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Christmas Gifts 2002!

Karen Zerby

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By MariaMaria #628 CM/FM 3429 9/02

Dearest Family,

1. As we launch into the season of some of our greatest witnessing opportunities, Peter and I and our Home are praying for you every day, many times a day, for your strength and anointing and faith! Showing others our wonderful Husband's love and giving them the opportunity for salvation is the gift He loves the most—and a gift that we have the pleasure of giving Him not just at Christmas, but all year round. But this season when the world recognizes and celebrates His birth affords us the opportunity to reach some people who would never be open to the message otherwise‚ and that's what makes it special.

2. Thank you for being such faithful witnesses. Our dear Love is so proud of you! This Christmas He has a special gift for us as a Family. I don't want to steal His thunder‚ so I'll let you get right to His unveiling of it.

3. Merry Christmas to each of you‚ my dear mates and loves! Peter and I are so thankful to be serving our Husband together with you. Each year that we celebrate Christmas on this Earth is one year closer to the time we'll be celebrating it in the arms of our Lover and Husband, with all tears wiped away, all wrongs made right, all of us together forever with Him. If you're feeling weary, think ahead to that time‚ and it will help to remind you of why you're making all the sacrifices you do each day, and it will help to renew your desire to bring as many with you as possible when we join Him on that day!

Now, for our dear Husband's present to us!

Much love always in Him, Mama

4. (Jesus speaking:) Christmas is a time when the world celebrates My birth. It's a time for giving, a time for caring and sharing, a time for loving. Each Christmas season I have given you messages Myself‚ or through others, and these messages still hold true today.

5. My Christmas heartcry is still the same, My loves: That you would win the lost at any cost! That you would continue to faithfully let Me keep the fire burning in your hearts. That you would get out My Words as never before. That you would be Me to the world. That you would not stagger in your mission of spreading the unique message to the lost and dying that I have given the children of David. That you would let the spirit of Christmas live in your hearts every day of the year. That you would proclaim Me to the world—not as a dead hero, but as a living Savior! That you would give gifts of love to each other not only at Christmas, but throughout the year—giving of yourselves, loving one another as I love you. That you would stay focused on the things that really count, keep your priorities straight, keep your mind on Heaven, focused on the things of the spirit and the realities that I have revealed to you. That you would be sober and heed the dangers in the world.

6. Review the Christmas messages I have given you in recent years, My loves‚ and let them keep your vision alive. (Note: We've posted these Christmas messages from the last 4 or 5 years on the MO site for your convenience. For those who can't access the MO site, the Letters are "Mama's Christmas Message to You," ML #2948, Lifelines 21; "Christmas in Heaven," ML #3076‚ Lifelines 23; "My Christmas Heartcry," ML #3261‚ GN 865; "Dad's Christmas Message 2000 for the Family," ML #3312, GN 916; "Christmas Praises 2001," ML #3372, GN 967. You'll also find very brief excerpts of a few of these Letters, as well as excerpts from Dad's Letters on Christmas, on page 6 of this GN.)

7. You are My blessed brides, My eternal loves‚ My favored ones, and I'm thankful for the gifts you give Me. I'm thankful for the presents you give Me daily. And now, this Christmas season, I want to give you a special gift, something that will help you carry on.

8. The timing of this gift is of special significance, for as the battle of good and evil intensifies steadily with each passing day, you will have need of what I am about to give you. In every sphere of society today‚ evil escalates at an increased pace. I caution you to resist the temptation of thinking you've heard this many times over and over—how the days grow evil. Resist the temptation to grow weary of these words‚ but rather open your eyes of the spirit and see the reality of this truth.

9. There is no turning back; the world will only grow darker and darker until the day of My return. You must not fall under the deception of the world that tries to cover up the realities of the spirit. Do not tune in to those whose words are suave and smooth, yet evil‚ corruption, war‚ and lying vanities are in their hearts. The days steadily grow evil. You, My brides, already feel the heat of the battle; it will not scorch you or overcome you as long as you follow faithfully in full obedience to the things I show you, using the tools and the weapons I have put at your disposal.

