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Changed Man!, A

Karen Zerby

By MariaMaria #566 CM 3345 4/01

Dear Family‚

1. This GN contains intimate and detailed personal lessons that dear Steven ASCRO (Silas) has cheerfully agreed to share with you. As you will see, the Lord has brought Steven along step by step to the point where he has been willing to let go of a lot of his former ways in order to become the kind of leader needed for today. To walk this path has not been easy for Steven; there has been pain and heartache as he confronted the various areas in his life where he needed to change. We all know what that is like. We've each felt sad and discouraged at times when we realize we've fallen short of the Lord's best, have hurt others‚ and haven't been the sample we should've been. We all know the battle that rages in heart and mind as we fight to make the decision to accept and yield to the Lord's correction. And the remaking process doesn't stop there; then there are the many habits that must be changed and the wrong mindsets that must be brought into line with the Lord's perspective and the Word.

2. To change your whole way of operating is a colossal challenge, which is pretty much what the Lord asked of Steven. But as you read this GN I believe you will be greatly inspired with Steven's desperate desire to change and his wholehearted, sincere decision to do whatever it takes to become the leader that the Lord is asking him to be in this era of action.

3. Steven visited our Home in November 2000, along with Gallio, Abner, Juan and Sweetie. The main purpose of their visits was to discuss the board vision, in preparation for the summit. During that time‚ however, Peter and I also took advantage of the opportunity to spend more time with Steven and give him some personal shepherding. Peter had seen Steven regularly at past summits, and he had ­visited Thailand in 1997 for three weeks. But I hadn't seen Steven for many years, since the time we lived in the Philippines where we had some limited contact. So it was a happy reunion this past November, and besides the time that Steven spent in meetings with Peter and the other CROs and our administration team, he and I enjoyed some wonderful hours of personal conversation and heart-sharing. During this visit Steven shared his personal feelings, reactions and prophecies very openly. He also asked for united prayer.

4. In this GN you are being given the privilege of having a glimpse into Steven's heart. You will see the Lord lovingly and gently point out the areas he needs to improve in, and you will hear Steven's desper­ate prayer of repentance and his plea for change. You will read the prayer he prayed after the summit, giving the Lord leave to "do whatever it takes" to help him continue on the path of change. And you will read the Lord's confirmation and explanation of how Steven has indeed changed.

5. I know this is all very interesting. There's just something captivating about hearing the intimate details of someone else's life. You almost feel like you're peeking through a keyhole and seeing something very intriguing that's not meant for you to see. But in this case you are meant to see this, and not simply because it's interesting or so you can catch up on the latest "news" regarding one of our faithful leaders. The reason you're being given this opportunity is because you have something to gain as well.

6. We all have weaknesses, and most of us have asked for united prayer at some time or another. If you stop to think about it for a moment, having been there yourselves, I believe you'll appreciate the determination, humility, stick-to-itiveness, and perseverance required for someone to hear what can be painful correction, accept it as the truth, and then actually change. If you go into the reading of this GN with that on your mind, you'll be blessed to find that a great number of the lessons and principles that the Lord is teaching Steven also apply to you, or can in some way benefit you and help you to be a better sample, disciple and shepherd of others.

7. Please continue to pray for Steven (and for Juan) as they carry very heavy loads and we know the Enemy would like to attack them after they have so boldly and positively proclaimed their faith and commitment to the Lord's will for themselves personally and for the Family overall. Please do your part to help these very dear friends of yours—Steven and Juan—hold on to their marvelous vic­tories by praying for them. They've given their lives for you for years in helping to shepherd you and lead their fields‚ and they've done a marvelous job overall. So please don't fail them now when they need you to uphold them in prayer. Thanks so much!

Much love in our Miracle Man and Author of Change, Mama

To Steven From JesusNov.13‚ 2000

(Given to him by Mama and Peter)

8. (Jesus speaking:) My darling bride, My lover and friend, I thank you. I know what these years of service have cost you, and I thank you. You've given so much of yourself, and that has been a gift that was freely given. Thousands and thousands of choices have presented themselves‚ and you have freely chosen of your own accord to give your life for others. This is a great thing. I am repaying and will repay. There's nothing more beautiful in My eyes than the kind of love that gives, expecting nothing in return, even to its own hurt.

9. I know there have been times when you've been weary, when you've been stretched to the limit. You've watched the load of leadership steadily grow over the years, and you've wondered if it would ever stop. More and more and more was heaped upon your shoulders, and you willingly accepted it for My work's sake. You're a strong man with great determination and resolve, but nonetheless, I know that hasn't been easy. It has tried you to the limit to see the problems, needs, questions and challenges mount without end. Even when you've desired just to relax and lay down the burdens for a while‚ to escape the madness around you at times, still you stayed faithful and pressed forward, undaunted.

10. I owe much to you, My love, for there are so few who remain faithful for the long haul. There are those who are willing to run the race for a while, a few laps, or even many laps‚ but there are few who are marathon runners‚ who are willing to train and sacrifice to have the endurance and strength to keep going the full distance. That's you‚ dear Steven. You are My cherished marathon runner who has kept the faith and remained true in spite of whatever hardships, injuries, or setbacks you encountered.

11. You have no idea how much that sample has impacted the younger generation. Their knowing that you've remained faithful for so long, through such breakings and testings‚ gives them faith that they too can make it. They look at you and are strengthened in their commitments, and they admire you. If yours had been an easy run, without incident, delay, or problems, then they wouldn't pay nearly the same attention to your record and your accomplishments. But because you've paid the price and endured much heartache, pain, crushing and remaking, they now hold you in high regard, and there are many who pace themselves according to your steps.

12. This is both a high compliment and a heavy responsibility. I know you don't relish the fact that many look to you and depend on you. It's not easy to be a teacher, to lead the way. One part of you is motivated and driven by this; another part of you is humbled and put in the fear of Me by the same. You want to be the sample others need. You want to lead your flock, especially the younger ones, to the greatest point of fruitfulness. I know your heart and your motivation, and I honor you for that.

13. I also thank you for being willing to be a father to your own family, your many little children. [Note: Steven and Pearl have 11 children, and Silas had 2 more with Joan.] This is a blessing of great value—the many little ones that I have placed at your feet. Though a heavy burden, they're a source of great joy and a reflection of My love for you. Your life is full of sunshine because of the love and devotion of these little ones who call you daddy. They keep you young, they help you to remain in touch with those who are weak, they slow you down. They're My love to you in so many ways. The sum total of their fruitfulness will far surpass your own, and their rewards will also be yours.

14. I so need leaders of both generations who are willing to bear children for My glory. There are few, really‚ who give to the full‚ especially in this day and age. Even though few comment to you personally, and it seems your large family makes little impression on others, or poss­ibly even a negative impression at times, take heart in knowing that many secretly admire you and Pearl for your faith, unselfishness, and sacrifices.

15. These darling little ones are one of your greatest accomplishments. And though you feel you had little to do with it, really‚ that it was all My doing‚ I want to remind you that you chose to trust Me, even though there were times when you both wondered if you'd be able to take one more. I know there were times when you wished it could be different, and that makes your willingness and saying yes even more precious to Me and to others.

16. I know there's not usually much talk of the wonderful "project" of your great big family. Usually eyes are focused on the marvelous doors that I've opened, the important people the ones in your area are ministering to, the tremendous progress in follow-up, the shows and obvious miracles and testimonies. But believe Me‚ up Here in Heaven there is much talk of the daily progress and victories gained by your little ones—the new words they learn to read, the songs and dances they so enjoy and perform with such boldness, the potty–training victories‚ the progress with long-standing little bad ­habits, and the list goes on and on!

17. These might seem like little things, and perhaps they are. But each of these little things, because they affect the health and happiness of your little children, are big things up Here. There are many who monitor your family's prog­ress, health, unity, and happiness, and take special care to do miracles and provide needs. Yes, they're one of the "big shows" up Here. They're real stars, and so are you and Pearl for the years and years you've invested of steady, unseen giving. You've both given your lives—not just for the work, your Home, your flock, and the Thai people, but also for your little children, your greatest treasure.

18. Thank you, My loves, for not losing the vision, for not limiting My ability to strengthen you and supply your needs. Thank you for continuing to walk the unconventional path. You will never, ever regret these decisions.

19. As you know, dear Steven, not long ago I delivered to you a special message of ­direction. [Note from Mama: This is in reference to some correction and prophecies that Peter and I sent Steven in October 1998. Excerpts of these prophecies were included in GN 820, "The Weakness Revolution, Part 2."] That was a difficult and painful day for you. I still recall the tears, confusion, embarrassment and shock that you felt. I still can feel the anguish of spirit I felt as I held you in My arms as you rocked and reeled from the agony you felt at having harmed My children in any way. What a difficult time of testing!

20. Thank you‚ dear love, for receiving that message, even if it had to be by faith. That makes your acceptance and yieldedness all the more admirable and a greater evidence of your love for Me and your faith in the king and queen. When a person receives a message of instruction and the "proof" of the veracity of that mess­age is somewhat veiled and hidden, it takes great faith to believe. Though it was difficult for you to clearly see how that message could apply exactly, you still received it. You were willing to do that, even though it was extremely difficult and puzzling, because of your great love for Me, your flock, the Words of David, and the king and queen.

21. Because it was so difficult for you to see where that correction was coming from and how it could be true in some ways, I honored you and blessed you even more for accepting it by faith. You could have argued your case. You could have chosen to present your side, to justify yourself, and to try to improve your standing or your reputation by a good comeback to what could have looked like discrepancies, inaccuracies, and exaggerations. But you didn't. Regardless of how difficult it was for you, you determined to just take it. And you did. Because of that, you continued with My blessing and protection. I continued to pour My full blessing upon you and the works of your hands.

