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More on the Keys!

Karen Zerby

What the Future Holds, Part 2

By MariaMaria #572 CM 3351 4/01

Dear Family,

1. I love you! During Feast 2000, the Lord revealed that we were living in the era of greater miracles. At that time we received a new anointing. Then in Feast 2001, the tre­mendous gifts of enhanced faith, the power to rise above, the knowledge that there are no impossibilities to us, and the keys to the Kingdom were given to each one of us. In this next fascinating message, we learn more about these keys and their power, and the part they play in bringing about the miracles we will perform in the days to come.

Keepers of the Power

2. (Jesus speaking to the channel:) First I will describe what I allowed you to see as you listened to this Heavenly "Song of Victory." As the first notes of the song came through the speakers, your eyes became misty and began to sting—not from tears, but because I was opening your eyes to the spirit world. The room took on hues of various blues from light that came from the borders of the room, like a wall surrounding you. As the words of the song came, the wall began to move, slowly and gracefully, rippling like water, as if something were trapped inside.

3. Then when the chorus came‚ the "wall" took on the form of many women who are conductors of My power. Their arms shot up in praise, and their waves of blond hair stood up as they arched their backs. Tremendous fountains of light shot out of their chests, and in bursts, sprayed over everyone sitting in the room. You had to close your eyes because it was too much for you to behold. But the next thing you saw was that each of the beautiful blue creatures had come to stand behind someone, as if each had chosen a subject. With the last bars of the song, your sight was closed to that picture and brought back to your dimension.

4. These beings are the keepers of the power sources of Heaven. They are a branch of My mind and My power. They are many, yet they are one‚ and their sole focus is to protect the power of God. Like a cloud, these beings of divine energy descended upon the room where you were gathered, not unlike in the day of Pentecost. At My command they released the fire of Heaven's energy source upon each of you, giving you direct connection and access to all the power of Heaven.

5. I gave each of you the keys to Heaven and Hell—the power of Heaven and dominion over Hell. These are not tangible, physical keys; never­theless, it was an enlarging of My power in you. To use these keys requires faith, wisdom, and a mighty protective field around you. So as I gave you the keys, I sent these keepers who transferred the power to you‚ and who will stand by you as added protectors of the portion of My Spirit that I am entrusting you with. Through them I will also help you learn to enlarge your faith and to use this power in the days to come. Put your trust in these beings‚ for they contain the secrets of the power of Heaven. They are directly connected to My mind, which commands these power sources.

6. Through the power of prayer‚ the power of loving Me, and the power of praise, you will have the power to command all the forces of evil to be bound for a time, the power to work miracles in My Name, the power to use My will to fight for you in battle. You cannot fathom the tremendous power that has been made available to you! As you grow in faith and in Me, prepare to be astounded at the miracles I will work on your behalf. (End of message from Jesus.)

7. (Mama: ) Following are several more fas­cinating messages that give additional insight about the power of the keys. This is also a plea from the Lord for us to start now to begin to recog­nize, practice and hone our skill at ­accessing the power given us through the keys. This whole concept is pretty awesome and can be quite mind-boggling if you try to figure out exactly what is happening and how. The Lord is trying to help us understand, as much as possible, but we must also realize that we're entering a new and unexplored realm of the spirit world. This is new truth and strong meat, and some of our understanding will come only by faith as we accept, believe, and do what the Lord says. Of course, we can't expect to understand everything right away. Some aspects of this revelation are still a mystery, just as some of the truths the Lord revealed to Dad were not completely clear, at least not at the time he first received them.

8. But one thing we know for sure: Our re­ceiving the keys to the Kingdom is a big deal and it should change our lives. We should be aware of that power and begin to learn about it, become comfortable with it, and use it. I pray that these additional messages from the Lord in this series will help fill in some of the details and continue to clarify why the Lord has given us these keys and what we're supposed to do with them.

A Brief Review of

"The Keys to the Kingdom!"

9. Because it has been a few months since Feast 2001 when you read "The Keys to the Kingdom," I will include a few excerpts from that GN as a brief review.

(Jesus speaking:) Right now, today, if you will reach out and receive, I will turn your activation key, giving you unlimited access to the full power of Heaven. I now wish to give you complete access to the keys of the Kingdom, for this is what you will need to complete the mission you have before you. …

When I spoke to My early disciples, say­ing, "I will give you the keys of the Kingdom," I was also speaking to you My children of David in the Time of the End—for I knew you would need it and I knew your faith would warrant it. …

I now present you with full access to the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven; according to your faith it is done. This is an amazing, awe-inspiring possession; learn to use it wisely. …

Never before have My children had access to such power as I am making available to you now—not even Peter and the early disciples, or any of My faithful prophets and great men and women of faith down through the ages. It is given to you, My faithful of the Last Days, to possess new codes that were not necessary in the past because the need did not warrant them. But now it is warranted, for you will do greater works than I. …

All power is given you‚ and all the power of Heaven is augmented in these Last Days! The power has been there all along, within you, but now, today, you can access it—according to your faith it is done.

