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Issues, Part 10

Karen Zerby

By MariaMaria #611 CM 3397 7/01

Tired  of  the  struggle?2

Staying  soft …6

Variety  in  Heaven8

The  role  of  our  Heavenly


Missing  the  boat?11

Tired of the struggle?

1. (Excerpts of a letter to Mama from an SGA woman:)  Since I've gotten older I've felt quite unfulfilled, unchallenged, and like, "What am I doing with my life? Where am I headed?" I'm a bit confused as to why I'm here. I believe each person was put on this Earth for a reason, but I haven't found my place yet or my reason. I feel like I've been holding on forever—and for what? I'm tired of the struggle and lack of purpose that I feel. I want to live my life to its fullest potential in every possible way. I want to be the best I can be and make my life worth living. I don't mean "the best I can be" in a proud and only physical way. I mean in every way—as a loving and caring person, a kindhearted and patient person, someone who is yielded and willing to change, easy to work with. And I also want to develop the talents the Lord has given me and use them.

2. But in the Family it seems rather difficult to do. Either I spend a lot of time traveling and on the road fundraising‚ so there's no time to sit and study something, or in many field Homes in Eastern countries the necessary school facilities or books aren't available for what I want to teach myself. It's frustrating to feel like I'm worth nothing and not able to live to my fullest potential.

3. I'm not happy sitting in a Home, away from my friends and family and most people my age, living a lonely life without a boyfriend or any possibility of having one, just so I can say I'm in the Family and believe a certain way. I would like to feel loved and cared for and have a boyfriend at least once in my life. I meet guys quite often outside the Family who would like to know me better‚ and I can't do anything about it. I know that a lot of guys are just looking for sex and aren't as sweet as they appear—I'm not innocent or ignorant of the games they play. But if the truth were told, guys in the Family play those games too. I feel the chances of finding "that person" in the Family are slim to none.

4. I know there are many people in the world who are lonely, and still alone despite the fact that there are people all around them. I know that in the Family there are a lot less lonely people because we live communally and the people we live with are kind and concerned about us‚ for the most part. I'm thankful for this, but somehow I still face the trial of, "I guess I can either be CM and live a celibate life without ever falling in love or knowing someone in that way," or "I can live otherwise and have more chance of finding that." I don't know, I feel stupid for feeling this way. Maybe love isn't all it's cracked up to be and it shouldn't bother me to live without it. But then why do I feel that need?

5. All I've ever wanted, despite beginning to face these battles, is to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than myself. I could live and die for that, helping someone out physically, making their lives a little better, and watching their faces light up when you tell them about Jesus. I told the Lord‚ "You know what I'm facing here‚ but I want to make a difference. Please help me find a place that I can do this, and change my life." It was one of many ultimatums I gave myself—to either find fulfillment in the Family, or if not‚ change the way I live. I went to several Homes on the field to try to find a place I could do this, and most of the Homes I went to were just surviving. I don't mean to be judgmental; I know that finances are often a struggle and it's hard to do a whole lot when you have a Home with a lot of children and are a little short on funds.

6. So basically that left me a little disillusioned. I had a hard time signing the CM contract, but the prophecy at the end of one of the S2K Letters gave me the faith to do it. It said that even if I felt I couldn't make it and was barely holding on, to just give the Lord six months, and if my life wasn't better, if I wasn't happier, etc., then I was free to do as I wished with no condemnation or feelings of failure. So I signed the contract. But six months later I was still facing the same battles, only worse. I'm begging Him to please change my life or do something to help me, because if not, I don't know how much longer I can go on in this state. I'm so afraid of failing Him and my family.

7. I'm so afraid to let go and launch out into the deep again. I'm so afraid of failing or being failed—not by the Lord, but by people and circumstances. I go from one extreme to the other, so I want to be fully persuaded about my place in or out of the Family and not have to wonder back and forth in my mind any longer. I just want His will. I want to know why I'm here. I want peace‚ happiness, love, truth, and I want to be free. I want to feel the joy of my salvation again. I want to be innocent and happy once more.

