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New Spirit World Power!--Helpers and Hinderers Revealed in 2004!

Karen Zerby

GN 1113 FD/MM/FM Year-end GN

Helpers and Hinderers Revealed in 2004!

By Maria FD/MM/FM 3522 12/04

Dear Family,

1. Happy Family Birthday! I know that Peter already wished you a Happy Family Birthday for both of us in the other GN, but I wanted to say it again to you personally. I love you, and pray you have enjoyed and been inspired by the two previous year-end GNs Peter prepared for you: "Restructuring to Strengthening!" and "Wartime!" (GN 1111–1112). These sure are exciting times we're living in—in the physical and spiritual realms—and Peter and I feel privileged to be a part, along with you, of so many challenges and victories.

2. We have big battles ahead of us as we prepare to be the offensive army our Husband desperately needs us to be. But that's nothing to be afraid of or fearful about, because with bigger battles comes more spirit help and heavenly power. Our Husband never leaves us empty-handed, or without the appropriate weapons to fight every battle and emerge victorious!

3. Our spirit helpers—our personal ones, and those revealed to us as a Family—are one of the important weapons we can use against the Enemy. So the Lord keeps revealing them to us. Not so that we can become inundated with information (although it might feel like that a bit sometimes), but so that we can be fully armed and prepared for the Enemy when he attacks. Each spirit helper has a specific purpose and realm of power, and asking for their help and assistance when we need it, and in the situations that warrant it‚ is key to becoming formidable, effective, offensive warriors.

4. So in this GN I'm going to present you with a few special Family birthday presents: new spirit helpers to aid us all in the fight! I'm always thrilled and excited when the Lord reveals more of our comrades in Heaven to us, and it's wonderful to be able to have the platform of this GN to be able to pass on some of this new information to you.

5. I won't add commentary with all of the prophecies, except when I need to explain something or give a little bit of background about the message. I hope that's okay. The Lord and the spirit helpers explain things well and clearly, so I don't feel the need to expound a whole lot. Otherwise‚ it would take me more time, and this GN might not make it to you for the Family birthday. Ha! But if you do have questions‚ or if anything seems unclear, please take your questions and concerns to the Lord, the One Who has all of the answers.

6. And remember, spirit helpers are as powerful as we want them to be. We unleash their power by asking for their help, by calling on them, by summoning them for their assistance. We are, in a way, like their "masters," and we can ask them to do what we desire and wish—all within the Lord's will, of course. When we don't ask, they aren't fully activated. When we forget them or disregard them, their hands are often tied and their help is extremely limited. So, if we want to see how powerful they really are, we've got to use them actively. To a great degree, we determine our spirit helpers' level of participation in our life.


7. (Question:) Is it true that our spirit helpers aren't activated if we don't ask? What if you are in an emergency or something? Aren't they also sometimes automatically activated just because you're calling on the Lord for help, even if you're not calling on the specific spirit helper?

8. (Jesus:) Yes, it's true that sometimes they are activated automatically‚ like in an emergency. Or if you call on the help of your spirit helpers‚ even if you can't remember all of their names, they are activated because they know you're doing your best. But the fullest activation comes about when you do specifically call on them by name and ask for their help. This is when they are afforded the greatest power.

9. Their power also depends on your relationship with them. If you are in regular touch with them and have a good amount of interaction‚ then your relationship with them becomes stronger and their ability to help‚ counsel, and fight for you is enhanced. Then if an emergency strikes, they are able to help even if you haven't specifically called on them, because your relationship is strong. And most likely, if you have that kind of relationship, then when you are in a difficult bind you will call on them anyway. However, always remember that I am the first one to call on, and then them. Keep things in the right order and I and they will be by your side in an instant. (End of message.)

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A Defensive Warfare Won't Win the Spiritual Battle

10. On the topic of actively using our spirit helpers, Jesus said something very interesting in the "Wartime" GN: "I want you to learn what it means to use the new weapons to actively fight the Enemy, to go on the offensive, and to destroy him. Many of you use the new weapons as self-help measures, or to defend yourself when the Enemy attacks, but I want you to learn how to use the new weapons as offensive weapons. I want you to learn what it means to use them at all times to push back, defeat, and destroy the Enemy and his strongholds. ... Find out how to use each of the new weapons in an offensive way‚ to destroy the Enemy. Take every single weapon and turn it from a defensive weapon into an offensive weapon." (End of excerpt.) (ML #3521:92,93‚95, GN 1112).

11. After reading that prophecy, I wanted to know more about this and how we could use each of the new weapons as offensive weapons. So I asked a few of my channels to ask the Lord for more information about each of the spiritual weapons. (Note: More on this should be coming your way soon, D.V.)

12. But for now, here is something the Lord gave in regards to using the knowledge of our spirit helpers specifically as an offensive weapon to really send the Enemy packing. The second message contains more information on the importance of using the weapon of our spirit helpers. Then from there I'll include the specifics on some of the new spirit helpers the Lord revealed in 2004.

13. (Jesus:) Ahhh, the weapons of My Spirit—bold, brave, and daring! Each one is meant to be an offensive weapon. Although many of them perform defensive tasks, and shield, protect, and defend you from the Enemy's attacks, they are still multipurpose weapons, dual-ability weapons that both defend and attack, that both protect and initiate warfare.

14. As your Father David told you, a defensive warfare never wins the battle. It's the side that is attacking, that is on the offensive, and that is taking a proactive stance in the war that wins the battle. If you want to be the winners, then it stands to reason that you too must take on that offensive attitude in regards to each weapon in your arsenal. I will show you how to train in the art of offensive warfare with the spiritual warriors at your side.

15. Many of you know the spirit helpers that have been published in the GNs. Granted, some of you may only vaguely remember their names and over what area they stand charge—and some of you may not remember much at all. But information about them is there for you to follow up on and study‚ so that you can have a more definite understanding of each one. The key is to know their names by heart, and what areas of your life they stand charge over.

16. Just as you are learning to call on specific keys for your particular needs‚ so must you learn to call on specific warriors of the spirit for your particular needs. You must learn to recognize your need and then link it to the spirit helper I've shown who stands charge over that area. And then the next step is to make the connection with that spirit helper. First you must pray and call on their help. Then you must listen and receive their instruction. Then you must do and obey the counsel they give, and see their powers work miracles in your life.

17. Okay, let's put this in a day-to-day context. Say, for example, you know you have a problem with lethargy. No, we're not going to tackle this problem defensively‚ only fighting when you feel particularly hit in this area. We're going to take an offensive stance. We're going to preempt Lethargy's attacks on your life by calling on his spiritual counterpart—Styrian. I've shown you that she is filled with the power of My Spirit and brings destruction to the demon Lethargy. That's pretty awesome, isn't it? It doesn't sound like she's just deflecting his attacks or keeping them at bay. She literally destroys Lethargy's power and influence in your life. She is a whirlwind of destruction to the demon Lethargy.

18. What you need to do is get down to brass tacks with Styrian. Just as you call on Me when you need an answer or solution to a problem, call on your spirit helpers the same way. I've gifted them for this task. I've given them the wisdom, knowledge, spiritual fire and power that they need to help aid you in your life on Earth. They're an extension of My Spirit. Use them! Use the completeness of My power by tapping into their resource of strength and power!

19. Back to our scenario: You would need to call on Styrian. Pray specifically for her help in overcoming this attack of Lethargy in your life, in whatever way it is manifested. But don't end your interaction with this awesome spirit helper there. Now you need to ask her specifically what steps you can take to fight to overcome in this area. Ask her what she needs you to do‚ so that she can be given free rein to rid your life of this pesky and dangerous demon. Specially ask for her counsel about your problem with Lethargy, and listen to what she has to say.

20. Styrian will show you what steps you need to take in order to be on the road to complete deliverance. She'll show you how to take a proactive stance against this demon and his manifestations in your life. She'll show you how she needs you to cooperate with her in order for this complete victory to be won. Then your part is to practically apply her instruction to your life. Your part is to obey, follow, and do. That's how you bring down the blessings of deliverance that you desire. That's how you become an offensive warrior—through instant obedience to My Word and personalized instruction to you via your spirit helpers.

