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Shooting Straight, Part 7--Letter Links: Discouragement During the Renewal

October 4, 2004

(ML #3506, GN 1095)

FD/MM/FM August 2004


ML #33:9-23, 25-31, DB 4

9. MY GRANDFATHER USED TO SAY, "IF YOU MUST GO TO HELL, AT LEAST DON'T LET SOMEBODY ELSE STUMBLE OVER YOU INTO HELL‚ TOO!" But this isn't possible, because everybody has influence! "No man liveth to himself, ' no man dieth to himself." Your life is bound to affect others! "No man is an island!" Sometimes just a word or a glance or a smile can make a big difference—how you look or sound or seem! If it's not cheerful ’ victorious ’ uplifting it's bound to hurt somebody ' pull them down with you! You're either going to pull people up to your level or drag them down to yours—one or the other! You're going to either be hot or cold eventually!—And lukewarmness is the worst form of coldness because it doesn't know it's cold! Just a little bit of doubt, a little bit of fear, a little bit of complaint, a little bit of discouragement can grow ' grow until you're totally defeated ' a terrible influence on others!

10. IT SEEMS INNOCENT ENOUGH AT FIRST, ' THE DEVIL TRIES TO PERSUADE YOU IT'S NOT SO BAD—BUT IT HAS A BITTER END! There's no standing still! You're either climbing ’ getting to the top, or you're sinking ' drifting downward!—And when you start going down there's no stopping place until you hit bottom—unless you repent ' ask God to forgive you ' snap you out of it ’ chuck the whole damn caboodle of lies of the Devil ' all your doubts ' fears ' discourage­ments ' forsake all ' follow Jesus ' His Word ' His Promises! The future is as bright as the promises of God! You've gotta keep your eyes on Jesus because there's no other way to look but down.

11. YOU'RE GOING TO EITHER BE POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE—ONE OR THE OTHER! You can't be just a little bit of both! That's what the Devil will try to tell you: "It doesn't hurt to be just a little down, a little bit sorry for yourself! After all‚ you deserve to enjoy just a little bit of discouragement so you can get a little bit of sympathy from others! Why not? Misery loves company! Let's make everybody else a little bit miserable, too, so we can all enjoy it!"

12. LISTEN, BROTHER, THE MINUTE YOU START LISTENING TO THE DEVIL, YOU'RE DONE FOR, because there's no end to it! He'll never quit until he's got you completely down at the bottom, totally ' utterly out of the victory‚ ' a terrible reproach to the Cause ' a curse to everybody else around you. That's the result of putting his kind of doubts ' fears into words ' sharing his lies with others! It has just the opposite effect of witnessing the Truth of the Word of God! It gets others down ' unhappy ’ discouraged ' doubting ' fearing ' finally murmuring ’ complaining just like you are.


14. SO IF YOU'RE DISCOURAGED, FRIEND, FOR GOD'S SAKE DON'T PUT IT INTO WORDS, whatever you do! Don't VOICE your doubts ' fears! Others have enough troubles of their own without you dumping on them!

15. WHEN THE LORD SAID, "BEAR YE ONE ANOTHER'S BURDENS," HE DIDN'T MEAN THAT KIND—a burden of doubt ’ anxiety ' a lack of trust ' faith in God! He meant to get under the load somebody else has ' help them to lift it—not dump yours on top of somebody else.

16. HE SAYS‚ "LET EVERY MAN BEAR HIS OWN BURDEN." You can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth you! Ask God for help—' if you really are overloaded, He'll help you! If you really need help, tell it to JESUS first of all! "Cast thy burden upon the Lord ' HE shall sustain thee!"—Psa. 55:22. Just roll it over on Jesus ' roll over ’ go to sleep-' let HIM stay up all night! Don't worry about it! Let the Lord do the worrying! His shoulders are broad enough to carry any load—all the burdens all put together, including His Own!

17. Every one of us is a hell of a mess ' if we don't keep our eyes on the Lord ' our minds on His Word we're doomed to defeat, doubt, disillusionment ' final failure! Let go of those damn doubts ’ fears ' discouragements ' devilish burdens put there by the Enemy ' hang on to the Lord! Hitch your wagon to His star ' there'll be no stopping you!

18. SOME OF YOU SEEM SO FEARFUL THAT GOD ISN'T ABLE, that you're like the guy that was crossing the ice-frozen river on his hands ’ knees fearful that he was going to break through ' drown, when all of a sudden he saw a double team of horses coming pulling a load of pig iron confidently over the very ice on which he was so hesitantly crawling! Let me tell you: God can handle any load you want to give Him! He can stand anything but your damn doubts, fears ' lack of faith! This He cannot stomach! "For without faith, it is impossible to please Him, for he that cometh to Him must believe that He is, ’ that He is the rewarder of them that diligently seek Him."—Heb.11:6.

19. YOU'VE GOTTA HAVE SOME FAITH ' BELIEF IN GOD—OR YOU'RE SUNK! FOR WITHOUT HIM YOU'RE SUNK! WITHOUT HIM YOU'RE NOTHING! If you don't hold onto the Lord, you're lost! Anything ' everybody can get you down! In fact, almost nothing! The slightest little provocation, exaggeration, insinuation, or little remark—’ you've had it! Your skin is so thin you can't take it—that nice Christian polish you have turns out to be nothing but on the surface—' all it takes is one little scratch ’ you can see the horrible sight underneath! Or your spiritual balance is so delicate that nobody dare touch you or it will tip you off balance ’ you'll crash!

20. SOME PEOPLE ARE SO DAMN DELICATE THEY CAN'T TAKE THE SLIGHTEST PRESSURE—they collapse because they're not holding onto the Lord; they're not standing on the Word; they're not believing in His promises! They're depending on some damn self-righteousness of their own, some depraved greatness they think they have! And let me tell you, that kind of sanctimonious hypocrisy can't stand the shock treatments of the Devil! It shatters very easily! Then everybody's given a terrible look at all the horror within, because you didn't really hold onto the Lord!

