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What the Future Holds, Part 1

Karen Zerby

More on the power to rise above and the keys!

By MariaMaria #570 CM 3349 4/01

Dearest Family,

1. You're wonderful and we love you! Peter and I are praying for you daily! Thanks for your faith and loyalty, and for following the Words of the Lord. Because of your obedience and respect for the Word‚ and the vacuum you create as you drink it in‚ believe it and live it, the Lord keeps giving us more far-out insight and revelations.

2. After the last meeting of Birthday Feast 2001, I asked those in our Home and other WS units to hear from the Lord. He said: "I have much to say to Queen Maria and King Peter about the future—their personal future, the future of the Family, and the future of the Endtime events. I have revelations and new truths to give! I will give insight, vision, new goals, and revelations about what is to come. Turn your eyes to the future, My dear channels. Peer into My magic mirror and let Me pour forth all the precious rare jewels that I want to give."

3. In this GN I have the privilege of presenting some of these marvelous messages. Lord willing, there will be more GNs of these prophecies published in the months to come. I would have liked to have gotten all these precious jewels to you more quickly‚ and I did consider "flooding" you with them in one GN after another, as they're fascinating and offer such insight about our future. But, because I know you can only absorb so much and we have so many other important topics to address as well, the Lord has instead led me to spread this delicious banquet over a few months.

4. I'm sorry that we weren't able to begin publishing these GNs sooner. We would have preferred to have gotten these out immediately after the Feast, but it wasn't possible, since ­Peter and I left for the summit only days after the Feast and didn't return home until the end of February. After our return we were occupied with timely matters in laying the groundwork to implement the board vision. I started work on this "What the Future Holds" material in mid–April and moved it along the pipeline of publication as quickly as possible. Thanks for your understanding about the delay in getting these to you. I pray you will enjoy them to the full!

5. The Lord said: "These GNs have many purposes—to instruct, inspire, give vision, teach about the Endtime, amplify on the promises and gifts I have given, and give My children faith for what is to come. These are magnificent messages that will cause the hearts of the children of David to rejoice! They are awe-inspiring and powerful. I don't want to just give My brides momentary inspiration and a 'good feeling' as they partake of new information. They should not read these GNs simply to get the latest scoop. These are also to be a means of serious instruction. For these messages, while highly inspirational, are also very needed to prepare My brides for the future, to give them greater faith, to help remind them of the power to rise above and the keys of the Kingdom that are theirs, and to help them make those important gifts come to life in their hearts so they'll put them to use on a daily ­basis." (End of message from Jesus)

6. I know you're all very busy‚ and a lot of Word comes out each month—so much so, that it might be difficult to keep up with it. In spite of that, we can't let the reality of our new anointing, our enhanced gift of faith, the power to rise above, and the keys of the Kingdom escape us. This is just too important to forget or not focus on. The Lord knows that, so He's helping us to stay reminded of these important spiritual gifts through the Word He's pouring out. The onus is on each of us to study that Word and make it work in our lives.

7. Remember, the Lord said that we needed these additional spiritual aids and power that I just mentioned in order to continue to meet the demands that are ahead of us. These are to help us succeed. You've made the right choices overall and have passed whatever tests the Lord has brought into your life, and that's why He could reward you in this magnificent way. But receiving the gifts is only the beginning; then you must do something with them. It's my prayer that this series of GNs, as well as others that we hope to print fairly soon on practical application of the power to rise above, will help to motivate and instruct you to do just that!

See the Activation Angels!

8. This first message is significant not only because it reveals never-before-known information about the spirit world and crucial happenings related to our receiving the keys of the Kingdom, but also because it adds insight to our understanding of Endtime events and how the Devil is now preparing the world for the Antichrist.

9. (Vision: ) O Jesus, this is so beautiful! Please help me to describe clearly what I'm seeing. I see an incredible vision, which I seem to also be a part of. In front of me is a gorgeous angel, so magnificent‚ so awesome in appearance! He's almost mesmerizing to look at! It's as if he's made out of gold, because he's golden from head to foot, even his hair. And yet it's not a hard, metallic, earthly form of gold, but a living, almost translucent‚ moving gold. His long hair is blowing behind him‚ not by some external element or breeze, but as if by a living, inborn force within him that causes it to move and flow and almost morph in shape behind him.

10. He's standing in what appears to be a starting gate—almost as if he's preparing for a race ahead. My impression is that I'm running in a relay race and he's my next partner ahead of me, ready to take the baton from my hand, except he's stretching out his hand toward me‚ inviting me to put my hand in his. Thank You Jesus! This is so beautiful. I feel like I'm in the presence of a very powerful angelic being. He's unlike anything I've seen before.

11. As my range of vision expands‚ I see not only this angel, but three other similar beings. So there are four of them—and they're all equally as beautiful, equally as golden, and equally as powerful and incredible in form. They're all standing in line, at what appear to be supernatural starting gates.

12. This angel is now taking my hand and my arm, and I'm being propelled forward, as are other Family members alongside me and behind me. These angelic beings are escorting us into the future—the race before us! Thank You Jesus for this beautiful vision, this glimpse into Your spirit world! (End of vision.)

13. (Jesus speaking:) My love, wonder not at what you behold, for indeed you have seen what is a reality in My spirit at this monumental time in both history and in the spirit.

14. My four powerful angelic beings have been released for this new era ahead of you. Know that your years of light ahead are few, and they will be your golden years—years when you will reap the harvest as never before. Now at the dawn of this new millennium and era of action, I have broken the seal on this reserve of power—these golden ones, these previously harnessed angelic beings. Their time is now, and their destiny calls them with you, My brides, into the golden period of time ahead of you. Now their power can be released to aid each of My brides in all that the future holds for you!

15. With the ignition of this power, this activation of the keys to My Kingdom within your hands‚ My angelic beings are also set free and activated to help you, and in so doing fulfill their destiny. Their time is for this specific ­period in history‚ the final measure of time upon the Earth before great darkness engulfs humanity. Their form is as no other, for these four are the activation angels—golden beings of light, their level of power unprecedented and unchallenged, save by that of My archangels.

