really fighting you hard. He’s on his last legs right now and that’s why you’re going through such a battle with discouragement. He’s the one who’s attacking you and trying to get you to quit; nobody else wants you to quit! You think, “Well, maybe I should just quit, maybe I should just get out of the way and forget it. I can’t do this anyway. It’s not going to make any difference even if I try to fight and do what the Lord says.” But I tell you that it will make a difference if you hang on and fight with all you’ve got. That’s the point of this whole battle that you’re going through—it’s going to be a big victory if you give it all you’ve got.

77. You might be thinking, “Why should I bother?” Because it’s going to bring a complete transformation in your life! It’s going to make you a new person—the person that I’m trying to make you into for My future service. You have to believe that I will not fail you. I won’t fail you one step of the way, one minute. I’ll pull you through and do the miracle that you need as soon as you yield one hundred percent.

Fast-day Miracles

ML #3384:148-150, GN 976

148. (Jesus:) One more thing that would be good for you to ask Me for and to put on your prayer list is that I will make you fighters—that I will help you to love and enjoy the fight, as your Father David enjoyed the fight and the battle. He loved the challenge, because he was a fighter. He chose to fight. This you must also learn to do. There will be battles. You will have to fight. You must learn to love the fight. If you don't, it will be too much for you.

149. Ask Me and I will make you warriors, fighters—more than conquerors. It is only through going into battle that you will see the exploits. It is in trying times that there will be victories. It will be in impossible situations that there will be miracles wrought. In order to see the miracles and the exploits, to experience the signs of My love, you will first have to go through the deep, dark experiences of battles and trying times, challenges, and attacks of the Enemy. But as you march into battle with head held high, turning the keys of the Kingdom‚ it is then that you will see the exploits wrought and the miracles happen and the signs following you.

150. I will make you into fighters if you ask Me to. I will help you to be the Endtime soldiers that you will need to be. Be not afraid. I will go before you and I will fight for you as long as you're willing to go into battle by My side. We'll fight together, and the victory will be yours.

What Is Jesus Worth to You?

ML #3433:295-306, GN 1016

295. (Angel speaking:) My name is Arcothon. I have come to see you through this Time of the End and to teach you the art of warfare. You wonder why my name sounds so familiar to Apotheon. I am Apotheon's archenemy, the warrior angel designed to defeat Apotheon.

296. Arcothon is my name‚ for I fight through fire. I fight through the words that the Master gives me, and I turn them into fireballs that fight and defeat him. Apotheon is the archdemon of apathy, laziness, waiting, sitting, dragging down, draining the lifeblood out of you.

297. I am the opposite of Apotheon. I am fire, I am attacking, I am fight! I am a warring angel designed to fight; that is all I do. I fight through the weapon of prayer, of prophecy, of the keys, of hearing my Master's instructions, and of casting out Apotheon.

298. My Master's words are pure energy, pure light. I fight through light of the purest form. The purest energy known to man is light, yet I fight with an even greater energy, a purer energy, even purer than light. It is an energy that you do not fully comprehend as yet‚ for it is the energy of the power of God. This is the energy that runs through my body and through my veins and out my hands when I fight. I do not fight with conventional weaponry‚ with swords; I fight with pure energy, missiles of pure energy that nothing and no one can defeat!

299. This energy cannot be unlocked on its own. I am simply a channel, a carrier, and that is where my greatest strength lies. For I, in myself‚ am nothing, but I have learned to be a pure conduit of the energy of God, and that is my greatest strength.

300. I am commissioned‚ I go to the fight‚ I open my channel‚ and through me pours energy straight from the throne of God. Part of the energy that powers Heaven flows through my body and through my veins and out my hands, and that is what defeats the Enemy. And that is why I have been assigned to help teach you, and the others in the Family as well, who want to take up the challenge, who have the faith to believe, and who are willing to make the sacrifices necessary. I wish to teach you to be a greater conduit of the power of God. I can teach you to open yourself up so completely that the power of God can run through you in such great measure that you will perform miracles that you know not of.

301. Yea, you children of David can defeat Satan himself, and in time, the Spirit of God flowing through all of you collectively will win a great and mighty victory. All you need to do is to learn how to become a clean receptacle and a conduit of the power of God, and enough of it will flow through you that nothing on Earth will stand before you. For nothing of Earth can stand before even a small portion of the power of God.

302. So that is what you need to do: Allow me to help teach you to open yourself more to the power of God. Receive my help, allow me to teach you the art of war. Let our wonderful Husband, the King of the universe, the Source of all power, possess you. That is being a conduit of the power of God.

