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Activate the World, Part 5!

Karen Zerby

By MariaMaria #609 CM/FM 3395 12/01

My dear loves‚

1. God bless you! Peter and I are so thankful for each of you who've committed your all to Jesus‚ who've given your hearts to Him and dedicated your lives to reaching and feeding the lost and spiritually needy! You're doing a wonderful work, and both the Lord and the lost will be eternally thankful!

2. The Activated program is one of our major means of feeding and nurturing the Lord's sheep so that they can grow and become all that He wants them to be. So in this GN we're continuing the series of motivational messages the Lord gave us in the "Activate the World" series.

3. In this first message, we return to the Supernatural Symposium to get an inside look at the effect that Activated has on the mind of the reader, followed by an inspiring message from a guest speaker in the spirit world!

The Symposium

—Session Three

4. (Angelic moderator speaking:) Welcome back to the Supernatural Interdimensional Activated Motivational Symposium! This is session three. We trust that you're enjoying the various presentations and that you're looking forward to the next guest speaker. You've heard from both Old and New Testament prophets, and now we want to jump ahead almost 2,000 years. Our next speaker has an incredible testimony, and has been honored by both religious and secular authorities for her contributions to her country. And with that clue we will leave you to ruminate a little as to who the mystery lady could be.

5. So, have you been practicing the victory chant? Shall we try it now? How about a little variation? Okay, everybody huddle up in groups and we'll do it sports team style. Stretch out your arms and place your hands on top of each other's.

6. Start going‚ "V‚ v, v, v, v, victory!"

7. That was a trial run. Let's try again. One more time! "V, V, V, V, V, VICTORY!"

8. Now lift the roof with as big a round of praise as you can muster. Bellow it out‚ and pray the neighbors are out too! Hallelujah! (The Heavenly auditorium erupts in a round of wild praise.)

9. Okay, you can quiet down now!

10. Before we get to our next speaker, we have a multidimensional animation for you to enjoy. You who are not actually here in the spiritual realm are going to have to tune in with your spiritual eyes. If you close your eyes and ask the Lord to help you, you can see it as well!

11. Our Heavenly tech department has created a rather interesting character they call ELMO. I'm reading from the technical notes here. They say, "ELMO, which is an acronym for Energized Love-light Motile* Operant, is an animated Activated magazine that takes on a spiritual life of its own. It looks like an animated Activated magazine with a personality that is an amalgam of love‚ wit, tenderness, courage, iconoclasm, fervor, and can-be-doneism. Cross Father David, Mother Teresa, and George Burns‚ add a touch of Hudson Taylor and a bit of Alana attitude and you have some idea of what this character is like." Hmmm!? *[motile: capable of movement]

12. The tech notes continue‚ "This character will take you on a mag's-eye journey illustrating the adventures of an Activated magazine."

13. I have not seen this before, ladies and gentlemen, so I cannot tell you what it will be like. But I've been told to hold on to something, as it can be quite a ride! Our symposium's location is going to go through a transformation, as our seating will now rearrange itself into a circular formation, with the presentation taking place in the center. The big screen is also now changing its form and moving from the back of the stage and forming the shape of an inverted dome on the ceiling in the middle. All the seats will now take on a reclining position and the participants will be able to lie back and enjoy the show.

14. So now, without further ado, I will turn you over to ELMO!

15. (The light dims until the theater is totally dark, and the audience stares up at the inverted dome. In the very center a minuscule speck of light appears. The dot begins to get noticeably bigger‚ and soon the audience realizes that it appears to be a meteor and is traveling at tremendous velocity toward them. Just as it appears to be about to hit the surface of the dome, a tremendous fanfare breaks the silence.

16. (The "meteor" bursts through the surface of the dome and begins racing around the circumference of the auditorium‚ leaving a brilliant light trail behind it. It then begins dashing to and fro across the auditorium, and the light trail splits into a complete spectrum of colors, many of which are not visible on Earth. The various color trails now start taking on independent lives of their own as they weave back and forth, intersecting and intertwining with each other in a brilliant dance of fire.

