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Leaping the Hurdles, Part 1

Karen Zerby

By MariaMaria #505 CM/FM 3260 7/99

Dear Family,

1. This GN is the first in a series devoted to topics related to the Law of Love‚ focusing on the personal relationships and interactions we have with each other as a result of sexual sharing, and learning to live this beautiful revelation to the full. This first Letter is in question–and-answer format, as will be the subsequent GNs in this series. Many of the questions were sent in by you, while the rest were generated by people in WS.

2. Also included in this GN is a personal testimony which I asked Misty, my executive secretary, to write. Personal testimonies are always interesting and provide an example of how the Word relates to specific battles that come up, and how others have overcome or improved in their weaknesses.

3. I pray that the Lord's wonderful Words and the lessons shared in this GN will provide you not only with the answers that you're seeking, but also additional inspiration and incentive to continue growing in the Law of Love. While these messages from the Lord contain good counsel and apply to all, please be sure to take your personal situation to the Lord in prayer to receive specific guidance and instruction.

4. While the principles of fighting to overcome and gain needed victories are always true, the Lord often gives varying counsel about what steps to take to gain victories, or what kind of timetable or route is best for you. Realizing this is a major key to successfully living the Law of Love. You're most likely going to have battles, problems and conflicts, and you can't necess­arily look at another couple or situation and copy what they did to get the victory or handle your situation in exactly the same way. The Lord works with us on an individual basis, and while the foundation of the Law of Love remains the same, the counsel and tips that the Lord will give you personally will make a big difference in your life and happiness.

5. Remember, if you come to Him with an open heart and take the time to hear from Him in prophecy at every step, He will gently and lovingly guide you and your loved ones through whatever questions, problems, or complexities arise in your lives, and He'll encourage you, reward you‚ and prove to you that living the Law of Love is well worth it!

Is Showing Love by Faith


6. Question: I'm feeling jealousy pangs towards someone else in our Home. I know the Lord wants me to be loving and kind in my words and actions toward this person I'm jealous of, but I don't feel that way naturally. Isn't it hypocritical to say loving words when you don't feel that way in your heart, when you don't feel loving and kind inside?

7. (Jesus speaking: ) Whenever you show people love, or say loving things to them, or do loving things for them, even though you're not motivated by your human feelings of love for them, you're giving them My love and you're manifesting My Spirit of love, which is greater than your human love. For without My Spirit of love, there would be no love in the world.

8. So when you say loving things to the one you're jealous of‚ or to anyone who you may not have big personal or emotional feelings of love for‚ this is an even greater manifestation of My Spirit of love. This is not being hypocritical, dishonest, or false. To the contrary, it's being true to My Word—to love your neighbor as yourself.

9. Love begets love, and greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. You're not being hypocritical; you're acting upon My Word and you're letting My love constrain you and move you to do something good. Even though you may not feel a large measure of love in your heart towards someone, it shouldn't hold you back from saying sweet, kind‚ encouraging, and loving things to that person.

10. You should never hold back from sup­port­ing them and showing them your appreciation, approval, and acceptance. When saying such kind words of love, you're being honest and true, because even though you may not feel that way about them personallyI do. And you're giving them My true love.

11. When your actions are motivated by your love for Me and others, because you know that's right and that pleases Me, you're being true to your convictions and you're upholding the standard of the Law of Love and of My Word. It doesn't matter how you feel or how you don't feel; you can still tell someone that you're thankful for them or that you appreciate something they've done, even if you might be having a battle and you don't feel like saying those words. Even if your feelings are telling you something different‚ your sincere love for Me and your obedi­ence to My Word and My will are the standards which you should go by, not your feelings, because I want to say those things through your mouth.

12. I want to encourage that person and show My love and appreciation. It doesn't make any difference whether you feel it or not with your human emotions or your carnal mind. If you go ahead by faith and give them My true, loving Spirit by saying encouraging, kind‚ sweet things, you're opening the floodgate for My Spirit of love to flow through.

13. Not only will I bless the one that you're speaking to, but I will bless you. As you continue to do this by faith, no matter how you feel, love will beget love, and you may find that you'll even enjoy it! You'll be satisfied and have a feeling of fulfillment and contentment in being My messenger of love and in doing My will. By giving love‚ you'll reap the love of My Spirit and the fruits of love.