10. I have forewarned you in My call to greater conviction that the children of David will be pushed to the limit to try your faith. I have foretold in My recorded Word of old that in the dark days, if it were possible, the very elect would be deceived. These troubled times which I have spoken of are well underway, and even now the Enemy's cruel and vicious attacks against you intensify, for there are those who desire to hurt or destroy you if they could. There are those who are obsessed with fighting My Words of truth, whose goal in life is to fight My Spirit and stop My anointed. Nothing could be more ridiculous, and yet because strong delusion overtakes them, they are foolish enough to think they can fight the Almighty of the Universe!

11. They cannot stop Me or My reign of power, for I will establish My Kingdom on Earth and I will govern the nations with My righteousness! This, My loves, is the whole purpose for which I came to Earth in the first place. I came for the salvation of mankind and to establish My righteous rule over the Earth. I came to Earth‚ first as a babe in swaddling clothes, that in the end I might return in My Father's full glory, in His might and power to rule and reign forever over the Earth. And you, My faithful, will ride at My side in that awesome day. You, My intimate brides, are preparing the way. You are the ones who will set up My Kingdom on Earth and join Me in righteous rule over the nations!

12. I have revealed powerful dark ones who oppose you, My loves, that you might see the face of your Enemy and fight to overcome. I have made clear to you how your demon enemies are the dark forces behind the earthly ones who fight you. I have told you plainly of the evil Selvegion, of Lethargy‚ Pan, Bacchus, Apotheon, Arakan, the Vandari, and the grand archdemon Oplexicon. There are also rulers of the dark world assigned to specific areas, who have rule over certain principalities, such as Croswell and Lexipython. I have shown you that there are many fighting against you, and that it is wise for you to seek Me as to who your enemies are. I have instructed you to call your opponents by name, to call on the keys of the Kingdom and release My unfailing power to fell these dark ones of the netherworld! (See Mark 5:9 as well as "Oplexicon," ML #261‚ Vol.2; "Coming Persecution," ML #3361:85-102, 156-193, GN 957; "The Dangers of Division," ML #3362:95-156, GN 958; "Are You a Disciple," ML #3365:59–89, GN 963; "Reach the Rich," ML #3400:158–208, GN 992; "Being Rewired," ML #3412:18-27, GN 998; "Raising Junior Teen Disciples," ML #3419:16-32, GN 1006; "Pray, Obey and Prepare‚" ML #3420:128-191, GN 1007.)

13. And I have not left you defenseless, for I send legions of angels to fight for you! All the mighty ones of Heaven are yours to command! Archangels Gabriel and Michael lead My armies to assist you in the power of the keys. Bold ones, commanding spirit beings come to your aid when you call! The departed—strong wise men and women of the faith—are at your disposal. I have given scores and scores of helpers to the children of David, and many more are yours for the asking.

14. I have spoken to you repeatedly, My loves, of the need to work with your spirit helpers, and to avail yourselves of the help I provide for you. I know this is a practice that you are yet learning to hone and to put to use in your daily lives. Dear ones, you must now make it a priority to progress in this area. As these days of evil continue, you must make use of these helpers I put at your command to a greater degree. You must not only call on the power of the keys to rebuke your enemies, to fell the dark ones who fight you in the spirit world, but call on the keys in conjunction with calling on these strong‚ courageous ones who wait to assist you, to fight for you, to encourage and uplift you, to help you in every way.

15. I have given many helpers to the Family as a whole—your own Father David and Family members who have passed over to this side, such as Aaron, Abner, and others; the prophets and disciples of old‚ Moses, Noah, David, Daniel, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Peter and Paul, to name a few who are at your disposal; great men and women who have passed on, such as Livingstone, Rasputin, Joan of Arc, Florence Nightingale and others; archangels, as well as awesome spirit beings such as Ellya, Natalia and others are at the Family's disposal. These are Family ambassadors at large; they come to the Family's aid when needed. And I have revealed to many of you your individual helpers—those assigned to stick by the side of the individual, to stick closer than a friend; those who not only have been chosen by Me to help you, but who have also chosen you, because of their great burden and love for you individually.

16. Dear ones‚ if you were to ask Me what present I would like from you this Christmas, it is the resolution from each of you that you will learn to tune in to and work more with your spirit helpers. It is the commitment from each of you to make this more of a priority in your lives. I have given you these helpers, and there couldn't be a more fitting gift you can give Me in return than to make full use of their help.

17. And now I have a special gift for you, My Family! I have made an addition to the lineup of the powerful and skilled ones who assist the children of David. I have assigned two stout and dauntless spirit beings to join the ranks of your ambassadors at large! These helpers are created solely for this purpose—to assist you, My Family, in these Last Days.

