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Assembling the Final Key!

Karen Zerby

GN 1118 FD/MM/FM / Feast 2005

To be read during the evening/closing celebration on the last night of the Feast

By Maria FD/MM/FM 3525 12/04

Dearest Family‚

1. To close this Feast, our Husband has given us a peek into how things look in the spirit, now that we have completed our Feast days. You've worked hard, labored in prayer, and things are different! I pray it will be encouraging for you to hear how He sees the fruits of your labors, and that it will motivate you to follow through on the commitments you have made with faith and determination.

2. You'll probably find that some of the practical implementations of your decisions will need to be tweaked as you go along. There will be things to adjust and find a good balance in, and there's a lot more hard work ahead of you as you implement these decisions. That's all part of the process of becoming a winning Home; it's all part of winning the war. But right now you have fought and triumphed in one battle, and that's cause for celebration! It's one by one that we'll win the battles, and eventually the war.

Celebrate the victories!

3. It's important to watch for the victories, notice them, point them out, and celebrate them together! Yes, we're fighting a war and there are continual battles, but the Lord is merciful, and each battle comes to an end and then new ones start. So each time a battle is won, or even just progresses to a new stage, it's good to mark that step of progress with celebration and praise to our Husband and encouragement for your mates and loved ones. Whether you celebrate with an actual occasion (which is good to do sometimes, and doesn't have to be fancy or elaborate, unless the occasion warrants it), or whether you just focus some of your united praise time on appreciating our Husband and each other‚ celebrating each step of progress‚ each victory, is a very good habit to cultivate.

4. You'll find that you have so much to praise the Lord for, so much that you can rejoice in together as a team‚ and it makes the progress seem faster, as you're noticing and praising the Lord at each little step. It will help the battles pass quicker, the victories seem sweeter, and will give you more strength and inspiration and determination as you fight through the battles‚ because you'll come to recognize that each battle does come to an end! No particular battle is endless or goes on forever. Realizing this is a key to learning to love the fight! So learn to celebrate the victories! Right now we have a real milestone to celebrate together! Praise the Lord!

5. So relax and appreciate each other now as you hear these words of appreciation from our Lover. He sees and knows all the personal sacrifices you made over the last three days for the sake of unity, the times you swallowed your pride, and the times you stretched in the spirit and gave even more than you thought you were ready to give, the times you committed to full obedience to the Word even at personal cost. He knows it all‚ and will reward you abundantly!

6. One very immediate reward is His confirmation that as a Family we are moving on to fulfill our destiny, instead of falling by the wayside through compromise, lethargy, and disobedience! Praise to our wonderful Lover, and lots of appreciation to each of you, our mates and co-workers‚ who have made the right decisions and are helping to move this Family forward!

According to your faith‚ it is done!

7. (Jesus:) When I give you a mandate and you rise to the challenge and implement that directive to the best of your ability, there are compensations. According to your faith to answer My call, and according to the commitments you make to Me, I honor, bless, and reward you.

8. During My ministry on Earth, two blind men cried out to Me for mercy. When they didn't give up, but instead followed Me‚ continuing to beg for grace, I was taken aback by their persistence. So I stopped and asked them if they believed that I was able to give them sight. And when they did not waver but answered "yes," their decision—choosing to believe—set things in motion. Their declaration of faith moved Me, and I touched them, saying, "According to your faith be it unto you." I opened their eyes and gave them sight—the reward of their faith.

9. And as Feast 2005 comes to a close, I say the same to you, My brides: "According to your faith it is done unto you!" You have stretched your faith and followed through on the things I have asked of you, and now I will honor and reward you.

10. You have put your faith into action during these workshops. You've labored, prayed, discussed, counseled, deliberated, come to Me for answers, and made commitments before each other and before Heaven. Those of you who choose to give all to Me, I give My all to you in return. Be assured that I will uphold My end of the bargain; according to your faith and according to your commitments, I will greatly bless you.

Preparation for the final act!

11. (Jesus:) The decisions you have made during these Feast days—and I'm not even talking so much about the obvious ones, the practical ones, but I'm talking about the ones that you made in your heart during the discussions, decisions to sacrifice out of love for Me, and decisions of commitment to obedience and to My Word—will be greatly blessed and rewarded.

