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Shooting Straight, Part 6--Letter Links: My Promises Are for You

September 21, 2004

(ML #3505, GN 1094)

FD/MM/FM August 2004

I Love You—Just You

ML #2985, DB 12.

(From Mama:)

1. Dear Precious Family (And I'm talking to each one of you personally!), I love you very specially and I have been deeply saddened upon hearing that you have sometimes felt that the Lord is distant from you—that He is just a big God way up there somewhere who once upon a time expressed His love through a great sacrifice of His Son for you‚ but doesn't really care too much about you personally in all the things that bother you and that make you sad and that concern you.

2. You feel that He loves you in a general way and He supplies your needs, and He protects you and He loves you because you are doing His will and you are a member of His Family. However‚ some of you just don't see how Jesus can really love you in a very warm, intimate‚ personal way like a very best friend, or even better‚ a wonderful lover who is in love with you and who wants to be personally involved with every detail of your life—knowing all your thoughts and your deepest desires, wanting to be with you every moment, wanting to do all the things that make you happy, always thinking about you and what He can do to make things easier for you, looking on you as the most wonderful thing He has ever seen, not letting any of your faults bother Him, but instead overlooking them.

3. You don't see how Jesus could really want to tune in to every single aspect of your life, all the details that are particular to only you, wanting to make sure every little need of your heart is fulfilled, always being right there every moment to take you in His arms and comfort you when you're sad, share your joy when you're happy, calm your fears when you're frightened‚ and explain things that confuse you.

4. Some of you have said, "I don't see how Jesus could really love me that much or be happy with me because I'm too bad. I've made so many mistakes. I can't get victories over my NWOs. I don't have any talents. I'm not able to do much for the Lord. I just feel like a nothing. I'm doing more damage to God's work than I am helping it. I'm just taking up people's time with my problems. I might as well leave the Family and then I won't be in the way. It won't matter to the Lord because there are so many other better people than me to do His work and whom He loves a lot more."

5. It's broken my heart to hear you say these things or even to know that you were thinking them, because I know how very much Jesus loves you personally in a very special, deep way. That you don't understand this and that you don't know how much He loves you is one of the saddest things I can think of. When I know what a special love He has for you but you are unable to see it, it really makes me cry.

6. I wanted so badly to show you how Jesus loves you, and I couldn't think of any better way than to ask Him to speak to you in His Own words directly to your heart; I knew He would if we'd ask Him. So I asked some of our very dear WS family‚ who also love you greatly, if they would pray and ask Jesus to speak to you and tell you Himself how much He loves you.

7. There are many manifestations of the Lord's great love for each of us personally. First of all, He died for us. Second‚ Dad lived his life loving us, and then went Home to Heaven that he might help us and love us in an even greater way. The Lord also gave each of us a place in the Family, when He had five billion others to choose from. The wonderful Word that the Lord has given us so abundantly is another very great manifestation of His daily love for us. Furthermore, every day we see the Lord's loving hand in our lives in all the personal details that concern us individually.

8. However, perhaps the way we can best understand God's love is when it is expressed in human form; that is the way we can most clearly understand and feel it most intensely. In this way‚ we realize that He doesn't just love us "collectively," but individually. When He gives us someone who can tune into our problems and needs and questions—giving us care and love—we know that we are very special to Jesus and that He loves us in a special way that He loves no one else in the whole world.

9. Like that saying goes, "God loves all of us as though there were only one of us." It is a time-consuming process to love people in that way—individually—but that is the way God does it!—And that's the most effective way that we can do it‚ and that people can see God's love reflected in us.

10. You may have been in Homes where there was someone who was a reflection of God's love for you in a very individual way. When you are a recipient of someone's time and care and attention in the form of their personal prayers for you, their walkie-talkies‚ their very personal loving notes on your OHRs, their friendly encounters with you during the day, their happiness at your joys and their tears at your disappointments—when you receive things like this from them, you know it is the Lord's love just for you—not for anyone else. It's tailored to meet your needs, and not somebody else's. It makes you know that you are unique and special to the Lord, and He cares in a very intimate way for all the little details of your life, which are different from those of anyone else.

11. My prayer is that we could have the Lord show His wonderful‚ special love to each of you through a loving adult who would take you under his or her wing and care for you as Jesus wants you to be cared for, and love you as Jesus loves you.—Or through someone special that He gives you that you can share with in a loving‚ intimate way as a precious friend or lover, as the case may be.

12. I wish we could ask the Lord to speak very personal words of comfort and encouragement to each of you that would show you how much He cares for you individually. But since we couldn't do that, I asked the Lord to speak to each of you all at once. I knew that at least He could let you know that this is the way He loves you—each one of you.

13. I knew that the Lord would know how to say it so that it could be a great comfort and encouragement to each of you, even though given for all of you at the same time. Even though I knew that it couldn't be quite as specific, the Lord has a way of saying things that makes it hit home very personally, just like He does in His Word. His Word is for all of us, but He gave it in such a way that it speaks to each of us in a personal way, right to each individual heart.

14. And as you can see in the beautiful and bountiful things the Lord said below, He more than fulfilled our prayer and desires and gave us more than we could even ask or hope for in expressing how much He loves you in a very intimate‚ personal love relationship. After you have received and absorbed the things the Lord is saying to you in the words below, you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt just how much Jesus loves you!—Just you! And when you believe and receive His precious Words, you will experience Jesus' precious love and will never have to doubt or wonder again what you mean to Him.

15. Hereby perceive we the love of God, because He laid down His life for us. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son. Though only a few touched My Son in His life, millions of My children throughout the ages have been touched by this expression of My love‚ in that I gave My Son for each one.

16. So have I given My Son for each of you as the ultimate proof of My love for you. The Evil One would seek to belittle this love and cause thee not to receive it in faith, thinking that thy sins have separated thee from Me, but this is a lie!

17. Lying vanities, lying vanities, lying vanities! For both the young and the old say, "I have sinned and come short of the mark and am not worthy of the Lord's love." The old one says, "I have nothing to give, and I am undesirable to the young and have no way to give encouragement, for I am spent." And the young likewise is caught in a snare of lies, feeling that none can understand him, knowing not that those that have gone before him experienced the same.

18. I have given you wherewith ye shall comfort one another if ye will forsake these lying vanities! As iron sharpeneth iron, and as stick rubbed against stick will cause a spark, so if thou dost rub against another in thy communion‚ and in thy tears and in thy sweet breakings and humbling of thyself, and in thy innermost fears, and bare thy soul to another, so will I cause that love to spark as never before.

19. Reach out by faith, and heed not the Wicked One who would say unto thee, "There is no love for thee, for thou art unlovely, for thou canst not love." For how I would bestow My love upon you through one another! How it doth break My heart to see you as beggars, when ye could be rich. Therefore doubt not, but reach forth in faith receiving.

20. Behold, I stand at the door of your heart, and I long to come in and love you, even as a lover standeth before the door of her groom and longeth for him to open it. It is the hand of faith—your faith in My love—that must open that door, for because of your unbelief the door openeth not. Therefore be not faithless, but believe‚ so that I may enter, so that I may fill you with My love.

21. For I would that ye partake of My love in greater measure. My love is like a river that floweth abundantly: It never runs dry, and each of you may receive to your capacity. Each one may receive individually, according to your need.

22. Fear not that it will be used up, for My love is never used up. Fear not that you will lose it, for My love is never lost. Fear not that you will be unworthy, for My love is not earned, it is received. Behold, how I love you!—You, just you, just the way you are. Yes, I know your faults. Yes, I know your weaknesses. I see when you stumble and fall, but that does not alter My love for you.

23. Does the love of the parent for his child lessen when the child doth fall? It is but increased‚ for he doth take that child into his arms and love it more than ever, and care for it more tenderly. Even so is My love for you, for you are the apple of Mine eye. I have many eyes, and each of you is the apple of one of Mine eyes. Therefore believe in My love! Believe and receive! Stretch out the hand of faith! Refuse Me not!

24. Be ye channels of My love‚ one unto another. For I long to manifest Myself through you, one to another. Be empty vessels that I may fill, that may overflow upon each other, that you may feel My love shining through, one toward another, bountifully. Fear not to give love, for in giving you shall receive. Fear not the opinions of man, but be channels of My love‚ recipients of My love‚ that the Scripture may be fulfilled that saith, "Let all your things be done in love"—My love.

