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World Currents!--No.102

Karen Zerby

GN 1122 FD/MM/FMFEB. 2005

The Asian Tsunami

By MariaFD/MM/FM 3528 12/04

Dear Family,

We're sorry it's taken so long to get this GN to you. The messages which follow were all received shortly after the tsunami struck, but when the situation arose with Ricky and Angela, we had to set them aside until we could get you the first two or three GNs on that subject. Nevertheless, we hope you'll find the Lord's Words that follow feeding, inspiring, and challenging. We love you!

My dear Family,

1. I love you so much, and Peter and I thank the Lord for each of you, for your love for the Lord, your dedication to Him‚ your love and service for others, and for your many wonderful qualities that make us proud to say we're the Family!

2. As you know, right after Christmas a powerful earthquake shook Southeast Asia‚ followed by a devastating tsunami or tidal surge that wreaked havoc all around the border of the Indian Ocean, killing tens of thousands. Here's an overview of this disaster that we've put together from the newspapers:

On Sunday, December 26, 2004, at 6:59 AM local time, the Indian Ocean was shaken by the biggest earthquake the world has experienced since 1964, registering a magnitude of 9.0. The epicenter was under the sea, off the northern tip of the Indonesian archipelago.

As the Earth's plates buckled and fractured along a 600-mile section of the seabed, they released pent–up energy equivalent to the power of more than 1,000 atomic bombs, sending the waters above into a frenzy, rearing up, crashing down.

The resulting waves, racing across the ocean at 500 mph, first devastated Indonesian Sumatra‚ then spanned outwards, reaching as far as Somalia on the coast of Africa. Tens of thousands of tons of water swept across beaches, through villages and towns, tearing down hotels and homes as though they were mere papier-mãché models on an architect's drawing board. The waves engulfed 12 countries, drowning tens of thousands in their wake. There was‚ for so many, nowhere to hide. As one British holiday–maker said: "One moment we were sitting in paradise, the next second we were engulfed in the depths of Hell."

With each passing day, new and ever-more heartbreaking stories have emerged: stories of outstanding courage, unimaginable terror, unstinting selflessness and inconceivable anguish. Among all of them runs a common thread: unbearable loss—losses so great that estimates suggest more than 225,000 have died in this ravaged and devastated region.

All that is left of a holiday paradise is debris and masonry‚ and beneath it thousands of bodies. Many will never be recovered; many more will only be given up by the sea months from now.

In most of the affected countries, aid is coming in. But for many people, there has been little in the way of shelter. A few days after the disaster, fishermen in Tamil Nadu in India were bedding down for the night on the beaches. "We don't even have blankets, all we can do is light fires to try to keep ourselves warm," says Wimol Thongthae‚ from the village of Nam Khem, which was flattened by the tsunami. "We are using any wood we can find from the buildings that have been destroyed. There is barely a building left standing here, yet no one has come to offer help. We are destitute, why does no one come?"

One woman, her head swathed in a shawl‚ crooned softly to a small crying baby, cradled in her arms. "I don't know his name, he isn't mine, not really," she said. "I found him, he was washed up near me. He's only about nine months old, three months older than my daughter who died.

"I don't even know where her body is. She may never be found. But this one‚ he is alive. He is like me, he has no one. So he will be my baby now. That is how we will go on here‚ by becoming new families." (Compiled from articles by Raymond Whitaker, The Independent; Olga Craig, Electronic Telegraph)

3. This earthquake and tsunami have caused more death and destruction than any other natural disaster in a long time, and have not only touched the countries affected, but have rocked many countries around the world in one way or another—hearts have been moved, nations have been stirred to compassion, governments have rushed to send aid, rivalries have been set aside for a time.

4. It's been an earthshaking event with global repercussions, and we wanted to get our dear Husband's counsel and perspective on it all. So we asked Him to give us His Words about it, and He answered in nearly 40 prophecies from 30 different people in different WS units. It was a tremendous outpouring of insight, counsel, revelation and promises, which you'll read in the pages to follow!

5. As we prepared this material for you, we were amazed at how often the Lord confirmed His Words through the mouths of many channels, saying very similar things through different people in different units who hadn't discussed these events! He told us why this disaster took place‚ emphasized His love and concern and compassion‚ revealed what happened in Heaven—and Hell—at the time of the disaster, and divulged what's in store for both the world and the Family.

6. Since the Lord was so clear and comprehensive in His counsel, and He gave so many details on different aspects of this tragedy, I won't add much commentary in the messages that follow. I pray that you'll find them as fascinating and feeding and motivating as I did. All messages are from Jesus‚ unless otherwise indicated.

An Overview of the Reasons Why

7. First we asked our dear Husband why He allowed this tragedy that took so many lives and left so many others bereaved, destitute, and in pain. We know He doesn't allow such things without a reason or a purpose, and that He doesn't afflict His children willingly‚ that He is Love and Goodness and Mercy itself. So we asked why, and the following message gives a good overview. (The Lord elaborates on each aspect later in this GN; this is simply a bird's-eye view.)

8. (Jesus:) Amidst the tears and cries of anguish, the heartache and heartbreaks, the cries of "Why, Lord?" rise to My throne. How could I allow such a thing? Why did I cause such devastation and death, or why didn't I prevent it or limit it somehow?

9. I will explain, My dear loves, because I know this is a question that many of you have as well. But first let Me remind you that the Enemy often tries to use such disasters, catastrophes which he is allowed to bring about‚ to turn both My children and the world against Me, convincing them that I am cruel, unloving, vengeful toward men, or at least indifferent to their suffering and pain. This is not the case.

10. My heart goes out to the children of men, for I feel their suffering and pain. I am a God of Love, and I gave My life for men to relieve their pain and to give them eternal life, happiness and joy, with blessings and rewards both now and hereafter. Do not imagine that I rejoice in these things. I weep too, for I feel the agony of the survivors, those who have lost loved ones, all those they hold dear and all that they possess, and are without hope or earthly comfort‚ and who languish in both physical and spiritual pain. I experience their pain, for even on Earth I was a man of sorrows, acquainted with grief, as I bore the suffering of many. I do much more so now, in Heaven.

11. I take no pleasure in these disasters, these events which men of old called "acts of God" and which men today have taken to calling "natural disasters." They are neither fully natural‚ because they have spiritual causes, nor are they acts of God‚ for I allow the Enemy to enact them, and there are many reasons for them.

12. Many people are prone to see such events that take the lives of multitudes as My judgments, and to wonder what those who died did to deserve it. My first disciples asked about these things as well, wondering whether those who died when a tower in Siloam fell upon them were sinners who were being judged for their iniquities. Well, I do judge the evil, but My nature is love rather than judgment, forgiveness and mercy rather than punishment or pain. If I were to truly judge iniquity and sin, who would stand? All men are sinners, and without My sacrifice for them, all would be worthy of death.

13. So do not automatically think "judgment and wrath" when you hear of these events that take the lives of many hundreds or thousands, for this is not always the case. It is often part of it, but it is not the full story.

14. Yes, many of those nations which were touched by the earthquake and the tsunami were worthy of judgment, for they had persecuted and oppressed My children‚ often for many years. Other nations are governed by cruel and evil men whose people suffer because of their evil deeds. Other places catered to sodomites and rich and selfish pleasure-seekers who long have done evil in My sight. And even in nations which have received and blessed My children, there are both the righteous and the unrighteous, the good and the bad, the virtuous and the iniquitous. So I did allow this disaster as a form of judgment‚ a chastisement for those who know Me and a judgment for those who have rejected Me, but that was only one of the reasons.


15. (Mama: ) Along this line, in a separate message from another person, the Lord said: "I have been grieved at the sodomy that many of these [beach] resorts have been harboring. Sodomites come from all over the world to these places to revel in their rebellious lifestyle and to prey on the poor. This has been My judgment on some of these people as well, and has put an end to their deeds of lust and defiance and rebelliousness against Me, the God of nature."

[End of box]

16. I also allowed this as a release for many of the poor and the helpless, the poverty-stricken and those afflicted and burdened by war, sickness and disease. Why did so many poor people die‚ so many women and children?—Because I have released them from their pain and suffering and gathered them into a better place. Those who knew Me have been gathered to My side, and many of those who did not know Me have had a chance to know Me and to receive Me, and many have taken it. All these are freed from earthly anguish and now enjoy heavenly bliss‚ for death is not the end of life but a gateway to a better life for those who enter through Me, the door. And those who have definitely and knowledgeably rejected Me have gone to their reward as well, downward rather than upward.

17. I judge righteous judgment, My dear loves, for I am a God of justice, mercy and forgiveness. I am just and fair, loving and kind, and so are My judgments. So those who have passed on have received of My mercy‚ as have those who have survived. I spared many of My children by miraculous means, just as I will spare you in the days to come. Some did not go to the beach that day for one reason or another, while others went and were kept through the raging floods and preserved, even while thousands next to them perished. Although a thousand may have drowned at their side, death did not come nigh them or overtake them.

18. And what of the survivors who are homeless and helpless, who have lost loved ones and even all their living, who live in danger of disease and death even now? Many of these dear ones will be gathered to Me in the days to come, released from their suffering and reunited with their loved ones‚ never again to suffer want or need or pain.

19. Others, I am working in their lives, trying to draw them unto Me even while on Earth, empowering their guardian angels to whisper in their ears, "Turn to God and seek His face! He has the comfort and peace and help that you need!" I seek to win as many as I can on Earth‚ for the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared to the glory and reward which I have prepared for them hereafter. The role of some of these survivors is even to be witnesses of My love and mercy and grace, to reach out and touch the hearts of their fellow survivors and even the hearts of multitudes of others, to be living examples of Romans 8:28.

20. And yet other survivors are being faced with their final decision in the midst of this devastation, even as My servant Job of old was. Will they "curse God, and die," as his wife urged him, or will they say "even though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him," as Job declared? (Job 2:9, 13:15). They are brought to the point of decision, and this too is part of My love for them.

21. I also use this event to bring multitudes of others to the point of decision, even those far away from the scene of the disaster. There is a great stirring in the spirit as they confront these events and consider their own mortality, that their life is but a vapor and that all which they possess and hold dear could be lost in an instant, just as was the case in this earthquake and tsunami. I empower My angels mightily to break through to them and bring them to Me, and I use events around them and My children on Earth to witness to them and give them eternal life. I try to shake them out of their lethargy, their attitude that life goes on as usual, to cause them to think on the eternal, not just the temporal. A man's life does not consist of the abundance of the things which he possesses, as they have just seen illustrated.

22. This is also a fulfillment of My Word of old‚ a sign of these Last Days: "For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage‚ until the day that Noah entered into the ark‚ and knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be" (Mat.24:38-39). Just as in Noah's day, these floods were sudden. So suddenly will great confusion and floods of iniquity come upon the world in the days ahead, and so suddenly will I return to rescue and resurrect My children at the end of them! My servants are wise to watch for these events, and the world does well to be warned and wary.

23. So now you know some of the many reasons why‚ My dear loves, although for each person, each family, each city, and each nation affected by these events there is a different reason. I am a loving God‚ and I work in the lives of all My creations personally, individually, lovingly, for I am not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance, to Me‚ to eternal life, and joy and happiness forever after!

24. Blessed are you, My dear children, who minister to those touched by this catastrophe. You are My comfort to the heartbroken, My encouragement to the downcast, My love to the lost, My sweet balm of relief to the suffering‚ My lifesaver in the midst of these storms of trouble. Go forth with My blessing and My spirit helpers and the fervent prayers of your brethren, and give life and comfort and hope to many in the way that only My children can. I love you and am with you, even unto the end of the world.

Love and Hope and a Heavenly Perspective

25. (Mama:) In the preceding message, the Lord emphasized the fact that He is a God of Love Who laid down His life for us to relieve our pain and suffering. He made the ultimate sacrifice so that we wouldn't have to suffer the torments and agonies of death and Hell‚ but could instead have eternal life, happiness and bliss! Not only that, but His body was broken so that we could have healing and relief from pain here and now, on Earth. And when we receive Him, He can provide peace, comfort, consolation and faith, answer our prayers, provide our needs, soothe our troubled minds, and much, much more. He ever lives to make intercession for us‚ our wonderful, caring mediator at the throne of God. So of course He isn't going to contradict His very nature as a God of Love. This is a very important point to keep in mind and to share with your friends and contacts and relatives, because the world's media—and even many religious leaders—have taken the attitude that this is either a judgment of God or an act of an uncaring and unloving God.

26. When we first asked the Lord about this tsunami, He said: "My children need fresh words that they can pass on to their friends and contacts about how a God of Love can suddenly take the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and leave thousands more in pain and suffering. Even My brides in the Family need a reminder of My perspective on these matters, a reassurance of My boundless love, a reminder that death is not the end, and a heavenly perspective on suffering and how it can draw the sufferers to Me, to a land where there will be no more pain or suffering or tears forever after."

27. Following are the messages we received along this line, His loving heavenly perspective, and the Lord continues to express His love and compassion and mercy through the rest of this GN:

28. (Jesus: ) My loves, just as you see the suffering and you are concerned for those who have lost everything‚ and your heart aches for them and goes out to them, so much more do I care and I cry for these who have felt the devastation of this disaster. The ones who are left behind are those who are feeling the worst of it, and I see each one. I am coming to their aid, and through your prayers for them more help can be released from Heaven to aid them.

29. I'm not a cruel and uncaring God. I am personally involved in each individual life that was affected by this disaster—both those who passed on at the time of the disaster and those who survived it and who have lost so much. The action in the spirit world at the time of this disaster was immense. I released legions to help, as those who died passed on into the next life, and as those who clung on for dear life and uttered prayers to Me were saved. I had My hand in every single life—whether they died or they survived, in some cases against insurmountable odds. It wasn't just a random thing, but My hand was upon every life.

30. For those who died, it was their time, and if they were saved they entered into rest in Heaven, with no more pain, sickness, poverty, heartache‚ or the toils of life. Those who were unsaved received a chance in the spirit world to accept Me. Those who need more time to make a decision, I do not judge harshly‚ and they are still in a beautiful place, a place of peace, of rest, where they can learn to know Me and to understand the ways of the spirit world. These are the blessed ones, those who passed on, so weep not for them. Yes, the numbers are staggering, but trust that I was personally involved in each and every life, and that My hand was upon them at the time of the disaster.

31. Turn your prayers and your efforts toward those who are suffering now, who are traumatized‚ and who have nothing left. Your prayers will help them to find peace, comfort, and the aid that they so desperately need. Your prayers will help to alleviate their suffering, and to bring about good in their lives through this in the end. Pray for all those who are volunteering to aid in the relief efforts, the thousands and thousands who are trying to do what they can to alleviate the suffering. They are working under much pressure and in very difficult circumstances, seeing the desperate need and not feeling that they can even make a tiny bit of difference. Pray for their strength and endurance, and that through this experience those who don't know Me will come to know Me in some way, that they will not harden their hearts, but let the suffering that surrounds them soften their hearts and drive them to Me for the help, strength, endurance, and compassion that they need. So much can be accomplished to help alleviate the suffering through your prayers.

32. Remember, My dear ones, that you are going to see much, much more in the days to come, and you need to strengthen your faith and your spirits so that you take these devastations—whether caused by man or by natural disasters—in a spirit of trust and faith in Me. It's not going to get easier. At times you will be caught in the midst of these things. But always remember that you are in My hands, no matter what happens. See the signs of the times and do what you can to reach as many as you can while you still can. The world will get darker and more volatile. The signs of the times, in the sky and the seasons and the earth, will be more powerful and more obvious.

33. You can't let these things make you flinch. You must keep your hearts firm on Me‚ your solid Rock, so that no matter what befalls you or the world around you, your faith remains strong, and you see these things as I see them—not with fear, despair, or even anger at Me, as is the reaction of many in the world. Instead‚ think of My love, of Heaven, of the wonderful afterlife that awaits you, and help to impart this to the world, so that they too can find peace in Me even in the midst of a storm.