21. The key lies in getting to know your spirit helpers personally—not just those whom I have given for the Family worldwide‚ but also your own personal, specially–trained-and-suited-to-fit-your–particular–needs spirit helpers. You have a spirit helper to stand charge over every area of your life. Yes, you have your three that were given you from birth—the angel of your thoughts, your guardian angel, and your prayer angel. But there are so many more angels and spirit helpers who stand by you through every phase of your life. Some are only on call when you need them. Some never leave your side. Some are only commissioned to assist you for a certain period of time or growth. Others have been with you since you were formed in Heaven. (See ML #3325:32-38, GN 930.)

22. The key is in getting to know your spirit helpers and the specifics about them. Get to know their names and ask them what they do, what charge they take over your life, and then counsel with them as to how you can do better in that particular area. You don't have to try to discover them all at once, so take it one step at a time.

23. Let's say that right now you're having difficulty with the many changes that are being brought into the Family and your life by My hand. I can guarantee you that standing by your side right now is your own personal angel of change, the one who helps you adjust and adapt easily to changes, the one who can give you explicit counsel on how to yield to the winds of change, how to see changes through My eyes, and how to accept each change as from My hand.

24. By discovering this spirit helper and receiving that helper's instruction regarding the changes you are facing, you would be taking an offensive approach to the battles. You would not just be reacting to events and defending yourself from the blows of the Enemy‚ but you'd be raising a standard against him; you'd be lifting up this new weapon of power from your spirit helpers and you'd be blasting its shells of destruction in his face. By learning to receive specific battle plans from your spirit helpers, you are learning to be an offensive fighter. By following through on the counsel they give you, you are learning to become an offensive warrior of My Spirit.


25. (Question: ) Does the Lord automatically give certain personal spirit helpers to all of the Family without us asking for them? We know that the Lord automatically gives us, at birth, the three spirit helpers or angels: the guardian angel, angel of the heart, and our prayer angel. But are there others that the Lord just gives automatically when He knows we need them? From things the Lord has said in these messages, it sounds like the Lord often dispenses spirit helpers without people knowing or having to ask for them.

26. (Jesus:) Ahhh, the mystery of the spirit world. It's so complex and hard for your human minds to understand. You want to be able to put everything in a box, to hang a label on everything, and I understand that. It's human nature. But in the realm of the spirit there is so much variety, and hardly anything is so black and white.

27. Yes‚ there are certain spirit helpers and angels that everyone has—such as those that I have revealed, like the prayer angel, the guardian angel‚ the angel of your thoughts and conscience‚ your praise angel and others. Then there are some angels and spirit helpers that you can have if you ask for them. But at times I also give out spirit helpers even without My brides asking for them.

28. Often when I finally reveal a spirit helper to one of My brides, I will say that that particular spirit helper has been with them for some time, unbeknownst to them. But once they become aware‚ their spirit helper's powers increase. So in those cases, I saw the need and appointed the spirit helper, even though the mortal was unaware.

29. So it works both ways. Sometimes I know the need is great, so I give a spirit helper, regardless of whether or not there is a desire on the part of My bride. But sometimes I wait for the petition‚ for the request‚ for the acknowledgment of need. It depends on many factors, but My distribution of spirit helpers is just as fair—according to the need, according to My will.

30. Sometimes I give spirit helpers to the entire Family, across the board—such as the praise angels. But most of the time I do not. Not everyone needs every type of spirit helper or angel at all times; sometimes, due to circumstances and conditions and battles, the needs are greater than at other times.

31. When I say, "I can guarantee you that standing by your side right now is your own personal angel of change," the key in understanding this is the sentence before it that says, "Let's say that right now you're having difficulty with the many changes that are being brought into the Family and your life by My hand." You see, if one of My brides is in this position, and they're really struggling with the changes, because they didn't know there were angels of change available to them, I would guarantee that I have given them one, unbeknownst to them. That doesn't mean that I have given every Family member an angel of change—but those who have been really struggling have received this extra spirit help, whether they know it or not.

32. That's how things work in the spirit. For example‚ if someone is not battling jealousy, I probably wouldn't give them an angel or spirit helper to fight jealousy—although those who struggle with this battle have someone in the spirit world who assists them, even though they might not have specially asked for one. I know that My brides can't remember at all times to ask for every single spirit helper they need‚ so sometimes I dispatch them because I know they're needed, and as human beings you're not always going to know exactly what or who to ask for. (End of message.)

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33. This is the way to offensively use this new weapon of the spirit helpers I've given you. Don't just pray for their help to deliver you when faced with a huge battle or problem, but allow them to get actively involved in your life. Allow them to help you preempt attacks. Allow them to show you how to actually prevent yourself from getting hit in the same area again and again. They are your personal battle coaches for any battle you could face.

34. You might even be facing a very physical battle or challenge, such as a battle over weight loss, or simply trying to take better care of your body. If you have a weakness or a need, you can bet I've made ample provisions for you. You have specific keys you can claim for those needs as well. Yet you also have specific spiritual coaches you can counsel with, and whose power you can avail yourself of. So ask Me for a spirit helper who can coach and train you in the ways of caring for your body. Chances are you already have one.

35. Then get personal with them. Ask them your questions. Tell them how it's difficult for you to do such and such. Ask for their help, resolve, willpower and determination to do better. Then accept whatever counsel they may give you. Ask them for specific instruction on how you can do better and overcome in this area. Ask them for specific goals for you, and they will be more than happy to use their talents for your benefit. That's what they're there for anyway—to be on call, to be used, to enhance your life, to be a blessing to you.

36. Can you imagine yourself passing on to your heavenly reward and being given the mission of being a spirit helper to one of your fellow men on Earth, and yet that person never knew you existed, never even asked for your help, never availed themselves of what you had to offer them? Of course, you would still be able to work in their life to some degree. You'd still be able to bring about some change in their life. But how much greater the effect would be when the two of you are working together‚ when the two realms have locked arms in friendship and trust and are moving forward together! There's no comparison.

37. To put it very bluntly, the way to use your spirit helpers offensively is to just use them. Many people seem to get bogged down with all the new spirit helpers that are continually being revealed, and then to top it off, the countless many that I have given them personally. They figure if they can't remember them all, then they might as well quit and not even try. It can seem mind boggling when you look at all you've been given and realize that you must use it all in order to be the warriors and disciples I'm asking you to be.

38. But‚ My loves, I'm not asking you to do more than you can handle. I'm only asking you to take one step of progress at a time. I'm not asking you to tackle every single weapon at the same time, in every single moment of your day. I know what you can handle. So I ask that you take it one step at a time. When it's time to praise‚ I want you to focus on that weapon and wield it with all your heart. When it's time to use the weapon of prophecy‚ then devote your mind and heart to that. The same principle applies to your spirit helpers: I'm not asking you to use every single one each day of your life from here on out, but to use each one as the need arises.

39. You could even start with one. Pick one spirit helper you'd like to connect more personally with. Pick one spirit helper you want to learn more from. Then get to know them. Ask them to teach you how to fight. Ask them to be specific with you about the areas of your life they have the wisdom and power in. And then as you get to know them and work along with them, and begin to learn their art of war, you can soon focus on another spirit helper.

40. Needs will always arise throughout your day that you can call on a specific spirit helper for. The key, as I said before, is to recognize the need, link it to the spirit helper who governs that area, and request help and counsel. As you become more active in working together with your spirit helpers, you will automatically be using this weapon in a more offensive way.

41. I'm not trying to overwhelm you or make things more difficult for you by asking you to work more closely with your spirit helpers. I only ask it of you because I know it will be imperative in the days ahead. It will be vital to your survival. You need the help of those who can see things you can't see‚ who can understand situations you can't understand simply because you are in the flesh. You need their x-ray eyes, their pre–vision, their foresight, and their supernatural strength. The job ahead is simply too big for human hands. The battle is too life-threatening for you to fight it alone.

