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January 19, 2005

Power to Overcome in Persecution

FD/MM/FM Compiled 1/05

Baalzebub—Lord of the Flies

ML #168:8–10‚ DB5

8. (Dad:) I LOVE TO FIGHT THE ENEMY!—As a strong man that loves to run a race, and a strong man that rejoiceth and shouteth by reason of wine, as a knight that loves the fray, and arouseth himself to fight the Enemy!

9. IT'S SO RIDICULOUS TO THINK THE HOUSE OF BAALZEBUB CAN FIGHT THE HOUSE OF DAVID!—That the Lord of the Flies can fight the Lord of the Living! ... I love to fight for the Cause of David and the Name of Jesus! Be strong in the Lord and the power of His might! Hallelujah!

10. We haven't even begun to fight yet! It makes me furious when people take the attacks of the Enemy lying down and let the Enemy walk all over them, without resistance, or go pussy-footing around trying to appease him or trying not to arouse him! I like to hit him head-on, and rebuke him in the Name of Jesus in the power of the Spirit and get rid of him, not just keep putting up with him, tolerating him and letting him hang around bothering us and the people he's oppressing, obsessing and attacking! LET'S DECLARE WAR ON THE EVIL ONE!

Fight Back

ML #1718:1-4, 7-9, 11-14, 16-19, DB7

1. (Dad:) I don't think the bitter attacks in '74 in America & England did us a bit of damage! Apparently they must have done us GOOD because we've grown faster than ever! The more they attack us, the more we grow! The more they curse us, the more the Lord blesses it! TYL!

2. I was really disappointed in our kids! Imagine, you never know when you might be on BBC, & SHE WAS!

3. She was typically evasive, like she was guilty & hiding instead of ATTACKING! … What's the matter with the kids that they don't have a more positive approach?

4. They need to go on the attack, attack!—Instead of suddenly getting freaked out & scared & not knowing what to say!

7. If people don't look to the LORD for their answers, God help us! [Anyone] who answers the phone should ask the Lord immediately what to say & the Lord would have showed her!

8. My God, where are the fighters that know how to attack!

9. They should be always ready to "give an answer to him that asketh of thee!" … They must not have the guts, the conviction to answer. It must be that some of these kids really aren't SOLD, they don't really have the GUTS, they haven't got the CONVICTION …, otherwise they could fire back & fight back!

11. I am not ashamed or at all dismayed at the challenge of the Enemy; in fact, the Enemy really is pretty weak compared to what he might do. What dismays me and disappoints me & sickens me is that our own kids haven't got the guts & the gumption or the fight to fight back & trap them in their own words & challenge them & attack them right in what they're talking about!

12. Why back down & try to deny it?—It's all in print, they've got it! Are they ashamed of it? Why should they be ashamed of it? For some reason or other they haven't got the right attitude if they're ashamed of it. ... It's pitiful when they're caught & they're embarrassed & they're ashamed instead of coming out & socking it to'm & just telling them off!

13. My Lord deliver us! Give us FIGHTERS, people with GUTS & CONVICTION that believe what we say!

14. Give us brave soldiers that know how to FIGHT & throw it back in their teeth & break their teeth, kick'm in the teeth with the same Truth!—Psa.3:7. There's nothing they can quote out of my Letters that I'm ashamed of! There's nothing that they can fire at us in public from those "secret Letters" that I'm ashamed of! Just stand up & sock'm in the teeth with it! "Why not? What's wrong with that? Of course we do!"

16. I'm telling you‚ if they don't know how to be bold‚ if they're not fighters, they don't belong to this outfit! … Cowards just do not belong in this outfit! Namby-pamby‚ milk-&-water, string-for-a–backbone cowards who have no guts or conviction and are ashamed and don't know what to say don't belong! They should all be willing to FIGHT for their convictions!

17. This Revolution was not built by cowards, or fought by cowards—it was fought by brave, bold warriors who challenged the Enemy! When the Enemy comes up & challenges you, you don't go on the defensive, you don't start backwatering or side-stepping or coughing & wheezing & spitting & stammering & stuttering & get scared & back off, you ATTACK him! You take the initiative & go on the attack & sock it to him! Jesus hardly ever answered a question without a question.—Mat.21:23–27; 22:15-21.

18. Get on the offensive! Attack! Be the aggressor! Quit trying to defend yourself! You don't have to defend it—CHALLENGE him with it!

