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Endtime Series, The--Part 1

Karen Zerby

By Maria

Maria #508 CM/FM 3263 8/99

Dear Family,

1. I know you're all interested in the topic of this GN—the Endtime! You'll be happy to know that in recent months we've compiled a long list of Endtime questions, both from you on the field and those in WS, and have brought them before the Lord. He's poured out such abundant answers that we're planning to put out a number of GNs on this topic. I'm sure you'll find this new series featuring Endtime questions answered by the only One Who knows the ­answers—the Lord—to be fascinating.

2. I pray that these answers from the Lord and Dad are a blessing to you, and that they motivate you to keep up the good work of preach­ing the Gospel to every creature and "working the works of Him that sent us while it is day, for the night cometh when no man can work" (John 9:4).

Receiving the Word by Faith

3. As we were preparing this GN series, the Lord spoke to us about the need to receive the treasures He gives by faith. He knows that we won't understand some of them now, but He promises that, "In the days to come, when you need them, then they will be clear—if you have received them in faith and hidden them in your heart."

4. (Jesus speaking:) My dear children, you have been given much from your Father David. You have received many jewels from the coffers of Heaven since he passed on, through your Queen Maria and her channels. You are above all people on the face of the Earth most richly blessed with the pure truth.

5. This is now a new day. I have many truths which I wish to pour down, many of which you will have to take by faith, because you will not be able to understand them fully. In the days to come, you will understand if you hide them in your heart in faith now. But if you reject anything which you cannot fully understand or com­prehend, you will miss out on much of that which I have to give you—for many things cannot be understood with the mind of man, especially when they are things having to do with the future.

6. Think of My prophets of old who received My Words regarding the days you are living in now. They most certainly did not understand all that they saw or all that I told them. Yet they received it in faith and recorded it for you, knowing that these words were My Words‚ and that it was not their place to understand them, much less judge them.

7. I have many new truths and new revelations to pour out. Many of them will be mysterious now, because you are not yet in the future; you do not yet need them. In the days to come, when you need them, then they will be clear—if you have received them in faith and hidden them in your heart. If you have passed over them‚ or questioned their source‚ or dismissed them because they are not in line with the way you think things should be, then you will miss a lot, and in the days to come, you will not understand nor be aware of what I have told you before.

8. Take heed‚ My loves. This is a new day. I am pouring out many truths of My Spirit, many heavy sayings, and they are not going to be received by all. But you are My Endtime children. I must give them to you so that you can be prepared. I must give them so that you are able to make the choice to receive and believe and be strengthened.

9. I have prepared you for this change. "The Shakeup" and the entering of a new era during the time of the Feast marks a change in the Spirit. My Words will pour forth much more strongly, for they will be aimed at those who desire to receive and believe, not those who push aside what they cannot understand or decide not to agree with. I am now feeding a hungry and busy army preparing for great battle‚ not a cafeteria of weaklings who want to pick and choose. I will feed the Family what I know they need.

10. I ask you now to each personally seek Me and My help to adjust your mindsets‚ to change your attitudes‚ to prepare your hearts to be more accepting and less questioning and skeptical. Put aside the old thoughts and ways you have looked at things, and be prepared for My new revelations, which will thrill you and strengthen you! (End of message from Jesus.)

Why Some Endtime Events and

Timetables Still Remain a Mystery!

11. (Mama:) As the Lord has told us through­out the years, some aspects of the future He has chosen to keep a veil over‚ and has not revealed certain specifics to us, in particular about the Endtime. This is still the case with some of the questions that we brought before Him, which He continues to ask us to trust Him about. He's promised that He will "reveal His secrets to His servants the prophets" when we need to know, when it's important. In the meantime, we can be thankful to have received a great deal more insight into the Endtime and what it will be like, what our roles will be, and other clarifications and details about that time period.

12. Regarding the questions that the Lord didn't answer specifically or definitely, He gave the following messages:

13. (Jesus speaking:) My children, all things are not given you to know now. I lead you along step by step, and I tell you that which is good for you to know. You often would like to know more than is good for you, or you think that it would help you to do a better job or to be more effective. But I know best, and that is not the case. I tell you what you need to know when you need to know it. I know best how to motivate you and to help you to get the job done that I have called you to. So you must simply trust and believe that both what I give and what I withhold is good for you.

14. You may freely ask your questions, and I will speak to you and answer that which you need to know, what you will find useful. As the Time of the End approaches, then I will open up the stores of information and will reveal more to you, as you seek Me, as you ask, as you see the Endtime events unfolding around you. But at this time, there are too many unknown factors‚ and even if I were to tell you in detail how things would unfold or happen, it would be difficult for you to understand it or to comprehend it‚ for many great changes will yet happen in the world‚ all of which will change the world environment and climate, paving the way for the Last Days.

15. Both the physical and moral or spiritual climate will change in these Last Days. At the same time as there is a global warming‚ causing drought, famine, pestilence and plague to spread more widely, there is also a global cooling, as the hearts of many wax cold, and iniquity and godless­ness abound. But fret not yourselves because of these changes. Surely I will reveal My secrets unto My servants the proph­ets—at the time when they need to know them. (End of message from Jesus.)

16. (Jesus speaking: ) My dear brides‚ upon whom I have poured so much truth and so many treasures and secrets of the Kingdom of My Spirit! You are most richly blessed above all on the face of the Earth because of the spiritual wealth you've been given. When I see you treasure it and receive it, it inspires Me to give you more and more and more, and so the cycle will continue, as long as you are receiving and drinking it in! I love to give you My seeds, My beauti­ful Bride!

17. I've poured out much to you over the last few years, and yet I say that I'm preparing to pour out even more—mysteries of My Spirit, revelations, great quantities of My Words, and the unvarnished "heavy" truth! All of this I long to give you‚ and will begin to give you more and more.

18. I want to prepare your hearts now by telling you that there will be some things that I will pour out that you won't understand, or that you'll still have questions about. Some of the truths that I give you will be for you to keep and treasure and hide away for the future, when they will become clear to you. Some will be mysterious, or partly veiled. I tell you this now so that when you come upon questions as you read, you can trust Me, and simply pray and ask Me to speak to you about it. I will either explain it and make it clearer to you, or else I will tell you that it is not yet time for you to know or understand.

19. You must remember that your under­standing of the events of the future, your perception of My Kingdom, your knowledge of truth is very small, very limited, very veiled, compared to the way I see things! Even those things which you think you see and understand clearly have many more aspects, many more angles, many more facets‚ which you have yet to learn and discover. So you have much to learn about the days to come, and learning the truths of Heaven itself will take you all eternity, for there is so much!

20. Your understanding of future events will become clearer as you get closer to them. Even if I were to tell you more details of things to come now—which I don't, because it's not My will—you would still have to wait and see how these things come to pass, and then you would see how perfect My Words are. But hearing them now, even in greater detail, would not give you the complete picture, even as it did not give the full picture to My prophets of old. For I told them many details of things to come, things which have not come to pass even in your day, and you do not understand them despite the wealth of detail.

