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Issues, Part 5

Karen Zerby

By MariaMaria #553 CM 3322 6/00

Have a life?


Witness—even when there's no fruit?

Throwing the baby out with the bath water?

Time of darkness

How much is enough?

Truth or theories?

Opinion? Or oracle?

Have a life?


1. Does everyone have a life in Heaven before they come to Earth, or in some cases are souls created just for the purpose of being born on Earth?


2. It's not possible to put Me into a box, because while I have certain standard ways of doing things, I can make exceptions. I am the all-powerful Son of God, after all!

3. For the most part, the spirits that go down to Earth to be born in human bodies are spirits which have been living in Heaven for some time. I am constantly creating new spirits through various means. There are methods of natural reproduction even in the Heavenly, spiritual sphere. It's not exactly like human reproduction on Earth, but it does come about through some form of sexual union between male and female.

4. I'm not limited to that method, as at times I create a new spirit, a new life, simply because I desire or need to do so. But for the most part, the system that I have set up runs itself and propagates itself, so that there are continually new spirits being formed and developed and prepared for their missions. Many are destined to eventually go to Earth in a body—though that is only for a season—and many are destined to remain in the Heavenly realm and serve Me here.

5. Some spirits have been "alive" in the spiritual realm since the beginning of time. Others have been around for what you would call thousands of years. Others are approximately as "old" as you, the young generation on Earth, are. There are multitudinous levels and "ages" of spirits here, many of whom have already lived a full life on Earth‚ and equally as many who either await their turn or are not destined for Earth. They all have very developed lives with­in this realm, and they all have a great understanding of and appreciation for one another.

6. Of course, there is a special affinity between those who have already lived lives on Earth, as they share something that those who have only been in the Heavenly realm do not fully understand. Those who know they will go to Earth at some time are very interested in being around those who have experienced it already, in order to gain as many tips as possible and as much insight as they can. For the most part, once they go down to Earth I make it so that they forget their previous life in Heaven—otherwise it would simply be too difficult to bear the separation.

7. There are times, though, when I purposely allow a flash of memory here or there, and they are able to reflect on some of the things they were told in prep­aration for their life on Earth. Sometimes these flashbacks to Heaven are not completely understood with their carnal mind. Nevertheless, the message gets through in varying degrees, and even those parts that are not fully understood with the carnal mind are understood in spirit, and this is a help and an aid to them while on Earth.

8. Most spirits that go down to Earth have at least a little bit of life in Heaven in preparation. They may be a baby or young child in Heaven when they choose or accept to be born on Earth, or they may be full–grown men or women. They are not necessarily all in what you would consider "human" form either. Most Heavenly beings have a form that resembles that of human life‚ but there is much variety, and spirit beings and ­angels can possess many different forms and appearances.

9. There are times when I create a soul and send them down to Earth completely "green"—having no experience or history even in the Heavenly realm. This is rare, though, as for the most part there are at least a few things I want them to learn and understand beforehand, in preparation for fulfilling their mission on Earth. But in all cases, I personally commune with them to give them what they need to be prepared for their life on Earth. (End of message from Jesus.)



10. Is there reincarnation? Does God "re­cycle" people's spirits and sometimes allow them to live more than one life on Earth?


11. Reincarnation is a fairly broad term and has been used to describe many belief systems and theories. Let's ­examine some of these more closely. There are the Oriental theories about spirits being reborn thousands of times‚ in a variety of ve­hicles—anything from humans to insects. This is not what happens in the spiri­tual realm. Heavenly "human" souls are destined to inhabit Earthly "human" bodies.

12. There is the fact that departed spirits are often assigned to guide or assist a living human—what you refer to as spirit helpers or spirit guides. These have the ability to inhabit your body to some extent, as your Father David described. They are able to show you the things they have seen and speak through your mouth. They are also able to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh and of the Earth to some degree—such as when you eat‚ drink, or have sex. This is a common experience, and many times when people have such an experience they think that they must have had a previous life, and that this is what causes them to feel that now they have two personalities, or a double life in a sense. This could be considered a form of reincarnation, but it is not actually the same spirit that lived on Earth inhabiting a new body. It is the spirit that once lived on Earth merging to some degree with another spirit that is now inhabiting a human body.

13. Then there is what you could call the one true form of reincarnation: when a spirit that has previously lived on Earth returns to Heaven at the time of their physical death, and then returns to Earth in a new body. This happens occasionally. I am able to do anything and everything, and there have been times when I have chosen to do this—either because it was necessary to fulfill My will or ­because the spirit who had gone to Earth pleaded to be sent again. In most cases where I allow this, it is because someone has not had a chance to fully live out their Earth life. Their life was cut short through illness, accident, murder, or abortion‚ and they desire to return to Earth in order to receive more earthly training through taking a direct hand in spreading My love and winning souls to Me.

14. There are times when spirits go down to Earth, knowing that they will return to Heaven as infants, having lived only a few days, weeks, or months. They go down aware of this‚ but when they return, their desire to experience the remainder of a human life is very strong, so I allow them this chance. I have a plan, but within My main plan there is a lot of room for the desires and preferences of individuals. Other times, those who depart from Earth as babies or children have completed their mission to spread love, tenderness‚ childlike faith and under­standing among their parents and relatives, and there is no need for them to return. They have done what they were designed to do, and although they are called Home to Heaven at an early age‚ it works out for the best. They are happy to be back in Heaven and can help those on Earth from this realm.

