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Action Through Prayer!--Part 5

Karen Zerby

By MariaMaria #621 CM/FM 3414 9/00

Dear Family‚

1. Here's the closing issue of this series, with yet more wonderful insight into the realm of prayer. Find out what happens in the Prayer Tower in Heaven, how you can further develop your personal gift of prayer, and more!

2. There are some beautiful messages in the pages that follow, as well as some deep ones which the Lord even described as "heavy meat." In speaking of this material, He advised us: "It is important to reread the GNs and really study them and absorb the seeds. Each time you read one, things become clearer, and you always see something new that you didn't see the first time. Let the Family know that in reading this series they are probably not going to catch everything the first time around, so it is important to study all these Letters on prayer and to come to Me for further clarification on anything they are not clear on." (End of message from Jesus)

3. So we hope you can take the time to reread these Letters on prayer to get the full value from them, as well as ask the Lord about anything you might not understand. His Word is wonderful, and like the quote says: "The Word of God will stand a thousand readings, and he who has gone over it most frequently is the surest of finding new wonders there" (MOP 149:68).

Love, Mama

To the Prayer Tower

4. (Dad speaking:) Shall we step inside the Prayer Tower? Let me take you on a tour and explain more about the marvelous wonders of the power of prayer and all that it can do for you.

5. Here we are right outside the door. Above in pale pink, blue, and yellow neon lights are the words "Prayer Tower." Well, we don't exactly have "neon" lights here, but that's the best way to describe it for you.

6. As you notice, the doors of the entranceway are arch-shaped. Did you ever notice that praying hands are shaped kind of like a pyramid? The Heavenly City is pyramid-shaped, and hands folded in prayer are like a miniature pyramid. You're beaming your prayers toward God's great communication tower. The Prayer Tower is the center of God's communications system Here in the Heavenly City. You can imagine what a hub of activity it is.

7. Faith is a big factor here in the Prayer Tower, for without faith it is impossible to please the Lord. Shall we step up to the information desk? We can pick up a brochure that will guide us on our way. The first time I came here and took the tour, I was amazed at the wisdom of the Lord. He thinks of every single little detail. He covers every little point when it comes to prayer. It's truly quite amazing.

8. The building is circular, yet spacious. On the ground level near the door there's the information desk, and all along the walls are big posters much like those you see at movie theaters, showing the coming attractions. These posters display current and upcoming attractions of the Prayer Tower. There are many levels of the tower, and each level specializes in a different aspect of prayer.

9. Okay, up the stairs we go! Here we are on level two, where we have an introduction and insight to prayer and how it works. It's set up like a theater where you can simply walk in, sit down, and learn more about prayer. There are different "movies" explaining how prayer works. Did you know that some of my Letters on prayer were inspired from here? I was so surprised when I first sat down and saw the different illustrations about prayer power and how prayer works, and lo and behold‚ there was the billiard ball illustration! And then the illustration of our prayers beaming off the mirror, and so forth. This is where the foundation principles of prayer are illustrated and explained for those in Heaven, and sometimes those on Earth can get a glimpse, if they tune in.

10. You want to see a little clip? Shall we sit down and get a little something new? There's a quote on the screen titled "Faith and Prayer." It says:

11. "Prayer has a lot to do with your faith. The Lord in His Word has said that it is according to your faith that it will be done unto you. It's according to your faith‚ your belief in God's Word, that you will see the answers to your prayers come to pass. If you aren't seeing results, you know you simply have to go back to the Word and get the faith that you need. It's all built on the spiritual principle that 'faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.' Very basic, yet very important. Faith and the Word equal prayer power. You first get the Word in your heart, whereby you receive faith, then you claim the Word and take the stand and see the wonders of prayers that will be performed."

12. Isn't that something? Prayer is a spiritual force, and you can't let the things of the physical dimension sway your faith, but you must stand on the Word and know that God will answer your prayers. Shall we go on to the next level and see what's up there?

13. Remember when I shared about the prayer corner and how we can come and see the effects of different ones' prayers? Well, that's on this level. We're not only able to monitor and see the effects of our loved ones' prayers and other prayers that are being prayed, but this is where we get to put our own prayers into action.

14. The best way I could explain how this works is that it's a little like you would do a search when you go on the Internet. You enter the specifics of what you're interested in checking on, and then all the different "hits" come up and you can check the specific progress of how different prayer requests are doing. You can also enter your requests, claiming the Word and Heavenly spiritual forces that are needed, clearing it with those the Lord has put in charge, and send it straight to the ones who need it. That's why they call the Prayer Tower the center of God's communication system Here in the Heavenly City!

15. Another level in this tower is reserved for prayer meetings. We gather together and pray for specific requests. It's a little different than your earthly prayer meetings in that we have a lot of assignments and action is taken to actually help with the different prayer requests at our prayer meetings.

16. Let's step inside one of the halls here and see a sample. At this prayer meeting you will notice that there are various requests on the roster we have in our hand. Different ones volunteer to help to answer the prayers and are given assignments to carry out the Lord's answers to prayer requests.

17. Here we see a Family member on Earth in need of help. He's asking for prayer for deliverance from the spirit of pride. Notice that as soon as the request for special help is made known, hands are being raised to volunteer to go down to help him? Those are spirit helpers who will be assigned either temporarily or permanently to help that brother. Folks here just love to be able to help God's children on Earth. They're eager to help fulfill the desires of those who cry out to the Lord. It makes for a lot of positive spiritual activity. If folks thought that they would be coming to Heaven to play on harps and float on clouds, they sure are going to be surprised! There's a lot to be done and a lot going on. Our God is a God of action!