303. I am not the power; I am only a teacher to teach those who want to learn how to become a conduit. And once you link up with the Master, the Holy Ghost power will flow through you in unparalleled measure, and you will feel the power of the Spirit of God flowing through you.

304. This is the art of war‚ and it is this full possession by our Master‚ King of the universe, Holder of the powers, Source of the power, that will cause you to be effective in your warfare and become an unstoppable, unbeatable source.

305. I love you and I'm here to help you, so call on me. Call me Arcos for short. Arcothon is my real name, and it symbolizes a conduit of the power of God. What do you think of when you hear the word "Arcothon"? You think of an electric arc. Imagine a lightning strike, a huge electrical arc. Now imagine something a thousand times more powerful than any lightning you've ever seen, and you will be getting close to somewhere near a fraction of the power of God that flows through me.

306. That is what my name means and symbolizes—a conduit of the power of God—and I can teach you to become a greater conduit of the power of God as well. I will teach you to become a conduit of the true full possession of our Husband and Lover and King and God of the universe, the Keeper and Source of all power.

Fight to Win

ML #3457:13, 19, 22-38, GN 1041

13. (Jesus:) The thing My children need to realize is that talking about fighting the Enemy, recognizing the Enemy's attacks and saying you're going to fight is not the same as actually fighting. There is a moment in time when someone's attitude moves from the defensive to the offensive. Until that moment, the person isn't really fighting—he's just talking about fighting, analyzing fighting, thinking about fighting‚ or planning on fighting. To fight means a change from that defensive mentality‚ and it's action!

19. You must go on the offensive to defeat the Enemy, knowing that victory is sure. You might not see full deliverance immediately, and you might still feel some of the "symptoms" of your battle—whether it be weariness, illness, discouragement‚ or whatever—but you will not be incapacitated, you will be able to move forward.

22. You must learn to fight—not talk about fighting or prepare to fight‚ but actually go on the offensive to attack and win! The "and win" are the key words, for that's what's missing. Many of My brides expect to be attacked‚ expect to fight, but don't expect to win.

23. You must know that you are to be winners; that's your destiny and that's what you deserve. It's not enough to just get in the ring with the Enemy; you have to win. That's the goal. Facing the Enemy, recognizing the Enemy, and even being willing to fight are not enough. You must know that you can and will win! Without that last step‚ you'll be stuck in an ongoing battle, round after round, until you're beaten down and defeated.

24. So much depends on your vigilance, your personal desire and passion to change. So much depends on your understanding of the problem and receiving fully My answers. So much depends on allowing Me, through the keys, to increase your faith. (End of message.)

25. (Mama: ) Following is further instruction our Husband gave on how to know if you're actually fighting an offensive warfare:

26. (Jesus:) There are ways you can check to see if you're actually fighting—not just talking about fighting‚ not just preparing to fight. Here is how you know you're on the attack, in aggressive warfare against the Enemy:

27.You have faith, which is knowledge without a doubt, that you have the power to win, through Me and the keys of the Kingdom. The key words here are to win.

28.You glorify Me in your speech, talking about My power, My promises, and the hope of victory in Me. In practical terms, that means you spend less time dwelling on the Enemy's attacks or talking about them or describing them than you spend on positive, faith-building affirmations of the victory. Even if you're attacking one of the Enemy's imps by name‚ rebuking their evil devices specifically because I've given you such insight into the spirit world, it's all for the purpose of a greater victory in overcoming the evil.

29.You claim specific key promises and say the words‚ "I call on the power of the keys!"

30.You put feet to your faith with forward movement, action. Much of the time, this simply means you go about your work or ministry. You have the faith that I will help you rise above to do what you need to do once you get started.

31.You hate giving the Devil the satisfaction of knowing he's stopped you or even distracted you from the priority work at hand.

32.You ask for prayer, but you also testify of the victory, even if by faith. And remember, praise is the voice of faith. I inhabit your praises and fight for you through your praises.

33.Your speech is centered around Me—My promises and power, hope, improvements (even if slight), good things that fill you and others with a feeling of well-being. Your speech is not centered around the Enemy's attacks and what they're like and how bad they are.

34.While you recognize the Devil's attacks and you know when he's fighting, you immediately do what I show you to do to move forward to the victory. I will often lead you to specific action in prayer‚ positive speech and your work.