[Note: Although this message was given for an SGA‚ you FGAs will also find good counsel and promises you can claim herein.]


8. If these questions express the prayer of your heart, then your heart is in the right place. You, My children of David of the second generation, face a unique struggle. You face a battle that has not been fought by any yet on the face of the Earth. It's a great battle, for you are destined for a unique mission. The Enemy knows this, and so he fights you hard.

9. Hearing about the spiritual warfare that is waged has become so common that to most of you it's nothing more than a cliché. You fail to realize the great truth behind it. If you were more aware of it and how real and how true it is, you wouldn't let these battles dissuade you. The Enemy's attacks would be much less powerful against you. But because you choose to see things from the realm of the flesh, from circumstances and outward appearances in the physical realm, the attack is much greater and it influences you and hinders you much more.

10. If you could only see how much the Enemy hates you, how severely he attacks you, and how terrified he is of you and the future that you have been promised‚ you would have renewed strength to withstand his attacks. You would have faith to continue hanging on. You would fight back, knowing that his strength is little and that he has but a short time—thus the increased intensity of the battles.

11. If you could only see through the veil to the other side—into the mysterious spirit world—it would all become clear. You would understand why you suffer such big trials; why sometimes one thing after another goes wrong; why you feel so lonely and your mind undergoes such arduous strain, struggling with the questions of life. You wouldn't mind the struggle half as much, because the purpose would be clear. When you lack purpose‚ you lack the strength to continue.

12. You might wonder how long the tests will continue, and if you have the strength to make it through these very strenuous battles which seem to just keep coming and coming and coming. You might wonder why I let them continue to come‚ and why I don't put a stop to them.

13. As I have said, you of the second generation have a special calling, a unique destiny. You who endure will be blessed to partake in the culmination of all that has gone before you‚ the final scene of the play, the grand finale, the last leg of the race‚ the cherry on top‚ the orgasm, the greatest moments in the history of mankind! You'll be the star players! That, My loves, is your destiny. That's what you were born and created for. That's what you've been prepared for, and continue to be prepared for. And that is a very great honor.

14. Many prophets and righteous men have desired to see these days, but did not live to see them. Those of you who are blessed to see them—and not only see them but participate‚ have a leading role, and receive the final honor and great glory of being the final runners in the race—must endure a few tests. This honor is not going to just anyone. It's going to those who hold on. It's going to those who determine to endure. And just when you think you can't endure any more, hang on a little longer. That's the way you'll make it.

15. I'm sorry it has to be that way, but I think you'll agree that it's only fair. You have the weapons you need to fight. I've been teaching you how to use them. If you haven't learned yet‚ the classes are still open, but now it's the advanced course, so you'll have to do double-time to catch up. You're equipped. You've been prepared. You have a very great prize—the top prize, the million-dollar jackpot—waiting for you. You might not be able to see it with your eyes, but if you choose to believe, you'll know it's waiting for you.

16. Now it's up to you to endure the preparation and make it through. If you don't want to, that's up to you, but only those who endure will get to run and win. Once you're actually running and the crowds are cheering, it won't be difficult to push yourself a little harder. It's all the training and preparation leading up to those days that's difficult—trying to imagine the crowds in the stands‚ trying to psych yourself up for winning, trying to endure the coaching, trying to muster up the strength to keep running with those weights on.

17. I've used all kinds of illustrations here. Do you get the point? Your future in the Family will be the most exciting life you could ever live! Of course, you have to believe in the spirit world, and you have to choose to believe My Words in order to grasp the magnitude of that statement. You're not just going to be winning a few souls here and there—although each of those count, and are worth it all—but you're going to be the leaders of My children in the End! You haven't seen it yet, but you will soon.

