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More on "The Shakeup 2000!"

Karen Zerby

By MariaMaria #507 CM 3262 9/99

Dear Family,

1. God bless and strengthen you! Peter and I love you very much and we're praying for you as those of you who are 16 and up pray about your future and whether you will remain in the CM Family. We realize that "The Shakeup 2000" GN might not have answered all your questions‚ leaving you feeling a little uncertain, so we're going to address more questions you may have in this issue.

2. After reading about the Lord's challenge to the Charter Member Family, you might be fearing the future, wondering if you have what it takes to continue on in the CM Family. Or possibly you wonder what sort of changes will come to pass as we all work together to strengthen and cleanse the Family, and if those changes will be handled lovingly.

3. We pray that the messages included in this GN will help alleviate some of your worries. The Lord has given further information that will help you to see more clearly what kind of changes will come about in the CM Family as a result of this shakeup and cleansing. These mess­ages from the Lord and Dad will also help you to know what you can expect and what will be expected of you should you decide to stay in the CM Family.

4. Peter and I are not able to address all the details of the particular problems, situations or questions that you will come up against, but in this GN there is more counsel about the spiritual principles that will help you make your de­cisions, as well as some practical counsel regarding the Charter Member standard. I believe you'll find this counsel useful if you'll prayerfully apply it to your situation and then ask the Lord to speak to you in prophecy regarding the specifics of what you need to do.

5. Peter and I love each of you very dearly‚ and we pray that this GN will make things easier for you and bring the Lord's plan and will more into focus. It's such a wonderful blessing that our precious Husband and dear Dad are so willing to explain the vision more fully and help us understand more clearly where we're headed!

6. These messages are strong meat. They're challenging, but also very sobering. There's a very special message of encouragement at the end of this GN, but I felt you would need something from the Lord right here in the beginning to help give you faith and to prepare you for His instruction and counsel. One of the dear ones in our Home received a motivating word picture in their personal prayer time after reading "The Shakeup 2000" which I want to share with you.

7. I believe this vision of things to come will help you to keep your eyes on the end of the road and all you have to gain at this time, instead of being distracted and discouraged with the many changes you may feel you and your Home will need to make to fulfill the CM standard. You can do it! You can become the new person you want and need to be, and your Home can improve and become a better sample, if you'll open up completely to the Lord's instruction‚ which He refers to in this next message as a refreshing, cleansing, invigorating waterfall.

8. (Jesus speaking:) Simply open your mind to the waterfall that I'm pouring over you. Let it cleanse you‚ and receive it without analyzing, without doubting, without resisting. Uncover every part of yourself, and don't try to shield either your heart or your mind from the rushing waters. They feel so cold and they flow so quickly on you and through you, and the temptation is to pull away, to hold back, to preserve some of your self-image, pride and carnal reasoning.

9. But no, stand under My waterfall with your face turned upwards and your mouth open‚ receiving every drop I have for you, and let Me wash away the burdens of your self-image, your pride, your independence, your worldliness, your laziness, and your carnal-mindedness. Let that cool refreshing water rush over your bare skin, cleansing every pore and removing every bit of grime and every blemish so that you can have a rebirth into My army.

10. Join the army of simple, humble ­soldiers who stand naked before Me. They're even now gathering below the waterfall, uniting in hu­mility that they might be a force to reckon with in the days of evil to come.

11. In the distance there are other soldiers taking off for parts unknown, soldiers who had not the humility and desperation to be stripped of their own ways‚ their own image, their own paraphernalia. They are clothed in the rags of their old selves, and they traipse away, laden with their gadgets and the things of the world, the possessions and worldly ideals that they could not bring themselves to forsake.

12. Where will you end up? That is up to you and the hunger you demonstrate at this moment to receive every drop of My refreshing, cleansing waterfall, the waterfall of My Word and this move of My Spirit to purge and cleanse and unite.

13. What the departing soldiers don't see is that this naked army—so humble, so ­nothing, so unworldly and simple, stripped of all their treasured ideals and second-best pastimes—will linger but for a moment in that state. For even now there are hosts of Heaven streaming down, heading for this army, whose job is to distribute in even greater number the garments and the weapons that My elite soldiers will need for this final stand in world history.

14. Yes, you'll be clothed, but in My coverings. You'll have weapons, but they are of My making and not products of your own mind, your own wisdom‚ pride or carnal reasoning. These clothes and these weapons‚ which you've tried on and had experience using these past years, will now give you more power than ever, for they will be unencumbered by the things of this world that you were also clothed in before. (End of message from Jesus.)

What Makes an Activity

"Unedifying" or "Ungodly"?

15. (Mama: ) First‚ let's discuss more in depth what it means to "minimize and resist ungodly and unedifying influences in your life." The Charter membership contract and the Provisional Charter membership contract, which are based on the Love Charter, say that one of the responsibilities of those in the CM Family is the following:

16. A. Maintain a close connection with God through personal communion with Jesus, personal and united prayer and praise, personal and united reading of His Word (both the Bible and the Letters), Scripture memorization‚ and the minimizing and resisting of ungodly and unedifying influences in my life; thus exhibiting the fruits of the Holy Spirit‚ which are: "love, joy, peace, long-suffering‚ gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance."

17. (From WS Leadership: Since it is not fully spelled out in the above point, we wish to make it clear here that failure to minimize and resist ungodly and unedifying influences includes consistently reading unedifying or ungodly material‚ including porno­graphic material, in books, magazines or on the Internet; watching unedifying videos, movies or TV; playing unedifying computer games; sending ungodly e-mail; listening to ungodly music; using foul language or engaging in other activities deemed by the Family's governing bodies to be a reproach to the cause of Christ.)

18. "If you are unsure about whether something is unedifying, go to the Word, go to the Lord, counsel with your shepherds and be open to what the Word, the Lord and your shepherds say" ("Charter Responsi­bilities," ML #3197:61). If you wish to keep your Charter membership, then you are required to minimize these ungodly influences in your life.

19. As with all other individual Charter responsi­bilities, we want to make it clear that discerning whether you are minimizing and resisting unedifying and ungodly influences in your life will be determined by the agreement of any two of the Family's governing bodies—your Home‚ your area office, and your continental office—and not by you.

20. After other forms of shepherding and Charter discipline have been exhausted, if your Home, your area office or your continental office feel you are consistently not minimizing these ungodly and unedifying influences, they will recommend you for Fellow Member status. If one of the other two bodies agrees with their recommendation, the procedure to move you to ­Fellow Member status will begin immediately‚ as outlined on pages 211-216 of the Charter.

21. "Since the Lord's counsel on these matters has been published in the Word, and since you as a Charter Member are ex­pected to read and believe the Word‚ it is expected that you'll accept what the Lord and we have to say about these things. Whe­ther you personally feel that these affect you negatively or not‚ God's Word says they do, and as a Charter Member you should avoid and minimize them in your life." ("Charter Responsibilities," ML #3197:66).

22. When you think of activities that can be ungodly and unedifying‚ the most common ones that come to mind are the ones listed in the above explanation. While these activities might be the most obvious ones that can be ungodly and unedifying influences in your life, they aren't the only ones. There are other activities that Family members engage in regularly that are not always ungodly and unedifying‚ but which can become ungodly and unedifying with time, especially if the people involved do not stay very strong in the Word and close to the Lord.

23. If the Family is to be cleansed of the poison from the System that is weakening it, and if you and your Home are to be strengthened spiritually, then you must have a good understanding of what to watch out for as far as ungodly and unedifying influences. Peter and I expect that you will very carefully monitor the negative influences of the activities listed above, but we also want to alert you to some involvement with the System that is having a detrimental effect on many CM Family members at this time. These activities, when not handled well or when they're not the Lord's will, also fall under the category of ungodly and unedifying influences, which you should pray about and minimize. Here is a message from Dad with more details and explanation on this subject.

24. (Dad speaking: ) Exactly what is an "unedifying" or "ungodly" activity? That can be a pretty tough question to judge. Many people have different ideas or opinions on whether some particular activity is "unedifying" or "ungodly," and that differ­ence of opinion can sometimes be a bone of contention between individuals, between parents and children, between Homes, or between shepherds and their flocks.

25. Added to this is the fact that in some cases a certain activity might be considered "unedifying" or "ungodly," but in other circum­stances with different people, the same activity might not be. Take System jobs, for example. For some people, holding a System job can be quite an ungodly influence because it weakens them spiritually; they stop witnessing or getting enough Word time‚ and they stop living the Word, etc. So the fruit is bad and therefore it has become an ungodly influence. Even if it started out okay and was the Lord's will, if with time it became an ungodly influence, then you should minimize it by quitting the job.

26. Others might have System jobs, but it doesn't have the same effect on them. It's an avenue through which they can witness, it doesn't take up all their time and thoughts, and they still get in the Word and are right in there with the latest moves of the Spirit, trying to obey and follow. Maybe they have a job because it's helping them to get visas, or because the Lord opened the door for it and indicated it was His will for the time being; or maybe it's a temporary thing to raise funds quickly, or whatever. The point is that in one situation a System job might have a negative effect and in another situation it might have a positive effect.

27. There are many other examples of activities or situations where the effect can vary. System education is one. Maybe in some cases it's the Lord's will that some parents put their chil­dren in System school for a while so that they can learn the language, or because they're not able to give their kids the proper education since they're short-staffed, etc. But, because the parents are careful to follow the instruction the Lord has given regarding how to shepherd and protect their kids spiritually if they're in System school, and they keep their kids pumped up with the Word and take them out witnessing‚ the kids aren't getting polluted by the System. (See "Our Children's Education," ML #3066‚ Lifelines 23.)

28. But in other situations, kids in System school are just drinking in all of the System influence from their schoolmates, and the parents aren't doing their part to counter that with the Word and keep them filled with the Spirit. So in that case, the System schooling is an ungodly and unedifying influence, and according to the Charter they should minimize it by taking their kids out of school and finding another way to give them the education that they need. It's not that in every case, for any kid to go to System school is ungodly and unedifying‚ but in many cases it can be and has been!

29. Now let's take System relatives. For some people, having so much contact with their System relatives and being so close to them has a real pull on their service for the Lord. It causes them to be weakened spiritually, to ­water down their convictions, to compromise for gain, to not live up to the standard in the Word because they're afraid of offending their relatives. It often opens the door to materialism and influences their children wrongly in that way.

30. So in situations like that, it's definitely ungodly and unedifying, and according to the Charter, those folks should be minimizing it. That doesn't mean they can't ever talk to their relatives or visit them, but it does mean that they should tone things down, really seek the Lord about how it's influencing them and their children, and get back on track in upholding the standard, even if it means less contact with their relatives. They need to make sure they aren't being unequally yoked with unbelievers, and if they are, they should cast off that yoke!

31. But in other cases, the contact that some Family members have with their relatives is positive and helpful. They're witnessing to them and bringing them along spiritually; they're not compromising their convictions or letting the standard drop. They're careful that it's not too much contact‚ for the sake of the children. So contact with relatives in itself is not ungodly and unedifying, but it certainly can be if the fruit of it is wrong, if it's weakening people spiritually and causing them to lower their standard.

32. You see, that's the key. That's how you can tell—by the fruits. You can't make a black-and-white list and say, "This is ungodly‚ but this isn't; this is unedifying, but this isn't." Well, you can with some things that are pretty black and white and spelled out in the Charter. Listening to poisonous music with devilish lyrics is obviously ungodly; there's no question about that. Or smoking dope. Or watching horribly vio­lent, senseless movies. That's pretty clear and easy to recognize. But there are lots of other in­fluences that can be ungodly and unedifying that you can't put down in black and white because so much depends on the people involved, the degree of involvement, the circumstances‚ the effect it has on them, the extent or frequency with which they partake of such activities, etc. So in cases where it's questionable, you can tell by the fruit.

33. Having a System job or having your kids go to System school or having extensive contact with your relatives may not be ungodly or unedifying in every case, but if it's bearing bad fruit, then it is ungodly and unedifying, and it should be stopped or minimized! "Wherefore by their fruits, you shall know them." It's the fruit you judge by! If the fruit is ungodly, then the tree—in this case, the activity—is ungodly.

34. So watch the fruit. Is it negative? Is it tearing people down spiritually? Then it's an ungodly and unedifying influence, and according to the Charter it should be minimized.

35. You can probably pow-wow within your own Home a list of things that could be ungodly or unedifying if done in the wrong spirit. Actually, a lot of things can be unedifying if not done in the right spirit or in moderation, so the main way to stay on the straight and narrow is just to stay in prayer and hear from the Lord and make sure that you're following Him!

36. Going out to follow up on sheep is a godly and edifying activity, but if you're really just going out to hang out with your System friends instead of witnessing to them, and if attending their parties and going out dancing with them is pulling you out of the Lord's service instead of pulling them closer to the Lord, then it's unedifying and ungodly. It's fine to go out and visit friends you're ministering to‚ and even do fun activities together sometimes, like have parties, play and relax together, etc. You don't want to come across like self–righteous church people.

37. But what you should be actively striving for is to teach them more about the Lord and how to give His love to others. If you're not doing that, and they're not getting closer, or if they're not hungry for the Lord and the truth, then you're wasting your time, because there are other people who need your time and attention who are hungry! So instead of that follow-up and involvement with System friends being an edifying influence or activity, it becomes an unedifying one. Do you understand? Do you see the difference?

38. Just remember, "By their fruits you shall know them!" That's the criteria you should go by for activities that are not obviously or al­ways ungodly or unedifying, but which can be.

39. Also remember that it's often easier for other people to see what the fruits are in your life than it is for you. That's just the way it is. We often can't see how something is influencing us negatively, just like we sometimes have a hard time seeing the positive progress that we're making spiritually. Have you ever had that happen where you've been trying to get the victory over something and you don't feel like you're making any progress, and then someone tells you how they notice that you're a lot different and you've changed? That's really en­couraging, isn't it? Well, the same is true the other way around. It's easier for other people to recognize that you're changing in a negative way and being influenced more negatively by something than it is for you. So listen to what they have to say. In fact, you should solicit the advice of others and ask them whether they think something is having a bad influence or effect on you, so you can minimize it and stay strong! (End of message from Dad.)

40. (Mama:) It's clear that some of you in the CM Family have been weakened because of your not minimizing or resisting ungodly and unedifying influences. You've eaten the poison­ous grass and drunk of the evil wells from the System, and now some of you are quite sick. Prob­ably the most common of such negative in­fluences are watching bad movies‚ videos or TV shows; visiting sites on the Internet that are not profitable or educational or helpful‚ but which promote ungodly views that are contrary to the Word; reading novels that are obviously full of very negative propaganda or subtle wrong attitudes that are spiritually detrimental, or that have not been approved by your Home; reading porno­graphic material; playing violent computer games; participating in ugly‚ divisive e-mail com­munications; failing to follow the counsel given in the MLs and Family publications regarding listening to System music; using foul language‚ and going overboard on drinking alcoholic beverages.

41. It is absolutely necessary that you make a definite effort to minimize and resist these influences in your life by applying the New Wine practically and spiritually to your life, and if you fail to do so consistently, you're con­tra­vening the Charter and the Charter member­ship contract and you will be asked to move to Fellow Member status.

42. As Dad explains, some of you are also weakening because of the ungodly and un­edifying influence of your System jobs or your contact with System relatives or from having your kids in System school. These too can become inroads for the poison of the System in the form of compromise and wrong attitudes, and getting away from or not having time for the Lord and His Word.

43. Please understand that if someone in your Home is not upholding the CM standard because they're not minimizing and resisting ungodly and unedifying influences in these ways, it is the responsibility of you Home team­works to help that person see the problem. You should counsel them, pray with them, and hear from the Lord with them. If they refuse to change‚ then you and your Home Council are responsible to discipline them according to the Charter. And if the person continues to be polluted through these ungodly and unedifying influences‚ especially if that person pollutes others, then they need to be recommended for Fellow Member status.

44. What each of you Charter Members need to realize is that the level of ungodly and unedifying influence in your life and Home that was tolerated before the publishing of "The Shakeup 2000!" will no longer be tolerated. It cannot be allowed if we are to strengthen the Family. I know you want to strengthen the Family, and to do so, things must change in this area, and change drastically!

45. As a Home you are responsible to vote on Home regulations regarding things such as movies, novels, computer games, etc. You are also required to agree if someone takes on a System job or people send their kids to System school. But when making these decisions, you must realize that you can't go by your previous mindset. You can't judge these matters by the standard of measurement that you've had for the last few years. You have to see things differently, by today's standards according to "The Shakeup 2000" and the Charter! In order to do that, you need to seek the Lord desperately, putting aside your own opinions and wanting His will. Ask Him to guide you through the Word and prophecy, and really get desperate to do the right thing.

46. If you do your best to follow the Word and you want your opinions and Home voting choices to be in line with the Word and the direction the Lord is leading in the New Wine‚ then He won't lead you to do something that is contradictory to "The Shakeup." He will give you added details and specifics that fit your situation, and He will explain to you why you should or should not do such and such; but if you are seeking with all your heart to follow the CM standard, He won't give you permission to do things that are not in accordance with the latest Word and the new standard of "The Shakeup" and the Charter member­ship contract.

47. Each person and Home will have to make a greater effort to minimize the ungodly and unedifying influences, and if they don't consist­ently do so, then that person or Home should and will be disciplined. This counsel applies to the activities that we normally think of as ungodly and unedifying influences, which are listed earlier, as well as those activities that Dad brings out which are not always ungodly and unedifying but which can become ungodly and unedifying.

48. Peter and I have counseled with your CROs and VSs on what the Lord has shown concerning upholding the standard. So you can expect that as they visit and communicate with you, they will be upholding the Charter standard more than they have been up until now. As they hold you fully to the responsibilities and rules outlined in the Charter, you can remember that the Lord said that the time of transition to living the Charter has long been past.

49. If you've wondered why living the Charter has been so difficult, with such a variance in standard from Home to Home, in part it's because the Charter has not been enforced or adhered to like the Lord intended for it to be. But now our dear CROs and VSs are going to do their job of enforcing the Charter‚ and the Lord has promised that it will strengthen us as a Family, and that we'll have much happier and more fruitful Homes because of it.

The Need to Confront

Spiritual As Well as Physical

Charter Infractions

50. Many of you probably know someone or have heard of someone who has been disciplined according to the Charter for excom­municable offenses. Maybe it's happened to you personally. Sexual crossovers—meaning people having sexual contact outside their age range—is probably one of the most common. There's also been a fair bit of sexual contact with out­siders, especially amongst you of the second generation. Since the last Summit and the publication of "Charter Responsibilities," the CROs have been quite faithful to discipline such excommunic­­able offenses according to the Charter‚ and as a result‚ things have improved somewhat in these areas.

51. But there are other "crimes," spiritual ones, that have gone largely undisciplined by the Homes, VSs and CROs, and that have resulted in some serious problems both inside and outside our Homes. This is happening in almost every field worldwide. These problems are caused by people who are not upholding the spiritual requirements of the Charter, and sad to say, such people are often a very negative influence on others.

