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Nothing Is Impossible!

Karen Zerby

By MariaMaria #548 CM/FM 3316 10/00

Dear loves,

1. I'm so excited with all the Lord has poured forth for this very special Feast Celebration 2001. As is evident from Peter's account of some of the recent progress that has been made since we entered the era of action, these are awesome days‚ and things will only get better. In spite of all the good news and the many advances of the Family overall, you personally might feel a bit weary with the battle. I understand. That's to be expected. If we're headed into our most fruitful time ever, then it stands to reason that the Enemy will fight. We've seen his attacks firsthand. He has tried to hit hard in our WS units with personal battles, dis­couragement, delays, afflictions, etc. I don't think there's a single person who has escaped this time of testing. But, there is a good reason for it! It's worth the fight‚ because the Lord has some magnificent rewards and victories in store for us, which we'll learn more about during these Feast days.

2. This GN contains a message that gives new insight about the impossible. It's challenging and vision-increasing. But before we get to that, I want to share with you some sweet balm of encouragement from our Husband, just in case you're feeling a little down or incapable or like you don't have much umph left in you for these intense battles. You'll see that those feelings of weakness that you're experiencing can open the door to a wonderful gift from the Lord.

Because You Can't—I Can!

3. (Jesus speaking:) My children, you feel so little, so puny, so incapable, so nothing and so un­worthy. These days right now when My Family is being tried and tested should be looked on as cherished times. I know this is difficult to understand at the moment, yet trust Me. These days will prove to be your most valuable asset as the future unfolds.

4. The era of action has begun, and I'm pos­itioning you, placing each of My brides in strategic positions around the globe. The battles rage in the spirit. The heat is rising and the fight is growing more intense than in times past. It's a battle royal! As I have told you on many occasions, these fighting days when I allow you and your loved ones to be tried and tested to the limits of both your strength and patience are not without a purpose.

5. It is precisely in times such as this that I teach you to walk by faith‚ not sight. You've heard this more than once, that the trying of your faith is more precious than gold, but during these days you will come to know faith as you have never known it before. The purpose of this time‚ these present days, is to help you grow to possess pure, white, unshakable faith—faith that will not be daunted; faith that will not flinch‚ nor tremble, nor waver, nor even consider the possibility of giving up; faith that doesn't consider the prospect of surrender.

6. In these days I wish to stretch your faith to limits which not only you have never experienced, but that no other humans who have ever lived have experienced! This is the destiny of the children of David of the Time of the End—to exercise greater faith than the world has ever seen. I want more than to enrich your faith; I want your faith to reach the outer limits! I want your faith to break all records, for it must, My loves.

7. This is the only type of faith that will over­­come the world. This is the faith that I have carefully, lovingly, and wisely cultivated in you, My chosen ones of the Time of the End. This is the same faith that My Father also cultivated in Me when I walked on Earth as a man. It took time. It took years of trial. It took years of purging‚ years of being faithful in little things, years of learning patience and humility, years of being tested over and over and over in all areas. But it was worth it—every minute of it. Believe Me, these tests are necessary, good, and very positive.

8. These are good times and good days, for through the tests I'm bringing you to the place of full faith—that place where you continue to try when you don't feel like trying; when you keep walking forward even though you feel like collapsing; when you refuse to quit even though you don't have an ounce of strength left in you; when you praise Me with your last breath. This is the place where each of you must be in order for Me to do the impossible through you in this new era of action. When you get to this state where you truly know and accept that without Me you can do nothing, then I am able to come in and take over, and this is when the imposs­ible becomes possible. Then there are no limits to what you can do, because it's not you, it's Me working through you, and all things are poss­ible for Me!

9. With man—that is‚ with your limited strength and ability—there are impossibilities, but when you fully realize your need for Me and you let Me take full control and work as only I can, then all is possible. When you reach the point of letting go of yourself, even though it's completely contrary to your natural mind, then I can bless you and reward you for that demonstration of trust in Me. Then‚ even though it seems hopeless and you feel weaker and slower and dumber than ever, you still believe that in spite of all that, I will come through for you. The more you reach the point of recognizing your own weakness, the more you know you need Me; and the more you know you need Me, the more you call out to Me and depend on Me. As your need and dependence on Me grows, so does My power within you grow‚ until you reach the point where My Spirit and power rests fully upon you. Then you truly become a new creature in Me‚ one who defies all the odds and can do the impossible!

