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How to Love Me More, Part 3

Karen Zerby

Answers from our Lover concerning
the Loving Jesus revelation

By Maria

Maria #526 CM 3284 12/99

For age 16 and up

Why is it sometimes easier to love Jesus with a new partner?

1. Q: I find it easier to initiate loving Jesus with someone that I either haven't had a date with before, or who I won't be having regular dates with. Why is that? It seems that it would be easier for me to be comfortable with my regular date partners or someone I'm close to. It probably is like that for some people, but I seem to struggle more with it.

2. (Jesus speaking:) The Enemy actively fights all those who love Me intimately. He doesn't want us to spend that special time together, and he'll do anything to hinder you from getting around to it. He especially fights your loving Me with others, be­cause of the great sample and testimony that it is to each other when you include Me in your love­making.

3. The Enemy fights everyone loving Me intimately in different ways. For some it's easier to love Me with a partner, but very humbling to love Me in private; others feel the opposite.

4. One reason it can be easier to love Me with someone who you haven't had dates with or who you don't know very well is because you're starting from a clean slate. You don't have a lot of "history" between the two of you‚ and you may not worry as much about what they'll think if you start to love Me. It's easier to start off in­cluding Me in your dates from the very beginning with a person, so you have more conviction to do it the first time. It gets harder ­every time you put it off.

5. It can be difficult for you to include Me in your times of lovemaking with a regular sharing partner, your mate‚ or lover, if you're used to sharing without including Me. If you didn't im­mediately put the Loving Jesus revelation into practice when it first came out, then the longer you wait, the more difficult it can be to bring up the subject. You know each other well, and pride and fear of man get in the way.

6. The Enemy often attacks those who know each other well in this way by getting them to worry or fear what their mate or sharing partner is going to think about them if they start loving Me intimately. Will they think that you've all of a sudden turned spiritual on them? Are you trying to put yourself above them? What if they don't want to or aren't into it? Are you going to lose their friendship, their love? There are all sorts of questions and doubts that the Enemy can throw at you, and sadly, some have been hindered by these fears, and it has kept them from stepping out and receiving My blessings in this area.

7. If you, as a married couple, sharing partners or lovers are not spending time with Me together, drinking in the New Wine and putting it into practice, or having honest communication and sharing your hearts, then this too will hinder you from being able to comfortably love Me together. Loving Me takes humility. If you're not used to manifesting some kind of humility together in your relationship, baring your heart before each other, then it's going to be pretty difficult to love Me. It's not impossible; it's just going to take more effort.

8. You have to ask Me to help you to over­come the familiarity that can set in, either in your marriage or in any relationship that's been going on for some time. The Enemy loves to cultivate familiarity‚ because that leads to stagnation and a lack of spiritual progress. When people are fam­iliar with each other, they're less likely to pull each other up, to correct each other‚ or to help move each other forward in living the New Wine and putting it into practice, like loving Me, for example.

9. If you do battle familiarity, then you need to make an even greater effort to pull out of it and to not let it hinder you or your partner spiritually. Talk about it together and explain your desire to make progress, to live the New Wine more fully, and to love Me intimately. By sharing your heart and desire, you give your partner the opportunity to also make a change in his or her life, and consequently open the door to growing together.

10. Those who have overcome their pride and have committed to loving Me as a team‚ or with their sharing partners and lovers, find that loving Me together is a natural "marriage improver" that I have designed. If you love Me together, you'll both be more humble. That in turn will give you greater honesty and communication. You'll then be more understanding of each other, and consequently more forgiving. You'll be more thankful and appreciative of each other, which will breed more love.

11. We are marriage partners too, and the closer you and your mate or your lover draw to Me by loving Me intimately, then the closer you draw to each other as well. Drawing closer to your mate or lover is a gradual change and does not happen overnight, but the change in your hearts can happen overnight—instantly, in fact! As you do what I have asked of you, you will receive the rewards I have promised you.

12. So despite whatever attacks the Enemy throws at you, no matter what angle he tries to beset you from, don't let it move you! Don't let it hinder you from making progress. Don't let the Devil stand in the way of your getting the blessings that I've promised to give when you love Me. Make a stand and rebuke familiarity, pride, and all the other things that are holding you back. Talk with those close to you—your ­lovers‚ mates and sharing partners—and make a fresh commitment to include Me in all your intimate times. I'll more than reward you for it, and you'll begin to feel the blessings in both spiritual and physical ways. (End of message from Jesus.)

13. (Mama:) The Lord really understands the battles with familiarity that we face‚ doesn't He? This applies not only to Loving Jesus but to many aspects of our lives where familiarity and fear of the opinions of man holds us back from changing and stepping out. It's a battle that many of us have to fight every day.

14. Speaking about Loving Jesus specifically, you just have to launch out and make the decision to love Jesus intimately with your mate or sharing partner. Once you communi­cate with them about it and make a commitment to include the Lord in your times of lovemaking regularly, with time the awkwardness will lessen. It will become more natural to say loving words to the Lord and to your partner. After a while the "new you" will replace the "old you," and you'll benefit from the increased love and admiration of your partner. Then you just have to keep it up!

Communication about
Loving Jesus on your dates

15. Q: I have regular dates with a few men. Sometimes we include the Lord, sometimes we don't. I feel that we should include the Lord more and that it would make our times together more inspiring and fulfilling, but I find it difficult to bring up the subject. I'm not sure if my partners want to love Jesus in this intimate way or not. Or maybe they're just shy and are waiting for me to love Jesus before they'll join in.

16. (Jesus speaking:) My love, thank you for wanting to include Me as much as possible. Thank you for desiring to love Me. As you do‚ it will bring not only you, but also your date partner, ever more fulfillment and satisfaction. I will fill you to overflowing with My precious seeds. It will be so beautiful.