21. "ALL THROUGH LIFE‚ MY BROTHER, IF YOU'D BE A HAPPY SOUL, KEEP YOUR EYE UPON THE DOUGHNUT—' NOT UPON THE HOLE!" "Keep your eyes upon the goal, ’ the victory in your soul; always shout, never doubt!" When the Devil tempts you to get down and discouraged—fight! Don't even listen to him, much less surrender! Start doing something POSITIVE! Start saying something cheerful ' encouraging.

22. DON'T JUST SIT THERE: DO SOMETHING—SING, SHOUT, PRAISE THE LORD, QUOTE SCRIPTURES! SOCK IT TO THE DEVIL WITH THE WORD! That's the way Jesus did it when the Devil tempted Him ’ lied to Him! He just quoted the Scriptures: "It is written!" The Devil is a liar, ' the father of it ' he can't take the Word! RESIST the Enemy ' he'll FLEE from you! Put on the helmet of Salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the shield of Faith, to quench all the fiery darts of the Evil One; be girt with the Truth ' shod with the Gospel of Peace, ' take up that white–hot sword of the Spirit, the Word of God, ' cut the Devil to the heart! Tell him to get behind ' run—that you have no part in him ' he has no part in you ' he's got no business there!

23. GET BUSY WORKING! GO OUT WITNESSING! HELP SOMEBODY ELSE! GET SO BUSY WITH THEIR TROUBLES YOU CAN'T THINK ABOUT YOUR OWN DAMN SELF! Get so busy trying to make somebody ELSE happy, you can't help but be happy! Praise the Lord! Pray without ceasing!

25. LET'S TALK ABOUT JESUS! LET'S GET POSITIVE! LET'S TALK ABOUT THE NEEDS OF OTHERS! Let's talk about the good things! "Whatsoever things are honest‚ whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, ' if there be any praise, think on these things!" Speak evil of no man—even yourself!

26. KEEP YOUR EYES ON JESUS! GET BUSY HELPING SOMEBODY THAT NEEDS HELP—' FORGET YOUR OWN DAMN, STUPID SELF! Of course you're a failure! You're a hell of a mess! We ALL are! When we start looking at ourselves we'll REALLY get down!

27. "NOW UNTO HIM THAT IS ABLE TO KEEP YOU FROM FALLING, ' to present you faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy," commit your way, your life, your mind, your thoughts, your time! "For I know Whom I have believed, ' am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day." Only He can do it! Just give Him a chance! Let go—' let God! Keep your eyes on Jesus! Let's talk about Jesus! As you pour out, He'll pour in, ' you can never outpour Him!

28. THE OTHER DAY I WAS TRYING TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET SOME SCUM OFF THE SURFACE OF A POT OF WATER, ' every time I tried to pour it off myself it just got worse stirred up with the rest! Finally, I got the brilliant idea of sticking the pot under the faucet ' turning on more water so it would cause the water level to rise in the pot ' the surface to overflow, ' all that junk on the top just rolled off ’ went down the drain!

29. THAT'S WHAT GOD DOES IN THE REFINING FIRES OF HIS TRIALS ' TESTINGS! He puts you under the fire‚ ’ He brings you to a boil, so all the scum ' dross comes to the top where everybody can see it! You don't have to tell them about it—they'll just watch you while you're going through it! They probably already knew it anyway! It just didn't show until God put you on the fire—but that brought it out! That's what the fire's for—to bring out the meanness in you—to show how bad ' impure you really are—' then get rid of it—boil it off—let it go down the drain—get it off your chest! Get rid of it!

30. BUT FOR GOD'S SAKE, DON'T TELL US HOW BAD YOU ARE! WE DON'T WANT TO KNOW! WE WANT TO THINK ABOUT JESUS! Let's talk about Jesus! Don't voice your doubts ' fears ' lack of faith ' your crimes ' sins. We want to hear about Jesus—keep our eyes on Jesus!



Every burden becomes a blessing,

When I know my Lord is nigh!"

Old Bottles

ML #242:8–9, Vol.2

8. THE DEVIL CAN NEVER WIN. THE ONLY WAY HE CAN GET THE VICTORY IS TO PERSUADE YOU TO QUIT‚ that you have a hopeless cause, so you might as well as give up and quit and surrender and leave the field to him.—It's no use, he says.

9. THAT'S THE ONLY WAY WE CAN EVER BE CONQUERED, IF WE STOP ATTACKING AND GIVE UP AND STOP HAVING THE FAITH TO TAKE THE INITIATIVE, stop attacking and winning new publications, new disciples, new tactics, new fields. Then you are doomed to defeat. You've already lost. ANYONE IN OUR RANKS WITH THIS ATTITUDE IS ALREADY LICKED BECAUSE HE HAS LOST THE BATTLE OF THE SPIRIT! He's given up and fainted in his mind, and his body will soon faint with it, and he'll quit and backslide.

Greater Victories

ML #727, DB 1

1. YOU NEVER HAVE A VICTORY WITHOUT A BATTLE, and their are some battles you have to fight your whole life until your dying day!

2. But you have to keep getting the victory!

4. LIFE FOR THE LORD IS NOT SOMETHING ABOUT WHICH YOU JUST SAY, "WELL‚ HALLELUJAH! I MADE THAT VICTORY! I got over that, now I'm free! I don't have to forsake all anymore, I don't have to hurt anymore!

5. "I don't have to suffer anymore! I've got the victory! I've won the battle and war is over‚ and now I'm going to settle down and be selfish and unsacrificial and enjoy life!" But David said,

6. "I will not give unto the Lord of that which hath cost me nothing!" (2Sam.24:24) He was saying, "It's got to hurt to be worth something! It's got to be a sacrifice!" What is a sacrifice? It's something you lay on the altar! It's something you kill! But you have got to keep doing it every day!

7. Every day He'll probably have you sacrifice a little more to see if He can trust you with more responsibility, if you can become stronger and tougher and a better fighter.

10. YOU HAVE TO FIGHT THE DEVIL AND YOUR OLD SELF EVERY DAY! You are a new creature, yes!—But boy, how that old self likes to try to pop up again!

