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Where to Now?

Karen Zerby

What's Next with Our Children's Education?

By MariaMaria #612 CM/FM 3398 3/02

[Note: Words marked with an asterisk are listed in the glossary at the end of this Letter.]

Dear Family,

1. Peter and I, along with our administration team and others, have been considering‚ discussing, and praying about the need to possibly change the CM requirements in the Charter so they will be more in line with the Lord's description of full-time discipleship put forth in the "Conviction vs. Compromise" series. This possibility is still in the works. Please pray for us as we consider various options and counsel with the area officers. The Lord's will has not become clear yet, and we have not had that much time to focus on possible needed Charter amendments, as we've been concentrating on the establishment of the boards on the field level. We are also waiting to see the effects of the Word and what changes come about "naturally" through individuals' personal decisions and progress.

2. While we were reviewing the Lord's recent counsel and considering any needed changes in the CM requirements, we discussed at length where or how System schooling for Family children fits into the Lord's full-time discipleship standard. This is a very complex subject, of course. There are many variables; the needs of our children and parents are enormous, and our children grow up a little more every day.

3. Let's review where we're at now, and what we know so far:

4. · Our Family children have a right to an adequate education. It is the responsibility of the parents and their Home to provide that education. [See the Charter, "Responsibilities of Parents," E and F, page 67-68; "Rights of Parents," F, page 75-76; "Rights of Children," F and G‚ page 79-80; "Responsibilities of the Charter Home: Regarding Children and Parents," page 98-100.]

5. · Sending your children to System schools is allowed in the Charter, but not recommended.

6. · At the time the Charter was implemented, the Lord‚ Dad‚ Peter and I opened the door wider to System schooling. It was apparent that at that time parents needed help with the education of their children, as many were adjusting to the monumental changes brought about by the Charter.

7. · Clear guidelines, stipulations‚ and requirements regarding the spiritual and academic training of our children were put forth in "Our Children's Education" (ML #3066, GN 694/Lifelines 23), printed in July 1996.

8. · At the time we published the "Conviction vs. Compromise" series, a lot of our Family children were enrolled in System schools.

9. · System schooling for our children has not been fruitful. It has been detrimental‚ because parents did not follow the full counsel in "Our Children's Education."

10. · The Lord is very unhappy—in fact, "furious"—with the results of our children being in System schools, because they have not had the shepherding, spiritual input, and regular cleansing needed, which has resulted in their being weakened spiritually. (See ML #3365:107-112, GN 963.)

11. · Peter and I have clearly stated in "Conviction vs. Compromise—Part 5," paragraph 104‚ that we no longer agree with our children being in System schools—not because it is inherently wrong, but because parents overall have not provided their children with the spiritual care they needed while attending System school‚ as per the very clear counsel in "Our Children's Education." In the cases where you parents have been disobedient to that counsel, you are out of God's highest will by having your children in System schools.

12. · We are losing our children to the System; therefore something must change!

13. · The counsel in "Our Children's Education" is still valid, if obeyed!

14. · You parents have two choices: 1) either take your kids out of System school and provide the spiritual, emotional, and academic care they need, without having to contend with the negative influence of so much System input; or 2) allow your children to continue in System schools, but put extra time and attention into their spiritual and emotional care and shepherding.

15. · Parents who do not provide their children with the spiritual shepherding and training and the academic education they need could be in jeopardy of losing their CM status.

16. · Peter and I reserve the right to review the allowance of System schooling for children of Charter members. There is a possibility that this option will become less available to CM Homes in the future, with stricter specifications and requirements put in place and closer oversight of the results. This will be reviewed after the FED and CP boards are more firmly in place.

17. Peter and I have been extremely concerned about our children's needs, and have been addressing these needs in such recent GNs as "Are You a Disciple?" ML #3365:90-182, GN 963; "Keep Fighting," ML #3366:67–129, GN 969; "Are You a Delinquent Parent?" ML #3388, GN 984; "Solutions for Shepherds, Parents, and Everyone," ML #3389, GN 985. Hopefully that counsel is helping to bring about a change in the parenting weaknesses within the Family. As we work to improve such areas as indulgent parenting, weak shepherding, lack of unity‚ etc.‚ we cannot overlook or fail to emphasize the need for adequate education for our children.

18. While we're very interested in protecting our children from the dangers of System education, and we see the need for much more spiritual input and inspiration for our children, we also can't afford to have our children's academic education take a drop. We must‚ as a Family and as individuals‚ focus on both the spiritual growth and the academic progress of our children. Both are absolutely necessary. Both are rights of our children, guaranteed in the Charter.

19. That raises the question of where we go from here. If you parents overall have not followed through on your end of the bargain when you chose to put your kids in System school, what do we do? Do we prohibit System schooling for the children of Charter members? Do we revamp our present lifestyle somehow? Do we establish community schools? These are all very big questions, which we have prayed about and will continue to pray about. You no doubt have wondered about and probably even prayed about these same questions.

20. How to supply the needs of our children both spiritually and academically will need to continue to be explored. We don't have all the answers at this time. But with this GN, I will offer you some insight and direction. It is up to you to pray about how this counsel applies to you.

21. I'm not saying this one GN‚ or even the few GNs that have been published in recent months‚ will solve all your problems and give you every answer. As we follow the Lord day by day, continue to ask Him to speak on the needs of the children and parents, pioneer the FED and CP boards‚ and implement the changes He leads us to make, we will progress. And by God's grace, and through the power of His love, Word, and the keys of the Kingdom, we will make the needed changes both individually and in the administration of the Family, so that our children will be happier, stronger spiritually, and better educated. It is our sincere prayer that in time‚ the establishment of the FED and CP boards will offer greater services and help us make solid progress regarding some of the longstanding challenges that you parents face.

22. This first message gives some good advice and cautions. Please consider these points as you continue to pray about your children's education.

First Priority Is the Spiritual

23. (Jesus speaking:) You are engaged in a war with the Enemy for your children! He's after them, and you are the ones who have to fight against him. If you fail to see it as a war, then you will lose. If you fail to fight, you will lose, and you will lose your children.

24. While they're children, you parents and adults are the ones who have to fight for them. When they come of age, the choice becomes theirs. But while they're young, the responsibility of the children's care, training, and education rests with the adults in the Family, and primarily with the parents. Although it's everyone's responsibility and the responsibility of the Homes, it is primarily the responsibility—and the primary responsibility—of the parents. [See the Charter, "Responsibilities of Parents," E, page 67-68.]