52. The spiritual problems I'm talking about are when people: sow division, mock or talk against the Word, are a destructive influence and lead others astray, do not minimize ungodly and unedifying influences, are unwilling to acknowledge and work on their weaknesses and besetting sins, do not read or try to apply the New Wine to their lives, do not live according to the Law of Love, do not shepherd and discipline their children, are unwilling to abide by their Home's regulations, or do not conduct themselves as would be expected of good Christians, and are a reproach to the cause.

53. There are many possible reasons why these problems have been allowed to continue. Possibly it's because the CROs and VSs have focused their time and attention on correcting the more obvious sins, such as those involving sex with outsiders, or the young people crossing the line in their sexual contact with each other. These are the infractions that have been reported more often and have been easier to confirm and to correct; thus their time and ­energy has been spent on these first.

54. Another reason the shepherds have found it difficult to discipline those involved in spiritual infractions of the Charter like I described above is because they say they often don't really have what they feel is sufficient "proof" of the person's guilt. These spiritual crimes are less black and white than the excom­municable offenses, and therefore the CROs or VSs find it difficult to be sure they have enough indisputable "evidence" to warrant disciplining the person. That's understandable, because the CROs and VSs don't visit very ­often‚ and when they do, they don't feel they can make a wise and balanced decision to discipline someone based on a few reports when they haven't personally witnessed the bad behavior.

55. Or even if they did have sufficient proof of wrong­doing, being aware of the mistakes and excesses of the past, they didn't want to come across as being hard and unmerciful shepherds. As a result, they often allowed themselves to be con­vinced by the people in question that they weren't doing so badly after all. They wanted to be "friends" with their flock‚ so they backed away from con­frontations. They wanted to be seen as being kind and they wanted to get rid of the stigma that was attached to the TRF Supporter purge, so they went the other direction. So the pattern has regularly been that the CROs and VSs have given the guilty people too much time and leniency, while they waited for the right opportunity to discipline them for their behavior.

56. Of course, to be fair, I have to mention that the lack of discipline for these spiritual crimes is also the fault of the Home teamworks and Home Councils. The CROs and VSs are at a distance and they just hear reports, or they come to the Home once in a blue moon, and of course it's difficult for them to base their decision simply on the report of the teamwork. I can see that CROs and VSs would be very insecure, feeling they were making a mistake if they hadn't witnessed this bad behavior personally—which they probably wouldn't, as when the VSs or CROs visit the Home, the person in question would probably be as sweet as pie! But you Home teamworks live with your Home members day in and day out, so it's much easier for you to see how they're doing on a consistent basis. But I understand that you probably followed the lead of the VSs and CROs, and if they were lenient‚ if they weren't enforcing the Charter, you probably thought that was the way to be, the proper approach to shepherding in this new day.

57. I also understand that people do travel around a lot these days. Sometimes they don't stick around in one place long enough for a clear pattern of wrongdoing to become evident enough for you shep­herds to have the faith to discipline them. Sometimes the friends of the guilty ones don't report the wrong behavior, which makes it very difficult for the Home Council or the VSs or CROs to assess the situation.

58. So if you've wondered why some "crimes" against the Word and the Charter have gone on for so long and not been punished, or at least not as quickly as it seems they should have‚ those are some of the reasons. I hope that helps you to understand. But this must change!

59. In this next message the Lord speaks about the need to tighten the spiritual side of the Family by not allowing behavior and spiritual attitudes that contravene the Charter. There needs to be an improvement in the discipline of these spiritual problems just as there has been an improvement over this last year in the discipline of the more obvious excom­municable offenses. Even though it is difficult for the Homes, VSs and CROs to judge situations that are not as "black and white" regarding infractions of the spiritual requirements of the CM or Pro­visional CM contract, you will see that they will be more faithful to do so in the future. This is very necessary.

60. This discipline for spiritual problems is part of the cleansing process. As you can surely understand, signing the contract and making your choice as to what you want to do is just the first step. Then there must be the continual cleansing process, to rid the body of the poisonous grass and evil waters that have polluted so many, and to keep the Family clean and free from the poison of the System and the bad influence of those members who either don't want to or don't deserve to be in the CM Family because they're not upholding the CM contract.

61. Here is a message from the Lord that explains this need to discipline the spiritual sins that have gone largely unchecked in many cases until now.

62. (Jesus speaking: ) It's harder for the shepherds, in a way, to discipline for these spiritual offenses because, while they're even more serious than the physical offenses, they can be harder to define clearly‚ and especially harder to get the person to accept and see for themselves.

63. With the sins of divisiveness, murmuring, criticism and various forms of worldliness‚ you must realize that often a lot of pride and self-righteousness accompany these weak­nesses. This makes it difficult for the people themselves to see the error of their ways, and in trying to gloss over their own problems and justify themselves, they often succeed in convincing their shepherds that they're not doing so badly after all; or that they're within their rights; or that the shepherds could "get in trouble" or at least get a bad reputation for being unfair or too strict‚ if they draw the line and impose discipline.

64. Many of your shepherds have weakened in their convictions, as I have explained in previous messages. They felt that because of the freedom of the Charter and the greater emphasis on love and understanding over the past couple of years, they were supposed to go as far as they could in being tolerant and lenient. This was in fact a serious misunderstanding of My Word and My Spirit.

65. It was necessary that there be more freedom and a certain amount of looseness for a time. That time is long past, yet many seem to think that it should go on. People actually think that is the right way for things to be. They don't see the necessity of being completely dropped-out, sold-out, committed disciples who fight against their weaknesses and against ungodly influences. They think that it's their right and privilege to dabble in and partake of the things of the world without any restraints—its entertainment, its attitudes, its inde­pend­ence, and all that comes along with these.

66. There is a great delusion among the Family, and even among the shepherds. They have misunder­stood My admonitions to be loving, merciful and understanding. Yes‚ I am loving, merciful, and under­standing. Yet I am also a firm Ruler, the Lawgiver, and the One Who has to keep this whole universe, world and Family running and accomplishing My purpose. This cannot be done without some semblance of law and order. Therefore have I given My laws and rules to My Family, and I expect My people to keep these laws, and My shepherds to enforce these laws—lovingly, yes, but to enforce them nevertheless.

67. Loving correction does not mean toning down the punishment. Rather it means giving the punishment with love‚ from a broken heart, with understanding, feeling for the other person, reassuring them that you and I still love them, and offering your help and support. It does not mean letting them off the hook. Yet this is what has been happening, and not just in a few isolated cases, but on quite a large scale. (End of message from Jesus.)

68. (Mama: ) The Lord says here that going too far in being tolerant and lenient has been a serious misunderstanding of His Word and Spirit. He also says there has been great delusion among the Family‚ even among the shepherds, because you have misunderstood His admonitions to be loving, merciful and under­­standing. These are pretty serious problems, and this misunderstanding and delusion are a big part of the cause of the weakening of the Family. People have been allowed to go too far for too long. They've been allowed to contravene the Charter because discipline was not enforced. "Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil" (Ecc.8:11).

69. The more people got away with sins of the spirit such as murmuring, sowing division, talking against the Word, going against the Law of Love, letting their kids run wild, being bad testimonies and stumbling outsiders with their bad behavior, wallowing in ungodly and unedifying influences, the more people thought it was okay to do these things. It was like a chain reaction in which the troublemakers and incorrigible problem cases infected others who also were weakened and began to get further and further away from the Charter standard‚ and it just went on and on.

70. We've heard it reported from every CRO area that when the CROs and VSs finally acted on problem situations—either excommunicating the guilty individuals or putting substandard Homes on Probationary Notice—then the whole area took notice and things changed for the better. When people realized that some were actually getting disciplined, that they weren't going to be allowed to just continue in their sins and get off scot-free, then they started to straighten up and toe the line a bit more. But the opposite was also true, and unfortunately it happened very frequently. When there was no discipline meted out and the shepherds and Home Councils were lax and indulgent‚ then things just got worse and worse.

71. Of course, the VSs and CROs and you Home Councils have not been negligent on purpose. The Lord understands that it's difficult to discipline spiritual sins because they're less defined, and you often feel that you don't have a good enough "case," that the person isn't crossing the Charter line "consistently enough" so you can't really confront them. You feel in­secure that you're going to be seen as being hard, unloving or imposing unfair discipline.

72. I understand how you could have come to those conclusions, but they're wrong. And now you have to let the Lord's Word change your views on discipline. You need to realize, as He says in the above message, that "loving cor­rection does not mean toning down the punishment. Rather it means giving the punishment with love, from a broken heart, with understanding, feeling for the other person…. It does not mean letting them off the hook."

73. In this next message the Lord talks to the CROs and VSs, but this counsel is very applicable for you Home Councils as well. The purpose of publishing this message is not to embarrass the CROs or VSs, and I pray you'll be mature enough to read this without getting critical of them. You should be thankful that they're willing to have these lessons published so that you can all benefit‚ because you Home Councils are one of the three governing bodies of the Family on the field, and you‚ too, are responsible to discipline those who are failing to uphold the spiritual side of the Charter membership contract. You need to take this counsel to heart as well, because you've also been guilty of being too lenient, and you have less excuse than the VSs and CROs because you live with your Home members and you have more opportunity to see their daily actions and attitudes and how they're contravening the Charter.

74. (Jesus speaking:) My precious shepherds, overall you've done well in disciplining those who have committed clear–cut, black-and–white Charter infractions. There was a time when you were hesitant even to mete out sufficient punishment for some of these, not seeing the seriousness of the consequences of not up­holding the Charter in every point. But you've grown and progressed in this area. You've been faithful to reprimand the errant ones and set them on the straight and narrow, realizing that even though these sins are not necessarily symptomatic of great spiritual problems, nevertheless the acceptance of them undermines respect for the Word and the Charter, and could physically endanger the Family.

75. Yet I must also make you aware of another angle of discipline in which you are very lacking. It concerns upholding the spiritual standard of the Charter, which is of far greater import­ance in My sight. Yes, the physical rules and regulations, especially those governing sexual contact, etc., are necessary and serve an import­ant purpose, and must be enforced. Nevertheless, these sins do not hinder and hurt the spiritual well-being of the Family nearly as much as do the sins of the spirit. The sins of the spirit are the most destructive, for they eat away at the very hearts and spirits of My children, and weaken them until they have no strength or conviction and are unable to fulfill their role as soldiers in My army.

76. There are many in the Family who are not fulfilling their responsibility to minimize worldly influences. There are many who are not fulfilling their responsibility to feed from My Words and endeavor to apply them spiritually and practically to their lives. There are many who do not fulfill their responsibility to fight to overcome their personal weaknesses and NWOs that affect others. There are many going around sowing division and speaking against My anointed and My Words. These things, My precious ones, are what you should be most on guard and on the attack about, and most vigilant to seek out and confront.

77. I know it's much more difficult for you to do this‚ because these things are less black and white‚ less defined. They are defined, but because they're not always measured by specific actions, but are manifested in attitudes, speech and in the spirit, and because those who are harboring these weaknesses are often full of self-righteousness and justifications‚ you have often backed away from a fight, from a confrontation.

78. It is not a confrontation with the individual that I ask so much as a confrontation with the Enemy. You should delight to do battle with the Evil One and fight him and his machinations! You need to see that each Family member who is beset with such serious sins and weak­nesses is being a tool of the Enemy, being led around by the nose by Satan, and used as an instrument to weaken and hurt the Family. You need to love the sinner, yet hate the sin.

79. You need to have more faith to stand up to these and less fear of man, less fear of tarnishing your reputation, less fear even of hurting someone's feelings or discouraging them a bit.

80. I can encourage them, and you can encourage them, but encouragement is not synonymous with leniency. Love and under­stand­ing are not synony­mous with leniency. Love is giving others what they need‚ and what I show you to give them. Love is being so concerned for others that you tell them the truth, because you want to help them. These are basic principles in a way, but oh, so difficult to implement when it gets down to the wire.

81. You need to go on the attack from this day forward to bring to the fore, confront, and discipline when necessary, the wrong attitudes and spiritual weaknesses that have crept into your ranks. You will need to have My supernatural help and guidance with this, which you can receive by coming to Me to hear My instruc­tion in prophecy, because with your own eyes, and even with the gift of discernment I've given you, it's not always so obvious. You hear things from others about certain people or situations, and you can talk to them yourself and see where they're at to some degree. Yet you also need to realize that sometimes the way they appear when they're with you is not the full picture. Also, sometimes the reports of others, while necess­ary in that they cause your attention to be drawn to the problem‚ are not entirely reliable.

82. Sometimes the situation may be more or less serious than what you see at first glance. Therefore it is imperative that you seek Me earn­estly and hear from Me in prophecy to get the specific insight and guidance that you need. I will show you who to talk to‚ how to talk to them, what to ask, what to bring up, and how to approach it. By following Me, you will see that I will make it plain how you should handle these situations with those who are not living up to their spiritual responsibilities as Charter Members.

83. It's not the day for tiptoeing around and waiting for situations to get so big and huge and ugly and out of control that it's obvious that discipline is needed. Of course, you do need to step in when there are situations like that, and so far you haven't even always done that, or done it right! But now you can, and now you must! It's a new day, a new era, and you as My shepherds need to grow and change in this area of correcting not only the obviously excom­municable sins and actions, but correcting and disciplining those who are failing to live up to the spiritual standard I have laid out for them in the Charter membership contract. (End of mess­age from Jesus.)

84. (Mama: ) The Lord makes it clear here that the spiritual sins are the ones that are hurting the Family the most, even more than excom­municable offenses such as sex with outsiders. We all know that sex with outsiders is not good, and it is forbidden for a good reason—to protect the health and safety of the Family. But even those who slip in this way are not doing as much damage to the Family as those who are allowed to continually murmur, talk against the Word and Family policies, soak up ungodly and unedifying influences, not read or apply the New Wine to their lives, be bad testimonies of unchristian behavior that reflects negatively on the Family, let their weaknesses go on and on without asking for prayer and making an effort to improve in them, etc.

85. The Lord says‚ "The sins of the spirit are the most destructive, for they eat away at the very hearts and spirits of My children, and weaken them until they have no strength or conviction and are unable to fulfill their role as soldiers in My army." These sins of the spirit are the things you must be more diligent in seeking out and confronting. When I say you need to confront these things, I'm not talking about having an unloving, harsh, great big confrontation with the person. We're talking about confronting the Enemy and his inroads. When you do so, you should be calm, understanding, loving and patient with the people involved, but at the same time you can't just let people continue on in their wayward­ness and you need to stand strong against the Enemy!

86. You can help people along and shepherd them, and you should. You can pray with people and hear from the Lord for them, and you should. You can have united prayer for people and help them set safeguards and build healthy habits‚ and you should. But if those who are guilty of contravening the spiritual standard of the CM contract and the Provisional CM contract do not exhibit a desire to change and show signs of improvement after a short time, then they will need to be reclassified as Fellow Members.

When and When Not to Give Leeway

In Disciplining Senior Teens

87. I want to talk more about how to apply the counsel on disciplining the spiritual infractions of the Charter by senior teens. By now you've all read and are familiar with the Pro­visional Charter membership contract for the ­senior teens. You know that the senior teens are not required to make a commitment to all the fundamental Family beliefs. They're in a time of change and decision, and they're not required to commit fully to being 100% disciples until they turn 18.

88. They are expected, however, to fulfill the Charter requirements as explained in the Provisional Charter membership contract. If they fail to do so consistently, they will be disciplined and possibly reclassified as Fellow Members. The Provisional CM contract says to the senior teens:

89. The signing of this contract does not signify that you have fully and completely accepted all Family beliefs and doctrines. But it does indicate that you are willing to try to live up to the Charter Member standard, as outlined in this contract, as much as possible….

90. In signing this contract, you are stating that you will do your best to go along with your Home's regulations on [matters of minimizing unedifying and ungodly influences]….

91. If you sometimes fail to keep the Charter standard or obey the Fundamental Family Rules, you will be shepherded, and possibly disciplined by Partial Excommunication or Probationary Status in ac­cord­­ance with the Charter. If these infractions of the Charter become a regular habit for you, and as a result, your words, ­actions or attitudes begin to cause problems in your Home or hurt the work, and other forms of Charter discipline have failed, then your Home‚ the VSs or the CROs will recommend that you become a Fellow Member….

92. This Provisional Charter membership contract is not a license for you to do whatever you want.

93. These statements, which the senior teens who signed the contract agreed to, are very clear. But there is a measure of flexibility in the contract as well, which might be a little hard to understand or know how to apply. That flexibility is represented in such statements to the senior teens as:

94. [This Provisional Charter membership contract is] an understanding between you and the three governing bodies of the Family. Your part is to understand that you need to do your best to uphold your Charter Member responsibilities and the regulations agreed upon by your Home. Their part is to understand that you may need some time to make your full commitment to the Lord and the Family, and therefore they're willing to give you that time and show a degree of mercy, within certain boundaries.

95. There will be some tolerance shown to you because you haven't yet signed the Charter membership contract…

96. The three governing bodies of the Family are agreeing to shepherd you in these responsibilities and allow you some leeway as you learn and progress, on the condition that you are upholding your part of the contract by putting forth a genuine effort to uphold the standard, and that your words, actions and attitudes are not harmful or destructive to your Home, its members, or the work in general.

97. How do you know when to apply mercy‚ tolerance and leeway in this context? You might be rather baffled as to how to find a good balance in demanding the obedience that the Lord expects of the senior teens while at the same time giving them the mercy, tolerance and leeway that is allowed and beneficial. I don't blame you if you feel a little confused on this, because it's a question of being led of the Spirit, and it can't be explained or laid out in clear-cut specific rules that can be applied across the board to every person or situation. However, here is a message from the Lord that I believe will help you on this matter.

98. (Jesus speaking:) These young ones who struggle must be given a little leeway, but not too much. They may take a step or two outside the borders I have defined and still remain in the safety zone. But if they take several steps in the same wrong direction‚ getting further away from the defined standard of the Word in their words, behavior and influence on others, this must not be allowed.

99. Their personal acceptance of the new weapons that I have given to the children of David—using their personal gift of prophecy to receive instruction and guidance, loving Me intimately as My bride, and living the sexual aspects of My Law of Love—is a matter between Me and them. On these matters I would not that they be pushed or pressured in any way, for I have chosen to give them time. I have chosen to be patient, to let them think things through, to let the things that are hard for them to understand grow on them. I want to woo them gently and tenderly‚ rather than demand of them that which they may not feel ready to completely commit to.

100. I have also chosen, however‚ to require godly and upright behavior from them, behavior that is in accordance with the Charter and the Word. If they are endeavoring to live the Word, they will still make mistakes—and probably a lot of them‚ fairly frequently. But they won't make the same mistakes or commit the same transgressions over and over. If they make every mistake in the book and blow it from almost every angle you can think of‚ but each time they repent, try to do better and strive to make progress, then you can continue giving them chances. That much leeway is allowed.

