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Separation from the World, and the New Wine

May 7, 2003

—2002 Study Month

CM/FM 3425 Compiled 8/02

"Declaration of Revolution!"
(ML #1336)

(The famous Declaration of Revolution that marked our dramatic break with the established churches and systems of man!—Huntington Beach, California, 1968!)

1. We believe what Jesus said, not just what the preachers say! The preachers say‚ "Go to church on Sunday and don't forget to bring your money!" Jesus said, "Go out into the highways and the byways and compel them to come in!" (Luk.14:23). And He wasn't talking about a building‚ He was talking about the Kingdom of God!

2. Today's average church preachers say, "Be sure you feed me." Jesus said, "Feed My sheep!" (Jn.21:15-17). The average church today says, "Let's build a great building." Jesus said, "Go out and make disciples of all nations!" (Mat. 28:19‚20). The average church today says, "Let's organize a big denomination." Jesus said, "Where two or three are gathered together in My Name, there am I in the midst of them" (Mat. 18:20).

3. The average church today says, "Be good! Go to church and you're a Christian!" Jesus said, "He that keepeth My commandments, he it is that loveth Me" (Jn.14:21). They asked, "What are the greatest commandments?" He said, "To love God and love thy neighbor as thyself" (Mat.22:37-39).

4. I'm here to start a revolution! I'm here to turn that System upside down and do what Jesus did, and show you what real Christianity is and what real religion is! And it's not going to church on Sunday!

5. In fact, the church today is about as far away from what Jesus preached as capitalism is from communism! Jesus never said to build one single building and He never said to go to church on Sunday!

6. He just said, "Love God and love your neighbor as yourself‚ and get out and tell'm all about it! Go!" "Pray the Lord of the harvest that He shall send forth laborers into His harvest, for His harvest truly is plenteous but the laborers, the workers‚ are few" (Mat.9:37,38). But the church's buildings are full of a bunch of benchwarmers!—No workers, no laborers, a bunch of pew-sitters! Pew! Pew! They've sat there so long they stink!

7. I'm here for revolution!—The right kind.—Not violence‚ not guns‚ not swords, not that kind of revolution, but a Revolution by the Sword of the Spirit! (Eph.6:17). This Sword doesn't kill‚ it gives eternal life! And that's the only kind of revolution that's going to work and last and accomplish anything that really means anything.

8. So tune in with the Word of God, Jesus Christ, turn on to the power of the Spirit, and drop out of the traditions and the folderol that has nothing to do with Christianity whatsoever, and get out and love one another and feed My sheep! That's what Jesus did!

9. Jesus was a revolutionary! (ML #1336:1-9‚ DB1).

"To Whom Will You Go?" (ML #1966)

10. I searched for 40 years trying to find the true religion, trying to find people who lived like Jesus and His disciples and His early followers, but I couldn't find them! I looked in the churches, where they were supposed to be, but I found no one like them there—no one who had forsaken all to follow Jesus!

11. I went from church to church and denomination to denomination, and was even ordained a minister three times by three different organizations. But I never found a church or fellowship or religious group that suited me. I never found any doctrines like mine, except in the Bible, and I never found any churches that were really following the Bible or doing what Jesus said to do!

12. I remember discussing with different religious leaders how the Early Church rocked the world by sharing all things‚ dropping out of the System, having all things common and forsaking all in order to unite and go into all the world to preach the Gospel—and that they all did it, not just the preachers! And I used to suggest that possibly we today could also get the job done faster if the whole Church would give all‚ but they always replied, "Yes, but that was a different day and it didn't last. And besides, it just wouldn't be possible in this modern day and age!"

13. They told me that we just couldn't all live together cooperatively because the Church hadn't done it for 2,000 years! They told me we couldn't win souls without a Bible college theological education! They told me we couldn't lead and feed God's flocks without seminary degrees! They told me we couldn't live by faith! We'd starve to death! They told me we couldn't spend all of our time just praying, praising, studying, witnessing and working for Jesus! It was simply unheard of! They told me we couldn't send young, uneducated missionaries to foreign fields by faith! It just isn't done nowadays! They told me we couldn't close up our churches and move everyone to the fields! The entire church system would collapse and go to pieces!

14. But I still insisted that I'd like to see somebody at least try it, and would thrillingly theorize about what might happen if they did! What I wanted to see them do was become like the early little bands of Christians who met and lived together in their own homes, and not only worshipped the Lord in spirit and studied His Word avidly‚ but also spent most of their time out witnessing, sharing the love of God with others, winning souls to Jesus and "adding to the Church daily such as should be saved" (Acts 2:47).—New, alive‚ on-fire members to their little Christian families, setting the whole world on fire with the love of God!