12. The tough choices you have come to, the right paths you have taken, even though they have seemed more difficult than the easier way of lethargy, will bring down the blessings of Heaven that I previously had to hold back because you were not ready to receive them.

13. You are also eligible to receive My power now in even greater ways because of your decisions to obey, to fulfill My will, and to remain true to the standard of My Word. No battle you face will be greater than My power to overwhelm the Enemy in every fight. No drive of obedience will be more taxing or difficult than the supply of key power that is available to you to accomplish what you have set out to do in accordance with My will in your life. Nothing has the means to stop the power I have made available to you. Everything is possible to you through the keys you hold as a contract with Me.

14. You hold in your hands the token that I have given you of victory in every area. In your hands you hold the power to open any door, to follow through with any commitment, to make any change needed‚ because you have My Name written on the keys.

15. The key of obedience is a vital one for you to claim and use now. It is through this key that the gates of Heaven will be opened to you‚ and through which you will come into My presence like never before.

16. I'm excited to see what you will do with this power. I've trained you‚ cleansed you, and set you free to use this power. Use it wisely, call on it regularly, and invoke the spiritual powers you have available to you through this charm—the charming charm of the keys of Heaven. The keys may look quaint, they may look pretty and like something you'd adorn a necklace with, but through this power you turn the locks to the powerhouses of Heaven, which will release anything you need or desire in order to do My will in your life.

17. Though the keys may look small, and using them may not seem to you to be that important in this day and the daily situations you are faced with, they open the smaller locks‚ which will open the larger locks, which will in turn cause the massive barriers which currently hold back the floodgates of Heaven's power to be turned‚ and power such as you have never seen will be released to you!

18. Does this amaze you? Does the grandeur and magnificence of My promises even cause you to wonder about the veracity of My Words? I tell you that the power that is coming, the power that the keys are destined to unlock to you, is unprecedented on Earth. Never has nor ever will this power be available again, for it has been reserved for this time which is coming. The keys have the power to unlock the humongous floodgates that hold back the tide of My power, much as a dam holds back the incredible force of the reservoir it contains. When the time is right and you have fulfilled all the requirements I have asked of you‚ you will use the keys in this lock, and then, My brides, things will really begin to move.

19. Right now you have the keys, and you're being asked to use them on what seem to be smaller locks, but what you don't realize is that all these tests are leading up to something much greater. Before you can get to the last lock, you must go through a maze of tests, training, more tests, and finally, when the hour is come, you'll slip that key into the lock and the tumblers will begin to turn. The gates will open and down will pour the most powerful flood of My power that this world has ever seen!

20. The miracles I have done in the past will seem small compared to what's ahead for you. The gates of Heaven are bursting at the seams; they cannot contain much more power! I have been filling this storehouse over the centuries‚ preparing the power to be released, and now the sequence has been set in motion, the power has been approved, and you just have to make it through the maze of smaller locks till you get to the really big lock that will set the final stage of your world's history in motion!

21. I know it takes faith. I know that continually unlocking smaller locks can even get tiring at times. But as you unlock one gate, you enter the next level, and each one brings you closer to the final lock, which will unleash this power.

22. Don't be a weak link in the chain. Everyone has to open their locks; they must all be opened in order for everyone to receive this power. The closer you get to the day of final release of this power, the more powerful you will become in spirit. The miracles I perform through you will become more and more obvious, miraculous, and outstanding.


23. (Question: ) What if someone doesn't open their lock? Will that hinder the release of Your power?

24. (Jesus:) Everyone who attains to the rank of My Endtime elite forces will fulfill their role. If you don't fulfill your role, then you won't be part of the "everyone" referred to here. You are all in training now and you have in a sense already become part of the current elite, but as time progresses, there will be further training and steps to take in order for you to stay in the elite and partake of this power.

25. In this instance, I am referring to weak links who won't fulfill their part and admonishing you not to be one of them. You won't wash out immediately if you become a weak link, but if you remain one, you will, and you will drop right off the chain. However, My overall plans won't be frustrated. The power will be released when all who continue on in My elite open their locks. Then that power will pour on My elite and they will have the anointing that they need in the Endtime. (End of message.)