11. It's a battle every day—especially with your besetting sins—"the weights and the sins that so easily beset you" (Heb.12:1), like your selfishness and laziness and jealousy.

12. You never stop battling, you never stop winning victories, you never stop progressing or you'll backslide! You can never stand still. You don't just get the victory once and for all over some besetting sin‚ you have to keep fighting it. But the more you win, the easier it gets, with His help.—On that one!

13. Either you are growing or you are dying! It's all or nothing at all! Once you've started on this road, there is no turning back, or you'll turn into a pillar of salt, solidify and die! (Gen.19:26) "Remember Lot's wife!" (Luke 17:32)

14. You gotta keep going, you gotta keep sacrificing, you gotta keep forsaking, gotta keep fighting everyday!

15. (Maria: Well, what's the end purpose that the Lord's trying to bring about by making you sacrifice more and more every day? What's that supposed to do?)

16. IT COMES DOWN TO THIS WHOLE THING OF LIFE: IT IS TO PREPARE YOU FOR THE NEXT LIFE, when in the Millennium you are going to have to learn how to run the whole world over a bunch of wicked, stubborn, rebellious people!

17. We're just like little children spiritually. Every day a child has to eat a little more. Yesterday's food is not enough for today. Yesterday's exercise and play and work is not enough for today.

18. He's trying to make you stronger every day and make you able to give a little more, sacrifice a little more, suffer little more, fight a little more, grow a little more!

19. He wants you to grow into the full stature of a full-grown mature Christian that is a real fighter for the Lord and a real soldier and able to really stand a lot of responsibility, a lot of suffering, a lot of giving‚ and can do a big job, not just little ones.

20. SO FOR GOD'S SAKE, LET'S LEARN OUR LESSON TODAY and get it down pat so we don't have to learn this one over again tomorrow! Amen? Praise the Lord!

21. But don't get me wrong! Some things do get easier! You don't usually have to fight the same battles over again if you get the victory! Otherwise it would be too hard and a losing game!

22. God bless you and help you gain greater victories every day! It's really thrilling to look back and see your own progress!—To look back down that rugged mountain road you've just come over and to see you're really getting somewhere!

23. But it's even more to look forward and up to heights you're soon to attain and views you're soon to thrill to if you keep fighting, climbing, winning and don't quit!

Faithful Servants

ML #1373:61, GN Book 5

61. (Dad:) IF THE DEVIL CAN'T DISCOURAGE YOU ANY OTHER WAY, HE TRIES TO BELITTLE YOU ’ BELITTLE WHAT YOU'RE DOING ' sneer ' ridicule ' make fun of you ' your task ' try to convince you that you're nobody ’ you're doing nothing. I know, because he's worked that one on me plenty of times. Well, now I know he was a liar, praise God!

God's Chess Game

ML #1951:13,18,25-27, Vol.16

13. (Dad: ) I'M SURE THE DEVIL TELLS SOME OF OUR PEOPLE, "WELL, YOU'LL NEVER AMOUNT TO ANYTHING, you'll never be anybody, because look at all the mistakes you make ' look at the faults you have ' look at the drawbacks you have. Quit listening to the Devil! That isn't so!

18. When the Devil keeps reminding you of your faults ' your mistakes ’ your shortcomings ' when you've got it twisted, you've got it wrong or you've pulled some boners, it helps remind you that you can't make it, you're no good‚ you're a sinner, you're wicked ' evil at heart.—If it weren't for God ' His grace ' His goodness in you ' His Salvation in you, you'd never make it! "All have sinned ' come short of the glory of God! There's none righteous‚ no, not one!"

25. I WANTED TO BE SOMETHING FOR THE LORD ' DO SOMETHING GREAT FOR THE LORD, I even used to think it would have been nice if I could have been one of those great men of God ' done something great for Him. "But not me‚ I'm too wicked, sinful, sexy ' carnal, I make too many mistakes. I'm nobody, look, I'm not doing anything to speak of, just peddling tracts ' getting kicked in ' out of church after church ', "Nobody wants me, everybody hates me, I'm going to go out in the garden ' eat worms!"

26. BE HONEST‚ THAT'S THE WAY YOU FEEL SOMETIMES! That's what the Devil tells you‚ that's how he lies to you, ’ that's exactly what he says! So you decide to give up ' go out in the garden ' eat worms, back to the Pit! The Devil loves to convince you of that! Why don't you slap him in the face with it like Jesus did with the Scriptures? "It is not I that live, but Christ that liveth in me! And the life I now live, I live by the grace of God!"

27. "OF COURSE, DEVIL, YOU DAMNED SATAN, OF COURSE I'M NO GOOD, of course I can't do anything right, of course I make a Hell of a lot of mistakes ' I'm wicked ' sinful ' sexy ’ all the rest, ' I'd be a lot worse if it weren't for God!" But praise God, how am I going to make it?—I'm not, I'll never make it, but God will make it in me! "It is Christ that liveth in me! It is God that liveth in me! It is not I that live, but Christ that liveth in me! Ye shall have that mind in you which is also in Christ Jesus!" (Gal.2:20; Phil.2:5)—Amen? Do you understand? That's what it's all about! "For where sin doth abound, grace doth much more abound!" (Rom.5:20)

How to Overcome Discouragement

ML #2750:14-23, 30-37, DB 11

14. (Mama:) It is possible to live above worry and above fear‚ and above discouragement! Of course, you're still going to have those first little "fiery darts" of temptation, the Devil's going to try to whisper them in your ear. But you don't have to entertain them! It doesn't have to keep going on. You'll still have those initial thoughts, you'll have those moments, the momentary battles, that's just the temptation.

15. As soon as you realize you're being tempted to become discouraged, if you'll beat the Devil back with the Word and refuse to give place to him at that point‚ then you'll have the victory and you won't have to worry, you won't have to be discouraged! It may take a few minutes, it may even take a few hours, to fight the battle.—But that doesn't mean you've "given place" to it (Eph.4:27). As long as you're fighting it in the spirit, as long as you're desperate not to give in to it, then you're not giving place to it. You're doing what the Lord says, you're being obedient, and you know you're going to get the victory.

