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Obliterate Obstacon!

Karen Zerby

Feast 2003

By MariaMaria #634 CM/FM 3434 10/02

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Obliterate: (v) to do away with completely so as to leave no trace.

Dearest Family,

1. In this GN, the Lord reveals to us another spiritual power who fights against us, one who is specifically targeting the area of our being able to absorb and live the Word. The Lord showed us that this was important for us all to be aware of and to seek Him about before going into the time of discussion‚ application, and establishing safeguards to make the Word revolution a reality in our lives and Homes.

2. I realize that some of you may be feeling weary with a depiction of another demon that opposes us. The Enemy wants to make you feel that way and to take it lightly or blow it off, because then he and his minions would be free to do their business in the dark, without you being aware of them. The Lord is telling us these things because He knows that it's important for us to be aware of our adversaries so that we can fight effectively (2Cor.2:11). He wants us to be as prepared and fully armed as possible when it comes to the spiritual warfare we're faced with these days. He said:

3. (Jesus speaking: ) Don't let the Enemy make you feel weary or like it's "too much" to have yet another demon exposed. This knowledge is a very key part of the spiritual warfare. Many people have the weakness of seeing things in only the physical realm‚ rather than looking at what's happening in the spirit.

4. It is in the spirit that battles are won or lost. Those who want to be winners will fight in the spirit. Those who choose to reject that insight and truth, and who prefer instead to stay in the physical plane, will wind up losing‚ for they will be weakened and will not see the attacks coming.

5. One of the main advantages of choosing to see things in the spirit and fight in the spirit is that you can see the attacks coming, you can prepare, you can be warned and ready. If you don't accept the spiritual point of view and instead choose to stay in the physical realm, then you just have to deal with the attacks as they come and you fight a much more defensive warfare. Plus, your enemy is safe from your attacks and offensive against him, because he's not limited to or affected by the physical plane.

6. So those who choose to limit themselves to the physical plane through disbelief or dismissing these important revelations of the spirit that I'm giving you are greatly disadvantaged. You also handicap yourselves in facing the future‚ for I will continue to expose your spiritual enemies in the days to come, as well as reveal your spiritual defenders and weaponry. Be not ignorant of the Evil One's devices, nor of your own defenses! (End of message from Jesus.)

7. (Mama:) The Lord makes it clear that learning to recognize the spiritual warfare, and working with those who are helping us from the spirit world, as well as fighting against those who seek to hinder us, are secrets to success and survival at this time in history.

8. This is a unique time. It's a time that is different from all that has gone before, because this is leading up to the grand finale, so things are different, more intense. The Enemy, as was foretold in the Bible, knows that his time is short and he's trying all sorts of new tactics and pulling out all the firepower against us that he can muster (Rev.12:12). It's very important for us to remember that‚ as it will help the battles and all that the Lord is showing us to make more sense and fall into perspective.

9. Here now is what our Husband revealed to us about another enemy who fights us, specifically in the area of our Word time—being faithful with it‚ absorbing it, obeying it, and living it.


10. (Jesus speaking:) The Family must fight, resist, and bind the powers of Obstacon! This one stands in the way of My truth being absorbed. He stands in the way of My Words being applied. Obstacon must be removed. You must resist him, and face him down in the power of the keys. He must be stopped; there is no time to waste. This kind goes not out but by prayer and fasting. You must unite your forces to fell him in the power of the keys.

11. Crafty and wise, subtle and sly is Obstacon. He will use any and all means to stand in the way of My Words being absorbed and applied. "Good intentions" are among the chief means he uses. He seeks to take good intentions and good works and twist and use them to seduce My Family into filling their time with good things, but not the best thing. He is a master at mixing up priorities, therefore ensuring that first things do not get put first.

12. He is cunningly sly. He is sharp and clever, satanically canny. He slips in unaware; he is slick and quick to change tactics. When he sees that one means is not working well, he'll quickly change his strategy. He is skilled at staying a step ahead and pulling another obstacle out of his bag of many devices to obstruct My Words from being absorbed and applied.

