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Issues, Part 6

Karen Zerby

By MariaMaria #563 CM 3342 11/00

It's either now or then

Power in your hands?

Playing God?

Not enough men?

Caution or cowardice?

Airborne …

Will there be a difference?

It's either now or then …


1. Why should I try hard now to learn, to grow spiritually, to even get a lot done for the Lord, when we'll have all eternity to catch up, and things will prob­ably be easier then?


2. There are many sides to this question, many angles from which I could answer it. But the long and short of it is very simple.

3. I am giving you an opportunity to learn and grow here and now so that you can get ahead. Sooner or later you will have to learn the lessons I have in store for you. So why not now? The sooner you learn the better‚ because the sooner you learn the quicker you will get ahead. Sounds pretty basic, I know, but it's true.

4. Why should you apply yourself and learn now? For one, because the things you can learn right now will help you right now‚ in your life on Earth. I want to use you in your life on Earth. I want to be able to call on you now. At some point in time in this life, you might need the information, the lesson‚ the things I am able to teach you right now. You're going to find yourselves in many situations where the things I can teach you right now are going to come in mighty handy. When that time comes, if you're not prepared‚ you will regret it.

5. Why wouldn't you want to get ahead? Why would you want to lag behind? Why would you want to go back to school in Heaven? If you have to spend time going back to school in Heaven, you'll be missing out on some exciting things you could have otherwise been taking part in. In Heaven I am going to want to move you on to bigger jobs. I'm going to want to give you special privileges, but if you haven't learned all you are supposed to learn on Earth, then My hands will be tied and I won't be able to grant you those privileges for a long, long while.

6. If you have the opportunity to learn and apply yourselves here and now, it's to your advantage to do so. Each case is judged on its own‚ of course, and if for some reason beyond your control you are not able to learn a certain thing right now, I'm able to help you learn quickly and will help you catch up later. But for those I give the opportunity to learn and grow now, they'd be wise to take it.

7. I help those who help themselves when I give them the opportunity. So if I'm giving you an opportunity to learn and grow and apply yourself right now, then it's to your advantage to do so‚ because not only will it help you now in your life on Earth, but you'll be ahead when you come over to this side. You'll be able to jump right in to many thrilling and exciting things up Here instead of having to go back and learn the things you should have learned on Earth.

8. So there's a basic explanation. For those of you who aren't too motivated by the concept of being faithful there so you can have bigger jobs in My Kingdom‚ think of what it would be like to arrive in Heaven and be behind. In Heaven, the most faithful here and now will have all kinds of privileges that those who lag behind don't have. They'll have access to certain libraries and levels of Heaven that others are not permitted into. They will be ahead and be able to do things such as lead exciting pioneer trips to other planets. When there's a new push, they'll be right in on the groundwork meetings.

9. Also, My most faithful here and now will be blessed with special privileges up Here. They'll have the best equipment in Heaven. You can relate that to the way that those with the most money and experience on Earth are able to obtain the coolest gadgets for both work and play. Not everything in Heaven is work. Not everything in Heaven is free either! There are levels of privilege.

10. You're rewarded for your faithfulness on Earth, and those rewards come in the forms I know each one most appreciates—having the fastest computer possible, the coolest vehicle to get around space, having free rein to go almost anywhere in Heaven, being able to join exclusive pleasure clubs.

11. Does this surprise you‚ My children? There are many wonderful things in Heaven that everyone has access to. But if they are wonderful, then the more custom-made rewards, and those rewards connected to your particular track record, are absolutely mind-boggling!

12. Besides all those incentives, you have the promise of My blessing, My peace, My protection, and My guidance on your lives when you obey Me while on Earth. Such promises are dearly sought-after treasures in the world. Every­one wants to have peace, to know they're protected, to know that a greater Force is guiding them and enhancing their lives with power. You have these promises, My wonderful children, and I pray you don't despise or belittle them.

13. Be faithful unto death, and I will give you a crown of life! (End of message from Jesus.)

(From a young man, SACRO:)

14. The other day I was talking with another young person, and in short, his concept was, "Why try so hard now when I'll have all eternity to catch up?"

15. Something the Lord gave me when I thought of the same question a few years ago was the verse, "Delight yourself in Me and I will give you the desires of your heart" (Psa.37:4). I told this person to think of what the greatest desire of his heart is. What would be the most wonderful thing that could happen to him when he gets to Heaven? Perhaps the part in the Bible about reigning forever with Christ and being a ruler over many cities wasn't appealing to him, but for sure there is something that's his greatest desire, and imagine having to wait 100,000 years to get it! I even told him, imagine if your heart's desire was to be able to spend time with 1,000 beautiful women. What if you get there and I'm sitting there with all these gorgeous gals and you can't even get one!

16. The concept of thinking that you have all eternity is like the joke about the Brazilian man who was told that in America the streets were made out of gold and that there were $100 bills floating around on the streets. When he finally got to go to the U.S., the first thing he saw when he got off the plane was a $100 bill lying on the ground. He left it lying there‚ saying‚ "Ah‚ I'll start picking them up tomorrow."

17. We have absolutely no idea what the Lord has waiting for us up There for our faithfulness, but I know that the Lord is going to surprise us and it would be foolish to put Him in a box like that. Besides that, when we obey the Lord, we live a "heaven on earth" right here, and if we had to choose between the hell of the System and the joy and peace that we experience in the Family, there is also no comparison.

Power in your hands?


18. The Bible talks about the laying on of hands, and Dad also had a good deal to say about it. Can the Lord give us more insight on this?


19. In the hands there can be magical power. With your hands you can put My spiritual love into physical form. You can sacrificially give of your goods and time. You can labor to help others. You can provide the needs of others. You can, with your hands‚ show Me to others. Your hands can also be instru­ments of your own love for others.