[End of box]

26. Your destiny is to be the ones who have the final key to turn the final lock. No angel in Heaven, no spirit being has this power. This is your destiny—you of the children of David. This is what I am counting on you to fulfill.

27. Make the changes needed, do whatever it takes to unlock every lock you are faced with, so that you can stand with your brethren in that day when the final key is slipped into the final lock, and the earthshaking noise of the floodgates of Heaven echoes around the world, and you experience My power like never before!

28. Don't miss out on this monumental event through doubt or laziness. Use the keys today. Change your life with the keys, change your Home with the keys, activate My power in your life today with the keys, and move ever closer to the final event.


29. (Question:) Lord, You talk about the final key and the final lock and the final release of this power. In what sense is it final? Does that mean it will be the end of our use of the keys and their power?

30. (Jesus:) It is final in the sense that it is the final key in the final lock in the final act of this era of Earth's history. This does not mean that there are not more keys or more locks or more plays with yet more acts—just that the curtain will have gone down on this particular play. The curtain will rise again with the opening of the Millennial play, with its many keys and acts, and you, My dears‚ will play your roles in that drama as well.

31. Your bard Shakespeare said that "all the world's a stage," and he was correct. In fact, all of your history is a stage, with your lives and actions being ensamples to others either for good or for bad. So play your role well, with love and obedience‚ so that you might be a star. This role is open to all who love Me and who obey Me‚ and as such‚ you will shine forever! (End of message.)

[End of box]

32. You, the children of David, are the key bearers! Carry them proudly‚ loyally‚ and do whatever it takes by their power to overcome every obstacle‚ so that you might have the privilege of opening this lock. Many have sought this privilege, but it has been entrusted to you. You have been prepared, destined, and called to this mission. Complete your mission, finish the task, run the race, and receive the rewards that await you.

33. Each of you is important. Each of you is called specifically for this time in history. Each of you is being placed where I need you to be—so don't fail in your part of the mission. Unlock the power by unlocking the daily challenges through the use of the keys you have in your hands. You must use the keys to release the power. Without your completion of this mission‚ the floodgates will not open. They wait for you.

34. Use the keys! Fulfill the requirements for being a strong and effective wielder of the power! Become one with them! Make it a priority to do what I have said every day—for every day that you do brings you closer to the final code, which will be unlocked when all the other doors have been opened.

35. There won't be doubts in your mind at that time. Sins won't hold you back. You will have given your all for Me, and I will be able to use you as My pure brides. Your testimony will be powerful and unspoiled. You will be melded together in unity and obedience, and will be like one giant key, which I will use to unlock the power. You must do your part to complete the key. Your steps of obedience, yieldedness, humility, unity, the times you call on My power and become strengthened as a wielder of the keys, all of these things help to complete the puzzle, so that in the End, My power will be released unto you in full measure.

36. I guarantee you that these words are true. I guarantee you that you will see this power. I will accomplish that which I have set out to accomplish from the foundations of the world. Only do as I have asked and obey Me, and this privilege will be yours. Indeed, many millions and billions have wanted to see this day and live in this time, but it is given to you to see these days and be part of this final event, if you so choose.

37. Even if you die in faith, your personal part of the key will be fulfilled. So don't worry or fear, but give all your life to Me. Burn brightly for Me every day so that you might interlock with the other pieces that have gone on before you to create this final key, for the final lock, for the final power. Don't fail in your mission. I'm counting on you!

38. (Vision: ) I saw a picture of a massive metallic barrier‚ so tall I couldn't imagine its height. It was surrounded at the top by clouds—not clouds in an earthly sense, but clouds of energy, boiling, seething‚ and almost overwhelming the barrier. As in the spirit I placed my ear to the barrier, I heard a low powerful rumbling coming from behind the wall.

39. I saw a huge lock—resembling a combination lock—in a circular star with many points. I visually penetrated the barrier to see huge bars running through the entire barrier holding it together. I saw the lock turning only slightly, as if it were being moved into the right position to expose a circular–shaped keyhole or opening. I heard the giant clunk as each point of the star was locked into place. Then I saw out of the corner of the picture someone unlocking a smaller lock with a golden key. As they did this‚ the giant lock moved again, pounding into place with a heavy thump, almost as if it were on a countdown sequence.

