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Activate the World, Part 7!

Karen Zerby

By MariaMaria #630 CM/FM 3436 6/02

My dear loves,

1. Thank you for dedicating your lives to reaching the lost and feeding the Lord's sheep! You do a wonderful job of witnessing, and Heaven only knows how far your witness goes and your lit reaches! And in the following Letter, Part 5 of the Supernatural Symposium, Heaven gives some insight into just how far that is! Hallelujah!

2. (Angelic moderator speaking:) Welcome to the fifth and final session of the Supernatural Inter-dimensional Activated Motivational Symposium. It's been wonderful to address you all and to try to do our part to inspire you with the great things that are to come through Activated.

3. At this final session we'll be revealing our last guest speaker. In the meantime we've been waiting for ELMO to make his appearance, and I've just had it flashed into my mind that if we'll all take our seats, he's ready! So, ladies and gentlemen, spirits and mortals, angels and saints, let's welcome ELMO!

4. (The light dims in the auditorium. The big screen then transforms from a flat screen into a long, winding translucent tube. At the far end, a glow of light enters the tube. The tube then starts to twist and undulate. The light begins to travel down the tube‚ leaving in its wake rings of red, yellow‚ and green lights. The tube gets longer as it undulates and the light travels faster, until finally ELMO tumbles out of the end and lies spread-eagled in the middle of the stage. There's silence in the auditorium as those assembled are baffled at this unusual entrance after the incredible spectacle that ELMO made in his first appearance.

5. (A corner of ELMO raises itself from the stage floor. A moment later another corner follows suit, then the other two. Next ELMO bounces off the floor and assumes an upright position. There's a palpable feeling of embarrassment emanating from the magazine-shaped entity of swirling, pulsating color.)

6. "As you know, I'm still in development, and it looks like I've developed a little pride-comes-before-a–fall routine," ELMO's deep‚ sonorous voice quietly exclaims. (A ripple of laughter sounds around the auditorium.) "Thank God that with God nothing is unredeemable—not even an entity that botches his entry. I would like to say it was all planned this way, but …."

7. (ELMO's tone becomes more serious.)

8. "I think it's time to get back to the purpose of my being here. As you know, I resemble a magazine—to be more precise‚ an Activated magazine—and I've been commissioned and designed to give you an Activated magazine's perspective on this latest and greatest outreach and follow–up push."

9. (The auditorium dims again as ELMO floats off the stage toward the big screen, which has resumed its regular form. As he breaks the surface of the screen he's transformed into Activated issue 1 and is being handed to someone.)


10. "So what's this?" the person asks.

11. "This is a magazine that will change your life!" the giver replies.

12. "Ha! How can a magazine change my life?" the person asks incredulously.

13. Give me a chance. Go ahead and open me, ELMO's voice telepathically broadcasts.

14. (The voices of the two participants now fade into the background as ELMO's voice and the thoughts of the recipient become prominent.)

15. Okay, magazine, come on, change my life, the person thinks skeptically, but at the same time with a tone of hope. He starts to read.

16. "Life sure can be confusing!"

17. Boy, that's the understatement of the year. You ought to see how wacky my life has become!

18. "We search for answers, but often end up with more questions. What are we here for?"

19. Okay, tell me about it. I mean, I have no idea what I'm here for.

20. (The person flips through several pages.)

21. "Due to my great interest in art, I was then sent to a high school specializing in art …"

22. Hey, that's kinda interesting. I'm an artist, or at least I'm trying to be, if my boss ever gives me a bit more rein to get creative.

23. (The pages flip again.)

24. "Most people who are very quiet and withdrawn don't really want to be that way. They know they need to be freer …"

25. Freer! Tell me about it. I mean, I'm not withdrawn, but I'm sick of being stereotyped and looked down upon!

26. (Again the pages are flipped.)

27. "Are we on the threshold of a brave New World Order, with peace and plenty for all? Or are we tottering on the brink of unprecedented chaos and disaster? Or both?"

28. Uh-oh! Maybe these guys are end-of-the-world nutters.

29. "A remarkable fact about the description of today's world in these articles is that much of it was written thousands of years ago. We will examine specific predictions and prophecies that are two to three thousand years old, which accurately depict conditions and events that have taken place or are soon to take place during our lifetime."

30. Thousands of years ago!? Okay, convince me! Yeah, wars and genocide and all that stuff‚ but that's been going on ever since we crawled out of the swamp. Uh–oh. "Get the next one to find out more." I figured there was a catch.

31. "Mountain Men. When Jesus climbed the mountain, He left the multitude behind…."

32. Boy, I'd love to leave all this crazy world behind. Sounds like Heaven to me. Well, what the heck!

33. (The voices of the person and the giver of the magazine now become prominent once again.)

34. "So what do you want me to do with this?"

35. "Well, first of all, I want to know if you're going to Heaven."