25. Then shall ye know how much I love you, and how I have ordained each of your steps, and that every movement that you make is known of Me. Be not faithless, but believing. Be ye samples of My love one to another and ye shall overflow‚ for My love is without end and is forever.

26. Thou art precious, thou art beautiful, thou art wonderful, each one. I have created each one of you for a special purpose! I speak to thee as an individual, I speak to thee as My beloved‚ that I would draw after Me, that I would take into the bed of My love, that I would shower with My love and kisses and embraces‚ that I would surround with My warmth, that I would clothe with the security and the protection of My love, that I would fill to overflowing. I speak to thee as the special creation that I have made, each with a special individual unique calling and purpose, each one that I have crafted, that I have formed.

27. For Mine eye hath been upon thee since before thou wast formed in the womb. I have been with thee every step of the way. I have watched thee, I have loved thee, I have cared for thee. Thou hast never been out of My sight.

28. How I long to pour My love upon thee! How I long to draw thee to My bosom! If thou wouldst take this time with Me in prayer, and listen to My voice in thy heart, and through My Word, I would show thee of My great, great love for thee—love which is greater than the ocean, which stretches further than the horizon, which the whole universe with all its stars and galaxies cannot contain‚ which reaches out of understanding into infinity and eternity. This love thou wouldst know if thou wouldst draw close to Me.

29. And as thou dost know and experience My love for thee, thou wilt have strength that thou knowest not of. Because nothing will break the tie of love that I have for thee. Nothing can come between us. Nothing can separate Me from thee, for My love is stronger than anything! No floods can quench it, no doubts can remove it, no lies can tarnish it, for it stands stronger than any of these.

30. Behold, I am the good gardener, the faithful gardener, and I have planted a beautiful, wide, glorious garden—one of special flowers. In My garden, each flower is different and unique, beautiful to Mine eyes and special. Each flower is a unique color, and a unique size, and serves its own purpose and has its own place in the garden, and its own place in the heart of the Gardener. And I take each flower in My hand and I look upon it with great love and mercy. I water these flowers with the tears of My sympathy. I shine upon each flower the warmth of My love. I protect each flower with Mine Own hands. I look upon it with great tenderness and I know each flower personally.

31. So do I know you—each of you is unique to Me. Each of you is a special flower in Mine eyes. Each has its own place‚ and its own purpose and calling. And I know all about your gifts‚ and your talents, and your battles, and your NWOs, and all the things that bother you about yourself. The nagging problems that you can't seem to get a victory over, and your spiritual strengths, and your spiritual weaknesses, and your idiosyncrasies‚ and all the funny things about you that make you an individual—I know these things.

32. I know all about your heart's desires and your secret longings. I know about your desires for adventure and excitement and change. I know about your desire to be close to someone and to be loved. I know about your desire to find a mate‚ to find that special person that you feel is your other half. I know about your desire to be trained and to find a ministry and to be fulfilled in your service for Me. I know about your desire to have fun and to have time off from your work. I know about your desire to have your talents expanded and to be used in the greatest capacity possible.

33. I know about the times that you compare. I know about the times that you think negatively about yourself and you feel bad and you feel that you are not good enough, when your weaknesses bother you and embarrass you and get you down and discourage you. You feel like there is no hope and like, "What's the use? How can anybody love me, anyway?" I know about all these things and I love you anyway!

34. There is nothing hid from Me; I know every thought and I know every desire, and every secret prayer. Every time you look up to Me and you cry out to Me, I am near, and I hear your prayers and My heart is moved with compassion. I never harden My heart. I never get tired of listening to you. I never turn away. I never sleep. I never have a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door. I am never distant. I am never too tired or too busy for you. I always hear and answer your prayer—sometimes in the way that you would desire and sometimes in ways that you know not, or in ways that you cannot yet see, but I do hear and I do answer.

35. My love is manifested to you in many different ways. In every joy and pleasure that you feel in life, in every supply of your need, this is My love for you. Every time one of your brothers or sisters or lovers or your mother or father or uncle or aunt takes you in their arms and gives you love and encouragement and affection, this is My love for you.

36. Every time you feel the need and you go to My Word and you find strength and inspiration to go on, this is My love for you. When you lie down at night and you are so tired and weary from your many labors and you find sweet sleep and refreshment to your body and your spirit, this is My love to you. In your times of relaxation‚ when you find recreation and enjoyment and laughter, this is My love for you. In the times when you go out witnessing and you pour out your heart to a hungry soul and you are able to give them the answers that they are looking for and lead them to Me‚ and you experience that thrill of sharing the truth with another human being, another lost person, this is My love for you.

37. In every new thing that you learn, and every new experience that you have, in every way that you find satisfaction and joy and challenge and contentment of heart and rest of spirit and comfort to your body—all this is My love to you. Even the littlest things—the fact that you like to swim and I supply the swimming pool for you. Or the fact that you like to take hot showers and I supply the abundant hot water for you. Or the fact that you love the smell of perfume and I have supplied perfume for you. Or the fact that you love to play basketball and I have supplied that for you—all of these tiny things are an example of My personal love for you.

38. I know your every need and your littlest desire‚ and I will go to any length to supply these needs and desires and manifest Myself to you. And the more that you recognize Me in these everyday affairs of your life, and the more you learn to appreciate these little things that I give you and these little ways that I manifest Myself to you, so shall ye grow to know My love and appreciate My love and feel it.

39. But the greatest way that I can show My love to you is through another person, another human being. For have not I said that I have no heart but your heart, I have no hands but yours, no lips but yours, and no feet but yours to manifest My love to another? I want to use your hands to reach out to each other, to touch one another and hold one another. I want to use your lips to kiss away the heartaches and the tears of another. I want to use your voice to express words of encouragement and love to lift one another up‚ and words of forgiveness. I want to use your eyes to look upon one another with comfort and compassion, and to shed tears for one another as you let yourselves be touched and moved by each other's needs.

40. I say again, and again, and again, that each one is unique and each one is special. I do not look upon you as "the masses‚" or "the group," or "the young people," or "the teens‚" or "the YAs," but I look upon you as a special, unique individual, My son or My daughter. And I loved each one of you so much that I gave My Son, Jesus, for you, just you!

41. To paint a picture of this love, imagine that there is a scale before you. It is a balance, and I took My Own Son, the One who is dearest to Me, My one and only Son‚ and I laid him on one side of the scale. It tipped so far to that side! Then I took you‚ with all your weaknesses and your shortcomings and your NWOs and your idiosyncrasies, and all the things about yourself that bother you so much and that you think make you of so little value and that make you so hard to love and not worthy of My love. I put you, just you‚ on the other side of the scale. And the scale was perfectly balanced.

42. I saw that it was a good trade, that I put My Son on one side and I put you‚ just you, on the other side. I saw that it was worth it to trade the life of My Son for you, that I might have you forever! It was worth it to give My Son just for you! This is how great My love is for you! If it had been only for you, I would have given Him, because I know that it is a good trade to give My Son, that I might gain you for eternity.

43. So is My love for you, as an individual, as a person, as this unique flower in My beautiful, glorious garden. And I long to take this flower up into My hands and kiss it and blow upon it and water it with My tears of compassion. I long to hold it close to My heart and warm it and shoo away any predators or evil things that may try to hurt or harm it in any way. This is My desire‚ this is how I care for My little flowers, and this is how I care for you.

44. Nothing shall ever separate us, nothing shall ever divide us or cut this love that is between us. Even when you feel it not, it is there. If you will just reach out and look to Me and open your eyes to the many ways that I show My love to you, it shall become clearer to you.

45. I will give thee in thy hour of need that which thy soul desirest. For in the very trying of thy faith thou art learning patience. In the very difficulties in which thou findest thyself‚ I will be more to thee than a father and a mother. For I am thy Creator, thy lover, the author and finisher of thy faith, and I do seek to put joy before thee. As others endured, even as My Son endured, and for the joy that was set before Him, He endured the cross, so do I lay before thee a goodly heritage, that thou mightest endure affliction and trial and tempest.

46. Therefore let thine eyes look upon Me, whom to know is life eternal‚ and consider this: that love is not always easy. For have I not spoken unto thee through My servant Paul that love is longsuffering?—That love beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things? And thou must endure unto the end, but daily I will give unto thee great love without measure.