15. I finally wound up trying this myself, in my own home with some of the older generation of Christians, but they were so churchy, church-indoctrinated and church-oriented that I could never really blast them far enough away from their former churchianity habits, rituals and "traditions of men" (Mark 7:6-9‚13) to really get them into orbit for the Lord. They were just too old and set in their churchy ways and too hard to change, "old bottles" that would always burst whenever I tried to pour in such "new wine" and revolutionary doctrine! (See Luke 5:37-39.)

16. Nobody really wanted to wholeheartedly try it until I found some young new bottles amongst the discontented youth of America in the late '60s. The hippies, the dropouts and dregs of society were the only ones willing to try it‚ because they'd tried everything else and knew nothing else worked! They could see that by their parents and their old churches and the awful American System that they were sick of and fed up with!

17. We socked it to these truth-hungry youth, these outcasts of society, with God's message, and they readily received it, eager to know His Words and follow His ways! We refused to believe that God was dead or even sick, and exploded out of the narrow confines of limited churchianity into an outright, upright, out-of-sight Revolution for Jesus! It was God's time to "pour out His Spirit upon all flesh" (Joel 2:28), the hippies and youth of America included, and His Spirit moved their hearts to accept Jesus as their Savior and to follow Him and tell others everywhere about His love!

18. Unlike the older churchy Systemites‚ these kids were young enough in spirit to simply believe and accept God's message from the Gospels and apply it to their lives today! And as a result of their faith and obedience to His Word, from our humble beginnings of one tiny family ministering in that first little lowly club of hippies in Huntington Beach, California, we have now grown into a mighty army of the Lord‚ reaching hundreds of millions around the globe with the message of His love!

19. There's not one of these other groups that preaches Christ like we do. There's not one of them that preaches Scripture like we do. There's not one of them that exposes the Scribes and the Pharisees and the hypocrites and the churches and the enemies of Christ like we do! And there's not one of them that preaches doom to America and the West like we do! We could say to these other groups what Jesus once said to some: "The world (System) cannot hate you, but Me it hateth, because I testify of it, that the works thereof are evil! For if I had not come and spoken unto them, they had not had sin; but now they have no cover for their sin!" (John 7:7; 15:22).

20. I don't know of any others who have been as vocal and as honest in attacking the Devil's systems and false religions and Christless churches and hypocrites and false, selfish, rich governments like the United States and Western Europe and their corrupt economic and political systems! We are probably one of the most anti-System oriented of all!

21. We have been more like the ancient prophets of God than any other of these small new religious groups—certainly more so than the big ones! Because we have cut and slashed and ripped right and left, and torn right in where angels fear to tread! We have told the truth and we have saturated the Earth with our doctrine!

22. We simply speak what we believe is the truth in the way that we feel it should be said, regardless of whether it is always easy to take or not. And though the church system condemns us for what they think are our false doctrines of doom and sex, etc., the messages of doom and sex have been right there in the Bible for millenniums! There's not a thing in the world new about them! I don't think there's anything new about sex‚ do you?—It started stark naked in the Garden with Adam and Eve! And I don't think there's anything new about doom! Every prophet of God who ever lived preached doom to a wicked world!

23. So they call us a "religion of sex and doom"! Well, hallelujah! I'm not ashamed to preach either one! They've both been around since Creation and since the beginning! We're just a little bit more honest about them than most religions, that's all! I can find every one of our pet doctrines and beliefs and practices right in the Bible and prove'm to you, PTL!

24. We're one of the few voices that is really raised for the truth, "the voice of one crying in the wilderness!" (Mat.3:3). Looks like we're only one in the wilderness compared with the millions! But with God on our side we're a majority, praise God! We're bound to win because we're telling the truth and we're doing God's work, and "if God be for us, who could be against us"? (Rom.8:31). Praise God!

25. "To whom shall we go? Thou alone hast the words of eternal life," the disciples replied when Jesus asked them if they were going to quit following after He gave them some particularly hard-to-swallow "new wine" on one occasion (John 6:68). Well, this is how many feel who come to our Family: They know there's no place else to go where they're really going to be spiritually fed, where they can have the same fellowship, the same truth—there just isn't any other‚ there's no place else to go, I know of none.

26. This is God's revolution for this hour and this day! This is it! If you know of any other Christian movement that is really following Christ's call to discipleship—forsaking all, not serving Mammon, going into all the world and preaching the Gospel to every creature—show'm to me! I'd sure as hell like to see'm! 'Cause I was looking for them for 40 years and never did find them! So the Lord finally used me to get the ball rolling myself, by the help and the grace of God and a Bible and some other on-fire revolutionaries who decided to try to do it like Jesus and His disciples! (ML #1966:1-9, 32-36, 38, 52-53, DB8).