36. "Yeah, sure, I'm just about to get the bus there!"

37. "Ha! But seriously, do you want to go?"

38. "Is there a better alternative?"

39. "No."

40. "Well, hey‚ why not? I mean, you got like a ticket or something?"

41. "A ticket? Yeah, I guess I have. It's free, but you've got to go get it‚ though."

42. "I don't see any 'free ticket' signs around here."

43. "Perhaps I should wear one. But seriously, you can get your ticket to Heaven by asking the Man of Love into your heart."

44. "Man of Love! That's a new one! Sounds like an X-rated movie. Can I opt for a 'Lady of Love'?"

45. "Ha! No, I mean Jesus."

46. "Yeah, I know. I noticed the article. I was pulling your leg."

47. "So do you want to?"

48. "Go to an X-rated movie?"

49. "No, ask Jesus into your heart."

50. (The audience once again hears the man's thoughts.)

51. Look at that pretty little flower! That desert it's stuck in reminds me a helluva lot of my life right now. So what do you think, little flower? Are you me, stuck in all that cracked dry mud? Well, you sure look bright and I sure am not. I guess I might as well try it‚ huh?

52. "Yeah, why not…"

53. (The scene now changes, and ELMO in his Issue 1 disguise is lying on a coffee table surrounded by other issues.)

54. "So what are all those?" a businesswoman in her thirties asks as she comes into the room.

55. "Those are those magazines I told you about."

56. "Oh, the ones you were suckered into paying that subscription on the street for?"

57. "I wasn't suckered‚ thank you very much. I happen to think of it as one of the smarter things I've done in recent years."

58. "Well‚ you always were a soft touch."

59. "Better than being a hard-boiled thing that rhymes with switch that you've turned out to be."

60. "So? I've got a life to show for it. What's my brother the artist got to show for his?"

61. "Whatever! It's not worth arguing with you. I admit my life was pretty much nowhere, but I think I'm on to something now."

62. "The painting on the wall, the one of the flower in the desert, it's the same as the cover on this magazine."

63. "Yeah‚ it's my little mascot. In fact, it's me."

64. "Oh, my brother, Daisy Sunshine!"

65. "Yeah! I'm the sunshine boy now."

66. "You aren't taking the bait. Why don't you rail back at me like you always used to?"

67. "I've got nothing I have to prove now. I don't have to defend myself against all your little barbs. I've got peace."

68. "Peace? Ha! My brother has found peace! Peaceful Daisy Sunshine! I suppose you got it out of these things?" she sneers a little as she carelessly picks up ELMO, who is now transformed into Issue 2.

69. (The woman stares at the back cover and we all become privy to her thoughts.)

70. 'To You, with Love.' What are those eyes that are looking at me? I mean, they're really weird, like they're looking into my soul or something. Is that a bunch of swirling colors? Okay, I know that's a picture of Jesus behind the words, but it almost seems like it's alive or something.

71. "I love you, just you, as if you were the only one."

72. Oh, no, you don't. They don't call me The Queen B, and I'm not talking bee as in honey, at the office because I'm Miss Lovable. I gave up on people loving me long ago, so don't you try and sweet-talk me.

73. "My love is reaching out to you right now. My love, My forgiveness and My mercy are all right there, just for you, if you will only receive them."

74. I don't ask for forgiveness and I show no mercy‚ so don't go trying to make me receive anything. Why do I want forgiveness? That's not my style at all! And I don't care if your eyes are so damn piercing that I can swear they're real. Why can't I look away from you?

75. "I love you just the way you are."

76. Nobody loves me the way I am. I'm not lovable and I don't intend to be.

77. "I am not stacking up all your faults and failures and mistakes to hold against you. My eyes are blind to all of these."

78. So are mine, buddy. But those eyes! I mean‚ I'm really starting to get a little weak in the knees here. Or am I weak in the head?

79. "I see only the good, and I see possibilities that others do not see."

80. I see a lot of possibilities, but I don't see a lot of good. I mean, I don't even pretend to be good.

81. "I see your every tear."

82. Oh, hell, what is that going down my cheek? I don't dare look up because my brother's going to see this streak down my makeup. What are you doing to me? I haven't cried since I was a little kid. I don't cry! I DON'T CRY! But why the hell am I crying over reading this? Oh God, I need to sniff!

83. "I hear your every cry. I feel your every frustration, your every worry, your every burden, your every desire. I know everything about you—all your wants, all your lacks. I see straight through to your heart of hearts and all that is in it, and I deeply love you."

84. Oh God, this has really gotten to me! And those eyes; they're so gentle. I'm turning into a big blubbering baby and my brother is just going to die laughing at me.

85. "I long to hold you close, here on My gentle breast. I am right there by your side, and I will never, ever forsake you."

