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Renewal: The Conclusion

Karen Zerby

By MariaFD/MM/FM 3510 10/04

Dear Family,

1. Peter and I love and admire each of you! Through your obedience during the renewal, you have proven, once again, your determination to be maximizing disciples, your faith in the Lord's Words, your dependence on the keys and the new weapons of the spirit, and that you're fighters through thick and thin!

2. Now that the renewal—an important event in all of our lives—is coming to a close, our Husband confirmed that it would be appropriate to do something to officially celebrate its closure—to celebrate and praise Him for the victories, to solidify our personal commitments, to look forward with faith to what lies ahead, and to bathe the new era we are about to walk into with prayer and the power of the keys.

3. When the Lord gave His confirmation and blessing‚ He said:

4. The renewal has been a big deal, the ending of it is a milestone‚ and I want you to celebrate the victories! The celebration itself should be simple for you to plan and enact, mainly because you will be entering the Christmas season, and some of you may already be in the throes of your Christmas witnessing.

5. I am very proud of each of you who have made it through the renewal. Although it brought with it many wonderful gifts and blessings, it took a lot of faith, great grace, and some big sacrifices. In time you will look back on these last 5½ months as an important part of your history as a Family, and as a steppingstone to greater things.

6. As the renewal began with praise, it would be appropriate that it end with praise and thanksgiving. And since the end of the renewal is near the end of the year, it should also be a time of commitment and rededication for the new year.

7. (Mama:) The plan our Husband then gave for the closure of the renewal is very simple—as He said—and consists of some personal time with the Lord prior to November 30, then a devotions/meeting on November 30, and a celebration on the evening of November 30. Here are a few more details:

Pre-November 30 personal P'P assignment

8. Some time before November 30, please set aside some time to take stock of the last 5½ months. This would include praying about what you were most thankful for during the renewal, as well as what personal commitment‚ small or large‚ you would like to make for 2005, the year of strengthening. Your personal praise for the renewal and commitment for the new year would then be shared with your Home during a special devotions/meeting on November 30. On this, the Lord said:

9. At the end of the renewal is an opportune time to make fresh commitments, or cement commitments made during the renewal. These personal commitments need not be long, but you can pray about one thing you would like to commit to doing for Me in 2005. It could be an area of your spiritual life you are committing to change in, a new goal, or something of a more physical nature. This would go hand in hand with you taking the time to pray about what was the most rewarding‚ special, or life–changing part of the renewal for you.

10. So there are two things I would like to ask you to pray about prior to November 30: one personal commitment for the new year, and a specific personal praise to Me for the renewal.

United devotions/meeting on November 30

11. (Mama: ) The schedule for November 30 is very flexible‚ and can be arranged as each Home sees fit. One of the things the Lord has instructed each Home to do, however, is to hold a devotional type of meeting sometime on November 30. It could take the place of your regular united devotions in the morning, or be held at some other time, such as the afternoon. Teamworks, please pray and go with whatever plan the Lord confirms is His will for your Home.

12. The topic of this meeting/devotions is praise and commitment. The Lord has given a special message to read at the beginning of this meeting, as well as a simple program to follow, which includes everyone in the Home sharing their praise for the renewal and their commitment for 2005 (what each person prayed about prior to November 30, as mentioned above), songs of praise and commitment, and a short united prayer/pledge. This meeting doesn't need to be long—between 1 and 2 hours is probably a good time frame.

Evening celebration on November 30

13. The Lord suggested that each Home have a united activity, get-together‚ or celebration in the afternoon or evening of November 30. There is a new message from the Lord to read with some promises for the Christmas season and the year of strengthening, as well as some new toasts from our Lover‚ which you can incorporate into your evening activity—all of which are included at the end of this Letter. The Lord said that the new things He will accomplish through the Family this Christmas are going to be in great part due to our cleansing and strengthening, so we have a lot to look forward to on that front.