21. So you must learn to trust. You must learn once again to receive My Words in faith, to choose to believe, and to put in My hands that which you don't understand. I know that you might have questions as you read through this series about the Endtime. I have not chosen to give you the full picture in response to every question. I have given you more insight, little details here and there, and exactly what I know you need, but you might still have questions. Bring those questions to Me and let Me answer them—either with further explanation, or by telling you that you don't need to know now.

22. All your questions don't have to be answered now. There are some that I purposely keep a mystery, to keep you guessing, to keep you close to Me, to keep you watchful and aware, to protect you from those who would use the truth to their own ends. I am wise and loving, and I give you exactly what I know you need. So trust Me, My loves.

23. I will reveal the times to you, and to the world, to those who will listen and hear, when it is time. I can't tell you exact times and dates of events prematurely, because some of the events and times depend on the decisions of people, of powers‚ of nations. The exact times of some events depend on the actions of those involved. They are given the choice, and in some cases it won't be until the last minute before all can be revealed‚ for even they are being tested as to what they will choose to do and which way they will go.

24. So you must watch and wait and be on guard. As you watch and wait, I will speak to your heart. I will help you to be in tune and monitor the signs of the End so that you'll be prepared and ready to flow with the moves of My Spirit. I will not withhold the truth from My children, but I will reveal all to you in My time. I will open the exact details, the times, the plans; the future will be unfolded to you as you watch and wait.

25. So wait with Me, watch with Me, and be patient for Me to reveal the times. And receive with great joy this further insight and instruction I give you about the Endtime—the days you are approaching! (End of message from Jesus)

Is It Really the Endtime?

Q: Is it really the Endtime? The Bible says that the generation that sees the particular signs of the End listed in the Bible will also see the Lord's return, but some of those signs are pretty vague—wars, ­rumors of wars, etc., and those things have been going on for thousands of years! There's been a great increase in wars and the other signs‚ but they could just keep increasing for another indefinite amount of years, couldn't they?

27. (Jesus speaking: ) As I have told you many times through My confirming voice of prophecy, yes, this is indeed the Time of the End. These are the Last Days, the final days, and the generation that now lives shall not pass before all the signs of the End‚ including the Great Tribulation and My return to the Earth, are fulfilled.

28. These signs that I gave in My Word, which are being fulfilled today, have been moving in this direction for thousands of years. But there has never been a generation like yours, in which it is technologically and politically possible for each and every one of these signs to be fulfilled within one generation. The technological ability to issue the Mark of the Beast‚ for example, has only been made even remotely possible within the last decade. Now the campaign to sell the world on the idea is in full swing, but the political ability to enforce such a Mark is still some time away. Therefore, while some of the signs have seemingly been fulfilled for a long time, such as earthquakes, pestilences, wars, love growing cold, the Gospel being preached, etc., there has never before been a time when each and every one of the signs I have given has either been fulfilled or clearly has the potential and ability to be fulfilled soon.

29. Contrary to what you may think‚ I am not the one who decides the exact moment of events such as the rise of the Antichrist. [See the text box, "The Endtime Timetable."] I am more than willing to delay this event for as long as possible so that you, My children, might have more time to reach the Earth with My message and save as many souls from the Enemy's grasp as you can; so that you might forewarn and prepare as many as possible for this reign of the Antichrist's terror, so that when he arises, they will be armed and ready to reject him and refuse his Mark.

(Text box)

The Endtime Timetable

(Mama:) Here's what the Lord had to say earlier this year in "Y2K Calamities?" about the exact timing of Endtime events:

(Jesus speaking:) I cannot reveal to you, My children, the precise timetable of the events to come, although I have given you the general outline in My Word already. As one who lives by a train track knows that there will be a certain number of trains in a day and may have a general idea of their destinations, so do you. You who live by the train track in this Last Day know that there will be a train passing which signifies the confirming of the Covenant. You know that midway through the day there will be another train, equally momentous, which signifies the breaking of the Covenant and the full revelation of the Antichrist to the world, and the beginning of a time of trouble such as was not since the beginning of the world. And you know that there will be an evening train signifying the time in which I return to gather My children unto Me, bringing the light of a new day in the midst of the darkest night.

You know of the existence of these trains. They are on the timetable which you have been given. But the precise times have not been filled in yet. I will reveal more of the details, more of the schedule, to you as the trains draw closer, so that you may be prepared for their passing. I reveal deep secrets unto My servants the prophets, but I do not do so now, at this moment. For now, the hidden things belong to God.

Though I have My plan‚ and things will happen as I have said they will, even the Enemy has a degree of choice with which to make his plans. So he is setting the stage, and if the conditions are right‚ if the world is in enough chaos‚ if things get bad enough that they need a savior, then he will arise. He is behind the scenes, creating confusion, so that he will be able to step forth and assume power, to save the world for a time. Even this is within My will, for he but sets the stage for My return‚ as I foretold in My Word.

The Devil has a measure of choice‚ with­in certain bounds, much like the illustration your Father David gave of the tunnel of My will. There is a set time ­period for the End, and it will come within the time that I have determined and set. For I have set these times, and no man nor spirit may gainsay or change these things. But within this time frame, within this tunnel, the Evil One is permitted a certain amount of leeway, for I have allowed him this choice. He has the power of choice, even as you have the power of choice.

He may choose to work his evil works now, or may withhold a little, until later, just as you may move from one side to the other within the tunnel of My will. The Enemy of your souls has much less choice than you do, however, for I have set much greater bounds upon him. He may only move slightly from one way to the other. He cannot turn around and escape My will and that which I have planned and predicted in My Word. That which is to be shall be, whether it be soon or a little less soon. In either case, the time is nigh.

I have set the boundaries of the End­time—the last seven years, the two three–and-a–half-year periods, and have numbered the days within them. I have also set them within the general boundaries of time itself, and they will occur within that time frame, whether they be soon or they be delayed a little. But I give the Evil One a certain amount of leeway in when he may begin this period.

He knows that once these days are begun, then the day of his end is determined, the day of My return is determined, and his choice has ended. So he seeks to maximize his chance to defeat My plan by beginning it at the time when he imagines it will be most opportune for him.

I allow this to show both him and the world that My plan will not be defeated. Though the Enemy goes to great lengths to defeat Me in these days, I will not be defeated, nor will My plan be altered. (ML #3227:18–25, GN 829).

(End of text box)

30. As the scripture says, "He Who letteth will let, until He be taken out of the way." I hold back the flood of iniquity for as long as ­poss­ible, and I even delay and throw monkey wrenches in the Enemy's technology to increase this delay, so that you might get the job done. But it's Satan's destiny to fulfill his place as leader on the world's stage, in the person of the Antichrist, and his day will come. The time will come when all the pieces are in place, when their preparations and plans are consolidated, and the world falls within their grasp. When I see that this time has come, I will cease to hold back the flood of iniquity, and it will be let loose on the world. In that day you will have no further doubts as to whether this is the Time of the End.