17. The best thing to do is to talk to your date partners about it. You just have to openly, honestly and lovingly talk together about it. Ask them how they feel. Ask them if they find your dates spiritually ful­filling or not as inspiring as they would like. Ask them what changes they would like to make. Be honest and communicate with each other so that I can meet your needs and make this time more fulfilling.

18. I would be with you in all your dates, loving you intimately as you love others and Me intimately‚ but you can ask your date partner how much he or she would like to include Me and what they feel comfortable with. You don't have to love Me in the same way or with the same intensity on every date or with each of your sharing partners, but you can always do something to include Me. Discuss it with your partner and pray with him or her, and come to an agreement.

19. Then you can pray about the ways you will include Me‚ whether it will be acknowledging Me before you begin, loving Me intimately throughout the date‚ or even receiving a sexy prophecy or script ex­pressing your love words to Me, and My words of love and desire in return, which you can read together. There are many ways you can express your love for Me, with varying levels of intimacy and passion. I love the love we share‚ however it is manifested.

20. You'll be pleasantly surprised, My love, at how thankful and appreciative they are for their dates with you. You'll also be pleasantly surprised at how willing they'll be to do their part to include Me in the lovemaking, loving Me intimately at the same time they love you. It's just a matter of taking the step and helping each other to be freer in My Spirit.

21. Your date partner might not say a lot during his dates if he's shy, but you can ask him if he'd like you to say more, and if he'd enjoy it if you said more loving words to Me. Just be honest with him as to why you haven't loved Me more vocally, out of concern for his feelings and not wanting to make him feel bad. It will draw you so much closer to your precious dates, these you've given a lot to and who you've tried your best to faithfully love. I will enhance your dates even more‚ so that you'll find a greater and more wonderful satisfaction in My Spirit. (End of message from Jesus.)

22. (Mama:) This is a very common battle. That's because it can be difficult to openly and honestly communicate about your times of Loving Jesus with your date partner. You must have genuine humility to initiate such a conversation, but as the Lord brings out, it's so important. It's really the only way to find out what your partner is thinking and feeling. Just think‚ both of you might be feeling the Lord's tug on your hearts to love Him in a more intimate way during your dates, but if nobody speaks up about it, you'll miss the wonderful blessing of loving Him together.

23. Another important reason why com­mu­ni­­cation is so necessary is because it lifts a standard against the Enemy's devices. As long as you're assuming what the other person is feel­ing or figuring they don't want to love the Lord, or that they don't appreciate your efforts to love Jesus intimately, then the Enemy has a way to get in and discourage you. When you com­municate and ask your partner how he or she feels, then you know the truth, and the ­Enemy can't lie to you anymore. The Lord also promised that He would bless your dates and make them more fulfilling as you communicate and bring Him into your lovemaking.

24. I know it's humbling. It's very difficult for all of us to bring up such topics, but it's something that we just have to do. As you'll remember, Dad talked about the need for intimate honesty repeatedly in the Letters. Here are a few which you might find helpful to review if you battle along these lines:

• "The Magic Green Shirt‚" ML #629, Vol.5.

• "Sexual Honesty," ML #1339, Vol.14.

• "Sex and Honesty," ML #1922, Vol.16.

Love words being misunderstood by your date partner

25. Q: Sometimes when I'm having a date and am saying love words to the Lord, I feel that the person I'm with might misunderstand my love words to Jesus, figuring that I have more feelings for them than I really do. There's just something about saying those words out loud, even if they're addressed to the Lord, that might make your partner assume that they're partially directed to them.

26. Should that be a consideration when having a Loving Jesus date with someone—that maybe the partner might read something into it and feel that the other person likes them more than they do, or is in love with them? Is it too much to say those words and to have that loving time with Jesus if it's going to make the other person feel that there's more to the date than there really is, leaving one person having to contend with their date partner's feelings after­wards?

27. (Jesus speaking: ) I understand how this kind of situation can come up. The words that you say to Me are words of real love, caring and adoration. Words have meaning and they're powerful, so when you say those words, it's not surprising that the other person feels their impact; they feel loved and cared for. Even though they know those words are being said to Me, they still feel the power of those words and they like to hear those words because they bring love and ­encouragement.

28. It's understandable that someone could feel that those words were at least in part directed to them, and it could stir feelings within their heart. Hopefully it will stir emotions and feelings for Me, but as there is a partner there, it's understandable that some of the feelings would be directed toward the partner too.

29. Yes, there could be some mis­under­stand­ings. There could be stronger feelings of love from one partner than from the other. But this shouldn't stop anyone from saying love words to Me while they're together.

30. To refrain from saying loving words to Me simply because one might interpret those words to mean that the other has strong feelings for them wouldn't be enough of a reason to not say love words to Me. Saying love words to Me with a partner will result in unity; it will bring out the love in their hearts, and they'll enjoy their time of loving and praising Me.

31. It is also the responsibility of each individual to remind themselves that when they are with a partner who is saying love words to Me‚ that those love words are directed to Me. It is likely that saying love words to Me while on a date will enhance the beauty of it and even the passion and enjoyment—for when I am included‚ I add a whole new dimension. Being aware that the reward for your obedience in loving Me is that the date is beautiful and special will help you to remember to give Me the glory and to direct your feelings of love to Me. If you are faithful to do this‚ it will not put unnecessary press­ure on one of the partners, or make someone want to hold back with their love for Me because they don't want to risk complications.

32. If one develops strong feelings for the other partner which are not reciprocated, then they will just have to pray together, talk together, be honest and open with one another. If they will, My Spirit will help them overcome any difficulties. (End of mess­age from Jesus.) (See also "Loving Jesus!—Part 7," ML #3033:203-205, Lifelines 25.)

What if your partner doesn't want to have Loving Jesus dates?