14. Regarding the evening activity, the Lord said:

15. I will leave the details with you Homes to decide, as far as what would work best in your situation. Some of you might like to combine and have your evening celebration together with another Home. Others of you might like to do something smaller with just your own Home. You could have an early barbeque or cookout in one Home's backyard, and then read the message and the toasts I've given sometime throughout. Or you could have a candlelight dinner, incorporating the message and the toasts. Some Homes might like to have a dance night, or a game night, or some other activity.

16. The message and the toasts I have given can be included in whatever type of united celebration or activity your Home would like to engage in. I will leave the decision of the type of celebration to each Home, according to what would work best for you. The end of the renewal is a celebration, and should be a special and memorable evening—enhanced and empowered by My Spirit. (End of message.)

Is November 30 a free day?

17. (Question:) Jesus, do You mean for the Family to take a full day off on November 30? Is that Your plan?

18. (Jesus: ) That's an option, but I would not make it mandatory for the Family. It might not be feasible for some Homes to take the full day off at that time‚ as many will have already begun their Christmas witnessing season or their Christmas witnessing preparations. Those Homes who would like to take the day off and enjoy some extra relaxation and recreation as a part of their end of the renewal celebration may do so, but it is not a royal decree.

19. As long as every Home has the united devotions/meeting with the guidelines and instructions I have given, as well as the celebration in the evening, then they are fully within My will. The extra time off, or the Home having a free day, is optional, according to what will work best for each Home.

20. November 30 will be a busy time for many Homes. So even taking time away from their normal work for a special devotions/meeting and an evening celebration will take coordination and sacrifice. If Homes have the time and want to take a free day, they may. But if not, there will be time for My busy Homes to have some rest at the end of the year, or in January. (End of message.)

21. (Mama:) Peter and I love you, dear Family, and we're proud of you—as is our wonderful Husband! You have demonstrated‚ and continue to demonstrate, your ability to rise above and use the weapon of praise, to fight the good fight, to walk forward into new territories with determination. You've also manifested your skill in using the keys to overcome in every area of your lives‚ and your love, loyalty, obedience, yieldedness‚ and submission to Jesus is worthy of honor and praise!

22. Peter and I commend each of you who have made it through the renewal and come forth stronger, cleansed, renewed, revived, revitalized, and ready to face the new challenges ahead! We have so much to be thankful for! Let's celebrate the victories together, and praise our Lover for each one!

Love and prayers, Mama

[Note: Please save the following messages to read on November 30. Those planning the devotions/meeting and the evening celebration may want to familiarize themselves with the material ahead of time.]

Message to read at the beginning of the devotions/meeting on November 30

23. (Jesus: ) Today is a day of celebration and commitment. It is a day for you to rejoice, to praise Me, and to honor My Name. It is a day to look back on the steps you have already taken and to praise Me for each one and for the progress that has been made, while at the same time looking at the road I have placed ahead of you and committing to further progress for Me.

24. You have made it through the renewal, My loves, and I am well pleased. Whether you feel the effects drastically or not, I assure you that you have been cleansed‚ strengthened, revitalized, and renewed. The renewal has been a success—a success for the Family and a success for you personally. It was My will from start to finish, and because you yielded to My will and obeyed My instructions, you are feeling the benefits today as you have grown stronger in Me.

25. Today is a day of celebration! You have every reason to praise and thank Me, every reason to be encouraged and inspired because of the major milestone steps you have taken for Me. It wasn't easy‚ but you didn't give up. More than anything, you wanted to gain the strengthening of spirit that I had promised, and you gave your all to receive My all. Raise your hands now, My darling brides, and praise Me for the victory!

[Note: Stop reading here and sing some songs of praise and some songs of commitment—either with a guitar, a cappella, or by singing along with the songs from our Family CDs.]

26. (Jesus continues:) There have been so many victories!—Victories of yieldedness, victories of submission, victories of overcoming‚ victories of change, victories of rising above‚ victories of overcoming the Enemy, victories of massive proportions. You are not the same person today as you were 5½ months ago. Things have changed in your life for the better. Your Home is not the same Home that it was 5½ months ago. Improvements have been made, and your Home is a stronger Home today than it ever was before.