16. But if you don't put a stop to discouraging thoughts by really resisting and fighting them and giving no place to them when you're first attacked with them‚ and if you yield to that discouragement, it's going to be a much greater battle and harder fight for you to pull out of it and get the victory. You may think it's really a big battle and tough fight just to resist and get rid of those initial feelings, but you'll find that if you don't fight discouragement or worry or fear initially‚ if you give the least place to it, it can then get a hold on you and gain a foothold in your life. The battle you have to fight in the beginning is nothing compared to the one you'll have later of trying to get out of deep discouragement once you've let yourself fall into it!

17. So when I tell you not to be discouraged, what I'm saying is to fight that discouragement from the beginning and don't yield to it! Of course, we can't help but have those negative thoughts sometimes, and we can't help but have those initial feelings of depression sometimes; they're feelings that we're bound to get. The Devil can just fire them at us sometimes through nothing we've done, through no fault of our own. The Devil is allowed to bring a feeling of discouragement or depression over us sometimes, but we do not have to accept it. We do not operate by feelings!

18. We go by fact, faith in the fact of God's Word! So what we need to do when the Enemy attacks us with those negative feelings is just fight it with the Word! Fight that oppression in the power of the Spirit with the Word of God, and don't let it overcome you! Don't give in to it! Don't say, "Oh, well, I guess it's because I've blown it, I've done something wrong, so I deserve to feel discouraged." Forget it! God damn the Devil!

19. Of course we've done wrong things, of course we've made mistakes! So what?! Don't allow that discouragement! That discouragement is from the Devil‚ so fight it! Of course we're all wicked and sinful and full of faults! And if you've already made a mistake‚ you're just going to make things worse by getting discouraged over it! Two wrongs don't make a right, and it's certainly not going to help matters one bit for you to pile one wrong on top of another by allowing yourself to be lured into the Enemy's trap of discouragement!

20. So whenever you feel like, "Oh, I deserve to feel discouraged. After all‚ I must have blown it. In fact, I'm always blowing it, so I really deserve to feel discouraged, I deserve to feel condemned," rebuke it! You do not deserve to feel condemned and you don't deserve to feel discouraged! You're not to give in to those feelings! We walk by faith and not by sight, and not by feelings! (2Cor.5:7).

21. So I'm now telling you‚ do not be discouraged! And when you get that initial feeling of discouragement sometimes, you don't have to give in to it.—Just fight it from the beginning! As soon as you start to feel discouraged, as soon as you start to worry, just hit the Devil in the face with the Word and slam him back! Get on the attack and you'll put him on the run! Just don't give place to those feelings; they're of the Enemy! Anything negative like that is of the Enemy!

22. So maybe I should reword what I'm telling you a little more accurately and say, "Don't stay discouraged!" We can't really help but get some of those initial feelings sometimes, but we don't have to stay in that place, we don't have to give place to the Devil.

23. It's also good to remember that "One can chase a thousand, but two can put ten thousand to flight!" (Deut.32:30). Whenever you feel that you're getting hit with those initial feelings of discouragement, if you can't get the victory over them pretty quickly, within a few minutes or a few hours at the most, then you'd better go to some spiritually strong person and ask them to pray with you, to help you fight in prayer against that attack of the Enemy. This is something you should do any time you're discouraged. "Confess your faults (or trials and battles) one to another, and pray one for another that ye may be healed!" (Jam. 5:16).

30. When we turn away from looking at the Lord and we begin to look at circumstances and look at supposed problems, supposed mountains, then we can't even see the Lord any more because we're so busy looking at the mountains! When actually, the Lord says if you have your eyes on Him and have just a little tiny faith as a grain of mustard seed, you can say to the mountain "Be removed‚" and it will be cast into the sea! (Mark 11:23).

31. Looking to the Lord and His Word is what gives us that kind of faith. Then all of a sudden, the mountain is gone! When we're looking at the Lord we can't even see the mountain any more, and actually, it really isn't there! It was just "lying vanities" in the first place! "All things are possible to him that believeth" (Mark 9:23). "For with God, nothing shall be impossible!" (Luk.1:37). "According to your faith be it done unto you!" (Mat.9:29).

32. We live in a world of the spirit! We live in a miracle world! We live in the supernatural! So the obstacles and problems we encounter can't stop us; they don't even exist when we have the faith! In other words, there are no mountains in our way, nothing is in our way! We're God's supernatural children, we're filled with the Lord's Holy Spirit‚ we have Jesus and we're crucified with Him; nevertheless we live, yet not us, but Christ liveth within us! (Gal.2:20). And all power is given unto Him, and therefore unto us! (Mat.28:18). And He can make the mountains melt away, so that the things that be are as though they were not (Rom.4:17).

33. Most of the mountains in our lives are usually fears and worries and condemnations and discouragements and jobs that we think have to be done. But for us, fear should not even exist, worry should not even exist, it has no place in our lives! So when these kinds of mountains build up, they really are "lying vanities!" They shouldn't even exist‚ they shouldn't be there. They don't make any difference with the Lord. They're not real to the Lord, they're just the Devil's lies!

34. Of course, the pressing work we have to do, the urgent business and emergency situations that come up and must be tended to, these things are real, they are there and they are problems and they do need to be dealt with. But the pressure we feel because of them is something that shouldn't be there. We don't have to have that. Again, that is a lying vanity. Because the Lord says His yoke is easy and His burden is light, and if we leave it with Him, if we "cast all our cares upon Him," then how can we have any cares left? (Mat.11:28-30; 1Pet.5:7).

35. I'm reminded of the little song:

"Why should I be discouraged?

Why should the shadows come?

Why should my heart be lonely

And long for Heaven and Home?

"For Jesus is my portion

Unfailing Friend is He!

His eye is on the sparrow

And I know He watches me!

His eye is on the sparrow

And I know He watches me!

"I sing because I'm happy!

I sing because I'm free

For His eye is on the sparrow

And I know He watches me!"

36. And there's another little song that goes:

"When your fears grow mountain high

And would block your pathway,

Wait, oh wait upon the Lord,

Believing while you pray.

