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Raising Junior Teen Disciples

Karen Zerby

For age 16 and up

By MariaMaria #626 CM/FM 3419 8/02

Dearest Family,

1. This GN is dedicated to those of you who live with or near a junior teen. Whether or not you're their parent, teacher, or official shepherd, the Lord has made it clear that our children are each of our responsibility (see MLs #3056:43-89, Lifelines 23; #3388:157-178, GN 984). Especially when our kids reach the junior teen age, they often greatly benefit from the involvement of someone other than their parents to help them in their training and decision-making. They're sometimes so familiar with their parents that it's hard for their folks to give them the discipleship training they vitally need at that age. That's not to say that you who are parents can't or shouldn't be involved—you definitely should--but it often takes more than just the parents to pull them through.

2. Our junior teens are a very needy age group. They are our up-and-coming disciples and will soon be voting Home members. Unfortunately, it's all too easy to put off the serious investment of time that is needed to help them become disciples, because each of your Homes and lives are very busy. You're also probably used to the junior teens in your Home being the way they are; you might still be relating to them as children, or you might be so accustomed to the problems they're having and the way they are "crying" for help that you don't really notice anymore.

3. This group of teens that we have now is also a new breed, a new generation, and some of you are finding that the methods that used to work with our teens don't have the same effect or impact with this group. In some ways, they seem more immature than any junior teens we've had in the past, which, given the circumstances, is understandable. Many of them haven't had to carry the responsibility in their Homes and with their younger brothers and sisters that our first teens did‚ because there have been older teens and SGAs around to carry that workload, and because there hasn't been the same intense need for their help, they haven't been pushed into learning and taking on that responsibility.

4. At the same time, the world climate being what it is today, they're exposed to strong negative influences that our previous generations of teens didn't have to contend with to the same extent. Combine that with the ever-increasing spiritual battle and the way the Enemy is fighting them, and it's easy to see that they need a lot of help, support, encouragement and prayers if they're going to become what the Lord has destined for them to be.

5. Young teens are an age group that's intimidating for some people. Many people are hesitant to get involved in helping teens; somehow they feel that the qualifications are too high, or that they're not smart enough or whatever. The teen years are, admittedly, a tumultuous and difficult time to live through, and often the teens "share" those difficulties with whoever is living around them. The teens can act like they know it all‚ and their sometimes crusty or disrespectful, rebellious exterior can make you feel that they'd really rather just be left alone. Even if it's obvious they need help, they can make you count the cost before trying to do something about it.

6. But they're also one of the neediest age groups. Inside they're desperate for direction, encouragement, love, support, understanding, guidance, guidelines and training. They intensely need to feel security and unconditional love. They need to know someone notices them and is concerned, and is willing to help them no matter what the cost. It's not an easy ride by any means, but if you don't give up on loving them and trying to help, eventually they open up and you get visible results.

7. It is true that there are certain qualities that junior teens find more appealing or attractive or easier to respect than others, and it's true that some people just have a gift for relating to that age group. The Lord has given a lot of very good counsel about how to relate to that age and how to better be the role models that they need and will look up to, and we're going to be getting that counsel to you just as soon as possible. But in the meantime, please don't be intimidated. The Lord has a role for each of you to play, so don't let the Enemy scare you out of it! And if you need to work on changing a few habits or the way you react to things, that might just be a good thing. Why not let this be the motivation you need to become easier for everyone to get along with, get out of the rut you've been in, or get victories over some things that have been bugging you and hindering you for a while? It's often easier to change for someone else's sake than it is to change just because you know it would be good. So here you have a very good reason, a very serious reason to become more Christ-like in nature, more free in the spirit, more of a new bottle in every way! Seize it!

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For more counsel on junior teens drawn from Letters published over the last several years, please see:

* ML #3323:129-132, "Communication Keys," GN 928. (Note: Although this excerpt is specifically on junior teens, the entire Letter is helpful.)

* ML #3114-3115, "Call to the Rescue, Part 1–2‚" Lifelines 24

* ML #3116, "Help Is on the Way," Lifelines 24

* ML #3018, "Loving Shepherding and Interaction—Charter Style," Lifelines 22

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8. The Lord has recently told us that we should look at our junior teens more as potential disciples, rather than children who have grown up in the Family and are expected to already know the basics and be strong in their foundation of faith. For various reasons, many of our juniors have missed receiving those basic foundation classes and having their questions answered. In many cases they don't yet have much of a personal relationship with Jesus. Of course, I'm not saying this is the case across the board. There are some junior teens who are well on their way to being full-fledged disciples. But a lot of them are very weak in their foundation of faith, and if we're going to keep them, we need to make an all-out push to help them be strengthened. Whether or not they decide to go on for the Lord once they are of age is entirely up to them, of course. Our part is to give them a good foundation now and help them adjust and make it through these difficult years‚ so that when the time comes for them to make a choice, they have the preparation that they need to be able to make the right one.