27. You are now ready, with My help, to begin your new walk into the future. You have passed a great test, you have made many sacrifices to obey Me‚ and I'm proud of you. I have much in store for you, My loves, My renewed Family. Although today marks the end of the renewal, it does not mark the end of My plans for you‚ nor the end of My blessings. As you embark into a new era, as you wrap up 2004 and enter into 2005, you can expect a new beginning, a new adventure, filled with many new blessings. You have made it thus far, and now I am in need of your commitments, once again, to continue on for Me.

28. The era of renewal is over, and it has accomplished My plan. Now you enter the era of strengthening. I could have strengthened you before, but you were in need of cleansing first so that the strengthening would take root and hold. I needed you to forsake your bad habits‚ get rid of ungodly attitudes and opinions‚ overcome your addictions, and make significant spiritual progress, so that when you entered the era of strengthening—which you are now on the threshold of—you would be in the position to be strengthened to the maximum.

29. With the renewal, the body of the Family has been working out to burn off the "fat," the excesses, and the things that were weighing it down—the bad habits, addictions, and attitudes. Now I will begin to tone and strengthen the Family and build its muscles for the future. This is the purpose of the year of strengthening.

30. I am your Coach, your Fitness Trainer, and I'm going to train you, My Family, in the year to come to be better fighters, to have more spiritual endurance, to be winners on all fronts. But before I invest more in you, I need you to make personal commitments‚ telling Me that you want the strengthening, you desire the training, and that you're willing to give it your best shot.

31. During this time today, I wish for you to praise and thank Me for the renewal, for how far you have traveled with Me, and for the benefits of the renewal that you feel in your life. I want you to be specific and personal, to testify to Me—and also those you live with—of at least one of the miracles that I have performed in your life over the last 5½ months. And remember, miracles can be big or small. Any change‚ any improvement, any step of progress that was a result of My power is a miracle.

32. Proclaim My goodness and My power, and make known to others how I have worked in your life. I desire to hear your praises. I long to hear you tell Me that you appreciate the things I did for you, and the positive changes that My plan of renewal brought about. I am your Husband, and I have been working closely with you during this renewal—supporting you, helping you, encouraging you, and guiding you—and I now wish to hear you tell Me something personal that you are thankful for‚ something that has happened in your life during the renewal.

[Note: Stop here‚ and everyone can say their personal praise, something about the renewal that they are thankful for.]

33. (Jesus continues:) Now I wish for you to tell Me at least one thing that you are committed to doing for Me in 2005, or something that you are committing to Me—some part of your life that you would like to dedicate to Me. I have worked in each of your lives, I have taught each of you new things, and you have grown and been strengthened in different areas, so now I want to hear you publicly share—before Me and others—a commitment you are making for Me, or a solidifying of a previous commitment‚ right now at the closing of the renewal and shortly before the beginning of the new year. Your commitment need not be elaborate or wordy or eloquent or long. I see your heart and I know your deepest feelings and intents.

[Note: Stop here, and everyone share their personal commitment.]

34. (Jesus continues:) Thank you‚ My dearest brides. Your praises have brought Me great joy and will cause Me to perform bigger and more noticeable miracles in the days to come. Your commitments have come before My throne and have opened the door of the year of strengthening for each one of you. Your praises‚ your commitments, and My power combined have created an unbeatable force in the spirit today, a force that is preparing the way ahead of you and beginning to pour into each of you the anointing you need for the next era. (End of message.)

[Note: Say the following pledge of commitment unitedly.]

35. I am Yours, Jesus! My life, heart‚ soul, body, and spirit are all Yours! I am here today because of You and You alone! I have been cleansed and revitalized through the renewal because of Your power, because You gave me the faith to obey and yield to You. And now that we are closing the door on the era of renewal and opening the door of the era of strengthening, I once again commit to doing Your will. I don't know what You have in store for me, but I know it's going to be good. Give me the faith, dearest Jesus, to walk into the future with You. I want the strengthening You have in store for me. I desire it with all my heart, and claim it through the keys of commitment. I want to be what You need me to be.

[Note: Play the "Song of Victory" and then close with more praise, a short prayer‚ and a love feast.]