13. Obstacon is a master of obstacles, of all that obstructs My children from absorbing and living My Words. From this he derives his name, Obstacon. (Obstacle—Obstacon. An obstacle is something that stands in the way; it opposes and hinders progress. Change the last two letters "le" to "on" and you have the "con," also denoting opposition.) Obstacon is one who is against you. He desires to stand in the way of your progress, to deny the truth, to work through anything and everything to oppose you. Obstacon makes use of every obstacle that would stand in the way of My Family absorbing My Words. He knows if he can stand in the way of you absorbing My Words, you will consequently be unable to apply My Words.

14. His craftiness and power are no match for the keys; therefore, My children must fight in the power of the keys to fell Obstacon and his underlings. As you unite to fast and pray, you must rebuke and bind his power. Call on the keys of deliverance from Obstacon, and I will free you from his grip, so that the Word revolution can ignite and burn forever in your hearts. Claim the following keys promises and I will answer:

In the power of the keys of the Kingdom, I will remove all obstacles that obstruct the absorption of My Word.

The keys are quick and sharp, far more powerful than the dark forces that oppose My Word. Call on the keys for strength and fruitful feeding times in My Word.

Through calling on the keys, you can fell and overpower Obstacon, Oplexicon, Arakan, Apotheon, Pan, Lethargy, and all the demons who oppose My Word.

As you call on the keys of imprisonment, I will lock the doors and bind the power of Obstacon and all those who obstruct the flow of My Word in your hearts, minds, and spirits. The keys of the Kingdom bind all the power of the Evil One.

(End of message from Jesus)

15. (Mama: ) And here is some cool information that the Lord gave us when we asked Him about how the keys of imprisonment work. You can visualize this when you claim that key!

16. (Jesus speaking:) When I ask you to call on the keys of imprisonment, this has a dual meaning. Some of these lesser demons can indeed be cast out and bound elsewhere, whether it be in the depths of the sea or the heart of the earth, where many are prisoners already. For others, when you use the keys of imprisonment, you lock the doors around yourself or around others‚ so that demons cannot enter to harass you and hinder your work. In a manner of speaking, you imprison yourself in a force field which is impenetrable to the attacks of these evil ones, or erect an invisible wall in front of them when they would come toward you. It is much like you act out in your box skits, where the unwary person bumps into an invisible wall when he goes the wrong way. Thus it is with unwary demons who would come your way when you are protected by these keys—they run smack into an invisible wall‚ or a very visible fireball, if need be! (End of message from Jesus)

A Gigantic Roadblock

17. (Mama: ) We then asked the Lord to reveal more to us about Obstacon, anything that would help us in our fight against him.

18. (Jesus speaking:) Obstacon is at times like a gigantic roadblock in front of you. He attempts to put huge stops in your way, yet this is only one of many strategies he employs.

19. (Vision:) I see this grotesque, obese creature. He is disgusting, with rolls and rolls of blubber that look like they fall in layers down his body. He is so fat, I can't see if he's sitting on a chair or if he's on a platform of some kind, but he is sitting. It's interesting, because he's sitting in a Buddha type position, and you'd think he couldn't sit like that being so fat. He has very little clothing on; it seems he's wearing a loincloth or something similar. He's enormous, grotesquely fat.

20. The worst part of this picture is his face. He looks like he's drooling, it's disgusting! It's like he's licking his chops and drooling all over the place in a lustful, piggish way, as if he'd like his next meal to be me. He's bald, and has about 20 necklaces on, all different lengths, covering his chest. It appears to be something like cheap costume jewelry—all fake.

21. (Jesus speaking: ) Even when you peer deep into the spirit‚ things are not always as meets the eye. This is only one side of the nature of Obstacon. Ask, and I will show you more.

22. (Channel:) Yes, dear Love, please explain more. Please give me faith. I call on the power of the keys to receive all that You want to give!

23. (Jesus continues:) Obstacon shows his ugly self to you, yet this picture is only one of his many faces. He has shown this face, both because he wants to repulse you and because he hopes that this will be sufficient to satisfy your curiosity. He wants to tempt you to stop here, to close your eyes of the spirit, being so repulsed by this image, hoping you will ask Me to erase this gross picture from your mind, and hoping you will not ask Me to know more. He wants to sicken you, so you do not seek Me further and ask for the full explanation, the full revelation of his nature. He does not want full exposure.

