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Shooting Straight, Part 4--Letter Links: Time Off: A Necessity!

July 31, 2004

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FD/MM/FM July 2004

My Yoke Is Easy

(ML #169, DB 5)

1. Leadership is a very great responsibility, a heavy burden & just A PLAIN BIG JOB OF A LOT OF HARD WORK, tension‚ confusion‚ excitement, concerns & physical, mental & nervous strain which tends to be pretty hard on you. Even the Lord Himself could not bear the continual strain & virtue drain of a constant ministry to the multitudes, which is what your ministry really is, so He frequently had to GET AWAY FROM IT ALL & take His disciples up into the mountains or out to sea or on a private visit to friends‚ for A SPIRITUAL RETREAT, REST & RECUPERATION & INSPIRATION—sometimes even all alone!

2. No one can continue to keep pouring out to others without spending some TIME ALONE WITH THE LORD GETTING FILLED UP AGAIN! I've been in the Lord's Work for half a century & my Mother for half a century before me & my Grandfather for half a century before her, so I know what I'm talking about! As A.B. Simpson, that grand old man of faith, once said, "YOU CANNOT DO THE MASTER'S WORK WITHOUT THE MASTER'S POWER!"—And to get it, you must spend time with the Master!

3. We all need more quiet time alone with the Lord in rest & refilling, drinking at the Living Water of His Word & fellowshipping with Him in the Communion of Prayer & the sweet lovemaking of the Spirit!

4. None of us can stand these constant pressures of continuous demands on our time, strength‚ body, soul & spirit to which we are so often forced to submit‚ without relief, by the press of time, necessity, need & one emergency after another so prevalent in such a fast-moving & rapidly expanding work such as ours where the laborers are so few, the Harvest so big & there's so much to be done to gather it in before the Storm!

5. But the Lord Himself has said‚ "Come unto Me, all ye that labor & are heavy-laden & I WILL GIVE YOU REST. Take My yoke upon you, & learn of Me; for I am meek & lowly in heart; & ye shall find rest unto your souls. For MY YOKE IS EASY, & MY BURDEN IS LIGHT." And His Word also warns us that we must be "TEMPERATE in all things" & "let your MODERATION be known to all men". If the yoke gets too hard & the burden too heavy, it's not HIS yoke nor HIS burden, but our OWN or someone ELSE'S which we've unwisely undertaken or permitted to be placed upon us beyond the Lord's knowledge of our strength & abilities! He HIMSELF will NEVER SUFFER US TO BE TEMPTED ABOVE THAT WHICH WE ARE ABLE!

6. Sometimes we're tempted to take too much upon us, but certainly not by the Lord, & sometimes we allow our strength to be taxed beyond what we know we can wisely endure; & in so doing we often allow ourselves to be pushed beyond the measure of our own faith & suffer the consequences in a physical, mental‚ nervous or spiritual collapse, of which I myself testified in the Letter "Breakdown" (see No.66). Please don't let it happen to you! TAKE TIME TO BE HOLY.—WHOLLY HIS & whole in BODY, MIND & SPIRIT! "THOU SHALT KEEP HIM IN PERFECT PEACE whose mind is stayed on Thee, because he trusteth in Thee."—Isa.26:3.

7. Your strength must be conserved & nerves protected from too great a strain! Please forgive us for having let you be put under too much pressure & may the Lord forgive us! We love you, & you have a great work to do for the Lord! TAKE MORE TIME OUT to be strengthened for it! You could do this partly by READING HIS WORD! GBAKYACTMYAB!

Temple Time

(ML #191, DB 5)

1. Everybody in this big central room under the dome‚ they are all looking up like they expect something. People are rushing around out in the wings, like they're busy in the service of the King; but the people here under the central dome just stand there quietly & look up, bathed in that beautiful, beautiful golden glow from above, taking big deep breaths of that Heavenly air that comes down the pipe, getting a whiff of that fragrance now & then. Oh, Lord, for a breath of Thy Heavenly air to refresh us & clear our minds & inspire our hearts & give us visions that thrill us, that set our heads awhirl for Thee‚ Jesus! PTL!

2. It's just like the people who are so busy rushing around get tired & they have to come in the middle room & look up & take a nice big breath & catch another vision & take another look & get filled up again. IT'S HIS TEMPLE. Help us to be like that, Jesus, & to remember WE CAN'T GO ON WITHOUT THE HEAVENLY VISION You give, a breath of Heavenly fresh air, the sound of that sweet music! We just CAN'T GO ON WITHOUT HEARING THY VOICE & BREATHING THE FRAGRANCE of that wonderful incense & seeing the beautiful starry sky & getting inspired by the UPWARD look!

3. Have you been in the Temple today? Are you taking a look upward? Have you breathed deeply of that Heavenly elixir? Have you heard those beautiful notes of Heavenly music—marveled at God's starry sky, His great Creation, His Universe, to know that all is well & find rest & peace to your souls before you go back to work in the wings?

4. You wouldn't worry & fret so & be so upset if you spent more time with the Lord looking up through that starry dome & breathing that Heavenly air & hearing that beautiful music! You'd find peace & rest unto your souls. You just cannot go on if you ONLY hurry around all the time in the wings & you never step into the rotunda & look up through the dome, spending quiet time, seeing Heavenly visions & breathing Heavenly air & hearing Heavenly music & voices! It just totally renews you & completely refreshes you & gives you new vision & fresh inspiration, new strength, rest & peace & joy!

5. Have you been there to get a fresh breath of air from Heaven?—If you haven't, you've really missed something! You're going to get awfully tired & weary & upset & fearful & doubting & discouraged & worried & flurried & hurried because you haven't been RENEWED in THE TEMPLE OF HIS SPIRIT with THE VOICE OF HIS TRUTH & THE HEAVENLY VISION!

6. "For they that partake of these things have strength that ye know not of! They that follow Me & hear My voice & they that savor My fragrance & see those things which I show them, THEY are the children of David!"

7. You'll get out of touch if you don't—out of communication & fellowship, out of the victory! YOU'LL RUN OUT OF STRENGTH & WISDOM & LOVE & PATIENCE & pretty soon you'll just plain RUN OUT because you can't take it any more! Because you've been too busy out in the wings & you haven't come into the Temple to be refreshed & renewed.

8. Are you too busy? Are you in too big a hurry? Is your work too important to stop for a few minutes of inspiration & refreshing from on High‚ spiritual renewal, physical rest, a little love feast with the Lord? If you've missed a trip into the Temple of His Spirit today in fellowship with all the other crystals, you've really missed something! YOU'LL NOT LAST LONG, YOU'RE GOING TO WEAR OUT. YOU'LL NEVER MAKE IT if you don't stop for awhile under the dome & look up at His starry sky & the peace & tranquility & mighty moving of the spheres & hear their music!—Up There where all is perfection, perfect order & harmony & peace!

9. Look & live! Stop‚ look, listen & live! How many times has the Lord told us this, that you cannot live without it? You'd better TAKE TIME for the Temple or you're going to find out you're running OUT OF TIME!—Time for that wonderful rest in the Temple! HAVE YOU HAD YOUR TEMPLE TIME TODAY?—Your quiet time in His Temple?

10. All you have to do is get alone with the Lord & look up at all His beauties & breathe His Heavenly air & hear His Heavenly music & see His Heavenly visions! "YE ARE THE TEMPLE OF THE HOLY GHOST!" IF YOU DON'T MOVE IN HERE & GET A LITTLE OF HIS LIGHT, YOU'RE NOT GOING TO REFLECT MUCH or refract much or catch more of it to pass on to others.

11. How much time have you spent in the Temple today? There doesn't have to be any SET time. YOU CAN LOOK UP THROUGH THE DOME ANY TIME OF DAY, ANYWHERE, WHEREVER YOU ARE, whatever you're doing.—Just a few quiet moments with the Lord. Anytime, anywhere, you can come swiftly out of the wings & ENTER THE TEMPLE IN SPIRIT & IN TRUTH!

12. You just can't do it very much in the midst of confusion with other voices & clatter going on out in the wings. They are part of the Temple & necessary to the service of the Temple, but you have to get quiet somewhere‚ sometime. I've found THOSE HOURS IN THE MORNING WHEN YOU CAN'T SLEEP ARE A WONDERFUL TIME & the view is so beautiful! The night is so quiet & so still. Don't just LIE there! PRAY! LOOK & LIVE! LOOK UP! MAKE A TEMPLE OF YOUR HEART! See what God can do in that beautiful realm of the Spirit!

13. Sometimes you wonder what is the Truth out there in the wings, you get so far out of touch & YOU HAVE TO COME BACK INTO THE ROTUNDA WHERE YOU GET YOUR BATTERIES RECHARGED. Lord Jesus, give these dear ones REST. Help them to spend as often as they can in Thy Temple in that quiet place of rest before Thy throne.

14. You can't do it without Him, Beloved. You'll never make it without His power. A lot of these little tape recorders will run for a WHILE on batteries, but how LONG will they run on batteries?—You'll run for awhile but then you'll have to come back & get hooked up to the current again or you'll run slower & slower till you have nothing left & are just plumb flat!

15. I'm not so smart! I don't know anything but what God shows me & I just pass it on to you. Everything GOD shows you ALWAYS works out! THANK YOU JESUS FOR THE TEMPLE OF THY SPIRIT, WHERE WE CAN HAVE TRUTH & rest unto our souls! Isn't He wonderful? Then why don't you spend more TIME alone with Him? If you love Him so much, why don't you act like it?

16. Well, you say, "I've been busy herding sheep." But how do YOU know how to herd them or where to herd them or ANYTHING about them unless you learn from the Chief Shepherd? HOW DO YOU KNOW WHERE HE'S LEADING UNLESS YOU FOLLOW HIM? HE knows where the green pastures are & where the mountain passes are & where the cool waters flow! He knows where the falls are & where you'll be safe & secure. He also knows the woods in which the wolves hide & He knows the danger spots & you'd better stick close to Him‚ for I'm telling you, you don't know much at all! You're going to be in trouble! All WE have to do is FOLLOW—stick up your little antenna & get the signals & FOLLOW!

17. Are you on God's channel, or are you so DOWNhearted that you keep looking DOWN? If you're DOWNhearted & DOWNcast, it's because you're looking DOWN too much at the waves. You've got your antenna pointed DOWN towards HELL instead of UP toward HEAVEN—or outside at all the people & confusion & sheep instead of toward the Chief Shepherd. Are the only signals you're receiving just a bunch of confusion & babble, or have you got your antenna pointed straight up toward Heaven, where you can't get anything but the Lord?

18. It all depends on which way you point your antenna, or you'll get the wrong station or you won't get the signals clear.—You'll get nothing but static from the Devil. If you get your antenna straight up you can't even GET those other channels!—All you'll get is GOD'S channel. It's downright HARD WORK out in the WINGS, feeding & sacrificing & working, ministering to the multitudes. But you'll never have the strength or the vision or the inspiration that you need to do it unless you come back in under the dome & LOOK UP IN THE SPIRIT FOR HIS TRUTH!

19. He can solve all your problems in one little glimpse! He can REFRESH your whole spirit with one deep breath! He can CLARIFY all your thoughts with just one sweet strain of Heavenly music! Hallelujah! And HE CAN WIPE AWAY ALL YOUR FEARS & TEARS with just one little restful moment in that perfect peace He gives when your mind is stayed on Him & Him alone because you trust in Him.

20. It just takes one little glimpse of Jesus to make it worth it all!—And to help you be able to DO it all. Is it worth the time it takes in the Temple? TAKE TIME IN THE TEMPLE! Amen?

Jewels on Going Slow and Resting in the Lord

(ML #2939, Lifelines 21)

Take It Easy & Don't Get Overburdened!

1. I've been reading about a number of Family Members, not just leaders, who have been having near nervous breakdowns because they are under too much pressure & have too much to do. It's sad to think of what can happen if you get overpressured to the point that you have a nervous breakdown. That's what intense pressure over a long period of time often leads to if you don't rest in the Lord & take it easy.

2. You've got to slow down & trust the Lord & just decide that you can only do so much & no more, & if it doesn't get done, then it doesn't get done! The Lord won't give you more than you can bear, so there's got to be some solution.—Or if there's not some solution, then the answer is just to let it go & not get it done! The Lord will take care of things even if we can't do it. It's the Lord's Work, so you certainly don't need to try to take the whole burden on yourselves!

3. It's good for all of us to keep in mind that if we get so burdened & so pressured that we get sick‚ or run down or have a nervous breakdown, then we're going to be completely out of action & not be able to do anything! So isn't it better to take it a little slower, & even though you won't get everything done, you'll still be able to get quite a bit accomplished while staying healthy & happy. That's certainly better than trying to do everything & cracking up! Why get so burdened & so pressured that you just finally crack or come down with some kind of illness or something?

4. When we get too tired or too pressured, a lot of us get headaches; some of us even get migraines, which puts us completely out of action, & then we can't do any work at all! So you might as well slow down, decide where your limits are & just do so much & no more, according to what you can handle, & just leave the other until later. Because if you try to do too much‚ all the work you do is going to suffer! Even if you don't have a breakdown or illness, you're going to be cranky & grouchy & you're not going to get enough time in the Word, so you'll suffer one way or the other.—And others are going to suffer too; the Lord's Work is going to suffer!

5. So one way or the other, you'll have to slow down.—Either because you wisely choose to‚ or because you're forced to because you get sick physically, mentally or spiritually. So why not slow down & take it a little easier before things get so bad? Why not do it because you know you need to instead of waiting until you have to? Don't wait till you're forced to do it, until you get so pressured & burdened that you crack up & you find yourself flat on your back in bed where you can't do a thing except talk to the Lord! It would be so much better to take that time of rest & fellowship with the Lord now, under much more pleasant circumstances.

6. Some of you have a wonderful sense of responsibility, but sometimes you almost feel too responsible. You feel responsible for much more than you should be responsible for. It's too much for anyone to try to constantly bear such burdens! All of our jobs are too big for anyone to handle, so we just have to give them over to the Lord & let Him do it. "Cast thy burden upon the Lord & He shall sustain thee. Casting all your care upon Him, for He careth for you!"—Psa.55:22; 1Pet.5:7.

7. I used to think that I had to do a lot more‚ too. I was carrying too heavy a load & I thought that I had to do it. I had so many things that I absolutely had to do—until the Lord forced me to stop doing them, & then I found out I didn't have to do them after all. I found out that there actually were things that others could help me with & things I could train them to do. I also found out that everything I was doing didn't absolutely have to be done, & that if I didn't do some of it‚ we would still survive.

8. We tend to think we're a lot more important than we are!—So sometimes the Lord has to disillusion us & eliminate our delusions of grandeur, of our own importance, so we'll back out a little bit & tell the Lord, "You have to do it. You take care of it, I can't!" Then He'll get more of the glory & credit for it too, & that's what He wants. He knows we're not capable of much‚ He knows we're frail & just dust, & in us dwells no good thing (Psa.103:14; Rom.7:18), so He knows we have our limits.—And He wishes that we would wake up & realize it. He not only wants us to be aware of them, but He wants us to let others know also—and then the Lord can get the credit for anything that gets done. Praise the Lord!

Prayer for Fellow-laborers to Rest in the Lord!

9. Thank You‚ Jesus, for those sweet faithful ones. Give them faith & peace in the midst of their many jobs & responsibilities. Help them to get done the things that really need to be done. I guess they all need to be done, but help them to know what the priorities are & what should be done first & what should be done second & third‚ etc. Help them to just take one day at a time & do what they can that day, & not worry about the other days, Lord.

10. We know that if You want us to get these things done, then You're going to give us time to do them without us rushing around in a frenzy & getting so worried & uptight that we get sick, weary & exhausted to where we can't accomplish anything. So help us to decide with Thy wisdom what are the most important things, what we need to do first, & then help us to do that, & not worry about the other things, because You're going to help us to get them done if that is Your Will.

11. So help us, Lord‚ in Jesus' name. Give us all peace & calmness & confidence & quietness in You. Give us wisdom & anointing & inspiration for our jobs, all of which are so important to You. Each person is so important to You, no matter what they do; they're all a very valuable part of Your Kingdom! Thank You for each one! Bless them in all their trials & afflictions, that they may learn what You're trying to teach them through these times, so they can become better vessels for You & for Your service‚ in Jesus' name!

Go at a Slower Pace Day by Day!

12. So many of our precious Family Members go day after day after day, high-strung, nervous, on call 24 hours a day, moving practically at breakneck speed with one problem after the other knocking at their door. Maybe they're even faithful to take little Word & Rest days or a vacation every once in a while, but that's not enough. Even if you take a day off every week‚ or every ten days, or every month, it's not enough. That constant strain & pressure is not sufficiently relieved by a day or two off every once in a while.

13. I believe the solution is for everybody to slow down & go at a slower daily pace. I can't go at a rapid pace at breakneck speed. It's just too much for me. I'm extremely weak & almost an invalid, & the Lord forces me to go slowly through my physical weakness. He gives me the strength for my day so that I have enough strength every day to continue to do my work, but not enough to do any more than is absolutely necessary. I work every day & I very seldom take a full day off, but I can do it because I work at a slow, steady rate, day by day.

14. Also, I like my work. So as long as I don't get burned out on it‚ as long as it's not such a pressure & a burden & a terrible drain & strain‚ & as long as I pray desperately every day for the Lord's strength & health, then I can do it every day. I usually have sufficient time to sleep & pray & rest, & I can pace myself at a calm pace, & because the pace is slow & peaceful & comfortable, I'm at least able to take care of the timely matters without too much strain.

15. But I think of our poor people & poor leaders‚ & I wonder how they stand the pressure. I don't know how they do it! I think the only solution is to slow everything down on a day-to-day basis & just decide not to do some things. I don't know if that's going to work or not, practically speaking, but the Lord does have a solution, & as far as I can see‚ that's the only good solution to the problem.

16. Maybe we could find ways to slow everything down by putting guidelines or restrictions on things, like trying to reduce the number of meetings people need to attend, or the number of reports they have to write.—Not just for the top leaders, but for everybody. Maybe those who are doing too much could be scheduled with less work, & those who aren't doing as much as they could be or need to be doing could be scheduled with a little more work to share the load & even things out. You may be able to save a lot of time just through proper scheduling & shepherding, & everyone would receive the benefits.

17. It will require a great expenditure of rescheduling & effort in the beginning, but it's probably more possible to slow things down that way than it is for everybody to take a full day off every week.—But even if people can take a day off, many of them probably have no quiet‚ restful place to go, so they don't get that much rest from it anyway. I'm not saying you still don't need a vacation once in a while or a day off each week—you should still have your free day—but if we can slow things down on a regular basis you won't drop & collapse when you finally do have your free day!

18. I didn't think I could slow down & do less, but the Lord stepped in & made me slow down because of my eyes. I wouldn't have done it on my own, so He forced me. So I understand what an "impossible" situation it seems to be to say "slow everything down," because I couldn't slow myself down. I didn't even see the need to‚ but I do now! And I think we should try to help the Family to slow down somehow & not try so hard to accomplish so much. Perhaps breaking up the blobs & scaling down our huge Homes would do much to improve the situation.—And we're going to be working on that, God willing.

The Family Expects Quick Results!

19. In the Family we really expect quick results! In our witnessing, our memory work, training of people, in almost everything, we think it all should be zip zap, abracadabra & it's done! That's the way we train people! We give them a two-hour class on some computer program & think that's all they need. From then on we expect them to know it. Or we train someone for a couple of days in the kitchen & we think that by then they ought to be right in the stream of it with no problems or mistakes.

20. We think when new babes come into our Home that after they've been there a month they should be model disciples just like the rest of us who have been in the Family for up to 25 years! We go out witnessing & we think all we have to do is wave our magic wand & presto!—Everybody will get saved‚ filled with the Spirit & be on fire! And we expect our catacombers & our kings & queens to be able to understand things that it's taken us our whole lives in the Family to learn. We pray for healing & we expect to be healed right away.—And we often are!—Thank the Lord! We think our kids should be potty trained at 8 months, walk at 9 months, & read at one year. If they don't, we think we've failed! We get discouraged & frustrated! We think something's wrong with us or something's wrong with them.

21. This quick-results attitude contributes to having a lack of patience, & even a lack of diligence & faithfulness. It's good that we do get some quick, miraculous results, but when we don't get them we think something's wrong & we get impatient, disappointed‚ discouraged, frustrated & condemned, which isn't good.

22. I grew up in the church hearing of wives who prayed for their husbands to get saved for years & years! Or you hear of someone praying for years for some wayward relative to get saved, & then on their deathbed the person would get saved. The church world figures if you're going to pray for somebody to get saved, then you should pray & pray & pray for years!

23. But we don't look at things that way! We go out & we find the receptive sheep, the ones who are already ripe. The Lord has already worked on them & we just reap them. We're often reapers much more than sowers. We go out there & find a harvest ready to be reaped & we reap it! We're used to reaping, bringing in the harvest, picking the fruit, but we're not so used to sowing & cultivating & nurturing‚ etc. So when we have to do some sowing & tending, we're impatient & not so diligent or faithful sometimes‚ because we want quick results.

24. The Lord's given us this reaping ministry‚ so we don't want to belittle it, but we do need to understand the other side as well. We need to understand that, although we have mostly one kind of ministry, we shouldn't despise the other. When things don't move as quickly as we're used to‚ we shouldn't get impatient or frustrated or condemned or worried or feeling that something's not right or not working right. Because not everything moves as fast as we're often used to, nor is it supposed to.

25. Often, when we don't get healed miraculously, in a few hours or a day or two, we question the Lord. "Something must be wrong with me, Lord!" Or, "Something's wrong with our prayers, something's wrong somewhere!" Sometimes it is, & it's good to ask that question, but if you've asked it & you haven't found anything wrong, it's not good to keep insisting that there must be something wrong. Maybe nothing's wrong, maybe the Lord's trying to test your faith! Maybe you have lessons to learn through it.

26. Everything goes so fast in the Family! We're living in the Time of the End & we want to accomplish so much, & we feel we've got to get everything done right now because time is so short! That's not a bad attitude in some ways, because it's true; we are living in the Time of the End, we don't have much time & the Lord does want us to get a lot done. But we need to see the other side & have the proper balance! We must realize that some things do take time & patience.

27. Some of our most fruitful Homes have been those whose members have "shtuck" in the same place & have slowly & methodically cultivated a solid & fruitful work. They have faithfully ministered to new converts, day after day, week after week, month after month, who have eventually become close friends & supporters. They've built good relations with the neighbors & the local community by gaining the reputation for being there when needed, volunteering to help, & not being a "fly by night" organization—"now you see them, now you don't!" They don't expect everything to happen overnight & they keep faithfully plugging along day after day.

28. I would venture to say that most of the people in the Family haven't learned this lesson yet, & they're chomping at the bit to accomplish everything immediately. They're in such a hurry, & if things don't get done immediately they think something's wrong. God help us to learn the balance & to remember what Dad said in "Squeeze, Don't Jerk"—that it takes time to accomplish some things‚ & if we're too busy or going too fast, we'll miss some of what the Lord is trying to teach us!—And we may end up with a nervous breakdown!

Going Slower, Not Letting Yourself Get Pressured!

