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Shooting Straight, Part 8--Letter Links: A Clear Sound of the Trumpet

November 27, 2004

(ML #3512, GN 110 0)

FD/MM/FM October 2004

Listening or Lamenting?

ML #320:1-22, 28-30, DB6

1. (Dad:) I had a dream that a group of us were staying in a French home. You and I had a bedroom way upstairs in this third or fourth floor garret and we were sleeping with a beautiful girl who seemed to be very, very much in love with me.

2. WE CAME DOWN TO BREAKFAST and her father and mother and brothers and sisters and some of our own young people were all gathered 'round the table for breakfast. There were at least a dozen or 15 of us there altogether, like a nice little Home.

3. THE MOTHER and FATHER WERE BEING VERY KIND and HOSPITABLE TO US. The mother had fixed us a good breakfast and the father made a good fire to warm the big room we were eating in, and they were more or less trying their best to be very good to us. Everybody seemed to be happy and having a good fellowship and enjoying it. We had a real good breakfast and everybody was talking and laughing and praising the Lord like we always do.

4. THEN AT THE CLOSE OF THE MEAL I ASKED IF THERE WAS A BIBLE HANDY. I said, "It's our custom in our Family to have a little time of devotion or Bible study and read a Chapter out of the Bible or a Psalm or Proverb and have a little prayer before we go about our various duties."

5. SO THE MOTHER OF THE HOME FOUND A SMALL NEW TESTAMENT, and EVERYBODY STOPPED FOR A MOMENT and STARTED LISTENING. I suggested that we take turns reading the verses around the circle, each one reading a verse‚ as we used to do even when the children were small, in order to hold everybody's attention.

6. BUT PRETTY SOON OUR OWN KIDS BEGAN TO GET A LITTLE BORED WITH THE READING, SINCE IT WASN'T IN THEIR LANGUAGE, and BEGAN TO DRIFT OUT OF THE ROOM INTO ANOTHER ROOM WHERE THEY WERE WATCHING TV, and I could hear the TV blaring away, almost drowning out the Bible reading. I was very embarrassed that our OWN KIDS didn't have enough respect to SIT there and LISTEN!

7. FINALLY I INTERRUPTED OUR HOSTESS and I CALLED OUR OWN KIDS BACK IN AGAIN. I tried not to be dictatorial, but tried instead to firmly invite them, except they knew if they DIDN'T obey voluntarily they'd have to reckon with me later!

8. SO THEY STRAGGLED IN RELUCTANTLY 'CAUSE THEY'D GOTTEN REAL INTERESTED IN SOME GOOD TV SHOW, and they sat down grumblingly, muttering under their breath, "Such a good show!—Why do we have to come back in HERE?" Of course this is all very symbolic: They got so interested in TV they didn't have time for the BIBLE!

9. WHEN OUR OWN KIDS HAD WALKED OUT, THE NEW KIDS SEEMED RATHER DISMAYED BECAUSE THEY THEMSELVES REALLY WERE HUNGRY and WANTED TO HEAR. So, they were happy to see them return, and we began reading again in English. But we hadn't been reading long when, of all things‚ our own kids began to sneak out and watch TV again! Well‚ I was so ashamed and embarrassed about our own kids setting such a bad example!

10. FINALLY ONE OF OUR OWN LEADERS APOLOGIZED AS HE WENT OUT, SAYING, "I'M SORRY, DAD!—BUT IT'S SUCH A GOOD SHOW we just HATE to miss it! Please forgive us, but we've just GOT to see this show through!" So pretty soon‚ sure enough, all our own kids were out watching TV again!

11. BY THIS TIME THE MOTHER and FATHER WERE GETTING A LITTLE RESTLESS THEMSELVES and ANXIOUS TO BE ABOUT THEIR OWN WORK. So the mother stopped reading and went ahead clearing the table while we were reading‚ and I could hear her and some of the girls in the kitchen washing dishes. The father too had disappeared to get ready for work.

12. AT LAST I WAS LEFT SITTING THERE WITH NO ONE BUT YOU and one or two others of the young folks of the foreign family! They were all looking rather sad and disillusioned, for they seemed really hungry and wanted to have the Bible study, but were really disappointed that even our own kids weren't interested!

13. WE COULD HEAR THE TV IN THE NEXT ROOM BLARING AWAY and OUR OWN KIDS WERE LAUGHING and NOISY. I became so angry finally that I got up, slammed the Bible shut and said so loudly that everybody in the house could hear me:

14. "ALL RIGHT! I'M THROUGH! IF YOU'RE NOT WILLING TO LISTEN TO GOD, THEN GOD'S NOT GOING TO LISTEN TO YOU! He's not going to speak to you any more until you're ready to LISTEN!" I just gave up and stomped out of the room and walked back upstairs.

15. I WAS TERRIBLY DISAPPOINTED IN OUR OWN KIDS THAT THEY WOULD WALK OUT ON THE WORD just because they were so interested in this TV show! I thought, "What a terribly poor example to these new kids!"

16. BUT ODDLY ENOUGH, YOU and THE NEW KIDS FOLLOWED ME ON UPSTAIRS!—That must be symbolic too: It was like even though our own kids had disappointed them‚ the new kids still wanted to hear the Words and follow and were hungry and even more sincere and serious and sober about it than our own kids! They apparently felt they really needed it!

17. THE UPSTAIRS "UPPER ROOM" IS SIGNIFICANT and USUALLY SYMBOLIZES INTIMATE FELLOWSHIP WITH THE LORD in prayer and devotion and meditation, the secret place for Bible study and prayer, the "closet".—Mat.6:6. So just this little handful of us went way back upstairs to this garret bedroom apparently to continue this Bible study with the Lord.

18. I COULD UNDERSTAND THE PARENTS and FORGIVE THEM FOR FEELING THEY HAD TO GO BACK TO THEIR WORK. They HAD listened respectfully for a FEW minutes. But if I couldn't even get the attention of my OWN kids, what could you expect from these parents and strangers? So they had slipped quietly out and seemed pleased at least that I was holding the attention of their OWN children.

19. BUT I WAS VERY, VERY ANGRY WITH OUR KIDS! They seemed to have NO RESPECT for our HOSTESS or for the BIBLE reading. But WORST of all, the fact that they so quickly lost interest and went back to their TV show made me just FURIOUS!

20. IT SHOWED THAT OUR KIDS WERE MORE INTERESTED IN THE TV SHOW THAN THE WORD! But I was really pleased that the new kids were so serious, sober and even desperate and hungry that they didn't want to leave me for a moment! Even though they were really disappointed in OUR kids, the new kids were still so HUNGRY for the WORD that they FOLLOWED me and didn't want to leave my side‚ just clinging to EVERY WORD! This one family symbolized the family of God who DID respond. But our OWN young people had lost interest and were more interested in the TV!

21. THE THING THAT REALLY WOKE ME UP WAS THAT I WAS YELLING SO LOUD from upstairs when they said, "Dad, if you'll just come back DOWN we'll LISTEN!—We're sorry!" I just yelled back down at them loudly and angrily‚ "Nothing doing!"

22. "GOD'S FINISHED TALKING TO YOU! HE'S NOT GOING TO SPEAK TO YOU ANY MORE UNTIL YOU'RE READY TO LISTEN!—And furthermore, He's not even going to LISTEN to you until YOU'RE ready to listen to HIM!" It must be that apparently they're so interested in other things that they haven't got much time for the Word!

28. THE AWFUL FEELING I HAD AT THE END WAS A TERRIBLE FEELING OF WARNING, LIKE THE JUDGMENTS OF GOD WERE GOING TO FALL on the kids for their WANING interest in the WORD and their GROWING interest in other things instead!—So that when they cried for HELP under the rod of the Lord's CHASTISEMENTS then HE wasn't going to listen to THEM! He was really going to sock it to them! He was just going to let them suffer for their sin—their REAL sin of not being willing to listen to HIM!