20. On the darker side‚ they can be used to express hatred by hurting, destroying and killing. The hands have a lot of power because they're the primary instruments by which the body puts thought into action.

21. The hands also have spiritual power. They have power in the spirit, because that is one of My principles of the spirit. There is power in a touch. Just as when two electrical wires touch, they make contact, so do you make contact with someone's spirit when you touch them. You feel their spirit, and they feel yours.

22. When you touch someone who needs healing, My Spirit rushes through your hands and into them. When you touch someone affectionately‚ the spirit of love pours through the connection that is made. When someone who carries a bad spirit touches you‚ you can often feel that spirit as well—because their spirit touches your spirit.

23. When you lay hands on someone in prayer, you're manifesting your faith in My promises. You're obeying My admonition to lay on hands, and thus you receive a special anointing for whatever is needed. So in that way, yes‚ your hands do have power. There is power in a touch. There is power because there is a spiritual connection made. This is not a physical power, but a spiritual power, which is, in many ways, beyond your control.

24. Throughout the ages I have used the symbolic laying on of hands to demonstrate the bestowing of My blessing on the recipients. It's one way that I have of symbolizing to others that by the hands of My anointed I am able to grant blessings. Through this act I can bring about miracles of healing. However, it is not the hands that heal; I heal.

25. The Holy Ghost also bestows Herself on others through the laying on of hands. But it's not the hands bestowing the Holy Ghost; that act is just symbolic. People must always give God the credit and not the instrument. Remember Simon, who sought to buy the Holy Ghost so that he could have the power in his hands? This power is not for the purchasing. But I can, through the believer's obedience to My Word, use the laying on of hands to perform miracles such as healing, anointing, blessing, and deliverance. I answer prayer and I admonish the believers to lay their hands on others to manifest their faith that I can and will answer.

26. Furthermore, in the Endtime I may at times give supernatural manifestations of My power through people thrusting out their hands as they call on Me for help and deliverance. I may cause fire to come down and destroy their enemies, or perhaps blinding light to burst forth, or perhaps I will freeze the enemies in their tracks, or cause barriers in their path to melt away. But please don't get the impression that you have some sort of ray gun hidden in your fingers. These powers will not operate in accordance with your will and desires, but in accordance with My will. Each time it will be a supernatural manifestation of My power and strength, given to those in need who are desperate with Me and calling out for My deliverance.

27. Use your hands as instruments of My power, giving all the glory to God, and it will be well with you. (End of message from Jesus.)

Playing God?


28. There is a case going on here in the UK about a pair of Siamese twins. The parents don't want them to be separated. If they're separated, the doctors say one will die and one will survive; but if they're not separated, they'll both die. It's something of a moral dilemma, as the authorities have now taken it out of the parents' hands and are deciding in a court of law what to do. The couple is Catholic and the cardinal has appealed to the judge to go along with the parents, stating it would be an act of murder to kill one of the twins.

29. I feel such decisions should be left up to the parents. But where do we, the Family, stand on such an issue? I pondered it myself—for example, what I would do were I in a similar situation. Is it an act of murder to kill one in order to preserve the life of the other—or an act of mercy and love? Is it right before God to in a sense "play God" and say this one must die in order to let the other live? These are the kinds of questions and conversations that are brought up by people in the world. In a sense, they expect religious people to have a stance on certain issues, even if they might not agree. What would the Family's stance be on such an issue?


30. Man is always trying to play God. The wisdom of man is so puny, it's unbelievable! It's like those movies or stories of alien life forms looking at the knowledge of man as so inferior it hardly matters. Well, that's how I see the knowledge of man—not only is it puny and insignificant, it can actually be My enemy, as the Bible says.

31. These doctors, politicians, and judges think they know best and they've decided to make the decision for the parents, as if it were their right to decide their fate. But no matter what the outcome, the decision should not rest with a worldly government‚ with those who are moved by money, power, popularity, self-interest and just plain self-righteousness rather than the best interests of the children and parents. When it comes to kids, if the parents are mentally sound and are reasonably responsible, they should have the final word—not some faceless governmental body.

32. The parents are the ones who conceived and brought forth these children, and they will be the ones to care for them in the future. It makes Me angry when I see these know–it-all doctors and politicians trying to rob the parents of their freedom to choose as parents, according to their personal faith.

33. It's a difficult call to make as to whether across-the-board it's right to intervene and take life in order to save life. Each individual case has many different factors involved, which all weigh in. I look on people's hearts. So much these days is conditioned by science—and science‚ for the most part, has become so ungodly. Many people have adopted wrong attitudes and wrong ways of thinking‚ because of all that they've seen and heard. But because they don't know My truth‚ they're not accountable for it.

34. Many people make what would technically be called wrong decisions, but if they don't know any better and if they're making those decisions with motives based on love, or unselfishness‚ or wanting to do right, I honor the motives of their hearts and don't judge them for it. By the same token, there are those who are motivated by selfishness, pride‚ or have based their decisions on a rejection of My Word and the conscience I put within them. In that case, I hold them fully accountable for their actions.

35. Those who choose wrongly, without knowing, will receive gentle instruction‚ reproof, and retraining when they pass over to the afterlife. Those who knew better, or were more accountable, will have to suffer the consequences more severely. I look at the heart and I judge by the heart.

36. The world is heading downwards, moving toward an increasingly godless society, where man's system will make the decision for you based on so-called scientific evidence, which much of the time is just as good a guess as any. You can be thankful that I'm coming soon to straighten all of this out before it comes to the point that everything you do is decided by science. (End of message from Jesus.)

Note: British courts ordered the twins separated. Surgeons carried out the procedure, and one of the twins died soon afterward. Here's some background on this situation:

Conjoined twin parents speak of joy and grief

December 7, 2000

LONDON, England (CNN) — The parents of conjoined twins separated in a controversial operation in Britain last month have spoken of their anguish at the sacrifice of one baby to give her sister a chance of life.