"Then your eagle wings will grow,

Upward, upward, up you'll go!

Over, Hallelujah, over,

With the mountains far below!"

37. In other words, when you're looking from way way up above, down at the mountains, they just look like little specks, and that's what they really are. They're no longer obstacles, they're not even mountains any more. They don't present any problem to you any more when you've gone to the Lord in prayer‚ and when you've claimed His Word and His promises. It was just lying vanities that made them seem like such big mountains in the first place. So, praise the Lord! TYJ!

Problems and Solutions, Part 4

ML #3072:105-117‚ 121–141

105. (Dad speaking: ) It's time to wake up to who you are and what you are and what God is going to do with you—right now, today! Because it's happening, it's here, and this is it! This is marchin' time! You've been hearing this all your life, but now you must open your eyes. Don't fall for the Enemy's tricks when he tries to push your nose down to the ground, or so close to the forest that you can't see the trees. Don't let it happen to you, because the future is here and the future is now.

106. This is the day to take a stand! Choose ye this day whom you shall serve! If God be God, then serve God. But if Baal be God, then serve Baal. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord! Are you with me? This is my message to you young folks and you older folks and the entire Family. Because this is the day of march! It's marchin' time and I need those who like to fight the Enemy with the Word of God! I need those who are willing to fight and die for their Family, for their brethren‚ and for the truth. Is that you? Are you with me? This is a call to arms, and I need those who are willing to take up the challenge!—Those who want to do more than just sit in a Home and eke out a mere existence and just barely scrape by.

107. I need fighters who know how to go on the attack, who are not going to be scared out at the Devil's first boo, or even his second and third boo! I need fighters who like to fight and die for the truth with the weapon of the Word, and who enjoy defeating the Devil. I need conquering heroes that like to live and fight and die for Jesus and the Family and the truth!

108. Are you with me? Are you willing and ready to fire back, fight back, and take a stand? This is the day to stand, Beloved! You have had the truth poured out to you in great measure. ... You've had plenty of time to think things over and pray and decide what you personally want to do with your life.

109. And now, Beloved, this is the day to make the stand! And if you choose to stand with the Lord and with me and with the Family—well then, it's time to act like it! For God's sake, and for my sake, and for the Family's sake, if you are with me, then act like it, because I need fighters!

110. If you don't like to fight, what are you in the Family for? We are fighters! I'm a fighter! I love the battle! I love the fight, because I know I am fighting on the right side, the winning side that cannot and will not lose! I know I am fighting for souls that are worth winning, and goals that are worth attaining! Are you with me?

111. If you could only see into the Heavenlies at this very moment! Well‚ that's why I'm here—to help you see, to give you the vision!

112. Without a vision, the people perish. What do you have a vision for? If you find that your vision has been a little impaired, if it has grown a little cloudy, well, just get out there and see what is happening all around you and open your eyes to what is going on in the world! Open your eyes to what is going on right there in your Homes with your brethren! Ask yourselves, do they need your help?

113. I'm losing my patience with some of you folks who are bellyaching about this problem and that problem, and getting your eyes off the goal! When are you gonna get it through your thick heads that all these problems you think you've got are for a reason, to help you sharpen your sword? You don't become a sharpshooter without any target practice, for goodness sake!

114. You folks need to be checking your own hearts and asking yourselves, "Am I lying down on the job and letting that ol' Devil walk right over me?" I want each of you to … ask yourself this question: "What am I doing about it? Am I doing all I can? Am I giving enough and sacrificing enough? Am I taking a stand? Am I dying daily? Am I fighting the Devil daily with all I have in me?"

115. Or are you guys inviting Mr. and Mrs. Doubt and all their little Doubtlets right in, pulling up a chair for them, and inviting them to have a tea party? Goodness me, of course there are problems! If there weren't any problems, why would we need to fight a war?! Everybody's got problems. God's got problems! He has the problem of Satan and all his demons who are fightin' a relentless war to win the hearts and minds of men! And he's not just fighting to win the hearts and minds of those outside in the System, he's fighting hard to win your heart and your mind‚ and the hearts and minds of your loved ones, your brothers and sisters right there in your Homes! So ask yourselves, are you willing to fight?—To fight for yourselves and fight for your brethren?

116. We are at war, Beloved! War is brought on because of problems! War is full of problems! Our problem is that the Enemy is fighting hard to defeat us, and I need fighters who are willing to hold the banner of David high, and fight on to win the war! The Devil cannot win if you don't give in! But you've got to fight!

117. Since when are we going to let a few little problems stop us? Where are the Martin Luthers who are willing to take a stand and say, "Here I stand! I can do no other!" Where are the John Paul Joneses who are willing to shout back, "Hell no, we haven't even begun to fight!" Where are the Joan of Arcs who are willing to lead the troops into battle, and to even burn at the stake if need be, for country and homeland? Where are the Bravehearts who are willing to stand firm and strong, courageous and unafraid? Where are David's mighty men?

121. Who is willing to stand with me? Who is willing to fight with me? Who is willing to rise above the petty problems and seeming difficulties and fight the Devil? Who is willing to lift the standard high and fight on in spite of troubles and difficulties? Satan is playing for keeps. He knows that his time is short and he is pouring it on!

122. What did you join the army for, anyhow? We are an army! We are a family‚ but first of all we are an army! And if you have made the decision to be in the Family, if you have made the decision to be in my army, the army of David, then it's time to get your marchin' boots on!

123. We are in a war, Beloved, and I need those who are willing to fight and die for Jesus, for me, for the Family, and for the truth! I need those who are willing to hold the banner of David high! I need those who are willing to keep sacrificing, keep forsaking, and keep fighting every day!

124. Are you with me? I need those who, when one battle is over, look forward with excitement and anticipation to the next one! Those with the "do or die" spirit who are willing to fight on in the face of despair, who are willing to stick to the fight when they are hit the hardest. I need those who are willing to take initiative, who never stop having faith, and never stop attacking! This is war, and the Enemy is playing for keeps! I need those who are willing to keep wielding accurately the sword of the Spirit‚ cutting the Devil right where it counts—dead center in the heart!