29. IF THEY WANTED TO FOLLOW HIM, THEN ALL RIGHT, THEY COULD! They could go upstairs to the quiet place. But He wasn't going to go chasing THEM around trying to beat them over the head with a Bible to get them to listen! But the hungry and thirsty ones‚ the real sober and sincere and needy and desperate ones—desperate for the Word—those who couldn't live without it—followed even when our own kids wouldn't!

30. I FELT GOD WAS REALLY GOING TO JUDGE OUR KIDS FOR THEIR TERRIBLE EXAMPLE and their disinterest in His Word and being more interested in ENTERTAINMENT than ENTERING INTO the WORD, more interested in ATTAINMENTS in the entertainment of the World, instead of the ENTERING IN of the WORD!

Where Are We Now?—Endtime Update

ML #3027:187-188, Lifelines 22

187. (Mama:) Dad says that the way to be used mightily is to be operating by God's power, and to be within His will, doing what He wants you to do. But the only way you can discover what His will is, is by being yielded to Him and by listening to Him. Both the Lord and Dad seem to be talking a lot about freedoms and choices. Dad says … that people have more choices now because of the new freedoms that they have. The reason that the Lord has given these freedoms‚ and along with them, the choices‚ is so people will learn to seek the Lord, they'll learn to counsel with others and pray, they'll learn what is the right thing and what is the wrong thing by making the choices; they'll even learn by their mistakes, when they make the wrong choices.

188. On one hand, you are given choices so that you will be free to do what the Lord wants you to do. On another hand, it is to teach you to pray and counsel, and to see whether you'll do the things the Lord wants you to do. So many people don't seek the Lord, they just go by their feelings or the things that they have made up their mind that they'd like to do. And when you have decided what you think is best for you, or what would be the most fun, or what you think would make you the happiest, of course you don't want to ask the Lord‚ and you don't want to ask others, because you know they might have a different idea‚ and you don't want it interfering with your plans, because you're determined to do what you want to do!

Prophecies on Yieldedness

ML #3044:67-70, Lifelines 23

67. (Prophecy, spirit helper speaking:) Now is the day of choices, for now are the children of David set free to make their own decisions in a much fuller and greater way, and they are more fully responsible for these choices . This is the way we have set it up, and this is the way we want it to run. Because as the times grow darker and more difficult, the children are going to have to make their own decisions and choices. They are going to have to learn to listen to us and to seek us for our guidance, and for our strength, and for our wisdom, for the gifts that we are unto them. The days of commanding and insisting and pushing and saying, "You must do this and you must do that" are over. For now is the day of the whispers. Now is the day when those who will listen will hear, and those who refuse will not .

68. We have helped to carry this one and to shield her for many years, but there is now a change. This is a day of change, and it is significant. Many things, both there and Here‚ are changing, and the way we will all operate together will change. For the days ahead are dark days‚ and we must all work together in a new way. Now all must make choices. All must begin to hear the whispers and to yield and to say "yes."

69. We are no longer allowed to hedge her about so closely. She is going to have to decide. She is going to have to make her own choices now. We are there to help, we are there to lead, we show the way, but she must stop demanding and insisting. She must begin to yield. For the path from the low road to the high road is going to be much steeper and much longer a climb‚ because the low road descends even faster and the high road ascends even steeper; thus the further down the low road she goes, the further away from the high road she is.

70. So her choices are important. She must choose. She must choose this day whom she will serve. If the Lord be God, serve Him! Say "yes" to Him, and follow closely. But if Baal, the Baal of your own desires and your own mind and your own insistence be god, then serve him. (End of prophecy.)

Problems and Solutions!—Part 2

ML #3070:32-42, Lifelines 23

32. (Jesus:) I wish for My children to learn to hear from Me, to follow Me closely‚ to obey what I say to do, to yield to the ways that I lead them, to hear the whispers, the messages, and to follow in faith. As they learn these things, they shall become more connected‚ they shall become stronger, they shall become more the children of David. They will become more as David‚ as receivers, as prophets, as men and women of conviction and of power and of anointing‚ as My David was.

33. They shall become more confident in Me and stronger in faith, as they see Me perform what I said I would do. They shall become pillars , I say‚ in the Last Days; pillars of light that will shine in the darkness; pillars of strength that will uphold many; pillars of faith that will do miracles, move mountains, call down wonders; pillars to stand strong against the wiles of the Evil One as he goes forth to deceive and to destroy even the very elect.

34. These are the days of the creating of the pillars, of the strengthening, of the growing, of the broadening and the heightening of these pillars. And how do they become pillars?—Through faith, through belief, through drinking in the New Wine, My Word, and through receiving My directions, My Word, My instruction, My guidance themselves; through prayer, through the Word, through prophecy‚ through obedience, through yieldedness.

35. I say to you, My children‚ be not deceived by the Evil One who wishes to keep you from becoming the pillars of God, for he knows the strength and the power and the anointing of the pillars of God. He knows that the pillars of God keep him from his dirty work and destroy and defeat his works, and thus he tries to keep you from becoming the pillars of God. He casts forth his doubts, his lies, saying, "This is not the way to become a pillar; these things are not true." He tries to weaken your faith. He tries to get you to reject the truth, to reject the Word, which is the giver of faith. He attacks My Words; he says they are not true, he states they do not work.

36. He does all that he can to deceive and to defeat you! He has done this from the beginning. He is the caster of doubts, the demon of defeat‚ the Lucifer of lies! And so he tries to cause you to doubt, to lie to you, to defeat you, to keep you from becoming the pillars that I wish for you to be.

37. How do you defeat him?—You drink in My Word. You drink it in in full faith, in full belief, desiring it and wanting it, implementing it, obeying it, yielding to it. You defeat him by resisting, by fighting, and by not surrendering as he tries to lie and deceive and defeat you.

38. For I say to you, if you are entertaining thoughts that the Words I give are not Mine, if you are entertaining thoughts that the Words that are poured forth from your queen‚ from My appointed and anointed prophetess, the Words that she pours forth to you, My Words that have been received by those whom she trusts, whom she loves, and whose prophecies and Words she judges‚ if you are tempted to think that these things are not of Me‚ then I say to you, you must resist, and you must recognize that this is the Enemy of your soul trying to keep you from becoming a pillar of God!

39. It takes time to become a pillar, to have the strength, to have the faith, and it is accomplished by the constant, steady stream of My Word being poured into you, by your listening to Me‚ to My whispers, to My voice‚ and by your obedience and your yieldedness day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. It seems it is a hard road for you, but I say, it is an easy road compared to being in the dark days without being a pillar.

40. To become a pillar of light you must receive the light and be filled with the light, that you may glow in the darkness and that others may be drawn unto you. You will be strong and do exploits‚ and you will feed the people the Truth in the midst of the darkness and lies and deceit that will cover the Earth.

41. So become a pillar of God! Become a pillar through belief, through faith, through the Word, through obedience‚ and through yieldedness. Become a pillar each day, every day, through receiving and believing My Word‚ through hearing from Me fresh each day, through loving Me, through drawing nigh unto Me, through becoming one with Me, that I may fill you with My light and that you may begin to glow today, a little more glow each day through a little more input, taking in of Me and My seeds, through a little more obedience‚ through a little more yieldedness, and through a little more fighting against the wiles of the Evil One.

42. So I say unto you, come unto Me! Come unto Me, you who are weary, you who are heavy laden, you who are buffeted by the Deceiver, you who are lacking faith, you who are doubting the Word. I say, come unto Me! Come into the protection of My arms. Cry out to Me and I will reach forth My arms and pull you in closer. Cry out to Me and fight against the wiles of the Deceiver‚ of the Liar, of the Defeater! Cry out to Me and I will draw you nigh unto Me. Drink in My Word, cry out for faith! And pour My light, My life‚ My Spirit, My Word, My Love into your souls, into your spirits‚ into your lives so that it will reflect on others as you glow and become the pillars of God! (End of prophecy.)