16. You, My brides, have now entered a new era, a new level in dedication and discipleship, a new level in power through what I have placed in your hands, and so have you opened a new level and echelon of power from My Heavenly resources to aid you. Be encouraged‚ My loves, and let your faith leap by what you see before you, for a never-before magnificence and awesome power has been released unto you!

17. Each angel, at the touch of your faith and request of your lips, will escort you into the future. They are in control of all that each of My brides will need in activating the power now placed in your hands. At the command of your faith they will work from the spirit world to perform miracles on your behalf. And because you, My faithful brides‚ will not use the power given you for your own purposes or glory but only as a means of reaching My lost ones and reaping the harvest before you, any impossibility before you will be bridged.

18. The first angel stands charge over the power to perform miracles of any form for My glory and in reaching those that are Mine. One of these is the gift of healing, which you now have. Be not afraid to use this power for My glory. You must access it in full faith and not be intimidated or fearful to possess this power‚ for you have it within your hands. This is My promise to you.

19. The second stands charge over the ability and power to accurately discern and reveal My secrets‚ including the events of the Last Days. Each step ahead of you will be revealed clearly, plainly, and in truth. There will be nothing withheld from you or kept from you, My beloved brides, that you have the need to see or know.

20. The third angel stands charge over the power to discern and see deeply into people's hearts and spirits. He also has the power to inflame and activate and turn your hearts toward seeking out, winning, and feeding My lost as never before! He will escort you into a mighty Activated explosion around the world!

21. Finally, the fourth and last angel has been given charge over My chosen vessels—My Maria and Peter—upon whom much anointing will fall. Theirs will be a great calling, stirring and empower­ment, and a great stepping out. A great power will fill them as they don the mantle of leading My brides into the coming era.

22. You, My little ones, My Bride of the End, will have the power to perform great miracles for My glory! You, My ragged ones, will now stand up among My children as leaders in the Christian world. No longer will you hide behind the skirts of another, or be intimidated by the gifts and outward apparel of power and popularity worn by My other children of the churches. This is your day to shine, My loves, your day to come out from behind the curtains and reveal yourselves as My chosen and anointed ones to lead My saved and redeemed children through the darkness of night ahead.

23. This period of time will cause a great turning of the eyes of all My children unto you, My Bride. For now you will be revealed. You will step out from My bedchamber as those who carry the strength and anointing, the insight and discernment needed to stand up against the wrath of the Evil One and his coming kingdom on Earth.

24. These next years will see a great falling away from the faith among My children of the churches, of those who are nominally Mine. As I have released this new power into your hands, so the Evil One has released his minions, his arch­demons, whose power will cause a mighty dulling, a mighty blinding of the eyes of those who care not, and who have turned from Me and from seeking My truth. This will cause them to cleave as never before to themselves, to the ways of the world, and to the works of their own hands.

25. The Enemy has cunningly given them snippets of truth of what is to befall the Earth and mankind through the power and persuasion of the movie screen and his promotions. Yes, he has given the masses some truth, but all with the intent of muddying and tainting My full truth, so the masses come out confused and fearful, dulled and inoculated. He seeks to delay My plan, to discredit what is actually to be, to hinder and cause confusion‚ all in an attempt to cause disbelief and a mighty turning away from Me and My ways.

26. This inoculation will continue to the point that when these events actually befall the Earth, when the rise and possession of the Anti­christ takes place‚ the scales upon the eyes of the masses will be firmly in place. Even those amongst the churches will bicker and contend over what is truth and how to interpret the earthly turn of events in respect to biblical prophecy. This is where you, My Bride of the Endtime, will stand in the gap of this great dulling and confusion. This is your destiny, and this is the power given unto you.

27. The Enemy of your soul will actively continue with this plan of securing the masses and causing this great division upon the Earth, and causing a great hatred to well up in the hearts and minds of the masses against My true children of light. The lines will be clearly drawn; no more will there be those who sit in no man's land, hovering between truth and untruth. So pre­pare yourselves for a mighty division—among My children of the churches and among the children of the world. These years will see a great falling away so that the ground may be ripe and ready for the Evil One to take possession of their lives and hearts.

28. In contrast to the great falling away on the part of the world, there will be a great rising above among you, My chosen Bride. I will give you great power to see you safely through the coming days! (End of message from Jesus.)

29. (Mama:) This should serve as another re­minder that the tremendous power and spirit helpers that the Lord is giving us are for a purpose! This is not a figment of our imagination. This is real. There are definite powerful promises attached to the keys of the Kingdom, and these new activated angels have a specific mission. Please ask the Lord to open your eyes to the spirit world so you can appreciate how truly magnificent the Lord's plan is‚ which should increase your motivation to use the power at your disposal.

30. He's giving us these awesome gifts because we need them. We're entering a new level in dedication and discipleship; we will face bigger battles‚ stronger foes in the spirit world, and therefore the Lord has equipped us with a new level of power and released this new echelon of Heavenly beings to aid us. Several specific gifts come with the release of these four activated angels: (1) the ability to perform miracles, (2) discernment to see and understand the Lord's secrets, including the unfolding of Endtime events, (3) a guide to escort us into a worldwide witnessing and Activated explosion, and (4) a new spirit being who has been given charge over Peter and me.

31. There are indications in this message that the Family will gain greater influence as leaders in the Christian world, that we will be more recognized and perform great miracles. Apparently we will shine the Lord's light not only to the lost, but also to other believers, who will acknowledge our special anointing and look to us for guidance, especially in the darkest times ahead. Of course‚ the full meaning of this is still veiled, but the Lord has given other clues as to how this will be fulfilled. As you read this and the GNs in this series‚ you'll see things fall into place a bit more.

32. Understanding the future is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Some people derive great joy from doing puzzles, and the more pieces there are and the more challenging and difficult the puzzle, the more they seem to like it. Some puzzles have up to 5,000 or 10,000 pieces, and there are even three–dimensional ones and ones that are two-sided. Well‚ I'm not a puzzle person, since my eyes could never take the strain, but I sure love the Lord's puzzles. I'm fascinated by all the many little pieces and how they fit together.