10. Sit up and take note, My dear ones. Continue on in faith, believing. You can have the confidence that this is the state I want you to be in—feeling you can't do it‚ feeling in­capable, feeling too weak to continue. Now that you've acknowledged you feel so weak, so incapable‚ that you don't have it in you, that you know nothing, yet you call out to Me, this is when and where we make progress. This is My cue. This is when My Spirit can rest upon you. It's not until you get to this place that truly great things begin to happen. This is a great thing, because when My Spirit rests upon you, there are no impossibilities to you.

11. Yes, you can't do it. Be thankful you can't, for if you could, you would only be able to go so far. But because you can't, there's no limit to what you can do‚ because I will have to work through you. I will have to take over. There's no other option. I will have to come into you, possess you, work within you—and this is when things really start clicking. This is terrific! It's a wonderful place to be. I know that the thought of being weak and the feelings you experience when you're sorely tested go against the ­human grain—yet if you didn't experience these feelings, you would never come to know what it is to walk by faith alone and not by sight.

12. Only those who walk by faith alone will be able to continue on in the days of action. You've heard Me say this so many times. You've heard David say the familiar verse "Walk by faith and not by sight" over and over. Now you will come to fully realize what this means. So walk on solely by faith and faith alone. Praise Me and thank Me that this is all you can do! You can only walk by faith, but because of this, you receive the greater blessings and the greater rewards. Because of this, I can accomplish My greatest work in you and through you. (End of message from Jesus.)

13. (Mama:) It's always a little mind-boggling when the Lord explains so clearly how He gains such great strides of progress from our weakness. That concept is so contrary to our natural way of thinking. Man's nature is to want to be strong, and through that strength, to push forward. But in the message we just read, the Lord is telling us that when we're feeling weak, helpless, and we know we can't do anything, that's when miracles start to happen!

14. I want to draw your attention to a very important excerpt of the above message. Our Lover said: "I'm bringing you to the place of full faith—that place where you continue to try when you don't feel like trying; when you keep walking forward even though you feel like collapsing; when you refuse to quit even though you don't have an ounce of strength left in you; when you praise Me with your last breath. This is the place where each of you must be in order for Me to do the impossible through you in this new era of action. When you get to this state where you truly know and accept that without Me you can do nothing, then I am able to come in and take over, and this is when the imposs­ible becomes possible."

15. So if you've been feeling like He described—like you can hardly keep trying, like you're about to collapse, that you don't have an ounce of strength left—then that's just perfect‚ because that's right where you need to be! He doesn't want you to stay in that state; He's going to move you beyond that point because then you're sufficiently out of the way so that He can dwell within you to the point that there are no impossibilities for you!

16. This brings us to our next message, which sheds a lot of light on the impossible and what it means to us, the Children of David.

What Is "Impossible"?

17. (Jesus speaking:) I will tell you what impossible is. Impossible is the creed of fools. It's the invention of Satan—tailor-made for those who would believe his lies rather than standing on the power of My Word. It's the religion of those who cannot or will not put Me to the test.

18. Impossible is for quitters. Impossible pollutes minds, breaks hearts‚ and destroys bodies. Impossible creates ill health; it promotes sickness and causes disease to fester. Imposs­ible is the way of cowards, the excuse of the defeated. "It can't be done‚" "no way," "it's imposs­ible"—this is the faith of the living dead, the philosophy of fools, the chant of the simpleton, the motto of the moron. The logic of "it's impossible" is deadly, for it leads to darkness and ends in death and destruction.

19. Impossible is an impostor—created by the father of lies. Its purpose is to imprison. Impossible is an insult to your intelligence, a threat to your knowledge, a menace to your soul. Impossible opposes all that is truth and sound and right. Wrapped up in this single word "impossible," such a seemingly innocent and natural conclusion, lies a deadly poison. Impossible is the scourge of mankind; it enslaves and traps and binds. There is no freedom for those who endorse the impossible. There is no power, no light, no life, no liberty. Impossible is a downward spiral—once you are trapped in its grip‚ you go down, down‚ down.