"We're Still the Jesus Revolution!" (ML #1592)

[Note: The first part of this next excerpt is talking about those we witnessed to who joined the Family, many of whom didn't know the Bible or even believe in it. Our second generation, of course, has grown up on both the Letters and the Bible. But in our witnessing today, we should still be turning on our converts and potential Active members to the Words of David, which will lead them to the Bible and help them to believe it!]

27. I won their hearts! It was, in a way‚ me and my Words, which of course came from the Lord. I and my Words came from the Lord and they believe in me not because they believe in the Bible, but because they believe what I say is from the Lord.

28. (Maria: For us, the MO Letters are the foundation‚ because we didn't even have the Bible anyway. What you start with and build upon is the foundation, and we started with the MO Letters. So that's our foundation—the Bible confirms it and supports it.)

29. Most of [the new disciples who joined the Family] didn't believe the Bible and had no faith in the Bible at all, but the Lord gave them faith in me and my Words and now I've taught them to believe the Bible. But I was a church person, so like Paul, I had to document and authenticate everything I said by referring to the Bible. The Bible was my authority and my documentation and authentication to prove to both myself and the church people that I was right and a true prophet of God.

30. Most of our [disciples] didn't really know the Bible, and I'd say probably most of them didn't even believe it, but they believed what I had to say!

31. The Bible is an ancient book and even an ancient language [to most of those we witness to]! They can't even understand the old English and peculiar expressions. They don't know anything about it or its history and can't even understand it and they don't need to understand it now [initially]‚ but they can understand the MO Letters. That's what I'm here for‚ to speak the language of this modern generation and to reveal to them the truth of God that they didn't get out of the Bible because they didn't believe it in the first place—or couldn't even understand even if they did read it! So God had to send them a modern prophet to give them His modern Word that they could understand and they could believe. So here we are!

32. We're just as major a break with churchianity and tradition as was the Christianity of Jesus and His disciples and their break with Judaism and Jewish tradition and Jewish law! We have just as much broken with the church and churchianity and church tradition and even a lot of church false doctrine, as the Christians broke with the Jews! We're just as radical or revolutionary compared to the church as the early Christians were to the Jews!

33. I sometimes think there is a greater gap between us and churchianity than there was between the Christians and the Jews! I mean, we're almost as different as night from day! About all we and the church people can agree on is the Bible, and they don't even agree on all that. I mean, we agree with the whole Bible, every bit of it that is up to date. We probably agree more with the Bible than the church people do, because we bring out all the parts that they don't obey and they don't agree with regarding the present and the future, such as witnessing and winning souls and evangelizing the world and getting ready for the Tribulation.

34. God has a lot of new methods for today, a lot of things that would have even shocked the early Christians! God is a lot more modern today than most people give Him credit for! God is not a traditionalist‚ He doesn't have to stick to the past. The only thing He cares about is the present and the future; the past is gone.

35. God loves our attitude toward sex and nudity‚ because that's His attitude! He created them both, so obviously He likes them or He wouldn't have made them! And our use of them in love to win souls must really thrill and please Him!—Something the church people cannot accept. So thank God, that keeps us totally separate and distinct from the defunct churches and far more acceptable to the sinners and the world we're trying to win! TTL!

36. We're not trying to be accepted by the churches; we don't need to be accepted by the churches! We need to be accepted by the souls we're trying to win, and if they like sex and nudity, all the better!—Praise God! We appeal to the publicans and sinners and the drunks and the harlots and the radicals and the revolutionaries, just like Jesus did, and we're just as cast out of the churches as He was out of their synagogues and temples! So hallelujah!

37. Thank God He's kept us separate from the churches and prevented us from getting sucked into churchianity! TTL!—Or we could have totally lost our identity and our mission and our ministry and our message, like the Jesus people. They got sucked right back into the churches from which they came. But thank God the churches didn't suck us in, they spewed us out! Hallelujah! We were too hot for them!

38. We just don't fit churchianity and we never will! God called us for a different purpose‚ ministry, message and method to reach a different people, and we've done it outside of the churches and without their help and even against their opposition, as Jesus did against the church of His day. Thank God!

39. You know, I've looked at our Heaven poster once in a while and thought, "Maybe I ought to tone down some of the sexiness or nudity of these pictures a little bit." Then I thought, "Oh, damn'm! I'm not going to compromise like Paul did just to please'm, just to keep from offending their hypocritical self-righteous sensitivity and legalistic bondage!" Why should we? Why shouldn't we just be open and free about what we believe and think? This is the way it is!

40. We can't compromise our faith, our doctrine and our stand to please a few snotty, persnickety, sniveling church people who couldn't give a damn and who will never be attracted to us anyway! Are we still a Revolution or not? Are we still going to preach the same thing or not? I want to tell you something, besides Christ and salvation‚ we preach sex and nudity! Sex and nudity are a part of our doctrine, a part of our faith, a part of our practice and a part of our appeal!