19. Give us fighters‚ Lord, who aren't afraid to go on the attack!—Who aren't ashamed of what they believe!—Aren't ashamed of what they practice!—Aren't afraid of the Devil & his stupid, silly, idiotic little challenges! Give us FIGHTERS, Lord!—Positive fighters‚ people who can stand up for what they BELIEVE & FIGHT for it & DIE for it!

We Are It

ML #2222:66, 69-70, 72-73, 75-78, DB8

66. (Dad:) From the very beginning, I really organized this thing like an ARMY! I tried to show our people that they were now in the ARMY, that it was the Army of the LORD, and that they had to sacrifice and be willing to give up everything, 100% for Jesus!

69. We are soldiers who are at WAR with the Devil and the lies of the Devil! When you're born into this Family, you're not born into just a nice little namby-pamby family that's not doing anything‚ but you are born into an ARMY which is FIGHTING!—Not with physical violence, not with arms‚ but with the WORD OF GOD!—2Cor.10:3-6; Heb.4:12. We are fighting for the truth and our people have got to be FIGHTERS for the truth of God‚ even if it kills them!

70. Joining the Family is not like joining the Peace Corps. You've joined the ARMY!—And we're in a BATTLE, it's a FIGHT! But we LIKE it, we LIKE to fight the Devil, we LIKE to defeat him!

72. In fact, we're not only an Army, but we're training the OFFICERS of the Army! We're the toughest officer's training school there is! We are God's ELITE TROOPS whose highest calling is the BATTLEFRONT, and whose greatest love is to DIE for others, to give our lives to win their souls!—1Jn.3:16; Jn.15:13; Rev.12:11.

73. We are WARRIORS who are determined to fight and live and die for Jesus and others and their eternal salvation!

75. May God give us FIGHTERS who LIKE to fight for the Lord with the weapon of His Word, who ENJOY defeating the Devil and who KNOW they can't lose and who LIKE to win victories, conquering heroes who like to LIVE and FIGHT and DIE for Jesus and their brethren and the truth! Thank You Lord!

76. Give us FIGHTERS, Lord‚ who aren't afraid to go on the ATTACK!—Who aren't ashamed of what they believe!—Aren't ashamed of what they practice!—Aren't afraid of the Devil and his stupid, silly, idiotic little challenges! Give us fighters, Lord!—Positive fighters, people who can stand up for what they believe and fight for it and die for it!

77. That's the kind of soldier who can't be conquered, who can't lose‚ even if he DIES fighting, he can't lose because he'll get an Eternal Crown of glory from the Lord! "Henceforth is laid up for me a crown of glory!"—2Tim.4:8. PTL!

78. (Prophecy: ) "For indeed thou art My Army and thou art My warriors‚ and I will glorify thee above all thine enemies and receive thee even unto Myself in that great day when I shall judge them and the Battle is over!" Praise the Lord!

Endure Hardness, As A Good Soldier

ML #2786, DB11

1. (Mama:) I've been really praying for our Family members who have been facing persecution.

2. It's almost like all Hell has broken loose! Since we have decided to stand up and fight, the Enemy is fighting back! We have decided to be more aggressive against him, therefore, he is doing the same against us. So it's not surprising that he would launch such major attacks against us, trying to destroy us (which of course he can never do).

3. These attacks are a signal to stand up and be counted as a 100% dedicated soldier in the Lord's army‚ and to put on the whole armor of God! (Eph.6:10-18). If we've been taking it easy, playing around and not really being serious enough about things, this recent persecution has made it clear that now is the time to put away childish things and to get serious with the Lord, so we can be as effective as possible in fighting this war.

4. Let's face it, for most of our lives in the Family, we've had it pretty easy. However, I don't think this is how most of our Family members look at it. I think their impression is that we are besieged, we're troubled on every hand, we're persecuted, we're maligned, we're afflicted more than anyone else in the world. Some of us tend to think, "Aren't we soldiers in the forefront of the battle? And aren't all of these churchy Christians just sitting around doing nothing, taking it easy and having a real good time? And don't even a lot of the unbelievers have it pretty easy as well?" I think we tend to get somewhat of a martyr complex sometimes, and some of us consider ourselves overworked, overburdened, overpersecuted, overtired, thinking, "How could anyone possibly have it more difficult than we do?"