18. Let's go on up to the next level‚ which is where the urgent prayer requests are taken care of. This floor is devoted to the more serious prayer requests, matters of life and death, where people are in desperate situations due to persecution, disasters, or serious illness—crisis situations.

19. On this floor there are halls like on the floor below, and those attending these prayer meetings are those who have been chosen by the Lord specifically for this ministry of crisis management. They are briefed and shown the details about the different desperate prayer requests. Those who are in this ministry are special angelic forces, or handpicked spirit helpers who have been given special clearance from the Lord. It's a high-intensity job, and it takes a certain kind of person, even in Heaven, to be able to handle it.

20. The Lord is kept abreast of all the various activities and progress of the prayer requests from all the levels in the Prayer Tower. Not one prayer request escapes His notice.

21. There are different branches of the Prayer Tower throughout the Heavenly City. They could be described as "prayer bubbles," as they are buildings that look like bubbles in structure. Here anyone can check in with the Prayer Tower without entering it.

22. Prayer is a vital part of our life Here in Heaven. A lot of what we do and how the various spirit helpers and departed spirits help out is in direct relation to prayer. It's all quite intricate and detailed and wonderful—God's way of communicating and caring for each of your prayer requests.

23. That's a little preview, a little tour of some of the inner workings of God's Heavenly communication system in answering your prayers. There are other levels and functions going on in the Prayer Tower too‚ but I'm just giving you a little peek so you get the general idea. You can come on a visit some time in the spirit, if you like, and find out more. (End of message from Dad.)

Untangling the Muddle

24. (Jesus speaking:) Though the weights are heavy, though the burdens are cumbersome, though the problems are many, I wait to lift you up on the wings of My Spirit as you call out to Me for the help that you need.

25. When something seems so messed up and tangled, I am the One Who can help you untangle the muddle and set things right again. When things are confusing, I am the One Who will give you clarity of thought and peace of mind.

26. As you call unto Me for solutions to the problems at hand, I send forth spirit helpers in answer to your prayers, little messengers of light to make things right‚ no matter what the circumstances may be. Through your prayers for situations, I am able to send forth these spirit helpers and spirit messengers who work in the situations that concern you, to turn things around, to make the conditions right‚ and to sometimes even solve the problems before you have the chance to do anything personally.

27. There's so much to do, and you are only one. You do what you can—prayerfully and with My help and strength—and commit everything into My hands. Sin not in ceasing to pray for those who are afflicted‚ going through difficulties‚ or having problems. You can do so much through your prayers. It may seem like only a little, because you aren't doing anything in the physical to rectify the situations, but prayer is the most that you can do. I translate your prayers into action. I work in the hearts and lives of the ones that you pray for, and I help to move things along in the spirit in order to solve the problems that you bring before Me. (End of message from Jesus.)

The Golden Key Ring of Prayer

28. (Jesus speaking:) Time and time again I ask you to pray, My children. I ask you to pray upon waking‚ to pray at noontime, to pray in the evening, to pray before you rest your head upon the bed‚ and to pray at all times in-between.

29. I have placed in your hands the golden key ring of prayer. On the ring are many keys. There is a key for every problem, a key that will unlock for you every solution that you will ever need in life. These are the keys of power prayers. To be the keepers of these keys is not to be taken lightly. Truly it is a high honor‚ a priceless privilege, to be the holders of these prayer keys, great possessions of inestimable worth, which I put in your hands.

30. With these keys, I give you unlimited access to the world, as well as to the universe beyond. With these keys, you can go anywhere and do anything. There is no mountain you cannot climb, no river you cannot ford, no valley you cannot cross. As you use these prayer keys to unlock the doors that stand before you, there will be no difficulties you cannot surmount, no obstacles you cannot overcome, no hardships you cannot get around, no troubles you cannot rise above, no foe you cannot defeat.

31. As you put these keys to continual use in your life‚ you will never be in want; you will never be destitute; you will never be found lacking. With these keys, there are no boundaries for you. There are no restrictions, no controls as to what I am able to do for you. The sky is not the limit, for with these keys I give you access to realms beyond.

32. With these keys, I put immense power into your hands—power to mend and to heal, to change hearts‚ to fix bodies, to redeem souls and to influence minds. With these keys I give you My sovereign power. With these keys, I give you authority to alter any situation. If you will use them to open the doors in proper sequence and pray with intensity, all the forces of Heaven and Hell are at your command.

33. This is why, My beloved brides, I ask you to pray without ceasing in everything you do. For as you continually use these keys I have placed in your hands‚ power is given to your hands over all the world. (End of message from Jesus.)

34. (Question: ) Lord, those promises are rather mind-boggling! It's amazing that You'd give us such power now, even though You made similar promises in the Bible. But what happens when these promises don't seem to be fulfilled? We know You have various reasons why, and Dad has explained some in the past, but it just seems like there are times when we don't meet Your conditions or something. Can You please explain a little more?

35. (Jesus speaking: ) My children need continual reminders of the power that is there for them, at their fingertips, if they will but ask. Yes, if you look at it in the physical, it can be mind–boggling. That is why you need eyes of faith to see and understand these things. Yes‚ you can go anywhere and do anything, by faith! You have My power and promises to avail yourselves of. This message is meant to stir you up in the spirit to see that "all things are possible to them that believe." It is meant to demonstrate the power of prayer. It is meant to encourage those who are weary in well-doing, those who are discouraged, depressed or tired, that there is hope, that you can remove mountains if you avail yourselves of the keys I have placed in your hands.

36. You can go anywhere and do anything! Look at the testimonies that are printed in the Grapevine and other pubs! The Family is pioneering and getting results in countries where missionaries before you didn't accomplish an iota of what you are capable of! How do you think these things came about?—Through the power of prayer!