25. Nothing is impossible for you, especially now, through the agency of the keys. Having the right, faith-filled, positive outlook is essential. You must employ all the tools and skills I've given you and trained you in, in order for you to overcome the difficulties, obstacles, and challenges that you face.

26. You must fight in the spirit and triumph in the spirit! You can't look at this as a physical or material warfare and wage it on that level. You don't have the strength to win on that level. You don't, period. Even if you think you do and you feel you could do it, to fight it only on that level is a recipe for failure. Your weapons are not carnal, therefore you cannot fight to win on that level. Your weapons are spiritual, and your primary task in the education of your children is to fight for it on the spiritual plane. If you place the priority on this, then the battle can be won in the physical as well. Please understand this and don't let this principle slip down the order of priorities; otherwise you're fighting a losing battle and you will guarantee your failure.

27. Your responsibility is to teach your children spiritually, morally, and academically, in that order. All are important, but you must put the spiritual supreme, followed by the moral, and then the academic. By moral, I mean developing your children's character so that they are a credit to Me, the Family, and to you; they will know right from wrong, and will act right, stand up for the right‚ and be the right samples—loving, caring, understanding and compassionate people.

The Need for Intercessory Prayer

28. The first place to fulfill your responsibility is in the realm of prayer. You must fight for your children daily in prayer. You must earnestly and fervently pray for them—not just general prayers, but specific prayers having to do with specifics that are coming up in their lives. You must labor for them in prayer, telling Me what you need done for them and by them, claiming the keys to get quick‚ effective results. If you neglect this and just go on with implementing the practical‚ you will—and I repeat WILL, in the most unequivocal terms—fail. You will guarantee the Enemy's and the System's success in the war for your children's minds and allegiance.

29. The System school experiment has failed because the spiritual battlefield was surrendered to the Enemy. He had the kids all day, and because you didn't fight for them sufficiently‚ he won. He won because he invested the time. It was a war of attrition*. He surrounded them and simply starved them to death spiritually, while My forces were off campaigning on other battlefields—or worse yet‚ simply off on an extended and unauthorized leave of absence.

30. How much time did you spend in prayer for your kids while they were away at school? No matter how busy you were, as you went about your other business you could have been committing your little ones to My care in prayer. You could have been calling on Me daily, even hourly, for spiritual protection for them, and for My leading in their experiences, friendships, academic education‚ and the shepherding you would give them daily. There is no excuse. While they were off your hands physically they were not off your hands spiritually. You have sown the wind and have reaped the whirlwind—a whirlwind that will bring disaster to your lives if not remedied.

What Have Your Priorities Been?

31. There are two things you will bring with you when you come up Here: the souls you have won, either directly or indirectly through your investment in My work, and the children I have given you. The children will come because of the salvation that they received when they were young, but there are those who will be poor, sad‚ and desolate. They each have within them the potential to be the great Endtime children of David, the highest calling available in these Last Days, the greatest rank to which men can aspire. Yet if things continue as they are, with many of you parents abdicating your responsibility to train your children spiritually and be the samples to them you should be, many will not be as prepared as they should be because they will not be as trained and spiritually strong as they should be, or some will not continue in My service, as they will grow weary and lose the vision.

32. Years ago you were told that God's gift is God's work. [See ML #744-45, Vol.6, published in February 1979.] You learned that caring for and teaching your children was part of your work for Me and was to be a priority in your life. I expected you to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature, but I expected you to do so in conjunction with the training of your children. There were times when the training of many of your children was the responsibility of Family teachers and childcare experts. Even during that time, I held you parents ultimately responsible to see to it that your children were receiving what they needed.

33. Now‚ after the implementation of the Charter, you parents should see your roles in the lives of your children much more clearly, as they look to you to meet their emotional, spiritual and educational needs. I do not expect you alone to supply all these needs, for your children have the wonderful advantage of living communally, and through the One Wife vision others also feel responsible to pour into the children and care for them, which is a great help. Together, you should all help to shoulder the load, and the children will be blessed as a result. But even under this communal system of caring for and raising the children, the ultimate responsibility to make sure the children have what they need belongs to the parents.

34. Some parents have willfully neglected that responsibility; others have simply been mixed up or have grown tired. Unfortunately, in such cases, there has been a lack of training for the children in various areas, and that must change. But while there is life, there is hope! When there is true repentance and willingness to take up the torch that has been set aside, to pick up the weapons that have been left to rust in storage, and to return to the battle from which you have fled, then there is hope. In fact, there is more than hope!

35. As you do your part, as you obey and give it your all, then I will do My part as well. Your children will grow in My nurture and admonition and receive a good academic and moral education, and most of all, a good spiritual education and foundation. This is the victory, one which will change the lives of your children and change the lives of many others through their influence.

You Are Able!

36. How can you do this? First and foremost you must take on the responsibility for the spiritual education and training of your children. If you cannot personally do it, you must see that someone does. All of you parents are capable of training and shepherding your children. If you weren't, I wouldn't have given you children. You might not be able to do it all, but you are capable of doing all you can, and then seeing to it—or‚ in many cases‚ allowing the rest of it to be done by someone else. All you adults are capable of prayer, and you must first and foremost labor—really sweat and toil—in prayer. I sweated drops of blood in prayer! And I require nothing less in spirit of you adults if that's what's needed to win the battle.

37. The term "desperate prayer" has almost become a cliché to My Family. So perhaps if I say you shouldn't come out of your prayer closet with dry eyes, you'll understand what I mean. That's what it's going to take to turn the battle around for many of you. I'm limited by how much you pray.

38. A lot of you parents have wanted to immediately repent, and I'm proud of you for this. I know that you already got the message in the Letter "Are You a Disciple?" and even now you have pulled your children out of System school or are planning to do so. I agree, the sooner the better. However, don't do this as a knee-jerk* reaction. Sit down and count the cost. This is a principle that I drummed into My disciples while I was on Earth, and this has not changed. You must count the cost on any project to see if you have the wherewithal to finish it. But don't leave Me out of the calculation. Remember‚ I am the wherewithal!

39. A reminder: Hear from Me very clearly as to what steps you need to take before taking your kids out of System school. You need to first of all know the law of the land and be sure that you can homeschool. In some places it's illegal, in which case you will need to explore the alternatives, such as correspondence school‚ private tutors‚ smaller Christian schools, etc. You might need to correspond and counsel with your local FED board if you have questions as to what you can do.