33. Just as you might see a group of people huddled around a big table covered in thou­sands of tiny puzzle pieces, studying intently the various shapes, and cheering each time another piece is safely tucked into its place, so should we be with the Lord's spiritual puzzles. We can't expect to just toss the pieces around carelessly and hope they'll fall into place, thus completing the whole picture rather effortlessly. We need to study and think and pray about all the fine details, and look for clues, and then we'll find the picture becoming clearer all the time. If we look at it like that, it's a challenge. It's fun. It's not laborious study, but it's an adventure.

The Ministry of Miracles

34. Here's another major clue about what our future will be like and how the Lord will thrust us, the Family, into the limelight of fame, popularity and publicity.

35. (Jesus speaking: ) I wish to enlarge your vision now, My children of David, regarding the purpose of these gifts—the power to rise above and the keys of the Kingdom. I am a wise investor, as you well know. I give generously‚ freely, and it gives Me pleasure to give to you. But I also give with a purpose and expect great returns for My gifts. I do this not only to be efficient and to obtain the progress and results that I know are needed, but also to challenge you to stretch yourselves to greater works. I know it makes you happy and you feel more fulfilled when you're put to the test to do great things, accomplish what seems to be impossible, and conquer mountains that have hitherto been unscaled.

36. I want you to know what is to come, both so you can look forward to it with anticipation and so you can prepare. When you know the future, then you look for the signs and you have more faith to take hold of the power, harness the spirit, bring forth the fruit, and work the miracles. When you're commissioned with an official charge, then you don't feel that you're "acting proud," taking matters into your own hands, or exercising yourselves in things that are too high for you. Instead, when you see circumstances unfold, I am able to speak to you and show you what to do. You don't doubt, wonder or waver, but you grab the opportunity tenaciously and you run with it! You say to yourself‚ "This is it! He told me this would happen! I'll do it!"

37. I have promised that you would do greater works than My early disciples. I went so far as to say that greater works than I did‚ you will do. You've heard that so many times that it's become almost a cliché. It has somewhat lost its meaning for you. But I want to make it clearer what I mean by that.

38. You have already entered the era of greater miracles. You've begun your journey to greater mir­acles, and there has already been a manifestation of greater miracles in some ways. But overall, many of those "greater miracles" up until this time have been hidden or partially hidden. They've been miracles of fuller yielded­ness, more faith, an increased vision for witness­ing, greater initiative, more consistent humility, the desire to ask Me everything. These are great miracles that have taken place deep in the inner man of each of you.

39. This was all very necessary preparation for the gifts I have now bestowed upon you, for each of you was tried and tested. Each of you had your personal battles that showed the depth of your love for Me‚ and the distance you're willing to go for the sake of winning the world. This show of desire for Me and your humility to be made into the vessel of My choosing were what paved the way for the very awesome new gifts that you now possess.

40. But that's only the beginning—there's so much more! You now only see the tip of the iceberg, but the totality of this power will be made visible for all to see, and then you will come into the full realization of what this means.

41. You now enter a time in which My power in you will be manifested in a way that will be visible to each other and to the world. You've proven yourself worthy through your humility and yieldedness, and I can now reward you with the gifts and manifestations of My Spirit that are showy, magnificent, and obviously miraculous.

42. When people think of the works that I performed during My time on Earth, they don't normally think of the power of My love, forgiveness‚ or tenderness. They don't normally think of My deep connection with My Father or of My ability to hear His voice. They don't think of the hours I spent alone in silent prayer and meditation. They don't normally think of the private crises of faith that I had in which I made the right decisions and overcame the Evil One.

43. No‚ the great "works" that people know and that have been publicized over and over are the fantastic demonstrations of supernatural power. Mankind remembers the miracles I performed that were undeniable miracles in the eyes of carnal‚ child­like man. I speak of such things as turning the water into wine, walking on water, healing the sick, casting out devils, causing the lame to walk, restoring sight and hearing, and even raising the dead. These are the miracles that are taught to children, pictured in theater and movies, and some of them are events that have become household words even for un­believers.

44. If the people who lived in My time needed such signs of My divinity, how much more do the people of today and the Last Days need such signs and wonders? The lost of today are often skeptical, un­believing, and deeply deceived by the Enemy of their souls. They're so very far from the truths of My Spirit, and they're immune to the more conventional ways of preaching the message because they've hardened their hearts, they're past understanding, and they're in total darkness. Therefore‚ you, My miracle workers of the End, will have to resort to other means to get their attention, and you will have to offer them "proof" that cannot be denied. This proof will be in the working of miracles.

45. You will do the same type of miracles that I did, only more and greater. There will be more of you performing such miracles‚ and the news of such events will draw great publicity and attention.

46. I know that many of you are puzzled in your hearts and troubled in your spirits, not knowing what this means. You feel the weight of these words, as if it were something you had to do yourselves. But as I explain more, you will see that this transition to greater obvious mir­acles will come naturally, and those who have the faith will know they have the faith. They will simply reach up and receive the anointing, and then step by step in My power, not their own, they will accomplish that which I have put on their hearts.

47. The days of these miracles is not in the far-distant future, sometime when you know for sure you're in the Endtime and you're facing the Antichrist and his forces. Most of you have that mindset. You believe that you—or at least someone from the Family—will perform great miracles when you're sure the Antichrist is in power. You've ascribed that power and anointing, and even the need for such acts, to the last years, the Great Tribulation. But I want to correct your perception of this, for your under­standing of the timing is not right; this ministry of miracles will begin much earlier.

48. As you have needed to grow in the ­hidden gifts and in the performance of hidden miracles such as yieldedness, prayerfulness, hearing My voice, loving Me intimately, maintaining constant com­muni­­ca­tion with Me, feeling My presence at all times, doing the humble thing—does it not also stand to reason that you will also need to grow in the performance of obvious mag­nificent miracles? Now is the time when I will begin to hone those gifts of doing miracles‚ and to speak to your hearts about My desire for you to receive such gifts.