33. Q: I have dates with someone who isn't interested in loving Jesus on our dates. I want to love Jesus and feel that it's import­ant, but my partner doesn't feel comfortable with it. What should I do? I want to help my partner along, and perhaps if I at least say love words to Jesus, in time, he'll warm up to it. On the other hand, I know that loving Jesus is a personal decision‚ and I don't want to be forcing it ­either. Does the Lord have any counsel about this?

34. (Jesus speaking:) Each person is differ­ent, and the circumstances and conditions ­affect the counsel that I would give. So the most important thing is to come to Me if you find yourself in this situation, to receive My personalized counsel for you.

35. To one I would say to say love words to Me, to encourage their partner along. For all they need is time and to see a faithful sample of one willing to love Me‚ willing to humble themselves so that they can please Me and receive My blessings. They need to see a sample of the beautiful results and the wonderful spirit that takes over their time of lovemaking when their partner is including Me and allowing Me to be a part. To another I would give different counsel, depending on what the person is going through at that time in their life.

36. You must be mindful of your partner's wishes and sensitive to their desires. If they've made it clear that they've chosen to not partake of the Loving Jesus revelation, then you must keep that in mind, and you may have to temper your loving Me intimately in accordance with their faith or wishes when you are together. At the same time, they must under­stand and be willing to accept that you want to love Me in this way, and permit you to do so in some form. This is a matter that you'll have to discuss with your partner and work out, in prayer and humility.

37. How do you temper your intimate loving of Me if your partner is not in agreement? First you must come to Me for the specifics. But I will give you some general guidelines.

38. Remember that no matter what, you can always continue to love Me intimately in your heart and mind and spirit. If your circumstances do not permit you to love Me aloud, I gladly re­ceive the love from your heart and the silent words and feelings that you're offering up to Me.

39. However, for the most part you'll be able to include some measure of loving Me intimately with your partner, even if they don't wish to par­ticipate in loving Me themselves. You can do this by praying before your date and inviting Me to join you, to be with you, to love you and make your time meaningful and sweet. You can praise Me for the love and freedom that I've given you throughout the date as well. These are words of praise and love, and go hand in hand with loving Me intimately, though they are not so sexually expressive or explicit. They carry a kindred spirit to loving Me intimately.

40. Don't leave Me out of your intimate times with another simply because they don't wish to include Me. As you are My intimate bride‚ I would expect for you to continue loving Me and including Me in some way. I also expect you to be a sample of that which you've learned—the joys of loving Me and the beautiful sample of yieldedness and obedience to My Words and call to love and give yourself to Me, holding nothing back. This takes conviction, but if you're willing to be a wife that is proud of her Lover and Husband, then I will do the rest. I will care for you, I will give you wisdom‚ and I will help your sample of love to change the hearts and lives of those around you, to also turn them toward Me through your unassuming, meek sample of being faithful to love Me intimately as much as you can.

41. It's often the case that even though your partner may choose to not partake in actively loving Me, in their heart they're content and happy if you do. They know that they should be making more progress in this area, and even if they aren't able to take a solid step forward just yet‚ they feel that as you love Me intimately, they benefit in some way. And they do benefit from a measure of the increased love, spirit, and blessing that I give. Because the sample of your loving Me ardently and intimately convicts and strengthens them, it's important that you don't put off loving Me simply because your partner is not fully comfortable with it or actively participating.

42. It's important, however‚ to discuss this with your partner and to bring the matter before My throne in order to receive My counsel and guidance. I'll show you just what to do at each step. Repeatedly come back to Me if you find yourself in this position‚ for I wish to work through you and your sample of humility in ­order to win another bride to Me. (End of mess­age from Jesus.)

Come deep into the spirit!

43. (Mama: ) The following prophecy was sent to us from a man who, after reading the "Shake­up 2000!" GN‚ had asked the Lord how he could be strengthened for the days ahead. There are some beautiful jewels and word pictures in this mess­age from the Lord, as He implores us to enter deep into His house and into His Spirit, so that we can receive all that He has to give us.

44. (Jesus speaking: ) I want you to enter into the house of your God, into the Spirit, into the Word and into the close fellow­ship and love­making. Receive My deep kisses, enjoy My touches, My embrace, and love the Words of My mouth as honey.

45. Your strength is in your desperation with Me. Seeing your flesh fail and the house of your earthly tabernacle faltering, more and more full of aches and pains and physical failings, is troubling to you, but these are less bothersome to you than the failings of your spirit. The victories you would like to have often seem to elude you, and your spiritual weakness weighs more heavily and at times wears upon you more than physical failings. Physical failings you can excuse or dismiss as part of aging, but spiritual battles, failings, and weaknesses are things you want to be able to overcome. You want to conquer‚ but so often feel that you cannot.

46. All of these things that wear away at your spirit require My strength to walk you through. They require great spiritual strength, and great spiritual strength comes from abiding in Me. You know this very well, and when you just can't cope and things are impossible, you do come quickly to My arms, you do run to Me. But I don't just want you to run to Me in trouble, I want you to abide with Me. Come and live with Me. Stay with Me! You don't have to let the weights and worries and problems churn away and grind you down. You can't take that kind of wear and tear. That's the Devil's grindstone—not Mine. He wants to grind you up and sift you as wheat! He loves to break people down. He likes to break their connection with Me.

47. More and more you have to live above this world so that nothing can offend you, so that you'll not be shaken by all the troubles and problems, by old friends departing—people you knew and loved and looked up to as spiritual guides and leaders in your life, people you respected but who now seem to have turned away from My arms, who do not care for My deep kisses, who do not want to say yes to My new gifts or My lovemaking. You must come away with Me so that I can keep you, and so that none of these things will move you.