40. Next, if you are going to homeschool‚ you must do it correctly to make sure your kids are learning. You can't just sit them down with a workbook and say, "Student‚ teach thyself." Any parent who received an education is in turn capable of teaching school. If someone is desperate enough—and I don't mean hysterically desperate; I mean really, really concerned—then that person is capable. It might take you studying yourself in an accelerated refresher course to flush out the cobwebs and recall all that you've learned in the past, but you are capable, and even more capable now that you have Heavenly thought power via the mind of Christ available to you in a much greater degree than in the past.

41. You can meet the System's standards. In fact, your children can even surpass them, as many of the Family's children have, because the System's academic standards have fallen over the years. You may find it easier than you expect to teach your kids, but be prepared to put in the hours.

42. For you parents who need help, if you make the effort to do all you can, then in answer to your prayers, I will raise up people to do what you can't. I will supply your every need. That is an unfailing promise. You might have to be willing to take on the other person's duties in order for them to have the time to teach your children. You won't be able to foist* the teaching on someone else and not do your part. Mostly, though, all of you parents must be willing to do all you can to teach your kids, even going beyond what you think you can do, trusting Me.

43. You in the Family are smart people! You really are! Even if you think that you can't teach your kids, I guarantee that if you try with all your hearts, relying on My power‚ you will succeed. Don't sell yourselves short.

44. There is also help closer at hand than before with the boards being available to you. While they can't solve all your problems, because you are responsible for your own children and must seek Me for the specific answers and solutions needed for your family and Home, the boards will be a wonderful source of support, counsel and ideas. You will be able to take advantage of the help of specialists, and then you can apply their suggestions and ideas, as you feel led, in counsel with your Home. As you listen, try to implement the ideas put forth by the boards; you'll find your burdens will be lighter and you'll be blessed with a multitude of counselors.

45. It will take time to get your homeschooling set up if you haven't already, so be set up before you pull your kids out of System school. You don't have to be perfect by any means, but the day you begin to homeschool your children, you need to be sufficiently ready so that, hardly missing a beat, your children are once again getting educated—only this time without all the rot and evil that are present in System school!

Until You Begin HomeschoolingÂ…

46. In the meantime, until you begin to homeschool your children, the one thing you can immediately implement is greater spiritual training and shepherding of your kids. You need to teach them the Word in all its various forms. I'm not talking about the letter of the law that kills, but I'm talking about the Word that is spirit and life! Each one of you adult children of David is capable of this, if you're concerned enough to try.

47. Throw your heart into it, and let the kids see that you've thrown your heart into it! If they see you trying with everything you have, they'll respond positively. Pray like everything depends on prayer. Teach like everything depends on teaching. Reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine. Never give up or give in, and if you're depending on My power, I will see you through.

48. This is an emergency, but it needs to be handled in the right way. You will only know what to do in your specific situation if you're listening to Me for specifics. It's no use treating a fire like you would a flood. They're both emergencies, but you don't treat them the same. You need to take emergency measures, but exactly what those measures are and in what sequence to perform them is going to vary from situation to situation, so you will need to hear from Me about what to do. Counsel with your local boards; see that your plan is in line with My Word; plan your attack, and then do it!

49. There is victory ahead if you'll do what you know you're supposed to do. My promises are not any less effective, but for many of you, the struggle is now much greater than it would have otherwise been. That means that for many of you it will take longer to gain the victory than it might have in the past. You will need to be willing to be in the struggle longer. There will be respites and times when the going will be easier, but by and large, the road is going to be harder, rougher, and steeper. That's why you need all the enhanced power available through the keys, and by them, I can see you through.

50. It will all work for My glory and for your good, because in the end you'll be even better equipped to face the battles of the Tribulation. You'll have greater faith and be more advanced and skilled in the use of the keys and the other weapons you will acquire along the way. The outcome will be victorious if you do your part. The future is as bright as the promises attached to the keys of the Kingdom! (End of message from Jesus.)

51. (Mama:) Besides convicting reminders of our responsibilities to our children‚ the Lord also gives some practical counsel in the message you just read.

52. He once again emphasizes the need to pray for your children. He says that is a primary responsibility, and He reassures us that we can all do that!

53. Also, there is an admonition to count the cost before taking your children out of System school. I trust that you parents who have begun to homeschool your children as a result of the "Conviction vs. Compromise" series did seriously consider the needs of your kids to make sure you could follow through on your responsibility to educate them in all ways. For those of you who are still considering taking your children out of System school, please do make sure you're well prepared so you can continue with their training‚ not only spiritually‚ but academically as well.

54. If your children are still attending System school, we pray desperately that as a result of the Lord's firm correction in the CvsC series you have now taken to heart the counsel in "Our Children's Education‚" and are putting in the time needed to give your children the spiritual, emotional, and moral support, cleansing, and training that they need.

55. If you don't at present feel prepared‚ or if your situation is not conducive to homeschooling your children‚ or if you don't have sufficient help, then it's your responsibility to make sure your kids are properly shepherded while attending System school, which means you'll need to give them more time, attention‚ spiritual feeding, etc. If the Family overall had been more faithful with the Lord's instruction in 1996 ["Our Children's Education"] and taken it more seriously and followed more closely, actually doing what He said, we wouldn't be in the predicament we are today with our children.

56. So it's up to you parents who still have your children in System school to sacrifice and do your part‚ as the Lord said:

Though it is a sacrifice to take the time to give [your children] that which they need—the education in the spirit and the education of the mind—these things must be done. For if they are not done, you do not fulfill the commission that I have given you.

No matter how you choose to impart knowledge unto your children, it is a sacrifice. If you take the time to pour into them, to teach them and to educate them, it is a sacrifice of your time, for it requires strength, time, effort, energy and love! It is a sacrifice to give of yourself to do this.

If you choose to let others [outsiders] educate your children, it is also a sacrifice. Though you do not sacrifice so much time in teaching them, you do sacrifice your time in the shepherding you must give, and you sacrifice in the weaknesses that it causes, as your children mix with the ungodly. So either way, there is a sacrifice. Either way, there is some loss.

You must decide which sacrifice you wish to make. Will you sacrifice the time and the energy to teach them? Or will you sacrifice the time and the energy to help them overcome their problems and the negative influences?