18. (Vision:) I see two amazing beings! They are very clearly male and female. Their size is amazing! She looks like an Amazon! She's tall and very shapely‚ very strong, certainly not weak and frail. He stands a good six inches taller than she does, and is also mighty hefty-looking. The awesome thing about these two is they don't have clothes on, but they look like they're wearing some type of body paint, I'm not sure how to describe it.

19. They look like they're made of gold from the neck down! They don't look like a golden image that's all smooth and shiny and slick‚ but more like they're made of liquid gold. It's alive, living gold, rippling and radiant. You can plainly see their form. This liquid gold substance is moving within them. The impression I get is that they're filled through and through with this radiant gold.

20. They look like they're on fire with this blazing liquid gold that is moving and radiating, like it's bubbling or boiling. It reminds me of a hot stream of lava coming down a mountainside. It's not in the raging, out–of-control stage, like when a volcano first erupts, but it's moving in a steady flow. It also reminds me of when a goldsmith is heating gold and it's very hot and bubbling.

21. Looking at them right now is very soothing, like when you look at logs burning in a fireplace; the fire is contained and it can be very relaxing watching it. I'm looking at them and they're calm and very reverent of me. I feel like we're being introduced. Their spirits are very cordial and polite‚ and they're standing there respectfully as if they're happy to make my acquaintance. I don't hear them speak, but they communicate without words, telling me they're happy to be in my service. I feel so small next to them. It's humbling to think these obviously super-powerful beings would serve me.

22. I have a strong impression that this liquid gold they're made of‚ though calm and soothing at this moment, can also flare up and rage almost out of control! Now it flows within them, like a steady, flowing stream of lava, but I get the impression that they can turn it up and it can become like a raging torrent gushing forth!

23. They're really quite gorgeous! Their facial skin looks like ours. Their whole body is human in form‚ but from their neck down their skin seems to be this liquid gold—and this is their clothing, so to speak. Their eyes are so striking I can't even tell what color they are, but they're very deep, piercing eyes.

24. They're wearing headpieces. The woman's hair is all up under this headpiece. At first I thought it was short hair, but it's all up or slicked back under this headpiece that looks like a headband. It's not a single band across the top of her head, but three bands going across the top of her head from where her hairline starts, on back to the crown of her head. This headpiece looks like bands of the same liquid gold. The guy has a single headband across his forehead, also made of the same liquid gold.

25. They have another very outstanding feature: Right across their chests they both have what looks like a tattoo, though it's more like a deep engraving, etched right into their body, and it's a set of keys! The engraved keys look like diamonds embedded right into their chests of gold—a set of keys made up of diamonds! The man has two huge keys that crisscross his chest; the woman's are a set of keys‚ simple in form, several keys on a ring.

26. Now he takes her hand and they both give me a nod, almost as if they're making a slight bow to me and they want to excuse themselves. It's a very reverent and respectful gesture.

27. In a flash, they're surrounded by huge demon monsters! Giant, horrible, hideous demons on every side of them! The man and woman look over at me and peer deep into my eyes‚ very confidently, as if they're saying, "Watch this!" They're standing face to face, and they look deep into each other's eyes as if they're saying, "Ready?" to each other, or like they're counting, "One, two, three…" and then they spin around with their arms held out, as if they're holding a sword in their hands! There's no sword in their hands, they just hold out their arm as if that's their sword. They spin round a few times, and as they do, the gold substance within them comes gushing out, right out their fingers! It comes streaming out like a raging torrent and blows these demons to bits!

28. This gold substance inside them can flow out in great force. And at least in this case, it destroys everything in its path. They're showing me what they're capable of! They can command this liquid gold substance to do things for them. It's like they turn the power up and it becomes like explosives that they bombard these demons with. They vaporize them in a flash with this stuff! Bam, they're gone! The demons are demolished in a split second.

29. Now these two golden spirit beings turn to each other again and nod. They just slew these monsters, but they're fully composed. They both turn to me and give a reverent nod as well. (End of vision.)

30. (Jesus:) Meet Tola and Tor, My children! Tola is the female spirit being and Tor is the male. They are My gift of love to the Family at this point in time. They join the ranks of ambassadors for the children of David. They are at your beck and call, dedicated from now until the end of time to serve you‚ to come to your aid when you have need, to fight your enemies in the power of the keys.