9. In this GN I will share with you just a few select messages of the counsel the Lord has given about our junior teens‚ and a few questions you can ask the Lord to get you started in better understanding and helping the ones in your Home and area. We would have liked to get all the counsel to you right away, but because of the timing of the upcoming study-course month, and Christmas and the Feast soon after that‚ we just weren't able to. Please pray we can get the remainder of it to you soon.

10. With the boards getting up and rolling‚ you are probably also feeling increased support and help with your teens from your local JT board, more activities for the teens to participate in, or at least someone that you can talk to or call for prayer when you need it. God bless the boards! But the boards can't do it all. It's going to take each and every Home and each and every person getting involved in order to "win" our teens and make disciples of them.

Ways to Win Your Junior Teens

11. (Jesus speaking:) The first step to helping your junior teens is to recognize them for what they are: hungry little stray sheep, waiting to be won to Me, waiting to find their true purpose in life‚ waiting for that unconditional love to surround them and pull them into the fold in spirit. Instead of treating them as children or expecting them to act like Home members, treat them as potential new disciples—waiting to be won and trained‚ who have the potential to go on to wonderful lives of service for Me.

12. Especially in this day and age, with all that your junior teens have experienced and been exposed to, and with the heightened attack on them by the dark forces of the spirit world, they need to be "won" in a way that even previous generations did not. Many are seriously lacking in many foundation areas. They have questions. They are frustrated and looking for something to invest their energy in. They have very specific needs which must be met in order for them to be willing to commit to anything. All these are things that you must seek Me about in regards to your specific junior teens. But there are a few key points that apply across the board that I will outline for you here.

Pray for them—and pray against every evil spirit fighting them

13. 1) They are being fought heavily by the forces of the netherworld. Even if you don't see their potential, Satan does, and he has launched a very heavy attack against them—and against all of your young people in the Family. But he feels that with the junior teens he will be more successful, for in most cases they are not yet grounded in Me‚ and will more easily be pulled away.

14. To counter this attack, you must intercede for them in prayer consistently‚ faithfully, desperately. Prayer is what will win this war and help them to be free of the attacks for periods long enough to recognize My truth and have the opportunity to make the right choices.

15. Pray specifically against Pan, Bacchus, Arakan, Apotheon, and Lethargy. Ask Me to speak to you and show you who else is fighting against your teens. Depending on their ministry and the potential that they have, there are demons specifically trying to hinder them and hold them back in the areas they have the most potential in. Once you know who you are fighting, pray against them specifically. Learn to recognize their influence and fight it in prayer, claiming the power of the keys to fight for your children.

16. (Mama:) Recently the Lord revealed to us another demon who fights us viciously. His name is Arakan. Our wonderful Husband wants us to be knowledgeable about these dark forces who fight us so that we can specifically rebuke them in the power of the keys and be aware of the way they will try to influence us. Some of our channels were working on an important GP project and the Lord showed us that Arakan was specifically assigned to try to hinder their channels. Here are excerpts of what the Lord said.

17. (Jesus speaking:) Arakan is a chief demon of confusion and depression. Call him out by name and do not let him hide in the recesses of your mind. Resist him by name, rebuke him by name, and he will flee! He is strong in his own might, but he is nothing compared to the power of the keys, which must be used to rebuke him.

18. Here is a key you can use every time to resist him:

I resist Arakan by the power of the keys. I rebuke him and bind his power over my mind through the power of the keys. Get thee hence‚ for I am about Christ's business!

19. Say the words, "I resist you‚ Arakan‚ in the power of the keys! Begone!" and he will flee. He is not a confrontational devil; he prefers the shadows and the dark muddles, like an octopus who clouds the waters in order to escape. When you begin to fight him, he will attempt to cloud your mind and confuse you. He is a chief among demons of confusion and depression. He stands under Oplexicon and Satan and seeks to hinder this project.

20. You are not as used to finding out who is behind the Enemy's attacks as you are to praying against his attacks. I want you to become more vigilant in seeking out the root of the problem and seeking out the names of the specific demons who are attacking you so that you can receive their names and bind them by name.

21. This is one of the principal methods of attack against spiritual powers—call them out by name. Ask their name, and they are bound to identify themselves to you so that you can attack them. Ask and you will receive their names, and I will use their exposure to help you win the victory. Fight against Arakan—the muddler of channels, the clouder of minds and confuser of thoughts. Break his power over you through the keys. Rebuke him by name‚ and do not let his confusion reign over you. (End of message from Jesus.)

22. (Mama:) We then asked the Lord whether this demon was only fighting this particular project or whether he was trying to fight the Family as a whole. Here's what the Lord said.