Charter Responsibilities

ML #3197:52–55, 61-67, GN 803

Responsibilities of Individual Members:

1. CM Family members should:

A. Maintain a close connection with God through personal communion with Jesus, personal and united prayer and praise, personal and united reading of His Word (both the Bible and the Letters), Scripture memorization, and the minimizing and resisting of ungodly and unedifying influences in their lives; thus exhibiting the fruits of the Holy Spirit, which are: "love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness‚ faith, meekness and temperance."

52. (Peter: ) The most controversial portion of this clause is the "minimizing and resisting of ungodly and unedifying influences in their lives." This clause has been rather controversial because there is no strict black-and-white definition as to what "ungodly and unedifying" influences are.

53. The points of controversy that have been the most contentious have been the watching of violent or unedifying movies, listening to System music, playing violent or unedifying computer games, foul language, excessive and unwise Internet usage‚ and worldliness in general. The attitude of some has been, "Well, the Charter doesn't specifically say we can't watch super-violent movies, and I really like them. I don't think they're unedifying for me personally; I can handle it." … Or, "What's considered unedifying, anyway?"

54. Perhaps the way to look at it is in reverse: "Is this movie or music edifying for me? Does it help me in some way without being harmful in some other way? Is there some information or some moral value contained in it that will help me to be a better Christian or a better person? Does the movie or music promote things or attitudes that we as a Family are for‚ or does it preach against what we believe?"

55. Of course many movies, even a number of those listed in the Grapevine, are just watched for entertainment. But the question you should ask yourself in your viewing or listening is whether it's edifying entertainment or harmful entertainment. In listing movies in the Grapevine, we try to stay away from entertainment which would be considered harmful. Of course, almost all movies have some measure of violence or unedifying language in them‚ but there is certainly a difference in the degree of negativity a movie contains, as "You Are What You Watch" brings out. If you have a penchant for violent movies and you are watching them a lot‚ then perhaps you should ask yourself, "How is this type of movie edifying for me? Are movies like this doing anything good for me? Are they making me a better Christian or a better Family member? Do the effects of these movies draw me closer to the Lord?"

61. If you are unsure about whether something is unedifying, go to the Word, go to the Lord, counsel with your shepherds and be open to what the Word, the Lord and your shepherds say. And when it comes to movies, if you stick to the ones that are published in the Grapevine and WS movie lists, as recommended in the Charter (Home Life Rules, K.), you're less likely to get off track. Not every movie rated "watchable" is a "top" movie that's going to be really spiritually feeding—but the list is a safeguard to keep you from the multitude of much worse movies out there that are much less edifying or time-wasters or even harmful! But even some of the movies on the Grapevine movie lists may not be for everyone, so you need to be sure to read the blurbs and decide whether you want to watch it or not—whether it's your type of movie or suitable for you or others in your Home.

62. Another question is in regards to how much or how little is "minimizing" these ungodly influences. We tried to be realistic when writing the Charter‚ knowing that it's impossible to completely eliminate every ungodly influence in our life‚ and so we said we should minimize them. This means to cut back on them as much as possible: to usually avoid them.

63. Perhaps you could find a practical definition by using this example: If your shepherd said that you should minimize the amount of times you have to do dishes or some other job or activity that you don't like to do, how often would you do it? Probably not very often—maybe never. Well, that would be your definition of minimize. So if you would minimize something that you don't like to do by cutting back to almost never doing it, then you should apply the same interpretation of minimize when it comes to some ungodly influence and how often you should partake of it.

64. Of course, it's much harder to minimize something that you like or enjoy or have a hankering for. However, our responsibility as Christians is to minimize the influences of the world as much as possible, not as least as possible. The Bible says, "Come out from among them, and be ye separate" (2Cor.6:17). That doesn't sound like just a little bit of minimizing, does it? Please, let's all make an effort to rid our lives of these negative influences and inroads of the Enemy!

65. It is very clear from the Word, both old and new, that some things are unedifying‚ and a steady diet of them is an ungodly influence. There have been a number of GNs that touched on movies, music, foul language, Internet usage and other aspects of worldliness‚ both specifically and generally, and that have clearly stated the Lord's views on them. Whether you realize it or not, regular intake of things of the world does have a detrimental effect on your spirit, and will affect your service for the Lord and loving interaction with others if it hasn't already—all the more so if you're not getting a steady diet of Word to counteract and cleanse you from the System input.

66. Since the Lord's counsel on these matters has been published in the Word, and since you as a Charter Member are expected to read and believe the Word, it is expected that you'll accept what the Lord and we have to say about these things. Whether you personally feel that these affect you negatively or not‚ God's Word says they do, and as a Charter Member you should avoid and minimize them in your life.

67. If you have an inordinate desire to watch violent videos or movies, or you enjoy a constant diet of System music, or you're extremely desirous of the world and its ways, and you do not want to minimize them in your life, but instead you want to fully drink of these cups, then you need to ask the Lord to deliver you. If you can't let go of them‚ then you need to ask yourself, "Why am I a Charter Member? Why don't I move to Fellow Member status where I can do these things and still serve the Lord and be a member of the Family?"

Mama's Memos!—No.9

ML #3243:5-9, GN 845

5. (Jesus:) Be sober, be vigilant, for your adversary the Devil walks about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. He's on a rampage, seeking to halt and destroy and maim My young ones‚ and he will use any chink in the armor he can find to deal a dirty blow to one of My children. Therefore you must be on guard! Gird up the loins of your mind and live soberly and seriously, so that you give no place to the Evil One.

6. I seek for My children and My young ones to dedicate themselves to serve Me every minute of every day—in their activities, in their conversations, in their interactions—and to put aside foolish and childish things.

7. Does your behavior‚ your lack of prayerfulness, your lack of desperation, your taking My protection for granted, open the door to the attacks of the Enemy? … All things are lawful unto you, but not all things are expedient. I've granted you many freedoms through My Love Charter. I've given you the freedom to choose your activities, but not all your choices will have My full blessing unless you seek My approval and confirmation. This depends on whether what you choose to do is necessary and expedient.

8. The key in knowing whether a particular activity is fruitful or wise is found in asking Me and seeking My counsel. For those mature enough in spirit to come to Me with no will of their own, or at least with a willingness to set their own will aside, I can often allow them to participate in activities that they desire, and I can bless and protect them. But those who are pushy and insistent on having their own way, who do not fear Me enough to seek My approval or even seek My protection‚ or to heed the necessary precautions and safeguards, these I sometimes have to teach desperation through allowing some accident or mishap to occur.

9. So seek Me and be desperate for My will in your life—not just in the big things, but also in the little things. Each little decision is important! For in these days of the Endtime‚ and even more so in the days to come, one wrong move or one careless action may cost a life! As I've said before, I say again to you today: Be sober, be vigilant, be on guard, be desperate, be in touch with Me—every minute of every day! (End of message from Jesus.)

The Shakeup 2000—the S2K

ML #3257:26-28, 48-60, 163-166, 207-210, GN 857

26. (Jesus:) The standard has been set; the foundation has been laid. All My children are now held accountable for the multitude of Words that I have poured out. They are without excuse, and ... aware of all that I will require of them.

27. This coming year will be the year of choices and the year of strengthening. Depending on your choices‚ you shall either be strengthened or weakened. The strength of My protection and spiritual force field comes from the choices you make to yield, to sacrifice, to give, to love, to forsake your pride and your independence‚ to live the One Wife vision, to care for others as you would yourself, to humble yourself before Me and your Family. The choices which strip you of your spiritual force field and disarm My protection in your life are those choices of selfishness, pride, withholding, covering up, dishonesty, laziness in spirit, jealousy, a hunger for the world and its material goods, a lack of fearing Me, straying from the counsel of My Word, mocking My messengers or My voice in living prophecy‚ and seeking for your own gain and comfort.

