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What Is Jesus Worth to You?

Karen Zerby

Feast 2003

By MariaMaria #633 CM/FM 3433 10/02

Dear Family‚

1. What you are about to read is the main thrust of Feast 2003. It's a plea from the Lord. I pray it will change your life!

2. This is not a brand-new message. In fact, this is something that should have become a part of our being long ago. The instruction from the Lord is three-pronged. We each need to do the following:

  1. Have quality time in the Word daily.
  2. Meditate on the Word. Absorb the Word, really think about what the message means to us as individuals‚ and to our Homes and our service for the Lord.
  3. Do it. Reading the Word is not enough; we must live it!

3. Like I said, this is something that we all know. It's not a new revelation. The Lord‚ Dad and I have been emphasizing the importance of the Word from our very beginning days. And yet it's something that is still so lacking in your lives and Homes, that the work—and you—are suffering because of it. I know there are many supposedly good reasons and very understandable excuses as to why you just don't make the time—you're very busy people, you have children to care for, sheep to feed, finances to raise, and the list goes on. But the point is‚ it is the top priority in our service to the Lord, and it should be our personal top priority as well! The Lord has been trying to make this point for over 30 years! There are innumerable references to this throughout the Letters, dating all the way back to the early years of the Family.

Quotes on Putting the Word First

4. (Dad:) How you think you can do the Master's will without the Master's plan, I don't know! … You can't get along without God, you can't do His work without His will, you can't follow without listening, and you can't accomplish anything without obeying His Words (ML #161:43; 1972).

5. (Dad:) You'll never have the spiritual strength and stamina or the spirit that will even sustain your bodily strength and stamina to keep going to get out the Word—unless you yourself are drinking in the Word and being spiritually nourished and strengthened by it yourself first (ML #320:56; 1974).

6. (Dad:) If you're weak in faith it's because you're weak in the Word! And it's your own fault if you're weak in the Word, because you're either not reading the Word, you're ignorant of the Word, or you're not receiving the Word! (ML #603:43; 1977).

7. (Dad: ) If God's Word does not satisfy you, then something is wrong with your spiritual appetite! (ML #775:38; 1978).

8. (Dad:) Keep on the right track … which is in His Word and obeying it! (ML #952–12:1; 1980).

9. (Dad:) If they become alienated from the Word‚ they become alienated from life, spiritual life, from the Lord‚ because He is the Word. They become alienated from His life and His spiritual spark, that which gives life. The Word is life.

10. Jesus is the Word, He is the spirit and the life‚ and you have to have a dose of Him every day‚ and have a good feeding and feasting and drinking. Just like you have to eat in order to have physical strength, you have to eat of the Word, drink of the Word, to have spiritual strength.

11. The Word is all of these things: The Word is Jesus, the Word is God, the Word is spirit, the Word is life! And without Jesus you're without God, you're without Spirit, you're without Life, you're dead!

12. You can't have that way of life and living without the Life that makes it live! You've got to have the Life or the way of life will die! You've got to have the Life to live or there's no such way of living.

13. I'll tell you, it's dangerous to neglect the Word! The minute you start crowding the Word out of your lives, you're getting too busy!

14. The secret of power and victory and overcoming and fruitfulness and fire and life and warmth and light and leadership, everything‚ is the Word! And the lack of it is the secret of backsliding and failure and coldness and darkness and weakness and dying spiritually (ML #1089:14, 18,21‚31,32,46,63; 1981).

15. (Dad: ) His Word says that He has exalted His Word even above His Name! God considers His Word even more important than His Name!

16. His Word is very important, beloved, and you had better not forget it or neglect it or in any way fail to receive it, believe it, act on it and obey it!

17. There's nothing more important than the Word. Because His Word is love, and His Word is God, and His Word is Jesus‚ His Word is everything; His Word is that important! (ML #1286:29,40,41; 1982).

18. (Dad:) That's the only thing that's really necessary, to listen to the Lord‚ to sit at His feet and hear of Him and hear His Word.

19. Help us to remember, Lord, that Thy Word comes first.… This is our whole duty and our whole obligation and our whole job, to love Thee and to love others, to love Thy Word, and love them with Thy Word, and anything else is not really essential, not really necessary (ML #1316:128‚167; 1982).

20. (Dad:) If somehow you haven't dwelt in the Word, kept the Word, taught your children the Word and made them examples of the Word, then you have failed! If you are not absorbing the Word yourself and living the Word and preaching the Word and practicing the Word and teaching your children the Word and making them good examples of the Word, forget it! (ML #1388:15; 1982).

21. (Mama: ) The Word and Jesus must always have first place in your heart and your thoughts and your time (Maria #44:23; 1985).

22. (Dad:) Everybody has the Word right there at their fingertips. They have endless strength, instruction, encouragement, and the answer to all their problems. Every person in the Family has it equally available to them. It just depends on how hungry they are, how willing they are to take the time to read and study and absorb and believe and put it into practice.

23. I've said it time and time again. I don't know how many times I've preached this sermon on the need and the importance of the Word. The Word is where the power is, the Word is where the solutions are. The Word is the answer. The Word is the Lord! The Word is it! (ML #3069:74‚75; 1996).

24. (Mama:) The solution is the Word and going to the Lord to ask Him for His answers, both in the already published Word and the fresh Word that He gives daily in prophecy when you take time to listen to Him. I hope and pray that if we say this enough, if we keep saying it, then it will reinforce this important truth. And you'll see that just because this is a new day, it certainly doesn't decrease our need for the Word! In fact‚ it makes it even greater!

25. What does it mean when you depend on something? That means you rely on it, you need it, you miss it when you don't have it, you can't live without it. For example, in the flesh, we depend on food, water, and oxygen. Dad says the Word is even more necessary than our daily food or sleep or going to the bathroom or having sex or exercising. If we tried to go without those things, we wouldn't last long, would we? Well, that's how foolish it is to try to go without the Word!

26. You all have the Word. It is available to all of you equally. You have the answers, the solutions, right at your fingertips in the new GNs, as well as in your Daily Breads and Home libraries. And if that's not enough, you can also seek the Lord for personal specific instruction by hearing from Him in prophecy. The Lord says each one of you has access to "endless strength, instruction‚ encouragement, and the answers to all your problems." It just depends on how hungry you are personally, and how willing you are to take the time to read, study, absorb, believe and put it into practice (ML #3069:79,80,88; 1996).

27. (Mama:) Are we understanding and grasping the importance of the Word? Are we reading the Word faithfully, diligently and with open, hungry hearts? Are we putting it into practice daily in our lives and Homes? I certainly hope so, because realizing our need for the Word is one of the most important lessons we need to learn! The Word is the foundation of our spiritual lives, and knowing and depending on the Word is absolutely crucial if we want to be successful for the Lord! (ML #3071:142; 1996).

28. (Jesus speaking:) Spiritual strength comes from Me—from abiding in Me‚ abiding in My Spirit. It is Mine to give, and I give it to those who feed heartily upon My Word, who cherish it, who draw their nourishment from it. For these are My true soldiers—those who desire true strength, those who have the faith to put other things aside and to feast upon My strengthening Spirit that comes from My Word. (End of message from Jesus) (ML #3183:65; 1998).

29. (Dad speaking in prophecy:) You don't see how you can possibly take more time in the Word and in listening to Heaven when there's so much to do and so few to do it, but … you cannot possibly afford to not take this time! How many times does the Lord have to say it?

30. If the Word is the answer to every question, the solution to every problem, what on earth could possibly be keeping you away from it? … If the Word is the key to every door, the secret to every mystery, if it's power and victory and light and life, what in Heaven's name could hold you back from taking this time?

31. The Lord Himself has made daily Word time mandatory, so if you want to be successful, you'd better take that time! It's simply a law of God! If you want to prosper, if you want to be blessed, if you want power and plenty and provision—then you'd better keep His law. [See Josh.1:8; Job 23:12b; Psa.119:97; John 8:31, 14:23; Col.3:16; 1Tim.4:15.]

32. It's His law of prosperity! Make it sacred! Make it untouchable! Make it sacrosanct [set apart as sacred; inviolable]! Make it indispensable! Make it imperative! Make it everyone's job! And by all means, at all costs‚ make it happen! Do it!

33. I'd say the bare minimum of daily Word time for any Family member should be one-and-a-half hours a day—although the preferred would be two hours as much as possible. (End of message from Dad.) (ML #3184:95,103,113‚ 117,124; 1998).

34. (Jesus speaking:) Your connection with Me through My voice of prophecy and My written Word is your spiritual lifeline. The Enemy is always trying to hinder or disrupt your link with Me through the Word, and even destroy it if you'll let him. If he can't convince you to not read the Word, he'll try to squelch the power and effect of My Word in your life through familiarity or a lack of hunger.

35. Those who are close to My Word, who drink it in and absorb it, obey and follow, continue to grow and move forward. But those who allow themselves to lose their fire for My Word, who grow familiar with it and think it isn't necessary to study and absorb it every day, will not stay strong and healthy in spirit. They will slowly grow weaker‚ and when the big tests come along, they won't have the power and strength of My Word in their hearts to give them faith and strength of spirit. (End of message from Jesus.) (ML #3250:38‚42,43; 1999).

36. (Jesus speaking: ) There is changing power in My Word. But in order for it to work, you have to imbibe it. You have to swallow it, believe it, accept it. And then you have to do it, follow it, implement it. That's how My Spirit can go to work in your heart, in your life, in your very spirit.

37. I know it's easy to become distracted with the things around you—your ministry, your jobs, your pet projects, even seemingly necessary things. But sometimes they can detract from the best, and this is not good.

38. Only one thing is needful. Do you understand that? Do you grasp the immensity of that statement? Only one thing in all of life is needful, and when you have chosen that good part‚ it will not be taken away from you.

39. That good part, this one thing that is needful, that I require and look at more than any other obedience or good deed or even sacrificial deed that you do, is your time spent with Me, sitting down at My feet to learn of Me. (End of message from Jesus.) (ML #3292:132-136; 1999).

40. (Dad speaking in prophecy: ) How on earth can some of you think that you can do without the Word? Maybe you think that you know better or that you've become intelligent and smart by increasing your knowledge through avenues of the Enemy—worldly books, movies, TV‚ the Internet, etc.

41. If you don't respect the Word, you'd better watch out! … You're offending God! He's not going to stand for your indifference for very long. He'll stop talking to you if you won't listen.

42. The foundation of this Family—and the foundation of any Christian‚ for that matter—should be the Word. If you don't hold on to the Word for dear life, you're going to find yourself slipping into the oblivion of little or no usefulness to the Lord. He wants to use you, but He can only do so if you keep your mind stayed on Him and His Word. (End of message from Dad.) (ML #3322:85‚ 86, 96; 2000).

43. (Jesus speaking:) As My Father's Word to Me had to dictate My every action‚ so My Word to you must dictate all your actions.

44. My Word is alive, it's action, it's powerful! It's sharper than any two-edged sword. It can divide the soul and spirit, and discern the thoughts and intents of every heart. My Word is live power!

45. Nothing can stand against My Word! Nothing can stand against the keys to the Kingdom! Love is the greatest force; My Word is the greatest force; the power of the keys to the Kingdom is the greatest force in the world, in the heavens, in the universe!

46. If you are to focus on the power of the keys, if you are to allow the words I speak to you to dictate your life, you must rid yourselves of all that stands in the way of this. Detach yourselves from other things that clutter your life—the cares of the world, the pride of life, anything that opposes My Word.

47. Do this, My loves, and you will discover the full power of the keys. Focus on the power! Do it now! Today the keys rule! My Word rules! And the people who focus on the power of the keys will rule and reign with Me in the power and might of the Kingdom of God! (End of message from Jesus.) (ML #3374:29,31,36,50,53; 2001).

Why Bring Up the Word Again?

48. (Mama:) Now after all the instructing‚ pleading, reminding, scolding, cajoling, requiring, and almost everything short of forcing the Family to put the Word and your time with the Lord first, why do you think the Lord would again bring up this topic in Feast 2003? We have grown to expect that the yearly Feast celebration is a time when the Lord gives the Family some of the most important revelations and instruction that He has for us. In recent years the Feast GNs have majored on such subjects as the Love Charter, the Loving Jesus revelation, the goals of 1998 [and 1999], overcoming the generation gap, the Law of Love, "Ask Me Everything‚" rising above, the keys of the Kingdom, full possession, heavenly thought power, etc.

49. Most of those topics are new revelations, or at least include some significant new information or fairly major changes for the Family. So a pretty good case can be made that the yearly Feast celebrations are times when the Lord focuses on important, milestone, life-changing topics. So this year why would He choose to talk about the importance of the Word in our lives, something that many of you probably feel is a way overdone topic? This probably falls into the "beating a dead horse" category for some of you, or the "been there, done that" boring-subjects department.

50. If that's how you feel, then please stop and pray desperately! Call on the keys of vision and understanding, so you can see things differently. In fact, probably every one of us needs to pray before going further with this GN‚ to rebuke familiarity and the complacency that can so easily creep in regarding the Word.

51. It's clear that the Lord, Dad and I have been talking about the importance of the Word for years. In addition, you've probably received personal prophecies in which the Lord reprimanded you for not putting the Word first, or for not spending enough time in the Word. I think we'd all agree that this is a pretty universal problem. It's a constant fight to get sufficient quality Word time!

52. What more can the Lord say? Well, plenty! But in order to grasp what He's telling us, we must realize that the dynamics of the spirit world are different now. What the Lord excused in the past will not be overlooked now. The Lord is requiring more of us. Therefore, this lack of giving the Word proper place must change.

53. The situation is this: The Lord is calling the Family to return to dropped-out, full-time discipleship. He has given us the standard of the Conviction versus Compromise series. He has challenged us to be fully possessed by Him and to take on His mind. He's given us the keys of the Kingdom and is teaching us how to use them. He's warned us of pending persecution, and shown us what to do to prepare. He's commissioned us to build an outside church of dedicated believers and followers of the Words of David. None of this is possible without our being very strongly attached to the Lord through the Word!

54. The Lord's love, the keys of the Kingdom and the Word are one. How are you doing in these three areas? How is your personal intimate love relationship with the Lord? Are you using the keys of the Kingdom and claiming the keys promises? And what priority do you give the Word in your daily life? That last question is what we'll concentrate on in this GN.

55. (Jesus speaking: ) I will give you a little background of what transpired here in Heaven in preparation for this Feast. Here in the Heavenly Grand Council Room there has been much deliberation as to what theme is most important to cover for these Feast days. I have summoned My most trusted counselors together in order that we might take all sides of the equation into consideration. All are unanimously agreed that one topic, and one topic alone‚ is not only timely, but most urgent to address. That topic is My Word. I desire to pour out My heart and soul to you on this matter. My loves, this subject could not be any more crucial, nor any heavier on My heart at this time. (End of message from Jesus)

56. (Mama: ) As I touched on in "Pray, Obey and Prepare," Peter and I are well aware of the fact that many of you don't obey the Word as you should—not personally and not as a Home. (See ML #3420:196-197, GN 1007.) Often GNs are read once or barely skimmed, and then forgotten. You fail to pray about the instruction, discuss it‚ and then actually do it.

57. During this Feast you will have time to think about, pray about and discuss the challenge the Lord is putting before you. The Lord is asking you to make a change in your life. It's something that He's asking you to do for Him, because you love Him‚ because you want to be a disciple. How much of a difference this makes in your life and how long it lasts is entirely up to you. The Lord isn't going to force you, and we aren't either. This is voluntary, but please realize that you'll be blessed according to your obedience to this counsel. It's not that you'll be able to just blow it off and think that nothing will happen, that things will just continue the same. They won't. If you continue to neglect the Word, either personally or as a Home, there will be consequences; you will suffer loss. This will be the Lord's doing.

58. The Lord is expecting to see change; in fact, He's calling for revolution!

59. (Jesus speaking:) My message for Feast 2003 is that it's time that My Words be put to greater and fuller use in each Family member's life. Now is the time for all to launch a Word revolution throughout the Family worldwide! Everyone must use the Word to a greater degree; that means take in, absorb‚ and apply My Words.

60. The time for "sliding by" is over. Those who don't live in the Word will suffer more outstanding consequences and the results of their disobedience will be more shocking. And those who appear to want the Word, yet carelessly allow it to be crowded out of their daily lives, will also suffer greater consequences than in the past. The effects of their neglect will be seen; it will be more obvious.

61. In contrast, for those who fight to take the Word in‚ who live in the Word, feed on the Word, and truly absorb the Word and apply it to their lives, the fruits will be more visible. Their power will be more outstanding and the results will be indisputably noticeable. These will go from strength to strength, and they will perform exploits.

62. I implore you, My Family, this must be a time of change! It's not a time for short-lived resolutions that quickly lose steam; it must be a time to revolute, a time to declare war on all that stops you from sufficiently taking in, absorbing, and applying the Word in your lives! (End of message from Jesus.)

What Is My Word?

63. (Mama: ) You who have been in the Family for any significant amount of time have been taught about the importance of the Word. It's not that anyone is ignorant. We could all probably quote a fair few verses or excerpts of Letters on this subject, such as those listed earlier. Though we are well educated on this topic, I asked the Lord to once again explain what the Word does and is‚ and the place it should have in our lives and priorities.