31. They are the embodiment of key power! They are champions of highest rank, commanders of the power of the keys! Key power runs through every fiber of their being; it is the total sum of their makeup.

32. Tola and Tor are now at the command of the children of David. They will be your protectors, your guardians, your defenders!

33. They are victors! No power of the Enemy can withstand these two. All opposing spiritual forces bow at their feet, for they carry the force of golden key power within. This power, when released upon your enemies, destroys all in its path, as you have just seen demonstrated.

34. Use them, My children; take advantage of their help. Call on them when you're in the heat of battle‚ when Satan and his demons, Pan, Bacchus, the Selvegion, Apotheon, Arakan‚ Oplexicon and others threaten. Call on these two and they will be there to defend you and fight for you.

35. Many are the helpers of the children of David! Many are the mighty ones I put at your command! Call on them, My loves, for they are with you to see you through the terrible days that are upon the world. And these two, Tola and Tor, are honored to be among your ambassadors at large, as I am honored to send them.

36. This is My Christmas gift to you, My brides, and this is My desire—that you commit to working with your spirit helpers more frequently. Call on these ambassadors when you have need. Learn to work with your personal spirit helpers on a daily basis. Accept them, teamwork with them, learn from them, lean on them. Your helpers surround you and willingly come to your aid. They long to work in closer counsel with you. They are My gifts of love to you, that you may know how much I love you, that you may constantly feel My presence‚ that you may know that I am the Provider of all your needs. (End of message from Jesus.)

37. (Mama: ) Let's praise our faithful Husband, Who gives us such awesome gifts! He provides all our needs so wonderfully, it's only fitting that we commit to giving Him the things He desires. In loving gratitude for all He has done for us, will you give Him the gift He'll be most pleased with this Christmas and every day of the year? Join me now, dear Family, in the following prayer:

38. We praise You, dear Love. Thank You for these tremendous gifts! Thank You for assigning Tola and Tor to our team of ambassadors at large. Thank You for providing us with the very best champions of the highest rank. Praise You, dear Love‚ for Your provision and for Your loving care.

39. Thank You for these powerful ones who are dedicated to helping us, who will come to our aid when we are in need. Thank You for the tremendous corps of spirit helpers You've given us. We feel so unworthy, yet we are thankful that You see fit to put such power in our hands. We thank You that you use us, in spite of our weaknesses and our shortcomings. Thank You for working through us. We praise You, dear Lover and King‚ for the privilege of being Your brides.

40. We call on the power of the keys and ask that You will help us to take greater advantage of the help You have provided for us. Help us to work in closer sync with our helpers in the spiritual realm. Help us, dear Husband, to tune in to their voices, to heed their checks, to work closely with our personal helpers each day.

41. In the power of the keys, we commit ourselves to getting to know and learning to work with our spirit helpers more frequently. Help us to make it a priority in our lives, to make full use of their help. We call on the keys of resolve, of strength and of power to help us to work hand in hand with them, to acknowledge them, to listen to them and to follow their checks. We call on the key of understanding to help us learn all we can from our heavenly helpers.

42. Happy Birthday‚ dear Love! We praise and adore You, our Husband, our Lover, our best Friend and closest Companion‚ our Mighty Man and Provider of all our needs. We love You, Jesus. Help us to be faithful with the gifts You've given us. We praise You, wonderful Love!

Christmas Past!

Inspiring messages about Christmas from past Letters by Dad, Mama and the Lord!

CM/FM 9/02

You can have your little baubles

And your Merry Christmas tree

But all I want for Christmas

Is the Spirit wild and free!

For the Son of God was given

And was hung upon a tree,

And the only Gift for Christmas

Is His Gift for you and me!

It's the Spirit of that Christmas

That gives life to you and me

For a very Happy New Year

And a life that's wild and free!

It's the Spirit, it's the Spirit!

It's the Spirit wild and free!

It's the Spirit, it's the Spirit!

Oh, that's the life for me!

("Spirit Tree," ML #194‚ Vol.2).


(Dad:) This is our time to worship the Lord and praise Jesus—it's His birthday! (Sings:)

"Hark, the herald angels sing,

Glory to the newborn King!