37. If it appears to you that I don't answer prayer because you don't get immediate healing or I don't appear to be answering your prayers right away, that doesn't mean that I never heal instantaneously or supply miraculously. Just read My Word in the Bible if you want proof! You can even find proof of this in secular writings—testimonies of miraculous healing and supply by Christians and even non–Christians! Just because it doesn't happen every time doesn't mean it never happens!

38. You wonder about rough field conditions when your brethren seem to be lacking and in want. Well, that depends on your perspective, My dear ones. Have I left My children on the street, destitute, begging, without food and clothing? Of course not! I always supply, when they seek Me with all their heart. Many of My children on the field in poverty–stricken places are not living in luxury, but they definitely are not destitute and in want! So what I have said here is correct, "As you put these keys to continual use in your life, you will never be in want; you will never be destitute; you will never be found lacking."

39. You do have the powers available to you that I have said. All power is given unto you‚ both in Heaven and in Earth. That power was given to Me, and now I have given it to you‚ through your prayers to Me. It is not for the future nor for the Millennium; it is for right now!

40. Read this with faith, receive it by faith, and believe it, and if you have any further questions, come to Me and ask Me. If you need help in interpreting this message or in knowing how to apply it to your own life and put it to use‚ I can show you if you will come to Me. (End of message from Jesus.)

Why Bad Things Don't Happen

41. (Dad speaking:) The Lord protects you from a lot, from so many bad things that you don't even know He's protecting you from, because you prayed. He overshadows you and shields you with His force field of protection, His angels and Heavenly helpers, because you faithfully prayed and asked for His help.

42. You can't possibly foresee everything that could happen. You have no idea of what's going on down the road, what all the other people around you are up to, what's happening in the area you're traveling through, or the building you're in. But because of your faithfulness to pray and acknowledge the Lord and seek His protection and blessings‚ He protects you from so many bad things that could befall you.

43. You always pray when you get behind the wheel—for safety, for your vehicle to work well, for His protection—and it's a good thing you do, because you have no idea how much the Lord protects you from as a result of your prayers. He keeps you from having a tire blow out, from unsafe drivers, from bad weather conditions, from bad roads, and on and on. He does a lot for you in answer to your prayers. Or if something does go wrong, He'll often still keep your vehicle going long enough till you can get it fixed, because you're calling on His help.

44. So many things could go wrong, even simple things that you take for granted, like carrying a hot pot across the kitchen floor. You might have done it a thousand times over the years while cooking dinner, but by asking the Lord to help you, you could be calling on His protection when you need it most—the day the handle breaks.

45. We tend to take daily living for granted and figure that nothing could possibly go wrong in this or that situation, but it's wise to pray and ask for the Lord's help. A lot of things can go wrong, but if you pray, things will go smoothly and you'll have the Lord's supernatural help and miracles to make things turn out right. (End of message from Dad.)

What Is a Prayer Warrior?

46. (Spirit helper speaking:) You on Earth are called prayer warriors when you wield the weapon of prayer. We in Heaven are called miracle warriors, miracle deliverers when we help answer your prayers. You pray the prayers, and thus you wield the weapon of prayer. We, the ones who help to bring your request to pass at the behest of our Lord and King, are your miracle workers. We work to bring to pass the will of God through your prayers, through your desperation, and through your importunity and faithfulness in prayer.

47. We fight the demons of Hell and wage powerful warfare in the spirit, in order to intercede on your behalf or on the behalf of those for whom you're praying. We transform impossible situations through the miracle–working power of the Lord's Spirit entrusted to us. We change circumstances and events. We move hearts, we change minds‚ we touch lives. We move the workings of the spirit world according to the power infused in us by Jesus.

48. We are your miracle workers, your prayer partners in the halls of Heaven. When you pray a prayer with real desperation, with power and with faith, we start to work in the spirit world right away. Not a second is lost, not a minute is wasted. As soon as you utter your prayer, we begin to work in earnest on your behalf—sometimes even before you've prayed your prayer. When we know you're going to pray, we begin to adjust things in the realm of the Spirit to prepare the way for the answer to your prayer.

49. There are also prayer warriors in Heaven whose sole job is to pray for you. Some prayer warriors pray as Jesus did, that your faith will not fail you—that you will hold on. Some pray for your health. Others pray for the many other aspects of your life. You can call on our wonderful Husband and Lover to ask that these prayer warriors in Heaven intercede on your behalf, and they will not cease to pray for you.

50. Even as Jesus prays for His children, so are there hosts in the Heavenly realm that also pray for you. But their ministry is different than ours, the miracle workers. These ones pray for you. They intercede on your behalf. They come before the throne of Heaven to be your advocates and to plead your cause. These are the prayer warriors in Heaven. But we are the miracle workers, the miracle warriors‚ those who fight the Enemy, those who work miracles through the power of the Lord's Spirit in us.

51. There are thousands upon thousands upon thousands of miracle warriors in Heaven. We are strong and well trained in the art of spiritual warfare, mind influence, changing physical circumstances‚ giving checks, encouraging, delivering healing, leading and guiding, and much more. So much goes into the answers to your prayers—so much work in the spirit world, so many details, so much thought and love and diligence.

52. We who work miracles in the Name of Jesus are at your beck and call through prayer. We cannot do the miracles or work the wonders or change the course of history without your cooperation through prayer. Without the power you give us through your prayers, we are helpless and cannot fight for you in the spirit, or change situations, or create the circumstances that you need for a miracle.

53. You must call on us through your prayers. When you do‚ we are abuzz with excitement! There's nothing that we love more than to help the children of David, to answer their prayers. You keep us busy‚ and we love to fight on your behalf, to wage spiritual warfare on your behalf, to fight the demons of Hell for your sake.