29. Many times, either we leaders or others put the label of "urgent" or "this has to get done right away" on decisions or things that need to get done. But I wonder if most of these time demands are really necessary? Are they really that urgent? Does it have to be done right away? Do we have to do it right this minute? Can't it wait a little while so we can decide on it prayerfully & carefully? These things do have to be attended to, but do we need to be governed by what are usually unnecessary time pressures?

30. People often think their project can't wait another minute & has got to be done right now! We can't let those demands get to us. We can't only listen to everybody's clamor, we've got to seek the Lord about what needs to be done first, what the priorities are. Like Dad has so often said, the Lord doesn't put burdens on you that are too heavy to bear; you put them on yourself‚ or allow someone else to place them on you.

31. The alternative to slowing down & taking quiet time with the Lord is to try to do it in your own strength, which means you'll rush, rush‚ rush & go crazy trying to get everything done, which may eventually result in your having a nervous breakdown or your getting very sick. In either case‚ you'll be completely out of commission to the point that you can't do anything. The choice seems to be between slowing down & only doing part of what you've done before, but still getting something done, or keeping up a frantic pace until you collapse either physically, mentally or spiritually & you can't get anything done! So which do you want to choose? If we would look at it that way, I think it would help us all to understand that it's better to slow it down & still get a number of things done.

32. Unless we're willing to just do what we can at a calm, moderate pace & put the rest aside until tomorrow or next week or next month‚ then we may end up not being able to do anything at all. This is a very good reason for slowing down.

33. If you're overburdened & simply can't take on any more, you could tell people, "I'm sorry I can't answer you right now on this, but I can't at the moment. I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can. I've got much more than I feel I can handle right now, & I just can't do it all. I might be able to take care of part of it or help counsel on part of it, but if I take on too much more I'm afraid I'll get sick from overwork or have a nervous breakdown & not be able to do anything. I don't mean to be rude‚ but I think I've just about reached my limit."

34. Perhaps part of the problem is that we sometimes tend to think a little more highly of ourselves than we ought to. We feel that if we're not right there in the thick of the battle that things won't operate properly. We tend to feel rather indispensable. But if you carry on in that frame of mind, trying to do it all, answering all the questions & not only keeping your finger in every pie but trying to be the chief pie cook, you'll soon find out just how indispensable you are!—As you'll be laid up sick in bed somewhere. And when you are‚ you'll find out that things will go on without you.

35. When we heard that the pressures of the job were getting too demanding on Abi when she was shepherding one of the Training Centers, we told her to tell the Home that we commanded her to take more time alone in her room with a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door to rest, sleep, & get alone with the Lord.

36. I told her that even though the Training Center hadn't been doing so great before she got there‚ at least they had been surviving without her, so it wasn't worth her getting under so much pressure to change everything all at once that she would wear out from exhaustion & collapse! Even the little help she could give them would be an improvement over what it was before she got there. I told her she shouldn't feel like she has to do everything. There was so much to be done, & much of it she couldn't delegate to others because in a new training situation like that, you have to train people before you can delegate the jobs to them, you have to first show them how to do it. Abi was delegating what she could, she was doing fine on that‚ but the simple fact was that there was just so much to do! So I told her that she just couldn't do it all at once, she'd have to let some of it go undone, even some things that were necessary. They'd just have to be put off till later, & she'd have to trust the Lord to help them carry on without their taking care of those things.

37. It's very difficult to slow down because there are so many demands, & they are legitimate demands. But if you don't voluntarily slow down & do less, you may find yourself forced into a position of not being able to do anything! If something really is important & necessary‚ the Lord will help you to get to it in His time. But, as we've all found out, sometimes when we can't get to something that we think has to be done right away, the Lord will take care of it without our interfering. A lot of times when we wait, & when we pray, the Lord will take care of things that someone said needed attention right this minute.

38. It's like when I couldn't use my eyes any more, then I found out that all the things I thought I had to do, I didn't have to do them after all. Either somebody else then had to do them, or they just didn't have to get done. So if we don't take the hint or come to that conclusion before we get put out of commission, then we'll sure learn the lesson when it happens, but we'll have to learn it the hard way.

39. It's like when one of our CROs got hepatitis. He was going at such a frantic pace & he thought he was going to completely change the country he had just moved to in the space of just a few months. Then he got hepatitis & he could barely do anything. He was completely out of commission. But things went on fine without him! He actually got a lot more done by spending quality time with the Lord & by using paper power than he did by running around in his own strength. The Lord had to show him that he was not indispensable!

40. We leaders should explain this to those with whom we work. We need to ask them, "Would you rather have a little of me than none of me?—A little of my help or none of my help?—Please don't keep pushing me for immediate answers or help. I'll do what I can, but you've got to calm yourself down & slow down. You've got to be willing to wait, or get some answers from the Lord on your own." In other words, everybody down the line has to try to slow it down a bit. If they come knocking at your door demanding an immediate answer & you say, "Well, sorry‚ I can't give it to you right now," that will make them slow down too.

41. Of course, there is a balance to this. You shouldn't all of a sudden say, "Well‚ they told me to slow down, so now I'm just not going to do anything!" It requires a lot of prayerfulness & wisdom to know where the balance is.—In everything, not just in this matter. I think that's one thing that makes good leaders, the ability to discern the proper balance in things. Like the Bible says, "A false balance is an abomination, but a just weight is His delight!"—Pro.11:1. Finding the right balance in things is what we need to be doing constantly. Amongst all the different sides of every story & the different aspects of things, we're constantly trying to find out what the right balance is, what's the right degree, where on that scale does the right answer lie. That's what helps to make a good mature Christian—the ability to find the right balance.

Top Leaders Forced to Slow Down; Leaders' Responsibility to Help Their People to Slow Down

42. In the last two or three years the Lord has done something in the lives of a lot of our top leaders to force them to slow down. Slowing down is one of the most difficult things for Family Members to do. They see that the harvest is so white & the laborers are so few & the job is so monumental & there's so much to do & so many emergencies on top of their normal jobs & responsibilities. When faced with all that, slowing down is one of the hardest things to do, & I guess that's why the Lord has had to force a lot of us to slow down.

43. I was thinking of Gary & his nervous breakdown, & Sharon & her nervous breakdown, which slowed both of them down. (And now, another one of our CROs was in a wheelchair for two months because of a back injury. Another one has heart trouble which forces him to go much more slowly.) Also‚ myself with my eyes‚ which makes it impossible for me to do some of the things I thought I had to do. But the thing is, maybe some of the things that we think are essential for us to do personally, really aren't essential!

44. Dad gave me a lot of hints. He was always telling me, "You don't have to read so much. Why don't you relax, you don't have to do so much!" But I didn't listen, I thought I had to do that. But when I couldn't do it any more, the World went on & I saw that it really didn't have to be done after all, at least not by me.

45. Isaac injured his foot at the HCS‚ & for months he couldn't walk on it. It took a full year to completely heal, but it caused him to really slow down. He realized that he couldn't go so fast, so he started relaxing & trusting the Lord more. So sometimes the Lord uses physical afflictions to slow us down, & sometimes He uses the mental, emotional & spiritual strain to do it.

46. In Juan's case, the Lord seemed to use Abi to slow him down. Juan is quite gifted in business matters, whereas she has a harder time understanding business, so he had to be patient & explain things to her. He had to slow down, because all the decisions they made had to be made jointly, so he had to make sure she understood things in order for her to help in making the decisions. That was a very big major factor in his life to get him to slow down in his leadership.

47. Marianne recently wrote about some lessons she was learning along these lines as well. She said,

"A while back I sprained my ankle, & then I had a bout of mouth sores, which came at the same time as I was weaning my baby. I was feeling quite drained & run down. The Lord was trying to get through to me so I'd see that‚ with all there is to do, trying to push more in my own energy was not going to work. I just have to take more time to get His strength, His power & His Spirit through His Word & time in prayer & communion with Him.

"On my birthday a few days ago, some of us had a little special lunch together, & they said a prayer for me & asked the Lord to speak & give something special for my birthday. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful present to start a new year! It was all about the Lord wanting me to come unto Him & delight in His Word, & how He desired to have more intimate fellowship.

"It was quite a beautiful prophecy & very encouraging, as lately I have felt such a desire to give more to those around me. I see there's so much that needs to be done, so much training that needs to be passed on‚ so many that need to have personal shepherding & counsel & guidance, both among my own children & those in this Home. But of course, of my own self, in my own energy & carnal mind, I just can't do it, & the Lord even allowed me to be slowed down physically so I can get that strength & energy of spirit."

48. It seems that the Lord usually has to force us into it. Now, if the Lord has gone to such an effort to force top leaders into slowing down, doesn't it stand to reason that He considers going slower to be pretty important? And if He wants our leaders to go slow, then don't you think that's the way He wants us all to be? Don't you think that He's trying to teach that to all those who love Him & live for Him?—Not just the leaders? Don't you think He wants everyone to go slower & wait on Him & not depend so much on accomplishments as our standard of success?

49. Of course, there's a little difference in practice & operation. Some of our folks can more freely schedule themselves than others, who are more restricted in their jobs. You can't say clear across the board that whenever any Family Members need to stop & pray about something that they can drop everything & take a few hours in their room.

50. But since they can't always stop & rest & pray any time they want to, then it's the responsibility of their over-shepherds to see that they have the time they need, & they'll be held accountable to the Lord, because the Home members can't do it on their own. They can't just take off whenever they want to; they're under the Home's schedule & restrictions. But if we don't give them that time, if we don't let them slow down to where they can hear from the Lord, so they don't get into the same busy, frazzled, hurried state that the Lord's trying to get us out of, if we don't allow them that, then we're going to be to blame. The Lord's going to hold us responsible for their not doing what they should do!

51. I thought Marianne had the right idea when she recognized the need to make sure that those who are under the constant stress of running the HCS had some time off. She said,

"On a weekly basis our over-shepherd Teamwork at the HCS meets to discuss the overall needs of the Home & the flock & the progress of the Work. In one such meeting‚ the Lord impressed upon us the need to give the Home Teamwork a chance to pull away & rest & fellowship together in the Word. The HCS is a big operation, & being on the Teamwork is definitely a 24-hour-a-day job! Besides their Teamworking responsibilities, they of course have a shepherding role with their families, & all this takes time.

"They also rarely participate in meetings away from their work situation. They may attend a few sessions, but then they're back to work.

"So we felt it would be a blessing to pull the Teamworkers away for two days, invite them to a separate location to sleep there, have nice meals, & just relax together & get away from this very busy situation. It was a real fruitful weekend. Everybody had plenty of extra sleep & time to go swimming. The first day we read together the whole Letter 'The Meekness Dream' in two sessions, which has so many terrific leadership points. We read it & pow-wowed it together‚ & it led us into a lot of really good lessons. That night we had a nice meal & dance together & then watched the movie about 'Boys Town,’ which brought out a lot of other very good leadership & shepherding lessons.

"The following day we read some Word on leadership, hearing from the Lord, organizing your time so you can rest in Him & pray, etc. As the time progressed & the Word was sinking in, everybody shared beautiful lessons & asked for prayer. At the end of the two days everybody had asked for prayer for something, & we felt we had all broken together & melted together through the united reading of His Word, fellowship & prayer. Praise the Lord!"

52. Because of the intricacies of our Homes & multitudes of interconnecting responsibilities, a Home can't really give each individual the luxury of scheduling themselves so they'll have a lot of rest & prayer time. About the only ones who can schedule themselves are the leaders, who have a little more leeway & freedom in their scheduling & who really do have heavy leadership responsibilities. But all our Family have some kind of leadership responsibilities, & they all need rest & time with the Lord. If the Home is deciding their schedules, then the Home Teamwork is going to have to schedule them wisely, giving everyone the time with the Lord that they need & an opportunity to go at the proper pace.—Or the Teamwork is going to be at fault if they don't, & the Lord's not going to take it lightly!

53. If He shows us leaders so much mercy & keeps the burdens from being so heavy on us, & helps us to slow down to be able to do the job as we should, & we don't in turn pass that on to others‚ we're going to be in trouble! So we'd better not only try to get ourselves going at a slower pace & listening more to the Lord‚ we'd better work on helping everyone achieve this. It's not some special dispensation or special treat for the leadership only!—It's meant for all the Lord's people. As I said earlier, for the majority of the Family it has to be put into practice in a slightly different way than for our leadership, but that's what wise leadership is supposed to do—to help their people learn how to properly utilize the blessings & gifts of the Lord, as well as the rules & restrictions, to help guide them in their living for the Lord.

54. Of course‚ if the Lord does give you time for rest & prayer & study of His Word, you must be faithful to redeem that time & use it wisely, realizing how very precious it is. If you need help in organizing your time, please ask for it. Maybe you can do better two by two. Word time can often be more profitable when it is taken in a team, with less temptation to daydream & more motivation to seek for answers. If you're not getting enough sleep‚ you may have a hard time concentrating on prayer & the Word, so if you need to sleep, don't condemn yourself. Go ahead & sleep & don't worry whether someone is going to think you are wasting time if they know you're sleeping. God made us to need sleep, & if you are so tired you can't concentrate on the Word or prayer, then you obviously need to sleep! However, you can't have all sleep & no Word, or all Word & no sleep. So pray for the proper balance & the time to do both, & work toward this goal.

55. Dad has taught us that the worker is more important than the work—and that includes how you care for & treat yourself! (See 1Cor.6:19.) So you owe it to the Lord to set a moderate pace for yourself‚ don't push in your own strength, & get the proper balance of rest, Word, & time with the Lord. Rest in Him! And take care of yourself—and others. You belong to Him!

Please Pray for Mama's Eyes and Strength

(ML #3085:19-24, Lifelines 23)

A Time to Rest!

19. (Jesus speaking:) There is a time and a purpose under Heaven for all things: a time to work, a time to rest. A time to seek, a time to find. A time to pray, a time to play. For all is not work and all is not rest. All is not prayer and all is not play. I would that My children would rest when it is time to rest and recoup.

20. But it is so easy for them to say, "Nay, it is not possible, for the weight is too much. There is too much to do, too much work that has accumulated." But I say that if you will rest—rest in the flesh and rest in the spirit—I will give you the freshness that you need to do that which you must do. For one cannot work and work and work and never end. You must stop and rest.

21. When I show you to rest, then rest. Worry not about that which is ahead or that which is not being accomplished, for in your rest I can show you that which you must do to accomplish that which must be done. I can speak to you and you will hear Me clearly‚ for you will not have your mind cluttered with all that there is to do, and the worries and cares and affairs of this life.

22. When you take time away from your work and you rest in the flesh and rest in the spirit, you will receive clarity of mind and heart and spirit. You will receive clarity in your thinking, and renewal of your spirit, renewal of your flesh, renewal of your outlook. You will look upon your work in a new light and see that the things that you considered so heavy are no longer heavy, for you have renewed strength.

23. There is a time to work. There is a time to fight and to war. But have I not declared a day of rest? Have I not said that I give My children rest from their labors? And if I have said these things, then why do you not do them? For there is time to rest. There is a time to lay down your burden and to trust Me. And in resting and renewal shall your strength be renewed—your physical strength and your spiritual strength. Abuse not the temple of the Holy Spirit‚ which temple you are.

24. It is not enough to rest only in spirit—you must also rest your flesh. Your flesh houses your spirit, and when the flesh is weary and weak and under constant strain and stress, your spirit cannot do all that it should. For together they are one, and both must rest. The flesh must rest in sleep and in recreation. And the spirit must rest in prayer and with the infilling of My Word. In these two together you shall have all the rest that you need, that you may be strengthened and refreshed in Me. (End of prophecy.)

The Spiritual Health Revolution

(ML #3184:70-75‚ GN 789)

70. (Dad speaking:) You can't last long if you keep going at such a fast pace, pushing yourselves into the ground like you tend to do sometimes! If you're running yourselves into the ground and letting the pressures and the burdens and the weights build up, without getting away to have a little time with the Lord—and I mean on a regular basis—how do you expect to last for long? It's just not possible!

71. You can't keep going and going—taking care of all the needs of your Home, as well as your contacts, sheep‚ and new disciples on the line—and pouring out and pouring out to teach and train your children‚ maintain good communication in your marriage relationships and good unity in the Home‚ have good feeding devotions and inspiration times, as well as do your outreach and witnessing and raise the funds that are continually needed, without taking enough time every day to get washed!

72. No one can take that for long! You've got to stop and get refreshed and clean up! Just like you've gotta take a bath or a shower regularly or you're gonna stink, you've gotta shower your spirit. You need to stand under those refreshing waters and let'm clean out your pores. You've gotta get all spruced up and refreshed in spirit, just like you do in body, on a daily basis!

73. I know I wrote a whole Letter about dying daily, but at this rate you're gonna die out altogether—and before your time! That's exactly where you're headed if you don't take this seriously and have some kind of a drastic change! It's just humanly impossible to do your big jobs without taking time every day with the Lord—and with me, for that matter!

74. Oh, I know your intentions are good. You see the need and you're burdened for others—for your children and young people, for your contacts and sheep. The job is so big and you don't want to take a break. It's hard to pull away. You feel like you can't stop because there's too much to do—babies and pregnant moms to care for, your children's education, follow-up, outreach, CTP ministries, visa trips‚ house hunting, moving plans, and so many questions; there's this, that, and the other to tend to. Well, folks, there comes a point where you're gonna find you can't afford not to pull back. And if you're not getting time every day with the Lord and me, you'd better watch out!

75. Sure, some of you seem to be doing okay—you're scraping by and making it—but it won't last. It can't last, because the Lord didn't mean for it to be that way. He says, "Cast your burdens on Me, and I will sustain you." And if you're not taking the time with Him, you can't possibly be fully casting your burden on Him or allowing Him to sustain you as fully and completely as He would like to.

Cast Your Cares on Him

(ML #3242, GN 844)

How to Avoid Stress, Pressure, and Burnout!

By Maria

My dear precious Family,

1. One of the reassurances we have in our work for the Lord is that we will never be out of a job—we'll never be unemployed. In fact, there's always much more to be done than we could ever get to! That's one thing which was promised us by the Lord right in the beginning days of the Family, as Dad said that one of the few things we could be sure of in the Revolution was hard work—along with constant change and joy! "The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few!" (ML #S:10; Mat.9:37).

2. The wonderful thing about our work is that if we're doing it as unto the Lord‚ we know that our labors are not in vain, but that all of them will be rewarded and valued through eternity! Unlike the works of the flesh and of the world which are here today and gone tomorrow, ours will live on forever in the lives of those they touch! Whether you're a dishwasher, a cook, a behind-the-scenes typist‚ or a young person trying to find your calling in life, everything that you do for the Lord helps others to reach others—and on and on the cycle goes! What a privilege and honor to have such a guarantee for the rewards of our labors!

3. With so much to do and such a strong motivation to do all we can for the Lord and others, it's easy to sometimes feel very burdened or pressured. The Enemy loves to make us feel condemned that we're not doing enough, that we could have done more, or that we need to push ourselves harder in order to be more useful to the Lord. That's his ploy, to either get you so busy that you neglect your times of rest and loving the Lord, and thus burn out, or else get you under condemnation, and thus more stress, about all that you're not able to do.

4. You're each very precious to the Lord. As Dad always said, "The worker is more important than the work!" And while we need to do our best for Jesus, and there are times when the Lord asks us to press in more in a certain area, or gives us tips about how we can be more efficient, it's very important that we learn how to operate in the Lord's strength and not push ourselves beyond our physical limits, to the point where we wind up being less effective and useful to the Lord.

5. I've talked with some of our very busy folks in my Home several times about how they really need to fight the feeling of pressure that the Enemy would like to place upon them. Pressure is of the Devil! It doesn't help you to get more done‚ because you usually have so much to do that you can't do any more anyway, so feeling pressured isn't going to help things.

6. As a matter of fact, it hinders you, because it puts extra strain on your nervous system, and that just slows you down because your mental capacities are diminished due to the stress. Plus, it probably makes you feel like cutting out your Word time, your rest time, and your times of relaxation, all of which you need in order to keep functioning. It makes you irritable and harder to work with, and can really take the joy out of life.

7. Usually the corners you start cutting when you're under pressure are the most important ones: stopping to take time with people and being prayerful, and taking your time with the Lord most of all!

8. So it never helps to let yourself get under that feeling of stress or pressure. Learning to recognize when you're starting to get under pressure, realizing that it's of the Enemy and then going on the attack against it, is probably one of the most important work habits you could build. And it's not only an important work habit, but a very important spiritual principle as well—that of casting your cares on the Lord and consistently keeping your time with Him first!

9. It is possible to be very busy and with a whole lot to do without feeling under pressure. Look at my work—I have much more to do than I can ever get done! It's all very, very important, and most of it is timely and requires my attention. But I've simply had to pray and ask the Lord to help keep me from getting under pressure—and He does! A key is just trusting the Lord‚ knowing that He knows His work better than you do and is going to help you get the most important things done if you're prayerful and looking to Him.

10. So it can be done, folks! Even if you're extremely busy and are surrounded by many pressing needs, and you know you're not going to be able to get to them all‚ you still don't have to allow yourself to get under the pressure of the Enemy! Just fight it, knowing that it's counterproductive! "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee, because he trusteth in Thee" (Isa.26:3).

11. We asked the Lord for some instruction along the lines of coping with stress‚ how to cast our cares on Him‚ and what it is that makes us feel under pressure. He answered with some wonderful counsel, as well as practical tips which I think will be a great help to you. I pray that you can apply these personal Words from our loving and concerned Husband to your personal situation, and that they will lighten your load. Each of you is very, very valuable to the Lord‚ and you certainly make a great difference in the lives that He uses you to reach. So please, dearest ones, take care of yourselves—you belong to Him!

Peace Instead of Pressure!

12. (Jesus speaking:) First of all, what is pressure? If you really boil it down, pressure is fear—fear that you're not going to make your goal or deadline; fear that you're not going to be able to raise the funds you need; fear that you're going to let others down; fear that you're going to seem lazy; fear that you're not going to finish your work; fear that you're going to seem incompetent; fear that you're going to delay or hurt My work if you don't press in. Fear is the opposite of faith. Fear is of the Enemy! Fear cripples you. Fear and pressure are nonproductive, because they use up so much energy through worry and tension.

13. The most important job you have is listening to the King: to stop, look, and listen. But if you're hurrying along to finish something you think is so timely, you're just going to end up in a heap on the ground because you forgot to stop and listen to Me.

14. Staying calm, pacing yourself, going slow but steady, and exhibiting an attitude of faith and trust is not only wise, but it honors Me. Your actions tell others that I'm in control, that you're trusting Me to do the work through you, and to get it done on time. You can be diligent‚ you can work the works of Him that sent you while it is day, you can realize that time is short and strive to be faithful at the work I have given you, but you must also realize Who is running this outfit.

15. It's My work, and I care about it more than anyone else could. I care for My lost sheep and My precious children more than you or anyone else ever could. My heart aches to reach every single one of them as soon as possible. Yet our Heavenly Father has designed that you on Earth can only pass through a minute, an hour, a day, a week‚ a month or a year at a time; no more and no less. Do what you can do this minute, this hour, this day, this week, this month, this year‚ and then trust Me for the rest of it.

