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Heavenly Key Craft!

Karen Zerby

Feast 2003

By MariaMaria #635 CM/FM 3435 10/02

Dearest Family,

1. As the conclusion to this Feast, our Husband has revealed to us another of the wonders of the spirit! As the spiritual battle increases, He is making sure that our spiritual weaponry and the power at our disposal is more than equal to the task, praise His Name!

2. (Vision:) Several of us are gathered together. I see a large object hovering over us. It's a circular vehicle of some kind‚ and it looks like a huge flying saucer suspended in the air above us.

3. The outer edge of it looks like it has a very wide corridor that goes all the way around the outside in a big circle. There seem to be people, or some type of live beings in there. This outer circle is where any movement of life is. The center of the saucer seems to be hollow. There don't seem to be rooms in the center or any people.

4. It's right over me now, and I can look up through the center and see the roof or the dome of this vehicle, and it's so magnificent! The dome looks like it's comprised of zillions of rays of light—only I don't think it's light, I get the impression it's some other type of energy. All these fine rays of energy are crisscrossing in every which way across the top of the saucer. From a distance they look like they all blend together, but standing right below it and looking up through the hollow center, I can see how they are all intricately crisscrossed across the top of the vehicle and they form the roof or dome of the saucer.

5. I get the impression this dome is some type of energy force field. It pulsates and it's glowing very brightly. Its radiance, like so many things of the spirit, is an absolutely brilliant golden glow. Its pulsations are right in rhythm with the sound it's emitting. This dome also gives off warmth. It feels warm and comforting.

6. This object has another amazing feature—all around the circumference there are keys hanging! There are so many keys dangling, it looks like a fringe hanging on the edge. There are all different kinds of keys in many different shapes‚ but they all appear to be the same length. The keys look like they're not only edged in fire, but like they're made of fire—it's stunning! The glow they give off is tremendous!

7. With these resplendent keys dangling off the edge, and the magnificence of the energy force field that is the top of the saucer, the entire vehicle is absolutely breathtaking! I keep getting the words: "The firepower of the keys!"

8. Right now the saucer is hovering over us and all is calm; the keys are dangling there beautifully. They seem to be gently blowing, as if in a gentle breeze, and sound is coming from the keys. They strike each other, and it makes the most incredibly beautiful sound—not aloud, but in my head. It sounds like beautiful chimes. It's really quite overwhelming; the sound is definitely out of this world. It's as though they're playing a definite melody, all in chimes, as they dangle overhead.

9. The pulsations from the roof of the dome are right in tune with the chimes of the dangling keys; it's all connected. It seems that the energy rays that make up the dome pump power to the keys that are dangling, and it's all connected and right in tune with the rhythm of the chimes.

10. I get the impression that these key chimes are a signal of some sort, or a warning. They are a comfort, but they bring warning too.

11. Now the saucer above us is beginning to spin around and around‚ and as it does, the force of the spinning causes the keys to stick straight out from the edge of the saucer—like an extension of the saucer. It's going very fast‚ and the energy from the force field of the dome is magnified hundreds of times over! The energy is gushing into the keys and it goes right through the keys and out all over the place!

12. It's something like Tola and Tor and the energy that they are able to discharge and pour forth to defeat our enemies. This seems to be similar—the energy force that is coming out through all those keys! It's gushing out in a tremendous volume as the vehicle is spinning around faster than anything I've ever seen!

13. Now I see out beyond where we are, and it's very dark. I see out to the outer darkness beyond our walls, and there are all kinds of awful-looking creatures—demon beings, creatures who are horrific-looking to varying degrees. Mixed in with these beastly-looking monsters I see a few nice-looking beings too—handsome men and beautiful women—but they are all very, very evil. Some of them look good‚ but I have a very creepy feeling about these people who seem to be right at home with these unsightly monsters. All of them, even the nice-looking men and women‚ are very dark, very evil, and very deceptive. All of them are trying to get to us. They want to harm us, but they can't.

14. The saucer is spinning and the keys on the edge of it are emitting their tremendous power, and it's creating a force field over us and around us that cannot be penetrated. This power is keeping these evil ones away. They're reaching out their hands as if they'd like to strangle us, or cast a spell on us, or destroy us if they could, but they can't. They can't touch us. They're helpless. Their power is nothing. It's so insignificant compared to the power the saucer and the keys are sending out.

15. The impression I get is that these evil ones are really upset. They're up in arms at what's happening right now as we gather for the Feast‚ as we read and take in these Words, and especially as we fast and pray and unite to launch a Word revolution in our lives. They want to prevent this plan, to hinder, to stop us before we even start, but they cannot.

16. The saucer is slowing down now, and again it's hovering peacefully overhead. When this happens, the keys dangle again like they're flowing in a gentle breeze, and when they do, I hear the chimes again. I wish I could describe the sound of the chimes or hum the melody. It's so heavenly! I've never heard anything like it before.