17. (Then, in an explosive finale to their dance, each trail swoops out to the edge of the auditorium and then loops back in at tremendous speed. They all crash together in the center with a brilliant multi–hued explosion of light‚ and when the brilliance fades, there in the center hovers ELMO.

18. (ELMO has the form of a magazine with pages that scintillate and move as though made from liquid light. He has no face or human characteristics, but has definite personality.)

19. "Greetings! I'm ELMO!" a deep, sonorous voice intones. The colors on ELMO swirl and pulse and transform themselves in synchronous sequence as ELMO speaks.

20. "I'm going to take you on a series of multidimensional encounters in the lives and adventures of a sampling of Activated mags. This is not just to entertain you, but it is also so you can experience the effects that these magazines are having. This will be a two–part presentation. The first part will start now and the concluding part will take place in a following session. Come!"

21. With that, each member of the audience feels the sensation of becoming part of a flat page. The participants have each become what might be regarded as a letter on a page, or perhaps more correctly a spot of ink, and from the vantage point of that spot of ink they now look at the world. As you look to the left or right, up or down, you can make out the page you are on. It is possible to think yourself away from the surface a little, and you can then see the whole page in front of you. But when you turn to face outward you're once again flat on the surface of the paper.

22. "Take a few minutes to acclimate yourself to your position‚" ELMO's voice echoes inside your head. "At first it might seem a bit disorienting, but soon you'll find yourself able to compensate for the pitching and rolling sensation." He's right, as almost at once you feel yourself stabilizing, even though the page you're on is in definite motion.

23. "From this point," intones ELMO, "you will no longer hear my voice, but you will experience it!"

24. The magazine we are attached to is being held in someone's hand and is moving toward a second person, a man. Eyes look intently, almost piercingly at you. You feel that you've been passed from the original holder into this man's hand. His eyes become more prominent, and the other features of his face fade into a blur. The eyes travel across the surface of the paper and you feel the sensation of the page being turned. But instead of remaining on the turned page, you now find yourself transported to new text on the next page. The reader's eyes are going back and forth over the lines of text above you.

25. His eyes reach the text directly to your right, and as they pass over you, a most unusual sensation occurs. You find yourself swept off the page and up through his eyes into his mind. You have become a thought. Immediately you're aware that you're not alone but are surrounded by multitudes of other thoughts, all competing for space. You're a thought of light‚ and are floating like an iridescent pearl through a multitude of other thoughts. The other thoughts have colors too, but many are black and formless and float like a mist around you, almost as though they're trying to smother you. But you have a power that they can't touch as you float around, illuminating whatever parts of the mind you travel through.

26. You observe a mechanism going on in which the other thoughts around you are being compared to you. You are at once being measured by them and at the same time measuring them. Some thoughts seem to vanish‚ imploding in on themselves as they disappear. Others morph into other forms, taking on new characteristics. Some align themselves with others momentarily, only to then shift positions to line up with others. You find yourself being placed in various formations with others‚ only to find that the others cannot line up with you, but are repelled as though by some hidden force.

27. You're causing confusion, but at the same time a new harmony is forming. Now some other thoughts are coming closer to you, and as they reach you they're transformed and take on your form and character. A fine ray of light emanates from you and pierces the nearest other similar thought‚ and you're joined by this bond. Almost simultaneously other rays proceed from you to others, and you find yourself bonded with many of them in an elaborate grid that spreads out in all directions.

28. You're seeing a mind transformed by the Lord's Words. You were sucked up into the eyes as a word that formed part of a thought. You became a thought that started to change the pattern of the reader's mind. You were the words of light that became a thought of light that transformed the mind to receive the Light. This was the preparation of the mind of man to receive not just a sample of the Light in an enlightened thought, but a thought that was aligning the mind and making it ready for the reception of the Light of lights.