22. I'm forever grateful for that decision you made, for without that, we wouldn't be where we are today. Things would be very different—for Me‚ for you‚ for many people. Man often has little understanding of what great things pivot on such seemingly small decisions. It was only a matter of days that you were deliberating that message. You went back and forth in a mighty spiritual battle. The Enemy's attacks were very strong. His persuasion to rebel, to take exception, to resent and disbelieve were enormous. He knew what was at stake, and he mounted an all-out assault. Back and forth went the battle in your mind and spirit. It was hell! It was mental torment. But because you humbled yourself and refused to accept his spin, you found relief and freedom. I was so proud of you.

23. You've come a long way, My love, and there's been much progress. Yes‚ there is more to be made‚ but I realize‚ and so do the king and queen, that it's a step–by-step journey. It's a continual process as you daily work to establish new habits and see things more clearly.

24. You were given a precious gift of the jewels from My Heavenly mine, and you cared for them, protected them, and donned them with great care. Some people don't see the value of My Word jewels. They laugh at them or scorn them, and then toss them out. What foolishness! But you hid My special jewels in your heart and let no one steal them away or minimize their value in your eyes. You put them in a safe place where no one would break in and steal them‚ not even the Devil! You've proven that your treasure is Heavenly; therefore, because you've invested those gifts well, now I honor you with a great return.

25. I give to those who appreciate My Heavenly wealth. When I pour out My personal words of encourage­ment or instruction, it's a precious gift of greater value than anything in existence on Earth. In some ways I test people with that gift. If I see that they take care of it‚ protect it, guard it, and make good use of it, then I give them more. That's the case with you, dear Steven. You've been faithful with the great treasure I gave you, and therefore I have faith that you will react the same way to this addition to your Heavenly riches.

26. Together we went into the mines and pulled out jewels of many kinds. Some were more beautiful than others. Some were easy to appreciate and wear, and it was a pleasure for others to behold such jewels as you donned them almost with pride. But some were strange. Some even seemed ugly, hardly like jewels at all. Some you would have preferred to put back in the mine. Some you placed back in the jewelry box and tucked away, hoping no one would find or see those, because it takes a lot of faith to flourish a "jewel" that few recognize as worthy and valuable. It's like setting a new style. At first it seems odd and even uncomfortable. But with time, it catches on, and pretty soon it's the new thing and everyone wants it.

27. Now I ask you, My dear one, to come with Me deeper into My Heavenly mines. There's more for you to see. It's dark and damp down here, and it's a real sacrifice to get this far. This is a special place reserved for those who have proven themselves worthy. This is where those special ones are allowed to come, because they've learned to appreciate and value the many different hues and colors of My Heavenly jewels. When you get this deep, it's sometimes harder to recognize the jewels. They're different and they're weighty. You must prepare yourself for this journey with great desperation, prayer, and yielding your all to Me. You must want to see what I have for you more than anything else. You must leave your fears and apprehensions at the door of the cave, and you must trust your life and care totally to Me, for I am the only One Who can lead you to the hidden place of such treasures.

28. I want you to understand that to go to such a place and receive such Word treasures from Me is a very special privilege. It's something that is earned or won. It's not freely given, without the recipient being tested. Those who come to this secret room in the cave are those who have been greatly tested in faith and have passed the test. You have done so, My darling Steven. You were tested and tried. It could have meant your whole service to Me—that's how big it was—but you endured and came through victoriously. It was a victory of acceptance, faith, and yieldedness. I'm so proud of you. Now, as a reward, I give you what you need now and for the future.

29. To truly appreciate this gift you must see it as a reward. This will not be easy for you in some ways, I know; nonetheless, this is a reward, for it is deep truth. It is a manifestation of My faith in you, and the faith of the king and queen. Because you proved yourself worthy and believing, you will receive more.

30. Much has been invested in you and your field. In some ways this has been a source of great joy and satisfaction to you. But the other side of that blessing is that it's not without a price. Because you've been the head in many ways, leading the way, yours is the glory and the shame. It's no small thing to be the leader‚ the shepherd, for your actions are so far-reaching. Many follow‚ mimic, and take on your same habits and attitudes. Oh‚ what a great weight to bear for these, My generals of the End. In some ways it's a miserable place to be; in other ways it's glorious. But there is no escaping the responsibility.

31. For that reason, I must see to it that you are all that you must be. Others might be able to let down their guard and follow at a distance; others might get away with a lack of faith or a twisting or wresting of My Word, but not you. I'm sorry‚ but that's just the way it is. That's the price you pay for the uniform you wear. But wear it you must if you are to fulfill the destiny I have for you.

32. Now let's examine that destiny. You've accom­plished My will thus far. You are overall the man I wanted you to be. Of course, there are always ways to improve, and it's not that you've been perfect, as you so well know. But you've done My will, and I'm pleased with your fruits overall.

33. Take heed now, My love, for I set before you the greatest challenge of your life. The future will be different, things will not remain the same‚ and you will need to be different. You cannot remain the same. This is a warning and a challenge. I'm closing the door now on the past. What you've been and done so far is recorded in the annals of Heaven‚ and great is your reward; but now we go on to a new era‚ and I need new leadership. I ask you very plainly if you wish to be a part of that new leadership; if so, then it will require a complete break from the past for you. This will indeed be a new start, a new beginning, and that's clearly what I'm requiring not only of you, but of each of My shepherds.

34. There will be many new leaders, shepherds, and bellwethers raised up to be part of the engine of the era of action, helping to propel the Family forward. It will be much easier for these new ones, for they will not have to go through the racking purge of letting go of so much. They will not be letting go—they will be embracing, gaining, receiving. To the new ones, this new era will be perceived as a dream‚ an answer to prayer, something good, positive, and desirable.

35. That's how I wish it to be for each and every one who will participate on the boards and the decision-making and idea-generating process. But whether it will be like this for some will depend entirely on their personal decisions and attitudes and how much they let go of the past.

36. I must tell you very clearly, Steven, that this change will be monumental for you personally. I will require much of you. I tell you this in love, and in a sincere effort to preserve and continue to use your leadership ability and experience.

37. You are prepared for what's ahead because you've been making steady progress. You've been saying yes. You've been yielding. So this next step is a continuation of that process. It won't be difficult if you receive the truth I'm going to tell you. If you can open your heart fully to this, then even if you don't understand it exactly or see how it can be fully true, I will pour My grace and anointing on you, and I will make you into the vessel you need to be. This will require total abandonment of your present mindset, attitudes, and habits. I ask that you become soft putty in My hands, not even knowing what I wish to make of you.

38. You've progressed, you've changed, but there is further to go. As we go deeper into the mine now to find the strange, yet beautiful and costly jewels that I wish to give you, I want you to promise Me that you'll believe and accept. For I need you, My darling bride. I need you, the work needs you, and the lost sheep need you. Your future fruitfulness is at stake, so listen, accept, and receive. Will you?

39. I know you're trying to understand the concept of the boards. You've watched the ­videos made by the king and queen, and you will participate in many discussions. But you've had a mental block, which has hindered your receptivity to the full application of this vision. You don't realize it, dear Steven, and I know you don't do so intentionally‚ but deep in the back of your mind you're still considering your area an "exception." You think in terms of (a) the rest of the Family, and (b) your area. This will not do. This board vision applies as much to your area as to the rest of the world. There are no exceptions. Believe this, or you will fall.

40. The first step to fully accepting the board vision is to realize that you, Steven‚ will no longer be the head of the work where you are. You will no longer have the final say, you will not call the shots, and others will not have to defer to your preferences or wishes. You might not feel that this is the case now‚ but I tell you that it is. While you have changed, you have pro­gressed, if you're to help usher in the board vision, which is My vision, you must change and progress more.

41. You must learn to step aside, to let ­others stand beside you and not always under you. It will be one man, one vote. But as it is now, others are intimidated, fearful, and subservient to your wishes. Such a relationship hinders communication and the flow of ideas. Yes, there is a flow of ideas in your area now, and there is some back-and-forth discussion, but there will be more in the future. But these will not be sufficient unless there is a change in spirit, and that change must begin with you.

42. It's plain and simple: You can't expect to have the last say. You will not. If you can't accept that, I won't be able to use you to the same degree. For I must raise up other leaders and other people with good ideas. It's inevitable, and you must not stand in the way by expecting things to continue as they are. They cannot, and I will take you out of the way before I will allow you or anyone to thwart My plan.

43. I know this sounds terribly hard. I'm not threatening you; I'm warning you. In spite of the progress you've made‚ because we go to another level, comparable to a whole new battle plan‚ I must find those who will receive the plans, believe them, and move forward with the new vision and weapons. You can't go into this new battlefield with the old-style methods. It won't work. If you do, there will be loss—both personally and for the work.

44. I will ask you, Steven‚ like the other gen­erals‚ to limit yourself. Your authority and influence will be limited to those areas in which you're particularly gifted. There will be others who will take the lead in other areas, and you'll need to take the lower seat. You do this now to a certain degree, but this will be required of you much more. In fact, you'll be asked to take the lower seat to some who you feel uncomfortable with.

45. You'll lack faith at times; you'll worry for the future and security of the work. Your concerns for the work, especially those areas in which you've invested so much of your ­personal time, attention‚ prayer, management, direction and life to build up, will be what will push you to still try to control. You'll want to protect the work against mistakes. You'll feel at times that they're going in the wrong direction and you'll be tempted to revert to the old to get the reins back. You'll feel justified, because you'll have the prosperity and safety of the work at heart.

46. But you must not do so. You must let the scene play out. Yes, there will be some mistakes, there will be some setbacks, but I will protect overall if those who are making decisions are seeking Me. Remember, I am the one who opens doors, softens the hearts of the people, gives supernatural protection, wins converts and new disciples, and causes the powers that be to receive you. It is I. And I will continue to do so as you embrace this new vision, for it is of Me.