16. Pressure is a great enemy of My will and My plan, because when you have a feeling of pressure, what's the first thing to be pushed out of your schedule?—Your time with Me, your quiet time, your time loving others with My love, your time resting and refilling at My feet. You switch to high gear, and in so doing‚ if you do it consistently enough, you also unwittingly switch to auto-destruct, because you cannot do the Master's work without the Master's power!

17. One way to avoid pressure is, when you begin to feel yourself getting under the strain of all that needs to be done, stop and ask Me what to do. Tell Me your thoughts exactly, describe the extreme urgency of your task, and I will gently soothe your ruffled nerves and calm your mind with all its racing thoughts as I show you the most efficient way to accomplish My will. I'll also remind you that only I can accomplish what needs to be done, and that your worry and tension and frenzied rush will be energy ill-spent.

18. Another drawback of allowing yourself to get under pressure is that it's very easy to forget to acknowledge Me before each thing you do, and certainly it's easy to forget to ask for My counsel. Prayerfulness goes hand in hand with going slow, and thus it's important to check yourself when you find you're going on fast–forward speed.

19. Everyone is tempted to get under pressure at some time or another, and this is why teamwork and being in unity with others is so important and helpful, because you can safeguard each other. When one is going fast, the other can help balance them out with a suggestion to pray and hear from the Lord, or to pause, or perhaps even have a break and come back to what you're tending to after taking quiet time with Me.

20. Things aren't going to get any less busy as the End approaches. Each of My children will be in great demand, and so each one must realize the extreme importance of prayerfulness, as well as taking quiet time with Me each day.

21. My peace passes all understanding, but to get that peace you have to take time with Me. To take time with Me you have to trust that whatever you have on your plate that's so urgent is in My hands and under My control.

22. Those of you who find yourselves getting under pressure frequently must also realize that it's a tool of the Devil, plain and simple. With this in mind, seek Me for the right pace to go at‚ for the right mode of operation, and for the right spirit. Ask Me to give you some of the peace that we Here in Heaven have despite the very important, timely, and Earth–affecting work we have to accomplish.

23. As you take time with Me, I will quadruple your efforts, so that you can accomplish twice as much in half the time. More than that, as you acknowledge Me, I can perform that which you have no power to perform. I can work in the hearts and the lives of those around you and to whom you minister. I can prepare the way behind the scenes for that which you must do. I can make your way plain, clear and simple. Most of all, I can drape about your shoulders the garment of peace that passes understanding—My peace. (End of message from Jesus.)

24. (Mama: ) Thank You, wonderful, faithful Jesus, for those promises about our work and the help You want to give us! Help us to remember them when we're in the midst of our busy lives, and help us to avail ourselves of the solutions You promised!

25. Next, Dad gives a very good message about practical ways to avoid stress, and how to best cope with it if you're already experiencing it.

Practical Ways to Avoid Stress!

26. (Dad speaking: ) There are so many causes of stress and pressure, and the Enemy really likes to use any opportunity he can to increase your tendency to feel under pressure. He likes to try to accentuate the stress that you might already be feeling by telling you that you're not accomplishing enough, or that what you did wasn't good enough, or by getting you to look at what's left undone.

27. Everyone has probably felt the stress and strain of their responsibilities and ministries for the Lord at some time—whether you're a witnesser and you're out with the public as your main ministry, and you feel the pressure to make contacts and to find the key to people's hearts and to bear fruit; or whether your ministry is more behind the scenes at home keeping the home fires burning and taking care of the children; or if your ministry is shepherding, where you're constantly faced with taking care of people's needs and their training.

28. The Family is a very busy outfit, with busy people who have more than enough to do, more on their to–do list than they feel they can ever get done. Plus, they need to spend time with their families, fellowship with the brethren, and take the time they need in communion with the Lord. This can all add up to a feeling of pressure, stress and strain which just compounds the problem and makes people feel burdened, guilty, or discouraged.

29. The key is not to try and get everything done. The key is to avoid that feeling of stress and pressure. And the best way to avoid feeling under pressure about all the things that you have to do is to try not to do too much! When you give yourself too much to do and you put much more on your plate than you can realistically get done that day, then you end up putting yourself under pressure and feeling guilty or condemned when you can't accomplish it.

30. It's good to push yourself a little‚ to stir yourself up and expect enough of yourself. It's good not to just be laid back and not giving to your capacity. But at the same time you have to know your limits and organize your time and your day so that you're aiming at a realistic goal.

31. If you're feeling the stress and strain of your ministry, it might be helpful to sit down and take a good look at what your priorities are, and what things you're doing that maybe you shouldn't be doing. Just sit down and pray and ask the Lord to help you to organize your work, your schedule, your day‚ your week, etc., and take things one step at a time.

32. You'll find things will go much smoother if you put a little time and thought into organizing your work for the day, and it will take away that feeling of pressure. You'll have the peace of mind of knowing you prayed about your work and the Lord showed you how to go about things.

33. You'll be amazed at how specific the Lord will be in His instruction to you about your daily schedule, and how concerned and involved He wants to be with your workload. He's a concerned Husband and will help you as much as you let Him! If you ask Him, He'll give you your priorities. He'll give you tips on how to get them done most efficiently and effectively. He'll show you if there are things you could delegate, and to whom, and even remind you of other things you may have forgotten. He loves to be involved, and will lighten your load incredibly if you'll just ask Him!

34. Everyone is different‚ and what works well for one person might not work for another. So it's up to each individual to get the Lord's solution to their particular ministry needs.

35. Taking the time to pray more and seek the Lord about things will help to alleviate a lot of the pressure in people's lives, because it sort of opens up that pressure valve as you pour out your heart and your questions to the Lord and seek Him for the answers. But if you don't take the time to talk to the Lord, to pray and hear from Him in prophecy and get His answers to your needs‚ then you continue to carry all that pressure and stress inside, and it becomes a real burden in your life.

36. So whatever you do, don't cut back on your quiet time with the Lord and your personal Word time‚ because that's the main thing that will keep you sane and help you to avoid the much greater feeling of stress and pressure that the Enemy would love to pile on you. You just have to keep coming to the Lord daily, regularly‚ unburdening your heart and casting all your cares upon Him and listening to His voice.

37. Even if you're the most organized person in the world and can organize everything to work like clockwork, if you neglect your Word time and time with the Lord, your spirit is going to suffer. Your body might be able to take care of the physical organization well, but you need your spirit to be well-oiled and inspired and fed in order to carry out your plan with the love, peace, faith and power of His Spirit.

38. Look at some of these worldly executives who don't turn to the Lord, who hardly even acknowledge the Lord for anything, yet are top executives running highly intricate and organized businesses—and who often have nervous breakdowns in the process! You can learn from some of their organizational skills‚ but they can certainly learn from our connection with the Lord. And when you put the two together, you have a very powerful tool against stress and pressure.

39. When the job gets to be too much and you start to feel the strain of it all, sometimes it really helps to get away from your ministry for a while, even if it's just for a couple of hours, and take a break and do something else totally different.

40. If you feel you need it and you can work it out, try to take more time away from it all. If the need exists, there must be some way to fill it and to resolve the problem. Take some time just soaking in the refreshing waters of the Lord's Word‚ really meditating and reflecting and loving Jesus. It'll be such an encouragement and strength to your spirit and help you to be able to face your responsibilities again with a renewed vision. Or maybe you just need to do something relaxing and entertaining. Everything has its place and purpose; you just need to pray and ask the Lord what He knows is the best thing for you to do at the time.

41. Practically speaking, some people find it very helpful in relieving stress to do some form of vigorous exercise, especially if you can go out in the fresh air and sunshine—whether it's a vigorous walk or bike ride or jogging or some other type of exercise. But even if you're limited for some reason and can't get outside, you can still do some indoor type of exercises, such as aerobics. Exercise really helps to relieve tension and emotional stress.

42. Try to stick to a regular schedule as much as possible, even when you're feeling under pressure with all your work before you. Because once you let your schedule go and you start skipping meals, start going to bed later, skipping naps and skipping your get-out because you're trying to get more done‚ you're only adding to the problem of stress.

43. Your body and spirit need regular times of rest, sleep, get-out, meals, and Word time. That's one of the big keys to keeping the stress and strain out of your ministry. Of course‚ there will be times when you need to work extra and put in more hours for some reason, but generally speaking, moderation and a good balance between your work, your rest, and your play is healthy for your body and spirit.

44. Have you ever been working when you suddenly started to feel burdened and had a hard time concentrating? You feel tired, drained, and at the end of your rope. Things are going slower and getting harder by the minute, and the thought of doing even more is almost too much. If someone were to come along and suggest more work, it would probably be like the straw that broke the camel's back. But if someone comes along and suggests some fun activity, all of a sudden—presto—you come alive! That's because you need times to relax, to play, and to just get away from the stress of your work. If you take those times when you need them, then you're much better prepared to return to your work later and get things done.

45. If you pray and ask the Lord, He'll show you what to do, how much to do, and what you should do later. He'll show you how to go about your work‚ how to organize your time‚ when to take your Word time and quiet time with Him, when to have your prayer time, and still be able to get the other things done that you need to do.

46. He'll also show you what to do when you start to feel those signs of stress—feeling irritated, emotional, easily upset or angered, forgetful, fatigued, headachy, pressured or worried. He'll tell you what to do about it and what you personally need to relieve the burdens of your ministry. So just ask Him! He knows what you need and what's best for you‚ and He's more than happy to tell you what to do and how to do it. (End of message from Dad.)

47. (Mama:) This next message was what the Lord gave when we asked the question: "How can we actually cast all our cares on Jesus?"

How to Cast Your Cares on Him!

48. (Jesus speaking:) My shoulders are broad enough to carry any load. They may seem too heavy for you to bear, but they are not too heavy for Me. You've heard the saying, "Cast your cares upon Jesus" many times before, but maybe you wonder exactly how to do that. You say, "It all sounds well and good, but practically speaking, how can I cast all of my cares on You?"

49. This is a good‚ legitimate question, and one which I will give the answer to, as you have your ears attuned to the voice of My Spirit. Just think for a moment, what are cares? Are cares placed on your shoulders by Me? Am I the One Who causes you to be anxious and to worry about the future? Am I the One Who makes your burdens heavy and your yoke weighty? No, I'm not the One Who places cares upon you. My yoke is easy and My burden is light.

50. There is a place of complete and total peace; this is the place of surrender and complete faith and trust. You ask, "How can I have this faith and trust? With all that is to be done, how can I ensure that my cares will be upon Your shoulders and not mine?" It's simple, My dear.

51. First you must stop and take a look at your priorities. Take a look at the tasks at hand. Take a look at the jobs you have to do. Take a look at your responsibilities. Take a look at the worries and burdens that you have on your mind. Ask for My wisdom and I will help you to see which are legitimate concerns and which are burdens and unnecessary cares.

52. At the beginning of your day—or the evening before‚ if you prefer—take a piece of paper or a notebook and write down all that you have to do in the day, as well as all of your concerns, battles and worries. Together we can read through the list and sort out the tasks and responsibilities that must be taken care of, and separate them from the unnecessary tasks, burdens, trials, worries, fears or cares.

53. Then take a look at the list of unnecessary items and cross them all out. Ask Me to take care of all of your worries and cares. Promise Me that you will not try to take the burdens upon yourself, at least for that one day. Take it one day at a time.

54. Then take a look at the list of jobs, responsibilities, tasks and projects that must be done in your day. Pray and commit them all into My hands, and in doing so you'll be casting all of your cares upon Me. Ask Me to help you and strengthen you and give you the grace, wisdom and anointing for each item on your to-do list. Then once you've committed your to-do list into My capable hands, arrange the jobs in order of priority and start prayerfully and carefully completing them one by one.

55. If you're not sure what your priorities are, just ask Me, and I'll be happy to tell you that too! Or, even if you think you know, I can give you a confirmation or instruction which will not only give you peace and faith as you walk the path of My perfect will, but will also help you take the smoothest and most direct route possible.

56. Continually come back and check with Me throughout the day, because sometimes plans may change and you may not need to do something that day that you'd originally thought needed to be done. Also‚ I can give you instructions each step of the way. I know the weight of the cares and the burdens and I will carry them, for you will have cast your cares upon Me.

57. No matter what your ministry or calling is in this Kingdom, casting all of your cares upon Me will make your burdens so much lighter. If you are a cook, a teacher, a childcare worker, a provisioner, a driver, a handyman, a secretary‚ a media spokesperson, a Home teamworker, or a jack-of–all-trades, you can have your load lightened and your burdens relieved by casting your cares on My shoulders.

58. You can start to get into this habit by actually pulling out a piece of paper and a pen in the morning and giving Me all your cares. If you do this to begin with, it's a good reminder and a physical manifestation of what you're doing in the spirit. Then once you get used to casting your worries and cares upon Me, you will no longer have to use a pen and paper; it will just come automatically.

59. Of course, throughout the day there are always emergencies that come up. Cares and problems seem to tumble in on every side. But just remember that you don't have to bear the load yourself. Throw the extra problems on My shoulders and I will help you take care of them if they need to be taken care of, or I will take care of the problems in My Own way without you even having to lift a finger.

60. Trust Me. I'm more interested in seeing My work get done quickly, efficiently, and easily than you are. And if you let Me take over more and bear more of the load, you'll find that things will actually run smoother, faster, and more efficiently. Try it‚ you just might like it! Try it, it just might be good! (End of message from Jesus)

61. (Mama:) Thank You so much, our dear Husband‚ for such very detailed and practical counsel about how to cast our cares upon You. It's obviously very important that we learn to do so. You really want us to let You carry the weight. It shows You that we love You and need You and trust You, and then You're able to help us accomplish much more than if we were trying to do it all in our own strength. Help us to realize the importance of giving You our burdens and letting You help us deal with them one by one, rather than letting them stack up to where they cause us big problems. Thank You so much for Your simple solutions, sweet Jesus!

Burnout Can Affect Anyone

62. Over the months and years we've received various reports of some of our dear ones who have experienced nervous breakdowns, or burnout, or have become stressed out.

63. Burnout affects not only leadership but can affect anyone. It can affect witnessers who are involved in a needy witnessing ministry—for example, disaster relief or refugee camps, or even just daily tool distribution or outreach and feeling responsible to bring in the monthly budget. It can affect childcare workers and parents. It can affect Home teamworkers or those who take care of the business or finances, those caring for the sick, or our dear faithful kitchen deacons.

64. It affects young and old alike whenever they take too much upon themselves. It affects many of us—our dear CROs and VSs, shepherds, mothers‚ childcare workers, provisioners, shoppers, secretaries, pubs people, etc., etc.

65. Recently we asked the Lord for some specific counsel about burnout—what causes it and how to deal with it. We are to burn up fast and bright for Jesus, as Dad said, but not to the point where we're extinguished. We die daily, but not completely. To do the Lord's work here‚ the Lord needs His workers. We need you desperately, and the Lord needs you to be able to continue in His work for as long as possible. He has given us instructions, which, if we are obedient to follow, will prevent our burning out.

66. I pray that the following messages will be a help to you, and will serve as a warning to all of us to take the time with Jesus that we need and learn these vital lessons of casting our cares upon Him, so that we don't become easy prey for the Enemy. None of us are immune to burnout‚ and its effects can be devastating to your service to the Lord, so please take it seriously.

67. We know from personal experience that everyone needs to have time away from their ministry at one time or another—whether just a daily break for an hour or two to have time with the Lord, or a regular day off to get away and relax, or whatever the case may be. Please don't neglect those times of rest, thinking that you can do without them or that you can't afford to take that time off. The way to look at it is that if you want to keep going for the Lord, you can't afford not to!

68. Peter and I are praying for you, that you get the rest and relaxation that you need, and most of all, the time with our wonderful Husband, which will make the burdens and problems melt away! Praise the Lord!

What Is Burnout?

69. In this first message, the Lord explains what burnout is. It's more than feeling stressed, pressured‚ tired or overworked. It's the combination of these things with insufficient time with the Lord and His Word, and can be very dangerous spiritually!

70. (Jesus speaking:) Burnout is very dangerous. Most people don't realize how dangerous it is. They relate burnout to feeling tired at the end of the day or not wanting to take on one more task. Although that's part of it, burnout is deeper than that, and often creeps up unexpectedly.

71. It's a spiritual thing—the Enemy is constantly fighting, and when you run only on "spiritual adrenaline," the high of accomplishments or the fulfillment of being in My service, the inspiration of your brethren or even just the pressing needs which you help to fill which spur you on‚ you put yourself in grave danger of burning out. For though you do not notice it, little by little you are becoming spiritually exhausted, because you are not taking time to refill and refuel. You are running on a "high," but when you hit a low, you have no reserves, no strength, and you basically crash.

72. It can be triggered by anything—but when it happens, you have no strength to get up and try again. You even lose the desire to read My Word or hear from Me, and so you often get more and more run-down and battle–weary. When you are in this weakened state, the cure is the Word—time with Me and time resting and seeing My perspective on things. If you don't take it‚ you begin to see things as the Enemy would have you see them. You become vulnerable to his doubts and negative thoughts, and thus he is able to destroy your service for Me.

73. It is different than feeling tired or simply working too much. Even if you're working more than you should‚ if you're faithful in taking time with Me, you won't burn out easily. The danger comes when you're not taking time with Me, but you still feel fine. That's a sign that you're starting to run on "fumes" rather than fuel, and it's very bad for your engine. It's a good sign if you miss your time with Me and really feel it—that shows you're in the habit of taking it and you know you need it. But if you find that your Word time is slipping‚ your time in the temple is being eaten up by other things and you're not missing it, you're not desperately craving it, but you actually feel fine without it—that should set off alarm bells in your heart, and the first thing you should do is stop and take time with Me, whether you feel like it or not!

74. Yes, there are times when a certain project needs to be done, when the needs are pressing, and I give you extra strength to make it through without taking as much time with Me as usual. But even during those times, there is a danger that you will start to become accustomed to taking less time with Me, riding more on the anointing than on desperation and quiet times of My instructions.

75. So even during those times you must be careful‚ and as soon as they are over, you should take more time with Me to catch up on what you weren't able to have. Your attitude shouldn't be that things have gone fine and that I just helped you not to need time with Me. You should realize that while I did help you and give you strength, if you're going to be able to continue, you have to get back to the good habit of spending the needed daily time with Me.

76. It's like I put a mantle of protection over you during times when you're really not able to have as much time as normal, and you're desperate for My help. Then, when those times are finished, you have to build up your resistance again by taking even more time to be strengthened and refilled. The fact that it's humbling for some people to take extra time with Me is also good, especially after they've had a big mission or been anointed in some busy project. It helps remind them that it's only Me, as well as protecting them from the danger of burnout.

77. The important thing to remember about burnout is that it often creeps up very suddenly. You can be feeling fine, then all of a sudden hit bottom when the inspiration gives way‚ because you've been using up your spiritual stores and not replenishing them. The way to prevent it is on a daily basis, taking time with Me and letting Me give you the spiritual cushion of faith that you need. (End of message from Jesus)

What Causes Burnout and What Are the Results?

78. (Jesus speaking:) The pilgrimage of the Christian life is always an upward climb‚ a continual climb to the top of the peak. There are small plateaus or ledges where I allow you to rest and relax, or even an occasional cave where you may camp out and regain your strength before going ahead. But sometimes My children have slipped and fallen and gone backward, for they have not stopped to rest when they reached the plateaus and the lookout points.

79. Although climbing the mountain is arduous and tiring and even dangerous, I do provide times of relaxation, little plateaus and caves to rest in, little stopping points that I create as little parks where you can rest and enjoy and recoup your strength.

80. These little lookout points are beautiful stopping places where you can look out over the valley and take in the awe-inspiring view‚ the breathtaking‚ majestic scenery of the mountain range, the sky, the forests and the creation. It will inspire you and feed you, and give you time to ponder and be fed by the beauty of it all and to think about the mission‚ your purpose and your goals, to inspire you that it's worth it all before you continue your climb.

81. But sometimes My dear ones do not take advantage of the small plateaus and parks and lookout points to rest and be refilled, to just relax and not only enjoy the climb and the view‚ but to take the time to be fed themselves and rest before they continue their difficult journey.

82. The journey upward for My Family is very arduous. It is only for mountain climbers, for the most rugged. They must know that they have to pace themselves, or they'll burn out. When they come to these little plateaus or lookout points or places where they encounter a rest spot or picnic table, they should take advantage of it to regain their strength, knowing that the uphill climb will be taxing and require great strength and endurance.

83. Some of My dear children who have experienced burnout did not pace themselves. They knew the mountain was steep but they pressed on in their own strength and wisdom. And because they did not rest, they began to wear out slowly in certain areas and became weakened and sick.

84. They were beginning to feel unwell and to come down with certain sicknesses, but rather than resting, they pushed on, so they got worse instead of better. They were weakened with such things as impatience, feelings of hopelessness, lack of faith‚ irritability, etc., and these things grew and worsened and festered because they did not tend to their wounds.

85. Why did they keep going, even though it is clearly stated in the Mountain Climber's Manual: "You must rest at the places provided and not go on in your own strength. You must stop, look and listen"?

86. It was disobedience. For obedience to Me is taking that rest and quiet time with Me and putting Me first. The first mistake was not taking that time of love with Me, letting it be crowded out, not stopping at the rest stops, at the lookout points, the little caves to rest and relax and be filled, to be strengthened before traveling on.

87. This is a basic principle for My mountain climbers. The first thing they learn when they are given their gear and start up the mountain is to stop and rest and take time with Me and not let it be crowded out. It's the principle of the mountain—one of the most important tenets of the Christian life—to stop, and to look, and to listen.

88. In this new day when the Enemy has been unleashed and given greater freedom, My mountain climbers must take heed to take that time with Me more than ever and listen to the whispers for their instruction, their guidance, their rest, their healing, and for the strength they need to carry on and to continue on the right path.

89. When My dear mountain climbers do not take that time with Me in rest and re–strengthening, they grow weary and faint in their mind. When they faint in their mind, My whispers become distant, cloudy, and confused. As they begin to faint in their mind, the Enemy is also able to get his whispers in, to afflict with his diseases and sicknesses. The less time they spend listening to My whispers, the louder the little lying voices of the Enemy become, taking them down the wrong path‚ though they think they're still going up.

90. This is a warning, that those who are weary and fainting in their minds must take time with Me to hear My whispers in order to stay on the right path. They must take that time with Me before they get weary, before they faint in their minds and burn out. They must hear from Me. They must take their quiet time. They must hear My whispers. They must practice this as never before so they don't reach burnout, and so they are well tuned and not receptive to the Enemy's voice of deception.

91. Reaching burnout is very‚ very dangerous—not only because the climber can become so weakened that he loses his resistance and becomes physically or spiritually sick, but he can also put his own life and the lives of others in danger. He can lead others astray. In not resting and in not taking the time to receive instructions and having a clear channel to receive My guidance for the upward climb, he instead gets on the channel of the Enemy in his weakened state—what he thinks is My channel—and can become deceived and then retreat down the wrong path.