31. The time is at hand. It is even at the doors, for I spoke these Words during My days on Earth for the days which you now live in—the Endtime, the last days of man's rule on Earth. They were not meant for My time but for your time. This book was not opened nor revealed until your generation, for those who went before did not see these signs fulfilled in the way that you do now. Some thought that their day was the darkest day ever, the day of tribulation, but if they would have studied and read the book, they would have seen that it was not possible, for so many signs had yet to be fulfilled.

32. The signs of the End shall continue to increase throughout your generation, until the End itself comes. This generation which lives to see these things shall not pass until all be fulfilled, although some of them may indeed pass on to their reward. Even now some of your first generation are passing on to their Heavenly reward, and more will yet; some through sickness, and some through old age. This will be but a portion‚ for the majority will be there to greet Me and be received by Me upon My return.

33. I make the days longer now, in the time when you have freedom to reach the world. But once evil floods the world, then shall the days be shortened, as I have promised. They are counted and numbered‚ and they will not last one more moment than you're able to bear. I will even make them seem shorter by shortening them in your minds and hearts, by filling you with the visions of things to come, and with great power of My Spirit to work wonders. (End of message from Jesus.)

34. (Dad speaking:) It's later than you think, folks! I've been telling you that; it's all over the END‚ and in Letter after Letter. You see the signs all around you, every day—on the news, on the TV, in the papers. You can feel it all around you, everywhere you go. From country to country, things are tightening up—things in government, things in the economy.

35. There's war all around, disasters all around, pestilences, scourges and famines. There are killer viruses that will eat your body, and viruses and bugs that can get into your com­puters and machines and fritz up the whole world—throwing the whole shebang into mass confusion and chaos! All it takes is one little hacker‚ one little bug, a few little keystrokes at the hand of some demon-possessed maniac, and the lights go out! They've got computer chips embedded in animals and even in people now! Folks, what more do you want? What more do people need to wake'm up? All around, ­every single day‚ there are signs of the End, signs of the AC‚ signs of the Mark of the Beast, signs of the One World Order.

36. The year 2000 is gonna come in with a big bang! All the soothsayers and the psychics and astrologers and seers are saying it's gonna be significant‚ that big things are gonna happen. Big things are gonna happen, all right! Big things are happening now, and it's all significant! This is it, folks! The Lord has been telling you over and over and over again; this is the final act, the curtain has gone up. All the players are in place and the final act has begun. That's a fact, and it won't be long now! (End of message from Dad.)

The Signs of 1998 and 1999!

Q: Could the Lord give a summary or recap of the major signs of the End that have happened in the world during 1998 and 1999?

38. (Jesus speaking: ) Many are the signs of the End that have come to pass during the last two years, My children. As I have predicted in My Word, so it has come to pass, and will yet come to pass. The End draws ever nearer, and as it does, the signs accelerate, grow more numerous, and are more visible to all, so that those with eyes will see, and those with ears will hear, and know that it is My doing. Now I give you an overview of the recent signs of the times, a peek into the looming shadow of the darkness ahead.

39. During this past year you have seen wars, such as the one in Yugoslavia, and ­rumors of wars, such as you have not seen nor heard for a long time. The specter of nuclear war has come again to haunt the hearts of men. Russia has openly threatened to use its nuclear weapons, either in self-defense or in offense, and China also brandishes its weapons. North ­Korea is another nation that breathes out nuclear fire and brimstone, speaking great things. India and Pakistan, volatile and angry nations, also wave their warheads. While there have been many rumors of war in recent years and decades, the threat of a nuclear war had receded into the shadows. But now it has returned and multiplied, striking fear into the hearts of men.

40. The kings of Europe have also joined their crowns and currencies in the European Union and the euro. This is the first time they have had the same currency since the Roman Empire. These toes of the image are still separ­ate, still individual nations and peoples at the tip of the foot, but they are joined in the foot itself and have become one. They now act more as one, share the same purse, and are beginning to be united in opposition to the U.S. As they have grown more united, preparing for the day in which they will give their power to the Beast, they have become more anti-U.S. and at the same time more anti-Christ and anti-Christian, against Me and My children.

41. As Europe has become more united, so has the rest of the world. It has not yet been a political uniting, but rather a technological one. Distances have dissolved with the growth of tele­­communications, the spread of the Internet, the ease‚ rapidity and cheapness of travel. Barriers have also been broken down financially with the linking of many economies‚ so that what happens in one corner of the world has a great effect on other parts, as you have seen in the last few years.

42. When the economy of Thailand crashed, it dragged down the rest of Asia. Then Asia dragged down Russia and South Africa and other nations. Then the financial wave hit South America, dragging down Brazil and other Latin nations. There it stopped for now‚ because those who control the ebb and flow of monetary currents were not ready for the chaos of a full crash. They still conduct test runs here and there, probing the limits of the powers that their evil master has allowed them to have‚ the influence they wield in the business affairs of men.

43. Nations now know and have seen that they can be lifted up or they can be put down‚ they can be bought or they can be sold, according to the whims of those who pull the financial strings and lead the masses in their investments. This has created more of an openness for the new financial system that is in the works even now‚ and for some international body or leader who can guarantee stability.

44. The world has also united in its life­style as never before. The same movies‚ music, magazines, fads and trends now link many nations in ways unknown in the past. The ­Chinese are fans of Michael Jordan and American basket­ball. Russians and Europeans dance to American techno music. Africans and Asians await the latest Hollywood release with great enthusiasm. The same culture has crisscrossed the globe, making it one. At the moment it is an American or Western culture and lifestyle, but it nevertheless serves to unite the peoples of the planet. And as easily as they can be united to adore such things American‚ they can also be united to adore the coming world regime, saying, "Who is like unto the Beast?" and to wonder after him.

45. Among the other signs predicted in My Word, you do also see an increase in famine and drought in diverse places. North Korea suffers great famine, and drought ravages many parts of the East and of Africa. I have also turned up the heat on the Mideast so that My Word may be fulfilled, and the passions of many may reach the boiling point. Be not deceived by the talk of "Peace, peace," for the preparations for war continue in hidden corners.

46. Brazil suffers drought, as does Mexico and parts of the U.S., and I use drought and disaster as a double-edged sword in these days of the End. I allow drought to dry up the soil, and then send storms of rain which wash away the top soil, relieving the drought at times, but leaving famine in its wake, for the ground which bore seed and brought forth fruit has been washed away.