15. You may wonder about the verse that says, "It is appointed unto men once to die, and after this the judgment." Many have used this to support the claim that there is no room whatsoever for reincar­na­tion, or for the same spirit returning to Earth in a different body. Well, it is only appointed unto men once to die in the sense that this is My usual procedure, as well as in the sense that they are given one chance during their lifetime to accept Me and receive Me and get their ticket to Hea­ven that way. However, as I said before, I can make exceptions, and allowing someone who has already died another chance to live and die is one such exception.

16. If someone on Earth dies as an infant, in the spirit world they are immediately given a chance to accept Me‚ as they had no chance to do otherwise. Or in some cases, someone lived long enough to choose to accept Me and then died, and was given another chance to return to Earth. This chance is normally reserved for those who have only lived a short time on Earth, but again there are exceptions.

17. Basically anything is possible in My spiritual realm. There is much debate and there are many questions‚ and many minds are confused when trying to under­stand the operations of the spirit world. This is largely because there is much you cannot fully understand, and much of the time it's not really necessary for you to know one way or the other, or in some cases I am quite intent on keeping it from you for the time being. There are many things I require My children to take by faith. Oftentimes, I purposely do not ­answer every question, precisely as an exercise in faith—although in some cases, if My children want to personally ask Me further, I will answer them.

18. But there are issues, like this one, which I am happy to use to give you a glimpse into My workings and ways of operating, so that you can better understand Me. This greater understanding is in large part a gift to you, the children of David, because you have, as a whole, chosen to embrace Me as your intimate Husband. This makes Me want to share more with you and help you understand more of the truths of My Spirit. (End of message from Jesus.)

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19. When bodies die and spirits live on in Heaven‚ the Lord retrains them and allows them to go back to Earth as spirit beings, spirit helpers. In a way they're getting a second chance at life, through the earthly, physical person that they are helping, just like Abrahim was a part of me and was very close to me. Our spirits were almost one.

20. If someone lives a full life and the Lord brings them Home to Heaven‚ there's really no need for them to physically live another life on Earth—the Lord has bigger and better plans for them. He has a new life for them in the spirit world. If someone dies before their time and the Lord wants them to return to Earth, then He allows their spirit to come back by reviving their physical body, as is the case with those who have testified of having died and then come back to life again—life-after-death experiences. (End of mess­age from Dad.)

Witness—even when there's no fruit?


21. How important, in the Lord's eyes, is a witness that isn't going to have any results for years as compared to a witness where someone is saved right off the bat? For example, Peter witnessed to a psychotherapist he happened to meet who didn't seem very receptive. The Lord said the witness is not going to do much good now‚ but in the future he'll remember the Lord's Spirit that he felt in us. We're used to quick results in witnessing and quick salvations, so we don't usually spend time witnessing to people we don't think are receptive.


22. Whenever you witness you're bound to bear fruit eventually, even if your witness just planted a seed that will take years to bear fruit. It's still a very worthwhile witness and still very needed. If you didn't take the time to love that person, to talk to them, or give them a tract, then the seed would never be planted and that person might never have the opportunity to know Me on Earth. Some people take much longer to come to Me, much longer to grow desperate and know they need Me, but as long as that seed has been planted, then they have the chance to be saved. So it's important to plant the seeds, to give the witness, no matter how little the witness is, so that I can work in their life and nurture the seed and bring about My will in My time.

23. The very hungry sheep‚ those who are ripe and ready to hear My mess­age and will bear fruit much more quickly in terms of salvation and service, are ones to concentrate on—for these are the ones who are ready today. When you meet people who are obviously open and receptive and who I've told you to continue to witness to and follow up on, these are the main people that you should concentrate your time and effort on. It's not that the less receptive people don't need My message; everyone needs the Gospel. But the hungry sheep will receive it right now‚ and it's My will that they be fed right now so that I can give them salvation and My love.

24. Your witness to the receptive and hungry is more important because they feel My Spirit in you. They sense it; it's almost tangible to them. If you don't take the time to witness to them and show them My love, they'll be discouraged and lose hope. When it comes to your witnessing, everybody needs a chance to receive My message, both those who appear less receptive as well as those who are obviously hungry—all witnessing bears fruit. It's very important for you to witness to the hungry, broken and desperate sheep who are dying for a touch of My love and who sense that love in you. But you must remember, there are many facets to witnessing. The important thing is to get My direction and follow closely when I tell you who needs your witness. You owe My message to all men, and some you need to minister to and follow up on. Ask Me about each one‚ and I will clarify who is worthy of your time and attention. (End of message from Jesus.)

Throwing the baby out
 with the bath water?


25. I put a certain zeal and fire within the hearts of youth. This driving passion stirs you up, moves you forward, compels you to action! You can't just sit idly by and keep your mouth closed when something bothers you, or when you see something isn't right. I've put within the hearts of youth a desire for righteousness and fairness, and this is especially amplified in you, My Family young people, because of the great amount of Word and training you have received.

