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Issues, Part 7

Karen Zerby

By MariaMaria #571 CM 3350 12/00

2Really the best?

3Workings of the Spiri-port

5Angel-being crossovers?

6Love across the veil?

7Why memorize?

8Improving your work ethic

11Familiarity with the Lord's Words


16Consider the effects …

18Dreading the Trib?

Really the best?


1. We're such a small new religious move­ment, and our doctrines are based on Scripture but aren't often embraced by other Christians—things like the Law of Love‚ sexual sharing, living communally‚ believing in the Endtime, shunning the evils of the System, a strong belief in the spiritual realm, angels and spirit helpers, and so on. Other religions or Christian churches have some elements of these doctrines, but certainly not all, especially when you get into both the spirit world and the sexual arena.

2. The Letters tell us we're the elite troops of the Endtime—as in the elite troops—but then there are so many other religions that really think they're top of the pops! I know we're doing a lot more active evangelism than tons of Christian groups, but how do we really defend the belief that we are the best of the best when it comes to Christians in the 21st century? To many outsiders, it might just seem like we're going the way of all cults or NRMs in making such claims.


3. This Family is special because it's a movement that was ordained specifically to meet a need that no one else was or is meeting. Others may be the best at what they do, but you're the best at what you do, and you're the only ones who are doing it. You are the only ones to whom I have revealed so many radical, "far-fetched," iconoclastic beliefs and doctrines. You know this makes you unique, but some still question why this makes you the best.

4. Well‚ let's put it this way: For those of you who are in the Family, who have found your calling for Me here, who are serving Me in this capacity, the Family is the best place for you. I chose you for it because I knew of your desire for truth, freedom‚ and depth of spirit, and I knew you could not find the same degree of it anywhere else. It may not be the greatest or best missionary group for Joe Smith, but it's the best for you!

5. It's the best place where you can burn free with the hot, radical passion of spirit for Me and for your fellow man. It's the best place where you can explore the spiritual realm without getting involved in the dark side. It's the best place where you can live and work communally with others who have the same beliefs, and who are also experienced in the virtues of love and humility, and yet who are interesting, animated personalities who are fun to be with. There are so many wonderful facets to the Family, and while this or that group may have this or that attribute—or even have some that the Family doesn't have—no others have the same combination or sheer quantity of special features that make your Family worthy of being called the best!

6. It's not that I love My other children—those who have either chosen to serve Me in a different way or who don't know of the Family—any less. In saying you're the best‚ I'm not inferring that you should look self-righteously or critically on others who have chosen to serve Me in a different way or go proclaiming to them that you are the best‚ the chosen ones. I don't love you more than them.

7. Nevertheless, you are able to partake of freedoms of spirit and flesh and knowledge of the spiritual realm that they sadly miss out on, and you should be grateful for this and appreciate it. Feel no shame in believing that the Family is the best—because it is the best for you. It's to your advantage to be in the Family, and it is the best place—for you who are called to it—to be satisfied and fulfilled in spirit, and the best place for you to put your talents to use in teamwork with ­others.

8. Sure, others may think you're weird for saying you're the best‚ just like you look at some others who think they're the best and think they're pretty weird. But you respect their right to think that, and you should likewise respect your own right to think that you're the best. You're the best for the need you have to fill, and what could be better than that? (End of message from Jesus)

Workings of the Spiri-port


9. Do our spirit helpers have relationships? Are they allowed to have relationships on the job? And a related question: Do our spirit helpers ever get a break from their job? Are they with us all the time, or do they get relieved of their posts when we're sleeping?


10. I am one of the coordinators of helpers in the spiritual realm. Jesus has sent me to explain to you some of the workings of this aspect of the Heavenly realm. First of all, let me remind you that the Earth is a mere shadow, a relatively hollow reproduction, of the spiritual realm. The spiritual realm is the everlasting realm, whereas the rules that govern your Earth will some day be done away with. Time will be no more, the curse will be removed, and many inconveniences you accept as a fact of life will be done away with.

11. Having said that, I do affirm that your spirit helpers have relationships. Your spirit helpers—whether former earthlings or spirit beings born and raised in Heaven—are not automatons or robots with no feelings or emotions. They know what it's like to love and to hate, to laugh and to cry, to be humorous and serious. As a result, there are many things that I must take into consideration in my position as one of the overseers and coordinators of spirit help.

12. Spirit helpers volunteer to assist on Earth, and they do so with the full knowledge that it is a profession filled with sacrifices, although very fulfilling. Because the job requires Heavenly beings to be surrounded by a very earthly environment and to be away from their loved ones for stretches, it is a sacrifice. Nevertheless‚ we have no lack of volunteers in this area of service.

13. When spirit beings are assigned to assist earthlings‚ they are fully focused on their task. They are very cap­able of reining in their personal desires and "hormones"—to put it in terms you can understand—and when they're working with one of you in a full-time capacity, they are single-minded.

14. However, when spirit beings volunteer for this profession, they state their preferences. They communicate in detail, and things such as how much time they're willing to spend away from Heaven, how much time off they would like, and so on, are discussed with us who are coordinators. Of course, there are limitations, and such agreements are fluid depending on the need. When some­one takes on an especially de­mand­ing job‚ they aren't able to get away for a break as often as they might like‚ but they sacrifice willingly. It's a high privilege to be allowed to assist you on Earth in this era of man's history, and not all in Heaven are afforded it.