29. You look around, and now the thoughts have formed a hollow globe of light. At the center of that globe there is a light infinitely more brilliant than all the little pearly thoughts to which you are joined. This light is not confined to a form. You are at once aware that this light is the very presence of Jesus glowing in this holy of holies in the mind. Light streams forth through the latticework of connections of all the thoughts of light, penetrating the darkness. There are no walls or boundaries in the mind. The more the light glows, the more thoughts are added to the globe, the bigger the globe becomes, the bigger the light at its center becomes, and the further the light shines and the more it illuminates.

30. The little thoughts of light seem to come from two sources. Some are from the transformation of other thoughts that were there at the beginning, yet the vast majority of the original thoughts do not transform but rather implode. It seems only a limited number can be transformed; most cannot respond to the process. By far the major source now of the pearls of light can be seen streaming into the mind via the eyes.

31. You turn again to marvel at the brilliant light in the middle of the globe, and in the next instant you find yourself once again on the surface of the paper. The eyes above you are the same ones that looked at you in the first place, but they've taken on a new sheen. They're no longer empty; there's now a joyous sparkle to them. The eyes are smiling at you with tenderness and kindness, with enthusiasm and satisfaction.

32. Reverently, the magazine is closed. You're now lying back in your seats looking up at ELMO. ELMO has no need to speak, because you know what you've just experienced. ELMO smiles at you. You don't know how you know he smiles‚ because he has no mouth to smile with, but you know it's a smile nevertheless. Then in another brilliant acrobatic light show‚ ELMO makes his exit in a way similar to that in which he came.

33. As ELMO becomes smaller and smaller, the auditorium darkens until, as he disappears from view, the room is in total blackness. There's a hushed astonishment in the room. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, light begins to fill the room again. The applause and praise begins quietly, but builds in momentum until the sound fills the room like giant ocean breakers crashing on majestic cliffs, like songbirds singing a thousand melodies that are all in harmony at the same time. As the last praise subsides, the seating begins to return to its original formation.

34. (Angelic moderator speaking:) I know that "Wow!" doesn't do justice to what we saw, but I'm at a loss for Earth words to describe what we have just seen, ladies and gentlemen. My halo's off to you of our tech department! You have surpassed yourselves. A trip into the mind of an Activated reader at the moment when the seed of faith was sown, not just to be in the mind but to be that seed and see from the seed's perspective the transformation of reception and then salvation of the reader was not just an incredible experience but also an amazing concept to explore. We will look forward to ELMO's return.

35. Our next speaker is an incredible lady who faced incredible hardships in her life, not just to rise above them herself‚ but to also reach out to others in similar straits and help thousands to also rise above. She was given the title "learned" by her co-religionists due to her knowledge of their scriptures, but she found that those were all to no avail; fine words with no meaning or power except to deceive and enslave. She found the truth in the words of our Lover and Savior, and they gave her strength and courage for all she faced. I present to you Pandita Ramabai!

(Pandita, in a shimmering golden sari of Heavenly satin‚ rises from her chair and walks, or rather glides, to the center of the stage. She is beautiful in every sense of the word, her face radiant, her smile captivating, and her eyes full of serene happiness.)

36. (Pandita speaking:) I am very grateful to be here with you all. (A huge round of praise and applause erupts.)

37. I see there is a big contingent of spirit helpers formerly from and currently assigned to my homeland. Thank you for your encouragement. I am honored to represent you and the mission fields of not just the Subcontinent, but also all of Asia. There are billions there who need to find the light‚ as was just demonstrated by ELMO. I cried as I watched that demonstration because I know that was my experience. That was just like my mind. A pearl of truth floated in and began the transformation that saved me from a life of despair, degradation, and death. So many need those pearls, yet so few are dedicated to sowing them.

38. The Brahmins of my land called me Pandita, the Learned, because I could recite the Puranas and other sacred texts of Hinduism. Yet I was as the most ignorant of people because it was not the truth. Indeed, anyone can have their head stuffed full of knowledge of one form or another, but if they know not the truth, what is the use? They are as ignorant as the most unlearned of all. For their learning will avail them nothing. It will not bring them light and salvation but will only be like those swirling dark mists floating through the endless expanse of their minds as we saw in the demonstration.