47. I will carry thee in those days when thou feelest no strength to carry on. I will lift thee if thou wilt listen unto Me and suck from My paps and long for Me. For have I not said, "Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness"? Yea, if thou hungerest after My love, I will give thee love without measure. I will answer thy cry, for I know thy desires and it is My pleasure to give thee that which thy heart desirest and longeth for.

48. Is it in the form of a person? I will give it unto thee. Is it in the form of an experience, or a challenge? I will give it unto thee. But thou needest faith to believe. Believe Me, that I will do this when I say unto thee I will carry thee all the days of thy life, if thou wilt depend on Me. I will live My life in thee and make My love manifest in thee. Believe Me, that I will give thee that which thy heart desirest‚ and I will be with thee unto the end.

49. My love for thee is a personal love, for I love thee as Mine Own, as Mine only Own. Think not that thou art but one of many, and because there are so many, My love cannot reach to so many and yet even unto thee. Have I not said unto thee how I am not one, but omniscient and omnipresent? I am one to thee and only thee, and thou art one to Me. I am thine, all thine‚ and thou art Mine‚ all Mine.

50. As a father loveth his own son and his own daughter, and knoweth him or her in a very special, individual way, so in My omniscience do I know thee very personally. I love thee very individually and specially as Mine Own.

51. When thou goest to sleep, ponder on the love that I bestowed upon thee. Count thy many blessings and thou wilt see in so many little ways and in so many little things and through so many people I have extended a kiss, a touch, a word, a blessing, a meal, the weather, a house—so many ways that I have loved thee personally.

52. But I ask thee also to ponder how much thou hast given love. What hast thou done to show love unto another that they may also be touched with My love? For have I not said unto you that there is greater joy in giving than in receiving? There is so much more love in giving love than in receiving love.

53. Therefore if thou wouldst want to know that I love thee or how much I love thee—how much dost thou love others? How much dost thou give to those who I also love? Give and it shall be given unto thee. For have I not said, "For inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these, ye have done it unto Me"? Therefore be touched by My love in touching others with My love, with thy love.

54. But thou knowest not always how much I love thee because thou dost go too fast. Thou art in such a hurry; thou dost not stop for love. There are so many cares and worries encumbering thee. Thou hast put importance on many things—thy accomplishments, thy work, thy aspirations, thy career. But more important than those are the people about thee, those that need thee, those that have a pain.

55. Wilt thou ponder this when thou dost go to bed at night? Wilt thou look around thee to all those that I have put on thy path that day and see what they need? Then maybe thou wilt comfort them, and encourage them, and love them, and give to them. Stop, and look, and listen to the whispers that I will whisper in thine ear to show thee who needs love. Take time to love; make time to love. For love is the most important thing.

56. My dearest, My beloved one, My precious one, I hear thy thoughts; I know thy innermost longings and thy innermost fears and insecurities. I see thee go about thy life, through thy day‚ and thou thinkest that I have no love for thee. Thou thinkest that thou must prove thyself. Thou thinkest that because of thy sins I am far away. Thou thinkest that I wish to punish thee, that thou art too bad‚ and that I could not possibly love thee.

57. Thou dost try to do the right thing, thou dost try to be good, thou dost try to show My love to others. And yet thou dost feel that I am so far away that I do not listen to thee, that I do not talk to thee, that I do not really care. For that, My heart grieves for thee. Nothing could be further from what I really feel for thee!

58. For now I say it; I say it to thee, I say it to the whole world, I proclaim it—ye are My beloved ones in whom I am well pleased! Ye must forsake these doubts! Ye must cast them out! Ye must forsake these lying vanities, these lies, these doubts that ye believe! Ye must be filled with My Holy Spirit, My Spirit of love, for I can fill you. Ye are very precious unto Me and I love you very much‚ and ye must refuse these lies. Ye must cast them out! Ye must take that step of faith to believe that I do love you. And ye must resist these lying vanities, for in heeding them ye forsake your own mercy!

59. For I love you, though I know your faults. I know your sins, yet I am not far away. I am right there beside you and I care for you. And yet it grieves Me very much that ye do not believe it, ye do not receive it, ye do not let Me come in. Ye blame it on Me. Ye think that it is My fault, but it is not. I love you! Ye must believe I am not far away. I do not seek to punish you. Ye do not have to be good enough for Me or try so hard to feel worthy of My love. Ye are unworthy, but that does not matter: I love you anyway.

60. So cease from these works, from these efforts of the flesh to try to be good enough for Me. For you will never be good enough, ye can never do enough, but that is not the point‚ do ye not see? I love you just the way you are. You do not have to worry about it. Just come over here and we will sit together and we will talk together and we will have fellowship together. For I shall be more to thee than a light and better than a known way.

Verses and Visions

68. I saw a dramatic picture before the first prophecy. It was a picture of Jesus on the cross, and one teen boy standing before Him. It was a large picture and I could see the edge of the world all around, and there was no one else in the whole world except Jesus and this boy. It was a picture of the individual personal love that the Lord has for each of us. As the boy looked up to Jesus, He said to him, "You are the reason that I died, and I would have died even if there had only been you, just you."

My Heart Belongs to You

ML #3080, Lifelines 23.

1. (Jesus:) When I say I love you, just you, I am talking to each of you — you who have been with Me from the beginning, My children, young and old. I'm talking to those who feel far away and distant from My Love. I am talking to you who feel that you've failed and there is no forgiveness to be found, or who feel like, "What's the use? There is no hope!" If you feel like this, the following message is for you.

2. If you feel unworthy, as if there is no way back into My arms; if you feel weak and weary, as if you don't have one ounce of strength left to walk another mile; if you feel tired and plain tuckered out — this message is for you. If you feel you've lost your inspiration; if you feel you've lost that driving motivation to make it one more day, one more step, one more hour, I am talking to you. If you feel you've turned your back on Me and that I couldn't possibly understand the pain and the burdens of your heart, this message is for you.

3. If you feel like giving up, and wonder what's the use of trying, I'm talking to you. If you feel like a great big mess, it matters not to Me, because I love you. If you feel like you don't have it in you to reach the goals set before you‚ this message is for you. If you feel lost and lonely and confused, and if you are doubting — I love you in spite of it all‚ and I'm talking to you.

4. If you feel you have failed Me time and again — please, won't you let Me hold you? I love you! If you feel inadequate and too wicked to be worthy of My Love, I want you to know I love you, just you. If you feel overwhelmed‚ like you're drowning in an ocean of woes, I love you!

5. I love you, just you, just the way you are. My Love is reaching out to you right now. My Love‚ My forgiveness and My mercy are all right there, just for you, if you will only receive them. I love you! I need you! I long to hold you close to My heart of Love. I long to feel you in My arms. I long to woo you and feel you and whisper in your ear.

6. My Love for you cannot be quenched by the flood waters. My Love for you reaches up to the highest star, and down to the depths of the deepest sea! My Love for you is always. It's now, and it's forever. How I long to uphold you with My Love, that you may be restored to full assurance and full faith in Me.

7. If you feel weak and tired and battle-worn and weary, this message is for you. If you feel you are fainting in your mind, fainting in heart and soul, this message, My precious one, is for you. If you think your zeal has left you and you feel like you are all washed up, I love you, and I need you more now than ever!

8. As the years roll on for some, or as they just begin for others, it matters not. I love you. If you have toiled long and hard through the years, and you stand looking in the mirror, wondering what you have to show for your life, this message is for you — I still love you.

9. If you are standing on the threshold of new horizons, peering out from youthful eyes‚ feeling overwhelmed at the challenge ahead, afraid of the future; if you feel you don't have it in you to meet the need that lies before you, I want you to know I love you. I will see you through.

10. I love you just the way you are — as if you were the only one. I love you, each of you, young and old. I only see My shining knights, My lords and ladies of virtue and stature. I am not stacking up all your faults and failures, all your mistakes and blunders to hold against you. My eyes are blind to all of these. I have X-ray eyes that enable Me to only see the good and the possibilities that others do not see. I only see straight through to your heart of hearts. I only see your precious, priceless, tender heart — and I love you.

11. I see your every tear. I hear your every cry. I feel your every frustration, your every worry, your every burden, your every desire. I know everything about you — all your wants, all your lacks. I see your very heart and all that is in it, and I deeply love you.