15. There are occasions when spirit beings in a relationship together are assigned to the same job for a stretch. Often this is because they complement each other's gifts well. It's the same as on Earth. Sometimes you're able to work with your loved one, and at other times it's not practical. Of course, in Heaven love is expressed in a much broader way, and many beings are accustomed to having several ongoing personal relationships at the same time. Then, if you add in the close working relationship that spirit beings frequently forge with their co-workers, it's easy to understand that not many spirit helpers suffer loneliness, even when their job keeps them away from their loved ones in Heaven. Life in the spiritual realm‚ for those who love Jesus, is one big love–fest.

16. Nevertheless‚ I and others with my position make sure that spirit helpers stationed with earthlings receive sufficient time off to reunite with their loved ones in Heaven, and most of all to get recharged and restrengthened for the fray.

17. As to whether or not your long-term spirit helpers get a break from their job every now and then, I'm happy to say that the Lord has set up a wise and loving system whereby each spirit helper gets regular time off. It's not like your spirit helpers necessarily need a complete break from you, but there are times when they need to be refreshed in the halls of Heaven, or they need to do extra research for soon-coming challenges you will face. Your spirit helpers also need to be revitalized and renewed on a regular basis‚ and they often slip away when you're sleeping to do this. Of course, you always have at least one guardian angel nearby, and your spirit helpers never all take off at the same time.

18. The corner of Heaven where I work is a beehive of activity. Picture the busiest airport in the world, and you'll get a tiny idea of how busy it is around here, with spirit helpers coming, going, being assigned or reassigned, meeting up with new team members, being briefed before they embark on a mission, or helping coordinate all the business. There are many like me whose full-time job is to process requests, both from the Lord and from you on Earth‚ and assign appropriate beings to the many needs that come up every day.

19. It would take a tome to describe the many needs that come before me and my co-workers daily. Needs vary. The Lord assigns spirit helpers to earthlings for various reasons, and of course His Own earthbound children are top priority. There are extremely labor-intensive assignments, and there are less intensive assignments. There are short-term assignments and long-term assignments.

20. This corner of Heaven has a whole school dedicated to training new potential spirit helpers in how to communicate with earthlings, how to release Heavenly protection, what the rules of interaction with earthlings are, and so on. There are different grades, depending on the kind of student. Sometimes a person arrives in Heaven who needs to communicate with someone or some­ones on Earth right away. In that case‚ we have to put them through this school right away. When people are far behind in knowledge of spiritual workings, yet they still need to communicate with someone on Earth for some reason, they will be given a very basic course, and then a spirit helper will be assigned to them to do the footwork and walk them through whatever they need to do.

21. We have an incredible archive, with all the names and personal details of every potential spirit helper in Heaven. Then we're able to immediately contact someone if their help is requested, or if the Lord recommends them being assigned to a job. Writers and artists and musicians often sign up to be on call for duty on Earth, making themselves available for whenever someone needs their help—kind of like temp workers, or temporary jobs.

22. There are so many skilled people in Heaven, and they're eager to share their resources with those on Earth. The supply is much, much greater than the demand, so don't ever hesitate to request the spirit help you need. If a task is God's will and you're willing to do it, we've got the spirit helper for you! Submit your request to the spiri-port today. (End of message.)

Angel-Being crossovers?


23. Do angels have sex with spirit ­helpers? Like are they allowed to cross over? Or do they have to keep to their own "kind"?


24. Angels and spirit helpers do have sex together. Remember, angels don't necess­arily have a set of wings on their back. They are very similar to former earthlings (spirit helpers), in that they have freedom of choice. It's difficult to explain the difference, except that they do not experience the miracle of redemption from sin that you do. They could be compared, in some ways, to what special forces are to civilians. They have a specific destiny and a job that they have received specialized training for.

25. Sex in Heaven is a large subject, nearly as vast as Heaven itself! Some beings have sex together and bear children; others do not. Some reproduce, while others are created. Some can have what you call crossovers and have sex and children, and some cannot. And sometimes I make exceptions to the rules which I have created, or rescind some of the rules which I created, just as you do on Earth.

26. There are many details to the Heavenly life and much to discover, much more than on Earth and in the physical realm‚ for we inhabit the eternal spiritual realm. It will be an eternal learning experience for you‚ and I provide peeks ahead now, but not all the details, for you are still of the Earth and earthly. (End of message from Jesus.)

Love across the Veil?


27. Do our spirit helpers ever fall in love with us?


28. Your spirit helpers throw their hearts and souls into assisting you. Those who stick with you through most or all of your life are like your closest family member. They almost breathe along with you. They read your thoughts, they feel your emotions of sorrow and joy. They almost become a part of you. This is why when My children come to Heaven and they meet their spirit helpers, they feel they are meeting their closest friends. There's a connection there that will never be ­severed.

29. Remember also, you were in Heaven before you were born. In some cases you have a spirit helper who loved you, and who you loved‚ before you were born. In those situations, I can affirm that they are in love with you and are looking forward to the day when they can be reunited with you fully.

30. There are also times when a spirit helper falls in love "on the job‚" so to speak‚ and you can have loving, intimate communications with them if you choose—or if not now, then when you get to the other side. You might think they'd be frustrated having to wait so long, but in truth they count it all the more a privilege to serve you when they develop such emotions of love. Time is not binding to them, as it is to you, so to wait until the day they can experience a face-to-face encounter with you is not too difficult.

31. In many situations‚ though, the love your spirit helpers feel for you is comparable to the love of your closest brother, or your mother, or your best friend. They love you completely, and are willing to do anything for your good.