39. Now I speak to you‚ my colleagues and fellow laborers still on Earth. You have had the Words of life for many years and you have performed herculean feats to get those words to the lost. Now, in your hands and at your disposal, is by far the best vehicle yet to get out these words to the hungry. I exhort you from the bottom of my heart to seize this opportunity to utilize the magazine and its attendant program.

40. Time is not your friend. Time is working against you. Every day that you delay in giving this program the priority and attention it needs is time—and more importantly souls—lost. The Lord's work in these Last Days cannot countenance postponement. It cannot be put off to a more convenient time, for time is running out, and soon there will be no more available to you. I speak this with deep concern, because many need your message. But the longer it gets put off, the fewer who will hear it.

41. I have heard some say that because our dearest Lord will not lose any of His, and that if they don't receive the chance of salvation in this world they will receive it in the next, there's no need to busy yourselves in His business. "Why give people a 'weak' witness here that may seal their fate for eternity when a far more persuasive witness will be given to them once they pass over?"

42. Tell me‚ if you were passing someone who was drowning, would you reason to yourself, "Why throw him this life preserver which will just keep him afloat, when surely a large craft will come along that will haul him completely out of the water?" You bank too much on the future. By then their minds could be clouded so much by the Enemy of our souls that they may even refuse to be "hauled out of the water." I could never face anyone who‚ because of my failure to tell them of my faith, never made it into this eternal reward.

43. I went out into the countryside to rescue the unwanted widows and their children. I had found the truth in our wonderful Savior, and I could not keep it to myself. Women in my land and in my day were regarded as lower than the animals. They were despised and cruelly mistreated, and when their husbands died, the wives were discarded by their families and kin. I saw their poverty and wretchedness and was moved with great pity to bring them into my mission and care for them. Their despair and misery was apparent, and I brought these poor pitiful ones home to care for them and nurture them.

44. Yet, the lost spiritually are much more destitute than these. Their condition is exceedingly more pitiful. You cannot see it because you look with the natural eye, but we who observe from the spiritual see their sad and pathetic spirits. You care for many very sacrificially in your "Consider the Poor" ministries because you see their sad physical condition. If you could see the spirits of the unsaved in the same way‚ you would be very moved. Recall the state of those who are in the very worst of conditions among those you care for physically and you will begin to see how those in need of salvation appear in the spirit. They are clothed in rags and are destitute‚ hungry, and sick.

45. Now you are being called to bring them in. The beginning step is the Activated magazine, but the ultimate goal is to bring all these dear ones into your fold. You must go forth weeping, bearing the precious seed of the Word‚ and you will come again rejoicing, bringing your sheaves with you.

46. I am sorry my message is on the more sober side. Inspiration and motivation are what is needed for your job. Yet sometimes the strongest motivation comes from being sobered by the seriousness of your task.

47. Nevertheless, I want to leave you inspired. There are two things that will inspire you to do this job. One is the undying gratitude of God Himself. I think some of you may not realize what an awesome compliment and inspiration it can be to have God Himself thank you. It is not just a one-time thank-you, either. It is a continual thanks that always surrounds you. Although He will be thankful for other things you do, both there and here in the hereafter, this particular thanks that you will experience cannot be added to here in Heaven. It is only earned there on Earth, and in particular it is only acquired by the saving and feeding of souls. This thanks you will carry with you for eternity. It is a living badge of honor.

48. The second thing is the everlasting thanks and gratitude that those you have won and fed will have for you. I look out at the audience here today and see many who were with me in the Mukti Mission. The smiles of love and appreciation that radiate from them are with me always. I could not ask for a better reward than my Lord's and their love and thankfulness.

49. Before I go, a special word to those of you reading this on the Subcontinent. You have become leaders in the Activated push and I am proud of you. It is no accident that you are, because you are getting the help of thousands of spirits who have departed that land. It was my homeland and theirs‚ and we are particularly burdened for the people there. We are forever thankful that we have such co-laborers as you. Thank you for your steadfastness and dedication. I love you all! (End of message from Pandita.)

To be continued

Making the Lord's Dream

Come True!