48. I'm happy you have not said no to My lovemaking, that you have not said no to My body, to My needs. I'm happy that you care nothing for your reputation, and desire only to please Me. I'm happy that you're delighted to be My lover. You crave Me as a thirsty animal in a dry land, who finding cool water rejoices. Your soul rejoices at My touches, at My love, at My kisses, at My embrace, at the beauty of My body. Your only desire is to serve Me in love.

49. Having tasted My love, you're addicted to Me. You burn to be with Me and can't bear to be away from Me for very long. Your heart and mind and body ache when you're not in My arms. So, I say, let Me love you more and do not fear. You don't need to keep our love relationship secret—move in with Me! Abide with Me! Come and live with Me and be My lover, My wife, My housekeeper. Share My bed, share My body.

50. I'm not ashamed to be married to you, so you shouldn't be ashamed to let others know you're married to Me. I know you're not ashamed, but humble yourself and don't hold back out of fear. Besides, how can our true love hurt anyone? Let go and let Me. Burn your bra!

51. The secret is not to keep battling with your old problems; the secret is to pack your bags and move in with Me. Move out of your old life, your old habits, your old problems‚ your old ways of trying to do it yourself, trying to figure it out, trying to work it out, trying to hang on. You'll never make it that way! I'm the only One Who made it‚ and can help you make it! I have a free ticket for you all the way to eternity and eternal happiness in the Kingdom of Heaven with Me.—If you'll just pack your bags, move out of yourself, and move in with Me!

52. Come on! Move in with Me! What do you say? You like fucking, so how about letting Me give you the fuck of your life? You want Me, you want it, you want My love, you want Me fucking you, loving you, so forget yourself. Move in with Me! Let's get hitched and ditch all that old stuff that you keep dragging around. Quit waddling around town like a homeless old bag-woman with a pushcart of problems‚ keeping bits of old trash and begging for coins, when you could be living in the house of the King! You could be driving around in My limousine and passing out My millions to the poor! You take care of Me and I'll take care of you and your problems, and help you take care of a whole lot of ­others and a whole lot of other problems.

53. Don't be like those guys who think they're doing such a service for Me in life, but they just never take time to know Me. They never get to know Me, so I have to say to them, "Depart from Me, you workers of iniquity; I never knew you." What a shock! And they say, "But we've done many mighty works in Your name!" Oh yes, they like to use Me‚ but they hate to let Me use them. They always want to do it their way, not My way. It's like they're saying, "Now, God, we'll take the Kingdom of Heaven from here! You did Your part and we'll take over now!" Well‚ that's not the way it works! The branch has to abide in the Vine.

54. So it is with this new purging of the Family. You can follow the rules and even be quite a sweet and friendly person, but just keeping the Charter regulations is not going to save you. You're still not going to have the strength to keep going unless you abide in Me, unless you really plug into Me, unless you really fall in love and hang on to Me for dear life.

55. I'm the only One Who is able to keep you. You can't keep yourself even by trying to keep all the rules. Of course, if you really love Me, you'll want to keep My commandments. But it all boils down to the question: Do you really love Me? How much do you love Me? Do you love Me enough to be My disciple? Do you love Me enough to be My wife—to abide with Me, and in Me‚ and let Me abide with you and in you? I know that that's your heart's desire—so go for it! (End of message from Jesus.)

Spending time with Jesus
in Heaven

56. Q: In Heaven will we be able to have love-up time with Jesus the same way we do now? In Grapevine #9, there's an account of a spirit trip experience where the Austin girls talked about the new name that everyone would get in Heaven—that it's Jesus' special "lover name" for each of us, and that when you're called by that name, it's your special love-up time with Him. For some reason this hit me hard, as I felt that I wasn't going to be able to always be with Him like I am down here‚ and that I wouldn't be as special to Him anymore.

57. (Jesus speaking:) Only through faith will you be able to understand the essence of My love. It can't be measured with the sands of time; no calculations can fully explain My love. My love can't be bought or sold; it has no end or beginning, no length or breadth. Though I love everyone, I don't love en masse. My love is more personal than the love of a mother, a hus­band or wife, a lover. I love you personally, My dear one, and with each passing day our love will only grow stronger and deeper. Stronger and deeper it will grow‚ on through eternity.

58. The key to fully knowing My love is to accept it in faith, to close your eyes and open your heart to My Spirit, to My whispers, believing that I do indeed love you as I say I do. And when I welcome you to our Home of Heaven where we'll be together for eternity, you'll joyfully discover that the love you've come to know in Me and our intimate relationship of love has only scarcely begun.

59. I want so much to make you happy, and I know that the mysteries of Heaven will surprise you, thrill you, and bring you happiness. And one of the great mysteries in Heaven is the mystery of My love. It's a love that is spiritual‚ but also touches the physical; a love that is pure and holy, yet passionate and sexy; a love that goes beyond what the human mind can fathom, for it is not a human love. Human love is but a taste of My love.

60. There are many questions and even worries about what form our love will take when My Bride is forever united with Me in the Heaven­lies; when our love is no longer merely spiritual, carried on in your heart and mind‚ but when we can see and feel and know each other. I know each of these questions, these anxieties, and I say that they can all be relieved through faith. Trust that My love is so great that what I choose for us will be pleasing for you.

61. I've chosen not to reveal to you all the secrets and the mysteries of the Here­after, but I will tell you this: We will retain that spiritual relationship‚ the satisfying loving that you can experience on Earth. You'll always be special to Me‚ and I'll be with you at all times. It's import­ant to come to know Me intimately while on Earth‚ for it will be the basis of our relationship in the Heavenlies. We'll have the same special, personal love that we have now; at any time you wish you can enjoy My wonderful and satisfying spiritual lovemaking, and the fulfillment of receiving My seeds and My blessings. But I will also call you to come and fellowship with Me face to face, and this will be different than the time that you spend with Me in the spirit. We can know each other in the spiritual realm and in what you could call the "physical realm."