17. The sound of these chimes is very, very special. It's so comforting‚ so heavenly, but it seems to be very sobering too. Is it a warning of some sort, Lord? Perhaps they're some kind of alarm for us. But their sound is so beautiful and majestic. They give a warm, soothing feeling. It's not a lullaby kind of feeling; they're not meant to lull you to sleep.

18. The sound of these chimes makes me feel totally protected. I have an overwhelming feeling of confidence when I hear them. I have peace. I know nothing can harm me. At the same time, they seem to be signaling me—but about what, I'm not sure. I feel confident about it and excited, because you know something very thrilling and awesome is about to happen. It's strange in a good way.

19. (Jesus speaking:) I do not leave My children unprotected or unguarded at any moment. I have shown you the deep things of the spirit. I have revealed to you powerful and angry ones‚ vile, treacherous, ruthless enemies of My truth. I have revealed to you the identities of evil ones who are out to hinder‚ to slow down, and to stop you altogether, to stop the establishment of My Kingdom on Earth. I have shown these things to My prophets of the End, as I have promised that I will do nothing unless I reveal it to you (Amos 3:7).

20. Now I show you this powerful craft. This is part of the provision I make for your protection and safekeeping. What you have seen is a heavenly key craft. This is one of many. The key craft are at the disposal of those who hold the keys and who follow, who obey Me and use key power in their lives, those who endeavor to the best of their ability to live in My Word, to read, absorb and apply My Words.

21. The craft goes before you, manned with spirit helpers and spirit beings that are on call to assist you in any way you need, particularly whenever danger is near. The chimes signal you to walk in vigilance and prayer. At the same time they give you peace, knowing that the keys are with you and are at your command.

22. As I revealed to My prophets of old some of My heavenly spaceships, I now reveal to you this key craft transporter, one of the most remarkable and amazing heavenly transporters in existence. You're not dreaming. This is real—it is in existence now. I pull back the veil and open your eyes and ears. As I revealed many far-out things to the prophets that have gone before‚ so I reveal these things to the children of David, so you can be encouraged and know just how near the world of the spirit is; so you can be comforted, knowing of the tremendous protection I provide for you.

23. As I revealed to your Father David the incredible space vehicle that transports the Heavenly City; as I showed Ezekiel many powerful heavenly wheels, and showed him pictures of My heavenly transporters and the throne of God; as I called John away to a remote isle so that I could paint for him the picture of the future and of the heavenly realm—so do I part the veil now and reveal to you this absolutely invincible vehicle!—The key craft‚ energy station of My key power. (Note: For further study, see Ezekiel 1:4-28, Revelation 4, and "Spaceship," ML #624:1-53, Vol.5.)

24. I prefer to call it the key craft‚ for this craft transports the might and power and energy of the keys. It is spiritual, yet more real than life itself. Instruments of man cannot detect it, yet it is real, it is in existence. It is powerful‚ and it is to assist you in these Last Days.

25. The outer edge, the corridor you see, transports spirit helpers of all kinds‚ spirit beings and helpers sent from Me who are on call to help you. There is not one of Satan's evil followers that is a match for these helpers who are possessed of Me.

26. The dome of the saucer is comprised of energy rays of key power magnified beyond count that man is able to comprehend. The dome pulsates with the energy of the keys‚ as the keys dangle from the edge to the tune of My power. The keys harmonize and sing you a new song—a song of power and strength, a song of fortitude and courage, a song of solace and faith, a song of victory of the Last Days. The keys go before you.

27. If you will listen, if you will tune in, if you will acknowledge the keys in all your ways, they will lead you. They will chime in your ear, warning you of danger spots, signaling you which direction to take, giving you checks of My Spirit. These chimes will serve as both a warning—signaling you, revealing to you the Enemy's schemes and evil devices so that you can avoid his traps and pitfalls—and at the same time they will soothe you and give you comfort. They will uphold you as you stand in faith, knowing as you put your trust fully in Me, as you use the power I put in your hands, as you call on the keys and exert their power, you have nothing to fear—for no harm can befall the users of the keys. When you hear the key chimes, you will know you are not alone, and this will infuse you with peace as well as strength to carry out your mission.

28. I show you a demonstration of this key craft's power. When you call on the keys, you rev up its engines, setting it spinning, releasing in great force its energy to destroy all evil and all who oppose My Words of truth. At your call, the craft reacts. At your call, the key power ignites and spins into action quicker than the speed of thought.

29. Believe these words, for those who believe will hear the chimes clearly in their spirits, in their hearts, in their thoughts; even audibly you will hear, when the time warrants. Believe and listen and follow the signal of the keys. I will hold back nothing from those who call on the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven and tune in to their chimes. Let them be your protection. Let them guide you. Let them comfort you. Hear the chimes and be strong, knowing you are never alone.

