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Being Rewired!

Karen Zerby

Prayers and Prophecies for Cephas

By MariaMaria #620 CM/FM 3412 6/02

Dearest Family,

1. We recently had the privilege of having an extended visit from one of your COs—dear Cephas from the ASCRO teamwork. I had met Cephas at the last summit, but during the month he spent with us recently I got to know him better‚ and the Lord worked it out for us to spend quite a bit of time together. We walked together nearly every day for exercise, and he was able to make a short, two-day business trip with Peter, during which time they were able to counsel and have good fellowship as well.

2. I was so thankful to get to know Cephas better. He's such a sweet man. He has a beautiful love for the Lord, for the lost, and for the Family that he serves. He knows he's human, he has his faults, but he's very desperate to be what the Lord wants him to be. He was very hungry in the spirit and receptive to all that the Lord poured into him during his time with us.

3. As usual, when someone visits our Home, the Lord takes the opportunity to pour into them all He can and to work in their lives. Near the end of his time with us, Cephas had united prayer with a small group of people‚ and the Lord did wonderful miracles in his life.

4. Cephas has humbly agreed to share with you all the details of his prayer request, because he wants you to be able to benefit from it as well. Some of the requests are specific to the Indian field, which Cephas helps to shepherd, but if you ask our Husband to help you apply them, I'm sure you can benefit from them even if you don't live in India.

5. Again, these are the heartfelt lessons of one of your shepherds, and there's always the possibility that their honesty, openness, and confession of their faults could cause you to be critical or lose respect for them. But in my opinion, it should make you love and respect them all the more. They're men and women with feet of clay, just like you‚ but they're desperate to do a good job for you and for Jesus, so they're willing to humble themselves and share their lessons so that you can benefit too. I pray that you'll do just that—take these lessons to heart, apply them to your own life, seek the Lord about them, and grow and mature from them.

6. Please also remember that it usually takes time to change. Sometimes we can experience very quick, almost immediate change; but the Lord often allows change to be gradual so that we will benefit from the whole process of yieldedness, fighting, drawing our strength from Him, and continuing to do the humble thing as we make changes. So, when you look at someone who has had united prayer for something, if you don't see a big immediate overnight change, you shouldn't automatically assume that the prayer didn't work or that the person isn't cooperating or doing their part. You don't see their heart and you don't know the changes that have taken place there, and the small changes that are taking place every day that will eventually result in the big change.

7. Please don't allow the Enemy to trip you up through self-righteousness or being critical of your leadership or anyone who has done the humble thing in sharing their lessons and prayer requests with you. Pray for them, encourage them in their fight to make the changes they seek, and know that it takes time. But each step they take, the Lord blesses it and honors and uses it to complete the change and the victory that He has promised.

Cephas' Prayer Requests

(We began the time together with prayer and getting a word from the Lord to open the meeting, and then Cephas shared his prayer and requests that he had prepared beforehand:)

8. (Cephas:) My Lord and my God, my Husband, Savior, and King—I truly honor You and desire You with all of my heart! As sinful and unworthy as I am, I am abundantly and sincerely blessed. Thank You for receiving me today and allowing me to stand in Your presence, so that I may lay at Your feet my life‚ my heart‚ and my soul. It's not that I feel oh so strong to even be in Your presence, but I am only able to do so because of the promises of coming to You on the wings of prayer.

9. Jesus‚ I lay before You my sins and my weaknesses‚ my shortcomings and my burdens. I lay before You my pride and self–righteousness, and I'm very sorry for carrying them in my service for You. I do all of this‚ my Love, with great expectation and joy, knowing that I will forever be set free from these besetting sins and oppressions that have not allowed me to be all that You want me to be, so that You can use me as You will. My Savior, I am ready now by Your saving grace and strength to forsake all of this‚ and I call on the power of the keys of deliverance, spiritual healing, miracles, and supply to become all that You want me to be for Your glory.

10. I would like to plead Your blood, my Love, to cleanse me and make me whole, so that I may be a strength and a help to my fellow mates and co-workers on the field of my service for You. If I cannot go through this and be made whole of all that is hindering me, then I am not worthy to be of any service to my brethren. I am accountable and responsible now more than ever before, and yet I feel the least capable. Nevertheless, I call on the power of the keys of anointing‚ which only come from You, dearest Jesus, to lay down my life for the brethren in whatever way I can. I want to be made whole not only for myself, but for the faith and trust that my queen and king and mates have invested in me, not to speak of for the harvest of the field of India.

11. I call on the power of the keys for:

12. 1) Deliverance from fear in its many forms; fear of confrontation when the need arises as a shepherd to lovingly and sincerely right the wrongs. Deliverance from fear related to changing the status quo when the Lord so leads, and deliverance from fear of the repercussions that inevitably follow. Deliverance from man pleasing when working in teamwork with my seniors and shepherds, that causes me to compare negatively and hold back, for fear of not saying the right things or not knowing what to say. I would like to pray that I can instead offer contrary counsel and opinions with full faith and conviction. I would also like to have deliverance from fear of failing in the responsibilities that have been entrusted to me.

13. Because of my Asian upbringing and the ingrained habit I have of "saving face," my natural inclination is to avoid being contrary in my communications. Saving face is an attribute of many Asian cultures. On the surface it seems harmless and even pleasant, but in its extreme form it becomes a bondage of man pleasing, where you hold back from saying what you really think. This lack of honesty is fear born of pride and has sometimes caused me to hold back from offering my honest opinions when working in teamwork with others.

