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My Christmas Heartcry!

Karen Zerby

A Message from Jesus for Christmas '99!

By MariaMaria #506 CM/FM 3261 9/99

My dear, precious Family,

1. I love each of you so much! Peter and I are praying desperately for you during this time of decision and change after receiving the "Shakeup 2000" Letter. We're by your side in prayer, trusting that our wonderful Husband is there to guide each of you personally, and give you the strength, conviction, comfort, guidance, and faith that you need as you look to Him.

2. As this Christmas rolls around, you might be wondering how you're going to pull off a big witnessing season‚ with so much happening in your personal life and in the lives of your loved ones. You might be feeling rather overwhelmed with all that the Lord has poured out recently, the standard that is set before you, and the changes you and those around you are going through. You might feel like it's all you can do to cry out to Him for the strength and grace you need for each day. You might be concerned about the amount of funds you need to raise and set aside in prepar­ation for the early months of 2000‚ which the Lord has told us that we'll need to be prepared for.

3. Not only is the Lord asking us to raise our spiritual standard and make decisions and commitments in our personal lives, as well as raise funds in preparation for whatever Y2K may bring, but He's also commissioned us with the Activated! program to get out more Word than ever before. It's now also Christmas witnessing time—the biggest witnessing opportunity of the year in many parts of the world. Normally it's a time when you set everything else aside in ­order to give the Christmas push your full attention‚ but this year you might be wondering if that's going to be possible or even wise—that you'll probably scrape by, but that it probably won't be a very big year as far as extra witnessing and getting out the Word.

4. I pray that this message from Jesus helps to put things into perspective for you. There's nothing like seeing the problems of the world to put our own in perspective. The ­Enemy is fighting us hard, but at least we know the truth! At least we have the comfort of knowing that this miserable world is on its last legs and that all will not continue as it is! We know what's happening and we're comforted by the fact that Jesus is going to return one day soon to set things right. As times get harder and harder, we who know Jesus can count on more and more help from Him and from Heaven! In contrast‚ look at the poor folks of the world who are ensnared and enslaved and have no hope of finding the answers to their problems!

5. This message from Jesus is His heartcry to you, dear Family. As much as you might feel like a mess at times and incapable of helping anyone else when you're struggling so much your­self, the Lord sees things very differently—because you have His truth, His love, His ­answers. He begs you to do all you can this Christmas to spread His truth to as many as poss­ible. As you read the Lord's precious Words to you, ask Him to give you the vision, to put the fire in your heart, and to renew your desire to get out the Word like never before!

6. After reading this, please take time to hear from Him, either together as a Home, or in teams, or individually, and then share what the Lord gave and discuss together how you can implement this in your Home this Christmas ­season. With everything else that needs to be taken care of right now, you might not be able to do many elaborate shows or something as time-consuming as you had hoped, but you can emphasize getting out the Word! And that's what the Lord is asking you to do!

7. Remember, the most important thing we're here for is to get out the Words of life in every way possible—through personal witnessing‚ tracts, booklets‚ posters, tapes or videos! That's the whole reason for our existence. So as much as you might feel that having a renewed push to get out the Word during this Christmas is coming at an already very busy time, what you might not consider very good timing, the Lord knows that it is good timing—and not only good timing, but possibly the last opportunity some people will have to receive the message!

8. You can do it, dear ones—I know you can! Let your love for Jesus and the lost motivate you, and pray down whatever you need to do the job, and the Lord won't fail! Not only will He not fail to work through you and help you to get out His Words, but as you put Him first through putting His message first, He will supply all your needs. It doesn't seem logical‚ but it works! Seek Him as to how you can practically make getting out His Word your priority this Christmas, and then trust Him to fulfill His promises and do what you can't do. Amen? I love you!

Jesus' Christmas Message

9. (Jesus speaking:) The sun rises and the sun sets. Seasons come and seasons go. The world continues turning, and it's Christmas once again. On the eve of this Yuletide season, My dearest loves, I ask you to come to My arms. Will you stop a moment, put aside all the work, the activity, the business and the cares of the day, and come sit here by My side? I want to unburden My heart to you.

10. Yes, My heart is heavy. I know I can confide in you, for you are My special ones. You are more to Me than friends‚ more than companions—you're My deepest loves. You're so close to My heart, and because of this, I know you'll understand what I have to say to you now.