14. The person will know that you're acting out of love and will feel My love. Even if he or she knows‚ at times, that it's difficult for you to say something, it will make it even more beauti­ful and special and sweet, because they'll know it comes as a little sacrifice of love from your heart. It will be even more of a treasure.

15. Words are real things, and words of encouragement or love have good and positive effects and carry a spirit of love with them. Your sweet and kind words have the effect of making the person feel loved, accepted, and appreciated. So never fail to say loving things, to show love and express words of love, for these words are real and carry with them My Spirit of love.

16. You can't base your loving actions on your feelings, for your feelings often fluctuate, and sometimes your feelings are not in line with My Law of Love. Your feelings may tell you to be selfish or jealous or possessive, and if you were to operate according to your feelings‚ you might never feel like doing or saying something loving. Yet if you express those words of appreciation, recognition and kind­ness by faith‚ because you know it's true no matter what your feelings tell you, I will reward you. (End of mess­age from Jesus.)

17. (Mama:) Once again, the Lord is telling us that we need to base our actions, words, and interactions with others on His solid Word, and not on our fluctuating, ever–changing feelings. We may not feel like saying something kind to someone who's causing us jealousy battles or other trials, but remember‚ the Lord wants us to reflect His love to each person with whom we interact throughout the day—including those who we might not naturally have feelings of love or fondness toward. So please try to say sweet things to someone even if you're jealous of them. It will go a long way if you try to compliment them on a job well done‚ or if they look nice, or if they're faithful‚ or whatever.

18. When you open your heart and life to the Lord and others, taking the first step of faith to express the Lord's love to others verbally by saying sweet, kind things to them, then the Lord is able to manifest the reality of His love in you, and translate it into human feelings of tangible love. But you have to make the first step, as He says above, and go ahead and speak those words by faith. Show kindness and trust that the Lord is going to see you through once you've stepped out by faith.

19. Question: I understand that I should go ahead and say loving things to a person I'm jealous of, even if my feelings make me resist doing so. I should say sweet, encouraging things because they're true, and that's a manifestation of the Lord's love. The above prophecy gives me motivation to try to do that.

20. But what about saying things that I don't feel are true—like telling the person I'm jealous of that I love them, when sometimes in my heart I feel just the opposite! And telling them I'm happy to share my mate or lover with them when I'm not happy at all; in fact, I can hardly stand it. Or telling them I'm happy they can spend time with my mate and they can be friends‚ when that's one of the things I dislike the very most! Would it be better to just not say these things if I know that not only do I not feel that way, but those statements are absolutely not true?

21. I know that I can tell the person I'm jealous of that he/she did a good job‚ or that he/she is looking nice today, or he/she led a good devotions, because even though I don't feel like saying those things, I know they're true and I know it's the right thing to do. But to go even further in my comments is a different story altogether—like to say I love the person, or I'm happy to share my mate, or I hope they have a nice date, or I'm glad my mate and him/her can be good friends, etc. I think it's very hypocritical, false, and misleading.

22. So the question is: Should I say these things simply because the Lord wants me to for some reason? Or should I refrain from saying them because I feel they're not true and I feel the exact opposite? Why should I say these things when they're so different from what I actually feel and I see no basis of fact in them?

23. (Jesus speaking:) Living the Law of Love and sharing the one you love is a question of faith and yieldedness. There are many decisions, both great and small, that will test your faith and yieldedness. To do something that goes contrary to your wishes or feelings, even when you know it's right and true, such as compli­menting the one you're jealous of for a job well done, or for looking good, or for doing something ­worthy of praise and encourage­ment, takes faith and yieldedness.

24. In such cases, even though you know the person deserves the loving encouragement and kindness, it still takes faith and yielded­ness to give it. It takes laying aside your jealousy and feelings of resentment toward that person‚ your resistance to drawing any positive attention to that person, your reluctance to give that person the idea that you like them and want to or could be close to them. But these feelings can be overcome, because you can see that what you'd say is the truth‚ that the person is deserving of such love and kindness, and it's your Christian duty to love in that way.