40. Then I saw a very beautiful sight. I saw a light blue key made of light. It was like a 3–D puzzle which wasn't yet complete. I saw little different-shaped pieces rising from the Earth, which would click into place‚ interlocking with the existing pieces, completing part of the key. It was as if I was watching the world from the beginning of time. Each person the Lord had called to be a piece of this key, as they did their part and their mission was ended, their section of the key clicked into place.

41. As it grew faster and faster, I saw more and more people on Earth praying, saying, "I claim the keys," then praising for the victory. As the key segments rose from the Earth, I saw each piece locking into place to the faster and louder sound of the huge lock being turned. The pounding was so loud I could feel it in my chest. Then I saw, as it got closer to the end, that the key segments were rising faster and faster, till it was a blur of light rising from the Earth, pausing‚ then clicking into place, finishing the key.

42. Then I heard a loud tolling of a bell, very regal, heavy, and powerful. In the background I heard machinery powering up, humming as the energy rose. The air began to crackle and snap with power as the key began to move toward the lock.

43. I saw the huge barrier and lock again. Beneath it were standing thousands of microscopic people who were watching this huge key move toward the lock. The interesting thing about the key is that it wasn't like a normal key in appearance, but rather it was shaped like a long cylinder with rounded ends, similar to a test tube.—An extremely complex and intricate key, and yet it was so large.

44. It zoomed forward and slammed into the lock with a powerful thud. I heard the heavy bars in the barrier snap back one at a time as heavy thuds in sequence. Then the keyhole began to shine very brightly, and suddenly the barrier vanished and a massive stream of white gold poured out and covered the Earth! I saw it boiling, sizzling, and crackling around the globe. It was destructive to evil, but to us it was incredibly positive. I saw Family members getting empowered. They were filled with the power that was poured out. The feeling was very powerful when I looked into their eyes. It was almost as if they were no longer there, only the power that was fully possessing them.

45. Then I saw miracles being performed all over the world—healing, protection, power streaming from their hands and mouths devouring the Enemy. And the words came to me to close this vision: "The final act!" (End of vision.)

46. (Mama:) What an awesome message from our Lover! What a privilege to be able to see the end from the beginning in the spirit, and know what awaits us if we continue in obedience!

47. It's so encouraging to hear the Lord confirm that we are on our way to fulfilling our destiny! Of course, we have a lot of hard work ahead of us, many more decisions to make, battles to win, and steps to take. But at least we're not sinking into the morass of the System and being defeated through disobedience and compromise!

48. It's also very motivating to hear how each time we wield the power of the keys, it takes us closer to the final event, it prepares us, and it prepares things in the spirit realm. It's essential to be using the keys now if we're going to be the mighty wielders of the power in the future!

49. We have so much to look forward to‚ dear Family! A toast to Jesus, our wonderful Husband, and to His continued direction‚ guidance, and shepherding, which is helping us become the Family of the Future! To our King!

50. Have a wonderful time now celebrating His love, the victories that are behind us, and the many more that are to come as we continue in obedience!

With love and prayers for each of you‚



Praise and bonding exercises‚ from which you can choose and adapt if you wish, to use as the Lord leads you in the course of the evening, and the remainder in later meetings and celebrations:


51. (Jesus: ) I love to hear you glorify My Name. I love to see you lift your arms in praise to Me, rejoicing and giving thanks to Me for the blessings I pour out on your life. I rejoice in your praises to Me, for they draw you closer to Me; they bind our hearts in unity and love. I find such satisfaction in the ways you strive to live in love and abide by My Word, because it bonds you as one—My Bride. Your praises and glorification of My power that is manifested in your lives brings such joy to My heart, for it shows the beauty and depth of your love for Me, My loving‚ obedient, loyal‚ desirous, and yearning Bride.

52. Rejoice in My blessings, in My power, in My great love for you. Give thanks for the unshakable foundation you have in Me. Love Me with your words. Lift Me up through your songs, and sing your praises to Me, for I delight in your praises, your kisses to Me.