47. Man's knowledge has also increased in these last two years, as it has in other recent years, but it now heads in more dangerous directions than in the past. The Evil One has led many scientists to experiment with life itself—attempting to clone human beings, attempting to grow body parts and organs, attempting to fuse man and beast in the embryo, attempting to genetically modify man, either directly or through the foods he eats, which work on him from the inside. They walk a perilous path, one that they do not understand, for the Devil is not the creator of life, but the destroyer. The things that they create will not unlock the doors to more and abundant life, but will instead unleash unprecedented plagues and pestilences that they do not foresee.

48. As men seek to unravel the secrets of life in their carnal, scientific way, they also seek to combine it with machine. They seek new and improved robots to serve man, giving them artificial intelligence and mobility such as they've not had before. They seek to make man himself more of a machine‚ implanting chips‚ sensors‚ and electrodes to enhance man's powers and intelligence.

49. These chips and implants come with many benign purposes: They increase security for children and protect them from abduction; they monitor criminals; they check the health of their subjects and release medicine into the body; they make identification quick and easy; they prevent fraud; they monitor and increase productivity; they make life more convenient in many ways. In the last two years you've seen a great increase in the knowledge that has made such things possible, and public acceptance of the devices themselves.

50. Men's hearts also fail them for fear‚ looking upon these things which are coming to pass, resulting in anxiety‚ stress, depression, sickness and suicide in unprecedented numbers. As men see the threats of war, they fear. As they see that technology has not solved their problems, they worry and wonder. As their workload increases and they're bombarded with constant, ever-increasing information and knowledge, they feel great stress. As they see the shape that their society has taken, they become depressed. As they see how their children turn out, shaped by the influences around them, they become discouraged. Despite the promises of technology, modern comforts and conveniences, and affluence unknown in the past‚ the problems are not only the same, but grow worse. Poverty persists. War threatens. Disease stalks and kills many. And with no faith or hope for the future and no joy in the present‚ the heart of man fails him.

51. But don't despair, My children. As these things come to pass now and increase in the days to come, look up, not down. Rejoice, for your redemption draws nigh! I tarry but a little while longer, while My Word is fulfilled and events of the End come to pass, and soon I will return to draw My children unto Me. The dark night will be followed by the brightest day you've ever experienced, and the joy and the shining and the glory will last forevermore, as we are one.

52. I love you and will care for you tenderly, as a mother does her newborn child, in the days to come. My hands are under you to uphold you, and My angels are ever near to bear you up lest you should dash your foot upon a rock. I will protect and provide and care for My Own, for I love you with an everlasting love. (End of message from Jesus.)

Why Does the Lord Keep the Timing

Of the Endtime so Secret?

Q: Why is it so important to the Lord to keep from us when the seven years is going to start? Is it possible the Lord is pulling the wool over our eyes, because for some reason we still have 20 more years, despite the obvious signs of the times? Sometimes I wonder if the great test of the second generation (like the FGAs went through the RNR, FFing‚ etc.) is going to be discovering that we have 20 more years to go. Since the Lord said "this generation shall not pass," and Dad has applied that to the first generation, it's possible that we have 15 or 20 more years left, since the average dying age is around 70 for most people.

54. (Jesus speaking:) I have bound Myself by certain rules, and this is one of them. As I've said before, the exact day and hour will be known by no man, only Me. Though I cannot tell you the exact time—the exact month, the exact day, the exact hour—this doesn't mean that I'm pulling the wool over your eyes. To the contrary‚ I'm trying with all of My power and truth and messages to pull the wool off of the eyes of some of you who've been so blinded by the Enemy, so lulled to sleep.

55. I wish to rip the wool off of your eyes and show you the truth. No, I can't tell you the exact details, because I'm bound by the rules I have established, but I have been doing all that I possibly can to prepare you, to warn you, and to make sure that you won't be caught by surprise when the time comes. For woe unto them that are caught unawares! Woe unto them who have not an inkling‚ who have not the faintest idea.

56. Those who are close to Me‚ who are attuned to My voice, will hear the thunder and will see the lightning‚ and they'll know that the final storm is approaching, and to these is great honor and power given. These are the ones who know Me, who will be strong‚ and who will do great and mighty exploits on My behalf.

57. But woe unto those who discern not the signs of the time and heed not My Words of truth. These have been dull of hearing and their eyes have been blinded for so long that when the storm clouds come‚ when the thunder rolls and when the lightning strikes, they will be shocked and amazed, and even scared. They'll suddenly find themselves in the midst of a ­raging storm, not knowing where to turn.

58. So be wise and know that I tell you all that I can, in hopes that you'll be prepared physically and spiritually. Be wise and absorb all that you can from the messages that I give. Be wise and be prepared so that you'll not be caught un­aware, with your pants down. If you feel as if you can't see clearly, let Me pull the wool off of your eyes so that you can see things in the spirit‚ so that you can see the signs of the times that surround you. Open your ears so that you can hear the urgency and truth in the Words that I speak. (End of message from Jesus.)

59. (Dad speaking:) Do you realize that even the Lord‚ when He was on Earth, didn't know the day or hour of the second coming! It says so right there in your Bible! Look it up and read it in Matthew 24:36. It says, "that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of Heaven, but My Father only." Jesus Himself, as a man, had to grow in faith! Don't you think that was a great test of faith for Jesus? When He became flesh and walked on Earth as a man, His faith was tested, just as yours is by not ­knowing!

60. Here He was preaching and prophesying all about the Endtime—read it! Many of you should know this chapter by memory—Matthew 24, the Endtime chapter. Here was Jesus telling His disciples all about the End, and the signs of the second coming of the Son of Man, and He told the people all about it too. Yet while He was a man on Earth, even He didn't know the day or the hour! Don't you think He would have liked to know what He was talking about? Don't you think maybe He had the same question?

61. But it was not given to Him to know at that time. He didn't need to know at that time, and you can bet that tested His faith. Don't you think He was curious just like you are? Sure He was! He was a man. He felt everything you feel. He was tempted in all points just like you. And just the fact that He was preaching and prophesying about all this and folks were looking to Him for the answers, you can bet He would have liked to know that detail. Nevertheless, He took it by faith that the Father knew best, and that the Father would reveal it in His good time. (End of message from Dad.)

Who's to Say the Endtime

Isn't 20 or 30 Years Away?

Q: What's the primary reason that we should believe that the Antichrist is on the verge of rising to power and that the signing of the Covenant could take place in the next few years? One could say that it's because the Lord has said in recent prophecy that it's about to happen. But you can find prophecies from 20 or 30 years ago that say the same thing. Based on that logic, you could say it'll be another 20 or 30 years! The signs of the times as described in Matthew 24 and elsewhere are definitely being fulfilled, but they were also being fulfilled 10 years ago, and they'll still be in the process of being fulfilled 10 years from now if the Endtime doesn't begin in earnest. In other words, while it's an indicator that the End is near, it could still be another 10, 20, or even 50 years.

63. (Jesus speaking:) If you were to go back and really study the prophecies that I gave 20 or 30 years ago‚ you would discover that I was never as specific about My coming and the End­time as I have been in the last couple of years. It was necessary for Me to emphasize the end of the world‚ as that stirred the first Family disciples into action. That was the catalyst that started the wildfire of your worldwide witnessing.