14. 2) Deliverance from any influence of legalism and carnal reasoning, and operating as if things were all black and white. Against being too strong or intense in my presentation. Being in countries where social mores are observed, where the more acceptable mode of conduct is conservative, it influences the behavior of the Family as well. I need to lighten up and not allow myself to be affected by the bureaucratic spirit of red tape or conformity that is so prevalent in India. I would like to be delivered from any influence or hold it has on me. It affects me in that I tend to judge matters in black and white, when in fact there are many shades in between. When trying to present ideas or express a point to those I am working with in a shepherding capacity, I sometimes come across too strong, because I'm already fully convinced of how things ought to be. This doesn't make it very easy for others to express their opinions as it gives the impression that I am not open to opposing viewpoints.

15. 3) Against negative thinking. I have always tended to think negatively about myself, but over the years of dealing with problems I have become increasingly so. This has made me negative about difficult situations, and rather than exhibiting a positive‚ "it can be done" attitude, I have become more pessimistic. I tend to worry as well‚ which aggravates the situation. I would like to pray against the spirit of worry‚ that I can have more faith and trust in the Lord, and make it a habit to think more positively.

16. 4) Against Apotheon. We prayed against Pan and Bacchus and Selvegion at the fast last year, but with Apotheon now being exposed, I would definitely like to have prayer against his evil influence. I think Apotheon has a strong grip on the Family in India, with many falling prey to his attacks. This has caused many of us to accept the conditions of the field‚ preventing us from being able to "Rise Above" circumstances and conditions.

17. 5) Against being lethargic and accepting things as they are‚ rather than getting the Lord's mind on them and having the faith and drive to act on His Word and improve things.

18. 6) Against the spirits of Croswell and Lexipython‚ which the Lord revealed are two spirits who fight us on the field of India. They‚ and their corps of black imps, try to constrain, restrict, and limit, hindering the entire field of India and probably each individual.

Find Out Who Is Fighting You

And Helping You

19. (Mama:) Along these lines, here is a little tidbit from the Lord that gives further insight into how to fight effectively in the spiritual warfare we're faced with these days.

20. (Jesus speaking:) An important lesson for My children to learn in these days when the powers of Hell have been strengthened against them is to specifically ask who is fighting them in the spirit world. I can clearly reveal who is fighting My children, as well as who is helping them, which will make them much more effective in the battle.

21. Exposing the enemy is the first step to defeating him, and you must be able to see your enemy in order to fight him effectively. So My children must learn to ask Me to reveal to them who is fighting them and who is helping them from the spiritual realm. If they're faithful to do this, their efforts in battle will go much further, victories will come quicker, and they will learn to recognize the Enemy's attacks and advances easier, as well as recognize the help from the spirit world.

22. This is all part of taking on heavenly thought power and becoming more aware of the spiritual realm, linking yourself to it, availing yourself of the power which is yours, and fighting with it, rather than ignoring it and struggling in the flesh. (End of message from Jesus)

Spirits Can Take on Different Forms

23. (Mama:) One other interesting little jewel from the Lord along these lines is something that we received after Cephas had prayer. Two or three people received visions of Croswell and Lexipython and their demise after Cephas prayed against them, but in the visions, they appeared in different forms. When we asked the Lord about it, this is what He said. I wanted to share it with you, because if you're going to be asking the Lord to reveal to you who is fighting you in the spirit, it's very possible that you'll see visions of them and that at times they'll manifest themselves in different ways, and I didn't want you to worry about that or be distracted by it. Here's what the Lord said.

24. (Jesus speaking:) You have nothing to worry about, My loves. As I have said, strange are the ways of the spirit, but they are not past finding out. These evil ones can take on many forms. Different ones have the ability to take on different forms at different times to perform different feats. This is not new to you‚ and is supported in My Word. Just as My good angels can take on different forms, so can those of the netherworld reveal themselves in different ways.

25. Did you not see the Selvegion in different forms, both as slimy, creepy creatures and as the little black elves? Lucifer takes on many forms and has many disguises. Sometimes you might see him as a serpent, other times as a beautiful woman, other times as a bum on the street‚ other times with horns and pitchfork, or a large variety of ways. So it is with these, Croswell and Lexipython; they are able to take on many forms.

26. Just as they use many approaches to deceive and restrict and constrain My children, so they show themselves in their many disguises. They are masters of disguise, and this is why I have allowed more than one of you to see them in various ways. Just as they attempt to obscure the truth, so they attempt to conceal their true identity. Just as they attempt to restrain and hinder My children using many angles, so I have shown you some of their many disguises.

27. You need not worry, My channels. Your duty is only to give what I show you and leave the consequences up to Me. Thank you, My loves, for your willingness, for your faithfulness, for your yieldedness to be My mouthpieces and to paint My pictures, to describe the visions I show you. (End of message from Jesus)

(Cephas' prayer request continues:)

28. 7) Against pride and self-righteousness. Fear of man, fear of failure, and fear period, is generally a result of pride. I want to be cleansed of pride, not only because pride is the cause of fear, but because pride is the root of all sin. I want it to be minimized in my life‚ and I want it to be known that it is a hindering factor.