Michael and Rina Attard from the Maltese island of Gozo fought an emotional but ultimately unsuccessful battle in the British courts to prevent surgeons separating the twins.

When they lost, they knew separation would mean certain death for baby Mary to save her sister Jodie.

The twins were born on August 8 joined at the abdomen and with a fused spine. They shared one heart and one pair of lungs.

The Attards, both devout Roman Catholics, believed nature should be allowed to take its course and abhorred the idea of sacrificing one child to save the other.

The High Court, and later the Court of Appeal, overruled the parents' objections and backed doctors, saying Mary was only alive because she was sucking life from Jodie, a situation that would eventually cause the death of both girls.

At the time, Lord Justice Ward was moved to say that the core dilemma was: "Do we murder Mary to save Jodie?"

While the couple grieve for their lost daughter, they also expressed joy at the progress Jodie was making in hospital.

Rina Attard said she believed Jodie instinctively knew her sister was gone. "She might realize that something is missing from her, that something has been separated from her‚ so she is holding our hands much, much stronger," she said.

The couple said they hoped to return to Gozo, Malta, to bury Mary and build a life with Jodie.

Not Enough Men?

37. (Excerpt of a letter from an SGA woman: ) In this area, many girls are really going through trials about the lack of boys and the attitude that the few boys there are seem to have toward us girls. There are so many girls who are desperate for some love and attention from the opposite sex, so because the boys seem to always be rare and they're in high demand continually‚ it gets to the point where it seems they think they don't need to make an effort to be nice to girls. On most dance nights I have seen, the boys won't ask the girls to dance, but just sit around and wait to get pulled out. Other parties I've been to, boys just sat around making comments like, "Okay, girls, get up and dance for us," or making fun of the girls dancing‚ calling them desperate, sluts, etc.

38. Something else that happens a lot is boys talking bad about girls they had sex with. Recently this guy I knew went to bed with one of my good friends, and afterwards I heard he was telling others she was a slut and a whore. Other comments I've heard from boys about girls they slept with are things like, "She just raped me." "She's weird." "Oh, I did it 'cause she was desperate." "She's got hairy breasts." "What could I do? She was just jumping all over me."

39. Almost every time I've slept with a guy, either they were married or they gave me a little speech on how they don't want to get "attached‚" and that they just want to be "independent and have fun." It's not like I'm asking them to be my boyfriend or stay with me forever.

40. I feel that this is really a problem‚ especially when the System guys we meet totally worship us and would practically do anything just for a kiss from us. Recently I've been in a lot of contact with System boys, either when witnessing, singing, or just going out, who for once really made me feel like I'm worth something and that it's actually possible for someone of the opposite sex to love me. Not long ago I met this guy who gave me more compliments in a couple of hours than I've gotten from Family guys in a lifetime. Right now I have feelings for this person, and it's really, really hard on me‚ because I feel like he cares about me. I'm almost 21 years old, and I've never had a relationship with a Family person (guy) that's lasted for more than a few days, which has made me feel there must be something wrong with me, and many times I've battled heavy loneliness.

41. Even though I deeply love Jesus and know that He loves me, sometimes I really feel like I need some physical manifestation of love too. There have been times when I've been very discouraged or going through a lot of trials about something, when I would have done anything just to have some caring arms around me‚ to reassure me that everything was going to be okay. A while ago I made a decision that I was going to serve Jesus, even if I had to do it alone, if all my friends move on to new fields (which they have), and if I never found a companion. And I desperately prayed for my feelings of needing someone to go away.


42. I'm really sorry for the heartache and pain that you, and others in similar situations, have been having to endure. It's almost unbearable for me to know that you feel so alone, so unloved, and at times so humiliated and even mistreated by the very men whose responsibility it should be to make sure that you're loved and cared for. Of course, I'm not the only one who feels this way; you can't imagine how much it hurts Jesus to know of your pain. He's your Heavenly Father, your Husband, your Brother, your Lover, Comforter and Provider, and He hurts when you hurt. He feels for you! We all feel for you! You have a whole host of Heavenly helpers Here whose hearts are touched with your pain, and who are on call to help you and bring you succor, comfort, and renewed strength whenever you ask for it.

43. I know that it's sometimes hard when you're having to struggle with so many battles and emotions. You probably feel like you're not going to be able to make it, and I don't blame you. I know how you feel. In my earlier years, before Mama came along, I often felt the same way. There were times when I hurt so bad and felt so misunderstood and alone, so unloved and unappreciated, I felt like I couldn't go on another day. I'm not complaining or trying to blame anyone for how I felt or for what I went through for years and years, because I know it was all part of God's plan. I just want you to know that you're not alone in what you're going through.

44. There are lots of us—like God's Word says, a great cloud of witnesses, including Jesus Himself—who, in our lifetimes on Earth‚ felt the very same things that you're feeling. And though we've now passed on to the Other Side where the pain of former things has passed away and God has wiped away our tears, we know exactly how you feel. It makes us love and admire you all the more because we know what it's like to have to keep on going‚ even when you feel that there's no one who really knows or understands you or loves you for who you are.

45. Because you're living in the realm of the physical and having to fight the many battles of the physical world on a daily basis, it can often be hard to understand the depths and the heights of the Lord's love for you in the spirit. But His love is more real than anything you could ever experience or even imagine! You can count on Him. I know you do; I know that you love and trust Him, or you wouldn't have made it this far. And I know your desire is to keep on loving Him more and more—and you will! If that's your heart's desire‚ you'll continue to grow closer and closer to Him, and He to you, and nothing will ever separate you from His love.