54. We've trained long and hard to be worthy of such a special honor and privilege of being Heavenly miracle warriors. We treasure our place‚ we treasure our job, and we give it all we've got. We love the fight, the challenge, the excitement in the spirit‚ and we love waging war against evil and conquering it with good! We love to see the Spirit of the Lord prevail. We love to see evil forced back and the light of victory shining in its place.

55. The only thing that saddens us sometimes is when you don't pray. We can see the big picture. We see the problems, we see the needs, we see the struggles. When you don't pray in such times, we are disappointed and saddened. We're saddened because we know how much even just one prayer could do. We're bound until you pray, until you ask for help, until you ask for miracles. If you don't pray, we're powerless.

56. We cry tears of sadness sometimes, because we see how wonderful a situation could have been if you had only prayed. We see how an answer could have come if you had only prayed. We see how the circumstances could have been changed if you had only prayed. We see the miracles that would have taken place if you had only prayed. We cry for you, that you may one day realize the full power that you hold in your hands through your prayers.

57. But most of the time we're happy. We're thrilled, we're inspired, we're excited! When you pray, we can work the miracles and do what's needed in order to answer your petitions and requests. Don't ever neglect to call upon us‚ your miracle warriors of the spirit. You're the prayer warriors—you have to pray in order to unleash our power and avail yourselves of our help through the power of the Lord's Spirit. So pray‚ and we'll be working behind the scenes, behind the veil of the spirit‚ to perform miracles for you on behalf of our Lover and Husband, Jesus. (End of message from spirit helper.)

The Spirit of Prayer

58. (Jesus speaking:) The spirit of prayer is a gift of the Spirit. Ask for this gift, that your prayers might be empowered with the fervor of My Spirit. You don't always see the need and therefore don't have as much desperation as you should, but the Holy Spirit knows the need. As you let Her take over and pray through you, your prayers can reflect the desperation necessary to work miracles in the lives of others.

59. When you pray for a country or for a situation, ask for spirit helpers from that country, or for a spirit helper of the sick person, to come and to possess you—to speak through you and petition in the courts of the Lord. You don't know what to pray, but those Heavenly beings who are assigned to mission fields, or assigned to loved ones in need, know. They're at the heart and soul of the need, and as you cry out for one of them to possess you, so you will be able to express the need to Me.

60. Be not alarmed at this term "possession." The difference between good spirits and bad spirits possessing a human is that the bad spirits don't want to leave. They want to stay and do harm and damage, whereas good spirits only take possession when the human spirit allows it. Then when it's done, the good spirit doesn't hang around; it has other things to do and missions to accomplish.

61. "Possession" is simply the best word to describe what happens, as you need to get yourself out of the way and let the spirit helper or spirit being come through and temporarily take control of your mind so they can speak through you. This will not necessarily make your prayers lengthier, for it is not the length of your prayer that matters most. But if you do this, your prayers will contain the power and fervency that you need. (End of message from Jesus)

The Gift of Prayer

62. (Jesus speaking:) How inestimable in value, how awesome in power is the gift of prayer! Each of My children has this treasured gift in different measures deep within, in the inner sanctuary of their spirit.

63. I placed this gift, this desire, this link of communion with Me in the heart and spirit of each of My loves when first I dwelt within your heart and spirit. This gift, like all gifts, can be honed‚ exercised, developed, and even sharpened to such a degree that mighty oak doors of impossibility can be opened at your behest, mountains shifted at your request, and visions revealed before your mortal eyes as with My prophet Daniel.

64. This gift is given in a unique way to each individual‚ and because it is a spiritual thing, each gift's measure and ministration is known only to Me. It is not something that is tangible, that can be seen or measured there on Earth. It is the same principle as love, for how can you measure love? And as your gift of prayer grows, so does its measure and ministration. The continued development and growth of this gift in each of My brides is vital. As the days grow darker, the development and enhancement of this gift will become more and more essential. Each of My brides will be forced to strengthen their gift of prayer and this channel of communication with Me, and through it will I perform miracles of great magnitude on their behalf.

65. For some this gift is already quite developed from much use‚ but for others this gift still lies dormant within their spirits, for their spirits lack the exercise in putting forth the effort in prayer. For others this gift is awakened, but in a sleepy state. But now I stir all My loves to hone this gift within and utilize this power and force of great proportions. For this gift stirs and moves the world of the spirit on your behalf. It moves My hand‚ and it strengthens your link with Me and the many helpers about you.

66. Your bodies are like temples where My Spirit can dwell, and within your temple there exist various chambers. There is the chamber and sanctuary of praise, which then leads into the secret chamber of prayer. There is the treasured inner chamber reserved for My intimate brides, wherein lies our bed of love. Time spent in each chamber is a vital part of your spiritual growth and connection with Me. Each chamber is linked to the others, and your spirit is able to easily and quickly slip from one chamber to the next.

67. To develop and hone your gift of prayer‚ each of My brides must desire Me‚ must seek Me, must come unto Me, lie with Me and love Me, and so will I whisper into the ears of your spirit the key, the ways in which your spirit can grow in the ministry of prayer, can more easily focus in prayer, and can use the gift within you to its greatest potential.

68. To get the very most out of your prayer time, I call upon all My brides to lay the foundation of growth in this very important area of prayer by first seeking Me and asking Me for the personalized key, or set of keys, that belongs to your own inner sanctuary of prayer—the key that frees and unlocks your spirit and flesh to the ministry of prayer as never before‚ the key which creates within you a deep desire for prayer, a knowledge and understanding of the essential need and importance of this gift, a craving which cannot be satiated, a cry and a seeking of Me which comes from deep within, from the altar of prayer‚ a panting and a crying of your spirit for its great Creator.