Peace on Earth and mercy mild‚

God and sinners reconciled.

Joyful all ye nations rise,

Join the triumph of the skies;

With angelic hosts proclaim,

'Christ is born in Bethlehem!'

Hark, the herald angels sing! …"

(Tongues:) Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus‚ that we can sing Thy praises! Praise You, Jesus!

Praise You Lord for this night that we celebrate and commemorate Thy birth by Thy sweet little mother.—So much like so many of our little mothers. She had eight, Lord, seven more brothers according to history. We thank You, Lord, for such a mother that was willing to bear so many, and most of all You, Lord! TYJ!

What a miracle‚ all for our sakes, that You might live here and live like us through all the things that we have to go through; yet never to waver in faith, never to quaver in determination, to serve [Your Father] above all! Hallelujah! Help us, Lord, to be so determined and to be so strong in faith, to trust Thee so much that we'll never fear, never waver‚ never quaver, but always go through, in Jesus' name! TYL! (Sings:)

"I am determined, I've made up my mind,

I'll serve the Lord!

I've left the world and its pleasures behind,

I'll serve the Lord!

I'll follow wherever He leadeth‚

I'll pasture wherever He feedeth.

I am determined, I've made up my mind,

I'll serve the Lord!"

("The First Christmas," ML #949:19-20, 43-45‚ Vol.8).


(Dad:) We're talking about Jesus' birthday, and what could we give Jesus‚ anyhow?—Buy Him presents at the store? How ridiculous! I don't know where this custom came from of buying each other presents on His birthday and neglecting Him altogether! (Sings:)

"What shall I give Thee‚ Master?

Thou Who didst die for me!

How can I give less than give of my best,

When Thou hast given all to me!

What shall I give Thee, Master?

Thou Who didst die for me!

How can I give less than all of my best,

I must give all to Thee!"

The day came when I decided I should give all to the Lord—the Lord had done more than all for me! And when I gave my all, I encouraged you to give your all, and we've given our all to the world in order to give it to Jesus! That's what Jesus did, He gave you all! So how can I give less than all of my best, when Jesus gave all for me! Thank the Lord‚ you're giving all for Him too! PTL! Hallelujah! (Family praises.)

While you were praising the Lord, the Lord was praising you for giving your all to Him: "These who have given all to Me shall receive in abundance many times over what they have given, and they shall receive reward beyond their comprehension‚ and beyond all that they could ask or think shall I give unto them when they are come into My house!" Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL!

You have no idea what the Lord has stored up for you! It's been heaven on earth already! Like the old lady said, "Even if there was no Heaven, I've had a wonderful time getting this far!" We couldn't have had any more fun and pleasure and everything than God has given us! The Lord's been so good to us! But He just said that He's going to give you more beyond what you can even imagine! He's laying in store rewards and treasures and things for you beyond your wildest imagination!

So all this, and yet Heaven too, think of that! My, the Lord is so good to us! Even if we never got any further than this, it's been worth it! PTL! ("Our Christmas Present to Jesus," ML #2239:81‚90-95, Vol.17).


(Maria:) This Christmas the hearts that are weary and war-torn cry out for a comforter. The lives that are sin-sick and sorrowful yearn for a Savior. They seek a rescuer, they weep for a deliverer. They are overwhelmed by fear and uncertainty, filled with despair and hopelessness‚ laden with burdens of bitterness and guilt, imprisoned in emptiness, plagued by pain and discouragement, and beset by problems too big for them to solve. Many of them have no goals, no meaning in their lives.

Jesus loves them and wants to take them in His arms. Dad loves them and wants to show them Jesus. But Jesus—and Dad—must have your help! They can't do it alone. You are their eyes that can love them, their voice that can woo them, their tears that can move them, their arms that can embrace them, their ears that can hear their cry.

Will you do your best? Will you give until it hurts? Jesus did. He stepped outside the most wonderful place that has ever been created to come here to Earth to endure the discomfort and humiliation and mocking and pain, so that He could save us—us and them. Can you give until it hurts, like Jesus did? Will you, too‚ step outside the walls of your happy heavenly Home to endure the discomfort, the humbling, the weariness, sometimes even skepticism and scoffing, to try to share Jesus' love with the hungry?

Tell them how Jesus came to Earth to love them and how He died to save them, and how He rose again to deliver them into a wonderful new world that they can experience right now on Earth, and also enjoy forever in Heaven.