29. 8) I want the Lord to help my spirit to be in submission to His Spirit. When I get intense, when I feel very strongly about things or get angry and upset‚ I need the Lord to help me to rise above.

30. I would like to ask the Lord for the following:

31. 1) For the joy of the Lord; to be content, praiseful and thankful in whatsoever state I am in, or in whatever the Lord has for me to do or sees fit for me to go through.

Heavy Loads of Leadership

32. (Mama:) Here is a little something the Lord gave about many of you and the heavy loads you carry. Reread what the Lord said to the COs at the last summit about regaining the joy of their salvation and the importance of their time with Him. It applies to you too! (See "Leadership Lessons, Part 1‚" ML #3347‚ GN 941.)

33. (Jesus speaking:) Many of My precious brides are so busy. They carry heavy loads, the work just keeps coming, and the day-to-day run of things can be pretty grueling. They are devoted, they're loyal, they want to do their part, they want to be responsible and further My Kingdom. But when things get out of balance‚ when they become so work-oriented and focused on the to-dos that their whole life revolves around work, meetings, messages, or accomplishments, they lose My joy. That is a signal that something is wrong.

34. They need to realize that it's not My will for them to lose their joy and happiness under the burden of the work. And in order to maintain that perspective, they must have a balance in their life. It's not My will for them to go without the moments of quiet peace and communion with Me when they aren't even thinking about their work, the moments of relaxation and enjoyment with their mates and their children. It's so easy for the simple pleasures to be pushed out—the simple joys of My creation, loving Me, fellowship, sex, time with children, recreation, time to laugh and smile and appreciate. If those things don't have a place, things are out of balance.

35. I have given so much counsel about the need to let Me carry the load. I've chided, I've scolded‚ I've pleaded. I need each and every one‚ and it makes Me so sad to see My brides push themselves too hard to the point that they lose My joy—for then they lose their focus‚ things become a blur, out of perspective. The bottom line is‚ if they're too busy to stop and take good‚ regular, feeding, restful time with Me, if they're too busy to stop and enjoy these things, then something's wrong. They're too busy. And when they're too busy, they lose My joy in it all. It becomes a weight, a heaviness, because they're not allowing Me to carry the load for them.

36. Look at Mama; she's always cheerful, happy‚ and thinking on the good things and joys of life. She's not foolish or irresponsible. It's not like she lets her guard down and takes off her uniform; but no matter how much she has to do, no matter what big problems she has to take care of‚ she still remains happy, laughing, cheerful, and has a positive, uplifting countenance. You know that to be true. Follow her sample. (End of message from Jesus.)

(Cephas continues: )

37. 2) For continual yieldedness, to be able to stretch my faith and have a clear and flowing channel to receive all that I need to from Heaven and to allow Jesus full possession of my life.

38. 3) To be able to operate as the boards do in my communications and interactions with my co-workers, board members, and the field. To have prayerfulness, wisdom, discernment, and sufficient knowledge in my ministries and portfolio.

39. 4) To be a more loving, prayerful, and Word-based shepherd, father, and husband to my flock and my family.

(Those praying for Cephas then prayed for the various requests in turn, claiming key promises.)

(Here are excerpts of the messages the Lord gave for Cephas immediately afterwards and in the days following‚ confirming the victory! Praise to our wonderful Husband!)

Needing Deliverance

Is Nothing to be Ashamed of!

40. (Dad speaking:) That was magnificent! It's one of the most spectacular sights you could ever witness—to see someone you love delivered and freed from the bonds and chains of fear, conformity‚ and oppression that were holding them back.

41. You have witnessed the creation of a new person here, folks. This time was the creation of a new man. Cephas has been freed from every one of the chains of bondage that he asked for prayer for—every one of them without exception!

42. We all know that these fears of failure, fears of standing up for the truth, man-pleasing types of fears‚ are common to man. It's just part of the pride every person on Earth manifests. It's nothing to be ashamed of or to try to hide‚ because everyone knows you are plagued with it—just like everyone knows they are too! It's those fears and pride that hold you back, that's what keeps you from fully becoming the new creature that He wants you to be. Those are your chains. That's your bondage, keeping you from full‚ true liberation into the Spirit of God.

43. But what's so supernatural about all this is that when someone recognizes a problem, is honest about it‚ acknowledges it, seeks counsel about it, and asks for prayer against it, it's changed. You are changed. You have become a new person‚ able to partake of the divine nature, because the carnal nature has been put behind you and is no longer a part of you. In an instant of prayer, in a moment of intercession for your brother, you have helped him burst forth from the confines of the flesh into the vastness and power of God!

44. The cocoon has been opened, the shackles have been severed, and the new man has come forth, ready to grow in the spirit and power of the Lord. So don't ever be afraid to ask for prayer. Don't ever be afraid to come humbly before your brethren to ask for their help in prayer. Don't ever be afraid to confess that you've made mistakes, have problems‚ and don't really know what you're doing.

45. Sure it's humbling, and it's not always easy to do. In fact, it can grind against the very fibers of your carnal mind. It goes contrary to the natural man. It's the opposite of all that one thinks is best and good and necessary. But, praise the Lord, that's what it's all about!—That there's less of you so that more of Him can shine forth. It's beyond words to actually see the effects of wholehearted, key-claiming, faith-standing, inspired prayer! It's one of the wonders of the universe!