25. But to go further in your comments, to say you love the person you're jealous of, or to make positive comments about the time they spend with your mate or lover, or to say you're happy that they can be close to your loved one takes even more faith and yieldedness‚ because you may not feel that such comments have any basis in truth. In such cases you may not feel obligated to make such comments because you figure it would be lying and you feel like a hypocrite. There's nothing that compels you to make such comments; in fact‚ everything within you fights your making such comments, so you refrain from doing so.

26. As you know‚ as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. And likewise‚ as a man speaks, so is he. Your attitudes are directly affected by the words you speak. Like the feelings of the heart make their exit through the mouth, the utterances of the mouth enter and affect the heart and its feelings. As one is loving and says loving things, this affects him and changes him to become more loving. And as one utters unloving or unprayerful things, this works to make him more unloving and even more unprayerful, unless repented of.

27. There is a cycle, and one cannot say that saying certain words causes him to feel a certain way, or to feel completely that way. But in certain cases it can, either fully or to some extent. Words have power, as your Father David often said, and as My Word so rightly emphasizes. There's power in the spoken word, for it becomes a testimony or declaration of faith; it has creative power‚ and it can push back the lies of the Enemy.

28. I'm not saying that you have to step out by faith to make comments that you feel are absolutely untrue. But if you have the faith and yieldedness to set your negative feelings aside, and instead step out and express what you know would be ideal if you felt, then those feelings will eventually become a reality. If you are willing to play the role that I created you to play, then I will help you fulfill that role.

29. It's not like one or two comments here or there are going to completely change your attitude and bring a huge turn in the battle and a victory over your jealousy. But if you can con­sistently demonstrate the kind of attitude that you would like to have and that you know I want you to have‚ by faith, by verbal comments, then those words will eventually cause a change in your automatic negative reactions. If you dwell on the good attitudes that are the goals put forth in the "Law of Love" series, then you will slowly but surely move more in that direction. If you will step out and do this, just as I turned David into something he wasn't, I will do the same for you, if you'll trust Me by faith.

30. When stepping out by faith to make such comments, you must differentiate between the very negative things you might feel and what you know to be the ideal behavior and attitude according to the standard of the Word. If you express thoughts and comments that are in line with the Word, then it's not being hypocritical; it's demonstrating faith. It's doing your part to fulfill the role I created you to play.

31. You don't have to make huge commit­ments or statements in your comments that are more than you can bear or that you don't have the faith for. You can be honest in your comments to the person you're jealous of by making realistic state­ments if need be, such as‚ "The Lord is helping me to feel such and such," or "I'm praying desperately and the Lord is giving me the grace‚ and now I feel such and such." The important thing is to be taking steps in the direction I want you to go by making positive declarations that express the stand of faith you are taking.

32. Instead of saying how happy you are that the person you're jealous of can have dates with your mate or lover, you can express it a little differently, in a way you feel more comfortable with, such as, "I'm happy you can feel the Lord's love through my mate," or "I receive so much love from my mate, and I know the Lord wants me to share some of the blessing, and I'm thankful that my giving is a help to you." You can word your comments in a positive way, yet one which is according to your faith.

33. Open and honest communication with your mate, and when appropriate with the one you are jealous of, is important. I don't expect you to cover up and hide your true feelings if they're the exact opposite of how you know I want you to feel. When this happens‚ it's import­ant to share your heart, to communicate in love and to get prayer when needed. But I promise you that I will bless you if you step out by faith to express the things you know you should feel‚ even if your feelings are far from the desired attitude. If you reach out and say something, even a little word of positiveness, then you'll begin to grow in faith and yieldedness and you'll make progress.

34. The Enemy will fight these steps of faith because he knows that through such steps of yieldedness he'll lose ground in your heart and mind. He knows that his grasp on your spirit through jealousy will be diminished as you allow Me to put My words in your mouth‚ because those words will eventually become your attitudes. They will‚ with time, become more of a reality and be manifested in a more tangible way—not just by blind faith, but in feelings. (End of message from Jesus.)

35. (Mama:) The Lord is so sweet to not put His expectations too high for those who are fighting jealousy. He challenges us with this message and shows us that it's a good thing to express what we know to be the desired behavior and attitudes, according to the Word, even if it's totally contrary to how we actually feel, because it's an expression of faith. But He also says we can word our comments to the person we're jealous of in such a way that we feel comfortable, that is according to our faith, and that is closer to how we feel.