[End of box]

53. • Popcorn phrases about the benefits that will come about as a result of this Feast and the strengthening of the Family. (For example, stronger ties of unity, increased productivity, wholehearted disciples, happier children, etc.)

54. • Read the following praise kisses, and after each one is read, lift your hands in praise to Me together.

55. —Jesus, we lift our hands in praise to You, our eternal and everlasting Guide. You are always up ahead, guiding us down new paths of change and progress. Thank You for being our Good Shepherd‚ faithful to lead us to new pastures. We're Your humble sheep, and we'll gladly follow You wherever You lead.

56. —We can't praise You enough, our wonderful Husband, for Your faithfulness to bring about change in our lives. Even though the path of change is a little rocky and difficult at times, the fruit of it is immeasurable, and always brings out the best in us. The changes You bring about keep us called out, fluid, and willing to flow on the currents of Your Spirit. It's wonderful to know You'll do whatever it takes to keep us close by Your side.

57. —Thank You for the faith You have in us. In spite of our human weaknesses and frailties, You see the good in us, and challenge us to become better disciples. You have a way of transforming even our mistakes into something good, and revolutionizing every area of our lives. We love You, Jesus—our King, our Master, our Husband. Your faith in us has seen us over the obstacles on our path, and given us the belief that we can make it with You by our side.

58. —You are worthy to be praised, precious Jesus. Your Name is on my lips, as I glorify and praise You for the goodness of Your mercies. You have transformed my life and made something out of this nothingness, this lifeless piece of clay. You sought and found me and made me Your bride. Me, this humble beggar, You made Your bride. Honor and glory are Yours, Jesus. Your unearthly and unconditional love leaves me speechless and in awe. I am Your humble servant.

59. —To You, our King, be the glory, for all goodness is perfected in You. We can try so hard in ourselves, but without You we are nothing. Our efforts are in vain without the breath of Your Spirit to bring them to life. Thank You that as we do Your bidding and follow as You lead, You are faithful to do Your part‚ those things we cannot do. You remake us, You facilitate change, You do the impossible for us. You are wonderful!

60. • Praise the Lord for the Custodians/Keepers He's given for each of the boards, and for the unique gifts and skills He's given to these Custodians, and ways in which they're going to help strengthen these different pillars in each Home.

CGO: White Angel/Truth Keeper

CP: Frederick and Freya

FED: Herald

JT: DeCynder

PR: Acumon

CS: Ayin

61. • Praise Me for the specific keys that will make it possible for you to follow through on the commitments and changes that you will be making as a Home. (Examples: "Thank You, Lord‚ that we can claim the key of heavenly assistance to be able to implement these changes." "We praise You for the key of dynamic results." "We're so thankful for the keys of flexibility that make it easier for us to do Your will," etc.) [See "Specific Keys of Heaven" in Xns 38-43 for many more examples.]

62. • Praise Me for the person on your right. Thank Me for the qualities‚ talents‚ gifts, and characteristics that this person has that make him or her a necessary part of your winning team and Home.

63. • I have many names, so use these names to praise Me for My different attributes that enhance your lives. (Examples: "You are the Rock of Ages‚ steadfast, immovable." "Thank You for being the Light of the World, that shines through the darkness and brings hope to our souls." "You bring warmth and life to my life; You are the Sun chasing away all darkness," etc.)

64. • Popcorn some of the blessings I've given you as a team, whether through miracles I've done for you through supply, the forming of your team (if you're a new team), in your witnessing and outreach‚ your children, etc.

65. • Gather together in a circle, arms around each other‚ and sing the song, "We Are His Family."

(Words for song "We Are His Family," composed by Jerry Paladino.)


We are His Family, a nation of one blood. We are weak without each other, And we know we need His love.

We are His Family, that He's called from every land. He's made something out of nothing, Just to show His mighty Hand.

Verse 1:

And though the battles often rage,

And we don't know what to do,

Our Savior's mighty Hand,

Oh, will always see us through.

[Repeat chorus.]

Verse 2:

And we'll stand as David's Mighty Men

Until that glorious day, when the victory is won, And He wipes all our tears away.

[Repeat chorus twice.]

