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Tribute to His Majesty, the Late King Hussein of Jordan, A

May 5, 2003

[GP Tract]

Kings, princes, presidents, heads of state and other dignitaries from around the world joined together to pay homage. Some shed tears and whispered prayers for a king, a father, a brother, a commander, an uncommon man who had the common touch. To them—and to his people—he was a friend, a mediator, a symbol of strength and stability in a turbulent world.

And while the world turns the page on King Hussein's life and directs its attention to other matters, it behooves us to pause and reflect on his contribution. How do you pay tribute to one whose life influenced the world in such a great way, a man who lived and fought for peace in the midst of the conflict and turmoil that surrounded him and his people?

Society pays tribute to its great men and women in a variety of ways. Monuments are constructed‚ institutions are founded, and days of commemoration are declared to keep alive the memory of those who have changed or influenced their nation or the world. All this is well and good. But if King Hussein himself were to choose his memorial, how might he want to be remembered?

Perhaps he would say that the best tribute to his life would be to live in moderation and simplicity, to build bridges where there is division, to strive for understanding where there is intolerance‚ to show compassion where there is suffering, to exercise patience where there is anger. Be ready to extend a helping hand to those who are in need, strive for justice, live righteously, work to make the world a better place for your family and your neighbors, reach out in love instead of hate. Have faith in God, and let His peace rule in your hearts.

If you are wondering how you might pay tribute to a man whose life shed a ray of hope for peace upon this Earth, why not make a pledge in your own heart to do your best to embrace the principles of peace for which he stood?

If you want to salute this great peacemaker of our times, you can do so by asking God to help you learn from King Hussein's example to us all. Start by saying a simple prayer. Just bow your head and say: "Dear God, show me how I can do my part to make the world a better place. Fill me with Your love and peace in my heart and help me to impart them to others. Make me a peacemaker, and teach me how to live according to the principles You taught, in love and good will toward all men. Amen."

That is all you have to do to get started. If you pray this prayer in all sincerity, God Himself will come to you. He will speak to your heart, and if you listen, He will show you how you can be a peacemaker, too.

Will you join in this tribute to a man who left a legacy of honor and peace for the world to follow? Pledging to love God and your neighbor is the greatest way in which you can honor a great man‚ friend and king who touched the world as profoundly as did King Hussein.