The evil forces are also amplified. They surround you; they are everywhere, working to keep people in bondage and darkness. But your power is amplified many times over. You have the power to release those in bondage. You have the power to overcome all evil. In your keys, you have liberty and freedom. Therefore start today and access this power I put in your hands; use it prayerfully and wisely, and walk in and claim victories. There are no obstacles to you; as long as you continue to do your part‚ I will never fail to do Mine.

This is your day! Now I give you all power in Heaven and in Earth; according to your faith be it done unto you. It is accessible to you who follow closely. Access it as often as needed, put it to use, exercise it, spread it around‚ use it to draw men to Me, to carry out the plan I put before you. (End of excerpts of ML #3318:31-37, GN 922.)

10. (Mama:) Here is more from our great Shepherd and Husband about this marvelous gift—what it means, how we can use it, and what it can do. There is so much to learn, but each mess­age we read helps to enlighten our understanding a bit more. Day by day we will become more adept at using and making the most of the power of the keys!

Use the Keys!

11. (Jesus speaking:) You stepped forth in faith, nothing wavering. You wooed, aroused, and pleased Me in obedience‚ humility‚ and love. Your reward, My darling brides, is the complete activation of the keys to the Kingdom that I have placed in your hands.

12. Now, My loves, you are accountable for their use. What will you do with this tremendous gift I have given you? Will you use the keys to unlock the doors and release the power? Will you draw on the power that is available to you? Will you claim My promises and put Me to the test? Are you willing, dedicated, and brave enough to move forward and go through the doors of the unexplained? Are you willing to face your greatest fears and walk through them, and watch as they dissolve into a fading vapor? Have no fear that you cannot do what I have asked of you, or that it is too hard‚ for nothing is impossible to you! So fear not, My little flock. It is My good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.

13. Use these keys in faith and you will be the heroes of the future, even of the generations of Heaven! They will look back upon these days and speak of these times with awe and great respect for you—My brave and beautiful brides who received the keys from My heart and pulled down the power of Heaven, who did greater works than I did while on Earth.

14. Make no mistake, when you melded together as you praised Me and wooed and enticed Me, you activated the power of the keys of the Kingdom, and the world will never be the same again. You will make history—this I promise—for a line has been crossed, and there's no way to turn back. Knowing this, thrust yourself forward, and I will meet you halfway. Step off the cliff of carnal reasoning into the open sky of faith. I will be substance beneath your feet and will hold you up. Use the keys in the locks and I will give you the new wings that await you.

15. Now that these keys are yours, don't allow yourself to be merely a silent spectator. Jump into the arena! Use these keys and win great victories. Use these keys in some way each and every day, so that when the time comes for you to pull down fire from the heavens, great will be your faith to do so. Become so skilled with them that in an instant you can unlock the secrets and the power of the universe, and bring to light the hidden riches of darkness. Much greater works than any man, woman, or child in the history of the planet will you perform‚ because nothing is impossible to you, and My mighty Heavenly power is at your command.

16. In this new era, this new beginning, this day that I have given the keys of the Kingdom into your hands, I created a warp, or what you might call an opening in the fabric that sep­arates the dimensions, thereby allowing a greater infusion of fifth-dimensional energy to be dispensed to you. This opening is also to give you greater ease as you reach your arms of faith up to Me, key in hand, and access the things that are not of Earth. Never for any man or woman have I opened the windows of Heaven as wide as I have for you.

17. This is the beginning of the fulfillment of My promise that in the Last Days I would pour out My Spirit. Your faith and your sucking, your wooing and enticing Me, triggered the activation of the keys I have given to you. And I opened, for your sake, the very real fabric between Heaven and Earth and Hell, so you may know in full the power of the keys that I have given to you in the times to come.

18. My dear and precious loves, I want you to know that I am well pleased with you, for when you wooed Me, I saw that your love for Me was pure and unselfish. I asked you to woo Me‚ that you might receive the activation of a great gift‚ and when you united to receive this blessing, I searched your hearts. I saw that your love for Me is so great that you would have loved and wooed Me in this way even if I had not given you the promise of the keys. Your love for Me is pure, unselfish love, and I love you so much for that. You are My precious brides, and My devotion to you will never end.

19. Some of you may see some significant miracles right away; for others, depending on the need, it may take a little longer to behold the full magnitude of the power. But I tell you, even if you don't see these keys in the physical, they're not a figment of anyone's imagination. They're a real gift to you from My heart—the fulfillment of many of My promises to you.