64. Though I said that the End was near 20 or 30 years ago, and you wonder how I could say such a thing, because it has not yet fully come to pass‚ I say that I spoke My Word in truth. It was indeed the Time of the End, for the beginning of My Family marked the beginning of that time period. But now you are coming to the end of the Last Days.

65. The departure of your Father David from this life and his entrance into the spirit world marked the beginning of the days of preparation. The Homegoing of your Father David was one of the biggest signs of the End. But the beginning of the very end, the last days of man's rule on Earth, began when the Family began. I set up My shepherd, My servant David, My prophet of the End, as a leader and teacher. He taught you and trained you in My ways, and his passing from this life to the next was the end of this era and the beginning of another.

66. With Queen Maria as your prophetess and your Father David as your advocate in Heaven, I have bestowed upon you My new ­weapons. This has been your training period, your days of preparation, and the Endtime is nearer than ever. What purpose would I have in making you wait around on this wicked Earth for longer than is necessary?

67. The Enemy seeks to dull your minds to what's really happening in the world and in the realm of the spirit. Through your seeing the signs of the times frequently and for quite a few years now‚ he seeks to dissuade you or get you to doubt that the End is near. But I say that you must look deeper. You must look to the milestone signs that I have given you—the Home­going of your Father David, the mantle that I have given Maria, the new weapons that I have given each of you.

68. Did not David say that Maria shall shine? And how can one shine brightly unless it be in the midst of gross darkness? Did not I give him a vision of your queen during the Great Tribulation? Have I not also promised that she will speak and prophesy before the nations? So it is that your queen will not leave this Earth before these things come to pass. That in itself is My proof to you that the end of life on Earth as you know it is not very far away.

69. Therefore, open your eyes and behold the truth. You are indeed living in the Time of the End, and not only are you living in the Time of the End, as you have been for some time, but you are on the brink of major economic and political signs, those that mark the Great Tribulation. (End of message from Jesus)

Five Years‚ Seven Years,

Or Ten Years Left?

Q: The New Wine keeps telling us that the Lord is coming back soon. But what does "soon" really mean? "Time is short," everyone keeps saying‚ but how short is it? It would be nice to have some figure or idea of the time frame—even just five years, seven years, ten years, etc.

71. (Jesus speaking:) It is not given into My hand to tell you the figure. It is not for you to know of this day and hour. You will not benefit by knowing this; you will benefit more by watching and waiting and praying, and being closely connected to Me. (End of message from Jesus.)

Why Has the "Time Is Short"

Mentality Been Emphasized

So Strongly?

Q: Throughout the Letters Dad ­often said that the AC was just about to rise to power. In many cases he was not only saying that this could be the year, but he was fairly certain that it was the year‚ when in fact nearly 20 years have gone by and it still hasn't happened! This is not only brought up in Dad's Letters, but also in the GNs since he's graduated.

73. I'm so used to hearing, "It's coming soon! It could be this year!" that now I don't pay much attention to it anymore. It's been said that the Lord inspired Dad to say those things about how short time is to spur us to press in and reach the world, and perhaps it's done that. But the downside is that the Family has gotten so used to hearing it that many don't believe it anymore.

74. It's also been used so much in shep­­herding that in some ways it's backfired. As teens, it was very much drilled into us that, "You've got to learn this right now and take all this correction now because time is so short and you've only got a couple of years left!" Now it's 10 or 15 years later and you can't help but think that if we'd known Jesus wasn't going to come back for at least another 15 or 20 years, we could have lightened up a lot more. Plus you start to feel a little resentful against the shepherds who used the Endtime as a motivator to get you to obey, when it didn't even turn out to be true. It's been highlighted in recent GNs also: "If you don't shape up and get the victory, you'll be sorry during the dark days which are just about to begin." But if those dark days keep getting pushed back, it loses its power or meaning.

75. Why did Dad, and Mama since Dad graduated, take that approach, when it seems to have weakened a lot of our young people's faith in the Endtime and prophecy, rather than strengthening it?

76. (Jesus speaking:) Through Habakkuk I said, "For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry. But behold, his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him: but the just shall live by his faith" (Hab.2:3,4).

77. Even in the days of My Early Church, men were saying, "Where is the promise of His coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation" (2Pet.3:4).

78. Through John I conveyed to you, "Little children, it is the Last Time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the Last Time. For many deceivers are entered into the world‚ who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist" (1Jn.2:18; 2Jn.1:7).

79. As you can see, the Devil has used this ploy throughout history to try to deceive My sheep into not following closely and staying desperate to open My Kingdom to My lost sheep. The spirit of antichrist has been increasing for thousands of years, and there are many antichrists walking the Earth today.

80. But be not deceived, for a man of fierce countenance shall arise and shall deceive many. This is the man you call the Antichrist. He will come in My time, for he is bound to fulfill My time frame—he can only rise in the time when I give him permission. So while I may not have set that time yet, because I am waiting on de­cisions and conditions and circum­stances, and I am waiting on you, My children‚ to get out the Word, he will not make a move without My permission, and it will be within My time frame.

81. When it's the time for you to know who this man is‚ I'll reveal it to you. But it's My will that My children walk by faith and not by sight‚ because this is one of the ways I purge My fighting ranks of unbelievers and the halfhearted. I must continually purge My army of those who no longer wish to walk by faith but desire to walk by sight, which makes them too weak to be in the battle on the front lines.

82. I admonish My children that "time is short" to keep them desperate to find My lost sheep before the Devil can deceive and destroy them. Time is very short for millions of people who will die today or tomorrow or this week. Time is short for them‚ and time is short for you to reach them. When you arrive Here with Me, you'll realize how important one soul is and why I did all I could to keep you desperate to reach them. You'll be so thankful that you stayed desperate and worked hard to find My sheep.

83. Throughout history My children have warned that time is short, and it was I who inspired such warnings. Paul told you to "redeem the time, for the days are evil." Peter told you that the end of all things was at hand‚ and that you should be sober and watch unto prayer. And I Myself said that I must work the works of Him that sent Me while it was day‚ for the night comes, when no man can work. And with this vision of the shortness of time and burning love for the lost in their hearts, My Early Church exploded around the world and won millions to Me! I would have you, My latter–day Church, do the same.

84. Your prophets have warned you of the imminent rise of the Antichrist because that is what I put in their hearts and minds to do. The time was now for them because I put a sense of urgency upon them and showed them the incredible amount of evil that has fallen upon the Earth. So to them it seemed it had to be soon, even that month or that year. And it could have been.

85. I have great love for My creation, and so I tarry that you might bring Me more fruit of precious souls, that they might be with us forever in our Kingdom. So do not be weary in well doing, for in due season you shall reap if you faint not. I will come and will not tarry one moment longer than necessary.