34. One day I will return and turn this world that is going to Hell right-side up, and Heaven will come to Earth. This is the way I originally intended for things to be, but through man's choices‚ the world is only growing darker, colder, and the signs of the times are getting heavier. Rejoice, though, in knowing that I am coming. All these things must come to pass. The Word will be fulfilled. So open your eyes, your hearts, your ears, and your spirits to see things from this vantage point. Although I have to allow the Enemy to have his way with the world for a time, it will ultimately bring in My Kingdom on Earth. I will win the victory! I will be the Victor and will conquer the world for My glory‚ and a new day will dawn.

35. Keep your eyes on the heavenly vision! Do not despair‚ My loves, but set your hearts as a flint. Stay strong so that you can pull others up and out of this hellish world, into My beautiful Heavenly Kingdom of love and light. You have to stay strong so that you can help others! Will you do that for Me? Or will you despair and lose faith? I know you will stay strong and remain faithful! So keep doing what you can to be a witness, and to draw My sheep to Me through this huge devastation, which has certainly touched every heart in some way—whether or not they were directly involved. I love you and I need you to help Me usher in My Kingdom‚ and to bring as many as you can along with you!


36. When huge disasters occur, man's tendency is to see the overall magnitude, the seemingly general‚ sweeping nature of the disaster, and to begin to look at it as if I were just sweeping away everything, good and bad alike, without being concerned for each one whose life was touched by these events.

37. Your mind cannot grasp how I could possibly be so intimately involved in every individual life and heart, every single feeling and intimate detail of each life, but I am. The natural disasters that I allow, even though they seem massive and beyond your comprehension, are never out of control. There was not a single life that was allowed to end on Earth that day or since, not a single affliction‚ physical, emotional or spiritual that touched a life as a result of this event, that was not allowed by Me.

38. Many of those caught up in this event did not yet know Me, yet My hand was upon their lives just as surely. I knew each life and what the future held for each one. I knew that it was the perfect time to bring them into the realm of the spirit where they would be able to make the best possible choice. For many this was an act of great mercy. I brought them into the realm of the spirit so that they could see the truth now, lest the darkness that would soon engulf them were they to remain should pull them so far away that they would not have a fair chance to come to understand the light and to choose freely.

39. Others whose lives I spared, many times through miraculous events even in the midst of the disaster, I chose to do so because I knew it was exactly what they needed. I see each heart. I know exactly what will bring them as close to Me as possible so that they can choose. In some cases there were those who had made their choices and had rejected Me to the depths of their heart‚ and their time of accounting came; but man cannot judge such things—only I can.

40. I alone know the time for you. Only I can see and know if someone is truly rejecting or if they have yet to make their full choice. For many, this was My mercy on them, to either bring them to where they could find Me or to shake up their world and shatter their false images, to give them a chance to come to know Me in a deeper way.

41. For some, even those who didn't yet know Me, it was a time of decision. Some who knew Me and were placed in the midst of this disaster were given the choice to save themselves or to give their lives in love for another, that they might be saved. The few accounts you have heard of are but a minute part of the multitudes of events that took place that day: acts of bravery, acts of sacrificial love, of people laying down their lives for others. Even when the person didn't know Me, yet they felt My Spirit moving them and knew what the good and right thing to do was, they chose the good, and this opened the doors for them to come to Me.

42. They still have much to learn here and many choices to make, yet because in the moment of decision they chose what they sensed to be right, it has been counted unto them for righteousness and they have been given all they need to continue to move toward the light.

43. Heaven is busy and many, many are being nurtured and gently shown the truth. This is not a time of sorrow at all in the spiritual realm but of great rejoicing. My children on this side are taking these precious but ignorant ones under their wings and gently teaching them the truth. Many who never had the chance to understand are now being given that chance. It's a witnessing explosion! It's not quite like on Earth‚ because these precious ones must be gently taught the truth and it will take time to bring them to where they can choose, but the heavenly realm is bursting with excitement and anticipation of the many they will be able to help.

44. So don't get your eyes on the terrible disaster and what seem like losses in the physical. Rejoice and thank Me for how I chose each one who entered the spirit realm through this event and am giving each one the personal, one-on-one help and training they need.


45. My view of tragedy is so different from that of the world's. Some see death and sorrow as a heartbreaking experience, but if they could only know the reality and the fullness of My love, they would not weep for those who have gone beyond this life. I can give My peace, My hope, and My faith to continue on, even in the most trying experiences and through the deepest, hardest loss.


46. Some of the areas which were hit were among the poorest and most suffering in the world‚ and it is My mercy to have taken some of the people there. Had they been allowed to continue, their grief would have grown, and with the world situation growing worse, their plight would have grown more desperate. So in My love and wisdom, one reason I allowed this was to relieve some of these poor people of their suffering and to bring them home to Me. Many did not believe on Earth, but are given that opportunity on this side, as a sign of My love. And many of those who did believe were spared‚ so that they could be part of the transformation in these areas and sweet examples of My love in this time and hour.


47. In all these things, in death, disasters‚ and wars, I am aware of each of those who fall or who are in pain. If I know when even one sparrow falls, I know of each person who has fallen now. The fallen are the ones who have it easy, those who have passed from this life into My realm, for they are now free from the pains of this world. The ones who have it harder are the ones who remain, who must rebuild their lives and overcome great obstacles in order to survive.

48. I know all these who go through these difficulties, and I have sent My angels of comfort to beckon them to My side, so that they might turn to Me and find My love. Sometimes situations like these are the only times in which people will turn to Me. Some will blame Me for allowing such a disaster, but although I am God and I wish I could take everyone out of their suffering and relieve them from the pain, I am also bound by the choices of man. I long to help each one, to save them from this misery, but many have sought their own paths and their own ways and have not allowed Me into their lives, so I am not able to deliver them because they do not call out to Me.

49. But through this disaster many will seek Me out and find Me. Through their pain they will discover My love and how much I care for them, and they will then be able to receive My peace and comfort. My love will wash away all fear. Beauty will come from the ashes of defeat in the lives of many. My light will shine through the storm and many will find their way to Me through this. The times are dark and will get darker‚ and that is why I use this disaster to bring as many as I can to Me.

50. I still remain the God of love through all this. My love has not changed or grown weary or old with time. If you can trust Me and not doubt My love, then you will be able to see the reason behind it and know that there is a greater plan and reason. Hold on to My love through all the pain and suffering that surrounds you and remember that I hold each person in the palm of My hand. I have a special interest in each man, woman, and child, and none fall without Me knowing of it. I will repay them for all that they must go through. Many are the innocent who have passed on and many are the innocent who remain and continue to suffer, but they will not suffer needlessly and without relief, for I will send them relief and I will comfort them. If they turn to Me, they will know peace and have no more fear or pain.

51. So don't worry that My love has failed or that it cannot be trusted. Although I cannot save all from the pain and suffering of this life, I will make it up to each one in the life to come. This world is but a speck in time, and those who suffer in this life will be honored in the life to come. They will come to know Me and My love‚ and all that they have gone through in this life will be erased.

52. I will care for My Own. Even if they are not immediately delivered from their present suffering, they will be delivered from it for all eternity. All wrongs will be made right and I will more than repay them. This is My boundless love for them, for it will go on for eternity and each one will be able to partake of it. So question not My love in this matter or how I could do something like this, for I am a just God and I will return to these ones what has been taken away from them. This I promise.

The Survivors

53. (Mama:) For those who have passed on in this disaster, their troubles are over‚ while for those who remain—husbands or wives who've lost each other or their children, or children who've lost their parents—it's much more difficult. But the Lord has given many beautiful messages of encouragement and comfort for them.

54. (Jesus:) I know you believe that there is good in everything that happens when it involves those who love God. Look at that verse, "All things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose." Notice, there is no mention of Me, Jesus, in this verse. It applies to all who love God.

55. Many of the Muslims in Aceh [northern Indonesia, near the epicenter of the earthquake] tried to love God, to love Me in their own way. You see the debris and then the mosques standing in more than one city. I allowed these buildings to remain because these dear Muslims needed this sign to give them faith and hope for rebuilding their lives and to show them that I have not deserted them.

56. I did not desert them. I took many of their loved ones home to the spirit world. I delivered their wives and children into My heavenly realm where I can love them and care for them. I took them away from the harsh law of sharia [Islamic law], because God is not a God of force and laws, but a God of love. I took many into the spiritual world, where I can teach them the love and mercy of God.

57. Many in Aceh have cried out to God in recent months and years‚ begging for surcease from the pain. Many mothers have asked for their children to be delivered from the fighting. They raise their sons only to see them go off to battles, and their hearts ache. They don't understand. These wars do not seem to be holy wars, and yet the men have promoted them as such. [Note: In Aceh province on the northern tip of Indonesia's Sumatra island, insurgents seeking independence have been fighting government forces since 1976. The conflict has killed 13,000 people, including at least 2,000 in the past year.]

58. I have delivered the weak in answer to these prayers. I heard their prayers, and I orchestrated an event to bring many into the spirit world where they could learn about Me and My love. I have not forsaken them.

59. However‚ you wonder about the living dead, those who live on in agony. You wonder about the sorrowing mothers and fathers who cannot find their children, and must accept that they are gone.

60. I have not forsaken those who survived. Many feel forsaken because of the lack of food and water and other necessities, but I have not forsaken them. Many children of David and other missionaries are going forth to lend a hand and to supply their physical and spiritual needs.

61. The world is calling for aid. I am calling for volunteers from the heavenly realm to help meet the great need. There are millions of Christians in Heaven who have not yet learned how to witness and how to tell people of My salvation. I don't press them into service, but I have given the call.

62. Many of these departed Christians feel totally unworthy and incapable. I tell them to look at the children of David, who also feel unworthy and incapable of the jobs I put before them. But do My faithful children of David cower and turn away from My service because they feel incapable? No! They cry out to Me and ask Me to work through them. They are a shining example of faithful obedience, being little and yet willing for Me to make them great, by being willing to let Me call them forth wherever I lead. You‚ My children of David, are not only missionaries to the lost and lonely of the world, but a sample to many in Heaven, a stirring testimony that anyone can serve Me.

63. So now I send out a call amongst My children in Heaven who have not yet stepped out to serve Me. I am calling for volunteers in Heaven to go to the lands devastated by the tsunami and to work in the hearts of the living to bring them hope and faith and My love in the midst of their sorrows.

64. I give this call especially to those departed spirits who are from these lands or from these areas of the world, who can more quickly understand the thoughts and sorrows of the people affected. I have held up the children of David as the example of being willing to let Me work through them even when they feel incapable.

65. Your sample has helped them to step out, and many thousands of these departed saved ones are stepping out by faith and serving Me for the first time. Many Christians from Indonesia, Malaysia‚ Singapore, the Philippines, Burma, and India have heeded My call, and are now in the spirit world around these survivors, speaking words of love and counsel and encouragement to them.

66. I have not forsaken any of these survivors in their hour of need. I come to them. Even those who cry out and curse Me because they think I am responsible for the pain they are suffering, I still go to them. I have sent My emissaries to them to answer their prayers, to bring them dreams and visions and still small voices of counsel.

67. It is up to them to listen. If their hearts are full of hatred and bitterness and are closed off to Me, or they are crying day and night to heathen gods, they won't benefit from the help I am sending them. But many are only distraught and confused, and this spiritual army is making headway into their hearts, bringing them comfort and light in the midst of what would otherwise be utter darkness.

68. You have heard the miraculous stories of those who survived the waves. But there are great testimonies that could also be told by those who are surviving the despair. The world will not hear these stories, but they are real stories of being guided through the carnage and back into life—not just mothers or fathers finding children and families, but mothers and fathers learning how to cope and care for their surviving families in the midst of the carnage; children finding happiness even though there is suffering around them; dreams that come in the night to inspire faith for the difficult days.

69. Many more will die‚ and you wonder how these spirit helpers will help them. But you must remember that passing from this life into the spirit world is not a bad thing but a wonderful thing. Death can be viewed as a golden opportunity. Care for the living, give them food, water‚ and the truth they need, but also rejoice for those who have died or are dying, for they will come to know about Me and have a choice for Me once they are on this side.

70. As you know, it's difficult to reach everyone with the truth in the world you live in. But it is not difficult here‚ where all physical barriers are stripped away. Even the Devil is not given the power to stop them from hearing the truth on this side. He is allowed to invite them into his kingdom of darkness and to try to persuade them to follow him instead of Me. But he is not able to block the light from being shown to them.

71. So, My loves, even when you read of disease taking more from earthly life, know that I will lovingly receive these people into the spirit world, and send the truth to them that they have not yet been able to receive or partake of. They will have that opportunity on this side to make the choice between the light and darkness. And as for those who survive, I send them spirits of mercy, new heavenly soldiers who are volunteers going forth into their first battles.

72. I have also instructed Michael and his legions to clear these areas momentarily of the demons that obstruct the truth, so that these new soldiers of Mine can have quick and easy access to the survivors and can speak to them unhindered by the forces of Satan.

73. There is only a small window of opportunity for each of these survivors, in which the Enemy is blocked from influencing them with his evil forces. Then once they have been presented with My love and have had an opportunity to experience My love, the Enemy is allowed back in.

74. These departed Christians aren't always able to give them the full truth and specifics about Me, their Savior. But they are able to show the people that I am a God of love with a personal interest in each of them. Those who are receptive to this message are then given more truth, and assigned permanent spirit helpers to continue to lead and guide them and speak to them.

75. So as you can see, I do not leave anyone comfortless. I give each the opportunity to know My love. And for those who are receptive to these messages of love, the channel between them and Me has been created, and I continue to give them these messages as long as they continue to be receptive.

76. You can rest, knowing that the survivors are being cared for. Though you hear the news about devastation and sorrow‚ the media do not report how My Spirit comes through. I bring hope in the midst of their despair. I am a God of love, and even the destructive forces of war or volcanoes or tsunamis or plagues cannot stop My love from reaching a heart that cries out for My truth.

77. My love is always pouring out, in such great abundance that even the fires of this life cannot stop it. These fires can burn away the dross of life, they can cause immense pain and suffering, but they cannot torture the soul by blocking My love. Instead, they often make a way for My love to finally break through.

78. This was the case for many of you: Times of sorrow were what turned you toward Me, and once you turned toward Me, you never wanted to turn away again. I didn't have to use sorrow to keep you looking toward Me. The sorrow just got rid of the blockages that kept you from noticing Me. And once you noticed Me, you were in love‚ and never wanted to be away again.


79. (Question:) Lord, can You please explain how there can be millions of Christians in Heaven who haven't yet learned how to witness and tell people of Your salvation?

80. (Jesus: ) Heaven is a vast place, My dear ones, with many different classes and ranks of people. Yes, there are millions here who have not yet learned how to witness or accomplish much in the spiritual realm. Many are new or recent arrivals, and others are those who came to Heaven with little more than a salvation prayer, but who had little or no knowledge of Me and My ways. Some received Me as children, through a simple prayer‚ but then forgot all about Me. Others got saved on Earth and called themselves Christians and went to church occasionally, but that is all. Others were from remote tribes or primitive people who were witnessed to by a missionary and received Me‚ but had little spiritual or even material knowledge.

81. When they reach the spiritual realm‚ all of these dear ones must be brought along steadily and gently and be educated in heavenly ways. Many in Heaven are in schools of various sorts, with many here teaching and training them. And this is yet another lesson for some of them, field training, you might call it‚ for the many who are in need of it. (End of message.)

[End of box]


82. Those who have passed on, I hold them in My arms and I comfort them. They are released from the pain of this life, but they do feel for you who are left behind and who miss their presence. I comfort them in this grief, and I can comfort those of you who have "lost" friends or family. The gift of life is a precious one, and the sudden taking away of life is not something I grow callous toward, nor do I allow it at random.

83. On Earth‚ you will not understand all the reasons why I allowed this tragedy, nor do I expect it to be easy to endure. But each one who does, and each one who avails themselves of My love and mercy through this difficult time will come through as a stronger person, a person more apt to show love and kindness to others. They will have richer character, and they will have that trait of inestimable value—what some call faith—the knowledge that I do all things well. And it will be well in the end—as all things will. Mankind will then know the reason why so many disasters had to occur, and how the good fruit of each one was that people were drawn closer to Me.