42. This is why I've given you so many, many gifts from My Spirit. You have need of these things. You need them in order to better do your job for Me. You need them in order to reach the many more lost of the world. You need them in order to overcome the world, to rise above, and to remain separate. Without this added power of the gifts of My Spirit by your side, you simply could not make it.

43. So it is in love and mercy that I give you these spirit helpers and that I ask you to work with them, to allow them to even work through you, to flow through you at times, offering you power, ability, and spiritual strength. They link hand in hand with Me and with every one of the spiritual weapons and truths I have given you. Without any of these new weapons you are incomplete.

44. Do your best to get to know your spirit helpers, and do what you can to work more closely with them, and I will cause this weapon to come to the fore more in your life. You will become skilled in your use of it through faithful practice and honing of this skill. (End of message.)


45. (Jesus: ) Praise aids your spirit helpers in the battle for your life and spirit. Your praises strengthen My power within them. Praise enhances their power over you so that they can do their job of protecting you and strengthening you more easily.

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You Need Your Spirit Helpers—Work with Them

46. (Jesus: ) You have helpers of change who long to instruct you in the ways of acceptance and faith toward change. You have helpers of love who want to give you counsel and comfort in the art of love and wooing and winning and being a vessel for My love to come through. You have helpers who specialize in relating to others, strengthening the bonds of your love with others, and your communications with others. They yearn to speak to you on how you can reach out more, focus on others, and be Me for others in all of your interactions.

47. You have helpers of encouragement who want to express words of praise and commendation to you, words of comfort and courage to help you with the walk ahead. You have helpers of anointing who want to help you take on the new anointing that I am extending to you. They have counsel to offer, tips to help you enhance your awareness of Me and My power around you. You have helpers of the future who want to speak to you of what lies ahead and how to begin preparing for those days right now. They want to help arm you in spirit and heart for the battles of tomorrow.

48. So talk with them. Listen to them. Open your heart to hear what they have to say. They are powerhouses of instruction, insight, wisdom, revelation, understanding, knowledge, counsel, help, and much, much more!

49. If you are spending time with your spirit helpers, and taking the time to stop, look, and listen to those who stand by your side in the spirit world‚ you will be partaking of more of My Spirit. You will gain an extra spiritual sense and awareness. You will find it easier to connect to the realm of the spirit. Even if you are taking sufficient time with Me‚ if you're not also connected with your spirit helpers, then there will be a lack in your spiritual life.

50. This is a new day‚ and I have said that the spiritual realm is merging with the physical realm every single day. Every day more and more of My Spirit is being revealed and imparted to you. All you have to do is reach up and receive‚ put off the cloaks of carnality, and take on My Spirit in all its fullness.

51. Your spirit helpers are part of your new weapons for this new era. You have the keys, yes. You have the Word, yes. You have praise, prayer, and prophecy, yes. You have all of these and more. But to complete all these weapons you must also use your spirit helpers and avail yourself of their power. Their power must come to life in your life and spirit; their power must be activated in the battles you fight and in the victories you win.

52. So keep calling out to them. Keep wooing them with your prayers and your desperation for their help. Let them know you love them and need them and can't make it one day without them. Open your life to them and let them tend to the areas of your heart and mind that they have charge over. Let the angels of love teach you how to love. Let the angels of change instruct you in the ways of change. Let the angels of anointing show you the way of My Spirit.

53. Open your life up, not only to Me and to your shepherds, but also to your warriors of the spirit. They have opened their lives up to you. They are ready to tell you anything you long to know. They are ready to show you anything you long to understand. They are eager‚ right by your side, practically begging you to let them speak. Especially right now during this time of change and revolution, during this time when the spiritual realm is taking a greater step closer to your lives of the flesh, they long to be called upon.

54. Don't let their talents and powers go to waste in your life by not availing yourself of what they have to give you. Your life could be so much richer, so much happier‚ so much more satisfying, and even more full of faith if you would connect more deeply with your spirit helpers. This is My plug for them. I want you to avail yourself of those who are giving their lives for you each and every day.

55. You will only gain in every way by doing so. You will feel their spirits even becoming a part of your life as you listen to their counsel and obey their instruction. Their greatest talents and strengths will in time become your talents and strengths, as you are faithful to spend time with them. Sometimes I purposely do not give you the full answer or the full instruction on a certain topic, because I want you to also ask your spirit helpers for advice and counsel. I want you to also learn to work in teamwork with them, and not only Me.

56. Yes, this has been your main focus—to put Me first, to ask Me everything, to spend quality time with Me, and I see you are faithful with this. You've grown tremendously in this way in the spirit. So now is the time to learn to work with your spirit helpers, to learn to spend time with them, to learn to focus on the powers of the spirit through their help and counsel. I promise to bless your life as you do. With each step you take to connect with them, with each effort you put forth to learn from them and communicate with them, I will bless you more abundantly with the attributes of their spirit.

57. You will feel a greater awareness of their presence each time you talk with them. You'll be drawing closer and closer to them‚ so that as the days of darkness and tribulation approach, you won't only be one person in Me; you will be a thousand warriors in Me and them! You will have the spirits of a thousand saints living in your heart and your mind and your spirit. You will have their words running through you, their strengths compelling you—and that, coupled with My power‚ will make you an unbeatable force!

58. Each weapon of the spirit enhances the other and they must all be used in order for the full power to be given. I tell you today that your spirit helpers are your new weapon of the spirit. You need to use them in conjunction with the keys and praise and prayer and prophecy and loving Me intimately and reading My Word and focusing on the power and memorizing, etc. They need to be used, otherwise none of these other weapons will be used to their full potential in your life. You will feel empowered, yes; you will have great power even if you aren't using all of the new weapons, but never as much as you could have if you were faithful to put them all into practice.

59. You need all of the new weapons. If you didn't need them all and didn't need to use them all, I wouldn't have revealed them to you. However‚ while I'm instructing you that the new weapons link together, and they all complement one another and are important, there are times when you just use one new weapon‚ and that's okay. It's not good to neglect weapons, but it's also impractical to feel that at every moment you have to be using them all. That's unrealistic.

60. But this is My plea to you to please call out to your spirit helpers and use them as the unbeatable weapons that they are! They love you so much and are giving their lives for you. Please open your life to them. Speak to them. Ask them questions that are on your heart. Give them time to talk with you and instruct you. They only wait for your openness to receive.

61. Their hands are full and overflowing and they want to pour into you‚ but you need to empty your hands of what you hold right now and reach out to receive of them. Listen to them. You will not regret it. The benefits in your life will be innumerable, inestimable, and awesome beyond compare! I promise you will love it! (End of message.)

62. (Mama:) I know that if you're anything like me, you probably have a hard time keeping up with the spirit helpers‚ remembering their names, finding out what they do and who they fight, etc., and the same with the details regarding the hinderers. But obviously the Lord wants us to make more of an effort in this area. It is hard for us, because we're human and living in the realm of the flesh, but it's essential.

63. When you think about it, we take the trouble to learn the names of those we live with, or the names of those we witness to, or our friends and contacts. So we can do the same with our spirit helpers if we all will make more of a push to do so. Imagine how we'd feel if our friends or loved ones on Earth didn't remember our names‚ or didn't call us by our names. We'd probably be pretty sad and unhappy. Well, that's how our spirit helpers must feel when we forget them. They know it's difficult for us mortals to think of the spirit realm and learn about all of those within that world, but I'm sure they will be much happier—and certainly more empowered to help us—if we will make more of an effort to connect with them on a personal level.

64. The Lord sure gave a lot of convincing arguments in the preceding messages, about why we need our spirit helpers so much and how we can benefit from them more. So let's try to grow in this area together this year, shall we? As our Husband said‚ we will only gain by doing so!


65. (Mama:) As a summary, here are some of the specific spirit helpers the Lord said that many of us have, in case you want to ask Him who your personal helpers are:

— The angel of your thoughts, heart and conscience, who influences your thoughts and helps you to make the right choices and decisions.

— Your guardian and protector angel.