20. Impossible opposes the truth of God. It comes from the depths of Hell. Impossible has no place in Heaven; its reasoning does not exist in the Heavenly realm.

The History of "Impossible"

21. Long, long ago, Lucifer stood at the right hand of God. He bore the light. He was not the light, but he held the light on high for all the inhabitants of the universe to see. He was the standard bearer, the mightiest of all archangels, and he exercised some of the power of Almighty God Himself in helping to rule the universe. Then pride took its grip. Though he held such a high and honored position, Lucifer was no longer satisfied with bearing the light of God—he wanted to be God Himself.

22. Infested with pride‚ he refused to listen to God. He refused to listen to the other angelic forces and to the Heavenly inhabitants. He refused any and all help to see the right. Because he refused to admit he was wrong and say he was sorry, because he chose to hold on to his pride‚ strong delusion set in. Refusing to humble himself before a powerful and awesome God, his own loving, patient, and under­standing ­Father, Lucifer fell. He altered the course of his own des­tiny. He didn't have to fall; he chose to fall. He chose his own course, all because of his lust for power and his proud refusal to choose the humble way.

23. This is when insanity took tight hold on Lucifer. This is when of his own choosing he was transformed from Lucifer, the bearer of light, to Satan, the Devil, the father of lies. This is when the long trek began. From the moment of that decision, he set out on his hostile mission. From that time on, he set out to live at enmity with God, His creation‚ and His children.

24. When Satan fell, he tried to persuade others of the angels to go with him. Those who accepted his lies became poisoned, drawn away by their own desires. Therefore pride took hold and they were overcome. Hence, Satan and his band of dark angels began to roam the Earth. It wasn't long before they realized if they were to win others to their side, they would have to come up with a plan, a scheme of some sort‚ something that would convince others to join them rather than continue being loyal and dedicated to the loving and just ways of the Heavenly ­Father. Having declared his own independ­ence from righteous rule, Satan went into business for himself. His goal was to win as many others over to his side as he could. His purpose was to spread his own insanity and delusion to others; to prove that you could live without God, that you could in fact be God.

25. This is how Satan's plan came into being. That is when he began laying the foundation for his counterfeit kingdom; that is when the plan of his great deception began. Sadly, the precepts of his plan thrive in the world today. They touch every corner of the world. His phil­osophy is booming throughout society at large.

26. I want to speak to you further about one aspect of Satan's great scheme: One of the ­basic blocks of his plan lies in this hideous word "im­possible." This is the treacherous creed of the ignorant. "Impossible" is the doctrine of those who look only at the things that are seen, not the things which are unseen. Those who are void of My understanding fall prey to this ugly monster.

27. Impossible is more than a word; it's a state of mind‚ an attitude. If you don't nip it in the bud, but instead you feed and cultivate it, it will become an integral part of you, until there is no remedy. Its hold can be seductive‚ for when you yield to it, then no action or effort is required; no overcoming is necessary, for "it's impossible." This attitude leads not to victory but to defeat. Those who let it take hold will soon find that if they can be defeated in one area‚ they will be defeated in another, and yet another, and another‚ and another.

28. Impossible is a vicious cycle. It's the modus operandi for the loser. It thrives in the hearts of those who are heedless of its dangers; it breaks down noble aspirations, shoots down high goals, and shatters dreams. Imposs­ible is a thief in the night, robbing you of courage, zapping you of bravery, while all the while it stands mocking, cackling in laughter when you falter and give way to its erroneous ways. Impossible, in short, renders one useless, as it leaves its prey a laughingstock in the eyes of the impish pests that spread its woes.

Don't Fall Into

The "Impossible" Trap

29. Do you wonder why I'm giving you this recap of history and this background, some of which you already know? It's because it's imperative that you understand the seriousness of the "it's impossible" trap in relation to the era of action.