24. Obstacon has the ability to take on as many forms as the obstacles he maneuvers in his attempt to obstruct, to slow down, or to halt his victims altogether.

25. You are now seeing him as if he were immovable, a huge mountain, an obstruction of mammoth proportions, too big for you to even think of moving. He appears as one of such giant proportions that he cannot be moved because of his sheer weight and size and his disgusting manner. And so he is to those who do not call his bluff, to those who do not exercise the power I give, to those who are not full of My Word, who do not call on the power of the keys and then proceed in obedience. There are many who would be scared off; when such a huge obstacle presents itself, they are content to call it quits, to give up, to not even try to get around it, to accept the supposed impossibility.

26. There is no need to fear this beastly blob, for at the mention of My Name, and as you call on the keys of the Kingdom, he must vanish! He will dissipate, for the keys and I are one. There is power in My Name and the keys of the Kingdom, and as you tap into this power in faith and confidence, all obstacles that this evil one tries to put in your way will fade into oblivion. He is bound by the laws of the spirit to make way when you call on the keys‚ in My Name. But then you must proceed in obedience to complete the victory, to claim the land in the spirit‚ or else he can come right back and block your way again.

27. But I ask you to use wisdom concerning the devices of Obstacon, for his strategies are more complex than meets the eye. The obvious, the huge mountains, the too-hard-to-miss impossibilities do require faith to surmount, yet because they are so obvious, you can see them more easily, and you who have faith can call on My help. It is not always the most obvious of giant obstacles that stand before you that present the greatest threat.

28. Obstacon does tempt you with the obvious, the huge mountains, the gigantic barriers‚ and you must fight to overcome these. Yet you must also keep in mind that Obstacon is crafty and wise‚ subtle and sly. He is slick and quick and slips in unaware. It is this part of his nature I warn you of now. I pull back the veil and show you this side of Obstacon. (End of message from Jesus.)

A Cunning‚ Sly Fox!

29. (Vision: ) I see an exceptionally handsome man. He seems to be about in his 40's. He looks very fit, and he's well groomed, impeccably dressed, carries himself well, and seems to have an air about him, as if he's royalty or a diplomat of some kind. He's standing with a small group of people who are gathered around him chatting, and he seems to be the center of attention. He's the one talking, and everyone is quite taken by this man. He definitely has charisma. They all look very interested in whatever he's saying—he has a captive audience. He's quite charming. I'd describe him as debonair—suave, polite, and refined.

30. Something just happened and he turned toward me. I'm looking on from the corner of the room and the impression I have is that he suddenly became aware of my presence. I sense another presence; I think it's a spirit helper, who has been sent to help reveal something to me. She looks like a fairy. She tapped this man on the shoulder, she called his attention to me, and he turned in response to the tap on the shoulder and now he's looking straight at me. He's staring me right in the eye, but he's no longer the handsome man I thought he was.

31. He is the same man, but only half of him is the same. He's split right down the middle, and half of his face is the same handsome man and the other half of his face has changed into a fox! Half of his head is now a fox's head and half of his body has turned to fur, like a fox. He still looks like a man, dressed impeccably and standing upright, but half his body, underneath his clothing‚ is fur like a fox. He's split right down the middle. He has half the face of a man and half the face of a fox, and he's staring me straight in the eyes and his countenance is now very stern and evil looking.

32. He's very serious now, like he wants to outstare me. He's peering deeply into my eyes, and now his former charming aura has become obstinate. When he became aware of my presence, the impression I got is that he knows that I know who he is, and he changed from his earlier charming manner into his hard, cold nature. He is peering intently into my eyes‚ like nothing in the world can budge him.

33. (Spirit helper speaking:) Call his bluff! His power is no match for what you possess. He is no match for the children of David who hold the power of the keys. Call the name "Jesus!" Say the words, "I call on the keys," and watch him vanish. Go ahead, rebuke him with the power of the keys, and he will turn tail and run. Call his bluff, for this one greatly fears the keys. Go ahead, show him who's boss! (End of message from spirit helper.)