5. Well, if you feel like that, you just need to take a closer look around you and remember what Dad has said: "Although many are the afflictions of the righteous, many more are the afflictions of the unrighteous!" It might help you to look around at what the poor people in the System have to endure—believers and unbelievers—and if you do, it should make you very thankful that you're in the Family! They're chained to System jobs (or are completely without work and destitute), worried sick about their children's problems, burdened by afflictions from which they can't get delivered‚ scared to death of rising crime, burdened with taxes, plagued with worry about pollution, AIDS, riots, marital problems, health care, etc. A lot of people are so bad off they're almost unable to function. And what's the purpose of all that they go through? Most of them see absolutely no rhyme or reason for all their sufferings.

6. For us‚ though we may have lots of problems‚ at least we know there's a good reason for it, a purpose behind it all. We understand that we are in a spiritual warfare, and that most of our problems are a result of those battles‚ and they have a good effect on us as they teach us lessons and make us strong. We know we're enduring these things for Jesus' sake, and that if we suffer with Him we will also reign with Him! (2Tim.2:12). So just the fact that we know that these trials have a valuable purpose makes it a lot easier for us to bear them.

Short Battles and Quick Victories!

7. We've had lots of battles, lots of tests and lots of tribulations over the years‚ but for the most part, they've been short battles with quick victories. We've won souls quickly! We've learned the Word quickly! We finish projects quickly. We get quick answers to our prayers. We see instant deliverances and rapid healings. We have quick childbirth and early recuperation.

8. Although they're not necessarily easy, most of the things in our lives have been quick and simple. Many Christians who aren't in the Family struggle for years to win just one soul to the Lord‚ or to get delivered from their afflictions. Some of them are persecuted for years by antagonistic members of their families. Some of them struggle for years under cruel and demonic taskmasters in their System jobs. Many who testify of their faith are ridiculed and criticized and rejected by friends and colleagues. Stuck in the rut of the System, they have to learn to endure. And victories often do not come quickly; they're often alone and without the support of others, with little inspiration and few victories to keep them inspired and to keep them fighting.

9. On the other hand‚ it seems like we can accomplish anything we want to.—There is nothing too difficult! There is no limit! If we decide the Lord wants us to do something, we're usually able to do it! Of course, one reason for this is because we're not bound by the System and its red tape and bureaucracy and ruts by which it confines its victims. And because there is so much to do and so few of us to do it, the Lord has miraculously enabled us to get things done quickly.—Souls saved, literature distributed, audio and video tapes produced, afflictions healed, countries pioneered, etc.!

10. We may have a lot of battles and a lot of problems, but in spite of them we get a lot of things done quickly! Things come a lot more easily to us in many ways than they do to the rest of the world because of our faith, and because the Lord has blessed us with many victories and quick results, since He knows there is so much to do and so few of us to do it.

11. However‚ as we now come closer to the end and begin a new phase in the war, one that will be of much greater intensity and vehemence and ferocity, with all the forces of Hell throwing everything they have into their efforts to defeat us, we are going to have to learn more patience. We are going to have to learn how to endure! We are going to have to get used to fighting more long-term battles. We are going to have to learn what it means to really hold on, not just for one day or one week or one month, but perhaps for many months at a time. We are going to have to learn to truly cling to God's Word and "endure hardness as good soldiers of Jesus Christ!" (2Tim.2:3).

12. We are going to be involved in long drawn-out court battles, longer and more intense fights for housing, and more protracted battles with afflictions and illnesses. We'll be beset by more vicious longstanding personal trials and testings, and we'll have to fight longer and harder for our children's progress in their weak areas. The Devil won't give up so easily, as he knows his time is short.—And because we have come out full force against him, he is going to respond in like manner.

13. Comparatively speaking, most of us have not had to learn such heavy lessons of patience and endurance. We have learned many other lessons, but now may be the time that the Lord wants us to work on these new ones. "For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise. In your patience possess ye your souls" (Heb.10:36; Luke 21:19).

14. The Lord tells us, "Blessed is the man that endureth temptation" (Jam.1:12). "Behold, we count them happy which endure. Ye have heard of the patience of Job, and have seen the end of the Lord; that the Lord is very pitiful, and of tender mercy" (Jam.5:11). "So that we ourselves glory in you in the churches of God for your patience and faith in all your persecutions and tribulations that ye endure" (2Thes.1:4). "But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry" (2Tim.4:5). "We glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience; and patience, experience; and experience, hope" (Rom.5:3‚4).