84. Those who grieve for those who have died should not. They are held safely in My hands‚ forever beyond the pain of war, of grief and bloodshed that is on Earth. Those who survive are those I call you now to comfort, to aid, and to be a help to. Those who survive are the most needy, and their time has come to feel love and encouragement from a world busy at war.


85. My love is being poured out in greater abundance than ever upon those that have gone through this. I will tend to the needs of the orphans and the widows and widowers. I will comfort the hearts of those who long and search for answers.

86. My mercy and grace extends to all those on Earth. I wish to see all men saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. And now when men need it most‚ My truth and grace is there for them through you, My children, and through the truth that I speak to the hearts and minds of all of them.

87. Everyone must decide whether to listen to My voice or to the voice of the Enemy that tells them that I am a mean and hateful God, or even worse, that this proves that there is no God. I have given every man and woman the majesty of choice, the freedom to decide from birth, and the choice is up to all to choose to listen to Me or to the Enemy.


(Note: The following two messages from Jesus to the survivors of the tsunami are GP and may be reformatted, duplicated and distributed as the Lord leads.)

88. (Jesus to the survivors: ) My dear children—and yes, you are My children—please take comfort in knowing that your loved ones are in a glorious, happier place, and have no worries, fears or pain. I weep with you as I feel your pain‚ and I know how greatly this has cost you. And the cost continues to grow as you realize what you have lost, not only in loved ones, but in your welfare, your job, your home.

89. All things have changed for you now‚ and although it seems impossible to see where you should go and what you should do, I call your attention to the simple fact that "Nothing is impossible with God!" (Luke 1:37). I can do all things. I can change all things. Although your heart has been broken, I can mend it. Although your home has been destroyed and your job has been lost‚ I can make a way for you.

90. Trust in Me, and trust in My promise that all things will work together for good for those who love Me. Do not fear, dear ones, for there is light and hope ahead for you. Put your hand in Mine and let Me lead you step by step, day by day. I will make you new, and I will make your life new. As you trust in Me, your pain will lessen‚ your heart will heal, and I will help you to see the possibilities of hope and improvement.

91. Things will not continue as they have, but it will be a new beginning, a new and different life for you. It will not only be physically different, but as you learn to look to Me for help and comfort and guidance for the days ahead, I will open doors in the spirit that will shine a bright light on your path.

92. Your heart has been broken, and so you will learn to comfort others with the comfort I am giving you. Everyone is in great need, physically, emotionally, spiritually—in all ways—and as you listen to My Words to you, I will give you the strength to help others. Let not your heart be troubled, but believe and look to Me, and I will care for you.


93. (Jesus to the survivors:) My love covers all and cares for all. It sees beyond today, beyond tomorrow, and beyond time and space to eternity, and I know what is best for each person. For many who passed on, their time had come‚ and for those of you who survived, it's because I have something more for you to do. Believe Me, each one who passed on is in a better place. I care for each one who died in this great catastrophe, and I have personally met with each of them to comfort them about what they've left behind, the mistakes and regrets they have. I've given each one a chance to come to Me, to receive My forgiveness, comfort and love.

94. When something like this happens, whether thousands die or only one, I go to them. I comfort them and I try to give them the encouragement that you would want to give your loved one if you were able to see them one last time. I do this because I love them, but I also do it for you because I know what it would mean to you to see him or her again, to be able to say all the words left unspoken, or to once again reassure them of your love, your care, and your concern for them. I know your heart, your deepest secrets, your longings‚ your words unspoken, and I can and do share these things with your loved one. I tell them the things you'd want to say if you were with them again, and it brings them great joy.

95. So remember that no matter how badly you feel about your last meeting or how concerned you are about your loved one, I am caring for them. I give them great comfort and peace so that they are able to leave the world behind with complete peace and understanding of why I allowed this disaster and what good has come about because of it.

96. It's easy for Me to explain these things in a heavenly plane where everything is loving, clear and bright. But in your world of confusion‚ sadness and darkness, it is difficult for Me to clearly explain to you My reasons. But let Me say this: It will all turn out for good. Maybe not right now or even in this life for some, but in the life hereafter you will understand and see what good came about from it.

97. Your loved one is happy in My arms, singing and rejoicing for this new life in which there's no more pain, sadness‚ sorrow, crying, or despair. They'll never be hungry or thirsty again, will never know pain again, will never know debt or worry again, only complete peace and constant care. Every need is met, every wrong is made right, and every pain and tear is wiped away by My loving hand.

98. When you're the one left behind‚ of course it's hard to see the good and you feel that your loved one is the one who suffers, but they are in a better, happier place. Picture him or her in a beautiful resort with every need, wish or want provided in an instant. Or if you have lost a child‚ picture him or her having the greatest fun of their life with new friends, family to care for them, and anything they could ever want, as they wait for you to join them. The time will be as nothing for them, like minutes, even if it's many years, because they will know such joy and bliss and happiness that time is no more. They can see you whenever they want, and while they can't speak with you now and be held by you as you'd like, in time they will be able to see you again in person. Until then, they understand the reasons and are happy just the same.

99. The thing that makes your departed loved ones sad is if you are mourning them. They appreciate your care and concern for them, but it pains them greatly to see you suffer, to see you mourn their loss and weep over them. So for their sakes, lift up your head that hangs low‚ put a smile back on your face, wipe away the tears, and while you can think of them as often as you like, think upon good and happy thoughts and it will make their transition so much easier.

100. Those who hold on to the past and who cannot let go and give their loved one the freedom to enjoy their new life are the ones who make it the hardest for their loved one to move on and to be happy. And, of course‚ they make it doubly hard on themselves. So make it easy for your loved ones and for yourself by letting go. Let go by being happy for your loved ones and not dwelling on your mistakes, the things you wish you'd said or done better, the fact that you have to go on living without them, feeling sorry for yourself. Remember that you'll not only make it easier on yourself‚ but much easier on your loved one if you give up the sadness and try to have joy instead. It's a sign of love for them, not a lack of love, if you can let go, move on, and realize that they are in a much better place, cared for by Me and My angels and heavenly hosts who will spare nothing to give them everything their hearts could desire.

101. I understand that your heart aches and nearly breaks at the thought of your loved one having gone away. I feel your pain and I understand. I know it's no light matter to move on, and it takes great strength of spirit, courage, determination and perseverance to make it, but you can do it! You can find happiness again even if the ship of your life is in a thousand pieces. Together we can make it into a raft that will bring you to the shores of happiness again. It is possible. If you have a believing will‚ that's all I need to help you. As I've helped your loved one, I can also help you and give you peace and understanding of all that has happened.

With love, and a broken heart for you, Jesus


102. (Question:) It talks about those who've passed on being happy in the Lord's arms. Does that include those who didn't believe in God or Jesus?

103. (Jesus: ) One mystery of the spirit world which you will never fully understand until you're here with Me is the magnitude of My love for My children.

104. Hell is reserved only for those who out and out reject Me—and even that decision is not based on outward appearance, but the rejection or acceptance of the heart. Even Hell and punishment is but for a time, until their hearts are repentant.

105. Many are in situations such as your David saw in "The Green Door," where they are subjected to the meaninglessness of the life they lived on Earth and can clearly see what their rejection of Me has brought them. Hell is not all fire and brimstone; these "Green Door" type situations are almost as agonizing for many. But for many it will also be the road to repentance one of these days.

106. There is also a kind of hell that exists in Heaven, where those who chose to accept Me at one point, but then willfully turned their backs on Me, must also go through retraining and reach the point of acceptance before they are allowed to partake of the joys of Heaven.

107. There are likewise places of waiting, where those who never fully had the chance to make a choice are given a chance.

108. These are difficult things to understand if you try to reason them out in your mind. But if you choose to believe in My perfect and everlasting love, then these concepts bring you comfort‚ that I do all things well and that each person will in time have the opportunity to receive Me and partake of the peace and comfort of Heaven.

109. So it is that I can give the promise that their loved ones are with Me—for wherever they are in the spirit world, I am working in their life to bring them along to the place where they will accept Me, if they haven't already.

110. Especially in these poor and forsaken nations and areas, there were very few who had knowingly rejected Me, although there were some. And there were also some who in their wickedness had made wrong choices and will need to be retrained. But even they have the opportunity to accept and receive My mercy, if they will throw themselves on it and be willing to learn their lessons and repent. (End of message.)

[End of box]

The Littlest Survivors

111. (Mama:) Often, it happens that children survive disasters—sometimes very young children or babies. Even when their parents or entire families are killed, sometimes small children are left. While the Lord's protection and safekeeping are wonderful, we also wondered what His plan was in this. When we asked Him, He explained in the following message.

112. (Jesus:) I do not engineer death and destruction, and My heart grieves when so many die. In the midst of so much death and destruction, there are survivors, however. I generally engineer things so that there are people who go through these horrors unhurt, people who can testify of a miraculous safekeeping, and who can demonstrate that there is always hope, even in the very worst of circumstances.

113. It's true that there are often many babies and children saved in such tragedies. What better symbol of hope and faith is there than that a baby could survive such terrifying events? What better proof is there of My love for My creations, even the weakest and most helpless ones?

114. There are many reasons why children and infants often survive disasters. The first is that they are the ultimate symbol of helplessness and purity. It shows My power and My protection. They are also a symbol of the future, and if they survive‚ it kindles hope that the future will be better, and that out of these ashes or wrecks, life will one day return to normal. The day after the earthquake in Iran last year, a mother gave birth to twins there—it was a powerful message of hope and faith. The symbolism of a baby surviving a disaster is a powerful one, and one that speaks to many people.

115. "Why?" you still ask. "Is it really for their good?" I will reveal another reason which sometimes plays a part as well. Often the parents of the small children or babies ask Me to let their child live. If the parents have passed away, sometimes their first thoughts are about those they left behind, and they will plead with Me for their safety.

116. Sometimes a wife will ask that her child can live so that her husband (if he is still there) still has a part of her with him. Sometimes they will both ask Me to protect their child so that the relatives or others will be comforted in not losing them. Sometimes they just love their baby so much that they want it to live its full life‚ and they're willing to be separated from it for a time, so that it has that chance.

117. I greatly admire the parents who make those requests, for they are truly unselfish ones. It is a proof of their great love—for their baby‚ and often for others they leave behind as well. Not always, but often, I will honor their wish, and let the baby or small child survive, even in incredible circumstances.

118. It is always a great pleasure for Me when I send angels to guard a baby and protect it. I love to save lives, and the saving of a baby's life is a wonderful experience. It is thrilling for Me, it is thrilling for those I send, and it is thrilling for its parents who are with Me.

How Could Man Let This Happen?

119. (Mama:) Many people around the world are blaming God for this disaster, which seems to be a common reaction after any great tragedy. As Dad said in the Letter "Medusa Touch," "The world is constantly judging God, and you'll find in most accounts of disasters and catastrophes they say, ‘Why did God allow this thing? Why did God allow all these innocent lives to be destroyed!’ In every disaster that happens [they] are judging God, and most of them are saying God shouldn't have done it, it was too much, too severe." (ML #955:8,17, Vol.8).

120. Well, in the messages that follow, the Lord points the finger right back at the world and asks how could you have let this happen! He blasts the hypocrisy of some, their lack of love and care and concern for the poor, and the hardness of hearts that are moved to act only when a tragedy hits the headlines, while tragedies happen around the world on a daily basis. One magazine editor put this disaster and the world's reaction in perspective when he said:

Imagine if every single day there were headlines in every newspaper in the world and every television show saying: "29,000 children died yesterday from preventable diseases and malnutrition," and then the rest of the stories alternated between detailed personal accounts of families where this devastation was taking place, and sidebar features detailing what was happening in advanced industrial countries, like this: "All this suffering was happening while the wealthiest people in the world enjoyed excesses of food, worried about how to lose weight because they eat too much‚ spent money trying to convince farmers not to grow too much food for fear that doing so would drive down prices, and were cutting the taxes of their wealthiest rather than seeking to redistribute their excess millions of dollars of personal income." (Michael Lerner, Tikkun)

121. In other words, where's the world's outrage over the 29,000 children who die every day—more than 10 million a year—whom they could save if they unselfishly shared more of their hoarded resources? Where is their sense of values and priorities when they are more concerned about their own way of life and waistlines than about the millions of sick and starving of the world?

122. And, while the nations of the world are devoting millions to the relief effort, what about the billions they spend on weaponry and war?—In fact, nearly a trillion dollars every year on weapons and armies worldwide! While the U.S. has pledged $350 million in aid, it's spent $148 billion on the Iraq War, a figure which grows at a rate of $4 to 6 billion every month!

123. As one journalist put it, "If our leaders were as generous in helping people as they are in killing them, no one would ever go hungry." So is it any wonder the Lord points the finger back at the world and its selfishness?

124. (Jesus: ) This was a massive quake, a huge tsunami, and great devastation, and now much suffering, but it is only because it happened on such a big scale that people are now asking, "How could God let this happen?" Perhaps I should turn around and ask‚ "How could mankind let this happen?—And every day in millions of instances around the globe where individual catastrophes occur: children suffering from malnutrition and disease, adults subjected to war, rape, atrocity and horror—all due to man's sins or lack of concern!" This disaster cannot be laid at My door. I gave My life so that all creation can be redeemed, and eventually all will be. But nature must now run its course until the supernatural can return and restore all things to the way they should be in the Millennium.

125. I am touched by the infirmities of each one who hurts and suffers. I cry for them. And when they pass over, I and My helpers are there to comfort and gently bring them in, some to everlasting life, many to a place where they can choose it, and others unfortunately to the recompense of their rejection and hatred.

126. But I do have a better life available for everyone just beyond that last breath. And I have a better world planned for your world when the Curse is removed finally and irrevocably in the New Earth. I have great and wonderful and pain-free plans for the future. That is the goal I am working toward, and I wish I didn't have to wait. I have been waiting for thousands of years, and each minute of each of those years has caused Me sorrow. I am a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. If you think I don't know what it is like, remember that I was whipped and scourged and crucified. But I look at what is ahead and that gives Me the patience to let the world go on for just a few more years, just a little while longer. Please hang on and keep the faith! All will be made right.


127. I knew each and every life that this disaster would touch, and I did not allow anything that was not supposed to be. Many of My children I brought Home to Me and many I protected through miraculous circumstances. If one was supposed to be untouched, then that one was untouched. If one was supposed to come Home to Me, then that one came Home to Me. If one was supposed to pass on to the next life and there be given a chance to know My love‚ then they passed on and were given their chance. I do all things in love. I am just, good, and merciful. And in many cases it was in My mercy that I delivered My children, both those who knew Me on Earth and those who did not but were still My children‚ from a life of endless toil and misery at the hands of those who oppressed them.

128. It makes Me furious to see those who would enslave and murder My poor little ones either through deliberately taking advantage of the less fortunate or through simply doing nothing and choosing to remain ignorant and blind to the plight of their brothers and sisters‚ and then questioning Me and blaming Me when I relieve them from a world that has done nothing but enslave, oppress‚ and abuse them. Many who never did a thing to help the poor of the world will question My ways now when they did not care in the past.

129. Oh, the hypocrisy of man. How many more will die today of hunger or disease or war that could easily be saved if only the rich would put their will to it. How many die each day at the hands of selfish man, and yet so few stop to question why. And the needless suffering of the poor will go on until the day that I right all wrongs.

130. This is once again a wake-up call to the world to put aside their selfish ways and wars and to use the wealth I have put on Earth to make life wonderful for all. When their time comes, they will be without excuses, for none can say then that they did not know of the plight of the poor and needy. Some will do what they can and they will be rewarded accordingly—if not in this life‚ then in the next. Others will do a token—only enough to relieve their conscience—and then go back to their selfish ways of life that inflict misery on the poor of the world. Others will use this time to further their own selfish goals. All will be rewarded according to their works.


131. Oh, how My heart breaks for those who suffer, those who do not see and know that I am a God of love and mercy! Yes, it is true that I am also a God of judgment. But that is not the message that I would have those who suffer to hear, for it only adds to their weights, their burdens, and their loss.