20. Besides your salvation and the gift of the Holy Spirit, these keys are the most priceless and important gifts you have ever received, for with these keys, all Heaven, all Earth, and Hell is at your command! You possess all that is within the worlds and all that is between, and at your request I will unleash all that you need in the blink of an eye!

21. I want your mind, your spirit, and your heart to become accustomed to the sensation of the power that I have freshly given unto you. For when you are accustomed, you will use these keys more. To become accustomed, you must practice. Once you realize the full value of these keys‚ you will want to use them again and again, in every aspect of your lives.

22. When you use these keys in faith, you will rise above any conflict within you when I show you new truths. For when you have activated the power of these keys, the Enemy can't come close to you, and My light will be so clear to you. He can't touch you. He is sorely afraid of the power of these keys‚ for they will be the cause of his end, and he knows this. For every weapon to defeat both him and his power is within your hands when these keys are put to use. And now that you possess these keys, I can speed along My return, and he will lose his power and be cast into the bottomless pit.

23. As you begin to access the storerooms of Heaven, authentication of the power of My Words will be manifested more in your heart and in your lives daily. These are the keys of en­lightenment. Set aside anything that stirs doubt in your heart or mind concerning them, for only by faith will the full truth of the keys be validated.

24. Those of you who have been battling for your place of service and have had a difficult time focusing, I tell you, use these keys‚ and you will receive an infusion of the power of My Spirit that will show you what is truth and what is fabrication‚ so that you'll be able to see things more clearly and make wise decisions.

25. Use the keys to unlock the secrets and the power within My Words. Many are the illusions and lies the Enemy will attempt to blind you with, but when you use these keys, you will come across mysteries and their answers in My Word that you never saw before.

26. Know for certain that you are destined to overcome Satan and all his minions. For the keys know no failure—only the perfection and power of My promises. Follow the nudging of My Spirit as you step out into uncharted territory now‚ for the Spirit will guide you into all truths, even as you ride the waves and brave the wind.

27. My beloved loves, you will become masters of Light as these dark days ahead unfold. This is indeed the era that has been prophesied and foretold for many ages.

28. I will send you a great ball of fire and brilliant light that will shine and lead the nations! This ball of clear light will shine, and Maria will be the keeper of the flame. She will fan it with the oxygen of My Words of prophecy. This light will be a beacon in the darkness‚ attracting those who seek a haven from the terrible storms. This ball of fire will light your path, and the road you walk will be clear and bright unto you.

29. This light will be seen by all the nations, and they will know that you walk with Me. This light will be a consuming fire, and will keep you warm in the terrible and dark days. This ball of light and fire will not burn you or harm you in any way, for to you it is a balm and resurrection. But woe to any man who dares to touch you when this flame is in your hands‚ for it will consume him! You will activate this flame with the keys of the Kingdom.

30. The light will be bright and will awaken the masses. Those that are My children who wallow in the mud will see the sorry state they're in and will cry out to you for assistance, solutions‚ information, encourage­ment, and salvation. Now is the time! This is the hour! This is the day! You are needed more than ever, My precious warriors and shepherds. I'm waiting to unleash mighty power into your tiny hands—all the power of God!

31. Do you realize that I have given you com­mand over the wind and the lightning—over the elements themselves? So knowing this, don't allow the storms to faze you. Go out and rescue the lost. For the purpose of the keys is to fulfill My plan to reach all the lost of the world so that I may return and gather My loves unto My ­bosom. I will protect you as you do My bidding.

32. Focus now, My loves. You must focus to use these keys. Praise and woo and focus. Do not take these keys for granted and let them sit upon a shelf. Use them!

33. Excitement in Heaven is building, dear loves, and the realization of the vision of the great things to come is beyond your wildest dreams. Reach out and grasp that dream! All Heaven is just waiting for you as you transform yourselves and adapt yourselves to this new reality.

34. I'm pleased that you're becoming attuned to the pulsations of My power, and that you're be­coming increasingly sensitive to the refined stimuli of My Spirit. Continue to acknowledge Me and attune yourself to Me, and you will greatly please Me, your Husband and your Lover. When you use these keys‚ you will grow more and more aware of our multifaceted, amazing relationship‚ both physically and spiritually. Come to Me and heed My Words to learn the strength, vitality, and mastery of the keys of the Kingdom.

35. My loves, now I can lead you to an astounding plethora of exciting information, new wisdom to assist you to function in this new reality in which you will find yourself. Joy and bliss will become the norm, and gradually you'll begin to manifest the dreams and visions I have given you, as hand in hand‚ shoulder to shoulder, you walk through the days of the End into the glorious light of the days to come when you'll be united with Me, your loving, caring Husband and Protector.