64. (Jesus speaking:) Please consider the following regarding My Word:

*The Word is Me. It is My Spirit, it is My life. I am the Word.

*The Word is the most powerful truth on Earth and throughout the universe.

*The Word keeps you in tune with Me; it keeps you going My way.

*My Word is the source of all true strength.

*My Word is food for your soul and health to your flesh.

*You can't have faith without My Word.

*My Word cleanses; it makes new.

*My Word liberates; it is freedom.

*My Word keeps you from falling.

*My Word gives you peace.

*My Word is wisdom; it makes the simple wise.

*My Word gives understanding.

*My Word is the discerner of all things, of every thought and every intent of every heart.

*Through My Word, you partake of My divine nature; you become like Me.

*Through My Word, you escape the corruption that is in the world.

*My Word never fails.

*My Word will stand forever.

*My Word is the secret to power and victory, the secret to overcoming and fruitfulness, the secret to leadership‚ the secret to everything!

*My Word is your link to My mind.

*Living in My Word is the first step to receiving heavenly thought power.

*Absorbing and applying My Word in your lives is the first step to focusing on the power.

*Absorbing and applying My Word opens the door for Me to fully possess you.

*Absorbing and applying My Word to your lives daily and following the Word is the most important thing you can do!

65. Stop now, read over this list again, and meditate on these truths. If My Word is Me; if it is the most powerful truth; if it is strength‚ life, peace, the link to My mind, and the key to using heavenly thought power; if My Word is all these things I've mentioned, and more; if absorbing and applying My Words to your lives is the most important thing you have to do, then ask yourselves: Are you, both as an individual and in your Home, allotting sufficient quality time for the single most important thing in your lives? Take note that the emphasis here is on quality time. (End of message from Jesus)

Three-in–One Power!

66. (Mama:) What you've read so far has served as a good review of our foundation beliefs regarding the Word and our responsibility to read it, meditate on it‚ and live it. As I mentioned earlier, however, the Lord has plenty more to say—new insight. Our Lover has continually revealed more truth to us; He has given us greater understanding of the spirit world and bestowed on us new spiritual weapons. Now He explains how this all fits together, and why it's so important that we make this change in our lives regarding our relationship with the Word.

67. (Jesus speaking:) There is a fearsome battle being fought in the heavenlies! It is a battle royal, for the Enemy knows that his end is nigh. He fights his three greatest spiritual foes—Me, the Word‚ and the keys of the Kingdom—for we are one and the most powerful force in the world, in the Heavens, in the universe. Satan knows that his end is drawing nigh, and he fights like a madman, savoring his last days in power as king of the netherworld, grasping at any thread of hope that his reign might be prolonged.

68. He has always fought My Word‚ but his attacks today are even more vicious and relentless. Never before have the battles in the spiritual and the physical realms been so intense as they are today.

69. Never has My Word been as powerful as it is today for you, My children. For up until recently, you had only two parts of the puzzle, and now you have all three—Me, My Word and My keys. Me and My Word you have had since the beginning, because these are the basics of your spiritual weaponry. And only recently, as we have entered the Last Days, did I find it necessary to reveal to you the full power of the keys of the Kingdom‚ this additional portion of My power and your anointing for these Last Days. You must have all three parts, My loves—Me, My Word, and the keys—for we are one.

70. The Enemy relentlessly fights the importance of My Word, the power of My Word. He uses familiarity, for he knows this is a trick easily accepted by many. You have had the Word all the time you've been in the Family, an abundance of it, so he makes you wonder‚ "Why is it now more important than ever?" It's because it's a piece of the puzzle, it's a part of Me, and when the Word is combined with My power and the keys, its power is intensified a hundredfold. Thus the Enemy wages war with great force, with his most powerful underlings, to oppose the Word in your lives—to stop you from reading, believing and receiving it.

71. Don't you see? The three pieces that fit together during these Last Days to defeat the Enemy, to give you power to rise to victory and to make it through till the End are Me, the Word and the keys. Together, we are your salvation‚ your anointing, and without all three you won't make it.

72. I am powerful, My Word is powerful, and the keys are powerful, but combined we are your vital companions in these Last Days! You will be fighting evil forces such as you have never imagined, and will need power such as you have not yet experienced, but which can only be achieved when I, the Word and the keys are one in you.

73. To neglect My Word is to neglect Me, for I am one with My Word. To neglect the keys and their power is to neglect Me‚ for I am one with My keys. Thus the Enemy attacks in these two arenas, to get you to doubt, procrastinate, or lose your sense of urgency in the spirit. You can't use the full power of the keys without the Word. You can't use the full power of the Word without the keys. The Enemy knows this‚ and so he seeks to distract, divide and conquer.

74. The Enemy delves into each person's heart to find out where their greatest weakness lies. The Enemy is the accuser of the saints, the tempter, and just as you are not ignorant of his devices, so he is not ignorant of your thoughts‚ desires and weaknesses. That is how he is able to use the mind as his battlefield in attacking you, for he can monitor it, to some extent. He does not know it as I do‚ nor does he have power over it as I do, but he can tempt and attack in these ways, and I allow this for the purpose of strengthening you, My loves. Your adversary is your friend in this respect, as I have said before, for he forces you to draw nigh to Me.

75. But if you are hesitant to use the keys, he enhances those feelings and fights to pull you back. If you are weak in the Word, he puts distractions in your life that make it even more difficult for you—busyness, things to do that you think are more important than time spent in the Word, doubts, familiarity, or perhaps just plain laziness.

76. Your Adversary knows My power with My keys and My Word combined. He knows the plan I have for the End of Days. He knows that I am his demise‚ and that you will carry out My plan as My witnesses in these Last Days. But you cannot be My tools if you do not obey‚ if you do not know, live, breathe, and think My Word, and therefore this is where he attacks. You must let Me‚ My Word and the keys become one with you, for unless all three are an integral part of your life, I will only be able to use you to a certain degree‚ but never fully.

77. You are making great strides in using the keys, in accessing their power, in memorizing the promises, and in making them a part of your life. Overall, this is not what the Enemy is fighting now, for he sees that you are pushing forward in this spiritual skill. Though he has been attacking a select few regarding the keys and throwing doubts their way‚ for the most part he has seen that at this time it is a futile attack, for most Family members are making great strides in the use of the keys.

78. But he has seen a great weakness in your intake of the Word, which is very widespread and evident to him. Thus he has been attacking you more furiously on this front, for he knows your defenses have been weakened through many years of familiarity, of not heeding My warnings, of not esteeming My Words of greater importance in your lives. He knows that today—and in the future—the Word is an integral part of My plan for My children.

79. The Word is not only something to keep you inspired‚ obeying, and on the right track‚ but it's a spiritual substance that needs to run through your being continuously. If not, you won't make it through the days ahead.

80. My Word must live within you, both now and in the days to come. My Word is a part of Me within you; it is part of your protection, part of your strength, part of what will separate you from the world, a part of your very being, and it works hand in hand with My keys so that you can access My full power.

81. There are chemical compounds on Earth such as water, which is made up of the elements hydrogen and oxygen. Well, in the spirit it's like that too. I, plus My Word, plus the keys, combine to make the fuel, power, spiritual stamina, authority, and everything you will need in the days to come—and today‚ now, is when you must prepare. It's an Endtime phenomenon, a spiritual fact! So those who are neglecting the Word aren't going to have that powerful chemical combination in the spirit. Something will be missing, and you'll be sorry when you find yourself in a situation when you need to use this full power‚ and that time isn't far away.

82. The Enemy knows that living in the Word has been a weakness in the Family for many years. He knows you have received instruction, counsel, and many warnings on the importance of the Word—and yet have not heeded. Thus he's banking on the likelihood that you will once again disregard My Words and won't heed My instructions. But I plead, I beg, I cajole, I implore you, My brides‚ do not fall for his tactics as he tries to lull you to sleep, to gloss over the importance of My message to you during this Feast time! For this would be a great victory for the Enemy, but I'm counting on your obedience to win a great victory for Me and our people this day!

83. This is the day that I have ordained for revolution! This is D-day, the day to launch out and make a major change in your life and spirit by recommitting yourself to My Word. This may be your last chance to make some serious, life-altering, permanent changes in an effort to make the Word a part of your very being, your very existence, and thus receive My power in full.

84. There may not be another warning for you, because when the Enemy strikes, he may strike at you. He is a roaring‚ ravenous lion, and is on the warpath‚ seeking those who are weak in the Word. He has already begun his rampage. Don't you be his next victim.

85. You need to sit down with your Home and pray, claim, talkdecide, commit, hear, and do. Pray that I will open your eyes to the spiritual warfare and the importance of the Word as only I can. Claim the keys for revelations on how to have a metanoia and revolution that will last; claim the keys for the faith to believe that it can be done. Talk about your fears, what holds you back, the problems you encounter, and how to overcome them. Decide on your plan of attack—personally and as a Home. Commit to doing whatever it takes to make the Word the spiritual lifeblood that flows through the veins of your Home. Hear from Me in prophecy to confirm your plans. Do what I show you to do without delay.

86. There is no time to procrastinate or put off till tomorrow what you must do today! There is no time for twiddling your thumbs in spirit. Put on the whole armor of God and take up the sword of the spirit, which is My Word. For only with this powerful sword in hand—and My power and the power of the keys—will you be able to cut the Devil to the heart and defeat his power in these Last Days. Without the Word you are defenseless, and easy prey for the Devourer.

87. It's not enough to just read the Word, either—though that's a start. You must drink it in and let it become a part of your being. When a man makes love to a woman, his seeds become a part of her—so it should be with My Word in you. In some cases, your Word time has become nothing but "quickies," and you get up and run off, back to your multitude of business, before My seeds have a chance to enter into you deeply‚ to become a part of you. You must receive, believe, accept, do, and let us become one. There is no other way.

88. Be wise, My children, and heed My Words, because tomorrow may be too late. (End of message from Jesus.)

89. (Mama:) If we are to have the full power available to us, which we all need‚ we must have the Lord, the Word and the keys. If any one of these is missing or not as strong in our life as it should be, then we'll come up short. When the Lord talks about Himself in this context, He's referring to His spirit, His love, His person. As was revealed in "Focus on the Power," the Lord's love, the Word and the keys of the Kingdom are one. (See ML #3374:32–36, GN 971.)

90. We must all guard our lifeline with the Word more than ever before. Possibly you've felt the attacks of the Enemy that the Lord speaks of in the message you just read—attacks in the form of boredom, busyness, doubts, lack of interest, daydreaming, tiredness, and many other things. This should not surprise you, because you're part of the Lord's chosen elite and you're one of the few people in the whole world who has access to His full counsel.

91. Even if we're sometimes dull in the spirit regarding the power of the Words of David, the Enemy isn't. He's constantly aware of the power the Lord has given us through the Word, and he's determined to do everything he can to stop us from accessing that power. And he's freaking out now‚ because the Lord is exposing his plan and he's about to be defeated!

92. The Devil has become more malicious! Not only are the spiritual attacks against us more vehement than ever, but they're also more subtle‚ more crafty and refined. Today, the Lord's warning applies more than ever: "If it were possible‚ the very elect would be deceived" (Mat.24:24). You've seen people fall away from the truth. Probably each of you knows someone personally who was once on fire about the Word, happy serving Jesus, and ready to give his or her life as a disciple, but then they weakened and eventually lost faith. How does that happen? The answer is still the same as Dad explained in "Old Bottles"—they lose their connection with the source, the Word. (See ML #242, Vol.2.)

93. The Lord gave us a specific list of things to do that will get us started on this Word revolution. During the Feast there is time allotted for this Home discussion and implementation, so please bring this list to your Home meetings, and follow through on the Lord's instruction.

*Pray that the Lord will open your eyes to the spiritual warfare and the importance of the Word as only He can.

*Claim the keys for revelations on how to have a metanoia and revolution that will last; claim the keys for the faith to believe that it can be done.

*Talk about your fears, what holds you back, the problems you encounter‚ and how to overcome them.

*Decide on your plan of attack—personally and as a Home.

*Commit to doing whatever it takes to make the Word the spiritual lifeblood that flows through the veins of your Home.

*Hear from the Lord in prophecy to confirm your plans.

*Do what the Lord shows you to do without delay.

The Need for Spiritual Safeguards!

94. Everyone needs safeguarding and help to keep the Word in proper place. This is nothing to be ashamed of. We all need help. Our Word time is under constant threat. When we've been given so much truth; when we've determined to live the life of a disciple; when we've dedicated our life to Jesus, we can expect that the Enemy is going to fiercely fight our Word intake. Even if you don't recognize his attacks or feel them, know that they're there! He's on the job!

95. We can't just pretend that the threat doesn't exist. We must put safeguards in place to make sure that the Enemy can't block our intake, absorption, and application of the Word.

96. If you were the owner of great worldly riches‚ yet you lived in an area where robbery and theft were rampant, you would no doubt take precautions to ensure that you weren't robbed. You might have an alarm system installed in your home, around your property, or in your car. You might have guard dogs or even a bodyguard to protect yourself. Wouldn't you do something like that? One thing is certain, if you were wise, you would do something; you wouldn't just sit idly by and wait for the day when the thieves came in to steal your valuables, beat you up, and leave you helpless! You would put safeguards in place to assure safety. "When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are safe" (Luke 11:21).

97. From a spiritual standpoint‚ you need safeguards in your habits, priorities, and how you spend your time, so you can protect your spiritual riches from being ripped off by the Devil. Your Word time‚ your connection with the Lord, your channel, your prayer vigils and times of praise, your memory work, and the personal counsel you receive in prophecy are all part of the massive wealth that you own. But the Enemy is always casing your house, watching for an unguarded moment, looking for a way to break in and steal the things of true value.

It's Up to You to

Get Fed from the Word

98. Please try to grasp how important this challenge is. Even if it sounds like the same thing you've heard for years, nothing new or out of the ordinary, take it by faith. The fact that the Lord chose to speak on this subject and is allowing you time to focus on this need during this year's Feast should communicate the importance of this message.

99. We often have a tendency to minimize principles or truths once they become familiar. I think that happens in all areas of life—raising children, maintaining a good relationship‚ staying healthy, managing your time, etc. When you hear something for the first time, it makes a big impression. You're wowed by the wisdom of the person who's teaching you, and it's something you look forward to trying. If it's a new trend or something that's in style and thought to be progressive and on the cutting edge‚ then people are eager to study it‚ talk about it, experiment with it, etc. But when something seems like old news, you might say, then it can become boring. You look for something new. That's the nature of man.

100. That natural tendency to become bored and look for something new is what you're fighting against‚ dear Family, each one of you. But you're not just fighting against the nature of man; you're also fighting the Enemy and his cohorts. It's become obvious that the Enemy wages war where it really counts. He attacks our unity through the Selvegion, our minds and habits through Pan and Bacchus; our vision, desire or hope for change‚ and faith for supply through Apotheon; our channels through Arakan, our security and protection through the Vandari, and the list goes on. There are others, but these examples show that anything that's really important, that's vital to our happiness and success‚ the Enemy fights, and fights hard!

101. So it's no wonder at all that he would do anything possible to fight your time in the Word and your connection with the Lord. How effective he is‚ how much ground he gains and how much he can derail you depends on you and you alone! Others can try to inspire you, lead you to good material to read, and pray for you. Others can try to provoke you to good works through their own samples. Others can even "require" that you get in the Word. But all that only goes so far, as I'm sure you know.

102. Really, when it comes right down to it, it's up to you. You are the only one who can fight to not only get Word time, but get fed from the Word. You are the only one who can discipline your mind and resist daydreaming. You are the only one who can organize your time and even make sacrifices of other more "fun" things to do, so you can have more time in the Word. You are the only one who can memorize and review.

103. The Lord is begging you to get the point and take things more seriously. It's harder to get Word time these days, for a variety of reasons. There are more distractions‚ the expectations of the average Family member as to how much time they should devote to their spiritual life are much less than in the early days, and the spiritual warfare is more intense. But it is possible to obey the Lord in this. It is possible to get quality Word time every day, and to really apply yourself spiritually to the training you need.

Why We Need

A Word Revolution!

104. There are a lot of reasons why you need more Word, better Word time, and deeper feeding from the Word. If this sounds like a broken record, then consider the following reasons why the Lord said we're facing an emergency, why each and every one of us must have a change regarding our relationship with the Word. We must have a Word revolution, reading, absorbing and living the Word like never before!

105. Reason #1: Time is short. You might think you have all the time in the world, but the Lord has lots to teach us in the days to come and it's vital that we learn what we're supposed to now so that He can build on it. It's crucial that you keep up with your spiritual "calculus" class; otherwise you slack off, take a break, space out, waste weeks or months, and pretty soon you're behind. (See ML #126:30, Vol.1.) You can get so far behind, in fact, that you're in danger of flunking out! Each of us is responsible to redeem the time, because not only do we have a lot to learn today, but there's more coming tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that!

106. Reason #2: Those who choose to be disciples are held to a different standard. The Lord doesn't expect as much from other Christians as He does from full-time disciples. Other believers haven't been given as much truth and they're not as accountable. But you are! You have more truth than anyone who has ever lived, and the Lord is watching to see what you'll do with it. You'll be blessed accordingly.