92. Of course, if My climbers wonder if they are on the wrong track, all they have to do is stop and ask Me, and I will tell them. They can trust that when they stop to hear My voice, I will speak to them clearly and it will be My voice, not the voice of the Impostor. All those who come in faith and ask for My will, will receive it.

93. But I am limited from protecting someone from the voice of the Enemy when their heart is not toward Me. Such a climber can become deceived and retreat. The sad thing is that the progress he made has been lost and he does not see it, but he thinks he is traveling in the right direction. And now, according to him, the others are wrong. At times he's so convinced of this that he even begins to despise those who are continuing upward, thinking they are wrong, and begins telling those that he meets who are climbing up that those who are on the upward climb are going the wrong way.

94. Even those who are very good mountain climbers can become a stumbling block to others if they do not take the time with Me and time reading My Mountain Climber's Manual. Times change, circumstances change‚ the weather changes, and even mountain conditions change as you get further and further up the mountain. So even those who are very adept climbers must not only rest, but most importantly take time with Me, or else they too can become weary and discourage others from the climb. The climb is not too hard for anyone‚ as long as they take the breaks and the time reading the Manual and following its instructions.

95. Otherwise‚ after some time My whispers become so faint that they don't recognize them anymore, and they begin to despise some of the new tools of climbing and new methods, like loving Jesus, praise time‚ or various other beliefs or practices, and even the whispers themselves. Or they even despise the mountain itself, telling others that it has become some kind of weirdness with deviant practices. This is what My children can come to when they become burned out because they have not taken sufficient time with Me. They can become so weak that they can no longer distinguish the truth from the lie. This is not an overnight occurrence, but one which happens gradually over time—so gradually that often they do not see it coming.

96. Being burned out is a serious spiritual condition—one which takes you down the mountain, and which causes you to lose ground in the spirit if you do not immediately stop and refill with Me. Many who reach this stage of burnout do not recover, for they are so weak that they do not even desire to read My Word, which they must have in order to regain their strength.

97. Being burned out is different than desiring a change of ministry, or feeling the need for some excitement, or going stir-crazy, or even just needing a break from your regular work for a day or two. It is a condition of the spirit‚ where your spirit is weakened and you lose your perspective on reality. The Enemy's lies become as real to you as My Words, because you have depleted your spiritual stores and have nothing left to fall back on. Burnout can also come as a result of unyieldedness. If someone is taking time in My Word, but is not receiving it because they are unyielded and unreceptive, then they can also burn out in this way.

98. It is akin to backsliding, for while you might not go back in the flesh‚ in the spirit you are wounded and beaten, and except for a miracle and much soaking in My Word, you lose ground in the spirit and go back—ground which you must regain when you recover strength. So do you see how important it is to take your time with Me?

99. Don't try to climb in your own strength, in your own wisdom, out of pride, to show others how strong you are‚ or how you climb, or what a great climber you are, or what a wonderful guide. For unless you listen to Me and hear My whispers and receive your strength from Me, you will fall.

100. This mountain can only be climbed in My strength and by listening to My whispers. There is no other way up the mountain, and the only way to go up is to stop at times, for periods of rest. You must have times of stopping to refer to the Mountain Climber's Manual, and the new ways I am showing for the changing conditions, if you wish to make it up the mountain. It seems so contradictory. It's so against the carnal mind and reasoning that the only way to go up is to stop. In your carnal mind you think you make no progress, you think you go nowhere. But according to My law of physics‚ if you don't stop, you go down instead of up.

101. All climbers must stop and be refreshed. They must look to Me. They must hear the whispers on the mountain. They must take off their baggage. They must lay aside the weights and they must rest. They must stop and look and listen to be refilled and strengthened before they continue on—even the guides and the shepherds.

102. Especially the guides and the shepherds, because they have to carry not only their own weight but sometimes the weights and weaknesses of others. They must carry the weight of responsibility for the group and other climbers. So it's even more important that they stop and rest so that they don't wear out or faint in their minds and burn out, endangering not only themselves, but others as well.

103. Never think you're above burnout. No one is immune to falling. I say to you: Tune in to My whispers. Take time to listen to them, time to stay close to Me, and time to rest and be strengthened. (End of message from Jesus.)

104. (Mama:) Lord help us to obey and stop and take our time with You! After reading those convicting and sobering messages, you might wonder what you should do if you're beginning to feel burned out. Following is a very encouraging message from the Lord which was given for one of our dear shepherds who was going through "burnout" battles. It contains very good counsel for all of us about what to do when we're in that weary state, and how to begin climbing back up the mountain again. The Lord also exposes more of how the Enemy enters in with the feeling of burnout, and how to go on the attack against it.

How to Go on the Attack Against Burnout!

105. (Jesus speaking: ) My dear one, come and sit by My side and let Me speak with you. I see your great love for Me. You have given your life for Me‚ and I am well pleased. I see the longings of your heart, the desire to do that which is right, that which is needed‚ that which I have called you to do. I also see the struggle that it is, for the Enemy fights you greatly. He knows the importance of your tasks for Me, and he knows that if he can stop you or slow you down to where you become ineffective, that it will hinder My work.

106. The Enemy is out to hinder, stop, and even destroy you. You must therefore stand strong against his attacks. You must take up the shield of faith and put on the breastplate of righteousness—not your own righteousness, but Mine—and, wielding the sword of the Word, cut the Devil to the heart!

107. You must attack, attack, and attack! Go on the attack! Even when you don't feel like it, when you feel you can't take one more step and that you have not the willpower or the strength to do so‚ attack, and I will strengthen you as you lean on Me and depend on Me.

108. I am not the author of this burnout feeling that you're experiencing, but this is an attack of the Enemy. There are inroads that he has found, whereby he is able to enter in and cause damage. You must seal up these inroads. You must not allow resentment‚ bitterness or anger to enter into your heart, as these are inroads which the Enemy can get in through, which then lead to him causing you to feel burned out and unable to do your job. They render you ineffective, and they paralyze your movements and your service for Me.

109. Yes, there are many problems and there are many who are not doing their best for Me. You are in a difficult situation, with many who are weaker; having to lift them up continually, and seeing how some despise it and carry on with their problems is draining. I know this and I understand. It hurts My heart also, and I long for these to forsake their selfish ways and return to full dedication and revolutionary discipleship.

110. I understand how it hurts and grieves your heart, but you must not allow that to change into resentment, anger or bitterness. Their decisions and their fate are between them and Me. You can only encourage and challenge them to do their best, and correct them when they fall short of the mark‚ and the rest is in My hands.

111. You must trust Me that I know best, and that I am in control of the situation and in control of people's lives. Trust Me. I am in control, and I will not allow anything to happen that is not within the confines of My will. Of course things happen that I would rather not, because of the wrong choices of man and the free will that I have given him. Yet I am able to turn all things into good for those that love Me and are doing their best for Me. So I will contain things‚ and I will cause it to bear good fruit in the end for those who are close to My bosom and who love and follow Me.

112. Fret not. Do not take the burdens upon yourself, for they are too heavy. You cannot carry them. You must take them off and simply rest in Me. Then you will find the strength that you need to continue on with your work. But even in your work you must not pick up the burdens and carry them again.

113. You must not only leave them aside during our times together, but you must leave them aside always. You must let Me carry them for you. You must go out into the wings and do the work, and the work is difficult and taxing. But the burdens, the worries‚ and the cares—wondering how things will turn out, whether people will change, whether problems will resolve themselves—these burdens you must leave with Me. They are not for you to carry.

114. Yes, you should be desperate about these matters. You should cry out to Me in desperate prayer, claiming My promises and releasing My answers and power through your prayers. Yet having committed them to Me in desperate prayer, and in continuing to bring them before Me, your task ends there‚ and you should not carry the burden further.

115. When you have committed the matter to Me in fervent prayer, then I take the burden and it is no longer yours. You should continue to pray and continue to do what I show you regarding the situation, but the burden of resolving it is no longer yours, for you have transferred it to Me; it is now on My to-do list, not yours.

116. So come to Me and lay down your cares. Forsake your resentments and frustrations. See each individual even as I see them—with the potential that they have, and what they can be if they will only fully yield themselves to Me. I look not on the negative and the faults and the lacks. While it is necessary to correct the faults and lacks, and they cannot be ignored, they are not what I focus on.

117. I focus on the potential that lies within each one. With some it is dormant, waiting to be stirred at the right note, the right tune from My harp, even as I played upon the harp of David and it awoke your father and stirred the potential that lay within him.

118. The same potential, to one degree or another, lies within each of My children. I long to stir them from their slumber and spark them, light their fuse‚ that they might explode for Me! I use you‚ My shepherds, to help light their fuse and to stir them from their sleep—to get their eyes off of themselves and to instead look upon the fields that are white, ready to harvest.

119. This is the task for which I have commissioned you—to get My children to look up at the commission that I have given them. Stir up the potential that is within them. And if some would not, worry not and fret not‚ nor allow your frustration or anger to rise up within you. Do not let self-righteousness take root within your heart. For they are still in My hands, and I will work in their lives according to My will and My plan.

120. My plans are above your understanding and ways, therefore sometimes you can't understand the way I work. But that's because My ways can't always be understood by mortal men. That's why you must trust Me. You must listen to My voice, commit your burdens and the problems around you to Me, and let Me carry them.

121. Seek not to implement your own righteousness, for you have none without Me. Without Me you are nothing, and you have no strength to serve Me and to accomplish My will. All that you have is made possible by My power. So you must encourage others to tap into that same source of power. You must not become frustrated or angry when they are weak, for you are also weak. You must help them tap into My power. You must inspire them by setting the sample for them.

122. Many of My children are beset with problems and burdens that weigh on them. You can help them be free by showing them the way—by setting the sample in casting your own burdens upon Me and letting Me carry them‚ thus relieving you of the strain, resentment, and feeling of being burned out—and which others feel as well, for it affects and influences them.

123. I'm proud of you for coming before the body and asking for prayer. You should do this as often as you need to, for it has many benefits: It strengthens you, and the prayers of those around you help move the hand that will perform miracles in your life. It also encourages those around you and lets them know that you are just like them; this strengthens their respect for you and motivates them to want to listen to you more. It also humbles you, which in turn strengthens you and brings you closer to Me. So there are many benefits, and this is something that you should do regularly as the need arises.

124. You are fighting a big battle and doing a good work. I'm thankful for your love and dedication to Me. Don't think that you're failing, for I say to you that you are not. Follow the instructions that I've given you and you will go on to greater battles and victories, and continue to fulfill the job that I have given you of feeding My flock and bringing them to Me by setting the sample that I wish for them to follow.

125. Continue to humbly serve My flock, caring for the little lambs, leading them like a good bellwether, close behind your Shepherd. As you continue to look to Me, I will give you the strength and anointing and spirit that you need. I love you, My dear one. (End of message from Jesus)

126. (Mama:) One of the keys to overcoming this feeling of burnout—besides learning to cast your cares upon the Lord and taking steps in your life to close off the inroads of the Enemy—is asking for united prayer. If you'll take this counsel to heart and ask for help by asking for prayer when you need it‚ the Lord can continue to use you in the wonderful way He has planned.

127. If you're feeling dry spiritually and uninspired, if you lack enthusiasm for what you're doing, it's natural that you would think that a change of scenery is the answer. The following prophecy will shed some light on how much such a change can help or hinder when someone is suffering from burnout.

The Long-lasting Cure for Burnout!

128. (Jesus speaking:) The solution to burnout is not just a temporary change of ministry, field, sights‚ or people. Although these things can help, they are not the full solution. The long-lasting cure for burnout is a regular, nourishing, intimate time with Me, communion with Me, and resting in Me—not just putting in the time, but a feeding Word time. After that, the next part of the lasting cure is a slower pace, a pace you are comfortable with without having to feel rushed or that you have to cram too much work in‚ or have too long hours. Do your work, and then cut off and have get-out, go for a walk‚ have a hobby‚ do something different.

129. This must be a daily habit and not just something you do once in a great while. If you want to last and not wear out, if you want to have the strength to make it to the end, you must have that time with Me‚ and slow down and do only what you're capable of physically, mentally, and spiritually without getting stressed. There are different ways of accomplishing this—by delegating more, restructuring so the jobs are spread out, having someone else do more of the footwork. Just seek Me and I will give the answers.

130. Even if you change ministries and you feel inspired and like you can just get in there and go and go and go, you've still got to get tanked up and not simply give and give and give without taking time with Me in the bed of love, taking your Word time, taking time to relax and get away from the fray, or it will only add to your burnout.

131. Change alone is not the answer to burnout, nor is variety. It may seem fun and different and refreshing in the beginning‚ and give added incentive and inspiration to be away from home, away from your normal work or old routine, but if you're still working hard and pressing in, putting in long hours shepherding, witnessing, sacrificing‚ or whatever work you're doing, the end result is still the same—you'll find yourself drained dry and running on empty. It will have the same end result, the same effect.

132. This has been the mistake of some. They thought that doing something different temporarily or having a change away from home, talking to different people‚ would be part of the solution and give them new inspiration and vision. Yes, it did, for a few days, but the end result was that they ended up in a worse state because they didn't take sufficient time with Me. They treated the symptoms of the problem rather than striking at its root, so the problem remained and sometimes got worse. They only added to their burnout because they were not getting fed on the Word and resting spiritually and physically.

133. Changing ministries without taking time to get refilled and tanked up is the same as a horse pulling a heavy plow. He may get tired of pulling the heavy plow day after day, and get weary and bored and wish he could instead be like the horse who gets to carry the master and pull the wagon to town full of supplies. Oh, what a nice change that would be, to be able to see other people, new sights and sounds, all the activity in town‚ and be more used.

134. However, what the plow horse doesn't know is that the master's wagon is just as heavy as pulling the plow, and sometimes heavier, and at the end of the day both horses are just as tired. The weights are similar. One load may be heavy while the other is light, but the light load may get pulled a lot further. Or the light loads may alternate with the heavy loads, just as heavy plowing may alternate with light plowing and farm work, so that the work of the two horses averages out the same over time.

135. There is also the extra strain and tension the town horse faces with the traffic, or the risk of accidents, loud noises, and always having to be on guard, getting dusty and dirty. The town horse looks at the plow horse and thinks, "Boy, he's got it best. He only has to pull his plow in the nice quiet atmosphere, enjoy the beautiful countryside and scenery all day. He can graze a bit while he works sometimes and he gets to look back and see all the progress he's made in those beautiful furrows he's left behind."

136. So the secret to burnout is not just a change, but more time with Me and lightening your workload, doing less, no matter what your ministry. Having a change or going somewhere else is not the answer. That is actually more like drinking caffeine to give you a hit or a boost of energy to pump you up. Drinking too much caffeine, like a temporary change where you may work just as hard or harder, does give you extra energy and strength, but it is only temporary. You may think it gives you a boost because you get an extra shot of adrenaline in your system, but once the adrenaline wears off, then it leaves you feeling even more tired and depleted—and not only that‚ but sad and depressed along with it, bringing on a feeling of giving up, getting fed up with your job and with people‚ and a feeling of hopelessness about things. Over the long term, it can even develop into attitudes of negativity and criticalness.

137. If someone needs a change of ministry, scenery, or fields‚ this can be a help, but the most important thing is that they take good feeding Word time, bed-of–love time, relaxation time, and don't overdo with long hours and too much work. (End of message from Jesus)

Feeling Overloaded? Speak Up!

138. (Mama:) Our faithful Husband gave this next message to one of my secretaries who was beginning to feel pressured during a particularly busy period.

139. (Jesus speaking:) Relax, don't pressure yourself. There is a lot to do sometimes‚ but you can add to the pressure yourself. When you feel pressured, sometimes it's because I haven't given you the anointing for the job, because someone else can do it, and you should just speak up.

140. If there's a lot to do and I'm giving you more than you normally do‚ or you're in unusual circumstances or conditions, something that is out of your control, then I will give you the grace to sustain you and empower you to do the task. But at other times when you're feeling pressed or strained or beginning to fritz, just ask Me‚ because maybe you're doing something that you're not supposed to be doing. If you don't have the anointing, it's probably because it's not My highest will. I give you the anointing and grace for the things you should be doing, the priority things that I want you to be doing, even if it's a lot.

141. So if you're feeling strained, just mention sweetly that your plate is full and ask if there isn't someone else who can help‚ and whether you can delegate whatever it is that needs to be done. Ask and ye shall receive. If you don't ask or speak up, then it's your fault.

142. You don't have to worry that people will think that you're sloughing off or not accomplishing a lot. I know you work hard and that it takes time and diligence and faithfulness to follow through on the details; it requires long hours and even forsaking some activities sometimes to get the job done. So don't worry about it; just make sure you seek Me for My highest will, for your priorities‚ and I will bless the work of your hands and will keep you productive and accomplishing what I know is the most important thing to get done every day. Be happy and stay close to Me. (End of message from Jesus)

143. (Mama:) This message from the Lord reminds us of a very important point—that if you're too busy or are beginning to feel overloaded or stressed out, please speak up! Maybe there's someone else who can take part of your load. It could be that that's the solution.

144. But when you delegate your work to others, you also have to consider their workload. For example, if you're feeling pressured, you might pass some important work on to someone else, and they might then pass it on to someone else. The thing to remember, however‚ is that eventually that work is going to land on someone's shoulders. But what if that person also feels he has too much to do? What if he's overloaded and stressed, but there's no one for him to download some of his work to? What happens then?

145. In a case like that, the idea of delegating might be the solution for you, but what about the person who is "at the end of the line," so to speak? Does he just keep getting more and more work to do? That's a valid question and has potential to be a real problem. When we asked the Lord about this, He had the following to say:

Too Much Work? Ask Me for the Solution!

146. (Jesus speaking:) An important part of the solution for burnout is communication, as mentioned earlier—being willing to admit it and be honest when you can't handle any more projects, work‚ or deadlines. But if there is no one who seems to be able to shoulder that extra work, then the solution is to come to Me unitedly and let Me reassess and fine-tune your priorities.

147. I have said that My yoke is easy and My burden is light, if you're coming unto Me. That's as true today as it was thousands of years ago when I walked the Earth in the flesh. But in order for that promise to be a reality in your life, you have to communicate and seek Me.

148. If there seems to be too much work to do and too few people to do it, ask Me for the solution. It could be that there is someone who you have never considered doing a certain kind of work who would love the challenge and jump at the chance to help. If you ask Me and hear from Me, I'll give you the guidance and faith you need to use each person in your Home to the full. Or possibly I'll show you that some of the projects that you feel pressed to do are not as timely as you think, and can be pushed further down your to-do list. Or I'll show you a faster, easier way to accomplish your goals. Or I'll even lead you to seek help outside your Home—professional help, or the help of other nearby Homes, or some kind of teamworking with others to lighten your load. Or I'll show you that there may be others in your Home who feel they can't take any more of a load, but with proper encouragement, vision, and the tools to do the job, they can branch out a little more and exercise more faith to shoulder more of the load.

149. So it's true that one of the most important keys to avoiding burnout is communicating and being honest about your limitations. But you need to be careful that the delegating of some of your load doesn't land on the shoulders of someone else who is also already overloaded. To be sure that doesn't happen, seek Me. Hear from Me. Let Me establish your priorities and show you what needs to be done‚ when, and by whom. (End of message from Jesus.)

150. (Mama:) As you have read in this GN, the Enemy is out to get us all, and no one is immune to the dangers of burnout. This is why it's imperative that we all stay very close to the Lord and under His protection. As long as you keep looking to Jesus and following His explicit direction, putting the counsel in His Word into practice in your daily lives, He will not fail to keep you on track.

Burnout Safeguards!

151. Recently one of our WS members began to recognize the symptoms of burnout in her life. After reading the messages in the first half of this GN, this dear one went to the Lord for His direction on what to do about it; she asked Him how she could put this counsel into effect in practical terms in her specific situation. Following are excerpts of her prayer and the Lord's reply. As you will see, it contains some very good practical counsel that can benefit all of us.

152. (Prayer: ) Thank You, Jesus, my wonderful, precious Lover. You are everything to me. You're so good to me, so precious, so caring. You never fail me, even when I sometimes fail You so terribly.

153. Thank You, Lord, for this wonderful Word, this "Keys to Victory" Letter about stress and burnout. It has so many keys‚ so many answers, and very clear-cut guidelines and warnings. As You know, Jesus, over these last weeks I have been overwhelmed with very strong feelings of burnout, more than what I've experienced in the past. I know that the basic principles and answers are in the prophecies that I just read, and I'm so thankful for them. Thank You that I can also come to You now and hear from You the specific instruction that You have for me personally. Please help me, Jesus‚ to have a clear channel.

154. Please forgive me, Lord‚ for not taking the time with You that I should have. I know that is my main problem‚ as is brought out so many times in this GN. We know that's the key—to keep You in first place and to have daily intimate time with You. I feel horrible for being so negligent and so disobedient, because You've made it unbelievably clear in the Word, and it's been such an important emphasis for years and years‚ especially since "The Spiritual Health Revolution." So much has been published that I'm completely without excuse. I know the need, I know what You expect of me, and I feel really convicted for having failed so badly in this.

155. I know that my main problem is just not taking time with You to read the Word for personal leading, not taking time with You to hear Your voice in prophecy, not taking enough time to simply rest in Your arms or enjoy the beautiful music You've provided, not taking time in lovemaking with You‚ loving You as Your bride and receiving Your seeds. I know this is the main problem, Jesus. Please forgive me. Thank You for showing it to me so clearly. Thank You for these very strong warnings in this GN.

156. Jesus, I feel very unworthy for You to give me even more counsel when I have hardly listened to the important counsel that You've given in the past, but I know You are quick to forgive and Your mercies are renewed every day. So please give me the counsel that You know I need for my situation and for my particular problems and weaknesses. Please give me the tips and the guidelines and the things that will help me to not only pull out of this horrible burned-out state‚ but also to avoid falling into it in the future.

157. Now I see how very, very dangerous burnout is; the negative feelings that come with it are so incredibly strong and overwhelming. I'm in the fear of You, Jesus, and realize how much I need to change if I'm going to continue to do this work, and continue to make the needed changes and revolutions that You have for us in the future.

158. I completely admit my weakness and my total dependence on You. I want to repent and change and to develop better habits. I want to recognize my limitations. I want to see the ways that I've been failing, Jesus. I know generally, but I'd like to know more specifically. I really need You‚ sweet Jesus. Please, please, help me. You are my wonderful Husband, my best Friend, the One Who knows me better than anyone, Who loves me more than anyone, and You are my Answer Man. So please do give me the answers I need. Give me a clear channel. Please take away any of my own thoughts or unyieldedness or anything that would stand in the way.

159. Jesus, I yield to You. I want to change. I want to forsake anything that's not right. I don't want to lose this precious privilege of my ministry and work for You‚ the blessing of being in this Family and living for You. I don't want my channel to be hindered. I don't want to be a bad example to others. So please help me, Jesus. I really need You. Thank You, Lord! Thank You, sweet Jesus!

160. (Jesus speaking:) Come, My darling, let Me kiss away those tears. I'm so sorry for the battles‚ I'm so sorry for the pressure, and I'm especially sorry for the sadness and the hopelessness you have felt. You mustn't condemn yourself, but instead look upon this as a learning experience, one which will benefit not only you, but others as well.