69. I call you, My dear ones, to more fervency in prayer, more desperation, more awareness of the necessity to pray without ceasing—to keep that line and link of communion and communication open to Me at all times.

70. Come lie with Me and let Me give you the key to your own gift of prayer. I hold the key to each one's spirit and gift. It is here in My hand for the asking, and with great pleasure and delight I place it in the hand of each of My loves as they come unto Me. (End of message from Jesus.)

Prayer as Persecution Prevention

And Prep

71. (Jesus speaking:) Persecution is one of the many fiery darts the Enemy would love to use against your house and kingdom, knowing that it is a particularly painful one, and one that can often seem very overwhelming and like a great defeat in the beginning. It's one of his most powerful heavyweight weapons that is armed with many teeth.

72. My Family has already received much preparation and training on how to handle such an attack of the Enemy, and for this reason—and because of the limits that I have put on the Enemy's doings—he has not been able to strike with this weapon as much or as often as he would have liked. But it is still in his arsenal, and he will not hesitate to use it whenever he can get away with it, whether on a small scale or a large one. When he does, however, it will be by My permission, because I know that it will bring a greater victory. Yet it will still be a trial and a test for My children.

73. Your preparation of strength in prayer will be a great weapon against such attacks, and many other attacks. It's your prayers that will hedge you about with strength and protection, and limit the influence the Enemy would seek to exert over the individuals who would otherwise be motivated to instigate such attacks. It's your prayers that will turn the hearts of the judges to My children and open their eyes to the true cause of justice; or else, if they are children of Satan, expose their prejudice and corruption to the public so that they will be discredited.

74. There will be many battles this coming year for My Family‚ for the time of battle and action has come. On a global front, the weapon of united prayer will be one of your greatest strengths—the hedge of spiritual protection and intervention generated by the heartfelt and persistent prayers of your Homes around the world. Avail yourself of the power of prayer, and the strength of unity and singleness of purpose that this gives.

75. When one of its units is in trouble, the army can count on other units to come to its rescue, to fight for them‚ to even leave their own posts for a time to come to the rescue of their brethren. The Family is similar, for other Family members and Homes will do all they can to help their brethren in bonds, to fight for them in prayer, to help rescue them from the attacks of their enemies. Such is the unity that I will bless, and that will generate great strength among My children. Such is the preparation that will prepare you not only for persecution, which will come upon you sooner or later‚ but for any other attacks that the Enemy would seek to make on My children. (End of message from Jesus.)

Defining Desperation in Prayer

76. (Question: ) There's a quote that says, "The very intensity with which you pray is reflected in the answer." How can we be sure to aim accurately in prayer and hit the target? What if I don't feel like I'm praying an intense prayer; does that mean I'm not? How do I pray a desperate prayer?

77. (Jesus speaking:) Desperate prayers, the kind that get results, are those prayed with fervency and earnestness of spirit. The way to properly "direct" and "aim" your prayers is by putting your whole heart and soul into the matter at hand. It seems simple, but you might be surprised at how often it's not done properly. So many times, although you might have the best of intentions, you're distracted, or you don't have a clear enough understanding of the need and its urgency in order to be motivated to be desperate.

78. A key to praying desperate and effective prayers is to put yourself in the place of the person or the situation being prayed for. If you're praying for someone going through an intense battle‚ put yourself in their place. Imagine how you would feel if you were them; or ask Me to help you imagine a scenario in your life that would cause you the same battle or difficulty. When praying for someone sick or in pain, try to think how you would feel if battling that same affliction or weakness. When praying for those in danger or suffering persecution, visualize yourself in that prison cell, or under investigation by the authorities, or at risk of losing your children. When you pray for those in war-torn lands, imagine that you are the one who lost your brother or sister, parent or child, because of the falling bombs or whizzing bullets. When you put yourself in the place of the one you're praying for, you're guaranteed to be desperate. This desperation ensures the effectiveness of your prayers.

79. Desperation is not a matter of the way you feel or the way you behave. Of course, when you imagine you're the one you're praying for, you're usually going to feel something. Yet even if you don't have a big surge of emotion—and some people don't—if you're focusing all your thought and energy and love on them, if you're asking Me to help them, heal them‚ comfort or encourage them, this earnestness and sincerity is desperation.

80. Some people are naturally more emotional or excitable than others. Therefore when they pray, they feel moved, sometimes even to tears. This is desperation, but such outward manifestations of emotion or empathy are not necessary in order for it to be considered a desperate prayer. I know your heart and I know when you are truly desperate. Desperation also does not require the raising of the voice‚ change in your tone of voice, or speaking in tongues. Nevertheless, when you do take on a firm and intense tone of voice, it helps you as well as others praying with you to be more focused and desperate. You are physical beings and are affected by physical manifestations. Therefore, while these are not required in order for prayers to be effective and hit their targets, they are helpful "props" or "aids" for many people, and can prove useful.

81. The goal is that all your prayers be intense, focused, and desperate. You should not reserve intense and desperate prayers only for those times when things reach a point of crisis. You should pray earnestly for each and every prayer request that comes before you. In many cases‚ by doing so you can avoid the "crisis" or "life and death" situations, because the fervency of your prayers when the situation still seems manageable will be more effective and will prevent it from worsening.

82. The truth is that I need you to pray in order for My will to be effected—no matter what My will is. It may not be exactly what you're praying for, but your prayers will nevertheless empower Me to fulfill that will. And I will always answer. It is always My will to heal and deliver; it is only a matter of the timing and method I will use.

