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Family Feast Celebration 2003!, The

Karen Zerby

Note at top of page: Please read this GN unitedly by January 3 at the latest‚ so that you have plenty of time to prepare for the Feast. Of course, it's fine to read it earlier‚ if that's more convenient for your Home.

By MariaMaria #631 CM/FM 3431 10/02

Dearest Family,

1. As we again approach the special time that our dear Love has set aside for us to spend with Him, we can be sure that He will make it worth the investment of time and effort. He has something very special prepared for us! Peter and I and those in our Home are praying for you as you prepare for this time. We're claiming the keys of supply and anointing for all that is involved—your finances, organization, care of the children, planning and preparation, scheduling of the meetings, etc., and we trust that our wonderful Husband will help everything come together perfectly, as you look to Him.

Timing of Feast 2003

From Grapevine 141:

2. When we asked [the Lord] about the timing of the upcoming Feast, He confirmed that it be held in January. He suggested beginning the Feast on Thursday evening, January 9th, and ending Sunday evening, January 12th. However, because in many areas of the world Sunday is a fruitful day for witnessing‚ follow-up, Bible studies, and meetings, etc., as well as family day when parents spend special time with their children, the Lord also gave us the option to hold the Feast beginning Wednesday evening, January 8th, and ending Saturday evening, January 11th. So this year, there are two choices as to when to celebrate the Feast. Your COs will pray about this and will communicate with you about the specific dates that the Homes in your area will be celebrating the Feast 2003.

3. Each area should be in unity, with all the Homes in that area holding their Feast during one of the above-mentioned time frames. The Lord said that by keeping the Feast days within these two options, we will still be praying and uniting together at the same basic time, and He will bless and pour out His Spirit in great measure. (End of excerpt from Grapevine 141.)

4. (Mama:) God willing, by the time you read this you will have heard from your COs as to which days the Feast will be held in your area‚ so that you can plan accordingly.

General Overview

And Organization

5. As with past Feasts, the Lord has asked us to keep these days sacred as much as possible, with no outside engagements or obligations. If you have road teams out, it would be good if they could be home in plenty of time to get rested up before the Feast begins.

6. Since this Feast comes on the heels of what will undoubtedly be a busy Christmas/New Year's push, please try to allot time for rest and recuperation in the days before the Feast‚ so that everyone has the strength to give their full attention to the program our Husband has laid out for us.

7. As the Lord has instructed us in preparation for past Feasts, anything you can prepare toward having simple meals and easy cleanup is also a good idea. Please arrange this in whatever way works best for your Home and situation, and provides everyone the most time to dedicate to our spiritual Feast‚ with the least amount of time having to be spent on cooking and cleanup.

8. There is also a fast day on the third day of the Feast. This fast begins after dinner on day two, and is broken with a dinner in the evening of day three. As has been explained before, children, nursing or pregnant mommies, those who are sick or have generally weak health, and those with eating disorders should not fast. If possible, it would be nice to have on hand simple and quick yogurt or milk drinks, teas‚ juices, soups, etc., for those who are fasting.

9. The fast and prayer day is a time to unite in desperate prayer for some important prayer requests (listed below), as well as an opportunity for each of us to receive prayer from our mates and co-workers for the areas the Lord has shown us we need to work on. So each person will need time to prepare their prayer request as well.

10. Our Husband has again given some P&P questions in a couple of the Feast GNs for us to bring before Him that will help in preparing your prayer requests, so please try to schedule the care of the children and other necessary work during the Feast so that each member of your Home has the opportunity for quality time with the Lord. It would be good if the house were kept as quiet as possible, in order to facilitate this.

11. The meeting plan is somewhat different from the last couple of years, in that more of the organization and how you want to schedule things are left up to you to decide. Please seek the Lord as to what would work best for your Home. The Feast schedule which follows has a simple outline of what you should cover on each day, and you can break it up into meetings and decide the timing and length of the meetings according to what the Lord shows you would work best for your situation. Please do try to finalize the basic plan well in advance of the first Feast day‚ however‚ so that everyone knows what to expect and is able to redeem the time as much as possible.