132. Mine is a message of love—that is what I wish to be conveyed. I have seen the hurt and plight of these who have suffered, these who have lost much, these who question My love for them in the face of this adversity. Yet they do not see that My arms are open wide to embrace them and hold them tight, and to help them come to know Me, to draw nigh to Me.

133. This disaster has caused a widening of the eyes of those who have become comfortable in their evil ways, those who think they have their lives in control, who think they are master of their own fate. Where do those who hold tightly to thoughts of self–preservation run when catastrophes like this happen? Where are the mighty and strong nations, those that think they are invincible; where is their power in devastation like this?

134. Oh, how foolish the world is to think that they can remain bloody and unbowed before Me! How naïve are those who esteem their power more powerful than My creation! Many have chosen to thumb their nose at Me in defiance, proclaiming that they can survive and even be better off without Me. But such arrogance only leads to destruction, for in their defiance of Me they have in truth made a pact with Satan; they have given him more rein in their lives, and they reap the anguish of such a treaty. Yet it is the poor of the world who suffer most.

135. This wave of destruction was not from My hand, although I allowed it because of the willfulness of this idolatrous and evil world. In choosing to defy Me, in choosing to lift their hands against Me in rebellion, they have shaken hands with the Dark One, and the power of his reign is stretching far and wide, even affecting the world as you know it. He and his minions have spread far and wide across the Earth‚ wreaking havoc, destruction, pain, war, hatred, and pestilence wherever they tread.

136. Why did I not prevent it? Why did I not hold back the destruction, even though it pains My heart to see it? Man must choose; he must see the error of his ways. He has defiled the beauty of the Earth; he has turned to hate, greed, and destruction. Man has chosen the path of darkness, and in so doing he must realize that he will reap the dividends of such wrong choices.

137. Oh‚ but how it saddens My heart to hear those who fail to see the error of their way, and instead turn and question Me, saying that I am uncaring, that I have spewed forth My wrath upon the Earth. I wish that the poor and suffering could see and understand that I am indeed a God of love and mercy. I know their plight, I see their suffering, and I wish to lift them out of their misery. I long to draw them close to Me, so that they can experience the beauty of My love.

138. In man's eyes, natural disasters seem like random acts of destruction caused by Me. Wars and disease are in some ways more explainable, because man is often the perpetrator of these evils. But what caused the devastation of this tsunami, and why were so many lives washed away?

139. There is a simple answer: It was not My hand that caused this wave. I allowed it, yes, but I allowed it because men's choices have drawn them further and further away from Me and My ways. They have chosen the way of self, of self-preservation‚ of arrogance, of defiance, of iniquity, and sadly, those choices come with consequences.

140. This is a sign that the End draws nearer. It is not the first, nor is it the last. There will be more such disasters that will engulf the world. There are choices made every day in the world that cause much more hurt and destruction than this tsunami through the uncaring coldness of man, and yet the world still turns a blind eye.

141. The sickness, pestilence, starvation, disease, war, domestic violence, and civil unrest that every day steals and destroys lives are choices that man has made—choices to turn a blind eye, choices of greed over sharing, choices of selfishness. And how often do you hear of this pain and suffering caused by man? Very little, because to hear it would prove that man is the perpetrator of much of the devastation that floods the Earth.

142. It is so much easier for people to shake their finger at Me, to tell Me of My neglect of humankind, or to declare that I am unloving, merciless, and cruel through the desolation that is felt every day throughout the world. But how often is the finger pointed back at man, at the world as you know it, for its lacks, for the pain and anguish it is responsible for? Very little!

143. I shed tears for those whose minds have been confused by this tragedy, who feel that I have neglected My children. It also hurts Me when those who profess to know Me herald the news that it is a judgment from My hand, because while it did serve as a reminder to those who have erred from My side‚ those who have chosen a road of defiance against Me, the message of judgment is not the main message I wish those who are suffering to hear‚ because it is not My message to them.

144. The message of judgment is for those who have stood arrogantly against Me, those who hurt and destroy the world and its people through their wars, selfishness, and greed. Many in the West are naïve about the real plight of the world. There are many who live a life of ease, unaware of the hurt that ravishes the world on a daily basis through man's bad choices.

145. The priorities of countries like the U.S. and Britain, which are willing to sink billions of dollars into wars that devastate whole countries just to satisfy their own greed and lust for power, only increases the suffering of the poor nations around the world. These supposed world powers will be brought to their knees, for they have caused hurt and devastation to the world, and have much to answer for before Me. They show more concern for the wars they fight, for the soldiers whom they have thrust into wars that were unnecessary and that have only caused desolation to countries, than they do for those who suffer from natural disasters, sickness, hunger, and disease.


146. All such disasters are a test. They test every single person on Earth. What is the test? The test is when they search their own hearts and see where they stand. It moves them further forward in faith‚ or further away in rebellion.

147. This is not really that large a disaster. Man has taken upon himself to inflict even larger disasters upon himself, and yet little is said. When men seek and desire something they want, they will wage wars, destroy nations, kill hundreds of thousands, displace millions, and claim in all self-righteousness that it was needed and justified. These things go on almost every day in many places around the world. Yet so few pay attention or take notice. Even large so-called natural disasters have caused less loss and suffering than man's wars, which men have always justified and praised.

148. Yet in allowing this one disaster to happen‚ it has captured the attention of almost every person on Earth. And each of them has had to take notice. Will you judge Me and conclude that I am unrighteous and unloving in allowing such things, and yet turn your heads away from all other sufferings that men inflict upon each other? Or will you sit up and take notice that there are many things beyond your control‚ events that you cannot predict or contain? Will you acknowledge these things and realize the utter humility of your position, and instead turn your heart toward My love and My power?

149. There is so much beyond this world! Death can be tragic in how it comes about, and how tragic it is depends entirely upon each person's concept of what lies beyond. If you truly believe in an afterlife, a world of spirit beyond the physical, then you cannot so quickly judge that such things are indeed tragic, for they may also be wonderful deliverances and entrances into that next world.

150. And what of the suffering survivors? It seems more tragic for them, and in many ways it is. They are left at the mercy of their fellow man. The dead or "transformed" are entirely in My hands, and My love and My heart is with each of them, and they are indeed better off.

151. But these who remain, remain at the mercy of their fellow man. And what is that mercy? Is it just? Is it fair? Is it good? Now the world sees the tragedy and feels the pain, and wants to help. But it is too little and far too late. Had the hearts of men been moved to help their fellow man prior to this and to have mercy and to have pity on the poor of the world‚ then this tragedy would not be what it is. Why are so many without and destitute and suffering so? Had men been helping each other all along, then there would not be the tragic and dire situation that exists now. Had the heart and compassion of man been moved for the plight of the poor in their everyday life, they would have been better prepared to endure such disasters.

152. Those who have suffered the most are those who were poor and needy before this happened. Those who have weathered this the easiest and are already recovering quickly are those who were richer and better prepared, and able to respond quickly and efficiently. The dire situation before you now exists due to the selfishness of the rich. They did not want to give before to help the poor. And now when their situation is so beyond bearable, many do want to give. I have allowed this to touch their compassion. Yet let it stand as a testament to their lack of compassion before this.

153. I have allowed this to happen as a test. It tests the rich and makes them think again. It tests the nations as a whole and makes them consider the plight of the poor, for it is the poor who suffer most from this. It tests the hearts of people and makes them take account of their own soul. They either blame Me for the suffering or take knowledge that it is partly their fault. They become convicted and want to help or they grow bitter and hard.

154. The rebellious will harden and will judge Me as cruel and harsh. Yet, where were they when these same poor had to grovel to the rich nations of the Earth for their very livelihoods, and for any semblance of a decent life? The rich came to many of these places as playgrounds at the expense of these very same poor. Will they judge Me? Their very lives and hearts judge themselves! They would doubtless not have noticed or done anything had not some of their own rich been lost with the poor. And now they have a situation that they cannot ignore. They have to give now, whether they want to or not. They give now, some even against their will, because they are being looked upon by all the peoples of the world‚ and they seek only to gain good standing for themselves. And will they judge Me in this?

155. This is the test: How will each person receive this? Will they let their hearts grow soft and feel the pain of the poor? Losing some of their own loved ones has touched them to the point that they begin to understand and see the suffering of the poor. Some of these rich have lost loved ones, yet they can return to homes that are still standing in other countries, with food and assistance aplenty, and their wealth intact. Yet the poor have not only lost loved ones, but have lost everything‚ what little they had. Will this touch the hearts of the rich or will it only be a show?

156. What does it take to touch hearts and change them? Sadly, it often requires tragedy and hurts. But these types of hurts are for a good reason. They are to soften hearts and give those who have so much the chance to see the need of others, their fellow men, and help them.—To have their hearts truly touched and changed and their eyes opened to the needs of others. And others who do not soften their hearts will only grow harder and colder and less aware of or caring for the needs of the poor. These, sadly, bring more suffering upon themselves and others.

157. Pray for the world. Pray that the softened hearts will wake up and take heed to the need. Pray that all will see My hand in this in a good way.


158. Although this calamity was of catastrophic proportions, it is nothing compared to the cataclysmic events of the Endtime foretold in the Bible, which are soon to come upon the Earth. This was a precursor of those events and part of My preparation process. Yes, the cost in human life was great‚ but nothing less would have grabbed the world's attention.

159. As is always the case with so-called natural disasters‚ I am using this one to shake up people and nations, and to force them to make decisions. Will they turn their attention from the trivialities and material pursuits that normally dominate their lives and be touched enough by others' suffering to do something about it‚ or will they turn a blind eye and deaf ear and go merrily on their selfish way? Yes, thousands of lives were cut short, but many millions more who remain alive are now in the valley of decision, where their places in the next life are being determined. Pray for the survivors and the bereaved, but pray most of all for those whose places in the afterlife are hanging in the balances.

160. Not everyone is having the right reaction or making the right decision, but millions are, and I will bless them for it, both in this life and in the life to come. Have I not said that those who sow in tears will reap in joy? In this life they will reap blessings of supply‚ health and protection according to their desires and needs. But even more important, they are getting their hearts right with Me and their spirits in shape. They will therefore be more in tune with Me and better prepared to make the right decisions as the events of the Endtime unfold and the days become even darker. Those who make the right choices now will also be rewarded in the world to come, as I have promised to reward every prayer or deed of compassion.


Letters to the editor

161. (Mama: ) I'm so thankful for the Lord's viewpoint on this disaster. Besides providing insight for the Family, however, the Words He has given can also be shared with the world in one way or another, through the "When Disaster Strikes" tract, through sharing parts of this GN with your friends and contacts and General and Active members, and even through such witnessing avenues as letters to the editor of local papers. Even though it's been some weeks since the tsunami, it's still in the news, and because this fresh Word from the Lord is so different from what most of the mainstream media has been saying, some papers might be very interested in it.

162. When we asked the Lord about the possibility of using letters to the editor to get out His message, He said that would be a good idea both now and in other situations as well:

163. (Jesus: ) Letters to the editor are a good way of getting out My message in almost any situation, commenting on various social or religious issues when I confirm the time is right and you have My approval. Many in the world use them to express differing viewpoints, to mention that an article said this, but they say that instead. You, however‚ can not only do this, but can pass on My message at the same time, in addition to your own opinions. This converts your letter to the editor from a negative viewpoint to a positive viewpoint.

164. In the situation with this tsunami, you can use letters to the editor to express My love and compassion for the victims and survivors of this event, to express My indignation at those who would blame Me for a lack of love and concern, and to pass on the truth in many ways. (End of message.)

[End of box]

What Happened in the Heavenly Realm

165. (Mama: ) In the previous messages the Lord gave about the survivors of the tsunami, He provided a few glimpses into the spirit world. In the following visions and messages, He really pulls the curtain back to reveal what happened the day of the disaster, how Heaven is responding, the feelings of the new arrivals (including a message from one young girl), and His wonderful promise that many new spirit helpers have been released to help!

166. (Vision:) I see great war in the spirit. There is turmoil in the spirit world. Many are standing at attention and ready to fight. Others are ready to act in other ways. The feeling is that something very important is happening. It's part of what the world will go through before the Great Tribulation comes to pass. There is an intense feeling coming to me and a call to be on guard in spirit, that time is growing shorter and things are moving fast.

167. Now I can see a bit more. It's right after the tsunami hit and many people arrived in the spirit world. I see many spirit beings receiving the souls of those who perished and comforting them. The departed are confused, not knowing what happened to them. All their questions are being answered by these spirit beings.

168. Some of their ancestors and friends who went before them are there too, comforting the newcomers. It's a big job, but all is done in decency and order, as if they knew it was coming and were prepared for these people's graduation.

169. It's amazing how organized it is and how peaceful the atmosphere has become in just an instant. There are no more tears from those who have just arrived. Many have been given a chance to be saved and they are entering the courts of Heaven. Others have chosen not to receive the Lord. It's decision time for everyone‚ and most of the newcomers see how wrong they were on Earth. They now see the light and know the truth! It's beautiful. My heart is moved and I'm crying to see the mercy of the Lord.

170. They are so happy to know Jesus, and have come to the realization that this was the only way they could've come to know salvation. Their old life is nothing to them anymore‚ and although their hearts reach out to their loved ones still on Earth, they feel they can help their loved ones on Earth in a much better way from the spirit world.

171. They are praising God and thanking Him for being able to finally understand freedom of spirit. They are singing loudly now, and all of Heaven rejoices for the victory. It's the victory, some say, and others are starting to dance and sing to the King of kings. Out of what looked like chaos‚ there is victory! Praise the Lord!

172. (Jesus:) No more tears for these, My loved ones, for deliverance has come to pass! No more sorrows, for they are free from the chains of the world and the Enemy. Now their souls are free to serve Me. Now they have been comforted and they understand. I have called many to Heaven to help their people from the spirit world; they will be trained to fight for their people in spirit. They will become mighty men of war in the days of darkness to come.

173. The tsunami seemed devastating, and it was. Many are suffering because of it. Many have also found comfort and solace in My arms. I am the true Father and I do not forsake them!

174. As I have said, this present world has been given to the Devil, and many of these disasters are orchestrated by him. This is just for a short time, for he knows I will return and his works will be no more. As you have read in My Word, earthquakes, pestilences, disease, and many more sad events will hit the world in the days to come. Many people will suffer from these and won't understand why. Many of them will blame God and judge unrighteous judgments. Many will be confused, sad and bitter; many will lack as the result of these disasters.

175. All this will come to pass as part of the process the world must go through during the Time of the End. The Devil has been released to act on Earth in order to test the souls of men. Will they come to Me for comfort? Will they turn from their own ways to seek the truth? Many are being given the chance to find the truth.

176. It is a time of choice for the world. Will they choose to lift their eyes up to Me? Many will‚ but others won't! Woe unto those who don't see the light and the meaning of these things, for they see the signs in the skies but don't understand the warning that comes with it. It is a sobering time for the world and for My children around the world.

177. The Devil knows his time is short, so he is releasing his evil and pain. His spirits are flooding the world through the cracks in the Earth's surface, and many vile spirits are on the move.

178. But greater am I in you than he that is in the world; for I have made the world and it is Mine and I will take it back. This has been My promise from the beginning, and it will be fulfilled.

179. Be not weary in well doing, but put on the whole armor of God. Your time to shine is coming‚ for greater am I in you than anything the world and evil can bring against you.

180. Did you think the many changes the Family is going through were just for the sake of change? Did you think I brought the year of strengthening only because I want something new? Now you can better understand why it is so important to strengthen your spirits. Now you can understand how important this year of strengthening is.

181. Time is shorter than you think, and blessed are they that, like the wise virgins, receive the warning and prepare, for they will be ready for perilous times. Those of My children who have their lamps full of oil, like the wise virgins, I will use and protect and give strength to lead and guide others in the right path. Those who know they are nothing without Me will I empower to do exploits in this coming time of great darkness in the world.

182. Many will come to the light because of your obedience. Many will be strengthened because of what you have given Me. Many will be saved because of your faithfulness. You are My hands and heart, My feet and arms to reach, love, and guide the blind in spirit. I have no others to be My guiding light to the world.