35.You focus on the power by taking on heavenly thought power and not dwelling on the attacks. To dwell on the Enemy's power is not heavenly thought power. In fact‚ fearing the Enemy's power or worrying about his attacks gives place to him and displaces heavenly thought power.

36.You realize you are subject to one of two powers: the Enemy's power or My heavenly thought power. You choose Mine.

37.You know the Enemy has already been defeated by My sacrifice on the cross. You know that you will be victorious‚ that you will win.

38.You expect good things‚ improvements, and signs following. (End of message.)

So You Want to Be a Disciple?

ML #3458:5-8, GN 1043

5. (Mama:) I'm sure you've noticed and experienced personally that the Enemy is fighting us, and fighting harder than ever. He's trying to weaken you, destabilize you, water down your convictions, and stop you from being a disciple! He hates the work you're doing for the Lord—that you're winning souls, that you're making disciples of all nations. You, dear Family‚ are a hindrance to him and his world plan—and not just a hindrance, but a deadly threat to his regime—and he's trying to defeat you in any way possible.

6. The Enemy isn't just sitting in the corner idly twiddling his thumbs. He's waging all-out war for the hearts and souls of men. He's fighting the Family, and he's fighting you! He wants to defeat you, because in defeating you, he chips away at the Family. You're each a vital part of the Family‚ and your commitment, faith and sample are the Family's commitment, faith and sample.

7. If you want to stand strong, if you want to be a disciple, if you want to go on for the Lord and protect your faith, then you're going to have to make a decision and take a stand!

8. You've got to ask yourself, "Do I value my service to the Lord? Do I treasure my place as a disciple in the Family? How much? Am I convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that I'm in the right place, giving my life to the right cause, and serving the right Boss?" If you answered yes to those questions, then for Heaven's sake, act like it! Stop being half-hearted! Wake up! Stop fooling around and acting like you're on a playground rather than a battleground, and start being a soldier! Realize that the Enemy is out to put a stop to your life for the Lord‚ your spiritual life. Start protecting your spirit! Start feeding your faith! Start preserving your place in His ranks! If your faith, your life for the Lord‚ and your service to Him is important enough to you, you'll do whatever it takes to remain called out and to keep yourself from being weakened. If you value your place as His disciple, then you'll fight to preserve it no matter what the cost.

Death to Depression, Part 2

ML #3464:232-233, 235-241, Post-it GN #11

232. (Mama:) It's abundantly clear from what the Lord has said about praise that it's a vital weapon to destroy the attacks of the Enemy.

233. How do you fight the Enemy with praise?

235. (Jesus:) All praise is powerful, and the Devil hates every word of praise that comes forth from your mouth. But he especially hates specific praise, retaliation praise, when he's attacking you with a particular battle and you turn right around and sock it to him with your praise—praising Me for the specific things he's trying to use to attack you. That kills his pride and mortally wounds his spirit.

236. Praising in general terms for anything you have to be thankful for or your many blessings does lift your spirit and help you to feel more victorious. All praise is good, but when you take the specific attack the Enemy is hitting you with and turn around and transform it into a praise to Me, looking at the situation positively and thanking Me for whatever you can think of that is related to the battle he's attacking you with, this is indeed a fiery sword that pierces his heart to its innermost depths and forces him to retreat, screaming with pain from your attack through praise. (End of message.)

237. (Mama: ) Isn't that tremendous? Imagine how the Enemy must reel in defeat when we use specific praise to fight him‚ turning what he originally intended to defeat us into a weapon to destroy his power! I was excited about this, and asked the Lord for a sample prayer of praise for those of you who, like me, find it helpful to have an example of how to put things into words. You can use or adapt this according to your needs.

238. (Prayer: ) I activate the power of the keys of praise, dear Husband, which You have promised are powerful and mighty! I praise You even for the battles, because I want to fight the Enemy with this powerful spiritual weapon of praise. I want to see him defeated and driven back with the power of praise! I want him to feel my fiery sword of praise piercing him to the heart! I want to turn his attacks back on his own head!

239. I praise You‚ Jesus, for the battles—even the discouragement and depression I feel—because I know it's driving me to You. I feel helpless, weak, defenseless and feeble, but that makes me depend on Your power to help me, deliver me, and bring the victory. I praise You that nothing is impossible for You, and that You can destroy the Devil and all his demons and free me from their attacks. I praise You that no matter how hard I'm hit, You can deliver me.