Text box:

30. (Mama: ) You might be wondering, as I did, what it actually means to "hear the keys." Some people naturally hear things and see visions; others never do. But obviously this was an important part of the revelation‚ so we asked our sweet Husband to explain it further to us, or tell us how we can hear them or learn to recognize their presence. Here is what He said.

31. (Jesus speaking:) It's all part of taking on heavenly thought power. The principle of the spirit that applies here is the more you use the power of the keys, the more you let them become part of you, the more familiar you will become with them, the more you will sense their presence and sense My will in any given situation. You will literally become one with them—for you will be becoming one with Me and My power, taking on My mind. It's all linked.

32. At present it may be a rare instance that some can hear the keys audibly, and at first you'll wonder if you'll ever even be aware of their presence. Some people are more sensitive in the spirit or more receptive to actual feelings or visions or sensations of the spirit. But this is a gift for all My children, not just those who have a natural inclination that way. The more you use the keys, the more you will be able to recognize their opportunities to use them. The more you step out and obey and call on their power, along with living the requirements for accessing their full power, the more you will be taking on My mind, and thus the more you will hear and sense in the spirit the things of the spirit.

33. The sound of the key craft is a moving of the spirit. Some will hear it in their mind or heart, and some will sense it in other ways. Most will simply be aware in their spirit that it's time to call on the keys, that the keys want to move and take action in the situation.

34. Honing that ability is very simple. You must simply obey, start using the keys, start living the requirements for harnessing their full power, and continue to claim full possession. As you progress in these areas, your spiritual sensitivity will naturally be heightened. It will happen automatically as you obey. And as you use this greater awareness of the things of the spirit that you'll gain, rather than pushing it away or ignoring it‚ you will hone your spiritual senses to the point that they will be just as reliable and real to you as your physical senses.

35. It's not a big, difficult thing that I'm asking of you. Just start to obey, and watch it all unfold as I have told you! This is part of your preparation for the future. It's a miracle‚ a gift, something I'm giving you, My beloved brides, because I know you'll need it. It's part of heavenly thought power. It's part of all that I've foretold in the Bible and through the ages about the Last Days, and the exploits that will be wrought by those who know Me intimately, as you do. (End of message from Jesus.)

36. (Mama:) To refresh your memory‚ here are a couple of quotes that explain the basic requirements for using the keys.

(From "Call on the Keys‚" ML #3368:80‚81, GN 962:)

There are obviously conditions attached to using the keys. We have to be obeying the Lord and asking for something that is within His will. The Lord also said: "Because the gift of the keys is so priceless, I will only give it to those who are respectful of My Words, and those who are willing to be taught and instructed. … The keys are only activated through sincerity of heart, and without the quality of a deep love for Me, dedication‚ and yieldedness to Me, the keys give no power. … The gift of the keys is only for those who go further, who love Me, who live for Me, and who give their lives for Me. The gift of the keys is for My Endtime disciples.

"So seek within your own heart for the desire to be a disciple. The power of the keys will equal your commitment to discipleship, and not only your commitment, but your day-to-day living. As you dedicate yourself‚ and live your dedication daily, the power will come to you in the same measure. Then you must harness it and utilize it. These are the guidelines and the conditions of the keys of the Kingdom."


(From the Keys Promises: )

There is no stopping those who use the keys of the Kingdom in conjunction with My will, in desperation of heart and humility of mind and spirit. When the conditions are right, the keys will always bring you victory. Claim what is rightfully yours.

End of text box

37. (Vision:) I see the key craft again. It's hovering overhead. Only this time it's giving a demonstration of a different kind. I'm right under it. The dome is illuminated with its stunning glow, as the keys dangle and the chimes play. But this time the keys are sending down rays of their energy, and the rays are totally surrounding me. The rays coming straight down are forming a wall of energy all around me that blazes like fire! I praise You‚ wonderful Love! It's such a soothing, comforting feeling. I feel totally protected.

38. (Jesus speaking: ) The key craft is on call for you, My loves, whenever you have need. It goes before you, to warn you of danger ahead, to guide you and protect you from your enemies. Likewise, when you call‚ it hovers over you at all times, to protect and keep you in every way. It is there to provide your needs. It will infuse you with strength, rejuvenate and regenerate you when you feel at a low ebb. It is there to help you withstand the attacks of the Enemy—be it attacks on your mind, heart‚ or spirit, or outside attacks through persecution, accidents, harm or danger of any kind. It is not that the Enemy will stop attacking, but through the presence of the key craft you have yet another shield and weapon at your disposal to strengthen and fortify you in the spiritual warfare.