183. You will see the mighty power I am about to pour into your lives because of your obedience and your choice to follow closely. You will experience full possession and be as one with My body and spirit.

184. The time is coming and it must come to pass. Whether you're ready or not, it will come. It will bring joy to many after the pain and sadness. But what if you are not ready? Will it be the same for those who aren't ready? No, it won't‚ for they will suffer more than they need to suffer and it will be harder.

185. This is My call to arms to you, My Endtime army! Take hold of your spiritual weaponry and fight with all your might to set the Enemy back on his heels and deliver his captives! Be good soldiers, ready for battle, knowing that the victory is yours. Be ready, I say. Be ready!


186. I am calling many away from the Earth and into a heavenly realm. There is a large humanitarian effort going on in the heavenlies. Pray for this work in the heavenly spheres, for it is massive. As these thousands upon thousands enter the spiritual realm, a mighty work is taking place.

187. I have four groups of people coming into the spirit world through this disaster. The saved are the smallest group. They are quickly ushered into Heaven‚ and joys await these few, who are overcome with joy, and their sorrow is no more.

188. Then there is the second group, those who would have been saved if they had heard the truth. They were very close to salvation, but did not know how to grab hold of it. I am taking them, one by one, through the steps of salvation. They are a simple group to deal with, because they only need the truth presented to them, which is much easier to do in this realm.

189. The third group is also small. That is the group that is incorrigible, who cursed Me or My Father while they died‚ and who are destined for the Devil's realm, where he has a job for them. They too have already been whisked away.

190. The fourth group is the group of the majority of these thousands. This group is not much less than 90 percent of those who have died in this disaster. It is made up of those who have been under such demonic influences in their lives that they have not had a chance to know there was a truth to seek. They are lost, confused, and their spirits were nearly buried in the mud of the false religions or materialism they have lived in.

191. For these, I have sent spirit helpers who now have the big job of tenderly and methodically bringing them in step by step. It will take a tremendous amount of love and patience to care for them. The mud of their false religions—whether Hinduism, false Christianity, Islam, or materialism—must be cleared away. It must be replaced with truth step by step. We must see how they respond. These are those who have not had the opportunity to choose which way they wish to go because their spirits have been so covered by mud from the Enemy.

192. When a man is dying of thirst‚ water must be spoon–fed to him to protect him from shock. So must I remove the mud of lies that the Enemy has engulfed these dear ones with, and then My laborers will tenderly spoon–feed them the water of life to see how they respond. It's a slow, laborious labor of love that is now taking place for each of them, as we tenderly bring them out of the darkness to where we can present the light to them. Only after much tender care will they even be in the position to make a choice, and for now they must receive that tender care in abundance.

193. So, although it might seem odd to you, I call on you to pray for the spiritual forces in Heaven who are now dealing with these masses. For these are the rescue workers with the greatest job before them‚ and one of great importance.

194. I have brought the thousands killed by this tsunami into the spirit world for this purpose, to cleanse them of the false religions that have engulfed their lives and to give them this opportunity to receive the light.


195. I'm glad to see My children return to Me, just as they are glad to return to the arms of their Husband, Creator and Lover. They are the blessed ones‚ the spared ones, the few who have run the race well, and have come Home rejoicing and receiving My "Well done."

196. Not all rejoice at first. Many are ashamed and embarrassed, and stand there weeping. But in the end all rejoice, and we all cry tears of joy at the miraculous and joyous reunion of hearts and minds, spirits and bodies. There are so many who are thankful to be Home again‚ so many who are freed from earthly life and the chains and shackles which held them down.

197. They romp and play and fly now! They laugh and sing and dance! No longer are they bound by the flesh. They are free, and we have a great big party planned for them all.

198. As I said, they are the blessed ones. They will return to help those on Earth who will suffer greater and even more horrendous disasters than this one. These came to be with Me the easy way. I took them quickly, and even though some did experience pain‚ it wasn't unbearable, and I rescued them in time to not make it so bad.

199. If you would ask them how they feel, most will tell you that they are happy to be Home and happy to not have to go through what the rest on Earth will go through. For the days will come when men will seek death and not find it. Those are the days these ones have been released from.


200. (Spirit being: ) I am free now, free, free with no more pain or suffering, no more earthly problems. It's so new, so wonderful. I am so thankful to Jesus for bringing me Home. Thank You Jesus! I love You. I always have. I knew that there was someone who was watching out for me, even if I didn't know Your name or never heard about You before. I knew I had a Big Brother who would come and rescue me and take me to be cared for.

201. My name is of no consequence. I was a young girl brought up on the northern shores of Indonesia. My family was very poor. My daddy was a fisherman. He has not come here yet, but Jesus says he'll be here soon. I am here with my mommy and younger sister, and we are happy to be home, free and safe from all danger.

202. It was very quick. It was dark and cold and I couldn't see anything. I tried to cry out for my daddy, but nothing happened. I remember I closed my eyes for a second and when I opened them again, everything was warm and bright and colorful. I have never seen such beautiful, wonderful colors in my entire life! It is just so pretty up here, and I can't wait for my daddy to come too.

203. My parents were Muslims who believed in God and tried to do what was right. Jesus gave my mommy another chance when she died. My daddy will still have to decide, but Jesus said that if I pray hard and do my part, I can influence his decision as well.

204. My sister and I were very poor and were alone most of the time. We'd walk the beach together or play in our hut, but we knew that we were loved by our parents. We would often play make believe with our dolls‚ that Allah and his sons would come and play with us. Now I know that Jesus was there with us the whole time. Even though some may look at our earthly bodies and curse God for taking us, I am happy and thankful. My life has improved by leaps and bounds, so much so that I would do it all again if I could.

205. What is hardest for me is that my daddy couldn't come with us right away. He suffers the most, because all that he held dear and close to him is gone now. Now he must decide to trust the God that he believes in. This will test his faith and make him a better man while he is still on Earth. He was already a simple but honest man. Now he will have a stronger faith to do what is right and to follow close to God. I will pray for him, and my sister and I will go to him in his dreams and talk to him. We will cheer him up and help him recover from his wounds and injuries. Everything will be okay now. Jesus said so.

206. It would have been nice if those who help my daddy now would have helped us before. It wouldn't have cost much to get a better bed or a door on our hut‚ but I guess that's not the way things work in the world. I don't know much about those things. All I know is that before I lived a lonely, poor life, but now I am like a princess and I am so happy at what has happened.

207. Don't cry for me or any of us who have passed away. We are happy and better off now than before. Jesus knows best. Remember that.


208. I protected My children, those of My Family‚ and even others who know Me and whose lives are needed on the planet at this time. Others died longing for Me, and it is this longing that I am satisfying now, as I am drawing them into My arms and close to My bosom.

209. Those who did not desire to know Me, who cursed and hated Me in the moment of this disaster‚ have only gone to their fate and their sad reward a bit sooner than they would have, had they remained alive.

210. But for those who desired to have Me, to know Me, and to be with Me, I have prepared a special place. We were so glad to receive these dear ones in Heaven, who, had they stayed on Earth longer‚ would have had a harder time receiving Me, due to the culture of the lands they were from, plus their own mindsets of self-reliance and independence. But now they have joyfully entered My embrace, and they are so happy to be with Me and with many of their loved ones here in Heaven.

211. So now the ranks of My present-day departed children have suddenly grown. You will have many more helpers for your task of reaching the lost of these lands. Many of them will be whispering into the ears of their loved ones still on Earth to receive Me, to listen to the missionaries, to find Me now, while alive‚ so they can enjoy Me and My love and happiness now, before they get to Heaven.

212. Those who are newly arrived in Heaven are exulting and rejoicing in the beautiful realities they have found. They are not sad or desolate, but they are as lost children who have come home, to Me‚ to the arms of their Father. They are so joyful that they want this warm joy for their loved ones still on Earth, so they will be speaking to them, preparing them, giving them thoughts that will make their hearts ready ground for the Gospel.

213. These countries affected by the tsunami will now have a cloud of spirit helpers, joyful departed ones who will be hovering over those lands, pleading and interceding for the lives of their loved ones left behind. They now know the blessings of Heaven, the joy of My love, the peace of My care, and it is their fervent desire that others of their country should know this as well. So they will help you. They will be your helpers, dear ones.


214. (Question: ) Lord, You say those "who cursed and hated Me in the moment of this disaster have only gone to their fate and their sad reward a bit sooner than they would have, had they remained alive." Does that mean You judged people who were caught in the tsunami according to their reaction to it, or is it more than that?

215. (Jesus:) It is much more than that, dear ones‚ for I have not dealt with men according to their sins, nor rewarded them according to their iniquities. If I did‚ who would stand?

216. No, I did not judge those who were caught in the tsunami only on their reaction to it. I judge the heart‚ the life, the spirit of a man. I speak here of those who did not desire to know Me on Earth, who rejected God while they were alive and who continued rejecting even as they were dying, many of them cursing the heavens for their death. I speak of those who rejected or cursed or hated Me time after time, up to the last. These are the ones whose reward is sad, and I am sad that they made such poor choices, for I would have all men to be saved. I work even in the hearts of those who have never heard of Me to get them to acknowledge God and believe in God, to prepare the way for their salvation. But not all men will believe or receive‚ and those who will not do indeed meet a sad fate. (End of message.)

[End of box]

What Happened in the Netherworld

217. (Mama:) The Lord also reveals what took place in the netherworld on the day of the earthquake, telling us in several explicit messages that Satan's forces were released on the Earth, even naming their leader‚ and then advising us what this means for us in the year of strengthening ahead of us.

218. (Jesus:) On the day of this disaster, December 26—not yet 24 hours past the earthly celebration of My birth—Hell belched and spewed forth Cyclor and his legions. This was no ordinary earthquake from the depths of the sea. On this day there was a great rumbling from the pits of Hell, and in the netherworld Satan opened his cavernous gates and out came Cyclor and his legions of demons. His power has now been unleashed to touch and hurt the Earth and the peoples of the Earth. His time has begun, and so must the Earth and the physical elements be touched in cataclysmic and catastrophic ways before the final end of days will begin for all the Earth.

219. Did I not reveal to you what was soon to befall the Earth? Did not the vision reveal legions of demons standing in ranks, square formations awaiting the command from Satan himself, whereby they would be released upon the world? (See "New Spirit World Power," ML #3522:150-154, GN 1113.) This day were these legions released, and even the physical earth reeled and moved and opened as Hell spat forth its fury against Me and against My renewed and attacking brides—My Endtime army. Satan has gathered a great army in retaliation.

220. Cyclor has been unleashed—Satan's underling—who has been given power over the seas, over the earth and over the atmosphere, over all the physical elements of Earth. Now will begin great stirrings of the Earth, for this earthquake—Hell's unleashing—marked the beginning of the physical and spiritual realms merging as has been foretold.

221. So many look to Me—some even in sincere and genuine wonderment—as to why I, the God of love‚ could allow a disaster of such magnitude and fatality to happen. I answer you by asking you this: Would you have Me delay My coming, My loves? Would you have Me close the book upon My prophetic words of promise and Scripture and delay the course of the world? Would you have Me turn back the hand on Earth's clock? Would you have Me preserve lives rather than move the Earth toward what has been foreordained since the beginning of time? Would you have Me deny My Word? Would you have Me, as your Husband, delay our union—the day I long for? Would you have Me spare earthly lives but lose so many more eternal souls? Would you have Me change your destiny?

222. My loves, even this—though tragic and catastrophic—must happen for the Scriptures to be fulfilled and for the events of the Endtime to be played out. This and many more such catastrophic events shall you see before the End of days. Satan has unleashed his fury at the army I am amassing, and great has been the loss of life. Great has been the sorrow, but I claim the final victory in bringing many into My arms through this. The Earth—even in her heaving and fury—has yielded many unto Me. These are the blessed ones—although in their wake they leave much sorrow. Weep not for these, for they are safe with Me. Weep for the lost who do not yet know Me.

223. Yes, thousands have been lost, but so many more thousands—yea, tens and tens of thousands—will come to Me because of this. Satan has unleashed Cyclor, and the unleashing has sent waves that have claimed the lives of thousands, but you have no idea what fruit I will claim from this!—Waves upon waves, rings upon everlasting rings will be the ripple effect from this disaster in the spiritual realm. This has already caused a great stirring in the hearts and spirits of My children within all circles of My Family, and a great widening of the eyes of the peoples of the Earth.

224. This is only the beginning. The bell has tolled out the last Christmas where the Earth lies dormant and asleep; now she has been awakened and her travail will begin. Now begins your time, My children, My conquering and attacking army—your time of reaching the lost and the peoples of this Earth as never before. Now you must reap the harvest. Now you must reap as you have never reaped before, before it is too late for many. Great was the movement in the spiritual realm on this day—December 26. Let this sober you, My loves, as to the urgency of reaching the lost.

225. (Note from channel: As I usually do when I receive specific names, I looked up the meaning of the word "Cyclor." It's not actually a word, but the words directly preceding it like "cyclic" and "cyclo" all have something to do with circles or rings. So it seems that its root meaning pertains to "circles.")


226. Another reason for these events is that I am allowing Satan's forces to be released to test man. This is necessary that each may have the freedom to choose Me or to choose the realm of Satan.

227. This event was a manifestation of the release of many of Satan's followers, who have been held in check in the netherworld until this time when they will be allowed to go into all the Earth to tempt the children of men.

228. Do you remember My words to you that dear Matthew so faithfully recorded? Look at them again and understand. For there shall be wars and rumors of wars‚ distress of nations, and great earthquakes in diverse places. All these things are the beginning of sorrows.

229. This is but the first of many such events that will be coming to pass quickly in these days, and they are the beginning of sorrows. Satan's minions are being released upon the Earth so he can offer his substitute for love, his false security, and his deceptive peace to those who reject My love, My security in trusting in Me‚ and the true peace that passes the understanding of the mind.

230. Many will turn to him, thinking they have found an easy way to be happy while living for themselves, but will only find sorrow and destruction. These earthshaking events that are coming on the world as never before are the beginning of those sorrows as the forces of Satan are allowed to burst forth from their imprisonment within the Earth and to flood the Earth with their hellish influence.

231. Man will have to choose whom he will serve, and though for a short time Satan's way will appear to be good and beneficial, yet it will soon show itself for the works of hell and sorrow that it really is! Through it all, just as with this disaster, I will preserve and work in the lives of each person. I will never allow any event, great or small, to touch any life unless I know that it is either for their good or as a judgment on those whose cup is full.

232. So even if I choose to bring Home some of My children of David who are highly called in these times‚ it will only be because they have completed their task on Earth and have even more important work to do on this side of the veil in bringing the final victory to pass. Some have asked in their hearts why in the days leading up to these events, I had called a number of the Children of David home through different accidents and sicknesses. Who could be better chosen to help coordinate the ministering to these multitudes? Who has striven more to become all things to all men and learned great wisdom in the care of so many of every nation on Earth than these precious ones? If you could see them, each one as they glow with such joy at the prospects of organizing this great relief effort of feeding and growing these many, many lost sheep who have flooded into this realm, you would understand and see My wisdom and plan.


233. Many of you wonder what caused this awesome display of the power of nature. One of the main reasons is that the days grow darker and time is growing shorter, and as man gives himself over more to the Son of Perdition, the Earth itself is yielding more to Satan. Thus he is given more room to work. Yet he is still under My control, and I will not let anything happen that is not within My plan to work for good in some way.


234. The Evil One musters his forces and power is given unto him, for now is his time. He calls his forces to him. And I tell you that in part this tsunami was caused by the release of demons bound in the deep. They have been freed, for now is their time to walk the Earth once again. This earthquake was a physical manifestation of their release. Their fury and hate and destruction goes before them. They are strong evil ones that are now free after long imprisonment to do the bidding of their lord, who knows that his time is very short.

235. Hold fast and stand strong, for darkness now takes hold, but then comes My light. It is the final countdown.


236. The tsunami was sent by the Devil to herald the arrival of the hordes of evil spirits that he was releasing from the center of the Earth through this earthquake. The Devil was elated by the release of these hordes of evil spirits, because he sees this as another great step in his progress toward taking over the Earth. He sent the tsunami as his grand shout of joy, to show the world his evil power. It was as if he was clapping and yelling loudly in his excitement over this step.