86. Fill your time with searching for and seeking out My lost sheep and bringing them to our Kingdom. If I come in a day or a year or many years, what is that to thee? Follow thou Me. Simply trust. And be thankful that your prophets and shepherds have kept you desperate, not knowing the hour the Antichrist would rise or when I will return.

87. I will repeat for you here what is in My Gospel concerning this, for it is as true for you today as it was for those in the day it was written, nearly two thousand years ago:

88. "Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come. But know this, that if the goodman of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up. Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh. Who then is a faithful and wise servant, whom his Lord hath made ruler over his household, to give them meat in due season? Blessed is that servant, whom his Lord when he cometh shall find so doing. Verily I say unto you, that he shall make him ruler over all his goods. But and if that evil servant shall say in his heart, 'My lord delayeth his coming,' and shall begin to smite his fellowservants, and to eat and drink with the drunken; the lord of that servant shall come in a day when he looketh not for him, and in an hour that he is not aware of, and shall cut him asunder, and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth" (Mat.24:42–51).

89. So continue, My children‚ to search out My sheep and bring them My salvation. Witness to the wicked antichrists of this world of My soon return‚ that they might repent, or be held accountable for all their wickedness against My sheep in the Day of Judgment. If it should be one day or 50 years before I return, it doesn't matter to you. My call to you remains the same: Lovest thou Me? Feed My sheep. And warn the wicked of his wicked ways‚ lest his blood be upon your hands.

90. Be not resentful of your shepherds who helped to keep you desperate in your youth, for they have in many cases saved your usefulness to Me. Otherwise many would have wandered off seeking fanciful and lustful pleasures and vain pursuits—a life with no meaning. These shepherds loved My lost sheep and loved you enough to try to keep your heart desperate and broken for them. Bless them and curse them not, for they have salvaged your ministry in the King­dom. (End of message from Jesus.)

91. (Mama: ) Thank the Lord for the pushes and shoves that we've been given as a Family to keep us on the move and preaching the Gospel, or else we might have settled down and lost our fire and fervor!

92. Dad gave the message below about one of our most valuable commodities—time. It's a temptation for all of us to get lax in our jobs for the Lord when we're not exactly sure when the Lord is coming back and how much time we actually have left. But the Lord and Dad both continue to tell us that time is short, and we'd better believe it and obey or else we're going to be sorry when it comes upon us unawares!

93. Here's how we should look at the time that the Lord has given us. Rather than trying to figure out exactly how much time we have left and gauging our work for the Lord accordingly‚ we should live each day with our whole heart, realizing that regardless of when the actual Endtime period begins, our time of fruitfulness and open witnessing may be up any day! Burn free while you can!

94. (Dad speaking:) It's later than you think, folks! What if I told you that you only had three months till the Lord returns? Would that change the way you do things? Would you wake up tomorrow morning and change your mode of operation? Would you be frantically scurrying around, trying to tie up loose ends‚ or would you just chuck all your projects out the window and hit the streets with the lit, trying to get as many souls saved as you could right up to the End? Would you want to get right with the Lord or with your brethren and make amends?

95. What if I told you that you had three years left? How would that affect the way you operate? Would you heave a sigh of relief on one hand, that at least you could finish up this, that and the other? Three years isn't much time—but it could be just enough to make it to one of the needier far-flung foreign mission fields that have yet to hear the true Gospel, places like Russia and China and others, and accomplish a lot. In three years, if you really burn the candle at both ends, you just might be able to make a big difference and save those souls and help get'm prepared for the coming of the Lord.

96. Now, what if I told you that you had ten years left? What kind of mindset would you take on if you knew for certain you had ten years left before Jesus returns? Would you heave a little longer sigh of relief, thinking since you have a little more time left, you might as well do this, that or the other? Ten years isn't very long either—at least not in mainstream society terms. But to most of us, it sounds like a long time. So if I told you there was another ten years before the Lord returns, how would that affect your life and your service for the Lord?

97. But now, what if I told you that you had 30 years left? Wowee! Would you say, "Oh‚ Dad, what a relief, we have lots of time left! Maybe we can afford to take it easy, take on an extra this or that, maybe go to night school and learn such-and-such, even though it really doesn't have much to do with our service for the Lord, or isn't going to be too much help in us getting out the Gospel or reaching the lost. Maybe we can afford it anyhow, because after all, we do have the time." Would you be tempted to think that way?

98. Well, I've got news for you—it's later than you think and your time could be up tomorrow! Your time could be up this moment, in the next hour, the next day or week or month! Your time could be up any time now, any day now!

99. The question you should be asking yourselves is this: "Have I lived this day as if it were my last? Have I done all I could do today for Jesus, for my brethren‚ for my Family‚ and for the world? What did I do today that I won't have to repeat tomorrow? What progress did I make? What did I do today to win a soul?"

100. Beloved‚ time is our most precious commodity—and that's why the apostle said to redeem the time, for the days are evil. Your time could be up any time! The Lord doesn't have to take you Home to Heaven for your time to be up. Things are tightening up—your time of open witnessing, your time of freedom to move around, your time to go here or there and do this or that project, could be drawing to an end. Your time could be up tomorrow! (End of mess­age from Dad.)

What Would Dad Say Now that

The Endtime Hasn't Come Yet?

Q: While Dad was with us on Earth, he was always talking about the End­time, how it was coming so soon, often predicting and giving his theories on when it might begin, such as in the "What If?" series. But the Endtime hasn't come yet, and now that Dad is in Heaven and has more of the overall view, what would he tell us if he were to give the Family another talk on the Endtime and its approach?

102. (Dad speaking:) That's a good one! What would I say if I were to give you another talk on the Endtime and its approach? I'm always happy to talk to the Family, and as I'm sure you've noticed, I haven't stopped talking just because I've passed on to Heaven. So if you want a talk on the Endtime, I've got one for you.

103. Lord help us as we set the stage. You know me, I always like to make the presentation dramatic and special. I've come to realize that the Lord likes a little drama too. He likes to make things special. When He talks, it's always ­special. The Words He shares with us, His Bride, His Body, are never to be taken lightly. His Words are spirit and they are truth. They're life, and without them, we'd just die. We wouldn't be able to live without His Words‚ and life wouldn't even be worth living, would it?

104. We're setting the stage here. Let's paint this picture the way it looks from up Here. I'll describe it to you, and you can just try to imagine what it looks like from my viewpoint.

105. There you are down on Earth, and things don't really look that bad to you. I mean, it's a day, just like any other day. The sun's shining and you've got your normal work to do there on the farm. Did I forget to tell you that you were on a farm? Well‚ there you are on the farm, and you've been working pretty hard. You've done just about everything you could do. You've plowed‚ you've planted, you've fertilized and sprayed for bugs, you've watered, you've waited, you've watered and waited‚ and you're still watering and waiting. Of course, you're not just sitting around waiting. Farm work is never finished; there's always plenty to do. In fact, you hardly even have time to stop and look around you, you're always so busy.