161. There are others within My Kingdom who feel overloaded, stressed out‚ pressured, and even burned out. As I have clearly explained in the Words you just read, burnout is extremely dangerous and must be taken very seriously. For when a person reaches burnout, if they don't go on the attack quickly, then they become weaker and weaker and weaker. It's like a fatal illness, and the negative progression happens very quickly. Because when someone is burned out, they don't have the spiritual reserves needed to help them continue to fight, trust, hope in Me, or even just to hold on.

162. A lot of people faint in their minds and they faint altogether when they're burned out. They fail to hold on, and it has cost many even their service for Me. This is especially true amongst the ranks of the children of David, because the Enemy fights My Gideon's band even more ferociously. The demands on the children of David are more than the demands on My other children, because the children of David are accountable for the Word they know, their vision is greater, their expectations are higher, their ministries are more complicated, and they are more effective. So the Enemy does all he can to try to defeat them.

163. So you must recognize burnout as an attack of the Enemy. You've done well to recognize the seriousness of it‚ for there's a big difference between being tired or feeling temporarily pressured or overloaded with the workload, and being burned out. Burnout goes past physical and nervous exhaustion; it is an attack on your very spirit, your very life, your future for Me.

164. Many of the children of David have very strong, firm, deep foundations of faith which have been built over years and years of faithful study of the Word. But still, even these resources of strength can be depleted with time if you foolishly think that you can continue on in your own strength when you feel yourself weakening. The greatest danger is not the weakening of the flesh through tiredness or physical afflictions, but it is the weakening of the spirit through discouragement, losing the vision, a feeling of hopelessness.

165. But, My darling‚ you are now well aware of the dangers and the powerful negative feelings of burnout. Thank you for recognizing the problem and taking the time to seek Me. Don't be condemned for these feelings, these outbursts, this much weeping, this heaviness of spirit; for if you recognize these symptoms, they can be your friends, they can be your salvation, they can be that which alerts you to the danger and causes you to take action to remedy the problem.

166. You've run a long race, you've fought a big battle, and you've done well. It's only human that you are now battle-weary, that you've suffered some injuries and are in need of healing. This is nothing to be ashamed of‚ but instead it's something that should be shared with others. You should confess your faults, your failings, your lessons, so that others may be strengthened and warned. You should also share these many battles and lessons with your shepherds, so that they too can help you to assess your schedule, your needs, and make any adjustments that are needed—not only for your life, but for the lives of others as well.

167. This is a time of war! It is a time of sacrifice, for it is a time of much preparation for the days which are to come, and I am asking you to work My works while it is day, knowing that the night comes when no man can work as you can today. But also, as you often say‚ "you're in this for the long haul," and if you expect to be able to continue to carry the load you carry and even a greater one‚ you must pace yourself, you must recognize your limitations, and you must see the error of your ways and how you have allowed yourself to become weakened in spirit.

168. And now, My precious one, I will give you safeguards:

1) You must have private Word time with Me every day. In order to do this, you must find out what time of day works best for you, and stick to it. Regularity and consistency in your schedule is extremely important at this time, because when you don't have a good habit of getting your personal Word time every day, then you can't depend on your burden or inspiration or natural inclination to get it. You have to have something that disciplines you‚ a specific requirement that, if missed, reminds you that you are not fulfilling your end of the bargain, you're not keeping up your commitments to Me. So prayerfully assess your schedule, even if you have to do a little experimentation, and find out the time of day that works best for you for your private time of love with Me—then keep that appointment no matter what!

2) I ask you to please promise to take some time each day to hear from Me in personal prophecy. I know you hear from Me often regarding your work and the ministry you have, but it's not the same thing. When you're working and you ask Me questions and hear from Me in prophecy, it's as if we are in a teamwork meeting and we're counseling about the work at hand. But when you sit down to hear My voice personally, then it's like we're talking heart to heart in the bed of love, and instead of just being a source of answers and direction‚ your hearing from Me under those conditions is a source of encouragement and inspiration, which renews your spirit, increases your vision, and gives you the strength you need to carry on in spite of the pressure‚ workload or deadlines.

3) Humble yourself and ask for prayer from the body. Confess your faults and receive the prayer you need that you may be healed. This will serve not only as a good lesson for others, but also as a reminder for others who need it.

4) Keep a regular schedule. That includes not only your Word time and personal prayer time, but also your get–out, your fellowship with others, and a definite cut-off time at night. I know you like the late night hours when there are less interruptions for working, but at this point in time especially‚ it would serve you better to have a cut-off point that is earlier than what you are accustomed to so that you would have some time to wind down, relax, have Word and prayer time, listen to the music which I have inspired for the Family, have dates or fellowship with others before going to sleep.

5) Make a list of and collect the various GNs and publications that you'd like to read in order to have them handy. When you're out of the habit of reading the Word, if you don't have it handy and easily accessible, without having to try to go round it up, it's easy to put off having Word time or to become distracted. When you don't have a good habit of getting in the Word, any little thing can cause you to miss it. So you need to make the circumstances such that they readily lend themselves to your having your Word time.

6) You need to reassess your work schedule. Any time you work on big projects with short deadlines‚ when the project is completed it is a good time to stop and reassess your schedule and seek Me for ways to adjust it back to a more relaxed pace which allows for more variety, more change, more fellowship, more rest and relaxation. Otherwise, the tendency is that your "big push" schedule will eventually become a way of life and your daily standard, and this is a sure formula for burnout. Therefore, come before Me and seek Me after every big project to see if there are changes that need to be made in your daily schedule.

7) Get in the habit when you are not working of playing more Family music or Word tapes in your bedroom. The beautiful, edifying, Spirit-filled music that I have given the children of David has great power in recreating your spirit and boosting your inspiration level.

8) Get regular exercise and get-out. This not only boosts your inspiration level and relieves stress, but it also helps you to feel good about yourself, helps you to feel like you're on top of it, that you're on the attack.

9) Slot some time to take care of some of your ministry-related projects that you've gotten so behind in—purge down, clean out‚ sort through your papers and materials, update‚ etc. When you get behind in these sorts of things, it can become almost a constant reminder that there are things that you're not getting to, which enhances your feeling of inadequacy or disorganization‚ making you feel like you're barely keeping your head above water.

10) Update your to-do lists, both work and personal; prioritize them and then commit them to Me. You can come to Me to ask Me what are the most important things, or even if there are things on your to-do list that you can delegate to others, or just drop altogether.

11) Take time to walk and talk and fellowship with your loved ones in the Home, and this will give you the intimate communication and bond with others that is so important to you and to your personal happiness. As you take the time and the initiative to reach out and to enlarge the borders of your tent to build more intimacy with your brethren, this will be a great blessing for not only you, but for them as well.

169. My precious one, be not fearful for the future, for as you follow Me in yieldedness and obedience I will protect you from further attacks of the Enemy. I will build up your strength, renew your inspiration, recreate your vision, and restore unto you once again the joy of your salvation and the joy of your ministry. I will not suffer you to be moved as long as you hold on and trust Me.

170. Do not listen to the lying vanities of the Evil One who tries to convince you that you can't make it. If you believe these lies of the Enemy, you forsake your own mercy as you give place to the Enemy. Know that I am your Husband, your Provider, your Shepherd. Have I not promised to give you all that you need? You do not know the future. You don't see all that I have in store for you‚ but believe Me, if you hold on, if you wait on Me with trusting faith, you will see the solutions to the problems, deliverance from burnout‚ and I will continue to give you the desires of your heart. (End of message from Jesus)

Third-degree Burns Can Kill You!

171. (Mama:) This woman had had other times previously in which she felt quite burned out‚ but she said this experience was different. I asked the Lord why this time it was different. His answer was a graphic word picture and serious warning. I believe this explanation will help you understand more fully what's going on if this happens to you or others, and I pray this will help you realize how very serious a bad case of burnout can be. It can cost you your strength, your joy, your inspiration, and can affect you very drastically, so please take heed!

172. (Jesus speaking: ) Just like with any kind of burn, there are varying degrees of burnout—first-degree, second-degree, and third-degree burns. This one has had a third-degree burn. The severity of the burn depends on how deep it is and how much of you it covers. Her burns are pretty extensive and have gone pretty deep, and that's why it is more severe this time. Sometimes you can get a burn and you can recover pretty quickly because you have not been exposed to too much heat for too long a period. This one's burns are more extensive just because she's been over the heat for so long, sort of like slow roasting for a while.

173. You've heard of the term, "My brain is fried." When you burn out, this is more or less what happens spiritually—your brain gets fried. It's like the verse about people fainting in their minds. If your mind faints‚ then the rest will soon follow. When you hit severe burnout in a certain area—for example, your work—you get fed up with it and even the thought of it is enough to fritz you‚ because your brain is fried. It can't take any more. It has fainted, it's shot, and it needs a rest, it needs to recuperate.

174. That's why Word time is so important, because it's input for your mind, and your mind affects your attitude and your outlook, your spiritual strength and stamina. If you've been feeding from the Word‚ it enlightens your mind and you're inspired and you're positive and you can then handle the load, the job, the work, the details, the problems‚ or whatever comes your way.

175. Your mind is almost like the control center. If you haven't read anything or taken quiet time and received the inspiration‚ the nourishment, the vision, then it can't handle things as well when they come up; and if this happens over a long period of time‚ then it begins to faint little by little. It starts to collapse and fold up and begins to check out, to not have as much grace for things. Your outlook becomes progressively overcast and negative.

176. The reason her burnout is different this time is because it's more severe. The other times were like first-degree burns‚ then second-degree, but this is a third–degree burn. Third-degree burns can be fatal; they can kill you. You're severely burned to where you're almost incapacitated and can become useless and damaged to the point of having to be hospitalized and requiring treatment to heal and recuperate. The difference between third-degree and the other degrees is it is so severe that it can wipe you out if you don't take immediate action to take care of the burns and get out of the heat and away from the fire and put some ice on it.

177. The reason she was attacked and not others is because she has been closer to the fire. She's not only been working hard for a long period of time, under stress, strain, and deadlines, without the proper rest and time away and breaks, but also her other battles have been scorchers. These accumulated and multiple fires have all added to her burnout.

178. The queen and king‚ though they have fought some of the same battles and are also under pressure, have received more input, more inspiration that has insulated them. They've spent time hearing from Me in prophecy and have received more nourishment that has helped to protect and sustain them. They've kept a strong personal link with Me that has shielded them. They desperately come before Me for answers and guidance; they keep their relationship with Me intact, restored, fresh and in first place. Though they may be tested and though they may feel the heat, as they come to Me, the answers they receive put a shield of protection around them.

179. The weaker you get, the easier you're burned; and if you keep going, keep pushing, keep working, although it is a slow process‚ you will finally reach burnout. It's a little bit like the story of the frog in the pot of water. [GT 2, page 1693, #655]. If you were to put a frog in a pot of water and turn on the heat, he would squirm a little at first, until he became accustomed to it and didn't feel the heat anymore. Then if you were to turn up the heat a little more‚ little by little, very slowly and gradually, the frog would feel it, but only a little bit, because it would be so gradual. Finally, after some time, the water would be boiling and the frog still wouldn't feel it or realize it because he had gradually gotten used to the heat being turned up. But then all of a sudden you'd find yourself with a dead frog because he'd gotten cooked! That's what can happen to My children who are so busy: if they're not careful, they get fried or burn out!

180. You have to take Word time and quiet time to receive inspiration on a daily basis, to inspire you daily so your mind doesn't faint. You have to take it whether you feel like it or not. Even if you already feel inspired, you still need to take it to keep you protected and shielded from the fiery darts. You can't neglect your time with Me‚ hearing from Me‚ resting in My arms and being fed, because it's your protection, your strength‚ your joy, your nourishment, your daily bread, your salvation, and it's a matter of life and death. (End of message from Jesus.)

181. (Mama: ) I pray that this message convinces you that burnout is not something to take lightly. Please, if you feel the negative effects of overwork, pressure, tight deadlines‚ or other "scorchers" in your life, take some time right away to pray about it and ask the Lord what changes He wants you to make to protect yourself from burnout!

182. The same dear one that the Lord was talking about in the above prophecy kept coming back to Him for further information, explanation, and personal guidance. Here are other excerpts of His personal messages to her which are interesting and helpful for all of us. (The following messages were received within a week to ten days of the above messages.)

The Lord Is Able to Heal You Completely!

183. (Jesus speaking:) Oh, My precious little one, you don't need to worry that you're going to be like this forever, or that you'll never regain your strength or inspiration or the joy you once had in My service and your work. I promise you that I will restore you to full health, but you have to realize that it is a matter of time. Just as healing in the physical takes time, so does healing in the spirit.

184. You're on the road to recovery, and even though you may not see a real lessening of the symptoms of this burnout, you're being strengthened in your inner man. You're strengthening your foundation of faith. You're replenishing the resources deep within your heart and mind. And although the Enemy is still able to attack through your emotions with feelings of discouragement or hopelessness, that doesn't mean that My remedies are not working or that you're doing something wrong. Because of course the Enemy is going to continue his relentless attack. He has seen you weakened, he has seen you fallen‚ he has seen you weeping, wondering if you have the strength to continue on, and while I have wept with you in your hour of need, he has rejoiced in your hour of weakness.

185. You must understand that the Enemy will not give up easily. So you must not gauge your victory or your recovery by your feelings‚ but you must stand fast in My promises. I have promised you that I would not suffer you to be moved.

186. The problem is not in the type of work you have done, but it has been in what you have not done. The problem did not come about as a result of the strenuous work or the intensity of the subject matter, but it came about largely as a result of the long hours and the neglect of your time with Me, and your not having a schedule that allowed sufficient variety or fellowship or relaxation. So if you arrange your schedule to include the things that you need as I have instructed you, then during your work hours you can work on whatever you feel is the most timely or pressing or important.

187. For yet a few more weeks you will need to go at a much slower pace. Though you don't feel tired physically and you feel that you have rested, for the next couple of weeks you will continue to need even more Word time than normal‚ and you will need a little more wiggle room in your schedule in order to recapture the joy of My Spirit through variety, unexpected change, conversation with others, extra lovemaking with Me and others, and things generally going at a little more leisurely pace.

188. With time you'll be able to pick up the pace and carry on a more normal work schedule. But the only way to get away from the heavy work schedule that you've carried for so long is to have a major break from it for a significant amount of time. Then when you go back to a normal work schedule, instead of feeling like you're doing so little (in comparison to what you're used to), you will feel like you're doing more.

189. You worry that you'll be handicapped from now on, that you'll never be able to carry the same load, that you'll easily get pressured or be weak in this area. But I say‚ don't worry‚ because when I heal, I am able to heal completely. It's not that you won't be able to take the weight or ever be under pressure‚ but you will just be wiser in the future and you won't allow yourself to be under that work schedule for such long periods of time.

190. We're in a war, and there will be times when there will be a lot to do and the workload will be heavier. It's not that you or My other faithful laborers cannot or will not be able to bear it, but the secret is in not letting it go on for too long. You must have rest to do your best, and you must have consistency in your schedule. You must be wise to make time for Me and time for others.

191. Don't worry, My love, this sickness is not unto death. Don't worry about the future; just take it one day at a time. Follow My simple instructions and you will be restored to full health in mind, body and spirit. (End of message from Jesus.)

The Enemy Has Upped the Ante!

192. (Jesus speaking:) My darling one, yours is not a matter of unyieldedness, but a matter of disobedience; but not a willful disobedience‚ not a resistance or rejection of the truth of My Word and direction. Yours has been a sin of the mind and not of the heart. Yours has been a sin of overzealousness, lack of correct priorities, lack of having a proper balance.

193. The Enemy has upped the ante; his attacks are more vicious. Maybe you were able to get by with some things in the past without feeling such negative results, but that is no longer the case. The Enemy will take advantage of any disobedience, any lack of balance‚ any unprayerfulness, any delay in heeding My counsel or direction, to strike a blow that will be much more deadly and inflict much more harm than in previous times. I have allowed him this power, for it is part of the preparation of My children.

194. I know that the warfare intensifies, the battles are greater, the stakes are higher. So I let My children see the results of their disobediences and wrong choices and mistakes more clearly, because this serves to reinforce the good training that I am giving them, and helps them to see that I mean business‚ that My Word is true, that these aren't vain, empty warnings. When I say the Enemy goes about as a roaring lion, that the battles are hotter, the blows more devastating, the need for prayerfulness and yieldedness greater, these are not just pretty, poetic, inspiring, challenging words, but this is a true description of what's going on in spirit!

195. So you must walk soberly and in the fear of Me, knowing that something you may have gotten away with in the past could today bring dire results. When I say that I want to be in first place, that you must have your quiet time and time with Me to sit at My feet and to receive My instruction, when I say that the spiritual health revolution is your lifesaver—this is exactly what I mean.

196. My children have heard these admonitions for years. Way back when your Father David gave the "Stop, Look‚ and Listen" talk, he was trying to impress upon you the need for quietness, prayer and meditation, but it's so easy to become familiar with this principle.

197. Sometimes for you personally, because you are often having prayer and prophecy time related to your work‚ you may feel that you are having sufficient time in prayer, quietness, and meditation. And it's true, you do spend a lot of time in prayer, and you are a prayerful person. You've developed good habits of prayer and seeking Me and knowing that you don't know the answers. You're quick to ask Me your questions, for you know that it makes it easier, better, faster, and more efficient; that it's safer to hear from Me in prophecy than to try to figure it out yourself, or even to try to counsel with others who you feel may have the answers.

198. But this kind of prayerfulness and quietness and meditation in My Spirit is not the same as personal time with Me in the bed of love. It is this misunderstanding, this lack of clarity in your priorities that has been your biggest mistake and which has opened a chink in your armor for the Enemy to attack you. You don't weaken overnight through this neglect, but you weaken gradually till you hardly notice it, day by day, so that your survival stock of resources is eventually depleted to such a point that when the Enemy comes in like a flood, you don't have the strength to raise a standard against him because you're barely treading water.

199. One of the most important lessons for you to learn through this experience is an understanding of the intensity of the Enemy's attacks. This should help you in the future to walk more in the fear of Me, which will be manifested through more prayerfulness, desperation, and a determination to keep Me first, not only in your heart, but in your time, priorities, and schedule.

200. It will take time to rebuild and restock your survival resources, but as you continue faithfully sitting at My feet, hearing My Word, and seeking Me on a daily basis for personal instruction and encouragement‚ I promise you that I will restore those resources to the full and even double your supply! For there will be times in the future when you will be called upon once again to labor under unusual circumstances of stress and strain and the pressure of deadlines.

201. I have lots in store for you, My beloved, so do not fear that you are permanently handicapped—either mentally, emotionally, spiritually or physically—for I will make all things right and the end will be greater than the beginning. You will be stronger than ever, for you will have gained precious lessons. (End of message from Jesus.)

Close to the Edge of the Burnout Cliff!

202. (Mama: ) When praying for another person who found great pleasure in his work, but who had been carrying a very heavy workload for a long time, the Lord gave some warnings that this person was close to the edge of the burnout cliff. He gave further insight into this problem and how to avoid it. I'll include excerpts of that message here:

203. (Jesus speaking: ) There are many symptoms and resultant problems that come along with overwork, pressure, stress, and ultimately, burnout. For each person there are some requirements and solutions that remain the same, and for each individual there are also specific things that are tailored to that person that they must do in order to remedy the situation, or to prevent the burnout from occurring.

204. This one has too great a workload for him alone to shoulder. He feels too much pressure, he's been put under stress, and he nears the burnout stage. In his heart he wishes to accomplish so many things for the good of the Kingdom. But the true good of the Kingdom will only be accomplished through Me and through My working in him. In order for him to have this power, he must have time set apart with Me.

205. It's hard for him to put this time aside and to take it‚ because of the press of the work, and because much is expected of him. He has found it nearly impossible to put aside his work to stop and be refreshed. And even when he has done so by himself, or because he has been forced to by circumstance or someone else, he is not able to get out of it what he should because of the press on his mind and spirit.

206. One who is work-oriented and accomplishment-oriented must know that it's more important that he gets Word time and time with Me, even if the work is set back a little bit or delayed. In the long run, a better job will come of it‚ and he'll be able to continue working and not experience the tremendous setback and crisis of a burnout.

207. This one will not see in full or want to accept that he is close to the edge of the burnout cliff. He knows that he needs to slow down. He feels the need to enjoy life more, and he knows that those close to him need that from him, but he personally enjoys the fast pace of work. He buries himself in his work and derives satisfaction from seeing projects completed, and of course, he loves to help and better the Family.

208. But for his own sake, it's important that he does not continue on at the pace that he's been going at, regardless of whether or not the work has to slow down or whether some projects and plans have to be cut back. For he will last but a little while longer, and then he will not have the strength and stamina in him any longer.

209. It's a funny thing about burnout. Once someone burns out‚ it's not that they no longer have the desire to do the work which I have called them to, but they simply feel unable to continue on with what they're doing, or where they're at. They must make a change or they feel they'll explode inside. It causes great emotional and mental distress. It's a built-in safeguard that I have given My children, so that they can't wander past a certain point. There comes a breaking point, and the burnout stage is My breaking point. Then they are unable to continue as they were‚ because I have put an adverse and negative reaction in them, so that they cannot simply continue on even if they want to.

210. They must stop and examine their heart and life and have some sort of change. Whether they change ministry or location or lifestyle, the change I most hope for is the change of the heart and spirit—that they will once again come to Me and lay aside the things and trappings that kept them from enjoying the simplicity of My Spirit.

211. This one has strayed away from enjoying not only the simplicity of My Spirit, but the simplicity of life. The complexity of his work has bled over into his relationship with Me and with others. This causes his heart to be heavy, though he does not understand why. He must somehow take more time to be simple and enjoy Me, My creation, and his loved ones‚ friends, and companions. I would have My joy be his strength, not his carnal mind or his willpower or drive.

212. Yes, he must have a change of lifestyle. I don't mean that he cannot still do his work, but it must be spread out more upon others. He must have a more reliable helper or staff upon which he can depend. He doesn't have as much time as he used to have, he's not as young as he used to be, and I'm requiring more of him than I used to require. He must learn to trust others, the good helpers that I will provide, and he must be willing to let the work go into My hands, and not always try to channel it along at the speed that he thinks it should go. Sometimes I have a different plan, but because he's so determined‚ he runs himself ragged, because he doesn't pray and reevaluate and seek Me.

213. It will not be easy for him to slow things down‚ even though he desires to go at a slower pace and not to have so much weigh on him. He should have a time scheduled where he works and then specific time scheduled for things other than work. He's not strong enough at this point to ensure this himself, and even if he does for a while, he will feel condemned and guilty about it. Because at one point he used to put in so many more hours, he now feels like he's losing ground rather than gaining ground.

214. His load simply must shift somewhat. In looking to Me and drawing his answers from Me, he will find that as he slows it down and enjoys life and enjoys the work I've given him, I will still be able to accomplish what I would have accomplished through him, and more will get done than ever as he follows My plan and methods of working.