12. I long to hold you. I long to caress you and kiss away the hurts and the heartaches‚ if you will but allow Me to. I long to comfort, to soothe, and to pour My honey love balm upon your every heartache, your every heartbreak, your every worry‚ your every fear, your every tear, your every frustration. I long to blow away every cloud of confusion and to soothe your ruffled nerves. I long to melt away the bitterness and turn every deep longing into marvelous fulfillment and true satisfaction.

13. I long to give you the sun and the moon, the stars in the sky, the ecstasies of Heaven, and a Love that will never end! I long to pull you through whatever deep, dark experience, whatever dense fog you find yourself in. Whatever confusion or frustration you have bottled up inside‚ I long to melt it all away, because I love you.

14. I long to hold you close, here on My gentle breast. I long for the day when our two hearts will beat as one, for I love you, just you. My precious child who feels far away, I long for you to know that I am right there by your side. I have never left you, and I will never, ever forsake you.

15. I have called you, My special one, and I long to draw you close to My bosom of Love. You are Mine‚ given to Me by My Father from the beginning. You are My driving force. My Love for you has kept Me going. I fought for you, I bled for you‚ I died for you, and now I live for you, and I will do anything for you!

16. I long for your love close to My heart forever and a day. Won't you please believe Me when I say I love you, just you? How I long for total and complete intimacy with you, My forever love! I only see the good in you, the possibilities that others overlook. Despite the rough exterior, I only see the diamond sparkling through your eyes. I only see the joy you bring Me. I only want you to know you can never be too bad for Me.

17. I love you, just you, and here I patiently wait — for you! Won't you please come running into My arms, where we can live and love and revel in this love forever, eternally, immortally, without end? I love you‚ I need you, and I want you! I'm yours. — Jesus

18. It was love at first sight! The moment I set eyes on you, the very moment you were created — that is when I fell so deeply in love with you‚ just you! I fell deeply and completely in love with you. I didn't fall in love with the masses; I fell in love with you, just you, as an individual.

19. So special and unique is My Love, so overwhelming, that I could not bear the thought of being apart. I knew you would have to go and fulfill your mission, your purpose, the plan for which you were created, and yet the thought of not having you close by My side was almost too much to comprehend. The thought of missing you even for a short while was breaking My heart.

20. I sought for a way to ensure your safe return, for I could not bear to lose so great a treasure, so great a love. It was then, with great precision, slowly, gently and ever so lovingly‚ that I placed My mark within your heart. With the utmost skill, I gently stroked your heart, fixing My tender‚ special spot in place upon your heart — creating a vacuum, a void that could only be filled by Me.

21. Can you feel it deep inside? It's there in you, that it may be proof of My great Love for you, just you. This is My token, this is My Love, that you may know that I love you in such a personal‚ close, intimate way. This is My mark of Love, a special spot in your heart made only for Me — My special spot, that only I can fill, placed so lovingly and tenderly in the core of your heart.

22. Not only did I place My mark within you to ensure your safe return, but I knew it would sustain you on your journey. I knew that when you would discover this token of Love, it would be your guide, your inspiration, your desire to return. And so I have created you with this void that only I can fill. This is My assurance of your safe return — My mark upon your heart. This is My assurance that you will not get lost during the journey of life, and that you may find your way Home, back into My arms.

23. This is My comfort, to know you will one day return to enjoy our happiness and Heavenly bliss once again in full, without restraint — the joys we shared from the beginning of time! Nothing else will ever be able to satisfy this void, this tender spot, for it belongs to Me, your Lover of all loves. All this I have created, because I love you so.

24. How Satan did become jealous — so insanely jealous at the sight of My great Love for you! He was mad with rage at so great a love, and he set out on his journey in pursuit of hindering your return. Satan knows that many waters could never quench so great a love as I have for you, but still he tries in his feeble attempts. He fights hard with doubts, casting misleading thoughts and feelings and emotions your way, things that would cause you to doubt My Love. He tries hard to block your memory of our days of bliss and joy and peace‚ the days of love we enjoyed in the beginning. For in those days we did love, we marveled, we reveled in the splendor of love!

25. Fear not, My love! Fear not, My precious one! Do not doubt My Love which is so great for you. It was that great Love I have for you that caused Me to also set out on My journey‚ My mission on Earth to proclaim to Satan that he has no part in trying to win you over. For this I came, that you may know, that you may discover the mark, the void that I placed within your heart. For this I came to reclaim you, My love. For this I died that you might find the key, that you might discover to Whom you belong.

26. As I suffered, as I fought and bled and died for you‚ it was My great Love for you that sustained Me. Otherwise I never would have been able to bear the pain, the anguish‚ the heartache and the heartbreak‚ the horrors of death and dying all alone. Yet, for you, just you, it was worth it all! For I love you, and the very thought of you was My driving force, and this kept Me and gave Me hope.

27. As Pilate's lashes thrashed My back, with each blow I saw your face, and this sustained Me. As the soldiers spat on Me and mocked Me and thrust the crown of thorns onto My head, I could only see the light of your smile, and this gave Me strength to carry on. As I carried the cross through the streets, and as I fell to My knees, weak and weary with the burden of it all, My vision was blurred. Yet in that moment I could only recall how much I love you, and in this I found strength to carry on.

28. As I hung on the cross in shame and pain, and the feeling of defeat welled up inside of Me, yet I was able to overcome when I remembered that through this death I would wake to enjoy your love for all eternity. It was you, My love, just you, that kept Me going — My Love for you, My concern for you, and My desire for you.

29. The thought of having you by My side for all eternity gave Me strength and faith to carry on. Your smile, your touch, the love I have in My heart for you, just you, is what kept Me going. My Love for you was My driving force, for I could not bear the thought of not having you by My side, the thought of losing you.

30. I love you from everlasting to everlasting, with so great a love! So great a love story is My Love for you! And these seeds of Love that I have implanted deep in your heart, in this tender spot, I placed there also to sustain you on your journey through life — that you, too, might find strength and faith and hope to carry on. I placed My mark on each one, so that you would know how personal, how individual My Love is for you, just you.

31. This mark, this tender spot I have placed in your heart‚ I will fill even now to overflowing. You have only to ask. I created it so‚ to prove My great Love for you, so you would never need to doubt My Love. I placed this void in your heart so you could be full to overflowing with My Love so great — that together‚ even now, we both would have love enough to sustain us until the day when you are Home at last in My Heavenly Kingdom prepared for you.

32. And you need not ever feel bad if you would ask Me to prove My Love, for I know, I understand, and I see how Satan does tempt you. Therefore, prove Me, prove My Love, for in this I am well pleased. In this I am able to boast, for I love to show you My Love. In this I am fulfilled, for I long to show you. I long to love you. If you are tempted to doubt, that is the time to allow Me to prove My Love.

33. Test My Love when you feel lonely. When you feel like no one cares and there is no love to be found, that is the time to rest‚ to lie back in My arms and find peace. And when you are discouraged and you feel like you are a great big mess — look up into My wonderful face and see Me smile upon you, for I love you just the way you are!

34. When you feel worried or frustrated, run to Me, for I will be your perfect companion. If you feel that no one can possibly understand the trials and tests that you are passing through, that is not so, because I always understand. I long to hear them. I long to solve them. That is the time to run to Me, to snuggle up real big, right here in My strong arms, and tell Me the problems, the burdens, the worries and the cares, and see if I will not give you solutions that will melt them all away.

35. When you feel weak, I will be strong for you. When you feel confusion, I will give you peace. When you feel fearful, I will comfort your heart. When you are doubting, I will give you faith. When you feel strain, I will bring relief. When you feel lost‚ I am right here to be found. When you feel useless, I will give you a purpose. When you feel anguish, I will give you joy. When you lack confidence, I will be your assurance. When you feel muddled and cloudy‚ I will give you clarity of thought. When all seems dark and stormy, I will be your shining light.

36. When you feel you need a hug, a kiss and a tender touch, I will take you in My arms and kiss and caress you. When you are in need of direction and guidance, I will lead the way and light your path. When you need to pull back and long to take a little time to just have some fun, I will be your laughter. When you are in need of a gentle breeze, I will be the soft wind blowing in your hair. When you feel tired‚ I will be your rest. If you feel like you could use a special boost‚ I'll be there to spark you with My fire. Even when you have no feeling at all, when you feel indifferent or bleak, or puny and down, in those lost, lonely hours when everything seems real foggy, if you'll just sit still and rest here in My arms, I will blow blue skies overhead once again.

