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Lord's Calling You to Write Songs!, The

Karen Zerby

By MariaMaria #622 CM/FM 3415 5/02

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Call on My helpers as you devote your time to writing that song. When you're focused and in tune with My Spirit, when your mind is My mind, and you have called upon the keys, I can do anything through you!

Dearest Family,

1. Our wonderful Lover always has something new for us—some new challenge or project! Besides the fact that the harvest is plenteous and the laborers are few, and there's always much more to do than we could ever accomplish in the natural, He knows that new challenges are so good for our spirit. They keep us stirred up and desperate with Him, and thus much more fruitful and much happier too.

2. Recently the Lord has been speaking to us about the need to receive more songs from Heaven, and about the content of the songs He wants to give. Before you write this GN off as not for you because you're not a musician or a songwriter, let me clarify that this is a message for each of you! The Lord isn't just talking to the musicians here!

3. Remember when the first loving Jesus tape, "Open for Love," came out, and the testimonies we published about that tape? (See FSM 298, 8/96.) Well, let me remind you that many of the songs on that tape were written by non-musicians. They were written mainly by our young people who attended Summit '96—some of whom are musically inclined, others aren't. While that summit was going on, the Lord put it on my heart to write Peter and ask him to challenge the young people attending to write our own loving Jesus songs. It was a real challenge for them! But they stepped out on the Lord's promises, and we have that beautiful tape as proof of what the Lord can do through yielded—albeit not necessarily "naturally qualified"—willing vessels.

4. That's not to say that those have been the only beautiful songs written in recent years by any means, but I'm bringing up that situation as an example because many of those songs were written by people who wouldn't consider themselves musicians, yet they received tremendous songs from Heaven when they asked for them and had faith to work on them, in teamwork with others, in many cases!

5. The Lord can do it again. And in fact‚ it's more than just something He "can" do at some point off in the distant future. It's something He wants to do now. He's putting forth the call. Just like any other of the new moves of the Spirit or things the Lord asks of us, not only does He fulfill His Word and do the miracles, grant the blessings and fulfill His promises, but He uses those steps of obedience to really strengthen those who take them. He loves it when we step out to follow Him immediately!

6. Following are the messages the Lord gave about His desire to give more songs of the spirit, and some specific tips and how-tos on how to go about receiving them. On top of this, if you'll ask Him, He has more personalized counsel for you. I'm really looking forward to hearing the beautiful melodies and lyrics He's going to pour out to those of you who claim His promises and follow His instructions and invest the time and effort to receive these songs. I'm proud of you!

Open the Floodgates!

7. (Jesus speaking:) I wish to pour out My Spirit and My fresh songs of the Spirit anew! I wish for there to be a whole new crop of songs of My Spirit, songs of discipleship for this new day!—Songs that are ballads; songs that can be sung by anyone; songs that reflect the true spirit of Revolution; songs that reflect the dedication of spirit that I'm asking of My children.

8. In the beginning of the Family I poured forth My Spirit in great measure and with songs that captured the hearts of the youth and that remained as stones in your Family's foundation, and I wish to do something similar now. I wish to pour out new songs! I wish to flood My Family with My new Words in song—Words of dedication, devotion, and commitment; ballads to touch their hearts and captivate their minds; songs of discipleship; songs of My power being manifested through the new weapons; songs of My Spirit possessing you fully; songs that bring out My new Words for these new days; songs that can be your rallying cry to gather the troops around the banner of My Word!

9. As I have poured out many songs on our intimate relationship‚ I now wish to pour forth new, clear tunes from Heaven that solidify your commitment to Me, your commitment to discipleship.

10. There are many here that long to give you their music. There are many that wait. They wait to be asked. They wait for vacuums. They wait for those who will put forth the effort, who will open themselves up to Me and ask Me for My music, for My songs of fire, dedication, and revolution; songs of holding up My Word to the nations; songs of being sold out to Me and to My will.

11. This is the music that will captivate My young ones! These are the songs that, when sung, will knit your hearts together. This is the music that will give your youth the vision to do greater things for Me. This is the music that will live and burn in your hearts!

12. I wish to give you new music for this new revolution in the spirit! The type of music I wish to pour down is not only music that is suitable for listening to, but songs that can be sung and words that can be offered in praise to Me; songs that can be sung and played by anyone—ballads, hymns of praise, fighting songs, songs of revolution!