36. Of course, to say anything at all positive about your loved one's dates with the person you're jealous of might seem to you to be completely unrealistic, and not in any way, shape or form in line with how you feel. But the point the Lord is making is that you don't have to make these great big positive declarations that are miles ahead of not only what you feel at the time, but what you think you'll ever feel! You can just try to say something positive and it will be a step forward.

37. You don't have to feel pushed. You don't have to feel that if you try to say loving comments they'll somehow backfire and cause you to be hurt, because you can use wording that is according to your own faith. The Lord makes it clear that such comments will have a good effect on your spirit and will help to break the power of the Enemy in your life.

38. Please also keep in mind the Lord's coun­sel above, that, "Open and honest com­mu­nication with your mate, and when appropriate with the one you are jealous of, is import­ant. I don't expect you to cover up and hide your true feelings if they're the exact opposite of how you know I want you to feel. When this happens, it's important to share your heart, to communicate in love and to get prayer when needed."

39. So be positive and speak in faith‚ but please also be honest about your feelings with your mate. Otherwise, if your mate takes your positive comments to mean that you've gotten a much greater victory over jealousy than you have‚ he or she might do something which unknowingly hurts you. Speak faith in love, but also communicate, and ask for prayer when necessary.

I Want to Take You Higher!

40. After reading the above message from the Lord, you might wonder why it's so import­ant to say those extra loving things to the person your mate is sharing with, such as "I'm glad you can spend time with my mate," or other similar comments that go above and beyond the everyday sweetness that the Lord expects us to show to all our brothers and sisters.

41. I'm sure that those of you who are single or who are on the receiving end of such love or giving from a married couple don't expect the other mate to say such sweet things to you, especially if you know they're battling jealousy or having to fight to continue to give and share their mate with you. Likewise, you married couples or those who are doing the giving probably aren't too keen on making an effort to not only be civil and kind, but on top of that, to say loving words that you may feel are way out of your reach. What's the purpose of even striving for such a high level of love?

42. When we asked the Lord about this question, He gave the following beautiful explanation about His Own nature of love. The Lord wants to take us further, higher in the Spirit, to help us grow more, and ultimately to make us more like Him. But in order to do so, we have to put our will on His side, yield to Him and manifest great faith by doing what He asks of us. But in return, He promises great blessings—and great victories as you put on His garment of love!

43. (Jesus speaking:) The idea of saying these loving, encouraging, faith-building words comes from My Spirit. When I ask My children to live the Law of Love‚ I am asking that you take on My very nature. This is the nature of love­­—love that does not seek her own or think evil; love that does not rejoice in her own, but rejoices in truth; love that rejoices in the happiness and joy of others.

44. My Spirit longs to take you further! This is the whole idea of taking these extra steps—to bring My children further along—to bring them closer to living My total love.

45. Those who would fully live the Law of Love, I ask to forsake their own ideas, their own assumptions and false notions, their own feelings—and put on My garment of love. As My children go farther, as they launch out and take these extra steps of love, they will receive greater blessings of love. They will then know and experience the ecstasies of love, the thrills of true love‚ the full blessings of love.

46. The whole point of this question and answer is to help My Family see how they might go further, how they might begin taking those extra steps so that I can take them further. This is the goal, the thrust—to go further in love. I wish to take My Family higher. I wish for you to reach the heights and experience the thrills and glories of true, lasting, unselfish love.

47. Oh, if My children could only see the thrills, the glories, the joys, the delights that await them in the realm of true, free, lasting love, they would not hesitate, they would not pull back or refrain from fully launching out in love today!

48. I do not require one to speak that which is false. I instruct you in the steps which lead in the right direction—that of taking on My nature of love.

49. Do not judge from the standpoint of a carnal mind. Do not stagnate through lack of launching out‚ or from fear of going farther. I ask you not to look at what is, but at what can be and should be.

50. The one who obeys and launches out and takes these steps, who follows through in faith, will receive the blessings of love. Part of these blessings are the joy and fulfillment of knowing you have yielded your all to Me and that I love another through you. There is no greater joy than to fully live My Law of Love. As My children learn and grow, as they reach out and take steps of faith, they will then begin to experience and know that greater blessings come in taking the extra step. (End of message from Jesus.)