46. But in spite of all of this, in spite of all the assurances of God's love and how wonderful it is, and even knowing that He's in control of everything that happens in our lives‚ to think that some of our younger men are so selfish and immature as to treat you girls and talk about you in such an unloving manner—it's absolutely heartbreaking! I can't imagine that any of our people would treat even a poor street corner prostitute like that, much less you‚ our own darlings, our own princesses and queens and wonderful, noble women of God! How do they ever expect to win a girl's affections or admiration with such low-life attitudes? It's enough to make me want to materialize right there and sock it to those boys real good! Why‚ it's not only unloving, it's just plain childish and stupid!

47. I guess that's one of the main problems in the first place—those who are guilty of such unloving actions and words are proving that they're still just boys. And as the saying goes, "Boys will be boys." It's sad but true. Those who have acted in such a manner don't have the right to call themselves young men; they're just kids, playing kids' games. And they'd better grow up real soon, because until they do, they're going to be missing out on many of God's blessings and the wonderful fruits of pure, unselfish love and affection!

48. But in spite of how difficult all of this must be for you‚ in spite of how hurt and misunderstood you must feel, in spite of how lonely you are at times, if you or any other of our young women are ever tempted to think that you'd be better off by leaving the Family and your life's calling simply because of some supposed prince charming, then my heart really goes out to you.

49. Sure, there might be lots more available guys out there in the world. And the men you meet when you're out witnessing might not be as spoiled and immature as some of our Family young men evidently are, because in the world, they know they have to work real hard in order to win a woman's affections, not to mention her heart and love. It's not handed to them on a platter like it is in some of these cases where there are so many single girls and so few guys to take care of them. But these guys in the System who treat you so differently than some of the young men in the Family do aren't necessarily better than our boys are, with better characters or better principles; nor are they necessarily more affectionate or loving. It's just that they've never had the opportunity to meet such won­der­ful women as you, and it captivates them; it enchants them. Hopefully, it even brings out the best in them.

50. What those young men find so attractive about you is the Lord's Spirit in you and the heritage that you've been given—a heritage that is unique and so different from anything they've ever seen that it draws them to you. Of course, they don't know what it is that makes you so fascinating‚ nor do they understand that side of things. But you do! They might treat you like the angel that you are, because compared to all the other girls they've had the opportunity to know, you are an angel. But deep inside, you know that it's not just you that they're being drawn to. You know what it is that they're really searching for, what they're longing for, and what they're desperate to find and to keep.

51. You're the love of God for them, and God is calling you—not to give up your heritage, not to forsake your birthright for a bowl of pottage, not to lay aside your mantle and your life of service to others—but God is calling you and anointing you to share your birthright with others. He's asking you to trust Him for your future while you continue to pour out the waters of life to all who hunger and thirst, so that you can bring them into His Kingdom of Love forever.

52. You've grown up in such a bubble of the Lord's protection, and sometimes you can even be tempted to resent the upbringing you've been given, because it makes you feel so different from other young people. And you are different. Although you don't always feel it or realize it, and though some of our men who have grown up in the Family might not recognize it or appreciate it, you just radiate the Lord's light and love! Do you know how appealing that makes you to these young men in the world who have never met anyone like you before?

53. You Family girls have been brought up your whole lives to think of the needs and happiness of others, and it shows. You carry yourselves so naturally and uninhibitedly; you give of yourselves and of your time freely; you listen to people and to their problems without looking down on them; you're much more mature and interesting than other girls your age; you've had an incredible variety of training and experience in many different cultures and fields of education. Through your words and your actions, you show that you're more interested in love than in material gain. You look at others with looks of love, and your smiles are pure and wholehearted, free from pretense, condescension or deceit.

54. That class of woman hardly exists in the world, and the men of the world know it. There's no doubt about it. In that sense, these men are very much like what Jesus said about the children of this world—smarter in their generation than the children of light. That's why they act and behave so much more appreciatively and affectionately than some of these spoiled Family boys do—not all of them by any means, but some of them. Some of our boys don't know a good thing when they see it, because they've never had to experience what it's like in the real world, with selfish, worldly women, and they haven't gotten the point that to win some, they're going to have to learn what it is to be winsome.

55. But although the tender, romantic affections of these lonely and appreciative men out in the world might temporarily make you feel more loved and more special, if you give up and forsake the very things that make you so special and so lovable in the first place, you'll find in the long run that you've given up much more than you've gained. Jesus has promised to give you the whole world and all the fullness thereof, if you'll just believe Him for it. He knows that you would never find complete happiness or fulfillment if you were to give up who you are and forsake your uniqueness and your thrilling life of service to others merely for one man—no matter how nice and affectionate that man might be.

56. I'm not going to try to tell you that the life you live for the Lord will always be an easy life. It won't be. And, yes, you might very well be lonely at times. But if you're willing to trust Jesus and follow His call, I can guarantee that you'll never know the depths of loneliness that so many others feel.

57. During my own life on Earth, although I had to experience many things in order to bring me to the point where God could use me more fully, I found that because I was willing to give up my own desires‚ my own hopes and plans‚ because I was determined to obey the Lord's call and share His love with as many others as I could, my life was filled with more love than I ever thought was possible. I was surrounded by love till the day I died. And I promise that if you continue to give your life for others, sharing the Lord's love wherever you go, you'll no doubt find, just as I did‚ that His love will be returned to you many times over. You won't even be able to hold it all.

58. By saying all that, I don't want you to think that I don't sympathize with you, or that I don't understand the temptations that you feel when you come in contact with some of those nice handsome young men in your outreach. I feel for you in your loneliness. I can see the temptations you face from my vantage point up Here. I know there might be times when you'll be lured by the sweet words and intended affections of some, and be tempted to swallow their hooks.

59. Many of our dear girls experienced similar temptations back in our FFing days. They learned that it was sometimes very difficult to not get swallowed up by some of these big fish. It was tough trying to pull the fish ever closer to the Fisherman without first getting gobbled up by the fish. It was a lot of hard work‚ and sometimes it seemed that it would be much easier and much simpler, much less complicated, and even less painful if they were to just go ahead and let themselves get swallowed up into the arms of a new and appealing lover‚ and let him take them off to his own private little fishpond, with his promises of undying love.