26. During the time of adolescence, the change from childhood to adulthood, so many emotions and attitudes are developing. Your thoughts and impressions of the world around you and of society at large are being formed. Sometimes there is so much to take in, it can almost be overwhelming! You feel a little confused, boggled, and some things that you always thought were right, or never thought much about at all, you are now starting to question.

27. You begin to analyze and observe more‚ and for some this only increases as time goes on‚ even once you enter adulthood. You become in­creasingly aware of your surroundings, of the behavior of others around you, of the trends and customs and mores and rules that are observed by different people or groups of people, and you take all this information in. You try to process it and figure out what to do with it. You have an innate desire to learn and absorb and observe, and you are constantly feeding your mind information and input. From that input you create a database that serves as a frame of reference.

28. Different people have different types and sizes of databases‚ depending on their personal experiences, their upbringing‚ the people and situations they have been around, etc. When you reach a certain point in life, usually somewhere during the teenage years, most people unconsciously conclude that their database is complete and that they can now use it as a sort of measuring rod to analyze and even judge happenings and people around them. To some extent this knowledge you have acquired does help with this, depending on how much you have in your database, which would include the amount of Word and godly input you have received. However, most of the time it takes a lifetime to really fill the database well. Even then‚ if you don't have My perspective and godly viewpoint on things‚ you can still be off.

29. People cannot be judged the same, for all are unique and complex and differ in many ways, depending on their personality, experiences and environment. You know how complex your life is—your mind, your heart‚ your emotions, your body, your experiences, your interpersonal relationships. Expand that billions of times, and you've got the world—every single life, every single family unit, every town, city, country, continent, all interlinked, all mixed together and interacting. How can you judge this complex world based only on your own simple little database?

30. On a smaller scale, imagine your life multiplied more than 10,000 times in the Family, spread around the globe in many different countries and Homes—another very complex situation. Yet somehow you, with your little database based on your experiences, tend to think that you are qualified to make conclusions about other Family members or situations, or about the Family as a whole. Do you realize how much potential there is for error or even very serious misjudgment?

31. I said in My Word, "Judge not, that ye be not judged." No person can fully judge righteous judgment without My help; but it is even more unlikely that you will reach the right conclusions with a very limited database. You might think, "Well, I haven't had many experiences, but I have read a lot of Word‚ so I think I have a pretty good idea of what's right and wrong." Yes, you probably do. But you often lack the wisdom and discernment to know how to apply the principles you have learned. Sometimes in your youthful zeal you are quick to label ­others or criticize them, and to some extent, you are often right in your criticism. It is likely that almost everyone around you is doing something wrong or is not doing or being all they should be. After all, they're humans like you, and when was the last time you could claim to be perfect?

32. It's so important to leave yourself open, and that goes for people of all ages and generations. It's so important to re­alize how much you still have to learn, and how much you don't understand. It's important that you realize that you don't necessarily know enough to judge or reach conclusions or form strong opinions or mindsets about situations—because there's more often than not so much to it that you don't see.

33. So many problems, so many conflicts, so much tension would be eased if only people were slower to jump to conclusions, if you were slower to formulate your opinions and pass judgment. With the passage of time you usually discover‚ little by little‚ how wrong you can be, how far off you can be, how much you can miss. I can warn you, and I can explain this concept to you, and I can prepare you for this lesson; yet most of the time, at least to some extent, this is something that must be learned by experience. But learn by experience you will‚ and in time you will see the truth of My Words. You will realize that you need Me and My guidance, and that you need the experience and the "databases" of others; that what you know‚ what you have seen, and your opinions and viewpoints, are only a small part of the big picture, albeit necess­ary in their own way.

34. It's natural for each person to think they're the center of the universe, that they have a special scope of understanding, or the inside scoop on things. Many people young and old in the world think—whether consciously or unconsciously—that they possess truths or knowledge that no one else does; that no one else really understands or knows about some things but them. For you, My children, this same temptation also exists, and sometimes it is even stronger. Sometimes you become confused and think that because of the input and training you've received from the Word, you, unlike the worldly know-it-alls, really do know it all! Well, in a way you could say that you have that potential. You could know it all if you came to Me and desperately and humbly sought My advice and answers. But in your own mind, with your own knowledge and limited experience, I guarantee that there's more you don't know than you do know.

35. It pays to walk in humility, to take the low seat, to present your opinions and complaints gently‚ and to hold on passing judgment until you know you've seen all sides—and that can take a long time. It's an important lesson, and one worth learning. The earlier you learn it, the more it will help you and the less trouble you'll have. Beware of jumping to conclusions without knowing all the facts. Beware of throwing the baby out with the bath water, thinking that if one thing's wrong, the whole thing must be wrong. Beware of labeling others because of one incident or rumor—or even several. Beware of criticizing your Home, shepherds, or the Family‚ just because there may be some things that need work or fixing. Try to contribute as a problem solver. Try to use that zeal and that passion I've given you to build up rather than tear down. Most of all, come to Me for the answers to your questions‚ rather than relying on your own mind or natural reasoning. That will never be enough. (End of message from Jesus.)