18. Now that you've entered the era of action, the era of greater works, I'm not surprised one bit that the Enemy is fighting you harder than ever, trying to get you to give up. There have been a lot of tests, and there are more to come, so don't hold your breath, thinking the hard part is over. But don't you see? That's what you have to go through in order to be worthy of the very great honor that you're going to receive just for living in these times and playing the part that you will play in the final days of the history of the world! Many, many of My children throughout the ages would have loved to be in your shoes. Of course, you say‚ knowing what they know, that's easy for them to say. You have to take it by faith; that's part of the test.

19. I know it's difficult when you look around you and see folks that you think have it much better than you do. Those world-class athletes probably feel the same some Sundays when they're up early training, sweating, aching, and almost everyone else in the world is resting in bed, sleeping, or reading a novel in the sunshine. But if they want to win badly enough, they keep up with it! They see beyond the present difficulty to the goal. That's the price they pay. It's the same for you, except the goal is something you have to take by faith.

20. I said that the battle you have to fight is one unique to your generation and your calling, and that's true. But My children down throughout history have fought battles that were equally difficult, even those you call great men and women of God. You can be encouraged that, though your battles are severe, your resources are plentiful. You've been given a lot in the way of truth, My Word, the knowledge of where you're at in world history, and exactly what's happening with the race. All they knew was that they needed to run. Most of them had to go it alone‚ with very little support from others and very little Word in comparison with what you have. You think you have to take it by faith—they really did! You have many in your Family to back you up, the ability to hear clearly from Me, an intimate connection with Me, knowledge and training in how to witness to many cultures, nationalities and people, and a multitude of other benefits.

21. You think you work in Homes and don't get many results? Think of some of the greatest missionaries and how they labored for years and years without seeing one soul saved! Everyone that I've ever used has had to pass great tests. Yours happen to be particularly intense, because your reward is very great, one of the greatest honors that could ever be won by anyone on Earth—the honor of serving Me in these Last Days when so much will be accomplished so quickly. You have the ability to impact world history like very few people have ever had. You shouldn't be surprised that the personal sacrifice involved is great.

22. You have entered the era of action. You have to take that by faith right now too, but very soon you'll see the action, and that which was once accepted by faith will be apparent to the sight. Once things really get rolling, you'll no longer have to fight the battles of wondering what you can do to make a difference, or if there's really something worthwhile to give your life to—that will be obvious. But then there will be other battles. Your life will be a battle until you come Here to Heaven. Then you'll see what mattered most in life‚ and will understand that all your sacrifices for Me were worth it. Then it will all be clear‚ and you'll feel like kicking yourself for ever wondering. I have told you all I can to prepare you and have given you a lot of encouragement regarding what's to come. You must simply choose to believe it. That's your part of the bargain.

23. I'm sorry that you struggle with loneliness, feeling unfulfilled, and wondering if you're really doing anything that makes a difference. I'm sorry for the battles‚ I really am. And as you come to Me, as you read My Words, I'll kiss and soothe and comfort and show you how I see things. I'll remind you of My promises. I'll explain the reasons behind what you're going through at the moment. I have all the answers, and I'm always happy to give them to you.

24. But the bottom line is, the Enemy is fighting you. He's fighting you hard, and he's fighting dirty. You have a very big battle on your hands, but that's because the victory is going to be so great! It's going to surpass any victory you've won so far. In order to make it through the difficulties, you have to see the reason behind it—and the reason behind what you're going through is that the Enemy is trying to get you to quit.

25. Every time you feel like quitting, remind yourself that that's just what the Enemy wants you to do. Every time you feel useless‚ remind yourself that's another of the Enemy's lying vanities, his illusions, trying to convince you that it's reality. You're entering the greatest days this world has ever known. Remind yourself that you're destined to defeat him and go on to win the most outstanding, far-reaching, world-changing victories that have ever been won in history! No wonder he's trying to scare you out of the fight now.

26. I'm sorry that I can't rescue you from the battles. I'm right beside you, ready to comfort you, to tend your wounds, to instruct you in how to use your weapons better. I'm there to strengthen you and to give you what you need to keep fighting. But continuing to fight is your choice.