125. I need fighters! Are you with me? Choose ye this day! And if you choose the army of David‚ it's time to rally 'round the banner. All Heaven is rallying! All Heaven is rooting! All Heaven is marching! Are you with us? This is my call to arms to you. Put on your armor! Lift the banners!

126. I need those who are willing to fight and give their all! I need those who are willing to break down the walls of disunity and division between the generations and among peers. I need those who are willing to give no place to evil, those who are willing to fight with everything they have in them to unite as one Family, one strong army, prepared and ready to charge into battle! I need those who are willing to sacrifice to win others. Those who are willing to put aside personal desires, to forsake selfish desires and plans in order to sacrifice for the Family‚ to win the lost and usher in the Kingdom of God on Earth!

127. I need adults who are willing to lay down their lives and sacrifice in order to win the younger generation. And I need younger generation adults and teens who are willing to sacrifice at all costs, and lay down their lives to win their younger brothers and sisters. I need adults and younger folks alike who are willing to sacrifice and lay down their lives‚ to fight and live and die for Jesus, for me, and for the Family. I need expendables—willing to burn out on the altar of sacrifice, wear out as tools of His design, die that others may live!

128. I need those who are willing to arm themselves with faith and love and prayer and face the foe, to dispel the lies of Satan and to fight on and win the battle! I need those who are willing to refuse to give up‚ who refuse to give in! I need those who are willing to lay aside the sins and the weights that would beset them and fight on! I need those who are willing to forsake worldliness, those who are willing to forsake carnal ideas and carnal ways and keep their eyes on Heaven, keep their eyes ahead on the goal.

129. I need those who are willing to set their face like a flint and march forward, unashamed, unshaken by circumstances and conditions around them. I need those who are willing to march in where angels fear to tread and claim the land! I need those who are willing to take a stand, who will not be confounded, but who choose to lean on the mighty hand of God! I need those who are willing to go ahead by naked faith alone and win the battle! I need those who are willing to wage war at my side, not on the side of the right or the left, but on the side of the only One Who is really right—Jesus, our Lord and King. I need brave soldiers who have guts and conviction! I need soldiers who are bold and brave and unafraid—who are willing to fight back!

130. Are you with me? The battlefield is calling! The bugles are sounding, Beloved! This is it! This is the day that all the prophets have dreamed of! This is the day that I have dreamed of. (Tongues) Thank You Jesus! Blessed are my eyes to behold this day!—The day of march of the army of David! This is the day for which the army of David was created! This is the day of the children of David! Hallelujah!

131. Are you going to answer the call of the high commission of the army of David? … Are you with me?

132. (Tongues) Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! Jesus, help them to see! Rally the troops‚ Lord! Help those who You are calling to take up their shields! Help them to lift their swords and fight! Help them to stand strong and fight the battle, wielding accurately the Word of God, and cut the Devil to the heart! (Tongues) Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord! Help them to fight! Forward march! Help them to attack! Help them not to take no for an answer.

133. Give me fighters, Jesus, who like to fight and win! Help these, Your children, Lord, to keep fighting; not to be discouraged, but to keep on believing and not quit! Help them to get stirred up‚ Lord! Help them to be militant! Help them to stand guard day and night. Help them to be positive and rise up and fight the Devil! Give them courage, Jesus! Thank You Lord!

134. If you could only see, Beloved! If you could only see! The Lord and His angels are far more powerful than the Devil and his demons! Even Satan has to obey your commands in the Name of Jesus. But you have to command him! You have to fight! We who have Jesus have more power than Satan. Oh, the power I hold in my hands! It's the power of Jesus! It's the same power you hold in your hands, if you will just fight and tap in! There is no power that is greater than Jesus and me.

135. We've been called‚ Beloved. We've been commissioned. The army of David has been commissioned to lead in this final hour. We've been commissioned to lead them into the promised land. Are you with me? If so, take a stand! Stand strong and loyal, willing and ready with whole hearts to live and fight and die for Family and loved ones. Give me fighters!

136. This is the day of fighters! Rid me of the half-hearts, the namby-pamby, string-for-a-backbone lukewarmers! Give me hot or give me cold. The Lord has purged the ranks, and now the bugles are sounding in the Heavenlies. The bugles are sounding for those who have taken the stand, and they are beckoning—forward march! Many were called, but few have been chosen, because few made the choice to follow all the way. But you, my Gideon's band, I challenge you today! Are you with me? I challenge you to gird yourselves, to baptize yourselves constantly in prayer. Soak yourselves in the Word, quote it to the Devil and to yourself‚ and wage a militant warfare against the Enemy!

137. This is war, and you've got to go on the attack! Wage an offensive! Fight! Hit him hard! When the Devil hits you hard and heavy, that is the time to hit him back hard and heavy. Don't lie down and let him walk right over you—hit him back! There is a time to be calm and a time to be angry. And when the Devil is fighting hard to steal away your little lambs, when he is fighting hard to start fires of disunity and dissension and discord‚ when he is hitting hard with confusion and doubts, that is the time to hit him back! Get angry! Shout, curse and scream at him! Sock it to him with the Word! This is war! Sock it to him!

138. The army of David marches on! Are you with me? If so, all Heaven is at your command! This is the day all the prophets have dreamed of, Beloved. This is the day of the army of David! There are many circles, many degrees of discipleship‚ and all have their place. But the army of David has been chosen! We are commissioned to lead in this final hour! I need those who are willing to give up anything, do anything, share anything, for Jesus and the Family and your brethren and the Truth!

139. Are you with me? If so, raise the banner high! Lift up your swords! Look to Heaven's reward! This is it! This is where the excitement begins if you keep on fighting and don't quit! The bugles are sounding, as the armies of David march on! They are cheering for us, Beloved! All Heaven is cheering! Praise the Lord! We cannot lose because we are on the winning side! Are you willing? There is no limit to what God can do!

140. The day of march has come! Are you willing to live and die for what you know is the truth? Are you willing to face the foe and free those caught in his snare? Are you willing to make the sacrifice to win hearts and minds and souls for the Lord? Lift up your swords, it's marchin' time! If it's not worth dying for‚ it's not worth living for!