47. I winked at your weaknesses in the past, Steven. I had mercy and poured over your work a special protection and provision of angelic helpers. There were ways in which you walked outside of your realm of healthy authority. There were ways in which you intimidated others and caused people to feel stifled and oppressed. There were ways in which you demanded and pushed and took control beyond what was necessary or beneficial to the growth of others. But I allowed you to continue in your position of leadership because the others weren't ready, and because you were sincerely trying and making progress. Again, I say, you have progressed and I'm proud of you, but I must make this very clear, infinitely clear, if you're to understand.

48. The future of the Family depends on the board vision. The Family will not survive without it. You will make the choice whether to embrace that vision wholeheartedly, no matter what the cost, or you will stand in the way. If you stand in the way, then you will suffer the lifting of My special force field of protection. You will see that things will not continue as they are. For there is a whole army of willing, trained and ready soldiers who I wish to raise up to positions of greater authority, responsibility, and accountability. I want them to be free. I want to see them fly. This will happen, with or without you. The choice is yours.

49. I know this is devastating to hear. It's practically unbelievable! How could I make such statements, such seeming threats? No, My love, it's not a threat, for a threat is given in anger and hatred, pushing, demanding. I'm pleading. I'm only telling you this because I know of the temptations you'll face. I must tell you, because I love you. I need you and desire the best for you and the work, so I must be honest with you.

50. I told you the jewels in this very deep mine look strange and ugly, and their value is hidden to the naked eye. But you must believe Me when I tell you that this is one of the most precious gifts I've given you, for I know the dangers you'll face. I know that you'll be buffeted by the Enemy.

51. There is a strange, even weird contradiction that I know is bothering you right now. It's also what attacked you so strongly in the past when you fought to receive My truth. You wonder how your leadership manner and attitudes could need so much adjustment while the field that you lead is so fruitful. You look around you and you know that your field is amongst the most fruitful in many ways. You're excelling in follow-up, reaching the top, walking through awesome open doors. The young people are not leaving at the same rate as in other fields. Overall, things are going well, this is true. This is, in part, of course, a result of your leadership. It's also a result of many people's prayers. It's also a result of My love for the people of these lands. There are many factors that come into play.

52. I'm not a rigid taskmaster; I allow time and am merciful. When I know you're doing as well as you can, then I take that into consideration. I also consider your motives. I consider whether there's anyone else who could do better. I see the big picture and know that some things I can let go for a while, for the time is not right‚ knowing that there will be a time of adjustment in the future.

53. I had to weigh up all the factors. Up until this point I could turn a blind eye to some of your weak­nesses‚ because you were trying the best you could, and I put the reaching of the people in that land first. I knew you were trying to improve and put into practice the Word you received, both the printed Word and your personal prophecies, so I was willing to give you the time you needed to progress slowly but surely. It is a gradual process when someone has such a big change in their life, and I'm willing to allow the person the time needed to bring about the personal remake, as long as I see that their efforts are sincere and consistent. I was also allowing people to be trained. I was waiting for people to grow up. I had to wait until the whole army was ready.

54. But now things are different. Even though you've made such marvelous progress‚ even though the work has made such huge strides forward, I look into the future and the priorities have changed. Now I focus on the future needs of the work‚ on the building of the Endtime machine. Now the demands are higher and I put emphasis on different areas. Now My primary concern is the board vision, because I know even better than the king and queen that without the enactment of the board vision, the Family will not last. It's that crucial. So even if the work in your area weakens temporarily in the interim as those on the boards get their bearings‚ even if mistakes are made, that's okay. I can minimize any damage. We will make it through, and My will will be done.

55. The only thing I cannot tolerate is if you or any other generals stand in the way of the true spirit of the boards by not letting go. This will go against your very nature. This will be a challenge of unparalleled proportions! I have to make this very clear to you‚ My love‚ or you won't make it. It will be too much for you unless you fully come to grips with the fact that your life will not be the same. Your responsibility will be less, your authority will be less, and you will not control as you do now. You have to be willing to do that. There's no other way. There's no way around it. Your area will not be an exception, and the category of "sensitive field" will not shield you from this. I'm moving forward and this is the future of the Family.

56. Steven, My much-needed warrior, you can do this. You've made it through every other change, every other challenge. You can completely let go of the past and erase from your mind the way you see yourself. You can have a new working relationship with those who you now are over. You can find great joy in the future. It can be better than ever. It can be your greatest, happiest, and most fruitful era ever!

57. I have called you to the king and queen's Home at this time ahead of the summit for a purpose. Not only do I wish for you to participate in the high-level counsel and brainstorming‚ for I know your expertise and experience are needed, but I also wish to hold you up as an example. There are others who are in the same place as you—those who are very accustomed to being the head, the lead, having the last say, the deciding vote. This change is a wrench for them too. They don't even know exactly what's expected of them, but they do know that they feel uneasy, threatened, and fearful of the future. But you, My love, can lead the way. You can be the sample of yieldedness and humility. You can show the power of acceptance, of letting go.

58. Whether you realize it or not, your fellow officers see you as one who is strong and commanding. You're powerful and respected. They'll look to you, and if you make the right decisions, they'll gain strength from your example. You have the very precious advantage of this trek deep into the mine, these seemingly ugly jewels, and the time you will spend with the king and queen. This is a golden opportunity I set before you—the challenge of a champion.

59. I ask you to do this. It's inevitable that these changes will come to pass, for this is the way of the future. Please, do this for Me. Do this for your loved ones, your children, the field you love so much, your teamworkers, and the lost. Today is the day to embrace the new, totally, and let the old go.

60. Thank you again, My darling Steven, for your courage, perseverance, faith‚ accept­ance, and yielded­ness. I wouldn't have shown you these things if I didn't think you'd have the faith to receive them. I know you'll want to become the new man of the era of action that I need you to be. This is the first and most crucial step: Let go of the old. Then I will take you step by step and you'll enter into the most magnificent era of miracles you've ever seen! Then the training, love, prayers‚ and diligent care of the work you cherish so dearly will come to full fru­ition. Your reward will be greater honor and respect than ever, for you will be seen as one who was willing to give up himself for others. Thank you‚ My love‚ in advance, for fulfilling My plan. (End of message from Jesus)

From Steven Nov.14‚ 2000

Dearest Mama,

61. I love you. I wanted to thank you so very much for taking the time to so sweetly talk to me last night. Thank you also for the prophecy that you passed on as well. I've read it a couple of times and feel very blessed to have received it. To be very honest‚ there's not really anything that I don't understand or am having a difficult time accepting or receiving. As you mentioned, the Lord's Words are full of sweet and loving encouragement.

62. I did want to say that I'm truly very sorry for all of the mistakes I've made and areas that were pointed out that have been a bad sample in our field. I certainly know that letting others lead through the Board Revolution is the key to our future, and I do want to support this wholeheartedly.

63. Here is a short prophecy I got while reading the prophecy you gave me this morning:

64. (Prophecy: ) It almost makes you want to dance, and just to praise Him!—To know and to see the love of Jesus that is not past understanding, as you praise Him. Praise is the ­victory, and to know and believe that "He that hath begun a good work in you, will complete it till the end." And even though this may not "feel" joyous as you change the things that need to be changed, afterward you will see the peaceable fruit of it all. Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on the areas that you must change in, and rejoice for the love and the many blessings that the Lord has bestowed upon you. (End of prophecy.)

From StevenNov.15, 2000

Dearest Mama,

65. I love you, and first of all wanted to thank you so very much for taking the time to talk to me last night and the night before that. Both of these talk times were wonderful. I can't really express well enough on tape how sweet it was to sit there with you in your living room and talk to you, listen to you, and have this precious time together.

66. I want to thank you again, Mama, for taking the time to pass on this beautiful prophecy which I feel is certainly a milestone for me in better defining important areas I need to change in completely. I want to, as you suggested, go through the prophecy a bit more completely and react, and perhaps ask the Lord for specific examples, also as you suggested.

67. I can truly say that I'm very thankful and happy even! As I was trying to explain a little bit last night, I feel so excited—I think that would be the word—to be free from the idea of having to be responsible for different things that maybe I've assumed I should be; or even if I wasn't supposed to be, I obviously was trying to be. I was trying to understand what the Lord was saying in the prophecy that I sent yesterday, and I think that would probably be it, that I should rejoice and be thankful and almost get up and dance because the Lord is setting me free from the shackles of feeling that I need to have the last say. There seems to be real freedom in this for some reason.

68. I did want to apologize again, though, for anything that I've done in our field that has been a bad sample and example. I am very sorry, truly sorry for that. I really don't desire more responsibility or leadership. It's like a liberation or a freedom to know that others will now step in and have equal or even greater say in lots of areas, and it won't have to be something that I'm concerned about‚ or worried about‚ or burdened about. It feels wonderful!

69. I know there'll be plenty of tests and trials along the way‚ but I think with the Lord's help if I just focus on whatever it is I'm supposed to do and be responsible for, and not concern myself with things that aren't really my responsibility, I'll have a real joy in coming to a better understanding of all that the Lord is doing in this important Board Revolution.

70. (Dad speaking:) You see, Son, how much the Lord loves you? And not just you, but every­body in the Family. Everybody in the Family in one way or another wants to be used. They want to be happy. They want to be fulfilled, and this is what the Board Revolution is all about, isn't it? It's to give other people, talented people, gifted people, the opportunity to feel that their talents are being put to good use, above and beyond what might be taking place in their own little Home and ministry.

71. As you step aside and let others step forward, you'll find joy and happiness and fulfillment in things that you really long to have the time to do—time with your precious children, time with the Lord, time with those in your Home, time to be happy, time to be free. You'll still have plenty to do. Don't think that there's nothing to do, by any means. But in stepping aside and letting others step forward‚ you'll find a real happiness‚ joy‚ and fulfillment in seeing others shine and seeing how the Lord can work through people. Just like He's worked through others‚ He can work through new people.