101. But if they are endeavoring to live the Word, you can be sure that they won't keep repeating the same offenses. They won't go and repeat the same serious offense two or three times; they won't keep smoking, gossiping‚ murmuring, or go around speaking against the New Wine and sowing division after they've been disciplined for it. They might fall once or twice in these or other areas at different times over their senior teen years, either because of the intense longing for exploration and experimenting, or because someone pulled them into it in a weak moment‚ or even because they're having a temporary rebellious streak, or are testing you to see whether you'll discipline them and how you'll do it—whether you'll be angry and overreact, or whether you'll just lay down the law calmly but firmly and mete out appropriate Charter-based punishment.

102. Teenagers are not going to be perfect, whether in the Family or outside of the Family. They'll let out an occasional complaint, or maybe they'll just be generally out of it, moody‚ cranky, and not very nice to people; they'll have a bad day from time to time, and that is not something to freak out about or discipline them about. But once they've been warned and talked to lovingly about a certain weakness or worldly habit, anything that's an ungodly sample or that could be harmful to others—anything from smoking to swearing to bullying others—if they're not showing signs of repentance, not improving or changing, and they keep doing it again and again, then it's time for them to move out of the CM Family.

103. If they have some wrong attitudes, it's one thing; you can give them a bit of leeway on that. But if their wrong attitudes are too obvious, written all over their face and running out of their mouth, then that's not okay. If they're regularly inciting other young people to be rebellious, or going around complaining about the rules; if they're being malicious or cruel to ­others, in word or deed; if they're just mooching off the Family because it's a good place to be and they have their needs met, but they're not willing to receive your corrections and reproofs and get back in line quickly whenever they get off—then they don't belong here.

104. The crux of the matter is that your young people must behave themselves, and they must learn to control their spirits. Maybe their spirits won't be perfectly yielded, or their every thought on track, or their every move bathed in prayer, but at least they can keep their spirits under control and refrain from outbursts of ungodliness.

105. There can even be some leeway when it comes to the amount of System influence they take in. You can regulate the amount of leeway by having your Home Council decide on Home regulations for System influences. It's not up to the individual to decide on their own, but it's up to the Home Council to come to these decisions unitedly. Once the Home regulations have been established‚ everyone must abide by them. How­ever, remember that if your Home makes regulations that do not minimize ungodly and unedifying System influences, your Home will be in jeopardy of being recommended for Fellow Member status by your CROs or VSs.

106. For example, say your Home Council voted to not allow System music to play in the Home as a rule, yet you also agreed there may be certain occasions where you will allow the teens to listen to it on a case-by-case basis, if you feel it's necessary. Perhaps a certain music show comes on the TV and you unitedly agree viewing this show can be an exception. You allow your teens to view it, provided they don't go overboard‚ don't boast of it, and don't extol the virtues of System music or belittle Family music around others. You've prayed and received My okay and are trusting them to handle this maturely and abide within these boundaries.

107. But then one of them goes out afterwards and buys a CD of the new music they heard on TV. At the same time they go around boasting to others about the great System music they have and how much cooler it is than anything the Family has. That would be the time for you shepherds to exercise your responsibility under the Charter to discipline them and tell them‚ "Listen, that's not according to our Home regulations. So that CD‚ along with your attitude about it, is gonna have to go." Either that or they're going to have to go. Not just because of that one little sin‚ but because if, having been warned, they are rebellious and unreceptive to counsel, it shows that they are not going to make the grade.

108. The key is their willingness, the desire to try. If they express that desire, then there's always hope for them, however rascally they may seem to be and however often they seem to goof up in different areas. But leeway should not be given for them to be rebellious, refusing to listen to counsel or refusing to obey guidelines that are set down to help keep them behaving in accordance with the Word and the Provisional CM contract. Leeway should be given for mistakes‚ if they respond to correction for those mistakes with fruits meet for repentance. Leeway should also be given for bad attitudes or lack of faith, provided they keep these to themselves. But leeway should not be given for repeated deliberate trans­gressions, for open rebelliousness, for causing harm to others, or for being a reproach to My work. Once they've been warned‚ and disciplined once or twice for such things, if they show no willingness to try or to improve, then it is time to recommend that they be moved to Fellow Member status. (End of message from Jesus.)

109. (Mama: ) The Lord is giving the ­senior teens time to commit to some of the more radical Family doctrines, such as using the gift of prophecy for personal instruction, practicing the Loving Jesus revelation, and sexual sharing as allowed under the Law of Love. Of course, you who are 18 and older should be good examples of using those new weapons and you should try to help the senior teens understand those doctrines and grow in faith, but you shouldn't pressure them in these areas.

110. The Lord explains that the teens might make quite a few mistakes as they grow through these turbulent teen years, but that's no reason to freak out and discipline them and recommend that they be moved to FM status. You need to shepherd them when they step outside the boundaries of the Provisional CM contract, but you don't have to get upset and heavy with them. That's where mercy and leeway come in.

111. To make lots of mistakes in a variety of areas and to have bad moods and bad days is to be expected with teens, because they're learning, maturing, and having to deal with all kinds of emotions. It's a difficult age for all young people, but especially for our Family teens who the Enemy attacks and tries to derail even more than the teens of the world.

112. You should be understanding and help them along, and discipline them when needed according to the Charter. But when they make the same mistakes over and over, or are obviously rebellious to your counsel and the Word and Charter standard, or when their bad attitudes are long-lasting and affecting others negatively, that cannot be tolerated. If you've tried to shepherd them and help them, but they continue in the same sins or they lead others into the same wrongdoing, then that's where you must draw the line. If they don't show signs of improvement, they will need to be reclassified as Fellow Members because they aren't upholding the Provisional CM contract.

113. I want you to reread the last paragraph of the above prophecy, which is a good summary of this principle of leeway for senior teens. It says:

114. "The key is their willingness, the desire to try. If they express that desire, then there's always hope for them, however rascally they may seem to be and however often they seem to goof up in different areas. But leeway should not be given for them to be rebellious, refusing to listen to counsel or refusing to obey guidelines that are set down to help keep them behaving in accordance with the Word and the Provisional CM contract. Leeway should be given for mistakes, if they respond to correction for those mistakes with fruits meet for repentance. Leeway should also be given for bad attitudes or lack of faith, provided they keep these to themselves. But leeway should not be given for repeated deliberate trans­gressions, for open rebelliousness, for causing harm to others, or for being a reproach to My work. Once they've been warned, and disciplined once or twice for such things, if they show no willingness to try or to improve, then it is time to recommend that they be moved to Fellow Member status."

115. The provisional contract is to allow the 16– and 17-year-olds to move through the de­cision-making period with shepherding (emphasis on with shepherding), so they can mature so that when they're 18 they can sign the CM contract with full faith and understanding. It does not mean that the years of 16 and 17 are the years when they can just go to pot in the spirit, with the hope that when they're 18 they'll get serious about serving the Lord! It allows them some room to learn without being disciplined as quickly as someone 18 or over, in that they wouldn't necessarily get put on Probationary Status the first time they do something‚ whereas you might put an 18– or 20- or 40-year-old on Probation­ary Status without hesitation for doing the same thing. It's a time to understand that these young people are making de­cisions, but it's not a time to let them just go their own way and be junked out in the spirit. They have to be shepherded!

116. A lot of you Home shepherds and parents don't shepherd and correct your flocks. This is a serious weakness in our Family, which needs to change! If you continue neglecting your responsibility to shepherd your flock‚ then it falls on the shoulders of the VSs and CROs to come around and say‚ "Hey, this is really out of it! This needs to stop. This person needs to be put on Probationary Status, or be recommended for FM status, or even be moved out of the Family altogether." But the VSs and the CROs can't possibly keep an eye on everyone and do all the shepherding and keep the Family clean and pure in spirit. It's your job too, and you must make a commitment to buckle down to the hard work of shepherding and disciplining your children and flock by seeing where the problems are, studying the Word on them, and seeking the Lord in prophecy for the answers!

117. You parents are obligated to shepherd and discipline your children under point W of the Charter membership contract, and if you fail to do so, then you're in jeopardy of losing your Charter Member status. And if you team­workers do not shepherd and discipline your Home members, then you're not living up to your responsibilities as outlined in the Obligations of All Family Officers in the Charter, and you will be disciplined by your Home or your VSs or CROs.

118. Just because someone is a team­worker‚ it doesn't mean they're exempt from being removed from their position by the voting members of their Home for not carrying out their responsibilities (see "Vote of Confirmation" in the Election Rules), and then being placed on Probationary Status or recom­mended for FM status. Or if the VSs or CROs deem that a Home officer is not carrying out his responsibilities and the officer does not voluntarily resign if asked‚ the area or continental office has the option to recommend they be moved to Fellow Member status. And if you Homes do not make sure that your Home officers are fulfilling the Obligations of All Family Officers or remove them from their office by vote if they're not, then your Home will be in jeopardy of being placed on Probationary Notice or recommended for FM status by your VSs or CROs for contravening the Charter.

Let All Things Be Done in Love!

119. The Lord and Peter and I expect you all to treat each other with great love. The VSs and CROs have been instructed to be very loving in their actions, to gently and prayerfully help you find the place of service in the Family where you will be the happiest, according to your personal burdens and your level of obedience to the Charter Member standard. We're confident that they will do everything in their power to bring this cleansing to pass lovingly and smoothly.

120. This next message from Dad was originally given for the VSs and CROs, but you can benefit from it, too—whether you're Home teamworkers, parents, or members of your Home Council—because you're all shepherds in one way or another. You're all your brother's keepers, and you'll be called upon to help and discipline others, so you too will need to act in love.

121. (Dad speaking: ) When I effected change and revolution in the Family, in accord­ance with the way the Lord was leading, the initial thrust or message was often pretty strong, even what some people would consider harsh. I would give the bottom line in no uncertain terms, and it looked pretty rough. But in the implementation of what the Lord said to do, I always tried to be very loving, understanding and tender with the sheep, and I expected my undershepherds to do the same.

122. When you have total incorrigibles who are causing no end of trouble and really poison­ing the flock, you want to get them out as quickly as you can, before they contaminate others further, but you can still be loving. Or in the case of young people who you can't really send out on their own and aren't ready to get set up elsewhere‚ you need to get them back to their parents so their parents can handle them and either make them toe the line or move out to start their own Home so that they don't have such a big influence on others.

123. But even in those cases where you have to move someone along quickly, as I've said in the Letters, I would sweetly and gently explain to them that this wasn't the place for them, and would escort them down to the bus station, pay their fare, and part as friends—or at least try to. I didn't get into shouting and raking them over the coals and causing a big scene, or sending them out as enemies, as that just causes more trouble in the long run. I was firm, but loving. After all‚ they were going to get sent out‚ so why make it a big scene? It's much better to be loving and sweet about it, and part as friends. It will help them have a better attitude towards the Family, and maybe even help them make a change once they get out there—or at least not be antagonistic and try to cause trouble.

124. When talking to my undershepherds about the need to rid the rebels and get the troublemakers out‚ I might have come across pretty strong, in order to get the point across. But when dealing with those actually involved, I was patient, merciful and loving—just like the Lord is with us. Even when He has to punish us for being a bad sample and disobedient, He does it in love. He still loves us, and it even says that His heart is broken for the backslidden in heart.

125. When people are not living up to the Charter standard and need to be reclassified to FM status‚ it's very important that they're treated gently, lovingly, and with a lot of prayer and wisdom. You can be doing the right thing, but if you don't do it in the right way, it can cause a lot more damage than good. Take some of the people who were TSed in the past, for example. The creation of the TRF Supporter Family was the right thing to do, but in some cases the way it was implemented was wrong because it was not loving. The Lord always has a Romans 8:28, and He can take a lemon and make lemonade from it, but in this case it would have been a lot easier and better if there hadn't been any lemon to start with.

126. So while the message to the Family may be strong, and the message to you CROs and VSs may be strong and direct, the way you go about implementing it has to be gentle and loving. Of course, that doesn't mean you should waver in your convictions. If it's pretty obvious that someone isn't living the Charter—you know it, they know it, and everyone can tell, and if one of the other governing bodies agrees—then you have to ask them to become a Fellow Member. You have to uphold the standard. But doing it lovingly‚ with a lot of care and concern for them and their family and their future service for the Lord, can make a world of difference in how it's received.

127. The Enemy will be trying to attack the hearts of those who are reclassified with bitter­ness and resentment, and the more loving and understanding you are in applying the discipline‚ the less the Enemy will be able to succeed. There will be less possibility of him being able to get in with his lies. Of course, some people might yield to the Enemy's lies anyway, but you should try to minimize it as much as possible.

128. The goal is not to make people stumble and fall in their service for the Lord, but rather to help them find the place of service that is appropriate for the standard that they're living or they want to commit to living. If they're living the Charter, then CM status is the place of service for them. If they're not living the Charter, then FM status is the place for them. Most people will recognize this of their own volition, but some will not, primarily out of fear of being looked on as failures or that they couldn't make it in the CM Family. So helping them to recognize their standard of behavior, and either do something about it if they need to improve or become Fellow Members without condemnation or discour­age­ment‚ is very important.

129. You CROs and VSs have been too lenient in applying and enforcing the Charter, and that needs to change. That doesn't mean, though, that each of you has been lenient in every case. There are many times when you have applied and enforced the Charter properly and moved people to FM status, or shepherded and disciplined them when they needed it. I don't mean to make a blanket statement that covers each of you in all situations. But in many cases you have been hesitant to really enforce the Charter, especially those parts of the Charter that aren't black and white, but that are more a matter of the spirit and attitudes‚ which of course are much more difficult to judge.

130. Okay, you've been too lenient and you need to enforce the Charter. But that doesn't mean being harsh, strict and unbending, legalistic and letter of the law. It's very important that you don't go to the other extreme, or it won't bear the right fruit and the right results. You still have to be loving shepherds. Maybe you should reread the Letters that I've written about loving shepherding and the pubs that have been published about that, to bear those things in mind when you go around and have to start disciplining and shepherding people more, reclassifying them to FM status, etc.

131. Being loving doesn't mean being permissive or lenient. Being loving means being led of the Spirit. It means being flexible when you need to and can be, and not judging according to the letter of the law. It means having discernment and not acting too quickly based on just one report, but trying, as much as poss­ible, to make sure that you've checked out the other sides of the story and talked to the people directly involved and affected by your decision. It means hearing from the Lord in prophecy about each situation so you can be sure you're in tune with Him, following Him and seeing the situation and people as He does. It means having a real heart for the sheep‚ being concerned about their welfare and their service for the Lord. Even if you're asking them to move to FM status or leave the Family altogether‚ you should still be concerned about their welfare, as well as encourage them to keep doing their best for the Lord wherever they are. You don't just open the door‚ kick them out of it, and then shut it without another word!

132. A loving parent tries to help his child make it. He disciplines his child when he's doing wrong‚ and doesn't let him get away with things that he shouldn't. But he's not like the unloving parent who just quickly and harshly whacks the child and then continues on his way. You've been around a lot of parents and can tell the good disciplinarians who are really loving and caring from those who just get upset. I want you to be like those loving parents who really care about their kids; they love them enough to discipline them for their own good and for the sake of their sample to the rest of the children, but it's done with a lot of prayer, patience, under­standing, concern and compassion.

133. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that you can continue watering down your convictions and being so lenient and letting people get away with continually breaking the Charter. You have to put your foot down. But there are many different ways in which you can put your foot down, and the loving way is the only way that's going to give the right results.

134. Show love, show concern‚ show under­standing! Make sure they know you love them and care about them and want to help them as much as you can—and encourage others to have the same attitude towards them. If there's a family in a Home that's not living up to the Charter standard and should move to FM ­status, then you'll have to tell them. But take the time to do it lovingly. Help them reach the right conclusions themselves as much as possible‚ so that they're the ones making the decision to go FM rather than you having to force them to.

135. If they won't reach the right conclusion on their own, you still have to go through with the reclassification, but make sure that you take enough time to do it right. Don't be in such a hurry that people are unnecessarily hurt along the way. And make sure that the rest of the people in their Home also have a loving and helpful attitude toward them.

136. When there are changes in your Home—people are moving out, leaving the Family or becoming Fellow Members—make sure that the transition is done in love. You can try to help them with what they need to the best of your ability, and part as friends‚ brothers and co-workers in the Lord. Of course, it might be difficult to carry on a very close relationship with those who are real troublemakers, who are wreaking havoc and who need to be moved out as quickly as possible, but you can still try to be as loving as possible during the transition period.

137. So how do you know if you're being harsh? Check your heart. Are you just going around chop-chop, like the nurses I described in "Prayer for Love and Mercy"? Or are you praying that prayer that I prayed at the end of that Letter‚ and administering your shepherding, instruction, correction or discipline in love, with a broken heart for the sheep, showing a great deal of care and concern? It takes a lot more time and effort to do things the loving way, but it's worth it. And it will save you more time in the long run, as there will be less problems and less pieces to pick up afterwards! So stand up for your convictions, but remember "Prayer for Love and Mercy."

138. I know that being a shepherd and finding the proper balance is a tough job‚ but if you're desperate for your heart to be in the right place and you're concerned for the sheep most of all, then you'll do okay. The Lord will help you. And we're praying for you and supporting you in the spirit. Praise the Lord! I love you! (End of message from Dad)

139. (Mama:) It's true that Dad often delivered his messages with force and power, and he got his and the Lord's point across in no uncertain terms. He would often be led of the Lord to really sock it to us to make sure we under­stood the seriousness of what needed to be done.

140. Sometimes he would have to scold leaders or members of our staff, and he would deliver the correction very clearly and directly, but he never failed to love and encourage the person afterwards and show forgiveness and mercy. Dad never held grudges, and as soon as the per­son got the point, he quickly forgot the wrong­doing and was as loving, cheerful and ­affectionate as ever, or even more so!

141. It was Dad's prerogative as God's End­time prophet to deliver some fiery messages and really sock it to some people. He was led of the Lord to do this, but I don't think the Lord is going to lead any of you to do the same thing. Dad had to be very strong for the sake of the Revolution, to get people moving and doing what they were supposed to do.

142. But now, for us, this is not permiss­ible‚ and we should not blast people. It's just not done! You do not have to blast people. You do not have to raise your voice. You do not have to yell and scream at people to make your point. You can be very firm‚ and you can be stern if the situation warrants it, but you don't have to raise your voice or yell and scream and scare people to death. It's just not necessary. Just give them the explanation of their wrongdoing based on the Word and the Charter, and then you can give them the necessary correction and show them what needs to be done, and that's all. You can be very sweet about it.