15. In our personal battles and trials in the past, if we didn't bounce back full force and come out from under our clouds of discouragement, depression and heaviness within a few hours, or at the most‚ a day or two, we'd be worried that we were never going to. If we couldn't feel inspired or loved or anointed for a few days or a few weeks, we'd worry that something was dreadfully wrong and we became almost persuaded to give up the fight.

16. For the future‚ you may have to make up your mind that you may have extended periods of not feeling much at all‚ times when‚ if you in fact feel anything‚ you may be feeling pretty rotten!—When you'll not be able to go on your feelings at all, but will have to cling to the fact of His Word, that God still loves you and God still cares, and is expecting you to go on for Him, no matter what you feel like, and no matter how long you feel or don't feel like it! You're going to have to learn to keep going even if you feel like a zombie or a robot just going through the motions‚ just doing what you're supposed to do because God says to do it!

17. You may have to keep going even when absolutely everything seems to have turned against you, just believing that truth will triumph in the end, and Jesus will be victorious. You may just have to put on that "Fear Not" Scripture song tape and listen to it over and over and over until even if you can't think or make decisions, you will be able to just rest in Jesus' arms with those unbreakable promises going over and over in your mind and heart.

You've Got to Be Grounded in the Word and Committed to the Lord!

18. We are in a war, and if you aren't really grounded in the Word, and if you don't have the conviction that this is our calling to fight for the truth and uphold the standard of the Word and preach the warning message to people, then you're not going to be able to take it! It's going to require a lot of sacrifice and it's going to be difficult and you have to be convinced that you've just got to do it and that this is the Lord's will for you, and that He intends for you to do it and that's His purpose for you and you've just got to fulfill it, no matter what!

19. You can't go into this like a lot of people do in marriages nowadays, "Oh well, if it doesn't work out, I'll just get a divorce." … You've got to be "fully persuaded" in your own mind and heart, and committed to the fact that this is a do-or-die situation and you're sold out to the Lord, you can't turn back, you've burned your bridges and there's nothing else for you to do in life: You'd rather die than do anything else!

20. You've got to have the attitude of "to whom shall we go‚ no one else has the Words of Eternal Life!" (Jn.6:68). Otherwise you're not going to make it! If you have consecrated and dedicated yourself and have made that kind of a commitment, then no matter how hard it gets, you're going to stick. If you know you've got to stick no matter what, then it won't matter whether you think you can make it or not; you'll just keep going and you'll just keep serving the Lord, even if you die on your way.

Facing the Future with Faith, and Fighting Together

21. For anyone who is fearful of the future and is contemplating leaving the Family because of the new wave of increased persecution that is beginning—and that will undoubtedly intensify as time goes on—you've got to determine that you're not going to forsake your place and your crown. You need to increase your faith through the Word and the wonderful promises that the Lord has given us.

22. If you think that by getting out of the Family you're going to escape persecution, you're wrong. This is the Endtime, folks, and there's no way to escape the Great Tribulation that God has said is going to come upon the whole Earth! It is our destiny and our calling to be chosen to go through this time, and to be victorious in it! We can just be very thankful to the Lord that we have not had to endure the many years of suffering and tribulation and sorrow and heartbreak that many other missionaries have experienced. We've had it easy; we've almost lived in luxury. We've lived charmed lives, with ourselves and our little ones protected miraculously so that we could accomplish the special job that the Lord has called us to.

23. So now we're going to get a little persecution, but it's going to purge us and purify us and make us white (Dan.11:35), as well as make us known and make us a testimony and a witness to the world! Should we cower and tremble and hide our faces? No! We should be challenged and excited at the wonderful things the Lord is going to do through us. Can we escape persecution? No! No matter how far we run from the Family, no matter how we try to hide, we're the Lord's children and this is the Endtime and "we must through much tribulation enter into the Kingdom of God" (Acts 14:22).

24. The thing you have to realize is that we are not the only ones who are going to be persecuted. All Christians are going to be persecuted; all people of other faiths are going to be persecuted; the whole world is going to be in distress; everyone is going to be suffering! But when we suffer, we at least know why we're suffering and that we're suffering for righteousness' sake.