13. So open the floodgates! Let My music and My Words and the music of Heaven pour forth unto you! Let it fill you!

14. Let Me move you! Be moved in the spirit to obey, to call upon those here who want to give you these new songs, and to listen and work together in teamwork with them to pull down My new songs for this new day! (End of message from Jesus.)

Text box:

15. (Dad speaking: ) What do the young people in the world need? They need radical songs that talk about the freedom of the spirit, breaking away from the world. They need songs that are up-to-date with the times, deep songs that make them think and evaluate their life and where they're headed.

16. In the beginning of the Family, music was one of our main forms of winning the sheep. The songs were heavy and inspired‚ and our young people would sing them to those they were witnessing to. Those songs would touch lives, change hearts, and have a big impact. We need more songs like that today. We need young people who are willing to forsake their pride and get out and witness one-on-one, sing to the lost one-on-one. We need young people who are willing to receive these radical songs. We need songs that are simple with a powerful message, songs that you can just pick up the guitar and sing—not just complicated studio mixes or musical productions.

17. For too long now, we've been using our songs mainly as a form of support. We sing sweet songs at shows and institutions and CTPs in order to cheer people up and make them happy and raise some support. This is good and has its place, but what happened to the radical songs, the songs that really reach deep into a person's heart and change it for the better, the songs that speak out against the System‚ the songs that win souls, the songs that talk about the hot truth of the Revolution? We need more songs like this for today, and we need those who are willing to become of no reputation in order to sing these songs to the world. (End of message from Dad.)

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New Songs for a New Revolution

18. (Jesus speaking:) I love it when you love Me through your music! I love it when you praise Me, when you make love to Me with your words put to music. Songs with even the simplest words of love to Me are beautiful.

19. Music is something that touches your heart. It puts you in the mood to love Me. It opens a special channel to Me. When you sing your words of love to Me, it melts My heart and at the same time moves you, which creates a special link and bond between us.

20. You need more songs of love to Me, and I wish to pour forth many‚ many more songs. All you need to do is be open and receptive channels. They're all here for the asking!

21. I have so many different styles I want to give you. There are songs that you can write to love Me more intimately; songs of praise to Me; songs that will open your heart to Me‚ that will make you feel My love; songs that will change people's lives. There is so much that I wish to give you; all you have to do is ask and you will receive.

22. In this new day, this new era‚ where I am causing revolutions and change and asking more from people—more dedication and devotion—I also want more of that spirit expressed in your music. I want something that will stir people to action! I want music that will stir people's hearts and bring them closer to Me, that will make them love Me, or love Me more if they already know Me. Through the power of the keys I can give you the most powerful songs ever written. All you need to be is a yielded and receptive vessel and I will pour forth. There is so much to pour forth, My loves!

23. You need songs of dedication and commitment. You need songs that convey My love to you. You need songs that will help others convey their love to Me. Music has such power; it can control minds and hearts. So in this new era I wish to give you new songs, new lyrics, new ways of putting your love words to Me into music.

24. You need new songs for this new revolution! It's like starting afresh. I'm opening up a new reservoir to you, and once you're open I will pour forth in such abundance that your music will overflow everywhere and be heard throughout the world!

25. Just as you claim the keys when you're praying for situations‚ when you're praying for power, when you're praying for different needs, call on the keys when you're writing new songs and I will give you songs with power and emotion and with the exact force and message that I wish to convey to the Family. All you have to do is call on the power, listen‚ tune in, and the songs will come.

26. Ask for spirit helpers! Ask for help! There are so many up here who can help you—so many musicians who have passed on and are just waiting to assist you. These are My promises to you, My loves. Be open and receive and I will pour forth. (End of message from Jesus.)

The Kind of Songs I'm Looking For!

27. (Jesus speaking:) I long to pour out a flood of songs straight from Heaven, songs the likes of which have never been sung or heard before—songs that are glimpses into the intricacies of the spirit, songs that will tell you of My love for you, songs of expressions of your love for Me too.

28. I want to give you songs which speak of My heart that is broken for the lost; songs on which you can reflect; songs of prayer, of joyful exuberance‚ of your faith in Me, of your devotion to Me and to each other; songs that will tell of your loyalty‚ of our love affair and trysts; songs of conviction, of passion, of worship, of intercession for those in need; songs of the new moves of My Spirit, of the power of the keys, of the fruits of letting Me possess you; songs that will ring out forever in praise to Me!

You Can Receive Them!

Are You Willing?

29. You can do it! I need you! Yes, that's right. I need you! Open your mind and heart. Listen to the whispers and you will hear these songs.