28. Therefore search your heart as to whether you can make one choice this year: the choice to say yes. (End of excerpt of message from Jesus. From ML #3218:19,22,23; GN 819.)

48. (Jesus speaking:) Now as you and your children near the End, you must go back to the beginning, back to the freshness‚ the freedom of spirit, the total break with the world as there was in the beginning. There must be a purging, because the children of David must be kept free from the System and the influences of the world, which, if left unchecked, if allowed to continue as they now are‚ would destroy the Family.

49. I do not speak in exaggerated terms. I do not say these things only to get your attention or the attention of the Family; I say this because it's a warning of the direst nature.

50. The Family is weakening from within. The Enemy has gotten a strong foothold through the compromises, disobediences, doubts‚ love for the world, and divisions that exist. The foundation of the Family, what makes the Family different‚ the requirements of discipleship—to love Me above all else and to love your neighbor as yourself, to take up your cross daily to follow Me, to forsake all and go into all the world to preach the Gospel‚ to live together and have all things common—are becoming masked and are beginning to disappear. This is why the Family is not what it should be, not what it was. This must change if the Family is to fulfill its destiny.

51. All is not guaranteed. It's not that you are destined to be My avant-garde Endtime army and there's nothing that could ever change that. Even that promise is conditional, contingent on your obedience and faith.

52. The requirements to be in the CM Family are stricter and higher than for the FM Family, or for My other children in the church system. You receive the most Word and know the most truth. You are called to be My intimate brides‚ those who receive and obey My Word and know Me better than anyone who has ever lived. Your ministry in the future will be the most crucial, for you who are obedient are those who others will follow. You will be My voice, My heart‚ My life amongst the masses.

53. But all of this is contingent upon your fulfilling your end of the bargain. I've given My Word in huge abundance. I've made available all the weapons that you need for the battle. I've promised and have on hand the new super anointing that you'll need. I've anointed you, My queen and king, to be My Endtime shepherds. But your being able to fulfill your role and your destiny, according to My promises and all that I've revealed, is not only contingent upon your obedience but upon the obedience of your children.

54. The future of the Family is hanging in the balance. The very existence of the Family—My revolutionary, called-out church and bride who forsakes all to follow Me and win others to Me—is in jeopardy.

55. My plan will not be confounded. I will perfect that which concerns My Word and My promises. The Father's Word will be completed. There will be a purification of all men, an end to the evils of this world. The Great Tribulation will come, and then shall the End come. During those dark days there must and will be a voice proclaiming the truth in such a way that it will be undeniable, unstoppable. No man will be able to stop those who are My last voice, My chosen ones to stand before the evil Antichrist and proclaim the truth. It's awesome, terrible, but it's true.

56. This is a calling that was delivered into the hands of David, for I knew I could trust him. I knew he loved Me more than anything else. His heart was pure towards Me‚ and so I lay this cloak of the Endtime army upon him. It was something both beautiful and terrible, rewarding and weighty, inspiring and hard to bear. David felt this responsibility and was moved to desperation. It caused him to constantly seek Me. He stayed pure in heart all the days of his life, never straying from My side and never compromising My Word. He was a man after My Own heart, as King David of old was, and although he did sometimes err or sin, I look upon the heart, not upon the outward appearance. I look upon the spirit, motives and love of My children, and their dedication to Me. Your David stood for the truth even if he felt he'd be the only one standing.

57. Because of the great love and purity of David's heart, the Family progressed, grew, and was strengthened. The Family became a worldwide force to be reckoned with. The Family became known around the world, and many stood in awe, respect, fear, and even envy. There are even now many secret believers, those who watch from a distance but who know in their hearts that the Family is the chosen church for the Last Days, and they know that in time, they too will be compelled to be part of that ragged, bedraggled, persecuted army.

58. Upon the death of David‚ his mantle was given to you, My queen‚ and the mantle that you wore when you stood beside David was given to your king, Peter. You were both perfectly prepared for this awesome responsibility, and though you felt and still feel incapable and weak in yourselves, I have made you My great representatives on this Earth. There is no one who follows as you do‚ who listens as you do, who loves as you do. You have fulfilled your mission, your destiny thus far. You've been all that I needed you to be and more. You've done all that was expected of you because of your great determination to do My will, and your willingness to be made humble‚ weak, simple, almost invisible, that I might be seen and heard through you.

59. You've given Me everything—your hearts, minds, lives, dreams, desires, reputations, and marriage. You've changed anything that needed to be changed as soon as I've revealed it to you. You've kept your priorities right. You've fed My children, both of your own fold and of other folds. You've kept always before you My commandment to “feed My sheep.” In this I am well pleased. There's nothing that I would ask you to do over, to do differently; there's no way in which you have seriously missed the mark in My will.

60. But even with all this, with your utter dedication and selflessness, your lives are not your own and your future is not yours to control. Even though you've done all I have spoken‚ you've followed in My footsteps and you've obeyed in all ways‚ your destiny is still contingent on the obedience of your children. Just as you've had to give all, forsake everything in your heart and mind that was not in line with My will and My Word, and just as you've had to determine above all else that you would be whatever I wanted you to be to fulfill My will and please Me, so must your children do the same.

163. (Jesus: ) I have issued the call to cleanse and strengthen the Family, but this cleansing will depend on every one of you and your personal choices. Your COs and VSs have a great responsibility in this matter. Yet the full responsibility for the spiritual state of the Family does not fall upon their shoulders but on yours ! … You have to do your part!

164. It is the responsibility of each of you Charter members to stand up and fight the Enemy and his attempts to weaken and drag you down through his ungodly and worldly influences. It is your responsibility to make a wholehearted commitment to Me, and to your king and queen, and to resolve to fight with all that is within you to be what I need you to be; to lay aside those things I ask you to forsake; to wholeheartedly embrace the new weapons I have asked you to take up.

165. It is also the responsibility of each of you to be your brother's keeper‚ to help each other to stay on track, and to report the problems and infractions of the Charter that you see. Your first loyalty must be to Me. And that means that you cannot continue to turn a blind eye to those who are disobeying, or cover up for those who are wrong and who are allowing the poison of the System to penetrate and weaken your Home. You too are responsible for the purity of the Family, and you must be faithful to seek and protect that purity of spirit in your own life and Home.

166. It's your Family and your responsibility. Don't you want to receive My abundant blessings? Don't you want to be free from persecution? Well, then, you've got to do your part to make the Family what it needs to be. Your part is to accept, believe, and obey—to accept what I have said, to believe that this cleansing is necessary, and to obey My instructions to shape up and get all the way on board with Me. (End of message from Jesus.)

207. (Jesus: ) This continues to be the day of choices. I've laid choices before My children over the past years. I've told them that they could make their own choices, and that they would have to live with the consequences of their choices. And this is no different; it's simply a continuation. But now they must make what amounts to their final choice—the choice of how much they will serve Me, how dedicated they will be, how much they're willing to sacrifice to uphold the standard, to live My Words.

208. It is in the context of choice that this cleansing will happen. For I will make each individual person, of their own accord‚ make their own choices. This time of cleansing will be based upon the Charter and upon My written Word. I have already laid down within the Charter the rules, the laws, the attitudes that people should have. I've made it quite clear, and people must make a firm commitment within their hearts to obey and to follow and to do that which is written therein, not to merely be hearers of the Word.

209. I wish this to be not only a cleansing but a challenge—a challenge to those who are on board, to go even further; a challenge to those who waver, to make the decision; and even a challenge to those who have turned back in their hearts‚ to leave‚ to do what their hearts show them, to follow the choices that they've made and to live with those consequences.