34. (Channel:) I instantly called on the keys, and in a flash he disappeared! He's gone.

35. (Jesus speaking:) Now you understand more clearly the nature of Obstacon. He is cunning‚ wise, and crafty. He is clever, sly as a fox, devious and misleading. There are many sides to his nature. Though he is the obese giant you first viewed, and one who puts mountains before you that must be hurdled, he is also out to stop you through more refined and subtle means. He is suave. He uses his many charms to obstruct your way, and he is clever and sharp as a fox.

36. Beware of his strategies‚ for they are many. He offers that which is pleasing to the eye, appealing and logical to the carnal mind, satisfying to the heart of flesh. He seeks to seduce you with good things, good intentions, offers that are attractive, that look good; yet though good they may be, they are not the best. He tempts with good things, but not the best things‚ for they keep you from absorbing and applying My Words.

37. That is the significance of the many necklaces of costume jewelry that cover this evil one's chest. He offers good things‚ of some worth, but not the "real deal," not the greatest treasures that can never be taken from you. He tries to get you distracted with your own accomplishments and looking good in the eyes of others through your supposed efficiency and great works of the flesh. But these are nothing compared with what is accomplished through My Spirit when you depend on and obey My Word. What I can do through you is as precious jewels compared to the cut glass and tin of your own works, the distractions of even good things or pretty things or things that make you look good in the eyes of others, but that take the place of or usurp My Word!

38. The obstacles in this evil one's bag are many—some obvious to those who know My ways, others not so obvious. Obstacon is sly as a fox! He is slick and swift to adapt, to change his strategy at a moment's notice.

39. But this one is also a fool, for he thinks he can outwit My children through his craft and charms. His power is no match for the keys. His power is nothing to Me. He is no match for those who live in My Word‚ who depend on Me, who hold the keys before his face and call his bluff. (End of message from Jesus)

If You're Strong in the Word, You're Safe from His Attacks!

40. (Mama:) At the end of this GN you'll find a question to get you started asking the Lord about Obstacon and his influence, and how it is manifested in your life. Please take the time to pray about these things so that you can knowledgeably put together your personal prayer request for the fast and prayer day, as well as come up with safeguards that will help you in implementing the Word revolution in your life. The Lord gave this encouraging promise:

41. (Jesus speaking:) My Family, you must live in the Word. You must absorb and apply My Words. You must let My Words live in you—this is your survival in these days. You have nothing to fear, but give Me praise, for everything that I have spoken to you regarding the Last Days will be fulfilled, as you live in closeness to Me.

42. I ask you, dear loves, to begin this new Word revolution with fasting and prayer, for it is through prayer and fasting that Obstacon, and all those who sit in council together against you‚ will be defeated. Through prayer and fasting and calling on the keys, all the power of Heaven is at your command. (End of message from Jesus.)

Live in the Word!

43. (Mama: ) We also asked the Lord how Obstacon works together with Oplexicon and Pan and others who fight against the Word.

44. (Jesus speaking:) I have shown you to live in the Word. I have called for a Word revolution in your lives. This is the most important thing you can and should do. This is both the most important offense and the most important defense you can have. It is through living in My Word and letting Me live through you that you will overcome the ploys and devices of these evil ones who oppose My truth, so you can stand strong and be counted in the Last Days.

45. This is the most important thing you can know, and the most vital course of action you can take against all who oppose you. Call on the keys for power to live in the Word and to read, absorb, and apply all that I give you—for this is your safety, defense, assurance, and survival.

46. Living in the Word is part of drawing nigh to Me, dear ones‚ and this is one of your greatest protections against the attacks of the Evil One or of evildoers. It assures your survival in the days to come‚ it keeps you safe from all evil, and you are greatly empowered both to defeat the Enemy and to win others to Me.

47. These emissaries of Satan whom I have revealed to you have various portfolios and jurisdictions, but their tactics and efforts overlap at times. They have times when they counsel together on how they can join forces to fight the truth. Even so now they have joined forces in the spirit to try to defeat you, My Endtime brides.