30. Do you want to receive one or two or three or even more of these songs? You can! It doesn't matter who you are or what you think you can or can't do, because I want you to receive these. All you have to do to choose to receive them is to put on My mind, create the vacuum, and voilà! I will amaze you with what I will pour through you. I promise to pour through any vessel that is empty of itself and longing to be filled.

31. Have you ever held a large seashell to your ear? What did you hear?—A sound like the ocean, no doubt! Even so, you don't have to be a musician or even the artist type to receive and pass on My music when that is what I say you can do—just as the seashell doesn't have to be a wave to sound like one, because that is the music I ordained to ring forth. In being empty itself, the seashell can be filled with My melodies, as can you when you're empty.

32. When you hear a moving or motivating song‚ one that is obviously divine and clever and outstanding, and you think‚ "Boy‚ I'd like to write something like that!"—Know that you can! I don't want you to compare negatively. Compare positively. Think, "If the Lord could pour out a song like that before, think of what He wants to give now!" It's all too easy to feel and think that you don't have it in you to contribute anything worthwhile, anything so breathtaking and outstanding. But remember, I can use anyone and I want to use you—yes, you!

33. I'm looking for those who are willing to pull down songs from the spirit. You don't need any formal musical training to receive these songs. All you need is faith‚ the willingness to receive, a vacuum, and an investment of some of your time, which will be worth your while.

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34. (Question:) Although songs can be written by someone with little or no knowledge of music, wouldn't it be better to encourage people to work with a musician, or team up with a local inspirationalist, or simply put the lyrics on paper and submit those lyrics to a musician, instead of expecting a non-musician to compose a number-one hit masterpiece and arrangement? The "Open for Love" songs were inspired, but it seems that only a few of those songs have stuck and have actually become mainstay Family inspirational songs.

35. (Jesus speaking:) This is a true revelation, and a true gift that I am giving My children. It is a portion of heavenly thought power. Did I not say that you would be given knowledge and abilities beyond your natural capabilities? This is one of the manifestations of that gift. If someone wants to receive heavenly music‚ they don't even have to know how to play an instrument. It's not necessary for them to receive the chords in order to receive the melody.

36. Most people will seek out the help of musicians to help them fine-tune their inspirations, but the receiving is available to all who ask and are willing to take the time to suck and pull it down and receive.

37. The "Open for Love" tape is a good example of the songs I want to give. They are not necessarily hits in the natural, but when My children play and sing them‚ it propels them into the spirit! Those of My children who are seeking to get in the spirit know that those songs carry a heavy portion of My Spirit, and they seek them out and listen to them. Those are the kinds of songs I want to give. As you get closer and closer to the End and there is a greater vacuum for the things of My Spirit, for links to the heavenly realm, those songs will become more popular and more sought after. (End of message from Jesus.)

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38. Music is magical, and in some ways, making music is like creating magic. When you're the audience of a skilled magician, you don't see all that went into "that banana there," because he's done his homework. But sometimes it takes a magician a long time to learn a good trick.

39. Being a good magician comes easier to some than to others, but that doesn't mean that one without the knack cannot perform tricks as well. Anyone can, if only they first have the desire to, and they apply themselves to the techniques. Even the greatest magicians had to start at the beginning‚ learning one trick at a time.

40. It's the same with songwriting. Even if some of you may have more natural ability than others, I can use anyone to write a song. For the best of the songs to be received are those to be received in prophecy‚ directly from Me and the realm of the spirit.

41. In the flesh it seems that if you're not musically inclined, you cannot receive, but this is not a law of the spirit, only of the flesh. You can do all things when I strengthen you to do it. With persistence and with the determination to not give up, you'll receive not only good, but amazing, wonder–working songs. Put Me to the test! Fear of failure will hold you back from receiving‚ so don't fear, but look into My face and receive.

42. All music is spiritual to some degree‚ and each piece of music carries a spirit. All music is first designed and created in the realm of the spirit, and then delivered to you through receptive channels.

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43. (Question: ) With some musicians, the songs just come in a stream of inspiration when they sit down with their guitar. Is that synonymous with prophecy? Also, in saying that "the best of the songs to be received are those to be received in prophecy," when a song comes in a halting manner—it doesn't flow, and maybe different parts come at different times—does this mean it's not what we would call the "best" of songs?

44. (Jesus speaking:) I work with you, and that doesn't make it any less prophecy. I allow and even require you to put some effort and work into the songs I give you, because that is all part of the process.