12. One idea is that, after reading this introductory GN and confirming with the Lord how you want to organize the meetings in your Home, you could divide up the agenda for the meetings during the Feast between some of your Home members so that the planning and organization doesn't fall solely on the teamwork. That way hopefully most of the preparation and organization needed for the meetings could be done before the Feast even starts, to minimize the amount of work necessary during the Feast. Those responsible for each meeting could study the Lord's instruction presented in this GN about the meeting(s) they're responsible for‚ and could seek the Lord about the further details that are left up to your Home to decide. This is just one suggestion, however. Please do whatever will work best for your situation.

It Will Be a Fight

To Redeem the Time

13. When we sought the Lord about the schedule for this year's Feast, the Lord gave us some forewarning and insight that you'll all want to be aware of, and that you'll understand more fully as you read through the Feast schedule and see all that the Lord has laid out for us to cover during this time.

14. (Jesus speaking: ) Your time will be tight during this Feast. The Enemy will really try to fight. He'll try to come in with every timewaster imaginable, because this is when My children have the starting block beneath their feet and need to push off into the race. If they get a slow start due to frittering away the time and not really making the most of it, they'll be behind from the beginning, and the lack of progress will lead to further laziness and falling behind.

15. So it's very important that everyone get a good start at this time. It will be up to each individual to redeem the time, and up to each Home to seek Me about the best ways to plan their schedule so that everyone's need for time alone with Me, as well as the need for their Home to discuss and pray together, is met. The planning and preparation should be done very prayerfully, to ensure the least amount of time wasted and also the least amount of pressure—the right amount of time allotted for each need. (End of message from Jesus.)

16. (Mama:) Here's another little jewel from our Husband on the subject, with a very encouraging promise: "The focus of this Feast is the Word—quality time in the Word. Some people have the tendency to look on Feast days as some kind of vacation. Well, in a way it is relaxing, and because being deeply fed by the Word is invigorating, renewing, refreshing, and fulfilling, it can almost seem like you've had a vacation. But the mindset that many have to sleep in, take long naps, or waste time is not the idea or the plan. I ask you to put aside all of the business of the world, any worldly influences‚ and set this time aside so that you can make the most of it and really make it quality time. If the time is quality‚ if every minute is used to its full potential, then there will be great and mighty progress in spirit." (End of message from Jesus.)

Who Can Attend the Meetings

17. (Mama:) Due to the subject matter of this Feast, not all of the meetings/GN readings are suitable for children to attend. Later in this GN we've specified which ones are not suitable for children. Of course‚ this doesn't include babies and toddlers, but is in regards to children who are of an age that they will tune in or overhear snatches of the reading or discussion that would not be appropriate.

18. JETTs and junior teens can attend the meetings if you wish. In some cases you might feel that it would be helpful for them to be in on the meetings. In other cases the Lord might lead you to go over the material with them separately and have discussions on their level. Please ask the Lord what would be best for the young people in your Home.

19. As far as Active members and live–outs attending the meetings and participating in the Feast, that is up to each Home and your discretion. However, as was brought out in the introduction to last year's Feast, please don't invite your Active members at the expense of compromising the quality of the Feast for your Home‚ or overextending yourselves. This Feast is a time for our CM/FM disciples to be strengthened, so that you can then turn around and be better shepherds for the flock the Lord has given you. If, however‚ your Active members are able to participate without a lot of added explanation or shepherding‚ or even if they would want to help you with the care of the children during these days and the Lord confirms that it would be good for them to participate or help out, that is up to your Home to decide and coordinate as the Lord leads you.

20. Those on PE and probationary status can attend and participate fully.

Feast Reading and

Activities for Children

By the MLK team:

21. For our children's Feast this year, we have one new MLK. It's a study course on the Word, for you to study over with the kids.