32. In every case, your spirit helpers have a special burden for you. I give them special love, which enables them to have tremendous devotion, patience, and supernatural understanding, born of love. I allow them to experience My great love for you‚ and I give them a touch of it to carry always with them in their hearts. That's how they're able to tune in to you so completely—they love you with My love. (End of mess­age from Jesus.)

Why Memorize?


33. Is it really necessary to memorize the Word?—Especially now that we have the gift of prophecy, and the Lord said it was a special weapon for the Endtime. We always thought that we needed to hide the Word in our hearts for the Endtime when we wouldn't have our Bibles or MO Letters‚ but if we can just hear from the Lord directly, won't that be enough?


34. I can and will use the gift of prophecy in the Endtime to give you on-the-spot, direct, specific answers. I will give these answers to those who are well grounded in My Word, but also even to new babes who have very little understanding of the basic principles of the spirit. I will do this because desperate times require desperate measures.

35. Nevertheless, you who I am training to be leaders of the lost in the Last Days will need more than the ability to hear from Me directly in prophecy. You will need a strong foundation of faith in your heart, and will need to be able to teach the basic principles of My Word to others. Memorization of the key Bible verses and passages will enable you to do this if you find yourself in a situation without reference material or the printed Word. Likewise, memorizing MO quotes will help you with this.

36. You don't have to be a memory whiz or try to cram the whole Bible into your brain, but if you've memorized the basics, you should at least try to review them and keep them there, strong and fresh. And if you've missed out on mem­orizing the basic memory verses or chapters, you should work on learning them.

37. Here are some of the main benefits to memorizing and reviewing the Word:

38. It helps you as a disciple to review the basics, to have a strong foundation of faith. Faith comes by hearing the Word, and the words I speak in proph­ecy are My words; yet the Bible remains your foundation.

39. Knowing the Bible and having memorized key verses helps you to discern and confirm and interpret what I give you in prophecy. It gives you more faith in what you receive from Me if it is confirmed with the written Word. Thus, memorizing enhances your gift of prophecy.

40. In the Endtime, when you find yourself as a shepherd of a flock‚ having memorized will help you to train them in the basics. Prophecy is wonderful and you will use it greatly, but faith in prophecy needs to be built on a foundation of My written Word. That's how I've ordained it.

41. Those who do not yet have a fully developed gift of prophecy need the written or memorized Word to rely on. New babes that you will teach, who are progressing in prophecy but not yet experienced in its use, will need to rely on the written Word that you or they have memorized.

42. In times of extreme physical, mental, or emotional stress or strain—and such times will come in the Tribulation—it will be a wonderful strength to your spirit to be able to focus your mind on the words of power and life that have worn a groove into your brain through faithful memorization. They're there, and they're there to remain—unshakable‚ immovable.

43. The promises that you've committed to memory will be used, time and time again, as you bring them before Me in prayer. Claiming them and reminding Me of them not only strengthens your faith, but helps you to be more effective in prayer.

44. Memorizing strengthens your mind and "trains your brain." That can't be bad!

45. Memorizing and reviewing increases your Word intake, meaning you take more time with Me. Again, that can do nothing but help and strengthen your spirit. (End of message from Jesus.)

Improving Your Work Ethic


46. Following are excerpts of a mess­age that was given for one of our WS members. Please try to lay aside the fact that it was given for an individual and see how it applies to your own life. First the Lord talks to the shepherds of this young man, and then He talks directly to him. The guidelines the Lord is referring to in this message were along the lines of pressing in; sticking to his priority work and not mixing it with other less important or personal projects; keeping the regular Home schedule and work hours; not staying up too late working or doing other projects, which would then make him very tired and require a long nap the next day; setting realistic deadlines and working to meet them on time; being open to oversight, etc. God bless this dear one‚ he took up the challenge and is now indispensable in the department he works in. We're so thankful for him!

47. I think many of you will find this relatable‚ as we all have aspects of our ministry or times when our work seems boring, monotonous, tedious‚ and we just don't have the "inspiration" to continue. That's when it's important to have some self-discipline—or ask the Lord for some—and just keep going!


48. (Speaking to the shepherds:) Down in this one's heart there is a willingness and a commitment to his work. There's a deep love for Me and a willingness to do what I ask him. With those things you have the essential building blocks that are needed. You have the willingness, the closeness to Me, the faith to believe and practice My New Wine and to imbibe My Word. You have the willingness to do what I'm asking. This is counted to him as righteous­ness.

49. Yet what is missing is the per­severance and the consistency that is required. His job requires much of the same type of work day after day, and it can be tedious and boring. It can be very boring. He hasn't learned to apply himself well enough. He's not able to discipline himself well enough‚ and there's not enough inspiration in his work to propel him forward and motivate him enough to give it all he's got. He believes that it's his way of life, that he works better at certain times, and that he's able to accomplish more if he works solely by inspiration. But he must see that his reasoning on this is not right.

50. In order to accomplish the task that I've set before him, and in order to be more of a blessing in his work, in order to take on more responsibility and reliably accomplish that which is his present responsi­bility, some changes need to be made. He needs to understand that he doesn't have it in himself to manage or discipline himself. He needs to be open to the help that others can provide in this. He needs to welcome it with open arms, realizing that he himself lacks what is needed in that area. In order for his habits to change and for him to grow, he needs to put himself willingly under the supervision of others, those who can keep tabs on his work and make sure he's accomplishing what is needed.