Jealousy Over Minor Incidents

51. Question: I battled jealousy for some time, but the Lord has given me tremendous victories. Many things that used to cause me to go through monumental battles don't anymore. Praise the Lord! However, I now battle from time to time over things which seem so little or insignificant. After all the victories I've won over more major issues, I don't understand why I go through it about minor displays of affection between my loved one and someone else. Why is this, and what can I do about it?

52. (Jesus speaking: ) Even after you've gained a major victory over jealousy, there are still battles. Things still come up that bother you, that hurt you, that tempt you to feel sad and make you want to be selfish and possessive. Sometimes if you see someone else do something with the person you love, or say something to them, or enjoy a special little blessing or time of fellowship with them that you're used to enjoying or would like to be enjoying‚ it hurts you, occasionally quite deeply‚ to where it can cause you a big jealousy battle. You then think, "How can I have such a bad reaction to such a little thing?" Those little things are what I refer to as "soft spots."

53. Sometimes it's easier to get jealous over the little things than the big things, because the little things sometimes show greater love or intimacy. Sometimes it's the little things that are the most special, that you otherwise wouldn't do unless you really loved the person. The little things that you do for your lover or mate can sometimes be the most special things, because you know that only you do them, and when someone else also does them, then it's like an intrusion on that uniqueness that was once only yours. Small things that you do often represent privacy and intimacy that no one else knew about or did.

54. As you discover these soft spots, these little hurts, as they come up one by one, let Me fill them and heal them so that your heart is strong and sturdy. Let Me fill them with My love and make your heart solid. These soft spots are not meant to be discouraging; rather, every soft spot is a place that I can fill, so your heart can be sound and sturdy and stable. The more soft spots you give to Me, the more you'll be filled with My love, and the easier it will be to share the love I've given you with others. (End of message from Jesus.)

Soft Spots—

And How to Deal with Them

55. Question: The above prophecy says to let the Lord fill the soft spots, but how exactly do you do that? What are the soft spots? When you're hurt by some little thing you see or read or find out, what do you do right then in order to give your soft spot to the Lord and let Him fill it up?

56. (Jesus speaking:) Little soft spots are things that come up and make you jealous when you've already gotten substantial victories over jealousy. They're unnerving, uncomfortable‚ and unsettling. Some of these soft spots are weak areas in your giving and sharing.

57. Come to Me, your Great Physician. Tell Me your symptoms, the things that cause you to not feel well‚ the things that cause a negative reaction. Come to Me, your Doctor, and tell Me about your symptoms. Just telling Me about them will help you to feel better. Depending on the kind of symptom it is, I can prescribe the cure, some medication to heal these bruises and hurts.

58. There are different kinds of soft spots, and some can be helped in some ways and ­others in other ways. But to find out how to be helped, you must come to the Great Physician, and I'll tell you what you need. I can send My leaves of healing to heal you, but it requires coming to Me and telling Me of your hurts. If you listen, I'll tell you how to heal these bruises and hurts. They're bruises, and as I have said, "A wounded spirit, who can bear?" These things affect your spirit negatively and bruise you.

59. Part of the solution may be massage. If you're hurt when your loved one shares, or some little incident happens, part of the solution may be their reassurance, their coming to you and telling you how much they love you. A show of appreciation is like gently massaging that weak point, giving it extra love and care, tender touches and attention that will massage the hurt away and help you to relax. That extra time that your mate spends with you‚ holding you, loving you, caressing you, stroking you, and telling you how much they care and love you will massage away some of the pain and hurt.

60. At other times the cure for that soft spot is reading the Word. Hearing My Word on the subject will strengthen and give you conviction about the importance of the Law of Love, and the giving and sharing of love. When you see in My Word how I view it and are reminded of what's right and what's wrong, you'll want to share and give because you want to please Me.

61. The cure for other soft spots may be to go out of your way to show love to the person that is sharing with or who is in love with your loved one, by being kind, thoughtful and loving‚ and trying to have a close relationship with them. The love that you give to that person is the same love that will heal your own soft spot.

62. Another wonderful remedy is to share the battle with your shepherd or someone else who's strong and have them pray for you, which is like pouring a healing oil over you, to cleanse and wash the wound and start the healing process.