72. So don't be afraid of change, or that things will go wrong. The people in your field are good, solid folks who have lived there for a long time. They love the Lord. They know what works. They know what doesn't work. They have a sense of unity and purpose. They are real missionaries. The Lord has blessed you with a precious team of Family members who really want to do their best for Him. I think, Son, as you come to a better understanding of this, the happiness and joy that you're starting to feel will only increase.

73. Really, honestly, haven't you been praying to have more time? More time for your precious children? More time for Pearl? More time to enjoy the love of Jesus and the life that He's given you without all the pressures that you sometimes find yourself living under? Well, here it is. Answered prayer! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Love, Dad (End of message from Dad.)

74. I think, sweet Mama, like the prophecy said, and as I know to be true, I'm just now coming to that realization—which is what I think I was doing yesterday during the meetings. I was sort of going through these different scenarios of the board applications in our fields, as Peter and everyone was discussing it, reflecting on having less responsibility, less authority, and certainly less of a say in the various things that are happening and the different boards that I'll have nothing whatsoever to do with. I'm actually very happy and inspired at the prospect. I really am embracing the idea, and seeing more clearly as every day goes by.

75. I'm very sorry if I have—which the proph­ecy said I have—considered Thailand an exception to the board vision.

76. Lord Jesus‚ please do accept my apologies, and forgive me for feeling as though this won't apply in one way or another, in one aspect or another. It wasn't something that I fully knew or understood that I was doing, and yet I was, and I beg Your forgiveness, Lord. Help me to humble myself under Your mighty hand and to yield up any pride, or feeling as though it actually has anything to do with me.

77. Jesus, I know full well that this is Your field. This is something that has nothing to do with me, and I pray that You'll allow me, by Your grace and power, to be very yielded to the board vision in a way that goes above and beyond any­thing that I could do naturally. Supernaturally, under Your mighty grace and power, I pray that I will be a proponent of this and a disciple of the board vision, an example in some small way of being willing to give up the authority that I thought I had, or any feeling of needing to have a say or an opinion about things that really can be handled just as well by others—people that certainly are more talented than I am. I don't consider myself particularly gifted, and I know it's been a miracle anyway.

78. I pray You'll forgive me, Lord, for in any way not allowing others to step forward to be used of You. I'm really sorry about that, Jesus. I pray that You'll in a miraculous way raise up the different people in this part of the world who You have planned to use as heads of boards and members of boards—people with outstanding ideas, talents, gifts and anointing. I pray that I'll respect them and listen to them and not think that I know better or that I have anything other than You, Jesus.

79. Thank You so much for the wonderful privilege of being able to look at these things as You see them, to look at myself as You see me, and to be able to ask You‚ Lord, to change me and to forgive me for my failures, sins, and mistakes. Thank You, Jesus.

80. (Jesus speaking:) If you place yourself in the heart of another and look at the Family through their eyes, look at what they would like to do and have a say in‚ it will break your heart and make you weep. So many people long to have a voice in government and a voice in their field. As you yield to this board vision, the Board Revolution, you will see and marvel at the precious, precious people who I long to use as well.

81. Though it will not be the same, the fruit will increase. Your fruitfulness as a field will increase. The happiness of the Homes will increase. So behold and rejoice, for it is a day of rejoicing! It's a day when the prayers of My precious Family members are indeed being answered. For, lo‚ as you step aside and allow ­others to step forth‚ My power, My glory, and My majesty will truly be revealed.

82. Every good and every perfect gift comes from above, from the Father of Lights, with Whom is no variableness neither shadow of turning. For what have you that you have not received? Am I not able to bless others with gifts in the same way? Therefore, humble yourself, allow them to step forth, and you will be glad. (End of message from Jesus)

83. Mama, I wanted to mention briefly how wonderfully encouraging the beginning of the prophecy was. I hope to be able to come back and ask the Lord for some specific examples in prophecy‚ as you mentioned, of things that I need to change in, areas that would be good to get a handle on. I wanted to say how wonderful it was, all that the Lord said, especially about Pearl and the children. I think for me, it's such a major part of my life, and I do often wonder if people don't think that highly of the fact that we've had so many kids so close together‚ especially as the prophecy said, in this day and age. So that was pretty amazing to see that.

84. I was so encouraged that the Lord spoke so wonderfully of Pearl, too, as being such a real mother and being so yielded in this area of having children. It's the thing that I admire in her the most—that she is so wonderful as a mother. She lays down her life in every conceivable way, and has been a wonderful blessing. I think, too, that it was so perfectly and beautifully expressed by the Lord that the children are an expression of His love and joy. Even how the Lord and those in Heaven are keeping track of all their progress was very‚ very neat. Thank You Jesus!

85. (Dad speaking:) You see, Son, I've always said, and the Bible says too, that the Lord loves children. He loves them. He creates them. He needs them. He longs for the children, the purity of their love, the humility that they have. The precious spirits that they are born with are so pure and so perfect in a way. You can see His love in their faces. Oh, if we could only be children ourselves, in a way, because they take every­thing by faith. They're so humble and unassuming. The Lord has blessed you, Son, with a quiverful. I know you know that it's just the Lord's doing. You don't feel deserving, and it's true. It is just the Lord's doing. But aren't they wonderful? Aren't they beautiful? Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah! (End of message from Dad.)

86. Thank you again very, very much for the privilege and honor I know it is to be here at all, not to mention having these talks with you, which are so sweet and so wonderful, Mama. I love you and pray for you each day.

From StevenNov.16, 2000

Dearest Mama,

87. Thank you, once again, for taking the time to talk to me last night. I'm very thankful, and it's not only very encouraging, but there's so much to learn in all the wonderful things that you're sharing on a variety of subjects that have been so helpful.

88. I wanted to confess that I've gotten a little bit—or maybe a lot—hit with discouragement suddenly this morning. I don't know why; it's not like I don't see that these things are true. I really do, and maybe that's part of why I'm suddenly getting hit with that. It's actually not even the message from the Lord, but I think more specifically the fact that people are afraid of me. I feel very sad about it, actually, because I didn't realize that. I don't know if I'm just maybe pretty unaware of how people react. I want to ask you to forgive me for that. I don't know what to do exactly. I think if I pray about it right now, the Lord will give me lots of confirmations too. So thank You, Lord. Thank You, Jesus.

89. (Jesus speaking:) Behold, I am meek and lowly in heart, and desire you to be meek and lowly in heart, that you might feel the infirm­ity of those whom I love dearly. I know that this is not something that you have intentionally done. But the spirit of busyness, being so, so busy, creates an impression that you don't fully understand. So I say, stop, look, and listen to those that you meet. Talk to them. Touch them. Don't worry so much about what supposedly needs to be done‚ the sense of urgency with the business of the Kingdom. This is the Kingdom—the precious laborers that I love who have given their lives for Me, many of whom feel so inferior and so unworthy, and yet with whom it would take so little—a word, a talk, a walk, a sentence—to break down the feeling of busyness.

90. Lo, I am humble and meek, and My Spirit abides among the lowly. So take time to be not only wholly Mine, but to embrace those with whom you labor. This is not something that cannot be overcome, and you have changed in many ways from the days of old. So look not back in despair, for I see that you love these, My sheep. But reach out, talk to them, touch them, take time with them.

91. For as you have your own children, so are these My children. And as you love your children, so I love these. Love them. Talk to them. Encourage them. For I say, to be busy will never end. But stop and see, for these are some of the things that you will have time for as you step aside, as you labor to enter into that rest—a rest that will be able to minister a spirit of love and encouragement rather than fear. (End of mess­age from Jesus.)

92. Lord, is there anything I can do specifically that would help in this area?

93. (Dad speaking: ) Well, Son‚ as the Lord so aptly described to you, there's a parallel that He wants you to follow‚ and that is to look at His children like your own. Not that you would feel that they're your own children‚ of course, but rather that they're His children, and you, as a steward in a sense‚ should realize that as much as it's a battle to stop and show your own children love and encourage­ment, and as easy as it is for this to get crowded out amongst the many‚ many things that come up each day, the same is true with these, His children.

94. Can't you see how the shackles of busyness have been broken from your feet? Can't you appreciate how the chains of being so busy, busy, busy have been taken off your hands to allow you to touch the hearts and lives of these people? It will take a concerted effort, just like it takes a concerted effort to spend a few extra minutes with one of your little ones. And you can tell when you don't that they get pretty ­anxious and concerned and worried and fearful of your not spending time with them. In a way, these dear Family members are like that too, only they're the Lord's children, and He's as concerned about them as you are about your own.

95. So why don't you use that as a parallel—a thermometer, if you will—of how you can take time. Like I always used to say, "You have to make time." You can't just expect the time to come. It will not come. You have to make time. You have to make the time to stop and talk and encourage and be friendly and be yourself. Never mind about the business. Never mind about the work. Just relate to these people as co–workers in the Lord much more. You'll soon find out that for every step you take in that direction, they'll take two, and pretty soon this whole idea of being afraid, or fear of leadership, will dissipate.

96. But it doesn't happen by itself, and you've got to really work on it, Son. You've got to make a concerted effort, just like you've known in your own personal family that you've got to make the time. You've got to not only take the time, you've got to make the time to talk to your children, to spend a little extra time besides, above and beyond your normal family time in putting them to bed and getting them up in the morning. You need extra time. You know that and you try to do that, and Pearl tries to do that. And the same thing with these sweet, dear folks that you work with, both generally and more particularly. Amen? Well, keep on keeping on, Son. Don't get discouraged. The Lord sees that you're trying. (End of message from Dad.)

97. Lord, do You have anything else on how to help people not be intimidated or feel like they're afraid?

98. (Dad speaking:) Well, Son‚ Mama was giving you some good direction last night by re­minding you to make yourself weak‚ to not be afraid to confess your faults and trials and battles, and even get in there and apologize to people for coming across like you're just so busy. Tell people that you have real trials about this idea of people being afraid of you. Tell them that you're very sorry. Tell them that you don't want people to feel like that, and you would like them to help you to change‚ to help you by reminding you to relax with them, or talk with them‚ or whatever.