215. If he will only stop, look‚ listen, and put his trust in Me, knowing I love him and want to give him not only fruitful and inspiring work, but also rest and joy and fun in life, then I will help him to accomplish his work with greater ease. I will also bless and more powerfully anoint those who he works with‚ that their work also will be speedier and more anointed.

216. So it is a chain reaction of events that will have to happen in order to bring about My perfect will for this one's life. He must know that it's okay that he gets less work time in, because it's more important that he's having his time with Me, the Word, and having good, healthy fellowship with others, than it is for him to be overworking himself and racing ever closer to the point of burnout.

217. You'll have to check on him and work with him‚ and help him not to give up in the fight to go slow and slow it down. For him it will be a true fight. It will be just as much of a fight as for someone who is battling any other weakness, because it goes against his natural grain. It will take effort for him to fight to go slow and let go of the workaholic nature and feelings of guilt and condemnation that attack him if he is not working every moment of the day.

218. He must trust and believe that he is more important to Me than the work—that I would rather have him than the bedroom slippers he's making for Me. I would rather have him than all his good works and much effort. As he learns to put all these things into effect in his life, he will find his joy and love and happiness being restored in full measure. Then will he be able to again work with the great inspiration and joy that he has gradually lost over the months and years.

219. You must uphold him in prayer. You must check him. You must remind him. You must help him, for he is unable to make this break himself. He's already going at a fast pace, and it's very hard to slow down and to change directions when he's been going around and around in this rut for such a long time. But I will help you, and I will help him if he is willing, which he is.

220. I love this one, and I wish to restore unto him the joy of his salvation and to uphold him with My free Spirit‚ but he must give Me time to give these things to him. That's what he cherishes most—time. He feels he doesn't have enough of it, and it's precious, and he doesn't want to waste it. But he must give it back to the Maker of time, for I call his time back to Me‚ and he must give to Me that which I ask of him, in order for him to be in My perfect will and in the state I would have him. (End of message from Jesus.)

221. (Mama: ) Though these messages were given for individuals, the principles contained therein apply to us all. Isn't it wonderful to be able to get such personal direction? And it's all ours for the asking! Thanks to our dear Husband, we can rest assured that when we bring our questions to Him and hear His personal Words of instruction and encouragement, we are getting the specific counsel that is the best fitted for our particular situations and needs. We don't have to worry about a thing‚ all we have to do is look to Him and let Him carry us through.

222. Jesus wants each of you to be happy‚ so He's given you the keys, the answers and solutions on how to stay close to Him and avoid burnout. I pray the priceless counsel in this GN will be a blessing to each of you as you put it into effect in your life. You're all precious to us, and to Jesus most of all! I love you.

With much love in our precious Husband, Mama

Leadership Lessons‚ Part 2

(ML #3385, GN 982)

Unrealistic expectations, and how to avoid overextending yourself

Messages from the Lord and excerpts of lessons shared with the COs by Mama and Peter at Summit 2001

By MariaMaria #601 CM/FM 3385 4/01

Dearest Family,

1. In this GN I'll share with you some of the messages that the Lord gave for the COs at Summit 2001, and some of the lessons that Peter and I shared with them, about unrealistic expectations and how to avoid overextending themselves. The Lord showed us to publish them because they apply to each and every Family member in some way. Granted, not every sentence or example will fit your situation‚ but please benefit from them as much as you can.

2. The Lord has shown us that things are not going to get any less busy! After all, we're in the era of action, the era of greater works, and with the current vision of expanding to meet the needs of the many sheep the Lord is bringing and will bring to our folds‚ each of you will probably find your lives becoming increasingly busy with that added responsibility. Shepherding brings a new dimension to life—your time is no longer your own, and someone always needs you! So, even if you don't think you need these lessons now, you'll probably need them in the future. These are very important principles which affect not only your happiness and fruitfulness for the Lord, but also the example that you set for your flock, which in turn affects their personal happiness and future fruitfulness, and the cycle continues.

3. Each one of you is precious to us. We need and depend on you, so please pace yourselves. Do what the Lord shows you to do, and then leave the rest to the Lord. Take the time to ask the Lord the various questions I asked the COs to pray about (at the end of this GN). Take the time to receive that special personal shepherding in your own life, and I think you'll find it will make a great difference to your personal happiness and fruitfulness overall. I love you!

4. I thought you might wonder about the seeming contradiction between what the Lord is saying here and what He said earlier to the COs in the keynote ultimatum, where He strongly corrects them for their lack of faithfulness to take time with Him and operating in the arm of the flesh. (See ML #3347, GN 941.) Here He is commending them for all they've done and all the progress they've made‚ and tells them not to worry about the lacks and the shortcomings. We asked the Lord to explain that.

The Lord Sees the Good!

5. (Jesus speaking:) All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. I know that you're not perfect. There are times when parents have to deal with their children, correct them, even discipline them, and then forgive them and go on. But that doesn't take away from the great love they feel for their children, and even the sense of pride in their growth and learning. In fact, when the children take the correction well and determine to go on, the parents are even more proud of them, because they know that those lessons are a fact of life, a necessary part of their growth, and that if the children truly learn and progress, it's a valuable step forward.

6. Of course‚ there is sometimes damage to repair even after the lesson has been learned. There are habits to change, and in the case of your leadership, there is a need to set the record straight and rectify the sample. But still, that doesn't take away from the love I feel for them, or how proud I am of them for all that they have done, all that they have learned, and the way they took the lesson to heart so humbly and determined to keep going and do better. Yes, there is a very big and important area to progress in—the area of being faithful to take time with Me‚ changing their habits and mindsets to let Me work, and allowing Me to speak to them more clearly through being desperate and faithful to ask. But the way for them to learn that lesson is not to beat themselves up about it, but to humbly acknowledge their need and then make the effort to change.

7. I knew that they needed and also deserved this encouragement. And so do you, My children. Even though you have areas to grow in, that doesn't make Me less proud as a parent of all the areas that you are doing well in. Even the areas that you have lacks in, if you are working toward progress, if you are making the effort, if you are asking for My help, I'm proud of you in those areas too!

8. More than anything else, I see the good. I dwell on the good. I have to correct you sometimes, but that's as a compassionate Father, a loving Husband, a protective and concerned big Brother who wants to see you do even better. But it never takes away from My love for you. It never takes away from the admiration and thankfulness I feel for you, for all that you are doing, for all that you are making progress in, for all that you've given to Me.

9. So remember that. Even when I correct you and to you it is the whole picture, it's overwhelming—and often it should be, because it should make you desperate to change and do better—still, there are many other areas in which I'm very proud of you, and that I want to commend you for. And even the areas you lack in, if you then determine to do better, I'm proud of you for those, too. I never want you to worry about your mistakes or lacks—I just want you to do better in them! Always remember that. I see the good. I bless and honor you for the areas you do well in. I don't forget them just because I have to scold you sometimes. Even when I scold you, I'm hoping you'll get right back up and fight for victories in those areas as well, so that I can be proud of you for that, too! I love you! (End of message from Jesus.)

10. (Mama: ) Now, on to the messages the Lord gave for the COs at Summit 2001, and some of the lessons that Peter and I shared with them.

Be Filled with My Joy!

(Jesus sings: )

11. I'm bubbling, I'm bubbling,

I'm bubbling in My soul!

I'm singing, I'm laughing,

I have to make it told!

I'm so very happy,

You cannot keep Me quiet!

I'm bubbling, bubbling, bubbling‚ bubbling, bubbling deep inside!

12. Ha, ha, ha! You're probably wondering why I would include this little adaptation of a simple childlike chorus in a leadership meeting. Well, I'll tell you why … it's because I'm very serious about how I feel about you, and that little song expresses it very well. I'm bubbling deep inside because I'm so happy, pleased‚ proud, delighted, glad, in love with, thrilled, inspired and excited about you and all you've done and how you've grown, My wonderful brides‚ that I just can't keep it quiet! It's bubbling right up inside, and I just had to sing it out!

13. Another reason I sang that song is—and this is very important for you, so listen up—I want to set you at ease right from the start. I don't want you to be fearful or remorseful. I don't want you to be nervous. I don't want you to be thinking about your failures. I don't want you to be feeling you have to do everything just right. I don't want you to be fretting or fearing failure. I don't want you to be feeling disappointed in yourself or your performance. I don't want you to feel guilty because you haven't lived up to your unrealistic expectations. I don't want you to feel like you have to push yourselves so hard. I don't want you to be looking at your lacks, because I'm not. I want to wipe all that away from the beginning so that you can have peace, knowing all is well.

14. I want you to put that all aside now, and I want you to be filled with My joy, and that will be your strength. I want you to be convinced of My love, and of Mama and Peter's love for you. I want you to believe they understand your problems as I do‚ and love and pray for you. I am very proud of you, as are Mama and Peter. We've seen how you've grown and progressed, and we want to tell you how happy we are with you. We understand your limitations and the difficulties you face with your Home situations, lack of support staff, your many children, physical afflictions, and the list goes on. You have all those battles to fight and more. We understand, so there's nothing to worry about.

15. I want to take away your feelings of inferiority and your feelings that you haven't achieved all you think has been expected of you. Sometimes your expectations are unrealistic and cause you to overextend yourselves, and then you feel guilty that you didn't make the grade. I want to wipe all those negative feelings away. In My book you've made the grade over and over again! I want to wipe away these fears and worries and give you peace.

16. You're all just at the place I want you to be. You've grown and are growing and will continue to grow. Mama and Peter are proud of you too. No one is in trouble; you've all done a monumental job. There may be a few tweaks here and there that need to be taken care of, but it's nothing to fear. All is well. All is going according to My plan‚ so take on My joy.

17. As the scripture says, "The joy of the Lord is your strength!" And so it shall be unto you. If you believe that and claim it, I promise that My joy will be your strength. You can hold on to that promise. That can be your motto from this day forth, because if you have fear and worry, that's debilitating, and you won't benefit from [what I bring into your life and want to give you]. Any nervousness‚ fear, or worry quenches the flow of My Spirit in your lives and dampens your personal happiness. So relax. Trust Me, and trust Mama and Peter. We love you and we want to make your job easier.

18. Now, let My joy bubble up in you! Let it be your strength! Rejoice in your victories. Rejoice in the battles. Rejoice in the blessings. Rejoice in the triumphs. Rejoice in the changes. Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice! Stop looking at all your shortcomings and seeming defeats. Serving Me is supposed to be joyous! I know it's not always fun, and there's a lot of pain and suffering along the way, but there should always be a joy bubbling in your heart.

19. Remember, My joy is your strength. That joy comes from Me and My Spirit‚ not all your good works—although I am pleased with your works. I know your sacrifices and I'm pleased with them too, but nothing pleases Me more than your love for Me and others.

20. Remember that all the goals and objectives I put before you are just that—goals. They're something to keep you going and moving forward‚ to stretch your faith. But the thing that is most important is your love for Me and others.

Text box:

21. (Jesus speaking: ) These goals I'm speaking of here are all the things that I've asked of you, that I've put before you and told you to shoot for. Now, besides those goals, there are some things that I've told you cannot be neglected. The first and foremost of these is your time with Me. So please don't brush that off as a goal which is nice to shoot for, but that I don't expect you to hit. In the case of your time with Me‚ it is something sacred. I do expect it of you and I know that it is possible, because I will make a way if you ask Me to do so. (End of message from Jesus)

End of text box.

22. These things have I spoken and sung to you, that My joy might be in you, and that your joy might be full. So let your joy bubble up! Don't refrain; go ahead and sing it!

23. I'm bubbling, I'm bubbling,

I'm bubbling in my soul!

I'm singing and laughing

Since Jesus made me whole!

Folks don't understand it,

I can't keep it quiet,

It's bubbling, bubbling, bubbling, bubbling, bubbling deep inside!

24. How's that for an icebreaker and bottle breaker? I love you, My precious brides. Any seeming defeats or lacks will all be resolved in My good time, but now is not the time to be dwelling on them. Now is the time to fill your hearts with joy and to know that I am well pleased, and Mama and Peter are too! (End of message from Jesus)

Text box:

25. (Mama:) Does that help? Does that make you happy? Are you going to follow the counsel? It's nice to hear the Lord's instruction‚ but you've got to make it part of you and do it, or you're not going to get the results. Like the Lord said, if you do it‚ if you grab hold of it and say, "I'm going to claim it, I'm going to do it. Lord, I want You to do it for me," then He will. But if you just say, "Oh, that sounds nice, that's great, but it won't work for me," then it won't work for you! It's all by faith—faith in the Word‚ faith in His promises. And when the Lord says‚ "Don't dwell on it," He means that.

26. We're not canceling out what we told you about asking the Lord to give you a list of things to ask for prayer for and areas you can grow in. (See "Changing Deeply Ingrained Habits and Mindsets," ML #3324:19-24, GN 929.) But don't dwell on it negatively and allow those things to pull you down. Look forward in faith to getting prayer. The Lord's going to do it! He's going to do what you're asking Him to do‚ so you don't have to worry about these things, your lacks. Just write them all down and ask the Lord to help you start over now.

End of text box.

Unrealistic Expectations

27. (Dad speaking:) My, oh my! Isn't this just like the Enemy to place this ploy of unrealistic expectations—the playmate of discouragement—upon your shoulders‚ dear ones! If you could see from my vantage point how greatly loved you are, how greatly used you are, and how much you shine with the Lord's success, you would never again worry, or fear, or be tempted to feel you're in some way failing to meet the grade, or failing the Lord‚ Mama and Peter, or the flock.

28. Now, when I talk about you shining with the Lord's success here, I'm not talking about being perfect and being something or somebody who attains in every single goal or area of your spiritual life and ministry, because no one does. The Lord's idea of success is what? It's all in the simple verse‚ "Well done, thou good and faithful servant; enter thou into the joy of thy Lord." That's the Lord's idea of success—being faithful in the calling and ministry He's given you to do. And that's why you all shine so brightly—because you've all been found faithful in the high calling you've been given. You've held on and you've remained true to your calling—many of you for years and years. You've given your hearts and lives in love‚ dedication, loyalty, and service to your Husband, king and queen, and nation‚ so you're all shining successes!

29. Even if you feel you haven't grown much over the last year and haven't reached some goal to your personal satisfaction, or you're battling with your own lacks or human limitations—don't worry about it, because no one expects you to be perfect, and that's not what's important!

30. For one thing, even if you may think you haven't grown much, I can guarantee you have! Anybody who has faithfully held on and remained true and loyal to the Lord, the Word, and His cause over the last year or so has grown, even if you don't see any outward manifestations or signs of it yourself.

31. What is important is that all of you have fought, and held on, and continue to hold on! You've remained faithful and true! We're proud of you—each of you! What you've accomplished in simply remaining true to your calling and ministry is monumental! In some cases you've had major obstacles and hurdles to overcome. You've had a lack of personnel and support staff; you've had afflictions to battle with; you've had difficult situations in your Homes to contend with; and on top of it, you've had your own sets of personal battles and difficulties.

32. So believe me, no one is pointing the finger at you and condemning you or judging you! Far from it! To the contrary, we all applaud you, and I know Mama and Peter certainly applaud you, as they know what you're up against every day. They have only the utmost love, respect‚ appreciation and admiration for you. Yes, they depend on you‚ they lean on you‚ but that doesn't mean they place unrealistic expectations upon you, or expect more of you than is humanly possible. In fact, I've seen their amazement at what you're able to accomplish and get done considering the hurdles you face every day. We're all amazed at your perseverance, your stamina‚ and your steadfastness in getting through each day despite these things.

33. So if any one of you is falling under the cloud of unrealistic expectations, let this talk lay that device of the Enemy to rest. Unrealistic expectations hinder you from experiencing the liberating freedom of being yourself, of trusting in the Lord's unconditional love enough that you have the freedom to relax and be yourself and let the Lord work through you. False expectation is constantly waving the whip over your head, making you feel you have to push and drive yourself more and more—do more, be more, attain, attain, attain!

34. That's the Enemy's whip, because his end goal is to wear you down and cause you to buckle under this false and debilitating weight‚ which unfortunately many place on their shoulders of their own accord through self-imposed expectations. Granted, it often stems from the pure motive of wanting to please the Lord and be all that the Lord wants you to be, but allowing yourself to fall into the trap of trying to attain through carrying the boulder of false expectations up the mountain will kill you! Eventually you'll collapse under the cumbersome weight; you'll fold and burn out.

35. You have the guarantee of the Lord's unconditional love, and He doesn't place any rock of unrealistic expectations on His Bride's shoulders as she climbs the mountain. In fact, His love is so wonderful, so complete, so beyond human comprehension that He will pick her up in His arms and tenderly carry her up the mountain Himself if need be.

36. So don't let the Enemy use this device of false expectations against you, okay? You have to fight this, because it stops you from fully resting in the Lord. It destroys your happiness, your peace, and your rest of heart and mind. Without this weight, you have true freedom, and when you have this peace, this rest, then the Spirit can fall upon you more completely, more fully. You become like that little diamond of dust that sparkles and shines with His light! You're not struggling or trying to be anything more than what He helps you to be by His grace. You're set free to love Him just as you are, and then He in turn is set free to more fully work and shine through you! It works both ways.

37. And like the second part of the verse, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord"—when you have that peace and trust and faith, knowing that you're pleasing the Lord simply through loving Him and remaining faithful and true to Him, then that true, full joy enters you which the Lord is talking about here. You can relax and have the true freedom and joy of His Spirit! (End of message from Dad)

Jewels from Mama and Peter

38. (Peter:) The curse of unrealistic expectations is very real, isn't it? I would guess probably everybody struggles with it at some time or another, or often, or every day. The feeling of, "I'm not getting enough done," or "I'm not loving the Lord enough," or "I'm not being loving enough to people; I should be out there doing more." As Dad said, it really takes away from the freedom of the spirit and it causes you not to be yourself.

39. I was talking with somebody the other day and said, "Look, you're just you. The Lord loves you. He loves that you love Him, and He loves that you serve Him, and He loves that you do things for Him and others. But the main reason He loves you is because you're His creation. He made you the way you are and He loves you just the way you are."

40. Of course we want to progress‚ we want to do better, we want to love Him more and be more attuned to Him and all of those things—and that's good. But we have to remember that He doesn't love us because we work so hard. He loves us simply because He loves us, and He made you the way you are.

41. (Peter:) When you're in a position of responsibility you have to realize that sometimes you need a break. You can't always be there all the time for every person and every situation. If you feel that you should be or that you have to, you're going to constantly be pushing and trying to answer every question, answer every e-mail, fix everything, and you'll burn out, because it's just impossible to do it. You're not expected to do it.

42. The other day someone said to me‚ "Well, I just shut off my computer and I didn't look at it all day." He was saying it as though that was really bad—like, "I was really failing because I shut my computer off and I didn't look at any of my phone messages. I didn't answer anybody's problems for a whole 24 hours." I thought, "You probably ought to do that more often!"

43. As leaders, we get to where we have so much coming at us constantly—people's problems, phone messages, etc. On one hand, e-mail has been a super blessing; on the other hand, it's a curse. Remember when we didn't have e-mail, when we wrote letters and mailed them? Someone wrote you with a problem, so by the time you heard about the problem it was already about a month old. And by the time he got some sort of answer back‚ it was another month, and you can be pretty sure the Lord took care of it in the meantime.

44. But now it's like, "Wow, we've got to do it now, we've got to do it today!" Then there's that condemnation of, "We're not answering fast enough." Or, "My God, someone had a problem today and we didn't get them the answer today." Of course we want to help the Family all we can, as quickly as we can. But can't we also trust the Lord in some of these things and not condemn ourselves for being inefficient?

45. We need to slow it down. We need to not feel that we can answer everything and do everything, because those are really unrealistic expectations. To think that you're going to have the solutions, or that you can comfort every person—it's impossible. Each person has to learn to get comfort and answers from the Lord for themselves. We actually hinder the Lord in some ways when we try to get in there and do so much, achieve so much, and hurry so much. The motivation is pure. It's not like anybody is trying to do this because they want to show everybody how they have all the answers. It's motivated by love. But it's unrealistic to think you can do that.

46. Even the Lord had to get away; He couldn't do it all the time either. So turn it off sometimes and don't worry about it. Don't turn it off and then worry about how you're failing! You can't do it all! No one can! Commit it to the Lord‚ ask Him what's most important to do, and then trust the rest to Him in prayer!

47. (Mama: ) We're not meant to do it all. Peter pointed out that it's unrealistic to think that we can answer everybody. That's one unrealistic expectation. Each of you need to find out what unrealistic expectations you have in your life. There are things that may be unrealistic, or they may not be. Maybe the Lord wants you to do one thing but leave others undone. Maybe you have unrealistic expectations in one area of your life, but the Lord does expect more of you in another area.

48. So you each need to check yourself. Pray and ask the Lord: "Where am I raising my expectations too high or thinking that You are expecting too much of me? What do I think You expect of me, and what am I actually expecting of myself and imposing on myself?" You need to ask the Lord about it. Otherwise, how are you going to know what you're supposed to attain to and what you're not?

49. So ask the Lord! Don't delay. Do it today. Find out, so you can work on getting rid of the weights that are causing you all this worry and concern and inability to trust and relax in the Lord.

50. (Peter:) When you're asking the Lord about your unrealistic expectations, you could also ask Him what He thinks about areas that you feel you're a failure in. The Lord wants us to be humble. He doesn't want us going around saying, "Wow, we're so great; we do so good. I'm doing such a great job‚" because that's not healthy in the spirit. But on the other hand, He doesn't want us to walk around feeling like complete failures.

51. Some of the things the Lord tells us to do are goals—they're something to shoot for, to aim for. He doesn't expect that we're going to hit those 100% all the time. "Ask Me Everything" is like "Pray without ceasing." How many of you, all day long, pray without ceasing? If you take that literally as "pray without ceasing‚" then we're all super failures. But I'm sure the Lord didn't put that in the Bible to make every Christian feel like a total failure in their spiritual life because they sometimes think of something other than a prayer.

52. You can't have unrealistic expectations for yourself. You have to realize that sometimes these things the Lord gives us are goals and standards, to get us to reach and grow that way. But just because we don't hit it and go beyond it doesn't mean that we're totally failing.

53. We could be walking around all the time feeling like, "I'm a total failure in my spiritual life because I don't pray without ceasing, I don't ask the Lord about every single thing." But when you compare it to where you were maybe two years ago, you're praying and hearing from the Lord and asking the Lord things a gazillion times more than you used to. That's huge progress! Like the Lord said, everyone's progressed. We want to keep going and moving forward, but sometimes we need to look back and say, "Look how far we've come," and make it relative to where we've been, not to where we still have to go.

54. The key is that you've got to ask the Lord about things. He can show you if you're truly not loving enough, or truly not spiritual enough, and then you can really work on those things. But if you would think about the areas that you believe you're failing in or have failed in or really aren't doing well in, and ask the Lord for His perspective on them, He would be able to give you a more true perspective of where you're at. It would help lift that cloud, and also give you a clearer vision of what you really should be working on, without being distracted by the Enemy's condemnation hanging over every area of your life.

55. (Mama:) Just remember the quote that sums up this lesson: "The Lord doesn't look at how far you have to go; He looks at how far you've come." So why are you looking at it any differently than the Lord looks at it? Why do we do that when we know that the Lord loves us unconditionally? We should pray to get our thinking in line with the way the Lord looks at things‚ and we'll feel a lot less guilty, a lot less remorseful, and a lot less like failures if we believe what the Lord tells us.