49. Now‚ beginning today, I will enhance the gifts of My Spirit within you and you will see raised up from among you those who will perform miracles of healing, deliverance, casting out devils, foretelling the future, and eventually even raising the dead and calling down fire from Heaven. There will be those of you who will begin to step out by faith to exercise such gifts, for you will feel an undeniable pull on your heart, and the gift of faith that I have loosed within you will enable you to reach up and pull down miracles from Heaven.

50. There will be publicity and large gather­ings. News will spread around the world. Some of you will become famous, and others infamous. These obvious miracles will cause no small stir; they will not be done in a corner. Of course, those who choose to lay hold on this power will begin with small steps, but their faith will grow. In My time, if they stay yielded, humble, and willing, there will be a great hush across the land, as many unbelievers will stand in awe of the power they see, and they will be converted.

51. This will be a key factor in the increase of the church, for those who see such miracles will follow after you—some for the loaves and fishes, but many out of sincere faith and a desire to love Me. This will also be a key factor in the increase of finances, for there will be those who are healed who will give all of their worldly possessions in simple thanksgiving. They will cast their wealth at your feet and make available to you whatever you need. They will know that their own treasures of this world are as dung compared to what you have, and they will be willing to count it all as loss, just to be in your presence and under your shadow.

52. I know this sounds fantastic, My loves. This sounds too big, too dramatic. This is a break from the previous ministry of the Family, whose greatest miracles have been saved souls and changed lives. Most of your miracle working thus far has been unappreciated by the world, because it has been rather unseen by the casual observer. Few people under­stand the awesome power at work and the great miracle it is when someone receives Me‚ and their heart, mind‚ out­look and mindset are changed as a result. In the days to come, that type of hidden miracle will not be enough, for the unbelievers seek a sign.

53. You are now ready, My loves, and this is the beginning of the obvious manifestations of My power within you, the giving of signs‚ the working of greater miracles. I have already begun to speak to your hearts‚ you whom I wish to raise up as My modern-day miracle workers. Your ranks will increase in the future, for all My dedicated children of David who have the keys of the Kingdom have the power to perform miracles, according to the need, and all will manifest this power to varying degrees in the future, as the need arises. But for now I speak to you and call you who have already had dreams and received personal messages from Me and your spirit helpers. You have even had others—both within the Family and outsiders—say things that have confirmed this secret leading that I have put within your heart. Now I will begin to put you in situations and engineer circumstances that will challenge your faith. You will discover that there will be times when the door will open for you to make known your gift. The choice will be yours to follow through on such opportunities, according to your faith.

54. I ask you, however, to please follow through. Reach up, challenge Me, put Me to the test! When there's an opportunity to perform a miracle for My glory‚ don't hesitate or worry that it might not work, or that you might be embarrassed, or that My reputation will be marred. That's why I'm making it clear to you that now is the time to begin your public ministry, because I want these words to turn the key‚ to activate this sector of your gift of enhanced faith, so that you won't fail by hesitating or turning away from the need.

55. This is new and different, and it will be hard for you to get used to in many ways. You will first of all feel embarrassed in front of other Family members, because up until this time there have been few showy miracles. You will feel on the spot. Also, the public acclaim will be unnerving. You're used to working as a team, promoting the body, the overall Family, and the Word. You won't feel comfortable being singled out, or being needed individually or even lifted up before the masses. But as you seek Me and stay very, very close to Me, I will guide you through these troublous beginnings and give you peace. You will gain the faith you need by knowing that you're in My will, and that these happenings are coming about in My time.

56. Of course, in My eyes the showy gifts are not any greater than the hidden gifts. It's not that those who have the gift to perform great obvious miracles are of greater value to My Kingdom, for you know that you are all one body. I know that you have generally resisted even the thought of such a ministry, and have resisted developing such gifts, because you didn't want to be seen to be lifted up above others, to be sought out, or to receive the praise of man. I under­stand this, and I don't hold this against you. There has been no loss to the Kingdom be­cause of these hesitations, for it was not My time. I needed to build a much stronger foundation in the key pillars of this ministry—hearing from Me, loving Me intimately, and doing the humble thing.

57. But now it is My time, and if those of you who I wish to raise up refuse to accept the calling, or you hide your light under a bushel and refuse to let it be activated, then I will raise up others. I will continue to call and call until I have found those within the children of David who are humble enough and desperate enough to obey Me. If I were not able to find channels and vessels for these showy greater miracles, then that would indeed be a great loss to the Family, for this is an integral part of My plan. This is necessary. It's not just a "nice thing" to win many to Me; it's crucial to the development and progress of the era of action, for it will be a key to the Family's growth and increased support.

58. Now is the time that you will begin to learn to do miracles for all to see, even greater miracles than My disciples did, or than I did. Now that promise will begin to be fulfilled. Those of you who have heard My call to this ministry of miracles in your hearts, please don't turn Me away. Please don't make this gift of no effect by unbelief or by minimizing My still, small voice in your heart, or the words I have given you in proph­ecy, or the small signs you have seen previously. Please let Me live and work in you. Let Me fulfill My plan. Let Me use you in this way. Let Me show you personally how I wish to prove‚ through you, that nothing is impossible to him who believes. (End of message from Jesus)

59. (Mama:) Are you chosen to be one of the Lord's modern-day miracle workers? The Lord has already begun to speak to the hearts of those of you who He wants to raise up for this ministry of miracles. He said that you have already had dreams and received prophecies about it. And some of you have even had ­others—both within the Family and outsiders—say things that have confirmed this secret leading that the Lord has put in your heart. If this is a "secret leading," it's obvious that you've not acted on it much; you've kept it to yourself and you've pondered these things in your heart. That's understandable and fine, because it wasn't the Lord's time. But now it's time to begin to do something with the gift of working miracles that the Lord has given you.