— Your prayer angel.

— Your praise angel.

— Your angel or spirit helper of change, who helps you adjust and adapt easily to changes.

— Coaches for any physical challenges you are facing.

— Spirit helpers or angels of love, to give you counsel in the art of love, and being a vessel of the Lord's love to others.

— Spirit helpers who specialize in relating to others‚ and communications.

— Spirit helpers of encouragement.

— Spirit helpers or angels of anointing.

— Spirit helpers who show you the future and prepare you for it.

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Introducing Change!

66. (Jesus:) The spirit of Change has no form as you would think of a form, because his very essence adapts itself to suit every need. But I will give him a form to help your mind comprehend him better.

67. (Vision: ) Change is very muscular and almost stocky. He looks incredibly powerful, but there's a gentleness about his nature. I see the picture of this huge, muscular guy holding a tiny baby securely in his arms. He looks up and his eyes seem to glow softly. As I look at them I can see a reflection of my surroundings, but they seem changed, much more perfect and balanced.

68. It's as though he can see the future, the potential of what each situation can become. It's almost as though he sees each Home and each person in that Home in their most perfect or complete state, with every detail in place, so that each life and each Home becomes perfectly set up to do the highest and best that the Lord has planned for it.

69. He looks a little sad as he's looking at a group of people. He's trying to offer them a small tool of some sort, but they look at him and the tool as though they wish he would just leave and not bother them. He then turns to others and offers the tool. They seem to recognize him and they slowly take the tool as though they know they have to‚ but they wish they didn't. Then they turn away as quickly as they can. Change is trying to explain what to do with it, but they've turned away. And after looking at the tool for a moment, they set it on a counter and walk back to what they were doing. It seems the tool is intended to help them repair some problem that is growing worse.

70. He keeps coming back with bigger and bigger tools, because the problem is growing more serious and it's going to take something bigger to fix it, but they keep either not accepting the tool or not putting it to use.

71. Finally things start falling apart, and Change has to step in and try to repair the problem himself; but in the process the people are getting covered with dirt, and some are even getting hurt by falling debris. For some reason they seem to think it's all Change's fault. They become more apprehensive the next time he comes around‚ instead of realizing that they brought the whole mess on themselves by not accepting his help and counsel from the beginning.

72. Then I see him approaching another group of people. As he approaches they see him and come running to him, hugging him and asking him how they can help. He offers them a small tool and they listen carefully as he explains it to them. Then they run off together to find the problem and fix it. The soft glow in his eyes changes to a bright spotlight that pinpoints the problem‚ and in a few minutes they are all sitting around talking and laughing and thanking him for his help.

73. (Change: ) I care for the children of David. I have been an integral part of your lives from the beginning of the Family. I have worked more actively in your lives than almost any other spirit helper. You have seen me as simply a part of life. You have at times welcomed my presence and at others fled from my hand. I've felt most of you tolerating me, not fully understanding why I have to be around, but accepting my presence and striving not to dislike my hand in your lives.

74. Some have by faith welcomed me into your Homes and lives, and have learned to be thankful for my work. A few have learned to even seek my help and to love my presence. For you I have been able to do much more. You have reaped the most growth in spirit and have gained the accompanying rewards.

75. Sadly, although my King Jesus and His servants David, Maria and Peter, have striven hard to help you to see me as a powerful tool for good, and a spiritual force that can help turn you into the warriors of the End, the Enemy has also gone to great lengths to blind you to one of the most powerful helpers you have at your disposal. He has gone to great lengths to malign my working in your life. He has done all he could to focus your attention‚ not on what you have gained from my workings in your life, but on the thing or things that had to be changed or left behind to make room for the new and the better.

76. It's time for you to stop and look back for a moment with the eyes of the spirit‚ to look at the workings I have wrought in your lives. I have upgraded your life, your faith, and your Home step by step. Sometimes those changes seemed to work out for bad rather than good, but that was often because you rejected them. You carried the new furnishings I had placed in your life out the door and threw them on the ground, certain that they must be wrong for you. Then you returned to an empty house, wondering why you didn't have your needs.

77. I'm asking you to welcome me into your lives at this time. You who will fling your doors open to me and will allow me to do what must be done to turn you into a renewed, revitalized, redecorated spiritual Home will find that even if for a short time things seem a little hectic or a bit strained, in the long run you will be prepared for things you could not have foreseen.

78. So trust me. Welcome me. Learn to rejoice and appreciate my presence, and you'll find your whole life blossoming and becoming more fruitful and happy. Many of you need to make a commitment to no longer just tolerate my presence and try to rush me out the door as quickly as possible, hoping I won't come around again for a long time. I need to become a daily guest in your Home—your physical home and the spiritual home of your heart and spirit.

79. If you will do this, if you will learn to welcome me daily into your heart and Home, then the many small changes I make each day will build a trust between us that will cause you to look me straight in the eye when big changes come, and I will be able to envision you with what I must do and why. You will gain a faith and peace that will make every change joyful, instead of tedious or painful. That is my goal, but it can only be achieved as you willingly allow and desire my presence in your life. (End of message.)

80. (Jesus: ) I have sought to give you an essential and valuable spirit helper—Change—since the foundation of the Family. David has spoken of him many times. I have spoken of him many times. Mama and Peter have spoken of him many times. But it has been a gift which most have found hard to understand and hard to receive, because it often goes contrary to the natural man and the carnal mind. This is the gift of the spirit of Change.

81. Because so many looked at this essential gift as one of My "intolerable compliments‚" and chose to at best learn to tolerate his presence in their lives, they received minimally of his power and blessings. The spirit of Change holds out to you some of the most powerful, life-transforming, miracle-laden blessings ever presented to man.

82. But both the carnal mind and Satan actively fight against Change. Satan knows the wonder and empowerment that will come to those who choose to not just tolerate Change but to welcome him, rejoice at his arrival, and love him.

83. The most precious gifts of My Spirit are not the ones that at first glance appear to be the nicest or showiest. Sometimes the roughest and rugged and ugly looking ones—such as the gifts that Change brings—are the ones that bring with them the greatest empowerment and rewards if you choose to accept them. If you choose to desire Change's presence and seek his help in your life, you will reap the growth and ultimate improvements he will bring to your life and Home. Sadly, though, many of you block the changes he is trying to help bring about‚ not realizing the rewards you will miss.

84. You, My dear children of David, matured through the year of restructuring and the time of renewal. Many attitudes have been brought into line with My will. Many of you are now open to the reality that Change is an active‚ powerful helper whose goal is to do what is necessary in your life to transform it day by day. His goal is to help Me turn you into what you need to become to accomplish the mighty miracles and tasks I have ordained you to perform.

85. He has been present in your life all along. He has been an integral part of making you what you are. His love and care for you are immeasurable. He has the power to transform lives and situations. He has the vision I give him for each life and what it needs to become to accomplish My highest and best. Each move he makes within your life is designed to bring you a step closer to that goal.

86. So much confusion in your heart and mind‚ so much frustration and wasted effort could be eliminated if you would welcome Change into your life on a daily basis. If you would open the door and invite in whatever things Change knows are needed that day, you would see what My plan is. You would find yieldedness growing in your heart and you would see everything from a new perspective. It takes an attitude change, but that is one change that Change cannot bring. This has to be a commitment on your part. It's the first step that you must take.

87. Do it‚ My loves. Change is powerful, but he is also gentle. He offers change in small ways all the time. He longs to be active every moment to bring the changes gently. The changes must come, but if they are resisted or you flee from them, eventually they must be done, and the forceful shaking that results is the part that is unpleasant. But it doesn't have to be. Open the door to your heart and to your united hearts—your Home. Make a conscious effort to welcome Change, trusting that he will work for your good. (End of message.)


88. Change is a spirit helper who gives you the vision for the changes you must make, and why. He can help to build your faith and give you peace when you go through changes. He can help to make every change joyful, instead of tedious or painful. In order for his power to be unleashed, you must willingly allow and desire his presence and assistance in your life.