60. I'm proud of you for not letting that happen to you! Jesus has ordained you; He's trained you and taught you your whole life to be a fisher of men. He's made you the lovely bait that you are, to use the charms and light that He's put within you, to draw men (and women, too, of course) not to you‚ but to Himself, to the Word, to the Light.

61. Don't get me wrong; when I talk about bait, I'm not talking about sex here. I'm not talking about physical sex, and I want to make that plain! Those days are over! But I'm talking about your witness—your heritage, your training, your gifts and calling. I'm talking about what you were created for and destined to do—to go into all the world and preach the Gospel‚ to bring sight to the blind, to bind up the wounded, and to set the captives free. The world needs you! These men need you!

62. You're probably thinking to yourself, "Well, Dad, I know these men need me. That's obvious. But sometimes I wonder if I don't need them just as much." Well, maybe you do. Maybe the Family needs these men. Maybe that's how the Lord wants to supply your needs, as He's promised He will do. We've brought up the idea before about the need to win more dedicated young men to the Family. I know God hasn't failed; God never fails! He never fails to supply all our needs if we're doing our part to obey and follow Him where He leads.

63. Maybe the Lord just wants you to be patient and trust Him, that in His good time He's going to give you the man of your dreams, someone who will love and appreciate you and treat you with love and tender affection. In the meantime, He's getting a lot of good mileage out of this. He's using it to soften your heart and draw you closer to Him. You've proven your love to Him. You've proven that you're determined to go on, even if you have to go it alone. And that's beautiful. That's such a wonderful thing!

64. But maybe it's not God's will for you to just be continually waiting for your prince charming to come along. Maybe God is waiting for you! Maybe He wants to use you in this way that we've discussed before. Maybe it's God's will for some of these men to be pulled into the Kingdom, into God's Family, and into your family! Maybe God is waiting for you to give of yourself—your time, your efforts, your prayers, and your love—to win these men and make disciples of them.

65. Just because the days of FFing are over doesn't mean that it's no longer the day of deep witnessing, the day of waiting for the witness and watching for the worthy, the day of praying and hearing from the Lord about each person you meet, the day of laying down your life in order to do whatever it takes to win souls and disciples. Are you willing to go that far? Do you have enough love that you're willing to seek the Lord and follow Him, to counsel with others, and take the slow, laborious steps of bringing a precious soul into God's Kingdom, and feeding him until he grows and has the faith to follow God's call to be a disciple?

66. Until you're willing to go that far, then you can't really complain that there aren't enough men around. If there isn't enough food on the table‚ what do you do? You go out witnessing and provisioning, and God supplies your needs. Has God ever failed you? Hasn't He always put the next meal on your table? Well, how did He do it? Did you just sit around moping and complaining about how hungry you were? No! You went out and got it! God used you! He used your needs, and sometimes even your wants, to push you out the door and force you to go out and share what you have with the world.

67. Is this any different? The only difference is it will take a lot more determination and effort than just going out and bringing home a little food. It will take a lot of faith, a lot of effort, a lot of initiative, and a lot of patience, prayer, counseling, and even a little hurt and heartache sometimes. But wouldn't it be worth it? Wouldn't the fruit be worth all the effort?

68. Winning new disciples is in many ways like having a baby. Babies don't just happen; you have to make them happen! And then you have to wait for them to grow before they're even strong enough to be born. And while you're waiting for them to be born, you can't just forget all about them. You have to do everything in your power to feed and nurture them and to make sure that they're getting nourishment, so that they'll continue to grow healthy and strong, until the climactic day when God knows that they're finally strong enough to break through into your arms and into their new life of love, with their new family.

69. What about it? Do you have what it takes to win disciples? Well, maybe you don't on your own. But you have others around you who can help, whom you can pray with, counsel with, and work with. You don't have to do it all on your own, and you shouldn't! That wouldn't even be good for you. But with God's help and with your Family's help, prayers and support, you can do it together.

70. I'm not telling you to give up on the young men who are already in the Family, or to start ignoring them and giving your love and affection to others instead—not by any means. In fact, if you keep doing your part by showing love to the men whom you already live and work with‚ and pray for the Lord to grow them up into the strong, dedicated and loving disciples He needs them to be‚ I'm sure that God's love will not fail; nor will your love return to you void. It will accomplish God's purpose in their lives.

71. What I'm saying is, if you need more men in the Family, then go out and win them. Pray for them! Like we used to say so often back in the early days of the Family, praying for laborers is one of the few commandments that Jesus gave His disciples. "The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few; pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that He will send forth laborers into His harvest" (Mat 9:37-38).

72. Are you up to it? Do you have what it takes to win disciples? Sure you do. You have Jesus' love and Spirit burning in your heart. You have the same Spirit in you that was also in Jesus when He walked the coasts of Galilee‚ calling men to follow Him. Not everyone believed and not everyone followed. But some did, and some will follow you, too. But how will they follow unless they hear the call?

73. I love you, Honey, and all our precious women who've given their lives for Jesus! You're just beautiful! You glow with the Lord's Spirit‚ and He's going to repay each and every sacrifice you make for Him! Don't worry, it'll all work out. Just pray and obey. Keep giving love and living for love. Never give up on it. Love those who are by your side, and love those who the Lord puts in your path. The Lord's love never fails. Even if you don't see it immediately‚ it always bears fruit eventually. And you're rewarded for it eternally!—Both with happiness, fulfillment, and blessings here and now, and benefits and rewards for eternity‚ because of your sacrifices of love. (End of message from Dad)


74. David has given this message to help offer a solution, because this is one area where My brides could learn to grow. Winning more men to the Family would go far to help remedy this problem.