37. So many things will I do for you to prove My Love, that you may know that I, and I alone‚ love you, just you, just the way you are. Anywhere, any time‚ any hour, every minute, each moment of the day or night I'll be there to prove My Love in some way. In big ways or small ways, I'm always there‚ ready, willing and waiting to shower you with love.

38. My Love will never fail you. I've been through so much with you up until this point, I'm not going to give up now! Nothing can ever quench My Love for you, for with each passing day, it only grows stronger. For in this absence, in this time you have been away, My heart has only grown fonder and stronger for you. My Love for you is established and firm. What else can I do to prove My Love? If you can think of anything, just ask. For I cannot bear to think that you could suffer so‚ thinking I do not care.

39. For this, My love, I ask, I beg you: Please put Me to the test. And you will see, I will be there — just for you! For I have loved you from the beginning, and I love you now, and I always will. My Love never dies, but lives on and on. My Love for you never grows old, but only stays fresh and new! It's never boring, but is alive and vibrant, pulsating and passionate! It never sleeps but only lives to awaken your heart. It's now, it's always, it's forever. My Love is something you can lean on. It will give you strength to carry on. It will sustain you when you feel battle-weary, and lift you when you feel you cannot go on.

40. My Love longs for you‚ it weeps for you! I long to help you. I long to comfort you. I long not only to listen to all you have to share with Me, but I also want to confide in you the deepest secrets of My heart. I have so much to share with you. You have only to listen and receive, for My Love never stops giving. I would never hurt you‚ never fail you, never let you down. I long to protect you, provide for you, and fulfill your every desire. I'll always forgive you as I take you in My arms again and kiss away all your hurts.

41. My Love believes in you. My Love counts on you. For this I give My all, because I love you, just you. My Love for you is so vast, and all I have I give to you. My life, My riches‚ My very heart belongs to you. All that is Mine is yours, because I love you so.

42. I reach out to touch you, to hold you‚ to kiss you and caress you. I burn for you and desire you like no other can. My Love only sees you and all your wonderful ways. I love you and I need you, just you, just as you are. I only see your heart. I only see your love. I only long to fill that special place I made for Myself in your heart.

43. Please don't ever doubt My Love for you. And if you ever need a reminder, just call, just prove Me. I will never let you down‚ I promise. I never give up. For to live without you for all eternity — even the very thought of life without you — is something I simply would not be able to bear.

44. I love you like no other ever will! The moment I set eyes on you, the moment you were created, that is when it all began, when I fell so deeply, so completely, so eternally in love with you. I love you now‚ and I will love you forever. — Jesus

Believing Prophecy

ML #3130:83-87, Lifelines 24.

83. (Mama:) When you doubt the Lord's Words in prophecy, the Lord says it's as if you're shutting the door in His face when He's trying to come in and talk to you and spend time with you and make love to you. What a convicting word picture! Imagine if Jesus came to your Home and said that He wanted to spend some intimate talk time with you, and that He had some very special and precious things to tell you personally. But then when the time came, you shut the door in His face, saying that it wasn't really Him, but just an impostor who looked like Him! Imagine how sad that would make the Lord—and how sad you would be in the long run, because you'd have missed out on the beautiful Words of love and instruction the Lord wanted to give you!

84. Beloved, these messages the Lord gives that are published in the Letters are not just general messages for the world or even the whole Family—they are for you personally‚ individually. It's as if the Lord were sitting there with you speaking to you personally, looking into your eyes and giving you these messages Himself, one on one. It's a personal message from Him to you! And if you feel the messages from Jesus and Dad in the Letters aren't personal enough for you and your situation, then you can hear from the Lord or from Dad directly. How much more personal can you get than that?

85. I'm reminded of the humorous comment Dad made in one of the early Letters when some people complained that he wasn't answering them personally, but just through the Letters. He wrote: "How personal is personal? And how personal can I get? I love you! Is that personal enough? What do you want me to do?—Climb in the envelope with it, and come home and read it to you personally, before you'll believe it is personal? Now I hope you don't get offended at this, or take it too personally, but I want to assure you that this is not an impersonation, but that I am the person who is personally personalizing and personifying the personification of the personality of these personals to you—in person! 'Be not afraid; it is I'" (ML #24:26,27). Maybe that's how the Lord feels when you doubt the Words that He gives through the prophecies published in the GNs. What do you want Him to do—appear in the flesh and read it to you Himself before you'll believe it's Him?

86. Of course‚ you can hear from the Lord and Dad personally yourself, in addition to the messages that they give for the entire Family in the Letters. But if you're doubting the messages that the Lord gives in prophecy for the Family as published in the Letters, then you'll eventually lose faith in the messages that the Lord gives you personally, and you'll lose your individual connection with Him.

87. The Lord warns that each time you doubt and resist, you close off your own personal channel to the Lord's Words, and your own receptivity and ability to hear clearly from Him in prophecy is lessened. You become more and more limited in hearing the Lord's Words—both those in the Letters and those He speaks to you personally, either in prophecy or His still, small voice in your heart. And that, folks‚ is serious, because you're cutting yourself off from Him!

Nothing Is Impossible

ML #3316:3-51, GN 920.

Because You Can't—I Can!

3. (Jesus speaking: ) My children, you feel so little, so puny, so incapable, so nothing and so unworthy. These days right now when My Family is being tried and tested should be looked on as cherished times. I know this is difficult to understand at the moment, yet trust Me. These days will prove to be your most valuable asset as the future unfolds.

4. The era of action has begun, and I'm positioning you‚ placing each of My brides in strategic positions around the globe. The battles rage in the spirit. The heat is rising and the fight is growing more intense than in times past. It's a battle royal! As I have told you on many occasions, these fighting days when I allow you and your loved ones to be tried and tested to the limits of both your strength and patience are not without a purpose.

5. It is precisely in times such as this that I teach you to walk by faith, not sight. You've heard this more than once‚ that the trying of your faith is more precious than gold, but during these days you will come to know faith as you have never known it before. The purpose of this time, these present days, is to help you grow to possess pure, white, unshakable faith—faith that will not be daunted; faith that will not flinch, nor tremble, nor waver, nor even consider the possibility of giving up; faith that doesn't consider the prospect of surrender.

6. In these days I wish to stretch your faith to limits which not only you have never experienced, but that no other humans who have ever lived have experienced! This is the destiny of the children of David of the Time of the End—to exercise greater faith than the world has ever seen. I want more than to enrich your faith; I want your faith to reach the outer limits! I want your faith to break all records, for it must, My loves.

7. This is the only type of faith that will overcome the world. This is the faith that I have carefully, lovingly, and wisely cultivated in you, My chosen ones of the Time of the End. This is the same faith that My Father also cultivated in Me when I walked on Earth as a man. It took time. It took years of trial. It took years of purging, years of being faithful in little things, years of learning patience and humility, years of being tested over and over and over in all areas. But it was worth it—every minute of it. Believe Me, these tests are necessary‚ good, and very positive.

8. These are good times and good days, for through the tests I'm bringing you to the place of full faith—that place where you continue to try when you don't feel like trying; when you keep walking forward even though you feel like collapsing; when you refuse to quit even though you don't have an ounce of strength left in you; when you praise Me with your last breath. This is the place where each of you must be in order for Me to do the impossible through you in this new era of action. When you get to this state where you truly know and accept that without Me you can do nothing‚ then I am able to come in and take over, and this is when the impossible becomes possible. Then there are no limits to what you can do, because it's not you, it's Me working through you, and all things are possible for Me!

9. With man—that is, with your limited strength and ability—there are impossibilities, but when you fully realize your need for Me and you let Me take full control and work as only I can‚ then all is possible. When you reach the point of letting go of yourself, even though it's completely contrary to your natural mind, then I can bless you and reward you for that demonstration of trust in Me. Then, even though it seems hopeless and you feel weaker and slower and dumber than ever, you still believe that in spite of all that, I will come through for you. The more you reach the point of recognizing your own weakness, the more you know you need Me; and the more you know you need Me‚ the more you call out to Me and depend on Me. As your need and dependence on Me grows, so does My power within you grow, until you reach the point where My Spirit and power rests fully upon you. Then you truly become a new creature in Me, one who defies all the odds and can do the impossible!