25. We have a purpose, we have a plan, we have a ministry, we have a calling, we have a mission, we have an understanding of tribulation. So we don't have to fear it! We have a Family who supports us, we have a God who always causes us to triumph! But look at the poor world; they suffer poverty, affliction, death, injustice, fear, crime, violence, abuse, hate and loneliness even now, with no one to turn to and no hope for the future! Sure, we get persecuted for righteousness' sake and they don't, but they suffer a multitude of horrors which we can never be touched by. And when we suffer, we suffer with a purpose, and when we suffer, it does us good!

26. As a group, we may be some of the first Christians to suffer in this new wave of persecution and tribulation, because we are standing up for the truth and exposing the Devil's plan. But that doesn't mean that other Christians aren't going to eventually get it too. By sitting tight and being quiet and not doing anything, they may buy themselves a little more time. But when they do get persecuted‚ they're not going to know how to handle it. They're going to be weak in the Word‚ they're going to lack in unity and support, and as a result it is going to be a much greater trauma and horrifying experience for them.

27. We have the Word, we have the unity, we have the prayer, we have the support, we have the Lord's promises, we have the vision‚ we have a purpose, we have the power and we know what's happening and where we're going‚ so we are much stronger and better able to endure even greater persecution than they are. The intensity of it will be minimized for us. It's like the tolerance level to pain; some people have a high tolerance, some have a low tolerance. Our tolerance to persecution will be very high and our victories will be many and our power will be amazing and our exploits will be great as we present a united front to the Enemy. However‚ if we go off on our own without the power of unity and the strength of united prayer‚ when persecution comes‚ it will be magnified many times over.

28. The persecution we receive for what we believe comes because we stand for something and we let the world know about it. We not only believe it but we preach it, and what we believe and practice and preach is in direct opposition to almost everything the world believes and practices, and they can't stand the discomfort of exposure, so they attack us. But it's going to come to the point that other Christians will also be forced to eventually stand up for what they believe, and they will be persecuted as well, but we will have paved the way and learned to fight and been a sample to them of how God keeps you even in the midst of the flood, and never fails His children.

29. How much better to be in the forefront and to learn to fight by many battles and to gain increasing strength for each confrontation with the Enemy, learning how to war and how to use the Sword of the Spirit and the shield of faith and being led step by step, learning to become seasoned, veteran soldiers who do not fear the Enemy but who thrill to the battle, instead of raw recruits who cower and shake and tremble when first thrust into the fray! How much better to start suffering affliction now with the people of God than enjoying the pleasures of the world for a season‚ and then having to be unexpectedly hit in a surprise attack that leaves you in confusion, shock and complete disarray.

30. So why not just face what we have to do bravely and courageously, and realize that it's an honor and privilege to be able to fight in the forefront of this battle! The Lord is training us and making us His tried-and-proven veteran soldiers, PTL! So let us rather "glory in our infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon us!" (2Cor.12:9). Amen? TYJ! GBAKY! ILY!

Persecution Jewels!—No.4

ML #2878:27-30, 57-60, Vol.21

The Family—Radical & Uncompromising!

27. (Dad:) I'm tired of having to defend ourselves & try to justify ourselves to the System! I'm sick & tired of putting up with the System's criticisms & negative critiques of us, when they're so guilty of making such a God-damned Hell of a mess of things themselves!

28. As we come out more & more strongly against the Antichrist & his devilish System, we may lose a few friends; but if they're real friends, we won't lose them. It may make them take a stand! It may show them they can't compromise & they can't sit on the fence & think they can play both ends against the middle. It's either all or nothing at all!

29. I expect to die for some of the things I've said!

30. There's no halfway about the Family!

God's Assault Forces!

57. Challenge'm! Sock it to'm! (Tongues) Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! "Listen to the Words of your father, & hear what he has to say. These Words are true & faithful!" Thank You Jesus!

58. I'm not only calling you to come & live for Jesus, Beloved. Are you willing to also be a martyr & die for Jesus? Well, that's what some of you are going to have to do one day. I believe it. There may be some Christians who will be able to hide when the AC & his forces completely take over the World & the Great Tribulation begins, but the Lord has given us a challenge, & He's made it very clear that we will not merely hide. We have to be the assault forces who are going to lead the charge against the Antichrist System!

59.Like the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers I used to be in, during World War 2. They didn't give us much hope. They said they had the highest casualties of any outfit in the whole military, because they were first on the battlefield making roads & building bridges & whatnot, & then they were the last off, blowing them up so they wouldn't be used by the enemy!