237. Many more evil spirits are now roaming the Earth‚ seeking men to latch on to in order to influence them in the Devil's evil ways. You will find a great increase this coming year in the evil lies and propaganda that are given to the people of the world. These emissaries from the center of the Earth were released to take these lies to the people and to administer the Devil's lies and deceits to the masses.

238. This is why I led for the time of renewal to take place in 2004. The children of David will no longer be able to afford taking in the System's dainties, because they are becoming more riddled with poison. The evil spirits that were flooding the world have increased, and the Devil's doctrines and propaganda will therefore increase dramatically as well this year.

239. The System dainties that you can safely partake of are becoming fewer and fewer, and the poison in these dainties is becoming more deadly. Therefore, I sent the renewal in 2004 to break the children of David away from these pleasure crutches to prepare you for this influx of deviltry in 2005.

240. The year of strengthening will be a mighty year full of resounding victories! I will accomplish all that I have planned for the preparation of the Family this coming year, to make you ready for the Endtime. It will be a victorious year‚ but these victories will not come to you without a fight.

241. You must gird up your prayer loins, for this must also be a year of prayer. The time for a lazy prayer life is now past. You must stir yourselves up frequently, daily and fervently, so that I can bring you through with great peace in the midst of the storms ahead.

242. It will be a year of battle‚ but a victorious year. And at the end of 2005 you will be able to look back and say proudly, "We have fought by our Husband and Commander's side, and we have won. We are now ready and raring to go into the battles of 2006. Watch out, Devil‚ here we come!"

What Is the Significance of These Events?

243. (Mama:) In the following messages the Lord gives more details about the significance of this earthquake and tsunami, and what it will mean both for the future of the world and the Family. He explains how the Enemy is using these events to prepare the world for the coming of the Antichrist, explains that we're entering a new stage of the Endtime, and constantly emphasizes the shortness of time.

244. (Jesus:) In ages past, great disasters such as this one have brought down the empires of men. The winds and waves, the wild rushing of the sea, the shaking of the earth or the explosions of volcanoes have put a stop to men's wicked cities or nations and have changed the course of world events.

245. This disaster will also change the course of world history, but rather than bringing down an empire‚ it heralds the beginning of the last empire of man, the one-world empire of the Antichrist. It is not the event which draws open the curtain on his rule and reign, but it is another factor which leads that way, and does so strongly, preparing the hearts of men for his coming.

246. The Asian tsunami was a global disaster, affecting many nations, and the world has struggled to cope with its effects. Hundreds of thousands in a dozen nations have died or been injured, and millions are without food or shelter or the means to continue their life—no home, no job, no income, and little or no hope.

247. The nations affected are among the poorest on Earth already, and are finding it difficult to handle the refugees, the reconstruction, the aftermath of this catastrophe. Many lack the resources and the ability to cope. And, while the richer nations and many private aid groups are eager to help, there is poor organization and coordination, a duplication of efforts, too much of some things and too little of others, and no long-term plan. They could do so much more and do it much better if they were willing to work together, to unite, to make it a joint effort and a unified command, to pool their resources and their personnel.

248. As the people of the world look on, they begin to think that it would be good if the world were more united‚ if there were at least some multinational body to handle disasters such as this one—to make the poor nations yield their stubborn pride and sovereignty so that they could receive the help and aid they need, and to make the richer nations yield their stubborn pride and sovereignty so that they could work together in such situations. They begin to think that global problems such as this require global solutions, global bodies.

249. There is the United Nations, but in many ways it can do little. Rather than the nations of the world being subject to it and yielding to it, it must be subject to them and yield to them, and it is often ineffective. It does what it can to help, but could do far more if it had the power and resources to do so.

250. These problems cross the minds of the peoples of the world‚ and they help to prepare the way for the Antichrist, who will one day arise with the solutions to these problems in the form of more unity, a more united global response to wars and terrorism and diseases and catastrophes and refugees and economic inequality, and the many other problems plaguing the world—many of which the Enemy has caused or aggravated or stirred up! "We need to come together more," the Antichrist will declare, and he will have just the plan and be just the man to implement it, under the Enemy's own power!

251. So this disaster, and the disasters yet to come in the days of the End‚ help to prepare the way for the Man of Sin, convincing the people of the world of the need for such a man and such a plan. The common people of the world are becoming more and more fed up with their nations and the politicians who run them, their inability to help the poor, to put an end to injustice and war, to rein in their burdensome taxes and unjust laws, their corruption and inefficiency.

252. "Why can't someone put a stop to African suffering and wars‚ to the massacres in Sudan‚ Somalia, Congo, Uganda, and other places? Why does Haiti stagger from one catastrophe to the next, under one inept leader after another? Why are the rich so very rich and the poor so very poor? Why do millions of poor perish from malaria and tuberculosis and other diseases while millions of rich worry about their baldness or their wrinkles or die from the effects of obesity? How can nations get away with oppressing their own people or wantonly attacking other nations without consequences? Why isn't there a solution to the constant carnage in the Mideast? How can the religions of the world get together and work together more, rather than their followers killing each other?" In all these matters the nations of the world, and even the United Nations, have proved ineffective. But the Antichrist has a plan, and he just waits for the right moment to present it and implement it, and that moment draws nearer all the time.

253. So this Asian tsunami is not only a sign of the End, of great earthquakes and floods in various places, but it helps to prepare the way for the Man of Sin and the End of Days, as well as the greatest day of all, the day when I can return to gather My Own to Me in the clouds! Keep looking up‚ for the day of your redemption and total renewal draws closer!


254. Large events of this kind always signify much change in the attitudes of man and the course of his history. I want to open your eyes to how this disaster will be used to further the Antichrist agenda. The ACs are more firmly in control of the world than many people realize. Even you, My Family, do not always understand how entrenched they are and how their decisions affect so much of what happens in the world—even that which many consider chance, or the natural course of events. This disaster plays into their hands in many ways, some of which I will reveal to you.

255. For one thing, anything which causes widespread fear and concern is always a good thing for the ACs. People who live in fear are drowning men and women who will accept the lifesaver that they have to offer—in the form of world government and a superman leader. In this particular case‚ however, the two agendas which can be most furthered through the fear, confusion, and subsequent hand-wringing and hindsight are increased surveillance and increased personal monitoring through ID cards, especially through chipping.

256. Some even now say, "Oh, if people only had their own chip with their unique ID and it could have been monitored via GPS, we could have saved some who were lost at sea, or found some who were stuck in the wreckage before it was too late." You can be sure that disasters of this kind will be used to continually prep the populace of the world for accepting measures of this kind. Many wonder how the world will be persuaded to take the Mark, something so sinister and evil. Situations like this provide the answer in that it begins slowly with altruistic motives, and little by little‚ like a drop of water on a rock, people's resistance is worn away, and what was once unthinkable becomes completely normal and acceptable.

257. There is also a cry for greater monitoring of the environment, with better warning systems in place to warn of impending disasters. Again, this plays into Antichrist hands. Those who seek to unite the world under one government have no problem with sending up more "weather" satellites and implementing more monitoring of the Earth. Under the guise of helping mankind, they put systems into place that can serve double purposes. What seems to serve can also enslave. The motive of trying to help gives many with sinister motives the perfect guise for putting into place the framework that will be needed to bring the Antichrist kingdom to full power.

258. The ACs are quick to realize how this disaster can serve their plan. You must look deep beneath the surface and understand that although good is done, evil is also done, and little by little, the AC is readying himself for the final revelation. Be wary, My children. Be on guard, and do not slack in your preparations. Do as these wicked ones do and seize each opportunity to advance your own strategies to bring My Kingdom to pass on Earth. Don't be caught sleeping, for your Enemy is not sleeping. Always be ready‚ always be training and preparing and becoming more powerful and ready in spirit than you were the day before.


259. This disaster is in a very special sense an important and significant "sign of the times," both for My Family and for the world. Did I not warn when I was instructing My disciples, "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes‚ in diverse places"? I told them that all these are the beginning of sorrows (Mat.24:7-8). I say to you now that this earthquake that triggered this mammoth wave and flood of sea waters was no ordinary earthquake, and the flood that it sent to the shores of all those nations was no ordinary flood, and the dramatic results on the Earth and in the world of men and in the Endtime scheme of things was not ordinary! This, I'm sure, is very clear to you even without My saying so, and it's also clear to the world that it is something very "unique and earthshaking" that has occurred to start this new year.

260. This cataclysmic disaster marks the beginning of the era of the end of the world in the most real sense of My Words. It has truly started at this moment in time, as the year 2005 begins. I allowed this huge catastrophe at this time to draw a very clear line in the sand so that the whole world and everyone in it will be forced to sit up and take notice that the days are now being counted till the End.

261. Things will begin to snowball like never before, and more signs of the times will begin to appear, including even greater "natural disasters," the greater emergence of all kinds of evil and war, inspired and perpetrated by Satan as he uses the evil men in his control to hasten his soon-coming takeover of the world. With this event, I have "opened the floodgates" and have removed the bonds that held Satan back. "And now ye know what withholdeth‚ that he might be revealed in his time. For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let‚ until he be taken out of the way" (2Thes.2:6,7).

262. The signs of the times will be so obvious now, to those who see‚ that there will be no doubt that the End is upon you. So watch and pray, My beloved brides of the End, for all these things which I have spoken are true and faithful. Get ready for the things which I have been preparing you for all your lives, for they are here!


263. This tsunami at the end of the old year, after the end of My birthday and at the beginning of the new year, signals a somber and eerie alarm in the hearts of men worldwide. It is the tsunami warning of more than just a flood of water on the Earth. Instead, it is a warning of a flood of evil pending for the world.

264. The physical is a representation of the spiritual. Just as this physical wave, this dark tsunami‚ washed upon many countries in Asia, so is the Enemy preparing and amassing his forces of darkness to wash upon many countries this year. Those who are alert and have moved in spirit to higher ground will be spared. Those who ignore the warnings will be washed away.

265. It's very simple for you, but not for those in the world. They are like those who see the weird things happening and run down to the beach. They are like the glazed-eyed tourists who cannot discern the signs of the times. They linger, toying with the foolishness of this present time, not seeing or understanding what is building up out at sea and heading toward them at the speed of a jet plane, soon to overpower them, overtake them, drown them, and leave them bloated on some beach to rot before the world.

266. These are the warning signs, the "shots across the bow" that I give the world as you enter these days. This is the last call for many that are blind, to open their eyes or perish.

267. For you in My Family and for all those just and righteous people who remain on the Earth, it is a signal that the storm approaches and that you had better get busy preparing for the flood of evil that comes. And it will come‚ in many places, in many ways.

268. For some countries it will be swift and destructive, while for others it will take longer. But however it comes, it will come as surely as the night follows the day. So be warned and let your hearts be sobered toward doing My full will in complete obedience and desperation.

269. Hold on to the laser lamps of My Spirit and the new weapons that I have given you, and reach out in the darkness to save those about you, bringing them to the higher ground of spiritual safety through knowing Me and receiving Me.

270. I will use you to save many in these Last Days. I will use you to pull many sincere and searching hearts to higher ground. Great will be the masses that flock to you for safety, just as your Father David saw in his dreams of the volcanoes that were erupting and the floods of water that were washing over those in the lowlands.

271. Be wise, My children. See things in the spirit. Observe, take to heart, and then obey and follow through, not only for your sakes but for the sake of the lost. I wish that none who need to be gathered up to the hills of safety be lost. I wish all My sheep to make it to the mountain passes‚ that they should not be swept away in the floods of darkness of the night. Be like the faithful shepherds who lead My sheep up, up and away, safe from harm or danger, safe from the claws of the Evil One.

272. Woe to the inhabitants of the Earth and of the sea, for the Enemy is come down unto you‚ having great wrath! Greater things than these shall you see in the days to come, but greater shall be the miracles of safety and protection for you, My children.

273. When the Enemy throws floods at you, you will be able to stop them. When there are fires all around you, I will keep you as you walk through them without even the smell of smoke. In danger and in tribulation, My mighty hand will perform wonders for you that you have only dreamed about.

274. Let this disaster show you that time is of the essence and preparations must start now. The war is coming, and you must sharpen your weapons and use them lest you be caught unawares.

275. I will not give many more warning shots before I allow the Enemy to begin his attacks. So pray, be on guard, watch, and be sober. Lift your hearts to Me in desperation so that you can be used of Me and come out shining ever brighter in the darkness that will surround you.

276. Though the darkness will be great‚ your light will shine brighter than ever. So let your light shine and let all men know that it is the light from Heaven, the light I give you, Me, My love, the Bright and Morning Star.


277. This is a wake-up call to the world, My warning that the days are evil and that time is short. As many were reveling and drinking in the Christmas and New Year's week, I sent this as a somber warning that things will not continue as they have been.

278. This disaster has touched many worldwide, so the message has reached many nations. It has been a sobering time, a time to think more about Me and My plan for mankind. It has been a signal to wake up and leave the wild partying and reveling, to look to Me for strength and counsel and guidance. Many in the world have become hardened to My warning message. This will help them to receive My Words, and to believe them. This has brought a great sobering‚ and a greater sense of the true values of life, throughout the world.


279. I want those in My Family to look at this event as a sobering reminder of how short time is. There are millions of My sheep who await who may not be there tomorrow. So as the Family enters this "year of strengthening‚" I want them to keep this event in mind to help them to keep the vision of redeeming the time, for the days are truly evil, and reaching the sheep. That is the reason that I want My Family to become an offensive, on-the-move army, so that they will be able to reach the lost while they still have the opportunity and the time. That is the vision I want My Family to keep during this year. This disaster is a very important and sobering reminder. So please take it to heart and let it burn within you to cause you to do all you can as a Family to continue to yield and obey and move forward so you can become that army on the move, to launch the attack and go forth claiming the land and all the souls who are waiting to receive Me and My love before the days of evil arrive.

280. Times of great turmoil and confusion such as the world has never known before are about to begin. I do not make mistakes; I do all things in great love and mercy according to My perfect plan. I allowed this disaster‚ and I removed many poor little ones from this Earth and brought them to a much better place where there will be no more pain or suffering and where they will be free from the horrors of this world. I knew that they would be better off here on this side than left there to go through the events that will soon be taking place all over the world. So do not feel bad for them, but prepare your hearts and spirits so that you will be ready to accomplish your tasks as My Endtime brides and so that you may reach out to those who remain who are still hungering. Pray for those in this world that are Mine, that they might find Me and that I will keep them in the days to come.

281. This disaster is a major sign of things to come, and a sign that the Endtime is just around the corner. So keep your eyes and ears open. Don't let the Enemy come in with lethargy and compromise, but stay on the attack so that you will be prepared. Keep making the steps necessary to become the offensive wartime army I need you to be. Redeem the time, for the days are evil! Life is short, as this event so clearly shows, so reach the sheep while they are still alive. Love Me, love your brethren while they are still around and while you still can, and pray that you can reach all those who are waiting with My love and message while there is still time and relative peace and stability to do so. It won't be around much longer.


282. I allowed this disaster as a sign to all that the days of this world are fast coming to a close. The time is coming and is now here in which many of the signs that were foretold will come to pass. For this world has seen much hate and much conflict in these days‚ and just as there is now an increase in wars, so shall there also be an increase in natural disasters.

283. I didn't allow this disaster just as punishment, but so that My Words may be fulfilled‚ so that you might know that the End draws nigh, that the time is fast approaching when this world will be turned over to the Evil One. You, My brides, can take this as a sign of what is to come, for this is just a foretaste. I have warned you through My Words of old, so think it not strange that such things come to pass.


284. Did I not say when I was on Earth that there would be earthquakes in diverse places, and then the End would come? This is but the beginning of sorrows. The geological balance that has been maintained throughout the ages, keeping My children safe, is being overturned, and there will be disasters of cosmic proportions, as I foretold.

285. This event was not a judgment on mankind as was the Flood‚ but I allowed it as a warning, a check to make men understand the reality of the world that they live in.