10. Sit up and take note, My dear ones. Continue on in faith, believing. You can have the confidence that this is the state I want you to be in—feeling you can't do it, feeling incapable, feeling too weak to continue. Now that you've acknowledged you feel so weak‚ so incapable, that you don't have it in you, that you know nothing, yet you call out to Me, this is when and where we make progress. This is My cue. This is when My Spirit can rest upon you. It's not until you get to this place that truly great things begin to happen. This is a great thing, because when My Spirit rests upon you, there are no impossibilities to you.

11. Yes, you can't do it. Be thankful you can't‚ for if you could, you would only be able to go so far. But because you can't, there's no limit to what you can do, because I will have to work through you. I will have to take over. There's no other option. I will have to come into you, possess you, work within you—and this is when things really start clicking. This is terrific! It's a wonderful place to be. I know that the thought of being weak and the feelings you experience when you're sorely tested go against the human grain—yet if you didn't experience these feelings, you would never come to know what it is to walk by faith alone and not by sight.

12. Only those who walk by faith alone will be able to continue on in the days of action. You've heard Me say this so many times. You've heard David say the familiar verse "Walk by faith and not by sight" over and over. Now you will come to fully realize what this means. So walk on solely by faith and faith alone. Praise Me and thank Me that this is all you can do! You can only walk by faith, but because of this‚ you receive the greater blessings and the greater rewards. Because of this, I can accomplish My greatest work in you and through you. (End of message from Jesus)

13. (Mama:) It's always a little mind-boggling when the Lord explains so clearly how He gains such great strides of progress from our weakness. That concept is so contrary to our natural way of thinking. Man's nature is to want to be strong, and through that strength, to push forward. But in the message we just read, the Lord is telling us that when we're feeling weak, helpless‚ and we know we can't do anything, that's when miracles start to happen!

14. I want to draw your attention to a very important excerpt of the above message. Our Lover said: "I'm bringing you to the place of full faith—that place where you continue to try when you don't feel like trying; when you keep walking forward even though you feel like collapsing; when you refuse to quit even though you don't have an ounce of strength left in you; when you praise Me with your last breath. This is the place where each of you must be in order for Me to do the impossible through you in this new era of action. When you get to this state where you truly know and accept that without Me you can do nothing, then I am able to come in and take over, and this is when the impossible becomes possible."

15. So if you've been feeling like He described—like you can hardly keep trying‚ like you're about to collapse, that you don't have an ounce of strength left—then that's just perfect, because that's right where you need to be! He doesn't want you to stay in that state; He's going to move you beyond that point because then you're sufficiently out of the way so that He can dwell within you to the point that there are no impossibilities for you!

16. This brings us to our next message, which sheds a lot of light on the impossible and what it means to us, the Children of David.

What Is "Impossible"?

17. (Jesus speaking:) I will tell you what impossible is. Impossible is the creed of fools. It's the invention of Satan—tailor-made for those who would believe his lies rather than standing on the power of My Word. It's the religion of those who cannot or will not put Me to the test.

18. Impossible is for quitters. Impossible pollutes minds, breaks hearts, and destroys bodies. Impossible creates ill health; it promotes sickness and causes disease to fester. Impossible is the way of cowards, the excuse of the defeated. "It can't be done," "no way," "it's impossible"—this is the faith of the living dead, the philosophy of fools, the chant of the simpleton, the motto of the moron. The logic of "it's impossible" is deadly, for it leads to darkness and ends in death and destruction.

19. Impossible is an impostor—created by the father of lies. Its purpose is to imprison. Impossible is an insult to your intelligence‚ a threat to your knowledge, a menace to your soul. Impossible opposes all that is truth and sound and right. Wrapped up in this single word "impossible," such a seemingly innocent and natural conclusion, lies a deadly poison. Impossible is the scourge of mankind; it enslaves and traps and binds. There is no freedom for those who endorse the impossible. There is no power, no light, no life, no liberty. Impossible is a downward spiral—once you are trapped in its grip, you go down, down, down.

20. Impossible opposes the truth of God. It comes from the depths of Hell. Impossible has no place in Heaven; its reasoning does not exist in the Heavenly realm.

The History of "Impossible"

21. Long, long ago‚ Lucifer stood at the right hand of God. He bore the light. He was not the light, but he held the light on high for all the inhabitants of the universe to see. He was the standard bearer, the mightiest of all archangels, and he exercised some of the power of Almighty God Himself in helping to rule the universe. Then pride took its grip. Though he held such a high and honored position, Lucifer was no longer satisfied with bearing the light of God—he wanted to be God Himself.

22. Infested with pride, he refused to listen to God. He refused to listen to the other angelic forces and to the Heavenly inhabitants. He refused any and all help to see the right. Because he refused to admit he was wrong and say he was sorry, because he chose to hold on to his pride, strong delusion set in. Refusing to humble himself before a powerful and awesome God, his own loving, patient, and understanding Father, Lucifer fell. He altered the course of his own destiny. He didn't have to fall; he chose to fall. He chose his own course, all because of his lust for power and his proud refusal to choose the humble way.

23. This is when insanity took tight hold on Lucifer. This is when of his own choosing he was transformed from Lucifer, the bearer of light, to Satan‚ the Devil, the father of lies. This is when the long trek began. From the moment of that decision, he set out on his hostile mission. From that time on, he set out to live at enmity with God, His creation, and His children.

24. When Satan fell‚ he tried to persuade others of the angels to go with him. Those who accepted his lies became poisoned, drawn away by their own desires. Therefore pride took hold and they were overcome. Hence, Satan and his band of dark angels began to roam the Earth. It wasn't long before they realized if they were to win others to their side, they would have to come up with a plan, a scheme of some sort, something that would convince others to join them rather than continue being loyal and dedicated to the loving and just ways of the Heavenly Father. Having declared his own independence from righteous rule, Satan went into business for himself. His goal was to win as many others over to his side as he could. His purpose was to spread his own insanity and delusion to others; to prove that you could live without God‚ that you could in fact be God.

25. This is how Satan's plan came into being. That is when he began laying the foundation for his counterfeit kingdom; that is when the plan of his great deception began. Sadly, the precepts of his plan thrive in the world today. They touch every corner of the world. His philosophy is booming throughout society at large.

26. I want to speak to you further about one aspect of Satan's great scheme: One of the basic blocks of his plan lies in this hideous word "impossible." This is the treacherous creed of the ignorant. "Impossible" is the doctrine of those who look only at the things that are seen, not the things which are unseen. Those who are void of My understanding fall prey to this ugly monster.

27. Impossible is more than a word; it's a state of mind, an attitude. If you don't nip it in the bud, but instead you feed and cultivate it‚ it will become an integral part of you, until there is no remedy. Its hold can be seductive, for when you yield to it, then no action or effort is required; no overcoming is necessary, for "it's impossible." This attitude leads not to victory but to defeat. Those who let it take hold will soon find that if they can be defeated in one area, they will be defeated in another, and yet another, and another, and another.

28. Impossible is a vicious cycle. It's the modus operandi for the loser. It thrives in the hearts of those who are heedless of its dangers; it breaks down noble aspirations, shoots down high goals, and shatters dreams. Impossible is a thief in the night, robbing you of courage, zapping you of bravery, while all the while it stands mocking, cackling in laughter when you falter and give way to its erroneous ways. Impossible, in short, renders one useless, as it leaves its prey a laughingstock in the eyes of the impish pests that spread its woes.

Don't Fall Into the "Impossible" Trap

29. Do you wonder why I'm giving you this recap of history and this background, some of which you already know? It's because it's imperative that you understand the seriousness of the "it's impossible" trap in relation to the era of action.

30. The days of ignorance are past. You are no longer on a playground, or even working out in a minor training ring, but you have now moved into the big–time arena of life and death. Your Enemy is playing for keeps. I'll tell you why I'm talking to you in depth about the "impossible." It's because right now, as you move forward in the era of action, each of you must continually be on strict guard against this fraud. You must be very militant, constantly on watch against falling victim to this hideous impostor. This is imperative if you are going to fulfill your role in this new era.

31. I understand the frame of man and I have mercy. Many times throughout the ages, My people‚ in a weak moment, have given in to settling down in the "impossible—it can't be done" state. My Own disciples, both in times past and present, have fallen to this malicious myth time and again. I have been understanding of this, for I know that the human frame is fallible. However, in this new era things are destined to be different for you.