23. (Jesus speaking:) Prophecy is one of your most important weapons of the spirit. The Family must be able to hear from Me, either through their own personal channel or through someone else's channel. It's one of the most important links you have with Me.

24. Arakan not only fights this particular project, but he and his minions fight all channels and try to confuse and muddy their mind.

25. He first enters with thoughts of discouragement or depression, telling you that you can't be a good channel, this is too hard, you can't hear from Me about this, you won't get it right, and trying to convince you that in the end you're going to be even more discouraged because you didn't get a very good message. He hits channels before they sit down to hear from Me and tries to belittle, discourage, and confuse their thoughts. It's a serious attack of Arakan‚ the demon of confusion‚ when it comes to anything to do with channeling, speaking, or delivering My message.

26. Arakan fights hearing My voice in prophecy, hearing My direction and counsel, and delivering it through speaking or writing or teaching. He can have a big effect on those doing computer work, programming, anything that requires high concentration.

27. I told you some time back that the types of battles you'd experience would be unique, strange, things you've never experienced before—and that's because the power of many demons has been unleashed. I'm allowing you to come face to face with them because you need to be aware of them and know who they are by name, so that you can verbally rebuke them in the power of the keys and destroy their power in your life and work. It's a new battle in the spirit with many demons on the loose, and the Family has to recognize this and be prepared to fight them in the power of the keys.

28. It's not only something that you and your Homes in WS need to be aware of and fight against; the Family also needs to be prepared to fight the demons of Hell. Arakan and others have been unleashed to do their dirty work throughout the Family. He's prepared to attack anyone who needs to focus and concentrate on My work—any channel, teacher‚ speaker, writer, editor‚ programmer, anyone who needs to give a presentation, counsel people, or answer questions—in short‚ anyone who needs to have their presence of mind and clear thinking. That's his power‚ to confuse and muddle, and as a result‚ cause discouragement and depression.

29. The power you have is greater! Call on the power of the keys, rebuke any demon by name, and their effect on you will be destroyed. It's My promise. Stand on it! Hold the keys in your hand and rebuke the Enemy, and he will flee. The keys of the Kingdom will destroy the power of Arakan. Call on the keys and send their full impact to destroy any demon of Hell. As soon as you claim the keys and rebuke that demon by name‚ your thoughts will be clear, your mind won't be muddled, and you'll be able to do the work I put before you. (End of message from Jesus.)

30. (Mama:) When the Lord mentioned Arakan as one who fights our young people, I asked the Lord to explain how he fights them.

31. (Jesus speaking:) He works with Pan in the realm of the mind. Young people are already prone to confusion and depression, because they're in the stage of figuring things out, questioning everything, and at times don't have a solid frame of reference whereby to judge experiences, so they can be affected to a much greater extent, influenced much more greatly by questions that come to them or events that discourage them.

32. Arakan works to keep them from their focus. He naturally fights their channels to hinder their hearing from Me, but he also tries to keep them from concentrating and really benefiting from My Word, from their schooling, from the experiences of life that I would use to teach them. He tries to hinder them from communicating clearly what is on their hearts, and discourages them when they try. He tries to muddle and confuse all he can. He tries to block their receptivity to My Spirit and their understanding of the things that happen around them. This is why you must pray against his influence on them, for their lives are muddled enough without Arakan further hindering them from having a clear perspective and understanding. (End of message from Jesus.)

33. (Mama:) The Lord has emphasized time and again how big a role our prayers play in the lives of our teens and children. I know we all really want to be prayer warriors for our children, but it's so easy to let the day-to-day business and emergencies crowd out our intercessory prayer time—which is really the most important task we could accomplish.

34. Ask the Lord what will work for you in your situation, and make it your priority. Put it at the top of your to-do list for the day. Carry your keys promises with you so that you can pray whenever you have a spare minute. Make a habit of praying as you put the baby to sleep or while you're brushing your teeth. Dedicate the first ten minutes of your daily prayer vigil to your children, and all our children in the Family. Compile a list of specific requests for your teens, and give each adult in the Home a copy. Or each of you take one of the teens and focus your prayers on them for a week, and then switch names. Of course, some of these things might need to be confidential, because you don't want your teens to be hurt or stumbled or bothered by finding out they're the focus of your prayers. But the Lord can show you how to pray specifically and remember to do so‚ without jeopardizing their trust and ability to feel comfortable and be themselves.

35. However you choose to go on the offensive with prayer for your teens‚ the Enemy will fight tooth and nail to keep you from it, because he knows that it means his defeat. So if you don't get any other point from this GN, get this one: Our teens need our focused, concentrated prayers. They need us to fight for them, to claim the keys for them, to win victories for them. The battle is too great for them, but this is the way we can lighten it—through our prayers. Lord help us not to fail to pray!