210. It's a day of choosing, of individual choice.

More on 'The Shakeup 2000

ML #3262:40-41, GN 863

40. (Mama:) It's clear that some of you in the CM Family have been weakened because of your not minimizing or resisting ungodly and unedifying influences. You've eaten the poisonous grass and drunk of the evil wells from the System, and now some of you are quite sick. Probably the most common of such negative influences are watching bad movies, videos or TV shows; visiting sites on the Internet that are not profitable or educational or helpful‚ but which promote ungodly views that are contrary to the Word; reading novels that are obviously full of very negative propaganda or subtle wrong attitudes that are spiritually detrimental, or that have not been approved by your Home; reading pornographic material; playing violent computer games; participating in ugly, divisive e-mail communications; failing to follow the counsel given in the MLs and Family publications regarding listening to System music; using foul language, and going overboard on drinking alcoholic beverages.

41. It is absolutely necessary that you make a definite effort to minimize and resist these influences in your life by applying the New Wine practically and spiritually to your life, and if you fail to do so consistently, you're contravening the Charter and the Charter membership contract and you will be asked to move to Fellow Member status.

Understanding Prophecy, Part 2

ML #3304:100–110, 119-120‚ GN 905

100. (Question:) What effect, if any, does it have on a person's channel if they're not minimizing unedifying and ungodly influences in their life‚ or they just started to seriously minimize, but before that had perverted appetites for the things of the world? Does contact with System music, bad computer games, reading System books, watching violent, senseless or time-wasting movies; surfing the Internet (including not just really bad stuff, but unnecessary general browsing) affect a person's ability to be a clear channel?

101. (Jesus speaking: ) Everything that you take into your mind and spirit affects you. There is no one who is not affected negatively in some way when they partake of System influence via movies‚ music, novels, worldly attitudes put forth in newspapers, magazines, or the Internet. All of that propaganda of the Enemy goes into your being and becomes part of you.

102. If you have a strong foundation of faith, you're less affected, and the propaganda doesn't gain a firm hold in your heart and mind, as long as you take the time to wash yourself regularly with the Word and My Spirit. But if you're weak in faith and you have bad Word and prayer habits‚ then the propaganda from the System has more effect. And it's a cumulative effect, growing more and more harmful with time. The more you take it in and the longer you allow it to remain in your heart and mind, the stronger the influence, especially if you don't wash it away with the Word.

103. Those who have taken in much System influence over time subconsciously develop perverted reactions and thought patterns. That System influence can be in the form of such things as excessive movie watching, or the watching of bad movies‚ or listening to evil music, or playing violent computer games, or receiving the vain philosophies of man. Because of the System influence and their entertaining the wrong attitudes or ways of looking at things, even without their realizing it, they develop a mentality that is ungodly. That ungodly mentality wars against the spirit. It's in sharp contrast to the ways of My Kingdom, but the unsuspecting victim often doesn't realize that their first reactions and many of the conclusions they draw are not Word-based.

104. Because of this, the person is at a disadvantage when it comes to hearing from Me, because they're not in a position where they can easily discern the spirits and judge what voice is of Me and what is not. Their senses have become dulled because they've heard the voices of the Enemy's world for so long‚ so they don't recognize that it's wrong, and that those voices and attitudes and reactions have become a part of them.

105. When a person is in this state spiritually, their prophecies will likely be less pure. Therefore, until such a person gets cleaned up spiritually by taking in massive doses of My Word, having united prayer, and having his thought processes brought in line with My way of seeing things, then he will need to be very careful with his prophecies—careful to seek confirmations and counsel from those who are spiritually stronger.

106. As a person who has been contaminated by the world for a period of time seeks the cleansing power of My Word‚ prayer, and the spirit, they will become a more reliable channel, a clearer one. But it stands to reason that someone who has taken in from the System without limit, who has drunk deeply of the evil wells of the wisdom of man and his perversions, and who has built up a large "database" of stored System values and attitudes in their mind, will have to flush that out and be cleansed and strengthened in spirit.

107. I'm still able to speak to those who are contaminated by a long-term deep feeding of the System, but they must realize their handicap and be very desperate. They must also be aware that there could be some impurities from the Enemy and from their perverted mindsets that can slip into the prophecies because of their weak spiritual state. This can happen because they're not finely attuned to My voice and ways, so when they hear the voice of the Enemy, they don't recognize that it goes contrary to My Word and Spirit, and therefore they're not able to raise a standard against the Enemy's voice on the spot.

108. This is another type of serious tainting of My messages that comes about as a result of the channel being dirtied through System influence‚ especially System influence that has been taken in over a long period of time. This type of tainted prophecy is often characterized by compromise and a general permissiveness that pushes the boundaries and guidelines of the Word and the Charter to the limit.

109. If someone wants to be a reliable channel, one who receives complete prophecies that are the result of great faith and yieldedness, then that person must seek to cleanse their mind and spirit of the ways of the world. If the influence of the world has been great, it will take more time and a conscientious effort to reprogram the channel's mind so that their first reactions and mindset are in line with My Word and the truth, rather than the perversions of the world, and so that they can recognize My voice and discern when the Enemy's voice tries to butt in. If someone has been contaminated by much input from the world, he should take more time in the Word and prayer, and even have a prayer of deliverance.

110. Even if people have good habits in the Word, if they have regular contact with the world through movies, the Internet, novels, etc.‚ they must raise a standard against the influence of that contact through prayer and a plea to Me that I will wash them clean as they drink deeply of the things of the spirit. (End of message from Jesus.)

119. (Mama:) It might look like quite a sacrifice, a real costly venture, to have to minimize ungodly influences, especially when they involve your favorite pastimes. You might be quite dependent on your regular "fixes" of violent movies, since you think all other movies are boring; or surfing the Net to stay abreast of the latest opinions on whatever you're interested in; or peeking in on perverted sex sites, just to "see what's out there." To overcome those addictions is tough!

120. But just remember that while you might feel like you're losing an awful lot by kicking the habit, you have much more to gain. Having a clear, dependable channel will do you a lot more good not just in the future‚ but today, than those other pleasures and entertainments. It's a sacrifice, I know, but the Lord can give you really cool stuff in place of the earthly things you're presently enjoying. I'm talking about the secrets and mysteries and wonders of the spirit world—all kinds of far-out truths.

Issues‚ Part 14

ML #3442:49-51, GN 1026

49. (Jesus: ) You are what you read; the words that you read and take in are spiritual food for your soul. Among the many books in the world, those with obvious negative propaganda will pollute and tear down. Yet don't be ignorant of the Enemy's devices, for those that are strewn with subtle wrong attitudes are often the most dangerous. As you can't always judge a book by its cover, so you must not judge in carnal reasoning by the obvious content—the obvious subject matter—for it's the less obvious to carnal reason, it's the subtleties ‚ it's the twisted wrong attitudes, that work to chip away and to tear down that you must be aware of.

50. If you should read the obvious propaganda, then the blatancy, the forthrightness, and the outright lies are easily seen, and because of that, they are in many ways more easily fought. I don't recommend that you read the obvious propaganda, because taking in lies is not good for your spirit, even if you think you're resisting them. But it's the more subtle attacks, the subtle wrong attitudes, that linger and slowly poison and harm. It's the subtleties that go right to work on the spirit and then, little by little, step by step, drop by drop, they chip away and tear down.

51. Oftentimes it's the slow poison that poses the greatest threat. For when the poison seeps in slowly, it's apt to go unnoticed for the longest time, until finally‚ when detected‚ it's much more difficult and sometimes too late to ward off its deadly threats to your spiritual health and well-being. (End of message from Jesus)

Issues, Part 15

ML #3444:32-34, GN 1029

32. (Timothy:) It was the subtlety of these pleasures that was my demise. I wasn't blatantly indulging in what I considered to be unfruitful or ungodly input. I liked going to museums, seeing the beautiful sights of Italy, being among the jet set and conversing with them‚ reading System books and so on. Now, none of these things on their own, and in moderation and with the approval of the Lord, will lead you astray. It's when it becomes what you hunger after, what you desire, what you look forward to and what you start doing on a regular basis that leads you into difficulty.