106. But you've done just about everything that you can do, and the crops are growing, especially those crops which have received the greatest care and protection from the pests and plagues of the Enemy. They've been watered and cared for; the weeds have been plucked up and cast out. Everything's coming along very nicely.

107. Well, what has all this work and labor and sacrifice and pain and enduring been good for anyway? What's the goal? What have you been shooting for? What's it all about?

108. It's about the harvest; that's what you've been aiming for. That's what you've been working for and looking forward to this whole time—bringing in the sheaves. And because the Good Farmer's Almanac says so, you know that it's now time to start bringing it in. Every­thing's been heading in that direction, and now the signs all point to it. It's time.

109. But uh-oh! What's that?! Oh, my! Look … there in the distance! Do you see that?! It looks like there's a big storm coming. Look at those big black clouds. They're closing in fast! It looks like you're going to have to fight like the dickens to get the harvest in before the storm hits. Boy, does it look like a big one! I've never seen a storm that big before! And believe me, from up Here, you can see the whole panorama‚ the whole picture.

110. Suddenly everything shifts into another gear. You realize that if you're going to be able to beat the storm and gather the harvest, you've got to work as if everything depended on it. You realize that there's no way that you'll be able to do it without help, so you quickly run to the house and start calling the whole family out. You start shouting and waving your arms and pointing off in the distance, trying to get everybody's attention and get them in motion and out to the fields as quickly as possible. You know there's not a minute to lose.

111. Do you get the point? Have I been able to paint the picture for you? That's the overall view the way I see it. That's the way things look from up Here. And if you want my advice, I'd say you'd better get busy reaping the harvest while you can, because the storm is coming.

112. Oh, I know that some of you might be thinking that I've given this little talk plenty of times before, and I have. I've been seeing this storm coming for years, just like many others have. And you've been wise to take heed to the warnings. But now I'm seeing those same clouds from a different viewpoint, and you can believe me when I say, "Get ready, because the storm's coming!" The clouds have been building for quite some time. They've been accumulating and growing, gathering and getting blacker and meaner. They're not just going to go away. They're not just going to dissipate and disappear. That storm is going to hit, and it's going to hit hard!

113. Am I gonna tell you what day the storm's gonna hit? Am I gonna tell you exactly how much time you have left to reap the harvest? No, I'm not! But I will tell you that you don't have a minute to lose. Every minute you waste, you'll be sorry for, believe me. I'm not saying that to get you scared, and neither do I mean that you can't take time to enjoy life, because reaping this harvest is something that you can't do in your own strength anyway. It's gotta be God, and it's gotta be done by His strength and power. But He's gotta have people who are awake and willing to work, people who are yielded and desperate and willing to let Him work through them. So please don't sit around wasting time, thinking that you've got all the time in the world, because you don't.

114. Open your eyes to the clouds that are gathering, and ask the Lord of the harvest to help you bring in the harvest before it gets wasted by the storm. When you meet Him, will He say to you, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant"? Or will you be found wanting? On that day, you won't be able to use the excuse that the storm snuck up on you before you re­alized that it was coming‚ and you didn't have time to reap. The clouds are there for everyone to see. If you can discern the face of the sky, then you can discern the signs of the times. (End of message from Dad)

Is the "Warning Prophecy"

Still Right On?

Q: Does the Lord have any added insight to the "Warning Prophecy" and what it means for us today? "Turn your eyes towards Memphis"—will the Antichrist actually come out of Egypt, even though that's not exactly the "North" (the Bible often refers to him as "the man of the North") geographically speaking?

116. (Jesus speaking: ) Search the Scriptures; forget not the ancient landmarks. Your Father David had the anointing of Jeremiah and Daniel when he was with you. You now have Jeremiah, Daniel, John‚ and all My other counselors‚ as well as Me, to guide you into Endtime truths. The "Warning Prophecy" is as valid now as when it was given via Grandmother, and it's an even more intense warning now, for these things will shortly come to pass. Although many years have passed, this prophecy is still the cornerstone of what lies ahead from your perspective.

117. Your Father David's writings were honest and unrefined. He shared his heart and thoughts with you without regard for his reputation‚ without putting on the false fronts of appearing to know everything or being infallible. He was a pioneer, a prophet who feared not to speak what and how I wanted him to. He explored many possibilities‚ interpretations, and theories in his hunt to put all the pieces of the puzzle into place, in order to see the whole picture. Like Edison, he learned from what others may call mistakes, but he was not afraid to knock on many doors, launch out on many paths. He was not too proud to change direction or backtrack, and share these steps and missteps openly with you, depending on how I led him.

118. I'm aware that Bible prophecy is a difficult subject on which to search the Scriptures and Letters. David provoked you to question, search, research‚ and finally, to seek Me for these truths. He showed you how to do these things by his honest sample.

119. In all his exploring, pioneering and theorizing, your father sought Me and searched the Scriptures. He loved conundrums, puzzles and riddles. He loved the challenge, the investigation, the experimentation. He was faithful to glorify Me whenever he discovered more truth, and even when he was confused or bewildered or stumped. His faith was such that knowing Me was having access to all the answers, and he accepted that it was up to Me as to when, and how, and if I chose to reveal to him these answers.

120. Your queen has beseeched Me to bestow the anointing of David more freely upon all his children, and this I have done. These are the Last Days, and I am pouring out My Spirit more liberally, and the manifestations of My Spirit through you are becoming more apparent. I am amplifying My power in you.

121. I will show you more truth, more details concerning the future and how it affects you. It is in My interest to prepare and protect you, for what other people are like My David, who will go anywhere, do anything, accept My more radical doctrines and forsake all to share My Words with the lost sheep? I have many followers, but you are My staff.

122. The Antichrist is soon to be revealed. Look how many signs of the times are appearing and being fulfilled—the uniting of Europe; the use of technology for financial, political, and thought control; the voluntary forfeiting of nations' sovereignty to the idea of a one-world gov­ern­ment; the desensitizing and dumbing down of the masses through "education" and the mass media; the secularization of religion, etc.

123. The Great Confusion is the emergency the Antichrist needs to have his regime put into power. The Y2K "emergency" is the beginning of sorrows. It is being engineered to begin the chain of events needed to cause a massive crash of the present world order, so that people will accept this messiah and his new world reorder. According to the way people react to Y2K and the extent of the damage that it does, and the resultant choices the people make because of it, the Antichrist will proceed from there to complete the groundwork needed to bring about his evil empire.

124. Not only must the world's microchip-based infrastructure be restored, but the Antichrist must solve the Middle East crisis. In ­order to do that‚ he must be a man of the Middle East—one who understands and is accepted initially by all parties. He must know the Jews and the Arabs, and must have their blood in his veins. In addition, he must be the perfect vessel for the Devil. He also must have the sponsorship of a superpower. Since the superpower that backs him will not be the U.S.‚ and the U.S. is the only superpower at present‚ then it's obvious that Russia must be revived. He will help bring this about, so that they will be beholden to him—so beholden that he eventually becomes their leader too.