32. I have chosen each of you. You are handpicked by Me, and I now call you to rise above that which threatens to hold you back. Those of you who have made the choice to follow‚ I ordain to lead My people in these Last Days. I have given you a new anointing, and now as you take the steps to walk in it, I wish to increase your faith so that you may stand as a testimony to the world that all things are possible with Me. This is why I speak to you at this time about the "impossible" trap, for to be forewarned is to be forearmed. Take note.

33. Never before has the world seen a time like now. Never before has it been so imperative that My called-out ones guard themselves from falling into this pit. Never before has it been so urgent to rise above the impossible. You must not waver, nor give way, nor fall into this trap of Satan. Stick close to Me; I will show you how to steer clear of this hazardous device.

34. Listen clearly now. Watch, pray, beware‚ be alert, be awake, be on guard, lest you fall prey to the "it's impossible" modus operandi, for this frame of mind challenges the very might and power of God! The "it's impossible" mindset wishes to defy the very truth of God! You have heard My promise for many years that "all things are possible to him that believeth." I call you now to stand on this promise—to live it, to put Me to the test! There are no impossibilities to you, My children! Believe it! Live it! Do the impossible!

35. Right now, at this very moment, Heaven is bursting with energy—waiting to release great surges of power upon you, the kind of power that makes the impossible possible. Satan and his kind know that if they can get you to swallow this sad tale, that if the "it's impossible" mindset can prevail in even one area of your lives, then they know you will be defeated before you ever have a chance to do the greater works which are your destiny. Satan would love nothing more than to get you to surrender the destiny that is rightfully yours—just as he surrendered his own great destiny because of the pride he was unwilling to forsake.

36. This is why Satan and his band are constantly pulling out and springing on you their carnal reasoning—all those seemingly sound and logical excuses that they throw in your face, crying, "That's impossible," or, "Oh no, not that. This we can do, but that's impossible," or, "Yes, that would be nice, if only … but I'm afraid that's impossible." They hit hard. They're quick and crafty as they conjure up a great number of excuses for "why it can't be done." You must reject these inclinations! Call their bluff! Defy them! For I tell you‚ all things are possible if you believe!

37. This "it's impossible" mode of operation is a myth! It defies My truth! All things are possible to you, because all things are possible with Me! I cannot lie, I cannot fail‚ I cannot be stopped! Do you understand? There are no alps to you, if you will avail yourselves of My power and help; if you'll take the step to do your part by trusting Me. There are no impossibilities. Nothing is too difficult. Nothing is inconceivable to you‚ My children‚ if you will only believe. And believe you must, for this is the destiny I have chosen for you—to prove the might and power of the Almighty God of the universe in these Last Days!

Loose the Gift of Faith That Is Within You

38. I have helped you through the years to cultivate your faith, and right now, in this era of action, I am calling you to exercise your faith in full. Now is the time when your faith will come to full fruition. This is why all the prophets have looked forward to this day, for they know that down through the ages there has never been such a demonstration of full and complete faith as you are destined to demonstrate in the era of action!

39. The era of action has begun; there is no disputing this fact. I have given you a vision, along with which I am unfolding the plan of how to bring this vision into focus. In order to do this, right now, starting today, I wish for you to let loose, unleash the full potential of faith that I have put within you! You must let your faith burn free—for this is the only way you will be able to complete the mission I ask of you now.

40. To the carnal mind the task before you would seem like a "mission impossible‚" but I tell you again‚ there are no impossibilities to you. This is the day of action. You must not say, "But I don't have the faith," for I have put the faith within each of you; it comes with the anointing I've given you. It's your destiny. I've equipped you with unwavering faith. It's within you. You don't have to worry. You don't have to try to work it up. All you must do is receive it, act on it, believe it, and loose the gift of faith that is within you!

41. On this day, as you gather in praise and thanksgiving‚ as you celebrate this Feast 2001, kneel before Me in prayer and in humility. Where I guide, I always provide—therefore come before Me and allow Me to increase the faith within you. As I have given you My anointing, I also give you a gift of greater faith; all you must do is awaken it. Loose the gift of faith that I give! Let it be stirred up. Put it to use, exercise it! Your job is to take care of this faith, feed your faith, hone this gift, hold on to it for dear life, and don't let go!

42. As you step out to take action in this new era, all things will be possible to you. My Spirit in you cannot fail as long as you look to Me, stay focused on the vision I give, and don't give up. As long as you do your part by having a believing and yielding heart‚ all that I ask of you is possible. All you need to fulfill the vision I have given, all that I have promised to you in these Last Days—it's all possible. There are no impossible missions for you, My children; there are only great possibilities!

43. When does the impossible become possible for you?—Right now, today! As you step out and put feet to the faith I have put within you, there will be no impossibilities to you! Impossible does not exist to you! You who trust in Me and lean on Me have no place for the impossible in your hearts, because you belong to Me.

Three Safeguards

44. Now that you've been forewarned of this deception of the "impossible" devised by Satan, I ask you to forearm yourselves. Here is how you can guard yourselves against its contagion:

1) Assiduously* guard yourselves against this pitfall by feeding your faith. You have known this sound spiritual principle for a long time, yet now there is no excuse. If you don't consistently feed your faith, you'll soon drop out of the running—and that by your own doing, because of your own neglect. You must live in the Word, both by taking time to read the written Word and also by asking Me everything, listening to My living voice of prophecy, and waiting for My approval in all you do. Continue to move forward in the "Ask Me Everything" mode of operation, for this is your greatest protection. *[diligently; unceasingly; persistently]

2) Stay focused on Me at all times, ignoring surrounding circumstances that oppose what I tell you to do. You know the story of the day Peter walked on the water. When he first answered My call to him, as he stepped out on the water, he did fine until he took his eyes off Me. It wasn't only that he looked down and saw the billowing waves‚ but he allowed himself to become distracted by the boisterous wind. He paid so much attention to the wind that he began looking too much at the surrounding circumstances‚ which were running contrary to what I was telling him. He switched his attention too much to that boisterous empty wind, to where he became frightened and started to sink.

Peter lost his main focus on Me, and when this happened, he lost his faith—he was unable to see through the empty wind in that moment. He couldn't call the Devil's bluff because he turned his attention too much to the surrounding circumstances rather than staying focused and attuned to My sure voice which was calling him to come.

I will say, however, considering this was one of Peter's earlier attempts at allowing his faith to be stretched‚ he did well. Seeing that he did begin to waver‚ in that moment Peter did the right thing—he didn't want to stay down, so he immediately called out to Me. He cried for help and I was able to help him. Though he sank at the sight of that which he considered impossible, he discovered that in calling out to Me I helped him nonetheless, and the impossible became possible. Peter learned an important lesson that day. He learned the value of staying focused, of not being distracted by the falsities of surrounding circumstances. Peter learned that My Word is stronger than surrounding circumstances, and in the end it's the only thing that will stand.

3) Use your faith; put it to use every day. In Peter's case, this famous account of one of his first tests of faith was understandable—he had to fall so that he could learn and grow in deeper faith. But you, My children, who have already been exercised in matters of faith, must now learn to stretch your faith farther and farther if you don't want to be caught in one of the Devil's traps in these Last Days. You can do this by exercising your faith more. Put it into play often. Demonstrate it daily to those around you and to the world. Refuse to give in to impossibilities.

Now is the time when you must begin stepping out and exercising your gift of faith to a greater degree by putting it into action‚ by going to work on the plan of this new era! Step out and prove there are no impossibilities to a man or woman who depends on the power of God! Stretch your faith to greater measures. Take greater leaps of faith every day and defy any and all impossibilities that get in your way.

I've given you the "Ask Me Everything" plan to "watch‚ pray, listen and receive." You're moving along on this, learning to make this a part of your everyday lives. Now I ask you to amplify this vision—I ask that you "watch, pray, listen, receive, and do!" "Watch‚ pray, listen, receive, and take action!"

Take action like never before! This is the goal for 2001! Let it be the year of action!—The year your faith is boosted!—The year I multiply your gift of faith!—The year of stretching your faith, of exercising it in greater ways than you ever have before!

45. There you have the three safeguards against falling into the pit of the impossible:

  1. Live in My Word.
  2. Stay focused on Me and the job I have given you.
  3. Use your faith, stretch your faith, work your faith; put your faith to use by putting it into action, by stretching it‚ by taking action. Go to work proving there are no impossibilities to the man or woman filled with My Spirit who acts in faith, believing My promises.