63. Of course, a wonderful cure is to receive My direct Words for you for a specific soft spot and bruise or hurt. If you're specific with Me and tell Me about your wounds, I, the Great Doctor of the universe, will be specific in giving you the medicine and care you need for your healing. If you ask, you will receive. I know each trouble. I know each ache. I know each pain. I know every hair on your head. So come to Me and tell Me your symptoms, your cares, your tests, and I'll give you what you need for your healing and happiness. I'll give you the love that you need to fulfill My Law of Love.

64. To be loving you must grow‚ and to grow you must have tests. Love doesn't come easy. Love is a learning process‚ and to be loving requires great giving. How to give must be learned, but in giving comes the greatest happiness and the greatest joy there is.

65. It's a battle between loving yourself and loving others. It's a battle between keeping and giving‚ between selfishness and unselfishness. The more you give, the happier you'll be. The more you let go of yourself, the more you can give to others. The more unselfish you are‚ the more you can love others. And the more you love others, the more you'll want to give to them no matter what it is—whether it's giving them My Word, giving them Me, giving them their needs, or giving them your husband, wife, or lover.

66. What are the soft spots? They're the weaknesses in your love. If you were able to judge the love that you have, if it could be visually illustrated, those who give the most or who are the most filled with My love, their love is the most solid and strong. But those who are weak in giving and loving, their love is not solid but has weaknesses and soft spots; it looks a bit like Swiss cheese. Their love has holes which weaken the structure. As you're filled with Me and filled with My love, I fill the holes and the soft spots so that your love is strong and solid and of great strength, pure and reliable and beauti­ful. (End of message from Jesus)

67. (Mama: ) We who have been jealous know that sinking feeling that comes over you when you're doing well with your jealousy battles, you're giving, you're sharing, and you feel you're growing in love; then all of a sudden some little thing happens that knocks you for a loop and you find yourself in the midst of a jealousy battle over something that seems so insignificant, such as a gesture, a look, a term of endearment, some recreational activity that your loved one shares with someone else‚ or something that someone else does for your mate that you usually do. All these things are especially difficult if it's something that we're used to sharing with our mates exclusively; in other words, it's something we do with them that ­others don't, or at least haven't up until that time. These hurts are our soft spots.

68. But we can progress in these soft spots and even get over them if we bring our aches and pains to our wonderful, caring Great Physician‚ the One we can trust above anyone else. He can tell us what we need to do to be healed and to get over the battle and be happy again!

69. He gave us a few good remedies that we can use when we're feeling sick with jealousy. They are:

mReceive a comforting "massage" from our loved one in the form of a show of appreciation—a little extra time, comfort, reassurance, encourage­ment, touches and caresses of love, etc. (Partners of those who battle jealousy, please take note!)

mRead the Word, which will give us the conviction we need to keep forging ahead.

mMake an effort to show love to the person we're jealous of by being kind, friendly, etc.

mShare your battle with someone and ask them to pray for you.

mHear from the Lord in prophecy.

Loving More Than One Person

At a Time

70. Question: Is it possible to be in love with more than one person at the same time? Why would the Lord allow a mate or loved one to have feelings for someone else, when it ­usually causes the other mate to feel hurt and want to pull back?

71. (Jesus speaking:) You can see how I love all, and how I'm deeply in love with each soul, each heart‚ each spirit. I've showed you and explained to you how I'm deeply in love with each one, just as deeply with one as with the other‚ as passionately and intimately. I desire and need My times of love with each of you. I feel empty and lonely and in need when any of you stray or are gone for too long, and I yearn for those who have not yet come into My arms.

72. My love is so deep. This is My nature—divine nature. This is divine love, perfect love—love that does not place bounds or limitations and is not partial to one above another, that sees the heart and spirit of each person and desires that same intimacy with each one‚ as if he or she were the only one. Such divine love is unreachable, untouchable, and unimaginable as you view it and try to comprehend and explain it from your earthly perspective. For as high as the Heaven is above the Earth, so much higher are My thoughts than yours, My ways than yours, My love than yours. There's an immeas­urable distance between the two.

73. Yet I have put it within your hearts to seek these things‚ to search them out, so that through receiving My answers you can grow in your understanding. You search for all things, My queen, and this desire is also in the hearts of My children who have gained this unquenchable thirst to know and understand more and more of Me. For the spirit searches all things, yea, the deep things of My love and Spirit and presence.