240. I praise You that through these battles I'm learning how to fight! I praise You that though the Enemy is trying to defeat me, You've given me the power to rise above. I praise You, because as a result of these battles I will be stronger in spirit and not ignorant of the Devil's devices. I praise You that when I am weak, You are strong. I praise You and You alone, because the Enemy's attacks are puny and his power is weak when compared with Your mighty majesty and strength.

241. I praise and depend on You, my awesome Savior, my great and terrible Destroyer of Evil, my Shield and Defense, the Rock of my salvation‚ my wonderful Deliverer and Redeemer!

Choices and Consequences, Part 3

ML #3486:36-38, 41-42, 44, GN 1071

36. (Jesus: ) Truly the spiritual warfare has intensified and will continue to intensify. Have I not said that in the Last Days the spiritual and the physical worlds will merge more and more, and the manifestations will become more and more obvious? (ML #3447:199-201, GN 1031).

37. I do not say this to scare you into submission or obedience, but to spell out very clearly just where we are heading and what the days to come will be like. Those who know the truth, who know the Word, who know My Spirit, will be held accountable, just as everyone in the Family is being held accountable at this time for their knowledge of the Word and their obedience to it.

38. Have I not said that the days of preparation are over and that now begin the years of war? Will you use the new weapons I have given you? Will you make your stand? Will you make the decisions that will push you on to greater dedication, or those that will leave you to find a lower level of faith?

41. It's fighting time! It's time to pull out the weapons and attack! It's time to either get on board or get off‚ because the stakes will be higher. And the rewards will be higher. You don't win the gold by being second best. You don't reach the prize by relying on others. You must strive with all that is within you and with the power of My Spirit to be the best for Me—for My Kingdom, for My work's sake, for the sake of the lost.

42. Fight, youth, fight! You will be the ones who will lead the Family into the future. You will be the ones who must make that break with the world and its ways like your parents did and become the do-or-die martyrs of the Endtime that I need you to be.

44. Who wants to give it a try? Who wants to face danger? Who wants to be a part of the greatest finale of any story, movie, or war that has ever been written, played‚ or watched? Will you rally around each other and attack? Will you, like John Paul Jones, say you haven't even begun to fight yet? Are you willing to leave behind your peers who are less than willing and obedient to follow you into the fray? Will you be willing to fight for the lives and souls of your brethren? The choice is yours. The decision is yours. Start today. Obey. Study My Word and live it! (End of message.)

Shooting Straight, Part 7

ML #3506:91-95, GN 1095

91. (Jesus:) The trying of your faith is more precious than gold. You must believe that promise when the big battles hit. When you feel like things are getting too rough, or you're hit with some strange fear or doubt or worry, or the Enemy tries to tell you that you won't be able to make it much longer‚ you just have to face the battle with the faith of a warrior. You might not feel like you have the faith of a warrior at the time‚ but that doesn't matter; just act like it and move forward like you are that warrior and the Enemy will never know the difference.

92. You are that warrior as long as you move forward by faith, whether you feel like it or not. Act like it‚ and your faith and obedience will bring the power of My Spirit to your aid. Your armor is indestructible. You carry weapons of mass destruction to the Enemy's imps. You are powerful in the spirit because My promises will never fail. You might be shaking on the inside in the face of the Enemy's attacks, but just yell in his face, "Tremble, you devils! Run for your lives! You're about to feel the full force of God's army!"

93. The Enemy will hit you hard in the days to come. It's the destiny of all My brides to pass through the heat of battle. So when he hits, rise up in the spirit and fight. You will win‚ even if you feel like a wimp. Put on the power of My Spirit and move into battle. My warriors of old rallied their spirit to battle by screaming out positive war cries; their commanders psyched them up for the fight with soul-stirring speeches. Every warrior needs to keep the vision before his or her eyes and the promise of victory and what they stand to gain, in order to be willing to pay the price of battle. Remind yourself of the victories ahead, the prize, the progress, the ground gained, and the defeats the Enemy will suffer.

94. You will pay a price, but it's worth it, because once you pay it and win this victory, you won't have to fight this battle again. The Enemy is fighting hard in a last-ditch attempt to take away the power and destiny of the Children of David who I have called and ordained for this time.

95. If you fight today's battles, this week's battles, this month's battles, and eventually finish with this year's battles, you will never have to fight the exact same battles again. Battle by battle, victory by victory, you will win your place fighting by My side into the End.

Fight The Good Fight


1. I love to fight, because I know I'm fighting for the One that's worth fighting for and the souls that are worth winning and the goals that are worth attaining!