107. Reason #3: The spiritual warfare has intensified. You've heard that for a few years now. (See ML #3255, GN 856.) But what it means is, the Devil is mad. There's nothing delicate about the Devil. He's not a gentleman who just tries to cause a bit of trouble. He's enraged‚ furious, and mad with envy and hatred! He never stops, never eases off, and never gives you a break. If you can't sense the spiritual battle, if you're not aware of the attacks, then ask the Lord to open your eyes. Or just take it by faith. It's important that you realize that the spiritual warfare is more intense now, because your life for the Lord and your future in the Family are at stake. And the Devil and his team are not content to use the same old tactics or weapons. He's constantly updating and improving‚ trying to find something comparable to our increased spiritual power.

108. Satan's ability to hurt you when you're unguarded and unprotected has increased. He has more power to attack you in these Last Days‚ just as you have more power—much more power—to resist and defy him. As was brought out in "The Era of Action, Part 1" (ML #3288:53-54, GN 882), that isn't a problem for those who have kept up with the new weapons the Lord has given us, because his power is no match for ours, provided—and that's the key word, provided—we're using those weapons and becoming masters in the art of spiritual war!

109. If you don't keep up with the new weapons, you'll be outgunned by the Enemy. The new weapons are found in the Word. That's where you'll discover them, receive them, and be trained in their use. The new weapons and the Word are practically synonymous! Hence, your defense in this war is tied directly to the Word!

110. Reason #4: The pull of the world has increased. Times have changed. We live in very dark days. The influence of Christianity has waned for generations‚ because Christians have compromised and turned their backs on the truth. The nations that should be leading the world toward the light have become the habitation of every foul and evil bird, and are instead leading the world to Hell.

111. Everywhere you look there's darkness‚ and that darkness affects you. The world has become ugly, ungodly and evil—the no-absolutes, anything-goes, prayerless, godless education system; the warmongering, money-loving‚ corrupt governments; the violent, perverted entertainment industry; the compromised, worldly, lost religious system.

112. The System is controlled by the Enemy now. And we all live smack-dab in the middle of it. It doesn't take much to deduce that we have to fight harder and have a lot more conviction and determination to be in the world but not part of it. Everywhere you turn‚ the sirens of the System are crying out. The pull is real. The Devil controls the world systems, and he wants to control you. He wants you out of the Family. The only thing that will keep you from his influence, corruption, lies, doubts‚ and eventual ruin is the Word! And since his influence is stronger than in times past, you must be stronger too, in the Word! The strength to fight the influence of the Devil's System and the pull of the world is only found in the Word!

113. Reason #5: The Lord isn't allowing your natural gifts and anointing to be as effective anymore if you're not giving the Word, prayer, prophecy, quiet times of reflection with the Lord, and the use of the new weapons sufficient place in your life. You can't operate like you used to years ago, or even like you've been operating recently. It just won't work. The Lord is continuing to require us to live more and more in the spirit, as the world grows more and more evil and draws closer to the end. I know we've said that a lot, and some of you are probably tired of hearing it, but it's the bottom-line truth. You might have been able to go for weeks in the past with very little Word, on some kind of push or red alert, taking care of emergencies. The Lord might have winked at your lacks then, but no more! If you neglect the Word now and try to depend on your experience, gifts and talents, and just hope the Lord will anoint you for whatever the need is‚ you'll fail. Times have changed. The Lord expects more, and what worked in the past won't work now.

114. Your gifts, talents and the anointing that you've grown accustomed to having will not be enough without the Word! (When I say the Word, I mean solid, consistent, quality reading each day, as well as time for prayer and meditation, and then obedience.)

115. Reason #6: You're entering more into the era of miracles. The power to work miracles through the keys of the Kingdom doesn't come into your life casually or haphazardly. You have to want it and go after it with a vengeance. You'll receive as much of that miracle-working power as you desperately desire, and it's linked directly to your knowledge of, love for, and obedience to the Word.

116. The Word is the gateway to miracles. Each one of us is destined to work miracles in the End, but whether we each fulfill that destiny is yet to be seen. It all comes back to our relationship with the Word.

117. Reason #7: The keys promises and the power of the keys work through and in conjunction with your knowledge of and obedience to the Word. It's not a new concept that the Lord's promises are conditional. Their fulfillment doesn't come to you on a silver platter‚ regardless of your spiritual state or your relationship with the Lord or your obedience. How much you can wield the keys of the Kingdom and the keys promises, how many miracles you'll see, how much you will change the course of history through your prayers‚ depends on your spiritual power, and that comes from the Word.

118. Not everyone in the Family is equal when it comes to spiritual gifts and power, and this will be more and more obvious as time goes on. Some of you who have trained hard and long in the Word will command more power, more authority in the Lord's Spirit. That's what the Lord meant when He said: "For those who fight to take the Word in, who live in the Word‚ feed on the Word, and truly absorb the Word and apply it to their lives‚ the fruits will be more visible. Their power will be more outstanding and the results will be indisputably noticeable. These will go from strength to strength, and they will perform exploits."

119. Those of you who hunger and thirst after the righteousness of the Word and the Lord's Spirit will be filled—with power. That's your part of the deal. Nothing of value comes easy or free of charge; everything costs something. If you want the Lord's power, if you want to work miracles, if you want amazing, tremendous, awesome answers to prayer, then live in the Word! Read, study, memorize‚ meditate on, and obey the Word! Become the living Word. Be like Jesus.

120. That is the Lord's challenge‚ and that's the reward. Now it's up to you to decide what you want.

Drastic Change Is Needed Now!

121. (Jesus speaking:) If you think you have years and years left; that somewhere down the line you'll pay more attention to delving into the Word; that maybe you'll slow down a bit and be able to go back and study up on some things you've always wanted to but never found the time to, think again. Time is running out! If you don't properly absorb and apply the Word I give you for today, you will grow weary and fall tomorrow—as others have in the past.

122. Drastic change is needed now, or be prepared to be swept away in the groundswell of iniquity that is rising. The strongest forces of iniquity prepare to come against you in all-out battle‚ My children of David, My children of the End. Who does Satan hate more than anyone? Who does he launch attacks against more than anyone?—Those who hold the Words of freedom, the Words of truth, the Words that will cause his defeat.

123. Only the Word will keep you. Reading, absorbing, and applying My fresh new Words is what makes everything else in your life for Me possible and fruitful. So in that sense, it is literally the most important thing you have to do.

124. I know you desire My Word, My loves. You know that in times of trial, anguish, or testing, it's the Word that will bring you through. You know My Word is truth, and deep in your hearts you want My Word and look forward to receiving it‚ both from the queen as well as through your personal channel of prophecy.

125. In many cases, it is a matter of "the spirit is willing, yet the flesh is weak" (Mat. 26:41). And precisely because the flesh is weak, because the demands on you are indeed great, I want to help you put more defined safeguards in place. I want to help you take more definite precautions to guard this vital time. You must put solid safeguards in place. You must have a revolution in this area of your lives.

The Quality of Your Spiritual Lives

Is Under Attack!

126. The Enemy of your souls has engaged in the most subtle and ruthless attack yet on your lives. He uses a variety of strategies and tactics, all with one goal in mind—to block off your lifeline, knock out your life force, and mar the quality of your spiritual lives, which is measured by the quality and effectiveness of your Word time.

127. You cannot measure your Word time solely by hours spent; you must look at the quality of this time and how much you are absorbing the Word, how much you are applying the Word to your day-to-day living. Just like physical food, it's not always how much you eat that matters, but how many nutrients you absorb that are going to do your body good. If you're not able to properly digest and absorb the good from your food‚ it will not nourish and sustain your body properly. So it is with the Word.

128. If the Devil can stop your absorption of the Word, he's won right there. He knows this, and this is where his greatest attacks are focused at present. He's not concentrating on keeping the Word from you altogether, but rather on lowering the quality of your Word time, preventing the absorption of your Word intake, delaying the application of the Word in your lives and Homes.

129. You hear a great deal in the world today about "quality of life." I have provided for you‚ My children, the very best quality of life; it's yours for the taking. But you must follow the plan I have set out for you. You must live in the Word at all costs.

130. Just as Satan attacks the citizens of the world on their quality of life, trying to destroy their physical bodies through anxiety, depression, mental and social problems, through a multitude of physical ailments and maladies, so his drive against you, My brides‚ is to launch even greater attacks on the quality of your spiritual lives—your time with Me, your time in the Word, your time in meditation and prayer.

131. He knows that the quality of your spiritual lives is far more important than the physical. He seeks to attack your absorption of the Word and your application of the Word to your lives and Homes. There is absolutely nothing that he fights like the Word‚ for this is the only thing that can defeat him!

132. You hold in your hands the most powerful weapon in the universe, and your Enemy is trying to deter you from using it to the full! Satan can't keep the weapon from you—I've already put it in your hands—but his hope is to keep you from utilizing the full power of that weapon. He's trying to keep you from learning about your weapon, benefiting from its full power, and becoming highly dependent upon it and highly proficient in its use. Proper use of your weapon assures his defeat! He'll try anything to prevent you from using it to the full.

133. So, what does this tell you? If the biggest point of attack by your Enemy is on the quality of your Word time, then what should you work to make your strongest point? In what area should you go on the offense? Where should you raise up your strongest line of defense? What should you work to strengthen at all costs? What should you live in and live on as much as possible? Yes, the Word!

134. What is living in My Word? Living in My Word is absorbing and applying all the Word in your daily lives. (End of message from Jesus.)

How Can We Find More Time?

135. (Mama:) Now let's talk about the practical aspects of this challenge. I know there are a lot of things that keep you from the Word‚ such as boredom‚ laziness, apathy, lack of interest, familiarity‚ thinking you already know it, the cares of this life, bad habits, daydreaming, recreational pastimes that take your time, addictions to worldly entertainment, etc. That's just to name a few of the obstacles that keep you from the Word.

136. But one very real problem is lack of time, not necessarily because you're spending hours reading novels or playing computer games, but because you live in a small Home or a very busy Home, have a lot of children‚ have to raise a living, etc. The problem with this great big obstacle is that you stand the chance of failing the Lord because you feel this call to boost your Word time significantly is impossible or unrealistic, that you just can't do it.

137. I don't blame you for feeling that way. Your obligations to your Home, children‚ sheep and fundraising are real. It's not like you can just not do those things. To even suggest such a thing would be irresponsible and ridiculous. So, besides having to find deliverance from bad habits and wrong appetites that are stealing your time that could be spent in the Word, you also have to find bona fide, realistic, workable solutions to handle the enormous workload that some of you have on a daily basis so you can get consistent quality time in the Word and time to pray about the Word and implement it.

138. There must be a solution. The Lord wouldn't put this challenge before us if it were impossible. And I'm not talking about some kind of euphoric, fairy-tale–like, overly spiritual solution that sounds good on paper but doesn't have a practical application and therefore just won't work. There has to be a real way to do it. That's what we're out to find, that solution, that workable plan!

139. The plan for this Feast has several thrusts. First we need to get the vision and realize how much we all need to change in our relationship with the Lord and the Word. The Lord also wants us to use this time to discuss these points‚ seek Him, reevaluate our schedules, and find a way to make it happen. Once we know what the Lord wants each of us to do personally‚ we will need to set up safeguards to help us remain focused and develop new habits. And then we need to commit to being doers of the Word, and pray for each other and ourselves that we'll have the strength, by His grace, to follow through.

140. As a review, we need to:

*Catch the vision.

*Figure out how to do it. (Set safeguards to aid in forming new habits.)

*Commit, pray, and change.

141. Let's talk a bit more about the "figure out how to do it" part. Overcoming some of the obstacles starts from a spiritual point. For such things as daydreaming, lack of interest, boredom, thinking you already know it all, familiarity, laziness, etc., you can begin by having united prayer and asking the Lord to deliver you, and you can pray against the influences of Pan, Bacchus, Apotheon, and Arakan. You can ask for additional spirit helpers, and you can help each other by setting safeguards.

142. There is opportunity during this Feast to talk about your needs and the obstacles you face. You can find out what will work for you. But we have to address the big–deal seems-impossible-to-overcome problem of having too much to do! That's where you'll need to seriously seek the Lord, because it's not like you can just not do most of the work that comes your way. Sure, you can delay on some lesser things, but you must care for your children‚ you must raise funds, and you must continue your missionary work. So how do you do all that and still have time in the Word, in meditation‚ prayer, hearing from the Lord, loving Him intimately, etc., and have time for rest and fellowship?

143. You'll have to seek the Lord for your own specific solutions on this, but here are a few general principles that I think provide a good starting place, even though these points may seem contrary to your natural inclinations:

144. * When there's too much to do, spend more time with the Lord. Put Jesus to the test.

145. * Fight more in intercessory prayer. Let the Lord do more of the work. Pray more for your kids, finances‚ sheep, provisioning, security, health, outside members, etc. Believe the Lord's promises that more can be accomplished through prayer than anything else, even your own sincere efforts.

146. * Work more in teamwork with others. Share the workload. Live together with others, have a communal school situation, live Acts 2:44 and 45.

147. * Stay right with the Lord. Keep your life and Home free from the sins of disunity, worldliness, compromise or disobedience, so the Lord can bless you fully.

148. * Reevaluate your schedule and give the Word more priority. Be willing to forgo activities that are less important so you'll have more time for the Word and the Lord.

Is This Realistic?

149. I know that many feel that solutions like these are not realistic. Because I don't live under the same circumstances and conditions that you do, you might feel like, "That's easy for you to say, Mama." I understand why you might feel that way, but having that attitude sure doesn't help you receive the counsel or believe that it can work for you. It would be nice if you could take it by faith, try it and see for yourself that there are solutions to the "too much to do" problem‚ and if you really desire quality Word time‚ the Lord will show you how to get it.

150. To help reinforce the point, I'm going to share some lessons from one of our field officers, a very busy young man who faces the same challenge you do on a daily basis—too much to do and too little time to do it in.

151. When I'm working on a particular GN, the Lord will often allow some of our co-workers on the field to share lessons and prophecies on the same topic. The Lord seems to try to punch through in any way He can, and often you are getting confirmations or the Lord is preparing your hearts even before the Word comes your way. In this case, one of our SGA COs wrote his monthly report just as I was working on this GN and praying about this problem of having too much to do to get quality Word time.

152. I admit‚ the fact that we're all so busy is a colossal obstacle, and one that's "legitimate." But still, no matter how impossible or crazy it seems, I know the Lord has a solution. He wouldn't ask it of us, He wouldn't beg us to get quality daily time with Him if there were no way to actually do it. He's not in the business of setting goals that He knows are unreachable. He doesn't set the standard too high, way out of reach, just hoping you'll hit somewhere lower.

153. Some of you might think that I am just "extreme," that I say things, but I don't really expect people to do it that way or actually come up to that standard. That's not true. I don't exaggerate‚ with the hope that you'll at least come halfway. Neither does the Lord.

154. I give you the message the Lord wants you to hear as accurately as possible, and I believe that's what the Lord expects you to do. Of course, we all fall short sometimes; no one hits the mark all the time. But if you entertain the attitude of, "Oh well, Mama and the Lord don't really expect us to do that; they're just trying to get us to improve a little bit, but not really to that extent. It's just an exaggeration, it's extreme, it's a tactic but not a real goal," then of course you won't hit the mark; in fact‚ most of the time you'll fall very short and disappoint yourselves and the Lord.

155. The Lord is putting a challenge before us, and the starting point to meeting that challenge is to believe that the Lord actually wants you to do it and that there's a way to do it. If you don't accept that this is a real goal that you can shoot for and attain, then you are defeated before you even start.

156. Okay‚ back to this busy CO. I figured, if the Lord and Dad are both talking to him about the need to take quality Word time, how it's imperative that he do so lest he fail‚ then I figure most of you won't have any excuse or won't be able to say that this challenge isn't for you, that you're an exception.

157. This young person's situation is this: He's a CO, he chairs or co-chairs two regional boards, he's the representative from his continental area to an international board, he has five young children, his wife is also in leadership and on boards, he travels regularly, he has no secretary, his team just got a new house that he is doing the extensive handyman work on, he receives a lot of communication and work via e-mail that he's responsible to stay on top of, and he has to write regular reports both to his overseers in WS and to his WS international board chairpersons. On top of that, he's a missionary like all of you, fundraises, and is responsible to witness and promote Activated, etc.

158. Now that is what I would call a very busy person. You'd think the Lord and Dad would cut him some slack and say, "Oh, it's okay that you don't get so much Word time or such good quality Word time, because you're so busy." By now you're probably getting my point and can guess that the Lord and Dad said the exact opposite to him when he recently realized he was going too fast and starting to work in the arm of the flesh, due to lack of quality Word time. And the main reason he wasn't getting it was because he was too busy. He wanted to get it—he wasn't bored‚ he wasn't familiar, he wasn't thinking he knew it all already, he was just too busy.