45. But I would that My children start out as they do when they are going to receive prophecy from Me—loving Me, praising Me, and emptying themselves of their own thoughts. For it is then that they will become the channels that they need to be.

46. Some people have a natural gift for receiving music, but not all of it is directly from the heavenly realm. There is much that can be received without much trying, for those who have the gift for it.

47. The kind of music I want to give to My children requires that they become channels finely tuned to Me—shutting out all other thoughts and avenues through which they might even receive music more easily, but which would not be the best. I want to give pure music; that is why I make it clear that I want to give it in prophecy—after My channels have fulfilled the requirements for being clear and clean and open to Me alone. (End of message from Jesus.)

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Take Advantage of

The Professionals!

48. There are multitudes of great musicians and songwriters that lived upon the Earth--from the early days of My creation, long before the Flood, to modern musicians who've recently come here—who are just yearning for a chance to write through you, to channel their experiences and talents through you.

49. Call on My helpers by name if you have a favorite, and that helper will be yours as you devote time to writing that song. Call upon the angels of the choirs of Heaven to pour out to you, and they will. When you're focused and in tune with My Spirit, when your mind is My mind and you have called upon the keys of the Kingdom, I can do anything through you.

50. For some of you these songs will just punch through in a few minutes—BOOM! But for others of you, especially some of you who are not musically inclined, you may have to have the faith to begin with baby steps‚ such as practice writing, and a little more focus, diligence, and commitment than some others. But this is nothing new. These are some of the "tricks of the trade" that even the master songwriters use. Even for them it takes sucking to receive.

The Purpose for

This New Music

51. You may be asking, "Why is receiving new music important? We have a lot of original music already." A song is an instrument that leads people to the places the songwriter wants to take them. I am the Master Songwriter, and I want to take you places and to seal My Word in your heart—especially the New Wine and the new revelations I've been pouring out.

52. I want to give you songs to propel you into the spirit, to give comfort, to heal, to envision‚ to cleanse, to love you, to soothe, to move you, to spur you to action, to be a vehicle for you to enter into My gates with thanksgiving, to put on My mind, to open your eyes to wonders, to fill you with love and appreciation for your brothers and sisters, for the lost, for the job at hand, to activate you, and to inspire you to use the gifts within you.

53. Music is a very powerful medium. Since ancient times, music's power has been recognized by many societies and cultures. It's been used in ceremonies, to entertain, to lead soldiers into battle‚ and for so many other purposes. Music can facilitate communication that goes beyond words. Music can induce emotional reactions‚ and it can even enhance your spiritual and intellectual development.

54. Music has the power to induce physiological and physical responses such as movement. It can influence moods and behavior. Music has the power to alleviate anxiety and pain. And My music can enhance the quality of your life.

55. There are so many benefits of music. It touches you spiritually, emotionally and physically in ways which science cannot explain. It is a mystery to science, but a reality in the spiritual realm. I will help you to capture sights and sounds from the realm of the spirit, to put them on paper so that they may be reproduced in your realm and reach the places they were ordained to.

What to Ask for in a Song

56. If you choose to receive these songs from Heaven, remember to be desperate with Me to capture My Spirit in the capsule of the song. The songs that capture this will be like medicine to many; these will be the songs that work wonders.

57. You can be a great songwriter. All the skill you need is Me working in you. It just takes Me in you. Don't think that I reserve the best of songs for the most experienced and talented writers.

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58. (Question:) Wouldn't someone need to at least know how to play an instrument to be a great songwriter? It seems as if you'd have to study and learn some basics to even get started, like learning a language.

59. (Jesus speaking:) You do not have to play an instrument to write a song. If you want to learn an instrument, you can ask Me to give you skill‚ and then work at it. But you don't have to play an instrument in order to receive words and melodies from Heaven. (End of message from Jesus.)

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60. Pray for boldness when you pull down these songs. Pray for originality. Pull down songs that speak of the way I'm moving today. Ask Me for unique and personal ways to express what I want you to‚ and then don't be afraid to write what comes. Step out! Cast your nets out into the deep, and I will fill them with new songs‚ new ideas‚ new inspirations, new and exciting melodies, deep thoughts and priceless treasures!

61. Don't worry about trying to come up with complex lyrics or melodies, just trust Me for what comes. Ask Me for songs that will touch hearts, that will cause movement, that will be understandable and relatable. Ask Me for simple, honest lyrics that will touch hearts and save lives, that will encourage, that will heal, that will bring joy or moments of deep meditation and recommitment.

Don't Give Up—Keep at It!