Know this, that these, My gifts to you, are your responsibility, and you must teach them, you must educate them. You must give them that which they need, not just because it is required, but because they have need of these things. If you do not teach them, if you do not train them, if you do not educate both mind and spirit‚ you will pay. You will pay in resentfulness‚ or you will pay by intrusion*, or you will pay by the lack of blessings. For you are given this commission to teach and train and to raise these, the gifts that I have given you‚ and you must pour into them and give them that which they need. So hold not back! Fulfill your commission‚ so that you will receive the blessings of God! ("Our Children's Education‚" ML #3066:35-39, Lifelines 23.)

57. (Mama: ) Next is a message in which the Lord gives some advice on how we can make progress in such things as: the need for more childcare specialists, big families with little or no help, disunity in child-rearing standards, and parents who don't feel qualified to teach their children. He also makes it clear that we should, as much as possible, be moving away from having our children in System schools, as the climate of the day has changed and the world is becoming more and more evil. Of course, as was brought out earlier, there is a lot to prepare for and consider when you're planning on homeschooling your children. There are many challenges, and this message gives some insight into how to find what you need in order to do that.

58. Again, this message is a small part of a huge picture. There is much more to be prayed about and considered for each particular situation. But that's something you'll need to do in your Home and area, and possibly in counsel with your FED and CP boards. You'll need to get the details from the Lord yourself. This is general counsel and it will provide you with some ideas, but it's only the beginning.

In the Family Environment,

Both Spiritual And Educational

Needs Can Be Met!

59. (Jesus speaking: ) The answers are in the Word; they've always been there from the beginning. From the time I asked David, "What is that in thine hand?" to the "Conviction vs. Compromise" series, I have made My position clear. I have said that My little ones should be raised in My nurture and admonition; they should be taught of Me. I have allowed various options for the schooling of the children, but I have made it abundantly clear that the parents in the Family must put their children's spiritual upbringing on the priority list. At the same time‚ the academic education should not be neglected in any way.

60. Parents who neglect their children's spiritual needs by sending them to the System for education without any protection or training in the spiritual are delinquent parents. Parents who fail to give their children the academic education they need are also neglecting their little ones, being a reproach to the cause, and harming their children's future and service for Me. I have made it very clear that both the spiritual and the academic must be looked after. One cannot exist to the lack of the other.

61. I have also made it very clear that most of the parents in the Family that send their kids to System school are not in My highest will. The world has changed and continues changing for the worse every day. And except for very rare occasions where it has helped the children learn a difficult foreign language, the System schooling choice for My Family has borne much more bad fruit than good fruit.

62. I led My queen and king to take a stand in no uncertain terms. What was said in the "Conviction vs. Compromise" series, that "From now on, Peter and I want it to be known that we are not in agreement with System schooling for our children," is My stance as well, and that I will not change. You cannot water down My message just because there are obstacles you will have to face in order to live My Words to the full. My Words are radical and they are difficult at times to swallow, but they must be followed if the Family is to find My highest will.

63. I also did not lead My queen to change the Charter to forbid sending children to System school, for there are instances, especially for short periods of time for the purpose of learning a specific skill, such as the language, that I do allow it. But of course the provisos* or conditions must be adhered to. That is obedience, that is faithfulness, and that will bring out the quality of child-rearing that is becoming of My full-time disciples. I expect those who are My full-time disciples to be examples of raising their children in love, the fear of Me, and solid training in all areas of their lives.

64. So the solution is not to ban System schooling altogether, neither is it to just go on with things as usual and let your little ones suffer at the hands of the System. Those who want to follow Me will want to do what is best. After reading the "Conviction vs. Compromise" series, many want to change. They have seen the error of their ways and are desperate to get back on track in the care and shepherding of their children. However, this desire to follow My will and not allow their children to be polluted at the hands of the System must not be fulfilled to the neglect of the children's education.

65. How are the children going to get an adequate spiritual and academic education? They're only going to fully get those two sides of their needs met in the Family. If they're in System school, they might get a good academic education—though with the standard of education these days, that's not even assured—but they will suffer in the spiritual. That's almost guaranteed. That has been the case in most of the situations where parents have sent their children to System school. The solution is to teach the kids in the Family environment where both their spiritual and educational needs will be met.

The Dilemma for Large Families

66. Many parents believe that homeschooling is the very best for their children, yet they don't feel personally qualified to teach their children. This is a great problem today, for there are large families living in small Homes with little help. They must raise their support, survive on difficult fields, cultivate an Activated church, and at the same time look to the education and spiritual lives of their children. This is a daunting task to many parents, who often have very little help with their children, and in many cases have a hard time even finding people to live with so they can fulfill the minimum number of voting members for the CM requirement.

67. I want to ask you: Where are the ones who sacrificially lay down their lives to help these families in need? Where are the teachers? Where are those that will help care for and teach the children, and train them in My ways?

68. Many of the large families in the past had much more help and support than the large families of today have. Why is that? There are many reasons for this‚ and the fault cannot be placed solely on one party.

69. For one thing, some parents have neglected the responsibility of their children's care and teaching, and this has made others feel resentful toward them and unwilling to help them. Potential helpers feel if the parents aren't doing their part‚ then they don't want to pick up the slack.

70. Also, in the past, from the time the young people were teens they were largely relied on to care for the children. They are now burned out. They feel that if the parents have the children‚ the parents should take care of them, and not just dump the burden on the teens and young people. This isn't the right attitude, but neither has enough understanding been shown to those people who toil long hours, day and night, helping to care for the children. There hasn't been enough appreciation shown or time for them to do other things, and thus after many years, those helpers want nothing more to do with the care of the children. This is sad, because in many cases My calling for these young people was to be winners of My "knew" disciples.

71. If the large families are to get the help that they need‚ a plea must go out to all My children, young and old, to find those who will help teach, train, and raise the children. Children are My heritage—a precious gift that must be treasured and cared for. The job of caring for children must be one that is glorified and looked up to in the Family. I have done so in My Word many times over, yet still‚ in the minds of many it doesn't seem like that.

72. Seek Me for practical ways that the Family as a whole—the different regions and individual Homes—can make the job of caring for the children the best job in the Family! You can't have people working all hours of the day‚ not going out much or getting much time off, and then expect that to be seen as a glorious ministry. Sure‚ caring for children may never seem as glamorous or important as being in a band or show group, recording in a studio, or working full-time with computers, provisioning or follow-up, or other showy or high-profile ministries, but there are things that can be done to improve the situation so you will retain those who are called to this ministry and encourage others to make it theirs.