36. This next message was given for someone who was suffering from a long-term painful affliction and was struggling with her gift of prophecy, wondering if she was really getting things right from the Lord or if it was just her own mind. The battles seemed to be dragging on, and she was wondering if she was doing something wrong because things weren't letting up. I think the Lord's answer to her will be very encouraging for you as well.


37. We're growing closer to the time of darkness. The day is drawing nearer when confusion will come and the Earth will be in upheaval. You're experiencing frustration. Each day is a battle, and the battle doesn't cease but is constant. You battle affliction. You battle small discomforts, and they're constant. Even making it through the day and accomplishing the basics of your job and ministry for Me at times seem to be insurmountable mountains that have to be climbed. You try to be cheerful and you ask for prayer. You have breakthroughs‚ at least to the point where you can work and function, but after coming up for air you often sink into the deep waters again and are submerged.

38. You must obey My Words to be filled with My seeds. Even though you feel frustrated, even though you have difficulty hearing from Me, you must persevere. You mustn't yield to the feeling that it's no use, that you'll never learn. These are influences of the Enemy, thoughts from one who seeks to defeat you. He's telling you it's My fault, but I tell you he's fighting you with all that he has.

39. Don't give up! Keep fighting to hear from Me, especially in the little things. For if he wins the battle in your mind and heart, you're defeated. If you really want to hear from Me about everything, you will. You mustn't stop trying! Ask for prayer. Expose the Enemy. The darkness can't stand the light. Expose his works of darkness and let the light of My power drive it away. If you let the light in, the darkness will have to flee.

40. My love, I would not deny you what you need. I would not withhold My Words from you. You must realize that he who would defeat you fights our communications, especially at this time when he knows you're striving to draw closer to Me, to bond with My heart, so that My thoughts are your thoughts and My ways become your ways. So think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is trying you‚ but fight like the warrior that I've called you to be!

41. You don't see or understand these things because you're in the physical plane‚ but there's a mighty war raging in the spiritual. The hearts and souls of My children are at stake. Satan and his ­demons are not going to stop their onslaughts and go away just because you decide to surrender your all to Me and yield your will to Me. They'll push all the harder, for their fury is fierce. You don't need to fear, for you have Me and the forces of My army on your side. But as I said‚ don't think this fiery trial is as some strange thing that has happened to you.

42. My love, the war is raging and Satan is on the warpath! You must realize that you're a target he wants to hit. He's after you, as he's after each of My children. You're naïve in your heart in the ways of spiritual war. You trust Me to protect you. You trust in My Word. You believe in Me with all your heart. You believe in My Word. You take the weapon of My Word and wield it with faith, and when it doesn't immediately defeat the Enemy, you're surprised. You're buffeted. The Enemy comes in and tells you that your weapon is useless, and he drives you back, back, and further back. Then you find yourself pinned down under his sword and you scream out for help. You call on the forces of Heaven; you call for Me and I come. I never fail to come to rescue you and drive the Enemy away.

43. But you don't understand why this happens. The Enemy uses this to sow distrust in your heart against Me. This is not a conscious thing that you're aware of, but it's an avenue where he gets in. It's his desire to divide us.

44. So you must fight! You must re­alize that the spiritual attacks have intensi­fied and that you can't just fight and expect everything's going to be great right away. You must fight on, and keep fighting. The victory doesn't necessarily come overnight‚ but takes time to win. The battles will rage on, but the key is to fight.

45. That's why it's a day of the weak. You can't fight such battles in your own strength or you would surely perish. To even think of such things is a daunting prospect and can cause men's hearts to fail them. But your strength is in Me. You must simply believe that prayer, praise, and prophecy are the weapons. Never stop using them, never stop practicing with them, never stop "perfecting" them. For these seemingly "simple" weapons that don't appear to have any great power in the eyes of man have power that you know not of.

46. These are the weapons whereby you shall fulfill My Words—"greater things than these shall you do!" The weapons of this warfare are not carnal, but mighty through Me to the tearing down of strongholds, the spiritual strong­holds that the forces of evil have acquired through the ages, the stronghold of men's hearts. When you've captured a man's heart, you've captured a mighty force. That's why in the coming days it will be mighty warfare as the evil hearts of man wage war against My children. They will be mighty in number, but fear not, for evil will not triumph. In My mercy I will come to rescue My children and defeat the forces of darkness‚ and then we will rule and reign a thousand years.

47. So don't cease to use these weapons which the Enemy attempts to discourage you from using. For these very weapons will defeat him, and that's why he does all he can to stop you from using them. The more you feel you cannot hear My voice and your sucking is in vain, the more important it is that you keep fighting. Fight on, I say!

48. Fight on! Persevere! Know that the Enemy is the father of lies. The more you feel despair, the more you can be guaranteed that he knows his end is near, for My Word is his end. So come to Me. Pray, praise‚ read My Word. Cry out to Me to speak to you. Suck for My seeds, and I will pour forth My Words in abundance. I fill the hungry heart. You must believe My Word and act on what you know is the truth, even if everything around you points to the opposite. Your only true standard is My Word—not feelings, not anything but My Words. It's My Word that will see you through. (End of message from Jesus)



49. I don't have much education past the high school level, and I'm not very knowl­edge­able about world events and hap­pen­­ings. I think it would help me to have more knowledge, information and input about worldly things so that I wouldn't feel sort of inferior.