36. Though the days just ahead are ones of unequaled darkness, know this: With these keys in your hand, you will see everything more clearly and much brighter than you ever have‚ even though there is darkness all around. You will shine as you walk‚ leading others to the light of My love. This is a precious gift I have bestowed upon you, My children of the End.

37. In the days ahead, I will teach you many different ways to use the energies and the ­powers that are now available to you. Your perceptions will broaden as you see and experience the new state in which you find yourself‚ and you will know that I am the Lord and you are My brides upon whom I dote.

38. You may find that greater obstacles will clutter your way, for the Enemy will stop at nothing to hinder you and discourage you from walking the straight and narrow road. He knows the final outcome if you continue on this road, so he will place before you these things that seem to be obstacles. I tell you that they are but ­illusions and lying vanities. Walk through the rocks, for they are not truly there, My loves. Walk through the fires, too, with no fear or dread. As you walk through, claiming My power, I will be your Protector, and you will walk through the fire without the smell of smoke upon you, for nothing is impossible unto you! (End of mess­age from Jesus.)

The Enemy Will Fight Back,

But We'll Win!

39. (Jesus speaking: ) This begins an amazing time for all of you in My Family. You will see things that you didn't think were possible‚ and you will do things that, if I told you about them today, you wouldn't believe were achievable! Every one of you now has the same keys, and thus the same power that I had when I was on Earth. Can you picture that? Think of all the miracles that I performed. I healed the sick, I walked on water, and I even raised the dead. You can now do all those things and more, because I have willed it so. You just need the faith to step out and do them.

40. The stakes are raised for good and for evil, as both sides come out to fight, and you will be there on the front lines. I couldn't have picked anyone better than you to represent My side in this great and mighty battle. You might think that you're not strong enough or worry that you won't have the faith, but fear not. For do you think that I would have picked you to fight this great battle if I didn't think you were up to it? This is not a battle that can be lost; it must be won, there are no two ways about it! We must win, for Heaven and Earth depend on it.

41. I am the General of this battle, and I have at My fingertips all the resources of Heaven and Earth. I've picked you because you are the best and the most highly trained. You've been preparing for this fight for many years. You've gone through the days of preparation, and you've yielded yourselves to Me and have become My brides. You've learned to hear My voice clearly and to ask Me everything. All of these things make you the best!

42. And now that I've given you the keys, you're invincible! The Evil One sees that his time is short, and he's afraid. He knows what power these keys hold and what they can do. He remembers the last time he was defeated by them, when I walked the Earth, and he's trembling with fear. He will not stand down; he will fight all the harder. He will come in with new angles that he hasn't tried yet—which for you mean new battles that you haven't yet been through.

43. He will quickly hit his hardest, trying to knock you down before you even start using this new power, because he knows that once you see the power you have, there will be no stopping you! Another tactic he'll try is doubt. He'll tell you that you have no new anointing and that your power is still the same. He'll tell you that there's time, and that nothing needs to change. He does all this because he's truly afraid. I know, because I can see his heart. He comes across like he's in control and knows what's going on, but he's truly afraid of what you'll be able to do once you realize what you have in your hand, and he wishes to snatch it away before you have that chance.

44. Don't let him do that. Stay strong in My Spirit and keep using all the new weapons that I've given you, for it is because of your use of the new weapons that I've been able to give you the keys, the ultimate weapon—a power so strong it rocks the very gates of Hell and sends fear into the hearts of all those who are evil!

45. With this weapon in hand there's no turning back; it's now all or nothing! I've given you everything you need to win—all you need now is faith to use the power of the keys and keep going for Me no matter what. I'm there leading the fight, so call on Me for direction. It's going to be a long battle, but we'll win‚ I promise! (End of message from Jesus)

The Continual Process of

Drawing Closer or of Falling Away

46. (Jesus speaking:) I have given you these keys to the Kingdom to unleash the powers of Heaven and to bind the powers of Hell; but just as with any keys, you have to use them. If I were to give you a key to a great chest of treasures, that key would be worthless unless you put the key into the keyhole and turned it, thus accessing all of the riches. So it is with these keys that I have given you. They are treasures of great price, for through them you can have access to all of Heaven and power over all of Hell. But one must use the keys or else it is meaningless to possess them.

47. How foolish it would be for one who has a key to a great treasure chest to not use the key to open those great riches—either for fear of the key not working, for fear of what others would think of him if the chest didn't open‚ thinking he didn't need the riches, or just plain laziness. In the same way‚ how foolish it would be if you, My precious brides‚ did not make full use of these keys that I am giving you‚ either through lack of faith, worry that I will not come through for you, spiritual laziness, or not being willing to make the sacrifices or changes in your personal life in order to progress and change.