46. This is the first of many more similar and equally powerful deliverances and transformations the Lord has in store for the folks in India. This is the beginning of something big, folks! This is the beginning of not only a revival, but a revolution—a total revolution of the Spirit of God! This is it! He's cleaning His instruments, sharpening His scythes, and oiling, tuning, and gearing up His great reaping machine.

47. So let the reaping begin! Let the miracles of faith, deliverance, and conversion roll through the land at the hand of a people so devoted to their God, so full of faith and the power of the keys‚ determined to let the light, love‚ and truth of the Lord shine in that grossly dark land that nothing will stop them! There's no power in Heaven or on Earth that can stop the man or woman intent on being used of the Lord to spread His message and bring souls to Him.

48. So hold on, folks! You're heading into the time of all times‚ with the power of all powers at your command! This is only the beginning! (End of message from Dad)

Embracing the Lifestyle of

Doing the Humble Thing!

49. (Jesus speaking: ) My dear Cephas, you have fought a good fight, and you have won! You armed yourself with prayer, humility, desperation, soberness of mind, careful reflection and honesty, and now you will reap the rewards. There is nothing that I won't do for you‚ My love, because you have once again proven that you want Me and My will above anything else. You want to be right with Me; you want to give yourself wholly to Me; you want Me to fully possess you; and in all this I am well pleased, I am elated, I am thankful.

50. I know that during times like this of reflection and lesson-learning you can start to feel pretty low. You look at your mode of operation, your people-handling skills, your relationship with your teamwork or co-workers‚ your personal sample, and even your Word and prayer habits, and it all seems to be so lacking.

51. But just because I bring you to a place of spiritual reflection and growth does not mean that I'm unhappy with the work you have done or the sample you have been. Yes, I am challenging you and you are and will continue to grow by leaps and bounds, but that is not indicative of any displeasure on My part. In fact, this time of instruction‚ encouragement, insight, and personal shepherding for you is My reward to you. It's not something that you have to endure or suffer through as some kind of punishment, or some subtle way of saying you missed the mark. On the contrary, it is My acknowledgment and recognition of your wonderful accomplishments and successes!

52. The Enemy wants you to feel like a failure. He wants to highlight your weaknesses, how you should have expected more of yourself or others. He wants to make you compare negatively and to lose faith. He's furious that you're being set free, that you're drawing close to the queen personally, that she's becoming your friend, your love, your confidante. He hates that, because with that comes a shortening of the cord that endures.

53. Thank you for calling out to Me for freedom from your pride. Every one of My brides has pride. Pride is the nature of man. When you realize that, then it's not a proverbial "big deal" to have prayer against pride, to fight pride, to confess pride, and to work to keep pride in check. Each one of your co-workers, mates, teamworkers and friends has to do the same. No one is exempt from the grip of pride.

54. Those who refuse to confess and fight it, who shrink away from the opportunities I bring along to do the humble thing, and who try to hide their pride‚ only grow weaker. But those, like you, My love, who freely and willingly admit that they have pride, that it's a problem, and that they want deliverance, grow and flourish!

55. You are well aware that it's a daily battle to be humble and not proud. You know being humble is not just a frame of mind or a spiritual condition, but it's a lifestyle that you embrace by doing the humble thing. To be humble you have to aggressively do the humble thing‚ not the proud thing. Also, in your case, My love, it's a matter of recognizing some of your spiritual weaknesses as the fruit of pride. You've been delivered and the chains of pride have been broken! You're free! Therefore take care to walk in newness of life‚ and you do that by recognizing how pride has been manifested in your life:

56. —Through fear. Fear is not of Me. Fear is not faith. Fear is the power of the Enemy. Resist his control and influence through fear with the keys!

57. —Not speaking up, not changing what needs to be changed, and compromising to "keep the peace" are all part of pride. You don't want to be seen as unreasonable‚ or to have to deal with the "fallout" of those who are resistant to change. So instead of moving forward with the wind of My Spirit in the direction I want to go‚ you stop, you procrastinate‚ and you wait until a supposed "better time‚" which never comes. That's all pride, because it's you thinking you know better. It's you saying, "Well, Lord‚ we really don't need to do it that way. I have a better idea."

58. —The burdens you carry are also pride. You feel you have to do it. You feel you have a certain image to live up to, and you're bound to the expectations of others, which are too great. You don't want to disappoint others who depend on you. You're constantly aware that others are watching you and that you are expected to be the leader, the sample.

59. In a way, this is all true. It's not that you shouldn't endeavor to do these things. But it's trying to do it yourself, always trying to measure up and be perfect, that is not right. Yes, you are called to serve others, be a sample, fulfill people's expectations of you within reason, and lead others aright. But if you could be more humble, constantly reminding others that you're only a man, that you can't do everything, that you make mistakes, that you're weak in yourself, that you too have battles and weak moments, that it's only Me, then you would feel much less of the weight and burden. But that takes humility.

60. —Even your upbringing was strongly rooted in pride. Your family and earlier friends and acquaintances had very strong, rigid ideals, many of which were based on pride. That is the way of the world. But some of My children are less affected by their early upbringing. You had a strong upbringing, with absolutes‚ with strong parental influence and control, and therefore the effects were much stronger.