143. So many of our past leaders got so harsh because they misinterpreted how they were supposed to handle people because of Dad's blasts. They did the same thing as Dad, but without the love and mercy that Dad showed, and without the justification that Dad had for doing it, because he was led of the Lord to do it and to be that way. Because I was with Dad all those years, I could have followed the same method that Dad did, but the Lord didn't lead that way. It wasn't just that my personality was so much different than Dad's‚ but the Lord didn't lead me to do things in that manner; in fact, He led me in almost an opposite direction. Of course, at the same time He had me take my cues from Dad's sweetness, gentleness and consideration. Most of the kindness and the love that I've been able to show to people is what I learned from Dad. If you're led of the Spirit, if you really are prayerful and trying to do what you should, then the Lord leads you the way He wants you to be.

144. Some of our past leadership got so harsh and blasted people, when really they didn't have to get that from the Letters. They just used it as an excuse. They used the way Dad presented things as an excuse to be that way with their sheep. There were an awful lot of leaders that never got that way, because they were led of the Lord and rightly divided the Word. They were prayerful and took into con­sideration all the Letters, all the instruction Dad had given—not just the "blasts" but also Letters like "Prayer for Love and Mercy," "Without Love It's Nothing," "Love Never Fails," "Baby the Babes‚" etc. I want to set the record straight that if anybody has any ideas that you can be harsh with people, or that you were ever supposed to be this way, you're wrong.

145. Here is an excerpt of a message the Lord gave about how it was part of Dad's ministry to be the Lord's "fiery prophet," and he had the Lord's anointing for it. Dad was very‚ very loving to people—I think he was the most loving person I've ever seen. He was also very wise and very sensitive in the spirit. He had the Lord's anointing, and was led of Him. So when he did get fired up and socked it to someone, they knew that he really loved them, and there was always a very good reason for it. Even if it was what seemed to them to be a small offense, the Lord knew that they needed the correction and shakeup, and always got very good mileage out of it—many times in the form of publishing it for you and helping the whole Family to benefit from it.

146. (Jesus speaking:) Part of David's ministry was being a fiery prophet. It was befitting his position and anointing, and when he gave a hot talk, it was My Spirit coming through, not his. There is a great difference between My Spirit and one's own angry, frustrated or emotionally worked-up spirit. My children can remember that for the most part I have not given them the same ministry that I gave to David, and that their ministry is one of presenting My truth and letting those that they give it to choose for themselves. They don't have to get worked up or emotional about it, or try to convince them.

147. It is a new day—the day of the weak, the day of the strength of weakness, the day of letting My Spirit work. So there's no need to get angry when talking with someone. Even if you're angry at the Enemy, I have great love and compassion on the individual, and that is what you must portray.

148. My King David was anointed by My Spirit at times to give strong, hot messages, but that was part of his anointing, his ministry. Beware that you don't use his example as license to get worked up in your own spirit, for that is how you make mistakes, hurt others, and are led astray. (End of message from Jesus.)

149. (Mama: ) It's very important that you don't take some of Dad's "blasts" in past Letters as a license to treat people harshly or to deal with them in a rough, unreasonable, or unmerciful manner. Those "blasts" of Dad's were only part of the picture! He didn't always explain the love, tenderness and mercy he showed afterwards. So take heed to the counsel in the above message, because that's how Dad really was. He was always loving and forgiving, even if he had to deliver a strong mess­age of correction!

Each Person's and Home's

Responsibility for the

Purity of the Family

150. You read in "The Shakeup 2000" how each person and Home is responsible to do their part to clean up the Family and keep it clean, to get rid of the poison that is threatening our very existence. You can't depend on the VSs and CROs to do it all. The Home Councils are one of the three governing bodies of the Family, and those Home Councils are made up of ­individuals—you! You are responsible for your own personal sample, reactions, decisions, obedience, and determination to uphold the CM standard, but you're also responsible to be wise, mature members of your Home Council. You must personally obey the CM contract; that is your obligation. That's obvious. But you must also help others to do the same, and if they refuse to do so, then it's also your responsibility to discipline those people, and if they refuse to change, then you're obligated to see that it is recommended that they be moved to FM status.

151. If you individuals and Homes just wait around for the VSs to visit or the CROs to write you a letter of counsel, you'll probably be waiting quite a long time‚ because there are comparatively few VSs and CROs. And besides‚ the Lord doesn't expect them to do all the ­"policing" of the Family. It's impossible for them to be aware of all the needs of your Home, to discipline all those who need it, to give all the correction and guidance that must be given, and to judge all the problem situations.

152. You live with each other, you see how your Home members conduct themselves, and you know if they're upholding the CM standard. If they aren't, it's your responsibility to do something about it! The Lord will hold you accountable! It's up to you to recognize the problems, pray about them‚ offer Word–based counsel and shepherding, and mete out discipline according to the Charter. If these measures don't bring the needed results, then you're responsible to recommend that the people who are contravening the Charter be moved to Fellow Member status. That is your charge before God!

153. I pray this next message will shake you up and give you the fear of the Lord, so you'll not be so concerned about the opinions of others or the peer pressure you face, but your loyalties will be first to the Lord, the Family, and the Word! There are some graphic word pictures in this message which show that the Family is in danger. Judging from what the Lord says here, there are some very sick people in the Family who need to either be healed or be moved out of the CM Family, lest the health of the whole body be put in jeopardy!

154. (Jesus speaking: ) How long‚ My children, will you halt between two opinions? How long will you be blind to the truth? How long will you hide your wounds and the wounds of others? How long will you be blind leaders of the blind? How long will you flagrantly disobey My Word, or cover up and lie to save face for those who do? How long will you follow this path of bewitchment? When will you stand up for the truth?

155. Who will stand up for the truth? Who will be counted as My Gideon's band? Who will love Me more than life itself? Who will love Me more than friends, more than lovers, more than husbands or wives, more than parents, more than children‚ more than bosom buddies? Who will love Me with a pure heart? Who will fight for the right, for the truth, even within the borders of your tents?

156. You can't expect the CROs and VSs to do everything. Their burdens are already heavier than they can carry. The weights on their shoulders are already more cumbersome than you can imagine. It's impossible for them to see every­thing, know everything, keep everyone in line, or keep everyone close to Me and following My will. It's impossible, and I don't expect this of them.

157. You are the keepers of your house, the ones accountable to Me for yourself, and yes, for the situations surrounding you. Yes, you are your brother's keeper. You—yes, you—are responsible to keep the Family pure, to rid the Family of the poisons of the System, the evil sores and bloody wounds of the System.

158. By your covering up and your lack of openness with your shepherds, you're putting bandages around deep, gaping sores. Instead of calling for the nurses and physicians to come and clean and disinfect the sore and begin the healing process, or cut the sore completely out so that it won't destroy the whole body, the sores and wounds and diseased portions of the body are becoming infected‚ full of pus, and the situation is grave. Some flesh is rotten, infested with maggots, and other sores and wounds are developing gangrene.

159. You, My beautiful body, My Bride, are one body. Each part of the body is needed, and each part must be whole, pure, clean, and be tended to. Do you cover up your sores and refuse to get the help that you need? Or do you cover up the sores and wounds of others, refusing to get help for them? Though you may think that the wounds or sores will simply go away if you cover them up, how wrong you are! They will not go away! They will not disappear! All sins and disobediences are seen by Me.

160. Through the deep wounds that many have incurred—through the ways of the world, the poisons of the System, the ruthlessness of the Devil—toxins and poisons have been able to enter the body. Because you haven't been willing to stand up for the truth, to have the conviction and strength of spirit to see the wrong and do something about it‚ to call for help when a wound or sore appears or when you see someone injecting poison into their system, you're allowing your own body to be contaminated, for you are all one.

161. If one person is rotting away, it's bound to also affect you adversely‚ because you're all one body. The poisons won't stop; they'll keep flowing, and they'll infect you too. The rotten sores that you cover and hide only get worse, and soon you will start to rot too. The whole body, My beautiful Bride, will start to rot and decay if these poisons and sores and gaping wounds are not disinfected, amputated or destroyed.

162. You have the responsibility—you, as a part of this body, My One Wife—to keep the health, to keep the perfection‚ to keep the ­purity. If you saw a deep gash on your foot and noticed that it was beginning to turn green, what would you do? If you saw a deep blackness slowly but surely creeping up your leg beneath your skin, what would you do? Would you cover it up and pretend that it wasn't there? Would you hope that it would go away, or that nobody would notice it?

163. No, you would not rest until you had the help that you needed! You would tell someone immediately‚ without delay. You wouldn't just let your foot—and ultimately your whole leg, and then your body—rot away. You know the seriousness of that, the gruesome horror that it could be. It's not a pretty sight to see, if you've ever seen it. This is how I see things in the spirit. This is the gruesome horror of these infections of the Enemy!

164. This should alarm you, My children, because what you are doing in allowing these troublemakers and problem-producers to continue in their dirty work is disastrous! When you allow someone in your Home or your area to disregard the Word, speak negatively about Maria and Peter, infect others with their System music, affect others with their System attitudes, foul language and hankering for ungodly wisdom, or whatever they're doing that is not in accordance with My Word and the CM contract, you're allowing poison and infection to enter the bloodstream of the Family—your bloodstream.

165. The VSs and CROs can't possibly see everything that's going on. So if you value your place in the Family, if you value the Family at all, then you should be willing to stand up for the truth, for what you know is right. The Family is weakening! The Family is being poisoned! There are wounds, infections‚ rotting pieces of skin that need to be cut off. The Family is in a precarious state of health‚ because of the diseases of the System and the poisons of the world. If the Family is to survive, then drastic measures must be taken.

166. You're going to have to take a stand—you personally. If you see something that's wrong, that's not in line with the Word, that's not according to the Charter, then it's your responsibility to do something about it. It's your responsibility to stand up for the truth‚ because evil triumphs when good men do nothing. And I'm sorry to say this, but evil has been triumphing in many areas of the Family because you haven't been willing to stand up for the truth. You've been a coward. You've abdicated your responsibility as a Family member.

167. What is your responsibility? You're responsible to ensure the purity of the Family. You say, "Oh, but I am only one and I don't make a difference." The truth is that you do make a difference! What you do makes a world of difference. And if everyone was doing what they were supposed to be doing, if everyone was obeying like they were supposed to be obeying, then we wouldn't have such a desperate situation in the Family today. It's because of your willingness to stand by and see others poison the work that things have gotten into such a sorry state.

168. It's high time for you to stand up and be counted. If you're counted with us, then reassess your position and treasure this Family. Do all that's within your power to ensure that we remain pure and free and revolutionary. Don't let anyone stick needles in the Family and inject their poison, because it's your body they're poisoning‚ not just their own. Don't cover up wounds or boils or diseases. Get help! Don't cover up the infections of others, because they'll infect you and the ones you love. Get help! That's your responsibility.

169. Who do you honor and love more—Me or your friends? Do you love Me and value your place in My Endtime army more than you value your loved ones, your mate, your children, your parents, or your Home members? If you do—and you should—it's your responsibility to give your loyalties to Me. You can help those that you love as much as you can, but don't water down your convictions. Even if you lose friends or loved ones, your first responsibility is to Me and this Family. You have to make a stand, to be counted worthy, even if you stand alone.

170. It's a desperate situation, and I'm calling for each of you to be counted as My revolutionary, dropped-out, free–from-the–System, iconoclastic children of the End! Rid your body of the poisons before it's too late. Stand up for what you know is right, for My truth. And if you see someone who's disobeying or weakening the Family, it's your responsibility to do something about it. We have enough "weakeners." Will you be a "strengthener"? Even if you're afraid of losing someone's friendship or love, I'm counting on you and I expect your loyalties to be toward Me first and foremost.

171. Your true friends will respect you for standing up for your convictions, and those who don't respect your convictions and disregard the standard of My Word don't deserve the privilege of being in the Family. So I don't want to hear of troublemakers and dividers and poison-injectors and System-lovers being tolerated in this Family anymore. We're a revolutionary Gideon's band, and I don't care if we lose one–third of our CM membership, if that's what it takes to keep us pure and separate from the world!

172. You may wonder why I say "we" are a revolutionary Gideon's band. That's because it's the truth. Together‚ we—you and I—are a revolutionary Gideon's band. We are a team—each one of you—along with Me. I am a part of this Endtime army, the head of this Endtime army. I lead your King David and now your Queen Maria and King Peter. I am a very real part, and that is why I said "We." If you lose one-third of your membership, I am losing one-third of My membership, so it is we that will be losing one-third of our membership.

173. Are you with Me? Do you have the guts and conviction to give Me your all, to stand up for the truth even in the face of ridicule and mockery? Do you believe in Me and this Family enough to forsake all else, even the things that are dearest to your heart, to even die for Me if need be? I'm calling you to fulfill your responsibility as a 110% CM Family member. Do you have the guts to do that? I pray you do! Your survival as a member of My avant-garde depends on it! (End of message from Jesus.)

How Much Fellowship to Have

With Fellow Members and

Former Members

174. (Mama:) Now let's talk about a situation that will likely come up if some people from your Home, especially young people‚ leave the Family or go to FM status. Chances are they'll continue to live in the area and they'll want to fellowship with their friends who are still living in your Home. Most likely, these people who are no longer trying to live the CM standard‚ who are Fellow Members or out of the Family, will not be a good influence on those in your Home.

175. Let's take the following scenario, for example: You're trying to pull up the standard of your Home. Your Home Council has decided on some new Home regulations about some of the sensitive issues that were previously polluting some of your members, but it's not easy to make that change. Some of your members are finding it difficult to not have the freedom they previously had to listen to so much System music, play certain computer games that they were quite fond of, or watch so many movies, etc., but because they want to please the Lord and fulfill their Charter responsibilities, they're trying hard. But let's be realistic; it's difficult. It's a pretty major adjustment.

176. Then‚ if there is someone who doesn't live in your Home and who isn't interested at all in living the CM standard—either a Fellow Member or a former member—it's highly likely that they won't be a positive influence on those in your Home who are working hard to pull up their socks and get strengthened spiritually. If these visitors come over and brag about the ­latest bad movies they've seen, the discos they go to until 4:00 in the morning, the people they're having sex with, etc., it's obviously going to be quite a pull on those who are trying to minimize ungodly and unedifying influences and be a 100% disciple. Some find it quite a problem to stand up for their convictions when others are bragging about and flaunting the so-called great freedoms that are available to them outside the CM Family. Not only that, but some Fellow Members or former members might feel quite free to talk negatively about the Family, run down Family doctrines, and go on and on with all their complaints and murmurs about the Family.

177. This is a dilemma, and it raises the very big question of what to do about fellow­ship­ping or allowing your kids to fellowship with Fellow Members or former members. Even to ask this question might go against your present mindset, because the general trend of the Family for years, and rightly so‚ has been toward reconciliation between the CM and FM Family. Your first reaction will probably be to feel that you need to fellowship with those that are outside the CM Family, that it's your duty in love, that you're obligated to do so. And of course, if the person wanting fellowship is one of your own children who has left the Family, you might feel quite obligated to let that child have full access to your Home and full visitation rights to see his brothers and sisters, etc. I can see why you wouldn't want to take a chance on isolating your child who has left the Family‚ and you desire to stay in close touch.

178. Peter and I understand why you would feel this way‚ but when we asked the Lord how to handle this conflict of interest—the need for continued unity and reconciliation with the FM Family and former members, as well as the need to protect our CM Family from the bad influence of those who are not trying to live the CM standard—Dad gave a very helpful message.

179. Before you read this message, I want to explain that Peter and I know that not all Fellow Members or former members are a bad influence. We also realize that right now there are some or even many CM Homes whose standard is not much different than the standard of FM Homes, and there are even some CM Homes that have a worse standard than some FM Homes. We understand that that's the present state of affairs. But with time, as people in the CM Family find their proper place of service and some who are not living the CM standard either move to FM status or leave the Family altogether‚ this should change. We should see a much more notice­able difference between the spiritual standard of the CM Homes and that of the FM Homes, which means we can't necess­arily keep operating the same as we have for the last couple of years. Bearing that in mind, Dad gave the following counsel:

180. (Dad speaking: ) This is a very sensitive issue, but it's an important one that can have a pretty big effect on people's Homes. It's important, though, not to lump it all together and make a blanket policy or statement about fellowship between Charter Members and Fellow Members, or even Charter Members and former members. There've been cases where fellowship between Charter and Fellow Members has been good and has helped engender unity, working together in harmony, and brotherhood in the Lord. CM and FM Homes in the same city might share witnessing turf or provisioning contacts‚ and it's pretty important that they do what is necessary to stay in unity and avoid problems that would arise from a lack of it.

181. It seems that the main problem that will arise in most cases is not so much the adults fellowshipping together‚ but rather folks being concerned about the influence that other kids are having on their own. This happens not only with Charter Members being concerned about the influence that FM kids are having on their kids; FM parents have expressed the same about some CM families whose children were much worse behaved than their own. So it can work both ways, and while in the future there is probably a greater chance of it happening with the FM Family, nevertheless a lot of Fellow Members are good parents who try to discipline their children and keep them in line, especially the younger kids. So it's important not to point fingers or make it a strictly CM/FM issue, but to realize that it can work both ways. Basically it comes down to parents in general being concerned about the influences that their children are exposed to.

182. Of course, our Family kids are exposed to a lot of influences from the moment they step out of the house. But the influence of other Family kids‚ or former Family kids, or their backslidden older brothers and sisters, or other backslidden teens, can be even greater than the influence of System kids in general. That's because they have much more of an affinity with other Family kids, or former Family teens, and are therefore much more likely to follow their lead.

183. So it's a pretty serious issue, and it's important that the parents know that it's their responsibility to protect their children from what they consider harmful influences. If they feel another family's kids are being a bad influence on their own, then they don't have to let their children fellowship together. In that case, just the adults can get together, or just some of the kids, or whatever. Of course, some parents are overly protective and don't want their kids getting near anyone who doesn't have as high a standard as they have, and they can get a little self-righteous. So there is a balance. But if parents don't have the faith for their children to fellowship with other children or teens who they consider a bad influence, they should go according to their faith. The adults should at least strive to maintain unity together through fellowship as much as possible.

184. Then there's also the case of the teens who have left the Family or gone FM‚ and who want to come and hang around their old Home with their old friends who are still CM, or their parents and other brothers and sisters. Again, you can't make a hard and fast rule, because each young person who leaves CM status is dif­ferent. But in some cases this can have a real detrimental effect on the kids in the Home. If the ex-member young person isn't very careful to keep things to himself and be on his best behavior, it can really influence the [CM] kids negatively.

185. So it's important that the parents realize and understand that the Lord expects them to be responsible for their children, and if that ex-member teen or FM teen is being a bad sample to them, then they shouldn't let him or her come over to the Home, or let their kids meet with him or her outside the Home! It's just that simple. The Home shouldn't feel under any obligation to let anyone visit their Home‚ including ex-member teens who are only going to bring their System junk and attitudes into the Home with them and pollute the other kids!