48. I tell you clearly and plainly that there will be some within your midst who will not have the faith to use these brilliant keys to the Kingdom. Though many have fallen from your ranks and gone to a lesser place of service in these last years, I tell you that there will be more. Even in light of this great treasure that I have now bestowed upon you, there will still be those who will not want to use it, or who will doubt its worth and power. Even now there are those who are scoffing and mocking. Even now there are those who have been considering going back, even making plans for their exit, but who are simply waiting for the opportune time, a good "excuse." Even now there are those who have left already in their hearts, who are attached only to the lifestyle and the comfort of the way of life they have grown accustomed to. Even now there are those who disbelieve the Word‚ who doubt the revelations, and who therefore lack the faith to take advantage of these gifts.

49. This saddens Me, but I cannot force this great and awesome gift on My children. I give it to all of you freely‚ for all are worthy, but not all will reach out by faith, with a believing heart, to use these keys and thus access My full power. But it is better that those who are wavering, those with little faith, step behind the front lines; for if they do not, they will only slow down the progression of My will. If there are half-hearts in the frontline ranks, we will not move as swiftly and efficiently in the era of action as I would desire, and as we desperately need to.

50. There is so little time left, and we must continue moving forward. We must forge ahead. We must move on. We must continue to conquer and advance. Those who fall behind will still have a place of service in My ranks, and they will still have the keys that I have given them this day, but they will only be able to use them as their faith allows, and thus they will not be as mightily used as those who are in the front lines, "all there" for Me.

51. It's been a continual process. Those who have been yielding and progressing and growing in faith and trust and dependence on Me these many years will take this as yet another step to draw closer to Me, to be more used of Me. For these it will be easy. But for others it will not be easy—either because they haven't been yielding to Me completely‚ haven't been drinking in My Word completely, or haven't been progressing as I have desired. So I tell you that some will fall by the wayside. The purging of the Family is not yet complete. Each revolution, each revelation‚ each new step of progress purges the Family just a little bit more.

52. As it was with Gideon's men, so it is with you. I gave them not one test, but two. With the first test I purged the ranks of those who were fearful and afraid, and with the second test I purged the ranks even further. For you there have been many tests that have purged you, and there will be more. But worry not for those brethren that you lose, because I am not limited by many or by few—and even those that you lose will still be used of Me in a different way. They will not be rendered useless. All of their training will come to the fore at the time appointed, and I will use them mightily—not as mightily as I will use those of you who have stuck‚ and those who will go with Me into this new era, making full use of all of My gifts, including the keys to the Kingdom, for unto you is given the greatest power‚ because of your faith.

53. These keys to the Kingdom are not the last gift that I will give you, My children of David. Those who hold on and go on for Me will receive more spiritual gifts from My hand. The time is not yet right for Me to reveal them to you now, because I must take you one step at a time. But know that your faithfulness to hone this new gift of faith that I have given you‚ to use these keys to the Kingdom, will pave the way for the next great gift that I will give you, My darling brides. (End of message from Jesus)

54. (Mama:) This message that you just read should motivate you to keep yielding, progressing, and growing in faith and dependence on the Lord. As you keep drinking deeply of the Word, with a believing, accepting spirit, the Lord will continue to give you all that you need to keep going for Him, being "all there" on the front lines. I know some of you feel pretty battle-weary, old and worn out and just plain tired. These feelings and even physical circumstances might make you think you don't have what it takes anymore to be a full-time dropped-out soldier for the Lord. But don't listen to that reasoning; it's not true! Remember the strength of weakness, remember that there are no impossibilities for us, and remember the power to rise above and the keys of the Kingdom! Why do you think the Lord has given us this enhanced gift of faith and greater power? Because we need it! So if you feel very much "in need‚" and if you feel in fact that you're barely making it, that's not a problem if that weakness in yourself pushes you to grab those keys and put them to use.

55. I'm reminding you of this because I don't want you to misinterpret this explanation from the Lord about the further purging of the Family. It doesn't matter if you feel weak and tired and worn out. That's why the Lord has made provision for our weakness. That's not what will cause you to step back from the front lines‚ as long as you let the enhanced gift of faith give you the power and strength of spirit you need to keep going. The Lord isn't looking for per­fection. He isn't sizing you up according to your own strength, and moving out those who no longer have youth, endurance and natural drive. He can compen­sate for your tiredness, discouragement, personal battles, etc. But what He does expect from you is that you'll have faith and a believing attitude.

56. The fact that the Lord is continually purging the Family of those who no longer believe is noth­ing new. That's been the process the Lord has used since the beginning to keep the Family strong and pure. So we shouldn't be surprised that there will be others who will step back from the CM Family or even leave the Family altogether. That's the natural pro­gression of every new religious movement as long as it remains revolutionary, dropped out, and uncom­pro­­mised.