27. Keep your eyes on the goal, My love. Yes‚ the battle is difficult—it's like no other. But you've got what it takes, if you choose to keep fighting. (End of message from Jesus.) (See also "Not Enough Men?" in "Issues, Part 6," ML #3342:37-76, GN 936.)

Staying soft …


28. I think we've all experienced the feeling of being rejected or hurt by someone's words or actions. Depending on how close you are to that person or how much you like them, there are varying degrees of how painful it is, or how much it affects you. When it's a pretty serious hurt, it's often hard to think rationally. It's a natural human reaction to want to harden your heart‚ or be overwhelmingly discouraged or despondent, or angry with the person, or try to justify yourself somehow, or even retaliate. The problem is‚ because you're hurt, you often don't have a very clear perspective on the situation, yet the way you handle it at the time has a great bearing on the long-term outcome.

29. Dad has given a really good message on how to handle hurtful situations. His advice is easier said than done, but if you can ask the Lord to help you follow it, even though it goes against your natural reactions and the compelling feeling of needing to get even or prove you can take it, you'll find that it's wise counsel that will help you come through better in the long run, and might even help resolve the situation in the long term.


30. No matter what people do to you, or what circumstances turn out like, whether you get hurt accidentally or intentionally, you can't harden your heart. You just can't let your heart get hard toward people and their attitudes or actions, and even the hurtful things they might say or do. You can't do that, because if you do, eventually that hardness of heart creeps toward the Lord. It becomes like a bitterness toward the Lord for letting these things happen in your life‚ and that little root of bitterness or resentment, or that hardness of heart, will keep growing and spreading.

31. Even if the Lord allowed it, you have to tell yourself that it was for a good reason; that the Bible says "all things work together for good," so even this thing that hurt you is for some good. You might not understand it, you might have questions about it‚ but you still have to fight to stay soft in heart and loving toward the very people who've hurt you, offended you, or caused some sort of grounds for resentment.

32. Naturally you'll have questions about it, and the best thing to do is to ask the Lord to speak to you when things come up, to help you to understand it, to not be hardened in heart, and to cast your cares on Him. Try not to let these things move you. Ask the Lord to toughen you up in spirit a bit rather than getting hardened or calloused in heart. It's difficult to do, because the natural tendency is to justify being a little hardened about it. But that's really the worst thing you can do‚ because it only causes your spirit to become resentful, bitter, or self–righteous. It works against you if you allow yourself to become hardened to life's hurts, to people's hurts.

33. As difficult as it is to do—and it really is difficult, it takes the grace of God—the best thing to do is to fight to stay soft-hearted in spite of life's hurts and battles and mistreatment. Things go wrong sometimes‚ and often you feel the brunt of the hurt. But you have to remember that the Lord allows it for a good reason, and if you can just react humbly and call out to the Lord for His help and anointing to be able to take it, to stay soft and humble and kind no matter what, you'll not only be able to stay soft in heart, but you'll grow.

34. You'll grow in love‚ compassion, understanding, and humility—all the good qualities of the Spirit. It'll humble you to have to accept graciously that things aren't working out perfectly for you, that maybe not everyone likes you or enjoys your company all the time, just as you don't always like everyone else or always like their company all the time. That's very humbling and can be hard on your pride, but it's good for you to be humbled. The quicker you learn to be humble and gracious and take these things with love and humility, the more you will grow and be more like Jesus.

35. These things help to remind you that you're not so perfect or good. The more humble you are, the more you'll let the Lord shine through, the more you'll be able to accomplish in His Spirit, and the more He'll be able to use you. So even when things don't go perfectly well for you and you're tempted to get tough and hardened in heart in order to bear the hurt, don't fight it. Don't try to be hard and tough so that it won't hurt you. Just let the Lord comfort you, speak to you, and give you His Words of encouragement and love. You'll have to call out to the Lord and ask Him to love through you, to show understanding or compassion through you, because it's not in you to be like that naturally.