186. Of course‚ if the teen's parents and siblings are in the Home, then the parents should meet with that teen, but it doesn't have to be in the Home. It can be outside the Home. And the parents should act according to their faith regarding that older ex-member teen's contact with his siblings, their other children. If he's being a bad sample to them and a bad influence on them, then the parents can explain that they don't want him around them—that if he wants to fellowship with them, then he has to watch his P's and Q's and be on his best behavior, and that's that! The parents have every right to do this, whether the teen is a former member or a Fellow Member.

187. And that goes not only for the parents protecting their younger children, but protecting their older teens who are still CM as well. In other words, if their 20–year-old has left, they have every right to limit the amount of fellowship and contact he has with their 16–year-old, for example. They should be very prayerful about it. They probably shouldn't forbid them from seeing each other altogether unless it's very serious, but they should get on the 20-year-old's case and make sure that he's not spreading negative attitudes while he's with the younger one, and maybe only allowing them to be together when the parents are there, or whatever.

188. Again, this has to be adapted to each situation, because each ex-member young person is different and has different attitudes. Some remain friendly and are pretty good samples, while others are really intent on spreading their poison. So you have to be Spirit–led. But the parents should certainly not be afraid to lay down the law concerning who gets to fellow­ship with their children, whether it's former members, Fellow Members, or whoever! And the Home should not be afraid to lay down the law regarding former member young people—or anyone—coming over to their Home if they're being a bad influence on the kids in the Home. The Home should pray together and make a joint policy‚ a Home regulation, and then that's it.

189. Of course, we want to promote unity and fellowship, but unity and fellowship with those who are like-minded in spirit‚ and non-members who are friendly and supportive, not unity and fellowship with former members or anyone else who's poisoning others by spreading doubts, lies, and bad attitudes! That's not to say you should only fellowship with those who have the exact same Home standard as you. Maybe the FM Home you fellowship with has a lower standard than yours. But as long as they still love the Lord and are trying to follow Him and are lifting up Jesus and godly attitudes together, then it's an edifying fellowship.

190. But if they're tearing down Family values and influencing your children negatively, don't fellow­ship with them! Don't be mean about it; just lovingly explain to them the effect that it's having on the children‚ and then pray and seek the Lord together for a solution. Maybe it'll inspire that FM Home to pull up their socks a bit. But be careful not to come across self-righteously in a "we're better than you" attitude, or it won't bear the right kind of fruit. It'll just offend them and won't help anybody.

191. With some folks, it doesn't matter how sweetly or lovingly you present something‚ they'll still get sensitive or offended. But there's not much we can do about that. Your first responsibility is to the Lord, and if He tells you to stop fellowshipping with someone, then you'd better do it for your own sake and the sake of your loved ones. You can be as sweet and loving as you possibly can, but don't be afraid of doing what the Lord wants you to do just because you're afraid of hurting someone's feelings. The Lord's will and your spiritual strength are more important than that.

192. You can't really talk about fellowship with FM Homes and fellowship with former member teens in the same way. They're two different things. We want to encourage unity between CM and FM Homes, and for the most part, that includes some degree of fellowship, though parents have a responsibility to protect their kids from bad influences of other kids. But the Home has no obligation to let former member teens, or even FM teens who are basically acting like worldlings, visit their Home or let their children fellowship with them. And for that matter‚ FM Homes have no obligation to let former member teens, or anyone who is misbehaving, visit their Home or fellowship with their children.

193. Of course, you do have to be sweet and loving towards the former member and FM teens‚ but that doesn't mean you have to give in to their requests or demands. If they're your children, then you should keep in contact with them and fellowship with them. But that doesn't mean you have to have them over to your Home if they're being a bad influence on the other children. Just explain your convictions‚ and let them know that if they're not willing to respect your beliefs and convictions by being a good sample when they come over, then you're not going to let them in, plain and simple! Even System parents do that! So you parents and Homes shouldn't be shy about having that kind of conviction and standing up for it!

194. We should try to reconcile with former members who want to be closer to the Family, and break down the walls of bitterness and bad feelings. But that doesn't mean you have to open the doors of your Home to every former member, or even every Fellow Member, if they're being a bad influence on your Home, children and young people! Be on guard! (End of mess­age from Dad.)

195. (Mama: ) Dad's message is clear. It should help to answer many questions that have come up‚ or will in the future. Now it's up to you to have the conviction to live it! It's the re­sponsi­bility of you parents, shepherds, and Home Councils to protect your Home members, especially the younger ones, from influences that you know or even suspect might be weakening them and poisoning them. It's better to err on the side of being a little overprotective than to be too liberal‚ especially at this crucial time when you really need to work and be on guard to raise the standard and rid your Homes, lives and spirits of the inroads of the Enemy.

196. If you feel the need to cease contact with someone, or to put some boundaries and rules on what kind of fellowship you'll allow with Fellow Members or former members, don't feel bad or guilty about it. You're doing what you should do, as good shepherds, to protect your children and flock. Dad explains that your primary responsibility is to your flock and children. You are under no obligation to fellowship with Fellow Members or former members.

197. However, if the Lord shows you the need to cut the contact or employ safeguards, you should do so as lovingly and sweetly as poss­ible. Please try not to be offensive. We're still seeking to live in unity with our Fellow Member Family and those who have chosen to leave the Family‚ but keeping the Family pure in spirit is an even greater priority at this time. Please ask the Lord for wisdom and hear from Him in prophecy to make sure you're seeing things as He does, and making the right decisions and going about things the right way.

Fellowship with Fellow

And Former Members:

Compromise or Conviction?

198. Here's a message from Jesus on the same subject, but with added counsel to you parents and shepherds about how to help strengthen your children and the young people in your Home. Dad and the Lord focus a lot of their counsel regarding unfruitful fellowship with non-Charter Members on the effects it will have on the young people. That's because they're more easily influenced. They're more easily intrigued by or drawn to the things of the world. They're more easily duped by the lies and falsities they hear. And the Enemy is trying his best to destroy their faith and knock them out of the fight before they hardly get started, so they're under heavy spiritual attack! Therefore they need more protection in the spirit through prayer‚ counsel, and practical safeguards.

199. (Jesus speaking: ) In this matter of interaction and fellowship with Fellow Members and former members, you shepherds and parents must look diligently to the state of your flocks (Pro.27:23). You must be extremely prayerful, dis­cern­ing and cautious, even a little inquisitive (or curious). You can never take anything for granted. You can't just expect that because you know folks or their kids from before, that you can now let them freely fellowship with your teens and kids without it having an adverse effect on them.

200. Once people move away from the light, away from the Pillar, they're surrounded by greater darkness, and are more often than not heavily affected by the negative and evil influence of the world that closes in on them. Some of the Fellow Member or former member young people may be "sweet kids," at least when they're around shepherds and older adults, but nevertheless they can be full of doubts, complaints or negative comments about the Family or your way of life that they "preach" to your children in your absence.

201. Therefore I would emphasize the importance of clear heart–to–heart communication with your children. You who have not already done so should work and pray desperately to form that open line, that mutual bond of trust and respect; that you teach your children to walk in the fear of the Lord and to be discerning. You've got to leave yourselves open to some degree, and you've got to be wise by not overreacting to either the things that former members or even Fellow Members may say to your kids, or to your kids' reaction to it. But though I caution you not to overreact, I caution you even more strongly against not reacting at all.

202. Don't sit idly by when those around you are speaking against the things you love and hold dear, or when you know they're speaking these things to your children. It is your God-given responsibility to say something about it and do whatever is in your power to stop it. "Conviction and Honesty" (Maria #51, DB3) is a good Maria Letter and example for you to be reminded of. Your Father David did not hesitate to speak the truth in love to anyone and everyone, no matter who they were—whether Family member, former member, System Christian, or ungodly worldly person. He stood up for his convictions and beliefs and faith, lovingly but firmly.

203. Yet standing up for your convictions as parents and shepherds is not enough. You need to train your children to do the same, and you need to ensure that they are by establishing a good link of communication with them‚ so that you can be aware of what goes on when they are not in your presence; and, most of all, you need to hear from Me in prophecy and counsel with Me about what kind of influence any fellowship with those not in the CM Family is having on your children. Even if you can't see it or put your finger on it, I am the God of all things, and I can reveal it to you in the spirit. This is yet another essential use of the gift of prophecy. For My Words and My Spirit judge the thoughts and intents of the heart, and nothing is hidden from Me.

204. (Mama:) Now the Lord gives a stirring talk to you young people‚ so pay special attention to these words. He knows what you need, and this is very important. (Note: Parents, you can share this message with your children under the age of 16 as you feel led.)

205. (Jesus continues:) You young people—YAs, teens, and even older children—must learn these important lessons of not allowing yourselves and your convictions to be swayed by those who do not walk in My ways. It is a difficult lesson to learn—learning to love those who are wayward without succumbing to their evil influences—but it can and must be learned if you are going to be the princes and princesses of My Kingdom, the future leaders of My End­time army in the dark days ahead.

206. If you cannot stand up now to those who speak words of falsehood and division, if you cannot part from their company, or ask your shepherds or parents to help you keep apart from those who would influence you thus, then how will you be able to stand up for Me against the very demons of Hell that will be unleashed upon you in the Endtime? This is practice, preparation and training. If you don't do well at practice, you won't do well when it's show time. You need to see the seriousness of the situation.

207. You need to understand that while you may love and care for your brothers, sisters or friends who have chosen not to be My disciples any longer, some of whom go about speaking and behaving in ungodly ways that clearly go against the standard I have laid out for you, you cannot let your love for them blind you to the truth. You cannot let your own spirits be weakened and sickened and even destroyed through those lies that they would whisper in your ears.

208. There will be many who leave‚ but who still love Me and want to serve Me to some degree. They may have a few bad habits or idiosyncrasies, but if their hearts are right and sweet, and if they are respectful of your way of life and your beliefs and your commitments, there is no harm in fellowshipping with them and enjoying their company and friendship—working together, witnessing together, even relaxing together. Yet you must learn to guard your hearts and spirits from the influence of those who would seek to lead you astray, either into ungodly behavior and mischievous activities, or in more subtle ways, by undermining your faith through their doubts and divisiveness, bitterness and complaints.

209. If you truly love these who have gone away from you and away from Me, and if you truly want to help them‚ then you must stand firm in your convictions. Though they may mock or scoff, or though it may seem to drive them further away—or at least not have any positive effect on them—be assured that I am not mocked, and that My Word and truth do not return void. Your covering up their deeds, whether for their sake or your own, because you do not want to be separated or disallowed from fellowshipping with them, will not go unseen or unpunished. Be sure your sin will find you out, and when that time comes, you will be sorry, both for your sake and that of your loved ones, that you compromised and gave in to the temptations of the ­Enemy.

210. I set these guidelines and give these cautions for your own protection, My children. I need you to stay clean and pure, free from the weights and sins of the world. That's why I have privileged you by giving you a place in the Family. And you have chosen to stay because you want to serve Me and please Me, right? Then why would you want to let yourself get sidetracked and risk being pulled off the wall of My service by letting yourself become contaminated in this way?

211. The reason you weaken so is because of the pull on your heart, your emotions, the happy times and fond memories you share with those who have left. Yet have I not said in My Word that he that forsaketh not all that he hath for My sake—including brethren or sisters—cannot be My disciple? I do not require this of all of you‚ but of some I do. It is one of the great­est tests. Yet I would not give you such a test if I did not know you could pass it. It is the test of true loyalty—loyalty to Me and My Kingdom and My service. Some of you believe that the greatest loyalty lies in supporting or standing up for your friends or brothers‚ come what may. But I tell you the truth, that in My sight, the true way of righteousness is loyalty to Me above all.

212. If you would be loyal to Me and willing to forsake even that which is very dear to you in the form of certain degrees of closeness or intimacy with loved ones who have turned away from your side and My side, then I will bless you for this conviction. But if you insist on letting yourself be pulled away, and allow your mind, heart, body and spirit to be polluted with that which you know to be false, deceptive and divisive, then your loyalties are not truly to Me‚ and your place within My Endtime army of dedicated soldiers is in jeopardy. I know that your spiritual health and your channel and link with Me will be weakened through such "friendships," and therefore I give you this serious warning and admonition. I wish to keep you strong and pure‚ so that you may be a witness of My love to others.

213. Be witnesses of My love, in word and in deed—not only the soft, sweet, honey love of acceptance and forgiveness, but also love in the form of conviction‚ in the form of defining your loyalties and where you stand, by speaking the truth in love. Keep the boundary clear between your life and the lives of those who are not My disciples. I do not say that you must erect a barrier to shut them out completely; in most cases this will not be necessary. But I do warn that you must take heed to remind yourself of where the boundary lies‚ so that you do not cross over and find yourself on the other side, the side that you had not chosen to be on‚ because you let down your guard out of loyalty to a friend, brother or sister. (End of message from Jesus.)

214. (Mama:) This is a strong message of warning which I'm sure is not easy for you young people to hear. When your brother or sister who you love, or your best friend, or maybe your boyfriend or girlfriend or lover, decides to leave the CM Family, either to go FM or to the System, it's tough! It's a heartbreak, because you love that person. You want to continue living together, having fun together‚ sharing your lives. You don't want to lose that close­ness. You feel a very big loss, and it can tear your heart out and make you feel very sad. I'm so sorry!

215. The Lord understands. He says that to have to forsake the ones you love—even your friends or brothers and sisters—is one of the greatest tests. He knows how difficult it is. But He also says that He wouldn't allow it if He didn't know you could pass the test. He won't put you in a position that is too hard for you. Even though it might seem that it is, He'll give you the faith and strength when you're sinking and in despair. But in order to receive that faith and strength you have to be willing to accept His will and fight for Him. You have to be willing to stand up for your convictions and be true to His Word.

216. He knows that you think back on happy times and fond memories you shared with that person and you want to hold on to those. You want things to be the same, or as much the same as possible. It might be okay to have a sweet relationship with someone who's in the FM Family or even out of the Family‚ if they're respectful of the Lord and the Word and are not tearing down your beliefs. But if they're out of it, speaking against the Family, backslidden in heart and becoming like the rest of the people in the world, then you have to realize that contact with them will only weaken you and your other loved ones. Their views, opinions and goals will be different from yours‚ as will how they spend their time and what they want out of life. You'll find you're in two different worlds, and if you don't watch out and you're not real prayerful and wise‚ you'll be blinded to the truth and your own spirit will be weakened and sickened through their influence. If that keeps up‚ you might even end up out of the Family yourself, something you never planned or didn't even want—just because you got so weak spiritually.

217. The Lord said you have to learn to guard your heart and spirit from the influence of those who would seek to lead you astray, ­either into ungodly behavior and mischievous activities, or in more subtle ways by undermining your faith through their doubts and divisiveness, bitter­ness and complaints. One way you need to be on guard is by not covering up for them. You might see that they're doing things that are wrong, or you might even be joining in activities that you know aren't good for you and that go against the CM contract or Provisional CM contract that you signed; but I wouldn't be surprised if you're tempted to cover it up because you don't want to be separated from them or not allowed to fellowship with them. But if you do that, it will hurt you—and them. The Lord said, "Be sure your sin will find you out, and when that time comes, you will be sorry, both for your sake and that of your loved ones, that you compromised and gave in to the temptations of the Enemy."

218. If you love the Lord, the Family‚ your Home and your friends who are no longer in the CM Family, you'll stand up for your convictions. This is the best thing you can do.

219. This brings up the question of loyalty. That's a big topic amongst you of the younger generation. Think about what the Lord says: "Some of you believe that the greatest loyalty lies in supporting or standing up for your friends or brothers, come what may. But I tell you the truth‚ that in My sight, the true way of righteous­ness is loyalty to Me above all. If you would be loyal to Me and willing to forsake even that which is very dear to you in the form of certain degrees of closeness or intimacy with loved ones who have turned away from your side and My side, then I will bless you for this conviction. But if you insist on letting yourself be pulled away, and allow your mind, heart, body and spirit to be polluted with that which you know to be false, deceptive and divisive, then your loyalties are not truly to Me, and your place within My Endtime army of dedicated soldiers is in jeopardy."

220. If you can't stand up for your convictions, if you cover up for your friends or brothers and sisters who are in the FM Family or out of the Family, if you lie about what they're saying or doing to protect them, if you join in on the things they do that aren't according to the Charter membership contract or the Provisional Charter membership contract that you signed‚ then if you don't change, you risk being reclassified as Fellow Members. This is a serious warning from the Lord, so if you value your place in the CM Family, take heed!

Counsel About Non-Charter

Members Living in CM Homes

221. We've talked about Charter Members fellow­shipping with Fellow Members and former members, and now I want to cover another subject that's very sensitive. I know this won't be easy for you to hear, but we need to discuss it because it's bound to come up in some situations, and you need to be fully informed of the possible problems so you can be prayerful and desperate and make wise decisions. As you've read in "The Shakeup 2000" and the Provisional Charter membership contract, if a ­senior teen decides to leave the Family‚ one of the options open to him is to live with his parents in their CM Home as a non-Charter Member. This is something that has been allowed in the Charter for some time now. It's not a new policy.

222. However, I feel I must draw your attention to the fact that there are some serious risks involved in having a teen who does not want to be in the Family living in your CM Home, especially if you have other young people and children living with you. There can often be some strong negative influence and a pull toward the System from such an arrangement.

223. This is your decision, of course, and it's up to the vote of your Home as to whether you'll allow the teen to live with you. If not, then the parents will have to either find another Home that is willing to take them in‚ or open their own Home, with permission from the CROs to live as a single-family CM Home.

224. You would do well to consider the following counsel from Dad when making your decision, and please pray desperately and hear from the Lord. There could be situations where it will work out fine and be a good solution, but there will be other situations where it will be detrimental. It's up to you to find the Lord's will.

225. (Dad speaking:) It's not against the rules to have a non-Charter Member residing in your Home temporarily, as the Lord has made pro­vision for this, but it's certainly not recom­mended. It is an option in rare cases to have a young person‚ say a 16-year-old, living in the CM Home where his parents reside, along with other Charter Members. But in most cases, it would probably be wise not to. It should be the exception rather than the rule.

226. In most cases it would probably be healthier, especially if you have a lot of young people or children in your Home, to have the CM family whose young person is leaving the Family open their own Home. That way the negative System influences which the young person who is no longer CM will undoubtedly bring into the Home won't affect as many of our Family young people or children.

227. There's no two ways about it: The facts are that if a young person has left the Family in heart and spirit, even if their physical body is still in the Home, they're not following the Lord or His laws anymore. They're following the ways of the world. And if you wish to keep your Home free from the ways of the world‚ from the ­poisons of the System and from unnecessary ungodly influences‚ attitudes and samples, which the Lord has shown is absolutely necessary for our survival, then in most cases it'd be best to have the young person who wants to leave the Family live in a separate Home with his parents. That way he won't destroy the unity of your Home or bring in unnecessary and destructive attitudes and influences from the System.