86. Oh, I want that. I want to believe that.

87. "I love you, just you, and here I patiently wait—for you! Won't you please come running into My arms, where we can live and love and revel in this love forever‚ eternally, immortally‚ without end? I'm yours. Jesus."

88. Why the hell am I crying over this? I don't understand how this … this … this most beautiful thing I have ever read in my whole life is making me feel so soft and vulnerable and warm and so in need of someone to hug.

89. "Jesus loves you, Sis! Here, have a tissue. Oh, forget the tissue, just wipe your nose on my shoulder," he says, as he sits down on the couch and puts his arm around her. "I've wanted to hug you for so long!"

90. "So tell me about Jesus, would you?…"

91. (And the scene now fades on the screen as ELMO emerges from it to once again stand on the stage.)


92. "What you've seen is just one vignette from the great Activated drama that is playing out as we speak. Souls are being touched and won to our wonderful Lord. Our Family, your Family, your Activated Family, are out there doing the job, but there is much more to do." (ELMO then bows deeply and walks quietly, humbly off the stage.)

93. (The audience is quiet as each one muses on the power of the Lord's Words and is touched by the transformation they've seen in the woman's life. After a suitable interval, the angelic moderator appears at center stage.)

94. (Angelic moderator:) Thank you, ELMO. There's no more thrilling sight than seeing a soul saved, a heart touched by love. And there's no more thrilling love than that of our dear Lord.

95. I will now introduce you to our last guest speaker. The man needs no introduction‚ because we know virtually everything there is to know about him, from his start to his finish, and every daisy he picked along the way. Yes, how could we have a symposium to address the Family without the man who started it, David!

96. (The audience rises to its feet as Dad, resplendent in his heavenly body and attire, glides to center stage.)

97. (Dad: ) Hallelujah! Glory to God! (The audience roars in a rapturous praise session!)

98. Hallelujah! No bumps on a log in this place! Thank You Jesus! Yes‚ thank You‚ wonderful Jesus! All glory to You at every minute, at every turn. Praise Your wonderful Name!

99. Wasn't it inspiring to see that tough old girl change? Isn't God's great love incredible? It's absolutely amazing. I love to see the Family win souls. Didn't I tell you that the lit would witness to far more than we could ever hope to? Boy, that girl really got it. She felt the love coming from our dear Lord's words.

100. So here we all are, and Activated is starting to chug out of the station. It's taken a while to build up momentum, but it's happening, and it's literally going to change the world!

101. You know, the Family is still the best. Even though you Family members around the world may not feel like it much in some ways, you're still the best. And you're going to get bester by the day, until you're going to be the bestest you're ever going to get down there in that age, so you're going to have to come up here to party. And then you can all go back down and have some more fun for a thousand years.

102. Well‚ I won't get into a whole long speech about the Endtime and the Millennium here. I'm going to keep this short and sweet because the Lord wants to be able to say a few words to you all too, and I don't want to cut His time.

103. But I do want to say this to all you Family members on Earth: Activated is your future! If you want a future, you have to go Activated‚ or you're going to be a has-been. Sorry to be blunt, but I know you appreciate it straight. This isn't the old lion's roar here, because you don't need roaring at. You are great and you do your best. But your best now is Activated. Not just the mags and the subscriptions, but the whole program of feeding, follow-up, and founding your enlarged churches. I don't mean building church buildings, I mean founding living churches. Go out into the highways and byways and compel them to come in. There's a mighty harvest waiting! Hallelujah!

104. (As David stands there‚ Jesus rises from His seat of honor and moves over to stand next to him. He places His arm around Dad's shoulders and faces the crowd.)

105. (Jesus:) My friends—and you are all My friends—over the course of this symposium you've heard speaker after speaker extol and promote Activated. There's very little I need to say to add to what they've said so eloquently and with such depth of emotion. They're all 100 percent committed to the task‚ and so am I. Go forth now, in the power of love, in the power of praise, in the power of the Holy Spirit. Activated is your greatest task yet, and it will bring with it the greatest joy and fulfillment yet. At every step you take to fulfill the potential of this program you will hear My words echoing in your hearts: "Well done‚ good and faithful servant; enter into the joy of your Lord!" I love you! Bye, bye!

106. (Jesus speaking: ) Every day around the world multitudes are moved and changed by the Words of truth and life to be found in Activated. My Words are spirit and life! They have power to transform hearts and minds‚ and they never return void! And when they are shaped into the powerful spiritual weapon of Activated and released upon receptive hearts and minds, they do wondrous things not just in the lives of those they first touch, but in the lives of others whom these people touch. They do not just change one person—they change the world!

107. Claim the power of the keys and the full firepower of the spirit as you distribute these mags, for they are mighty to the tearing down of the Enemy's strongholds and the building of My Kingdom in the hearts and souls of the recipients! (End of message from Jesus.)

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