62. Be hungry to receive these songs from Heaven—the songs that will live on and ring out for years to come! Believe Me when I say that you can do it. If you've been feeling this calling, or you feel it now, even remotely, know that if you only have the faith of a grain of mustard seed and you use the oars of faith and works—the works being taking the time to pull down a song from Me—I will bless you with words and melodies of the spirit.

63. It's My will to give you songs with words and melodies that flow out as natural as conversation. Some of the songs that I will give you will arrive spontaneously in a matter of minutes and will require only a little refinement afterward; others will take longer in coming and will require more refinement. However, don't let this discourage you from working at songwriting. The more you work at it, the more you prepare fertile ground from which the good, spontaneous songs come. Typically, even the most seasoned songwriters have to put in time and effort—things that are indiscernible when you hear the flowing finished product. Your hard work pays off by conditioning your songwriting muscles.

64. And don't be afraid to ask veteran songwriters for feedback and suggestions that will help you go even further the next time around.

65. If you want to receive songs‚ then set goals‚ because it's easy to become sidetracked or discouraged if things aren't happening as quickly as you might have hoped. Organization and goal setting are key ingredients to persevering and moving forward. I can help you create a map that shows the route you need to follow, step by step in detail, to reach your ultimate songwriting goal. By reaching intermediate goals along the way, the payoff is constant and the journey is satisfying.

66. Stay focused and do take chances. It's better to take a risk and fail than fail to take a risk. Even the greats learn mainly by trial and error. You cannot afford to let fear of failure hold you back. There are so many songs waiting for you—yes, you—to grab hold of! Remember that you miss 100 percent of the shots you do not take.

67. Take the step. Allow yourself to hear from Me and receive that song waiting for you to pull it down. It's not always an easy thing to do, but don't let yourself give up too easily. It's there for you. You can do it!

68. As the boundaries of music expand and stretch every day in this fast-paced world, and many are caught up in syncopated rhythms and lyrical complexities, don't forget that some of the most powerful songs are strong because My Spirit is in them, and they're simple melodies. There is power in simplicity. (End of message from Jesus)

More How-Tos!

69. (Question: ) Sweet Love, You've told us of the heavenly music that waits to be pulled down—the songs, the melodies, and the lyrics—the treasures of Heaven's music waiting for us. But it seems so difficult to receive these songs completely, especially the melodies. The words generally tend to flow, but why are the melodies so much harder to receive?

70. Is there something that we must do in order to receive outstanding melodies? What are the components? What is the vision for receiving songs from Heaven, and who should they be aimed for? What's the message You want to promote through these songs? What type of melodies do You want? And what's the secret to receiving these melodies from Heaven?

71. How are we even going to be able to get these more outstanding melodies? Do You want to anoint specific ones to only get melodies, and others to get the lyrics? Or do You want to give us all the gift of the melody, and if so, how are we going to be able to do that?

72. Is there anything else You'd like to say to us and to the Family concerning songs and being able to get the whole song in prophecy—melody and lyrics—and really get them exactly right in the way You want to give them?

73. (Jesus speaking:) Songwriting is a gift that must be cultivated in order for the songs to flow forth smoothly. Many people think that songwriting is a gift only for those who are musically inclined or those who specifically are songwriters. But to Me this does not gauge who receives songs, or to whom I desire to give heavenly melodies and lyrics.

74. Prophecy fell under this false assumption to begin with, with people feeling that only those who had the "extra spiritual" gift would be able to receive My Words in prophecy. Yet My time came to make the gift of prophecy available to all, and if each individual would open themselves up to Me, then I would pour My Spirit, My Words, and My answers down on them. For most it was a step of faith, of venturing beyond their personal expectations, and believing Me when My Word says‚ "Open your mouth and I will fill it." As people have cultivated the habit of hearing from Me and getting My Words, it's become much easier for them to bring a question to Me and then get quiet and receive an answer.

75. Receiving songs follows a similar pattern. For many it's now second nature to be able to receive My Words, and this is why the lyrics for songs are often easier to get. They tend to have more power and capture the new moves of My Spirit easily, and overall they flow more readily and smoothly, and this is because it's so similar to receiving prophecy; in fact‚ it is prophecy.

76. The flow of the music seems much harder; the melodies are not as outstanding. And yet I have promised that there are millions of outstanding melodies up here that are just waiting to be pulled down.

77. How do you do it? First, acknowledge that this is a gift that I'm giving to you—not a gift reserved for those who have these talents in the natural, but a gift I'm giving to those who are less inclined that way, a gift that will be given to anyone who desires it and will open themselves up to receive it.