83. If you're earnest in prayer, then there's more likelihood that I will do as you're asking, even if at first it was not My intention. You can change My mind. This may cause some of you to worry, thinking that if you change My mind you'll mess up My overall plan. But that's not a valid concern. I'm perfectly able to rearrange small bits and parts and pieces and still ensure that My overall plan plays out. That's why all things work together for good. Because even though there might be changes from the original pattern because of people's personal choices, or because I work differently than at first intended in answer to a prayer, I'm still in control of the overall scope. I'm not going to let you or your loved ones or those you pray for get out of My will or stray from My path, even if a prayer you pray changes My original plan.

84. I've established rules for the governing of the universe and rules for the overall work, ticking like a great and intricate clock. This includes the physical workings of each life form on the planet, of each body and soul. Yet within that overall framework, while I have an overall plan for each individual, much of that plan is subject to variety.

85. Your lives on Earth are not an "experiment" in the sense that some would put it, because I'm not playing around with you. Yet it is a bit of an experiment in that, while I'm going to ensure that you get to your destination, the way you reach it is largely dependent on you. The outcome of specific situations, events and circumstances is also largely dependent upon the power of prayer. Through prayer you can change a situation; you can change a person's heart‚ attitude or mindset, causing them to make a different decision than they would have otherwise. This in turn creates a chain reaction of change, all in answer to prayer.

86. So you see, it's true that you have all the power of the universe at your disposal through prayer. Through prayer you are in fact assisting Me in the planning and programming of life on Earth—of your own life, the lives of others, and even the fates of cities‚ countries, continents and the world scene.

87. This, and so much more, can be accomplished through your fervent prayers. So keep those prayers focused. Aim the prayer beam straight by clearing your mind of all else—just as when you open yourself like a channel to receive My Words. Be a channel of My power through prayer by likewise emptying yourself of other matters, and focusing your entire mind, spirit, and even your body, by putting yourself in their place, on the person or situation you are praying for. Ask Me to make plain to you what their specific needs or problems are—even beyond those that are apparent—and then delve in and fight boldly. Your prayers are guaranteed to be effective if you follow this method. (End of message from Jesus.)

United Prayer Perks

88. (Question:) We know there is great power in united prayer. Can You give us more details as to what a whole group of us praying can do?

89. (Jesus speaking: ) When two or more of you are gathered together in My Name to lay your requests before My feet, each one is testifying to the others that you have the faith for Me to do miracles. So much is dependent on your faith, and by praying out loud before the body you are saying, "I have the faith that the Lord is going to answer this prayer and I want to see miracles." And when I do answer your prayer, not just you but many others will see that I work miracles.

90. It's important that each of you takes personal prayer time, for it's good for your soul to pour out your heart to Me in private. But never neglect the power of united prayer. When I see that there are many people together manifesting their faith to Me and being a testimony to each other, I not only want to answer your prayer, but I sometimes want to do it in an especially marvelous and miraculous way. This will inspire and encourage many, increasing their faith for more miracles.

91. Sometimes you simply can't have enough faith on your own, and it helps immensely to see others who have more faith. A prayer of faith not only gets an answer, but it can strengthen others as well.

92. United prayer can be compared to a meeting, such as a Home Council. It's true that one member of the Home could probably sit down and try to think of ways to make the Home a better Home, and he or she would probably come up with some good ideas that would work. However, it's incomparably better when as many Home members as possible are gathered together for the discussion, because many opinions and aspects will be brought out by some that others would not have thought of. The end result is much more well-rounded decisions.

93. It's certainly possible for you to pray alone, and this is effective. But when you're all together you'll cover aspects that may have never crossed your mind when praying alone. The prayers therefore become more specific, as do the results.

94. When the angels in Heaven know there will be united prayer, they realize there are going to be some very specific jobs for them coming soon. United prayer is an exciting event in the spirit world. Great things can happen when there is so much desperation and faith concentrated at one time in one room. I'm excited as well to be able to answer prayer in a specific and miraculous way.

95. Another time united prayer is important is when I'm speaking to you about your personal life and teaching you lessons. By asking the body for prayer, you're showing Me by your actions that you're willing to humble yourself in order to make progress and learn. In the process, you're also sharing your lessons with others‚ which enhances your unity and causes the other members of the body to continue to intercede for you.

96. In general, united prayer engenders more prayer power, because many people are praying while together, and then everyone is aware of what the needs are and can add these requests to their personal prayer list.

97. The Enemy does all he can to fight united prayer because he knows it's so effective. United prayer is like a massive volley of arrows falling on the head of the Enemy. It's true that a single arrow might hit an important target, but a wise general will blanket the enemy with hordes of archers. The Enemy can try to delay or distract you before you begin praying‚ but once the prayers start coming his way in great numbers‚ there is little he can do. United prayer is just too much for him to handle.

98. So don't let the Enemy trick you into neglecting united prayer, because it will cause him to turn tail and run in horror. You must be aware that he'll do his best to stop you before you start because that's really his only opportunity. Once you've come together you've brought together an army of spirit helpers, and the Enemy won't stand a chance. (End of message from Jesus)

A Time Not to Pray?

99. (Question:) When have you prayed enough on any given subject? Is there a time when continuing to pray for something is really a sign of a lack of faith? Is there a time to refrain from prayer for any certain thing?

100. (Jesus speaking:) There was a time in the Bible when I told My children to get up and not pray any longer. I told Joshua "get thee up" because there was sin in the camp, and I could not answer his prayer and bless the people because of this sin.

101. I will answer prayer, and I want to answer prayer—to give you blessings out of the goodness of My heart. I allow My heart to be turned this way and that as a result of the pleadings that arise out of the love that I have put in your hearts. For example, I have been entreated by My children‚ such as Moses and Abraham of old, to have mercy when My anger had been stirred, and in this sense I changed My mind because of their prayers (Genesis 18:20-32; Exodus 32:7-14). So it does work, My children, to keep on praying, to plead with Me and to ask Me for blessings, or for help, or for provision, for changes in situations, even when they seem hopeless or when there is no answer in sight.

