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David Berg

—MO November 22, 1973 No.335B—DO

1. DO YOU LOVE ME? (Maria: Yes:) I need you, Sweetheart. Do you know how I need you? You're a part of me! You are part of me, Sweetheart. You know the range of my thoughts, you seek them within me, for God has chosen thee thus. I love you! I love thee with an everlasting love which shall never ever be taken away!

2. (DAVID IS SICK:) You fixed my pillow in front of window, huh? You fixed my pillow, I love you, Sweet Baby! I love you‚ Sweet Baby Bunny! I love you, Sweet Baby Bunny, and I hold your pen for you, okay? (Maria: Thank you!) So you can write again, huh? Sweet Precious!

3. SOOOO PRECIOUS! AMANUENSIS! PRECIOUS PEN, AMEN? (Maria: What's "amanuensis"?) You look it up, Honey. I don't need to tell you. You're Amanuensis for Jesus.—Precious Pen to write the Words of David, amen? Hallelujah! (Maria: Amen. Does that mean "messenger"?) You want? I give....

4. YOU NEED WRITE MANY, MANY WORDS, Honey Baby, of David. You're Amanuensis of David okay? (Okay.) I don't know what it is, but you look it up, okay? Jesus told me you were "Amanuensis". You don't know what that means? Huh? I don't know what it means either. How you expect me to know everything, Honey Baby?

5. YOU HAVE LOTS OF BIG BOOKS TO LOOK. I'm tired to know everything‚ Sweet Baby, but look in your books, okay? (Maria: Okay, Abrahim) You have your books? (Yes.) Where do you put the books? ( In the trunk.) Okay, you remember‚ okay? They tell you about David, amen? You look in your books, Amanuensis. I don't know what this means.

6. JESUS TOLD ME YOU ARE "AMANUENSIS FOR DAVID." You spell it? You spell: A-man-u-en-sis.(Maria: Like Eman—"angel"—Faithie's Arabic name!) How you spell? (Maria: A-M-A–N-U–E-N-S-I-S) Yes, I think so maybe. You look up and see okay? I think maybe that's so.

7. YOU ARE AMANUENSIS FOR DAVID, you like that? You want to see what that means? You like that title? You have title: Amanuensis for David!—David, greatest king who ever lived on this earth to glorify My Name!

8. THIS IS THY NAME, THIS THY KING, the one whom I have chosen, this is the man whom I have called. This is the David whom I will honour above all those which have gone before. You understand your father?

9. THIS IS THAT DAVID OF WHOM I SPAKE‚ and this is that David of whom My prophets prophesied. You have that David within the circle of your tiny‚ tiny little arms! You have the Spirit of the David of all Davids in your fingers, you hold his power!—You like? (Yes!) Help David, Pretty Baby. You love your David? (Yes, yes!) Love him, Sweet Baby.

10. HE NEEDS MUCH LOVE, FOR HE IS ONLY A MAN whom I have chosen and he needs much love, for his flesh is very needy. Please love him as I would have thee love him, his poor flesh is so needy! You fix him? Huh? (I fix him?) Yes. Will you fix him? You please cook his flesh, okay? I love you. I love you much!

11.I LOVE YOU 'CAUSE YOU HONOUR MY KING DAVID with your love. (Maria: Did you say with your mouth?) With your love! (Oh, with your love!) You can honour him with your mouth if you want to. You just love him with your hand is good. You love him? (Yes.) Amen. You can love him.

12. I GIVE KING DAVID OF THE WHOLE WORLD TO YOU. (Maria: King David of the whole world?) Yes! You can love him with your hand and with your mouth. I love you, I love you! You can have him, you can have him! You can suck him whom My soul desireth! I give you...(end of tape).