41. We have gotten this far because we have called a spade a spade and we were radical and revolutionary and we promoted sex and we promoted nudity and we promoted the things that God made that do appeal to the world—and we got'm! They knew I was right! Right? They knew it was the truth!

42. God deliver us from churchianity and churchy compromisers! Let's go all out and let it all hang out for Jesus! Amen? Let's revolute to the End! GBAKY!—In Jesus' name, amen! (ML #1592:1, 3-16,18‚ DB2).

"Come On Ma!—Burn Your Bra!" (ML #286)

43. Thank you for your sweet letter about some of our recent radical missives. I regret that some of these were "hard sayings" for you to take and which you were not yet able to bear‚ but what can I say?

44. I dare say if you had been one of Jesus' disciples in His days here on Earth trudging down the dusty roads behind this Revolutionary Rebel of His generation and sleeping as many as 120 men and women in one room at a time, you would have found many of the things He had to say and His radical actions very hard to understand.

45. This is why, as Jesus Himself said, He had to pour His very new wine into very new bottles who could expand their receptivity sufficiently to take it, accommodate it, and even rejoice in it, for it spoke their language and helped Him to reach the drunks and the harlots and the publicans and sinners and the radical young zealots with whom He associated.

46. It also proved he was no part of the System and was not bound by its conventions, inhibitions and prejudices. He was totally liberated and free in the Lord to enjoy to the full the naked truths of God and His wonderful creation.

47. A revolution is a total break with the traditions of man and his churches and his preconceived ideas about God and misconceptions of morality. We have turned completely around and are going a different direction, no longer man's way but God's way, and we are free to enjoy to the full the beauties and wonders of His creation with all of its pleasures which He Himself created for our enjoyment.

48. So why quibble about reality and hide the naked truth of God's raw revelations and cover up in hypocrisy and self-righteous pride and a lack of total abandonment to the utter humility of God? As Jesus said, if ye cannot receive it when I speak to you of these earthly things, how can you receive it if I speak to you of the heavenly?

49. If you had been there when Jesus said to the multitude, "You must eat of My flesh and drink of My blood or you can have no part in Me," I wonder what you would have done then?

50. Would you, too, have been one of the many who turned away from Him that day and said, "This is an hard saying, who can bear it!"—So that He had to turn in sadness toward the twelve young faithful few and say, "Will ye also go away?" Peter pretty bluntly expresses their rather negative response when he says‚ "To whom shall we go?—Thou alone hast the Words of eternal life!"—As though he wished the Lord hadn't said what He did and wished that there was some other way‚ and if he could think of any other place to go, he would.

51. But only Jesus had what they wanted, so they continued to follow Him even though they didn't always understand Him nor approve of what He said.

52. He nevertheless spoke their language and was getting through to them and they loved Him because they knew He loved them and was trying to help them to be free.

53. This is no day for the weak and the fearful and those who are unable to bear the many more things that God now has to say to us in these last days when He must tell us the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help us God!

54. I'm sorry, but the Revolution did not begin with our trying to please people and giving them only what they were able to believe and accept.

55. But the Jesus Revolution was begun by a bunch of rowdy reddish radicals, … had in the greatest contempt by the established order, and [who have] shocked and shaken the world of the System of prudish conventionality and the hypocritical traditions of man ever since!

56. So if you are going to be offended at being stripped bare before God and ravished wildly by His Spirit, how on God's Earth are you going to stand it when He exposes your naked spirit and the spirit world in which it lives in the Letters that are yet to come?

57. I feel for you, my dear, and I'm sorry for you and I wish I could help you, but if you're unable to receive what God has already given us, what is coming is certainly going to break your bottle!

58. If you are not young enough in spirit, pliable enough‚ resilient enough and elastic enough to expand your vision and faith to accommodate this new wine of the Lord, you will certainly be unable to take what is coming‚ and your vessel now shaken will be truly shattered!

59. But that's life and the Revolution, which is built only with new bottles on the broken remains of the old!

60. I'm sorry, but that's what being born again—repentance—regeneration—and revolution—are really all about!

61. If naked truth bothers you, you are definitely an old bottle and had better avoid the crash! But if you can accommodate this new wine without asking why or trying to analyze its ingredients, God has such thrills and intoxication of the Spirit in store for you that you will be glad you drank it without question, and you'll be whisked off into a world which you never dreamed existed, where you'll enjoy the very wonders of total intimacy with a sexy naked God Himself in a wild orgy of the Spirit as His totally surrendered Bride!

62. Otherwise, you're like the old church, an old bottle, cracked, broken, useless and doomed to abandonment and oblivion! May God help you to know where you belong!