66. • Put on some slow Family music and have an appreciation dance. If there aren't enough men to go around‚ girls can dance with girls. Sometime before the song is over, tell your partner something you appreciate about him or her.

67. • Talk about what life would be like without individuals in your Home, and what you'd miss about them. If you're a smaller Home, you may be able to go around the circle and have a few people, or even everyone, say something about each person. If you're a larger Home, you may just want to have each person say one or two things they would miss about the person to their left, or pick names out of a hat.

68. • Talk a bit about the ways I have united you as a Home during the last year. For example, you may feel generally closer to one another now than you did a year ago; or you may have really enjoyed a recent witnessing push that gave you more opportunity to work together as a team; or perhaps the arrival of more children to your Home has helped you generally have more of a One Wife vision. If you're a new team, talk about the things that have happened in the last weeks that have helped you bond together and become a team.

69. • Each person (or just pick a few people if you are a large Home) pray a prayer of praise to Me, expressing a reason you are thankful to be in your current Home, something you like about it or appreciate.

70. • This is a good exercise for your greater marriage. Talk about each person, and what good quality or talent that person has that you would (or do) particularly appreciate in a spouse. For example, so-and-so may be adventuresome, and that's something you feel you need in a close relationship. Or perhaps you are fond of the way he or she cooks. If you're a smaller Home, you may each be able to say something about each person. But if you're a larger Home, you could have a set number, like 3 to 5 people, say something about each person.

71. • Have each Home member bring a paper listing the main personal problems and obstacles they have that they feel negatively affect the unity of the Home. (These must be things you can personally do something about—not pointing the finger at someone else's problem.) These papers can one at a time be cast into a bonfire (if you are in a safe, outdoor environment), or into a trash can in the middle of the room to be later burned or otherwise disposed of. When all the papers are disposed of, raise your hands and praise Me with all your heart that by faith I will help you to eliminate these obstacles and strengthen your unity.

72. • Take a minute to realize what the specific worth of each person's particular role in the Home is. Go up to each one and say, "Without you, X wouldn't get done," filling in the specific details of each one's ministry. For example, to a childcare worker you would say, "Without you, my child wouldn't have learned to read." Try to be as specific as possible. They don't all have to relate personally to you—for example, you might say "our kids" instead of "my child"—but the more specific and detailed, the more it will be appreciated and give you an appreciation for each other.

73. • Tell each other what particular traits of the other you would really like to have. This doesn't have to be everybody telling everybody else, but you could turn to the folks on your left and right and take a minute to think about what makes them really special, what you really admire about them, so much so that you wish you were more like them in that area—then tell them so! Example: "Mary, I really wish I had your happy countenance. I don't smile enough, but you always seem to have a cheery look. I really admire that and wish I was more like that myself."

74. • Pair up in twos and have prayer for one another. This doesn't have to be heavy, heart-searching prayer time over NWOs and so on; it should just be your time to pray for your partner. Prayer is uniting. Just pair off somewhere semi-private and pour out your hearts to Me for the one you're with. Ask Me to bless their health‚ their work, their spiritual life, to give them happiness and joy in their service for Me, success in their tasks‚ and a deeper relationship with Me. It can be a very touching experience to hear someone sincerely pray for you‚ even without specifics, calling down My power and blessing on your life. You could even do this for one song of a dance night. Put on a slow instrumental song‚ and let it be a time where each pair can pray for each other. Or have one song where the guys pray for their female dance partner, and then a second song where the girl prays for her partner.

75. • Before the meeting you could assign each person the name of one other person in the Home. You would then each bring a verse, quote, or key that you want to dedicate to the person whose name you got. Then at the meeting each one says who it's for, and reads/claims their passage. It can be a promise for them‚ such as, "The keys will help you to ..." etc. Or it can be something that reminds you of that person positively, such as, "A faithful man will abound with blessings‚" which you can dedicate to them.

76. • So much is sometimes made of past mistakes and times where you have all hurt each other, that you should counteract that by focusing on the good times and the positive memories. Have every person draw the name of another person in the meeting and share a positive memory that includes the person they drew. It doesn't have to be unique to just the two of you, but something good, something fun to recall, and something that will leave you feeling uplifted. Think on the good things! It can be very interesting after doing this to realize that you have such a good history, so much happiness and success in your past, but the Enemy tries to bury it through disunity, strife‚ and bitterness. Some newer teams may not have as many shared memories, but you can always use something recent too, or if you're that new, you can always praise Me for something (such as the Feast you're attending right then and there) that will become a good memory in the future.