78. This is a gift that for many will need to be honed. It will take practice and bringing the song back to Me for refinements. There will be hits and misses, but as you keep bringing your questions to Me, as you continue to search out the wealth of music that fills the halls of Heaven‚ you will find the melodies filling your heart and mind as well. When you receive prophecy‚ sometimes questions arise that you must bring back to Me; sometimes you must ask again in order to get the full answer. It's the same with receiving heavenly music. You hone this skill in the same way.

79. Music opens the hearts of men; it's effective in ways that even words cannot be. Music moves not only the mind, it moves the heart and spirit, and that's why it's so much harder to receive—the Enemy will attempt to hinder the flow of it all the more because of its power to penetrate the innermost being of man.

80. So when it's a fight and a struggle to receive a song, know that it's worth fighting for! That song will be a unique and powerful weapon against the Enemy that will encourage and strengthen My children and bring many to Me. (End of message from Jesus.)

Text box:

81. (Jesus:) I do understand that it's sometimes harder to get the melodies than it is to get the lyrics. It's frustrating at times because you feel stuck in a rut, and even if you do want to get a new and different melody, you end up doing the same old routine. But if you will tune in to My Spirit and ask Me‚ claiming the power of the keys‚ I promise that you will get more than you ask for.

82. I have so many new melodies that I want to give you. There is so much up here that is practically unheard of on Earth, and which I wish to give you now. I can give you new tunes and sounds if you have the faith and if you ask Me for them. I will withhold nothing from you. I can give you so much more than you already have. It may be hard at first to tune in to something brand-new, something you've never heard before; but the more you do it, the more your faith grows, and before you know it you'll have some of the most beautiful and powerful melodies ever!

End of text box.

I Promise that I Will Pour Out

83. (Question:) Are there any prerequisites to being able to receive this music?

84. (Jesus:) It's a matter of opening your vessel and letting Me pour into you. It will be humbling, because you will have to be open to people critiquing and asking questions, and in some cases you'll have to bring the song back to Me and ask for the melody to be given again, or for parts to be rewritten. But those who receive these songs should not feel that they're an inadequate channel, and that because they don't hit it on the first time around they should give up‚ or figure that they don't have what it takes.

85. I promise that I will pour out this gift to those who are humble‚ those who desire to receive, and those who will willingly yield their spirit to the impulses and gentle guidance of My Spirit. I long to awaken the gift of heavenly music that lies dormant in many of you. Many of you who feel you don't have the musical instinct to receive this wealth and quality of song that I speak of must not be frightened or put off by what you consider your inability. I am more than able to compensate for your lacks.

86. Here in Heaven, all of My children have their personal song of praise and adoration to Me. These are personal songs written by each individual, telling of their love for Me. These songs are the most beautiful songs of all, and are not composed only by those who are "gifted" in music. A song has a way of reaching the innermost parts of one's being, of speaking directly to the heart, overwriting logic and removing you from the realm of the carnal, to lift you to new heights.

87. The gift of writing songs is one that can be received by any who will open themselves up to it. So open and receive the heavenly music that waits to be poured down. It is there; you must simply reach up and let the power of heavenly music lift you, and fill not only you, but spill out on others as well. (End of message from Jesus.)

More Practical Tips

88. (Jesus speaking:) There are so many songs that I want to give. That's the first tip:

 »Know that I want to pour out. I'm just waiting to give them through an open channel! Having that frame of mind will increase your faith and receptivity tremendously.

 »Have a dictaphone handy. If you're praying for songs, be prepared to receive them at unexpected times. "Take a basket to market‚" and have a way to receive the melody and record it so that you can remember it and work on it later.

 »If you're sitting down to receive something from Me, spend at least a few moments praising Me first. Praise opens the channel between us in the spirit and creates a vacuum that I cannot resist filling. Love Me with your words and lift your hands to praise Me. Tell Me that you want Me, that you want to put on My mind‚ that you want Me to activate heavenly thought power within you. Singing in tongues is often very helpful, for it sets you free in the spirit; it sets your mind free to receive new things, and it shows your desperation and humility before Me.

 »Be open to receiving the words and the melody in unconventional or unexpected ways. Sometimes I might start giving you lyrics as you're reading My Word, or a verse or a chorus or a song idea. Have a pen and notepad handy, and jot those ideas down! The more faithful you are with what I give you, the more I will want to give you‚ because I know you'll do something with it. It's the same with melodies. Sometimes I might give you the melody before you have any idea what the song is about. Be open and ready and expectant.