159. I'm sure many of you can relate to this. You probably have your own huge to-do list that is different from this person's, but just as daunting. So I know the problem of having too much to do is real. But the point I'm making, and it's important that you get this, is that that's not an acceptable excuse. There must be a way to effectively cope with your busyness, there must be a solution. It could be just a couple of adjustments to your schedule or some sacrifice that the Lord expects you to make that would make all the difference in the world.

160. At the end of this Letter I'm enclosing excerpts of the personal prophecies of this young CO that I just talked about, as I think you'll be able to relate to some of them. You can read the details there. But I found it extremely interesting that the Lord and Dad told this busy young leader/husband/father to do two things: Stop staying up late at night so he could have the strength to get up early to get his Word time, and to make a schedule and checklist. That's not too difficult. Of course, both of these things require sacrifice, diligence and real determination. The Lord showed this young man that he was losing his morning Word time because‚ when a busy day was done‚ too often he'd want to stay up too late fellowshipping with others or watching a movie or participating in some such recreation and relaxation. That's not easy to give up, I know. But like I said, nothing of value comes easily. That's where you have to determine what's more important to you, what is the priority, because that is what you'll spend your time doing.

161. This young man said, "Like the Lord said in the recent 'Issues 12' GN, I have to be a bit more judicious with my time; I have to guard my activities more. At nighttime I have to make the sacrifice that even though I feel like just relaxing and fellowshipping with the Home, or relaxing and watching a movie, that at times I need to forgo that in order to have the strength to wake up early in the morning to get that time with the Lord. It does take a lot of work for me to get up early. It's not easy, and in recent weeks I found that I wake up and the temptation is too great to just lay right back down and go to sleep, and often I do. I started to get very convicted about that, as Dad pointed out it was a real attack of Apotheon, just making me feel lazy and lethargic, and I wasn't fighting enough."

162. The point here is that you might have to make a sacrifice to get more Word time. You might have to give up something you like to do. It won't be easy.

163. If you will have the faith and yieldedness to let the Lord tell you the changes that you need to make in your own schedule and priorities, then it will work for you. But if you stop before you even get started because you don't want to change or sacrifice, or if you think the goal is unreachable because it's hard, then you won't change. You'll miss the boat. I suggest you Charter members reread "Issues 12" (ML #3418, GN 1005).

164. Later in this GN there is more from the Lord about relaxation, fellowship, and fun. The Lord and I are not saying you have to give up everything that's enjoyable. That's not the point. The Lord said: "My goal is to move My children more and more to the realm of the spirit, to being more in My Spirit, and to enjoying the things of My Spirit even above those things of the flesh, to include Me more in their times of relaxation and enjoyment. But there's a very fine balance, and this change is not something that can be forced or required; it must be a working of My Spirit. When My children begin to give My Word the priority it deserves‚ when they are more faithful to spend quality time with Me‚ then all of this will spill over into every other area of their life—their work, their interactions with others, their fun, their pleasure, and so much more." (End of message from Jesus.)

165. As you put the Lord first, as you strive for daily quality time with Him, you'll probably feel your appetites changing, you'll have more desire for different types of fellowship and relaxation‚ and you'll naturally dwell more and more in the spirit.

Making Time for the Lord

And His Word

166. I want to talk a bit more about finding the time. Possibly you feel you don't have any "spare" time that you're wasting in the evenings. You might feel that you're only getting the time of recreation or relaxation that you absolutely need‚ not more, and that you have no extra time that you can "sacrifice" in order to get more time with the Lord. You might feel if you give up any of your pleasures, fellowship or recreational activities that you just won't be happy, that it won't be enough to keep you in the Family, that things will become too restrictive or boring.

167. Here is some insight from the Lord on this:

168. (Jesus speaking: ) To begin with, there are very few people in the Family who are so busy already and redeeming the time so effectively that they couldn't forsake something in order to have more time with Me. People spend a lot of time relaxing, chilling, vegging, or whatever you want to call it, and some of that is time that could be better used for the things of the spirit.

169. How true it is that your time with Me in the morning is not lost that morning‚ but the night before. The timewasters happen mostly at night. People get in the habit of going to bed late, and that's how the Devil steals their time with Me the next day, so that before people even wake up, the Devil has already made off with their quiet time—he's spirited it away the night before, as they chatted, played, watched TV‚ surfed the Internet, etc. All those lesser activities‚ whatever they are, that keep people chained to a late schedule, and therefore needing to sleep later, are what steal those quiet hours in the morning that they could otherwise spend with Me.

170. With very few exceptions, most people could manage to be on a much earlier schedule, and then they'd have time in the quiet of the morning to really focus‚ absorb, pray‚ meditate, suck My seeds and devote the prime early hours to Me and the Word. You could consider those hours in study and prayer your "tithe" to Me.

171. But the problem is, people easily give their tithe to idle pastimes and timewasters, or to frivolity and foolishness, but then balk and complain and think it's "just too much" to give the same to Me. Would you keep My tithe yourself, or give it to the world and the wicked instead of Me? It's really sad, but it's a mindset that hasn't just crept into the Family slightly, in rare cases, but rather has grabbed hold strongly in the mentality of almost everyone. My brides have unrealistic expectations of what they think they need to be happy as far as recreation, fellowship, excursions, lengthy late-night activities, free time, etc. They are spoiled. If they were to compare with the Christians in earlier times, and even the pioneers in the earlier years of the Family, they would be quite shocked, no doubt, at the sacrifices that My children were willing to make regularly, on a long-term basis.

172. The time will come when you, My brides, will be forced to give up all the extra System "fluff." The circumstances will dictate that you give it up; it will be a time of obvious war and you'll not have time or even the opportunity for such trivial pursuits. But the catch is, My warriors, you can't wait until then. You can't just keep hanging out and then think you're going to forsake all when you have to, because the problem with that plan is that you won't be ready. You won't have the strength and spiritual training needed, because you will have frittered away your time when you had it and could have made better use of it, when you could have applied yourselves.

173. My darling queen, you wonder if there are a lot of people in the Family who work around the clock already, as much as they can‚ and then flop into bed exhausted. You figure there are many who have no free time. But things are not like they used to be. There are few who are in that situation, because so much of the world and exaggerated expectations have taken hold in people's priorities and in the Homes worldwide. So almost everyone has time that could be devoted to Me and the Word.

174. With the Charter‚ things changed drastically. After the implementation of the Charter, people were no longer forced by the strict standard of the big Homes and close shepherding to keep up the momentum of redeeming the time. They even rebelled in some ways and wanted more freedom, more say, more anything that was different from the pre–Charter days. But unfortunately, those days of rebellion and relaxation caused an effect that they didn't expect. They thought they'd just take a little break, a vacation, a breather from the strict standard of the Word, and then after a while they'd get back on the attack. They thought they were just going to exercise their independence for a while.

175. But lo and behold, guess what happened. All those good intentions to eventually get back on the attack, to go back to redeeming the time in their spiritual lives, fell by the wayside. Instead of taking a so-called break to be renewed for a time of greater dedication and spirituality, they ended up losing steam and going slower and slower, until their toleration for worldly input, wasted time, vain babble, and not pressing in became higher and higher‚ until now people almost expect a life of ease, a life of taking it slow and expecting things to just come to them—success, money, answers to prayer, spiritual victory‚ happy children, and blossoming works. The Family at large has lost sight of how much work and sacrifice it actually takes to be a successful parent and/or missionary, and to stay strong spiritually. Therefore, their expectations regarding free time, rest‚ fellowship, partying, etc., have skyrocketed. (End of message from Jesus)

176. (Mama:) I know this will be a very unpopular message. I am very sobered by this and feel it's one of the biggest changes the Lord has brought to the personal lives of Family members since the Charter. The difference, however, is that you welcomed the Charter with open hearts and minds, rejoicing, as it brought more of the things you like—more freedom, more independence‚ less restrictions, etc. This change might be seen as the opposite. The Lord is asking each of us to make sacrifices, some more than others, and I'm praying desperately that you'll have the grace and determination to accept and embrace this.

177. I'm very concerned, dear Family, because I know it's going to be very difficult for you to not only accept this challenge, but to have the faith and determination to do it. I know it will be one of the most difficult things if the Lord asks you to forsake or limit some of your fun, pleasure‚ or free time in order to make this revolution a reality in your life. I'm praying very desperately and calling on the keys that the Lord will give you the desire to take up this challenge, to change any bad habits that are keeping you from the Word, and grant you a great hunger and determination to delve into the Word as never before! I know He can do that.

Keeping a Good Balance

178. While there are sacrifices that will be expected‚ I want to clarify that the Lord isn't asking you to give up all your pleasures, fellowship, recreation‚ free time and entertainment! I can imagine that the thought of that would be a big bummer for you, not inspiring at all, and something that could even make you resentful of this challenge.

179. Some of the folks in our WS units who were aware of the message of this GN in advance of it being published were initially a little disheartened, thinking they would have to give up the little free time they have. They work very hard and have little time to relax, and to think they would have to now give up all fellowship and recreation was a hard saying and discouraging. When we prayed further about it, the Lord gave the following very good clarifications, which I pray will be an encouragement to you, as well as motivating.

180. (Jesus speaking: ) We're dealing with two different issues here: First of all there's the worldly input—the System influences, the worldly pastimes, the System timewasters, which I refer to as the "fluff of the world." Secondly, there's edifying, uplifting, unity-engendering relaxation and fellowship. There's a big difference between these two issues.

181. I do not want the Family to forsake all forms of relaxation and fellowship. This is not the goal, nor what I am requiring. Even in the Endtime when you are going through the Great Tribulation, I will still allow you enjoyment, times to relax, times to fellowship. You're still going to be able to enjoy the pleasures I've given you—closeness and intimacy with those you work with, friendships, sex, etc. All of these are things that work to build unity, and in the Endtime you're going to need close unity more than ever.

182. I don't want the Family to get the impression that I'm going to do away with everything and anything that you consider fun and relaxing. There will be fun and enjoyment even when the battles get hotter and the world situation becomes more hostile toward you—but they will be quality times of fun and relaxation, and you will not have as great an abundance of them as you do now in your times of peace.

183. The Family will grow more and more to enjoy the fight, to enjoy the battle‚ to find thrills in My Spirit. But you will never be supernatural beings who have no need of the simple things that the human body needs and enjoys—sleeping, having a relaxing meal together, spending time fellowshipping and getting to know someone, loving another intimately or sexually. You will still enjoy these types of good, godly, and even necessary forms of relaxation even when the battles intensify and the End draws nearer. You might not enjoy them as often as you do now—and that's why you should enjoy these days of heaven today—but I will still provide opportunities for you in this way. I will pull back your enemies at times to give you a reprieve from the battle, to restore your strength, and to bless you with these gifts from My hand.

184. So there is a difference between fellowship and recreational and relaxing activities that are actually to your benefit and that I want My children to enjoy, and those kinds of activities that are of the world, that fall more into the "time-wasting" category. I don't want My children to become self-righteous—and there will be those who have this tendency—thinking that anytime they see someone relaxing or enjoying time off, that they have the right to look down on that person or think he or she should be spending time in the Word instead. The key is a just balance.

185. The key is putting first things first. If My Word has prominence in your life‚ if I am first and foremost in your life, if I and the things of My Spirit are worth the most to you, then I do allow and even encourage times of fellowship and relaxation. Even now, with this new revolution, this hasn't changed. But I desire for you to seek the fellowship and relaxation of the spirit, those things that bring unity, feed your spirits, and draw you closer to Me and each other, not the things of the world which bring no lasting fruit.

186. In many cases‚ in order to meet this challenge, something will have to go, something will have to be sacrificed. Worldly pleasures and System input in whatever way, shape‚ or form are the first things that should go or be limited, because you're all going to have to forsake this System "fluff" at some point in time anyway, so why not begin cutting it back or cutting it out now? For some people it will be like weaning a baby. They will need to wean themselves from some of the things of the world that they've grown accustomed to, that they've grown almost dependent on and that they feel they need in order to be happy.

187. If you don't spend any time in any worldly pursuits—and there are very few people who fall into this category—then you have to start looking into other areas of your life and seeing where you can make sacrifices. Maybe you could stand to spend a little less time relaxing and fellowshipping. I'm not talking about cutting it out altogether, but about setting priorities and putting first things first. Or possibly you will need to spend less time working in order to have more time with Me.

188. The key in all this, My loves, is a proper balance. You must get this minimum daily Word time, and if you are lacking it, you must examine other areas of your life which are out of balance. If you are spending an excess of time in worldly pastimes of some sort, then you should cut back on that time, or even cut out some of those pastimes. If you are spending too much time fellowshipping or you find that your time is being eaten up by a little chat here or a little discussion or talk there, then cut out that excess as well. If you can redeem the time by saving minutes here and there throughout the day that would have gone to other less necessary things, then you will find extra time appearing as if by magic. And finally, if your life has gotten out of balance to the point where the work of the Lord has taken precedence over the Lord of the work, and My Word, which gives you the necessary strength and power and direction to accomplish that work, then you need to find a better balance in that respect as well.

189. It's very important that you understand the point of all this. It's that I come first; My Word comes first.

190. I'm not trying to do away with everything and anything that My children find enjoyable! I am a happy God, a loving God, and I want to see My children happy too. But I also know that without My Word being first and foremost in each one's life‚ there can be no lasting happiness, and any fun would only be fleeting‚ because My Word and being filled up with Me are what will keep you; that is the secret to everything.

191. I want you to have fun. I want you to enjoy those things you enjoy, but everything must be in perspective, and if sacrifices must be made, then if I'm worth it to you, you will gladly make them. That's the bottom line. (End of message from Jesus)

192. (Mama:) I pray that is an encouragement to you and helps you to see more clearly what the Lord is expecting. Along the same lines, as further proof that it can be done, that you can live this Word revolution and still be happy, I want to share with you what one of the very busy SGAs in our Home received when she was praying about the changes needed in her own life in light of the message in this GN.

193. (Jesus speaking: ) I'm very happy that you're taking time to put Me first, even though you're having less work time because of it. I will abundantly bless you for stepping out by faith to make sure you've had your prayer time and your Word time and time hearing from Me. You'll see your work will go much easier and smoother, and I will keep problems and time-suckers at bay that otherwise would have come upon you. So you can know that you are being blessed and rewarded for this effort. Keep it up. And as you seek Me and ask Me what type of schedule to adopt, I will help you. I will ease you into it. And you will not lose all your free time or fun times, because I will give you the joys that are the deepest kind‚ the happiness that matters most to you, and this will sustain you, the joy and love of My Spirit, the blessings that only a true disciple obtains. So look forward to it with excitement, because it will be the start of a new life for you. (End of message from Jesus.)

Putting First Things First

194. (Mama: ) Now, back to finding the time or making the time to be with the Lord. I realize that there are people who can't adopt the "wake up early" policy even if you wanted to. Maybe you're unwell, you're weaker physically, you battle insomnia, you have a crying baby at night, you have a ministry that requires you to be up late at night, etc. There are any number of reasons that could be legitimate as to why you can't change your schedule to go to bed early and get up early in order to have more quality time with the Lord and in the Word.

195. Or even if you do normally get up early for your time with the Lord, what about times when you're just plain too tired to do so? Even if you've been diligently guarding your time and going to bed early, what about when you need extra rest? That happens to everyone. Maybe you're fighting a cold or have your period; or you're going through a time of testing and battles, and are therefore feeling more tired‚ just from the spiritual struggle. Obviously we need other solutions besides getting up early.

196. Or—and this is a really big one—what happens if you just have too much to do so that even if you do get up early‚ you feel you should spend that time working? Or you get up early, you have your Word time, but then you can't get your work done because you're so tired at night and you have to go to bed early to keep up your schedule. Or you feel you honestly can't afford the time for quality Word because you actually have timely important work that you know won't get done if you take that quality time in the Word. These are very real questions. What do you do then? Do you just say, "Sorry, Lord, I can't do it. You can't expect it of me"?

197. (Jesus speaking:) The answer is in putting first things first. Even if you don't have the habit of spending too much time in fellowship‚ recreation, TV–watching, Internet surfing, etc., you still have to find the time. If you're extremely busy and working around the clock, you still have to find the time. And where will it come from? If it can't come from sacrificing free-time activities, if it can't come from rearranging your personal schedule to get up early, then you'll have to sacrifice getting some of your work done. That will take even more faith than giving up free time.

198. The Family is very works oriented. My children, you've become so very accustomed to neglecting your Word time over the years that if you were to give up some of your work time and actually not get some things done in order to get your time with Me, you'd feel you were being irresponsible. You are duped by the Enemy into a strong sense of responsibility to your work, much more so than to Me and My Word. You feel extremely guilty if you aren't working or don't take care of some timely message or duty in order to get quiet time with Me. You feel you're being lazy, that people will look at you critically, that you'll lose in some way—financially, or in your outreach, or in not staying on top of the many details that keep your Home functioning.

199. You really have things backwards. The common mentality is‚ "I have to do this and then I'll get Word time." But you should be thinking, "I can't do anything until I get my Word time." This mentality of not doing anything, no matter what, until you get your Word time should be your automatic reaction. (End of message from Jesus.)

Are You Willing to Sacrifice

And Work Together?