99. Showing yourself weak, like the Lord brought out in "The Weakness Revolution" already, is a real key to breaking down walls, as you well know. Just don't lose the progress that you've made in this area‚ and you can do that by being willing to sit before the body and tell them that you're very sorry‚ to confess that you didn't realize that you made people feel like that. As Mama said last night, to show yourself weak and to confess your faults is one of the most beautiful ways to bring unity‚ love, and the type of relationship that has no fear. (End of message from Dad.)

100. Lord, I really want to pray, as Mama said last night, for a gift of being able to have greater empathy for the way people feel—not only when I'm talking to them about something of some relevance workwise, but just generally how they feel; for the anointing or ability to be able to put myself in their shoes and to sense the loneliness they might have, or the trials they might be going through. Or even if it's not ­trials, the way they would react to certain things. Lord, please help me to have a greater sensitivity to that in people's lives.

101. (Jesus speaking:) Behold‚ as I have just said, every good and perfect gift comes from above, from My Father with Whom is no variableness neither shadow of turning. And though aforetime I was speaking of practical, organizational, and even spiritual gifts that are now being called upon in the Family during this Board Revolution—gifts that are there and much needed, gifts that people have—there are other gifts that are also needed. The feeling of their infirmities, as I Myself have, is a gift that I can bestow upon many. The gift of love. The gift of mercy. The gift of tenderness. The gift of being able to reach out and touch and encourage. So call upon Me, and I will bestow these gifts upon you in great measure. But it takes time—time to be wholly Mine. (End of message from Jesus.)

102. Lord, You said that there are areas I need to change in. You've indicated now that stepping back away from the busyness of every­thing and allowing You to redirect my heart, mind, and spirit is one way. Are there other ways, Jesus? I'm sure there are so many ways. Even this feeling that people have that I'm supposed to be the last word—Lord, I'm very sorry about that. Please forgive me for giving that impression, or for people feeling that I feel I'm supposed to have the last word. Do You have any specific counsel on how I can overcome that?

103. (Dad speaking:) You know, Son, communication is probably one of the most import­ant ways to overcome something. But it's a killer, isn't it? To get up there and ask people to please help you not come across so strongly, or even if you don't do that, to ask people to please re­member that you're just one person and your opinion doesn't mean any more than theirs. You have to remind, repeat, repeat, and act like you really are open to other people's leadings.

104. The situation you were bringing out the other day is a perfect example of somebody else actually having it right, and how your initial impression, especially when you didn't take time to pray and hear from the Lord, can actually not be the right one. This is something that you can come up against all the time, and you've simply got to take the time to, first of all, when you talk to somebody or you have a meeting of any kind, sit down and explain to people that you don't really know what to do. Only the Lord knows what to do, so they should please feel free‚ very free‚ to hear from the Lord and give their advice and counsel.

105. Then you, Son, have got to be open. You've got to have this in the forefront of your mind‚ that people have got to be encouraged to give their opinion. Even if you didn't realize you were doing this, obviously some people by default seem to feel that you have the last word. So you've got to go the other direction on this, even if mistakes are made.

106. If I were you, Son, I'd would get out a notebook and write down these various major things that you're trying to work on—like the need to sort of break down the barriers between people. Now, not everybody feels like that, and in fact a lot of people don't feel like that. But some of the meeker folks in the Family do feel a little bit fearful of leadership. You've got to go out of your way to talk to them and to help alleviate that, because I know that you don't realize that people react like that. The same thing with people feeling free to not just express themselves‚ but to know that you're completely open to whatever the Lord says is right.

107. And a lot of times, don't give an opinion. You've seen Peter do that in your meetings. He's trying to pump people power. He's sitting there getting everybody's input, and he doesn't really say what he thinks, quite a bit of the time, until it's absolutely necessary. Of course‚ you're not Peter, so it will be a little bit different for you, because maybe in the end Peter does know the answer, whereas you won't. So whether you even need to say anything is a matter of some prayer at the time.

108. Well, cheer up, Son! The Lord's doing it! Just take it one day at a time and realize that if there's a willing heart‚ the Lord can do the rest! And like the beautiful Words that you've just gotten indicated, you have made a lot of changes—encouraging changes in your life and walk with the Lord. You simply have to keep going forward, like all of us. Not having attained, we just keep on keeping on.

109. Every day is a new day to fight the good fight of faith, and in this case meaning overcoming weaknesses, areas that we can do better in, confessing our mistakes and faults‚ looking up, loving others, and encouraging them. You'll find, marvelously, that we travel a never-ending road that just doesn't stop in this life—and in the next life too, I might add. We're still learning, still growing, still changing. Isn't life with the Lord wonderful? I love you, Son! Love, Dad. (End of message from Dad.)

110. I love you‚ and thank you so much again, Mama, for taking so much time talking to me and sharing so many beautiful things with me. I really love and appreciate you and all that you're doing for me so much!

From StevenNov.17, 2000

Good morning, Mama!

111. I wanted to take a couple of minutes to thank you so much for the very sweet and sexy date last night with you and Jesus. It was wonderful, and you were wonderful, and it's something that I'll always remember. You're so precious, and it was just so, well, I don't exactly know the words to say, but it was very beautiful and encouraging, inspiring, sexy, and everything I can think of, to be there holding you, being close to you, making love with you and with the Lord. Like you said, having a really sexy threesome with Jesus. It was just really special. Thank you so much for your love and consideration in taking me into your arms and your bed.

112. I pray that the Lord will help me, as you mentioned last night, to take all of this and share it with others too. Especially that it will help me in changing in the areas that need to be changed. I'm certainly very desperate, like you said, to not just be a hearer but a doer of the Word. I pray that I'll be able to somehow come up with a plan to be able to do so.

113. Here's something Dad said about last night, before I get into my more general reaction.

114. (Dad speaking:) Well‚ Silas‚ you see it's a really good example for you‚ how Mama on the one hand is helping you to see areas that you need to change in, areas that you need to grow in, areas that you need to recognize as weaknesses, and at the same time embracing you, loving you, and encouraging you.

115. You can't have one without the other when it comes to lasting change. Dear Mama is such a good example of something that makes all the difference. It's one thing to hear the truth and to hear about areas that perhaps you've done wrong or made mistakes in, both large and small, but it's altogether another thing to be able to feel loved, encouraged, embraced, and forgiven. It makes all the difference in the world, and it's something that you need to remember and to try to apply. Obviously you can't do it with the men‚ but you can go out of your way to show them a large measurement of encouragement‚ love‚ and apprecia­tion, and that can make a real difference.

116. It's not like there's that much correction being given anyway, at least not from what I can see. But when it does come up‚ you have to remember how to do it completely. There's pointing out somebody's weakness, shortcoming, or mistake; and then there's lifting them up, strengthen­ing them, and helping them to go on for the Lord, just as Mama is doing with you. Isn't she wonderful? Isn't she a precious ­example of the love of Jesus?

117. So remember how encouraged you feel and how loved you feel‚ and try to go and do the same. Okay, Son? I love you and I think you're really getting the point to keep on keeping on—keeping on saying yes! Keeping on looking up! Life for a look! Gotta go! Love you! Your Dad. (End of message from Dad.)

118. I was rereading the prophecy again this morning, and it's so much more clear to me every time I read it again. I really am praying that the Lord will help me to continue to accept everything that the board vision will be in our field, realizing and believing that, as the prophecy says, I'll no longer be the same. I think it even says I'll no longer be the head of the work there. In a way, I'm very thrilled at that prospect.

119. I know, on the other hand, this may be easier said than done, in a way. In other words, I think for sure that being faced with it on a day-to-day basis will be very difficult, as also the prophecy seems to say; but on the other hand, I must admit that at times—most of the time, ­really—it looks very thrilling to me. It's sort of a relief from the pressure of feeling as though I'm responsible for all these different things which I won't need to be, or will not be, or am not going to be any longer. Then I can just defer to the preferences and wishes of other people. The prophecy said that people have had to defer to my wishes, which I feel very bad about and am desperate to change in.

120. Lord, do You have any counsel in light of the board structure, even before it comes into being, on how I can specifically try to avoid having too strong of an opinion, or making people feel intimidated or fearful of me because of my strong opinion? Knowing now what You've shown me through this beautiful prophecy, Lord, do You have some counsel on how I can begin to live this in spirit, at least‚ until it becomes a matter of Family policy, so that I can become a bit more‚ or a lot more‚ attuned to the need to listen to others, to defer to others‚ to encourage others to step forward, and to learn to take the low seat?

121. (Jesus speaking: ) How I love the meek and the lowly, for as I have said, I am meek and lowly of heart. So come unto Me and find rest to your soul‚ for I know that you long for the sweet rest and communion that comes from fellow­shipping with Me, and abiding in Me and with Me. So shall it be as you walk closer to Me that I will guide you in the path of humility. Though it won't be easy, you have so much to find fulfillment in.

122. Your beautiful and precious children that I have blessed you with also long for more fellowship with you. As you pull back from the fray to not only fellowship with Me but also with them, these precious jewels that I've given you‚ you will find happiness, peace, and rest, and it won't be a struggle. It will be a battle at first, but you'll find fulfillment in realizing that others are now called to step forward. Others are coming into the battle‚ and you can step back.

123. I long to hold you in My arms, just as you long to hold your children in your arms, and so shall it be. You've labored long and hard, and now I desire to give you a degree of rest and peace and happiness in all that has been bestowed upon you. The work will go forward and others will be mightily used as well, and it will be a day of rejoicing and a day of happiness as you learn to take the path of humility and to yield to others who have also heard My voice, who also love Me and follow Me. (End of mess­age from Jesus.)