228. Though that teen who no longer wishes to be in the Family is still the Lord's child, whom He loves dearly, He doesn't want that child to influence others while he's tasting of the delicacies of the System and enjoying the pleasures of sin for a season. Because the Lord has called us out from the world, we must remain separate.

229. You're not obligated to accept a non-Charter Member into your Home, or even to grant a young person who decides to leave the permission to stay. This is not your duty or responsibility, and you should only do so after desperate prayer and hearing from the Lord specifically in prophecy. It's your responsibility to keep your CM Home free from ungodly influences, to guard and protect your chil­dren, to keep your Home free and revolutionary and on fire for the Lord. Having someone around who is pulling in the wrong direction—away from the things of the Spirit and toward the things of the world—really drags everyone down and does more harm than good in the long run.

230. Granted‚ every situation is different, but you should be wary of having non–Charter Members reside in your Home. Even if they are sweet, it's the subtle inroads of the Enemy that weaken and destroy. Since no man lives to himself, these inroads of the Enemy will not stop with the one young person. They'll affect ­others too, whether the young person likes it or not and whether you like it or not.

231. You'll have to really pray and consider each situation wisely. Don't accept a non–Charter Member into your Home without really praying desperately for the Lord's will. If you care for your spiritual lives and the spiritual lives of your children and loved ones, then you'll have to do what's best for them, what's best for the overall work, what's best for the whole Home. Your responsibility is to the Lord and to your children. It's your duty to care for them and watch for their souls, that they won't be pulled away from the Light.

232. If you pray desperately and the Lord shows you to allow the young non-Charter Member to remain in your Home, then you should do so on a trial basis. Set yourself a ­period of time to try it out, like a month, and then come back to the Lord at the end of the month to get His up-to-date counsel on the situation. ­After a month you should be able to see whether the young person is affecting your Home negatively or not. If he is, then change things. If things are going well‚ then come back to the Lord frequently for His up-to-date counsel, to ensure that things continue to be fruitful.

233. Don't just assume that everything is okay from that point on if the Lord gave His permission for a non-Charter Member to remain in your Home. Sometimes you may not even notice that something is having a bad effect, but if you ask the Lord, He'll show you the way things really are, how He sees things in the spirit. So you have to keep coming back to Him. You'll need to ask Him to speak to you about this situation in prophecy at least once a month, to make sure that the situation is okay and that it's not damaging your unity, your children, or any aspect of your life and service for the Lord.

234. It's your duty before the Lord and ­others to make your Home the very best that it can be, to stay as close to the Lord as you poss­ibly can, to keep yourself free from ungodly influences and the pull of the System. So though in some cases it may be okay, with the Lord's permission‚ to have such a young person remain in a CM Home for a short period of time‚ in most cases it would not be wise, and you're certainly not obligated or required to say yes to having a non-Charter Member reside in your Home.

235. And, lastly, to the parents of the young person who wants to leave the Family but is not old enough to strike out on their own: In most cases the Lord will provide a place of refuge for your son or daughter if you desperately seek Him. But if it comes down to the wire and they have nowhere else to go, then please don't press­ure your Home to take them in. If they decide not to, it's not because they don't love you or the one who has decided to leave. It's just that they have a responsibility to the Lord and to their children and loved ones, which they are trying with all of their hearts to fulfill.

236. And if you must move out on your own with your young person for a time, don't just accept that and settle down. Keep looking for other possible openings for your child—people or relatives who would take him or her in, so that you can move back into your Home or join up with another Home, to receive the fellowship‚ strength and power that unity brings. The Lord won't desert you. He'll answer your prayers in accordance with your desperation. (End of message from Dad.)

237. (Mama: ) Dad gives a good, balanced message here, explaining that sometimes it can work, if it's the Lord's will, but that you need to really be desperate and seek the Lord, because more often than not‚ such a situation will not have a good effect, especially on the other young people in your Home. If you vote to allow a young person who has left the Family to stay in your CM Home, Dad suggests you do so on a trial basis, and that you keep coming back to the Lord at least once a month to confirm His will and to have Him explain in prophecy the effect the situation is having—whether it's fruitful and can continue, or it needs to change. Of course‚ if you're the parents of the teen, then you are obligated to care for him unless you can find other arrangements for him.

238. Even if you're out on your own, as a single-family CM Home‚ you should be prayerful, especially if you have younger children, because your teen who is no longer in the Family in spirit will undoubtedly influence them in one way or another. So it's important that you're aware of this and remain vigilant in the care and protection of your little ones, to keep them on the straight and narrow. You're responsible before the Lord for them too.

239. Here are some excerpts of a message from the Lord that will help you understand why Dad has given such a clear-cut message on this subject and how you can best apply it.

240. (Jesus speaking:) Your Father David has given a strong message because he has seen the state of affairs. He has studied the conditions of the Homes, and he is fully aware of the devastating effects of the rotten apples. There are many reprobates and they are spoiling many others. These people are at present trying to maintain some semblance of being in the Family. But once a teenager makes it known that he does not want to follow the Charter or that he is no longer interested in being in the Family‚ then his influence will be much, much worse, because he will no longer be constrained to even try to abide by the rules. Even though non-Charter Members who live in CM Homes are obligated under the Charter to follow certain Home regulations, because the spirits of these members are no longer ruled by My Spirit and because they usually become more and more rebellious and more influenced by the System, they become more negative and off track and their influence is more dangerous.

241. Your Father David knows that this is a possible inroad of the Enemy, a possible way that the cleansing of the Family will not come to pass. He knows this is a possible weakness‚ a chink in the armor‚ and so he has given this mess­age to strengthen the defenses and to try to build a fence at the top of the cliff to avoid having to build a hospital or a graveyard at the bottom.

242. There is such a big problem with parents and Home shepherds and other adults in the Family being delinquent in shepherding and disciplining their kids that they need a short, sharp shock. They need the message to be "in their face" or else they'll just continue on with what's comfortable, which is compromise.

243. The parents are responsible to care for and provide for their problem teens. But there are many situations in the System where parents find other places to house and educate their kids, either when they don't have time or when they can't handle their problem kids. So this is nothing new.

244. If the Homes will seek Me in prophecy, I will clearly show them which kids are truly rebellious rotten apples that must be kept from others lest they rot them too, and which kids are just confused or weakened, but who can be allowed to stay close, living within the CM Home, to protect them and continue to nurture and feed them the Word. The key to applying this message from your father is in hearing from Me in prophecy. (End of message from Jesus)

245. (Mama:) I hope you can see by this explanation that Dad is not just trying to be mean or overly strict. He loves all our kids and he wants what's best for them, but he also knows that the priority must be to strengthen the Family overall and cleanse the Family of System pollution.

246. So if you have a teenager in your Home who doesn't want to be in the Family, who has no intention of living the Charter or the Word, then obviously it's going to be difficult, and there will likely be some pretty bad influence from that teen on the other children and young people. Of course, this won't be the case in all situations. There might be some cases where the teen would not be a terribly bad influence but neither would he be a good influence or example.

247. When a teen is not reading the Word, not witnessing‚ and is spending all or most of his time either studying for worldly knowledge or just goofing off and hanging around—or worse yet, getting into trouble—that's a problem. So Dad and I and Peter want you to be warned of the possible dangers so you can ­really pray and seek the Lord.

248. If the general attitude in the Family up until now has been pretty liberal concerning these types of situations, that doesn't mean that it should continue that way. Again, you need to measure your reactions, decisions and leadings against the new standard of dedication and spirituality that is represented in "The Shake­up 2000." Things are not what they used to be, so you can't go by your past way of looking at things. You can't necessarily trust that you're seeing things clearly if you just do things the way you've done them for the past few years, so you need to ask the Lord to speak to you in prophecy. Ask Him to make His will clear, and then keep checking with Him regularly to make sure you're still in His perfect will.

What Does He Mean,

"Back to the Beginning"?

249. When those in my Home read "The Shakeup 2000," I asked that they all take some time during their private devotions to hear from the Lord in prophecy to see if there were any areas that they needed to improve in to follow the CM standard more closely. The following message was received by one of the SGAs in our Home. There are two reasons why I want to share it with you: 1) It answers a question that some people might have about whether the Lord is actually talking about going back to the way things were physically in the early days when He said‚ "Now as you and your children near the End, you must go back to the beginning, back to the freshness‚ the freedom of spirit, the total break with the world as there was in the beginning." 2) It's a very challenging message about total dedication that I thought you would find inspiring, especially knowing that it was received by an SGA, as it is a testimony of her dedication and loyalty, which I know many of you SGAs on the field also possess.

250. Before you read this message, I want to prepare you that the doorknob as it is presented by the Lord is a little high. But instead of getting discouraged, you should look at it as a goal to strive for. This is a good explanation of the Lord's highest will, but He understands, and so do Peter and I, that changes of this magnitude take time. Changes of the heart, big changes in people's lives‚ take time; they don't happen overnight. So please don't get discouraged, think­ing that you can't possibly attain or reach this goal. It's something to work towards. Reaching perfection is not the goal—it's the effort of reaching for the goal that the Lord wants to see.

251. You'll see that the Lord sets the standard high, but it will take time before people are up to this level of dedication. You'll grow into it as you get stronger spiritually. And for those of you who are already stronger in spirit, already using the new weapons and following quite closely and upholding the CM standard, if after reading "The Shakeup 2000" you're wondering, "What does all of this mean for me?" this counsel will be good instruction.

252. (Jesus speaking:) I'm not asking that you go totally back to the beginning, totally back to the way things were in the beginning in ­every physical way. Just because they ate stale donuts as their main food staple, that doesn't mean that you have to do that today. Just because they wore hippie clothes and had long hair, that doesn't mean that you have to do that today.

253. Just because they all slept on the floor together in one room, that doesn't mean that you have to do that today. Just because they some­times didn't have showers for days, it doesn't mean that you have to do that today. Just because they didn't have tape recorders, video machines, computers or other equipment, it doesn't mean you have to forsake all of that.

254. It's a new day and things have changed very drastically in the physical, but what I'm talking about is the spiritual. You've got to have the same spirit of dedication and commitment that the first disciples did. I desire to see the same inspiration and enthusiasm about serving Me and living for Me that those in the early days possessed.

255. I don't mean for you to give up everything that I've supplied for you. I don't mean for you to forsake watching movies or eating ­decent food or having showers or listening to ­music. But the question you have to ask yourself is, "Would I be willing to give all of that up if the Lord asked me to?" If your answer is yes, if you would drop everything if I asked it of you, then that's a safe attitude to have, a godly attitude.

256. It's when these things that I've blessed you with begin to take My place, or when you put more of an emphasis on them than on Me, that you're headed for danger. If you'd always rather watch a movie than spend time loving Me, then that's a danger sign. Maybe you can consider refraining from watching movies for a time until you get back to Me, your First Love.

257. If you'd always rather play a computer game than spend time with Me, then that's a danger sign. If you worship your computer games more than you worship Me‚ then you'd better forsake them, at least for a time. That's getting back to the beginning for you.

258. If you put anything in first place before Me and My Word, if you consistently—in fact, almost all the time—enjoy other things more than you enjoy Me, then that's a danger sign. You need to get back to the basics, back to the beginning, back to the beauties of loving Me and being on-fire for Me. That's what I'm talking about.

259. I'm talking about that revolutionary spirit, that do-or-die spirit! I'm talking about being drunk on the Spirit! Yes, I can allow you to watch movies or do whatever it is that you enjoy, but if you put that before Me or you always like it more than you like spending time with Me‚ then that's the time to forsake it‚ at least for a while, and get back to your First Love.

260. What do you spend your free time doing? When it's time to relax, what do you find relaxing? Is your picture of rest and relaxation sitting down to watch a movie? If it is, then that's fine and it has its place. But would you always rather sit down in front of worldly ­actors doing worldly things than be with Me? If so, then that's where the danger lies.

261. I'm a jealous God and I will have no other gods before Me. So many things of this world have become idols in the eyes of many Family members. They put the god of the world, the god of entertainment, movies, money and fun before Me, their one true Love. This is an abomination unto Me. It grieves My heart.

262. Though I have tried to remove these idols of the world one by one, through the Word I've been pouring forth, many have not heeded My desperate pleading. And so, since they have not allowed Me to remove these hindrances of the world, I have to smash the idols and destroy them all. All those who want Me and love Me will have to let Me smash the idols. I am the one true God; I am a jealous God, and I will have no other gods before Me.

263. Let this be a warning to you. Let this "Shakeup" message sober you up and remind you that your place in My Endtime army is not guaranteed. To ensure your survival and to ensure your fulfillment of My plan, you have to desperately want it. You have to want Me more than anything else.

264. If there comes a time when you re­alize that something in your life is more important to you than Me‚ then you should right away, without delay‚ forsake it. Only by putting Me first and keeping Me in first place above everything else—your desires, your ambitions, your work, your relationships, your fun and entertainment—will you keep that revolutionary spirit, that "I-could-lose-the-whole-world-cause-I-have-Jesus" heart, soul and spirit. (End of mess­age from Jesus.)

You Can Do It!

265. (Mama:) I know this GN is very meaty and hard-hitting. I'm sure it has not been easy to read, and there are undoubtedly some points in these messages that have tested your faith and really gone down sideways. If you were already feeling quite unsettled and you know you're pretty weak spiritually, if you were barely able to muster up the faith to sign the Charter membership or Provisional Charter membership contract‚ then this GN might have knocked you off kilter completely. You might be rocking and rolling and feeling quite incapable and ready to walk out the door.

266. If you feel that way, just wait. Don't make any snap decisions. Take time to think‚ pray and reflect on this next message from our wonderful Husband. These are His personal Words of encouragement to show you that you can do it. He can do it through you! He is able to lift you up, no matter how weak or sickly you might feel. If you'll just give it all to Jesus and let Him be your strength, then you'll find that He can do the impossible, and that is to help you live the CM standard, improve in your weak areas, and be happy and fulfilled serving Him and putting Him first. Please let these Words become real to you. They are true, and they are for you!

267. (Jesus speaking:) Have you felt Me speaking to your heart? Yes‚ I've been whispering in your ear, telling you the specifics that I'm requiring of you, which is really the goal to strive for. I'm telling you that I don't expect perfection, but I need you and I know you can make it. I'm telling you that I have great things in store for you. I'm promising you more abundant happiness than you've ever experienced in your life, if you'll follow these guidelines that I've given, the instruction that I'm pouring forth, no matter how difficult it may seem.

268. I'm whispering in your ear, telling you that even the things that seem impossible to you are possible with Me. Even if you feel that you're so far behind that you'll never catch up or you'll never be able to attain the goals that I'm asking you to shoot for, I'm telling you not to be discouraged. I'm begging you to not give up in despair, because the implementation of My will in your life is for your benefit, for your happiness. Even if you don't feel like you can even begin to reach these goals, the standard that I'm placing before you, I'm telling you that you can. I will help you. I will do the miracle.

269. The Enemy, on the other hand, is whispering in your other ear. He's telling you that it's impossible, that you'll never make it. He's telling you that it's pointless to even try‚ because you're too far behind and you'll never catch up. He's telling you that you'd be a fool to even try to reach for the standard that I'm laying before you, because you'll never make it. And he tells you that even if you could make it, you wouldn't be happy anyway, so why even try. He's telling you that there are so many rules and restrictions, so much regimentation, that even if it were possible for you to do all of these things, your life would be a drag and you'd be bored anyway, so you might as well quit.

270. Now you are faced with the decision of who you will believe. Will you believe Me when I tell you that all things are possible‚ and that My Words and the things that I'm asking of you will be blessings and not burdens? Or will you believe the Enemy when he tells you that none of this is possible, and even if it were, you'd be miserable‚ so you might as well not even try?

271. I'm promising you victories, happiness, great fulfillment, and contentment here and now! I'm promising you a wonderful, exciting ministry, a unique ministry in the upcoming future‚ a calling and ministry that all of the prophets before you have dreamed of‚ and that all of the hosts of Heaven look down upon with excitement, knowing that it is a place of great honor to be My Endtime prophets and prophetesses! I'm promising you great rewards in Heaven—great rewards for your sacrifices, great rewards for your giving, your loving, your yielding, your forsaking, your following Me closely no matter what the cost.

272. The Enemy is telling you that if you follow Me as closely as I desire, you'll lose all happiness, you won't be fulfilled, and you won't be content. He's telling you that the future is so far away, and he even tries to tell you that perhaps you won't be the Endtime prophets and prophetesses that I have promised you will be. He even tries to cloud the realities of the rewards I have in store for you, enlarging the problems, difficulties and sacrifices of this life to such enormous proportions in an effort to convince you that no reward or Heavenly recom­pense could ever make it worth it all.

273. I am asking you, begging you‚ pleading with you, My precious ones. I kneel before you, I look into your eyes, and I ask you to give Me a chance. See if I will not fulfill all of My promises to you! See if I will not give you happiness beyond your wildest dreams‚ fulfillment in My service, the freedom of My Spirit, contentment and joy unspeakable! I know that you wonder if all of this is possible, because it looks so impossible in the natural, and you feel so weak. But won't you give Me a chance?

274. Try Me for six months. Give Me your heart. Give Me everything that you hold dear. Decide right now that for the next six months you're not going to let anything hold you back from loving Me and taking the steps that I'm ask­ing of you‚ in obedience to Me. I know that you wonder and you waver, for I understand your weak­nesses. But won't you give Me a chance?

275. I promise you joy, peace, love, happi­ness, fulfillment‚ satisfaction, fun, content­ment, and all that you need, as well as an exciting mantle of the future that is soon to be placed on your shoulders! If you wonder if all of this is possible, why don't you test Me? Why don't you put Me on the spot? Why don't you give Me your all for six months and see if you don't like what you find? See if I won't bless you as I have promised. See if I won't reward you, and see if you won't be happier.

276. At the end of six months, if you don't like what you find, then you can go your own way, content in your having at least tried. But it is My promise that if you fulfill your side of the bargain by giving Me your all and giving it all you've got‚ you'll never want to go back to the life you had before. All things will have changed. All things will be better. All things will be as I have promised. Yes‚ you will still have battles and things won't always be easy, but you will know what My will is for your life, and you'll never want to go back; you'll want to keep moving forward forever.

277. All you have to do is make up your mind to sacrifice everything that you need to sacrifice, give up whatever you need to give up, follow the things that I'm showing you to do, practice your gift of prophecy, use the new weapons, love Me, and give it your best shot. Then you'll see if My Word is true. Then you'll know‚ without a shadow of a doubt, what My will is for you. Please, won't you give Me this chance?

278. You have to fight for something. You have to live for something. You can either live for the Devil and fight Me‚ or you can live for Me and fight the Devil. If you have to fight for something anyway, why not fight for Me? Why not determine in your heart to give it your all, even though it may be a tough commitment? Try it out for six months, and even if you feel like you're dying, keep going. Don't give up! At the end of six months, as long as you have fulfilled your part of the deal, I promise you will find what you're looking for.