Proclaim that we celebrate the birthday of a living Savior, not a dead hero!—A living Savior, who was born on Earth that He might die in order to rise again to rescue us from the evil kingdom of sin and death and fear and loneliness. Go to them with love and with broken hearts. Try to feel their pain, their frustration, their despair. Try to see their darkness‚ their bondage and their torment. Try to imagine their sorrow, their emptiness, their insecurity! And with all your heart, reach out with love to save and heal them.

As His Father sent Him, so He sends us. Be Jesus' hands‚ be His feet, be His eyes‚ be His lips. Bind up the broken-hearted; comfort those that mourn; free the captives; cast out devils; feed the hungry with food that will last them forever; raise those who are dead in trespasses and sins; heal the sick in body and spirit; cleanse the lepers, the rejected, the alienated, the ostracized; give new sight to the blind by giving them Jesus the Light; preach the Gospel to the poor; loose the bands of wickedness, undo the heavy burdens, let the oppressed go free. Give them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, and the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. Freely ye have received, freely give. (See Mat.10:8, 11:5; Jn.20:21; Isa.58:6, 61:1‚3.)

Yes‚ dear Family‚ let's go, and let's not stop with Christmas! Let's keep witnessing just as fervently throughout the year and make each day a witnessing celebration of Jesus' birth, His death and His resurrection which promises new life for all! ("Mama's Christmas Message to You," ML #2948:7-9‚ 11-13, 15, Lifelines 21).


(Dad speaking in prophecy: ) Each Christmas, Jesus personally prays and anoints each one of us with special oil as He gives us renewed strength for the tasks ahead, that we may in turn help you to carry on, and spur you on to keep fighting, keep climbing, and gather them in. Gather in the sheep. Yes, this is when Jesus will at last receive all His birthday presents, when each one is in. That is going to be the greatest Christmas of all.

We're all looking forward to that day, when we will all sit down and celebrate Christmas together in Heaven. When each soul is finally Home and not one is missing, that is going to be the Christmas of all Christmases! That's the reason the first Christmas took place, and that is the reason we have Christmas at all—so we can gather each one into the Heavenly Kingdom.

In that day‚ all loved ones will be united forever. In that day, everyone's heart's desires will be granted. And in that day‚ we will love and enjoy Him forever! All will be Home at last! All will at last be joined forever with friends and loved ones, and we'll all love Jesus and love each other together. No more tears, no more sorrow, just His love to the full and forever!

So until that time, you folks need to keep spreading Christmas! Keep giving Christmas to everyone you meet every day of the year. Christmas is every day. And don't forget all the heavenly host you have ready and willing to help you! All you have to do is believe and reach out and receive.

Are you with me for a Happy Christmas? Bring them in! Give'm Jesus! Then we'll have a happy love feast with Jesus as we celebrate Christmas forever with Him! Hallelujah! ("Christmas in Heaven," ML #3076:34-37, 40‚ Lifelines 23).


(Dad speaking in prophecy:) Never in the history of the Earth has the world needed to hear the truth like they do now. Not only does the world need to hear the truth today, but never before has the world been in such great need of seeing the truth, seeing the sample! They need to see love put into action!

What's the most effective, undeniable way you can let others see Jesus in you? The Lord Himself summed it all up when He said, "By this shall all men know that ye are My disciples, if ye have love one toward another" (John 13:35). The Lord knew that the bottom line, the real acid test and the real proof of His divine love would be to see loving interaction between His children—genuine love for each other, love in action in your everyday lives.

This Christmas‚ let's have an exchange of gifts throughout the Family! Give gifts of love! Give of yourself! Be Jesus for those you live with. Have love toward each other‚ so that all the world will see the power and glory of God manifested in you.

The Lord has given … you the tools to get out in order to spread His message. And as each of you unite and go out this season in faith and obedience to pass out those tools, He will be with you and bless you and cause you to prosper. But after all that is done‚ what's the next step? Be the living proof, the living sample of the message contained in those tools—the living proof that the message works!

What better way to live Christmas each and every day of the year than to continually live to give to those around you, to truly live how He taught us, according to His law of love. His Gospel is love. Will you live it? Will you give it? ("Dad's Christmas Message for 1997," ML #3150:43, 45, 49, 55, 58-60, 67, Lifelines 24).

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