51. (Speaking to WS member:) Cultivating a good work ethic, good work habits‚ and self-discipline is essential in order for you to be the man I want you to be. It's imperative that you yield to the guidelines, that you realize they're there in order to help you, in order to teach you.

52. It's not like you've failed in that you don't have the willpower on your own. I make each person differently. You have other strengths, but managing your time and disciplining yourself in your work is an area that's weaker and in need of strengthening. Yield­ing to the help and oversight of others will strengthen this area in your life and make you more of a useful tool in My hands.

53. You must strive to continually move forward in everything. If you don't move forward, then you're moving backward. This is true of everything—your spiritual life, the habits you try to cultivate, and your work. You must always progress. Don't be complacent or think that you can get by with just doing the borderline, the minimum that's expected of you. Launch out into the deep! Give it your whole heart! In this you will find the satisfaction and the inspiration that you often feel is lacking in your work.

54. Apply yourself. Work when it's time to work. Take on more work‚ and make it a challenge to accom­plish what's in your court. Awake from your lethargy and get on the ball! Get going! You'll find it will be so much more fun! You'll accomplish so much more if you just buckle down, bite the bullet, and get in there and work—and work hard!

55. I know you have the desire and you want to please Me, so I know you'll accept the guidelines and the rules and yield to them. They will teach you and train you and help you to learn. The even­tual goal is that you'll learn to discipline yourself, your work ethic will improve, you'll learn to use your time wisely, you'll learn good work habits, you'll learn to fight against laziness and lethargy, and eventually you won't need the props and the scaffolding, for you'll be able to stand on your own. That's the goal.

56. But in order to arrive at that position, you need to accept what will look to you like scaffold­ing, strictures‚ and things that appear to be boxing you in. But they're not to box you in; they're to guide you. They're like the rod that the young sapling is tied to in order for it to learn to grow straight. If you want Me to continue to use you in the position that I have you in, you need to willingly accept the support rod, the guidelines, and the safeguards that will keep your sapling growing straight‚ that will take it out of the bent state it's in now and fasten it safely to the standard so it can grow.

57. It is possible. I am able to change your nature, and in this matter of your work and your usefulness to Me, it's essential that it change. You need help, you need guidelines, you need shepherding—and this will be a test for you. Because to you it will seem like you have to conform to something that is not you, something that you don't like.

58. It will take yieldedness and willingness to change, but you can if you see the goal, the finished product. It will take humility to be called back to the wall when you fall off or are in danger of falling. This will not be easy. It will not be an easy road, or an easy task, or an easy lesson to learn. It will require a yielding of your independence and pride. This is the choice that's before you. Will you accept the challenge? Do you love your work that much? Do you believe in Me that much—that I can change you, that I can change your nature, that I can help you?

59. I promise you that what you give to Me I can take and mold and use to be the vessel that I want you to be. But I'm limited to what you give Me. If you give Me your all, I'm able to take and use your all; but if I'm only given part, then that's all I can use, and your usefulness is hindered and hampered. It's your choice. I'm not requiring that you give Me your all‚ that you make your work your first priority, that you strive to do all that I ask you to do and put all that above your own desires. I don't demand it. It's your choice; it's to be given freely to Me. But the more you hold back, the more of yourself you save for your own desires, the less I'm able to use you.

60. It's these daily choices that determine how much I can use you. I seek those who will give Me their all‚ who will put Me and the work above their own desires, who will seek to even change their nature and their personality if that's what's needed for the work. And if I don't find these qualities in the workers I have, or if there's too much unyieldedness or independence‚ then I have to find other workers. No one is indispens­able if they're not yielded and willing to change and continue to grow. So choose carefully.

61. I'm able to make the changes needed in you. I can do all things! It's My promise to you. You can hold on to that promise when things are tough. When you feel you're being asked to do more than you can do, when you feel you're being stretched and pushed, when you feel like your independence is being threatened, when you feel the pressure of making needed changes—remind yourself of this promise. Put it on your wall so you can see it every day! Make it your slogan! "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me!"

62. When your work is hard or tedious, claim that promise. When you feel no inspiration for your work, claim that promise. When you have to get out of bed and go to work and you don't want to, claim that promise. When you have to give up your own desires for the sake of the work, claim that promise. When you're corrected for falling down on the job, claim that promise! It's the truth, and it's the fact of My Word. I am able to do it! (End of message from Jesus)

Familiarity with the Lord's Words


63. Hearing from Me is like lovemaking, in that sometimes you're too tired physically to have a long and active date or go all the way. The love is still there, the respect, the desire to please and care for your loved one and to show them that you love them. Sometimes you have to sacrifice and do things for your loved one that you don't even like doing that much, out of love for them, to show them how much you love them. Other times you have to humble yourself and admit that you don't have the energy, and trust that your loved one will understand and will still love you.

64. I'm your spiritual Husband and I understand your weaknesses when it comes to loving Me in the spirit and receiving My Words in prophecy. I under­stand how you can only take so much spiritual love­making, only so much sucking and receiving of My seeds. Sometimes you're just too tired to go on. You can only receive so much, only so many mess­ages, before you need to rest both physically and spiritually and be strength­ened through drinking in My written Word before you can go on and receive more.

65. But as long as you show Me that the love for My seeds and My Words is still there, then I don't mind the times that you have to rest and do other things. As long as you respect Me and respect My voice of prophecy, then I know that you're just tired and in need of rest from our much lovemaking. But if you disrespect Me, if your attitude is negative and you say negative things about My Word or prophecy, if you talk disrespectfully behind My back to others about the things I say and show a lack of respect for My Word, you're more than just tired—you're becoming familiar with the Spirit of God.