279. I don't expect perfection. All I need and desire is a willing, yielded, believing heart. All I need is a heart and life of one who is willing to try. Even if you can barely whisper these words, all you have to say is: "Jesus‚ I know I'm weak. I feel like I can't make it. In fact, I know I can't make it. It seems too great, too big, too impossible for little ol' me. But I want to make it, Jesus. I want to try. And You said that's all that matters. So I give You my heart and my life. I'm going to give You my all—everything—for the next six months. I know I'm not perfect, but I'm going to give it my very best shot. I'm going to give You all I've got."

280. Even if you've been lazy in the past, even if you don't think you have it in you to do the things that I'm asking of you, I promise you that I will do the impossible for you. I'm a God of miracles. I'm a specialist in miracles. I've been perfecting My miracle-working skills for thousands of years now‚ and I'm more powerful than ever! Greater miracles than I've done before will I do in this day and age. Greater works than I have ever done will I do through you. The world has never seen such power as they will yet see—not since the beginning of time.

281. I specialize in things thought imposs­ible, in miracles that cannot be comprehended with the mind of man, and I will do great miracles for you. All you must do is say the words. Say, "I'm willing, Jesus. I'm going to try. I'm going to give You my all, no matter what it costs me." Then you'll discover that I am all that you have ever wanted, and you will have no regrets. (End of message from Jesus)

282. (Mama:) Won't you please give it a try? Just give Him your all for six months. Just say the words, "I'm willing, Jesus. I'm going to try. I'm going to give You my all, no matter what it costs me." All those beautiful promises will be yours; they will be seen in your life, manifested in the kind of rewards that mean the most to you personally.

283. Please don't let go! Don't give up. Give it all you've got for six months. Jesus is begging you to take Him at His word!

284. Peter and I love each of you so very much, and we're praying desperately for you, that your faith will not fail! We need you!

Much love and prayers in Jesus‚ Mama

P.S. In Honor of the CROs and VSs

285. I'll close this GN with a very special message that the Lord gave for our dear CROs and VSs. They have such difficult and largely thankless jobs. Not many people want to be CROs or VSs. Their calling is a sacrificial one, as they spend a lot of time away from their loved ones and children, they have to deal with so many problems, and they carry a very big responsibility which weighs heavily upon them. The VSs, while they receive some financial assistance to help them in their important responsibilities, still have to do a lot of fundraising, like you do. They have to try to keep their Homes going and producing and happy, while they try to visit and take care of you and answer your questions as much as possible.

286. The CROs and VSs have received some instruction and correction recently, not only in "Shakeup 2000" but also in additional messages from the Lord and Dad that Peter and I passed on to them. Of course, they feel very bad for their shortcomings in shepherding the Family, and for not following the Word more closely or fully upholding the Charter standard. They've had to fight condemnation and dis­cour­­agement, as you can imagine. But you'll be happy to know that they've stood strong in faith and have been willing to receive the correction, accept the truth of where they went wrong, and they're back on the attack, willing to start again.

287. Your CROs and VSs have each made a definite commitment to the Charter membership standard, have pledged their loyalty to the Lord‚ Dad, Peter and me and the Family, and have also committed themselves to their leadership responsi­bilities in a very special way, as is explained in the closing message of this GN.

Vision and Oath for CROs and VSs

288. (Vision: ) I see a group of ... I was going to say knights, but they're not really knights. They look more like musketeers! They're dressed in those old-time clothes, like musketeers. They're standing there in a very "on guard" style. They look beautiful with those nice shirts and big, black, knee-high boots‚ and the big hats. And they all have on beautiful long capes. They're very noble looking, and look like they belong to a royal household. They seem very brave and bold. Though they're not standing with their swords drawn, I have the impression they're very ready, they're on guard at all times, very on the attack.

289. The most outstanding thing about their attire is the huge sword that each one has—a big‚ beautiful, shining sword. Another outstanding thing is that this group is comprised of men and women, and from two generations, young and old. They're all dressed alike, just as I described. The women are dressed the same as the men. They don't have on long, dainty dresses or anything like that, but you can definitely tell they're women­­. Their blouses are cut differently, and they're very shapely. The women look pretty and feminine, and the men look very handsome. They all look very strong and courageous.

290. They're joined together, both men and women, younger and older, right alongside of each other. They're obviously a very special group of people. They're all standing straight across in a line‚ very tall‚ erect, and stately.

291. As I'm seeing this, it's as though I have a guide, someone who's explaining to me what the vision means. As fast as I see the picture, the guide gives me the explanation of what I'm seeing. It's as if the guide can read my thoughts‚ because I see the picture and I wonder what the significance is, or what it means, and right on the spot the guide gives me the explanation.

292. Right now I see all these musketeers standing in a line. Though they're very strong and bold, they're very humble. They're standing tall and poised. They're not ashamed of who they are, but they're humble. They're proud of what they stand for, but they're not proud in themselves. The thing that makes them so strong is nothing of themselves.

293. They're very important members of the royal household. They're servants of God, of their king and queen, and of their people. They're very highly honored. There's something very special about them. They're called to guard and protect the kingdom and to uphold the standard before the people. They're very dedicated. They're not just guardians, not just soldiers or palace guards, but these men and women are standard bearers. They're highly dedicated to the cause and they hold the standard high before the people.

294. They've been tried and tested. Their job is not always easy. They're faced with many tests and difficulties. They bear the problems and struggles of the kingdom on their shoulders. They know that in themselves they lack. Each one knows that they're not capable on their own of such a post. They know that it's only because God works through them that they're able to fulfill such a high calling. Their faith and dependence on God is what makes them strong.

295. Each one of these musketeers would other­wise be just ordinary men and women if it weren't for this one thing—that they've said yes. They've yielded their all to God, to be a vessel of use in His hand. They've committed themselves to uphold the standard at all costs‚ and God has empowered them to fulfill their duty. Their yieldedness has brought them strength. They're not perfect by far; they have faults, but in their weakness, God's strength and power is released to work in them, and this is what makes them great. Because they've each made the decision and accepted the challenge God has put before them, because they've dedicated themselves to righteousness, because they call on God to save them—the Lord has filled them with His power, and they're invincible.

296. Each one of them has made a commitment. They've taken the oath of a musketeer‚ and they will not be compromised. They're committed and dedicated to God, to the king and queen‚ to their people, and to each other. They've seen the light, and they know they must do their part to uphold the light. They stand on God's prom­ises alone, knowing that as long as they do this, victory is theirs. The Lord Himself highly ­honors the commitment they've made as He gives them everything they need to fight the battles—strength‚ power, wisdom, skill‚ and courage.

297. These have risen to the challenge and they've grown to love the fight, because they know they're fighting on the side that is right. They know that they can never lose as long as they keep fighting and don't quit. They know that for them, defeat only comes through surrender, so they're determined to never give in. I can see them in this line now, and one of them raises his sword high in the air and shouts, "Never quit!" Then all of them join right in, and together they're raising their swords high in the air and shouting, "Never quit! Never quit!" over and over again.

298. Oh, thank You Jesus! That is awesome—awesome and beautiful at the same time! Now I'm seeing them one by one go down the line in turn. Each one draws their sword and wields it in a magnificent display. Each one is taking a turn and giving a little demonstration of what they can do with their sword. It's beautiful, like they're fencing‚ but much better! They're doing incredible moves, wielding their swords in all directions with amazing precision and skill, sometimes throwing them way up in the air and then catching them again. Whew! Each one handles and maneuvers their sword with such ease. They're really experts. They're highly skilled at wielding their swords. They're very practiced. It's very powerful, but graceful too—almost like watching a ballet or a gymnastics show. It's outstanding!

299. They've finished now and are standing in their lineup again. They're highly ­honored, not only by the queen and king, but by the people. I can see crowds of people off to the sides, and they all seem to be admiring them. They're a special breed, and it seems the common folk really look up to them. They're definitely looking to them with great admiration, and with great love in their eyes. The crowds love them. They respect them and look up to them to lead the way.

300. These men and women have taken up the challenge to defend the kingdom and uphold the standard of love and truth. They're like bodyguards, like musketeers that are called to guard and protect. But they're not only called to guard the king and queen, they're guardians of the people. They diligently care for the people‚ and by upholding the standard before them, they're leading the people to the way of greater dedication and fealty to God and country.

301. They're called to defend the kingdom, and they've forsaken all to do this. They're fighters for the right, trusted, tried and proven to uphold the standard of the nation and to protect the kingdom. They've laid aside trifles‚ riotous living, selfishness, and anything that would compromise them or hold them back in this mission. They've risen to the challenge to lead the way in battle, to lead their people to victory, to uphold the truth.

302. They've finished this outstanding display, wielding their swords, and the vision is shifting. Now I can see another scene in the background. It's like I'm seeing a flashback. I see this same highly honored group of men and women, and they're out in a large open area, like a training field. They're dressed in more common clothes now, and it looks like they're training and working out. They're all there practicing, running through drills, doing different exercises, training and working out with their swords.

303. They're in training, it seems, and doing drill work with each other. The older musketeers are teaching the younger ones all they've learned, pouring into them from their vast wealth of expertise. The younger ones provide inspiration for the older and are a very needed help, vital to the cause of upholding the standard and furthering the kingdom. There are other trainers there too‚ outside helpers called in from afar to help drill and teach them all—older and younger alike. All this works together to help them keep in shape, keep up their skills, and stay practiced and skilled with their swords.

304. They're all helping each other in some way—some instructing the others, some giving demon­strations, others explaining or showing their various techniques in how to wield their sword, how to move their body, how to dodge their opponent, and so on.

305. They're not only learning how to handle their swords, but I see now that they're also learning many other things. There's much more that goes into being a musketeer than knowing how to wield their swords in a match. They must learn how to carry themselves at all times, how to talk and how to act. They must take on the qualities of a musketeer. The qualities these musketeers have committed to are to live the fruits of the Spirit of God, for He is the One they've committed to serve with all their hearts, all their minds‚ and all their souls.

306. They're honing their gifts of love, joy‚ peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meek­ness, and temperance. I'm seeing flashbacks of different scenes, all the things that go into the making of a musketeer‚ all that they're learning or have learned as they live and work together to uphold the standard before the people.

307. I'm seeing them as they learn how to interact in different types of situations. They're forming real strong bonds. They're learning every­thing together—how to think, live, act, move and work together; how to communicate, how to be honest, how to be loving‚ how to have fun and relax together.

308. They're a real close-knit team; one cannot do without the other. They all live for their Lord, for their country, and for each other. They're committed to each other and to their common goal. They're greatly unified.

309. As I see them in all these different scenarios, it's obvious that they're real close friends. The older musketeers know they need the younger ones to train and pour into. They know they need their spark and fire, and that the kingdom cannot be preserved without them. Likewise, the younger have come to realize that they must draw on the wisdom, faith, and experi­ence of the older. They all know they can't reach their common goal without each other.

310. Though they feel weak and incapable in themselves, they've taken up the challenge to live the life of a musketeer—to uphold the standard. Though it's cost them everything, it's given them everything too, for they have the satisfaction of knowing that what they do is right. They know there's no turning back on the call of God and country.

311. There are strong bonds between them, true friendship and partnership. They're unified in every way, and this—I see now—is where they get their power. The ties that bind their hearts together can't be broken.

312. It's cost each of them a great deal to be in these ranks. There have been scrapes and bruises, and even some more serious injuries acquired by some along the way. It's cost each one of them something to be there on the training field. It's cost them something to join these ranks of upholding the standard, of serving their God and country and protecting the kingdom.

313. They've had to forsake all and leave behind any weights or things that would either distract or hold them back. But they each know it's well worth it. It's a special calling, a special appointment, a special post—to uphold the standard of God and country. And even though there have been times when they felt they couldn't go on, they know in their hearts they can do no other but to commit to the cause of righteousness.

314. Their common goal and common ­vision drives them onwards, and they're willing to fight and die for what they believe. They're willing to give all to see evil crushed and truth triumph. They know it's nothing of themselves; on this they're agreed.

315. I see them raising their hands and arms in praise to the Lord for all that He does on their behalf. They know that it's only because His blessing is upon them that they're made strong. Their power comes solely from the Lord, and they know this. They know that in their own strength they wouldn't be able to fight any amount of danger, neither any foe nor enemy, if it weren't that the Lord fights for them.

316. I see a different flashback now. There have been times when many of them were footsore and weary; times when they were tempted to fall to discouragement; times when they felt discouraged with themselves and their own human frailties; times when human strength failed them‚ and they drew near the point of giving up—thinking they didn't have it in them to make the changes required of them in order to stand firm in their calling.

317. I'm seeing times when their faith flickered low‚ nearing the point of being snuffed out altogether—the older thinking they have surely come to the end of their strength and ­vision, too old and too tired to carry on; the younger thinking that surely the price is too high to pay, that they have too far to go to ever attain such strength and stamina that is required to enter the arena of standard bearer.

318. This has been their temptation from time to time—but now I see something awesome! In this scene, I see that every time there's a picture of one of them in this discouraged state, the Lord is doing something incredible. If they simply look up, if they call on the Lord for help, He's right there. All they have to do is call on the Lord. I can hear it. All they have to do is say, "Lord, I can't do what is required of me, but You can. Here I stand by Your grace and Your grace alone. Do through me what I cannot do on my own. Give me Your strength. Make me an instrument in Your hands. Work through me that I might uphold the standard and be true to Your cause. To You, dear Jesus, I yield my all; not my will but Yours be done. Lead me to the rock that is higher than I."

319. I hear them praying this prayer, and now I see the most incredible thing! The Lord reaches right down and picks them up. He's not plucking them out of the situation each time. He's not always removing them from the circumstances‚ because the people need their help. The Lord is not necessarily moving them from their location, but He is carrying them right through whatever difficulty or danger presents itself.

320. Whatever the circumstances, He's right there to carry them through it. If they them­selves have stumbled, it doesn't matter, as long as they call on the Lord. In each scene, whatever the problem, whatever the difficulty, whatever the thing is that is trying to hold them down, whatever the challenge that is ahead‚ it doesn't matter; the Lord is carrying them right through it.

321. It doesn't matter how strong the forces against them are, how dark it looks, or how stormy it is; in every single case the Lord is always stronger. Each time they look up and call on Jesus, He reaches right down and picks them up and carries them in His arms right through it. No opposition is strong enough to stop the Lord, or to stop them when they call on Jesus. As long as they call on the Lord, He's right there to carry them, and they're victorious and unbeatable. The Lord answers them every time. There's nothing He won't do for them, nothing He won't come to their aid on. Nothing is too small or too big for the Lord to concern Himself with.

322. They're invincible because of the Lord! I see the Lord carrying different ones through the most amazing storms. Wow! Jesus help me to describe this. It's as if you took all the most far-out movies today that show either horrific storms or natural disasters or incredible battles, like "Twister" or "Armageddon" or some of those sci-fi space movies. Take anything computer graphics can conjure up‚ imagine those scenes‚ and then picture the Lord carrying you right through it all—and you come out completely untouched, not a hair out of place. You're not rattled or shaken, nothing. I guess it's like when Shadrach and his friends came out of the fiery furnace without even smelling like smoke.

323. I see the Lord right there. He's not walking them through, but He's carrying them right through. No matter what it is, Jesus goes walking right on with His dear one in His arms. The Lord is so strong, and everything is just bouncing right off Him! Superman looks like peanuts compared to what I'm seeing. All the destruction and storms are just bouncing right off of them. The Lord is so strong—nothing fazes Him! Nothing can stop Him! Everything bounces right off Him, and thus off the one He's carrying. It's really awesome.

324. It's flashing on a different scene now. I can see that these have had to give up a lot to fulfill their call. I can see a pile of things outside a gate, on the outer edges, outside the training field. There's a pile of things that they've all had to leave behind. In order to enter this arena, in order to uphold the standard and help protect the people and the kingdom, they've had to forsake all and let go of anything that would drag them down.

325. Now I see pictures being flashed on a screen, and they're all pictures that depict forsaking something. I see them leaving behind nice houses and comfortable living to go out to the villages and towns. They're having to give of their time and their strength. They have to lay aside their own desires. I see them having to set aside some attitudes‚ some preconceived ideas and different habits that they can't afford to hang on to if they're to uphold the standard and display the attributes of a true musketeer. If they're not to be compromised‚ they must set aside the things that don't jibe with the life of a musketeer. I see them having to forsake these things in order to uphold the high standard that they represent.

326. I see the Lord standing there. He's looking on this scene too, with the most understanding look on His face. His eyes are full of such understanding and compassion, but He looks very proud, too. He's really proud of them. He's gazing at them and He seems so thankful. I see the Lord really feels for them too. I can tell He feels everything they feel. He knows He can't rescue any one of them prematurely, for the decision to forsake the things that would hold them back is theirs and theirs alone.

327. I can tell that the Lord would like to show them something, but He can't; He's not allowed to. Apparently He's put restrictions of some kind on Himself. I can see this big screen, like a giant movie screen, but there's a curtain covering it. I'm assuming it's a movie screen, but I'm not really sure what's behind that curtain.

328. Oh, I see. Whatever is behind that curtain is something really‚ really big and important. It's like the end results of what all their sacrifices will bring. The Lord would love to be able to show them, but He can't. He can't show them the end from the beginning‚ He's not allowed. That would make it too easy. It would affect their decisions if He did.

329. The decision to forsake all is something they have to make every day. Every day they have to choose to keep forsaking anything that would hold them back from the high calling of standard bearer. The Lord needs each one, each is very important, but they must keep forsaking every day if they're to be true to their call. Thank You Jesus! It's so beautiful! Thank You, Lord, for how much You love them. The Lord is praying for each one. He understands the sacrifices. I can almost feel His compassion. He wants to make their job easier. He wants to lighten their load.

330. And now a beautiful thing is happening. Every time I see a scene of one of them having to give something up‚ I see this beautiful, beautiful mist coming down upon them. They don't seem to notice it themselves at first, but it's there. It's obvious that it's something very, very special. It's definitely connected to the fact that they've forsaken all to follow what they know in their hearts to be true.

331. Every time they forsake something in order to hold up the standard, the mist pours out on them. It pours down on them, covers their heads, and then surrounds them like a gentle cloud. It's very mystical‚ very beautiful and calm, but it seems to give them great strength and power. It's gentle, how it flows, but I see that it pulsates and it seems to generate great energy. It's so gorgeous! It must be the Elixir. It gives them everything they need—strength, wisdom, power, comfort, leading, healing, vision, bravery and courage. And it brings blessings! It's so beautiful.

332. For every one thing they forsake, the mist not only brings all these things I've mentioned, strength and so on, but the mist also delivers many more blessings to them. All kinds of blessings, such as an abundant outpouring of all the spiritual gifts, as well as many blessings in the physical—supply‚ health, happiness, good weather‚ kings, supporters, friends, protection. So much protection in ways they don't even realize—protection from accidents, from enemies, from sickness, from all kinds of misfortune! And these blessings include peace and safety in the kingdom. For every one thing they have to forsake‚ the Lord more than compensates‚ and they get many, many blessings in return. It's so gorgeous! They're all very special to the Lord. I see the Lord right there and He's smiling so big and looks so satisfied as He's admiring them.