200. (Mama:) You know the principle that you always get done what you put first. This is a sound, widely accepted time management fact. But you know it more in theory than in practice. That should also be your motto in practice, especially when it comes to the Word. However, I know one big question that will immediately come to your mind: What about the kids?

201. It's ridiculous to think that you could just say to your little children, "Sorry‚ kids, mommy and daddy can't get your breakfast right now because we're having Word time." That obviously won't work! This is where not only trusting the Lord but working in teamwork with others comes into the picture, as the Lord explains here:

202. (Jesus speaking:) I realize that if you have children, you must take care of them. You can't let them fend for themselves. But that's where organization based on the policy of "the Word comes first" comes into play. Those who are parents might have to enlist the help of others while they get their Word time, which will mean that those who are helping with their children won't be able to get to their ministries as soon as they normally would. You might have to rearrange your schedule to ensure that everyone has quality time to spend with Me. But that's where you all have to trust Me, that when you are sacrificing to help each other so you can all get your Word time, even if it means you will have less work hours or your work schedule will be different‚ then I will be working behind the scenes for you. It might also mean that you'll have to forgo some of your free time in the evening to fill in for someone who hasn't yet had a chance to get their Word time. That's all part of the sacrifice and working together.

203. There's also the need for your children, JETTs and teens to have daily quality Word time, which you'll need to factor into the equation. It will take prayer and planning, but if your Home is willing to share the load and has the mindset of doing whatever is necessary to give each person, from the youngest to the oldest, quality Word time, then it is possible. I will give you the solutions and ideas so that you can make it a reality for all.

204. Any way you look at it‚ it means sacrifice. And that's why Family members who are on the same wavelength need to find each other, and team up together and work together toward the goal of putting Me first.

205. Mark My word, this new challenge and spiritual standard will cause some upheaval in your Homes. There will be a shifting of personnel as people find those who are kindred spirits, and they regroup. But this is just another step in the purification of the CM Family. (End of message from Jesus)

206. (Mama:) As you can see, the Lord means business, and this will cause a huge change in the Family—at least it better! You might need to find a different team or Home‚ but that's okay. Do whatever it takes to find people who have the same goals and expectations that you do, as that's what will make this work. There must be teamwork and helping one another! Those of you who believe, accept and embrace this counsel will not regret it.

207. (Jesus speaking:) In the end, when all is said and done, those of you who put your time with Me first will have to trust that everything in your lives depends on My blessing—your fruitfulness‚ your finances‚ your health and provision, the happiness of your children, the growth of your outside members‚ your unity, and the list goes on and on. Every aspect of life can only go well with My blessing. And the only way to be sure you have My full blessing is by way of obedience—and that means putting Me and My Word first. That is the first step, the primary step of obedience, for if you do that, all the other steps will fall in line.

208. Those of you who choose to take this stance and put Me to the test, no matter how difficult or even bizarre it seems initially, will find that your lives are so much easier, happier and more blessed in every way in the long run. There will be a time of adjustment, and probably a time of testing when things might look a bit shaky‚ but in time, you'll learn that by putting Me first, you avoid a lot of problems that would have otherwise taken a lot of your time, attention and finances. So in the long run, it will pay off in very obvious ways, and then those of you who have stood the test will be forever "converted" to a new lifestyle and new priorities, for you will have found the secret to everything! (End of message from Jesus)

209. (Mama:) Those are some pretty hefty promises, and clearly it's worth it! Please seriously pray about all this‚ and see where you stand personally. What do you want to do? What changes and sacrifices in your life are you willing to make? What is God's full blessing worth to you?

Depend on Miracles as You Obey!

210. I understand that many times—in fact, almost always—your motivation in working so hard and putting in long hours is sincere. You want to do a good job and you feel responsible. You know people expect you to do something, and you don't want to let them down; or you feel it's crucial to the running of your Home that you get something done quickly. Obviously, it takes a lot of faith to leave something undone in order to get your Word time. As the Lord said, that goes very contrary to your mindset, so much so that you can hardly bring yourself to do it. You just don't have the faith.

211. What will give you the faith?—Knowing that the Lord will make it up to you. He'll bless you, even if He has to do something unexpected, something miraculous. That's the secret! Relying on the Lord's power to do miracles and to bless you for your obedience is what you must keep in the forefront of your minds when you're tempted to work instead of having quality time with the Lord. Your loving Husband will bless you for taking time with Him, even if it seems likely that your putting that time first will make it more difficult for you. It won't; it's a spiritual phenomenon that putting the Lord first pays!

212. I could go on and on about this, trying to explain this extremely important spiritual principle. But I prefer to reprint a portion of a message that was given to the COs at the last summit‚ which is not only applicable, but which includes a word picture that is easy to remember‚ and almost comical. It's imperative that you really get this point, as this is the only thing that will give you the faith to put Him first.

(From "Leadership Lessons, Part 1")

Your work must be founded on the spiritual

213. Besides the fact that I want to work with you and be close to you, helping you on a daily basis, there is another reason why I make your load in the physical more than you can bear. It's because your work for Me, the Family's work for Me‚ is a spiritual matter. Your efforts and works must be founded primarily upon the spiritual. As you well know‚ you wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Greater am I that am in you than he that is in the world.

214. No matter how much training, expertise‚ wisdom or initiative you or your co-workers have, that alone will never be enough. Never! Even your best efforts, your hardest work, your greatest teamworking and pumping people power will never be enough. Only I can make up the difference.

215. You must have My miracle-working power, otherwise everything you do will fall short. This is the crux of the matter. If you can just understand this point, then I believe you'll never stray down that path of Martha again.

216. What that means is, no matter how hard you work, no matter how many messages you write or how many meetings you host, it will never be enough, because it's the dynamics of the spirit world that My work must be done first and foremost in the spirit—through spending time with Me in the Word and prayer. I know you know this in principle; you've read it hundreds of times. But the full truth of this has failed to sink deep within your heart. The reality of My power and your need for it has not taken hold in your mind to the point that it governs your priorities‚ decisions, and mindset.

Let Me work for you!

217. Be honest with yourselves. If you truly understood this concept and accepted it fully in your heart, do you think you'd be missing your Word time, skipping your prayer vigils, and regularly postponing or cutting short your conference days? [Note: "Conference Days with the Boss" are days which the Lord‚ Peter and Mama had required of the COs beginning April 2000. The purpose of these days is to allow the COs the important time away from the wings that they need to pray and hear from the Lord. They are commissioned to have one Conference Day each week.] Step back and examine yourselves. Look at the way you operate. What do you see?

218. I'll tell you what I see. There are multitudes who need to be reached with My message. There are countless disciples to be won. There's a hungry and bleating flock already within the folds. There are ravenous wolves attacking and trying to maim and kill the lambs. There are harvesting tools to be made and implemented. And there you stand with your little tools in hand, ready to go to work. You're determined and dedicated, and you're looking around seeing which direction to move first. Of course, it's overwhelming, as each and every need would be a full–time job. So you dash around, a little here and a little there. Your tools are very tiny and outdated, so you get your hands all scratched up and your clothes torn. By the end of the day you're exhausted, dirty, and sad. The next day it begins again.

219. All the while I'm standing right behind you—Me with My team of angelic helpers and spirit beings who tower above you like giants—and we're trying to get your attention. We're waving and shouting and whistling! We have huge modern technology in our hands‚ tools that you've never seen. If you'd just ask‚ we're ready to operate our tools on your behalf, which would make your work much easier. But alas, you keep running around here and there, saying, "I'll be right with You. Just a minute. I just have to take care of this one thing, and then this other, and then this other. Ahhh … just one second. Really, I'm almost done."

220. Every once in a while you collapse, and then you call on Me and My team, and we're so happy! Finally we're able to step in and do the work for you. But then, as soon as you feel you've recouped a tiny bit of strength, you're up and at it again. "Oh, excuse me," you say, as you push your way to the front. "Uhhh, I need to get to work. Could You move over a little? Let me see, now where was I?" And there you go again. Same story, over and over.

221. If you could see it from My point of view, you'd see that it's really ridiculous! You are merely weak men and women. I am the God of the universe. All power is given to Me. I rule! I keep My promises. I am a faithful, doting Husband, and yet there's so little room for Me in your lives.

222. You know what that is? It's self-righteousness. It's thinking too highly of yourselves. It's the epitome of the arm of the flesh. Anything and everything that you could ever do is minute, weak and pathetic compared to what I can do. I can do anything! I can do everything! When you really think about it‚ what can you do?

223. This is My work, My Family, My flock, My harvest field, My tools‚ and I am the Boss! This is something I want to get straightened out once and for all. If you want to work for Me, if you want to be an example to the flock, if you want to be in leadership, there are rules, and the first one on the list is to let Me work! The way you do that is by letting Me into your lives fully. Instead of thinking the world will fall apart if you don't rush into the day answering your mail messages, instead of working late into the night trying to finish up that last file, instead of all those long, draining meetings, instead of rushing around here and there to tie up every loose end in sight—call on Me. Let Me work for you! Let Me do it! Because don't you get it?—Only I can!

224. I want to see your priorities change. I want that time with you in My Word every single day. I want to speak to you in prophecy every single day! I want to give you answers as you meditate in prayer every single day. I want you to lay hold of My miracle-working power through intercessory prayer every single day. You either do that or you're fired!

225. Sorry, but we need to be clear here. I'm the Boss. It's My company. Those are the rules. It has to be that way, and the reason it has to be that way is because otherwise you'll fail, and the Family will fail. It's as simple as that. There's too much for you as a human to do. The load is and will always be too big. The battle is waged in the spirit, not in the physical world. You must have My miracle-working power. (ML #3347:37-49, GN 941).

226. (Mama: ) We're aware of the principle that if we put the Lord first, He will work for us, but it's a difficult thing to practice. It goes contrary to our carnal reasoning. It takes a lot of faith to really believe it to the point that you live it. The Lord so wants us to believe this, to accept it and live it, and He's given promises of such blessing in return.

227. (Jesus speaking: ) To emphasize My point, I don't really care how busy you are. I should be your first priority, and I require that, if I am to anoint you fully. I know that sounds callous and unfeeling, but the more you put Me first, the more I am able to work for you. So it is in love and mercy that I ask that of you, that I require that of you, that I withhold blessings when you fail in this area. It is because I love you and I want you to be as fruitful and happy as possible. If you will obey in this one thing, you will see your life changed and blessed in ways you never thought possible. Please, put Me to the test! (End of message from Jesus)

Word Time Must Be Quality Time!

228. (Mama:) You might be wondering if the Word requirements in the Charter will change as a result of this GN. As you probably know, the Charter states, "Family members should have 1½ hour daily‚ or 10½ hours weekly, of Word, prayer and hearing from the Lord, as outlined in 'The Spiritual Health Revolution,' GN 789, ML #3184."—And that 1½ hour daily can include such things as united devotions, praise time, personal reading, the time that you spend hearing from the Lord in prayer, the time that you spend reading Bible stories with your children, and the time that you have Word classes with the JETTs or the teens.

229. Peter and I and our counselors have prayed about that, and the conclusion is this: The Charter requirement of a minimum of one and a half hours in the Word (for those who have been in the Family for over one year) will not change; but the Lord has clarified this requirement. (See the prophecies that follow.)

230. There will, however‚ be a Charter amendment that will require each Charter member to spend 30 minutes a day in intercessory prayer. That prayer time is not to be considered part of the one and a half hours (minimum) of Word each day.

231. Please start taking this time now, as this requirement, as well as the clarifications on the Word requirement, go into effect at the time this GN is published. Thirty minutes of daily intercessory prayer is a new "Fundamental Family Rule." When the Charter is updated and reprinted, this amendment will be included in it and the explanation of the Word requirement will be clarified as per the counsel in this GN. Thanks!

232. Here are two prophecies that explain more about how the Lord sees the Charter requirements and what your daily Word time should consist of.

233. (Jesus speaking: ) I wish for the basic Charter requirement of time in the Word to remain the same, but I wish to amplify the explanation. The one and half hours in the Word should be quality time. What is quality time? That is to be determined by the conscience of the individual. There are some teen Word classes that can definitely be quality time for the teacher, whereas there are other teen Word classes that are simply work, that aren't that feeding spiritually for the teacher. I would venture to say that not many Word classes or Bible reading sessions for little children are really what's needed for the adult or teen teacher, so that would normally not be considered the quality Word time I'm requiring. There are some united devotions that would be quality Word time, others would not.

234. The onus is on the individual to determine what is "quality," and those who are sincerely seeking to be obedient, to do all they can to receive the input and training they need at this time, will judge righteous judgment and won't always be trying to fudge it or find less quality Word–related activities to count toward the Word requirement. The key is in quality, deep‚ feeding Word time. It's not in just putting in the hours. The point is to be fed, trained and inspired!

235. If everyone were to get one and a half hours of quality time with Me in the Word, and that includes personal prophecy time, then that would certainly fulfill the Word revolution. I include personal prophecy time because that is definitely time in the Word. You're hearing from Me, and it should certainly be feeding and quality time, since you're asking Me for personal counsel. I do not include work prophecies in this time. If you're praying about what house to rent, or whether to buy that used car‚ or how to go about getting your visa renewed, that is work. That's not quality Word time, nor is it time in the bed of love with Me. But when you're praying about your personal life, your walk with Me, your spiritual life, then that is quality time in the Word with Me.

236. I do want to institute a new Charter requirement of 30 minutes of intercessory prayer each day. This should be each person's prayer vigil time. This is time you spend working for others, pouring out in spirit. This is not time in which you are feeding your own spirit. While intercessory prayer is edifying and inspiring, and you do come away from such prayer time feeling that you accomplished a lot and having a sense of peace, it's not time when you're feeding your own spirit or being trained in the Word and in My ways. So this time should be set apart from the Word requirement.

237. This would be a change in the present Charter requirements. At this time‚ the one and a half hours includes intercessory prayer. But that time in prayer can be "fit in" on top of other activities. You can pray at night when you're awake, or while you wash dishes, or while you hang the laundry or have get-out walks, or while you're on public transport. There are limitless opportunities to fit in intercessory prayer during the activities that you already do, things that are necessary and inevitable. You can just redeem the time a bit more by multitasking. So to add the 30-minute intercessory prayer as an additional requirement, above the one and a half hours in the Word‚ is not that difficult.

238. Prayer vigil is something that can often be done while you do something else that you'd be doing anyway, so that won't really take time away from other activities, either work or free time. It's just greater efficiency, and making prayer vigil a requirement on its own gives it the priority it deserves.

239. One and a half hours of Word and time with Me plus half an hour of prayer vigil is not too much. It is doable. Yes, it will require change, it will require sacrifices, but it's not an unattainable goal. Especially if you are to include all of the things that make up your time in My Word—loving Me intimately, reading My Word, praising Me‚ memorizing and reviewing, hearing from Me in prophecy, etc. In fact, this is basically what I have required all along—with a few slight modifications—it's just that My children haven't been giving it the priority and sacredness it deserves.

240. I can't emphasize enough how the goal is quality Word time, real concentration, being fed, and not being satisfied with spacing out in united devotions, or casually listening to an MP3 file or audio Word tape while engaged in another activity, or just skimming some Family pub on whatever subject and calling that "Word time." I want time in the bed of love with you, deep communication‚ intimate touch-base time‚ quality exchanges, heart-to-heart interaction. And that's again where your personal commitment and desire are the secret, because each person will need to make a decision to not be satisfied with anything less than a real connection with Me, really getting fed, and defining that as "quality Word time." That's what's needed, and that's what will make this revolution a reality. This, if lived to the full, will be a revolution, and it will bring about the changes I desire. (End of message from Jesus.)

241. (Mama: ) The requirement for a minimum of one and half hours Word time daily has not changed. But it's up to you personally to make sure those 90 minutes represent quality time—that's the key. The Lord means for you to be fed, to connect with Him, to grow spiritually through your time in the Word. You have to have personal conviction to make that happen. It's not like someone can do it for you. You must discipline yourself, bring your thoughts into captivity, call on the keys for spiritual growth, and really apply yourself to studying and memorizing the Word. The Lord said each person will have to judge for himself if a Word–based activity is "quality Word time," and if it's not, then it's up to you to keep fighting to get that time.

242. Here's another message that helps to define the Word requirement.

243. (Jesus speaking:) The revolution that is needed here is two–pronged. First is the time involved. People must make time for the Word. They must put it first in their lives, at the top of their priority list. Right now it's all too easily squeezed out and neglected altogether, or else squeezed in on top of some other activity, "multitasking" style, which brings Me to the second part of the revolution that is needed: quality Word time. People must learn how to study the Word, how to ask themselves questions, how to reflect, how to absorb, and then how to have conviction enough to make changes in accordance with My voice of conviction in their hearts. They must learn how to meditate on My Words. There must be more of a hunger in the spirit, more of a desperation to make the Word a part of them, to be changed and motivated by it, rather than listening to it casually in devotions or via MP3 files or audio tapes and counting that as their required Word time for the day.

244. This second aspect of having quality Word time is just as hard to implement and maintain on a long-term basis as finding the time. Both are just as important. Both require dedication and a willingness to sacrifice other less important activities or even projects that could be good but are not the best—not the best, because they would take away from time with Me.