11. I know that you desire to please Me by giving Me gifts on My birthday. I know you want to do your best for Me. You want to make Me happy, because you love Me as ardent brides and lovers. And this is why I unburden My heart to you now, because I know you'll do your best to fulfill My deepest desire. I know I can trust you with My heart, and this is one of the many reasons why I love you so.

The Sad State of the World Today

12. Look at the world today; have you ever seen such a mess? I know you're aware of the grave state of the world, but, oh‚ how it burdens My heart—the people running here and there, the wars, the famine‚ the pestilence, the civil strife that has escalated to dramatic proportions! It's chilling­­—the senseless killing that is rampant, as love in the heart of man turns cold. Look at the hearts—so many hearts turning hard. Bitter­ness grows deep in the soul of man. The hateful­ness, the cruelty, the inhumanity of man to man‚ the anxiety and fear that prevails in all sectors of society among young and old‚ rich and poor alike. The head trips, the high-mindedness, the worldly knowledge that eats like a canker, the love of evil‚ the scorn and contempt for that which is good, the lack of natural affection‚ the boasters, the vanity, the conceit of man in proud display. These days of sorrow weigh heavily on My grieving heart.

13. And one of the saddest things is this: There are so many in the world today who have eyes to see, but see not. Though not physically blind, they are blinded by indifference, apathy or selfishness. They have ears to hear, but they hear not. Their hearing is focused inwardly, attuned to their own needs and problems, rather than outwardly to the needs and problems of others.

Be Not Deceived: All Things

Do Not Appear As They Truly Are!

14. You, My dear ones‚ must not be fooled, lest you fall into a false sense of complacency and not be able to see the problems as they ­really are. For there are times, depending on the angle from which one views a situation, when it doesn't seem as bad as it is, when the need doesn't appear as great as it is. One might be tempted to think that among the multitudes of people who walk the Earth, many are not so bad off, nor are they in dire need of My life-giving Words.

15. I hold the great advantage, for I can see the truth of the matter‚ the full picture. I see that there are multitudes, great multitudes who pretend—who pretend to be healthy when they're very sick; who pretend to be happy when they're dying of misery; who pretend to have the answers when inside they have only a great emptiness, crying out to be filled; who pretend to know where they're going‚ but are so very lost. I can assure you‚ every soul on Earth has some need.

16. So many people move along, hidden behind masks of false cover-ups‚ as they eat, drink, and pretend to be merry. Judging by appearances, I understand how it's often easy to overlook the dire need of those around you. It's all too easy to lose sight of the desperate need to give out the message and the truth of My Words. But all things do not appear as they truly are. Never in all of time has there been a need so great as there is now to spread My message of love, truth and freedom.

17. So many people in the world today close their eyes and shut their ears—not because they've rejected My love, but because they don't know any better. So many are coerced into turning a blind eye—not willingly, but because they're ignorant, entrapped, enslaved. Not only do they not know how to escape; worse yet, most often they don't even see the need for escape.

18. Multitudes have been battered, torn, and sadly abused—some in body‚ and worse than this, scores are abused in mind, heart, spirit, and soul. They've been cornered, trapped, and subjugated by lies and false doctrine on every side. Their vision is masked; their understanding is shrouded behind the black veil of deception, false notions, and mis­perception. Most don't realize the need to be set free, for they're darkened in their understanding, deluded, and caught up solely in the plane of the Flatlander.

19. All they know is the immediate world they can see and feel. They have no idea that the real world exists, for they've been programmed to think that My real world is mere fiction. So they continue on their hell-bent course‚ deceived into thinking they must put all their time, energy, and effort into living for the false world around them—all because they've not had the opportunity to taste and see and know true freedom.

20. My heart is heavy; it pains deep within Me. For the world spins round and races hell-bent for destruction‚ and My lost sheep are left bleating.

Someone's Last Chance!

21. As I hear the Yuletide bells tolling out across the lands, My eyes weep tears of sadness. Why? It's not only because I long to tell them, I long to warn them‚ I long to reclaim them from the Enemy's clutches. But I weep because this could be their last opportunity. This could be the last Christmas for that lost one who is crossing your path today. They may never have another opportunity to break loose, to break free from the bondage that holds them hostage.