 »Don't be ashamed to ask for help, to sing your song for others and ask for their advice and input. Of course, before doing so, pray together that you will all be open channels to Me and that you will put on My mind. I don't want you to get distracted or discouraged with ideas that are not of Me, but at the same time I want to prepare your hearts that often I will choose to work through a teamwork of people‚ not only to add variety and flavor, but also to show that it's only of Me, it is a true song of Heaven.

 »Don't wait for a really "wow" idea or melody or words to a complete song to come to you before you start doing something with it! Just like with prophecy, often you only get a few words, and as you're faithful to give those, you receive more, so will I often give you just part of a song, and when you start to work with it and suck for more, more will come!

 »Claim the keys when you go into any time of receiving from Me. Claim the keys for receptivity, a good vacuum in the spirit, against distractions and your own thoughts, and that you will be ready to receive all that I want to pour out. (End of message from Jesus.)

Text box.

89. (Mama: ) As I explained in FSM 298, "Songs Cascading Down‚" which told the story behind receiving the songs from Heaven that are on the "Open for Love" tape, and as the Lord has also explained about the spirit stories we receive and publish, there is a difference between receiving prophecy which is direct counsel and instruction, and receiving songs or spirit stories in prophecy. In the latter case, the Lord often likes to work in teamwork with us, and is open to our coming back to Him and even working with others on fine-tuning the lyrics or story line, as the case may be. The Lord touched on this in the preceding prophecies in this GN, but here's a little added instruction from our Husband along these lines.

90. (Jesus speaking:) There will be times when the song will come perfectly all in one shot—it will flow and it will be exactly right. However, the majority of the times you'll have to work at it a little more. I allow that because I like to work with you on things; I like for you to leave behind your carnal mind and practice taking on My mind and receiving the things of the spirit. So don't be discouraged or think that you didn't get it right if your song needs a bit of work and teamworking help from Me and others. That's the way it will often be. I don't consider it disrespectful or unthankful if you come back to Me for fine-tuning or changes. Just be sure that you're open to Me, and that you're not trying to change it because your tastes or preferences are so narrow that they might limit what I want to give. It's going to be fun, working together on this project! (End of message from Jesus.)

End of text box.

91. (Mama:) What are you going to do about it‚ dear Family? Is the Lord calling you? Yes‚ He is! He's calling each one of you! This is an excellent opportunity to practice using the gift of heavenly thought power. Remember that one of the manifestations of it is gifts and abilities beyond those of your natural capabilities. It's an excellent opportunity to claim the power of the keys. It's wonderful practice for your channel in receiving new things from the Lord. It's a good opportunity to do the humble thing. There are so many outstanding benefits for your spirit!

92. And besides all that, receiving new songs is a real need. Our present musicians and studios are doing all they can. In fact, they're doing a wonderful job, God bless them. But we need your help too! We need songs that we can sing in the Family that take us in the direction of where the Lord is leading us, that reinforce the principles of the spirit He's teaching us, that remind us of what He's trying to do through us and with us. We need those songs! They will help to strengthen and unite us.

93. I know the Lord will pour out abundantly as you ask. Just as He promised spirit stories, and we received spirit stories; He challenged us to learn to ask Him everything, and many of you have made that a good solid habit in your lives; He has now promised us songs—both words and melodies—in prophecy, if we'll be willing to do the hard work of receiving them and going back to Him until they're just right.

94. If you want to take up this challenge personally, I suggest you ask the Lord for His personal instruction to you at the earliest possible opportunity. Don't wait for a more "ideal" time. In our busy lives, the Enemy can pretty much always convince us that we're too busy or that a better time is right around the corner. The Lord is usually trying to get us to take up the challenge immediately‚ knowing that as soon as we step out by faith, with nothing underneath us but His promises‚ He has a miracle waiting to catch us and carry us to where He wants us to be. I'm looking forward to hearing from many of you! Thanks for being such willing, empty vessels for our Husband. He sure has a lot to give!

Love and prayers for each of you, in our faithful Lover,


95. P.S. For your encouragement, here is something that one of our young people in WS received. She had always wanted to receive a song, and one day the Lord gave her one out of the blue. The words are beautiful, full of the New Wine, and the melody is very compelling and uplifting as well. The meter and rhyme may seem a little different than the songs you're used to, but it's often hard to appreciate a song when you're just reading it. It also goes to show that the Lord isn't limited to the way we've done things in the past. And even if a song isn't technically perfect‚ if it's full of the Spirit and moves people‚ that's what counts!