63. We hope you'll be able to survive the spiritual holocaust of His Revolution in order to reap His rich rewards in the world to come! (ML #286:1-10, 13-19, 21, 23–25, Vol.2).

"Strange Truths!" (ML #360)

64. I and the kids were wandering through a desert looking for water when suddenly down this hill began to trickle a tiny little stream. I rushed over and tasted it and it was good, delicious, fresh, cold water, and I was so happy about it because there were a lot of others wandering around out in the desert thirsty too.

65. So I called them to come, that I'd found water, and they all ran over to the stream just thrilled! It was growing bigger all the time, more and more water, until it was becoming a real big stream of water, a whole river‚ a small river but with plenty of water for all!

66. Everybody was so happy, so I said, "Let's follow the stream to the Source!" So we all began the journey upstream, up the hill. When we got to the top of the hill we found this huge spring, big enough for everybody to swim in this delicious crystal-clear pure water!

67. It was flowing abundantly! Everybody was so happy they were taking off their old clothes and diving in and swimming, washing and rejoicing like we used to do in our old ponds in Texas, only this was not muddy stagnant water but fresh, flowing, living‚ clean‚ pure, crystal-clear water—it was just beautiful! You could see the bottom; all kinds of precious stones on the bottom!

68. The kids were diving in the water for these beautiful precious gems and coming up with them, each one finding some new kind of gem and so happy, coming up to the surface holding their prize and yelling, "Look what we found!" They were like little kids finding new shells or rocks, only these were actual precious stones like rubies and diamonds and crystals and thing like that!

69. The stream originated at the big huge crystal fountain at the top of the hill flowing down the right side of the road.

70. We were all so happy to find out there was so much water. The kids all begin to play in the water, having such a good time drinking it and swimming in it and washing in the big Spring and the streams.

71. About that time along came this great big busload of about 100 kids that stopped at our house, and here was Ho bringing back all these kids from the desert where we'd been to stop over at our house and enjoy our spring.

72. It seemed like they were all brand-new converts or kids that were interested in our happy new place and way of life and all our water, and they had lots of interesting thrilling personal testimonies about how they found us and our water.

73. All of a sudden some of the kids came yelling excitedly from the streams and the spring and said‚ "There are all kinds of funny little creatures in the water!" And they showed me a cup of water and there were two tiny cute little seahorses in it‚ and another one showed me his cup and there was a cute tiny miniature octopus in it, and another showed me his cup of water and there were a couple of pretty little miniature shellfish in it!

74. There was a whole variety of interesting little new creatures in the water that we had never seen there before! Some of the kids were all excited about it and thought they were interesting and funny and really fascinating! But some of the kids seemed to be a little bit worried about them, thinking maybe they were contaminating our water.

75. Some of the visitors got real upset and began to leave, saying that the water was foul and wasn't good anymore because it was full of these little animals. They sort of turned against us because of the change in the water. The water itself hadn't really changed‚ though—it was still crystal clear and pure and delicious‚ but it just had all these funny little strange things in it now that were new.

76. So I got a little concerned about it myself and I said, "Where are they coming from? I'm going to swim out into the Spring and see!"

77. So I dove in and swam out to the middle of the Spring where the water was bubbling up from deep down below, the Source of the water where it was actually gushing out of the Rock, and here were all these little living things tumbling right out with the water, right out of the Source, coming from the same place the water was coming from!

78. I thought, "Well, this spring must come from some sort of underground sea, some great sea in which these little creatures live, and they're just coming up with the water from the sea—they're coming right from the same Sources as the water itself!" For some reason that seemed to satisfy me that they were all right, that they were clean creatures because they came from the same Sources as our water. So I remember thinking,

79. "Well, our water is from God. He gave us this water, so the little creatures must be from God too and good for us!" So I swam back and told the kids‚ "They're all coming from the same Source from which we get our water, so they must be all right. Like the waters quench our thirst, the new creatures are for our nourishment and food, so don't worry about them—they're good for us!"

80. But by this time most of the visitors had left, the crowd of Systemites, and only a few friends stayed. The Systemites seemed to think our water wasn't any good and somehow that made us no good too, so they didn't want to have anything more to do with us and they left.

81. Well, in some ways the meaning is almost obvious: We were all wandering around, lost sinners out in the Desert of Sin, thirsty and hungry and lost. Nobody seemed to have it very much together until we found this water flowing down from the top of the hill, which of course symbolizes the water of the Word‚ the Words of God, the truth that satisfies our spiritual thirst.