22. Another new children's pub that is being sent to you for this Feast is a set of new keys promises given for the children. Have your children made their key ring yet with the last set of keys promises sent out for the children? If not, you might like to try that. You'll see that the key promise cards have been designed with room to punch a hole in the top left corner so they can be added to a key ring.

23. We also suggest that during these three days the kids study over past children's pubs on the subjects of the Word and the keys. On page 8 of this GN you'll find a reading list for you to choose from according to the age of your children.

24. You'll find that GN 1018 ("Heavenly Key Craft!") is suitable to be read with your OCs on up. We hope to put out an illustrated children's pub on this fascinating revelation soon so the rest of the children can partake of it. However, feel free to read excerpts of it with them for now. (End of note from MLK team.)

Meeting Plan

Evening praise meeting held the night before day 1

25. Depending on what day your area is starting the Feast, this would be held the evening of either Wednesday, Jan. 8, or Thursday, Jan. 9.

26. (Jesus speaking:) On the evening before the first Feast day, the Family should begin with praise and a prayer of dedication—dedicating the three-day Feast time to Me and asking for My blessing. This should be a time to prime the pump through praise, to prepare to receive what I have to give you during the Feast days. It can be a time to count your blessings and review victories of not just the past year, but victories of Family history.

27. I want this to be a time of praise and thankfulness primarily for the most precious and treasured gift I bestow upon the children of David—the Words I give through My Endtime prophets. In order to do this, I have commissioned Natalia, Tola, and Tor to help lead this meeting. I have also asked them to carry out a special mission on this night. I have ordered that they help prepare you—prepare each heart, mind, and spirit for what I wish to do during these Feast days.

28. This will be a very special time, a crucial time, for you must have this special infilling of key power on this night if you are to be open to receive what I will pour into you during the Feast days which follow. If you are to be open to the Words I wish to speak to you during the Feast, and if you are to have the power and the anointing to come to Me for yourselves, to seek Me for direction and counsel as a Home, you must have this anointing and all that I wish to give you in this special meeting through the helpers that I have provided. (End of message from Jesus)

29. (Mama:) With this in mind, it would be good for each person to come to the meeting prepared with something special to praise the Lord for—victories, blessings, and things having to do with the treasure of Word that He has poured out to us, the children of David.

30. Those who organize this meeting for your Home can seek the Lord about the details, but it would probably be good to start with some songs of praise and love to our Husband to get warmed up in the spirit. Then there is the special message from our guests of honor for the evening, Natalia, Tola, and Tor ("According to Your Praise Be It Unto You," GN 1015).

31. The Lord gave some counsel about the reading of this message. He gives a peek into what you'll be receiving during the Feast days. About the reading of this message, the Lord said:

32. (Jesus speaking:) Let the Homes seek Me and choose one from among them who can represent Natalia to read to all. Let all kneel before Me and act out this prayer.

33. It is imperative that you, My Family, have this time of prayer with your helpers in the spirit. It is imperative that you learn to work more closely with these whom I have commissioned to help you from the spirit world, and this is why I have chosen to conduct the kickoff to the Feast in this way, with Natalia, Tola, and Tor leading the meeting. What better way to learn, to grow accustomed to working closer with your helpers.

34. Natalia, Tor and Tola, as elders, are commissioned by Me to lead you in prayer, to lead this meeting on the eve of the Feast. This praise time is essential if you are to open your channels wide to receive the maximum benefit from these Feast days. I wish to gain good ground during this Feast. It will take a miracle to make the changes I will put forth during these days. It is time for revolution! It is time for renewal! It is time to put away the childish distractions. It is time for solid commitment. It is time for a change of lifestyle.

35. These changes must be made. It is urgent; it is imperative. Without this change the Family will die out. Only with an about-face, a total turnaround in most cases, a radical change, will you be able to withstand the onslaughts of evil that are coming—and have even now begun. (End of message from Jesus)

Day 1:

36. Read unitedly GN 1016, "What Is Jesus Worth to You?" This reading is not suitable for children to attend. If you prefer, the "additional reading" at the end of the GN can be read privately, in personal Word time during the Feast days.