50. A reasonable amount of education and knowl­edge is good and necessary to function well in life. The standard that I've set for Family children in the Charter will serve you well, although you should keep on learning and growing throughout your life. Formal schooling may end with the basics, but education continues forever in one form or another!

51. If you've received an education in the basics, it will suffice for the rest of your life and will be your foundation for all that you'll need to be a productive person, to make a difference in the situations you find yourself in, and as the foundation for the many other things you'll learn. Along with this basic education I provide many opportunities along the way for you to learn and pick up other information and knowledge—things that you'll learn simply through the variety that I provide in your missionary lifestyle; things that others never have the opportunity to learn firsthand.

52. In some cases the desire for worldly knowledge is to fill a need—you require such in­form­ation for your ministry or for witnessing to others or to fill a gap in your education. In other cases, though, the desire for worldly knowledge is pride, and this is true whether you feel inferior or not. Some people don't feel inferior and don't have a problem along this line; they feel confident and talented and smart‚ and they want more education and more knowledge in order to prove how smart and talented they are. They have hopes of becoming someone in the eyes of the world, of doing something im­portant or great and making a name for themselves. They don't need to be smarter or more knowledgeable to do My will and even to do it with excellence. But for those who are motivated by their intellect and desire more worldly input, their pride hinders them from seeing My will.

53. But others don't feel gifted or talented, and in fact, they feel inferior. They feel that their lack of education and knowledge is a hindrance, and that if they could only be more knowledgeable about worldly things, they'd be a better person. In their feelings of inferiority, they think that being a worthwhile person, one who is important and who counts, means that you must know certain things and be well informed about the latest worldly knowledge. But this isn't true, and this is where their pride is manifested and hinders them.

54. There is a good and acceptable level of knowledge, a level of information that's necess­ary in order to not be ignorant of the world. But this is where a lot of people take it too far, especially those who feel inferior. Just because you feel inferior doesn't mean that you're not already a superior person. Just because you don't have as high an education or as much worldly information as the next guy doesn't mean you're not intelligent and informed.

55. One of the tricks of the Enemy is to try to make people feel so inferior and like the underdog of knowledge, so that he can sidetrack them into thinking that they need to get more and more knowledge‚ a higher education. The Enemy works through your pride and tells you that if you don't know more and aren't informed on all these subjects, that you're inferior, lesser than others, that you're not smart, and that not being smart isn't cool. It's really a device of the Enemy to get My children off the wall of their calling and future service for Me, the high anointing that I will give those who hold on.

56. I understand your feelings, My dear young people. You've often been home-schooled and have little experience with formal education, so when you see your peers in the System you compare yourself unfavorably. You see or imagine your weaknesses instead of your strengths. You imagine them as more knowledgeable than they are and yourselves as far less knowledgeable and intelligent than you are. This is not the case.

57. It is not formal schooling that makes the man or woman, nor schooling which enables them to make their mark on the world. What counts most is what is inside the man or woman. Many people who had little formal education or who did poorly in school have accom­plished great things. They overcame seeming handi­caps and were not concerned about what the world thought about them and whether or not they thought they were smart enough or informed enough. Most of all‚ those who knew Me and loved Me were motivated by their desire to fulfill My will in their life, My calling for them, and they went after it with a passion and made a difference.

58. You too can make a difference! You have the basics for doing great things, to perform the mission that I've called you to. More and more knowledge is not the key to success or happiness. There are a lot of people who have traveled that road and can testify that it's a dead-end road, and if anything, brought them more unhappi­ness than before. Granted, there are certain areas of information that I may lead you to study more thoroughly, according to your ministry. But even then, you must remember to keep your focus on Me rather than just the knowledge. I'm the One Who can really help you! A certain amount of man's knowledge is helpful, but if given too much importance, it can cause you to lean on yourself rather than Me, leading to self-confidence instead of faith and trust. The way to really know what to do and how to do it is to seek Me and be in tune with My Spirit.

59. In the Last Days‚ those who are wise in My Spirit‚ who know the ways of My Spirit and how My Spirit works, will be the sought-out ones. These will be the ones who the world will regard as wise, knowledgeable and smart. They'll look at you and wonder what you've got that they don't have, how you can know things that no one else knows. Those who've learned to exercise the gifts of My Spirit, who've been willing to follow Me closely and learn step by step to use prophecy, to move with the moves of My Spirit and obey My call, will be the truly intelligent ones. It will be obvious in the Last Days that you're superior, a superior intelligence, because I'll work through you to do the impossible.

60. But it takes these days of training and battles, of following by faith, of putting your trust in Me and My Word, in order to see the fulfillment of My promises. Those who've forsaken their crown to follow a path of higher education and worldly knowledge will be the inferior ones in those days. They'll be the ignor­ant ones when compared to you who have held on and been faithful to follow the moves of My Spirit and use the new weapons. You might feel inferior now in worldly knowledge, but this is not im­portant to your future usefulness to Me. What will count in the days to come is not how much knowledge of the world you have, but how well you know Me and your connection with Me.