82. So we followed the stream; in other words, we followed the Words and God's message and obeyed it, to the top of His hill or mountain, which symbolizes His Kingdom. There we got it together in ever increasing numbers in His Kingdom, reveling in the waters of His Word and enjoying each other's fellowship and inviting others to join us and advertising the good news that we had found water, good life-giving satisfying water‚ not only to drink but even enough to swim in and bathe in, waters to swim in and play in and enjoy as well as satisfying our needs. So we were all having a good time living beside it and enjoying the stream of water and the crystal spring of God's Word with its fresh new waters daily!

83. The kids have dropped out and are wandering around in new deserts‚ knowing that there is something wrong, that they are thirsty and they need something and are looking and searching for it and finding it in the streams of God's Wordsalvation and the water of the Word—which satisfies their thirsty hearts and minds.

84. They have followed the stream to its source and found God Himself, the source of all life and living water and truth and love and joy and happiness, and have come together in fellowship in Colonies around the world!

85. The Systemites came out to watch out of curiosity: "Behold, what manner of men are these?" Some seemed to rejoice with us as our friends; others were just curious. But a lot of them began to leave us when they began to see strange new things in the water‚ strange new truths God had put there for our added nourishment, but which they couldn't understand and didn't like because they were contrary to their ideas of what the water ought to be like.

86. But we went on enjoying even more nourishment, new and interesting truths we'd never even had before that strengthened our souls with new life! We even began to follow the new streams that led from the Central Spring in a new direction into new lands.

87. We were still confident that our invincible stream could conquer anything in its path no matter where it led and flowed nor in what new lands, be they left or right.

88. There would always be hungry souls thirsty for our water, hungry for our nourishment‚ eager for our love and help, and ready to plunge in and satisfy their hungry hearts and thirsty spirits and join us in the ever moving onward stream of God in the blessed fellowship of the faithful ones who follow Him and His ever-living waters, ever fresh and new, full of interesting new and living creatures, new truths for our good to strengthen and enlighten us and brighten our eyes with new power‚ the invincible all-conquering forces of God!

89. These are His streams of living water, ever fresh and new, provided for our thirst and strength, the Words of God, the truths of His Spirit and His spirit world!

90. Have you found them to your liking? Do they satisfy your soul, quench your thirst, satisfy your hunger and give you strength to carry on and enjoy the happy fellowship of others like you who have found the truth and a happy new life in Jesus and the living waters of His Word and the fellowship of His children on the bright sunny mountaintop of the Kingdom of God‚ bathed in the crystal flow of His sparking waters? (ML #360:1-5, 8-9, 19-20, 23-32‚ 35-37, 46-54, Vol.3).

"War and Peace!" (ML #255)

91. The Bible was enough in its day. It was all the truth that man needed when it was fresh and new and had just been given by the prophets, the original prophets, until it was contorted and distorted and misinterpreted and mistranslated and everything by the preachers! Although the Bible is just as new and fresh and good as ever to us, if we can sweep away all this fabrication of man's garbage and get back down and delve underneath to find the foundations, then we can see the plan, how it was supposed to be.

92. But the true foundation has been so cluttered up through the centuries by man that he has lost sight of the original foundation, the original plan. Even though he has the Bible and looks at it, he can't see it. He can't see it because he's been mentally conditioned by all the preachers and teachers and false teachers and the wrong way they live, their dandy bad example‚ which is so contrary to the plan of true Christianity, that the plan is lost under a heap of man's own rubble!

93. Not that the plan is not as good as it ever was, but what does it take to rediscover the true foundation? Who does the discovering? It takes an archaeologist who comes in and clears away the rubble. He knows the difference between rubble and the genuine foundation, and he clears away the wreckage, debris and dust of centuries and uncovers for you again the true genuine plan. He shows you what the plan really was like. He digs out the Bible from under all the trash and reveals it to you as it really is and really was.

94. But it takes a lot of hard work and a lot of digging and clearing away of the rubble of centuries, all the false teaching and example and false systems, to uncover the basic foundation and the real plan, compared to which the rest is all trash! God Himself, the Master Builder, built the foundation, but man covered it and buried it in his litter, so God has to take whom to unbury it? He has to take and use man and man's tools for the sake of man to unbury His foundation.

95. Who is the archaeologist? In this case I am your archaeologist. With every Letter I'm clearing away the church rubble, getting rid of man's debris, and pushing aside the preachers' litter‚ to try to uncover for you once again what the Bible really says and means‚ what Jesus taught, and how He really lived‚ and what the disciples really showed‚ and what they were really trying to show by their example. In other words, we're rediscovering what God's plan was all the time! It's been there all the time and is as good as ever, but we can't build on that foundation again till we get rid of all the rubble of the rabbis! (ML #255:41-45, Vol.2).

"The Word—Old and New!"
(ML #329)

96. It's a damnable doctrine of church devils to confine all the truth and revelations of God strictly to the Bible! True prophecy won't teach anything contrary, but it surely can fill in a lot of gaps. Let me tell you, there was a time when Moses' and David's writings and the apostles' and prophets' writings were new scriptures

97. Even Jesus was adding to the already given and accepted scriptures, and He told His followers, "I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. Howbeit, ... the Spirit ... will guide you into all truth."