4. You gotta keep going, you gotta keep sacrificing, you gotta keep forsaking, you gotta keep fighting every day!

6. Winners never quit, but quitters never win.

12. Victory belongs to the most persevering.

13. My right has been rolled up. My left has been driven back. My center has been smashed. I have ordered an advance from all directions.—Attributed to General Foch, WW1.

14. If you fall, don't just lie there! Get up and try again!—Pro.24:16.

15. Better to fight and lose than not to fight at all! Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all!

17. Whatever you do, just keep on going for God!—You're bound to make it sometimes if you try often enough!

18. The only way we can ever be conquered is if we stop attacking and give up and stop having the faith to take the initiative.

21. Keep fighting and you won't lose! Keep wielding the weapon of the Word and you'll win!

23. You have to be a fighter for the truth of God‚ even if they kill you!

25. We all have besetting sins; we just have to learn to resist them!

26. It's a battle, it's a war, but we're bound to win!

27. If you're a fighter like I am‚ you enjoy the battle!

31. The Devil can't lick you as long as you keep trying. The only way he can possibly lick you is if you surrender!

33. You only win a war in which you lead the attack!

36. You have to fight the Devil and your old self every day!

37. You can never stop battling, you can never stop winning victories, you can never stop progressing, or you'll backslide!

39. Keep a soft heart but a tough spirit!

40. The greater the battle, the greater the victory. The greater the sacrifice, the greater the reward!

41. To get greater victories you have to keep fighting greater battles, and for greater rewards you have to keep making greater sacrifices, and for greater joys you have to keep suffering greater pains.

42. In school I was a fighter for my faith! I knew I was superior in the Lord and my faith and outlook!

46. Don't let the Devil frighten you out with his first "boo" and his lies. "Respect not their proud and haughty looks."

47. You've either got to surrender and make peace with your enemy‚ or you've got to fight.

49. Try a little "umph" if you want to triumph.

51. If you think the time's coming in this life when you'll no longer have to fight self and sin and the old man, you're mistaken.

52. If you can't take it‚ you're not going to make it!

53. Some things do get easier! You don't usually have to fight the same battles over again if you get the victory!

54. I like a battle! I love it!—Because I know I'm on the right side, the winning side, and I've got the right Commander and I'm proud and happy to live or die for Him.

55. Anything wonderful can happen in that little margin of time when you do not give up, but keep on believing and keep on praying!

57. People who faint, faint first in their minds; they sort of give up mentally or spiritually first.

58. Give me some men who are stout-hearted men,

Who will fight for the right they adore!

Start me with ten who are stout-hearted men,

And I'll soon give you ten thousand more!

59. Stand up, stand up for Jesus!

The strife will not be long.

This day the noise of battle,

The next, the victor's song.

60. The men of faith will challenge,

Both men and Satan's wrath.

But the beaten men will compromise‚

And walk the beaten path.

61. Let your drooping hearts be glad;

March in Heavenly armor clad;

Fight, nor think the battle long,

For soon shall come the victory song.

63. That's what you joined the army for, to fight!

64. A good soldier knows how to fight—how to wield the weapon of the Word!

65. Hope never quits, faith never stops trusting‚ and love never fails!—If you keep fighting!

66. God didn't call you to a playground but a battleground.

67. The best way to stop an attack is to counterattack! The best defense is an offense!

68. We are in a fight to the finish‚ and the victory is ours‚ praise be to God!

70. An attacking initiative is what wins a war.

71. When things get tough, you've got to fight all the harder! When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

72. If it's worthwhile, it's worth fighting for.

73. We need to get more militant, more aggressive, more specific and go on the attack, take the offensive and hit the thing head on immediately!

74. How do you get the victory? You just keep fighting!

75. It's impossible to win a defensive warfare! To win a war you have to launch an attack!

77. The size of a dog in a fight doesn't count as much as the size of the fight in the dog.

78. The trouble with some of us is that we stop trying in trying times.

82. The more difficult the obstacle, the stronger one becomes after hurdling it.

86. Victory isn't just walking across the goal line … it's struggling through opposition to the goal.

88. May God give us fighters who like to fight for the Lord with the weapon of His Word and who enjoy defeating the Devil and who know they can't lose and who like to win victories!—Conquering heroes that like to live and fight and die for Jesus and their brethren and the truth!

89. Let's be fighters that know how to attack!—Who are always ready to give an answer to every man that asketh of us, who have the guts and the conviction to answer!

91. I am not amazed or at all dismayed at the challenge of the Enemy. I like a fight! I like to prove that God's right!

92. My God, give us people with guts and gumption and the courage to fight back and trap the Enemy in their own words and challenge them and attack them and prove them wrong!