75. This message is not meant to offer an instant remedy across the board. It does, however, cover a few aspects and it offers some solutions, even if they are not all-encompassing.


76. Thank you, Dad, for that good counsel. Please remember‚ dear ones, that while Dad was addressing this message to this girl who wrote in and this message is for the most part addressed to the women, this counsel must be balanced out and applied to each individual situation accordingly. As Dad indicates in paragraph 70 of this message, there's room to grow for both men and women in these areas. Remember, men, showing a little bit of love can go a long, long way. It always pays for everyone to hear from the Lord yourselves for your particular situation and ask Him if there is anything He wants to say to you personally on this subject. There is a good deal of counsel on this subject already published in Letters such as: "The Need for More Affection in Our Homes," ML #2857, Lifelines 21; "Goals for 1998," ML #3160:77-84, 172-173, 220–240, Lifelines 24; "Loving Kindness," ML #3237:1-51‚ GN 840.

Caution or Cowardice?


77. I heard a testimony of some Family members who‚ with the Lord's leading and confirmation, stood up in defense of some poor street vendors who were being harassed by unscrupulous offi­cials. I thought how much that sounded like something Dad would have done‚ as he hated to see people stepped on or treated unjustly. When I read it, I wished I would hear more testimonies of Family members who are willing to stand up for their convictions‚ even risking their personal safety or standing to fight for the underdogs. I'm afraid some of our folks have gotten a little wishy-washy in some ways. When we asked the Lord about this, here's what He said:


78. The Family does need to be strengthened in their convictions. There are many ways in which fear and a certain amount of cowardice are manifested—not standing up for your convictions to your own brethren when it's needed, not standing up to your friends and contacts about things they say or do that are ungodly, or not standing up for the poor and underdogs when faced with situations such as the one these folks encountered.

79. There are many reasons for this, but they mainly come back to fear. It may be fear of security problems or legal hassles; fear of physical violence, getting beat up or arrested. It may just be fear of man and of marring your reputation, or lowering your standing in someone's eyes. There are times when it is wise to exercise caution, and sometimes I even allow you to feel a certain amount of fear so that you won't just rush forward, but will pray and seriously evaluate a situation. Yet you should not make decisions based on fear alone.

80. If you're afraid of doing something because of possible repercussions, then ask Me if that fear is because I'm checking and warning you, or if it's just a weakness I want you to overcome or a test I want you to pass. Sometimes I want you to go ahead and do what seems dangerous or risky in spite of the possible consequences, just because it's the right thing to do.

81. I can't necessarily give you a general criterion of when it's good to be cautious and when it's good to be fearless; there are different times and different needs. Yet, both now and in the darker days to come‚ there are times when you, My children, need to stand up for the truth‚ and you need to do so even if it is at some personal risk.

82. There are those in My Family who are filled with fire, conviction, and fearlessness, and there are and will yet be more testimonies of those who stand up for truth and right‚ and who, though they may suffer some persecution to some degree, come out all right for it, because I bless their obedience, faith, and conviction.

83. The most important thing is to be willing—not just sometime in the future, but right then, in that situation, if that's what I tell you to do—to stand up, take action, speak out, or defend the truth, as the case may be, even if there is a risk involved. It's not that I want you to put yourself in danger, and usually if you ask Me, I'll tell you how to avoid the danger and still do the right thing, or I'll give you My promises of protection or deliverance. But backing down because of fear, selfishness, or laziness is not the right thing. In each case, if you ask Me what's best, I'll show you, and will strengthen your convictions and give you faith to do what I show you to do—which is the right thing! (End of message from Jesus.)

Airborne …


84. Words have the power to bring life or destroy life. Great power to do good or to do harm is contained in the tongue. The tongue promotes blessing or cursing.

85. Negative comments always do damage of some sort—whether it's in planting seeds of doubt in those who hear them, or causing greater trial such as sadness, grief, sensitivity, worry, hurt feelings and heartache—to name a few. Negative comments always do damage. That's why it's so important to watch your words. That's why I admonish My children to set a watch at their mouths, to guard diligently the door of their lips, for out of the mouth flow the issues of life.

86. The greatest danger and harm in negative comments, whether they're spoken seriously or uttered in jest, is the potential they have to proliferate and do widespread harm. Words are seldom contained. It's like sneezing into the air. Those germs are airborne; they quickly go out and latch on to whoever they land on, possibly causing illness, a cold, a flu, or worse. That sneeze may be the vehicle through which harmful bacteria or a virus will spread and do its dirty work. So it is with one negative comment or word. When spoken, it is then airborne and goes out seeking where it can do harm. It will quickly go out and look for a place to latch on, and will go on to poison a heart‚ soul, or mind.

87. A simple comment, spoken in a moment, can be all it takes to defile the mind and spirit. The effects of a single word or a lone phrase wrongly spoken can have immense power‚ for it can wound the victim and turn him away from Me and My love, perhaps forever, as well as multitudes of others whom he might have led to Me! A negative, cutting comment or word has the ability to grow‚ spread‚ and multiply; to be mis­con­strued‚ twisted, and distorted along the way, making it all the more detrimental.

88. Just as a word fitly spoken is a great treasure, the adverse repercussion of a negative word is a dangerous corruption to the hearer.

89. This is an area where you do well to walk in fear of Me‚ knowing that it's a very important matter, the repercussions that a word wrongly spoken can have. You never know what damage it will go on to do, or who it will offend, stumble, or discourage. Great fires that rage out of control start with a small spark.

90. When I walked on Earth, I spoke of the seriousness of offending one who believes in Me. I said that it were better for a millstone to be hung around the neck and for one to be cast into the sea than to offend one of My little ones. I was speaking at that time of those who offend both in deed and in word. At the time when I spoke to the crowds about this‚ some of My Own disciples were taken aback, among them Peter, for he knew how easy it was to slip and fall into making negative comments; thus he felt surely this was a harsh judgment. Though Peter didn't voice this out loud, My Father showed Me this was the thought in his mind.