286. As the scientific age has progressed, it is so easy for man to think that he is in control, that he has a handle on things, and that he can thus control his own destiny. There have been cures discovered for terrible diseases that killed many in the past. There has been space exploration, so that man begins to believe he can rule the heavens. There has been the development of weapons of mass destruction‚ so that the superpowers feel they can annihilate their enemies easily if they have to.

287. All these things have made man more and more confident. It is not as in the past, when the life expectancy of a normal man was shorter and there were many vicissitudes of life. When life was more uncertain, then people felt a greater need for Me‚ and the world was more godly.

288. Now, although I did not sweep away all these people in judgment, as I did in the time of the Flood, I did allow this disaster as a warning to the world that they are not in control of their destiny, no matter how developed and how civilized and how technologically advanced they have become. All the computers in the world would not have helped one person who was in the path of the tsunami!


289. I allowed this to happen for many reasons. One of the main ones is that it's a wake-up call, not only to the world, but to the Family. You have turned a corner and the world has turned a corner, and things will never be the same again.

290. This was another event in the chain of the "beginning of sorrows." Although this event seemed natural, there were spiritual forces behind it. Remember‚ the Devil is the destroyer of life.

291. This is just the beginning of many climactic events, as I have predicted in My Word. There will be several big earthquakes yet to come, and the intensity will be greatly multiplied. You are on a fast track to the events of the Time of the End.

292. Have I not said that the Earth will reel to and fro like a drunken man before the day of My coming? This will lead up to the biggest earthquake of all times, during the Wrath of God‚ that will surpass the "days of Peleg" when the Earth was divided (Gen.10:25). "Every island shall flee away and the mountains shall be made low." "And there will not have been an earthquake as great as this since man first walked the earth" (Rev.16:18,20).

293. This will help adjust the Earth, to help bring in a moderate climate as your Father David has foretold, for the people who live on the Earth during the Millennium. As this tsunami actually made the Earth wobble on its axis a little, so this last big one will change the tilt of its axis back to the degree on which I had ordained it, at the beginning with the Garden of Eden. There will still be cycles and seasons, but not the extremes that you have today.

294. But you and all My children will not have to worry about that final mighty earthquake. For I will come and gather you from the four corners of the Earth before that day, from every nation.

295. So hold on, My loves. Hold on to the vision of the coming of these big events and work while it is yet day, for the night soon cometh, and the night in some countries will come quicker than others. I am calling all men everywhere to repent and to strengthen themselves in My Word and to work the works of Him who sent him. As you go and preach this Gospel to every tongue and every nation, then shall the End come.


Quake rattled the Earth

(Reuters) The deadly Asian earthquake may have caused the planet to wobble on its axis‚ scientists said. Richard Gross, a geophysicist with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, theorized that a shift of mass toward the Earth's center during the quake caused the planet to spin 3 microseconds, or one millionth of a second‚ faster and to tilt about an inch (2.5 cm) on its axis. The Earth's poles travel a circular path that normally varies by about 33 feet, so an added wobble of an inch is unlikely to cause long-term effects, he said.

[End of box]


296. I am using this event to wake and shake the nations to the fact that time is short and the End is drawing near. Did I not predict that this sort of thing would happen more and more as you approach the End? If you will look at the statistics‚ you will see that all these "natural disasters" are steadily on the increase.

297. I allow these things for two reasons: One, to wake up the world and get them desperate, causing them to repent of their sins and turn to Me. I use these things to cause them to lay aside their games and distractions and to think deeply about life and death and its meaning, to ask themselves serious questions about what they have done with their lives.

298. I also use these things to remind the elect that time is short‚ that the End approaches and My children need to do all they can to reach the lost and get out the message while they still have the time. I use these things to wake up My children, that they should not be deceived into thinking all things continue as they have been.

299. Many even in the ranks of My children have fallen asleep‚ thinking that the Endtime will never be, that they have time to go their own way and do their own thing. But let this be a warning that time is getting short. You have no guarantee for tomorrow. You who can perceive the signs of the times need to understand that this is one of the indicators of where you are on My Endtime timetable. The hour is fast approaching, and there are many living in indecision, unable to read the signs of the times, having been lulled to sleep by the cares of this world.

300. This is your opportunity to help those who are lost to see that the hour is late and they are not saved. Many have been broken in spirit and are searching for that which is eternal after witnessing the briefness of their world. So use this opportunity to share My message and to give My Words to the hungry and needy. Preach the Word, give My message, for time is short!

Be a Greater Witness Than Ever!

301. (Mama:) Great disasters and tragedies soften men's hearts and make their minds more receptive to the truth as they ponder why these things happen and how quickly their own lives could change, the shortness of their time on Earth and how fickle fame or fortune or possessions can be. It's an ideal time to witness, and the Lord gives us lots of good counsel on how to witness‚ how to pray for those Family members who are working and witnessing at disaster sites, and how we can all be relief workers, bringing relief from pain, hopelessness and despair.

302. (Jesus:) In this disaster, many have seen that life can be blown away like the chaff. All that they have lived for, all that they have built, all that they have accumulated and have spent their life on can be washed away in a second, and none of these things that they now hold dear can save them from such a disaster.

303. There will be much soul-searching, for many will have had their eyes opened by this experience‚ and they will seek the truth. Many of those who have forgotten Me will once again find Me, and I will ease the pain and the sorrow‚ and in Me they will find their strength.

304. This is also a practice ground for you, My Family, to be bright beacons in the darkness, to spread My love and joy in such calamity—to lift up the weak and to comfort the brokenhearted. This has been your mission from the beginning, and although you might not be able to make everything better in the physical, you will be able to give them the greatest gift ever, one that can never be taken away from them. They will be assured that they have a better place to go to, that their loved ones have also gone to a better place‚ that they will experience no more suffering or pain, and that all wrongs will be made right.

305. Through this disaster I also give you a glimpse of what you will do in the future, for the wheels have been set in motion and the signs that I have promised must come to pass. But with these disasters I will open the doors for you to be greater witnesses than before, and not only will you be more fully anointed with My power, but the people who go through these disasters will desire the truth and will be hungry for the light and hope that you have to offer.

306. So although this disaster seems great and many did lose their lives and many more suffer‚ I allowed it so that you might prepare with more urgency and with more desperation, and so that you might get this foretaste of what your roles will be and how you will be used.

307. For not only will more of these disasters happen‚ but in the future many mighty miracles will be performed by you, My brides. You will heal the sick, raise the dead, feed the multitudes, and protect many from such things. It is an awesome thing to imagine, but that is why I bring these signs now, so that you might prepare with the knowledge that more is coming and that I need each of you to be prepared in spirit—prepared by having a close link with Me, prepared by working with your spirit helpers, prepared in being fully possessed by Me, and prepared in having great faith that I can move mountains on your behalf. You will be filled with My power and with My Spirit, and many will look to each of you for guidance and for answers.

308. I will continue to bring more of the survivors to My side during this time. I will free them forever, and I will bring them to My bosom where they will know no more pain or suffering, and evil cannot touch them. So trust in this, that even though more are dying and continue to die, it is in My mercy that I take them, and they will only know the pain for a little longer. I hear the cries of the suffering and I will make haste to deliver those I can, and to help those who need peace and who must continue to go on for a bit more.

309. Pray for them, because they need your prayers. Your prayers allow Me to release many of My angels and spirit helpers to help open the hearts of these people to Me and to prepare them for what is in store for them.

310. Those of you who have gone out among them will also need the prayers of many, for you're each a light in the darkness and you must shine brightly. You must give of yourselves, and it will cost a lot. When you are surrounded by so much pain and suffering, it will be easy to get weighed down with the hopelessness of it all. That is why you must avail yourself of My power to be able to rise above and to see things as I see them, and to pour out and be the vessels that I need you to be.

311. You are My emissaries, and even though you might feel that your efforts are small and that you are only able to touch a few, each one that you reach is important to Me. I love each one of them, and each one that is able to come to Me and know Me will be worth all that you give in order to save them. So do not belittle your job, whether you are there in flesh or whether you are upholding your brethren through your prayers, for you are fulfilling what I have for each of you to do in this situation.

312. All of you must prepare, for days such as these will come again. Many will again be called to the forefront and many will again have to be the support team. You are a team, and through this disaster you will become an even closer-knit team.


313. Let this be a call to arms‚ My dears! You have been strengthened and renewed, and now is the time to reach out. There is yet work to be done to strengthen your defenses, but now is the time to go on the attack and fight for the souls of men.

314. Let this be a rallying call to all My children, for although the need is so great now, it will be even greater in the future. So rise to the occasion and do all you can to reach those in need with My love and light. People look for an answer, and only you have the answer that they need. Seek out My lost sheep that need Me and save them, for they hunger and thirst for My love and the time is right. Many now see the shortness of time, the brevity of life‚ and look for answers. Find those people and give them My answers.

315. This is but a small taste of things to come. Take full advantage now of the training these experiences will give you. For as the need grows greater and greater, the world and My sheep will expect more and more of you. This is but the beginning of a great harvest that will be reaped for Me. So answer the call! Put the weights and sins behind you that you have been delivered of and answer the call of the hungry and needy.


316. You, My brides‚ will be a light in the midst of darkness. As disasters continue to plague man more and more, some by the forces of nature and others by the hand of man, you will come into the calling that I have long prepared you for.—To be light and comfort unto the nations. You will stand strong and do exploits! You will feed the multitudes not only bread but My Words of life. You will feed both their bodies and their souls. You will heal their bodies and minds and hearts.

317. As the world gets darker and more disaster-prone, the structures of man that are supposed to help people cope with these things will fall apart and will not be able to save the people, but you will. You will come to the fore. Then all will know that you are Heaven-sent and they will believe your message, and none will be able to gainsay nor resist. You will stand head and shoulders above all‚ and the people of the world whose minds are not darkened beyond hope will look to you.

318. The days will grow ever darker, so be prepared. You will be called upon more and more to lead people. The rulers will see that you have something that they could never give. You have the power to heal minds and spirits, and your power to heal bodies will grow and grow. Great demands will be placed upon you, and you will rise to the occasion, for this is your destiny. This is what I have trained you for‚ to be a light in the midst of gross darkness. You will defend the faithful, feed the needy, heal the broken in body, warn those in danger of things not seen as yet, and win souls to Me. You will give nations the chance to choose Me.


319. As much as I hate to see suffering‚ pain, and hurt, I must allow Satan room to work, to give the world a taste of Hell, so that they may choose between Me and him, between light and darkness, between Heaven and Hell. I must let him do his part in bringing chaos, destruction and disaster‚ then fake peace, persecution of My children, and all his evil maladies on the world in preparation for My return, My rule, and My peace.

320. Man has chosen the path of sin, and I must let him reap the consequences of these decisions. Satan plagues the world with his horrors, while I beg and plead for men to come to Me and in Me to find all good things—peace, safety‚ protection, love, harmony, truth, meaning, light and answers. Each one must choose which side they will be on.

321. The quicker the Endtime plays out, the sooner I will be able to return to end all suffering, sorrow, pain, and everything that is evil, and replace it all with purity, beauty, healing, restoration, and forgiveness. These disasters and difficulties must happen, for they play a major role in the Endtime.

322. So I once again plead with you‚ My children, to preach the Gospel as fast and furiously as you can, to fulfill the requirement of "the Gospel being preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations" (Mat.24:14) so that the End can come as quickly as possible.—The end of all horrors, and the beginning of a new and perfect world where things are governed in My love, righteousness, and according to My perfect will.


323. I call all My children who will hear to listen. I will not keep repeating Myself, for you have heard Me say this time and time again. Things will not continue as they have been. The lines are being drawn, and I will hold every man, woman and child accountable for the truth they know, whether vast amounts as you in My Family have‚ or even a snippet of truth as many in the world have.

324. I hold you accountable to do what you know should be done to reach the lost while there is still time and while the sun still shines. The days ahead are dark, and the light of My truth must shine from your hearts, mouths and hands like never before. Seize the day, win the world, reach the lost‚ and deliver the message I have given you before it is too late and you lament at how little you are able to do.

325. While there is freedom to speak the truth, do so with boldness! Proclaim My love to all who will receive. Help Me by doing your part. Be like the angel of the End that will circle the globe and deliver My message to the lost.


326. (Dad) Although this disaster seems like such a huge event now and so cataclysmic, it's just a foreshadowing of things to come. Soon you will become accustomed to big, significant events happening regularly.

327. Soon there won't be those in the Family who are still double-minded, wavering, and unsure about the truth and validity of the Endtime, because you'll all be so busy "instructing many" and taking your places in the final scenes of this world's final play.

328. This is a time to "look up" and to "rejoice, for your redemption draweth nigh" (Luk.21:28). Of course it's sobering, and you want to do and should be doing everything you can to witness and win and help and save those who have been directly affected; but as far as how it personally affects you, it should encourage your faith to see God's Word being fulfilled.

329. It's a time to reach out, to witness, to help, to bring light, answers, comfort‚ and Jesus to the world. It's not a time to let your faith waver and ask questions like, "Why does God allow disasters?" You're supposed to know that already, and if you can't remember clearly‚ you need to study the Word on the topic and get busy doing your part to use this event as an avenue to witness, to win souls‚ and to help others.

330. Strengthen your faith in the Word so the Lord can use you as "one who understands among the people" and you'll "instruct many" (Dan.11:33). Praise Him and trust Him, for He does all things well. Remember that He's in full control, and He's not going to let a thing happen to any of His children without His express permission.

331. As the days grow darker, you're destined to shine brighter than ever. So get busy, get witnessing, and use this as a catalyst to focus outward, to feed the sheep who are looking for answers, and to proclaim the truth far and wide for all to hear! Take your place in teaching Jesus' Words and perspectives to those who so desperately need them and who are now open to receiving them. Use this situation for all it's worth by getting out and witnessing, helping and loving the Lord's lost sheep. Give your all, whether it is in prayer, in witnessing‚ in financial support to those of your Family who are on the scene to help, or all three. Be strong! Lead the people to Jesus by tenderly gathering them in to the folds of Jesus, David, Maria, and Peter.

332. Do your part to help turn this disaster into a Romans 8:28 for all involved by leading the lost to the source of true life, love, power‚ protection, happiness, peace, and everything that is true, just, heavenly, and pure.

333. For the children of the world it is yet another opportunity to choose—to choose whether to wake up, to search for truth and the meaning of these things, or to harden their hearts. There have been many choices already in each person's life, and there will yet be more. The hearts of some will grow harder, and colder in rejection and delusion, and the hearts of others will be opened, softened‚ made desperate and hungry for Jesus, for answers, for comfort, peace and hope.

334. Your job is to be there for those who are hungry, seeking, searching, and desirous of the truth‚ no matter where they are. Feed the sheep!


335. How could God allow such a horrible thing to happen? You read the answers from many religious leaders, and although some, such as the Muslims, come close to part of the truth, none are able to give an answer that shows My love in allowing this.

336. It's therefore of utmost importance for the children of David to give out the truth about these disasters. Explain not only why I allow these natural and destructive disasters, but also why I allow war. Man is hell-bent on humanizing all explanations. So you‚ the advocates of the truth, must speak out loud and clear! Even many sincere Christians are not able to give the answers the world seeks concerning the great suffering and sorrow that exists in the world today. So along with the Endtime message that I command you to preach, I tell you to also preach the truth about why disasters occur and why I allow war.

Please see the following Letters and pubs for an explanation of "why war" and what the Lord thinks of it:

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Why disasters: The Lord's viewpoint, and what ours should be:

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337. Those who have passed on are in the light‚ but many of the survivors of this disaster live on in darkness. It behooves the children of David to continue to give out My message of love through tracts and mass methods such as radio shows and television shows, to help even the poor have a choice. Continue to reach the rich who can finance these operations. Turn on the educated to helping you to pour out the Word in great quantities to give even the poor the chance to have the light come into their lives. For it behooves the rich of the world to feed the poor not just physically‚ but spiritually. And I call the children of David to reach those with the power to do so.