36. Thank Him for the hurts along the way. Thank Him and ask Him to use them to keep you humble, compassionate, and understanding of others. There are a lot of people in the world who feel very inferior, underdogs and outcasts that no one else loves. They feel very unneeded and unlovely. As you grow in love and are able to really love others with His impartial love, you'll soon see that it's a gift to have gone through the hurts and tests of being rejected, because it gives you a soft heart for others. It really helps you to understand others who have gone through the same thing.

37. If you were always Mister or Miss Popular, had everything you needed, were admired and sought after by everyone, then you'd also probably be Mr. or Miss Self-righteous! But once you've gone through a few knocks in life, have been down and discouraged and almost felt like giving up, it gives you a certain spiritual maturity and depth that you can't get any other way. It gives you love for others in the same boat‚ and that's a wonderful thing. The Lord will use that if you'll let Him.

38. It's important not to let your heart become closed off to others, or closed off to life, but rather to cast those cares on Jesus. Tell Him all about it and ask Him to give you His Words of encouragement and comfort. It's helpful if you have a shepherd or someone you feel close to and whom you can share your heart with and ask them to pray with you.

39. You have to keep unburdening your heart. Keep it clean, keep dumping all those things overboard, and keep letting the Lord wash you from the negative effect of the hurts. If you don't talk to the Lord about it, and if necessary, get prayer from someone else, and ask Him to take those hurt feelings away from you, to wash away the negative effects and replace them with His love, then it will build up and build up until your heart will be hardened to the point that you won't even feel anymore. You won't be able to be moved with compassion for others.

40. The effects are similar to that Bible verse that talks about being "past feeling." That's what happens when you reject the Lord's love, His ability to comfort you, to counsel you and help you—you become hard in your heart. But if you go to the Lord with your burdens and hurts‚ seek Him desperately, pour out your heart to Him in prayer, and listen for His voice, then your heart will be washed and cleansed and will stay soft and loving.

41. You have to unburden your heart. You have to cast your cares on Him. You have to let Him carry the load, the problems, the weight‚ the sins, everything. You have to become totally honest and naked before your Husband and let Him anoint you for the task. You can't walk around with the weight of the world on your shoulders, or even the mistakes of others—their unloving words or actions. You have to give it all to Jesus and ask Him to strengthen you and help you to overcome and trust in Him.

42. Once you do that, He will touch and heal your heart, and you'll be able to go out again with a soft heart, but a strengthened spirit. (End of message from Dad.)


43. Of course, that doesn't justify the wrongs or the hurtful things done. If you're the one wronged‚ Dad has given good counsel on how to take it. But the good that can come of it is never an excuse to justify being unloving‚ unkind, or hurtful. Like Jesus said, "Woe unto the world because of offences! For it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!" (Mat.18:7).

Variety in Heaven


44. From the LinkUp and other pubs, I get the impression that Heaven is quite a modern place. That's fine for our generation that's living in this time and used to that kind of a lifestyle‚ but what about the other ideas of Heaven?

45. For example, the Muslims think they will go to a paradise that is like a big harem, a little bit more male oriented. The American Indians thought they would go to the happy hunting grounds‚ etc. Different people through the ages have thought of Heaven as related to their life and the way they lived, the form of life they enjoyed.

46. Could it be that God gives different nations and generations the sort of paradise they would be more familiar with? Or does everyone that lived through the different ages eventually get "up to par"—in other words, to our "advanced" level? Is all of Heaven technologically "modern"? Or are there quarters in Heaven for older civilizations that are happy to live the way they lived on Earth?