94. If you don't know how to be bold, if you're not fighters, you don't belong to this outfit. Namby-pamby, milk and water, string-for-a-backbone cowards who have no guts or conviction and are ashamed and don't know what to say don't belong in this outfit!

95. You must be willing to fight for your convictions! This Revolution was not built by cowards—it was fought by brave strong warriors who challenged the Enemy!

96. When the Enemy comes up and challenges you‚ you don't go on the defensive, you don't start backwatering or sidestepping and coughing and wheezing and spitting and stammering and stuttering and getting rattled and scared and backing off. You attack him, you go on the attack‚ you take the initiative and sock it to'm!

99. If you're a fighter like I am, you enjoy the battle. When you know you're fighting for the right you don't mind the battle. You enjoy a challenge and test to show your strength!

100. I don't do business with the Devil! I don't care to have him around, and I'll scrap it out with him any day before I'll reach any compromise and live with him!

101. We are at war with the Devil and the lies of the Devil! We are an army who is fighting spiritually, not with violence, not with arms‚ but with the Word of God. We are fighting for the truth‚ and you have to be a fighter for the truth of God even if they kill you!

107. The Lord and His angels and you are far more powerful than the Devil and his demons! Even Satan has to obey your commands in the Name of Jesus! He might fight against you for a while, like he is, but sooner or later he's going to have to knuckle under.

108. We who have Jesus have more power than Satan! We have more power than the demons, because we have the power of God and the power of His Spirit of Love! "At the Name of Jesus every knee shall bow!" (Phil.2:10).

109. You have to baptize yourself constantly in prayer, soak yourself in the Word, memorize and quote constantly to the Devil and to yourself. You have to wage a militant warfare against the Enemy!

110. We rebuke you, Satan, in Jesus' name, and all your powers and angels and evil spirits. Thank You for Thy great mighty army, Lord, that surrounds us, that resists all the powers of Hell though they be let loose against us. Even one angel is enough to deal with them all! The angel of the Lord encampeth around them that fear Him and delivereth them!

111. When you rebuke the Devil, you don't do it calmly. You get angry and practically yell and shout and curse and scream at him. You get so angry in the spirit (Eph.4:26,27).

119. This is a war! If you are not willing to risk your life, you might as well quit! When the Enemy attacks, instead of crawling into your holes you ought to come out in full force and sock it to him, even if you have to die in the process.

122. The best defense is an offence and a counterattack, even though it is dangerous. Any kind of an attack is dangerous in any man's army. When you go on the aggressive‚ on the attack, on the offensive‚ you're bound to have a few casualties, but that's the only way you win wars. You don't win them by fighting a defensive warfare.

124. You don't win by retreat, you win by attacking.

130. When you attack the Enemy, he tries to hit back. Nevertheless, God's Word says if you attack him with great faith‚ if you resist him, "he shall flee from thee." That doesn't mean you're not going to have a little fight before he runs. He may fight a little bit‚ but if you keep on fighting, he can't take it, he will turn and run. When the Enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of God will raise up a standard against him.

137. The Enemy always start shooting when you're going over the top and attacking him. It's proof that you're hitting him where it hurts and accomplishing something. It doesn't mean that you should turn around and run, it means you should keep fighting all the harder until the fighting is impossible.

139. Never despair, but if you do, fight on in spite of despair.

145. You've got to be militant, you've got to be positive, you've got to rise up and fight the Devil, not just be passive!

146. If you're a fighter, you've got to lose your temper sometimes and get angry at the Devil and sock it to him.

147. 2Sam.22:35,36 He teacheth my hands to war; so that a bow of steel is broken by mine arm. Thou hast also given me the shield of Thy salvation: and Thy gentleness hath made me great.

148. Psa.144:1 Blessed be the Lord my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight.

149. Mat.16:19 And I will give unto thee the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on Earth shall be bound in Heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on Earth shall be loosed in Heaven.

153. Eph.6:10,11 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the Devil.

156. 1Tim.6:12 Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.

157. 2Tim.2:3 Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.

158. Jude 3 Ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.

159. Rev.12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

Resisting the Devil


1. God's Word says, "Resist the Devil and he will flee from you!" That doesn't mean lying down and letting him walk right over you! (Jam.4:7)

2. When the Devil tempts you to get down and discouraged, fight! Start doing something positive!

3. Don't just stand there: Do something—sing‚ shout, praise the Lord‚ quote Scriptures! Hit the Devil back! Sock it to him with the Word!