22. As the wreaths are hung in the busy mart, as the decorations line the avenues and adorn the housetops, as the Christmas bells ring out heralding another season to be jolly, I share My heart with you, My dearest loves. This could be the last opportunity for the one who passes by you today—that man, that woman, that teen, that child. This could be their last chance to break loose into the freedom that only I can give. Will you let them pass without giving them the opportunity to find My life and truth, My freedom and true love?

23. I know your desire is to please Me. I know in your hearts you ask, "What can I give to the One Who has given His all for me?" You can give Me the gifts I'm most pleased with. I don't ask for your hearts, for these I already possess. I ask for your hands. I ask for your feet. I ask for your mouths, your lips, your tongues, your smiles, your eyes. I ask for your readiness and willingness. I ask, "Will you seize every golden opportunity I bring your way?"

24. As the clock ticks, as time speeds on, as the world races forward on its hell-bent course, won't you take every opportunity I bring your way to give My Words‚ My love? Won't you take advantage of each situation to give My Words to the needy world? Will you take every possible opportunity to share My love in some way, to give My life, to pass My Words to all those I bring your way, without passing up any chance to do so?

25. Time is short. The world spins round and round, racing in a downward spiral. Will you give My Word, My hope, My life to those you meet‚ as though everything depended on it?

26. Remember, everyone has some need, whether they appear to be well off and seem happy, satisfied, and well-adjusted‚ or whether they're obviously down and out, poor, neglected, and needy. From all walks of life, all sectors of society, from every nation on Earth—all have a need to receive the truth I have given to you, the children of David.

27. This could be the last Christmas for that one who's passing by you today; this could be their last chance to make a decision for Me. Not only could their time on Earth grind to a halt this coming year through war, famine, pestilence, disease, violence or disaster that would claim their lives, but there's another reason, one even more ominous.

Give Them Truth

To Set Them Free!

28. What I have to share with you now, I ask you to hear with all diligence: As the days darken, the Enemy works at triple speed and strength to fully enslave his clan. Every day people are being faced with decisions—multitudes of decisions, many of which bring them a step closer to total bondage and full control by the false Christ. Where there is life, there is hope‚ and My power is always present to touch, to heal‚ and to deliver. However, with every day that passes for the person who does not have the seed of My truth planted in his or her heart, they are more apt to be deceived into making the wrong decisions—decisions which drive them closer to being fully ensnared by the false System.

29. The Enemy of men's souls has worked hard to create a false illusion which makes the wrong choices seem right, and those who have not received the seeds of truth are easily fooled and led astray. The decisions they're being asked to make are becoming more and more serious, more and more binding, and open the door for even greater delusion. With each decision one makes in favor of the Evil One's false System, it becomes harder and harder for that person to be freed, for they become more deeply mired in the quicksand of the false way. With each wrong decision made‚ it becomes pro­gressively more difficult to break free.

30. Why do I say this may be the last Christmas for many to be set free? Because this ­coming year many will face milestone decisions that will tell the tale of their future role and place in the Endtime. Many will come to a crossroads this year. They will need to make decisions that will make a difference in which way they will turn‚ whether it's to the truth or to the false way. The seeds that you plant in the hearts of those I bring your way will influence their choices. The Word you give to the world right now will make a difference. Many are already deeply engrossed in falsities, so much so that they could be nearing the point of no return if they do not receive an opportunity, some glimmer of hope, a spark of truth that can then begin to work and grow in their hearts.

31. When you give them My Word, though you don't always see immediate results, My Spirit goes to work right away on that soul. The seed of My Word planted in their hearts can then take hold and act as an antidote, protecting them and shielding them, working on them for what is to come. You may not always see immediate results, but My Word planted in their hearts will work as a time-release capsule, an antidote against the Devil's lies‚ an agent that will work in their hearts and minds so that they might see more clearly and have the opportunity to make the correct decisions down the line and reject the false way.

32. Indeed, it could be the last Christmas for some to receive My Words in preparation for the important decisions that they will face in the near future. The longer they lack the truth, the more wrong decisions they make‚ the further entrenched they become, the harder it is to be set free. Do you see, My loves? The longer you halt in bringing them My truth, the harder it is for them to be set free. This is because every day, every hour, every minute, every moment, the Enemy is on the job. He is on the lookout‚ always pressing forward, always presenting his choices‚ always luring them further into his false world, further into his false System and false way.