61. Those who've stayed firmly connected to Me and have been willing to go into the Endtime battles with faith and trust are the ones that I will use mightily to do the impossible! I will work through you and My Spirit will anoint you with knowledge when you need it, with understanding when you need it, and you'll be able to do things that are impossible in your own flesh. If you're faithful to use your gift of prophecy and trust Me for the answers that I give‚ I'll be able to speak to you in those days and give you answers that the worldlings cannot receive. I will anoint and give My children super­natural revelations, formulas‚ solutions, and direction that is beyond the intelligence of man. I will outsmart all the education of man, and will use you, My yielded ones‚ to do so.

62. You haven't seen anything yet! And if you feel inferior now, don't worry. Just hold on and wait for your day of glory when the world will be shocked at how I will use My children! You'll solve world problems, mastermind forces in battle, advise commanders of armies, counsel leaders and kings. Yours will not be a little, insignificant ministry, but it will become a great worldwide ministry that many will seek after. You'll be sought after for your knowledge of Me, for your link and communication with Me. Leaders and important people will seek you out because they'll see the signs and wonders that I will do through you.

63. People will flock to you for help, answers and direction! Governments‚ companies, armies, heads of state—many will ask for your counsel and advice because they'll know that you have My anointing to hear from Me. They will not just know this by faith or by hearsay, but they'll see with their own eyes and hear with their own ears the signs and wonders that I will do through you. I will use you‚ My children, to do greater works, but it will take humility and faith to believe. Those who continue to have faith and hold on today and study the ways of My Spirit today will be the ones that I will be able to trust and use greatly in the days to come. (End of message from Jesus)



64. Why does it sometimes seem so much easier to believe or place stock in a news article, magazine or book than a message from Jesus or something in the Letters?


65. Often you'll read a message from Me, or a lesson or instruction in the words of David or Maria, and then read an article from someone in the System on that same topic—that's either published along with it‚ or that you come across elsewhere—and the latter impresses you more than the former. I'll help explain why this is and show you where the balance lies.

66. The reason that I lead you to articles written by those from outside that confirm what I've said is for the express purpose of providing a confirmation. It shows that someone else has discovered, through scientific or psychological or some other form of research, the same principles which I've shown you. Or sometimes someone in the Family, writing in their own words, will express the same principle that's been explained in a GN or prophecy‚ and it accomplishes the same purpose. It shows you that, "Wow, this person did that, and it worked!"

67. The ideal, of course, would be for you to have more implicit faith in My Word of prophecy, as My queen does; for you to take what I give—My instruction, admonition and guidance—and without hesitation believe that it's right, that it works, that it's truth.

68. It's not that most of you doubt the messages that I give. You've simply heard some of My messages and basic truths expressed so many times by David and Maria that you've lost the sense of how marvelous My ways are, and of how much truth you have. So when you see something similar presented in a slightly different light, from a different angle, then, even if it's only a portion of truth, a fraction of what you already know through My Word, it stirs you.

69. For those of you who have faith in My Word but still find yourself drawn to or very impressed with the words of man‚ I'll explain why this is: Sometimes you mistakenly think that the reason this stood out to you more was because it was explained better, because it was written by someone more educated than the channel who received a message from Me. The truth is, though, that because you're My children, My sheep‚ you're very spiritual and very deep. When you see that someone else has discovered something similar to what I've said and stated, you rejoice within the deep chambers of your heart, because it's proof of the faith you already have.

70. Others of you‚ unfortunately, lack the faith that you should have in My Word. You see it as something beautiful, poetic, or a nice ideal, but not as something practical. You haven't exercised your gift of prophecy enough to realize that it's a very practical‚ useful, everyday tool and supernatural and powerful weapon. Its power and brilliance has faded in your eyes because you haven't kept it polished and bright. Therefore some of you hold on to the truths you read in articles or books or publications by others outside My Family, who speak in their own words, and value them more highly than My pure Words.

71. This is because you're seeing these matters through earthly eyes, with your physical senses, and your spiritual eyes and senses have not been fully developed. These words of man‚ which I intend merely as a confirmation, then become the building blocks of your faith and belief, your ideology‚ your theology. You put too much emphasis on these things, forgetting that I am the One Who inspired those who spoke great words.

72. Yes, there have been and still are many anointed speakers‚ gifted writers, and sincere seekers‚ who have hit upon certain spiritual and practical truths that can be useful to you. But you must also realize that I am the source of all truth, of all knowledge, of all wisdom. All these things spring from Me and from My Heavenly Kingdom, and I am the one who gives knowledge and insight to man. I have given you great truth, knowledge and wisdom in My Word and in the words of David and Maria, as well as through My living Word of prophecy, through which you have access to Heavenly answers.

73. The writings of worldly men are as supple­ments, confirmations, or simply practical knowl­edge from the wise and educated to fill a need. Like your Father David would say, "Use it!" If you have a broken bone, get it set by a trained doctor. If you need some information about certain equipment or a certain part of the world where you're considering going‚ by all means look it up and avail yourself of the information that has been provided by those who have already researched it.