62. The most important thing is to have faith—faith to love Me now as you do, and faith to wait until you get to Heaven before trying to understand the workings of Heaven. Even if I were to explain the ways of Heaven in detail, the frail mind would not be able to comprehend nor understand‚ and it would only cause you to become confused. Have I not asked you to trust Me for today, to worry not about to­morrow or the years to come, let alone try to comprehend Heaven and eternity and the mysteries and secrets that will be kept so until you arrive Here? Leave something to be discovered.

63. Enjoy what I've revealed to you about your present times and the days at hand. Rejoice that you can know Me not only as Lord and Savior, but that I've shared with you My "human" side, and that you can know Me as a Friend, a Lover‚ and a Husband. There's so much more to come that I can assure you you'll never be bored. Take each day as it comes and you'll be thankful you didn't get ahead of My plan. (End of mess­age from Jesus.)

64. (Mama:) Here's another message that gives a glimpse into some of the beauties and mysteries of the love relation­ship we'll enjoy with our Lover in Heaven. Isn't it exciting to look forward to such wonderful surprises?

65. (Jesus speaking:) These loving feelings and tender touches are a glimpse of how we will love each other once you cross over to the other side‚ once we're together in Heaven. I can't put into human words, or describe in a way that you can understand, how perfect and how wonderful, how complete our love will be then. For now you thrill and delight in our lovemaking, and now I bestow upon you the treasures of Heaven—My Words, My seeds, My love. Yet when you come to Me face to face, there will be such a feeling of love—such a tangible‚ real, complete, satisfying and fulfilling depth of com­munication and oneness, that you can't even comprehend it now. I save this delight, this pleasure, this total rapture, for when the time comes. I leave it a mystery‚ I keep it a surprise, just how and how much we will feel and partake of each other's love when you pass over to this side.

66. I've given you strong meat and full-bodied wine through this revelation of My Spirit, this revelation of how we can love one another and be one together. Yet I have even richer, sweeter wine that we'll share together in Kingdom Come. Both are sweet, both are rich, both are total pleasure and pure love. Yet, just as in lovemaking there are different positions and different ways through which you reach orgasm, so there are different ways of making love to Me. In this life I've shown you the way in which I wish for you to love Me. Through this you've begun to enter into the realm of the spirit. Further on, once you completely enter the world of the spirit and leave the flesh behind, I'll teach you and show you new ways of loving Me.

67. Keep loving Me‚ My ravishing bride! I need and want and desire and hunger for your love, your touches‚ your caresses, your passionate, erotic love­making. I love to ravish you with My love, and I love to be enraptured with yours! I love to fuck you, to fill you to overflowing with all My love and power. I fill you with much‚ so that you can pour it forth unto others and also help them to feel and know and believe in My great, wonderful, beautiful love! (End of message from Jesus.)

Mama's waving experience

68. (Mama: ) Not long after the Lord had given us the Loving Jesus revelation, I began having an unusual physical manifestation while saying love words to Jesus and making love with Him in the spirit. It was an involuntary jerking of my body, in my solar plexus region, similar to the movements of a woman's body when a man is fuck­ing her hard. Peter also had the same experience. I asked the Lord about it and what it meant, and He gave the following answer:

69. (Jesus speaking:) I am really there fucking you, and I really do fill your body with My penis and My seeds. I let you experience this and I have manifested Myself to you in this physical reaction that you've felt in your body.

70. I let you feel‚ see, and experience this waving or undulating or pulsating—the movement that you've felt deep down in your solar plexus, that you could actually visibly see in your body moving just as it does when a man fucks a woman real hard—as a touch of My love to you. This manifests to you physically that I'm really there fucking you and filling you with My seeds.

71. It's a touch of My love to you for loving Me intimately, for obeying and coming when I call, for making love to Me and fucking Me, for opening your heart and your pussy to Me, and letting Me enter into you. The seeds which I pump into you are being manifested not only in spiritual ways through giving you more understanding of My ways and My Spirit, through giving you more wisdom and knowledge and love and peace and all those beautiful fruits of My Spirit, but they're also being manifested in you physically. They make your body pulsate and undulate and experience the thrills of spiritual and physical orgasm. They unite you with My heart and My Spirit‚ they unite you and your partner with Me, and the result is a beautiful spiritual connection.

72. It is not reserved for you only, My queen. It is not reserved just for you or the king, but it is available to anyone who has the faith to reach out and receive it. Anyone who has the faith or who wants it can ask Me for it. Just like your Father David explained to you that if you wanted to fuck him in the spirit‚ you could call on him and he would fuck you. Just like I can make love to you and you can experience those physical and spiritual thrills, so can I make love to any one of My children who reaches out and receives by faith.

73. So tell them about your experiences with Me so that they can have it too, so that they will know that it is reality. It's not just a spiritual experience. I can be everywhere and anywhere. I can become real to them, and My seeds are real. (End of message from Jesus)

74. (Mama:) Isn't that fascinating? The Lord can actually manifest Himself physically while you're loving Him, if you have the faith for it and want to experience it. Of course, like the Apostle Paul said in 1Cor.12, we all get the Spirit when we ask for it, but sometimes we get varying gifts or manifestations of it. So if you don't receive this one particular gift or manifestation, there's no need to feel bad. The Lord has probably given you another one to make up for it, or will in the future. And the most important thing is still to love Him‚ whether He gives us gifts or signs or not!

A physical benefit of Loving Jesus

75. (Mama: ) Some time ago I had to make a trip, and during the week prior to my trip‚ the Lord gave the following very interesting ­mess­age, linking the increased strength and health that He was going to give me for my trip to the times of intimate lov­ing I would spend with Him. Here's an example of a physical benefit of spending time in the bed of love with our sexy Husband. And it sure works! The Lord strengthen­ed me and kept me in wonderful health—a total miracle!