124. Lord, how can I do this in the immediate present, as far as maybe trying to pull back a little bit, or a lot, in preparation for what is already happening in the spirit?

125. (Dad speaking:) Well, as Mama told you last night, Son, if you get a little place that nobody knows the phone number to, nobody knows how to get ahold of you, you'll begin to send a message without even having to say much at first, that you're not necessarily as available for every little thing that might come up.

126. You might want to pray about possible ways in which you can disengage in certain ­areas of the work there—perhaps allowing or encouraging the VSs, or whoever, to seek the Lord further on some of these matters without necessarily feeling as though there needs to be a lot of com­munication in many instances.

127. I'd say that once you're able to pull back and plug into a situation where you're not nearly as accessible—and of course you'd have to explain to those in the Home, too—then maybe you could even try to pray and ask the Lord how this can be communicated to the people that you're working with, so that it begins to become evident that you're not necessarily involved in every little thing that people might want to ask you about, or whatever the case might be.

128. As your prophecy said, there's a whole army of trained soldiers and officers ready to enter the battle who are gearing up for what's coming, which is a revolution—the Board Revolution! You can dive into all kinds of things that will be thrilling to you, fulfilling to you, ­rewarding to you—which includes spending more time with your children who you've longed to spend more time with, and who love you and long to spend more time with you too. You'll find a real sense of fulfillment in this, Son. This is part of the Lord's plan‚ too, in allowing you to pull back as far as the overall work there is concerned‚ hav­ing less responsibility, less authority, but at the same time having a tremendous feeling of fulfillment in seeing your precious little ones being used of the Lord. The Lord has already told you that your children are your greatest achievement.

129. You have so much to be thankful for‚ Son, as far as that goes. Not only pulling back and fellowshipping with the Lord, but pulling back and fellow­shipping with your loved ones in your Home, and especially with your children‚ who before long will be grown up. So isn't that precious how the Lord has prepared a place in that way that will make it a little bit easier—maybe a lot easier for you—if you don't look at what you're not able to do or what you were once able to do, but look at what the Lord is giving you to do now, which is mainly helping to enact the board vision, the Board Revolution, by ­being a very good example of humility‚ taking the low seat, encouraging others to step forward‚ and putting some of your energy into your children.

130. You'll find great joy in all that the Lord is going to do. Your prophecy said that it will be the greatest and happiest and most fruitful era ever! Amen?

131. I've got to remind you, Son‚ like I said in "So You Want to Be a Leader," there's great freedom in not having to have the last word, not having to have all the responsibility. You'll find great joy and great freedom. Thank You Jesus! So just keep on saying yes, Son. Keep on looking to Jesus. Keep on trusting. Keep on obeying. Keep on keeping on! Let go of the old, take hold of the new, and let the Lord take you step by step. Amen?

132. You haven't seen anything yet! This is just the beginning of the era of greater action‚ the era of greater works. So hang on to your hat! The sky's the limit!

133. Take that path of humility, Son. Take the low seat! Encourage others to step forward. Don't look back, look forward, and be thankful and praise, praise, praise. Amen? Boy oh boy, I can't tell you how much the Lord loves praise. Come into His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise. Praise Him for all of His marvelous works. Praise Him for all that He has done and is going to do. Well, I'd better go, Son. I really love you. Love, Dad. (End of message from Dad.)

134. I love you, Mama, and thank you so much again for your precious love and encouragement and care, and for everything, and for being so sweet, and for being the Lord's love to me and for me, and for loving Jesus together with me last night. That was so sweet and so special and so memorable. I love you, Mama.

Steven's Time of United Prayer

(Steven shared excerpts of the prophecy given to him by Mama and Peter‚ and then prayed the following:)

135. (Steven prays, strong weeping.) Please forgive me, Lord, for intimidating people and for making them feel afraid or stifled or anything like this. I pray that You will help me to not only be aware of this, but to be able to overcome it, that I will be delivered and become more like You—more engaging, more loving, more tender and under­standing.

136. Thank You that You gave Your Word and that I can see where I need to change. I pray that You'll help me to not just see it and believe it, but to live it. I pray that You'll forgive me for anything that would have hurt or stumbled anybody or made them feel their opinion was not valuable‚ and for being so proud and full of myself and self-righteous, all these terrible things that I don't want to be, and that I pray You will help me not to be.

137. Please deliver me. I pray that every day of my life I will desire to be like You, to walk with You, to be married to You‚ to be part of You, and that I'll reflect You in my interactions with others.

138. Jesus‚ please help me to stop thinking my area is some big exception, but to just let go. I pray that the Board Revolution will come to full fruition, and that You will raise up others who are gifted as well. You said that every good and perfect gift comes from You anyway‚ and You've given just as many gifts and talents to others.

139. I pray You'll help me to be encouraged and even to rejoice and be thankful that I don't have to have that burden and feel as if I have to be the last word. Please help me not to be, to not even want to be, but to desire to promote this Board Revolution with all of my heart. I do pray that You'll forgive me for all these things. I'm very sorry!

140. (Peter prays for Steven: ) Jesus‚ Steven has come before You, and he's coming before all of us together, asking You to help him. He admits that he can't do anything and that he needs You. So please help him in these areas. We ask for supernatural strength, and that You will give him spirit helpers who will give him checks when he needs to pull back on his opinion, or when he needs checks and balances. Please help him to desire this.

141. Lord, we ask for an infilling of Your Spirit. We rebuke anything in his heart or life or personality that would cause him to not do this. We ask that You will fill him with Your Spirit, anoint him, and give him a special gift of putting other people at ease. That's a real gift from You, so we claim that for him. He really wants this board vision and he wants to be a doer of it, and to be able to take this leap of faith, as it does take faith.

142. He also asked for prayer against fear of what might happen to the field or the work that he has poured so much into. Please give him a special gift of faith to trust others‚ and even if sometimes it doesn't look like things are going to work out the way he thinks they should, that he can just put his trust in You and not in the people who are making the decisions. Please anoint him in this, Lord.

143. (Jesus speaking:) I dwell with him that is of a broken heart and a contrite spirit. For without a truly broken heart you cannot know My heart for the sheep, and you cannot be desperate enough to seek Me at every turn and ­every step. In times past you were needed to be the strong general, to hold the banner high for others to follow, and yes, even to make many decisions that others were fearful to make, or unwilling to make the sacrifices for. So worry not about the past, for I have been with you and I have helped you to love My sheep and to care for them. But now you must see that there are many more who must be raised up to help in today's battle. There have been many years of training and there are many within the Family who collectively have gifts and talents that can far outshine any one person alone.

144. I thank you that you are willing to be broken. I love you for it so much, My love. I will be able to use you so much more mightily to help and encourage and lift others. I've given you many children to show you how great the little ones can be, how they can grow and develop and become mighty warriors for Me. And it is the same with your flock. You must look at them with the same love, the same trust, the same admiration as you do your children, realizing they have great potential, and that each will be a blessing to you and to the work.

145. Fear not for the work, for it is My work and I will anoint and guide the boards each step of the way. Though some things may not go the way you think they should, or how you would have directed them, if those making the decisions are praying and staying close to Me, I will bring the same fruit and the same results.

146. Thank you for your openness, your love for Me, your many, many years of undying and sacrificial service‚ giving your life for Me. Fear not for the future, and fear not that you will not be able to change, for I say that you will! You've made a great step today, and in the months and years that have passed you have also fought to change, and you're changing greatly. You're a new bottle‚ and you're following the New Wine and the new direction. So trust Me and let go, and let Me make you all that I want you to be. (End of message from Jesus.)

147. (Jesus speaking: ) Faithful are the wounds of a friend. I tell you, My dear Steven, that My Words have been faithful wounds, faithful tokens of My love‚ My concern, My thankfulness for you‚ and My knowledge and understanding that you have what is needed—the willingness to receive My Words, and the love for Me and others to make the changes I have set before you. As you go forth on this day, I'm putting within you a new heart‚ an excellent spirit, an understanding of others—precious gifts that I know you will use to great ends in the days to come. I give you these gifts and I honor your faith.

148. I am the Potter‚ you are the clay. Stay watered, soft, and malleable—watered with My Words, softened in My presence—as I mold and shape you into another vessel. I know it's not easy for My vessels, for they become accustomed to how I made them before and how I used them, the purpose for which they were fashioned; and then I take them and crush them and I mold them into another vessel‚ a new day vessel, for a new purpose and new use. During that fashioning process My vessel has to hang on in faith—faith that the Master Potter is working in love, faith that it's necessary, faith that the vessel that is fashioned is just what will be needed for the new day.

149. So let Me fashion you and make you into just what I need, nothing more, nothing less. Thank you for your willingness, your love, and your faith, which allows Me to use you. (End of message from Jesus.)

150. (Jesus speaking:) Steven, one of My valiant knights in the armies of David, you have fought well. There have been many battles in the lands where I've sent you‚ and many battles have been won. You've fought a good fight. Now you no longer have that shining armor, but your armor shows the many battles that have been fought. Now as I have called you into the courts of your queen and king‚ your armor shows the signs of battle, the victories‚ the triumphs‚ as well as the hardships, the tests‚ and the trials. You've fought well, for you've given your life for the Kingdom. Now I wish to reward you, My love.

151. As you stand before your queen and king‚ you've humbled yourself and acknowledged that although many victories have been won, mistakes were also made. This is a great victory—your humility to accept‚ your humility to come before your queen and king, as well as these, your fellow knights, and ask for help. Great will be your reward!

152. Now as I ask you to take off your ­armor, I wish to put upon you a new garment—a garment of humility, a garment of love, a garment of understanding, for there is a new battle to be fought and new ways to fight this battle. Now I call you, not to step aside and no longer fight, for there are still many battles to be fought, but I wish to reward you by allowing you to spend more time in My court. I wish for you to spend more time in the bed of love, as we love each other intimately, as I whisper in your ears My words of love and commendation, and the new direction that I wish for you to walk in. Great has been the work that I have allowed you to do; so now come, and enjoy the rewards! You've been faithful, you've followed closely, now let us enjoy our times together!