91. So I walked with Peter and we discussed the matter as I helped him to see the serious conse­quences of voicing negative words and comments. Dear Peter, who himself had a history of falling prey to allowing loose words to come out of his mouth, knew the weakness of men. He couldn't figure out how it would be possible to attain such a goal and to not let wrongly spoken words come out of your mouth, at least from time to time, no matter how well intentioned an individual might be. I was able to give him some pointers and help him to see how it was possible through prayer and dependence on Me.

92. I took Peter aside and spoke to him about the heart of man. I talked to him about the abundance of the heart and the importance of filling the mind and heart with positive things—things that build faith. I told Peter that this was the best safeguard against uttering a negative comment, which had potential to cause harm. The best safeguard was to keep his heart full of positive, faith-building things, and then that is what would come out of his mouth.

93. Peter and I had many talks about the import­ance of words, and later I spoke about the abundance of the heart to the Pharisees and the crowds that gathered around Me. But for Peter, coming to the realization that each man would be required to give account for every idle word was the greatest turning point in his life. My other disciples also were provoked to do better in this area. Coming to the knowledge that not one word goes unnoticed in My Father's sight, and it is by the words a man speaks that he is justified or condemned‚ was incentive to do all they could to set a watch before their mouths.

94. Peter fell at My feet that day and asked Me to pray for him that he might be strengthened in this area, and that he would be cautious and diligent to fill his heart with good things, and to let every word he spoke be a positive and uplifting word. And My Father answered this earnest prayer. Peter had a fervent desire to want to uphold this standard, and that helped him. He soon saw that what I had shared with him proved true time and again—that through prayer and through keeping his heart full of good things, he was able to be the sample he needed to be, and through My grace poured out on him, I could keep him from falling in this area.

95. The damage that negative comments can have is that they can hurt the faith of another, and when faith is damaged, all hope can be lost. To damage the faith of another is a serious matter; this is why I said that by your words you are justified or condemned. There is much weeping and many tears shed in Heaven by those who arrive and become aware of what effect their words had on others. Words are real things; they're alive. My Words are spirit and life and lead to Heaven; negative words are condemnation and destruction, and have no place other than Hell.

96. I and My Father take notice of every word, and by each word that people speak, they are building their future in the world to come. For truly it is spoken and so it will be, that for every idle word a man speaks, he will have to give account. It is the same with all negative words and comments—for every one spoken, a man will need to give account. The only fruit a negative comment bears is to hinder, to hurt, and to harm. That's why I ask you to be mindful of what you say, to make an effort to be aware of your words, to discipline and control that which comes out of your mouth. It's not "just a little thing." It's important. He that is wise and knowledgeable will let his conversation be that which ministers faith, hope, and love to the hearer. (End of message from Jesus.)


97. The Lord gave some good guidelines in that message about how to kick the habit if you are guilty of making negative comments frequently.

98. —Fill your heart and mind with the positive. Make an effort to think more positively, limit your negative input, and stay full of the Word. That's the best safeguard. If you're thinking positively, you won't speak negatively.

99. —Remember that you'll be required to account for every word. Not one word is unnoticed or unrecorded.

100. —Ask for prayer so you can be strengthened in this area.

Will there be a difference?


101. This question kinda goes along with the S2K. With the purging and strengthening of the CM Family and all the changes that will come about, it seems the CM Family will be set apart even more from the FM Family, former members, and, of course, outsiders; like the difference will be more obvious. In the Endtime, not only we (the "elite" or the CM Family) will have powers, that special link with the Lord and the new weapons‚ but some churches or those who choose to follow closely will too, right? At least that is my impression from the Word and what we've been told since we were tots.

102. In "Blood and Freedom" it portrays this exact scenario of a "Systemite" who joins the ranks of the elite and receives the same power and anointing and is able to perform miracles, etc.‚ at least to a certain extent. (I know that in the foreword to "Blood and Freedom" it says that this is not necessarily how it's going to be. But it does go along with what we've learned from the Bible and the MLs, and is pretty close to many peoples' interpretations of what would most likely happen.)

103. So my question is this: How much difference will there be between those of us who have dedicated our all from the beginning (or from the time of the S2K), and those who join or rejoin in the Last Days? Won't it make a difference? For me, this is the main motivation for staying within the CM Family, because I don't want to miss out on the wonderful things the Lord promises He'll do for us in the future. There's so much emphasis on preparing for the Endtime in the recent Letters, and now with the "Shakeup" and everything leaning toward more commitment and cleansing the Family of anything that would hinder us from moving forward, I think that I'd miss out on a lot if I didn't stick with the new moves and do everything I can to live up to what's expected of us.

104. Because it's so important for those of us who remain CM to follow 100% and there'll be much we have to give up‚ knowing what the difference will be would increase my motivation and desire to obtain the goals set before us.


105. The leaders of the future, the champions of the Tribulation, are going to be those who have applied themselves today, who have refined their skills in intense, unrelenting combat with the Enemy today, who have followed Me closely today, committing themselves to full yieldedness and submission. The actions of today are what build the future tomorrow. How much you will be used and how greatly I will be able to manifest My power through you will be in direct proportion to how diligently you commit yourself to the commission at hand today. The title of CM or FM has little to do with it, for what are these but titles, handles, names?

106. What matters is personal dedication and yieldedness. I may be able to use a Charter Member who has given his all to Me today to the nth degree in the Tribulation. A Fellow Member who has likewise been faithful and diligent, applying the new weapons vigorously to his life and following Me in obedience, I will also be able to use in a glorious way. The same holds true for a catacomber who is on fire for Me today and is doing all he can to prepare for the future. Likewise for outside witnessers, live-outs, etc. It matters little what your title is. What matters is the fervency with which you prepare for the Endtime today. Your fruit in the future and how I will use you in the Endtime is a result of your actions and diligence today during these times of peace.