245. If every Family member was obeying the Charter requirement of a minimum of one and a half hours of Word time daily and was consistently making it quality time with Me—learning‚ applying My Words, meditating on them, being renewed by My Spirit—then this wouldn't even be an issue. The problem is that people have not made the time for My Word, and this problem has gone on consistently for many years, so people have formed bad habits of familiarity with the Word, a lack of hunger for the spirit, neglecting and passing over their Word time for other pursuits that, although they might look good, when held against the standard of My Word and their spiritual feeding‚ are vain by comparison. That includes all good works‚ projects, endeavors, even sacrifices. Anything that takes you away from My Word, that prevents you from sitting at My feet, is considered vain by Me. I do not appreciate it, and I do not bless it. I cannot bless it.

246. The solution here is not that the Word-time requirement in the Charter be changed. Although I would love to have more time with My brides, I know that on a long-term basis it wouldn't be possible to follow through with a higher requirement and make it consistently quality time. People would feel pressured and would come up with ways to get lesser quality Word time while they do other things. That's not the idea. The idea is to set aside time for Me and Me alone. And then if they can fit in more Word time as they do other activities, that should be in addition to the one and a half mandated hours of quality Word time.

247. For example, if they want to listen to the Word while they do aerobics, that's great. But that's not to be included in the one and a half hours I'm talking about. If they want to put on a Word tape while they rest or cook or drive, that's great. But it's not the same as sitting with your printed copies and notebook and studying My Word, making notes, writing down things I show you‚ researching on the HomeARC, seeking Me about how it applies to you personally‚ and implementing it in your own life.

248. There are some things that do qualify for that one and a half hours of Word time:

249. * Quality Word time either privately, with others, or in united devotions. This can be reading paper copies, reading on your computer, or listening to audio tapes of the Word. But the point is to have your full attention focused on the Word and not just be racing through the paragraphs, only trying to "put the time in." The goal is to be fed, inspired and spiritually trained!

250. * Your time hearing from Me in prophecy. But that shouldn't usually be more than half an hour of the required one and a half hours. There may be exceptions from time to time, but I speak of the norm here. If you regularly only spend time receiving prophecy but not studying the printed Word, your foundation will grow weaker over time. There will come a time when all you have are My Words to you in prophecy and what is hidden in your heart, but that time is not yet. Don't neglect spending adequate time strengthening your foundation in the printed Word, which is vital to your spiritual life. A just balance is My delight.

251. * Occasionally discussing the application of the Word with your mate, children or Home. This is not license to go off on daisy-picking conversations, or to waste time in fellowship which could otherwise be quality time with Me. But I do give permission for occasional discussions of the Word to fall within this hour and a half requirement, for there will be times during your devotions when discussing My Word together and applying it will bear great fruit.

252. * Memorizing My Word and the keys promises, and reviewing. This is a vital part of absorbing and taking in My Words; it's feeding and beneficial to your spirit, and is quality Word time.

253. The majority of your one and a half hours should be spent in study, absorption, and meditation on My Words.

254. When you read‚ learn to study more. Highlight the portions that speak to you. Keep a notebook where you jot down those things that I tell you. Write down questions to ask Me, or other related Letters that I bring to mind for you to read. Pull quotes and promises for a quote book. Mark portions to share with your children or mate or to read in a united devotions for others' edification. Take moments while you're reading to stop and reflect and open your heart to My still small voice as to how that applies to you and what you can do to live it.

255. Take the time and make it sacred. Schedule a time when you're alert, rested, and able to focus and concentrate. Don't allow yourself to be interrupted or distracted by things that can wait.

256. This is something between you and Me, and only you and I know if you're really obeying this portion of My counsel—but believe Me, the results will be obvious and noticeable to others. Your works, actions, fruitfulness and the blessings in your personal life will be a direct reflection of your obedience to this counsel, or your lack of obedience.—Because everything good comes from My Word—wisdom, anointing, faith, positiveness, the ability to cope with difficult situations, spiritual strength‚ understanding, and the list goes on.

257. It all starts right here, in our bed of love, with the quality time we spend together. There is no substitute. There is no way to skip it and achieve the same good results. That's just the way it is.

258. Prayer vigil should come in addition to this hour and a half of Word time. Prayer vigil can be done while you're doing other things—you can include the children or your sheep; you can do it while you're waiting for the bus or sitting on the toilet; you can do it while you're exercising. In saying that you can pray while you are doing other things, I do not mean that you should devote any less of your heart to the prayer. And there should also be times when you kneel before Me in prayer and pour out your heart in intercession‚ devoting yourself fully to prayer. Those times are good for your spirit, and they bear great weight in the spiritual realm.

259. So the total time required would be two hours daily: One and a half hours (minimum) spent with Me in quality Word time and spiritual feeding, and half an hour spent in prayer vigil, which is more flexible and can be combined with other things, but is nonetheless not to be neglected.

260. If each of you is faithful to do this, the results will be noticeable. Your work will go easier. Your spiritual strength and faith will increase, and thus you will claim more mighty miracles, and progress will be faster, easier, and smoother. Your sheep will grow. Your children will progress. Your provisioning will be more plentiful. Your witnessing will be more fulfilling. You'll have more supernatural experiences of supply, healing, protection, and an increase in every blessing in your lives. You will find your lives are easier. It won't happen automatically, and it will be a tremendous fight to get started, but the long-term results will be better than you can imagine.

261. I want to make it clear with this counsel that I'm not trying to take away the fun things that your lives are blessed with. I'm not trying to make your lives boring and routine‚ with no opportunities for fellowship and recreation! I'm just asking you to put first things first. And if that means that you'll have to cut out some of those activities which are less meaningful in order to give more time to Me, I'll bless you beyond measure for that sacrifice.

262. Give Me the tithe of your time and prove Me if I will not make your work easier, quicker, simpler, and more pleasurable, so that you don't have to spend as much time on it, and you'll still have time for fellowship and those things you enjoy. You'll feel the results, I promise. They will be worth it to you. The rewards will far outweigh the sacrifice‚ and best of all, you'll be ready for the days ahead. We will be one‚ our minds will meld, you'll have taken on My heavenly thought power, and you'll have the faith and confidence needed to perform the miracles and wonders of the Last Days. (End of message from Jesus.)

263. (Mama:) The Lord gives some examples here of what He considers quality Word time, but still, the day-to–day judgment on what you'll consider feeding study time will be up to you. That's where your personal conviction and spiritual hunger and desire to grow come into the picture.

264. Generally speaking, the following things would usually count toward the minimum one and a half hours of quality Word time:

265. * Feeding study time, either privately or with others. (Would include united devotions, provided you really connect with the Lord and don't spend the time daydreaming, spacing out or dozing off.)

266. * Personal prophecy time, but not work–related prophecies.

267. * Memorization and review.

268. * Occasional meaningful discussions about the application of the Word (during devotions, for example, or with your mate and/or children).

269. * Some classes you teach others (young people or sheep), provided they are feeding for you personally.

270. * Devotions with JETTs and teens, especially if you read the New Wine.

271. * Praise time.

272. * Loving Jesus intimately.

273. The following would not usually count toward the minimum one and a half hours of quality Word time:

274. * Listening to the Word while doing aerobics, cooking, driving, resting, etc.

275. * Word classes and Bible reading with small children.

276. * Prophecies about your work.

277. * Some Word classes with teens or sheep, if they're not what you personally need. This would be especially true of classes that you've taught many times on subjects that you're very well versed in. Such classes would probably not be the "New Wine" spiritual feeding that you need for that day. These classes would fall under "work," not Word time.

278. These are just guidelines. As was brought out before, it's up to your own conscience to judge your situation as far as what's quality time. You'll be blessed according to the decisions you make. But in all your decisions, bear in mind that the Lord did say that we needed to learn to study. He said:

279. When you read, learn to study more. Highlight the portions that speak to you. Keep a notebook where you jot down those things that I tell you. Write down questions to ask Me, or other related Letters that I bring to mind for you to read. Pull quotes and promises for a quote book. Mark portions to share with your children or mate or to read in a united devotions for others' edification. Take moments while you're reading to stop and reflect and open your heart to My still small voice as to how that applies to you and what you can do to live it. (End of message from Jesus.)

280. I sought the Lord for more counsel on this. It's crucial that we get this right, because if the Lord means that only sitting down with a paper copy, with a notebook and pen handy, will do the trick and provide us with the quality Word time we need, then we must be aware of that‚ so we can change any of our Word habits that don't fall under this explanation.

281. Here is more counsel from the Lord.

282. (Jesus speaking:) As I have said‚ this is a matter of personal conviction, and each person will have to judge on a daily basis if and when they have gotten sufficient quality Word time. Some people might need the counsel and input of others—their mates, co-workers or shepherds—to judge how their Word time is going, especially if they have developed poor Word study habits that they have a hard time recognizing and breaking.

283. Some people are easily content with just having the Word playing in the background of their thoughts‚ and they think that is "getting in the Word." Others are real students of the Word. Because of these differences in people's interpretations of what is quality word time, I will give further clarifications.

284. The idea is for each of you to become more studious. And that means that casually listening to the Word while doing something else is not quality Word time. You might try to argue that you're really getting fed, but it's a fact that your attention is distracted when you're trying to do two things at once, especially if whatever else you're doing while listening to the Word is engaging or difficult.

285. You can't fully concentrate on two things at once. Even if what you're doing while listening to the Word requires little brainpower, you still can't give the Word your full attention--which it deserves. When you're driving, even though you might be inspired by listening to the Word and you do get something out of it, it's not quality, where you're giving it your 100 percent. Not to mention that it can be dangerous if you're focusing too much on the Word and not the road!

286. The same goes for listening to the Word while cooking or exercising. Listening to the Word while you're doing these things is good, because you're keeping your mind busy instead of thinking the Enemy's thoughts or daydreaming, but it's not quality Word time because you're not concentrating fully, you won't catch every jewel‚ you won't get the serious spiritual training that I want to give you, and that's the point I'm trying to make.

287. Of course, there are always exceptions to every rule, and this is not across the board. For example, if you're sitting in the back of a van, with no responsibility as the driver or rider, you could easily give the Word that you're listening to your full concentration, and this could be considered a part of your quality Word intake for the day. Or if you're having a leisure walk and listening to the Word, for some people this could be quality time. But in general, listening to the Word while engaging in another activity isn't considered quality time.

288. If the Word is just playing in the background and you think you're going to absorb it through some kind of osmosis, even if you're not really paying attention, that's not the vision. I expect you to study the Word with real desperate prayer and with the opportunity to make notes, stop and think, and reread key portions. If you're in united devotions‚ that means reading a printout or printed copy as you go. If possible, it would be good to have printouts available (either photocopies or printouts from the file from the MO site)‚ but if you don't have printouts available or there aren't enough copies to go around, you could even jot quick notes about the things you want to pray about and portions of the GN to reread later, during your private Word time. I can show each person how to best "study to show themselves approved" as they ask Me.

289. The goal is getting fed, connecting with Me, being trained spiritually, and having quality Word time that changes you! I'm talking about applied, understood, lived Word.

290. As far as reading the Word at your computer, that's fine‚ as long as you're not distracted by your e–mail or other thoughts of work. If you're really studying, highlighting, reflecting, adding points to your personal P&P to-do list, etc.‚ then that's perfectly fine. There's nothing that says a person can't get quality Word time at their computer.

291. The question is: Are you getting fed? Are you connecting with Me? Are you taking in the Word, meditating on it, applying it, and really being changed through it? That's the goal.

292. The Family needs a length of time on the Word requirement, but just fulfilling the required 90 minutes (minimum) is not, in itself, the goal; that's not the point if the Word time was not genuinely feeding. Quality Word time is the point. That's what I'm looking for: quality! The amount of time is a needed guideline, but just putting in the time is not the all in all I'm looking for. It must be time plus quality! (End of message from Jesus)

Introducing Arcothon

293. (Mama:) If you feel super tired when it comes time for quality Word study or memorizing, or lazy in general when it comes to spiritual matters‚ it could be that the evil spirits Lethargy and/or Apotheon are oppressing you. The SGA CO I talked about earlier in this GN mentioned that he was being attacked by Apotheon, which made him feel lazy and apathetic. Possibly the same is happening to you. You can find out by asking the Lord. And then take it a step further and ask the Lord for some additional help in the spirit world, a new spirit helper.

294. I want to share with you a message from a powerful warring angel who opposes Apotheon, which the above-mentioned SGA received. You can call on this spirit warrior's help too. We all need to avail ourselves of the tremendous power the Lord has made available to us through our many spirit helpers, and learn to work with them more closely.

295. (Angel speaking:) My name is Arcothon. I have come to see you through this Time of the End and to teach you the art of warfare. You wonder why my name sounds so familiar to Apotheon. I am Apotheon's archenemy, the warrior angel designed to defeat Apotheon.

296. Arcothon is my name, for I fight through fire. I fight through the words that the Master gives me, and I turn them into fireballs that fight and defeat him. Apotheon is the archdemon of apathy, laziness, waiting, sitting, dragging down, draining the lifeblood out of you. You know the various manifestations of Apotheon, but you do not know my manifestations.

297. I am the opposite of Apotheon. I am fire‚ I am attacking, I am fight! I am a warring angel designed to fight; that is all I do. I fight through the weapon of prayer, of prophecy, of the keys, of hearing my Master's instructions, and of casting out Apotheon.

298. My Master's words are pure energy, pure light. I fight through light of the purest form. The purest energy known to man is light, yet I fight with an even greater energy, a purer energy, even purer than light. It is an energy that you do not fully comprehend as yet, for it is the energy of the power of God. This is the energy that runs through my body and through my veins and out my hands when I fight. I do not fight with conventional weaponry, with swords; I fight with pure energy, missiles of pure energy that nothing and no one can defeat!

299. This energy cannot be unlocked on its own. I am simply a channel, a carrier‚ and that is where my greatest strength lies. For I, in myself, am nothing‚ but I have learned to be a pure conduit of the energy of God, and that is my greatest strength.

300. I am commissioned, I go to the fight, I open my channel, and through me pours energy straight from the throne of God. Part of the energy that powers Heaven flows through my body and through my veins and out my hands‚ and that is what defeats the Enemy. And that is why I have been assigned to help teach you, and the others in the Family as well, who want to take up the challenge, who have the faith to believe, and who are willing to make the sacrifices necessary. I wish to teach you to be a greater conduit of the power of God. You will not be as pure as I am‚ or as those in the heavenly realm, while you are yet in the flesh, but I can still teach you to open yourself up so completely that the power of God can run through you in such great measure that you will perform miracles that you know not of.

301. Yea, you children of David can defeat Satan himself, and in time, the Spirit of God flowing through all of you collectively will win a great and mighty victory. All you need to do is to learn how to become a clean receptacle and a conduit of the power of God, and enough of it will flow through you that nothing on Earth will stand before you. For nothing of Earth can stand before even a small portion of the power of God.

302. So that is what you need to do: Allow me to help teach you to open yourself more to the power of God. Receive my help, allow me to teach you the art of war. Let our wonderful Husband‚ the King of the universe, the Source of all power, possess you. That is being a conduit of the power of God.

303. I am not the power; I am only a teacher to teach those who want to learn how to become a conduit. And once you link up with the Master, the Holy Ghost power will flow through you in unparalleled measure‚ and you will feel the power of the Spirit of God flowing through you.

304. This is the art of war, and it is this full possession by our Master, King of the universe, Holder of the powers, Source of the power, that will cause you to be effective in your warfare and become an unstoppable‚ unbeatable source.

305. I love you and I'm here to help you, so call on me. Call me Arcos for short. Arcothon is my real name, and it symbolizes a conduit of the power of God. What do you think of when you hear the word "Arcothon"? You think of an electric arc. Imagine a lightning strike, a huge electrical arc. Now imagine something a thousand times more powerful than any lightning you've ever seen, and you will be getting close to somewhere near a fraction of the power of God that flows through me.

306. That is what my name means and symbolizes—a conduit of the power of God—and I can teach you to become a greater conduit of the power of God as well. I will teach you to become a conduit of the true full possession of our Husband and Lover and King and God of the universe, the Keeper and Source of all power, in the name of Jesus, amen. (End of message from Arcothon)

Becoming a Better Conduit

307. (Question from SGA mentioned above:) How can I open myself more to allow Arcothon to teach me to become a better conduit of the power of God?

308. (Jesus speaking:) By spending more time with Me. Spending time in the bed of love, spending time praising Me and letting Me fully possess you, and by spending time practicing, opening up your mind to the spirit world, really focusing on the power. It's all in that Letter, "Focus on the Power." If you reread that, you'll see exactly what you need to do to also open yourself to Arcothon and his power and instruction.

309. I am sending spirit helpers to those of you who really desire to be more than what you are. And these spirit helpers are specific tutors to you in learning to harness the power of God, and learning full possession and to fully tap in, for these helpers are part of Me, they are one with Me. So reread "Full Possession" and "Focus on the Power," and that is how My brides can learn to fully avail themselves of Arcothon's input and vast wisdom and great skill in the art of war. He is waiting to teach you who are willing to take up the challenge and make the necessary sacrifices. You just have to open yourself up to the power‚ open yourself up to Me, open yourself up to the help I give you through your spirit helpers, open yourself up to My Spirit by spending time loving Me, praising Me, meditating on My Word, meditating on the spirit world, and getting filled up. The more time you spend in the spirit world, the more time you will get to practice, and the more you will learn to harness the power of God.