30. The days of ignorance are past. You are no longer on a playground, or even working out in a minor training ring, but you have now moved into the big-time arena of life and death. Your Enemy is playing for keeps. I'll tell you why I'm talking to you in depth about the "impossible." It's because right now, as you move forward in the era of action, each of you must continually be on strict guard against this fraud. You must be very militant, constantly on watch against falling victim to this hideous impostor. This is impera­tive if you are going to fulfill your role in this new era.

31. I understand the frame of man and I have mercy. Many times throughout the ages, My people, in a weak moment, have given in to settling down in the "impossible—it can't be done" state. My Own disciples, both in times past and present, have fallen to this malicious myth time and again. I have been understanding of this, for I know that the human frame is fallible. However‚ in this new era things are destined to be different for you.

32. I have chosen each of you. You are handpicked by Me‚ and I now call you to rise above that which threatens to hold you back. Those of you who have made the choice to follow, I ordain to lead My people in these Last Days. I have given you a new anointing, and now as you take the steps to walk in it, I wish to increase your faith so that you may stand as a testimony to the world that all things are poss­ible with Me. This is why I speak to you at this time about the "impossible" trap, for to be forewarned is to be forearmed. Take note.

33. Never before has the world seen a time like now. Never before has it been so imperative that My called-out ones guard themselves from falling into this pit. Never before has it been so urgent to rise above the impossible. You must not waver, nor give way, nor fall into this trap of Satan. Stick close to Me; I will show you how to steer clear of this hazardous device.

34. Listen clearly now. Watch, pray, beware‚ be alert, be awake, be on guard, lest you fall prey to the "it's impossible" modus operandi, for this frame of mind challenges the very might and power of God! The "it's impossible" mindset wishes to defy the very truth of God! You have heard My promise for many years that "all things are possible to him that believeth." I call you now to stand on this promise—to live it, to put Me to the test! There are no impossibilities to you, My children! Believe it! Live it! Do the impossible!

35. Right now, at this very moment‚ Heaven is bursting with energy—waiting to release great surges of power upon you, the kind of power that makes the impossible possible. ­Satan and his kind know that if they can get you to swallow this sad tale, that if the "it's imposs­ible" mindset can prevail in even one area of your lives, then they know you will be defeated before you ever have a chance to do the greater works which are your destiny. Satan would love nothing more than to get you to surrender the destiny that is rightfully yours—just as he surrendered his own great destiny because of the pride he was unwilling to forsake.

36. This is why Satan and his band are con­stantly pulling out and springing on you their carnal reasoning—all those seemingly sound and logical excuses that they throw in your face, crying, "That's impossible," or, "Oh no, not that. This we can do, but that's impossible," or, "Yes, that would be nice, if only … but I'm afraid that's impossible." They hit hard. They're quick and crafty as they conjure up a great number of excuses for "why it can't be done." You must reject these inclinations! Call their bluff! Defy them! For I tell you, all things are possible if you believe!

37. This "it's impossible" mode of operation is a myth! It defies My truth! All things are possible to you, because all things are possible with Me! I cannot lie, I cannot fail‚ I cannot be stopped! Do you understand? There are no alps to you, if you will avail yourselves of My power and help; if you'll take the step to do your part by trusting Me. There are no im­possibilities. Nothing is too difficult. Nothing is in­conceivable to you, My children, if you will only believe. And believe you must‚ for this is the destiny I have chosen for you—to prove the might and power of the Almighty God of the universe in these Last Days!

Loose the Gift of Faith

That Is Within You

38. I have helped you through the years to cultivate your faith, and right now, in this era of action, I am calling you to exercise your faith in full. Now is the time when your faith will come to full fruition. This is why all the prophets have looked forward to this day, for they know that down through the ages there has never been such a demonstration of full and complete faith as you are destined to demonstrate in the era of action!

39. The era of action has begun; there is no disputing this fact. I have given you a ­vision, along with which I am unfolding the plan of how to bring this vision into focus. In order to do this, right now, starting today‚ I wish for you to let loose‚ unleash the full potential of faith that I have put within you! You must let your faith burn free—for this is the only way you will be able to complete the mission I ask of you now.