141. Are you with me? Give me fighters! Beaten men will compromise and walk the beaten path, but let all my mighty men of David stand up and be counted!—Men of faith who will challenge both men and Satan's wrath! Stand up and fight! The strife will not be long! This day the noise of battle; tomorrow the victory song! Hallelujah! Forward march! Love, Dad. (End of prophecy.)


#76, 79, 132‚ 181, 312

FJWL 1:76

I have allowed this time of testing in your life, even though at times it seems to you to be unfair and unjust and too difficult to bear. But know and understand that in Me you will find the strength you need to carry on. After you have suffered for a while and passed through this Jordan of breaking and testing, this trial of your faith, you will enter a glorious Promised Land, and your life and the lives of your children will once again be filled with joy and love! At that time, you will see these Words and promises which I have given to you fulfilled in full, and you will know that I have not lied, but My promises are true.

So do not cast away your confidence in Me. Do not let the Devil steal your Halloween Wheel of power by falling into discouragement and despair. Continue to trust Me, and see My hand and My love even in the smallest things of your life—in the supply of every small need, in the keeping of your health and strength‚ in the keeping of the safety of your children in a dark, dark land. These are tokens of My love to you. Your children's love for you is a manifestation of My love for you, and the brethren's care and concern for you is a manifestation of My love for you. And these Words for you are a manifestation of My love for you.

So do not be fearful of what the future holds, for there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There is a rainbow at the end of the storm and a pot of gold awaiting you—the pure gold of God's promises fulfilled in your life.

FJWL 1:79

(Apostle Paul speaking:) In my time on Earth I saw many afflictions. I was shipwrecked at sea and spent a day in the water. I saw the high waves crashing all around and it was very frightening. I was not delivered out of it but I was kept through it. I was beaten and I was stoned and I suffered sickness.

Many times I felt so discouraged that I felt like giving up‚ but I knew I had to keep going. I saw much hardship, and many times I felt defeated physically, mentally and spiritually. At times I would think, "I've endured so much, and I'm so tired!" But I knew I could not give up‚ for I knew there was a great crown of righteousness laid up for me.

In my defeat, in my discouragement, and in my despair‚ I carried on faithfully. As I did‚ these things came to pass, and I was brought through them. The storms did not always end when I wished them to. I had to go through the beatings and the stonings‚ but the Lord always gave me the grace, and afterwards comforted me, healed me, kept me‚ and rewarded me.

Our Lord kept me and protected me, even through the storm, and even through the beating, and even through the stoning, and even through the persecutions, and even through the discouragement. He did not deliver me from these things‚ but He kept me through them.

So when the storms come and beat high upon your ship, and it seems as if your vessel is breaking into pieces, trust. And even if your ship does break into pieces and you are cast into the waters and the waves are overwhelming you, trust. If the stones of persecution are being cast at you, trust. If the scourging of the Enemy's lies is being meted unto you, trust. For our Lord is always there, and He does not suffer you to be tempted above that which you are able to bear, but He makes a way to escape.—Not always to escape from the affliction or the battle or the test, but you can escape through trusting.

So don't let go! Hold fast to that crown—that crown of joy, that crown of life, that crown of service, that crown of reward. Set it not down. Hold it. It is well worth it to hold on through all the depths‚ for when you do, you have great reward there upon the Earth, and abundant great reward Here in the Heavenlies. For we are watching and we are helping, but it is you that must make the choice.

Once you choose to hold on, then we can spring into action and help even more. But you must choose. You must take the step of faith; that is for you alone to choose. So be not fearful to undergo whatever it is that is sent your way—your testings, your trials, your purgings. But know that He is faithful to keep you in all your tribulations‚ and through your tribulations, and beyond your tribulations (ML #2987).

FJWL 1:132

Learn to glory in your infirmities, that My power may rest upon you. Look not at your weaknesses‚ your NWOs, as a burden, but see them as blessings. See them as I do—as stepping stones to greater glory and greater power.

And know that because of this, Satan tries to twist and lie and burden you with doubts and discouragement about yourself. He does blow way up and out of proportion your faults and the faults of others. He does magnify them in each one's eyes, in a feeble attempt to stop My power, for he knows that should you see as I see, he will be defeated. He knows the power; he knows the formula; he knows the match—that your weakness and My power equal strength‚ an impenetrable force which brings the victory—and which brings on Satan's defeat and his downfall.

Therefore do not fall for this ploy. Do not blow up your problems and faults bigger than they are. Do not look upon your shortcomings and fall into the depths of despair. Do not question and say, "Lord, why have You made me thus?" But lean these shortcomings on Me. Trust in Me, lean on Me, and I will carry you through. I will carry you over the mountain of shortcomings‚ the mountain of lacks and hindrances, and on to the bright horizon of a new day!

FJWL 1:181

To the many who struggle or are tempted to quit, who wrestle with the doubts of Satan, who fight discouragement, who wish to lay down the fight and come to Me—to these I say, stand fast‚ hold on, for these things are your Jordans. Each man's Jordan is different. Each test and trial is different, specifically tailored to you and your needs, to the lessons that I would have you learn, to the victories that I would have you win‚ and the things that I would have you to overcome.

Keep your eyes focused on the shoreline—not on the movement of water or the strength of the current, but only upon the shoreline. Keep your eyes on Me. Keep your eyes on the victory, on the blessings, and be not swept away in the swift current. Go forward in faith, trusting, knowing that you enter into the land of promise, the land of blessings. Hold on and don't let go—like Jacob who wrestled with the angel, and though maimed, received the blessing of God! (ML #3017).

FJWL 1:312

The Enemy walks about as a roaring lion, as a monster or beast of prey, seeking whom he may discourage, seeking whom he may cast down, seeking whom he may confuse and afflict with doubts. This is the Devil's machination today. He knows how discouragement, despair and hopelessness cripple the soul, and wound and weaken the spirit. Therefore he tempts all with great discouragement.