333. I see them all back in that line now. They're all lined up again in their royal-looking clothes, standing tall and erect, each one with their sword at their side. Thank You Lord!

334. And now it seems something very special and very significant is going on. I see them gathered together in a special place. They've been summoned to the royal court to confer with their king and queen‚ with each other, and to seek God.

335. It seems the kingdom is in grave danger. Half-hearts and malcontents have infiltrated the land, presenting a great threat. Their greater enemy that lies without knows that if these compromisers who give way to foolish living can spread and promote murmuring‚ grumbling, and rivalries among the people, their walls of defense will then weaken and give way for his own evil minions to enter in.

336. I can see that as the musketeers are gathered together here, their eyes are opening to this greater threat that lurks about them. The bitterest enemy of the kingdom has orchestrated a crafty plan in hopes of weakening the people. He hasn't come right out and launched a frontal attack, but has instead interjected his poison of compromise and worldly ways slowly but steadily throughout the land. It's seeped into the villages and towns‚ and even threatens to take hold of the musketeers themselves. The enemy knows he can't get these guardians of the kingdom to quit altogether, so he seeks to cause them to compromise.

337. This one thing is evident: Their bitter­est enemy seeks to destroy the kingdom at all costs. He is ruthless, unrelenting, and determinedly fixed on bringing down the kingdom. But now, as they gather together for this time of counsel and seeking their God, as the enemy's devices are revealed, this is causing a great stirring in their hearts.

338. They know the enemy must be stopped once and for all! They know that in order to put a halt to the poison that threatens their land, they must take immediate action. The call to greater commitment and the tug of greater conviction pricks each of their hearts, and the call of the musketeer to never give up rings in their consciousness. It must start in their own lives. They know it falls on their shoulders to turn back the tide of evil that threatens their land.

339. They know this will be best accomplished if they stand strong, a united force against their enemy. The call to battle rings in their hearts, and they know they're again faced with yet another choice, to rise to the challenge once again, to uphold the standard and protect the kingdom!

340. Each musketeer knows in his or her heart that they don't have the strength within themselves to fulfill this mission. They've been to battle, they know the obstacles. They know on their own they're men and women of flesh‚ weak in themselves, full of faults and shortcomings. They don't feel capable. But they know in their hearts that with God on their side, all things are possible, and victory will be theirs. They know their God has never failed them‚ and He won't fail them now. As the enemy challenges the courage and skill of the famed musketeers, the Spirit of God wells up within them!

341. They're gathered together to call out to the Lord. They want to pledge their loyalty and make new commitments to uphold the standard for which they have fought and bled in the past. They all know they need the Lord, and they know they need each other‚ and it seems they want to declare this before all.

342. I see them forming a circle now. As they stand in the circle, they take hold of each other's hands and they fall to their knees. Thank You, Lord, it's so beautiful! Very awesome. It's like I can feel the power pulsating. It must be the energy of the unity; it's almost like I can feel it vibrating.

343. As they drop to their knees, I hear them calling out to the Lord. They're praising the Lord and calling on Him for strength and help. The instant they call out to the Lord, He's right there! He's right there in the middle of the circle. The Lord is dressed like a musketeer too. His cape is a bit more royal looking, His hat has a bigger feather in it, but He's right there‚ in the middle of the circle. He calls them to sit, and as they do, He begins talking to them.

344. The Lord is delivering a message—He's encouraging them. He's telling them they have nothing to fear, that all they have to do is say yes; all they have to do is rise to the challenge, and He will do everything else for them. He'll give them strength, power, wisdom, and a new anointing for the task ahead. The Lord is committing Himself to provide, protect‚ and empower them like never before.

345. Now I see them all rising. They're all standing in the circle and the Lord is in the middle of them. One by one, they go around the circle. As they do, they draw their sword, and raising it to Heaven, they're taking an oath of allegiance. It's beautiful. Each one is taking a turn, raising their sword to Heaven and taking their oath to greater commitment, to uphold the standard of the Lord before the people. They're taking the oath of allegiance to God, to king and queen, to country, and to each other. It's an oath of greater commitment, greater prayerfulness, greater dedication. It's a special oath, given to those who are called to serve. It's an oath of office of the musketeer, those who are called to greater service, who are called to lead the people.

346. They go around the circle, each taking their turn. When they're done, the Lord takes His sword and goes around the circle. He's tapping each one on the shoulder, first the right, then the left, while He says something to them.

347. After He's finished going around the circle, they all pull out their swords and join them together, pointing them to the center of the circle, pointing them in at the Lord's feet. All their swords are joined at the Lord's feet. They all come together at this focal point, and I can hear all the musketeers saying, "All for One!" And the Lord then answers, "One for all!"

348. This saying is popular in the world, but this is the way the Lord really sees it. I never looked at it this way before. "All for One and One for all!" The Lord is the One—He is the reason for all of this. "All for One!" All of them are committing themselves to the Lord—He is the One. They're all for Him, all for One. They're all committing to uphold His standard. It's nothing of man, nothing of this Earth; it's all the Lord. "All for One!"

349. All of them are committing themselves to Him‚ to the Lord, to the One. They're all pledging allegiance to the Lord. They're all committing to the Lord. And the Lord answers, "One for all!" Meaning He is the One for all. They're giving their all for the Lord, and He's giving His all to them. "One for all!" The Lord is the One, the One for all—the One Who will fight for all of them. He's the One that is for all. "All for One and One for all!" All for the Lord, and the Lord for all those who commit themselves wholly to Him. Thank You Jesus! That's so encouraging to look at it that way. All for One, and One for all! (End of vision.)

350. (Jesus speaking: ) Behold, My faithful ones, I show you the past, the present, and the future. Behold and rejoice at the workings of My Spirit! I show you this that your hearts might be encouraged. My dear CROs and VSs, My true musketeers of the Spirit, let this encourage your hearts.

351. I show you a picture of what you are in My eyes. You are My faithful musketeers, who must stand tall and erect, wielding the sword of My truth with precision and skill. Indeed, you‚ My faithful ones, are of great importance in My sight, for to you I entrust the safety and the sec­ur­ity of My Kingdom. It is given to you, My royal musketeers, to uphold the standard of My Kingdom.

352. I show you this that you might be encouraged, for it is I Who will uphold you and carry you through every challenge‚ through every battle, through every difficulty you will ever encounter.

353. Be encouraged, My faithful ones, and know that I look upon you with compassion. I know all that goes into the making of a musket­eer. I know all you must endure, all you must train for, and here I stand, ready to hold, ready to strengthen‚ ready to complete in you what I have begun.

354. I know it's not always easy. I know the price you must pay‚ for I too paid the same. I too have fought the good fight of a musketeer, one who upholds the standard before the people, for I did the same when I walked on the Earth. Therefore let this encourage your hearts, for as My Father worked through Me, so I will work through you.

355. I see every detail behind the scenes. I know the making of a musketeer. I know the making of you special ones who uphold the standard‚ you who have dedicated your all to uphold the truth‚ you who have committed yourselves to righteousness and love and to protect the Kingdom. I know the tests of yielded­ness, the tests of forsaking, the tests of faith. Behold‚ I say, I will restrengthen, I will refill, I will repay, I will carry you through.

356. Behold My promises, My faithful ones‚ and let this encourage your hearts. For I will carry you, I will protect you, I will pour out My anointing upon you and shower you with My blessings, that you might find strength of days and that you might lead the way to victory. This is My promise to you, My CROs and VSs, My guardians to whom I entrust the care of My Kingdom.

357. I will anoint you with My unfailing, never-ending power. I will pick you up and carry you through any difficulty. The Enemy's sword will never be able to exact upon you, for I am with you to strengthen you and to help you fight the battles.

358. You'll never be able to outgive Me. You can make no sacrifice that is too great, for I will top it every time. Because you give your all to Me, I will give My all to you. This is My promise and this is My pledge. For this battle is Mine‚ and I will carry you through.

359. Therefore, fear not to continue. Fear not to rise to the challenge. Fear not to rise to greater commitment. Fear not to take the oath of allegiance, but rather let this encourage your hearts. For as you rise to the challenge, as you raise your swords to the Heavens, as you take the oath of allegiance to God and country for all to hear, so let My oath of allegiance to you be heard. Let every ear of all those both small and great hear My proclamation! Let the devils hear My oath and tremble‚ for, lo, their doom is sure!

360. As you commit your all to Me, so do I give My all to you. On this great promise take the stand, My faithful ones. "All for One, and One for all!" As you give your all to Me, so do I give My all to you. All for One and One for all—on this oath I stand. I will never leave you. I will never fail you. I will always be there at your side. Victory is ours! (End of message from Jesus.)

361. (Mama prays: ) Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus. We praise You, wonderful Love, for this beautiful vision! Thank You for showing us these marvelous truths, the reality of how You see things. Thank You for Your amazing Spirit that shows the truth to us, and that shows us these beautiful and awesome pictures. We're so small‚ so little, so nothing in our own sight. We feel so incapable‚ so unworthy of the great things You have chosen us to do. We're so unworthy, Lord, and we know it's only You, our dearest Husband and Lover. It's all Your working through us that makes us great. We're so nothing in ourselves, yet we are everything with You.

362. We love You, Sweetheart. We praise You, and love You, and can't get enough of You. We love how You fuck us and love us and care for us. We love to feel Your strong arms around us. We love the comfort of Your arms, the feeling of Your tender touches, the softness of Your tender kisses and the relief we have when we feel Your sweet caresses, the confidence we have, knowing that You are always there for us. Thank You for being our most precious Love, our most faithful Husband and Caretaker. Thank You for choosing us to be Your intimate brides.

363. Thank You for these dear ones‚ our faithful officers, friends, and co-workers­­—our comrades in arms. Words fail me, Jesus, to express the thankfulness in our hearts for these who have given You and us and the Family so much. They love You so much. They've sacrificed so much for You and for this Family. They've been through so much—trials and tests, breakings and remakings. They've given and given and given again. They've borne heavy weights, they've sacrificed and given of their blood, sweat and tears day after day. They've given their time and their strength and that which is most precious; they've given of themselves.

364. Jesus, thank You for Your solemn promises to love‚ to carry, to uphold, to anoint these dear ones, now and in the days ahead. Thank You for this fresh anointing You've promised them. Sweetheart‚ I pray for each one of them, that their faith will not fail. We know You'll never fail us. Help each of them to hold on. Help them to reach out and grab ahold of this great calling You've called them to.

365. We thank You for the vision You've given us. Please give these the strength that they need to fulfill Your vision. Give them the strength and courage to stand tall and erect and to proudly carry Your banner of love, to raise the standard and march in and claim victory for You.

366. Help them now‚ as they rise to the challenge, as they raise their swords and rally together and lead the way on to victory, to proclaim Your Word throughout the lands, to set the captives free, and to set at liberty those who are held in bondage, to face the foe and fight and win.

367. We thank You for each one. Each one is so precious‚ so needed, so valuable to You and to us and to this Family. Thank You, Jesus! Thank You for the blessing they are to us. We can't make it without them. We wish we could say it better‚ we wish we could show our love and appreciation better, but I ask that You do that for us, Lord, in the form of blessings in their lives, in the form of meeting their every need and fulfilling their every desire.

368. We know You have blessed each one, and we ask that You will continue to bless them. We thank You for how You have led them, how You have guided them, and we ask that You will continue to do so. Continue to bless them and help them to hold on, to persevere‚ to claim these promises that You are pouring out today.

369. Thank You for the wonderful vic­tories that have been won already—great and mighty and marvelous victories!

370. We know that You have never failed them and that You won't fail them now. Thank You that as they yield and obey, You will do all the rest. You will give strength and courage, anointing and power for the tasks that lie ahead and to do the things that You require. Thank You that there can be no worries when You are so near. Thank You for being their most precious Love, their most faithful Husband‚ their closest Friend and dearest Companion, their strong tower in time of need.

371. Help each one to avail themselves of Your power and strength and the anointing that You've promised. Thank You for helping them and giving them the opportunity to avail themselves of all the victories that You promise to give. Help them to walk in renewed conviction as they lovingly care for their flocks. Increase their faith, broaden their vision‚ give them faith that will move mountains.

372. Give them much more than they could ever dream of, Lord, in the way of Your blessings and power in their lives. Continue to bless them with great unity and camaraderie. Help them to stand strong, to cling to You and Your promises, Your Words of truth. Keep them obedi­ent and doing Your work, taking the stand, and preaching Your Word, living the sample, and upholding the standard of a true musketeer. You called them musketeers, Lord—those who stand for truth and freedom, those who are brave and courageous, loyal and true to the cause. Thank You, wonderful Love, for Your promises to these who have given so much. As they give You their all, You also give them Your all.

373. Thank You for Your unfailing‚ never-ending power. Help them‚ dearest Love, to hold on tight, to cling to You, and avail themselves of these promises. Help each one to lift their eyes to You and look at all the wonderful‚ marvelous things You have for them as they rise to the challenge. Bless them, be with them, and love them deeply like only You can, as they look to You, so that You can work and live in them, and Your strength and power and glory can be seen in them. Thank You, Jesus. We love You, Jesus!

374. (Jesus speaking:) The formal declar­ation and signing of this oath and agreement is one that all the world will hear of. It is not to be taken lightly. I will cause a great stirring in the hearts of My officers, and it will be as the day of Pentecost—as My greater anointing and power fall upon them as never before.

375. The declaration and signing of this oath will be a hallmark day in the lives of each of My officers—a day to be remembered and com­memorated always!

376. All the heavens will be watching as My officers take this oath, for indeed this will be a most sacred moment. As these, My called and faithful and true officers, do declare before the heavens, before their king and queen and before each other, their pledge of loyalty and dedication, all Heaven will stand alert‚ rejoicing and praising Me for this glorious day, for this wondrous moment when My called ones take up the torch to hold My banner high before the people, leading them to victory in the Last Days.

377. All the prophets have dreamed of this day; so all those who have passed on before you will stand watching, praising and thanking Me for this great victory, and praying for these as they receive their greater anointing.

378. The ceremonies of man are as dust compared to this great celebration that will take place in Heaven as My loyal and faithful ones take their oath of office. And great will be the outpouring of My Spirit as these declare before all, and sign their oath of allegiance.

(CROs and VSs stand)

Oath of Allegiance

From CROs and VSs to Jesus

379. I, ______‚ declare an oath. Standing before God‚ my Lord, Lover and Husband, before my king and queen, before my co-workers and comrades in arms, making these my witnesses, I do solemnly commit myself to these words.

380. I will‚ by the grace of God, and to the best of my ability, faithfully carry out the office of a [CRO/VS]. I promise to uphold the standard of the Word and the Love Charter. I willingly renounce all influences in my life that would hinder me from standing up for the truth of the Word which has been graciously entrusted to my care.

381. I pledge to do all within my power to be a reliable channel to receive the Lord's Words in prophecy. I will admit that I do not know the answers. I will ask the Lord to help me lay aside my personal opinions in the matter, and be yielded and willing to receive whatever He gives. I will be obedient to the New Wine and do all I can to apply it to my life. I will keep my heart clean and free from unconfessed sin. I will take any questions about the messages I receive in prophecy back to the Lord, in order to receive well–rounded messages, and for further confirmation and explanation of any seeming contradictions. I will build my faith by regularly spending time with the Lord in the bed of love—reading and meditating on His Word and applying it to my life, resting in Him and casting my cares on Him, and loving Him intimately as His bride, speaking words of love to Him and receiving His seeds.

382. I wholly commit myself to diligently care for the flock of God and to pull others up to the standard of the Word through my own personal sample. I commit myself to always strive for greater conviction, greater prayerfulness, greater love‚ greater giving, as I put God and others first, above my own desires. I humbly ad­mit my need to lean wholly on my Lord and God for His grace, strength, wisdom and power, endeavoring to never make a move in the strength of my own arm. Likewise‚ I humbly admit my need for these, my comrades in arms. I pledge my love and friendship to my fellow workers. I pledge to do my best to ensure that our bonds of unity will never be severed.

383. I affirm as an officer in the Family that I will uphold the following standard and carry out these responsibilities as well as my other responsibilities and duties as spelled out in the Family Charter.

1.Endeavor to carry out the duties of my office in a loving, prayerful and competent manner, and to the best of my ability, properly and lovingly shepherd those whom I am responsible for.

2.Operate within the authority of the "Charter of Responsibilities and Rights" and the "Fundamental Family Rules."

3.Encourage individuals and Homes to live in accordance with the "Charter of Responsibilities and Rights" and the "Fundamental Family Rules," and to impose appropriate and proper disciplinary action if they do not.

4.Endeavor to answer questions and give counsel on how to solve problems by directing the inquirer to the appropriate Bible passages or WS publications that offer guidance and counsel on the matter; when needed, offer prayerful, Word-based advice, in counsel with my fellow officers, if necessary; or seek counsel from a higher authority on matters that no WS publications address, or on matters or questions beyond my experience and/or authority. [Use the gift of prophecy as much as possible, so as to ensure that the counsel and advice I offer is based on the Word, prayer‚ and the Lord's specific instruction as revealed in prophecy.] *

5.Ensure, to the best of my ability, that the rights of the members and Homes under my jurisdiction are upheld and are not being infringed upon.

6.Endeavor to live in accordance with the WS publications on the subject of wise and loving leadership.

7.Take time daily for personal prayer [and prophecy and reading of the Word]. *

384. By this oath, I pledge my allegiance to my Lord and Husband, to my king and queen, and to the Family of the children of David. By the grace of God and my Husband, Jesus, I will do my part to lead the way to greater dedication.

385. Here I stand‚ joined in love, faith and prayer, as I pledge. All for One! One for all!

Signed: ______________________________ Date: __________________, _____, 1999

* We will counsel with you CROs concerning the parts of the text in brackets to decide whether we need to amend the Charter.

Oath from Jesus

To CROs and VSs

386. (Jesus speaking:) On this oath‚ My faithful __________‚ receive My promise. I swear to carry, to uphold‚ to anoint you for this new day. Therefore receive this new anointing from My hand. I grant you this day greater strength, greater conviction, greater dedication, greater wisdom, and greater power. Stand tall, and hold high My banner of truth‚ righteousness and love. Receive My promise, for I grant you, My faithful one, deliverance from the hands of your enemies that you might serve Me in love and in righteousness all the days of your life.

387. With this oath, let it be known that as you give Me your all, so do I give you My all. "All for One, and One for all." Let the world hear our pledge. I will never leave you nor forsake you. I will always be at your side, for I am the One Who reigns and lives to give you My all. Because you follow and do My will‚ all that is Mine is yours also—My power‚ My strength, My life‚ My love, My Kingdom. This is My promise, My pledge, the holy oath by which I swear to you this day. (End of oath from Jesus.)