37. In addition to reading GN 1016, please make it possible for each Home member to have quality personal time with the Lord in prayer and receiving prophecy. Everyone should start on the questions listed at the end of GN 1016 and should try to do at least the first three, if possible.

Day 2:

38. Please read unitedly GN 1017, "Obliterate Obstacon!" Again‚ this reading would not be suitable for children to attend.

39. Please also hold a Home meeting some time during this day or evening/night to discuss the questions listed for Home discussion and application‚ so you can begin to see what the implementation of the Lord's counsel in GN 1016 will mean for your Home. This meeting will undoubtedly generate questions that you'll want to divide up between you to bring before the Lord. There are also questions listed at the end of GN 1016 for your Home members to pray about.

40. These questions do not all need to be prayed about during the Feast‚ but you can start on them‚ if you have the time. However, please do finish praying about all these questions, as well as any you come up with during your Home discussion, within seven days of the end of the Feast—at which time you should hold another Home meeting to discuss the answers you received from the Lord and agree on solid safeguards and a practical plan of action for implementing what the Lord has shown you. (Please note: This second meeting, which should be held no later than January 18, can count as one of your required Charter Home meetings for that month.)

41.The Lord said that the questions listed for Home discussion and the ones to bring before Him about the Home were just to get you started‚ and that as you discussed, He would bring more things to mind that would be good to discuss and pray about. He said‚ "As your Home members discuss together, other questions will come up, which you should write down to discuss further and bring before Me. It's very important to take full advantage of this moving of the spirit, and the checks and ideas that I will pour out to you at this time. I understand that you won't be able to cover all the ground at once, but whatever I bring to mind that you're not able to cover in the initial meeting, you should write down so that you can cover it later, so it is not lost or neglected. (End of message from Jesus)

42. Please also allot time on this day for people to prepare their personal prayer request and finish any of the four questions which must be done before the prayer and fast day (the first three in GN 1016 and the one in GN 1017), that they haven't yet had a chance to do.

Questions for Home discussion:

  1. What needs to change in order for our united Word times to be more feeding and strengthening for each individual, as well as give us more unity and help us live and apply the Word more in our Home?
  2. How can each age group better benefit from their time in the Word? What needs to change in order to make it as feeding and applicable as possible for them?
  3. Does each person have a place and a daily time to get away and be alone with the Lord for quality time? If not, how can we remedy that?
  4. What should we do as a Home that will help us to be accountable to each other for our Word time? For example, putting up a chart that we all fill in, or some such method, to encourage us to be faithful.
  5. What safeguards do we need as a Home to protect our times with the Lord and ensure that they are not crowded out, and that we are applying and absorbing the New Wine as it comes out?

43. As mentioned earlier, the fast begins after dinner on this day, and is broken with a dinner in the evening of the next day.

Day 3 (prayer and fast day):

44. At some point early in the day, please unite for desperate prayer for the requests listed below. This is up to your Home to organize in the way that you feel is best. It would probably be inspiring to begin with songs, even interspersing songs throughout, and of course include claiming the keys promises. This does not need to be a long meeting‚ but it should be fervent and desperate. Due to there being two other meetings later in the day, please try to keep it to an hour or less.

45. Peter and I also ask you to please concentrate on these prayer requests during your next united prayer day. Thank you!

46. (Jesus speaking: ) I would that these prayer requests be centered around My Word‚ for it is what I consider most important at this time.