76. (Jesus speaking: ) I know that you, My queen, My Maria, will need extra strength and help during this time. Thank you, My precious one, for being so sweet and praiseful and for constantly testifying of the healing and the strengthening that you've received in recent months. You have glorified Me and lifted up My Name as you rejoice in Me and in the improved health that I've given you.

77. I'd like to let everyone know one of the reasons for this change and the improvement in your health, and what it is that has made such a difference and given you so much healing and strength. Of course, you are faithful to let your health requests be made known, not only for your own sake, but for the sake of your work and your important job. Because of this and the faithful prayers of your Family and loved ones, I'm able to fight for you and for your healing. I hear every prayer, and answer it according to My will and purpose. However, there's something else which has helped to keep you and to strengthen you to such a degree that you are now able to make this trip.

78. Even in the physical realm, many people who have debilitating afflictions or are suffering from great pain often experience a supernatural surge of euphoria and well-being, a temporary release from their pain and a touch of healing and emotional high during times of love­making and sex. The chemical reactions which are produced and brought on during lovemaking, and especially during climax‚ help to release endorphins, healing energies and painkillers, which give a momentary touch of Heaven, allowing people to feel much better and to be free from the Enemy's clutches of pain and discomfort.

79. You, My darling bride, are one of My most ardent lovers‚ always opening up to Me and letting Me love you and fuck you and enjoy fervent and passionate lovemaking with you. Because of this, you are physically benefiting from the constant release of these euphoric healing chemicals which are released and pumped through your body, bringing you relief from the headaches and from the seriously debilitating health problems which you've often experienced.

80. I love you, My Maria, and love to fill you with My healing balm and seeds. So as you step out by faith on this strenuous trip‚ I, your own personal Physician, promise to be close by your side, ready to administer aid whenever you need it. As you continue to open yourself up to Me and to love Me passionately, I will make sure that the physical problems and difficulties which you experience will not seem as severe or affect you as strongly as they otherwise would. I, the Great Physician, will give you health and strength; I will be your comfort and your strength and your elixir of love.

81. You've heard it said, "As they went, they were healed‚" and that is true in more ways than one. So, My precious lover, I promise that as you continue to let Me love and fuck you, I will continue to make you "go." And as you go, you will continue to be healed and to receive grace and relief from pain.

82. My sweet darling, keep loving Me and fucking Me; keep "going" and you will continue to be healed. Keep looking to Me, and the things of the flesh will grow strangely dim in the light of My glory and grace. (End of mess­age from Jesus.)

"The people that do know their God shall be strong"

83. Q: Daniel 11:32 says, "And such as do wickedly against the Covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries‚ but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits." Was the word "know" in this particular verse used at all in a sexual way?

84. (Jesus speaking: ) Knowing Me as one's Lord and God means different things to different people. Each must choose his own path, and each must determine the way in which he will personally know Me as his Lord and God, Savior, Friend, and more. To you, the Family, to know Me is to know Me intimately, personally‚ and in a sexual manner also.

85. So for you, My Family, to know Me in the days to come and in the End­time days, when they that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits, you can know Me in every respect. Your strength will be even greater than other Christians because of it. Because of our intimate, personal, sexual lovemaking and fellowship in the spirit, great will be your comfort and peace and strength. But it will not be the same for all people. There will be many people who do know Me who will also be strong, but they will not gain their strength through their sexual, intimate fellowship with Me; they will gain their strength from that which they personally have faith in, which is through My Word as they have been taught and shown it. Yet you, My intimate children, who both gain strength and faith from My Words, My Spirit, as well as from loving Me intimately, will have double strength.

86. I knew that there would be those among you who would have such faith and who would be willing to cleave to Me as My brides, no matter what the world would say. I knew that there would be those among you who would lift up My Name as their Lover‚ Husband, and intimate Soul Mate. For you I give these Words as a greater comfort in the days to come, and as a mighty sword and weapon against the attacks of the Enemy. With such strong faith and the weapon of My Word you will do greater exploits in My Name. (End of message from Jesus.)

Love goddesses of Heaven

87. (Mama:) The following prophecy was given for a young woman in my Home who, with so much to do, hadn't been spending enough time with the Lord. When the Lord corrected her about some areas of her work‚ He drew her attention to the fact that her relationship with Him had recently been lacking. She began to hear from the Lord personally every day, and after a sweet time in private of masturbating while loving Jesus, He gave the following message:

88. (Jesus speaking:) I love you now more than ever, because you're loving Me more. Those who love Me most, follow Me closest. And they love Me because they wish to, not because they must. Your love must come from the heart, not just from good intentions. The words of the lips and the effort put forth will suffice in bringing down My blessings, for that is what I've asked of My children. But those who feel a deep and desirous love—I'm not speaking of physical or emotional feelings here, but simply the spiritual need and weakness and knowledge of their need for Me—I'm especially happy with, because through feeling and meeting their desire and longing, My desire and longing is also filled.

89. I know that this has been difficult for you. And though you've wanted to and even have felt bad about it lately‚ you've felt that something has been missing, something that would have kept you closer to My side and thinking about loving Me more and instigating our times of loving. What was missing was the knowledge of your weakness and great need for Me. As it was, I had to rely on your times of reading My Words and the united loving more than the personal one-on–one loving that I've been ­desiring.

90. But being the Good Shepherd that I am, I have taken you‚ My little lamb, and I have ­broken your leg. It was not harsh nor severe, but I broke it in just the right spot to get your attention, to cause you to look to Me, to need Me, to desire Me, to feel your weak­ness and necessity. The fruits of this breaking of your leg and instruction are bearing good fruit, My little lamb. Now you're coming to Me and feeling the need for Me. I'm putting within your heart more of a longing, in answer to the cries and pleas of your heart, for you know that you need it and you can't be happy without it. You need it for the inspiration of your day, for the ability to get through your work. So isn't that a wonderful benefit?