74. You catch glimpses of it here and there. You see and experience how it is possible for a special attraction, a special love‚ those in–love feelings to cast out from you in several directions at the same time. You feel love for one, as a beam going out from your heart, being drawn and pulled almost uncontrollably, linking your heart to another with feelings that are unmistakable, distinct, and you know that something has happened which causes you to feel towards this one as you do towards few others.

75. These feelings have a wide range of emotions—hot and passionate and desirous, or sometimes not so overwhelming, but still pleasant and drawing and pulling—and these can develop one way or another depending on the reactions of all involved, the responses and follow-up and actions which each one puts to these feelings. These factors work together with that which I place in each one's heart to bring about the outcome—sometimes the uniting of two hearts as one with Me to make a marriage, a union; other times as an encouragement to one or another; other times to bring out lessons, to draw those involved closer to Me, to cause My lovers to be desperate and to come to My arms for the direction and help they need to guide them along this path of feelings and emotions.

76. We have made you, man and woman, Our wonderful creation, in Our image, and we have placed within you the ability to love more than one at a time, even to have in-love feelings for more than one person at the same time. Our nature is part of you and is within you.

77. I wish for you to grasp and understand this so that you can understand My great love and desire, and how I can be in love with each of you personally and individually—you, just you. I also wish for your understanding of the divine nature to help you understand how this is possible within your own human heart as well.

78. But why have I made it so difficult? Why do you desire to cling and hold on to the one you love, to the one with whom I have placed you? Why do these feelings of jealousy arise‚ and hurts, to find that your partner or lover has feelings for another? Would it not be easier if this tight holding on were not part of you, if you were free to love and give without these strong emotions against which you have to fight?

79. Yes, it would be easier, and in time you will be free from these earthbound feelings and will easily be able to learn and understand and take upon yourself My Own nature. When that which is perfect is come, and when you come to Me in all fullness and partake completely of My strength and ways, then we will be perfect together‚ and then that which is in part shall be done away.

80. But for now, this is part of the struggle of life. This is part of My plan, to draw you nearer to Me, to cause you to be desperate with Me for My overcoming strength, My grace, My supernatural love. Is there hardly an emotion or need that is stronger in mankind than the emotions of love and jealousy? Are there any other feelings which flood in and beset you like these? Do these not cause you to call out to Me as no­thing else can? Do these not cause you, as no other can, to draw nigh to Me for My strength, for the love and desire and ability to give of your precious treasure, the love of your heart?

81. But I would not always have the battles to be so great, even while you're still here as My earthly servants. I can make things easier for you. I wish to give a greater outpouring of My Spirit of love to My precious children—to use you as instruments, as hands and arms and eyes and kisses and caresses, to give the bodily contact to each other which I can't. I wish to give you a greater under­standing of the Heavenly nature, the divine nature. This is not something which can be understood merely with the mind; it's something which must be received in the heart, believed and accepted and understood. It's a garment of trust and faith which I wish to place upon you, to give you peace and surcease from these battles. This garment is My arms about you, as you lie with Me and let Me speak to you and comfort you and whisper My Words in your ear.

82. I have so many others in your wonderful Family that I wish to reach and touch with My love. So many others in your greater marriage within the Family have so little in comparison; they have not the tender­ness, the love, the feelings, and the reciprocation of those feelings that you experience in the union which I've given you. So I need you to go out from this little circle, to take and show My love to those in the Family who are still out in the cold, who don't feel the warmth of a roaring fire of love and affection and belonging in their lives. I ask you to leave your intimacies in My hands and let Me guide and direct you from this place of love and passion and contentment that you feel, to bring a little of My love to others.

83. As you yield yourselves to be instruments of My love‚ new bonds will arise between you and those to whom you give and pour out. That laser beam of love, feelings, and attachments will pass between you and many. But know that it's always for a purpose, for it gives you a greater desire to reach out and to give that which is in your hand to give. It's a comfort to others and draws you close to Me as you seek My guidance in these matters of the heart. As you draw nigh to Me in your times of need‚ I will soothe and comfort and bring you and them into a greater dependency upon My love, which is ever constant.