Text box:

Please claim the power of the keys in each of the following requests for our junior teens:

  1. That they will feel a need for the Word, have fun Word times, get interested in it and turned on by it, and learn to hunger for it and love it. Against familiarity with the Word, the Lord and His Spirit.
  2. That they will know they are important to the Lord and to feel that importance; to have faith that He has a special and very personalized plan for them.
  3. Against the Enemy's evil spirits that fight them and try to hinder them fulfilling their calling—specifically against Pan, Bacchus, Arakan, Apotheon, and Lethargy.
  4. That we will look at them as new disciples who need to be won to the Lord, and manifest that love in all our interactions with them. Against familiarity on our part.

End of text box.

Ground them in the Word

(Jesus continues:)

36. 2) You must make a concerted effort to ground them in the Word. Whether your Home has four voting members or 16, whether you're busy full time with Activated meetings or you're a service center, you must make time to pray about how to get your teens turned on to the Word, and then you must make time to implement what I show you. This is very important.

37. Many of your junior teens are lacking in their foundation in the Word. They don't know the Bible or the older Letters. They read the New Wine, but in many cases, the foundation stones of their faith are weak. They need strengthening. And by strengthening, I don't mean just an hour a day of study hall or being force–fed by reading to them. I mean getting in there with them and finding their key, seeking Me as to how to help inspire them to hunger after My Word‚ and then working at it until you're successful.

38. With persecution approaching, unless they are strengthened they will be a weak link that the Enemy will try to strike at. They must be prepared. They will be the arrows in your quiver, those who give an answer in the gate, those who turn many to righteousness if they are prepared. If they are not prepared, they will suffer, you will suffer‚ the Kingdom will suffer.

39. (Mama: ) If you will stop and ask the Lord about your individual teens, I don't doubt that He will give you excellent ideas as to what to start with, how to find their key‚ what will interest them and get them turned on, and even how to adjust your schedule in order to accommodate the increased work it will require to get a program rolling and be consistent with it. But it's one of those things that you can't afford not to do.

40. The Lord might show you to have a separate devotions or Word study for them. Or He might show you to gear your morning devotions to them‚ with the songs, skits, participation, movie clips, research, united times of hearing from Him, and applying the Word that they would relate to and which would help them to grasp it better. He might show you to include them in your Bible studies for your Active members, or to get them to help you teach the Bible study, which would require you going over the material beforehand together to help them learn it and be familiar with it.

41. Once they get more turned on to the Word and the treasures that it holds‚ you can give them projects to do on their own with a goal. For example, reading all the age-appropriate Letters on a certain subject and compiling the key quotes, and then giving a devotions or class on the subject to your Home or Active members; making a quote book along a certain theme that they or someone else could really use; working through the CVC reading lists on a certain subject. There are many possibilities or combinations, and the Lord will show you what will work best in your situation.

Ask Me what their needs are
and how to meet them

(Jesus continues: )

42. 3) You need to get to know them personally, and seek Me as to their needs and how to best fill them. Don't assume that you already understand them and know what they need, just because you've lived with them for years or you have watched their outward appearance.

43. Just like you would pray and seek Me about how to handle your potential new disciples and how to best give them their foundation, how to best present various subjects and help them to understand without stumbling them, you should do the same with your junior teens.

44. Throw off the familiarity that has built up, seeing them as children or as young members of your Home, and ask Me to help you see them as I see them—as potential disciples—potential because they could go far for Me. But whether or not they will is up to you and what you do to train them and win them now.

45. (Mama:) At the end of this GN I've included a list of questions the Lord gave for each Home member‚ 16 and over‚ to ask Him. That's a good starting point for each of you to reevaluate your relationship with the junior teens in your Home and area and learn how it should change and become better. Please ask the Lord to strip away the familiarity and any previous experience that you've had that would prevent you from seeing the teens as the Lord sees them, with the potential that He knows lies within them, and ask Him how you can draw out that potential.

46. Some of them can have pretty rough exteriors, and there's no one magic solution to make all their problems go away, but the Lord can tell you where to start and direct each step from then on, if you're faithful to continue to hear from Him about it. I know that sounds time-consuming, but it's much more efficient than trying to figure it out yourself and having to try multiple things before you finally, if ever, hit on the key.

47. Besides hearing from the Lord about your teens, another thing you can do that really helps to get rid of familiarity and gives you more understanding is praying for them, each one individually by name, in detail. As you pray, the Lord will bring things to your mind about them that you never really noticed before, you'll gain a deeper understanding of them and their needs, you'll start to realize why they do things, and your love for them will grow. You'll also start noticing the areas they need prayer for, and will in turn be able to pray more specifically. Try it!

Witnessing can work wonders
in their lives

(Jesus continues:)

48. 4) Get them out witnessing and feeding the sheep. Ask Me how to incorporate them into that aspect of your Home, and be willing to make sacrifices in order to implement My answer.