4. Take up that white-hot sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God, and cut the Devil to the heart!

6. The only way you can get rid of the Devil is to defy him, resist him, rebuke him, refuse to obey him, get up on your feet and quit fearing him! Give worship to God!

11. Through the Name of Jesus you have power over the Devil, and you can command him what to do and where to go!

17. It is impossible for the Devil to win over you, unless you give in to him.

22. I've never had any patience with the Devil—he just makes me mad and I want to blow him away right off the bat!

28. The Devil only wins if you surrender! But he can never win as long as you keep fighting!

49. You don't get the victory by running from him; you get the victory by standing there and making him run!

58. Don't be afraid of the Devil—he's afraid of you!

62. All the devils of Hell, including Satan himself, are subject to your power, because you have the power of Christ!

68. The Prince of Darkness grim,

We tremble not for him,

His rage we can endure,

For lo, his doom is sure,

One little Word shall fell him!—JESUS!

78. We are in a serious warfare and you had better be constantly on your guard, ready at all times to fight any attack of the Enemy, who is going to wait for your unguarded moment and for the time when you're a little weak and a little out of sorts and out of tune, out of touch and out of the Spirit! He's going to sock you so hard it might knock you for a loop‚ because you didn't stay in the right spirit, you didn't stay close to the Lord, you weren't obedient, you didn't do what you should've done‚ you weren't on your guard, praying without ceasing, giving thanks always, staying close to the Lord in the Spirit!

90. We're one of the few outfits in the whole World that is on the attack! We are invading the Devil's territory! We are attacking the gates of Hell and we are winning!—Winning souls and winning citizens from his kingdom‚ and we are winning this war! And God knows Satan hates us for it‚ and that's why he attacks us on every hand, every way he possibly can, and tries to stop us, but he can't stop us.

Trials and Triumphs

547, 577-580, 582, 598-599, 605-606‚ 643, 657, 661, Good Thots 2

547. You've got to fight! Fight! Fight! Fight, team, fight! You've got to rebuke him and fight, in Jesus' name! Rebuke the Devil that is trying to interfere‚ and trust the Lord! You've got to fight, team, fight! It's the Devil! It's a battle! You've got to just rebuke and resist the Devil so he will flee from you.—Dad.

577. Give me the man who facing winter's blast,

Hails coming spring;

Sings of returning dawn

In darkest night;

Knows gloom must flee before

Triumphant light;

And still fights on,

Though crushed and beaten down,

Till he has won the fight

And gained the crown.

578. Be strong!

We are not here to play, to dream, to drift;

We have hard work to do and loads to lift;

Shun not the struggle—face it; 'tis God's gift.

Be strong!

Say not, "The days are evil. Who's to blame?"

And fold the hands and acquiesce—oh, shame!

Stand up, speak out, and bravely, in God's name.

Be strong!

It matters not how deep entrenched the wrong,

How hard the battle goes, the day how long;

Faint not—fight on! Tomorrow comes the song.

—Maltbie D. Babcock

579. Did you tackle that trouble that came your way

With a resolute heart and cheerful?

Or hide your face from the light of day

With a craven soul and fearful?

Oh‚ a trouble's a ton, or a trouble's an ounce,

Or a trouble is what you make it‚

And it isn't the fact that you're hurt that counts,

But only how did you take it?

You are beaten to earth? Well, well, what's that?

Come up with a smiling face.

It's nothing against you to fall down flat,

But to lie there—that's disgrace.

The harder you're thrown, why, the higher you bounce;

Be proud of your blackened eye!

It isn't the fact that you're licked that counts;

It's how did you fight—and why?

And though you be done to the death, what then?

If you battled the best you could;

If you played your part in the world of men,

Why‚ the Critic will call it good.

Death comes with a crawl, or comes with a pounce‚

And whether he's slow or spry,

It isn't the fact that you're dead that counts,

But only, how did you die?

—Edmund Vance Cooke

580. Go on the attack and talk back to the Devil out loud! Go on the attack and start praising the Lord, quoting Scriptures, praying, talking in tongues, singing! The Devil hates song because it is praise to the Lord! Let others know that you are attacking so they can stand with you in faith! One can chase a thousand but two can put 10,000 to flight (Deut.32:30).—Dad

582. Lead on, O King Eternal,

The day of march has come;

Henceforth in fields of conquest

Thy tents shall be our home;

Through days of preparation

Thy grace has made us strong,

And now, O King Eternal‚

We lift our battle song.