102. There are times when I do not answer as you would like, and when it's not good to continue praying. In the New Testament I said‚ "Ye ask and receive not‚ because you ask amiss, that you may consume it upon your lusts." This is an example of a time when I would not answer your prayers and give you what you were asking, because you were asking for the wrong thing. Other times I can't answer as you would like Me to because My hands are tied through someone's disobedience, rebelliousness, or stubbornness to My Word. In this case, the situation is locked until the right decision is made—and I don't intercede and force people to make the right decisions. I leave the choices to them, and if they don't choose aright, then I can't give the blessings that I would like to, because I can only give these blessings when people follow My will.

103. There are also times when I have answered your prayers, or the answer is on its way, and you need to get up from your prayer bones and "count it done," showing faith that I have answered by arising and going about your business. If you are uncertain as to whether it is a situation where you should continue petitioning Me or whether you should count it done and trust that I have answered, you can ask Me and I will show you what to do.

104. There are various conditions which impede Me answering prayer as I would like. I know that you may find this hard to understand, because I am all–powerful, but I say that if your prayers are not being answered and you want to know if you should keep praying, the best thing would be to stop and ask Me if there is something stopping Me from answering your prayers. In the case of Joshua in the Old Testament, there was the situation with Achan‚ which caused Me to not be able to answer Joshua's prayer. Because of this, the nation had to handle the sin within their borders before I could bless them.

105. In like manner, if you have a situation or an area of your life that is not completely yielded to Me, sometimes I can't give the blessing that you're asking for. So in this case it would do no good to keep on praying and asking for it, if you're not meeting all the conditions necessary to receive My answer.

106. Prayer has so many facets. In it there are vast wonders to be discovered, treasures to be won, souls to be changed, lives to be altered forever. But for your prayers to be efficacious‚ you must come before Me with a clean heart, ready to do what I ask in order for My promises to be fulfilled. I long to pour out My blessings on you.

107. If you would like your prayers to be answered, then do all you can to fulfill your part of the bargain. Ask Me what conditions you need to fulfill, if there is anything that is obstructing My answering as you would like, if there is anything that should be done on your part. Once you've asked this and done what I require, then come before Me again and ask Me if it's the right time for Me to answer these prayers, or if it is time for you to proceed as if possessing and count it done.

108. If all the conditions are right, and if the matter is something that I have said that I wish to do, then keep on praying. Keep on committing situations and people and hearts to Me. Keep on bringing them to Me and claiming My promises for them. It is in this attitude of trust and faith that I can work freely. When you've met all the conditions, such as those listed by Grandmother in her class "How To Get Things From God," then take a stand of faith. In taking this stand, you do well to keep praying, to keep reminding Me of My promises, and to keep on believing that I will answer! And I will!

109. Strive to keep up the practice of seeking Me for how to get rid of any obstructions to your prayers being answered, any areas of further yieldedness that are needed, and then trust and believe as you pray prayers of faith and praise—and I will answer! (End of message from Jesus)

Is One More Needed?

110. (Question:) If a whole lot of people are praying, why is my prayer important or necessary? If the Lord hears and answers‚ even if there's only one prayer, why do many people have to pray?

111. (Jesus speaking:) Prayer benefits your personal life and your connection and walk with Me. If prayer were just for My benefit, so that I would know what you need and want, then prayer would not be necessary. I know what's in your heart before you speak it. I know the need before it's asked. I know the thoughts and intents of the heart.

112. The reason I stress the importance of prayer, the reason I ask all My children to lift up their hearts in prayer for a situation, when only one would be enough, is for your benefit. When you pray, your faith grows, and your link with Me grows stronger. You show that you're willing to set aside the thoughts and the things of the day and spend that time in the closet with Me‚ pleading with Me, pouring out your heart in fervent prayer for your Family and your loved ones in need.

113. Even though I do answer lone prayers, when I hear all your prayers rising before My throne, when I see your tears and see your hearts joining together in desperation for another in need—this stirs My heart to answer speedily. It rejoices My soul to know that so many have faith that I will answer. If a request has gone out to all My children to pray for a situation, sometimes I will limit myself to the prayers that are voiced; I will choose to answer according to the fervency of the prayer and according to how many of My children move themselves to pray and to seek Me.

114. If the request is met with indifference by some and with earnest prayers by others, I will still answer the request. But the blessings will go to those who have chosen the good part—blessings in their own personal lives, blessings of strength for their own battles, blessings of health for their own sicknesses, blessings of faith and supply in difficult situations that will arise—so many blessings will I heap on them. It also excites Me to see so many of My brides opening their hearts in prayer to Me, and it moves Me to want to do special things for them, to answer them when they're in need. It can change My mind and move My hand to work for them. There are so many blessings that come from being faithful in prayer.

115. As for those who meet the request with indifference or who feel it is not important, the loss is theirs—for I will still answer the request, but they will not be able to partake of all the blessings and the happiness that come from knowing they've upheld their Family in prayer, of knowing that they had a part in bringing about the answer. For those of you who want your personal faith to increase, your relationship with Me to become more intimate, and who want to partake of all the blessings that I have in store for you, if you will but pray at every opportunity you will have tapped into the source of blessings, and will receive abundantly of the flow that's there. (End of message from Jesus.)

Two Pillars

116. (Question:) If I'm feeling dry and unmotivated to pray‚ what can I do about it? How can I stay stirred up in prayer and not become familiar with it?