49. You might have to stay home with the kids so that they can go out. You might have to cut back on your budget in order to free up time that would normally be spent on fundraising to instead be deep witnessing time. You might have to do dishes more often, or JJT, in order to let them have time for witnessing classes, and then time to go out and apply those classes. But whatever sacrifices you make, they will pay off eventually. It's an investment in the future, one that will not bring in immediate obvious dividends, except for My blessings for your obedience. So be prepared for that‚ but know that it is worth it, and keep doing it consistently.

50. Your teens need to be able to pour out and feed others the meat of the Word. They need that training and that experience. Seeing the hunger that the lost have for the Word‚ seeing My counsel change someone's life‚ will inspire their faith and help them to realize the wealth that is theirs. It will bring to life all that they've been taught and become familiar with. Witnessing on a deep level, being faced with the questions of your sheep and Active members, will make them want to dig in to My Word and find the answers themselves. It will give them a sense of fulfillment, of belonging, of being needed.

51. Include them in your classes and Bible studies as assistants‚ inspirationalists, and hosts. Give them real responsibility—not just in name only, or busywork, but real serious responsibility. Give them training as they go. Teach them the classes, and then turn them around and have them teach the classes. That's how they'll really learn. That's how they'll be inspired to learn. That's how they'll have a vacuum for more, is if they are pouring out.

52. (Mama:) This is a real key. Our young people can be so familiar with the abundance of truth that they've been raised with that it doesn't mean anything to them anymore. It's not exciting or even interesting to them. But being faced with the very great hunger that the Lord's sheep have for the Words of David and our radical message will help them to realize what a wealth they've been given. It will bring to life and help them realize the value of the Word and the spiritual principles that they know so well. It will also help them to feel useful, needed, wanted and appreciated, as they give the Word to others and watch it change their lives for the better.

53. Of course, you can't sit them in front of a full class of sheep and expect them to carry it alone on the first day. But please ask the Lord what you should start them on‚ where to go, who should take them, what the approach should be‚ and any preparations you need to make beforehand, and then follow through. Once the Lord sees you're serious about this, He will start dropping opportunities in your lap, opening doors for not only cool, in-depth witnessing, but also accompanied by the fun and excitement and adventures that the teens crave so much.

54. I realize that finances play a large part in the witnessing opportunities you decide to pursue, because it's just a fact of life that you have to keep things running and functioning. But ask the Lord about that too, because He has solutions. He's the One Who is telling us to make a push in this direction, so He must have miracles up His sleeve to make it possible for your Home to obey.

55. (Jesus continues:) Making this push to win disciples of your teens will do wonders for your spiritual life and your Home. Knowing that your juniors need to be taught the basics will make you review them yourself. Knowing that you're winning disciples will help keep you on your toes, will give you motivation to minimize ungodly influences in your own lives‚ and will bring up opportunities for Spirit-filled Home activities to further their growth. Making opportunities for them to witness on a deep level will get you out witnessing with them. Seeking Me about how to best meet their needs will also meet yours. Your obedience and conviction will increase‚ and so will My blessings increase. It will bring up the spiritual standard overall and will not only be successful in making disciples out of your teens, but it will bring to life your commitment to discipleship as well.

56. In the end, you will have gained disciples. Not just Home members, or young people, but genuine disciples—those who are here for Me and who know how to witness, who know how to feed the sheep, and who aren't happy doing anything else. I have ordained for your junior teens to become disciples, but they won't grow into that by themselves. If things continue as they are, you will lose the majority of them, including some of those who are most potential and could go the farthest for Me.

57. I will help you, My loves. I will give you the strength, the anointing, the vision, the inspiration‚ the ideas, the winsomeness, all that you need. It is at your disposal through calling on the keys and availing yourself of My helpers of the spirit. All you must do is ask‚ and I will begin to work through you. I love you! (End of message from Jesus.)

58. (Mama:) By publishing all these things that the Lord is asking you to do with your junior teens, you might wonder if Peter and I are really out of touch with how very busy each of you are and how strapped your Homes are—for finances, personnel, barely keeping up with the essentials‚ etc. But the point is, the Lord considers this one of the essentials. If we're out trying to make disciples of those in the world but we're neglecting the potential disciples the Lord has already given us, then we're failing.

59. But you can do both. The more you place your priorities on living the Word and making disciples of the country you're in, the better environment your Home will be for your teens, and vice versa—the more you invest in your teens and help them to become disciples‚ the better equipped you will be to win the disciples the Lord wants to bring to your door. And with a little bit of training for our junior teens, and showing them where to find the answers, investing in them personally to find their key and making the necessary sacrifices to help their needs be met, you'll not only win them as disciples, but you'll have expanded your workforce and effectiveness. It's a win-win situation!