46. Prove the Devil wrong each time he comes around to hassle you, by turning right around and doing the impossible! Defy him by showing him your faith! This is how I'm going to be able to make you a mighty force in the days to come. This is why the whole world will hear about you. This is how you're going to establish My Kingdom on Earth, for you will not only speak the living Word, you will have the living Word running through your veins. You will be the living proof that the impossible is possible with Me, because you will manifest your faith by your actions!

47. To mankind this is a great mystery, how the impossible becomes possible. Yet to those of the Heavenly realm, it is their very nature—there are no impossibilities to the residents of Heaven. They would not even think it! Now it must become your nature also. All things are possible with God, therefore with Me in you, all things are possible to you! Now, as you put these three steps into motion‚ as you exercise your faith to the full, let this be your protection against falling into the "impossible" pit.

48. In this era, I will work through you to prove to the world that all things are possible to you‚ because you believe in Me! You are destined to be My living proof. Therefore, I ask you today, loose the gift of full faith I have put within you. Enough of reservation, of doubt, and of holding back! Hold on to Me alone and let the full faith flow!

49. You are to be My showcase to the world, the ones I have chosen to work through to perform the greater works of the Endtime. I give you this assurance: The "impossible" is nothing but a myth. Therefore take heed to this admonition: Stand strong in My power and face down the "impossible"!

50. As the Red Sea was parted for Moses according to My Word; as Sarah gave birth when it was past her time; as the walls of Jericho came down at Joshua's signal; as Elijah was carried into the Heavens; as Samson received supernatural strength; as My Own earthly mother, Mary, conceived before ever knowing a man and brought Me into the world; as Lazarus was raised from the dead; so all things will be made possible to you. Just as each of My prophets and handmaidens of old held on to their faith and believed, your faith also will not fail as long as you stay focused on Me. It is not your doing; it is Mine. This full faith is a gift from Me. Your responsibility is to use it wisely‚ feed it, cultivate it, and exercise it.

51. Keep putting Me to the test. Keep exercising your faith. Start today with all the things that arise in your daily lives. Stretch your faith more and more each day, and don't turn back. Defy the impossible, for this is the destiny I have chosen for you! (End of message from Jesus)

Rising Above

ML #3379:92-93, 108-115‚ Post-it GN.

Believe in Me!

92. (Jesus speaking:) My love, the main thing that is hindering you, that you need to stop doing, is worrying and fearing and doubting that you can rise above. That rather negative attitude that tries to hinder you from having full faith in the things I've promised you about this‚ is, of course, the work of the Enemy of your soul! You must rebuke him and this feeling that you personally will somehow not be able to attain to this rising above, especially in the future. This is exactly what the Devil wants you to feel, so you'll give up trying, so you'll see it as something that is out of reach for you. This is exactly what He tried to do with Me.

93. You must resist it and resist him with everything in you, My precious one! Go on the attack against him‚ and against this negative feeling. Believe what I've told you—that nothing is impossible for Me, and therefore, nothing is impossible for you, with Me in you! Nothing is impossible for you when you use the power I have given you through the keys of the Kingdom! (End of message from Jesus.)

Nothing Can Stand in the Way!

108. (Jesus speaking:) When your goals and desires are in line with My will and My desires for you, there is nothing that can stand in the way of our reaching those goals together.

109. I've given you many promises to claim and to stand on. Each of these, My words of promise to you, have creative, overcoming power; they are strong and true. If I knew that it was really impossible for any one of these promises to be fulfilled in you, why would I have wasted My breath in making them in the first place? If the truth was that you'd never be able to completely overcome in the way that you've hoped and dreamed and longed for‚ then why would I do so much to give you the message that you can obtain these things, and even that I want you to obtain them, and expect you to. Would I ask you to do something that I knew was impossible for you to do? Would I place such a heavy burden on you?

110. My Word says to, "Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus" (Phil.2:5). Would I have put something like that in My Word if I didn't expect you to actually be able to do it—to let My mind be in you?

111. While it's true that I said, "My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways" (Isa.55:8), I was speaking of the carnal man—not of you, someone who has been born of My Spirit and washed in My love. Through Me you have the power to leave behind the things of the carnal man. You're Mine; I bought you and paid for you. And I have given you the keys of the Kingdom—access to unlimited power. Anything that is within My will, you can ask for and expect. And because of that it's completely possible for you to be possessed by Me and My Spirit in such a way that you can truly rise above the limitations and the weaknesses of your flesh and of your personality and character. My promises aren't just fanciful dreams and pie in the sky. They're there for you to claim and appropriate so that by these you might partake of My divine nature (2Pet.1:4).

112. I don't make unreasonable requests of My loved ones‚ or put upon them unreasonable expectations. When I was walking on the water and I called Peter to step out of the boat and come to Me‚ I wasn't asking him to do the impossible. With man, something like that would of course be impossible, but not with God. With God, anything is possible, and so is anything possible to him that believes.

113. I am speaking personally to you. All things are possible to you if you will believe. It is possible for you to overcome. If your will is in line with Mine, then you can have the assurance that whatever you want and ask for in My Name and with faith is yours.

114. When I was on the Earth, I was affected by the same limitations of weak human flesh as you are. Because of that, I know what you go through. I can understand your feelings‚ and even your doubts. But even though I had taken on the form of human clay, because I believed My Father's Words‚ I was given the faith to follow His great commission for Me no matter what supposedly impossible situations it led Me into. I trusted that if I did My part, if I humbled Myself and obeyed, even unto death, He would take over where My human frame left off, and He would do the rest. He would do the miracles. Although at times My flesh couldn't see it or feel it—especially during those agonizing hours on the cross—I believed My Father's promises that He would help Me to overcome the limitations of mortal man and even raise Me from death, though it was something completely impossible for My human body to do.

115. Because of My love for My Father and My yieldedness to His will, I and My Father were one. Our desires were one and the same. Our hearts were one. Because I wanted to please Him and follow His calling for Me, even though it meant dying on the cross, He was able to give Me overcoming power and fill My human flesh with His Spirit, His power, and His supernatural anointing. And the same can be true for you. When you're strong in My Spirit and your will is one with Mine, then you can command Me to do whatever you wish, and it will be done for you. (End of message from Jesus.)



It's humbling to step out by faith and make a fresh new start with someone who you have old habits with. It can be very humbling and the Enemy will use that to persuade you not to do it. He will really try to get you to never make that first step, and will try to keep you on the same old treadmill of the old mindsets.

But look beyond all that and grab My hand that is reaching out to help you. If you make the first step to react with new eyes and a new spirit, then every other step after that will be much easier. But the first step is very important, the first reaction of the day‚ because it sets the standard and the spirit for every other step. So when you start off on the right foot, with the right spirit and the right outlook, you make it much easier for yourself. You also make it much easier for Me to pour through you, because you're doing the right thing. But if you start off on the wrong foot, with the wrong reactions and the wrong way of looking at things‚ I can't give you the new, because you're working with the old ways.

So let Me pour the new through you, all that is new and beautiful and wonderful in your life. Let Me use it to the fullest. Let Me shine through you. Let your new ways be a testimony to others of the power of My Spirit and of your yieldedness. Let Me give you a clean slate with new things written on it. All you have to do is erase all the old that is written on it, and draw on My Spirit to write it afresh. It will be so beautiful.

But you say, "How can I do this? I just can't. It's so hard. I've tried so many times to change and make a fresh start, and it just doesn't work. I keep doing the same old things that I hate and that I don't want to do‚ and I just can't seem to get out of these old habits. I desperately want to be new and different in my interactions with people."

If you're desperately seeking Me for a change, that's all you need, and that will be the key to open the doors that you can't open by yourself. You don't have the love in yourself to do it, nor the humility, grace, strength or understanding, but I do. You just need to draw on My strength and ask Me for help each step of the way. It takes time to break old habits, and you must not get discouraged if you revert to your old ways sometimes. You have to keep the vision and believe that what I tell you is the truth, and you will have great victory.

The greater your desperation, the greater the victory. The bigger the step of faith you take, the closer you are to bigger victories. The tighter you hang on to My Word, the more it will work for you. The harder you fight, the less the Enemy will be able to fight the power of My Spirit in you.

You have great power of My Spirit at your disposal. All you have to do is believe and receive and live in it, and it will be so beautiful.

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