89. (Question: ) What is the difference between the main spirit helper Change and our personal angels or spirit helpers of change, as mentioned in some of the first messages in this GN?

90. (Jesus: ) In most areas of your spiritual lives, there is a main or key spirit helper who helps the Family overall, and then there are often personal spirit helpers who work with the main spirit helper. So in this case, Change is the one who helps the Family as a whole, and who anyone can call on at any time. And the angels of change, or the spirit helpers of change, are extra personal spirit helpers that you can ask Me to reveal to you and give you information about. (End of message.)

91. (Question:) So, if Change is the main spirit helper for the whole Family and we can call on him, then why do we need to have a personal one?

92. (Jesus:) You don't have to have a personal spirit helper who assists you in the realm of change. But if you want one and feel you need one, I will grant your request. There are many reasons why you might need or want a personal spirit helper.

93. Since the major spirit helper of Change is not omnipresent, you might want a personal spirit helper who you can have with you continuously. You might also find it easier to build more of a friendship and intimate relationship with a personal spirit helper, and you might find that comes in handy for various reasons. Or maybe you'd just like more help to be able to bend and flow with changes—so if you have one, why not have two.

94. It's really up to you. If you don't want a personal helper of change, you don't have to ask Me for one, and that's not a reflection on your spirituality. These personal helpers of change are not helpers you absolutely must have. But if you do desire one‚ you will learn the benefits over time, as you work together with him or her. (End of message.)

[End of box]

Introducing the Eleria!

95. (Mama: ) Not too long ago, I received an interesting letter from an FGA woman. In it she shared some visions and dreams and supernatural experiences that she and her loved ones were having that included a white horse. When we took this to our Answer Man to find out what was behind this seeming mystery, He gave some exciting messages of revelation about some new spirit helpers He has called "the Eleria" (E-lair-ee-ah).

96. When asking the Lord about the interesting way this came about (via a personal letter from this dear woman and hearing from the Lord further about it), He said:

97. (Jesus:) I gave this key to the mystery of the Eleria to one who is simple and pure in her desire to love Me. I could have announced the arrival of this new heavenly force in many ways, but I long to teach My brides that each one is a highly chosen vessel. I want to entrust you with the wonders of the spirit as you come before Me to seek and to learn, to hold out your hands in simple faith.

98. This one saw My hand at work. It was a mystery to her, but she had faith to believe and seek more. I use every one who will come in faith. I may be revealing new assistance for the Family, or I may be unveiling a new spirit helper for you personally, but I long for My children to make their link with Me a high priority to develop. As the days grow darker, more and more will hinge on being able to reach out and receive My Word directly. So use whatever I give you and you won't be disappointed. (End of message.)

99. (Mama:) Dear Family, I pray that this will encourage you—to know that the Lord can reveal His secrets in many different ways and through many different people. So if our Husband shows you something special, or reveals something to you in your personal prayer times, or gives you visions and dreams that seem significant, even if you don't fully understand them, please send them in. It might be something the Lord wants to use to benefit not just you, but many others as well.

100. Okay‚ on to the exciting visions and messages the Lord gave about the Eleria. The Lord said that this first message was representative of the many personal Elerian. He presented this one first as a sample of the helpers each of us have. The Lord said that we all have one of these spirit helpers. I asked someone to pray about who my Elerian was, and found out that her name is Prism Elerian. After you read the vision and messages you'll probably want to find out who yours is as well.

101. (Vision: ) I'm seeing a white horse in a field. It rears up on its hind legs and changes into a guardian angel. He's walking toward me now, a very strong and brilliant-looking angel. In one hand he holds a sword, and in the other a book of some kind. It strikes me as being a stone tablet. He's holding it up for me to see now.

102. (Angel:) I am the guardian of your personal revolution. Jesus has sent me to you as your guardian, your keeper, your inspiration at this time when so much is changing. The book I hold in my hand is the Word of God. This book gives me the power to do the miracles I will do for you and through you at this time.

103. While my outward appearance may seem to you to be that of a white stallion, I am, in fact, an angel of great power. I am not actually a horse in spirit. I am as you see me now, an angel with human form.

104. I have come that your soul might have joy abundant. I am here to make your life for Jesus worthwhile and filled with excitement. I am a spirit of freedom—freedom in the spirit; freedom to be liberated from the shackles of the old ways; freedom to take on the new garments Jesus is giving you‚ the garments of unity‚ humility, and greater faith.

105. I am giving you the gift of freedom. I wish to free you from the false "realities" of this world and make you open to the things of the spirit. I am the spirit of liberty and freedom.

106. What can I do for you? I can open your heart to new ways of doing things; I can set you free from your old mindset that has held you back; I can bring to your life a greater unity and love for others. All these things come back to the freedom of the spirit. You have desired to have a radical and revolutionary spirit, you have chosen Jesus' way, and He has chosen to send me to help you to live your life for Him to the full.

107. I will not be aggressive or intrusive, but I will always be at your side to counsel you, to free you when you feel bound, to set your mind free to love Jesus in a new way. He loves you very much, and the freedom He sends to you is complete freedom. It isn't only for one area of your life; it's for every area. You can be freed from the past that has held on to you, and you can be free from the daily struggles that threaten to overwhelm you. You can be free from the wrong attitudes that have crept in over the years, and you can be fully liberated in spirit—absolutely free to love Jesus.

108. That is my main mission, to liberate you to love Jesus‚ because if you love Jesus, "all these things will be added unto you." If you put Jesus first‚ all the rest of these things you need will be given to you in due time. My ministry is to set you free. Call upon my liberty whenever you are tempted to be reserved, or you're tempted to hold back because you're afraid of what might come of your being free. Call upon me, an angel of the Eleria, to help you, to set you free, to give you unchained melodies of freedom in your heart.

109. I come not for myself, but for you. I come to your side, and I wave my wild hair in the breeze so you can feel my liberty and be inspired to be set free. I have come as your helper, your guide‚ and your friend. I will always be beside you to help you to be free for Jesus. Call upon me at any time of the day or night to help you to be free for Jesus, to love Him wildly in spirit‚ to give your all for Him. (End of message.)

110. (Vision:) I see the angel of the Eleria return to his horse form. He stamps his front hooves on the ground and shakes his head, neighs, and gallops off into the wind. The wind follows him and takes the scene away from me.

111. (Jesus:) I have sent many such spirits of light into the world today. Many of you, My children of David, have asked for additional help to overcome the obstacles that stand in your way at this time of change in the Family. Many of you have asked Me to send forth helpers from Heaven to assist you, and I have abundantly granted your requests.

112. Some of you have come to Me in desperation, but have not had the faith that I could help you. I have encouraged your faith by sending legions to your side to assist you. "Legions?" you may ask. Yes, I say‚ legions of helpers have been unleashed to assist you, for this is a desperate time in the Family. This is a time when all things must change‚ when you must get back to your revolutionary roots. Your freedom of spirit must be uncovered and revived.

113. I have sent you one of the angels of the Eleria. This Elerian is one of the freedom fighters of the spirit who have been given to all the children of David. These fighters assist you in your efforts to break free from the mindsets of the world. They wear on their foreheads the name of freedom, and in their hands are the fundamental words of My Spirit, which will set you free.

114. They have the power to slice and cut away the tentacles of Bacchus and the vines of the world, which have grown around and choked the freedom of many of My children. These come in with white‚ searing-hot swords of liberty, and they cut loose you who are bound.

115. These are the freedom angels! They come to set at liberty you who are bound and to preach the acceptable year of the Lord. These come to bear witness of Me, to free you to love Me, to cut loose those of you who are too wrapped up in this world to be free‚ but who seek earnestly to be set at liberty.


The acceptable year of the Lord

From Matthew Henry's Commentary

"To preach the acceptable year of the Lord" (Luke 4:19). [Jesus] came to let the world know that the God whom they had offended was willing to be reconciled to them, and to accept them upon new terms; that there is now a time of good will toward men. It alludes to the year of release, or that of jubilee, which was an acceptable year to servants, who were then set at liberty; to debtors, against whom all actions were then dropped; and to those who had mortgaged their lands, for then they returned to them again. [Jesus] came to sound the jubilee trumpet; and blessed were they that heard the joyful sound.