40. To the carnal mind the task before you would seem like a "mission impossible," but I tell you again, there are no impossibilities to you. This is the day of action. You must not say, "But I don't have the faith," for I have put the faith within each of you; it comes with the anointing I've given you. It's your destiny. I've equipped you with unwavering faith. It's within you. You don't have to worry. You don't have to try to work it up. All you must do is receive it, act on it, believe it‚ and loose the gift of faith that is within you!

41. On this day, as you gather in praise and thanksgiving, as you celebrate this Feast 2001, kneel before Me in prayer and in humility. Where I guide, I always provide—therefore come before Me and allow Me to increase the faith within you. As I have given you My anointing, I also give you a gift of greater faith; all you must do is awaken it. Loose the gift of faith that I give! Let it be stirred up. Put it to use, exercise it! Your job is to take care of this faith, feed your faith, hone this gift, hold on to it for dear life, and don't let go!

42. As you step out to take action in this new era, all things will be possible to you. My Spirit in you cannot fail as long as you look to Me‚ stay focused on the vision I give, and don't give up. As long as you do your part by having a believing and yielding heart, all that I ask of you is possible. All you need to fulfill the vision I have given‚ all that I have promised to you in these Last Days—it's all possible. There are no impossible missions for you, My children; there are only great possibilities!

43. When does the impossible become poss­ible for you?—Right now, today! As you step out and put feet to the faith I have put within you, there will be no impossibilities to you! Impossible does not exist to you! You who trust in Me and lean on Me have no place for the imposs­ible in your hearts‚ because you belong to Me.

Three Safeguards

44. Now that you've been forewarned of this deception of the "impossible" devised by ­Satan, I ask you to forearm yourselves. Here is how you can guard yourselves against its contagion:

1) Assiduously* guard yourselves against this pitfall by feeding your faith. You have known this sound spiritual principle for a long time, yet now there is no excuse. If you don't consistently feed your faith, you'll soon drop out of the running—and that by your own doing, because of your own neglect. You must live in the Word, both by taking time to read the written Word and also by asking Me everything, listening to My living voice of prophecy, and waiting for My approval in all you do. Continue to move forward in the "Ask Me Everything" mode of operation, for this is your greatest protection. *[diligently; unceasingly; persist­ently]

2) Stay focused on Me at all times, ignoring sur­rounding circumstances that oppose what I tell you to do. You know the story of the day Peter walked on the water. When he first answered My call to him, as he stepped out on the water, he did fine until he took his eyes off Me. It wasn't only that he looked down and saw the billowing waves, but he allowed himself to become distracted by the boisterous wind. He paid so much attention to the wind that he began looking too much at the surrounding circum­stances, which were running contrary to what I was telling him. He switched his attention too much to that boisterous empty wind, to where he became frightened and started to sink.

Peter lost his main focus on Me, and when this happened, he lost his faith—he was unable to see through the empty wind in that moment. He couldn't call the Devil's bluff because he turned his attention too much to the surrounding circumstances rather than staying focused and attuned to My sure voice which was calling him to come.

I will say, however, considering this was one of Peter's earlier attempts at allowing his faith to be stretched, he did well. Seeing that he did begin to waver, in that moment Peter did the right thing—he didn't want to stay down‚ so he immediately called out to Me. He cried for help and I was able to help him. Though he sank at the sight of that which he considered impossible‚ he discovered that in calling out to Me I helped him nonetheless, and the im­possible became possible. Peter learned an important lesson that day. He learned the value of staying focused, of not being distracted by the falsities of surrounding circumstances. Peter learned that My Word is stronger than surrounding circumstances, and in the end it's the only thing that will stand.

3) Use your faith; put it to use every day. In Peter's case, this famous account of one of his first tests of faith was understandable—he had to fall so that he could learn and grow in deeper faith. But you, My children, who have already been exercised in matters of faith, must now learn to stretch your faith farther and farther if you don't want to be caught in one of the Devil's traps in these Last Days. You can do this by exercising your faith more. Put it into play often. Demonstrate it daily to those around you and to the world. Refuse to give in to impossibilities.

Now is the time when you must begin stepping out and exercising your gift of faith to a greater degree by putting it into action, by going to work on the plan of this new era! Step out and prove there are no impossibilities to a man or woman who depends on the power of God! Stretch your faith to greater measures. Take greater leaps of faith every day and defy any and all impossibilities that get in your way.