98. So it's like what God has given me is filling in some of the remaining details of Biblical truth, because Jesus is still in the process of guiding us into all truth; it didn't stop with the apostles! (ML #329:22–24‚ Vol.3).

"David-Daniel, Today's Prophet!" (ML #1501)

99. There's some folks who think, "Well, [the Book of Revelation is] enough‚ that's all we need! God hasn't spoken since then, that's why we haven't added anything to the Bible. God doesn't speak anymore, He doesn't talk anymore. He just turned His back and walked away after He gave this last Book to John, and we're not supposed to get anything else from God anymore." Well, those people really worship a pretty dead God and a very inactive, untalkative God!

100. We worship a very live God who is very living and talking and still living and breathing and talking and communicating with us and telling us everything we need to know! I don't know how those people seem to think that if the Church was going to continue throughout the ages which were to come‚ and they were going to have all of these gifts of the Spirit, the nine gifts of the Holy Ghost—gifts of prophecy, gifts of tongues, gifts of interpretation, wisdom, knowledge and all of these things which required the Holy Spirit and the very voice of God—how did they think the Church was going to receive all these gifts and have them and operate with them and have God speaking through them in tongues and interpretation and prophecy and knowledge and wisdom without God speaking? How? It's impossible!

101. The Church was to continue beyond this Book which closed its doors about 90 A.D. with the final natural death of dear old John the Apostle, the Revelator, the Beloved, who wouldn't boil because he wasn't done. He was done after this book was done, the Bible‚ and his Book of Revelation‚ the last book in our accepted canonical text of the Bible, the inspired Word of God. He was the last prophet to give us the Words of God which are recorded in this Bible!

102. But he was not the last prophet of God! Because God's Word says so!—That in the Church there are to be prophets and there are to be those who have the gift of prophecy. What else are they but prophets? God's Word says so. It's true! [See 1Cor.12.]

103. This is not His only Word, beloved (holds up Bible); this is also the Word of God for today (holds up MLs), for His modern Church of today, His last children of today, His Endtime Church, His Endtime children, His Endtime people of the Last Days of man's history! God didn't forsake you! He didn't go off and quit talking right now when you need to hear the most of all what's happening right now and to understand it and be prepared for it and to know how to live through it and survive it! Hallelujah? TYJ! PYL!

104. So this Bible is not the only Word of God; this (MO Letters) is also the Word of God! Somebody will throw up to me that Scripture I was going to read you in the last part of the last Book in Revelation where He says‚ "You shouldn't add to it or take from it the Words of this Book! You'll be cursed if you take away any of the Words of this Book. And if any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this Book!" (Rev. 22:18-19).

105. Who was talking?—John! What Book was he talking about?—The Book of Revelation! He was not talking about the Bible! He was not talking about that this meant this was the end of God speaking and the last book that God was ever going to write! I haven't added anything to the Book of Revelation! I haven't added anything to this Bible! I haven't added anything to the books that are already here and the prophets that have already spoken! I haven't added a single word to anything they've said, nothing! Nothing!

106. All I've done is to simply receive what God has said today, to me!Not added to what they said then, or to this Book then. But I have simply received the Words of God for you today that He wants you to know because He loves you, His children, and He wants you to be prepared for His coming! He wants you to be able to survive those Last Days as His witnesses and as His glorious representatives through the most trouble the world has ever had! (ML #1501:11–14, 69-72, GN Book 7).

"Loving Jesus!—Part 4" (ML #3030)

107. (Dad speaking:) I hope you didn't think that the New Wine was going to end just because I left. God doesn't stop talkin'! Believe me, He's very much alive! He's very much in evidence and He's very active. …

108. And sometimes, kids, the things that God says are hard to take! They're hard to believe sometimes! But you know, if you just believe it, if you drink it in and receive it, accept it by faith‚ He blesses you and it becomes easier, because you see the fruit, you gain the understanding. Faith doesn't always understand; faith just does it because it believes, and then comes understanding. But without faith it's impossible to please the Lord, for he that cometh to God must first believe that He is, and second, believe that He rewards those who diligently seek Him. He's now giving you a way to diligently seek Him, so that He can pour forth the great rewards that He has promised. And believe me, it's true! I've seen it, I'm Here‚ I know! (End of message from Dad.) (ML #3030:81, 88, GN 662).

"Loving Jesus!—Part 2" (ML #3025)

109. (Jesus speaking to Maria and Peter:) I do have more to show you‚ I have much more to show you. But first you must give out that which I have already poured forth unto you, in order to make the vacuum, that I may fill you with more. For I have filled your cups to overflowing, and now you must do your part to pour from your cups into the cups of others, the cups of My precious Family, for their cups are empty and outstretched.