Should You Be in the Cockpit?

60. (Jesus speaking:) My heart breaks as I see the state of many of My junior teens. So many of them are enclosed in a bubble, a bubble of protection, and they look out the windows of their confines and see the pleasures of this world, the excitement of the outside world, the lights and siren songs that call to them. They long for something more, they feel bored, but they see no freedom, no excitement where they are. They feel cooped up, confined, and restricted.

61. The reality of this picture, and the way I see it, is that they are living in a type of UFO or spaceship, a heavenly bubble of protection and love and peace, yet they don't know it. This UFO can fly to so many places and your junior teens could be doing so much that would thrill them and excite them, but they're not. The UFO is grounded, and most of the junior teens don't even know how high their UFO can fly. It's not the fault of the junior teens, but it's the fault of the shepherds, the parents, the older brothers and sisters, those who I have put in positions of responsibility, the drivers of these great UFOs—My Family Homes.

62. I look into the cockpit of the UFO, and there are folks milling around. There is a computerized flight book that details every destination imaginable, all of the locations this vehicle can travel to that the worldlings can never even experience or reach from their worldly plane, but no one is punching in the codes and making it happen. Nobody seems to notice the junior teens' discouragement, boredom‚ and dissatisfaction. Slowly they are walking out the door‚ one by one, to try to find some excitement and fun elsewhere. It seems to them that the world is the only place they see anything happening, so it hardly leaves them a choice.

63. This UFO vehicle—your Home—is made to go places and do things. It's a training facility for My disciples. Those in the cockpit are My parents and shepherds and bellwethers who I have instructed to fly this machine. But who is flying? Who is taking the junior teens where they want to go? Who is showing them the fun and enjoyment they can have serving Me? There are so many destinations—spirit trips, communication with spirit beings, cool witnessing adventures, inspiring and uplifting get-togethers and times of relaxation for them, fun sports events and games, ministry training possibilities, responsibilities that could make them feel needed, and so much more. But instead, so many of our Homes, just like this UFO I'm describing‚ are sitting still, not providing their youth with the excitement they desire and need.

64. The junior teens of yesterday are not the junior teens of today. My people—My junior teens—seek a new thing. They need more to keep them challenged, more to keep them busy, and I'm not just talking about jobs and chores. These are needed to keep your Homes running and operational, but junior teens need so much more. They need avenues to express themselves, avenues to let off steam, avenues to physically exert themselves and work up a sweat, avenues where they can have fun and enjoy themselves with others, avenues where they can experience the spirit world and the things of the spirit‚ avenues where they can really reach out to others and help change lives.

65. Someone in your Home needs to take the junior teens places. Someone in your Home—and it could very well be you—needs to get in the driver's seat and show the teens what living for the Lord is really all about. You need to start mapping out those cool destinations of excitement that will add fire and fervor to your Home, to your teens, to your young people! If you don't start doing something today, more will walk out the door, more will leave their calling and election, all because they were bored and dissatisfied, and because no one cared enough to show them the joy that can be found in serving Me.

66. I see many of our UFO Homes around the globe, filled with junior teens, your future. Some are flying high and hardly ever land, 'cause they have so many places to go and things to see. Others take off on adventures every so often, but spend most of their time grounded. Others, sadly, rarely make it into the air. What is your Home? What are your teens doing? Are they bored and twiddling their thumbs?—Living in an awesome flying machine, yet never getting to experience the thrills‚ because no one is taking them places?

67. If you think your Home even slightly resembles what I'm talking about, then seek Me today about a flight plan, and get behind the wheel and really take your young people places. Show them Me! Show them the life of a missionary! Show them the joy and fun and excitement and thrills found in serving Me! Who knows? You might even get thrilled yourself. Maybe it's the key to your heart too, and you'll be refreshed and envisioned. It's amazing what reaching out to someone else can do for your own spirit; it can do you a world of good! (End of message from Jesus)

Practical Ideas to Get You Started

68. (Mama: ) Here is a message from a spirit helper with some ideas to get you thinking and praying about what things your junior teens might enjoy and benefit from. This is a spirit helper that many of you will probably appreciate being able to call on for help from time to time. Please also ask the Lord to give you other spirit helpers with the attributes and anointing that your teens specifically need. Ask the Lord to show you who they are and what they do, and then you can call for their help specifically when you need it. Learn to work more with our heavenly helpers, and they will make the battle lighter, and will engineer things to fall in place better.

69. (Spirit helper speaking: ) Hi! My name is Free, and Jesus has assigned me to come and talk with you about junior teens. Well, mainly He wanted me to pass on some ideas and tips of things that you can do in your Home for your junior teens.

70. I have been helping junior teens for a long time now from Here; they've been my assignment from Jesus and have brought me so much joy. But I've also seen very often the need for more fun, excitement, and challenge in their lives, and that's what I want to talk about here.