33. The world is speeding toward the Mark. It's all around. Multitudes are faced with daily decisions that either thrust them deeper toward accepting that Mark or that help them take a step closer to Me and the way of truth and freedom. Each time you're a witness, whether you give out My truth in the form of a simple tract, or pass out other tools that bear witness of My Gospel, or whether you share My love in some other way—through a look, a smile, a kind word or deed—all this is planting the seeds of My truth deep in the hearts of men. You often don't see the immediate results, but I water those seeds, I nurture them‚ I guard each one. Not one returns to Me void, but it accomplishes what I commission it to do.

The Gifts I Long For!

34. What are the gifts I'm most pleased with, My loves? Your love for the lost, as I have loved you. Your desire to give them My gift of eternal life, as I have given you. Your faithfulness to give My Word to those I bring across your path‚ that you might lead them to Me. Will you give them My Words, that you might give them Me? Will you seize each opportunity I bring your way to make a difference in the lives of others?

35. What is life? It is but a vapor that is here a little while, and then it's gone. The person I bring across your path today may not see another Christmas. Will you offer them freedom while you have the chance? This could be your last chance to give My Word to that particular person, the last opportunity you have on this Earth to pass that tract to them, to walk that extra mile with them, to share that smile or give them that look of love, to get their address, to say that kind word to them, to give them My answer to their problems, to say that prayer for one in need.

36. These are the gifts I most long for. I ask only that in whatever capacity I've called each of you to, that you not let one opportunity pass by to give out My Word.

37. Time is short. Will you gather them in? Will you live each day as if it were your last? Will you do all you can today? Will you never pass up an opportunity to give My Word and share My love?

38. You at home with the children and the cooking‚ cleaning and business share equally in the rewards with those who pass out My Words. Will you give your all to pray for them and for the lost‚ to encourage and uphold those who go out, to be fervent in spirit for those who wage this war for the souls of men, even in the midst of your other duties?

39. My dearest loves‚ remember that I'm always near. All you have to do is be My hands, My feet, My mouth, My lips, My eyes. Simply give out My Words, and I will do all the rest. I will tend it, water it, and nurture it. Will you do this for Me?

40. Come, My precious ones. Nestle here with Me, close by My side, and know that I do all things well. Rest, My darlings, and be encouraged, for great and magnificent will be the end results of this request I make of you, My loyal, faithful brides who seek to do My bidding. Rest and find comfort, safety, and strength in My strong arms.

41. Thank you for making this birthday the best one I've ever had by giving Me the gifts I most desire. I know I can count on you for the help I need. This is why I trust you with the deep things on My heart. In this message, I have shared My deepest desire with you. Satan is angry, for he knows the result of this heart sharing will be a mighty wave of spreading My Word and My truth, which he hates. He knows that you will do all within your power to fulfill My greatest heart's desire for My birthday this year. He knows that you will want to fulfill this desire not only this Christmas, but always. He knows he will lose his grip on many because you will answer My plea. But rest on My breast and be strengthened. Come to Me to find the strength to fulfill what I ask. For great and magnificent will be the end results of this request that I make known to you‚ My faithful, loyal brides.

42. Thank you for making My sacrifice on the first Christmas worthwhile. I died to give men and women eternal life, and in passing on this gift you are fulfilling My plan and helping to complete what I began—reaching My lost ones and telling them where they can find truth and freedom, happiness and fulfillment forever­more! Thank you, My loves, for giving Me the gifts I'm most pleased with on My birthday and ­every day of the year. Thank you for doing your best to make this a habit in your everyday lives; to never pass up the opportunities I bring your way to give out My message, to share My love, to make a difference in the lives of others. My love for you is beyond compare. I love you!—Your Loving Husband. (End of message from Jesus.)

43. P.S. (Mama:) As you can see, dear Family, this is a gift we can give our wonderful Husband not just this Christmas, but every day of the year! Time is short, and He wants us to seize every opportunity that He brings our way to give out His message!

44. Peter and I love you very much. We'll continue to pray that this Christmas season and the new year ahead will be fruitful and prosperous for each of you and your children. We know that as you keep your eyes on our dearest Love, it will be. He'll never let you down. He'll never fail you. Every time you reach a soul, He'll more than repay! Merry Christmas!

Much love, Mama