60. This will be a great challenge‚ no doubt, but the Lord comforted you, saying: "Those who have the faith will know they have the faith. … There will be those of you who will begin to step out by faith to exercise such gifts, for you will feel an undeniable pull on your heart, and the gift of faith that I have loosed within you will enable you to reach up and pull down miracles from Heaven."

61. If you have this faith, if you know the Lord is calling you to what He describes as this public showy ministry of miracles‚ don't be embarrassed. No one is going to look at you and think, "Wow‚ that guy is super proud" or "He's really gone off his rocker!" This is something the Lord is doing, and doing now! If you're part of the fulfillment of this promise, more power to you! Go for it! Try it!

62. Take note that the Lord said: "Now I will begin to put you in situations and engineer circum­stances that will challenge your faith. You will dis­cover that there will be times when the door will open for you to make known your gift. The choice will be yours to follow through on such opportunities‚ according to your faith.

63. "I ask you, however, to please follow through. Reach up, challenge Me, put Me to the test! When there's an opportunity to perform a miracle for My glory, don't hesitate or worry that it might not work, or that you might be embarrassed, or that My reputation will be marred. That's why I'm making it clear to you that now is the time to begin your public ministry, because I want these words to turn the key, to activate this sector of your gift of enhanced faith, so that you won't fail by hesitating or turning away from the need."

64. It will be a test of faith, that's for sure! You'll feel wobbly and unprepared. But you can be comforted to remember that when Jesus performed His first miracle of turning the water into wine, He didn't feel ready either. You can read His personal account of that in "The Keys to the Kingdom" (ML #3318:15–17, GN 922). But to summarize: He felt unprepared‚ and even told His mother that it wasn't His time. He said, "I was on the spot, I had to stretch My faith, and a miracle took place that day. The Spirit of My Father moved in Me, convicting My heart, and I'm thankful I didn't brush it aside. The need was there, and it was, in fact, My time."

65. It wasn't time for this ministry in the Family before now, because the Lord needed to strengthen what He calls the "the key pillars of this ministry," which are hearing from Him, loving Him intimately, and doing the humble thing. It all works together—the gift of prophecy, receiving His seeds, and being humble. Of course, this ministry can't be taken lightly, and you who are called to perform miracles will need to be very much in the fear of the Lord to stay close to Him and obedient and humble. There will undoubtedly be much to learn as this unfolds, but for now, the main thing the Lord wants you to see is that now is the time. The Lord is now going to raise up those of you who have the gift of the Holy Spirit of the working of miracles. If you are called‚ but you refuse, He will call someone else, and He'll keep calling and calling until His will is accomplished.

66. This is not just a radical new idea‚ something different or something I've chosen to publish to add some "spice" to the GNs. This is a change that is supposed to happen! The Lord said: "I will continue to call and call until I have found those within the children of David who are humble enough and desperate enough to obey Me. … this is an integral part of My plan. This is necessary. It's not just a 'nice thing' to win many to Me; it's crucial to the development and progress of the era of action, for it will be a key to the Family's growth and increased support."

67. This is an integral part of the Lord's plan. Synonyms for the word integral are: vital, indispens­able, important, crucial, critical, needed and necessary. Get it?

68. I want to hear from those of you who are called to this ministry. Please write me about your feelings and experiences; communicate your ques­tions, battles or lessons. Testify of the miracles our wonder-working Husband does. We need to start working hard to learn all we can, and ask the questions we need counsel on‚ and publish the further instruction needed to make this miracle ministry happen!

69. It's the Lord's will. Now is the time! I want to hear from you who have the faith to say yes to the Lord's still, small voice. I want to see you stepping out‚ doing it‚ taking up the challenge and trusting the Lord. We won't be disappointed. The Lord will perform the miracles; He will uphold His Own reputation. He only needs the vessels. Is He calling you?

Go Activated and Reap!

70. Those of you who are Endtime buffs and frontline fighters will find that this next mess­age will surely turn your key.

71. (Jesus speaking: ) There is great rejoicing in Heaven, for the Family Feast 2001 has kicked off the Endtime events that will propel you, My children, and the world, into a time that they have never known before. This will be the great time of reaping that your Father David has spoken of, that the prophets have dreamed of‚ and that you have long awaited but have not seen materialize before your eyes. It will come now. It is at the doors, and you will see it, I promise. You will see it physically, tangibly‚ visibly, and you will wonder with great joy and amazement.

72. Fear not to receive these words, for they are true and perfect. You have opened yourselves to Me to receive My power and Endtime anointing through the gift of faith, rising above and believing that nothing is impossible to you with My strength and power, so is it not fitting that the Endtime events should now begin to come to pass, and that the events which I've been holding back I will now let swing into full motion? But you still have time, My darlings. I'm not setting the final seven years before you just yet, because you have a great time of reaping and of calling all men and nations to repent­ance before the End comes.

73. Once the End comes, things will get very confusing, for the Antichrist will perform many signs and wonders of his own on the world stage, and people will lose their love for Me and fear of Me. Then people will not be as receptive to your message and to your witness. But now is the time when the world is ripe and ready for your reaping—while the world is still in the midst of suffering and misery, and has not yet been pulled together by the Antichrist. So sow the seeds of My love and salvation now while you still can, for when the Antichrist takes the stage, the people of the world will not be as receptive. Their eyes will be dulled and their hearts will be deceived by his words and works, and multitudes will turn to him.

74. You are entering a time of great reaping and witness. You will be a testimony to all nations, and that which you would accomplish in the arena of winning the world you must do now. It's time to focus outward as never before and to reap the harvest, to reach the world, to love the sheep, to feed them‚ to strengthen the national churches, to challenge the world to make a decision, to make disciples out of all nations‚ for within this time period will be the final great harvest of My Endtime soldiers. Those who are reaped during this time will be among those who will go through the last seven years, who will endure Great Tribulation and survive until the very End—the day when I come to rapture My Own.