33. Some of what I was doing was going against Scripture‚ against the admonition to "come out from among them and be separate and touch not the unclean thing." Only I didn't see these things as "unclean." They seemed pretty harmless to me. It's the subtlety of the Enemy's devices that work on you—the little here and the little there, mixed with little or no connection with the Lord's Word and prayer, which proved spiritually unfruitful and eventually fatal in my case.

34. You can't do what I did and pursue and satisfy the Lord's interests. When you're called to serve the Lord as a fulltime disciple, it's a spiritual principle that whatever you choose to spend your time doing the most, that's what you will become. The amount of time you devote to reading, viewing‚ or pleasure affects you. So if you're not devoting that time to the Lord that is His due, you won't have the strength, conviction or faith you need to do the Lord's work.

Praise Your Way to Victory

ML #3449:81-89, GN 1034

81. (Mama: ) Here's a beautiful message of encouragement from our Husband that one of your WS co-workers and mates received after the Feast. All of us have had to make changes in our lives, and the Lord wants to encourage us that it's worth it!

82. (Jesus:) As you take steps—even little steps day by day—of obedience to Me, moving closer and closer to the center of My will and the high standard of My calling for you, your life will in turn grow richer day by day.

83. The peace of God that passes all understanding is not something that can be comprehended or understood—it's something that you must experience‚ live, and feel and know for yourself. It's not possible to explain to you in words how and why it's worth striving for, but as you begin to live it, you begin to feel it, believe it and know it, and you more than agree that it's worth giving up whatever trinkets may have cluttered your life in order to obtain this pearl of great price.

84. There are no rich gifts or treasures of the spirit that do not come at a price. It always takes a step of faith, or a step of forsaking‚ or both‚ to reach out toward the things of the spirit. But it's in this faith and in this forsaking that part of the joy and reward is found. Forsaking your own will in order to obtain Mine is not merely some form of ritual or exercise or test that I throw around for the sake of it. It's a necessary step toward receiving from Me.

85. It's a spiritual and even a physical law that a space must first be emptied of one substance before it can be filled with another. Therefore it is necessary, if you are to receive the things I have to offer, that you give up some of the things that the Enemy has offered you or given you; or that you have of your own accord chosen to take to yourself.

86. Can you see this? Can you understand it? Doesn't that help you see why it's so important to obey, to follow, to do as I ask, to yield, to submit, to forsake your own thoughts, ideas, desires and mode of operating? The more you do, the more space you have for Me and for the true jewels, beauties, and treasures that are yours to obtain. The only thing that stops you from obtaining them is yourself, when you choose to hold back, when you choose to hold on to what you already have, fearing its loss, fearing the emptiness that will come if you let go. But the emptiness is not to be feared‚ My love. It is to be sought after and treasured, for when you are empty, I can fill you.

87. I fill the hungry with good things. That's a law of My Spirit and My nature. It's irrefutable. It's My promise. You can count on it. I never, ever take something away or ask you to give something up unless I replace it with something of far greater value. I ask you to give up the cheap costume jewelry, yes, but only so that you might then enjoy the beauty and purity of the genuine jewels and pearls that are Mine to give you. But why should I give them to you if you're content with the cheap beads and plaster?

88. If that's all you desire, and if that's what you crave, then it doesn't seem a worthwhile investment or generosity on My part to give you the valuable article. But when I see and know that you desire what I have to give, that you want the real thing, and that you want it so much you are willing to give up everything else to have it, then and only then do I know that My gift and blessing will be treasured, and then do I choose to give it to you.

89. If you want the highest and most precious treasures of My Spirit, you must show Me that you mean business. You must show Me that you want them. You have to empty yourself of the froth and frivolous pursuits and possessions, so that there is a space in your life for the things of highest value. (End of message from Jesus)

Show Me the Money!—Part 1

ML #3462:149-153, GN 1047

149. (Mama:) Holding yourself and others accountable to obey and do what's right is a day-by-day process. It's all about those millions of little decisions that all add up eventually. You can turn things around in your lives and Homes, but it will take a very desperate effort to abandon that lackadaisical approach to life that tells you that you can pretty much do whatever you want and everything will continue as it is without things going haywire or getting bad. That's not true.

150. If you day by day, week by week, month by month ignore the Lord's counsel on any subject ... then your choices to disobey, compromise‚ or just not care about the Lord's Word on the subject will eventually all add up to disaster. Being accountable means that you are educated, you know some truth, and you will either be blessed or suffer loss according to your choices to obey or disobey that truth.

151. You hold your own future in your hands. You literally "control" the Lord's hand of blessing by your choices. It's not that things are going to happen to you and your Home while you're a mere innocent bystander who can't do anything about it. You decide if you'll fail or succeed!

152. To expound on this concept of accountability, of how you will reap the results of your actions‚ here are some excerpts of an interesting news article called "The Formula for Failure and Success":

Failure is not a single‚ cataclysmic event. We do not fail overnight. Failure is the inevitable result of an accumulation of poor thinking and poor choices. To put it more simply, failure is nothing more than a few errors in judgment repeated every day.

Now why would someone make an error in judgment and then be so foolish as to repeat it every day? The answer is because he or she does not think that it matters.

On their own, our daily acts do not seem that important. A minor oversight‚ a poor decision, or a wasted hour generally doesn't result in an instant and measurable impact. More often than not, we escape from any immediate consequences of our deeds.

If we have not bothered to read a single book in the past ninety days [in the Family's case, of course, it'd be more appropriate to substitute "Letter" for "book" in this example], this lack of discipline does not seem to have any immediate impact on our lives. And since nothing drastic happened to us after the first ninety days‚ we repeat this error in judgment for another ninety days, and on and on it goes. Why? Because it doesn't seem to matter. And herein lies the great danger. Far worse than not reading the books is not even realizing that it matters!

Those who eat too many of the wrong foods are contributing to a future health problem, but the joy of the moment overshadows the consequence of the future. It does not seem to matter. Those who smoke too much or drink too much go on making these poor choices year after year after year ... because it doesn't seem to matter. But the pain and regret of these errors in judgment have only been delayed for a future time. Consequences are seldom instant; instead, they accumulate until the inevitable day of reckoning finally arrives and the price must be paid for our poor choices—choices that didn't seem to matter.

Failure's most dangerous attribute is its subtlety. In the short term those little errors don't seem to make any difference. We do not seem to be failing. … Since nothing terrible happens to us, since there are no instant consequences to capture our attention‚ we simply drift from one day to the next, repeating the errors, thinking the wrong thoughts, listening to the wrong voices and making the wrong choices. The sky did not fall in on us yesterday; therefore the act was probably harmless. Since it seemed to have no measurable consequence, it is probably safe to repeat.

But we must become better educated than that!…

Just like the formula for failure, the formula for success is easy to follow: It's by making the future an important part of our current philosophy.

Both success and failure involve future consequences, namely the inevitable rewards or unavoidable regrets resulting from past activities. If this is true, why don't more people take time to ponder the future? The answer is simple: They are so caught up in the current moment that it doesn't seem to matter. The problems and the rewards of today are so absorbing to some human beings that they never pause long enough to think about tomorrow.

But what if we did develop a new discipline to take just a few minutes every day to look a little further down the road? We would then be able to foresee the impending consequences of our current conduct. Armed with that valuable information, we would be able to take the necessary action to change our errors into new success–oriented disciplines. In other words, by disciplining ourselves to see the future in advance, we would be able to change our thinking, amend our errors and develop new habits to replace the old.

The real magic of new disciplines is that they will cause us to amend our thinking. If we were to start today to try harder, and in every way make a conscious and consistent effort to change subtle and deadly errors into constructive and rewarding disciplines, we would never again settle for a life of existence—not once we have tasted the fruits of a life of substance! (End of news article.)