56. That's the crux of the matter—believing what the Lord said. Faith comes from the Word‚ reading the Word, believing it—fighting to believe it. When the Enemy is coming in with his lies, you've got to really fight to believe the Lord; it doesn't just come naturally. Sometimes it's a real fight, but if you choose to believe it, then your thinking becomes the Lord's thinking, and then you don't have these problems anymore. It's a fight sometimes‚ but it is possible.

57. (Peter:) It's like what Dad said about fear in the Letter "Attack!" (ML #171). He said you've got to face your fears and see which ones are real and which ones are just of the Enemy, and then you can deal with the real fears. It's the same thing with our failures. Stop and think about it. What are the things that really discourage you long-term about yourself or the things that you haven't done? Ask the Lord about those things, because they might simply be unrealistic expectations. If you're not reaching those self-imposed goals, it makes you feel as though you failed; but maybe the Lord isn't asking you to do all those things.

58. Take it a step further. If the Lord isn't asking you to do all these things, and you're trying to do them, then maybe He's not even going to give you the grace to do them because He doesn't really want you to do them. He knows it's too much for you to do. So you need to get ahold of the Lord about your feelings of failure and the things that discourage you, and ask Him, "In what areas of my life am I expecting too much of myself?" Or, "In what areas am I allowing other people to expect too much of me?"

59. If you can sort that out, then you can have the freedom just to be yourself, and you can let the Lord work through you to the limit that He wants to work through you. If you're not trying to do all these things that He's not really asking you to do, but that you're asking yourself to do or you're letting other people ask you to do‚ then you'll just be working on achieving the realistic expectations that the Lord has. His bar of those expectations might be quite a bit lower. There might not be so many things that He asks of you, because He understands your weaknesses and He makes room for them.

60. (Peter:) We don't look at you as failures. I mean, you might have to receive some correction from time to time, and you might need "tweaking" in a few things, but we admire you so much because we understand that it's really difficult to be a CO, or a VS, or to be on a Home teamwork. It's really difficult just to be in the Family, because you're not only living your life and struggling with the regular obstacles of life, but you've got the Enemy fighting you all the time. There are things to overcome and lessons to learn, and it's not easy. It's a huge undertaking, a huge job that you do, and we're so thankful.

61. (Mama: ) Here's what you're supposed to do: Just do the best you can each day. Commit to the Lord what you can't get done‚ and if you're doing your best, going to the Word and seeking the Lord for His counsel and guidance and then obeying what you read or hear‚ you're doing all you can. As Jesus said of the woman of old, "She hath done what she could" (Mk.14:8). Do what you can, and that's all you can do. Pretty simple, isn't it?

62. (Peter:) Please accept the commendation and love from the Lord. Read it over again and take those words as truth‚ because that's how He feels about you. Maybe you don't feel that way about yourself, and you still have some of that failure hangover, but He doesn't look at it that way and neither do we. We admire you and we need you, and the Lord really needs you too.

What Does It Mean to Be "Overextended"?

63. (Mama:) We asked the Lord, "Is operating in the arm of the flesh and overextending yourself the same thing? If not, what's the difference?"

64. (Jesus speaking: ) Operating in the arm of the flesh is a symptom of self-righteousness. You think that you can do it without Me, or mostly on your own with very little help from Me. Not very many people think that consciously, but it's the natural state of man to be independent and to drift away from the ways of My Spirit. It's a supernatural thing when you can overcome that and learn to operate more in the spirit. So it's a constant fight for My children, to continually remind themselves that I'm the One Who has to do the work. And when you are in that frame of mind and are desperate with Me, you won't overextend yourself.

65. In that way you could say that overextending yourself is part of operating in the arm of the flesh. Not everyone who operates in the arm of the flesh overextends themselves—some are very good at pacing themselves and delegating to others, but they're still working in the flesh rather than the spirit. But overextending yourself is always a sign of operating in the flesh, because you're not depending on Me enough. You're thinking that you have to do it all, or do more than I expect of you. You're not in tune with Me; you're not casting the load on Me. I want to help My children realize more clearly how dangerous it is when they overextend themselves. It's a direct symptom of self-righteousness and operating in the arm of the flesh.

66. Even when you're doing it with good motives—just trying to help someone, or fill the needs you see in front of you—if you're overextending yourself to the point that it cuts into your time with Me or your rest time, the "down time" that I made you to need, then yes, it is a symptom of self–righteousness and operating in the arm of the flesh. It's usually not that you consciously think that you're being so good and can do without Me, but it's the inborn nature of man to try to do things on his own.

67. It takes a supernatural miracle, and desperation‚ to know that you can't do it yourself, that you really need Me in everything. And when you are remembering this and putting Me first, you won't overextend yourself. You will be seeking Me, and you will be stopping for breaks and time to refill with Me. And with the very rare exception that you miss your regular quiet time that day, you will have come to Me about it, and I will have given you special permission, because I know that it's a very important part of your day and that you'll make up for it. That's the difference.

68. When you push to get so much done—even when you're pushing with good motives and intentions, and sincerely laying down your life for your brethren and trying to help My work get done—it's still operating in the arm of the flesh, because you think that you can somehow do it by pushing yourself, instead of obeying My laws of the spirit and taking your time with Me‚ and getting the rest that I know you need.

69. Does that make sense? Can you understand what I'm saying? I'm not condemning you for this—I know that by and large it's your noble motives that make you push yourself to the point of being overextended. It's the old principle of the harvest being always plenteous and the laborers being few. But you still need Me, the Lord of the harvest, to do the miracles that you can't do, and even to coordinate the labor that you can do. You still need your food and water of the spirit to be able to keep going. And when you try to do without it, when you overextend yourself, it's a symptom of going in the flesh rather than in the spirit. (End of message from Jesus)

Are You Overextended?

70. (Question:) How can you recognize when you've overextended yourself and are operating in the arm of the flesh?

(Jesus speaking:)

71. • Do you feel stressed, strained, or worried?

72. • Do the problems or troubles of those in your area [or your Home] burden your heart and keep you up at night thinking about them?

73. • Do you find yourself constantly tired and lacking inspiration?

74. • Do you feel that taking quiet time to relax and catch up on needed rest is time wasted, or at least time that could be better spent in something else or in your work?

75. • Do you worry about whether people will understand or be critical of you when you take time off, put your "do not disturb" sign out‚ or take time with Me?

76. • Do you put Me first every morning, or do you jump right into the day, feeling that you have so much to do and accomplish that you can't take sufficient time for Word and prayer‚ or feeling that if you spend time in the Word, it's going to cut into your work time and you won't be able to get as much done that day?

77. • Do you spend time loving Me intimately each day, or do you allow it to be crowded out of your thoughts by a multitude of business and other things?

78. • Do you praise Me consistently throughout the day, or are you overly burdened and worried? Is your first reaction a praise, or do you feel burdened instead, as if each new straw could be the one that broke the camel's back?

79. • Do you feel like your work and life are overwhelming, and that you have no time to yourself, or no time to get ahold of your life?

80. • Is your marriage/relationship suffering because you're too busy to take time with your mate, loved ones or children?

81. • When someone asks you for counsel or a question, do you take it upon yourself to solve their problem in person, or do you take it to Me in prayer and have faith that I can speak to them, or that I can give you something that you can pass on to them from Me?

82. • Is your daily Word time an irrevocable time of communion with Me? Or does it sometimes get shortened or missed altogether?

83. • Do you regularly let united devotions or time spent sharing the Word with someone else take the place of quality personal feeding from Me?

84. • If something unexpected comes up during the day, do you write off your time with Me, your get–out, your quiet time or other personal time, figuring that the unexpected event "took its place," and therefore you'll have to skip one of those things?

85. • Is it difficult for you to take daily time with Me? When you do, does your mind continue to race and be filled with thoughts of the day and all that there is to do?

86. • Do you find yourself making excuses about why you're not able to get everything done, or apologizing to others for not getting to this or that, assuring them that you will just as soon as possible? Then do you try to do double-duty in areas that you've fallen down in‚ even though that means cutting out our time together, or missing out on something else vital to your happiness and health?

87. • Do you skimp on your body's personal needs—get-out, fresh air, relaxation, sufficient sleep, dietary needs, enjoyment and entertainment, because you feel you have too much work to do, so you can't take time for those things?

88. • Do you often feel like you have to do everything yourself, and that you can't delegate because you can't trust others to do the job; or feel that if others do the job, it won't be done right‚ so you prefer to do it all yourself?

89. If these points sound like you, then you are overextended, dear one. They are symptoms. They can sometimes be symptoms of something else—for example, unyieldedness, or pride‚ or lack of time in the bed of love with Me. But they are often symptoms of overextending yourself, which is in essence operating in the arm of the flesh. Check yourself, and ask Me, are you giving too much, pushing too hard? If so, you need to reassess your life and service for Me. It's not My will that you crack up and fall apart under the strain. I want to make things easy for you, to lighten your load and help carry your burdens. Of course‚ the load will always be there, your labor for Me, and it will seem heavy to some extent, as there is so much to do and you carry so much responsibility‚ but I will make it light. I will make it easy and able to be borne.

90. So much stress is wrong‚ and even though you have good intentions, they won't safeguard you or keep you from burnout and eventual destruction of your spiritual and physical strength and stamina. So please realize that for the most part, almost without exception, if you're under constant stress‚ you're taking on too much and not letting enough of Me in. Just accept that by faith, and then let Me help you and begin to change your life.

91. Each of you should pray to see what your personal danger signs are. This is an area that you need to be aware of and diligently fight against, for working in the arm of the flesh by overextending yourself can totally destroy your usefulness to Me. I have given you so much in the way of instruction and knowledge in how to use the ways of the spirit, how to operate in the spirit, how to use the gifts of the spirit and the new weapons to accomplish My purpose there on Earth. So when you neglect these things in favor of pushing in your own strength, your fruitfulness is much less, in some cases almost none, compared to what I could do or would like to do with that situation. I can only fully use those who are humble and yielded to My Spirit. I can only fully use those who realize that they have no strength of their own, and that if they try to do things in the arm of the flesh they will fail. I can only fully use those who lean and depend completely on Me. (End of message from Jesus)

92. (Mama:) If those questions described you, please take the time to ask the Lord what needs to be adjusted in your life. For each of you, because your personal situations vary, the Lord's counsel will probably be different. But He loves you and needs you, and doesn't want you to burn out, so I guarantee that He'll have some workable solutions for you!

93. Please take the time to ask Him for them. This counsel won't do you any good unless you follow through on it, and the first step to following through is to ask the Lord what needs to change. Then counsel with your mate, your Home, or your co-workers so that together you can make the necessary adjustments or changes. If you think it's not possible, that there's nothing that can possibly give in your schedule or that can be left undone on your to-do list, please ask the Lord! He'll show you. He does have a solution!

The Job Is Too Big for You!

94. The Lord explains clearly in this next prophecy that the minute we think we have to accomplish everything that our job entails, we're overextending ourselves--because the job is and will always be too big for us! The mistake is in thinking that we have to do it. Of course‚ there are things we have to do, but the way to know what we have to do and what we should take to the Lord in prayer and leave at that‚ is to ask Him.

95. (Jesus speaking:) This has been the struggle from the very beginning: flesh versus spirit. This was the choice that Cain and Abel faced‚ the cause of the controversy between them, and this same struggle between flesh and spirit continues to this very day.

96. The reason the Enemy fights so hard is because he knows that this is a way that he can easily get in. It's already man's natural tendency to be strong and to lean on his own strength and logic, and seeing that you are in bodies of flesh, it's hard for many to differentiate between strength of flesh and strength of spirit.

97. I have blessed many of you with a strong mind and intellect, and when you're yielded to My Spirit, then I can use your natural strengths to help accomplish My will. I've given many of you gifts in the natural—organizational talents and abilities, as well as drive and initiative—and when coupled with My Spirit, you can be powerful and useful tools in My hand.

98. But you must let My Spirit have full sway. Pray without ceasing, always looking to Me and letting Me lead and guide you in everything you say and do. If not, if you go ahead and do things in your own strength and wisdom, then I can't fully bless you. You will have complications, difficulties, things will take much longer than you expected, and you'll find yourself becoming discouraged, tired, and lacking in My Spirit and strength.

99. I can't bless you and help you as much as I would like if you're running around and doing things in the arm of the flesh, outside of My protection and blessing. You have to spend time with Me. You have to be in constant communication with Me and let My Spirit empower and anoint you. Your job is too big and the responsibility is too great to even think that you can do things on your own, and if and when you try, you are automatically overextended. It all comes down to the wrong mindset of thinking you have to do it. You don't have to do it; I have to do it! But because there's so much work to be done‚ it's hard for some to realize when they're starting to cross over and do things in the arm of the flesh by overextending themselves, rather than relying on Me and My timetable, My direction, and My Spirit.

100. How many times have I shown you and told you that by spending time with Me‚ I will help your work to progress even more quickly‚ and give you the solutions and answers? When you're taking your time with Me faithfully, I'm able to help you keep things in perspective, and you're not as easily pressured and tempted to overextend yourself. I'm also able to bring the solutions through prayer, much quicker than you could ever bring them about, if you could bring them about at all. I will do the work for you if you'll let Me. So if you really want to accomplish a lot and make a lot of progress and avoid the pit of overextending yourself, the secret is to take the necessary time with Me. The dynamics of the spirit are such that you can accomplish much‚ much more if you spend time with Me.

101. Delegating is another secret to success. It's manifesting faith in My plan and in others, and it keeps your self-righteousness in check so you won't be as tempted to try to do it all yourself, and thus overextend yourself. You can't do it all. You must learn to trust that I am in control and that it's My work and I will do it. The answer here is simple: You need to come to Me in prayer and ask Me. Ask Me if you should be doing this, or if you should delegate it to others, and I'll show you what to do. If I tell you to delegate it to others, then you can give them some advice and instruction‚ but then pray and commit it to Me and trust that they'll take care of it. They may not do it exactly the way you would do it, as each person has a different style; but if they're prayerful, then I will anoint them to do it and it will be taken care of.

102. I am the very source of strength and inspiration, and when you partake of My Spirit, then you are partakers of My unlimited supply.

103. I have need of you, My loves, so give yourselves totally to Me so that I can anoint you and use you as My vessels. (End of message from Jesus.)

104. (Jesus speaking:) At times it's hard for My brides to trust Me for all that there is to do. In their great love for Me, they often try too hard in their own strength to do the work of the spirit. For the most part their motives are pure, as they sincerely desire to be a blessing and to tend diligently to the affairs of the Kingdom. They want to do a good job for Me. They want to take care of the sheep and the many details that come across their plate.

105. The one thing that they must realize is that except the Lord build the city, they that build it do so in vain. It's better to do a little with My Spirit than much in the arm of the flesh; it's quality and not quantity. These precious ones must realize that their time with Me in the Word and the bed of love is as important as their physical rest and eating to strengthen their bodies. Just as you need to have the right amount of food and rest in the physical, so do you in the spiritual.

106. There's always more to do than can possibly be done in any given day, but I ask you again, is it better to do a few things well, or many things in a half-baked fashion? The answer is obvious.

107. At times My brides might have to skimp some on their Word time or prayer time in unusual circumstances, but this should be the exception rather than the rule. If they feel that they don't have the time to be with Me, if they feel that tending to the affairs of the Kingdom is more important than spending their time with Me, then this is a sure sign that they're starting to overextend themselves‚ losing a sense of their priorities, and are beginning to operate in the flesh.

108. When they lose the joys of living for Me and being able to enjoy the simple things of life—a walk, a talk, a moment of fellowship with one of their precious mates—this too can be a sign of overdoing. If they start to feel that their jobs and responsibilities are more of a chore and a burden than a joy, then this too can be a sign that they're taking too much upon themselves and not truly casting their burdens and cares on Me.

109. People should enjoy their jobs. They should like the place of service that I've chosen for them. I know at times the things that I ask My precious brides to do are not always their first choice, but as they yield to Me and truly trust in Me and give their lives and hearts to Me, I give them the grace and the joy that comes from giving all to Me. They are then able to have peace and satisfaction in what I've asked them to do.

110. In order to do their best for Me, they must take the time that they need with Me. So much depends on these precious ones, and I need them to be in tune with Me and abiding in My Spirit. Shepherds need to be the well-oiled gears of the intricate machinery of My Family of the Endtime. They need to be as the jewels upon which the movements of the clock hinge. They need to be in place and well-oiled and honed in the proper fashion to fit their place of service, so that the other parts of the mechanism can move freely and with a minimum of friction.

111. You ask why My brides tend to work so hard in their own strength? In their sincere desire to be faithful stewards of what I have entrusted into their care, they start to think that they have to do it, that they're the ones who are responsible for all these affairs of the Kingdom. Well, in some ways they're right—they are responsible—but how they handle that responsibility is the key to success or failure.

112. Do they let that responsibility drive them to Me in a greater degree of desperation than ever before? Does it cause them to seek Me more diligently than in the past? Does it help them to be convinced of their total inability to do anything in the proper fashion without My Spirit? Are they convinced anew of their need for Me and My help in every way, or do they think that their anointing will carry them through?

113. While I do give an anointing with many gifts and talents to My precious brides‚ this anointing is a living thing that must be fed and nourished by My Spirit Look at it like this: The anointing is your basic package or program that you're given to fulfill any given task, but these basics need to be enhanced and updated as time goes on to accommodate the changing needs of any calling or ministry. You need to log on and download the latest version with all its enhancements so that your anointing won't just do the basic job, but will do it in an outstanding fashion, and will be able to adapt to the changing demands of any job or challenge.

114. At times, My brides try to ride along for too long on their basic anointing without getting the latest upgrades. The problem is that as time goes on, the demands of the calling and ministry can change, and without the latest upgrades, My brides won't be able to function properly and in the most efficient fashion.

115. With so much to do‚ it can be easy to lose sight of the proper way to go about things. It can be easy to feel that others are expecting a certain level of performance from them. They need to forget any preconceived ideas of what or who they are and what they need to be for Me. They need to realize that they're nothing without My Spirit, and to strive first and foremost to be what I want them to be—not what they feel they need to be for the sample's sake or for the standard's sake. They want to be good samples of loving shepherds who are diligent with all that they do, but they must not set an artificial standard of what they consider to be right or appropriate. They need to seek Me in humility and desperation so that they will be what I want them to be—a sample of My love and power.

116. At times My precious brides take too much upon themselves out of pride‚ as they want to prove to others that they can do it, that they have their act together. Well, I don't have a problem with anyone having their act together‚ but it's important that it's My act and not their own. Other times they need to have more faith to trust that I can anoint others to do the jobs that need to be done. The goal is not to load down a few people with more than they can possibly do, but rather to spread out the responsibilities on more shoulders in order to raise up others who can diligently care for the affairs of the Kingdom.

117. I know that it seems that there are never enough people to give more responsibility to, but sometimes it's a matter of having the faith and trust to give a job to someone else and to take the time and have the patience to train them. It takes faith to trust that others are going to get desperate and seek Me. It takes effort and time to pray for others that they will learn whatever lessons I have for them. It takes patience and faith to take the time to instruct and teach those in your care. (End of message from Jesus.)

Gems and Jewels‚ Part 1

(ML #3416:40-60, 153-157, GN 1003)

The Time Robber of the End!

40. (Jesus speaking:) Come, let Me tell you of the struggle I had when I had to stand up for the right in My time. In those dry‚ dusty days, when we traveled slowly and far by foot, things took time—just to tend to even basic matters.

41. Just washing up was no simple matter, as first the water had to be gathered, brought from quite a distance, and carried in sufficient quantity for us all to use. There were chores that modern living spares you all from, which took those in My time great effort and time. Tending to the animals, growing some of our own food, walking great distances to deliver goods made in the carpenter's shop; all these things slowed us down a great deal from the way man is heading in these days of the End.

42. Yet your Father David still had a touch of that which was slow and that which was simple. Let it not be lost amidst the flurry to try to please Me. In your desire to be fruitful, those moments spent slowly contemplating life‚ noticing My special touches of love in the sky for you, recognizing the blossoming flower I had prepared for your passing enjoyment, can be missed in your running to serve.

43. I understand the fervent desire you have to please. I understand the longing to be of service and to be used of Me. I too had such a wish to be what My Father was expecting of Me. Yet I learned over many years that in slowly going about that which was set before Me, lifting up those I was surrounded by, and reaching out with touches of love and encouragement, I was close to the Kingdom in these seemingly unimportant things.

44. Imagine My frustration when faced with the religious leaders, when I was idealistic, young, energetic‚ and in My twenties, and My Heavenly Father led Me to simply observe, take it in and watch, waiting for His perfect time. Little did I suspect that it would yet be several years before I should stand with honesty, truth, and conviction to finally right the massive, countless wrongs I'd witnessed over those previous 30 years! But, oh, how wise it was to wait!

45. When I moved in My Father's perfect timing, armed with a heart filled with all I'd seen and all I'd talked over in prayer throughout those years, then I had the anointing that has been matched by no other.

46. One of the Devil's main tactics in these days of the End is to send the world hell–bent to destruction. Thus it takes guts, uncompromising faith, and real conviction to stand strong against the pull of this current of the world. It whirls about you, but as those who are "in the world but not of it," I urge you to come out from them and be ye separate.

47. Look back to the original days when your Father David was starting this wonderful Family. Examine how much time he set aside for quiet time, time alone for contemplation and relaxation. With many cares of this world‚ and many to attend to, priorities get so easily swamped. You can hardly resist the urge to fill each moment with action.

48. Fear not, My loves, for I see your desire to be of service. I understand your wish to be of help. But if you're to be different from those around you, make time to be alone—quiet in My creation, contemplating‚ and receiving from Me. It is in this quietness of spirit that you will be refilled and refreshed.

49. I've called you to busy places where the lost are thronging around you. I've called you to places rich in fruit and where the harvest is ripe wherever you turn. Yet take a lesson from the farmer. He steps back when the day is done to reflect‚ to be quiet, without the sounds and sights of the Enemy, so that I can give him new strength and direction for the next day. So it should be with you, My dear ones. I long to re-strengthen you. I long for you to be rested and refreshed in the arms of My love.

50. Stand back and ask Me to help you sort between that which you must do and that which can wait. That which is committed to Me in prayer, will it not be tended to far better than if you'd taken it upon yourselves to do? Seek Me for the balance. Come to Me constantly with your burdens. I am meek and lowly in heart; therefore learn of Me, and you will find rest unto your souls.

51. A rested soul is a soul which is able to pour out and to give from the abundance of its fullness. Take time to rest, to drink in of Me. Use those moments in the evening to be quiet, to step outside‚ to listen to My wind and My whispers. In these moments alone, you will find the strength to live as My bride, as one wife, in unity.

52. The Enemy uses tiredness to cause a lack of spiritual strength and a lack of vision. Those who start to feel that it's too much and that the battle looms too hard, often simply need a time alone of refreshment, a few days without the normal pressures, to come into My arms and be loved to the full.