107. Those in the CM Family have an advantage. They have the most truth available to them. They have the ultimate truth at their fingertips. They have a multitude of My Words in every form imaginable. They have My truth in greater abundance than anyone else on this Earth. They have more than the Fellow Members and outside members, and much more than church Christians. Thus the CM Family has the wherewithal to be the greatest leaders in the Endtime. It's not because of any goodness of their own that they have this advantage; it is the abundance of My Words and their faithfulness and obedience to My Words that separates them and exalts them as My leaders.

108. It comes down to each person's individual commitment. You might be in the CM Family, but if you're slacking off and not giving your all, you can't expect to be as prepared or as greatly used when the Endtime knocks on your door. You might be in the FM Family and perhaps not have as much of My Words as those in the CM Family, but if you're doing your best with what you have, in faith, yieldedness and obedience, then you can expect great things when the Tribulation hits. You can expect that I'll use all that you've been in training for, and you will be a great leader in the Endtime.

109. The greatest benefit in the Endtime for those who have given Me their all today and have been aggressive and faithful in their practice and application of the new weapons will be their close connection with Me. Many will have close connections with Me, but those who have invested wisely will be the closest to Me. That's not to say that by being closer to Me they are more loved by Me. It's just that I'll be able to speak to them more clearly and directly and will be able to use them more mightily. Thus it is these ones—the ones who have invested today by applying the new weapons and following My instructions about the days to come—who will be the greatest leaders.

110. All who come to Me desiring My Words will be able to hear My voice‚ even the new babes who will join you during the Great Tribulation. But there will be a noticeable difference between you, My veteran users of prophecy, and those who newly accept the gift. You will have been strengthened in faith through your many months and years of using the gift of prophecy. Through your practice and even through your mistakes, you will have learned much about this intricate and wonderful gift. Thus I will use you to answer the questions of the babes—and there will be many questions. They won't understand the gift of prophecy overnight and will need much shepherding and guidance. That's where you'll come in. You will also have a strong anchor of faith in My gift of prophecy and My Words of guidance and instruction, which is something that you will have gained through seeing it work in action. This is something that those new to prophecy will not have. They will still be wobbly and unsure of themselves. They'll be learning as they go. You'll be the experts, because you practiced in times of peace and learned to depend on Me in this marvelous way.

111. All of the new weapons will be like this—praise‚ prophecy‚ loving Me intimately‚ inter­cessory prayer, living the Law of Love to the full, and the weapon of weakness, meekness and humility. You who are practicing them now and putting them to use are going to be way ahead of others. Yes, everyone will be able to use these weapons in the Endtime, but they will not be as accomplished in their use of them as you will be. They will be like you were when you were first venturing out to use prophecy or to "Love Jesus," etc.

112. Those who have practiced today and given their all to Me in yieldedness today—whether CM, FM, a catacomber, an outside witnesser, or whatever the case may be—will be the anchors, the leaders, the instructors, and those who show the way. You will be very comfortable with using the new weapons. They will no longer be "new weapons" to you; they will be well-learned, well-practiced, much-used weapons that will be a part of you. The "new weapons" will be natural and normal and second nature to those who are using them today and preparing for the Tribulation that's soon to come.

113. Those who are in the CM Family have the potential to be used of Me in the greatest way. This, as I said before, is not because of any goodness of their own, but is possible because of the great abundance of Word and instruction that I'm pouring into you. It's also a reward for the high level of dedication and the sacrifices that those in the CM Family must make for Me to be My called-out, elite forces.

114. But just being in the CM Family won't necessarily make you one of the greatest leaders in the Endtime. It's like the story of the talents in the Bible. It's what you do with what I've given you that makes the difference. Are you investing wisely? Are you using the talents that I've given you to the full? If so, you can expect great things in the Endtime. You can expect that I'll use you mightily. But just being in the CM Family doesn't automatically guarantee this. It's up to you. What you invest your time and energies in today will shape the person that you will be when the Tribulation rolls around.

115. What will you be? I will need leaders to rally My forces‚ leaders who have applied themselves to My Words today. Will you be one of My leaders? If so, great will be your reward—both great fulfillment and challenge in those days, as well as inestimable rewards in the world to come. (End of message from Jesus.)


116. This message says, "What matters is the fervency with which you prepare for the Endtime today." Is that really all that matters? In the book "Blood and Freedom" there are people like Alana who did nothing to prepare, but when the time came she was desperate and the Lord had to use her, and He spoke to her clearly. Of course, this story isn't gospel truth, but it does seem like there's some room for "eleventh-hour anointings."


117. Yes, I do have room for eleventh-hour anointings, both for those of you in the Family and for outside Christians. But My message here is to you in the Family. I will use My children of the churches in other ways, according to the preparation which they have put in. Those who looked upon church only as a ceremony, or as a time to receive a little spiritual nourishment which was not acted upon or shared with others, will have a difficult time of it. Those who read and studied My Word and diligently tried to draw nigh to Me, to the best of their ability, I will use in a greater way—although generally not as greatly as you, My dear ones, who have dedicated your lives to Me and given up everything to follow Me.

118. Note that the character spoken of in the book‚ Alana‚ was a disciple in her youth and had an upbringing in the Family in her early years. So she had a background of faith and a love for Me that I was able to use, and she did do miracles. But she also required constant shepherding and guidance from those who had remained in the Family and had grown accustomed to seeking Me and using the new weapons. There will indeed be some like Alana in the Last Days, but their successes will not only be built upon My power but upon your love‚ shepherding, guidance and help.

119. So this message is true‚ whatever your status. If you wish to do great things in the future, then you must begin now. (End of message from Jesus.)

(End of file.)