91. I greatly rejoice and it touches My heart that you desired to spend that intimate time with Me today, loving Me‚ not worrying about others or interruptions—just feeling so needy for Me and My Spirit and My presence, wanting to show Me that you loved Me and needed Me and wanted to be open and honest with Me about your feelings. I've missed that, and I hope that we'll have more of those sexy, intimate encounters. The times you spend with Me‚ imbibing My seeds and drinking deeply of the fountain of love and waters, will refresh and rejuvenate you and cause you to glorify Me in that which you do—which is the goal.

92. So continue to come to Me regularly. Make it a goal to set aside some time each week, at least once, to have a special time only with Me. Allow us the pleasure of an intimate and sexy time, and you can be assured that it will be hot and ravishing, for I know just how to strike desire in you‚ My little love goddess.

93. Did you know that there are many goddesses of love in My Kingdom? And to those who are especially desirous comes a portion of this intense spirit of love and desire which these goddesses possess. The more you come to Me and desire Me, the more of this spirit will be given to you, and the more it will fill you with pleasure and satisfaction. For some this comes in the physical, for others in the spiritual, for ­others both. That's why I called you My little love goddess, for those moments we spent together were of that quality, that desire, that heat, to be awarded that term.

94. It is such a special thing to love Me, and no matter how much I could repeat this to you, when you arrive Here and your eyes are unmasked and you behold the glory and splendor of this unearthly relationship that you've had with Me‚ you'll be awestruck and taken aback at the beauty, love, light and incredibility of what it has all meant. You'll wish that you'd prized it more, cherished it more fervently, thanked Me more, loved Me more, and been as a love slave to Me. For on this Earth you can't possibly see all the blessings and treasures and honors I've given you through this gift of loving Me intimately.

95. This is the next step of your strengthen­­ing. Love Me more intimately, more fervently, more passionately. Love Me with desire, so that no desire is withheld—from Me or from those around you. Allow Me to fill your spirit with hot desire and longing. At the same time that you do this, read the Words that I've spoken about this precious gift, so that your faith will be bolstered, and so that you can understand and be more appreciative. This will help you to not hold back, to not be bashful, to not be timid or concerned about what other people think. For will it not be more important on that day when you stand before Me, what I think and what all of Heaven thinks‚ as opposed to what one human being thought of your loving Me? There's no comparison. In doing so, you stack up for yourself ecstasies in Heaven, My sweet one. (End of mess­age from Jesus.)

Jewels for lovers, sharing partners‚ and married couples

96. (Mama:) In the first jewel in this next section‚ our sexy Lover tells us what the secret is to letting ourselves go and experiencing the orgasms of His love!

97. (Jesus speaking:) The secret to letting your­self go and experiencing the orgasms of My love will be in accepting and believing that not only do I love you, but I'm wild about you, I'm crazy for you! I'm hungry and thirsty for you! I could never compare the way I love you with the way I love another‚ and I don't compare the way you love Me and give yourself to Me with the way another of My brides gives herself to Me. For you give Me your all, and that's the most you can give, and the best you can give‚ and that's just what I want, and what turns Me on!

98. I love experienced lovers, and I also love young, new lovers, who are learning and dis­cover­ing and experimenting—it's so exciting‚ it's so sexy, it's such a thrill, such a rush! So think about that when you love Me. Think about how special you are to Me, how I'm just crazy for you, and how you thrill Me; think about how completely and fully I love you … every inch of your body, your whole being. (End of message from Jesus.)

99. (Mama: ) This next prophecy outlines some of the specific benefits we receive when we're faithful to spend time with Jesus in love­mak­ing and in His Word and communion with Him. The blessings that the Lord promises really do translate into tangible benefits! Do you want more love, patience, grace, tenderness, and passion in your life? Try loving the Lord and setting aside quality time with Him daily!

100. (Jesus speaking: ) My little children, you are pleasing unto Me. I've seen the desire deep in your heart to draw closer to Me, to be near Me in spirit, to be near Me together. I've seen that you make time for My Word, even to the hurt of your work‚ and even at great sacrifice at times. I've seen the sacrifices that you make for Me, and I'm pleased. These result in My blessings upon you.

101. Haven't you noticed that your com­­mu­nication has been better, that your love has grown deeper, that your life is becoming smoother? For every time that you love Me together, every time that you praise Me together, every time that you take time to read My Word and to pray and to seek My face together, I store up another blessing for you—another ounce of grace that I send down at a time when you need it; another sharp word that I help you to withhold; another measure of patience and of grace and of love that I send down to smooth your ruffled nerves. These are direct results that you don't always realize, but they're very real.

102. Can you have too much love in your life? Too much patience? Too much tenderness? Too much grace? Too much passion? No, you can't. Even so‚ you can never have too much Word, too much prayer, too much praising, too much loving Me. Every time you love Me intimately‚ praise Me, read My Word, pray and seek Me earn­estly, another blessing is stored up for you. So if you want more blessings, if you want more joy, more peace, more tenderness, more passion, then you know what to do. Do your part! Send Me up the building blocks, and I'll return them to you speedily.

103. As you grow in your relationship with Me, you'll see the results of these things more directly‚ and thus it will be an ever-increasing cycle where you will love Me more and I will bless you more, and you will love Me more for it and I will bless you more for it, and on and on we shall go, loving each other more, growing closer together, blended as one‚ and loving each other more and more each day. (End of message from Jesus.)

104. (Mama: ) And here's a hot tip from Dad for all of you couples, sweethearts, lovers and sharing partners on how to accelerate your progress in the spirit‚ become freer and less inhibited, while enjoying sexier-than-ever love­making!