  1. Pray for My Word-givers—your queen and king. Pray for their health, strength, anointing‚ security, wisdom, and protection. Pray for their staff and the pipeline that is set up to get My Words to the children of David and to the lost. This includes WS, the printing centers, the translators, the publishers and companies who have taken on contracts to get out your products that publish My Word‚ etc.
  2. Pray for faithfulness and obedience and a spirit of willingness to sacrifice in order to make the Word revolution a reality in each life and Home worldwide. Pray for yourself and the entire Family, that you will have a renewed hunger for My Spirit‚ a desperation to be fed and strengthened and have quality time with Me. Pray against familiarity in regards to the Word‚ prayer and prophecy. Pray for a lasting change in your personal Word-time habits, and that you will consistently persevere and fight to keep Me and My Word in first place in your life. Pray to become doers of the Word. Pray for faithfulness and obedience in implementing My Word in your lives and Homes. Pray against Obstacon and his attempts to prevent you from reading, absorbing‚ applying, and living My Words.
  3. Pray for a burning desire and determination to get out My Word. Pray for the success of Activated. Pray for the meat of My Word to make it into the hands of the lost and searching. Pray against the Enemy's attacks on you, his attempts to prevent you from being My witnesses and getting out the meat of the Word. His attacks come in many forms—health problems, financial problems, discouragement and spiritual problems, disunity, and the list goes on. But the goal is always the same—to prevent you from getting out My Word to those who need it so desperately. Fight in prayer to raise a standard against the Enemy. Fight in prayer for the renewed conviction and love for My Words that will find a way to get them out. Fight in prayer for victories in the spiritual realm to make it easier for My Word to reach every hungry, searching soul.
  4. Pray against the actions of those who are fighting My Word—your detractors. Pray against the Vandari. Pray that you will be obedient to the heavenly vision so that when persecution comes, it will be a blessing, not a curse. Pray that I will minimize their attacks, that I will bring their efforts to naught, and that I will protect you and enable you to get out My Word in greater ways than ever before. Pray against outside attacks and distractions that would hinder you from getting out My Word.
  5. Pray for your children to be strengthened in the Word. Claim their strengthening; fight for it in prayer. Claim for them a hunger for the Word, a desire for the Word. Claim for yourselves a greater desire and determination to teach them My Word, to live My Word yourselves so that you will be examples that they can follow. Claim their service to Me, and determine to do whatever it takes to give them a foundation in My Word.
  6. Pray for the spreading of the message in ways that you could never carry it yourself. Pray for disciples who can take My Word to the far reaches of the Earth. Pray for publicity that will get out the meat of the Word in a positive way. Pray for the growth of the church—solid disciples who love My Word above all, and will live and die to get it to others. (End of message from Jesus.)

47. (Mama:) Hold a united prayer meeting, during which time each person has an opportunity to share their personal request and receive prayer and laying on of hands from the body. Everyone should have their prayer request prepared in advance, in point form if possible, to make it clear and concise. If your Home is large and it would be too rushed to try to share all the prayer requests as a body‚ you could consider breaking into groups for people to share their requests and receive prayer. Please allot time to hear from the Lord afterwards‚ receiving His blessing and confirmation and promises.

48. United reading of GN 1018‚ "Heavenly Key Craft" (suitable for OCs on up‚ if you wish). Praise and thank the Lord for the many victories won in the spirit during these days, and take communion together as a sign of unity with one another and with our Husband. End with a time of praise and fellowship together. If you hold this meeting/fellowship time after dinner (which will break the fast), you can serve wine and snacks, if you wish, or however the Lord shows you best to celebrate together. Enjoy!

Letter Links: The Word

For feeding reading on the Word and the need to read it‚ study it, absorb it, live it, and teach it, here are some Letters you can read at your leisure, either during the Feast or in the weeks that follow it:

ML #319, "The Tree," Vol.3/DB6

ML #320, "Listening?—Or Lamenting?" Vol.3/DB6

ML #1089, "The Word," Vol.9/DB1

ML #2484, "The Word, The Word, The Word," DB8

ML #3069:43–46‚ 56-81, "Problems and Solutions, Part 1," Lifelines 23

ML #3070:1-48, "Problems and Solutions, Part 2," Lifelines 23

ML #3071:136–181, "Problems and Solutions, Part 3," Lifelines 23

ML #3072:28-69, "Problems and Solutions, Part 4," Lifelines 23

ML #3073:110-115,141-153, "Problems and Solutions, Part 5," Lifelines 23

ML #3115:1-10, "Call to the Rescue, Part 2," Lifelines 24

ML #3160:39-42, "Goals for 1998," Lifelines 24

ML #3183, "Quiet Time—Your Lifesaver," GN 788

ML #3184, "The Spiritual Health Revolution," GN 789

ML #3250:36-69, "Desperate for Jesus," GN 852

ML #3255:65, 116–123, "Spiritual Attacks Intensified," GN 856

ML #3292:114-144, "You Can Make It, Part 2," GN 891

ML #3322:80-99‚ "Issues, Part 5," GN 925

ML #3347, "Leadership Lessons‚ Part 1," GN 941

ML #3374:27-37‚ "Focus on the Power," GN 971

ML #3388:75-82, "Are You a Delinquent Parent?" GN 984

ML #3418:1-29, "Issues, Part 12‚" GN 1005

Feast Reading Material for Children

The Word

KTK1: Builders Beware!

KTK1: The Crystal Stream!

KTK1: The City of Buried Treasure

KTK1: Bye, Bye‚ Birdie!

LWG1: Techi and the Daily Might!

KTK3: Psalm 23

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KMOP2: Word

KMOP2: Truth

KTK3: The Scottish Woman and the "Pretty Pictures"!

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KTK5: The Word: New and Old

KTK5: Bible or Babble?

MLK Bk.1: The Lit Library!

MLK Bk.1: Overflowing Treasure Chests!

MLK Bk.1: God's Great Banquet!

MLK Bk.1: Be Ye Doers of the Word!

MLK Bk.1: I Love You!—Just You!

MLK 59: The Roller Blades of My Word!

MLK 60: Take Time to Clean Your Window!

MLK 61: Take Quiet Time!

MLK 69: Our Family Is Built on the Word!

MLK 87: Prince or Pauper?

MLK 98: Open Your Sacks and Fill Up!

MLK 112: Bulldozer Loads!—Of Riches from Heaven!

Junior DB1: Builders Beware!

Junior DB1: If It's Not the Word, Forget It!

Junior DB1: Hiding the Word in Your Heart!

RB: Riddles and Rhymes; Guess the MO Letter

Additional reading for OCs and above

HTK 36: Seekman and the Treasures

HTK 66: Deep Feeding

HTK 75: Strange Truths!

HTK Vol.1: The Word, the Word‚ the Word!

Junior DB2: The Word!—How Not to Backslide!

Junior DB2: I Gotta Split! Part 2

Thots 1: Communion with God: Word

DB8: The Memorization Revolution!

Treasures: The Word!

Treasures: The Parable of the Sower!

Treasures: Streams That Never Run Dry

DB11: "Faith Cometh by Hearing the Word!"

DB12: Persecution Jewels No.15: "Our Only Defense—The Word!" (para.40-60)

Bible: Psalm 119 (The Word)

Bible: Proverbs 6:20-23 (The Word as Your Guide)

Bible: Isaiah 55 (The Word Won't Return Void)

Bible (Memory Passage): John 1:1–14 (Jesus, the Word)

Bible Study/Word Basics: The Word of God

The Bible was written by divine inspiration

God's Word is eternally true and never fails

The importance of God's Word

God's Word is our spiritual weapon

The Bible was written for our benefit

Keeping (obeying, heeding) the Word

What the Word does for us

What we should do with the Word

What you should not do with the Word

Beware of those who don't teach the Word

The Devil blinds men's eyes to God's Word

Stories relating to the Word

Word Topics: Memorizing the Word

(See also MB2K: The Word)

The Keys

MLK 120: Nothing Is Impossible

MLK 142: Keys to My Kingdom

MLK 144: Thank You for the Keys!

MLK 149: Gold Magic!

MLK 155: Call on the Keys!

MLK 156: Ellya

MLK 157: Keys Turned to Swords!

Also for OC age

GU 1-4

End of File