Lead on, O King Eternal,

Till sin's fierce war shall cease,

And holiness shall whisper

The sweet Amen of peace:

For not with swords loud clashing,

Nor roll of stirring drums‚

With deeds of love and mercy‚

The heav'nly kingdom comes.

Lead on‚ O King Eternal,

We follow, not with fears,

For gladness breaks like morning

Where'er Thy face appears;

Thy cross is lifted o'er us;

We journey in its light;

The crown awaits the conquest;

Lead on, O God of might.

—Ernest W. Shurtleff

598. Days immediately after Dunkirk were darkest for the modern world. In supreme disaster, all seemed irrevocably lost and the invasion of England loomed imminent. England lay prostrate. Forty-seven warships had been sunk in the operations off Norway after Dunkirk. When the evacuation was completed, half the British destroyers were in the shipyards for repairs while the Royal Air Force had lost forty percent of its bomber strength. Britain was on the brink of famine and her armies were without arms or equipment. They had left in France 50,000 vehicles.

Churchill spoke for the defenseless islanders‚ "We shall defend our island whatever the cost may be; we shall fight on the beaches; we shall fight in the fields; we shall fight in the streets; and we shall fight in the hill. We shall never surrender, and if this island were subjugated and starving, our empire on the seas would carry on the struggle until in God's good time the New World with all its power and might steps forth to the rescue and liberation of the old."

599. David is a man of war! David is a man of power! David is a man of force! David is a man of violence, and I hate the Enemy with a perfect hatred! We have the power to resist all the devils in one continent with just the name of Jesus! Yet some of you are afraid of one little old evil spirit. The Devil says "Boo!" and you run! How can you expect to conquer a whole continent of evil spirits when you're afraid of one little spirit in one person!—Dad

605. It is impossible to be a true soldier of Jesus Christ and not fight.

606. Onward, Christian soldiers,

Marching as to war,

With the cross of Jesus

Going on before:

Christ the royal Master

Leads against the foe;

Forward into battle,

See His banners go:

At the sound of triumph

Satan's host doth flee;

On, then, Christian soldiers,

On to victory!

Hell's foundations quiver

At the shout of praise;

Brothers‚ lift your voices,

Loud your anthems raise.

Like a mighty army

Moves the Church of God;

Brothers, we are treading

Where the saints have trod;

We are not divided,

All one body, we,

One in hope and doctrine,

One in charity.

Crowns and thrones may perish,

Kingdoms rise and wane,

But the Church of Jesus

Constant will remain;

Gates of hell can never

'Gainst that Church prevail;

We have Christ's own promise,

And that cannot fail.

Onward, then, ye people,

Join our happy throng,

Blend with ours your voices

In the triumph-song;

Glory‚ laud and honor

Unto Christ the King;

This through countless ages

Men and angels sing.

—Sabine Baring–Gould

643. A real soldier likes the battle like an athlete likes the athletic trial. He likes the fight, he likes to be right there on the battlefront, he likes the excitement, he likes the exhilarating thrill of victory!—Dad

657. At the close of the first day of the battle of Shiloh, a day of severe Union reverses, Gen. Grant was met by his much discouraged chief of staff, McPherson, who said: "Things look bad, General. We have lost half our artillery and a third of the infantry. Our line is broken, and we are pushed back nearly to the river." Grant made no reply, and McPherson asked impatiently what he intended to do. "Do? Why, reform the lines and attack at daybreak. Won't they be surprised?"

Surprised they were, and routed before nine o'clock. Every man that succeeds meets just such crises‚ and must avert disaster with a prompt reforming of lines and early attack.

661. Stand up, stand up for Jesus,

Ye soldiers of the cross!

Lift high His royal banner,

It must not suffer loss.

From victory unto victory

His army shall He lead,

Till every foe is vanquished,

And Christ is Lord indeed.

Stand up, stand up for Jesus!

The trumpet call obey;

Forth to the mighty conflict

In this His glorious day.

Ye that are men, now serve Him

Against unnumbered foes;

Let courage rise with danger,

And strength to strength oppose.

Stand up, stand up for Jesus!

Stand in His strength alone;

The arm of flesh will fail you‚

Ye dare not trust your own.

Put on the gospel armor,

And, watching unto prayer,

Where duty calls, or danger,

Be never wanting there.

Stand up, stand up for Jesus!

The strife will not be long;

This day the noise of battle‚

The next the victor's song.

To him that overcometh

A crown of life shall be:

He with the King of glory

Shall reign eternally.

End of File