[End of box]

116. Call upon the angels of freedom, and they will rush to your aid like wild white stallions thundering across the meadows. They will thunder to your side and set you free.

117. Be not afraid to call upon their help, for they are given to the children of David alone, as your helpers. You will feel freer to obey, freer to do My will, and freer to be Mine in spirit. Ask in faith, believing that you shall receive them‚ and you shall have them. Ask that it may be given you, so that you, too, may find this freedom of spirit and liberty in Me.

118. This group of freedom angels is called "the Eleria." If you are referring to one of the Eleria band, you would say that he or she is an Elerian. And when you call them by their personal names, you would call on, for example, "Feshas Elerian‚" or "Marvia Elerian"—whatever helps you to remember them best.

119. Call upon them, and let them come to you and set you free. They are many, and they are more than willing to come to your aid and do your bidding. Call upon them; do not neglect these heavenly warriors who come to your aid. (End of message.)

120. (Jesus:) The Eleria are sent to bring freedom of spirit. But just as with any other assistance from the spirit world, how much or how little effect they have is determined by your faith, yieldedness, and how fully you implement their counsel. They are assigned to the children of David at this time because you, as My Endtime leaders, must face the most intense resistance, especially in this time of rebuilding. Satan has focused his attention on you as the greatest threat to his kingdom, and one of your most powerful weapons is the freedom of spirit I have granted you.

121. My goal is to set you free to serve Me utterly, forever freed from the shackles and smothering oppression of the world and its enslaving traps, pitfalls, and quicksand. You need the help of the Eleria in this time to activate the freedom of My Spirit again in your hearts—some more than others, but all are in need. Once this has been accomplished‚ your fire and passion for Me will spur you to ever greater heights.

122. Many of these angels of freedom are already at the sides of My Endtime fighters, aiding in small ways while they await their full activation as you call upon them, seeking their name and their help. Once your eyes have been opened and you have chosen the freedom of My Spirit, the conviction will live on in your heart‚ and the freedom you have gained will continue to grow and become stronger as your commitment to focus on the things of My Spirit takes over.

123. These wild stallions of spirit, these angels of freedom, are the catalyst to lift you to new heights. But as with any catalyst, how much effect they have is based upon how much they have to work with.

124. So give them free rein of your heart, spirit, will, humility and love for Me. Follow their spirited call and race with them through the mountains of My house as they teach you more freedom than you have ever imagined, and they take you to where the purest waters of the spirit can bring you the strength and desire to delve ever deeper into all that I long to show you. They are your protectors, but they are also your liberators as you learn to burn free with them. (End of message.)


125. The Eleria (also known as Freedom Angels, and Angels of Freedom) are our personal guardians of the Revolution, who help to fill our lives for Jesus with excitement and freedom in the spirit, free us from the false realities of the world, and make us open to the things of the spirit. They can free us from old mindsets, cut away the tentacles of Bacchus and the vines of the world, free us from the past, free us from the daily struggles that threaten to overwhelm us, and liberate us to love Jesus. They are spirits of liberty.

Exposing Drought and Introducing Almathor!

126. (Mama:) The following two revelations—this one‚ and the revelation of Irrazzmon and Elixor—were received when we were asking the Lord how to fight in the spirit for a couple of our WS co-workers who were battling with very serious, long-term, debilitating afflictions. Our Husband and Revealer of all Secrets made clear what specific demons were fighting, so that we could pray against them‚ as well as revealing the spirit helpers who would aid in their healing. The Lord said that these spirit helpers are also available to you‚ dear Family, upon request, when battling certain afflictions.

127. The Lord also showed me to share these messages with you as a sample of how you can go to Him too, when you or your loved ones are afflicted‚ to find out if there is more behind it than meets the eye, if there are any negative spiritual forces at work, and if there are spirit helpers to be called on to turn the tide of the battle. We all need to learn more about what it means to fight our battles—even our battles for health and against afflictions—in the spirit.

128. (Jesus:) Drought, the evil one who stands against My bride, has held influence throughout history, but in these days his sphere of influence is growing, as he is allowed to turn his power directly against men.

129. Just as faith gives life to the spirit, so water and fluids give life to the body. This evil one, when released upon men‚ draws the fluids away from the parts of the body where they are needed. This begins a chain reaction in the body that hinders the flow of nourishment, the ridding of wastes, and hinders the life-giving flow of oxygen to the cells and organs.

130. My Spirit is able to reverse this hellish cycle through the power of the keys and with the aid of Almathor. I explained before that Almathor was reserved for the countering of Sphinx, but that her power would come into play in more ways in the future. It is now such a time, and her waters of relief and rains of rejuvenation are now freed to counter this foul one. Her cleansing waters of the spirit can flood the body, bringing relief from the dry desert of Drought.

131. This one, Drought, has held much sway in the physical realm due to the greed and sins of man. His devastation has destroyed vast areas of the Earth, but he has not been allowed to directly touch the bodies of men in the past. In these times, however, he is now released to touch mankind. His power is wiped out, though, at the desperate cries of My children and Almathor's refreshing floods of the spirit.

132. Almathor rejoices as she sweeps through, drowning Drought in a flood of the waters of My love. Call for her help, and she will bring the refreshing showers of My blessings to My afflicted bride‚ and the rainbow of My promises fulfilled in response to your unity, which cannot be stopped.

133. Almathor is a spirit of tranquility. Though she appears gentle and soothing, she is endowed with such power that her mere presence is enough to send Sphinx screaming in terror, for she carries the full light of the Holy Spirit in her bosom. Its brilliance is comforting to those who are Mine, but to the demons it is a searing, flaming sword which dismembers and tortures them, driving them to the depths of Hell!

134. Her name is Almathor, for the Spirit of the Almighty thunders through her. For My children, it is the comforting sound of the refreshing rains of My love, but to the evil ones, it is the warning of the flashing power of My anger against them. She brings calm and peace. (End of message.)

135. (Comment from channel:) When the Lord said she was a spirit of tranquility, the impression I got was that this was some sort of class or category of spirit rather than a title for her alone. What I saw as He was giving her name was what seemed to be a female spirit‚ very huge and awesome. She looked angelic, but where her breasts would be, there was a sphere of intense, brilliant light that seemed to drive away all shadows as she approached. I could see her front very clearly, but the rest of her seemed to trail off into a sort of mist.

136. It was as though the front of her was solid, but the rest became more and more ethereal and undefined. I could hear rolling thunder echoing all around her‚ and the sphere of light in her bosom seemed to be filled with lightning. It looked a bit like those static electricity balls they have at science museums, where there are all these static charges going from the center to the outside of the ball, like mini lightning bolts, except that the ball was also filled with this brilliant light. Then behind her seemed to be the misty rains that must be the showers of blessings the Lord spoke of for His children. (End of comments.)


137. The demon Drought has had influence throughout history, but his sphere of influence has grown so that he is now able to touch the bodies of men. He can afflict by drawing the fluids away from the parts of the body where they are needed, can hinder the flow of nourishment and the ridding of wastes, and can hinder the life–giving flow of oxygen to the cells and organs. The Lord's Spirit is able to reverse this hellish cycle through the power of the keys and with the aid of Almathor.

138. Almathor is a spirit of tranquility. She appears gentle and soothing‚ yet she is endowed with great power. She will send the Sphinx screaming in terror‚ for she carries the full light of the Holy Spirit in her bosom. She also brings waters of relief and rains of rejuvenation to counter the attacks of Drought. Her cleansing waters of the spirit flood the body‚ bringing relief from the effects of Drought.

Exposing Irrazzmon and Introducing Elixor!

139. (Jesus:) The pain is the work of an imp whose goal is to prevent this person from sleeping in an attempt to, through tiredness and exhaustion, slow him down.

140. Some use the word "imp" to denote a demon of a weaker or less important stature. But just as how man has come to picture My mighty cherubim as mere baby angels, when they in fact are some of the most powerful angelic beings in the universe, so it is with the Enemy's forces.