66. Familiarity in any marriage is a weakness that you have to recognize and fight against—but even more so in our marriage, for I'm not only your Husband, but I'm your God. It can be difficult when you allow yourself to become familiar with your physical mate; that has its own set of problems to overcome—the pride, the lack of trust‚ the lack of love and respect. But when you allow your pride to cause familiarity in our spiritual relationship‚ it's much more serious.

67. You have to remind yourself that no matter how you feel, you can't let your pride tempt you to become disrespectful toward My Word, because My Word is Me. When you think negatively about My Word, have questions or doubts about something you don't understand, or maybe you don't agree with something I've said—this isn't a real problem if you come to Me and ask Me about it. If you do, I'll explain it to you and give you the answer. Having questions or wondering about something isn't a problem as long as you ask Me and let Me clarify it to you. But if you don't ask Me and you let that question or doubt linger in your mind, it can cause other questions, doubts, and con­fusion. It's important to seek Me for My perspective and counsel. I will speak to you and give you the answers you need.

68. Having questions isn't a problem, but when you speak negatively to others, when you voice your contrary opinions or belittle My Word to others, this is being disrespectful to Me—your Husband and God—and by doing so, you're tearing down our relationship. Just as a wife can tear down her marriage through pride, lack of respect‚ and lack of trust toward her physical husband, so do you when you become familiar with My Spirit and lose your fear of Me and your respect for the power of My Word.

69. You might not understand or agree with every single thing in My Word or the ways of My Spirit, but it's not your place to criticize My ways or to assume you know better than Me. If you've found you've slipped into thinking or speaking negatively about My ways‚ it's time to stir yourself up to the spiritual warfare and realize that this is an inroad of the Enemy straight to your spirit. The Enemy will play on your pride and cause you to be critical of Me, to be just a little disrespectful, to say a few things here and there that aren't very Spirit-led or wise, and that's his way of entering through your pride. You have to shut that door of entrance through pride and fam­iliarity right away, before it's open so wide that it becomes a major spiritual battle to slam it shut.

70. You have to keep your spiritual walls strong by keeping your attitude right, keeping your spirit right, and keeping our relationship strong in spirit. And the way you do this is through seeking to be humble. I've given you some wisdom, some under­standing and knowledge, but you have to keep reminding yourself that you're nothing without My anointing and that you don't know anything except what I show you.

71. Fight the Enemy's temptation of pride, his temptation to criticize and belittle My Word or to talk down about it. You have to really fight this spirit of familiarity if you want to stay strong in spirit, in tune with Me, and moving forward into the era of action. If you allow your pride to enter into our marriage, it will weaken your faith in Me, your trust in My Word, and therefore your faith and trust that I know what's best.

72. You have to recognize the serious­ness of it and realize that just being a little negative here and there can have a very weakening effect on your spirit if you don't stop it and turn it around. It might not seem like a big deal to you; you might think that you can get away with it once or twice, and that it's fine to talk to your friends and let it all hang out—let out all your questions and your negative thoughts about Me—but it's not fine. It's a dangerous habit to get into because it strengthens your pride. It tears down our relationship of love and trust, and it stumbles and infects others.

73. The key is humility, recognizing Who's really right, and giving Me the honor, respect, and reverence of a humble servant. You may not like everything I say, how I say it, or how I do things, but you have to accept it and respect it in order to move forward. (End of message from Jesus)



74. From what I recall, Dad's general counsel on rape was "don't resist, and witness." That seems good and well, and according to statistics at the time, at least, that was supposed to increase your chances of living. However‚ I've heard that there have been recent studies that indicate that whe­ther you resist—as in scream or run—or yield, you have just as much chance of getting killed or mutilated.

75. In light of that, and considering that nowadays you can get AIDS and all sorts of things, is it still sound advice for girls to just yield and not put up a fuss if har­assed? Or is there more counsel our Family women should be aware of and informed about as concerns rape and how to protect themselves from it? In my opinion, it's not that being raped is such a horrible thing in itself—unless you're a virgin, or unless the guy gets violent. But the thing that worries me most is the possible diseases you could catch‚ especially AIDS.


76. When I spoke to My servant David many years ago about the subject of rape‚ the world climate was different in many ways. This new millennium brings numerous sorrows, for evil men have waxed worse and worse. Evil men did exist many years ago, but they have increased with time, and so has the intensity of their evil. This modern age of ­visual media has brought easy access to perverted attitudes toward sex, which otherwise they might not have had access to. There have always been the depraved and evil of heart, but now there is much more fuel for their thoughts and dreams of every evil and perverted action.

77. To make matters worse, AIDS is now rampant, and the possibility of catching the disease has reached unpre­cedented levels. So being raped in this modern age is an increasingly frightening thing for most women.

78. But you must realize that you are My wife and lover. You are the one I yearn for in My bed of love. You are the one for whom I would give, and indeed have given, My very life. It is My good pleasure to guard and shield you well from the increasing wickedness of the world. You only have to stay under the shadow of My wings, and I will protect you.

79. There was a time during the FFing days when it was advisable to yield when being raped, and in some cases this would be the best course of action even now. But things are much different now than they were in the seventies or early eighties. During that time it was important for David to address the problem, because many Family women were finding themselves in situations where they were alone with a man, either to show him My love or looking for some­one to witness to. They were willing to lay down their very lives in order to be witnesses for Me‚ and in almost every case I protected them from much evil.

