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Plea from the Cathars!, A

Karen Zerby

By MariaMaria #504 CM/FM 3259 8/99

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Dad on the Cathars

What other Christian religion has ever used sex appeal? Well‚ I'll tell you. A very intellectual Swede [in Tenerife] became our good friend. He came to us one night at the club and said, "There was a strange sect back in the 1200s which arose in Southern Europe. They were a lot like you and your people. They were young wandering minstrels sort of like the hippies of today. They were Christians‚ real believers, drop–outs from the church, and they had absolute freedom—the Cathars.

"They believed in sexual freedom just like you do, and they were sweeping across Europe. They were growing and just booming by the thousands! They were musical, they played guitars, they sang, they danced. They were just like everything I've heard and seen about you!

"The pope got so scared that he sent an army to slaughter them before they got any further! And they literally mass­acred hundreds and hundreds of them, martyred them to try to stop this new religion of love!

"Some of their prophets prophesied: 'You're killing us now, but we are going to come back in the Time of the End, 700 years from now! We are going to come back again and we're going to take over the world!’" (Tongues: "Listen to the Words of thy Father David! Listen to the things that he shall tell thee, for these things are things that come of Me! What wondrous words are these!") Thank You Lord! Hallelujah!

So here we are 700 years later! Hallelujah! You see, the Lord has allowed their spirits to come back now to aid us—to do what they were doing and to carry on what they started then! God is, in this Endtime, for this last big push before the End, allowing them to come back to help us! Hallelujah! (From ML #576:34,36–41.)

1. As some of you may remember, Dad has mentioned the Cathars in past Letters, and they've come up several times in recent mess­ages we've received—first in the spirit story on "The Perfect Ones" and later in the message in LinkUp 7‚ "To Love an Enemy." Several years ago, when Peter and I were considering publishing some prophecies on the Law of Love, I was very interested in knowing more about this group because Dad's mention of them was in relation to our sexual freedom and the Law of Love. But the information we were able to find when we researched them in today's encyclopedias was very sketchy and even somewhat contradictory to what the Lord had revealed to us and what Dad had taught us about these people, who held beliefs and lived the Lord's love and freedom in ways very similar to ourselves. So I asked the Lord if He could have some of the Cathars speak to us themselves and tell us about their lives!

2. In answer to our prayers, the Lord had some Cathars speak to us in prophecy, telling us of their lives‚ their deaths, and what they're doing today to help us! As it turns out, the Lord led us not to publish these messages earlier as it was not the right time. But now, in light of the "Shakeup 2000!" Letter, I feel you will benefit greatly by the counsel of these important spirit helpers. Following are their accounts, some personal testimonies of what they believed, desired, and experienced. It's very interesting to hear how they lived and the freedoms the Lord had given them. Their lives were much like ours and it's easy to see why they've returned to help us fulfill our calling and destiny as the Lord's dropped-out, Endtime army!

3. It's an awesome privilege to be able to travel back in time in the spirit and hear exactly what happened and why. Isn't it fantastic?! The Lord is so good to us!

Why Single Out the Young People?

4. They also give a powerful and sobering message directed to you young people, which is right in line with the new revolutions the Family is going through, as outlined in "Shakeup 2000." These messages were given some time before the "Shakeup 2000" messages from the Lord and Dad, and if you read them with an open heart, I believe you'll find them very convicting and strengthening.

5. Upon reading these messages, you young people may wonder why you're being focused on in particular‚ when, as the "Shakeup 2000" GN brings out, the Lord is zeroing in on each one of us. It's not that you young people are the only ones who have problems or are being put in the spotlight; the FGAs have also fallen down in some areas and need to recommit their lives and make the same choice as you do—that of deciding where you stand and committing wholeheartedly to CM or FM service, or even leaving the Family if neither option is what you desire or have the faith for.

6. In these messages, the Cathar spirit helpers single you young people out. Their challenge and call to commitment is directed toward you. Of course, it's applicable to all‚ and there are FGAs who certainly need the same message. I didn't want you to feel like you were being picked on, when I'm sure you can see that there are FGAs who are in the same boat as yourselves, so I asked the Lord why this message was given from this angle. I'm going to include excerpts of His answer below, because it's very important that you understand why you're being highlighted so that you're able to accept and receive this message with an open heart‚ without feeling critical toward the FGAs or feeling like they're "getting off the hook."

7. During this time of purging and shakeup in the Family, the Lord is going to work on and touch everyone's heart and life. He's not being harder on you young people. He's dealing with the FGAs as well. Please remember that the Lord knows best, and if He sees fit to give a special message for you young people, then please receive it as a token of His love. "Whom the Lord loveth, He chasteneth." I could paraphrase that to say‚ "Whom the Lord loveth, He challenges." This message is primarily a challenge. Please let the Lord speak directly to your own heart‚ setting aside any problems and weak­nesses the FGAs may have for now.

8. Regarding this message and why it's directed to you young people and doesn't seem to include the FGAs so much, the Lord said:

9. (Jesus speaking:) This message focuses on the younger generation because the Cathars have a special burden for your youth. The Cathars of old were much like you‚ My dear dedicated children of today‚ as I showed your Father David years ago. Many were young people when they dropped out to follow Me fully, or to become believers, although there were also some older ones among them, just as there are among you. But all were young in spirit, and were fresh and alive in their faith and zeal for Me.