73. The next problem which has a major influence on large families not having enough help for their children is the disunity‚ lack of appreciation, and selfishness that have arisen in the Family. This often drives away those who would help big families, or prevents several families from living together who could help each other. The lack of a united disciplinary standard, and delinquent parents indulging their children and hindering the efforts of those who try to take care of them, often disillusion those who would be childcare helpers for these families and cause them to give up. I cannot blame the helpers for this, for it is nearly impossible to serve in such a difficult job as the care of children and to have to also fight constant battles with the parents.

74. Parents who can't learn to live with others, communicate, come to a united disciplinary standard, and love and appreciate those who are caring for their children deserve to be left alone without help. However, My heart breaks for their children who have to suffer for the sins of the parents. I'm calling the parents to wake up as much as I'm making a plea for help and teachers.

Time to Repioneer

Family Schools?

75. Some parents don't feel qualified to teach their kids, and that's why the kids are in System school in the first place. Well, why not have Family schools? The school vision worked, and though there were many problems caused by the large school Homes and the various mistakes that individuals or areas made, in most cases the children did at least get the two foundations of education. They got good spiritual input and good academic instruction as well.

76. I'm not saying that I want the Family to go back to the days of large combos and schools—those days are over. But a Home that is devoted to being a daytime school to help teach the children of several Homes in the area, while being supported or partially supported by those Homes, can be a solution to the problems the Family is faced with today. There are many facets to this, but this can be a solution to the needs the parents have today and will have in the future. There are obstacles to be sure—especially the financial aspect of how to do this—but if the Family is really serious about this and everyone believes that the children are important enough for this, then it can be done. It's not for everyone, but something must be done to help the parents.

77. For starters, right now, there must be a plea for help and solutions to prevent burnout for childcare personnel. The parents must forsake their delinquent ways and all must live and work in unity. There is help and there are solutions if everyone will live as I ordained in My Word.

78. The teachers must be given prominence in the Family, and help and support. They play a vital role in the Family‚ as vital as those who go out to witness and win others, for they are training your future witnesses and disciples.

79. That's what can be done right now. The direction of the Family is changing, but it will take time. When the boards are set up, there will be the mechanism to help come up with more ideas tailored to each area.

80. My standard must be held high, and though for a few months things may be somewhat in disarray as the Family changes gears and moves into more dedicated discipleship, with patience and love and pouring forth of My seeds, I will not cause those who truly want to follow Me to the full to suffer. (End of message from Jesus)

The Rest Is Up to You!

81. (Mama: ) The Lord is repeating His standard again and again. It's very clear what He expects of you parents. You are to care for your children spiritually and educate them academically. Your children have a right to that training, and it is your responsibility to give it to them or to see to it that they get it from others.

82. The Lord does, however‚ acknowledge that this is an extremely difficult task in this present day. There are many obstacles. In some cases, parents have lost the vision or become lethargic‚ so they've fallen down in or even abdicated their responsibilities. Also, there are large families who don't have enough help. Things have changed in the last ten years. There are fewer people who feel called to give their lives to help care for others' children. There are few who are willing to sacrifice their time, independence, youth, and other interests to help raise and teach children, especially others' children.

83. This fact of the young people who used to be in childcare being burned out, wanting nothing more to do with childcare‚ is not news to you, I'm sure. It's a sad situation, sad but true. I'm very sorry about this; it's a terrible setback to the Family as a whole, but especially to the children who could benefit from that care and teaching. When good childcare personnel and teachers—either young or older—quit the ministry, it is a huge loss.

84. I doubt many argue with the Lord's counsel that we need to make childcare a respected‚ prominent ministry in the Family. It might not be as glorious as some more public ministries, but there should be a general understanding and widespread knowledge that our teachers and childcare personnel are extremely valuable. They're important people! If they no longer feel that way or if you don't see them as such, then something is definitely wrong.

85. The importance of those who care for the children—mothers, fathers, caregivers—has been put forth in the Word from the beginning, starting with "What is That in Thine Hand?" There are countless Letters in which the Lord, Dad, and I have instructed you on the importance of our children, and the highly prized ministry of raising our children. But do you truly believe that God's gift is God's work? Are you acting like it? No, not really. That needs to change.

86. We do need to issue a plea to those who feel called to make childcare their ministry, their life's work. But I ask you‚ dear Family, what more can be said than what has already been said? What more can the Lord or Dad say? What more can Peter and I say?

87. The change that is needed isn't something that we can orchestrate from where we are. We can give you the Word and the tools, we can share the vision, we can direct you with the Lord's current instruction, and we can turn your attention to the counsel of the past, the foundation of our beliefs regarding the great joys and blessings of teaching children. We can pray for you parents and your children. We can pray for more laborers to heed the call to give their lives for the children and our large families. But that's all we can do. The rest is up to you.

88. Peter and I have zeroed in on delinquent, indulgent parents and given the instruction needed. We have taught, instructed, begged and pleaded for you to overcome your disunity problems and establish united disciplinary standards. We have exposed the Selvegion. We have warned that serious cases of ongoing disunity would be reason for the guilty ones to lose their CM status. We can pray for greater love, humility, forgiveness and yieldedness. But that's all we can do. The rest is up to you.

89. We can put forth the idea of community Family schools in which you work together to educate and train your children. We can pray that the Lord will lay the burden on your hearts, that you'll have the faith to organize it, that you'll have the love and conviction to work together for the sake of your children, that you'll be willing to help supply the needs of the School Home, in exchange for their help. But that's all we can do. The rest is up to you.

90. You see, dear Family? The Lord is giving you solutions and ideas, and we know there are answers to the problems. But we can't be right there in your Homes and teamwork meetings and city councils. We can't legislate obedience. We can't force you.

91. Peter and I are providing you with the truth, the guidance, the Lord's Words. We've worked hard to establish the board structure, so that specialists in different ministries can represent your field and areas and find the solutions you need. Most of the success of these changes and the forward movement of the Family at this point now depend on you individuals in the Family!

92. I often hear of every conceivable problem being blamed on "the Family" or on WS. It's as though some look at "the Family" as this enormous machine or creation that has a mind of its own, that can actually do something of its own volition. But that's not true. The Family is you. The Family is nothing more than thousands of individuals, and what the Family does is nothing more or less than what those individuals—you—do. So if you're unhappy with the situation with the children‚ if you don't like the fact that there's not enough childcare personnel‚ if you feel it's unfair the way those who care for children are treated, if you're disappointed that some very good teachers have let go of their crown, then what are you going to do about it? Think about it.