Message to read during the celebration on the evening of November 30

36. (Jesus:) Ahead of you lies a whole new world—new minutes, new hours‚ new days, new weeks, new months to use in service to Me. Everything is new, everything is fresh, as you stand on the threshold of the Christmas season and the new year. Right now I remember your past sins and mistakes no more. They're all washed away with My love and forgiveness. The only thing that I'm focusing on is the progress you have made, the steps you have taken for Me, and the brilliance of your spirit that has come about as a result of the cleansing.

37. You're entering the year of strengthening—which all who want to can be a part of. I know that "year of strengthening" doesn't sound all that fun; and, you're right that it will be hard work and it won't be a piece of cake. But there will be a certain thrill and satisfaction that will come with the time of strengthening—much like how when you're working to get physically fit and build physical muscles, you start to feel excited about it. You become pleased with your progress, you get encouraged when you see improvement, and you feel more energetic and healthy and in shape. All of these are good physical feelings. Well‚ you'll feel special things in the spirit during 2005, the year of strengthening, such as satisfaction for the progress you'll be making.

38. How do I know you're going to make progress and be strengthened? It's because you've proved that you want My help and power and the changes I wish to make in your life through your yieldedness to the renewal. You didn't give up, you didn't quit‚ and that shows that you are in My training course for the long haul and you want all that I have to give you. Plus, you've committed to Me again today.

39. During the year of strengthening you're going to see more clearly the purpose for the renewal, and will continue to see the benefits of it in your life. Some things you see and understand now, but other things will become clearer with time. But trust Me, the renewal was just the beginning‚ and it paved the way for what I have in store for you during the year of strengthening. I couldn't have brought you into the next grade if you hadn't passed the last one—but pass you did‚ and with flying colors.

40. This Christmas is going to be better than any before it, because your priorities are focused on the things that really count. I know you want to give and sacrifice and put in the hours so that as many souls as possible can come to know Me this season, because you have grown less selfish and more like Me. I know you want to use this special time to reach out to everyone‚ those in the world and those within your own Homes, because you have learned more the joy of giving, the importance of love and the power of unity. I know you want to give this Christmas season your best shot, your all, because you have learned to give Me more of yourself—more of your own plans and ideas, more of your heart and soul and spirit.

41. I will use each of you to do something special for Me this Christmas. Whether you're a full-time witnesser or not, I can still use you to witness and show My love. And as you do your part, as you step out to witness and love in the ways you can—whether those ways are big or small—then in turn you will be rewarded with My special Christmas gifts this year. Some of the gifts will be physical—needs that I will supply, wants that I will bring to your doorstep. And some of the gifts will be spiritual—the kind that money could never buy.

42. My darling brides, this Christmas I'm sending you‚ My renewed brides, out to reach the lost. I need you to make a difference where you are, and touch the lives of those around you. Do something new, something out of the ordinary. Don't settle for the way you've always done things, or the witnessing methods you've always used at Christmas. Stretch yourselves and your faith. Remember that you're new creatures in Me now, and therefore you have the capacity to be used of Me in new and greater ways.

43. So enter, My loves, into the Christmas season, and from there go forth into the year of strengthening. The adventures I have planned for you have only just begun, and happy and strong will all My brides be who continue to walk with Me.

44. I am your Good Shepherd—and not only your Shepherd, but also your Husband—and I promise that you will not lack for anything that is within My will to give you.

45. I will bring you to green pastures and restore your spirit every time it is weary and tired, and let you rest beside still and peaceful waters.

46. I will lead you in the paths of My righteousness, with My truth and promises and powerful weapons ever by your side—because I have need of each of you, My brides, to be strong and able in Me.

47. Even if you walk through dark valleys, or face the possibilities of danger to your body or spirit, or endure deep and trying experiences‚ I will give you the power to not fear; I will grant you the keys of rise–above power.

48. I will be with you through everything—the hard times and the happy times. I will keep you through My instruction and guidance, and comfort you in times of trial.

49. I have set you in the midst of a world full of greed and hate for a reason, to give the truth to those who thirst after My Spirit. You are in the world, but not of the world, and I give you My power to shine My light into every dark corner.