I've given you the "Ask Me Everything" plan to "watch, pray‚ listen and receive." You're moving along on this, learning to make this a part of your everyday lives. Now I ask you to amplify this vision—I ask that you "watch, pray, listen, receive‚ and do!" "Watch, pray, listen, receive, and take action!"

Take action like never before! This is the goal for 2001! Let it be the year of action!—The year your faith is boosted!—The year I multiply your gift of faith!—The year of stretching your faith, of exercising it in greater ways than you ever have before!

45. There you have the three safeguards against falling into the pit of the impossible:

  1. Live in My Word.
  2. Stay focused on Me and the job I have given you.
  3. Use your faith, stretch your faith, work your faith; put your faith to use by putting it into action, by stretching it, by taking action. Go to work proving there are no impossibili­ties to the man or woman filled with My Spirit who acts in faith, believing My ­promises.

46. Prove the Devil wrong each time he comes around to hassle you‚ by turning right around and doing the impossible! Defy him by showing him your faith! This is how I'm going to be able to make you a mighty force in the days to come. This is why the whole world will hear about you. This is how you're going to establish My Kingdom on Earth‚ for you will not only speak the living Word, you will have the living Word running through your veins. You will be the living proof that the impossible is possible with Me, because you will manifest your faith by your actions!

47. To mankind this is a great mystery, how the impossible becomes possible. Yet to those of the Heavenly realm, it is their very nature—there are no impossibilities to the residents of Heaven. They would not even think it! Now it must become your nature also. All things are possible with God, therefore with Me in you, all things are possible to you! Now, as you put these three steps into motion, as you exercise your faith to the full, let this be your protection against falling into the "impossible" pit.

48. In this era, I will work through you to prove to the world that all things are possible to you, because you believe in Me! You are destined to be My living proof. Therefore, I ask you today, loose the gift of full faith I have put within you. Enough of reservation, of doubt, and of holding back! Hold on to Me alone and let the full faith flow!

49. You are to be My showcase to the world, the ones I have chosen to work through to perform the greater works of the Endtime. I give you this assurance: The "impossible" is nothing but a myth. Therefore take heed to this admonition: Stand strong in My power and face down the "impossible"!

50. As the Red Sea was parted for Moses according to My Word; as Sarah gave birth when it was past her time; as the walls of Jericho came down at Joshua's signal; as Elijah was carried into the Heavens; as Samson received supernatural strength; as My Own earthly mother, Mary, conceived before ever knowing a man and brought Me into the world; as Lazarus was raised from the dead; so all things will be made possible to you. Just as each of My prophets and handmaidens of old held on to their faith and believed‚ your faith also will not fail as long as you stay focused on Me. It is not your doing; it is Mine. This full faith is a gift from Me. Your responsibility is to use it wisely, feed it, cultivate it, and exercise it.

51. Keep putting Me to the test. Keep exercising your faith. Start today with all the things that arise in your daily lives. Stretch your faith more and more each day, and don't turn back. Defy the impossible, for this is the destiny I have chosen for you! (End of message from Jesus.)

52. (Mama:) What an awesome, inspiring challenge! This certainly deserves to be read again and again, to be studied until we have grasped the full message. There are so many important jewels and promises in this message that I ask that you please take the time necessary to absorb it and revel in its beauty. The Lord wants to give each of us a precious gift—the ability to exercise full faith such as has not been seen in any of His other children. It's a monumental responsibility, a sobering calling, but also a very special privilege.

53. I know you won't let Him down, but you will rise to this occasion with great enthusiasm and take hold of His promises. Then, as we follow our wonderful Husband with full faith‚ we will be able to accomplish the great miracles that we are destined to perform in the era of action.

54. Thank you, sweet loves, for staying faithful unto the End. You won't be disappointed, and neither will the world we're trying to reach, as they will look upon you and marvel at the power, light and love of our Heavenly King, Savior and Lover! It will be worth it all. Let's hang on and stay full of the power of full faith until He calls us Home. I love you!

Always, with love and affection in our Husband,