93. This is something that needs to be addressed. It's something that needs to change in the Family, because right now—and for a long time‚ in fact—there has been a big problem with blaming "the Family" for whatever you're unhappy about. That's just a cop-out. Each one of you must realize that you are the Family. You are the solution! What you do‚ what you think, the decisions you make, how obedient you are‚ how much initiative you take, are what makes or breaks the Family.

94. The Lord said in this message you just read that we need to send out a plea for help and find solutions to prevent burnout for our childcare personnel; teachers must be given prominence‚ help‚ and support; delinquent parents must forsake their wrong attitudes and habits; and unity must be restored. These are the things the Lord is expecting you to do, dear Family. This is in your court.

95. It's not up to Peter and me. These are the challenges the Lord is giving you. We're doing our part by giving you the Word; now it's up to you to seek the Lord, obey, and do it. No one can come in and wave some magic wand over the problems that exist and expect them to just solve themselves. That never happens. To think it will is as ineffective as waiting for some vague entity known as "the Family" to come and take care of your childcare problems.

96. The Family is you, and you're the only ones who can solve these problems. You're the only ones who can dedicate your lives to the Family's children, and inspire others in the Family to do the same. You're the only ones who can pray about the ideas in this GN to see if they'll work for you. You're the only ones who can pioneer a city school for your children. You're the only ones who can make childcare a prominent ministry in the Family by giving parents, helpers and teachers due respect and appreciation.

97. You have the boards, you have the Word, you have the tools for the job, and you have the children. Now it's up to you to see what you'll do with them! There isn't going to be any other answer—the Lord is waiting on you!

98. I know the problem of large families not having enough help is a huge one. It's very difficult on the parents and the children. And you parents might have a hard time believing that what I just said is even fair. You might think I'm expecting too much or not understanding your plight.

99. It's true that I've never been in your particular situation, and possibly I don't understand exactly what you're going through. But I do have the faith that the Lord has given the answers to your situation; in fact‚ I'm quite convinced of that. It's probably to my advantage that I'm slightly removed from the daily grind that you're facing; otherwise, maybe I'd become so embroiled in the daily battles, problems and lacks that I'd lose faith like many of you have. But because the Lord has ordained that Peter and I are on the "mountaintop," as Dad used to call it, we are in a position to see beyond the problems and find the solutions. I know these solutions will work, because they're from the Lord. They may not be the exact solution for your Home or family, but I'm convinced they provide the general principles you need if you put them into effect with the Lord's direction and help.

100. I'm so sorry that you parents with many children are having such a rough time. I'm concerned about your needs, and many times we've prayed and discussed how to get you more help. Each situation is unique, and I don't presume to understand everything or to think that the Lord's general insight will work as a great big band-aid that will instantly heal all the heartache. I know there must be specifics and more detailed counsel, and you, my dear parents, will have to get that from the Lord. But I'm going to share with you now a message that I believe will shed a new light on your outlook.

101. We're making your needs known, we're calling for help, and we're praying desperately that the Lord will lay it on the hearts of those who are qualified to say yes to childcare, but there is something you must do too. I'll let the Lord explain.

Everyone Benefits When

Helpers Join Large Families!

102. (Jesus speaking:) You look for the answer to the problem the large families are having‚ the need to find more help in the way of personnel. You wonder how to encourage those who will come to their aid, who will have a burden to help them with their children. This is a problem—the apparent lack of personnel‚ lack of willing helpers‚ lack of those with a vision and a burden to help the families.

103. The need exists for willing helpers—but where they are going to come from is the question. How can others be inspired to help the large families? The fact remains, as the saying goes, that you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. I am able to raise up helpers from the stones, if need be! However‚ if I did this, many would not learn needed lessons along the way that I want them to learn—lessons on loving‚ sharing, communicating, giving and taking‚ unity, showing appreciation‚ and caring for one another. I ask you to consider the following points in seeking the solution to this problem:

104. 1) Each of you parents should call on the power of the keys and expect miracles. The simple principle of "you have not, because you ask not" is part of the problem. You've got to not only ask, but you also have to meet the conditions I set out. You have to ask, and you have to do your part. In some cases you parents lack help because you haven't been willing to make necessary adjustments or changes in your lives or modes of operation that would encourage others to join you. In some cases, you haven't sufficiently searched your hearts and sought Me for the solutions and let Me speak to you about what changes you need to make.

105. Parents must pray in the help that is needed, and I ask that you not only state your requests, but that you receive My explicit instruction on what I want you to do‚ on what steps I want you to take in your specific circumstances to get the help you need. The supply of needed personnel is often conditional, and hinges on the obedience to My instruction of those in need.

106. The answers will vary greatly according to each individual set of circumstances and according to the need. There may be things I want you parents to change in your mode of operation. There may be things you can do that will be more attractive to others and turn their hearts toward wanting to help you. There may be potential help right under your noses, yet you lack the vision for teaching, training and pouring into others, to help them reach their full potential and be what I want them to be. You parents may need to realize that your help is not going to come in the form of perfectly trained childcare personnel, but you may need to do your part in helping to raise up, teach and train the helpers.

107. Also, when someone is willing to help you, the way you treat that person will make a big difference in their happiness and long-term commitment. For example, you need to be willing to give authority to those people who help you with your children, and be willing to counsel with them and support them when they discipline your kids. You also need to take their opinions into consideration, and be welcoming even when they come up with solutions or ideas that are different from the way you have been doing things. Again, if you treat the teachers with lack of love and don't show respect and consideration and listen to their ideas, and not only listen but seriously consider implementing their ideas, then those teachers aren't going to feel like sticking around for long.

108. There may be more you parents can do to advertise and make your needs known. You may be looking in the wrong place to find the help you need. It pays to advertise! To sum it up, you need to:

  1. Pray, call on the keys, and ask Me to supply.
  2. Meet the conditions.
  3. Receive My counsel. Come to Me with an open mind and heart and receive instruction, counsel, and guidelines on what I want you to do so you can get the help you need, whether it's changing your mindset or mode of operation to be more attractive to others, or having the vision to teach and train someone.
  4. Be open to something new and different that I want you to do.
  5. Treat the teachers and childcare personnel with respect; listen to their ideas, help them feel needed, give them authority‚ and support them in their efforts.
  6. Advertise. Make your work appealing so others will want to become a part of it. Let others know what they will gain and the benefits in it for them and how they will be helping to win the world if they decide to help with your children.