74. But when it comes to matters of the spirit—questions of doctrine, the mysterious or mystical‚ the revelatory, the prophetic, the Biblical‚ even the emotional and the psychological, you must beware of listening to or placing too much emphasis on the words of man. Even if they speak truth, the danger in drinking in too much is that then you begin to feel that you don't need Me or My Word. You begin to think, "There are others who have truth, who have wisdom, and theirs sometimes seems even more relatable and practical than the Lord's voice in prophecy." You begin to turn your heart and ears away from Me, and thus you start walking down a dangerous path, one that leads you far astray from the center of My will and My blessings.

75. The even greater danger is that when you begin looking more to System sources for your input, you'll come across those who give counsel that is either completely ungodly or not well balanced. Sometimes even the writer who has expressed a certain spiritual principle or worthwhile and useful tidbit very well, and who was inspired by Me in that instance, will write on another topic and express viewpoints that are not according to Mine, but that are filled with carnal reasoning and unsound judgment.

76. These who write and speak of topics of which they seem to know so much, really don't know anything more than what I choose to reveal to them. They're not complete or well rounded, nor are they always right on. Therefore it's very risky to place too much emphasis or put too much of your faith in any worldly man's writing, or even the writing of a Christian who is not as fully dedicated and yielded to Me as My Queen Maria and King Peter.

77. You can trust their channels and the words I give you through them, for they've been tried and proven by Me—their hearts, their lives‚ their spirits, their dedication, their love. They live and breathe for nothing else but to share My love and My Words with you and with the lost. They've made great personal sacrifices in order to give you My pure Words. Therefore you can be assured that they have no ulterior motives, no personal agenda, no little trips or tangents, and that they will not lead you astray.

78. It's not wrong to appreciate the confirma­tions or additions given to My Word through the writings of other Christians or even of worldly men‚ depending on the topic. But this input must be in moderation‚ and it must be taken as a supplement to My Words rather than a foundation to build your beliefs upon. For no foundation can any man lay except that which is already laid—on Me, the Cornerstone, the Rock of Ages. I possess all knowl­edge and all mysteries. I can reveal all things to you. There's nothing I don't know, nothing I can't fill you in on, educate you about, and even confirm in your own life, if you have the faith.

79. The words of man have little truth in com­parison to the truth I have given you. And when you do find truth and understanding among their words, it should not cause you to compare and to think of My Words as less needful. Instead‚ in comparing you should realize how blessed you are! These others have received insight from Me on this or that topic, but generally the reason they have so many details and so much knowledge about that one topic is because that's the only topic that they've seriously researched or put to the test‚ or the only topic I've revealed something to them about. Where­as you in the Family benefit from a wide variety of counsel and input on an endless number of topics. I often start off with the shorter versions, so that you can get a well-rounded diet and a balanced picture. Yet, if there's anything you seek to know more about or understand further, all you must do is ask. The answers are there for you. (End of mess­age from Jesus.)



80. There's a general trend in the world today toward "open-mindedness," with a multitude of opinions and a large quantity of information floating around—often facts mixed together with theories. Through ­movies, TV, the news media‚ the Internet, and even in your witnessing and ministering, this abundant input from all kinds of worldly sources seems to surround you sometimes. With so many available options, how do we know that the Word is the right opinion?


81. The Word is what I built this Family on. The Word of the Lord is what brought this whole revolution together! I was nothing. I didn't think I had what it took to be a great leader, teacher or prophet‚ and I didn't—I just followed the Lord! I gave His Word, come what may, and that was the foundation of this Family. And the foundation of the Family hasn't changed.

82. Our Family was built on the firm rock of the Word. We weren't built on the sand; otherwise when the winds and storms came, we would have fallen flat on our faces. This Family was built on the pure solid rock of the Word of God, and that's the only reason why we've made it thus far, why we've survived so many revolutions, so many persecutions, so many changes, so many time periods, fads and trends.

83. The Family is like a house that was built on the good foundation of the Word. Over the years we've replaced different things in the makeup of the house. We've changed procedures, we've changed the way we did things—like changing the windows, giving the house a new paint job, replacing tiles on the roof, or putting in new carpet. We've changed and moved with the Spirit of God, but we've never taken away the foundation of the Word, because that's what really keeps the whole house of the Family together.

84. The Word is the only sure factor in the world today. This Family is not based on anything else save the Word of God. I always preached that and lived that‚ and now Mama and Peter are preaching that and living it more than ever before. They're pumping out more Word than ever before, getting out the millions for the billions—Letters and wonderful counsel from Heaven about every topic under the sun.

85. How on earth can some of you think that you can do without the Word? Maybe you think that you know better or that you've become intelligent and smart by increasing your knowledge through avenues of the Enemy—worldly books, movies, TV, the Internet, etc. Some of you have let yourself become deluded into thinking that your opinion, or the opinion of some worldly author or celebrity, is just as good as the Lord's opinion and Word, or the words that He gave me and Mama. Let me tell you‚ opinions are one thing but the Word is another! Maybe it's because you haven't been around long enough to know that everything can change—the Family can change, the whole world can change—but the only thing that's going to last forever is the Word!

86. If you don't respect the Word, you'd better watch out! You're poking your finger directly in God's eye, and He won't stand for it. You're not just personally offending Mama and Peter when you doubt the Word or count it as simply another opinion and store it away in your memory banks and information files, but you're offending God! He's not going to stand for your indifference for very long. He'll stop talking to you if you won't listen.