61. I'm pointing these things out to you‚ dear one, not to humiliate you or make you feel ashamed. I want you to recognize the manifestations of pride so you will be armed and can continue the fight. You and every one of My children will have to fight pride till the end, but eventually you will become so skilled at recognizing the hint of pride‚ and so accustomed to doing the humble thing, that you'll hardly notice that you're still fighting. You are delivered and you are a good fighter‚ but you will become a much better fighter. You will become a warrior of humility, and you will lead many others to become the same. (End of message from Jesus)

Ancient Fighting Spirit Being

Who Loves the Battle!

62. (Jesus speaking: ) Regarding these evil demons from Hell that fight you and your field‚ your loved ones and comrades in battle: They are fearsome and powerful in the netherworld, but they are nothing before you when you stand in the strength of My Name, My Word‚ and the power of the keys! Don't fear their strength. Don't honor them by cowering in fear or wonder. Don't give them the satisfaction of marveling at their attacks.

63. What you must do, My fighter, is to hate evil and fear no evil. My commission to you, dear Cephas, now that you know the truth of these evil foes, is to learn to relish the battle. I want you to wake each day, go into each situation, confront each problem and overcome each attack with the thrill of the battle! I want you to look forward to battle and to embrace every opportunity to fight these evil ones with enthusiasm! I want this to become your passion, your delight! Exposing, fighting, and defeating the Enemy will become your special gift.

64. I now give you new spirit helpers who will help you to wield the key of insight and discernment. With these enhanced spiritual gifts, as you call on these keys, you will see the needs of the field, of each Home you visit, of each person you counsel. You will see things differently, so be prepared, for your eyes will be opened. Be sensitive to the checks, and follow.

65. As you call on these keys, coupled with My Word and love, you will find your efforts much enhanced. The time you invest‚ the counsel you give, and the work you do will bear fruit much more quickly. I do this in mercy, for I know the load you carry is too heavy to bear.

66. Also, I honor you with an ancient fighting spirit being‚ one who is powerful and who has great expertise and skill. This spirit being will not only enhance your own efforts to defeat the Enemy and his minions, but he will also allow you to partake of his love for battle. He relishes the fight; that's all that matters to him. He lives for the conflict, the victory. With each victory through the ages he has grown stronger. Each foe that he has defeated has added to his strength, as the strength of the defeated one has been added to his own. He will only continue to grow in power. I have assigned him to guard‚ protect, and empower you with his skill and joy in battle.

67. I give you these new spirit powers and companions because you are worthy. I know you will use them well, with respect, humility‚ and faith. I also give them to you as a reward‚ for your desire to be stronger in Me has come before My courts and I have heard your desperate cry. I have been moved with your need, your vacuum, your plea, and this is My answer. This will be all that you need, My love‚ and it's much, much more than you ever dreamed possible.

68. Take care now‚ darling bride warrior, that you hone these new skills, that you take time to think upon these things, to ask Me your questions, to become more aware of the spiritual power at your command. Don't let these gifts become dull through neglect or doubt. Resist and rebuke the Enemy's attempts to steal these honors through your lethargy. Now is the time to take up the weapons and fight! Each and every day from this moment forth will be a day of battle, but also a day of great victory!

69. Your land of India, the field that you love, is a great and wonderful place. I love the people and weep for them. I promise you a tremendous revival of faith and power, and you will see miracles. Stand back, My darling, and see Me fight for you, and you will not be disappointed. Embrace your reward, sweet love, and let Me bring all the goodness into your life that you deserve. (End of message from Jesus.)

70. (Channel: ) Lord, am I missing anything here? Thank You for these beautiful words of love and vision. Lord, what is the name of that warrior spirit, the one You called an ancient fighting spirit being who has fought through the ages? That is really cool and exciting, and if it were me receiving this gift, I'd want to know his name. Can You please tell me, or is that something You want to tell Cephas privately?

71. (Jesus speaking:) This one is called Awe, for the heavens stand in awe of him! He is mighty and powerful. He is awesome, majestic, and more than your carnal mind can fathom. He is enormous, unlike anything you've ever seen. He takes many forms, sometimes looking like a traditional angel, except with a wingspan the width of one of your Earth's oceans. Sometimes he looks more like a science fiction creature. He is many, many things. But one thing you can be sure of, he's a warrior, and he's never defeated. (End of message from Jesus.)

Specifics and Revelations!

72. (Jesus speaking: ) You have asked that I stretch your faith to receive all that I have for you‚ and I will do that. Be not fearful or think it strange when I start speaking to you and giving you specific and revelatory things—things that will stretch your faith. For is that not what you have asked for?

73. I know you haven't wanted to exercise yourself in matters that are too high for you, but the queen and the channels in WS cannot get all the messages for all the fields and all the people and all the situations. But I have not left My children comfortless, because I have raised up local shepherds for them. I have anointed you and called you to shepherd My flock. So fear not to step out and receive from Me, especially now that you have humbled yourself and asked for prayer and been delivered.

74. I have great and glorious things in store for you and the field of India, so walk in newness of life, letting My praise be heard on your lips and My joy be in your heart! If I am to possess you fully, then your heart must be full of joy and praise‚ for I am a happy and fun-loving God. Come‚ let us walk on together and bask in the glories of this victory! (End of message from Jesus)

Being a Good Follower

75. (Dad speaking: ) The Lord has given you a gift of faith! Did you know you have great faith? He's blessed you with the gift of faith to flow with His Spirit‚ to follow Him and know what is good and right. That's a valuable spiritual gift—the gift of faith and discernment.