75. Can you not see the signs of the times? What do you think these tremendous gifts are being given to you for? It's so you can do the work needed in half the time. It's so you can reap the harvest and reach the world, and spare not in doing so. It's so you can be faithful, loyal‚ and steadfast, and not be stuck behind any mountains or obstacles that you deem too impossible to be conquered. There will be no alps to you, therefore the whole world can be reached, and all will hear of My Name and of the gospel of salvation. Though each one may not hear of it personally from you, each one will hear through one, or another one, or another one. The mess­age will be spread far and wide, from nation to nation, people to people, city to city, and it will surpass your wildest dreams!

76. So cling tightly to this gift of faith, and brace yourselves for the Endtime. Brace yourselves for the new thrust into which I place you. I set you in position for your mission! You must be active, alive, activated, and energized in ­order to fulfill that which I commission you to do. There is a great work to accomplish, and it involves each of you.

77. This is the time in history when I shine My light of anointing and great power upon My queen and king of the End. They will rise up with great stature and power like you have not seen. Those of you who live closely with them, work with them, and have seen the anointing that I have placed upon them until this time will marvel at the increased anointing, and even the different and changing anointing that I will now place on their shoulders. They will have a new anointing‚ a new mantle‚ a new spirit from My throne‚ new spirit helpers, and greater understanding and wisdom.

78. They will have, first and foremost, a clear and fresh vision and foresight into the future, so that they can see the direction in which I am leading them, the Family, and even the world. They will foresee what I am bringing upon the world. They will know in advance, and they will testify of it to you, My children, who will in turn broadcast it to the world.

79. You will be My prophets and prophetesses of joy and doom both, bringing the mess­age of salvation to the world, and the message of impending doom to those who are not willing to receive Me, who mock Me and spurn My message and My messengers, who shun My love and who turn to false gods and vain idols, who love themselves more than they love Me. The coming days will be a time of My message flooding the Earth, a great reaping through the tools I have given you. You will see that the promises I have made to you, My children‚ will be abundantly fulfilled in every way, in every sphere, in every imagination. There will not be one stone left unturned in the fulfillment of My promises to you, My darling Endtime brides.

80. I will prepare you in every way for that which will come upon the world—first by making you bright and shining witnesses to the nations‚ so that you can herald the joy of My salvation and love to the Earth, followed by the more serious warnings of the end of the world as the time approaches and men harden their hearts.

81. So embrace this calling and this ministry that I set before you. Do the work in the fields now that I have called you to. Witness, win, plant the seeds, reap the harvest, and make disciples of all nations, for the End will soon come. (End of message from Jesus.)

82. (Mama: ) We are entering a time of great reaping. The point is self-explanatory. What is reaping but witnessing‚ winning, and building a church of believers!

83. We are not yet in the last seven years, but we are warned to take full advantage of this time because—and this has not been explained so clearly before—the lost will not be as interested in our message during the reign of the Antichrist as they are now. It will be more difficult then to get their attention, because they will be fascinated by the AC's works.

84. One thing that the Enemy will do to make this message less effective is to try to get you to think, "Yeah, yeah. I've heard this before." Some of you young people even doubt that we're living in the time of the End. That's sad, because if you feel that way, this message won't move you to much action. And if that's the case, too bad for you, too bad for the Family, and too bad for the lost! Because one of these days we'll see hard, irrefutable evidence that this message is true, and then you'll be sorry for your doubting. You'll be sorry for your lack of witnessing and reaping. You'll be sorry that, because of your unbelief‚ you won't receive the reward you could have received.

85. To believe this word from the Lord is a personal decision. What you do about it will be according to your personal conviction and choice. Each of you will have to decide how this will affect your priorities, how you spend your time, how desperate you are when you go out witnessing, and how much you push the Activated program. Peter and I can't make you believe and obey. All we can do is give you the message. But remember, the Lord will hold you accountable. If it's hard for you to believe this, please ask the Lord yourself. I know He's so interested in convincing you about the shortness of time that He'll personally answer any question you have and He'll even cause things to happen around you that will confirm His truth!

Something Special

For You Young People

86. The following message was received by a YA in our Home who is fairly new to our staff. She obviously understands the questions that you young people face, having spent her whole life on various mission fields‚ and I believe that's why the Lord chose to give this particular mess­age through her.

87. Please understand that I gave no intro­ductory message to those who received these messages after the Feast except what you read earlier in paragraph 2. I only shared the general instruction from the Lord about what He wanted to give. So the recurring themes that run throughout many of these prophecies certainly serve as confirmations.

88. (Jesus speaking:) You will be thrust into the headlines. You've experienced media cover­age be­fore, and many people have heard of you, but in the near future you will become more famous than ever. You'll have more publicity than you've ever had. You think the Jonas ministry is super-wow and he's getting so famous, but that is as a drop in the bucket compared to what's coming, so hold on tight!

89. To you young people who've been holding on for so long‚ and you just don't know if you can make it another day‚ I tell you to hurry up and brush up on all your Bible classes, your Family doctrine classes, and get ready to fulfill the promises I gave about your generation through your Father David. I know you find these things hard to believe, and you've been preparing for this great and mighty day your whole lives. But I say unto you now, rejoice, for your day is at hand!

90. I've promised that I would make you a financial power, and you've wondered how on earth that could possibly be so, when you're now struggling to make ends meet. But I say that as the world hears your message, you will make many new friends and find that there are plenty of people who want to donate to your worthy cause. Yes, your enemies will try to stir up trouble, but I will confound them and bring them to naught, and they will be defeated.

91. Activated will take off like never before, and will become a household word. This is the time of great fruitfulness before the storm, the last harvest. I've told you before that you have no idea how far Activated is going to go; it is the Gospel that will be preached unto all nations before the End comes.

92. So hang on to your hats! This is your reward for hanging on through many years of dishwashing, caring for children, singing, performing, personal witnessing, doing your best to help your Homes make progress, hitting the streets to bring in the daily needed finances, and holding on despite all the battles and the things of this world that the Enemy has been tempting you with.

93. You will see just how short time really is! You'll no longer wonder if you're really living in the Last Days, for it will become a reality to each of you‚ no matter where you are.