153. (Mama:) This author sheds some light on the concept of accountability from the perspective that you are building your future today. If you make the right choices—which in our Family means if you obey the Lord and the Word—then you'll be blessed. … But if you become deceived, thinking that wrong choices, bad decisions and disobedience don't matter, then eventually you'll find yourself in a mess. And the reason you'll find yourself in a mess is because the Lord won't simply let it pass, He won't let it "not matter," because you know better. That's the crux of accountability.

Choices and Consequences‚ Part 2

ML #3485:203-204‚ 206, GN 1070

203. (Jesus:) You must realize that each day could be your last. No matter how young you are, how accountable you are compared to someone else, or what choices you've made to date—today could be your last day. It could be the day I call you Home.

204. If each of you woke up tomorrow and lived the day as if you knew you would be in My arms by the time you went to sleep that night‚ there would be a revolution of a scale not yet seen in the Family. Some people live as if that day isn't coming. Some people live as if that day is way off in the future. What you must realize is summed up in a quote most of you have heard over the years: "Only one life, 'twill soon be past. Only what's done for Christ will last."

206. "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap" (Gal.6:7). These are My Words. They stand forever. They are not moot because of the time you live in. They will not pass away. If you want to know Me and My mind, then get to know My Words, for in them you will find out about Me. In them you will come to fear Me, and in the fear of the Lord is strong confidence. In the fear of the Lord you will find the beginning of wisdom. In the fear of the Lord you'll find the fountain of life. In the fear of the Lord your iniquity will be purged. In the fear of the Lord you'll find the knowledge of God. In the fear of the Lord you will depart from evil. In the fear of the Lord you will find life.

Faith for the Future

ML #3487:188–190, GN 1081

188. (Jesus:) There are changes to be experienced and victories to be won that will change your life, but it's up to you and the choices you make. Your human determination and resolve will only get you so far, but the energy and power of the spirit—coupled with your will and steps of obedience and yieldedness—will thrust you further. You can choose to just hold on for as long as possible, but why just hold on when you could actually climb and scale peaks? Why tread water to survive when you can swim and really go places? Why sit and simply enjoy the scenery when you can run and explore places you've never been before?

189. Contrary to what your mind tells you, I'm not trying to put you in a box; I'm trying to open your box and expand your horizons. I'm not trying to tie you up in chains of conformity; I'm attempting to release you from the chains that bind you. I'm not trying to hold you down, pull you back, or dump a bucket of cold water on your beautiful life; I'm hoping to lift you up, thrust you forward, and spike your life with more of the warmth of My Spirit. But it's all in how you look at it, the choices you make‚ and how much you're willing to give Me to work with.

190. Give your all, according to the place of service I have shown you is My will! Go the distance‚ and see if I won't meet you halfway. I will if you will. (End of message.)


FJWL 1:48

Beware lest you be entangled with the yokes of the System! Be not charmed by its delicacies. Be not interested. Take not fire into your bosom or you shall be burned! Be not beguiled by their knowledge and by man's wisdom. Be not enticed. Be not overwhelmed by the wisdom of man, the knowledge of this world. Do not let it trap you. Do not let it ensnare you. Do not let it suddenly destroy you. You must not let it use you. You must not let it hurt you. You must not let it destroy your beautiful spirit. Guard against that influence by fighting to stay close to Me (ML #2984).

FJWL 1:219

If two line up to run a race, and one has prepared and practiced and built up his muscles, and the other has done nothing, and they are at the starting line and the gun is fired, the one that is prepared will run the race with speed, with strength, and with energy! But the one who did not prepare will run the race in pain, gasping for breath, slowly dragging behind, yet still running.

You must choose which runner you will be by making those choices today in the days of preparation. Are you taking seriously those things which I am saying to you? Are you learning to tune in to My Spirit and to work together with your helpers—those of the spirit world who can show you things that you don't know and lead you and guide you?

Are you shedding the things of this Earth and becoming more Heavenly minded? Are you setting your affections on things above and not on things of this Earth? Are you living My Words? Are you loving your brothers and your sisters? These are the things that strengthen the spiritual muscles that you will need in the days ahead.

If you want to know when these things will be‚ I say to you, they are coming. They are coming! They are coming! Hearken unto the Herald! For the Herald says, "The days are ahead! The days are coming! The days are almost upon you! Prepare! Prepare! Prepare! Look not to the right hand. Look not to the left. Look straight ahead. Get ready, for the day is at hand!" (ML #3027).

FJWL 1:370

I pray not that you would be taken out of the world, but that you would be kept from the evil. For you must be in the world, yet you are not of the world. Therefore be separate and touch not the unclean thing, and sanctify yourselves through the truth of My Word.

Know that it is one thing to be splashed by the waves, and yet another to dive into the sea. You may walk along the shore and dip your feet into the sea. As you walk along the water's edge‚ although there be moments as the waves come in and go out that your feet get wet, yet are they still firmly planted, safe and sound, on the shore. But should you dive into the water, there is always the danger of the strong undercurrents that will pull you and carry you out to sea. For the waves come and crash and beat upon the shore, seeking that which may be carried out to the sea.

And so it is that as you go out into the world, ministering to those in need—into people's homes, into their offices and public places to witness—you are exposed to ungodly sights and sounds. Your feet are exposed little by little to the water at the shore's edge. You are exposed, yet not carried out to sea. For in these times I do protect you and keep you as you look to Me. The need is there, and I do pour out My protection.

This small amount of exposure helps you to become more aware‚ so that you may know what you are talking about should you be asked if you've heard this song or that; that you may answer a matter in full knowledge and with conviction.

Although you are exposed to the garbage‚ and though you are aware and not ignorant of the filth without, I would that you not swim in these polluted waters. For Satan's sights and sounds are all around; they surround you on every side. And this I pray, not that My Father will take you out of the world as yet, but that He will keep you from the evil. For you are in the world‚ yet you are not of the world. Therefore be separate and touch not the unclean thing.

FJWL 2:64

When men's hearts are empty‚ they are unhappy and unfulfilled. They desire to be happy and to satisfy the hunger that they have. They look around and they see that which is appealing in the System, and they try to fill their vacuum. But what they do not see or understand is that in order to receive the full benefit of My promises, they must fulfill their part—not in name only, or in the things which they think they must do, or for any other motive but to please Me.

This is not easy for some, for they think they will find no happiness in laying down their lives in sacrifice or in surrendering their all to Me. They do not see how that could make them any happier or fill the vacuum that they have in their heart.

But those who give their all in love for Me and yieldedness to My Spirit, laying down their life in unselfishness, experience the true joys and ecstasies of My Spirit which are beyond comparison with anything else in this world! This satisfies the heart like nothing else can. It fills the need and satisfies the hunger. But the only way this comes is through full surrender and yieldedness unto Me, and loving Me.

FJWL 2:156

(Dad:) You've been given freedom in the Charter, so much freedom, but freedom has a price! If you use it wrongly, you lose God's blessing. You lose the power. You lose the joy. Most of all, you lose that strong connection and direction that the Lord gives to His faithful, to those that refuse to compromise and insist on trusting Him every step of the way, knowing that He is going to supply because He has promised that He will!

We're fighting a serious war and the Devil is out to win, and he is trying to weaken you through compromise. I understand and Mama understands that you have so much to do. You really are very busy, but sometimes you lose sight of the fact that the most important thing in your Home is the blessing of the Lord. ...

If you don't compromise and you stay close to the Lord and you live your convictions and you try to do what the Love Charter says and what the Letters say‚ you'll be surprised at all the trouble and problems that you can avoid. If you compromise, you may think you're going the easy way, but actually you're going the difficult way. What you thought was going to be the more prosperous way will be much, much more difficult, with sickness and accidents and persecutions and problems.—Unexpected problems that you never anticipated, because the Lord just won't be able to bless you and protect you as much as He would like to.