76. You sometimes lack confidence to step out and lead the way, but even that is part of His plan. It's not a weakness; it's actually a strength, because it means that you'll be very desperate about every step you take.

77. You should be thankful that you're not overconfident and that you feel unsure, because that's your guarantee that you'll stay close to Him and desperate. You've got the vision to do the best you can with what He's given you‚ with what He shows you, and that's the most important thing. You want to do your best for Him, to follow Him closely, and that's all He needs. That's exactly what Mama and Peter do; they pray and ask Him about everything, and then just follow what He shows them.

78. It's good to be a good follower of His will. He needs people who know how to follow Him and not take off on their own doing something that's not His highest will. Sometimes people who are very confident get themselves into trouble because they're not used to following, being humble and yielded and doing things His way. If you're used to following, it's a real blessing and advantage. Now all you have to do is follow even further and do the things He shows you, even the new things, the unusual steps He wants you to take.

79. Just be open to Him, to whatever He might ask of you, and be willing to do your best. He might ask you to do things that you don't feel very gifted in, but don't let that stop you. Claim the power of the keys and trust Him to use you and fulfill His will through you. Pray and claim the power of the keys of anointing for whatever He wants you to do.

80. It might take a little time to get used to your new anointing and learn how to walk in it, but He won't fail and the keys won't fail. He'll take you at your word, and if you ask for more power to lead, to be outgoing, to do new things that you're not used to doing, He'll answer and give you what you need.

81. Ask for the key of adventure to help you to look forward to new horizons, to be excited and have the kind of faith that you need to step out in new directions. Ask for the key of specific faith—faith that will make the way easy for you to move forward. The Lord will bless it, Son, and the keys will bring the anointing that you need.

82. You're going to see new things happening in your life as soon as you pray and claim the power of the keys. This is the day of the keys, and the work ahead of you will be a work of the keys. So claim them every day, at every step, and let them work for you. (Dad speaks in tongues.)

83. (Jesus:) All things are become new because of his faith to reach up and receive My anointing. Great are the keys that unlock the doors, and because Cephas has exercised his faith to turn the keys, the doors have opened.

84. He who is humble will walk through the great doors. I can only use the humble and meek in spirit, for the keys will only come to those who are respectful of their power and who will wield them with reverence and fear. This one fears Me and respects My power. This one has faith to trust in the power of the keys. (End of message from Jesus.)

Trusting the Spirit …

(Regarding Cephas' prayer request against the influence of legalism.)

85. (Jesus speaking:) My dear love, you must see that I'm trying to do things in a new way, and you must trust the Spirit; trust that the Holy Spirit knows all in Her wisdom and is able to make all things turn out right. This is the essence of pulling away from legalism and carnal reasoning. I don't always act according to the conventional, and I am definitely not bound by the letter of the law. Rather‚ I am bound by love—My infinite, never-ending love for you and all of My creations, and especially for mankind, in whom is My delight. Therefore I am flexible, bending, flowing, absorbing‚ patient, and willing to do things another way if I run up against a brick wall.

86. Like water‚ I flow and bend and usually take the path of least resistance. You should be the same. If you run up against a wall, then ask yourself, "What would water do?" It would back up‚ back up, back up and look for another way around. Do the same. Be flexible, be resilient, be willing to bend, be willing to flow with Me and the Spirit. Be willing to give up the way you wanted to go.

87. The letter of the law kills, stifles‚ oppresses, and leaves no room for the freedom of the Spirit, whereas the freedom of the Spirit gives life; it lets people and situations breathe. It's like a breath of fresh air, not being bound by the letter, but being led of the Spirit, which is Me.

88. I have taken your request into My hands and I will release you now from this bondage, and you will learn the joy‚ the absolute joy of not being bound by the carnal mind and carnal reasoning, but realizing that there is always a way around it. Why? Because the Spirit is always there, hovering, waiting, wooing, and looking for an opening to do things Her way. So follow Her. She will be your constant companion and helpmeet, showing you a way around and the way She would like it to be done.

89. I have released you from the hold of being stuck on your own ideas, which causes you to make your presentation strong‚ and I have given you the keys to deliver you from negative thinking. These two mindsets have been bound by the power of the keys, and your mind and heart are now freed from them. But what you must do is attack them vehemently with the sword of the Spirit, the keys, which are also the Word, and cut them to the heart!

90. Every time that tendency comes to present your idea with passion, as if it were the only right thing to do, and every time you feel a negative thought enter your heart or mind, you must call upon the power of the keys to resist those thoughts and inclinations! The more times you defeat these enemies, the more you are being renewed in your mind and the more you are creating new thought patterns for your thoughts to travel on.

91. You see, you're being rewired. Your thought patterns are changing, being rewired, but I am leaving some of the job up to you; I always do in these types of cases. Your job is to do the resisting. Lots of times you can resist your past ways of thinking with the Word, by having a string of quotes or keys on the subject and to immediately begin quoting them with vehemence the moment you sense the Enemy in your thoughts. The Word kills the thoughts of the Enemy.