153. Join with others so that you no longer have to lead by yourself, for in unity there is strength. One can chase a thousand, but two can put ten thousand to flight. So look at this not as a demotion, but as a promotion. I now promote you and wish for you to have a more relaxed life, to enjoy more of the pleasures of paradise, to be able to spend more time with those you dearly love. You have fought a good fight and I love you, My darling. You are Mine and I am yours! (End of message from Jesus)

154. (Jesus speaking:) Come, let Me take your hand and show you the wonderful things that are ahead. It's as if you've been in a big house with many rooms and much to do, many things going on. You've taken good care of that house; you've cleaned, organized, repaired, and made sure everything was running smoothly, but you haven't really stepped outside the door. You've been so involved with what was right around you that you haven't had the time to go outside the door and enjoy the wonderful things outside—the wonderful weather, the warm sunshine, the beautiful sky, the green grass, the beautiful flowers, the birds singing, the wonderful beauties of My garden. So now I take you. I open the door for you and I lead you outside. I lead you into this beautiful garden that you may enjoy it, so you may enjoy Me more fully.

155. Now there are others to help you take care of the house, so you don't have to worry about being in there all day and concerning yourself with every room. Now you can come out and be with Me in the garden. We can run and play together and enjoy each other's love under the great big trees; we can walk with each other in the cool of the evening. My heart rejoices at this, and your love for Me makes My heart jump for joy. Knowing that we will have this time together, and knowing we will be more intimate together in times to come, fills Me with joy.

156. I love your love. Your love is very special and dear to Me. When you're loving Me, it's as if there is no one else in the world but you—just you and Me together! And knowing that as the days go by, this love will grow stronger and stronger, and we will have more time to spend in love together, fills My heart with expectancy. So come! Don't be afraid. Don't worry. Just hold My hand‚ and let's walk out into the light of a brand-new day. (End of message from Jesus.)

157. (Jesus speaking:) Steven‚ you're a man of simple faith, and it is your faith that has allowed so much to happen in the area that you have overseen. It's everyday faith that you have—faith to simply believe, faith to simply obey. You've taken the principles that you learned early on, you've accepted the Word, and you've moved forward. Each day when new challenges came up in your field and within your work, you simply came before Me and sought Me and applied the principles that I showed you early on. You had faith to obey‚ day–by-day faith, which has in the long term wrought a great work!

158. I have seen your heart‚ for I know you intimately. I know the desperation that you've had over many of these matters and how you've sought Me and prayed; how you've heard My voice; how you've cried out to Me that things would go well, and you've simply had faith. For this I commend you greatly: for your everyday, day-by-day faith and trust.

159. My love, now apply this same faith‚ the simple everyday faith, the simple believing faith, to these new challenges that are before you. You don't have to expect that it's all going to happen in your life in one day, even as you didn't expect all the wonderful work in your area to happen in one day. It's been a day-by–day thing. So that's what I say to you: Take it day by day! Just believe! Believe that I have done the thing that you have asked, and move forward with it each day. In time you will see great change, the great fruit of your everyday obedience.

160. It would be a wise thing for you to ask those who are close to you on a regular basis how you're doing, how you're interacting with people, and be very open to any counsel they would give you. Explain to those who are around you often that these are the areas you're trying to work on and that you would greatly appreciate their assistance. Then don't just expect them to take the initiative to point it out to you, but ask them‚ "How did it go?" "Was that okay?" "Did I come on too strong?" This will help you. At first it might be a little bit difficult for you, but in time it will simply become a habit, and eventually it will be second nature for you to be the way you truly want to be.

161. I've given you the anointing now, the grace, and even the spirit helpers to help you in this. But you must fight the everyday fight, have the everyday faith, and obey in everyday obedience. These are the things that will accumulate and become very great victories in your life. I will give you the change you have desired, and it will be accomplished by and through your everyday faith. (End of message from Jesus.)

162. (Jesus speaking:) Dear Steven, My sweet friend, I love you! You're very dear to Me, because you love Me deeply and encourage others to do so as well, and that sample of your love and humility touches many.

163. I want to encourage you that you're a new bottle. Oh, maybe you think you're not sometimes, and you worry about being stuck in a rut or falling back into your old ways, but I don't worry about that. I see a new bottle, not an old one. For a new bottle is one which continues to receive the New Wine with gladness and receptivity, one which remains flexible, pliable and moldable—as you have. So please be encouraged, dear friend.

164. I have blessed your work and your workers, and I will continue to do so. I will bring forth good fruit in your life and in your field during the days to come as you all look to Me and let Me continue to lead and guide you. I will help you in these days of action, for there will be much action in your area, and you will need much help.

165. The era of action is also an era of change, for the changes in the Family are what help make it possible for you to have more ­action--to win more souls, friends, and supporters, to establish a greater church, to gain more regular support, to do the greater works which I have promised you will do!

166. So hold tightly to Me during these changes‚ for I am a rock in the midst of what may often seem like a turbulent sea of change. I am sure and steadfast‚ and I will provide an anchor for you and a calm and a peace in the midst of any storm. Holding My hand, you can even walk on the waves and ignore the boisterous winds, for I have power over them, and you are Mine.

167. Follow My leading as we walk, for if you take your hand from Mine and your eyes from My face and instead focus on the waves and the wind‚ or begin to plan how you will surmount the coming wave, then the power, grace and strength which I am able to grant you dwindles. It is then that you begin to sink beneath the waves and to be battered by the storm. For the storms of the life of faith cannot be overcome in your own power—they require My power, strength, and assistance.

168. Let Me lead and guide you. Do the weak thing, by holding tightly to My hand and trusting Me to guide you through these changes and storms. Do the humble thing, by acknowledging that you need My help and coming to Me constantly to hear My voice. Do the obedient thing, by putting My Word and My instructions into practice in full faith and assurance.

169. Flow with the changes, following the current of My will as it carries you along. Don't swim against it, for in doing so‚ you only tire yourself and wear yourself down needlessly. I will accomplish My will; the current of My will is unstoppable.

170. This current will carry you where I wish you to be‚ to the best possible place for you and for My work. It's a pleasant place, a beautiful place, one full of pleasures and delights and where you will continue to bear much fruit. So flow with it‚ swim with it, for in doing so, you will make quicker progress and reach your destination sooner!

171. Do you analyze My allegory and wonder what it means? It means good things for you‚ My love, though I do not tell you all the details now. I speak to you in stories, parallels, parables and the like, as I did My disciples of old, for in seeking their meaning you come back to Me for more counsel and interpretation. You also look at the path you tread and ponder the turns it takes and the steps you make in the light of My Word, wondering when and how the things I have said will come to pass. This is good, and how I would have all My children to be.

172. So flow and trust and pray and obey and cling and change, and you will do well. How do you do all these things? Ask Me to do them through you, and cast all your cares on Me, for I care for you and will help you each step of the way. You are My dearly beloved bride, and I will do all these things for you. (End of message from Jesus.)

Steven's "Whatever It Takes" Prayer

173. (Mama: ) At the summit, the CROs all made new commitments to change in the areas the Lord highlighted in their lives. They sought the Lord and asked for prayer and were very desperate to follow through with their promises to our dear Husband. Sometimes, even when we are very sincere in our efforts to change and we're as determined as we can possibly be, it's difficult to keep up the momentum to change. That's when the idea of praying a "whatever it takes" prayer is beneficial. What I mean is, instead of simply asking the Lord to help you change, you can go a step further and ask the Lord to "do whatever it takes" to make sure you change. Such a prayer can be received in prophecy. I presented this idea to the CROs and many of them prayed such a prayer. Here is Steven's heartfelt prayer:

174. (Steven prays:) Thank You, Jesus, for the oppor­tunity to rededicate my life to You. Jesus, precious Lord and Husband, You have given me everything that matters and all that I love, and I pray I will be worthy to offer You my life in return. Those beautiful words come to me that I have heard before; I'm not sure I even remember all of them, but I dedicate them to You, Jesus.

Jesus, all for Jesus,

All I am and ever hope to be.

Jesus, all for Jesus,

All I am and ever hope to be.

All of my ambitions, hopes and plans,

I surrender these into Your hands.

Jesus, all for Jesus.

175. Lord, words sometimes just don't seem enough to express the love I have for You and for all You have done for me, or my thanks for Your love and how awesome and amazing You are. The whole universe could not hold all that You are and have created. I feel so unworthy to be called Yours‚ so small and insignificant in comparison to You and Your love.

176. My prayer is to be all that You want me to be for You, to truly lay down my life daily, as You've done for me. All for You, precious Jesus. I give You my life and hopes and dreams. I lay my life and will before You in surrender to Your will in my life‚ and I ask You to help me to love You as You have loved me. Make me what You want me to be; remold me and re–create me as You would clay in Your wonderful and loving hands.

177. I have so much to thank You for, wonderful precious Husband—a life full of joy and fulfillment‚ loved ones, and children beyond anything that I could have hoped for‚ and so much more than I deserve.

178. Jesus‚ help me to love You as You've loved me. Make me the instrument that You would have me to be, to better serve You and others. Whatever it takes, in Your loving and tender hands, I know that Your precious care will make it so, to make me what You want me to be. Help me to yield to Your loving touch‚ as a bride to the Bridegroom, as clay to the Potter.

179. I love You, Jesus, and only wish that my words would more fully express all that I feel and all that I would like to say, but they just don't seem to be enough sometimes. How do I describe Your love that goes so deep and wide? You know all my hopes and dreams, and I willingly give them all to You, Jesus.

180. These words are just a way to tell You of my love, how I adore You, cherish You and need You. Thank You for my life and Your truth and Your way. Hear, as my spirit sings a song of praise to You, Jesus‚ as I pray this now, and let these feeble words tell You how I love You. You are more to me than anything, and I love You, dear Jesus!