50. (Mama:) Pandita conveyed the Lord's thankfulness in that last message, and in this next one the Lord Himself expresses His gratitude for all we do to make the Activated vision a reality. He says it's His dream come true and a fulfillment of His desire to reach the world! He also talks about what a tremendous explosion it will be, and encourages us to keep going and opening the great doorways He has awaiting us.

51. This message is one the Lord gave us before Peter addressed the Family in Brazil several months ago, but the promises herein are for each of us, no matter what field we're on!

52. (Jesus speaking:) Thank you, My dear ones, for your willingness to meet this challenge [of getting out Activated]. I thank you, for you are not only working toward fulfilling a dream for the Family‚ but you are making My dreams come true!

53. Yes‚ this Activated vision is My dream. Thank you for helping to fill My Own heart's desire! Thank you for taking the plunge, for your willingness to try, to step out on the water and obey where I am leading. You, My loves, are helping to make My dream come true, for this is My burning desire—to reach the world through the Activated program. This is the deep yearning of My heart, to see the world get activated! I thank you for your willingness to give it all you've got. You'll never be sorry you did.

54. This is why I pour out in great abundance through My Endtime mouthpieces; this is why I pour out in a steady stream to the children of David. It is to you alone I give My full Endtime message for the world, and it is through you alone I pump My living Words of the Last Days out to the nations. You carry My message to the world; you are the ones whom I have chosen to deliver it to mankind.

55. Through the Activated program I wish to not only win the lost‚ but to teach them, train them, and make disciples of all nations. And I thank you, My loves, for your willingness to make it happen. I thank you for doing your part, for obeying My call‚ for being willing to learn how, for receiving from one another, for uniting in prayer, for resisting the Enemy, and for marching on to claim the land. This display of your willingness and your obedience, this demonstration that you are willing to put your time, your effort‚ your talents, and your skills to work in order to bring this great commission to fruition is what I will bless.

56. You cannot see the full circumference, the great and awesome things on the horizon as I do. You cannot at this moment see the outstanding brilliance and magnificence of the mighty explosion that you are igniting, but I see. The repercussions of your efforts are going to explode, and this will create a tremendous force that will be felt not only around the world‚ but into eternity.

57. You must not be tempted to look on what seem at times like small beginnings and wonder if the time and effort are worth it, or if the sacrifice, the hard work, the forsaking‚ or the commitment of your time are worth it. You must never be tempted to give way to discouragement, thinking your efforts are not effecting a great enough change for better in the lives of those whom you try to reach—for this is not so. Each heart you reach is greatly touched. Hearts, minds, and lives are greatly changed. You can't see the full scope at present, but the day is upon you when you will see.

58. You stand on the threshold, My loves‚ on the brink of a tremendous explosion. It will come, and you are even now at the door. Therefore I ask you to keep moving forward, keep taking the plunge, keep launching out into the deep, wide ocean that lies before you. You must keep seeking Me daily, asking Me everything‚ listening to My leading when I tell you to go to the right‚ when I tell you to go to the left, when I tell you to sit still and listen. Keep listening to My lead and allowing Me to direct your steps each day, and you will see.

59. You cannot see the full magnitude of it at this moment, but I ask you to trust Me. The far-reaching effects of this Activated ministry are going to break all world records since the beginning of time. Never before has the world seen a mighty moving of My Spirit as they will see now. The effects of this great move will be so stupendous that the human mind does not have the capacity to imagine it. And you who have answered My call are laying the foundation, brick by brick‚ heart upon heart, subscription by subscription.

60. There lie before you now great doorways waiting to be opened. All you must do is keep knocking, keep receiving from Me, and keep allowing Me to guide you to the golden opportunities of My will. I will steer you and direct you through each door. As long as you keep doing your part‚ I will not fail to do Mine.

61. Oh, the benefits you are going to reap! If you could only see, if you could only fathom the great and awesome explosion that is about to take place and the tremendous fruit that will result! I ask you, dear ones, to brace yourselves! You must get ready for the repercussions, for so great will be the fallout, so widespread will be the explosion that you have never seen anything like it. Never in all of history has there been so great a moving of My Spirit as you are about to witness!