Here's what this young woman wrote me:

Dear Mama,

96. I love you. This morning as I was praying, I had a little feeling like there was someone who wanted to give me a song. I could almost feel the presence. It was very interesting. Then in my time of hearing from the Lord I asked Him about it, as it's not every day I get an inspiration to write a song, ha! He gave a beautiful message about how He wants to pour down more new and fresh songs that relate to what the Family is going through and what He's asking of us today.

97. At nap, I lay down and I saw this man, whose name was Renou. He was French, and he was sitting in a forest with his little hat on. He started singing and walking along, and bit by bit people started gathering and walking along singing with him, until there was quite a crowd. The song got faster as they kept walking along in a very encouraged manner, as if they were out to conquer something. It was inspiring.

98. I started getting this tune, and the Lord and Renou, I guess, gave me the rest of the song this afternoon. PTL! It's kind of an a cappella song, or could be sung a cappella, kind of a chant or marching tune. It's different. I love you.

We're nothing before You, we're weak and we're unworthy.

The mountains before us, we cannot scale alone.

The evil that fights us, we have no power to conquer. We're held up

By Your hand alone.

The future You've shown us is great and marvelous.

Your power within us no man will stand before.

The keys You have given, will lead us on to victory. We need You.

Oh Jesus, make us strong.

Giving up our own desires. Willing to keep living every day the Word You've given us.

Choosing to follow where You're leading. Believing in Your promise that through the keys we will see victory!

Believing Your Words, above that which surrounds us.

Committed to You in spirit, mind and soul.

Determined to be disciples in Your army. Without You

We'd never make it through.

We answer Your plea, to be called out and separate,

Rejecting the world, the carnal thoughts and ways.

Transformed in our minds. We focus on Your power to fulfill

Your will in these Last Days.

Leaning on Your Word. Forsaking all that binds us. Marching forward to the things You have in store.

United, one in heart and body. Claiming strength and power through the keys so we can rise above.

Giving up our own desires. Willing to keep living every day the Word You've given us.

Choosing to follow where You're leading. Believing in Your promise that through the keys we will see victory!

99. PPS from Mama: Dear loves, we are really looking forward to receiving the songs of Heaven that the Lord has promised to give! Thanks for taking the time to work on them and send them in. The Lord said He's going to send many different kinds—some which will be used for witnessing, some for our personal edification and encouragement, some maybe for a particular situation. We can't promise to publish every one for the whole Family, as we have limited musicians and studios and resources. But I can promise you that each one the Lord gives will have a specific purpose. So don't be discouraged, thinking that maybe yours won't be useful if it's not published. Please feel free to use any songs that you receive in your Homes and area and in your ministry to the lost, and if you do, no matter whether they're published for the whole Family or not, the Lord will be able to accomplish His purpose through them. But please don't hesitate to send them in! We're waiting to hear from you!

Love in our faithful Giver, Mama

How to send in your songs:

1. Before sending your song in, be sure the song has been played for others, and that it is generally liked. It would be good to have some sort of "thumbs up" by the local Family before submitting the song to WSA (the WS Audio department). Both lyrics and music should be auditioned by others, if at all possible.

2. If there is no music to your lyrics, please indicate this in your communications. Or, if you only have sections of music—i.e., an unfinished song—please also indicate this in your communications.

3. Music and lyrics can be sent to Barry and Windy at A simple Word file of the song lyrics and credits information is sufficient. Please note sections of the song; i.e., verses, choruses, bridges‚ etc.

4. Songs must be submitted in an .wma (Windows Media Audio) 56k (low sample rate) file in order to keep the file size small for e-mail. If you prefer to send us a CD of your songs, that's fine‚ as long as they are in a low sample rate .wma format, as described above. E-mail us and we will forward you the snail-mail details.

5. Your demo does not need to be anything more than you and your guitar or keyboard as you sing the song.

6. Please be sure to list the following at the top of your Word file:

  1. Name, age‚ and location.
  2. Full credits; i.e., composer of lyrics, and music (if different person).
  3. Intended audience for song; i.e., TCD, NF (New Feature), LJ (Loving Jesus)‚ or children's song.
  4. Style of song.

7. If you are new to songwriting, please experiment first amongst your friends and family rather than submitting everything you receive right off the bat. As mentioned in the preceding counsel from the Lord and Mama, once you and others feel that your song is ready for presentation, then please send it in.

(End of file.)