Love in Your love,

Your devoted son and bride, Steven

How Steven Has Changed

181. (Mama:) While we were at the ­summit it was a pleasure to see Steven again! His face shone with the light of the Lord. His whole countenance seemed different—happier, younger, and more relaxed. It was wonderfully encouraging to see Steven holding on to his victories and the commitments he had made months earlier. I knew Steven had changed remarkably; there was no doubt about that in my mind! But I wanted to hear the Lord explain how Steven had changed, not only for his own encouragement, but for yours as well, so you can see the great things the Lord can do for a man who is willing, yielded and desperate. He can do the same for you too if you will humble yourself and call out to Him with utter desperation to be made the person He wants you to be.

182. If you or others are trying hard to change and improve in your weak areas, you might want to ask the Lord to speak to you, answering the same question I asked about Steven. This could be helpful, because sometimes change comes slowly, and you might get discouraged with yourself or others because the changes you desire don't seem very evident. You shouldn't give up on yourself or get critical of others if, after having united prayer, the progress seems slow, because big changes ­often take a long time. It's often a case of two steps forward‚ one step back. You can't expect yourself or someone else to become a new person overnight, presto change–o! It just doesn't happen. To achieve lasting change, especially in long-term habits or mindsets, takes a daily fight, repeated humbling, and ongoing yieldedness and desire for change. So don't expect too much, too fast, of yourself or others.

183. When you ask the Lord for His view on how you're changing or how others are changing, He can show you what's happening in your heart and the changes that have been made deep down in your character and mindset. Sometimes such deep changes aren't manifest by radical, obvious changes in your personality, but rather by such qualities as being more open to others' ideas‚ being willing to go slower and give the Lord more time and honor, working better with others and receiving counsel and suggestions more readily, listening to the Lord more and taking heed to the instruction He gives in prophecy, etc. So when you're sizing someone up who is trying to change, please don't rush to criticize or doubt their sincerity or even the things the Lord has said, because there's much more to a person than meets the eye, especially if you just have casual, not-so-frequent contact with that person.

184. Keep the faith—either for others or for yourself! The Lord will bring the desired changes in His way and time, and He can do it! It is possible to change if you want it badly enough—Steven is proof of that, as you will see in the following message from the Lord.

185. (Jesus speaking: ) My dear Steven‚ you are a living, walking testimony to My power! You are a showcase of what I can do with someone who humbles himself and is willing to let Me work in his life to change him. Your testimony on a daily basis of the way I've been able to change you and re–create you is a glory to My miracle-working power. You didn't do it. You weren't able to. I did it, in answer to the desperate prayer of your heart! I'm so proud of you!

186. You didn't want to be the way you used to be—you really couldn't even see how you were missing the mark. But when it was time for Me to make the need for change very clear to you‚ by means of My personalized Words to you, you passed the test with flying colors!

187. First of all, you were willing to believe My Words for you, even when you didn't see it clearly. I took you along in stages, in steps, gradually leading you to the place where I asked you to give it all up and allow Me to make some big changes. You were willing once again. You didn't know what would happen. You didn't know if it was even possible to change in the areas I pointed out. You didn't know what you'd turn out like, or if it would be a very painful process. But you were willing. You literally laid down your life as you knew it‚ and were willing to live whatever and however I would dictate. This is incredible faith and willingness.

188. And it has been rewarded, My love, many times over. I have given back far more than you have given to Me, for I have made you a new man. I have helped you to change in ways that are humanly impossible, and I will continue to help you! You had to give Me your pride—and that was difficult, for without your pride you felt naked and worthless. But you stripped completely, you laid it all down, you were willing to accept whatever I might bring along. You signed the blank sheet of paper—and not just once, but many times. And now I have dressed you in the robes that I wanted you to wear—the robes of humility, gentleness, tenderness, sensitivity to the needs of others, hunger for My Spirit and My counsel, deference to others, respect for My Spirit in others, the deep knowledge that you don't have all the answers, and the willingness to humbly search for them along with others. My son, these are the robes you now wear.

189. What a change from the robes of the past. You had worn them so long that you didn't even notice them anymore. They were literally a part of you. But you were willing to strip down in order to receive whatever I would give you to replace them, without even knowing if I would replace them. And in return I have rewarded you and given you your heart's desires!

190. I have answered every prayer that you have prayed. You have not seen all the answers yet, for some changes are slow in becoming evident, but the answers and changes you seek are all on their way, and some of them you have re­ceived in full measure already. There is more to come—much, much more! You will see more change, more new robes‚ more faith‚ more anointing—all as a result of your willingness to let Me work unconditionally in your life.

191. You took the steps of obedience that I asked. You got a little apartment where you could be alone with Me and away from the press of the people, literally unavailable for counsel, which would force others to go to Me more. This small step of obedience bore great fruit. You have been honest with those you work with, honestly asking for their help and counsel. This is another step of obedience that has borne great fruit. You were willing to have your lessons published‚ and even all the personal words from Me to you—private, personal things that were very humbling. You were willing because I asked it of you. Not only were you willing, but you were thankful. This is another step of obedience, which will bring great, great fruit—not only in your per­sonal life and happiness and continued change and growth, but in the field that you love so much, with the Family members that you have served so tirelessly. Each one will benefit from your honesty, from the Words I spoke to you, from your heartfelt and candid reactions and lessons.

192. All things are becoming new for you now‚ My love. You have worn these new robes gracefully. You have put them on each day through your time with Me. You have continued to embrace the changes that I'm bringing about in your life. You have continued to desire My voice and My counsel regarding how you can continue to change in preparation for the board vision and all that is to come.

193. An added blessing and reward for these changes you have been willing to go through is that you will adjust more easily to the board vision and will be one of My pillars as you continue to move forward and change with the way I am leading. I will seek to use those who are wise‚ or who are experts in their field‚ or who have been good and faithful leaders before‚ but the primary requisite is that they be willing to work within the board structure that I set up, and not only that, but that they embrace the need for this change and open themselves up to change with it. This you have done.

194. There is now no limit to what I can do with you and through you, for you have passed the ultimate test—the test of forsaking the life that you knew and letting Me re-create you. Not many are willing to open their lives up so completely to My Spirit. But you threw aside all reservations. You begged Me not to leave any stone unturned. You welcomed My Words even when they were words of correction or specific instruction. These were the keys to your ­victory.

195. My precious one, your humility has made you great and has enabled Me to do great things for you. Continue to walk in this victory as a testimony to what I can do. Each day allow Me to dress you with the robes of My Spirit. Fight to stay free of the robes of pride or of the past. Each day I will dress you‚ and each day you will live anew. This is the victory I have given you! (End of message from Jesus.)

196. (Mama:) Before closing this GN, I want to once again say how proud I am of Steven for allowing these very personal lessons to be published. Each of you can probably imagine how difficult this would be. It's very humbling, and when you bare your heart so completely, you naturally worry that people will be critical of you, look down on you, or expect too much of you. There are a lot of ways the Enemy tries to prevent us from being honest. But there are rewards and blessings for such openness and honesty that are well worth the battle.

197. Few of us look at confession and asking for united prayer and being honest about our weaknesses and lessons in the right way. Most of us think of that as something terrible, some kind of punishment, or something that you do only when you absolutely have to! But ­really, when you're willing to do these things, it opens the door for the Lord to bring very special blessings into your life.

198. If you feel the need to unburden your heart about some of your mistakes, sins or problems, if you feel you need cleansing and a spiritual boost and united prayer, then please do whatever is necessary to get the help you need. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Reach out. Talk to someone. Hear from the Lord. Try to get over the idea that it's so awfully embarrassing that you could never be honest, or that it's just not cool to open up your life and break down the walls of your much-protected "privacy." There's such freedom in being open and honest.

199. We really need to change our way of thinking so that our attitudes about openness and honesty are more in line with the Lord's perspective. To bring home the point I'm making, I want to share with you some excerpts of the confirming prophecies that Steven sent me when I asked his permission to print his lessons:

200. (Jesus speaking:) What a joy and treasure and honor it is to share the wonderful and life-changing Words that I have given for you with your brethren and co-workers in the Family. It is indeed an honor and privilege to bare the most intimate secrets that I have spoken to you with your brethren and friends. So fear not, for I desire to do this so both you and others might be enlightened.

201. For these are the treasures of darkness, wrought through the crushing and breaking of one's life‚ which when brought into the light and the air, will be valued and cherished by all who will partake of them. It is the most precious way of laying down your life for the brethren, to let your heart's deepest secrets and the healing balm of My Words and victories be shared and partaken of by all‚ for their profit and strength. For it is the way of pioneers‚ of the leaders of My flock, to walk the path before the flock, to lead the way and thus encourage faith that it can be done, and to engender the desire and burden in others' hearts to also walk the road to greater spiritual fruitfulness and growth.

202. It costs. It comes with a price, but it will be repaid in the fruit it will bear in each one's life‚ those close to you and those who will partake from afar. As you lay down your life, your heart, your spirit, your very being in humility before all‚ you will reap admiration‚ encour­age­ment, strength, fulfillment and answers to your most sincere prayers. For whatsoever a man sows‚ that will he also reap. You sow in humility and sincerity and love, and you will reap the same in great abundance in your own life, and it will open the floodgates for others to reap the same in their lives as they let My Words work in their hearts and lives. It has far-reaching repercussions that you will only fully see and understand in the life to come. (End of message from Jesus)

203. (Mama: ) I know you appreciate what you have learned and the inspiration and faith you have been blessed to receive from reading Steven's personal lessons and prophecies. But please don't stop there! Won't you also open your heart and let those you live and work with bear your burdens and pray for you and be blessed along with you as you learn, grow and change? Peter and I are praying for you, and we love you!

Much love in our compassionate, understanding Husband, Mama