62. This is why you must keep your eyes fully focused on Me, for Satan seeks to discourage you. He seeks to hinder‚ to delay, to thwart, to waylay‚ to slow you down, to stop you altogether if it were possible. This is what I wish to tell you today: You must not be wise in your own eyes, but be alert, aware, and on your highest guard, ever attentive to the checks of My Spirit and My voice whispering in your ear.

63. You must keep your focus fully on Me‚ that I might guide you through the minefields ahead. Yes, minefields, for in his fury Satan seeks to lay traps in order to stop you, hinder, delay, and scare you. The Evil One is terribly roused, for he too peers out on the horizon and beholds the bright future that awaits you‚ My Activated warriors. He seeks to throw you off course, for he fears. He is furious, ranting, raging, seething, fuming at what he beholds. He knows My Spirit stirs within you. He knows full well the capabilities you possess as you claim My power and step out in obedience to Me, as you get activated and resolve to activate the world. He has seen your display of courage, of faith and trust in Me, and he knows this will only grow and blossom and flourish as you keep on keeping on.

64. He knows all too well the awesome reality. He knows that My promises hold true, that all I have said to you regarding your Activated future I will bring to pass, as you keep your hand firmly clasped in Mine and your eyes fully focused on Me. He knows that as you hold fast to My promises, as you obey and forge ahead full-steam, putting your time and energy behind the Activated vision I have given, you will march in and claim the land.

65. This has him shaking in his boots. He trembles in fear, and to cover his fear he will try to overcompensate. He does this by looking for any and all opportunities‚ no matter how slight or small‚ to enter your defenses and cause you setbacks, cause you friction here or there, cause you problems. I tell you this that you might be forewarned, and thus forearmed.

66. You have nothing to fear. Only continue to raise high your guard and keep it raised. Raise high the standard I have set before you and let nothing stand in your way. Unite and continue your fight for unity with all your might and all your strength. Continue to push ahead; let nothing stand in your way! Raise high the banner of My love and of the power of My Spirit that I put within you!

67. Let this be your rallying cry this day: Unite, fight, and forward march! Give no place to discouragement, to fear, to disunity, to impossibilities. Look not to the right or to the left, but forge ahead, straight on! What I said can be done, will be done as you keep your eyes on Me.

68. Are you with Me? Thank you, My loves, for being willing. Thank you for helping to fulfill My heart's desire! I need you—each and every one of you‚ for to you it is given to pave the way of the future‚ to pave the way of the Family.

69. Thank you for helping to lead the way. Thank you for doing your part to step out, to push, to promote, to activate others, to broaden the base of My Family, to win, teach, and train disciples. Thank you, My brave pioneers, for standing up! Thank you for being My voice. This is going to be your finest hour! You'll never be sorry you answered the Activated call! You'll never be sorry you joined in on the beachhead attack in this great blitz that will rock the planet.

70. The echo of what you do today will be heard around the world. Your time, your effort, your energy, your sacrifice—nothing you put into this great push forward will be wasted, not one iota! Everything you spend will live on forever. You can't see the end, but I can see. You'll never be sorry you had a part.

71. Thank you for helping to fulfill My heart's desire. You'll have no regrets, for I will be your strong arm. I am your loving Husband, your Miracle Man, the One Who will show My might and force and power through you.

72. Together we'll set Satan back on his heels! And you, My loves, will reap the benefits, in this life and in the world to come! (End of message from Jesus)

73. (Mama: ) Thank You Lord! You can do it, dear Family! As the Lord said, "Unite, fight, and forward march! Give no place to discouragement, to fear, to disunity, to impossibilities‚ but forge ahead!" What He said can be done, will be done as you keep your eyes on Him!

74. God bless you and keep you always moving forward, seeking the Lord, claiming the power of His keys, and putting Him on the spot to fulfill His promises! "There hath not failed one word of all His good promises" (1 Kings 8:56).

Much love in our faithful, loving, powerful Husband,


(End of file.)