141. It is wise to not underestimate the power of imps. For although they come from the depths of the netherworld and some are weaker than others, yet some are of great power and are formidable foes. All are subject to the power of the keys and there is no need to fear them, but it is wise to beware and regard them as you would any archdemon, for they can appear small, yet their appearance is deceptive.

142. This is the case with this imp‚ for his tactics are to inflict pain by irritating the nerves. Because the nerves of man are highly sensitive‚ especially the endings of the nerves, he is able to cause irritation, which over time strains the muscles, exhausting them and causing them to constrict, straining the neck and shoulder area in this case.

143. (Channel:) I can see this imp that the Lord is talking about, and he isn't what I was expecting. He's not some little creature with a pointy tail and a pitchfork, but he's sort of, well, you know how they picture those genies coming out of a bottle, sort of like a vapor, only he is ugly! He has these very pointy ears and glaring eyes. There's a fierce look on his face, making him look almost like a crazed wild animal‚ and his head sort of comes to a point in the back. He seems to be able to pass through physical things almost like a vapor.

144. His name is Irrazzmus or Irrazzmon. He has fingers that are very long‚ but they're more like long claws protruding from his hand rather than fingers.

145. (Jesus:) He is a source of pain in the nerves. He afflicts through many points, such as carpal tunnel pain, severe back pain—for this is a center of your nervous system—shingles, and in this case through a means that even the doctors find no reason for or source, because they look for the wrong source.

146. I have talked about the Elixir of Heaven, which can heal anything, but I have given this name to the bearer of My elixir of healing. He is not the Elixir of Heaven but the bearer of it for the healing of the body. His name is Elixor (el-lix-ore). He, like the imp Irrazzmon, can flow through the body as a vapor, placing the elixir of healing on the inflamed and irritated nerves, soothing away the poisons of this imp, and driving away the source of the problem.

147. (Channel:) Elixor also seemed to have that genie sort of appearance, where the head and upper body are more humanlike, but the rest of the body is like a vapor. He's magnificent, though—very stately and serious looking‚ but his eyes draw you in, as they seem so full of compassion and love.


148. Irrazzmon (also known as Irrazzmus) is a powerful imp who inflicts pain by irritating the nerves and nerve endings and straining and constricting muscles. He attacks with carpal tunnel pain‚ severe back pain, shingles, and more.

149. Elixor is the bearer of the elixir of healing from Heaven. He can flow through the body like a vapor‚ placing the elixir of healing on afflicted areas. He can soothe away the poisons of the imp Irrazzmon and drive him away.

Introducing San–bahd-mahl!

150. (Vision:) I saw an angel dressed in white and blue with a very bright countenance. His eyes were filled with light, and out of his eyes came lightning. He bade me follow him, and as I did, in the spirit he brought me to a doorway and told me to enter it. He said it was the doorway to the spirit world. As I went through it, it was like I separated; part of me stayed behind and fell limply to the floor like a cloth, except it was my physical form. Then the part of me that went through this doorway seemed to be without definite form and was kind of translucent blue.

151. He showed me a scene of what looked like a cave or grotto of some sort. I was standing beside him and he was letting me peer over the edge of a cliff or very high place. I was looking down and I saw legions of demons standing in ranks, square formations with banners, all awaiting a command. He told me that these demons were about to be unleashed on the world. Then he pulled me back and I walked back through the doorway and the vision faded.

152. (Vision received by channel the next day:) I'm seeing him again, this time from the mid-chest on up. His face is bright and his eyes are glowing, with lightning coming out of them. He almost looks like a comic character, except that he's real. He's bald and is wearing half–crescent earrings in both ears. The lightning coming out of his eyes is arcing around and very active; it's as if this is part of his power.

153. I'm again seeing the vision I saw yesterday. I'm seeing the legions of demons lined up, getting ready for some marching order. There is this hideously ugly creature on a stone throne above them; his eyes are red and he looks like something between a snake and a really deformed lizard. His eyes are red and bleeding, and in his jaws are the souls of men who have not been saved. He's shouting orders at his captains, and they seem to be on some sort of transport ship.

154. They're definitely on a ship‚ like an invasion force, and I can hear him screaming in raspy tones at his orderlies to "do this, do that, sharpen that line up there." But the most blatant thing I hear him screaming is, "Souls! Capture souls!" He's yelling that over and over, like that's his main interest. He's sending this huge army to capture the souls of humanity. He's yelling it out as an order, but also somewhat gleefully, as if he's lusting after them in his greed.

155. (Angel:) I am San-bahd-mahl. I am chief among those who protect against the demons of the netherworld. I am of the warrior class and am one of the chief in the battle against Satan's grasp on men's souls. I am fighting for you‚ but I have shown you this vision because a renewed effort is about to begin to harden men's hearts‚ to drive them to insanity, to steal from them their souls.

156. There is about to be a new drive by Satan himself to overwhelm the souls of men by using any tactic available to him—war, confusion, depression, discouragement, hardness of heart, hatred, evil‚ envy. Any weapon he has available to his warriors he will use.

157. I have come to warn you that this will come; this is but a simple picture of the war he is about to wage.

158. (Vision: ) I saw these creatures that had heads like a cross between a dragon and a snake with very large teeth. They were feasting on people and carrying their spirits back to this ugly demon. Then I saw San-bahd-mahl appear‚ and with him a host of angels who likewise had this lightning coming out of their eyes, and they began to zap and vaporize these demons and save people.

159. It was then that I saw the scene turn into an earthly scene. It was an office block, and the demons had been at each person's desk‚ attacking them, mauling them, and feasting on their spirits. But then as a Family team came along, with them came these glowing angels and the battle began. It was as if they were escorting the Family members, and they were on their side in the spirit.

160. (San-bahd-mahl continues:) We will accompany any Family member who goes out to win souls. Not just to distribute tools, but to witness and win souls, to defend their sheep from these evil attacks of this renewed onslaught of the Devil against the souls of men. The time is short, and as the scriptures say, there will be a great falling away and a hardening of men's hearts before our Lord returns. So it is. So it is about to be unleashed on this Earth. The time is right and the Devil has seen his chance. He will unleash this force of the netherworld to capture, devour and destroy the souls of men. (End of message.)

161. (Jesus: ) Satan's end goal is to cause men and women to be lost to salvation. That's his primary goal. He doesn't just want to kill them; he wants their souls to be lost to salvation by rejection, by the hardening of their hearts, and through despair. He wants to deny them the chance to be reached by My brides and by all My children who witness. He wants to turn them against My brides who are accomplishing My purpose on Earth and bringing in the souls of men, saving them from damnation.

162. I have sent to you San-bahd–mahl and his armies. They fight for you, and they will fight the hardness of men's hearts and will cause the demons of Satan to have to retreat and abandon their minions, and you will see souls delivered.

163. As I have said in My Word that I will do nothing but that I reveal these things to My servants, I have done so now. I have revealed what is about to happen so that you will be appropriately armed with the force and power that you need to counter this attack. Begin to use San-bahd-mahl and his armies now.

164. You can call on San-bahd-mahl and his bands of fighters to deliver the souls of those you are witnessing to and deliver them from damnation through salvation. He and his angels are a gift of My love to help you to win more souls for Me, to help you to overcome the renewed drive of the Enemy to block out the truth and to ensnare and harden men's hearts against Me.

165. Use him, call upon him, and let his strength fight for you with the ultimate goal of winning the lost for Me. He is a warrior of the witnesser, the defender of the lost souls of mankind. He is your servant and at your command. I give him to you now to command into battle to defend against these dark forces that seek to harden and cause men to reject their hope of salvation. Call upon him and his band of fighters that you may turn the tide against this wicked force and defeat Satan's dastardly plans. (End of message.)


166. (Question: ) Are we supposed to be using San–bahd-mahl and his band of warriors now? Or are we supposed to wait for something to happen, for this "new drive by Satan himself to overwhelm the souls of men by using any tactic available to him"? Is this happening now? Or is this something that's going to happen in the future?