53. Fear not to take that time of quiet. In fact, fear if you don't take it. The Enemy of your soul would crowd out every moment I would prepare and set aside for you. See‚ therefore, that you seek Me for how each moment is filled. No situation is so busy that there is no way to take time with Me.

54. Call unto Me! Cry out to Me! I will not fail to show you ways to pull back, to arrange things, so that we can have time to rest together. If you can have the conviction and faith to pull out and make that time, you will find treasures of youth, of strength, and of vision that you hardly imagined you could have before!

55. Rest, My loves, and enjoy that which I have freely given you … time! For of all things the Enemy would love to try to steal, it is your time! His purpose in using the Internet, television‚ entertainment, video games and movies is to fill the world with action and eat up time, deceiving man to think he's using it well. As the days grow worse and worse, so does the Enemy use these avenues more effectively—to distract, to hypnotize, and to cause life to be a passive thing.

56. I give each soul years, days, and hours to be spent in caring for others, being of assistance, showing love. Yet the Enemy seeks to sap each potential moment of renewal by eating up the moments with garbage, pollutants‚ and waste.

57. Thus is your struggle in these days of the End—in many ways, far more difficult than in My day. Thus will it be said of you that "greater things shall ye do," because it will take greater conviction to stand against the pull of the Enemy on your time. It will take greater guts to resist the urge to do that which seems to be interesting to the neglect of that which is best—a quiet moment of renewal with Me.

58. The time robber is lurking about, seeking whom he may destroy. Be not his next meal, My loved ones!

59. Listen to Me, My children, and be not afraid of making times of rest. Fight against that which would clutter your lives with obligations to the point of exhaustion. I often walked in the hills above the town to drink in of My Father's creation, of His love for Me, and to pour out My soul to Him.

60. Find your hills! Seek for those moments! Call out to Me to show you that which has to be done and that which can be committed to Me. For if you can become conquerors in this matter of using your time, if you can resist the Enemy's entrapments and ambushes to fill what could be precious moments of renewal, then you will be more than conquerors! You will be some of the few able to rise above the most effective wiles of the Devil in these Last Days. (End of message from Jesus.)

FJWL 1:381

I know, dear one, the overwhelming feeling that encompasses you on every side. I‚ too, felt the same burdens and the same pressures. I felt the strain of it all, and I could not always see how the answers were going to come. Therefore be as a wise man that learns from the example of others. Look to the example of My servant Martin Luther, who when he had a task too big, too hard, pulled back and took double time in prayer and sweet communion with Me.

You ask how you will ever accomplish your long to-do list? Do as Luther. When he entered into his closet to pray, he entered empty. He emptied all of his pockets. He opened his heart and cast all of his burdens on My altar and left them there. This is the secret of quiet rest—casting all your care upon Me, knowing that I care for you‚ knowing that I have always taken care of every problem, every detail, and I always will! (ML #3073).

FJWL 1:447

Pressure is something that builds up slowly and becomes greater with time. It can become so great that it can cause an explosion. But it starts out slowly, and if you let Me bear the weight and carry the burdens in the beginning, it can stay small and manageable. For although you have to carry many responsibilities, if you give these cares and responsibilities to Me, I will carry them for you and I will help you to shoulder them.

Pressure is from the Enemy, and it is he that causes the press on your spirit and the feeling of discouragement. He tries to make you worry and look at the load and the work. Even though the work and the load are there, I have called you, chosen you, ordained you and anointed you to be able to carry it, and I will not give you more than you can bear. So even though the load is great and the deadlines are before you and there is much to do, you have to resist the Enemy's temptation to feel under too much pressure.

Resist his spirit of pressure by continually casting your cares upon Me. Release the pressure by looking up to Me. For when the load is great, I give a greater anointing. When the to-do list grows longer and longer, I give more grace. When the deadlines grow closer‚ I give a greater anointing. All this will I give unto you, and more, if you will continue to look to Me and cast your burdens on Me. Cast on Me every care, every worry‚ every question‚ every thought, every concern, every load.

FJWL 1:449

Take time with Me, even if it is just for a few minutes‚ to release the pressure. Take a few minutes here and a few minutes there and release the pressure by singing a song, reading a verse, praising Me, quoting a quote, saying sweet love words to Me. Those few moments when you are looking up to Me and entering the temple of My Spirit will release the pressure and take the weight from your shoulders and put it back on My shoulders where it belongs.

I have never failed you and I won't fail you now‚ no matter how much you have to do, no matter how much you have to take care of, and no matter how much you are responsible for. You are My responsibility and I will not fail you. I am responsible to take care of you so that you can do what I want you to do. I promise that as you look to Me for the help that you need, I will take away the pressure so that you can relax in My Spirit.

As you lean on Me and look to Me, you will feel My Spirit strengthening you. You will feel My arm helping you and upholding you. So just rest upon Me and lean upon Me and let Me uphold you. The burdens will never be too great if they are Mine. The to-do list will never be too long and the pressure will never overcome you as long as you resist it and call on Me for help.

I am more than ready to help you‚ and I will help you. I will supply the grace and the strength and the anointing for each job. I will take away the feeling of pressure upon your spirit and the discouragement that it causes. I will take away the restlessness and worries and concerns.

My seeds have great power—power to restore your spirit and bring peace and relaxation. It's all in My seeds—the seed of My Word, the seed of My voice‚ and the seed of our lovemaking. The more you have My seeds inside of you, the less room there will be for pressure. So continue to open your mouth wide, and your spirit and your heart and your eyes and your ears, and My seeds will continue to flow in and build a force field of protection around you from the Enemy's spirit of pressure.

FJWL 1:451

There is a time and a purpose under Heaven for all things: a time to work, a time to rest. A time to seek‚ a time to find. A time to pray, a time to play. For all is not work and all is not rest. All is not prayer and all is not play. I would that My children would rest when it is time to rest and recoup.

But it is so easy for them to say, "Nay, it is not possible, for the weight is too much. There is too much to do, too much work that has accumulated." But I say that if you will rest—rest in the flesh and rest in the spirit—I will give you the freshness that you need to do that which you must do. For one cannot work and work and work and never end. You must stop and rest.

When I show you to rest, then rest. Don't worry about that which is ahead or that which is not being accomplished, for in your rest I can show you that which you must do to accomplish that which must be done. I can speak to you and you will hear Me clearly, for you will not have your mind cluttered with all that there is to do, and the worries and cares and affairs of this life.

When you take time away from your work and you rest in the flesh and rest in the spirit, you will receive clarity of mind and heart and spirit. You will receive clarity in your thinking, renewal of your spirit, renewal of your flesh‚ renewal of your outlook. You will look upon your work in a new light and see that the things that you considered so heavy are no longer heavy, for you have renewed strength.

It is not enough to rest only in spirit—you must also rest your flesh. Your flesh houses your spirit, and when the flesh is weary and weak and under constant strain and stress, your spirit cannot do all that it should. For together they are one, and both must rest. The flesh must rest in sleep and in recreation. And the spirit must rest in prayer and with the infilling of My Word. In these two together you shall have all the rest that you need‚ that you may be strengthened and refreshed in Me (ML #3085).

FJWL 2:387

My precious love, I know the temptation: You feel that you cannot stop, that you must not stop, for there's too much to do! I know and I see the burdens and the pains and the press of the people that weigh heavily on your heart. I know and I understand the feeling of impossibilities that engulf you. I see and I understand the ponderings of your mind and heart as you wonder how on Earth you can ever accomplish enough to meet the need at hand.

I see and I know and I understand, for I too was faced with the same when I walked on the Earth. I felt the burden and the press of the people. I felt overwhelmed by the size of a job that seemed impossible. I know and I understand. I, too, felt pressed and burdened and like I had to fight on. And I was right‚ I did have to fight on. But I learned that it had to be the forces of Heaven fighting through Me. I learned that I couldn't do it, and that My Father didn't expect Me to do it in My Own strength, but to simply yield My all to Him, and He would win the battle.

I know and I see and I understand the temptation to take things into your own hands, for I, too, was tempted to do the same. I often felt that I didn't even have time to sleep when I was faced with the burdens and the press of the people. The need was so great and the burdens were so heavy. My disciples were all in training‚ and often I was tempted to feel all alone, like one man fighting the world. I often wanted to dig right in and go, go, go—nonstop. But I had to learn the blessing of pulling back. It didn't take too long for Me to realize that I couldn't do it. I had to step back into that quiet communion with Heaven in order to get the job done.

And it's the same for you. This is the secret, and herein lies the victory, for you cannot meet the need. On Earth, it cannot be done. This is precisely the reason why I give you this key. For this reason I open to you the treasure vaults of Heaven, for in Heaven it can be done. In Heaven lie all the solutions. And through Heaven‚ if you will but stop and take time with Me, I will beam down the power. I will beam down the answers, the strength and the miracles that are needed to lift the heavy loads and lighten the burdens.

FJWL 2:395

Be not swayed by carnal reasoning, for are not My ways the opposite of man's? When you see the need and feel like you just have to keep on pushing forward, that you can't stop, this is the time to check yourself. Although My work does require determination, umph and forging ahead, this must not be of your own self, but it must be Me that works in you.

I have made you and intended for you to be as a lamp—a beautiful and ornate oil lamp filled with the sweet scented oil of My Spirit. Therefore you must tend well to your lamp‚ and allow Me to fill and refill the oil, that your wick may burn freely, effortlessly and smoke-free, that My spiced oil may fragrance the air so that all the house may breathe deeply of its sweet-smelling savor.

Only in this rest and refilling can the oil stay replenished and fresh and pure, unadulterated from the impurities without. I do not wish for you to allow your lamp to be full of inferior oil‚ mixed with the impurities of strain, worry, and heavy burdens. For if you allow impure oil to burn in your lamp, foul odors and black smoke will fill the air.

Therefore come and rest and refill with My pure oil, scented and fragranced from the rarest and purest flowers and spices. You must have rest to do your best, and your very best is but to rest. Rest wholly in Me. Prove Me. I want you to prove Me. I need you to prove Me, that My power may rest upon you. Prove Me by taking leave, by pulling back and entering into My bedchamber. Prove Me by trusting in Me‚ that as you stop and take this time with Me, I will take care of all the problems.

You have done well to embrace My loving, and in this I am well pleased. How I long to continue making sweet love to you in the bed of passion and fire and fervor as we love and love and love!—That in the white-hot fire and passion of our lovemaking, you may be strengthened and empowered to carry on.

Resting in the Lord—MOP 2

Come unto Me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest (Mat.11:28).

1. The secret of that calm and peace and rest and patience and love is resting in the Lord.

2. Rest-up, think-up, pray-up and tank–up.

3. You need rest and you need nourishment and you need refreshing and you need inspiration.

4. You cannot feed others from an empty shell, an empty cupboard, an empty and over-burdened heart, a strained body that has not even enough for itself.

5. Fill up your heart and you won't have any trouble knowing what to say or what to do.

6. People are a lot like batteries; They need rest‚ they need recharging‚ and they can't stand too much draining. You've got to take care of them.

7. The Lord said, "My yoke is easy and My burden is light"—but there's one condition to it—"come unto Me!"

8. If your day was loud and weary

And you feel you cannot be heard

Wait for the night my deary

When He hears the tiniest bird!

9. All work and no play make a very dull student, and an even worse witness.

10. You must have rest to do your best!

11. Faith and trust in God gives you a feeling of rest of body, peace of mind, contentment of heart and spiritual well being.

12. To "die daily" does not mean to kill yourself off with overwork and worries!

13. If the job seems to be too hard for you, take it to Jesus

14. If the yoke gets too hard and the burden too heavy‚ it's not His yoke nor His burden, but our own or someone else's!

15. People who take time to be alone usually have depth, originality, and quiet confidence.

16. You need to know when to fight and when to be still, when to give and when to save‚ when to work and when to play, when to feed and when to pray!

17. Don't work so hard that you die of improvements!

18. You shall find rest to your soul. (Matt.11:29) Not many people understand that the soul is a body with a spirit. If you don't rest in the Spirit you are going to wear out your body.

19. The bottle has to hold still so you can pour into it. It has to hold still and be real quiet to get filled up.

20. The one that has not learned the secret of renewing his mind will soon faint in his mind.

21. No one can continue to keep pouring out to others without spending some time alone with the Lord getting filled up again.

22. You cannot do the Master's work without the Master's power.—And to get it, you must spend time with the Master.

23. We all need more quiet time alone with the Lord in rest and refilling.

24. Take time to be holy—wholly His and whole in mind, body and spirit.

25. Lord, help us to remember we can't go on without the Heavenly vision You give.

26. You wouldn't worry and fret so and be so upset if you'd spend more time with the Lord.

27. No work is too important to stop for a few minutes of inspiration and refreshing from on high, spiritual renewal and physical rest—a little love feast with the Lord.

28. If you've missed a trip into the temple of His Spirit today, you've really missed something.

29. He can solve all your problems in one little glimpse! He can refresh your whole spirit with one deep breath. He can clarify all your thoughts with just one sweet strain of Heavenly music!

30. He can wipe away all your fears and tears with just one little restful moment in the perfect peace he gives when your mind is stayed on Him and Him alone because you trust Him.

31. If you're trusting you're not heard to fret.

If you're fretting you're not trusting yet.

32. He says, "I'll never leave thee nor forsake thee." (He.13:5) It's not God that's not always there‚ it's we who are not always there. We sometimes run off some place else and leave Him way behind.

33. Jesus said but one thing is needful, and that is to sit at His feet and learn of Him, and pass His Words on to the World. Those who have chosen this good part, it shall never be taken away from them. Too many of us have been encumbered with too much serving and not enough listening. We've had too many Martha's and not enough Mary's.

34. We are to wait upon the Lord. He that waits upon the Lord shall renew his strength instead of wearing out.

35. You must save your best for your King, give first place to Him, His fellowship and His love. You need to learn to rest in His arms and not to work so hard.

36. Strength cometh from the Lord Who made Heaven and Earth and your body, and He knows what you need most of all!---Rest and peace and fellowship with Him and feeding on His Word.

37. The first place must belong to Him in peace and quietness and rest and feeding and fellowship with the Lord.

38. So many take their burdens to the Lord and lay them on the altar, and then pick them right back up again and walk off with them!

39. Help us to let You take good care of us, Lord, and to give You all the cooperation we can by getting proper rest, proper exercise, and proper diet so that we may be physically whole, well‚ strong and able to serve Thee. Help us most of all to get the rest, exercise and diet of Thy Word and Thy Spirit so that we may be spiritually whole, strong and happy in Thy service.

40. Angry impatience is a sign of lack of perfect faith and rest in the Lord, something which God judged Moses very severely for, and what might seem to us a very small sin but what to God was a very bad example for the whole congregation of wrathful impatience and lack of restful faith.

41. You have to pitch in and go ahead by naked faith and your little tiny Gideon's band and win the battle just by the faith of God and the meekness of your faith and the quietness of your obedience. Don't worry, don't get all excited and all uptight. Just be calm and meek and humble and quiet and believing and obedient and everything will turn out all right.

42. When you have so much talent and ability in the natural it's hard for you to just let go and let God.

43. We rest in You‚ Lord, we sleep in Thee, in the hollow of Thine arms, within Thy hands, under Thy wings, in Thy secret place. We abide under the shadow of the Almighty. It's like thy special force field around us‚ Lord‚ like an aura, a special kind of glory that protects us.

44. EXO.33:14 My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest.

45. 1KI.8:56a Blessed be the Lord, that hath given rest unto His people.

46. PSA.4:4 Stand in awe‚ and sin not: commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still. Selah.

47. PSA.37:7 Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him: fret not thyself because of him who prospereth is his way, because of the man who bringeth wicked devices to pass.

48. PSA.55:18 He hath delivered my soul in peace from the battle that was against me: for there were many with me.

49. PSA.55:22 Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and He shall sustain thee: He shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.

50. ECC.4:6 Better is an handful with quietness‚ than both the hands full with travail and vexation of spirit.

51. ISA.30:15 For thus saith the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel; In returning and rest shall ye be saved; in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.

52. MAT.11:28-30 Come unto Me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you‚ and learn of Me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For My yoke is easy, and My burden is light.

53. HEB.4:3 For we which have believed do enter into rest, as He said, As I have sworn in My wrath, if they shall enter into My rest: although the works were finished from the foundation of the World.

54. HEB.4:9 There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God.

55. 1PE.5:7 Casting all your care upon Him, for He careth for you.

Word Topics: Relaxation and Freetime

Definitions: Relaxation is rest or enjoyment away from one's usual duties. It is also refreshment of body or mind by getting rid of or away from tension and stress. Free time is personal time which is not otherwise scheduled for specific work activities or duties.

1. After creating the universe, God rested from His labor. He commands us to do likewise.

* Genesis 2:2,3 And on the seventh day God ended His work which He had made; and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had made. 3 And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it He had rested from all His work which God created and made.

* Exodus 20:9,11 Six days shalt thou labor, and do all thy work: 11 For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth‚ the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the Lord blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it.

* Exodus 23:12 Six days thou shalt do thy work, and on the seventh day thou shalt rest: that thine ox and thine ass may rest, and the son of thy handmaid, and the stranger, may be refreshed.

* 1 Kings 8:56a Blessed be the Lord, that hath given rest unto His people.

* Hebrews 4:4,9,10 For He spake in a certain place of the seventh day on this wise, And God did rest the seventh day from all His works… 9 There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God. 10 For he that is entered into His rest, he also hath ceased from his own works, as God did from His.

2. Physical renewal is one of the basic requirements for human happiness and good health.

* Psalm 103:2‚5 Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits:… 5 Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle's. [See also Job 33:25.]

* Psalm 127:2 It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows: for so He giveth His beloved sleep.

* Isaiah 28:12a To whom He said, This is the rest wherewith ye may cause the weary to rest; and this is the refreshing.

* Isaiah 30:15a For thus saith the Lord God‚ the Holy One of Israel; In returning and rest shall ye be saved; in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.

3. God intends for life to be enjoyable, and relaxation and leisure time help make it so.

* Psalm 16:11b In Thy presence is fullness of joy; at Thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.

* Psalm 23:6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.

* Psalm 30:5b In His favor is life.

* Psalm 36:7,8 How excellent is Thy lovingkindness, O God! Therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of Thy wings. 8 They shall be abundantly satisfied with the fatness of Thy house; and thou shalt make them drink of the river of Thy pleasures.

* Proverbs 10:22 The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and He addeth no sorrow with it.

* Ecclesiastes 3:13 And also that every man should eat and drink, and enjoy the good of all his labor, it is the gift of God.

* Mark 2:27 And He said unto them, The sabbath was made for man‚ and not man for the sabbath.

* 1 Timothy 6:17b God...giveth us richly all things to enjoy.

4. Jesus and His disciples took time to relax away from the pressures and demands of their public ministry.

* Matthew 14:23 And when He had sent the multitudes away‚ He went up into a mountain apart to pray: and when the evening was come, He was there alone.

* Matthew 15:29 And Jesus departed from thence‚ and came nigh unto the sea of Galilee; and went up into a mountain, and sat down there.

* Matthew 17:1 And after six days Jesus taketh Peter, James, and John his brother, and bringeth them up into an high mountain apart.

* Mark 6:31,32 And He said unto them, Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest a while: for there were many coming and going, and they had no leisure so much as to eat. 32 And they departed into a desert place by ship privately.

* Luke 9:10a And the apostles, when they were returned, told Him all that they had done. And He took them, and went aside privately into a desert place.

5. If we don't take time to renew our bodies and spirits‚ we'll run out of physical and spiritual strength.

* Psalm 103:4a,5 Who redeemeth thy life from destruction… 5 Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle's.

* Isaiah 40:30,31 Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall: 31 But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

* Luke 10:38-42 Now it came to pass, as they went, that He entered into a certain village: and a certain woman named Martha received Him into her house. 39 And she had a sister called Mary, which also sat at Jesus' feet, and heard His Word. 40 But Martha was cumbered about much serving, and came to Him, and said, Lord‚ dost Thou not care that my sister hath left me to serve alone? Bid her therefore that she help me. 41 And Jesus answered and said unto her, Martha, Martha‚ thou art careful and troubled about many things: 42 But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.

* Matthew 26:41b The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.

* 2 Corinthians 4:16 For which cause we faint not; but though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day.

6. Free time activities should be edifying and strengthening, not time wasters.

* Romans 14:19 Let us therefore follow after the things which make for peace, and things wherewith one may edify another.

* 1 Corinthians 10:23 All things are lawful for me‚ but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not.

* 1 Corinthians 10:31 Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.

* 1 Corinthians 14:26b Let all things be done unto edifying.

* Ephesians 3:16 That He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with might by His Spirit in the inner man.

7. Word and rest time is for communing with the Lord.

* Exodus 33:14 And He said, My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest.

* Psalm 23:1-3a The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want. 2 He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: He leadeth me beside the still waters. 3a He restoreth my soul.

* Psalm 116:7 Return unto thy rest, O my soul; for the Lord hath dealt bountifully with thee.

* Song of Solomon 1:7a Tell me‚ O Thou whom my soul loveth, where Thou feedest, where Thou makest thy flock to rest at noon.

* Matthew 11:28-30 Come unto Me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. 29 Take My yoke upon you, and learn of Me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. 30 For My yoke is easy‚ and My burden is light.

[See also Ezekiel 34:14,15.]

8. What could be more refreshing or re–strengthening than the Word?

* John 6:63 It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the Words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.

* Job 23:12 Neither have I gone back from the commandment of His lips; I have esteemed the Words of His mouth more than my necessary food. [See also Psalm 119:111.]

* Psalm 119:103 How sweet are Thy Words unto my taste! Yea‚ sweeter than honey to my mouth!

* Jeremiah 15:16a Thy Words were found, and I did eat them; and Thy Word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of mine heart.

* Colossians 1:9b,11a Be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding… 11a Strengthened with all might, according to His glorious power.

* Acts 20:32 And now, brethren, I commend you to God, and to the Word of His grace, which is able to build you up, and to give you an inheritance among all them which are sanctified.

9. At times, the Lord may ask us to sacrifice our free time for the sake of His work or others.

* Jeremiah 45:1-5 [During the time of Israel's judgment, although the Lord promised to spare Baruch's life, as he'd been faithful as Jeremiah's scribe‚ yet he had no rest in the land which God was preparing to destroy:] The word that Jeremiah the prophet spake unto Baruch… 3 Thou [Baruch] didst say, Woe is me now!… I fainted in my sighing, and I find no rest. 4b… The Lord saith thus; Behold, …that which I have planted I will pluck up, even this whole land… 5b… behold, I will bring evil upon all flesh, saith the Lord: but thy life will I give unto thee for a prey in all places whither thou goest.

* Mark 6:31b There were many coming and going, and they had no leisure so much as to eat.

* Mark 7:24 [During His busy travels, Jesus tried to find rest, but sometimes couldn't:] And from thence He arose‚ and went into the borders of Tyre and Sidon, and entered into an house, and would have no man know it: but He could not be hid. [See also Mark 3:7; Luke 9:10,11.]

* John 9:4 I must work the works of Him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.

* 2 Corinthians 7:5a For‚ when we were come into Macedonia, our flesh had no rest, but we were troubled on every side.

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