80. However‚ these days it is imposs­ible to give you sweeping counsel for what to do if you are assaulted sexually. I can give you some general counsel or options for such situations, but these can only be applied in some cases. The only sure rule of thumb to go by is to ask Me on the spot if you find yourself in a potentially dangerous situation. If you do, I can show you what counsel to apply, or even give you completely different guidance which you have never heard of and would never have thought to do. Your faithfulness to practice "Ask Me Everything" will save your life one day. That's a promise! Each of you will need it at some time in the days to come.

81. Another across-the-board guideline is that the most important way to protect yourself from rape is to make it impossible for such a situation to occur. I know that there are some situations where venturing into dangerous circumstances is unavoid­able, but these are rare. Usually, if you are asking Me, I will tell you how to go in safely. There might still be some risk involved, but if you're praying and asking Me and following My directions, I will tell you what to do and how to conduct yourself to be as safe as possible—and when you're going with My blessing and instruction, the protection is up to Me.

82. If there's anything about this mess­age that you should remember, it's this—steer clear of trouble! If you're in a dangerous country or neighbor­hood, it behooves you women to not travel alone. In some cases it's not safe to travel with another woman, and there may even be times and places when it's not safe to travel with a man. You must carefully weigh the situation—the time of day, the neighborhood, your companions or lack of them, and your appearance—and make an effort to do all you can‚ so that I can do the rest. Sexual assault can result from a Family girl traveling alone at night or in a dangerous area, or allowing herself to get into a dangerous situation during witnessing engagements. These things have happened in the past; don't let them happen to you.

83. So that's the first rule of thumb: Play it safe. Do your best to make it impossible for rape to occur by conducting yourself wisely, and with My blessing most importantly. That is called doing your part.

84. Then there are those times when you either unprayerfully allowed yourself to get into an unpleasant situation or there was nothing you could have done to prevent it. In situations like this, you're going to have to stay as calm as possible, at least in your mind. In this perverse and depraved modern age‚ men are capable of almost anything. Their hearts and minds have been corrupted and their reactions vary greatly, so I can't give you across-the-board counsel as to whether you should usually yield or whether you should fight or scream. But here are some points to keep in mind:

  1. The most important thing you could possibly do in this modern age is to stay as calm as possible, and ask Me to show you what to do in your particular case. Perhaps you will sense that the attacker is lonely and simply seeking companionship, and there may be a way to convince him to calm down. Or you may realize he has serious mental problems and can't be reasoned with. In this case it might be better to scream, break loose, and run if you can. But you'll never be fully prepared for such a situation, so you must make it your automatic reaction to turn to Me when you're in trouble and receive My on-the–spot instructions.
  2. Sometimes women—especially you young women—feel that you're stronger than you really are. While it's true that some women are stronger than others, there is a significant strength difference between woman and most men. There are some extremely weak men that a stronger woman may be able to fight off, but this is more unusual than you might think. Just because you're able to wrestle down a boy or two while fooling around doesn't mean you can expect to physically restrain even an average–size man who is attacking you. In fact, in some cases this could make the man particularly upset and drive him to want to cause you serious physical harm.
  3. You still may be able to struggle and break loose, but for your own good‚ don't get the idea from movies or exaggerated stories that you can learn a few good kicks and you'll have the man crawling on his belly begging for mercy. If you attempt to assault a man who is attacking you, you could find yourself in a lot more trouble than when you started, especially if he has a knife or gun, whe­ther you see one or not. More than ever before‚ men are not afraid to cause bodily harm to women, particularly if their pride has been hurt.
  4. If you do decide to use force, it may be best to concentrate on simply screaming and attempt­ing to break free, rather than actually attempting to fight the attacker or attackers.
  5. As I told you, you must be sensitive to My Spirit. You may even find yourself in a situation where you can witness to the assailant, helping him to calm down and come to his senses. But this can only be done if you're in control of yourself and are asking Me for help throughout the ordeal. It's natural to be frightened out of your wits in a situation like that. But if you've made it a habit to turn to Me about the small things, in a traumatic crisis situation that will be your first reaction—to listen for My Words. My Words to you will give you the strength and peace that you need in such a situation, and will enable you to do whatever you need to do in order to escape the situation safely—whether that entails witnessing to the man‚ pacifying him in some way‚ doing something which will make him want to leave you alone, or physically breaking free and escaping.

85. But most of all, and I will say it again, you must know that I will protect you, for you are My child. I will especially be able to protect you as long as you are within My will. What is My will? It's wherever I've shown you personally to be, and whatever I've shown you to do. It's a place close to Me, where you're communicating with Me before you go here or there, and you're tuning in to My checks. This‚ My dear ones, is the shadow of My wings‚ and they are an impene­trable shield. (End of message from Jesus.)

Consider the Effects ...


86. Here's an interesting message from the Lord about the need for prayerfulness in the things you talk about with others, or the personal prophecies you share with them. It's very important and very good to go out of your way to communicate on a deep level with those you live and work and love with. It's needful! It's one of your responsibilities to your greater marriage. As the Lord says, it builds unity. It's also good for your spirit and your humility to be honest about things that you go through, not only so you can get prayer, but it also keeps you from becoming self-righteous, because it's humbling to admit your mistakes.

87. But there is a balance in what you say, because if something is not said prayerfully, it can cause a lot of hurt or damage, or can stumble others and cause them a big trial. That's why it's so important to ask the Lord about things before you share them. The Lord wants you to be honest and open and have good communication, and He'll probably often tell you to go ahead, that it would be good for you to communicate about whatever it was. He'll probably also have a tip or some instruction for you on how to present it, or what angle you should approach it from, or the timing of it, which can make all the difference in the world as to how it's received and the fruit it bears!