You have endured much confusion, because you have not understood why your battles have intensified, why they have become heavier and stronger at a time when it seems to you that you have made the right choices, launched out by faith and sacrificed of yourself.

My dear one‚ the Enemy attacks you in a greater way now that you have stepped out and are pioneering new territories, giving more of yourself and your life to Me than ever before. The Evil One hates this and is doing all within his power to render you useless in your service to Me by striking at your very inspiration, and causing your heart to feel such discouragement.

But I offer you a path of light, a path of encouragement, a path of courage, cheer, hope and inspiration! I hold out My hand to you. My arm is outstretched, willing to lift you out of the despair and darkness that surrounds you‚ out of the intense discouragement and the heaviness of heart which you are experiencing. I long to wrap My arms about you and tell you of My love for you.

Come into My arms, My dear one‚ and abide under the shadow of My wings!


#93, 251, 427, 453

FJWL 2:93

(Dad: ) You don't have to worry if you feel you're a mess. We all are! But Jesus is everything! Just talk about Jesus. Forget about your problems and their problems, and just talk about Jesus! Praise Jesus together and love Jesus together, and you can't go wrong! When folks see that you're just like them, when they see that you also stumble and fall, but that you're letting the Lord pick you up again, and you're giving all your trials and problems to Him and letting Him carry you through, this will encourage their faith!

The fact that you feel like a mess and you continue on—praising Him, loving Him and loving others—that's what matters! The fact that you have problems but you keep giving'm all to Jesus, and keep trusting Him to hold you and to see you through, that's what's important. That's what counts—utter dependence on the Lord!

Keep loving the Lord! Keep running to His Word! Keep depending on Him every minute throughout the day, for everything in your life, at every turn! Keep tuning in and listening to Him and following Him—that's what counts! This is what others need to see; then they'll be inspired to do the same. They'll know that if the Lord can do it for you, He'll do it for them.

For goodness sake‚ people don't need to see perfection. What folks need to see is someone who depends utterly and completely on the Lord. When you feel like a horrible mess and you still trust the Lord‚ that's what's important! We're all a horrible mess without the Lord!

FJWL 2:251

(Dad: ) If you find yourself going through a rough spot, just hold on! If you find yourself at wits' end corner, don't give up! There's always a bright and sunny day waiting for you just around the corner, if you don't give up! There's life, happiness and joy just beyond the bend in the road. There are fun times and fulfillment and dreams to come true, a little further than you can see. So if you give up now, you're going to miss all of the beauty and love that the Lord has stored up ahead for you. You wouldn't want to do that, would you?

I know life is a fight. I know it's a struggle. These years are difficult‚ tough and trying. It's the trying of your faith, but it works patience and patience works love. You've got to keep the faith, you've got to keep that hope alive in your heart. Trust the Lord. If you can do that, then everything else will fall into place.

When things look like they're getting worse and worse, that's the time to just hang tight. That's the time to not worry about the future, or to begin planning your escape route. That's the time to just sit still and wait. Get quiet and alone with the Lord. Think back to all the other times in your life when you were going through a time of real purging. Didn't it eventually end? You've never kept going through the same battle day after day, month after month, year after year with no relief or cessation from the battle. That's just not how things go. So you don't have to worry about feeling like this will last forever. It's going to pass.

All things pass away, except for Jesus‚ of course. He never passes away. He'll never leave nor forsake you. He'll hold you tight and you and He will weather the storm together. He'll cover you with His love and with His strong arms and shield you from the storm. You might get a little wet from the rain pouring down all around you, but Jesus will bring you through safe and sound, if you'll let Him. You've got to let Him carry you.

You've got to let Him know that you trust Him. You've got to tell Him that you're going to see it through—that you're not going to jump ship. You've got to commit yourself and tell Him that come hell or high water, you're going to hang in there and put your trust and confidence in Him. Though He slay you, yet will you trust in Him. That's the kind of faith that works. That's the kind of faith that gets results. That's the kind of faith that God blesses.

FJWL 2:427

(Dad: ) The greatest power of the Enemy in the Last Days will be through doubt, discouragement and fear. So you need to learn to fight the Enemy, to be able to recognize his wiles‚ his attacks, and know how to fight back and win. Because the Devil is playing for keeps! He's not fooling around—he's serious! He's out to destroy the Lord's children, and especially the children of David, because he knows we're a threat to his power and his plan.

We're his greatest enemy on Earth, and he's doing everything he possibly can to undermine faith in the Word, to cause our kids to doubt the Word, to doubt the Lord's truth. Because if they doubt the Word, then they won't go to it or read it or study it or memorize it, and they'll lose their power. Because that's where the power is, it's in the Word! The Word is the Lord! The Word is the Spirit! The Word is the power! So one of the Enemy's greatest attacks is to get our folks to doubt the Word. (ML #3070)

FJWL 2:453

Satan has desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat, but I have prayed for you, that your faith fail not. And your faith will not fail if you just keep fighting. With your last breath, keep praising‚ keep trusting, and keep holding on!

For there will be a reward. There will be a rainbow after the storm. There will be a greater anointing, a greater understanding, and your questions will be answered. Your pain will cease, and there will be a brighter day after you cross over the Jordan.

So keep holding on and trusting and fighting, even when you feel you have no strength, even when you feel completely empty and wasted and useless in yourself. When you feel there is no hope, that you've gone too far, that you've sinned too badly, that you're such a mess‚ that there's no hope, rebuke these thoughts, resist them, and just keep holding on.

No matter how weak you feel, no matter how confused‚ no matter how wicked and sinful you feel, My power is present to save and to heal and to deliver. So keep fighting! Hold on! Don't give up! No matter how dark the night‚ no matter how difficult the battle, no matter how hopeless the outlook, keep holding on, knowing that I love you and I will never lead you astray. I will never forsake you. There is no sin too evil for My forgiveness. There is no mistake too great for My forgiveness. There is no wrongdoing so terrible it cannot be covered by My forgiveness.

So keep holding on! Keep fighting! The victory is just around the corner and worth fighting for! Hang on and you won't be disappointed! (ML #3090)

End of File