310. The more you get distracted with the cares and the worries of this life‚ the less time you have with Me and with Arcothon and your many other spirit helpers. So that is the first commission to each of you if you are to truly gain the power of God—spend time in the spirit world. You need that private time with Me, that time when you can sit in pure quietness and meditation. (End of message from Jesus.)

311. (Mama: ) This is yet another confirmation of the need to have undistracted time with the Lord. It's imperative that you slow down and not only get quality Word time every day, but time to meditate on the Word, draw close to your wonderful Husband, hear from Him in prophecy‚ love Him intimately, praise Him, focus on the power, and allow your Lover to fully possess you.

Pull Down My Answers

For Your Personal Situation!

312. During this Feast there is time for you to pray privately and unitedly, and to discuss, counsel and seek the Lord so you can come up with a workable plan of attack for your Home and each individual. There are also several questions included near the end of this GN to bring before the Lord to receive His Words for your Home and for you personally regarding how to best implement a Word revolution in your lives. The Lord knows the busy schedules you have throughout the year. That's why He and we are giving you this time during the Feast to stop and pray about these matters.

313. Here are some promises from the Lord, which I pray will give you more faith that you can change and that things can be different in your life and Home.

314. (Jesus speaking: ) The best thing that can happen during Feast 2003 is for each of you to commit to establishing lasting, lifelong habits and safeguards that will assure your proper intake and nourishment from the Word on a day–to-day basis. It must be steady and consistent; it must be constant. I'm talking about revolution, about making the Word the most important priority in your life!

315. I'd like to show you better ways, how you can make it work—ways to assure not only sufficient time to get in the Word, but also to absorb and apply the Word. I will reveal to you secrets as you seek Me during these days, both individually and as a Home. Don't be discouraged, thinking that there's no way you can make it work for your personal situation, because where there's a will‚ there's a way! And I have a way that I want to show you.

316. I have already worked behind the scenes to prepare doable solutions for those of you who have the faith to obey and to pull down My answers for your personal situations. I have allotted time during this Feast for you to pray, discuss, work out the kinks‚ and get a good, solid, workable plan that you can commit to, if you have the desire, motivation and willingness to sacrifice in order to make it work.

Stop and Evaluate Your Word Intake

And Seek Me for Solutions!

317. I ask all of you to stop and evaluate your Word intake and the quality of your Word time. To do that, I'm asking you to evaluate your time, priorities, schedules‚ activities, and lifestyle. I declare this Feast 2003 to be a time to stop together as a Home, to pray, discuss, counsel, evaluate‚ scrutinize, seek Me together and see how you can implement a lasting Word revolution in your own Home and your personal lives.

318. Stop and seek Me on how you can live more in the Word‚ how you can safeguard each other; how you can help each other to live more in the Word, to have quality Word time, undisturbed time in which you're able to truly absorb and apply My Word in your daily lives. Ask Me how the Word and the keys promises work hand in hand, and how you can be more faithful to hide the Word in your hearts and memorize keys promises, how you can check up on each other for memory and review time.

319. It's time to get back to the sound principle of My Spirit—that the Word is the key to everything; that you should not live by bread alone, but by every word from My mouth; that it's the spirit that quickens, the flesh profits nothing. It's time to get the Word in and let Me live in you more fully before the terrible days ahead, lest you be found wanting and destitute.

320. If you are not getting sufficient Word time, find out why. If you are not getting quality Word time, find out why. Discuss‚ counsel, pray and seek Me together for solutions as to how to go about making it possible for every member of your Home to take up this challenge and do it. I have the answers. I want to help you establish lasting, lifelong habits of living in My Word. You won't make it without it. This is vital, it is imperative, there is no other way. (End of message from Jesus)

321. (Mama:) As you know‚ the third day of the Feast will be a day of fasting and prayer, a day when you can call on the power of the keys of the Kingdom for important and timely needs of the Family and the world. This will be a time to call on the power of the keys to help you implement the things the Lord speaks to you about in these days so you can have a lasting Word revolution in your lives. It will also be a time to ask for personal prayer and the laying on of hands.

322. The Lord said: "Open your hearts, minds, and channels to Me‚ and let Me speak to you with specifics on how to make these changes. Then as you fast and pray and call on the power of the keys, your spirit helpers will deliver the extra anointing of key power to you that will make these changes possible."

I Give My All to You …

Will You Do Any Less for Me?

323. Dear Family, here is a very personal plea from the Lord. I pray it will make a difference in your life and give you faith for what He's asking of you.

324. (Jesus speaking:) My loves, nothing is more important than finding the solutions to these things I speak of. Nothing is more important than absorbing My Word and applying it to your lives. Whatever your ministry is, whatever work you do for Me, it's not more important than getting My Words in, than living in My Words and letting My Words live in you. This is your most important task—the most important thing you have to do! Without this, all else will crumble, and without this‚ you won't last to do your job! Without this, you will not have the strength, stamina, and power to fulfill your destiny.

325. My Words are Me! I give My all to you—will you do any less for Me? My desire is to see you use to the full this most priceless possession in all existence. I beg of you, I plead with you—take heed to these words, and let Me live in you more fully. My heart is heavy, for I know you will not survive in the future without living more fully in My Word. You have been given more wealth of My Words than all the prophets of all time, and should you reject them or slide into slothfulness and not fight to guard these great possessions, having known the truth, yet allowing it to slip out of your grasp to where you do not use it to the full, it will be worse than if you had never known the truth at all.

326. (Vision:) I see a picture of the Lord kneeling before His Bride, who is sitting on a chair. The Lord has His hands and head in her lap, like He is begging something of her. I can't see His face, but I know He's crying strongly and emotionally‚ as one would cry and beg. The Lord seems to be letting me feel His heavy-heartedness‚ at least a portion of it. I have the impression it's only a part I'm feeling, for if He let me feel completely what He is feeling, I couldn't bear it.

327. (Jesus continues: ) I've opened My heart to you, My brides. I give My life for you. I give you My all—what will you do with it? My Words are Me; they are My Spirit and My life. Will you turn Me away? Am I not worth your prime time?

328. I not only died on the cross for your salvation when I gave of My fleshly life‚ but I continue to give My life for you every day. I gave My earthly life that you might be born again, and now I continue giving My Spirit that you might have fullness of life. I continue giving My life for you, for I am on call for you 24/7—every hour, every moment of every day. I am right with you, by your side‚ always available‚ always ready, always willing to help you, always here to answer any question you ask Me, to help you sort out any problem, to help with anything you need.

329. I keep giving My life for you‚ dear loves. Will you shun Me? Will you only absorb and apply a small portion of My Spirit, when I live to give My all to you? I give and give and give to you. This is My choice. Yes, I have a choice in the matter. Just because I am your Lord and Savior, it doesn't mean that I don't have choices. I could leave you to fend for yourself if I so desired. There is no one with a big stick hanging over My head telling Me I must be here for you continuously.

330. My choice is to keep giving to you‚ to love you, to help you, to always be here for you, to never leave you, to never forsake you. This is the solemn promise and vow I have made, one which I will keep. I give Myself to you—My Words, My Spirit‚ all of Me. Will you not treasure Me and let Me live in you more fully? Is My giving in vain?

331. My love for you is so great! My desire for you is so immense that I keep on giving, so that you might live a life of fullness, happiness‚ joy, and pleasure!—And so that you might fulfill your destiny—that which will bring you the greatest satisfaction and the greatest rewards known to man. Once you're saved, you're saved; you can never lose your salvation. But I have willingly and gladly chosen to help guide you, provide for you, protect and keep you, to help facilitate your journey and to see you safely Home.

332. I lay down My life daily for you. I give you Myself—My Words—freely, willingly, abundantly. I choose to do this because I love you, because I want you‚ because I want to make your lives as easy as possible, because you are worth everything to Me. You are worth My time, My energy‚ the expenditure of My Spirit. What am I worth to you? Will you not accept all I have to give?

333. You hold Me, the God of the universe, in your hands. You know the story of the pearl of great price, and how the man went and sold all that he had so he could buy it. I have handed you that pearl—Me, My Word‚ My Spirit that gives life and truth and joy!

334. Everything I have, all that I am, is yours. What will you do with Me? Will you turn Me away? Again, I know that your spirit is willing, yet the flesh is weak. I understand this. It is precisely because I understand this so well that I ask you to stop, to evaluate, to take a long, hard look into your hearts, to search your souls, and to seek Me as to what can be done to safeguard your time with Me, as well as your absorption and application of My Word in your lives. I ask this because I know you can't make it through the future without Me living more fully in you‚ without a lasting revolution in your Word habits, without getting your priorities straight.

335. You've got Me. You have not only a portion of My Words, but you hold the keys to My storehouses that contain the full counsel of God. I've given more of Myself to you than to any others in the entire world, in any given time in history. But the question is, will you make full use of what you possess? Your life depends on it‚ and not only your survival, but the lives and survival of many, many others.

336. Only as you live in My Word more fully will you be able to utilize the gifts I have given you. Only then will I be able to fully possess you. Only then will you be able to fully focus on the power. Only then will you be able to fully use your gift of heavenly thought power. Only then will you be the living sample of My Words that will win others to Me, that will win lasting fruit, solid disciples, sold-out citizens of the world to come. Only then will you walk through the storm of the most terrible iniquity of all time, unscathed and triumphant.

337. I give My all to you—what am I worth to you? Reading My Word is not enough. I have so much more to give, so many solutions‚ the fullness of My Spirit, so much more happiness, joy, pleasure and satisfaction to give you. But to get it, you must not only read, you must absorb, you must apply all the fresh Word I pour out, you must live more fully in My Word.

338. Will you give Me a chance to show you how it can be done? I know it looks impossible, but it's not. It's a matter of priorities. It's a matter of changing your mindset. It's a matter of listening, and then yielding to Me. It's a matter of calling on the keys of the Kingdom and letting their power work for you. It's a matter of letting go and letting Me live more fully in you. I've laid My life on the line for you—will you accept what I have to offer? (End of message from Jesus.)

339. (Mama:) Our Husband loves us, dear Family. That's why He's giving us this ultimatum. It's for the sake of each of us. Let's take it to heart so that we have the strength to keep going, and don't wind up failing Him in the long run or petering out from lack of spiritual strength.

340. The Lord has been very clear, and He's counting on us to obey and live this message. Our future blessings, supply, fruitfulness and anointing as His Endtime army are contingent on our obedience.

341. Please take some time to seek our dear Love about what this means for you personally. He gave some questions to bring before Him, which I'm including in this GN, that will help to get you started in the direction of establishing safeguards and making the changes needed to make this a reality in your life and Home. Tomorrow you'll read GN 1017 about another spiritual enemy the Lord has revealed to us who fights against our absorbing and living the Word. Having this demon revealed and being able to pray against him will also be a spiritual boost and should help make things easier.

342. Peter and I and our Homes in WS are doing the same thing right now—we're all seeking the Lord about how we can make this revolution a reality. We all need to make changes in order to live in the Word more fully.

343. Sweet Love, in the power of the keys we claim that You will open our spiritual eyes and ears to receive from You now. Please give the personalized solutions that You promised, and give us faith to receive them and live them. We know that in all of our lives there will be personal sacrifice involved with the solutions You give. There will be things we'll have to be willing to change, and some of them won't be easy. But we're willing to do it for You‚ because You've made it clear that it's important—it's the most important thing. So give us faith to receive all that You want to say to us personally, and then give us conviction to obey. You've given us Your all, help us to do the same for You! Thank You, our dear, faithful Shepherd. We love You and need You so much.

With much love in our powerful Keeper of the Keys,


Questions to ask the Lord

344. The Lord gave some questions for each of us to bring before Him‚ beginning now during the Feast, and you can finish those that you don't get to during the Feast in the days following. Please, before your fast and prayer day, try to hear from the Lord on at least the first three questions below, plus the one at the end of the GN that you'll read tomorrow, so that your prayer request can be as complete as possible.

345. As you come before our Husband with these questions, please claim the keys of receptivity and a good vacuum in the spirit to receive all that He wants to pour out. Don't limit Him through pride or lack of stirring yourself up in the spirit. As always‚ the Feast is a very special time in the spirit—a time when the Lord pours out in even greater measure, a golden opportunity to really grow and make changes in our lives. He's counting on us to make this change‚ so that He can continue to anoint and use us in the way He wants in the days to come.

346. (Prayer:) Jesus, I want to have a lasting revolution in my life regarding my Word habits. I want to do whatever it takes to have a lifestyle change so I can live in Your Word. I want to put lasting safeguards in place so that I never neglect Your Word, to assure that I not only have sufficient time to read Your Word, but to sufficiently absorb and apply it in my life. In order to do this, can You please speak to me clearly and with as much detail as possible on the following questions?

347. I call on the power of the keys of receptivity‚ anointing, prophecy and faith, and ask that You will help me to have a clear channel to You. Give me focus and good concentration, and help me to receive clear, true messages. I call on the keys and ask You to pour down the elixir of Heaven and wash away my own ideas and opinions. I call on the keys and ask to put on Your mind. Give me an open mind and heart to receive all the counsel You want to give me. Thank You for the keys that enhance my channel and give me clear reception. Thank You that nothing is impossible when I call on the keys. I praise You‚ my Answer Man.

  1. Please give me an overall plan as to how to make this Word revolution a reality in my life. How can I live more in the Word? Please give me practical suggestions and tips that You know will work for me.
  2. Do I have my priorities straight in putting first the things that are most important, or can I stand to improve in this area? Am I making the most of my time each day, doing the things You want me to do, in my work as well as my times of relaxation and fun, or do I allow timewasters in my life? What are they and how can I avoid them? What are the things in my schedule or life that are standing in the way of my getting sufficient quality Word time? Are there any things I am doing that I should do less of or omit altogether from my schedule in order to get more Word time?
  3. Besides more and better Word time, is there anything else that I should ask for prayer for? Do I need prayer against pride, for more love, or a booster prayer against the influences of any of the other spiritual entities which are constantly at war against us, such as Pan, Bacchus‚ Selvegion, Lethargy, Arakan, Apotheon, etc.? Is there anyone in the spirit world who is fighting me specifically that I should be aware of and pray against?
  4. Please tell me how I can make my times with You and in the Word better quality time. What concrete steps can I take to ensure that I'm applying and absorbing the Word? Please include the practical application.
  5. What safeguards can I put in place for myself that will help me not to neglect the time I need to read, study, memorize and apply the Word in my life?
  6. Do You have any counsel and instruction for me on how I can keep up the momentum and not lose steam with this Word revolution so that it doesn't fizzle out in my life?
  7. How can I be more faithful to memorize and review the Word and the keys promises?
  8. How can I combat familiarity with the Word and my times with You? (Read "Desperate for Jesus," ML #3250:36-69, GN 852, and ask the Lord how you can apply the suggestions and counsel therein.)

Questions to ask the Lord as a Home
(either unitedly or individually):

  1. How can we, as a Home, ensure that every member is getting sufficient quality Word time each day? Do we have an overemphasis on other activities or work that is keeping us from giving the Word the priority it deserves? Are there any adjustments or changes that need to be made in our schedules to ensure that everyone has sufficient time and opportunity for quality time with You?
  2. Please give us instruction on ways we can more effectively apply the Word in our lives and put it into practice together as a Home as it comes out.
  3. How can we, as a Home, all help each other to live in the Word? Please tell us whatever we need to know to make this happen.

PS: Lessons from an SGA CO

348. (Mama:) Here's some additional reading from the SGA CO I mentioned earlier, as an example of the safeguards you can personally receive from the Lord to help you get better and more consistent Word time.

(Note: In the beginning of this report, this person was describing the hectic schedule he's been keeping for a while of traveling, caring for the children with little help‚ handyman work, and lots of other work. He was very drained and exhausted. He went on to say:)

349. This is a bit of a culmination of the last couple of months, and the Lord finally got through to me one day and it was very sobering for me. I went on a walk and asked the Lord and Dad for some correction and counsel, because I knew I was doing something wrong. I knew I wasn't being as faithful with my Word time or with the Lord as I should have been.

350. Thankfully, since receiving these prophecies, since having prayer against Apotheon, I've been able to get up early regularly and have had much more of a spring in my step. I've been really fighting to get that time with the Lord, and I have felt a huge difference. In fact, the Lord has made the benefits and the direct physical tangible results of taking that time with Him so obvious to me in recent weeks. The days that I was faithful to get up early‚ read the Word‚ hear from the Lord for the day, and have prayer vigil, I got so much more done; the day was filled with accomplishments. The days that I didn't get as much quality time with the Lord, didn't get in that prayer vigil first, I found that the day just didn't flow as smoothly.

351. I know this is the most obvious lesson in the book, but the Lord had to again make it very clear to me these past couple of weeks. When there's so much to do‚ I'm tempted to yield to my carnal mind and think I should spend less time with the Lord. But if I don't do that, but instead obey what the Lord has always taught us, which is to make sure I spend that time with the Lord even when I'm really busy, then the day flows so much smoother.