110. I do have more and I will give you more abundantly, but I too understand that as I pour forth and pour forth and pour forth unto you, that it builds up more pressure upon you, the pressure of feeling that you need to get it out, and there is just so much. …

111. For you must mix this love juice, this joy juice, to just the right potion, and as you pour it out, it will then fill their cups and quench their thirst. Fear not, I will lead you as you prepare. I will show you all that I have said unto you and I will make it easy for you, for it is My will that you pour forth this juice, the clear refreshing waters of My Word and the ecstasies of My Spirit mixed together‚ that you may quench their thirst and give them a new understanding.

112. And while they are assimilating this and being strengthened by it, taking it step by step, I will show you more so that you can feed them and show them the next step. For we are all on the trip together, and I keep you a little ahead of the flock so that you can lead them and guide them. But I would that you would have them close behind you, as a good shepherd does not venture out too far ahead of the sheep, lest they worry and be concerned. But I would have you just at the head, showing them the way step by step by step by step. I am just ahead of you showing you the path, and showing you the waters, and showing you the green fields, because we are all in it together.

113. So feed the flock of God which is before you, and pour forth unto them this beautiful‚ nourishing‚ refreshing, golden elixir, that as they drink, it will fill them with My love, with My strength and with My power!

114. So bottle the juice, bottle the wine, cork it‚ package it and ship it! And I shall send forth a new harvest‚ a new crop which shall even be sweeter and stronger and more potent, more intoxicating and more exciting! Your vats are full, therefore pour forth and empty them that I may fill you again and again!

Pour it! Pour the wine!

For it is fine.

It is yours and it is Mine!

(End of message from Jesus.) (ML #3025:19, 21-23, 25, 28, Lifelines 22).

"Loving Jesus!—Part 6" (ML#3032)

115. (Jesus speaking: ) I am pulling back the veil of My Word on that which was written by My servant David‚ to give you a greater understanding and a fuller knowledge of what I meant. For the time was not then, but the time is now! For we enter into the dark days, the days ahead in which there shall be gross darkness upon the people and upon the Earth. But you shall be a gleaming light‚ a light of love!—A light of strength and power and of My Words! As the darkness grows, the light shall shine brighter, yea, brighter I say! (End of message from Jesus.) (ML#3032:149, GN 664).

"Loving Jesus!—Part 3" (ML #3029)

116. (Dad speaking to Mama:) A prophet's job is not easy. It wasn't easy for me to give the Words of the Lord, especially when I knew that some people would reject them and not believe they were sent from the Lord. But I had to give what I got. That was the commission that I was given, to be the channel for His Words to His people. …

117. I gave a lot of things that people didn't understand. Sometimes I didn't even fully understand them, but I knew that they happened to me and I knew the Words came, or the visions came, or the dreams came, so I gave them.

118. First off, I think people need to understand that the roughest job is to give the message of the Lord; to not filter it, to not hold it back‚ to not change it, but to give it. Then it's the people's choice to believe or not to believe, and the Lord blesses them accordingly. That's how it works now, that's how it worked when I was there, and that's how it's worked throughout all the ages. If you believe the prophets, you prosper and you're blessed.

119. The Words that the Lord has sent you are true Words and He has held back nothing from you, for He knows that this is the time when you need to know these things. You did not need to know them in my time, but this is now your time. This is now your ministry. He's building your ministry upon my ministry. I led you part of the way, now you lead the rest of the way. Then you knew in part and now you know in whole. I gave you what He showed me, and now upon that He builds more, He shows you more‚ step by step. I brought the concept, you bring the details.

120. He revealed to me my part‚ the part He wanted to show me, the part He wanted me to show you. Now He reveals to you your part, the part He wants to show you, the part He wants you to show others.

121. Why didn't I tell you when I was there?—Because I didn't know! Because He didn't tell me! He told me plenty! And there was plenty that was shocking‚ and plenty that was new and plenty that was revelatory.

122. So what's the big deal? If He could tell me some of the things He told me and you can accept those, then He can certainly tell you the things He is going to tell you and they should be acceptable too.

123. What did you think?—That I was going to go and everything was going to ho-hum along? Why would you think that? He's the same God. He's still alive! He is still moving whether I am there or not, because this work wasn't built on man, it wasn't built on me. It was God's Spirit! It was Jesus! It was Him speaking, and I was just the messenger, the newspaper boy‚ the ticker-tape machine, the channel. That's what I've always told you and that's exactly how it was. And folks, that's exactly how it is. (End of message from Dad) (ML #3029:170-174‚ 177-179, GN 662).

End of File