88. What to say and what not to say or how much to share is a tricky subject when it comes to mates or very close friends. You can be so used to sharing everything that it almost seems disloyal to think of not telling each other about something, or even to think of asking the Lord about how to present it. But that's not the right attitude to have. The principle of asking the Lord still applies‚ and I think if you'll try it, you'll find that it makes your communications smoother and more pleasant all around‚ and doesn't hinder your honesty or closeness in the slightest.

89. In fact‚ you'll probably find yourself closer and more intimate than ever‚ because you won't be having to frequently recover from miscommunications or things that came between you because they were presented wrongly, or at the wrong time, or were just better left unsaid for the moment. I'm not promoting hiding things from your mate or loved ones, and neither is the Lord. But the balance of asking Him when and how to share things is a very valuable lesson to learn, and can save you and others a lot of heartache. And even with your mate, there will probably occasionally be things that the Lord shows you would be better not to say at all, because they would cause unnecessary hurt or cause someone to doubt, or just wouldn't bear good fruit. The Lord will help you have wisdom, if you ask Him!


90. It's important to have good communication and to be open and honest with others, to be able to share your heart and feelings and not hold back. It's very strengthening, faith building and unifying to share things with others that minister faith and trust and encouragement. When you share your heart, feelings and lessons, and the personal prophecies that I give you, this helps to deepen and strengthen your unity. It's a source of encouragement if you do so in a spirit of faith and wisdom. Sharing your lessons also helps to teach and train others through the things you've learned.

91. But there is a balance in what you share, and not everything is meant to be shared with others. Some things aren't meant to be shared with others if they were for your ears only, or could be a source of discouragement or doubt or have a negative effect on the person. Sometimes it's wiser and more loving not to share certain things with someone else if it will hurt their faith or raise questions and doubts in their mind. I might allow you to know about a certain thing because you have the faith for it, you're strong spiritually, your connection with Me is strong, so your faith won't be stumbled. But the next person might be going through tests that you're not even aware of. They might be weaker spiritually at that moment, and if their spiritual condition is a little weak, it would be wiser not to share certain things with them.

92. The only way you can know what to share and what not to share is to ask Me first, and I'll tell you. Don't assume that it's okay to share every­thing just because someone is your friend‚ but pray and seek Me and let Me show you what to say and what not to say. It's showing love and spiritual maturity to seek Me before you share something that could stumble your friend or hurt them in some way. You might not know that it would hurt them, but I know, and if you ask Me, I'll show you.

93. Even with your mate there are some things that would be more loving not to tell them—espe­cially if you know it would hurt them unnecessarily, distract them from the job at hand, or discourage them. Sometimes I'll show you to wait and share it at a later date.

94. You must ask Me before sharing things with others to be sure that it's My will and will have the right effect and not have a negative effect on them. I'll show you clearly and give you the reasons why, and I'll show you what to share and what not to share.

95. You have a responsibility to pray and ask Me what to say to people out of love for them and for their spiritual strengthening. It's not wise or loving to say whatever you want to say‚ to share every­thing, because sometimes that's the wrong thing to do and can have a negative effect. If you're in doubt about sharing a certain point, ask Me for My confirmation and I'll show you what to do.

96. When it comes to sharing your personal prophecies with others, again you should ask Me if I want you to share that particular prophecy with that particular person, and let Me show you what to do. It's important to check with Me about the things you say to people, to ask for My leading in your conversations and the things you share so that you don't act out of your own carnal reasoning, which could lead to someone being hurt or stumbled. (End of message from Jesus.)

Dreading the Trib?


97. You know how we're all thrilled that Jesus is coming soon and we're looking forward to the Rapture? But honestly, I'm not looking forward to going through the Tribulation and I'm not all that excited about it. Is that bad? Maybe there are other people who might feel a little similar to me.


98. The Tribulation is not a time of great torment and defeat as many have pictured it. There will be the occasional torture scene, someone who is killed for My Name, and toward the end, such things will become more commonplace as the evil regime of the AC becomes more and more vile and desperate to wipe out My children. But for you who are following Me closely, such occurrences will be few—because you will be following Me and trusting Me.

99. You will be able to hear My voice, so you won't fall into many of the traps that the Enemy will set for you. Yes, some will be martyred for My sake, but if you take the whole time frame and look at it from My perspective, it'll be a time of great triumph for My children‚ and especially so for My intimate lovers‚ you My Family.

100. Though some fall, though some are beaten and killed, though some may fall by the wayside, the majority of you will be victoriously witnessing till the very End. Some will die as a witness and a testimony to Me, but they won't die needlessly or without a good purpose. Those who do come Home earlier than the others will do so because I know that their death will be an even greater witness than their life. I won't call people Home till I know that the ending of their service on Earth will make for an even greater witness than if they kept on living and fighting.

101. Not everyone will be subjected to the evils of the world; very few, in fact, will ever feel the hand of the Enemy on them, and those who do will be covered in My grace and My love for them. I will not tempt them beyond their ability to bear these things, and I will be with them through their darkest hours.

102. Those of you who will bear the great privilege of giving your lives for Me will be greatly honored, like war heroes back from the battlefield. A great reward awaits you on this end for being willing to give your all to Me and hold nothing back, not even your life.