352. I know it's a very basic lesson, but for me it's been a major lesson, because it's been rare that I've been so busy where I actually feel that there's so much to do that I'll never get it done. Usually it's easier for me to not let my to–do list push me around so much and be tempted to crowd out my time with the Lord. But in recent weeks, especially on these recent two trips, it seemed so logical that there was just not time to get that time with the Lord, and obviously the Lord knew that, so I figured He would just have to protect and keep me and help my anointing to stay strong.

353. I depended very much on the anointing of the Lord, but as the prophecies below point out‚ the anointing is not what it used to be and the Lord is requiring much more of us now. The Lord is requiring me to not let a day go by without really nurturing that anointing from Him. I desperately pray that I'm beginning to get it in the spirit, because I know that the stakes are high. I know the ante has been upped‚ and I know what it will mean if I don't get this lesson.

354. I know there are going to be major projects and red alerts, but even during those crucial times, I pray I won't neglect spending time with the Lord. Also, I pray that I can be wiser in how I use my time, so at night I won't automatically feel like just relaxing or watching a movie and therefore staying up late, which makes it hard to get up and get that quality time, but that I would have the right balance between judiciously guarding my time and also taking the time to relax and spend time fellowshipping with the Home, all of which are needed‚ but I feel that maybe I haven't had as proper a balance as I should have.

355. Here are the prophecies I received, which probably explain this ten times better than I just did.

356. (Jesus speaking:) You were doing very well there for a while, especially when the keys of the Kingdom GNs were coming out, and you were desperate to study them and absorb them. Then things got busy, and you felt that you were too busy while traveling to really absorb and take as much Word time as you were accustomed to. And then by the end of the day you were so exhausted from the full day of pouring out that you felt that you could not put forth the effort to really suck in the Word. Even when you tried, you just fell right to sleep, or you opted for doing something less strenuous, less mind-boggling, where you could just relax and rest your mind. And you promised yourself that you would come to Me at some other time when things were peaceful or when you had more energy.

357. You had fallen into the classic trap of, "I'll do it later," the trap of "This work is more important." It's the "service is more important than the Master" trap. And every single one of My leaders—in fact, every single Christian—has fallen into this trap‚ some more than others.

358. It's a favorite wile of the Devil to "wait a while." It's one of his favorites because it's so effective. He plays on your emotions as well as your physical tiredness, making you feel like you can't handle the stress and strain of really sucking and absorbing the Word, and that you'll be sure to do it tomorrow morning when you're feeling better. But then in the morning, you have the kids, you're tempted to rush into the day, thinking for sure you'll get it at quiet time‚ and then quiet time comes and goes and you promise yourself that later that night you're going to be sure to take that time with Me. But pretty soon you realize that a week has gone by and you have not taken that solid time with Me as much as possible.

359. And while you feel the anointing, and while in many ways the anointing can carry you a little way, the anointing is something that needs to be fed‚ nourished, nurtured. It alone cannot carry you for long before you begin to hit bottom and run on empty. And that's when your actions aren't as oiled with My Spirit, and you don't have as much of My anointing and that close link with Me as you could have.

360. So it's a vicious cycle, till finally you reach a point where you realize, "Hey, wait a minute! I've gotten off track!"

361. This is the point where you're at right now, but at least you recognize this and you realize the vital importance of spending this time again with Me. And so you have; you spent this day in solid rest and Word, as well as part of yesterday. You're realizing that you cannot take one more step until you get back on the straight and narrow of My highest will of taking that time consistently with Me. Not only taking that time, but getting regenerated and refilled.

362. Next time you go out‚ you need to be sure to get up early. You think that because you're out that you can't afford to get up early, because then you'll be tired. The opposite is true. You can't afford not to get up early and get that time with Me. Otherwise, you'll be operating in the realm of your own wisdom‚ your own experience and your own spirit, rather than My wisdom, and the experience I can give through My direct voice. With the gift of prophecy, I and your spirit helpers are working for you while you're taking time with Me in the early morning before the day starts and before the little ones wake.

363. This is the only way you can do it. This is your first commission: You have to get up early so you can have time before the day begins, then you will be coated with My Spirit and filled with My love before the day even begins. And then you can be sure that you haven't missed your time with Me, because you've gotten it first.

364. Whatever you put first is what you do first‚ so put Me first and I will take care of the rest. Don't watch movies late, or stay up late talking to people, or go to bed late if you can help it. Maintaining an earlier schedule keeps you from being tired in the morning, and it allows you to spend more time with Me first thing‚ fresh, straight off, before the day begins. This is your greatest safeguard. I know it's not easy, but it will result in many‚ many more hours spent with Me that will be vital to your success.

365. I winked at your failures and lacks because I know that you're young and inexperienced and learning. You must not make this mistake again of leaning to your own arm, trusting that the anointing will carry you through until you get time to replenish, stock up, recharge and get rejuvenated in My Spirit. Next time the rejuvenation won't come as quickly, and the anointing won't last as long, as the days are getting darker, and times and seasons are changing, and the Enemy is fighting harder. You can't afford even one day following your own impulses and your own wisdom, thinking that you don't need to be in complete touch with Me every minute of the day.

366. So from this day forth make the commitment that you will get time with Me first and foremost, and watch Me take care of the rest.

367. It's important that you make a schedule. Make a schedule of the various things that I want you to do, and then tick them off as you do them. Make a prayer vigil schedule, your prayer list, your memory projects, your Word time and hours spent in the Word, your conference days and hours spent in conference.

368. It's too easy to let things slip by if you don't have to give an account—even if just to give an account to yourself‚ and put a tick on a checklist. That way at least your wife can see it; at least she can help be a safeguard, and you can see it and remind yourself of your lacks or your progress. Then, as you see certain trends and habits developing, you will more clearly see what areas you need to strengthen. If you see that your memory work is falling off, then you can easily see that you need to correct that and strengthen it, if it's on paper. So do those two things and you will see a great difference.

369. My anointing is with you at all times, but you must seek to feed that anointing just as much when you are out as if you were home. That is how you will stay safeguarded; that is how you will be a consistently loving and wise shepherd. It's by consistently getting that time with Me. That is the secret. (End of message from Jesus.)

370. (Dad speaking:) It's a good thing to go looking for correction and instruction. As the Lord said, "Reproofs of instruction are the way of life." And‚ "A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself." It's a wise thing to do. It's a good thing. It's a sign of strength, not weakness‚ to ask for help and for correction, because then you'll get it!

371. It's only the person who's proud and does not want to receive correction, counsel and instruction who doesn't ask for it, either from the Lord or others, and tries to go on like nothing happened or like nothing is wrong. Until finally in the end—BOOM—the Lord has to drop something major out of the sky to really get through to them! It's so much better for you to stop and be humble and ask the Lord. That's what He's commanded us to do in the Word. That's what He knows will keep us strong and healthy in the spirit.

372. I have something important to say, and it's important that you really stop and listen, because this is very important to the future of your work and to the future of the field. And that is, if you don't stop working the way you're working, depending on your own arm of the flesh and depending on your anointing to carry you through, you will fail.

373. The Lord's had mercy, yes. Like He said, He winked at your time because He knows the circumstances. And I know your circumstances, Son, and I'm thankful that you're willing to keep going and make the sacrifices and accept the hardships and go the lonely road of traveling and uprooting and moving and changing, even taking your family with you. You're not afraid to prove that the Lord can do it despite the fact that you have a large family now‚ you don't have a house‚ you don't have a team, and you're very busy.

374. Thank the Lord, now you're getting a house and you're getting a team and you won't be as busy. But for a while there, it was a little bit of a "one man show," although you did have help. It was important to get things done and to travel and to do the business affairs of the Kingdom. So you stepped out and you undertook it, even with all your children and despite the unstable situation you were in. But now you've come to the point where you realize that you cannot operate like that for long, that the long-term results will be disaster, even though the short-term results have been effective and fruitful.

375. If you don't get into a situation where you can spend quality time with the Lord every single day without fail, you will fail. The Lord has allowed you to have a taste of how easy it is to get off track and tripped off working in the arm of the flesh, instead of working in the Lord's strength, through prayer and allowing yourself to be open to His voice and checks.

376. You're constantly busy-busy, doing-doing, going-going, producing-producing, trying to be effective, trying to be efficient. But what you don't realize is that the most important kind of effectiveness is through prayer and through making sure that you go slow enough to really get the Lord's mind. You've stopped these last couple of days because you realized that you couldn't go on like this. And it's good that you stopped.

377. But it's good that you also really learn the lesson that the Lord is trying to teach you, because if you get yourself in another situation like this, you'll find that next time you'll make bigger mistakes. The Lord will not hold His hand of protection so close next time. He might let a little something more serious happen, or a little breach in the wall, or a little mistake that has big consequences, just to show you that He's not fooling around. The Lord is not mad at you, but He's serious about His work and about His workers taking time with Him. I'm not mad at you, but I'm burdened that you get this lesson straight, and that you get it straight right now!

378. If you would realize how delicate and fragile your anointing is, you wouldn't allow yourself to rely on it as greatly as you have in the past. Before, relying on the anointing was in many ways what carried you through. In the days before we used prophecy so much, you trusted the Lord's anointing on your leadership; that's what you had faith in—not the leader but the anointing. Today you still need to have faith in the leader's anointing, but what you have more faith in now is the fact that you know your leadership is going to the Lord about everything. But how can you give that same peaceful reassurance to the flock if they don't see you going to the Lord for everything?

379. Remember that your anointing is not as durable as you think. It's not like it used to be in days past when you very much depended on the verse‚ "The gifts and calling of God are without repentance." Now your anointing is not as necessary to the overall running of the Kingdom because you have the much more powerful gift of prophecy, and through that gift and through your spending time with the Lord, you nurture your anointing.

380. The Lord has also made it very clear that if you do not nurture that anointing‚ it doesn't stick around as long or as firmly as it used to. It flees away, much more like a dove that has to be wooed to stay with you. And you do that through your daily feeding from the Word, your inspiration and praise time with the Lord‚ your loving Him through your words of love, your spending time in prophecy hearing His voice.

381. All these things strengthen your anointing and your relationship with the Lord. But things that tear it down are working in your own strength, going ahead with your work without spending that solid time in the Word, prayer and prophecy, hearing from Him and loving Him. That's why these times in the Word and prayer are so vitally important. You need to get those two hours of quality time with the Lord in the Word, prayer and prophecy every day, and not delay, procrastinate, put it off, or get slack.

382. The days are getting darker‚ so you have to fight harder. Just because you don't see the battle doesn't mean it's not out there. Just because you can't see the Enemy and see the demons face to face doesn't mean they're not right there, ready and waiting to attack and sink their fangs into you and poison you with their lethargy and sleepiness.

383. You've been plagued by and attacked by Apotheon these past couple of weeks. You wonder why you feel so drained, why every time you get up early to read you just can't do it, or every time you try to read at night you fall asleep? It's Apotheon! He's trying to drain you of your lifeblood—the Word.

384. Rebuke him by name! Call on the power of the keys to rebuke and bind Apotheon's power, and you'll feel a marked difference. Win this battle in the spirit and you will feel lighter‚ you will feel better, you will feel an immediate change come over you. The Lord has promised it, so claim His promises that can never fail, and get on that old boy Apotheon and kick him out of here! He's nothing before the power of the keys; so don't stand for it.

385. Be a fighter, Son, like I am! If you want to be a general in this army, then you've got to love the fight! You've got to get up and relish that fight! You've got to relish winning that crown of victory regardless of the costs. Don't be lethargic and lazy and lackadaisical—get up and fight! That's the Enemy telling you you're too tired; it's Apotheon filling your heart and mind with tiredness. You've got to get up and fight, even if you have to walk around! Do whatever you've got to do‚ but do it, Son!

386. If you remember anything from my talk today, remember this: Apotheon is after you and you've got to be a fighter! You've got to fight his attacks! You've got to fight to get that Word! What if you were really in the Endtime? What if the Antichrist was here and the soldiers were after you? Would you sleep in late, would you take such a lackadaisical stand?—Or would you realize the very real life-and–death struggle that each day brought? Well, the battle today is just as real, because what you do today makes a difference between life or death then.

387. You've got to be a lot more on the attack! That's what I'm trying to teach the Family overall—to be on a daily attack. It's not your fault that you got attacked, but it is your fault that you didn't fight harder. You can't let the newness of these revelations wear off.

388. Get up and fight! You're in that ring, and the Lord and your spirit helpers and I are beside you! We're rubbing your back‚ we're spraying you with water, and telling you you've got them on the run. But one sad thing is that you've been out there slugging away and you've taken a few hits, because you weren't using the right weapons, you weren't clearly focusing that beam of power and really aiming it effectively at the Enemy. Otherwise, you wouldn't have been a little bruised, feeling a little defeated and discouraged‚ because you would have blasted him, and he would have been in his corner knocked out!

389. So this time fight the Devil effectively with the right weaponry‚ the right tools of the trade. You're a handyman—you know you've got to have the right tools for the job. So get up and fight the Devil with the right tools. Stop trying to bang in the nail with the screwdriver, or cut a piece of wood with a hammer. You've got to use the right weapon to be effective. So call on the keys to specifically bind Apotheon in your life right now, and you will feel a great, great difference in the spirit, and a great difference in your anointing. You will have strengthened your anointing and strengthened your link and come back stronger than ever to blast him right out of the ring through the keys of the Kingdom! Amen‚ Son?

390. The angel that the Lord has given you to teach you how to fight is Arcothon—a powerful fighting angel who is extremely talented in fighting with the new weapons. He is designed for the sole purpose of fighting and defeating the Enemy. Whenever there's a serious crisis, we send him along with the other angels that are specifically trained in the art of war to blast apart the attacks of the Enemy. Arcothon is a fighting angel who will help teach you the art of warfare; he will help you learn to wield the sword of the keys; he will help you learn to wield the art of praise and prayer and calling on the Lord for miracles of healing, supply, deliverance, and fighting through fire.

391. Arcothon is a fighting, powerful warrior trained in the art of war for many, many millennia, and he will help you as you depend on him and look to him. He has come specifically to help teach and train you‚ as well as help train your other spirit helpers who you already have, who are trained in the art of warfare.

392. Attack, attack, attack! Put that up as your slogan! Take that as your motto! Attack! That is your new creed that you stand by—attack! Never accept defeat; never wander or stray from this creed; never let it out of your mind and sight. Attack, attack, attack! Do not delay, and do not let it rest. Go on the attack, for you are a warrior! You are a soldier! You've been chosen to be trained in the high order of the warriors of the Lord's spirit realm.

393. Along with the Lord's other brides who've chosen to go on the attack and to fully don the complete use of the new weapons, you will help to defeat the Enemy! Your destiny is to use the new weapons and the keys like no others before you. That is the Lord's gift to you and to all His brides who take up this challenge. It's not reserved for you alone, but for all who will take up this challenge. All will not take up this challenge, but those who do will find it ultimately rewarding, extremely challenging, and incredibly fruitful and vital in the days to come.

394. You're now entering warrior school. Get set up with your warrior schedule‚ your memory times, your Word times‚ your times in quiet meditation and reflection, your times in learning the art of prayer. You will become a warrior of prayer, but you have to learn to focus that beam of prayer instead of shooting haphazardly. You've got to learn to focus it.

395. One single prayer that is truly focused and aimed is ten times more powerful than ten prayers that are semi-focused and haphazardly shot. You inflict more damage on the Enemy through one solid prayer that is thoroughly prepared and aimed and totally focused than a hundred unfocused prayer beams.

396. So learn to focus your thoughts, focus your prayers‚ focus your spirit, focus your mind, focus your soul, focus your whole "soulitude"! What is soulitude? That's soul plus attitude—your whole being—your soulitude! Focus it on the Lord, focus it on the power‚ and then shoot that prayer beam with pinpoint accuracy and blast the Devil to bits, blast the sickness to bits, blast the Enemy to bits, blast the problem or the obstacle to bits! Whatever solution you need, it's there through your prayers in the power of the keys, but you've got to focus on it.

397. You've got to really fight! You've got to be a warrior! A warrior doesn't come in and haphazardly start fighting. A warrior is focused and determined to win the victory, to slay the enemy‚ and to not stop until he stands victorious over his foe‚ with sword in hand and victory under foot. So get up and fight, soldier! Take up that sword and get to training hard. Don't stop! Train hard, Son! Train hard, for the Endtime will soon come. Keep going, keep fighting, keep training‚ in the Name of Jesus! I love you! (End of message from Dad.)

Text boxes added, with quotes from "Focus on the Power," ML #3374:35,50:

Being an instant doer of My Word is directly linked with your ability to access the power of the keys.

If you are to focus on the power, you must look to the power of the keys; you must look to the power of the Words I speak to you; you must be instant doers of the Words I give you.

Now being a doer of the Word must be your aim, your goal, and a central point in your life. If you are to focus on the power of the keys, if you are to allow the words I speak to you to dictate your life‚ you must rid yourselves of all that stands in the way of this. Detach yourselves from other things that clutter your life—the cares of the world, the pride of life, anything that opposes My Word.

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