If you go the route of obedience you'll be surprised at how the Lord can protect you and keep you from unexpected obstacles and time-wasters and money-stealers. When you have problems in your Homes, it steals your joy and your inspiration, your unity. It's the Devil robbing you of your time and distracting you‚ when you should be putting your attention on the field and on the job at hand and reaching the lost. It's a trick of the Enemy! It's dangerous!

Remember, obedience brings on the Spirit and blessing of God. So naturally the opposite is also true, that disobedience removes the blessing of God. (ML #3046)

FJWL 2:545

Keep your hearts diligently. Be aware of what goes into your heart. Discern what you take in. Distinguish between the right and the wrong, the good and the bad, the evil and the loving. Closely follow the Word and guard your thoughts. For the Enemy of your heart and soul would devour you with his subtle lies and doubts and evil innuendoes. He knows that his time is short.

The crown is now descending, but still can be lost. Hold it fast! Be not as the foolish man who opens his mouth wide and fills it with whatever is given him without thinking or discerning‚ or the foolish woman who desires whatever she sees. Do take in the good, but with all diligence reject the evil. The evil influences are much greater in this time and in this day, and do always try to snuff out the light I have given. (ML #3070)

Word Bascs: The Christian's Relationship to Worldly Society

2A, 3, Word Basics

2. Though in this world, we are not to be part of it:

A. Christians are not part of this present worldly society:

Jn.17:14-16They are not of the world, even as I (Jesus) am not

Rom.12:2aBe not conformed to this world

Eph.2:2,3In time past ye walked according to the course of this world

Gal.6:14The cross of...Christ‚ by whom the world is crucified (dead) unto me, and I unto the world

Phi.2:15The sons of the midst of a crooked and perverse nation‚ among whom ye shine as lights in the world

1Jn.4:4-6They are of the world...we are of God

1Jn.5:19We are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness (malignant evil)

(See also 1Pet.2:9)

3. Our attitude toward worldly values:

A. Caution not to love this present world:

Jam.4:4The friendship of the world is enmity with God

1Jn.2:15,16Love not the world, neither the things that are in world

B. The pilgrim's attitude:

1Pet.2:11As strangers and pilgrims, abstain from fleshly [worldly] lusts, which war against the soul

Tit.2:12‚13Denying ungodliness and worldly this present world; looking for that blessed hope

Heb.11:24-27Moses...choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God...forsook Egypt

Jam.1:27Pure keep unspotted from the world

1Pet.1:17(God) judgeth...every man's work, [so] pass the time of your sojourning here in fear

2Pet.3:11,14Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be

1Jn.2:16,17The lust of the flesh, and the lust of the of the world. And the world passeth away

C. We should resist being influenced by trends‚ fads and media:

Exo.23:2aThou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil

Psa.1:1Blessed is man that walketh not in counsel of ungodly

Pro.1:10My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not

Rom.12:2aBe not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed

1Cor.7:31bThe fashion of this world passeth away

Col.2:8Beware lest any man spoil you through...vain deceit (See 1Pet.3:2-4 re: fashions.)

D. Warning against indiscriminate worldly entertainment:

Psa.101:3I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes

Psa.119:37Turn away mine eyes from beholding vanity

Isa.33:15He that walketh righteously...shutteth his eyes from seeing evil

2Ki.17:15bThey followed vanity, and became vain, and went after the heathen that were round about them

E. The detrimental effect of this wicked world on believers:

2Pet.2:7, seeing and hearing [filthy Sodomites], vexed (tormented) his righteous soul...with their unlawful deeds

2Pet.3:17Beware lest ye also, being led away with the error of the wicked, fall from your steadfastness

F. Peer pressure and influence:

1Ki.12:3-16[King Rehoboam foolishly followed the counsel of] the young men that were grown up with him

G. Don't compromise or tolerate worldly ways:

Exo.23:32Make no covenant with them, nor with their gods

Exo.23:33They shall not dwell in thy land...for if thou serve their gods, it will surely be a snare unto thee

1Tim.5:22Neither be partaker of other men's sins: keep...pure

Word Basics: Discipleship

8-10, Word Basics

8. Discipleship and "losing your own life":

A. Forsake own life, plans‚ ambitions:

Mat.16:25Whosoever will lose his life for My sake shall find it

Lk.14:26If any...hate not his own life, he cannot be My disciple

Mat.6:21Where your treasure is‚ there will your heart be also

Lk.9:59,61[Wrong attitude:] I will follow Thee, first

B. Discipleship—A life of death to self:

Mat.6:33Seek first the Kingdom of God

Mat.10:38He that taketh not his cross, and followeth after Me

Mat.16:24If any man come after Me, let him deny himself

Mk.10:21bCome, take up the cross, and follow Me

Jn.12:24Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die

Jn.12:25He that loveth his life shall lose it

2Cor.5:15They should not live unto themselves, but unto Him which died for them

9. The path the disciple follows:

A. A disciple obeys God's will and follows:

Num.22:18I cannot go beyond the Word of the Lord, to do less or more

Lk.6:46Why call Me, Lord, Lord‚ and do not the things I say?

Lk.14:27Whosoever doth not...come after Me, cannot be My disciple

Jn.2:5Whatsoever He saith unto you, do it

Jn.8:31If ye continue in My Word, then are ye My disciples indeed

Rev.14:4They...follow the Lamb whithersoever He goeth

B. A disciple humbly submits to his pastors and spiritual overseers:

1Cor.11:1Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ

1Cor.16:16Submit yourselves unto such‚ and to every one that helpeth with us and laboreth

Phi.3:17Be followers of me and...them which walk as ye have us for an (example)

1Thes.1:6Ye became followers of us, and of the Lord, having received the Word

Heb.13:7Them which have rule over you...whose faith follow

Heb.13:17Obey them that have rule over you, submit yourselves

C. Disciples obey and follow God, even without understanding details:

Jn.21:21,22What will (he) do? What is that to thee? Follow thou Me

2Cor.5:7We walk by faith, not by sight

Heb.11:8Abraham went out, not knowing whither he went

D. Disciples willingly adapt and change:

Lk.9:3Take nothing for your journey,

Lk.22:35-36I sent you without purse...But now...take it

E. Love other disciples and work in unity with them:

Jn.13:35Ye are My disciples, if ye have love one to another

Phi.1:27With one mind striving together for the...gospel

10. The life of a disciple:

A. Give sacrificially and be willing to call nothing your own:

Mat.5:42Give to him that asketh thee...turn not thou away

Lk.3:11He that hath two coats‚ (give) to him that hath none

Lk.6:30Him that taketh thy goods‚ ask them not again

Acts 2:44,45And all that believed...had all things common

Acts 4:32-35Neither said any that ought of the things which he possessed was his own; they had all things common

1Tim.6:7,8Having food and raiment let us be therewith content (See also Lk.9:23-26)

B. Disciples must be willing to endure hardships:

Lk.9:57,58I will follow Thee...Foxes have holes, but the Son of man hath not where to lay His head

2Tim.2:3Endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ

(See also 2Cor.11:23-28)

C. Be willing to endure persecution:

Phi.1:29Not only to believe on Him, but also to suffer

2Tim.3:12All that live godly in Jesus shall suffer persecution

Acts 15:26Men that have hazarded their lives for Jesus Christ (See also Jn.16:33)

D. Be willing to literally die for Jesus:

Acts 21:13I am ready not to be bound only, but to die for Jesus

Phi.1:20Christ be magnified...whether by (my) life or death

(See also Acts 20:24; Heb.11:35-38; Rev.12:11.)

E. Be zealous and enthusiastic:

Eccl.9:10aWhatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might

Gal.4:18It is good to be zealous...always in a good thing

Rev.3:15I would thou wert cold or hot

F. An unswerving continuance in God's Word:

Jn.8:31If ye continue in My Word‚ then are ye My disciples

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