50. I anoint your heads with oil now, the oil of My anointing for the year ahead. The cups of your spirits are filled to overflowing with everything you need in order to do My will.

51. My goodness and mercy and love and strength will follow you everywhere! You will dwell in My house forever—first My spiritual house on earth, which is a symbol of My protection and anointing, and then My house in Heaven as a reward forever for your service to Me.

52. Merry Christmas, My brides! Happy New Year 2005! It's going to be an unforgettable Christmas and New Year—with souls won, lives changed, and each of you in My Family strengthened. (End of message.)

Toasts for evening of November 30

A toast to the renewal

53. Thank You, Jesus, for the blessing of the renewal! It has changed our lives in ways we've already seen, and ways we will yet see. We've gained through the renewal gifts of the spirit that are priceless. We honor You for Your great foresight in knowing that it was just what we needed in each of our lives. Let's toast and praise our wonderful Husband, Who does all things well!

A toast to the year of strengthening

54. Three cheers for the year of strengthening—a year where we'll learn to be better fighters, gain more spiritual endurance‚ and become winners on all fronts! It's our goal to be the best disciples we can be, the humble brides our Husband needs us to be‚ and those who are going to make the Enemy and every demon in Hell tremble like never before! We are weak in ourselves, but will grow strong with the grace and power and anointing of our awesome Lord. To the era of strengthening!

A toast to the Revolution

55. May the fires of revolution never die out! By God's grace, we will always be revolutionaries in spirit—radical, believing, receiving, doers of the Word. No matter what comes our way, may we always be willing to follow You, the greatest Revolutionary, the Essence of Truth, and the Source of the Word that keeps us Your new church, Your radical brides, Your new bottles‚ Your iconoclasts. To the Revolution for Jesus!

A toast to the Word

56. Here's to the most important ingredient in our lives, the food that keeps us strong‚ the substance that gives us faith, lights our way, answers our questions, refreshes and renews us‚ combines with the keys to make a powerful and unbeatable force, and keeps us alive in spirit! To the Word!

A toast to the new weapons

57. Let's toast to the Law of Love, One Wife‚ the gift of prophecy, the weapon of praise, the keys, the gift of loving Jesus, and all of the new weapons we have been privileged to receive and be instructed in the use of. May we continue to prove ourselves worthy of such great gifts by using them to the full and growing more dependent on them and skilled in wielding them by the day. To the new weapons that aid us in fighting and winning!

A toast to our spirit helpers

58. Hip, hip hooray for our spiritual support team, our comrades in arms in the spiritual realm. We couldn't do without our many helpers who assist us whenever we call on them. May we continue to grow in working together hand in hand and in letting them assist us. We call on the keys of insight, spiritual sensitivity and awareness, faith, and openness to our helpers. Here's to greater unity and communication between us!

A toast to the Family of the future

59. Here's to the Family of the future‚ which, as a result of our yieldedness and crazy faith and obedience to Jesus, will be stronger, happier, more fruitful, more united, and filled with His Spirit like never before. By His grace‚ we will be a humble Family, but strong in our Husband and able to tackle the new challenges He will bring our way. To the Family of the future!

A toast to Christmas 2004

60. As we raise our glasses, let's raise our arms to our Lover in praise and thankfulness for the Christmas witnessing season that lies ahead. He has promised that it will be a memorable Christmas, because as a result of the renewal our priorities are clearer, our desire to win the lost is stronger, and our obedience to Jesus has strengthened our faith for His supply and abundance. We will never forget this Christmas, because it will be a season of souls won, lives changed, and miracles performed that we will cherish in our hearts forever. To a wonderful Christmas witnessing season!

A toast to our Lover

61. We praise and honor You, our greatest Lover, with all of our hearts! You have never deserted us or failed us! You have been with us through thick and thin, in sickness and in health, when we're weak and when we're strong, when we're up and when we're down. You're a Lover we can depend on, Someone Who knows all of our sins and weaknesses, but You love us anyway! Who is like unto You? To our Husband—Jesus!

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