47. What is Heaven like? What is it going to be like? That's a question millions of people have asked, and that's why our pubs on Heaven are such hits! The Lord's taken every person's needs into consideration, and this may surprise you, but Heaven is multifaceted. There isn't one "style" of Heaven that the Lord has made. You might not like my idea of Heaven and I might not like yours‚ right? So the Lord has made Heaven a special gift—the gift of being whatever anyone needs the most! There are many spheres of Heaven. There are the more advanced and super-tech sections of Heaven, and there are also the rolling hills, ranches, forests, prairies, harems‚ sea worlds, and mountains. The list goes on infinitely because there's never an end!

48. So when you ask what Heaven is going to be like and if it's all going to be high–tech, the answer is that Heaven will open to each what he desires. The Lord has given the Family the best view of Heaven so far, and there's much more to come. But you've just had a small glimpse into an ocean of possibilities. If you want to live in a rural setting without the more modern effects of Heaven‚ then you probably will. The Lord knows what's on your heart and He'll give you your heart's desires.

49. I for one prefer variety! I was never one for the high-tech mechanics of this world. I loved creation, nature, and being in the open, and for this reason the Lord has given me what my heart desires, and my area of Heaven is much this way. I've visited others who are surrounded by interesting gadgets, inventions, far-out space vehicles, and unusual and advanced housing designs, but that's because that's what they wanted. The Lord's not going to force you to live in a certain environment; you can create your own. And if you get bored with it, you can change it!

50. What would Heaven be without change? What would Heaven be like if everything was one way and everyone had to comply with that? That's my idea of Hell! The Lord loves you greatly and He knows what you'd like. To those of you who are up on the times and trendy‚ you can look forward to the most advanced technology in the universe, and always have much more to learn. And to those of you who, like myself, prefer the beautiful sights of creation, the Lord will grant you that sort of habitat.

51. Every civilization has had its view of Heaven; not all have been correct, but some have. But one thing you can count on—there's plenty of variety up Here, and the Lord makes allowance for various likes and preferences, according to the choice of the individual. You can do whatever you like with your portion of Heaven‚ and variety is the operative word. You may walk or fly down one "block" and see a thousand different styles or cultural havens.

52. So to answer this question‚ the possibilities of what Heaven can be like are endless! You may even see a certain area in one way, but then step into a different dimension and be amazed to realize that it's something completely different and changes with every sphere you enter. You can have your mansion one way, then decide to build it or remodel it in a completely different style in a different sphere of the spirit world. And you can go back and forth between the realms at will.

53. So is Heaven all hi-tech? No‚ but everything is in its highest state of perfection. Even the most rural settings are highly refined and perfected. But don't let your mind get stuck on just one view of Heaven, because Heaven is so big! Heaven is an infinite number of places, settings, beings‚ creatures and creations—one word to describe the celestial cosmos run by the Lord. It's so big and beyond comprehension that man can't understand it for the life of him.

54. There are whole sectors of Heaven where there's just one type of setting. For example, if you'd like to enjoy the Islamic idea of Heaven, then be sure to visit one of those sectors and enjoy the beautiful houris of Heaven. People will each have their individual needs met. Some want trees while others want high-tech, polished halls filled with every sort of technology available. So which one is going to get their desires? Both! Both will have exactly what they want and need in Heaven.

55. And for you who might be wondering how you're going to live with your husband or wife's view of Heaven, don't worry! You can create different versions of your Heaven within the same space, and both be living in different worlds, seeing different "heavens," while still interacting as if you were in the same world. Blow your mind? That's Heaven! See you there! (End of message from Dad.)

Text box:


56. In Heaven you're not bound by the dimensions of Earth and the physical world. On Earth you're bound by the four dimensions—depth, breadth, height, and time—but Here in Heaven, none of those are limiting. You can't understand it with your minds, because you can't clearly picture anything existing without the limits or guidelines of those dimensions—but it does! And that is the realm of the spirit.

57. So while I like to try to answer your questions and explain things to you, there are some things that you'll simply have to wait and see and understand when you get Here! That's part of the fun, the excitement, and the surprise that I'm preparing for you, My beloved ones. I've prepared a beautiful Heavenly City for you‚ and within that City will be great variety, according to your particular needs and desires. And beyond the limits of even that Heavenly City is much more waiting to be discovered and explored by you.