48. This is why you must live in the Word! This is why you must have a revolution! This is why you must develop lasting, lifelong Word habits. It is only by living in the Word that you will stay ahead of these who want to bring you down. (End of message from Jesus.)

Obstacon Is Defeated

Through Your Obedience

49. (Mama:) Here's some more interesting insight on how to defeat Obstacon:

50. (Jesus speaking:) The archenemy of Obstacon is the Word. It is his defeat, his nemesis. He fights it, but he knows that he is no match for it. When one of My children is determined to persevere in their Word-time habits and absorbing and applying the Word, Obstacon is hopelessly defeated. It is good for you to be aware of him and his influence and to fight him; that is very important. But what is most important is your perseverance and determination to get your Word time and to live it no matter what‚ because that is what calls his bluff, that is what will defeat him.

51. In claiming the power of the keys to defeat Obstacon, you must wield them through your obedience to My Word. That is a condition to their use. Obstacon must bow to the power of the keys‚ and you must claim them against him, but in addition to that‚ you must immediately obey and follow through on what I show you, or else he will return and continue to block your way and distract or deter you. Without your obedience, he continues to do his evil work.

52. So the greatest thing you can do if you wish to defeat him is to call on the keys for strength to obey and persevere. Claim the keys against distractions and claim them against Obstacon‚ and then proceed with determined obedience—read, absorb, and live My Words. As you fight to do that, you are fighting Obstacon, and he is defeated through your obedience. He will try to dissuade you, distract you, and deter you, but as you persevere and obey, he meets sure defeat. (End of message from Jesus.)

53. (Mama: ) We also asked the Lord if there were any specific spirit beings who would fight and defeat Obstacon for us. The Lord's answer confirms the need for each of us to seek Him specifically about how Obstacon tries to fight us‚ as that holds the key to his defeat.

54. (Jesus speaking:) Because Obstacon is directly linked with your obedience, the spirit helpers who fight him will be those who help you to obey in whatever area he is trying to block you. So a key to having the help you need is to find out in which areas he's hindering you, and then seek Me as to who I've assigned to help you in those areas. They are the ones you can call on for help, and they will fight against him on your behalf, and will also help you as you press forward to obey despite the obstacles he places in your way. (End of message from Jesus)

Make a Choice!

55. (Mama: ) Now I want to share with you a message that one of our WS members received when she read an advance copy of the Lord's call to a Word revolution (GN 1016). I know the Lord will speak to each of you and give you wonderful, personalized counsel, with solutions that will help you to make this challenge a reality in your life, but I thought you'd be interested in hearing what the Lord said to this individual too, as it makes what He's asking of us very clear.

56. The message the Lord is giving with this call to a Word revolution is strong. I don't want you to be discouraged or overwhelmed, feeling that it's asking too much of you. The Lord is not asking you to give up everything that you find fun or pleasurable. But He is asking you to live in His Word much more than you have been, to treasure it above all else‚ to absorb it, apply it‚ obey it—and if in your case that means doing less of something you enjoy in order to make more time for the Word, then know that He will bless you for making that sacrifice‚ and will repay so abundantly that you'll be glad you did.

57. So please don't allow the Enemy to discourage you right from the beginning‚ or make you fear and close yourself off from what the Lord might want to tell you personally. The Lord is not only the great God of the universe, He's also your Shepherd and Husband, and He knows you personally and knows what makes you happy, and He loves you very much. He's not out to punish you or make your life more difficult or less happy or fun. This Word revolution—if you're faithful to obey—is going to make your life better than ever, so don't let the Devil scare you or convince you it's too hard before you even have a chance to prove the Lord's promises!

58. (Jesus speaking:) I need you to be possessed of Me as never before—not just your hands as you do My work, but your heart and spirit as My disciple and lover, which is the heart and soul of the matter. I need you to lay aside everything else in favor of Me and My Word, in favor of being fully possessed by Me and My Word as never before.

59. Now is the time to again consecrate and rededicate yourself to Me as My disciple and lover of My Words above all. This means you must live and be as one with these Feast messages and all they mean and how they will impact your life from this time forth. You must begin right now to live all that these messages are saying.