77. • A fun kind of word game to play, but that is also a uniting activity, is to choose a "Home metaphor" and build it together using all the various people in your Home, or the various departments and jobs in your Home. You could choose to compare your Home and work to a railroad, and try to see how that applies to you. Who is like the tracks? Who is like the team that lays the tracks nice and straight? Who is like the engine? Who is like the cargo cars, delivering the goods? Who is like the engineer that keeps it running? Who are the loaders and unloaders? Who is the stationmaster that keeps the trains on schedule? It's like I compared the church to the body in My Word, with some being the feet, some the hands, some the head, etc. Try to pick something that has lots of integral parts, emphasizing that although all are unique, all are needed. Some may find choosing parts too difficult. If so, then just focus on choosing a united "theme" for your Home, such as, "We're like a sailing ship charting unknown territory," or "We're like a colony of ants," or whatever you all think suits you best. It's just for fun, so don't take it too seriously. Enjoy yourselves.

78. • Sing "We've Got a Lot to Be Thankful For," filling in one verse for each person, suggested by the person to their left or right. Generally this would be just their name, plus one word to fit in with the rhythm of the song. Example: Ted is sitting next to Mary, who is sitting next to Jane. The song starts about Mary, so Ted would suggest the verse. Something like, "We've got Mary's kindness to be thankful for." Then Mary suggests a verse about Jane, then looping around to Jane suggesting a verse about Ted. The song probably won't flow perfectly smoothly, but it'll be a unique way to appreciate one another and praise Me all at once.

79. • Go around the room and have each person pray a paragraph-long prayer, thanking Me for how I took care of and brought you through a difficult or complicated situation in your life, and how that gives you faith that I'm going to continue to do the needed miracles and bring about the needed victories.

80. • Tell testimonies on a certain theme—such as miraculous supply, or personal victories, or protection, and praise and thank Me after each one, lifting your arms and praising Me for My power and the wonderful ways I manifest it on your behalf.

81. • Pass out "praise verses" and have each person adapt one or two, making it personal, but keeping it in a Biblical style. [See "A Prayer of Praise to God," ML #3020‚ Lifelines 19, for a good list of verses.]

82. • Go around the room and have an A-B-C praise time, starting each sentence with "Jesus‚ You're the greatest because…" (For example, "Jesus, You're the greatest because You're ALWAYS there for me!" "Jesus, You're the greatest because You BASH the Enemy every time he tries to get me!" "Jesus, You're the greatest because You CARE for me like no one else can," etc.)

83. • Make four teams‚ and have each team fill in endings for one of these sentences. See who can come up with the most, and the most original endings‚ in five minutes.

  1. All praise to You‚ Jesus, for protecting us from...
  2. We praise You, dear Love, for loving us through...
  3. Thank You for showing Your power by…
  4. We worship and honor You because…

84. • First divide into teams. Then start with the line from the song (Psalm 34), "Oh, magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together," and have each team fill in the next two lines, telling something I've done for them personally. (For example, David said‚ "I sought the Lord and He heard me and delivered me from all my fears.") Then read each "new verse" and sing it together.

85. • See how many things you can list in five minutes that you wouldn't be able to do without Me. Then have someone pray a thankfulness prayer, thanking Me for My help and power.

86. • Act out the "Victory Praise Chant" song as a Home. Have a "narrator," "God's People," "the enemies"—you can even dress up (even if just with towels and couch cushions or whatever is available)—make it memorable! (You may want to have printed copies of the words to the song and pass them around so that everyone can familiarize themselves with and understand all the words.) (See KAT #6, "Positive Praise.")

87. • Write a "Praise/Declaration of Faith" poem to Jesus together as a Home, starting with the lines:

"We know that You will pull us through,

We praise You for how all these things You'll do …"

And then list the miracles you need, the progress you'd like to see, the victories you need to win, and anything else you'd like to see Him do.

(End of File)