58. I've prepared it all for you, My loves, and it makes Me so happy to think of the time when you'll be Here with Me, and will be able to see that the depth and breadth and height of My love is truly limitless, and we share a future in eternity, not bound or limited by time. I love you! (End of message from Jesus.)

End of text box.

The Role of our Heavenly Comforter


59. I was wondering if you could get something from Jesus about us having a closer relationship to His Father and the Holy Spirit. I know we're supposed to do everything in Jesus' name, and we're drawing closer to Him by loving Him more intimately, etc., but what about drawing closer to the Holy Spirit and the Father? Jesus talks in His recent personal testimonies quite a bit about His close relationship to His Father when He was going through battles on Earth, and tells us in His sample prayer to address His Father. (Note: See ML #3317:11-34‚ GN 921; and Mat.6:9.) He also talks about the Comforter and Her importance. I was wondering if there is some more untapped spiritual power we could avail ourselves of.


60. When Jesus came to Earth He said, "I am the way‚ the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by Me" (John 14:6). He came to Earth to be one of us, to live a physical life, so that He could understand us and be our advocate in the halls of Heaven, our link to God and the Holy Spirit. He knows all of the things that we go through on Earth, because He walked the dusty road of life, just like us. He is the door that we walk through to reach God and the Holy Spirit.

61. When Jesus was on Earth He had a very close link to His Father. When He needed help or comfort, He called on His Father and the Holy Spirit. They were His spiritual counselors and Heavenly instructors. But we now have Jesus in Heaven, Who is so much closer to us and understands us so much better, simply because He has experienced things that we go through, and He's more like us. God and the Holy Spirit are also great and mighty and powerful and righteous, but it's easier for us, while in the flesh, to draw close to Jesus and to call on Him when we need help and answers. He's our Intercessor. "He ever liveth to make intercession for us" (Heb.7:25).

62. The whole reason Jesus came to Earth was to show us the way to Heaven. He came to Earth to be like one of us so that we would be able to follow in His footsteps. He is the way to Heaven, and He endured all that He went through because He loved us. God loved us so much that He sent Jesus to Earth to become like one of us, to bring us closer to Heaven. Jesus isn't the only One we can call on in times of need or desperation, He's not the only One we can pray to‚ but He's the One we can relate to the most, because He was human. He's our Savior.

63. There's nothing wrong with praying to God and the Holy Spirit. In fact, it's good to give them their due reverence‚ because Jesus is part of them and they're part of Jesus—all three are one. The Holy Spirit gives great power to witness, as well as the other gifts of the Spirit. These gifts of the Spirit are not to be neglected. God and the Holy Spirit are not to be neglected. But Jesus is our link to the spirit world. Jesus is the door we go through. Jesus is the One we should concentrate on drawing close to. Through Him we also love God and the Holy Spirit, because they are one and the same‚ but still three different entities. The concept of the Trinity is still a mystery to the human mind, but all you have to do is believe it because the Bible tells you so. You don't have to understand it all—just keep drawing close to Jesus and let Him draw you closer to God; let Him fill you with the Holy Spirit.

64. Jesus wants to bring you closer to God; He wants to give you more of His Spirit than you've ever had before. Yes, there is untapped spiritual power, but He's now making it available to you. He's put the keys to the Kingdom in your hands, so learn to use them. He's given you the power to rise above all impossibilities, so keep drawing closer to Jesus every day, and through Him draw closer to God. Keep letting Him possess you with His Spirit. Believe what He tells you. Use the keys; tap into the power. (End of message from Dad.)

Missing the boat?


65. I have a question that's been bothering me for a long time now. When I read some older GNs‚ both ones that came out when I was too young to read them, as well as the more recent ones that I've already read, a lot of times I only get the point now. There are quite a number of GNs where it says, "Get on board now, or else it will be more difficult later," and stuff like that. Only I sometimes don't seem to get the point until later. Or I'm reading it later, and I finally start to realize how much I need it and should be doing it‚ and then I start. Is it the same thing, or did I really miss the boat by not catching the point the first time I read it?