84. The natural reaction of the partner who sees and feels these feelings develop in the heart of his or her lover is to feel hurt, to put your hands in front of your face and shield yourself, to turn away and try to deflect or jump aside from the hurt which you feel must surely be a part of this. But I'm so desperate for My love to be felt by all My children, and for a greater outpouring of My love to be felt by all My dear ones who are giving themselves to Me and who are in need. Because I need you to be My arms and heart and body in this battle‚ to bring everyone into the circle of My love and to feel happy and fulfilled‚ I wish for you to understand how these things can be possible. I wish to open your eyes and your hearts to a greater under­stand­ing of My ways, of the divine nature. I wish to place upon you this garment of great love and trust in Me, which can bring a peace to your hearts that all this is within My will, that all this is My love, that it's accomplishing My purpose, and that together we can fight and win this war.

85. So lay down these feelings of jealousy, of feeling that you're losing, of fear that that which is dearest and closest to your heart is being torn from you. Lay aside the fears which plague you as a distant memory from the past because of the hurt that you've seen others feel or experience—your parents, your loved ones, or that you've experienced yourself in times past. I wish to pour out a new anointing, a greater giving and loving, a loosening of the grip on that which you cling to so tightly, and an opening of your hands, saying, "Here, our love is your love. I know that I will not lose, but that the increase will be all of ours as the warmth and heat and light of our fire grows brighter and brighter."

86. Open your hands and give. I wish for the hardness and fears of the past to melt into soft hearts of giving, trust and understanding. This I give you as a gift, if you will but open your hands and hearts and believe, and if you will but wrap yourself with another new robe from Me. This robe will keep you warmer and more closely wrapped in feelings of love than even that which you presently try to keep for yourself. (End of message from Jesus.)

87. (Mama:) The Lord explains His divine nature, how He can love each one of us individually, as if we were the only one, and yet at the same time He loves all of us without partiality.

88. You may remember the Lord's admonitions in the Law of Love series to keep a watch on our emotions and to be very prayerful to not let them get out of hand. (See "Living the Lord's Law of Love, Part 3‚" ML #3203:95-172, GN 806.) This explanation from the Lord is not saying that we're now free to cut loose and allow emotions and feelings for others to develop as we feel led; the counsel given in the Law of Love series still applies. Here the Lord is explaining to us how He has made us, and how when He does put love in someone's heart for another person, that we should look at it in a godly way, understanding that while on Earth it is part of the struggle of life, it's also a small manifestation of the Lord's divine love that encompasses all of us.

89. The Lord has placed within men and women the ability to love more than one person, even to have in–love feelings for more than one person at the same time. The feelings attached to each relationship might vary, but the love is very real nonetheless. That is part of the divine nature inside of us. We don't need to be afraid of this love or think it's a bad thing. It's something the Lord allows and it's representative of how He can love more than one person.

90. But it's difficult if your loved one has feelings of love not just for you, but for someone else as well. You're naturally tempted to be jealous. This is a natural reaction.

91. The Lord assures us that things won't always be like this. When we're with the Lord and fully partake of His strength and perfect love, we won't have these jealous feelings anymore. But for now, this is part of the struggle of life, and one of the main benefits of it is that it draws us closer to the Lord because we're so desperate for His love, comfort, understanding, and grace.

92. Even while we're here on this Earth, the Lord wants to make it easier for us. He's offering us a new garment of trust and faith that will give us peace and surcease from these battles. He wants us to be strengthened in this area so we can more effectively be His love, be Him for others. This cozy garment, this robe that He longs to give us, will keep us warm and secure and give us the comfort we need, because through it we'll feel His love as never before, and it will be even more precious to us than the earthly love that we try to hold on to so desperately.

93. These are such precious promises from our Heavenly Lover and Husband Who knows us so well and wants the best for us. We just need to trust Him and let Him work in our lives so we can fully enjoy the new garment He wants to give us, and the joy and peace that comes with it. As you and your loved one are faithful to go to the Lord at every turn and at every step, and stay within the center of His will, abiding by the guidelines the Lord has given and striving to live the Law of Love to the best of your ability, you'll be blessed with the peace and faith that the Lord has promised and will better understand and be able to accept and enjoy the Lord's working in your life.

Much love in our caring, compassionate Husband, Mama