71. I'm going to list a number of ideas that may or may not work for you. I'm going to suggest a variety of things, but that's so that you can pick and choose and pray about which ones will work for you in your situation—and, of course, you can always adapt or modify the ideas to fit your circumstances. Maybe some of these ideas will spark another fresh inspiration the Lord will give you that's completely different.

72. I know that you're all very busy serving the Lord and doing so much for Him that it can sometimes be hard to think of things on the spot that will challenge your teens, so this is just a little list to get you started:

73. * Instead of having Word time or devotions in your usual setting all the time, why not occasionally go somewhere different? Have devotions outside in the beautiful creation or at a nearby park, if the climate permits. Or drive somewhere in your van or car to a nice, secluded, safe spot and read. Have your Word class with the junior teens in the dining room, over a cup of hot chocolate or an icy chocolate milkshake (depending on the weather). Junior teens love variety and being able to do things differently.

74. * Instead of each person doing the same jobs every day (whether it's JJT or whatever), why don't you draw jobs out of a hat every so often for variety so no one gets stuck in a rut?

75. * Take your junior teens out on a special surprise excursion to a previewed movie in the theatre, an ice-skating rink, a roller-skating rink, a provisioned meal out, a wildlife park, mini golf, a water park, or something else special or fun that you think your particular teens would enjoy. If you only have one or two junior teens in your Home, try to team up with other Homes in the area for extra fellowship.

76. * Have a stargazing night, either in your back yard or a nearby park. Put down blankets to lie on‚ and have a fun praise time together while looking at the stars. Bring along a guitar for extra fun and inspiration. Sing some songs of love and praise to Jesus‚ or some songs that made the Revolution. Bring along a special drink or homemade or provisioned snack to make it even more special.

77. * Give your junior teens the responsibility of praying about and planning an upcoming Bible class or get-together with your sheep. Give them the full responsibility of praying about the theme, making the outline, and doing all the footwork. Of course, if they've never done anything like this before, they'll need your help and guidance; but don't squelch them.

78. * Ask them if they'd be willing to take the responsibility of planning an activity for your Home—a party, dance, fellowship, special dinner, or activity of some sort. Help guide them in the right direction as they pray and discuss it‚ and support them all you can in their efforts. Let them provision something special for it, or help them raise the funds for it, to make it special. Let them do it how they like it, and you'll be amazed at the good ideas and initiative they have.

79. * Have a unique night dedicated to praise and loving the Lord with the teens in your Home or area. Ask each person to bring a picture of Jesus that they especially love (can be from a GN, an older painting, or picture of Jesus‚ something from one of the posters, or a download from the MO site). Along with their picture, ask each teen to bring with them a song, a verse, a new prophecy they received, or an excerpt of a published prophecy in a GN to go along with the picture. Or else they can explain what they like about the picture in their own words, and how it makes them think about Jesus. Intersperse a few songs to the Lord during this time as well.

80. * Organize some sports or enjoyable form of exercise for the junior teens to participate in. Most junior teens need some sort of vigorous physical exercise on a regular basis. If you have enough junior teens in your Home or area, organize some united sports get–outs at the local park or in the back yard of one of the Homes. If you don't have enough people in the area for something like this‚ look into what other forms of exercise your junior teens would enjoy. Maybe bike riding? Maybe there are sports classes in the area that you could provision for your young people, or pray in the funds for.

81. * Go on a long hike or a bush walk, if there's anything like this available in your area. Have everyone bring along a packed lunch in their backpack, and enjoy a picnic lunch at your destination.

82. * Climb a local hill or height, and when you get to the top, read "Mountain Men" or some other applicable Letter. It's amazing how reading an old Letter in a new and relatable situation can make it all seem fresh and new.

83. * Have a barbeque dinner or lunch some weekend. Invite the other junior teens in the area. Combine it with an inspiring Word class, a united get-out, or both.

84. * Make a campfire in your back yard, on the beach, or in a park (in accordance with local laws), and roast marshmallows. Have an inspiration, tell testimonies‚ or go around the circle and ask each other questions; get to know each other better. The person planning the activity could come prepared with specific "talk time" type questions, such as, "Have you ever seen an angel?" or "What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?"

85. * Make big signs that say radical things about the Endtime or the meaty message you are getting out, and go out witnessing to an area of town where a lot of youth hang out. If you wear clothes that stand out along with the signs‚ you will attract even more attention. You could even paint your faces. The Lord can help you figure out the specifics that will be both attention-getting as well as effective and acceptable in your particular field. Spend a few hours personal witnessing. Lots of sheep will be drawn to you and the radical message.