117. (Jesus speaking: ) The Enemy fights prayer like he fights nothing else. He knows that it's the battleground on which all great victories are won. So if he can keep you from it, he has won a very great victory.

118. There are two main areas which must be kept up in order to maintain a good prayer life. Firstly, our love together as lovers. If you're personally connected to Me, if you're desirous of My seeds, if you're reading My Words and absorbing them and putting them into practice in your life, if you're obeying My specific Words of prophecy to you‚ you have the foundation for a good prayer life, because you love Me, you love to talk to Me‚ you know that I hear you, and you have faith in My love to answer you.

119. In short, you must be spending time in the bed of love with Me in order to maintain a fruitful and vibrant prayer life. Otherwise, without the element of deep and passionate love between us, prayer becomes nothing more than a formality, a business relationship. It becomes dry, it's harder to keep up and be faithful with, and thus your prayers are less fervent and heartfelt.

120. Secondly, you must fight to make it a habit. There are many practical tips which you can implement to help remind yourself and others to pray. These include praying in a variety of ways during your time together; assigning prayer requests to individuals to be responsible for throughout the week; scheduling prayer deacons to remind people to pray—they can use many different forms of reminders to make it more interesting; having a prayer vigil chart and prayer vigil lists easily available; making it a point to pray more for specific requests during your times together—at meals, before trips out, when having a conversation with someone‚ while in the car together, while waiting for an appointment, before movies or united activities‚ etc.

121. Hearing from Me regularly about the benefits of your prayers and reading up on it in My written Word is another good thing to do to help give you the vision. If you're doing your best to put into practice My counsel in "Ask Me Everything," it will come naturally to also commit to Me your requests and the requests of others more faithfully. You'll be communing with Me much more frequently and you'll remember more often to lift your requests to Me in prayer.

122. These two main pillars are the foundation of a good prayer life. You must have the pillar of regular time in the bed of love with Me in order to have the desire to pray. The closer you are to Me, the more it will come naturally to you to include Me in everything, and the more heartfelt your prayers to Me will be. Then you also have the pillar of practical reminders to help you to remember to pray even more. When these two work together, you have the foundation for an alive, thrilling, and extremely fruitful relationship with Me through prayer! (End of message from Jesus.)

Unlimited Power.

Keep the Current Flowing!

123. (Jesus speaking: ) The value of your intercessory prayers is of inestimable worth in worldly terms. If you took all the riches on Earth and combined it with all the riches of the universe, it would not compare to the worth of your prayers. The true value of your prayers cannot be measured nor comprehended. Prayer accomplishes things of eternal importance.

124. The power you have through prayer is unlimited. The strength you have in prayer is all-powerful. Through prayer you are able to take on My nature; therefore prayer is omnipotent, as am I. As all things are possible with Me, all things are possible to you through prayer. Through prayer you adopt My power, My strength, My resourcefulness.

125. If you could see the full capabilities that are at your fingertips through the prayers you pray, you would never doubt, not for one moment, that all things are possible to those who are strong in prayer.

126. There is no stronger power or force than that which comes through prayer. This is why you, My loves, must keep the current flowing. As a hydroelectric turbine needs the motion of water to generate electricity, so your prayers generate motion in the spirit world. Prayer is what sets things in motion—without it, nothing gets done‚ nothing is accomplished, nothing moves. This is why I implore you to pray.

127. In Heaven, prayers are always being offered up; prayer warriors stand watch continually from the towers of the Heavenly City. Yet I have specifically designed it so that without your prayers joining forces with theirs, the prayers of Heaven are not as forceful as otherwise is possible when you pray.

128. The prayers of departed saints in Heaven, together with the prayers of My angels and spirit helpers, effect awesome change and accomplish many purposes. Yet when you join your prayers with those of the Heavenly realm, the power is far superior. When your prayers are joined‚ the surges of power I am able to release go way beyond what the prayers on either side can do alone. I have made it this way so that you might work in teamwork with the spirit world to accomplish greater results through your prayers. This is a principle of My Spirit‚ for in the strength of unity there is unbeatable power.

129. The current of Heavenly prayer power is always on. It never stops or cuts off. Prayer warriors in Heaven are always on duty. They are always ready to join forces with you. When you pray in the spirit, when your prayers are in line with My will and directed to Me, then your prayers join forces with Heaven and their might and power is multiplied many times over.

130. This is why you must prevail in prayer, for in the strength of this unity, when your prayers join forces with Heaven, then I can really go to work for you in demonstrating unlimited power and authority over all things in Heaven and Hell, on Earth and throughout the universe. (End of message from Jesus)

Closing Thoughts

From a Spirit Helper

131. I think that I shall never see,

So great a wonder‚ 'tis divine majesty,

Such are the prayers, I see them rise,

Of these faithful ones, as they reach the skies.

Majestic power do these prayers wield,

Their call is answered, sent to the fields.

They touch a life, they empower a soul,

Deliver courage and faith to reach a goal.

Such splendor exudes from these heartfelt prayers,

As they reach out to those for whom you care.

In human words I cannot convey,

The magnitude of the energy released when you pray,

For so great a force is given to none,

As to you who take the stand, and count it done.

The magic, the marvel, the wonder of it all‚

Divine majestic power in your hands,
who answer the call.

Who take up the torch and stand firm in prayer‚

Reaching out to the world, showing you care.

(End of message from spirit helper.)

132. (Mama:) Thank You Jesus, our wonderful Love, for these beautiful messages and these great word pictures. They're just wonderful. Help us to remind ourselves of them constantly and make prayer a real good habit. Help us to lie in the bed of love with You so that we'll have the faith and the love for You that will cause us to want to intercede for others more and more. We love You, our wonderful Husband!

(End of file.)