92. So this is your bridge to the new set of thought patterns I have for you—the sword of the Word, which is the keys. The moment you sense a bit of sensitivity in yourself about your ideas, pull out a quote in your mind that you have memorized, or out of your shirt pocket that you have placed there for hand-to-hand combat while on the field, and simply quote it, run it through your mind. As you run the quote through your mind, it patches a bridge there from your old way of thinking and reacting to the new way I have for you.

93. You must do this over and over and over‚ even while you're in the shower. You can have plasticized quotes nearby, if necessary, or have them memorized. The moment you sense a thought or an inclination that isn't of Me, that isn't positive, that isn't full of faith, joy, peace, temperance, and patience; if it doesn't have any of the fruits of My Spirit; if it is discouraging or blaming or jealous or insidious or downcast and not absolutely positive, then it is of the Enemy and has come from him. Take out the sword, quote it out loud if you can, and run those words through your mind over and over and over until you have killed the negative thought. In doing so, you then place a bridge to My positive thought patterns, where I dwell.

94. Pretty soon, after many combats, some losses and some victories, the bridges will all be in place and will hold off the attacks of the Enemy for you, until the time comes that you've made it such a habit to seek the refuge of the Spirit and Her positiveness, that the days of negativity and being strong in your presentation and sensitive about your ideas will be in the past.

95. It will be a battle, though, so be prepared, be armed! But the good news is that the victory is yours if you follow these instructions. If you have the desire to rewire your thought patterns and the motivation to fight to the death every untoward thought that comes your way, the victory is guaranteed! As you learn to do battle with these old ways‚ the new ways will begin to appear like a mantle dropping out of the sky and enfolding itself around you. The old ways will drop off like the skin of a reptile, and you'll emerge a new man with a new mantle of a new spirit.

96. I inhabit hearts. I come in where I'm accepted. Will you accept Me in these places in your heart? For in the places where you had inflexibility, negativity, intolerance, legalism and carnal reasoning‚ I now wish to come in and sweep these places out and make them places of love, tolerance and flexibility, with a breath of fresh air. And, yes, I will do this for you! I ask you to sweep out the old ways by lifting up a standard against them and not letting them back into the room of your heart or reasoning.

97. Sure, you will fail sometimes. Even a just man falls seven times, or more! But what does he do? He gets back up again with a Scripture, a promise‚ a key. He fights remorse and condemnation, and he goes on to fight again. As long as you have the motivation to keep fighting, you will not lose. That's My promise to you. You roll away the stone by lifting up the standard against these old ways‚ and I will do the resurrection of creating a new life, a new spirit for you.

98. Resist the Enemy over and over and over again‚ as many times as you have to, letting him know that you don't want to be that way, and I will do the work of constructing new thought patterns that dwell in the glow of My Holy Spirit.

99. It will happen, My love, it will happen. I ask you to relish the fight, and pretty soon you'll find yourself thinking in a new way—not reasoning in the carnal but looking to My Spirit; not bound to an idea you put out on the table‚ but willing to let it go; not being plagued by negativity, but rather having a happy, positive outlook. It's coming. The change is coming. I've changed hearts‚ outlooks, minds and attitudes before, and I will do it again, because you've asked it of Me. (End of message from Jesus.)

Seize Those Moments!

(Regarding Cephas' prayer request to be more of a loving father, husband, and shepherd:)

100. (Dad speaking:) It's true, all of us can always do better. We can always be more loving, quicker to respond with a word of encouragement, a look of love, a hug, a listening ear‚ to respond with the kind of body language that says, "Yes, I'm listening." No one is perfect. That's why we need Jesus so very much.

101. When you go back home, something you can do is let your loved ones know that you've been thinking and praying a lot—not just about personal lessons, not solely about the field and your burdens for it as a whole, but also about your personal interactions with them, your loved ones. You've been feeling guilty for a long time about how busy you always are, yet not knowing how to combat the habit of being busy. Apologize for whatever you need to with each individual involved. Just be simple and honest, and sincerely request their advice on how to make things go more smoothly, how you can arrange to spend more time together on a regular basis.

102. Admit that you need their help to improve communications. Admit to them that you need their help with reminders to smile and lighten up. Admit to them your need for their help to enjoy the life that your Love has provided with them. This in itself will encourage them, for those have been some of their prayers. They love you and want to spend time with you; they want to see you happier and more relaxed; they want to share special moments with you.

103. Carpe diem!* Seize those moments! It's something you're going to have to actively engage in—investing time in people. You are a loving shepherd in that you're concerned, you pray for people, and you seek the Lord about situations. But reaching out and giving up your time is one of the best ways you can be more loving. *(from Latin, literally "seize the day")

104. To be loving is to be giving—and in your case, the biggest giving on your part is of your time, for your time is most precious to you, as it is to the Lord, of course. But He's got all the time in the world, so to speak, which means you do too! If you're praying and going along at His speed‚ on His course‚ then that means you've got all the time you need‚ too.

105. Everyone's busy‚ and that's never going to change. But the priorities can change, as well as the Lord's aspect of timing. Just ask Him and He can help you. He'll help you to be more loving as you by faith become more giving. He'll help you with more wisdom and loving interaction as you begin to relax and let that lovin' spirit flow through more.

106. Relax, enjoy, and see how quickly the love and communication and relationships will be strengthened and grow. God bless and keep you as you keep on living and giving and loving and praising. I love you!—Dad. (End of message from Dad)

Everything Is Better

When Confirmed with Me!