60. You must rededicate yourself in entirety to Me and My Word. Use every available moment and opportunity to bathe yourself in My Word. You must lay all else on the altar, which means all the concerns of your heart over your boyfriend and what the future might mean for you. It means laying aside some of your free-time activities at night in favor of spending that extra time in infilling with Me and My Word.

61. Without consecrating yourself anew in this way to My Word, you will not be able to access the full power of the keys. This is the essence of My message to you. You must give yourself to My Word in this way in order to access the full power of the keys! You must live these messages‚ you must love these messages and all that they are saying with all of your heart‚ soul, and mind, which means putting into practice instantly what it means to love Me and My Word above all, even when it looks like all else that this world holds dear to you is slipping away from you. This is what these Feast messages mean for all My children. It is a great and sweeping call to leave all behind except Me and the surety of My Word.

62. My darling, this is a very special time for you and Me—a time when I and My helpers will possess you and your heart and spirit as never before.

63. At the cry of your heart and spirit, I have created special keys promises designed especially for you, My love. You will need these promises to keep your heart fixed and focused on Me and My Word—on the gravity and repercussions of these messages upon you and My Family at large.

64. In the coming days you will see a great falling away of anything in the Family that is not grounded and firmly established upon My living Word. My Word is the great discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart, and as such, will rightly divide that which is firmly grounded in Me and that which is based on the shifting sands of all that falls outside the circumference of My unfailing Word. You will see a great falling away of other plans and projects and even people who are not steadfastly grounded in My Word. You will see a swelling of the chaff and all that is laid naked before Me and found wanting.

65. So claim the keys of all-knowing love, of seeing beyond the natural and all that surrounds you, of basing your life on My Word and My promises, even it if touches your own heart and requires you to make certain sacrifices in order to live it. Claim the power of the keys of keeping your heart and mind fixed upon Me and My Word above all, your feelings subservient, and your spirit and heart transcending all that this Earth possesses.

66. I know that you love My Word above all, My love. I have no doubt in this regard. I know that it has kept you through thick and thin these many years. It, as part of My divine nature and trinity, has been a faithful, true and loyal Husband to you when all else has failed‚ forsaken and disappointed you. And so I have created and designed some keys promises just for you, even though you look at yourself and feel so incapable, so unworthy, so deficient in yourself. (Seek Me further after this message and I shall relay these keys promises to you, so that you can come to battle well–armed and fully prepared, your weaponry of key power at your side.)

67. It is of Me that you have been feeling the need to step back from anything and everything else that would keep you from being solely consecrated and dedicated to Me. You need to be solely Mine and give yourself to My Word, that I might possess your mind, your heart, your spirit. For there has not been any other time in the history of My children of David when the dire consequences of these messages have been so great. I am very clearly, precisely, and strategically addressing the fundamental foundation of your faith—My Word. I am addressing the foundation of the Family—My living Word and all that I have given through My David and Maria. The consequences of not receiving or lazily dismissing these messages are very, very great. There will be no turning back after this delivery. From this point on, depending on each one's choice, the die will be cast for each of My children.

68. So to you and all My children, I say, prepare. Prepare to meet the incredible and dynamic fruit, or the pitiful fallout. As I have said, the Word is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart, and this challenge will bring division in the ranks.

69. Each individual is being put to the test. Each one will make a choice. Many will choose the house of David—the house of My living Words and the Spirit; some will choose the House of Saul—the house of the former, the old‚ the arm of the flesh, the house of self and all that would oppose and stand in the way of My Words entering‚ deeply penetrating, motivating and possessing the heart and spirit. (End of message from Jesus)

70. (Mama:) Dear loves, please take heed to this serious warning from our Lover‚ and make the most of these days to receive His counsel and instruction and to nail down the implementation of it. Peter and I are praying for you and love you very much.

With love and faith in the power of the keys,


Question to ask the Lord

(Please try to do this one before the prayer and fast day, so that your prayer request can be as complete as possible:)

What are the methods that Obstacon has used to distract me from getting consistent quality Word time, and to prevent my absorbing and applying it? What can I do, both immediately and in the long term, to overcome his influence and live in the Word as I should?

End of File