94. Well done, I say to you‚ for you have believed My promises of the great things I have in store for you, and now you will see them come to pass before your very eyes! You're not going to have to wait years to be the teachers you were ordained to be; you only have days left. So pull out those Bibles, those MO letters, those memory books, and review! Step out to practice your teaching skills with your present sheep, because before you know it you're going to need all that Word that you've been storing in your heart these many years. You're going to be so thankful for every class you had, and for all the adults who took the time to teach you and train you.

95. And to My beloved veteran first generation, don't think you won't be included in the action! You too will be thrilled through and through to see My promises coming to pass before your very eyes, and to see these young ones shine whom you have trained and poured into these many years, even though many times you couldn't possibly see how they could turn out to be My warriors of the End. This will be the fulfillment of what your Father David prophesied.

96. Each of you will see change and pro­g­ress in your lives. The "action" of the era of action will become more obvious. It's already begun, it's started, but nothing has happened yet compared to what's coming—and not in the very distant future, but soon! Don't be afraid to minister to the top, to reach the influential, for I will raise up many new kings, and the finances will begin to flow in.

97. So don't delay! Expect miracles today, and in My Name you'll get them! You don't quite yet fathom what it means that My power has been released to you, but you will. Grab hold of My promises today. Put Me on the spot. In My Word it says, "Concerning the works of My hands, command thou Me." Do this and you will see the miracles you've heard of all your lives come to pass. You will stand in awe and wonder, and you will reap the results of your holding on.

98. I love you eternally, My dear ones, and I thank you for being willing to be nothing, and to serve and give your lives to Me. Now that you've humbled yourselves in My sight, I will exalt you. I will show you off to the world as My Bride, and they will marvel, as they did with Peter and John, and know that you have been with Me. Believe and receive My promises to you, for the time has come. (End of message from Jesus.)

More Laborers!

99. (Mama:) With all this reaping, teaching and disciple winning, you're probably getting the drift that we need more laborers! There will be new disciples for sure—both live-ins and live–out members. But I think you'll be especially thrilled with this next insight from the Lord, because not only does it show that some of the fellow laborers that we'll gain will have already received a lot of input and training, but they are people who are very dear to our hearts!

100. (Jesus speaking: ) Many who have departed from your folds will return once again. You will see the beginnings of a great harvest in many ways, including the harvest of My ex-member children returning. There will be many, young and old, who have turned aside from My highest will in their lives and from following Me closely‚ but who, as the days grow darker, will be humbled enough to return.

101. Many already desire to return to the folds of David and Maria, feeling the emptiness and misery of their lives out in the System; and yet they are bound by pride. Their pride and their fear of man keep them from humbling themselves and from admitting that they're unhappy and empty in spirit. But I will work on their pride. I will work in the lives of those who I wish to bring back to My service. I will put the squeeze and the pressure on. I will humble them, even break them and crush them if need be, and cause them to be ready to humble themselves under My mighty hand and be My yielded brides once again.

102. These who return will serve in different capacities. Some will desire to return to full-time service. Others will join your ranks as Fellow members or as live-outs or outside wit­nessers. But there will indeed be a great reaping of My ex-member brides—those who have been living only for themselves, but in whose hearts I will rekindle a desire to be of service to mankind and to reach others with My love.

103. As the days grow darker, those who know My words of truth will see the things coming to pass that My prophets have foretold, and they will feel the conviction of My Spirit in their hearts. They will feel and know that the words that I spoke were true, and that it's not true that "all things continue as they were." They will see through the veneer of the System and the sugar coating with which Satan has wrapped his pill of worldliness and carnal thinking—the pill which so many of your youth have swallowed, and in thinking they were being enlightened, brought great spiritual blindness upon themselves.

104. My powerful and mighty wave of anointing through My Family, with which you will reach the world and cover the corners of the globe with My message, will also touch on the shores of the hearts of these, My wayward brides. I will stir them with the warmth of My salty, spicy ocean. They will remember the freshness, the freedom, and see the depth of truth contained in My Words‚ and they will want to return to My service, at least in some measure.

105. Prepare yourselves for an influx of returning wayward brides‚ those who were meant to be Mine and serve Me, but whose hearts were distracted or filled with other things‚ and who therefore pulled away from Me and now feel the loss. Prepare to reintegrate those who have been very weakened, but who will see the truth and desire to fight for it by your side once again. It may take some time for some to be strengthened enough to be a blessing to ­others, and even those who return may not all become full-time elite troops, but they will become part of your greater extended Family membership—a part of My push within the Family to teach others to teach others.

106. This harvest of returning former members will not be the greatest harvest of your future in this era of action. The greatest and most spectacular harvest will be that of the many lost souls who will find Me through you, and specifically through the Activated program and the Family's renewed determination to spread the message and feed My sheep. Yet this harvest of your own who return—both young and old—will be great and dramatic in its own way, for it will be the fruit of your prayers.

107. So many have labored and will continue to labor diligently in prayer for the souls of those who have strayed—their loved ones, children, mates, friends—and those prayers have not been and will not be in vain. It is the era of action‚ and specifically of action through prayer. Therefore pray them through.

108. I have said that you must pray the Lord of the harvest that He will send forth laborers into His harvest. I have many laborers chosen to send into My harvest. Many of these are "new" laborers, in the sense that they either don't yet know Me or at least have not labored in My service. Yet some of them are to be "recycled" laborers, meaning those who have already known My service and know much of My Word, but who have pulled away from Me, whether many years ago or in recent years. There are many whose spark I will re-ignite, whose eyes I will open‚ whose spirits I will cause to burn with the desire to break free from the chains of pride and selfishness, and launch out once again to live by faith and to serve Me and others.

109. Pray them in! Fight for them in prayer! This is one part of the great harvest of the future. This is a part of the era of action. This is a part of the Activated vision. This is a part of feeding My sheep. This is a part of the Last Days. For you do indeed enter the Last Days. These are not the seven years of the Antichrist's reign, but the time immediately preceding it. This marks the time in which things in the world will go from bad to worse, until they realize that they need a superman, and their hearts and minds and governments and pocketbooks are prepared to blindly follow anyone who appears to have the strength to bring about solutions.