109. 2) The next key is: Live the Law of Love. If you parents will do your part by living the Law of Love‚ you will find the hearts of others will be more readily turned to fill the need. "Give and it will be given unto you" is a golden rule of My Spirit. If you're looking for caregivers, yet you're not willing to truly make them a part of your family‚ you will find that help will not stick around for long. By this I don't necessarily mean that you need to take on a second mate, but I refer to taking in those who are willing to help care for your children as a solid part of your team‚ a member of your own little family. You do this by sharing the load‚ praying together‚ counseling together, being in close unity, making sure their needs are supplied, showing genuine love and appreciation for one another, living together in counsel and fellowship, as a family, living the Law of Love in all the small ways, and truly giving your lives for one another.

110. If you're looking for helpers with solely a business–relationship attitude, it won't work. If you're looking for those who can help supply your need for help with your children, without considering and taking definite concrete steps to supply their needs in return, it won't work. Give and it will be given to you. Give and it will return to you. If you're looking for others who can bear responsibilities that you're not willing to bear yourselves, it won't work. You must lead by sample; you must truly share the load.

111. But if you parents are desperate with Me; if you're following the Word closely, endeavoring to live the Law of Love in all areas of your lives; if you're doing all you can to follow the "Conviction vs. Compromise" series; if you're getting on fire yourselves in your parenting so that you can impart that same fire to others; if you're walking close to Me, seeking Me daily, asking Me for the answers you need, asking Me what you can do to reach out to others—then I will supply your needs.

112. Your large families should be your greatest assets! Everybody needs to feel the love, warmth, and security of a family. What better love and security can you find than in real down-home family life? The love, care, and concern of a mother and father for their children and for those who love and help to care for them is something that is not easily found elsewhere. There's a lot to be said for family life.

113. There is a time and a place for everything, and there are times when it is My will and I bless and prosper works that are largely comprised of singles‚ or childless Homes, or Homes with very few children, for a time and a purpose. Yet overall, I intend for Homes to be made up of families—mothers, fathers, children, and their helpers and co-workers. Having children around is the joy of life! Everyone pitching in to take care of those children is a priceless reward. Everyone benefits from the love of a child.

114. Not only do the children have needs, but those caring for them or helping to care for them in some way or making it possible for others to care for them also have needs that the large family can meet. Those who join a larger family as helpers not only receive special blessings, but they receive joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction that cannot be found any other way. There's a lot to be said for large families that take in singles, for the singles have much to gain from such an arrangement. They gain the joy of real family life, the love and care that only a family can give—the fellowship, companionship, counsel, love, prayer, camaraderie, security of unity, and satisfaction of knowing that they, too, are helping to mold the future through taking part in the children's lives; they gain the love and purity that only children can give.

115. This is the way I intend for it to work—it's a two-way street. Not only are the large families in need of help for their children, but the singles, those without children‚ also have a great need. They also are lacking. They also have a very big hole that needs to be filled, and that I created to be filled through living in tribes‚ living in this type of arrangement, as one big happy family—mothers, fathers‚ caregivers, helpmeets and children all living and loving and growing together‚ all meeting each other's needs. (End of message from Jesus)

116. (Mama: ) The key here is seeing that everyone benefits when helpers join large families. There is so much to be gained on all sides. The parents' load is lighter, of course, and children receive help, attention, and input from the additional helpers. But what we often forget‚ or something that we've missed—maybe due to bad experiences from the past or the "burnout" that some have suffered—is that the helpers also stand to gain. This could be the answer for many lonely people—the love of a family!

117. There are conditions to be met. You parents need to pray desperately and make your needs known. You'll also need to change. You can't get away with being demanding or lazy, and then expect that your help will want to stick around. If others work long hours taking care of your kids, then they expect that you'll be doing something important and beneficial to the Kingdom with your time. You can't just laze around and fritter away your time while others are doing your job! You can't be demanding and murmuring, expecting everyone to serve you or feel sorry for you because you have a lot of kids. You can't just dump your kids on others without also doing all you can to pour into them.

118. You can't expect others to help with your kids if you're shirking your responsibility and are not willing to care for them yourselves! You can't treat childcare personnel as "hired help," expecting them to work hard for you and your children, without allowing them some say or part in the decision-making. You can't take your helpers for granted. If you fail to show them a large measure of appreciation, but instead just think it's their duty to help you, it won't work. You need to be very thankful for every bit of help you get, and you need to be vocal about that appreciation so your helpers know for sure that you are thankful for them!

119. There are whole new worlds to be discovered—but it will take some work! Everyone will probably need to make some changes and take some things by faith at first. It probably won't immediately be all heavenly and warm and fuzzy. There will be a lot of details to work out, as well as needed communication, prayer, understanding, and establishment of the "rules of the game." But with time, it has potential to be a very happy and rewarding relationship for all involved.

120. The Lord knows your needs, and if you truly put yourself into His loving hands‚ you'll see things will turn out really well, and probably much different than you expected. We're praying very desperately that this counsel will help set you parents and potential helpers on the road to great happiness. Please do pray about these things with an open heart and mind.

121. Peter and I love you very much and are calling on the keys for solutions to the problems you face. We know our wonderful Husband will bless you as you follow His instruction to you personally.

Much love and prayers, Mama


It's Still a Revolution!

122. (Dad speaking:) Without a vision the people perish, and many young people are perishing in the Family today because they can't see or feel the vision, the inspiration and enthusiasm, the miracle and magic of being in a revolution. "Revolution? What revolution?" they ask. "I don't see any revolution!"

123. Revolution is something that has to happen in your heart each and every day. Change is life, but to not change is death and stagnation. People all react in different ways when things begin to change. When things change the way you want them to, then it's easier to get excited and get behind the program. But if the change you hoped for doesn't come, or if something different comes along—especially some change that you really don't like—then you're in the hot seat of decision-making, and you find yourself being forced to take action to regain a state where you're more at peace and happy.

124. One old System expression I heard a lot when I was young was, "Don't get your hopes up!" They used to say that to help prepare you for disappointment. I never liked to be told to "not get my hopes up," because I was born with high hopes! I was an idealist looking for things far beyond even the good things available in the world. My hopes were out of this world most of the time!