125. What's important is that you know the basic outline. What's most important is that you use the remaining time of peace to get prepared physically and spiritually for the Great Confusion, the Antichrist regime, and the Great Tribulation. (End of message from Jesus)

When Will the

"Days of Preparation" Be Over?

Q: In several prophecies the Lord has said that we're in the "days of preparation." This seems to be His designation for the time period that we're now in before we actually begin to experience more serious Endtime events, such as heavy persecution, breakdown of communication, more wars and famines‚ etc. Could the Lord tell us how long this period will last? When should we expect more serious events to start occurring that will touch our lives more directly? Will the Y2K situation be a signal for more times of disorder or problems that will make it difficult for us to get the Word out, or to raise our provision and support? How long will the "days of preparation" last?

127. (Jesus speaking:) The "days of prep­aration" are coming to an end. The curtain will soon be drawn to a close on this portion of the play, and the next scene will be laid before you. The "days of preparation" were only for a time‚ and the end of this time is almost upon you. The show must go on, and those who have heeded My warnings and admonitions will be key players in the next scene of the Endtime play. Those who have resisted My instructions, or simply pushed aside My Words of caution and proddings to use the new weapons and prepare in spirit‚ shall find themselves wanting.

128. Through this time of relative peace, it was My will and My desire for each one to invest their energies and their initiative in prepar­ations for the future. It was My desire that each one would get ahold of Me and receive My strengthening. Each had the opportunity, ample resources, and the where­withal to prepare in spirit, and such was the purpose of these days of peace, these "days of preparation." I put forth the new weapons, I clearly showed the way, but the choice was left in the laps of each person as to whether or not they would take full advantage of these "days of preparation."

129. Many took the stand and began honing their fighting skills, learning how to hear from Me in prophecy, praising Me and being strengthened through their times in the bed of love with Me, implementing the New Wine and all that I've been pouring forth. They have been strengthened and are prepared for the days that are just around the corner.

130. But then there were some that thought the "days of preparation" was just a figure of speech, or a time period that would last for a long time, and that there would always be more time for them to prepare once they'd finished doing their own thing. Some even felt that when the time came for them to use the new weapons, the anointing would fall, and there was no real purpose in practicing ahead of time or using valuable time to hone their skills. These will not be prepared for the days that are to come, yea, just around the corner.

131. As quickly and unexpectedly as the "days of preparation" came‚ so abruptly will they come to an end. There will not be much advance warning, but I do tell you that these days of peace will not last much longer. At the turn of the century, many things will change in the spirit and in the physical, though perhaps not seen by your mortal eyes. With this, I warn those of you who have neglected your new weapons to pick them up, polish them, and start using them. Now! Make it your top priority, over and above anything else in your life, to become proficient in your use of them—not next month, not next year, but right now! Today!

132. You're living in the Time of the End already, but the times of Great Tribulation and the major signs of the End will come quickly, without much warning. Those who have prepared will be ready, and their automatic reaction will be to pick up their new spiritual weapons and use them, for they've been practicing and perfecting their skills and tactics of war. But those who haven't prepared will have a hard time picking up their weapons, much less shooting, and there will be casualties.

133. The "days of preparation" are not over yet, but the clock is ticking. When the clock strikes 12 on the 31st of December 1999, a new era will begin. For those of you who haven't yet taken up the challenge, there's still time to prepare in spirit, but for you it will be more difficult. You're going to have to take a crash course, and it's not going to be easy. But it is My will for all of My brides to be well armed and well trained, so if you have the determination and the will to complete your training, though it will be a fight, I will see to it that you make the grade. All I need is your willingness and yieldedness. I need you to drop everything else and make this your top priority; it's the only way you're going to make it. (End of message from Jesus)

How Should We Practically

Prepare for the Great Confusion?

Q: Is there any further insight regarding the Great Confusion that is to come? How will this "confusion" or "crash"—or what­ever it will be—affect the world? How do we prepare for it in this day and age? Are we prepared enough knowing how to start fires and build lean-tos (the old TK "Survival Sam" approach), or are there other things we need to learn and be prepared for‚ such as finding housing in secure locations‚ buying vehicles‚ or even experi­ment­ing with modes of communication independent from the System's telephone and postal systems? How prepared are we supposed to be to do without these things—and for how long? Is the vision just to wait until the Antichrist restores the world's peace and utilities, and then just continue "using it" as we have until now? Or should we prepare to live more clandestinely and independently from the System on a long-term basis, bypassing such easily monitored services even after they've been restored, by using means of our own?

135. (Mama: ) Many aspects of this multi-faceted question have been answered in the recent "Y2K Preparation!" Letter (ML #3252‚ GN 855). "Latest News Flashes No.278" (ML #3256) adds some further counsel and actions for the Family. Please reread these Letters, which contain a great deal of practical counsel and advice in regards to both physical and spiritual preparation. The following message from the Lord adds to the counsel already given in the Letters I mentioned.

136. (Jesus speaking: ) It is not a time for business as usual. The Family has weathered a time of severe worldwide persecution, which has been followed by several years of peace. Now it's time to prepare for another onslaught—not of persecution, but of famine, plagues, civil disorder, and the breakdown of community services, which will affect the whole world. My promises stand as strong as ever for My children: I will protect and provide and deliver you. You will have great opportunity to testify of Me and lead many to Me—and you will not just win many souls, but many disciples. Make diligent use of this time to raise the standard, both in your personal lives and in your Home. Raise the level of your obedience, the level of your hunger for the Word, the level of your love for the lost, the level of your faithfulness.

137. Look with excitement upon these signs of the times! The end of all things is at hand. The time of My return draws near. The events leading up to My return are truly happening! The scoffers who say that the Endtime warnings of the doomsayers are the same now as they have been since the beginning, and that all things will continue as they were, will have a mighty widening of their eyes!

138. In addition to studying what I and your shepherds have said regarding these times‚ seek Me diligently for specifics for your situation, your Home, your country, your sheep. By staying close to Me, I will be able to lead and guide you not only into all truth, but also into green pastures, and feed you bountifully in the presence of your enemies.

139. The System exists to serve you; use it until the System makes it mandatory to deny your faith in order to use its services. The Mark is not yet fully in place, the Antichrist regime is not in power, so until then, use the System. But keep in mind that you must progressively prepare to reduce your depen­dence on its services as things move towards the one-world regime. The maxims "use the System, but don't let it use you" and "use it but don't abuse it," keep things in perspective.

140. Are you living by faith? Are you exercising the gifts of the Spirit that enable you to trust Me to supply your needs? Are you learning to walk on the water? Are you building up your faith muscles? The just shall live by faith. The just shall survive by faith! (End of message from Jesus.) n