87. His Word is not like a newspaper where you can pick and choose and decide to believe what you want and then throw the rest in the trash can! How can you hold the knowledge that you receive from books, movies, System magazines, Internet pages and other information sources of the System in higher regard than the Word of the Lord? Don't you think that's a pretty dangerous position to be in? Don't you see that this is a deadly attack of the Enemy on your soul? He's planting his evil seeds of indifference, "open-mindedness," and a wishy-washy, string-for-a–backbone type of lukewarm conviction.

88. Are you like a jellyfish that's going to get beat around by the waves and go with the flow, wherever the currents of this world lead you? Are you going to be as flabby and see-through as a jellyfish, with no real substance or purpose in life? Are you being duped by the knowledge of this world, and is it alienating you from the life-giving Words of the Lord? Or are you aboard our ship that is firmly anchored with the Word and will not be moved, even though the waves will no doubt beat upon it?

89. I'll tell you, if you're not fully on board the ship that is anchored with the Word, you'll not last long out there in the open sea of knowledge. There are sharks and other predators out there! You'll soon find yourself starving for lack of nourishment. Without the life, light, warmth and spirit of the Word, you'll soon start to slowly die and lose your usefulness to the Lord.

90. Folks, the Word is not just another opinion in the polls! You can't just take the Word and pick and choose what you believe and what you don't believe. The Lord gives us well–balanced meals, and if you're picking and choosing what you want to eat—throwing some away and supplementing it with junk food—you'll soon find that your hankering for junk food will grow and grow until you no longer desire the pure, fresh Word of God.

91. There are a lot of theories in the world today and a lot of information, but not all of it is true or good. The Enemy has designed this "information overload" to confuse people as to what's right and wrong, good or bad, truth or deception. Since the boundaries are no longer so clear to them, they become willing to take in a little bit of almost everything. One of his biggest devices is to cause people to become so open-minded that they begin to believe that there are no absolutes‚ no right or wrong. As rampant as this "anything goes" attitude is in the world today‚ it's no wonder it's also creeping into the ranks of our Family. But you should sit up and take notice and become aware of the Enemy's devices!

92. I'm not meaning to declare that you can never read other informative books or receive added information from other sources besides the Word. The danger comes when you start replacing the Word with worldly knowledge and turning to its wisdom and solutions, esteeming it above the Word.

93. Everything you read and everything you hear should be balanced and judged by the Word. You can research the Letters, or if there's nothing in the Word already about it, you can hear directly from Heaven. There's a lot of information in the world today, and that's the danger. It all looks so good and is presented so well, it's very enticing and appealing to the eyes, but some of it is just plain wrong or misleading, especially when it leads you away from the Lord and His Word. You have to be more aware than ever that the Enemy is out to destroy your faith in the Word.

94. If you're one of the ones who's been duped by the System's knowledge and has given it a higher place than the Lord's Word, then I'd strongly suggest that you have a fast from all System input for a while until you get fully rewired and plugged into the Source once again. Other­wise, if you're not honest with yourself and if you don't take this stand to keep your feet firmly fixed upon the only absolute in the world today, you're going to find yourself getting weaker and weaker, to the point where you won't even be able to tell right from wrong anymore. That's what's happened to millions of people all over the globe. They don't even know what's right and wrong‚ truth or fiction‚ real or unreal, good or evil—they're brainwashed by the System's indifference and lack of discernment and spiritual principles.

95. If you catch yourself looking to the word of the System above the Word of the Lord, you'd better sit up quick and pray desperately for the Lord to help you see things as He sees them. When you receive so much worldly input on a regular basis, your eyes can become blinded to the evidence of the spirit world and the beauties and answers that come from the halls of Heaven. You'll become alienated from the life of God if you don't watch out, because these other avenues of information slowly creep in and take the place of God's Word in your heart. It's never something that happens overnight; it's a gradual process, and if you don't put a stop to it, it will destroy your usefulness to the Lord.

96. Like I said, the foundation of this Family—and the foundation of any Christian, for that matter—should be the Word. If you don't hold on to the Word for dear life, you're going to find yourself slipping into the oblivion of little or no usefulness to the Lord. He wants to use you, each and every one of you‚ but He can only do so if you keep your mind stayed on Him and His Word, rather than forming your thoughts, conclusions, and philosophies based on the world's mass of information confusion.

97. If you want your tree to continue bearing fruit, then you'd better remain planted by the rivers of His water, rather than letting parts of your roots drink from the sewers of the System. You can test the waters here and there to see if they're good, but your measuring stick should always be the Word‚ the Word, the Word!

98. Okay, have I hammered this nail in long enough? Have I driven the point home? I think I've said all that needs to be said, but it's up to you what you do with this counsel and warning. You know your heart and you know whether you're drawing your conclusions from the Word or from other System ideologies. So I'm trusting that you'll all be honest with yourselves and make sure you're drinking in the pure waters; not the pollutants of Satan, or even that which may seem and taste good and pure, but is filled with chemicals that will eat you away from the inside out.

99. The Word is not just a source of information; it's the only thing that will keep you alive and filled with the truth of the Spirit! The Word is not just somebody's views or opinion; it's the truth of God, and to survive spiritually you'd better read it and live it! (End of message from Dad)