57. There have always been those who have left the Family for one reason or another, but they've generally been outnumbered by those who have joined each year. So the Family has continued to grow, to flourish, to become ­stronger and more dedicated‚ and will continue to do so in the days to come. And, as the Lord promised in Part 1 of this series, our new laborers in the future will include many of those who left in years past‚ thank the Lord!

58. Those of you who want to stay on the front lines of the revolution should take this warning to heart, realizing once again the importance of staying right with the Lord and full of faith and His Word. If you do that, then you'll have the faith to receive the Lord's gifts—not only those He's already given, but those He will yet give. There's more to come, and we all need to be ready. We prepare for the future not through our own strength, not by never having any battles or feeling weak or weary, but by believing‚ receiving, accepting, yielding and moving forward by faith!

The Unity of an Army

59. This next message touches on another angle of how the Lord wants to keep the Family pure in spirit—by making sure that those who are full-time disciples are fully dedicated to the cause and committed to the vision. From this purity will come greater camaraderie.

60. (Jesus speaking: ) The things of the spirit are so vast and hard to comprehend. You reach into My Heavenly realm and grasp what seems so great and marvelous, and it is. Yet ­often there's so much more to it‚ and you see only a portion of My power through the revelation.

61. As I go at your pace, and as each Family member strives to pull down more and more Heavenly messages, your faith will be increased and your vision will be broadened. My messages and revelations for each one will open up new truths to each individual, and the faith of each one will be increased more and more—and thus begins a wonderful cycle of pulling down My seeds in faith‚ and My giving and honoring your faith with fuller and weightier messages from beyond to guide each one individually from My Heavenly realm. And you will not be able to stop up this flow—nor will you have any desire to. For all those who love My Words will seek to know more truth, and will hunger after the meat of My Spirit that I so desire to give you.

62. Don't be limited by your own carnal reasoning. Don't ask yourself, "Does this make sense? How can this be?" But only pull down My words and give as it is given unto you, and afterwards you will see that the words that I have spoken unto you are spirit and life and light and truth. They will feed your soul and strengthen your body.

63. The channel that I wish for each one to have connecting him or her to Me is a strong and unbreakable channel. I wish to give to all not only generalized answers, but specific answers in specific situations. There's no need to worry that you will come up blank, for if you come to Me in full faith, I will not fail in any of My promises, and I will give you that which you have asked.

64. In these Last Days there will be need for a trust—a bond amongst you—just as two soldiers fight together and each one trusts the other to "cover him" and watch his back. They can't be in doubt, for this is the unity of an army—a brotherly unity, an unbreakable love that knows the other would give his life for him. When they wield their weapons they work as a powerful team, each watching out for the other, perhaps even leaving his part of the fray to help the other out of a heated fight.

65. So shall it be with you‚ My Family. As you practice wielding this weapon of prophecy, you will gain more and more trust in one another. You will become dependent on each other's skill in wielding this gift, as well as your own skill. No man will be able to go without these spiritual weapons, just as no man in battle can do without some kind of physical weapon‚ or he would be helpless and only a burden. As you all learn to wield your weapons with courage and precision, you will become a more powerful team and be able to get much accomplished many times over.

66. No one will want to have the question in his mind, "Is this brother by my side going to fight with me, or will he turn and run in the midst of battle?" All will need to be wholehearted and dedicated, committed unto the End. All will need to take a stand and determine in their hearts whether they will be part of My elite warrior forces.

67. Take a stand this day! Don't be swayed by the Enemy's lies, becoming undecided, un­com­mitted or even neutral. For if you choose to just barely hang on, not making a strong determination in your soul, neither having prepared nor practiced with your weapons, you will be knocked off at the slightest wind of doctrine. You may want to latch on to the new changes, you may even wish to raise your sword in battle‚ but you will not be prepared!

68. Therefore, choose this day. Don't be com­fortable sitting on the fence, for this luke­warmness will not last long, and you will need to choose which way you go. There's no standing still in your service for Me. You're either moving forward and advancing, or getting pressed backwards in defeat.

69. March forward with Me, your Commander, and see My salvation! There will be a great price, but the rewards and happiness gained through your total commitment will be more than worth it all. You will cry tears of joy, and you will realize how small were the sacrifices you made to further My Kingdom when you see My love for you and My purpose for you that has been destined since the beginning of time.

70. Fulfill this call. Don't wait! Arise and take a stand. The time is drawing nigh‚ and I'm gathering My troops to battle. (End of message from Jesus.)

Reserved for Us, Revealed to Us!