86. * Go out and do a Holy Ghost sample in a park, a walking street, or anywhere there are lots of people sure to see you. Practice witnessing skits beforehand and sing radical, revolutionary songs. Dance around and be wild and free. Hand out posters or tracts with our radical message, not just the milky ones. A lot of people might think you're crazy, but others who are searching will be drawn to the Lord's free Spirit.

87. * The junior teens could work on compiling a Word-based quiz for the Home. As they are reading through different Letters, they can mark points of interest and turn them into questions. Once they've gathered a good number, they could host a Quizorama for the Home or area.

88. * Get together one evening and pull out the Daily Dex with the list of Letters and play charades.

89. * Have a board game night. Play games like Scrabble, Pictionary, Bible Pictionary, or other games you have available.

90. * Every so often get together with the junior teens and read (either for devotions or as an evening activity) some of the accounts of Heaven in the GNs or the older Letters. There are spirit trips and cool accounts galore. Close your eyes and try to imagine you're there; ask the Lord to help you to see things in the spirit.

91. * Ask your junior teens if they'd like to plan the next monthly prayer day. You'll be surprised by the fresh ideas they'll have and the new ways to pray they'll use to spice things up.

92. * Have a media question and answer session. Be prepared ahead of time with questions about our doctrines and beliefs, and see how well the junior teens are able to answer. This could be a good springboard for studying the Word on any of the particular areas they are weak in.

93. * Have a question and answer night, where the junior teens bring questions they would like to ask the FGAs or SGAs about things that they're interested in, and the FGAs and SGAs could ask the junior teens questions.

94. Naturally, not all of these will apply to every situation. In some countries you'll have to be more careful about any open witnessing, and it would be wiser not to try the Holy Ghost sample ideas. In other places the weather will compel you to find more inside activities. But if you don't find enough here to get you started, please just ask me for more, because I love to impart ideas that will make our junior teens happy, get them more turned on to the Word, and help them be more fulfilled. So don't hesitate to ask! (End of message from Free)

Putting Skin on It!

95. (Jesus speaking: ) I'm declaring a call to arms to win disciples—not just disciples from the clutches of the worldly System, but I'm calling you to make disciples of your brothers and sisters, your children, the teens in your Home. The junior teens are a great harvest of potential labor leaders, on-fire witnessers, prophets and prophetesses. They have it in them. They have a lot of truth deep down in their hearts‚ and this harvest just needs to be tapped into and channeled in the right direction.

96. The junior teens are one of your greatest mission fields. Each one has the potential to be a powerhouse for Me! But somebody's got to win them, someone's got to train them, someone's got to invest time in them, someone's got to take them under their wings and show them the life I want them to live—not just a life of rules and regulations, but the life of a real disciple, the ever-changing‚ ever-flowing, radical life of a disciple and missionary.

97. I want each person in every Home around the world to take the time to ask Me what they can do, the part they can play in this call to arms. I want each person to bring before Me these specific questions to receive My specific and personalized answers:

  1. How can I help the junior teens in my Home or area? What are You expecting me to do, practically speaking, to help win them for You, to help challenge them?
  2. What things do I need to improve in my personal life in order to be a better sample of a disciple to the junior teens? I'm sure there are some things in my life that aren't a good reflection of You and aren't a part of the disciple life that You would want the junior teens to follow, so please speak to me about these areas.
  3. What is different about the junior teens of today and the junior teens of a few years back, or even many years back? What old mindsets or habits or ways of looking at the junior teens do I need to change? What are the areas of my life that keep me from relating to them and them from relating to me, and how can I change?
  4. Jesus, I know that You have given each one of us unique gifts and talents, which we can then use to help others. What are the gifts and talents You've given me that I can impart to the junior teens, or use in some way toward their growth and happiness?

98. Please take the time to ask Me these questions, and then follow through with what I show you to do. I tell you that there will be something for everyone, something I will need each one to do, so please don't feel that you're not cut out for this or that you're "not good with young people," so why even ask Me. Each person has something to offer to the youth of today, and each person has something they can do to help motivate and train them to be the disciples I need them to be.

99. The decisions the junior teens make today are what mold their lives for the future. The decisions you make today to help them, to challenge them, to pour into them‚ to be Me to them, will play a big part in helping them to make the right decisions and continue walking the road of My will for their lives.

100. You want disciples? Well, make disciples out of this wonderful mission field of our junior teens! (End of message from Jesus)

101. (Mama: ) Peter and I are praying for each of you as you take up this challenge from our Husband! We know it won't be without a fight—the Enemy will try to keep you from it; he'll try to deluge you with other problems and urgent needs to keep you from focusing on this very important mission field that's right within your Home. But please don't let him distract you! Begin immediately, today, to spend focused intercessory prayer time for your teens‚ and seek the Lord about what practical things you can do to help them, and the Lord won't fail!

With much love in our God of miracles,


End of File