107. (Jesus speaking: ) Nothing is too small to ask Me. Even when the answer seems obvious, almost routine and pretty well set‚ it is important to ask Me for confirmation, to check in with Me to see if I have anything to say. In fact, it is especially important to ask Me in those times, so that you will not lean to your own wisdom or thinking.

108. Though I may often simply give you a confirmation, I am also able to fill in many blanks. I can give you additional information and speak to you about so many things, and bring out points you would never think of otherwise. I make particular use of these times when the answer seems obvious and "set" to speak to you with new details or from a different angle that would not be possible if you went ahead without asking. I want you to keep the door always open to Me, and you do this by asking Me everything.

109. My children miss a great deal in not asking Me everything. If you want full possession, you must learn to ask Me everything and to confirm everything with Me—for these two go hand in hand. You cannot lean to your own understanding in even the simplest and most routine things, and the only way to assure that you are not leaning to your own understanding, or not leaning on your own arm of the flesh‚ or to your own past experience and on what you think is best to do, is to ask Me everything.

110. Take nothing for granted. This way you put on My mind and I am able to fully possess you. (End of message from Jesus.)

Two New Spirit Helpers

111. (Mama:) This last message is something the Lord gave for Cephas just before he returned home, introducing two new spirit helpers. If you don't know yet who your spirit helpers are, it would probably be inspiring and encouraging for you to find out! Then you can get to know them personally and work together with them more. They're with you to serve you, so take advantage of the help, wisdom, power, anointing, and all that they want to give you.

112. (Jesus speaking:) I am the provider of all your needs, My love‚ A–L–L, all of them! I have revealed to you what you are up against. I have exposed the evil workings of Croswell and Lexipython. And now I want to tell you, Cephas, about the provisions I have made for you as you go out to battle.

113. My dear one, it gives Me great pleasure to introduce to you these whom I have assigned to fight at your side. There are many great men and women of old—great missionaries, great men and women of history, in addition to mighty and awesome helpers in the spirit world who are at your command, who are attentive and ready at all times to assist you and My children in the Eastern lands. You have but to call on their help‚ and in an instant, in the bat of an eye, they are at your disposal.

114. I now give you, Cephas, two special ones. They join you today. These are your personal bodyguards. As you leave these gates of the queen and king's household, they go with you. They will never leave your side. They are among My very best! They are strong, they are wise, they are extraordinarily gifted in every area.

115. Meet Tahoni, who is among the bravest of My warrior women. Think not that because of her soft and delicate appearance that she is frail, for she possesses strength of the strongest kind. This is because she draws her energy from Me in the stillness, in the quiet moments. She lives to commune with Me. Every breath she breathes is a prayer, and thus is her vigor drawn from the wells of My vast prayer power. She does not know how to make a move without My explicit instruction, therefore she stands victor over every foe. This one has no fear of the Enemy because her confidence is solely in Me. This is the source of her strength—her constant, deep communion with Me. She is highly attuned to My Spirit; her ear is keenly tuned to My voice. She is fearless in battle, unswerving in conviction, uncompromising in every way.

116. Meet Tahor, a leader among My strong warriors. He stands with sword and shield to guard you, to counsel and instruct you round the clock. His eyes shine with the firepower of My Spirit! His iron arm never tires. This one knows no defeat in battle. His mind is one with Mine. The wisdom and discernment he possesses make him a master strategist. He is a champion—a skilled, adept master in the use of the new weapons.

117. (Vision:) Tahoni is beautiful! She is slender, very feminine looking. Her skin is fair‚ but her hair is dark brown‚ beautiful and long and flowing down past her waist. She's dressed very plain, but looks gorgeous in a long, flowing dress, which you can almost see through. It looks like that silky‚ filmy kind of material that clings to your body, but it flows too. Around her waist is a very simple belt, and hanging from her belt is a set of golden keys. So cool! She's on one side of Cephas, walking arm-in-arm with him like a lady and a gentleman would walk.

118. On the other side, I see Tahor. He is very awesome looking! His eyes look like fire, and this is very outstanding against his dark skin. He has long, dark flowing hair too. He looks gentle and fierce at the same time. He's dressed in a loincloth, bare-chested, but is holding a shield and a sword. He's holding up his sword in his right arm, and this arm looks like iron! His right arm is made of iron and his other arm looks like skin, but very muscular. He's very strong–looking.

119. On his shield there is an insignia, and it's a set of keys. They are golden keys and they look like they're inlaid into his almost-blinding silver shield. He's really tall, it looks like about two feet taller than Cephas. You just know you wouldn't want to mess with him! He's holding on to Cephas' arm, not arm-in-arm, but like he's escorting him along. (End of vision.)

120. (Jesus continues:) Every battle you fight from now on, Cephas, these two will be at your side. They will go with you, walk with you, talk with you, and become your closest friends.

121. Open your heart and soul to them. Give them your ear, listen to their counsel, learn from them, lean on their help. They are a gift of love from My heart to yours—to help you, to lead, to guide, to strengthen you in battle, to joy with you in victory, to comfort you when you feel weary, to hold you and watch over you, to assist you in every way.

122. You are My bride, in whom I am well pleased! This is why I send these to you, that they may watch over you, guard you, and see you through the days ahead, that you may know how much I love you, how important you are to Me, and that I am the Provider of all your needs. (End of message from Jesus.)

(End of file.)