105. (Dad speaking:) If you want to get free in spirit and make a lot of progress quickly, go for the Loving Jesus revelation. Go for loving the Lord! Fuck Him together, say those love words, get down to some hot lovemaking with Jesus. Receive His seeds, tell Him sexy praises, receive prophecies of love together. That really brings the spirit into your lovemaking, and there's nothing sexier than the Wild Wind of God!

106. The more you bring the Word into your lovemaking, the more you bring the freedom of the Spirit into your love­making, because the Word is the opposite of pride. The Word brings humility‚ the Word brings freedom, the Word is what gives rebirth! Praise the Lord! Thank the Lord for His Word, and thank the Lord for the Loving Jesus revelation, and thank the Lord for you who practice it and who know how to love as the wild and free gypsy children of David. (End of message from Dad)

An illustration of the intimacy
the Lord wants to share with us

107. (Mama:) P.S. Before this Letter was to go off, we shared it with our Home‚ and a young man on our staff sent me a beautiful prophecy he'd received after reading it. He said that, although he'd never had a problem with the concept of Loving Jesus, he'd never done much to put it into effect in his own life. He'd battled with it in the past, and after reading this Letter, he was again having a few battles about Loving Jesus and why it was necessary. So he took it to the Lord, God bless him, and received the following inspiring answer:

108. (Jesus speaking: ) The marriage of the Lamb has come, and His wife hath made herself ready.

109. Why is it so difficult for you to accept these truths of the Spirit in the manifestations of your flesh? You find them so hard to believe, so hard to understand, so difficult to enact‚ when they are like a skit or physical illustration to you of My great love for you.

110. Do you find it hard to take communion because it is flesh and blood that you are supposed to be partaking of, rather than bread and wine? Or do you just accept, enjoy and obey because you know it is what I have asked of you?

111. In the same way, this ceremony is like a skit, an illustration of the intimacy that I feel with you, of the love I would share with you, and that I do share with you in the Spirit. It is as a little ceremony of dedication, a little picture of the love that we share together, the role that you are to play as My bride, as one who belongs to Me and delights to serve Me in My house, ­and to represent Me to all who come to seek after My name.

112. Like your own skits, it demon­strates physical truths and things which happen in the spirit. When you perform skits such as the box skit, it symbolizes My power to set men free. And if men receive Me as they watch it, they are set free. So when it is received by faith, the skit is accompanied by action in the spirit and is even felt in the physical.

113. It is the same with communion. Un­believers may receive Me during this time, and those who already know Me may receive healing during this time. As I see those who partake manifest their faith during this ceremony, as they act out their faith in My Words, then I bless their faith with action in the spirit and healing in the physical.

114. Loving Me intimately is similar. As you say love words to Me, or masturbate or love others while loving Me, you put your love and your faith into action. And as I have said, I am there to participate‚ and I reward you in ways both spiritual and physical. I give you the extra closeness and intimate link with Me which you desire and hunger after, peace and fulfillment of mind and heart, My seeds in the form of My Words, and the many other blessings that I have mentioned before. So while it is like unto a skit, it has significance both spiritually and physically. For you are more than actors; you are My brides.

115. So I ask you to say the love words, both for My sake, that I may find pleasure in them and in your love for Me, and for your sake, that you might realize the great love that I feel for you and the very real way in which I feel it‚ so real that I desire you to partake of it in the most intimate feelings and moments you can experience as humans—the ecstasies of sex.

116. So I would that you do it‚ as oft as you do it, in remembrance of Me, as a communion, a picture of My holy passion for you, and how we become one in Spirit.

117. Just as the communion ceremony repre­sented the price that I paid to ransom you as My servants and friends, so this little ceremony‚ this little skit I give you to act out with each other, serves as a picture of how I have taken each of you and made you My brides in the Spirit. I have set you free to enjoy the passions of love and ecstasy, both with each other, and above all, with Me.

118. Is this so hard to understand or grasp? Is it not something you can do, and even find great pleasure in, simply by yielding‚ by accepting this by faith, by trusting Me for those things you may still not understand about it, knowing that all shall be made known and be made clear in times to come?

119. Oh, please, My love, come to Me and bare yourself before Me in this way, that you may show the world that you are Mine, that you belong to Me, that I have not only ransomed you from the jaws of the death of sin, but that I have chosen you to be My bride, My lover. Such is My desire for you. Such is My love. And this is one of the most beautiful ways that we can share it. Would you withhold this from Me? Would you withhold this gift from yourself?

120. Open your arms and embrace it. Open your heart and accept it. Then bare your flesh and receive it. It is a gift that will be humbling‚ but its price is greater than rubies, and its rewards above what your heart could dream. Can you not do this for Me, knowing that it brings Me the greatest pleasure to see you humbly and meekly seeking to bring Me joy‚ when I know it is difficult for you?

121. But I know more—that it is good for you, and that these are the steps you will have to take to find the confidence you will need as My wife, in My power, in My love for you, and in the very real way that I am with you. It is this confidence, this strength‚ this maturity and freedom in the Spirit that will bring you the strength, conviction and power that will need to be pulsing through you in the day when Satan seeks to cast his snares upon those of this world.

122. In that day you will be thankful that I asked these seemingly difficult things of you, for they will have helped you to grow up in the Spirit, no longer a child, but full-grown and seasoned in strength and battle, strong in the assurance of My love and care for you, and the devotion with which I look upon you as My beloved wife. (End of message from Jesus)

123. (Mama: ) I pray that the Lord and Dad's words on this subject have inspired and encouraged you to keep loving Jesus intimately. For those of you who haven't started yet, now's the time to begin! Your loving Husband will gently lead you along one step at a time as He showers you with blessings and the benefits of yielding and obeying by faith. Thank you for being willing to be His yielded, tender, receptive and sexy Bride!

Love‚ Mama