71. (Mama: ) You'll enjoy the encouraging word picture in this next message about our very special calling. There are also some tremendous promises from our Lover. You might want to commit to memory some of the promises from the Lord about the gifts‚ power and anointing He will give us. These promises are true, because our King and Savior cannot deny Himself!

72. (Jesus speaking: ) My Word says, "Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man‚ the things which God has prepared for them that love Him." "But," it continues, "God has revealed them unto us by His Spirit: for the Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God." And this is one of the things I will do for you, My ­children—reveal. I have already revealed to you many things that I have never told others, and I will continue to reveal.

73. Reveal is the key word. There are many things I have not revealed to the many who love Me, many other Christians, but I am going to reveal them to you, My children of David. This is something that is reserved for you, and only you, through prophecy, through listening to Me, and through hearing My whispers.

74. I have saved the deep things for you—the miracles‚ the revelations, the power, the healings, the understanding, the intimacy‚ great faith, great boldness, hearing clearly My voice in prophecy, the anointing of being My Endtime leaders of the world. This is reserved for you. The task before you, My Family, is reserved as your specific chosen calling. You will fulfill the verse, "Greater things than these shall ye do." This is what I will call you to do. The Endtime passages that you've read about those who do miracles and exploits, this is for you—you upon whom the ends of the Earth have come.

75. I will give you the faith and anointing. You won't have to worry about it or work it up; it's a gift, and it will happen as you seek Me and as you step out, just as you have done many times, from speaking in tongues, to witnessing‚ to receiving prophecies. As you put forth the will‚ I will do the impossible.

76. This Endtime was reserved for you much the same as if you want to reserve a table at a restaurant. You call in and say you want to reserve a table at such-and-such a time for a group of so many. Well, that's what I have done in this Endtime. I've called you My chosen and said, "I've reserved these Endtime seats for this group, My children of David." That's why you're here and in this Family, and that's why I'm going to anoint you and give you faith and courage and powers and supernatural gifts you never even thought imaginable.

77. I will increase your faith, and there will be no impossibilities to you—no sickness that can't be healed, no water that can't be walked upon‚ no demon that can't be brought into subjection, no storm that can't be quelled. You will even be able to bring the dead back to life when necessary. Do you believe Me? Try Me‚ test Me, prove Me, and see that I will not deny My Word! I will keep My promise and fulfill your destiny. (End of message from Jesus)

Tests of Faith—

Steppingstones to Victory!

78. (Mama: ) I think you're going to really appreciate this next message, as it explains why you might be having some pretty hefty battles these days. There is a purpose to it all, and the good news is, the battles will get easier to ­over­come!

79. (Jesus speaking:) This will begin the time of getting out My Words like never before. I know you've heard that before, and it seems that each year you get out more than the year before. But because you've entered the era of action and I have so little time to help My children be prepared and ready for all that's in store for them, and will indeed be upon them very soon, I will begin to pour it out in quantities such as you have never seen!

80. And it will not be a review of the basics, but you will chart new territory in the revelations that I give and that are destined to be published! You will cover new ground in the spirit, for I will reveal to you secrets that have been given to none other.

81. I will challenge all My channels to stretch their faith! They can come to Me to hear what the future holds for them, as you have. That is a test of faith, but all those who come to Me with empty vessels will not only be filled to overflowing with what I want to give, but they will also find the size of their vessel increased from taking that simple step of faith.

82. So it will be in the days to come. There will be many steps of faith that I will ask of My children. Each time you make the right decision to take that step of faith, you will find your faith increased, for you will have activated your anointing of greater faith. It is within each of you, as I promised. But the only way to see the fulfillment of that promise, the only way to feel the anointing, to see the tangible proof, is to use it.

83. For that very purpose will I set before each of you many tests of faith. I will test your faith again and again in order to give you opportunities to exercise it. I will test your faith in what­ever areas it needs strengthening. Those of you who are strong in a particular area will not face as many tests in that area. But any area where your faith is weak or in need of strengthening, in that area you will be tested—for the sole purpose of teaching each of you to activate your anointing, to use your gift of faith, to rise above difficulties, and to overcome impossibilities.

84. It wouldn't be an impossibility if you were faced with a test that was easy, or in an area where you are well versed or strong. It's only an impossibility when it looks and feels impossible! For this purpose of strengthening you I will give you impossibilities to overcome. But this is not a punishment, a chastisement, or a sign that you're out of My will. Rather it's a sign that you're one of My Endtime brides who has received the gift of greater faith, the anointing of overcoming impossibilities‚ and so I'm giving you these situations to learn to use that anointing, to put that faith into action.

85. In the soon–coming days, your faith will be tested by the Evil One. I will allow it as a testimony to My power, a testimony to the depth of your faith, a testimony to the overcoming power of My Spirit in you. But you must be ready for these great tests. I will allow each one's faith to be sorely tested. These tests will come in new and varied ways, but it's all for the purpose of teaching you to exercise the gift that I have put within you.