60. My whole outfit was wiped out in North Africa under attacks from Rommel. Thank God I'd witnessed to them! Thank God I wasn't ashamed of my faith.—Even though at first they threw shoes at me & cussed me & everything else. I'll tell you‚ they finally respected me. By & by they'd come & kneel & pray with me, in the dark. Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord!

Persecution Jewels!—No.5

ML #2888:1-4, 23-27, DB11

Firestorm Vision!

1. (7/93) As we were praying I saw a firestorm, and it was leaping out with great flames‚ swirling like a hurricane! It was coming toward us, still some distance away, but leaping out at us as it was trying to reach us. The flames were just leaping out!

2. The Devil's own fires of Hell are trying to reach us, and he has turned up the heat very hot! But the Lord is allowing it. Nothing happens without the will of God‚ and this persecution has greatly strengthened us.

3. Our enemies are out to get us like that firestorm I just saw. It seemed like it was reaching out for us. We could feel the heat, we could see the fire, and it was horrible, but it couldn't touch us!

Standing Up and Fighting!

4. People admire you for standing up and fighting! If you run away and hide, they figure it's a confession of guilt. I guess that's why the Lord's allowing all this persecution: so our Family will be forced to come out in the open and give the whole world the truth to counteract these major smear campaigns against us. Our folks make good representatives! With the faith and courage of the Lord, they're not afraid of anybody! Our enemies are afraid of us!

Encouragement to Keep Fighting!

23. (Maria:) No matter how dark the outlook, the uplook is still great! When the night is black, the moon shines even brighter! When you feel the most defeated, that's just the time you'll have to fight even harder; and when you feel the most discouraged, that's when you most need the Word and news of the victories!

24. So let's not concentrate on our losses, but on our gains, of which there are many! The gains may not seem as big as the losses‚ but it's beyond our capability to see what's going on behind the scenes‚ and all we need to know is the Word! All we need to do is believe it and keep fighting! "We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted‚ but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed" (2Cor.4:8-9).

25. There have been countless times in history when men and women have kept their fighting spirit in the face of almost insurmountable odds—and survived! If they could display such faith and determination and courage while fighting with earthly weapons for worldly causes‚ how much more should we, God's special Endtime forces, exhibit the will to fight to the end without hesitation and without compromise, knowing that whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord's, and we too will survive (Rom.14:8).

26. Let's say, like General Foch, "My right has been rolled up, my left has been driven back, my center has been smashed!—I have ordered an advance from all directions!" Okay? Then let's yell with John Paul Jones, "Hell no! We haven't even begun to fight!—And if we go down, we'll go down fighting!" I truly believe that before God will let us go down, He's going to come and lift us up so we can continue to glorify His Name amongst the nations.—And whatever God has to do to accomplish that, He will do it. Whether God has to bring down His wrath so heavily upon the nations that they will let us go, like Pharaoh and the Egyptians with the Israelites, or whatever He will do in His mysterious way which is far above ours, we know it will be perfect in its mercy on those who love Him, and His judgment upon those who hate Him.

27. Our attempts to fight the great Beast of the world may seem so feeble, but when God throws all His power and support behind us, we are invincible and we are a majority‚ and they will shake and shiver with fear because of their evil deeds!—Love, Maria.

The Swiss Sect Deaths

ML #2941:14-15, DB12

14. (Mama:) For you who are out in the public day after day, you may be facing some major antagonism and questions as a result of this current anti-cult media campaign, but do not water down your message! Remember, that is exactly what the Devil is trying to get you to do! So go on the attack in the power of the Spirit, be proud of who you are and what you stand for, and Whose coming Kingdom you are preaching, and God will bless you for your courage and conviction. Of course, you need to ask the Lord for His wisdom in answering people's questions, and seek His guidance in all that you do. As well, you should make sure you've established good will with your neighbors and local officials, which will go a long way in helping to allay their fears.

15. Every time a major worldwide attack like this happens, it looks like our very existence is in jeopardy, and of course that is what the Enemy means to do: Stamp us out. But God is greater!—And He is soon going to stamp out the Enemy and his anti-Christ forces when Jesus returns for His Own and lets loose His judgments on this wicked world! Remember, God, Who has promised that what He has begun in us He will continue to perform until the End, will not allow His work to fail! He has promised that in spite of world persecution, … we will triumph and we will win! So keep trusting and keep praising! There are still great things ahead. Praise the Lord!

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