167. (Jesus:) As the End draws closer, Satan will up his efforts to harden men's hearts, to capture their souls. He already does this to a certain degree‚ but in the days in the not–too-distant future, he will up his campaign and be much more vicious.

168. You will not know when he begins this new warfare in earnest, because it's not going to be a big noticeable happening. It will happen gradually and has even begun. That is why I say that you‚ My children‚ should use these spirit helpers now, because even though they might not be desperately needed today, or in the next few months, as time goes by, they will be more and more necessary as the Enemy takes stronger action in the spirit.

169. This change that is spoken of in these messages and visions isn't necessarily one that you will see, as it will happen in the spirit. But you, My brides, would do well to begin to use the spirit helpers I have given you at this time, so that when things heat up‚ you will be prepared. (End of message.)

[End of box]


170. San–bahd-mahl is chief among those who protect against the demons of the netherworld. He is the warrior of the witnesser; the defender of the lost souls of mankind. He and his armies will accompany anyone who goes out to win souls—not just to witness and distribute tools, but to win souls, to defend your sheep from the Devil's attacks against the souls of men. They also fight the hardness of men's hearts and help you to win more souls.

Introducing the Knights of Victory!

171. (Jesus:) Behold, the fighting Knights of Victory, mighty spirit helpers who are available to the people of the keys! They defy the Devil's darkness and those he uses to spread it in an attempt to capture the children of light, My Endtime children, My children of David.

172. These knights are fighters for Me. They hate all that is evil, all that prevents My truth from being absorbed by My children. These knights are fearless. Darkness flees, for these Knights of Victory are knights of light. They are the embodiment of the truth of My Word. They are cunning fighters; they defeat the Enemy at his own game. They appear in black armor, taking on the surroundings of those they rescue and fight for.

173. Once the spirit of My child cries out in desire to embrace My truth and walk in My light, the elixir of My Knights of Victory is poured upon them, enveloping them in a protective spiritual bubble. Then as My children obey, My power is released. My Knights of Victory are transformed from their stealth mode to shine with the fullness of My light. No demon of darkness can withstand the Knights of Victory.

174. Their armor is made up of My keys; their beings, the truth of My Word. They have the liberating serum to rescue all those in need and to defeat the demons of Hell. They keep the fighting serum of your Father David. Father David's fighting serum! This spiritual serum will enable all those who receive it to submit to God, resist and rebuke the Devil, and fight him until he is defeated in your life! As the life of the body is in the blood, there is a spiritual counterpart. Your spiritual veins carry the spiritual life, My Word, which sustains your spirit.

175. In these Last Days, you need to fortify your spiritual life so that you may be able to withstand the attacks of the Evil One. I have given you the keys of the Kingdom. I have given you the weapon of praise. I have promised to give you whatever you need. I now give you the fighting serum of your Father David. I give you the Knights of Victory, mighty beings of valor!—Warriors‚ uncompromising‚ unflinching in their dedication and service to Me, and now available for you, My loves! Call on the keys. Use your weapon of praise. Call for the Knights of Victory if you are in need, and take unto your spirits the fighting serum of David.

176. This serum will make your spirits impervious to defeat. It keeps your spirits strong and the Enemy is unable to enter in. It encases your spiritual veins that carry My Word, which flows through your spirit with an impenetrable casing. The casing acts like steel, and the Enemy's influences are not able to break through. At the same time you are strengthened, you become brighter with the light of My Word, and more resistant to the lies of the Enemy. Finally‚ you are as those I have sent to help you‚ a knight of victory‚ a fighter who loves to fight for Me‚ who loves to destroy the works of the Devil, who joys to proclaim My truth and set the captives free.

177. You are all destined to be My knights of victory, sustained by the fighting serum of David, empowered by My elixir, men and women whose armor is made of the keys of the Kingdom, carrying My weapon of praise! Rejoice! The Knights of Victory are given to the children of David that they may march forth into the period of strengthening to emerge as My mighty army of the End! (End of message.)


178. (Question:) Do we each have a personal "Knight of Victory"? Or are we supposed to call on them collectively?

179. (Jesus:) The Knights of Victory are special reinforcement angels. They are a band of knights who will come to your aid when you need them. They are not necessarily personal spirit helpers, as not everyone would need a personal Knight of Victory at all times.

180. The Knights of Victory are especially for when you're fighting major battles, and when you need reinforcements in the spirit. That is why I have instructed you to call on them as a collective body. In their unity is strength found.

181. You could ask Me for a special spirit helper to help you be victorious if you need more help in this area on a regular basis, and I would give one to you. But it would not be the same as these Knights of Victory, who work together to defeat the Enemy in very difficult and trying times. (End of message.)

[End of box]


182. The Knights of Victory are mighty spirit helpers—knights of light who defy the Devil's darkness. They appear in black armor‚ taking on the surroundings of those they rescue and fight for. Their armor is made up of the keys; their beings‚ the truth of the Word. They have the liberating serum—Father David's fighting serum—to rescue all those in need and to defeat the demons of Hell. This spiritual serum will enable all those who receive it to submit to God, resist and rebuke the Devil, and fight him until he is defeated. It encases your spiritual veins that carry the Word, which flows through your spirit, with an impenetrable casing.

Practical Tips for Learning More About Our Helpers and Hinderers

183. (Mama:) Here are a few practical tips that might help us to learn more about our spirit helpers and motivate us to use them more. Of course, this is only a very short list, and there are undoubtedly lots of other ways you could go about getting the same results. Our Husband has lots of ideas and tips, and He may very well have some for you personally if you seek Him.

  1. Do a study on the spirit helpers and hinderers revealed in the recent GNs. Then make a very brief note on each one—just a sentence or two to jog your memory about what the spirit helper does, or how the hinderer attacks. Then put each spirit helper or hinderer on separate little slips of paper in a jar in your room. Every day, or every few days, choose one of the slips and make a point to call on that spirit helper—for yourself if appropriate, or if not for someone else who you know is battling—or if it's a hinderer, make a point to use that knowledge at least once that day, through rebuking the demon in prayer at some point. As you use each slip‚ put it in a "used" jar. Then when the first jar is empty, replenish your stock and start again. This way, over time you'll become much more familiar with each of the spirit helpers.
  2. Choose a spirit helper or hinderer every week, along with a brief note about what they do, and memorize it‚ like you'd memorize a verse or a key promise. Then once you have memorized the info on a few, begin to review them—again, just as you would review your verses or key promises.
  3. Plan a quiz night or game night for your Home, with the goal being to learn more about those in the spirit world.
  4. Print out pictures of a few spirit helpers that have been drawn in the GNs, or in the Xn, and include beneath each picture a very brief description of their name and what they do. Put them around your room, in your bathroom, or anywhere that's appropriate, and pretty soon you'll know these specific spirit helpers like "friends." Once you know them all well, print some new pictures and start the learning fun all over again.
  5. Choose one spirit helper for the week or the month to be your "buddy." Print or write out their name and what they do, and carry that information with you wherever you go. At every opportunity appropriate, use that spirit helper—in your conversations with others, during devotions or prayer vigil, etc.
  6. If you have a list of the spirit helpers and what they do, and the hinderers and how they fight, bring that list to united prayer vigils or devotions‚ and use that information in your prayers.
  7. Have a spirit helper dress-up night (focusing on major spirit helpers revealed in the GNs, rather than dressing up as any and all departed spirits or saints). Guess who everyone is dressed up as‚ and which hinderers they fight against. Make it a platform to learn more about the spirit helpers.
  8. Play games that help you learn more about your spirit helpers, such as a spirit helper match game. For example, if you have 16 members in your Home senior teen and up‚ you could write down the names of 8 spirit helpers on separate slips of paper, and on new slips of paper you could write down what that spirit helper does. Each person would get a slip‚ and the spirit helpers have to find their "match"—the person who has the description of who they are and what they do. There are many games of this nature that you could play to make learning about your spirit helpers fun and exciting.

(End of File)