338. This is why the children of David must pull back from so much energy being spent on feeding the poor, and turn to reaching the rich and educated. You can help the poor even more by reaching the rich and the educated and those with power in their lands, and as you minister to them, they can help you to minister to others more than ever before. Let your hearts break, My children, for those who die without the light. And turn your broken hearts toward reaching those with the power and influence to shed the light on even the smallest in the land. This is the commission of the children of David.


339. Endtime events are very much like this tsunami, for each event is racing towards its destination unseen until it reaches "land." Those who perceive the events are like the early warning systems that some countries have in place to warn others of the events that are to come. When compared to the vast majority of those in the world, you, My children, are like the lone warning buoy warning of the coming doom and dangers of the Endtime. Some will heed your warning and others will not, but that does not lessen the importance of your warning.

340. Many felt that because tsunamis of this magnitude happened so infrequently, a warning system wasn't needed or wasn't worth it, but as you can see now‚ it would have saved many lives. I want to warn you, My children‚ not to become complacent in delivering My Endtime message and warning to the world. Do not let the complacency of the world seep in and cause you to feel that what you're warning people about will never happen, for the day will come when those who scoffed at My message will be the ones who will be weeping and looking for answers. Will your last words be, "If I only had‚" or will you be satisfied, knowing that you did your best and that you remained true to My message?

341. While countries around the world bring aid and supplies to help those in need, so few are bringing the balm of healing for the spirit that each one desperately needs. While there are some who try to comfort, there are so few who have My light and truth‚ and none who know Me as you do. This is your chance to shine, My children. This is your chance to reap a harvest like never before, for there has never been a time when the hearts of the people of these fields have been more ripe and desperate for My truth. There will be many obstacles to overcome, such as bitterness and resentment and blame toward Me, but show My love to each one you meet and they will see that My love is greater than any loss—that My love will cover all hurt and pain if they will but receive it.

342. I ask that you be faithful witnesses to the truth that you have and to the message that I have given you. Do not let your hearts fail because of the suffering and because of the great tragedy. Let it rather stir up within you the conviction of My Spirit to witness like never before to win others to Me and to share My love and Gospel with all you meet, for you never know when a day could be your last. Life is short‚ and there are so many who have not been reached with My love.

343. In My love I brought many needy home unto Me, but there are many, many more in this life who are in great need, who live as if they are dead, who are under the waves of hopelessness and despair. Rescue these, My loves. Give them the hope and love that you have received. Give them strength to go on and to believe that there is more to this life than what they can see all around them.

344. All that you have to forsake and give up in order to reach these poor and needy will seem as nothing when compared to the mighty harvest that will be won as a result. This is but a foretaste of what is to come when My children will be called upon to go out and minister to the many, many dying and needy ones all around the world. This has happened in many situations, and those who were not involved in these efforts but read the testimonies might think that they could never do something so great as others did. However‚ I tell you that those who were in these disaster situations did not feel ready or prepared, but as they obeyed and let Me pour through them, they became the vessels of love and comfort that I needed them to become. So will it be with all My children who find themselves in these situations. As they yield to Me and let Me work through them, then they will become the vessels of My love that I need them to become.

345. It all starts today with learning to yield to Me and letting Me use you in whatever way I want to. Then when the time comes that you're faced with thousands of needy souls, it will just be one more yielding to Me, one more saying yes to My will and giving My message to those in need. You are each destined to do great and mighty works for Me. Sometimes those mighty works will be miracles of supply or protection, calling down fire from Heaven, while other times it will be a great yielding to Me and opening up your heart and mind and allowing Me to pour through you. This type of miracle is no less miraculous than calling down fire from Heaven, for it requires great faith and yieldedness to allow Me to work through you in whatever way I see fit. Each day you are drawing closer to the End and each day you will be called upon to do greater works, whether greater miracles or greater yieldedness, but whatever I ask of you, it will be more than the day before.

346. I want you to get into the habit of expecting more of yourself and of giving Me more, not just being content with doing the same thing or believing that you're only capable of doing what you know you can do or have already done. It's time to start stepping into the role that I have ordained for you—that of being My leaders of the Endtime. There are great roles that need to be filled in the Endtime play, and each of you has a place and a calling, and in some cases I will call upon you to play several roles. But it's up to you whether you will choose to play the role that I have ordained you to play or whether you will take on a supporting role and be content to not be challenged. I am calling you each to be My relief workers, to bring relief from pain, hopelessness, and despair. I am calling you to be ministers and doctors of My love, to bring relief and comfort to the spirits and hearts of those affected, for this is one part that no medicine or drug can heal; only I and My love can do so.

347. You have been training for this all your life. You have been studying and preparing to be My Endtime witnesses since you could quote verses. Now it's your chance to use all that you have learned. Just as doctors have to train and study for years and years before they can practice medicine, so too have you studied and trained for these days that are upon you, the Endtime. Now it's your chance to put into practice all that you have learned and to be My witnesses, ministers and soul doctors. You can be My love to these in need.


(From the spirit of a man who is still alive, who miraculously survived the tsunami and even rescued his own family. It was like he himself is still a normal person with all his faults and failings, but inside, almost unknown to his carnal mind, his spirit is calling out and searching for answers.)

348. I am the spirit of one who escaped death in the tsunami. Why do I call out to the children of David when I am alive and not dead?—Because, although I am more open in the spirit, I am still very bound in the flesh, and a thousand questions about my life rise up and crash in on me like the tsunami itself. I must know! I must find out!

349. My brush with death and the miracles that happened to keep me alive have given me a great desire to know why. What is the greater truth that lies behind the events of that day? Why did I live when I should have been the first one to die? Why was I able to rescue my whole family when so many others perished? Who was it that helped me and spoke to me in that terrible moment of desperation? This is not the first time I have been so close to death. This is not the first time I have felt His great presence.

350. I am a surfer who was out in the water when the tsunami hit. I know the power of the sea, because much of my life I have played on the back of the sea, catching waves and riding them. It is a thrill to be so close to something so powerful and be able to not only survive but even harness some of that power. I am good at surfing, but not that good—not good enough to do what I did. There was Someone else there with me, Someone far greater than me, Someone Who could even command the sea. I called out to that Someone to help me, and He did—now I want to know Who He is.

351. I had a strange feeling about going out surfing that day. It was not so much a dread of impending doom as a feeling of detachment from life‚ a feeling of being partially elsewhere, somewhat outside of life and away from people and problems. I'd had a little difference with my wife the day before that carried over to the morning. That put me into a bit of a pensive mood, wondering what our lives were all about.

352. I knew enough of the sea to know that something was very wrong. I felt the swell rising. I saw the water receding from the shore. I turned and saw the great wave rising. In an instant I knew—I just knew—this was a killer wave come from the depths of Hell. My family was in the hotel, probably watching me. There was no turning back. Everything was instant and instinctive. Every skill I possessed was needed now, right now, and much more.

353. This wave was huge beyond belief. I knew I must fight with everything in me to stay on it. I was riding a wild animal risen up from Hell. I could not lose my courage. A voice spoke within me, steadying me, guiding me, encouraging me. The speed at which I was going was incredible. The wave surged forward, hungry for destruction. I fought to stay up, and nearly fell at one point. I would have been dragged to my death by my own surfboard, as it was attached to my ankle by a cord. There was not time to undo it and little point in trying. I had to succeed.

354. Miraculously, I was able to ride the wave and work my way over so I was heading right for the hotel where my family was staying. The wave just kept going, smashing boats and washing before it swimmers and anything else in its path. The hotel was coming up fast‚ and I feared I would be driven into a tree or smashed into the debris or the hotel itself, but just as I was at the hotel the wave weakened and I was able to drop down and free myself and escape the terrible current that pulled so many back out to sea and to their deaths.

355. I ran into the hotel, raced into our room and grabbed my family. "Come on," I yelled, "we have to get out of here now and get to higher ground before the next wave hits!" We hurried down the steps and out of the hotel, running up the road that led away from the beach and up into the jungle. I don't know where I got the strength, but I nearly carried my loved ones. "Don't look back! Keep going!"

356. We ran and ran until exhausted. At last we reached a point high enough to be safe—at least safer. We collapsed on the ground. In the distance behind us we could hear the screams and the crashing and crushing sound as more waves hit. I hugged my family close to me. We wept, but we were spared.

357. Now my spirit searches. It reaches out for answers. Why me? Who can tell me why I and my family were so miraculously spared when so many died? Who was there by me in my most desperate hour of need? Can you tell me? I long to know. I need answers.

Wield the Weapon of Praise

358. (Mama:) The Lord has repeatedly told us how important the weapon of praise is. In the message that follows, He explains how we can not only make use of praise ourselves but can show and teach others how to praise Him even in the midst of this difficult situation, and thereby receive more comfort and peace.

359. (Jesus: ) I woo and love and pour out blessings‚ but man has a way of wondering why I don't give more, and taking and spoiling what I do give him. He spoils it through pollution and murmuring and greed. He spoils it through war and fighting and killing his neighbors. He spoils it through his selfishness.

360. There is very little thanks coming My way these days from man. Most are wondering, "Why me? Why do I have to suffer? What have I done to deserve this lot in life?" Even those with plenty wish they had more. The world is in the age of murmuring, and through their murmuring and selfishness‚ they have walked away from My blessings.

361. This event of Christmas 2004 seems an awesome one, but it's only the beginning of sorrows. There are many more to come. Only those who learn to thank Me for My blessings, whether they are Christians or Muslims or Jews or Hindus‚ will have the grace to rise above the sorrows the Earth and its peoples have now entered. Praise, My dear children, is already setting you apart from the masses, and it will do so even more in the days to come.

362. You must praise! Praise is not only a weapon that will help you be strong and powerful in these Endtime days, but it is the weapon of liberation that you can use to set people free. Teach them to praise Me and you will be drawing them out of the darkness into the light. You can't stop the darkness that is rapidly encroaching on the Earth. But you can chase it away and push it back through praise.

363. Praise is not only the most needed weapon for the children of David and their survival, but it's the most important weapon you have to give to the children of the world. Teach them to praise, and you have taught them to survive. Teach them to praise, and you have taught them to overcome. Teach them to praise, and the Antichrist and his people and powers will not be able to defeat those wielding it. Give this weapon to all My people, for those who wield this weapon, no matter what their nationality or religion, will rise above.

364. As you know, I promised that if I am lifted up, I will draw all men unto Me. So teach people to praise, and you will find them coming to Me in love and peace and comfort. Give the masses this weapon of praise‚ and by giving them this weapon, you are leading them to Me. Yes, continue to tell them about Me, but also give them the weapon of praise.

365. You must continue to get out the millions to the billions. You must continue to distribute My message in tracts far and wide. You must continue to hold your mass meetings where you reach the school children. You must continue to tell people how much I love them, and about Me, the real Jesus. And you must give them the weapon of praise.

366. (Jesus is weeping.) If My children would wield the weapon of praise, the sorrows of this life would quickly pass away. I wish to draw people nearer to Me. But doubt and sorrow and murmuring on a massive scale are separating people from Me more than any other problem. Defeat the murmuring in their lives by teaching them to praise.

367. I now commission the children of David to wave the banner of praise far and wide, and hold it high! For by giving the children of the Earth the weapon of praise, you give them the tool they need to overcome the darkness that is encroaching upon the Earth and is quickly eating it up.

The Lord's Powerful Protection

368. (Mama:) The Lord kept many of His children so wonderfully from this tsunami‚ like one dear Sri Lankan missionary who miraculously escaped the flood with all his orphans and his entire family. Others were hindered from being on the beach at the moment the floods came, or were even sitting up in the hills in church or taking time in His Word. And others went through the flood but called out to Him and were saved.

369. Still, other Christians perished in the floods or lost loved ones, with children or parents or brothers and sisters being swept away‚ and I know this must weigh on the minds of some of you. You probably wonder if you could handle such a situation, whether the Lord would protect you and your mates and your little ones in similar disasters, and some of you might be a little anxious about the future. We asked the Lord for some reassurance and some promises that we could claim for the future, and He responded beautifully.

370. (Jesus:) I said in My Word that there will be pestilences, wars, famines‚ and other such disasters that will rock the world in the time of the End. They will be a sign of the waywardness of the world, the darkness that fast approaches and tries to drown out the light. There will be other more devastating events that will take place, that will be used to shake up the world. Some people will see them as such, and yet others will harden their hearts against Me and will choose the way of destruction. But all will have had their choice—some in this life and some in the life to come.

371. But let your hearts be comforted, My brides, for even though the times of Great Tribulation are yet to come, My eye will be ever on you. I will always care for My Own; I will look after you, even as I cared for you during this tsunami. I need you as My messengers to the world. You are My angels of mercy. You have access to My mind, so that you can minister to those in need, helping them to find Me.

372. Few Christians in the world today have the gifts that you have through prophecy and asking Me for My insight into situations such as this, and so many somewhat blindly proclaim their view on such disasters, and don't always proclaim the full message I wish to give. They give a portion, which is sometimes confused and lost in their own interpretations and personal opinions.

373. That makes your job all the more important‚ because you have the truth‚ you have the faith, the greater understanding of My love and mercy. You who have known Me intimately as My brides have such an edge over the churches and other Christians, who in many ways practice a religion of the past, a religion that has become stale, passive, and rigid because they have compromised and have not lived up to the full teachings of My Word.

374. That is why I have called you out as My prophets of the End, those who will boldly proclaim My message throughout the world. Your ministry of comfort to those who have suffered is recognized on all continents‚ for people see and feel and know that you have something that no one else has. Your faith is pure, your love for them is motivated by Me, and your compassion is a reflection of My own. The message I have given you to spread far and wide throughout the world is one of the purest resemblances of Me‚ because you have known Me as few others have.

375. So let this motivate you to continue to draw closer to Me, so that I can use you to the full. I will increase the power of your message, and as you go forth to spread My message, I will protect you. I will surround you with angels of protection and safekeeping, so that you can perform the greater works and miracles that I've promised you will do in the days to come.


376. My dear ones, I know some of you are tempted to worry about such disasters affecting you or your family, your mate or your little ones, and this causes you to be anxious in mind. Fret not yourself about these things, for have I not said that sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof? I will not suffer you to be tempted above what you are able‚ so why do you worry? You have My promises and you are My brides whom I love dearly and care for greatly, so take no anxious, fretful thought for the morrow and what it might or might not bring.

377. Have I not said that the floods of great waters would not come nigh thee, and was not this the case in this disaster? In days of old did I not even open the Red Sea for My servant Moses and My people, and dry up rivers and streams for My servants, so that they walked across on dry land? Did I not even tell the wind and the waves‚ "Peace, be still," and there was a great calm? And have I not promised that you will do even greater works than I did? Did I not promise that I would give My angels charge over you‚ to keep you in all your ways? So have I promised, and so will I do it.

378. Listen for My voice, obey Me and My checks, and you will continue to be safe and well cared for. You are very precious to Me‚ My brides, because I have so few of you, and I treasure your love for Me and your service for Me and all that you do for My children. Be at peace about the future. Strengthen your faith with My Word and My promises of protection.

379. If any disaster should befall you, you must trust Me that it is My will and that I have a greater purpose in it. I will either keep you through it or will bring you Home to Me, where there is no more death or sorrow or pain, for these things will have passed away for you. Whether you live, you live unto Me, and whether you die, you die unto Me. Either way‚ My dear ones‚ you are Mine and nothing can ever separate you from My love. No man, no flood‚ no disaster can ever pluck you from My loving hands.

380. Have peace and faith regarding these matters. Remember, the Enemy would try to cause you to fear the future, to doubt My love and care‚ to wonder about My promises of protection. Fight him through praising Me in advance for My care and My protection, and then you will simply be able to say to him, as My servants of old did, "Our God, whom we serve, is able to deliver us, and He will deliver us! But even if He doesn't‚ we will not fear the future nor you, Satan, for we're sure of His love and we're certain of your doom! So beat it! Get out of here and quit bothering me, for I refuse to fear! I claim the keys of faith and trust and peace‚ and for you and your evil spirits, I claim the keys of imprisonment. The Lord rebuke thee and the key craft blast thee and the archangels smite thee, in the name of Jesus and by the power of the keys of the Kingdom!"

381. Why worry? You're in My hands‚ and I love you and yours!

(End of File)