66. I wonder this because I feel funny a lot of times for starting to implement one of the new weapons at a later date than when they were first presented. I'm still a senior teen, so I also wondered that about the JETTs and so forth. When they get older and read the Word on the new weapons and all they have to do, that GN—which may have come out quite some years before—says they have to do it now. Meaning when—precisely at the date the GN came out, or what? Or is it that when the Lord lets it get through to us, that's when it starts? Like, we realize it for the first time, and then if we don't listen and obey‚ it's harder the second time around? I hope this is understandable.


67. The prime time for you to implement the Word and instruction that I have given in the GNs is at the time you read it. When I say to "implement My instruction now," or to "get on board now," or "start using this new weapon now," I'm speaking to you while you're reading it‚ directly to your heart—whether the GN came out two days ago or two years ago.

68. If a GN came out in 1998, it doesn't mean that if you were too young to read it at the time, that you won't be able to benefit as fully from the instructions contained therein and its effects in your life. If you read it in the year 2001 for the first time, you can benefit from it just as much as someone who read it in 1998, if you apply My Word to your life.

69. The spiritual principle is that I bless obedience. I bless you when you obey and implement what I show you—either personally or through the GNs—without delay. Those who obey and start moving in the direction that I'm leading right away receive a greater portion of My blessings. That's not to say that if you're a little slow on the draw you won't receive My blessings at all. You will—and abundantly—but perhaps not quite as many blessings as the one who obeyed without delay.

70. Part of the benefit of obeying right away is that I make the implementation of My Word easier for you. Also, you receive the benefits of whatever it is that you've implemented right away. Whatever it is—learning to use a new weapon, making spiritual progress in your life‚ overcoming an NWO—it will be easier for you if you start right away. With many of My spiritual principles, the longer you wait to implement them, the harder it will be.

71. There are many reasons that it's more beneficial to obey My Words of instruction and begin to implement the New Wine as soon as you read it.

  1. I give an extra boost of spirit help to those who step out by faith to implement the New Wine without delay; but if you wait, it takes more determination and motivation to start that same momentum in the spirit. It's not impossible—because all things are possible, and I will give you the help that you desire as you're desperate with Me—but it takes a little more effort.
  2. The longer you go, continuing business as usual, the more deeply ingrained your current mindsets and modes of operation become. Then it takes a greater measure of faith and greater desire to turn your life around.
  3. If you don't proceed to change your life in accordance with My instruction, you begin to get a little familiar with those specific spiritual principles. Familiarity with My Word makes it harder to implement at a later date. So it's best to start right away to avoid that familiarity setting in.

72. There's no set date for implementing the new moves of My Spirit. For example, I don't say that if you didn't start using your gift of prophecy by January 1997, you've failed and you won't receive My blessings. If this were the case, what about all of the children who aren't yet old enough to read the GNs or implement them fully? What about all of the new disciples that join? Will they be at a disadvantage? No. It's a matter of the heart. It's Me working in your life. It's Me speaking to your heart when you read the GN, as you let Me motivate you to change and grow and progress.

73. It's similar to My Word of old‚ the Bible. Those Words were written for your salvation, instruction and inspiration thousands of years ago‚ and you may have read them for many years before you were saved and received instruction and inspiration from them, before you obeyed them. But what matters is not the date they were written but your obedience.

74. That's the time to change—when My Words have spoken to you, when My Spirit has convicted you. There are no set dates. There are no set times. But when My Spirit has spoken to you through My written Word, you'd do well to heed it and start moving My way. If you don't, there will still be other chances for you, but you'll miss out on some of My blessings in your life—blessings that I long to give you. So don't delay; implement My Word today. (End of message from Jesus)

(End of file.)