39. Listen, and when you hear the sound of the key chimes‚ let it comfort your hearts and know that you are protected, surrounded by the energy force of the keys of the Kingdom.

40. Believe‚ for these are words of truth. Listen, do you hear it? Listen and you will hear in your mind and heart, and in some instances you will even hear audibly or sense its presence tangibly in soon-coming days. For this is the power of the keys, real as real can be.

41. (Vision: ) I see different scenes of other Family members under a key craft and within the walls of energy. I see a Family Home of about 10 members sitting at the dining table enjoying a meal and fellowshipping together. They're under a craft with the rays of energy coming down all around them. I see two Family members riding on a city bus, and a craft is hovering over them, shining down its rays of energy around them. I see Family members getting Activated subscriptions, and the same wall of energy is surrounding them. I see a group of Family members gathered together for devotions‚ reading a new GN; a craft is overhead and shining down its rays.

42. I see a Family show group up on stage, playing to a large audience of several thousand people, and they too are in the center of a craft's protective energy rays, which are surrounding them.

43. Now I see the globe, a map of the world, and I see several key craft. They're hovering over countries where the Family is living and working, and the craft are shining down their rays over the Family in those countries. They're not the same size as those countries; it's a symbolic thing.

44. (Jesus speaking:) All power of Heaven is at your command! Believe‚ hear the key chimes. Listen and know that I keep all My promises to you. The keys go before you. The keys will guard and protect. As you wield the keys‚ they have the power to withstand all evil, enabling you to read, absorb, and apply My Words, so that you can live in My Words and do what I ask you to do.

45. Listen to the chimes, and know that the keys are with you, and the keys make all things possible to you. The chimes are proof that the keys surround you, though they guard you whether you sense them or not. You are safe within their walls, protected by the greatest power in existence. The keys of the Kingdom are yours; there is nothing they will not do for you. (End of message from Jesus.)

46. (Mama:) One of the first questions that came to mind after hearing this amazing description is how many of these cool key craft there are! So we asked the Lord‚ does each person have an individual key craft, like the Halloween wheel, or is there one per Home, or how many are there? For example, if we're somewhere and praying for a key craft‚ and someone else is also claiming the keys at the same time, does it divide, or do we each have one, or how does it work?

47. (Jesus speaking: ) There are a limitless number of key craft. They go wherever the power of the keys is needed and called upon. There are plenty to go around. As many as are needed are sent. All you must do is call on the keys, and know that they will be there for you. When a group of you is calling on the keys together, one will come to surround you and bring the anointing and helpers you need. Or, if you are alone or spread out in many locations, and you call on the keys, again there will be one there for each of you, at your disposal. Never fear that they will all be out and occupied on a mission when you need one, for whenever you call, there will be one there for you, bringing the light, power‚ comfort and additional helpers of the spirit or reinforcements that you need. (End of message from Jesus.)

48. (Mama:) Thank You, dear Lover, for revealing to us these deep things of the spirit. Thank You for opening our spiritual eyes to see what power is at our disposal. We want to learn to harness it. We want to become one with You. We do want full possession by Your wonderful Spirit. We want to take on Your mind in our thoughts and reactions and actions. We need heavenly thought power in order to make it through the days ahead. We want to become more in tune and sensitive to the things of the spirit, so that our spiritual senses are just as real and reliable as our physical senses, if not more so.

49. Please give us the faith, conviction and determination that we need to obey Your Words‚ to step out on the water, to hone these gifts of the spirit. Thank You for revealing them to us. Help us not to just let them sit there‚ but to really cherish them, study Your Word on them, let You teach us about them, and make them a part of our lives.

50. Help us now as we return to our lives of service for You to put Your Words into practice. Help us to be willing to fight and make whatever sacrifices are necessary in order to make this Word revolution a reality in our lives and Homes. We claim the keys of lasting change, of faith and determination and obedience. Help us not to lose the closeness to You that we have gained during these days. Even as we leave the temple and go out into the wings, help us to take Your Spirit with us, and return daily for that cleansing, feeding and strengthening that is so vital for our spirits, especially when our spirits are worn down by the spiritual battle that surrounds us these days.

51. Unite us all in You, sweet Love, and keep us strong for You. Your goal in all of this is to help us become better witnesses, better disciples, so that You can use us to win more for You, so we can get the job done quicker, so that You can return and set up Your Kingdom here on Earth. That's what we're working toward. That's what all these gifts are to help us do. They're not merely for self-improvement, they have a much greater purpose—that of helping us to get the job done better, more quickly and easily‚ with less casualties and difficulties along the way.

52. So help us to keep that vision, dear Jesus, and give our all to become the witnesses, disciples and prayer warriors that You want us to be. We love You! We praise You‚ our Miracle Worker, our Strength, our Protector, our All in All.

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