103. To those who might be fearful about entering this time of turmoil I say this: The Great Tribulation will be a time of the greatest witnessing ever‚ the greatest miracles ever, the greatest testimonies ever. You will be bolder than you have ever been‚ hearing from Me clearer than you ever have, following Me closer than you ever have, and you will be the greatest witness ever!

104. The world is going to tremble and quake at your presence! They'll know that a Higher Power is within you and that you are My messengers. They'll quiver with fear, knowing the great power that is delivered into your hands from Me. They will be the ones suffering in torment as I mete out judgments on them. They'll be the ones gnashing their teeth, begging for forgiveness at your hand. You are going to come out of this period in history as the brightest shining examples of My power and My victory over darkness. You who are closest to Me will be the leaders and commanders of the great multitudes of My children who will rise up with you against the Antichrist. They will stand with you and you will direct the forces.

105. This is not a time to be feared or dreaded; it is a time to look forward to, your greatest hour‚ the hour all of creation has desperately longed to see and partake of. You are the players in the ­final, greatest act of the Endtime! You are the partakers in the flesh of these moments which all of Heaven is excited about—and you should be too!

106. You will shine as bright beacons—the lighthouses of My salvation for a shipwrecked world. You will be their saviors, and your foes will be as dust and ashes underneath your feet. You will stand up with a power not your own—for it will be My power. You will rise up and stand with great boldness against the enemies of My Name, and you will beat them back, terrify them, and cause them to run in terror from My mighty power.

107. The power you will have is far beyond your understanding at this point. So far you have been downtrodden, abused‚ and defamed before the nations. But in those days you will be as a terrible dream in the night to the forces of evil. You will calm the raging seas or whip them into a wild frenzy as it suits your needs. You will dry up the heavens or cause such torrents of rain to pour down on the wicked that they are washed away in the tides of My power.

108. You will call down fire from Hea­ven to consume those that stand against you, and I will fight for you! You will see Me stand up with a great fury as I judge those who would dare to touch My Bride. I will beat them with a great staff. I will tear them to pieces before your eyes. I will cause their wrath to be turned on their own heads, and you will be My victors.

109. Maybe you don't understand your part in these Last Days. Maybe you're looking at the wrong side of the tapestry. You're not going to be weak and insignificant and downtrodden. You will be mighty and visible to all as powerhouses of the Spirit of the Living God! They will tremble at your name! They will fade away in terror as you are filled with My Spirit!

110. This is why the Devil is fighting you so hard right now—he knows what you are to become! He knows even better than you do the great threat you are to his plans. You may see yourself as nothing and as weak and frail, but I see you as mighty and powerful and full of strength. You are weak in yourselves, making you the strongest force in the universe, because you're open and receptive to My strength. You will carry with you the authority of My Name.

111. You will be endowed with My authority to call in reinforcements, to mete out tribulation and judgment on those who seek to harm you. You will be My representatives on Earth, wielding a power more outstanding than that of the greatest military in history. Your words will not be empty political speeches, but will enact change. You will be My ambassadors to this world—ambassadors who will be able to ask anything—anything—in My Name. You will be able to do anything through Me. You will be victorious not only in the spirit, but also in the physical, because they will not be able to touch you, much less take your lives, unless it is My perfect time for one of you to come Home to your Heavenly reward. They will have no power over you at all.

112. You will not be fallen reeds in the wake of a cruel tyranny—you will be iron rods of resistance and stoppage, pro­claiming the truth to the Earth! Those who would do evil to you will find that they have done it to themselves instead.

113. To some I will grant repentance, but to the obstinate I will mete out destruction and ruin. You will have the power to judge the forces of evil and decide their fate. You'll be My representatives on Earth and I'll work through you in a mighty way. You will be given permission to act as I lead you to act.

114. So fear not that this will be a time of defeat, because I promise you it won't be. I promise you the greatest era ever—of which this "era of action" is but the beginning. Your name will be reverenced and the world will know who you represent and will not be able to lay a finger upon you without My permission. Those who strive against you will be striven against. Those who speak blasphemy will have their lying tongues dried up within them. They that fight against you will be fought against by the legions of Heaven. Those who torment you will be tormented day and night by My hand in just vengeance. The Lord of Hosts, He it is that doth go with you; He will fight for you and stand strong on your behalf. The Name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous runneth into it, and are safe.

115. Fear not, My flocks, for your Shepherd is mighty to save, to deliver, and to protect His sheep. I will make you the presence of My power on Earth, the representatives of God to this Earth. Those who turn away from you turn away from Me. Those who spite you spite Me. Those who fight against you fight against Me. I will recompense evil. I will judge the nations according to their attitudes toward you. You will be the stronghold of My Spirit in these Last Days. "Victors over the nations" shall you be called, and men will tremble at your name!

116. Victors of the Earth, your day approaches. Stand strong in Me and be the last chance this world has to repent. If they spurn you‚ they spurn Me‚ because I am He that has sent you. I will fight for you, My beloved brides, and you will be the concentration of My power on Earth. You will be My ultimatum, My last chance to the world. Those who embrace you, and through embracing you embrace Me, shall live. Those who reject you, and through rejecting you reject Me, shall perish. You decide the fate of the nations by how they treat you. You hold My power in your hands to do with as you will. You will be strong in Me. You will be known as those who are the closest to Me on Earth. You will be known as My lovers. You will be known as the "bearers of light" in the dark days ahead. You will be victors over this world!—Vic­torious in life and victorious in death—victors! (End of message from Jesus.)