125. I used to laugh at a little song about this ant that had all these crazy "high hopes" that seemed totally impossible to hope for as it kept trying to move this rubber tree plant. [Note: On Dad's "My Old Favorites" tapes.] There was also a verse in this song about this ram that was determined to knock down a dam. Anyway, the song tried to encourage people to not give up when things seemed impossible, because their faith, determination, and "high hopes" were very powerful forces that could overcome even things that seemed impossible.

Text box

High Hopes

Just what makes that little ol' ant

Think he'll move that rubber tree plant?

Anyone knows an ant can't

Move a rubber tree plant.

But he's got high hopes, he's got high hopes,

He's got high apple pie in the sky hopes.

So any time you're feelin' low

'Stead of lettin' go

Just remember that ant.

Oops! There goes another rubber tree.

Just what makes that silly old ram

Think he could butt a hole in the dam?

No one could make that ram, scram,

He kept buttin' a hole in the dam.

But he's got high hopes, he's got high hopes,

He's got high apple pie in the sky hopes.

So any time you're feelin' bad

'Stead of feelin' sad

Just remember that ram.

Oops! There goes a billion-kilowatt dam.

End of text box

126. In the Family we have a lot of high hopes, and passing the hope that is in us along to others is one of our greatest gifts and joys in life. Lifting downcast spirits through our love, joy, and confidence in the Word is a key to what makes us who we are and sets us apart from others. When people see the hope that is in you, they are drawn to it as one is to light in a dark place. Jesus compared that special spark of life that sets us apart from the children of this world to salt. He said, "You are the salt of the Earth." But He warned us not to lose our savor or to let go of that special difference we have, because if we do, then we would soon find ourselves trampled down by this world and tossed aside as useless.

127. Jesus is what makes us different—the hope we have in Him, the strength we find in the joy of knowing Him and believing Him and looking forward to His promises. But if you lose that joy, if you find yourself becoming weary in waiting for the promise, and you start to fall asleep spiritually, then you begin to lose the vision; you no longer have the joy and glory in the thing you do; the weight of the world falls upon you and your flesh can't bear up. At this point, some people get very discouraged and just give up in the spirit. Some try to keep going in their flesh, struggling on, hoping somehow to just "shtick" it out till they die, or Jesus comes to rescue them, or whatever.

128. But here is the killer—when you parents and others begin to lose the vision for why you're in the Family and what you're doing, your children also lose out. For one thing, your children will not see that spark of light and life reflected in you, a beacon that pulls you through the impossible. Secondly, if you're losing the vision and fire, it's hard to set your kids on fire for the Lord and the Family. If you have a diminishing vision for yourself, it will be hard to truly make your kids feel that you have a great vision for their lives and service to the Lord.

129. So getting back to what I said before: to survive all the changes and disappointments that come with aging and not seeing things happen just the way you hoped they would or expected them to, calls for a whole new revolution in heart‚ mind‚ and spirit. You have to learn how to keep revoluting, no matter what. You have to learn how to catch a new wave rather than let go and drown or shut your life down just because you feel disappointed, discouraged, dejected‚ or whatever else the Devil can dump on your doorstep.

130. To revolute takes a daily forsaking of the old and taking in new hope‚ power, and enthusiasm. It takes a big forsaking of so many doubts and fears and carnal ways of looking at your life. You have to make each new day a brand–new revolution, a day to break free and shed the shackles of all those old weights and sins that drag you down so easily.

131. Ask the Lord to help you look at each new day with new eyes and new hope. Let your children see you shedding the past and reaching with joy for the future! That spark of life will light up their lives and give them hope. "Hey, Mom and Dad really do believe that what Jesus said is true‚ and they're excited about all the wonderful things Jesus wants to do through me, too! Seeing my parents so turned on, so activated in their faith and so alive really turns me on and makes me want to believe. For a while there I thought they had just given up on me, on themselves, on the Family, on Jesus, on everything. But, wow, not anymore! These guys are getting so turned on about winning new disciples and building a lasting work and homeschooling us kids that our whole life is turning around! The lights are coming on again and I really like it. I think maybe there is something to serving Jesus after all."

132. Now that's a revolution! That's a metanoia—the sort of complete turnaround in the spirit that we need to save the Family and to save our kids. So what if you're disappointed that here you are getting old and Jesus hasn't come back yet and the AC is not as obvious and evident as you expected. So what! Ending the world is not your concern, but living your life to the full for Jesus and others is, and so is turning your kids on to the joy of giving all you've got to Jesus!

133. So what if you find yourself feeling a bit low‚ lacking in vision, burned out, with no spiritual get-up-and–go! Forget about all your failed expectations, and wake up to what you have in your hand—that next crop of radical revolutionary kids, those dropped-out crazy little crusaders that are just waiting to explode for Jesus if you'll just get on fire and light the match!

134. As you get excited about the new moves of the spirit, they will too! As you get turned on to changing the world, so will they. As that old Gospel song goes, "Oh, you gotta have a glory in the thing you do. You've gotta have that glory to see you through!" As you get turned on, your kids will too, because they'll love to see that fire in you. If nothing else, they'll gather round just to see you burn!

135. This is still a revolution, you are still a revolution, and your children are a revolution! So pack up your babies and grab your ladies and let's go! Forget the past! Forget yesterday! Today is the first day of a whole new life in the Family! Today is the day you drop out, tune in, and turn on for Jesus! Get the "can do" vision going—ram the dam! About face! Full speed ahead! (End of message from Dad.)


Following are definitions of the words marked with an asterisk in this Letter, in alphabetical order. Meanings given are for the use of the word in the text, and do not include every meaning of the word. Please consult your dictionary for words not listed.

attrition: (n) the act of weakening or exhausting by constant harassment, abuse, or attack; a reduction in numbers usually as a result of resignation, retirement, or death

foist: (v) impose on others by forcing them to accept something

intrusion: (n) (From ML #3066:40, Maria:) The dictionary defines intrusion as: 1. The act of intruding or the condition of being intruded on. 2. An inappropriate or unwelcome addition. This word can be applied two ways: The first way is the meaning portrayed in the [prophecy], that if you don't give your children what they need, if you don't teach them, train them, and educate them both in mind and spirit‚ you may have an unwelcome intrusion by the System in the form of persecution for not properly caring for your children. The second application of the word "intrusion" is something the Lord warns about earlier in the prophecy, that if you send your children to System school but you don't shepherd them properly‚ you will have to contend with the intrusion of System influence in their lives.

knee-jerk: (adj) automatic; without thinking

proviso: (n) a condition asked as part of an agreement

(End of file.)