86. My channels will be tested as I speak and show of things I wish to pour out. My children will be tested as I give new revelations. There will be more false accusers, and their words will test the faith of some. I will ask you to take new steps of yieldedness or growth in your personal lives. Some will face battles of life-threaten­ing illness, which I mean for you to overcome through My supernatural power. In some cases, I will call loved ones Home to help from this side, and those of you left behind will have to face tests of endurance and trust in Me. The tests will be many and varied‚ but in each case the core purpose will be the same—that of strengthening your faith and teaching you to overcome, activating the gift of faith within you.

87. As you learn to overcome‚ the next test will be more obvious, and you will overcome more easily—because the formula for overcoming will be the same each time. I've outlined the basics in the messages I gave for Feast 2001, and I will give more specific counsel which you will need in the days to come. With each test you face, the process will become more and more clear, until your faith muscles are strong and exercised and you can put them to use without a moment's hesitation. Each of you will become as a prizefighter, one of My commandos, skilled and trained for all scenarios, and ready for the darkest days that will ever fall upon the world.

88. This is nothing to be feared or dreaded‚ but it is the beginning of the purging, the making white, the preparing of My saints and ­heroes of faith who will be My showcase to the world. Each one will be called upon to do miracles. Each of you will need to be ready‚ your faith exercised and resting firmly on the foundation of My truth, My Word, and utter confidence in My love. The days to come will not be the time to wonder or hesitate. Your reflexes will need to be as lightning! And your defensive armor will be vital—your shield of faith, your overcoming faith, your faith which will surround you, protect you‚ empower you, and ultimately triumph victorious over the Dragon‚ the world, and all of evil's power!

89. Right now your faith is small. You've used it and exercised it, but it's tiny in ­comparison to the potential, in comparison to the need. That's why I have emphasized to such a degree the gift of faith that I'm giving you, and the keys of the Kingdom, which, if you have the faith to use them, will unlock all the power of Heaven itself.

90. Your faith is what will overcome the world, My loves, and now is the time when you will need that faith. So do not dread the tests. Look at them as steppingstones to victory, hurdles that you must cross, strength training for the big race. You will need it soon.

91. When you're faced with the need and your faith is strong and exercised, you will weep tears of thankfulness for the tests that taught you how to use it, how to wield it, how to unleash the power of Heaven through the simplicity of your faith. You'll not regret it, My loves. Gird up, for the training begins. The tests of your faith will come, but when they come, remember that they are but tests. Pull out the instructions I've given you, follow them implicitly, and watch your anointing be unveiled.

92. As you face each of these tests‚ the way to overcome will be obvious. You won't have to wonder or guess; I'll make it very clear to you as you seek Me. The basic criterion to keep in mind when you face these things is: Anything which holds you back or even threatens to hinder you from fulfilling what I've told you is My highest will is an obstacle to be overcome! Each thing that falls into that category is something you should look on as a test, an opportunity to put your faith into action, an opportunity to rise above, to strengthen your faith, to activate your ­anointing.

93. Each test that you pass‚ your faith will increase tenfold in that area. Each time you stretch your faith in obedience, in trust, in stepping out to do, to believe, your capacity will in­crease, your anointing will shine brighter, and you'll be walking in the power of the activated gift that is within you. You won't have to try; it will just come. You won't have to work it up; your faith will be there, strong and exercised, and ready to be used. The first few tests will be hard‚ but after that you will see them as challenges. You'll enjoy them, because you will have seen My power in action. You'll feel your faith growing within you, and it will give you a glow, a happiness, an anointing that you've never known before.

94. This is your heritage, My loves—to have the greatest faith‚ the strongest connection, the most apparent anointing that I have given to anyone on Earth throughout all time! This is what I'm asking you to train for! This is what I gave you during Feast 2001! Can you believe it? You have yet to see the fulfillment, but each time you step out to stretch your faith in obedience to Me, you will see it, you will feel it, you will know how very real it is.

95. This will be your greatest year yet‚ My loves! Your witness will shine brighter than ever before. You will begin to see the fulfillment of many of My promises regarding Activated‚ the expansion of the Family, the new plan I have for you, the revival in spirit of those who are weary, the finances beginning to come in, and all of this will just be the beginning! It's going to be great! So don't hesitate! Walk in with full faith to claim the land, the promises I've given. This is your destiny‚ My loves! Take it! (End of mess­age from Jesus.)

96. (Mama:) God bless you‚ dear loves and mates! Peter and I love you so very much and are praying for you. Keep fighting and accessing the power that is rightfully yours through the keys of the Kingdom!

With love in our wonderful, miracle-working Hus­band, Mama