110. So many are becoming desensitized to the truth; but meanwhile others are seeing the signs of the times. Even if they don't know what they're seeing, they know that these times are significant, and they're looking for those who can answer their questions. Even My children without‚ the young and old who have left off following Me, will find those who will seek them out‚ feeling the spirit and knowledge within them, and desiring that they would teach them and help them find their way.

111. Seeing this hunger and vacuum in the world will be what causes some to return to Me. They will see that the light and spirit within them, as little as it may be, is desperately needed in the world as the days grow darker, and they will long to be filled with more of this truth and knowledge and spirit, for their own sake and the sake of others. It is coming. The Last Days are coming. A great reaping is coming. A wave of those who will return to Me is coming. (End of mess­age from Jesus.)

112. (Mama:) Please pray these dear brethren back into the Lord's service. These who have left us are not just "former members"; they're someone's mate, friend, brother, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend‚ child. We need them—and they need us and the Word of the Lord! So please begin to prepare for this influx of disciples as the Lord instructs us‚ and let's make a way for these important and needed laborers to fight this last great battle by our sides!

A Gift for the Weak

113. The Lord has said such amazing things about these new gifts He's given us and our increased faith, that I wouldn't be surprised if quite a few of you feel overwhelmed. And if you feel discouraged and weak in yourself, it could test and try your faith that this is really for you. While you might believe in the message in principle‚ and you can see the need for these new spiritual powers and gifts, you might think you're way too weak to exercise your faith in the face of any really big battles. You might feel afraid that you're not going to be strong enough‚ that you'll fail, that you won't have the faith you should. If you feel that way, this next message is perfect for you!

114. (Jesus speaking:) This gift of faith isn't for the strong; it's for the weak—those who feel incapable, at the end of their rope, weak in themselves, and without the power‚ know-how, or talents to make it. This is a necessary gift of My love for you, My precious, faithful brides. This gift will be manifested in great ways in those who have no strength in themselves, who feel unworthy—the humble‚ the meek, the weak—because you will lean completely on Me and trust in My power to deliver each time.

115. Those who trust, who suck, who believe, who expect My promises to be fulfilled, will see miracles of faith. My Word will be fulfilled, when I say I've chosen the weak to confound the mighty, the meek to inherit My promises, the unlearned to astonish the nations! I will do all that I've spoken to you this day. I will use you greatly to do things you're not even capable of in the flesh, but that I can and will do through you—in your personal lives, your ministries, and your witness to the world. As you exercise this gift of faith, step out on the water of My promises and you'll see things change before your eyes.

116. This is an active gift—a living‚ pulsating‚ spiritual gift. As you walk by faith, the doors will open before you, the waters of difficulty will part, the mountain of impossibility will be scaled. I have faith in you, I trust you, and I know that you'll grow spiritually with this gift, as you believe with all your heart. I know your fear is that you won't believe enough, that you'll somehow doubt, question, or minimize the power of this gift through your own lack of belief. But just trust Me, for I've given you a believing heart. You don't have to feel anything, or feel your belief; simply trust that I'm causing it to happen in your life as you walk by faith.

117. You'll see My power manifested through you each day, in little and big ways. As you look for it, accept the challenge to do it and watch Me strengthen and empower your gift. This is a challenge, but with this challenge comes great reward and spiritual growth—the empower­ment of your faith.

118. So go forth, knowing that all is working together for good from behind the scenes. All is under My perfect control. As you trust Me each step of the way and exercise your faith, the power will grow, your faith will flourish, the miracles will happen, the problems will be solved, and My witness will reach the world. (End of message from Jesus)

119. I love you, sweet mates and companions in this great work! I admire you for your faith, fight and dedication. Don't worry about anything! The Lord is going to do it! Peter and I are praying for you! Keep up the good work. You're going great! Go Activated!

Much love forever‚


(Quotes from other messages interspersed throughout the text of this GN: )

The keys are yours; put Me to the test! Command the wind and the waves and all the elements of Heaven, Hell, and of the Earth.

I ask you to advance to the next level of commitment and dedication. No longer allow yourself to stay at a certain level of faith and commitment‚ but move forward with the swiftness these keys can empower you with. The time has come to move rapidly and to progress faster than ever. You cannot stand still any longer, for the world beneath your feet has become a sinking-sand cesspool.

My precious ones, now is not the time to relax or to let down your guard. Don't become complacent, knowing you possess the keys to unlock any door. For though they will unlock any door for you, you must learn the skill of turning the keys in the locks. You must learn which key opens which door. I will not hold back the approaching night of gross darkness much longer, so it is high time to realize and then release the power that I have placed within your hands and to practice with the keys. For in the darkness you will need to be masters of the keys.

It is now high time to learn to think in a brand-new way. I will flood you with "light packets" of My Word, filled with information that will teach you of this new way to progress and of the ways to use the keys. I will show you pictures, visions of great significance to make it easy for you to understand My will and the plan of action you are to follow. You will know My truth plainly, for as you follow your king and your queen, you will come to know pastures you have never known before. I will lead them, and they will lead you to the places where there is the greenest grass and the purest waters.

It's imperative that you shed the weights that would keep you from rising above. There is no need to walk in the depths, the quagmire, the fog and illusion of the lower dimensions. It is My wish, and completely possible, for you to walk with Me above the things of Earth and to live with Me in My dimension.

If you feel stuck or anchored to a murky place, soar once again into the heights of Heaven by shedding the weights and burdens of Earth. Give up any burden keeping you down. Give that burden to Me and I will give you wings to soar!

You, My wonderful servants who so faithfully devote your energy, time, effort, and love to Me and My cause, I honor and commend. Yours is a momentous task, but I have now given you the keys that will unlock every door, and no recourse for help will be withheld from you. You're now breaking through the final levels of illusion and darkness.

(End of file.)