10. In this regard, there were no second-generation Cathars‚ for in becoming a Cathar, each had to make the choice to go all the way for Me. Because of the opposition of the System around them, they could not coast along on the faith of others. They had to choose ­either to follow Me and the faith of the Cathars or to drop back into the morass of the System, into the dead works of Roman Catholicism of that day. And if they chose to follow Me fully, a dangerous decision then as well as now, they knew that it could mean their death. It was a life-and-death decision. Many were martyred for their faith at a young age.

11. So the Cathars relate to the youth of your Family and feel for them, and want to do all they can to stir them up and help them to get on board. They realize it's more difficult for you because some of you of the second generation have not personally had to give up the System for your beliefs—or face death for your faith, as they did. Therefore you face more battles and temptations.

12. This gives the Cathars an additional desire to motivate your young people, because they want to see them make it, to become hot, impassioned and on fire, burning with love for Me and for lost souls, so that they will become the Endtime soldiers and beacons of light and faith that they are destined to be! This is why they single out the young people. This is why they focus on the fact that your youth must make decisions, why they say that the adults and FGAs have already done so; thus their hearts and minds are one with them.

13. It is not that the FGAs do not have problems or weaknesses, or that they have even remained faithful in all these areas. But they have dropped out. They have left the System. They made that commitment in their heart once, and they will, for the most part‚ continue to do so. They understand the message, whereas the second generation has a more difficult time understanding because they have not experienced the System of their day firsthand.

14. So I say to you young ones‚ please ­listen and give ear to these pleas. The Cathars implore you to accept this challenge‚ as I do. They stand by your side‚ ready to help, to fight the Enemy, to give you strength. But you must make the choice and forsake the System of your day in order to inherit the calling and heritage of freedom, love and truth that I have for you.

15. Do not worry about the FGAs. Focus on your own lives. This message puts you in the spotlight and not the FGAs. Trust Me for what you do not understand. I have messages for all, and each generation will receive the correction and guidance that is needed. But this time, the message is geared toward you. It is applicable to all, but you must be the ones to receive it and act on it, first and foremost. (End of message from Jesus.)

16. (Mama: ) I hadn't thought of the fact that many of the Cathars were young people. That certainly explains why they're relating this message to you‚ because they feel for you and love you and want to see you make it and carry on the message and the Lord's free spirit that they gave their lives for.

17. I pray that you young people will take that message to heart. The Lord knows what He's doing, and He's just as concerned about the FGAs and their spiritual progress as He is about yours. But this time the message is for you! Just think‚ He loves you so much that He's got a whole host of Cathars ready to fight and stand by your side. They're pleading with you to forsake the System and to follow the ways of the Lord. Will you?

18. I know some of you already have—you've made your decision and you're fully com­mitted to following the Lord, forsaking the System and its ways, and giving your all to love and serve Jesus and others. God bless you! The Lord's proud of you, and I am too, and you're wonderful samples of love and dedication to your peers! Keep up the good work!

A Word to the FGAs

19. And FGAs, please also read these mess­ages carefully. The spiritual principles apply just as much to you as to the young people, particularly the need to live the Lord's Law of Love and be 100% committed to the Lord and the Family. Check your heart to see whether or not you still have the same burning passion and love for the Lord and souls that you did when you first joined. If not, ask the Lord to rekindle that fire in you, so that you're not held back by pride, the fear of man or other hindrances. Let the Lord again use you to the full as you burn free for Him!

Differences Among the Cathars,

And Why History Portrays Them

Differently Than They Were

20. In the messages from the Cathars which follow, some of them speak of their life in small villages or in the countryside. This is a bit different than the Cathar lifestyle portrayed in the spirit story "The Perfect Ones," where they lived in cities and towns and weren't so separate from the world. We asked the Lord if He could please clarify that for us, and He not only did so, but He also explained why some encyclopedias and reference books paint a very different picture of the Cathars than what we've received in prophecy.

21. (Jesus speaking:) There were many different groups of Cathars, for they strove to follow Me and My Word first and foremost, and they rejected the authority of the pope and ­Roman church. So they had leaders and shepherds‚ much as you do today, but no overall leader, for they would look only to Me, not to man. This led to differences of doctrine and interpreta­tion within the Cathars, even as it has led to differences in the church system today. Some groups interpreted the Scriptures one way and others in another way, and others in yet other ways.

22. With these varying interpretations came varying degrees of dedication, lifestyles and practices. Some of the Cathars lived within the cities where they practiced their trades and tried to win others to Me, at first openly, when they enjoyed the protection of the local nobility, and later clandestinely, when they were greatly persecuted. Some were fervent witnesses while others were older, more traditional, and more settled down.

23. Others of the Cathars rejected such contact with the world and sought to come out from among them‚ touching not the unclean thing and having no contact with the cities and their filth. These groups of Cathars were often younger, more radical ones‚ who settled in the countryside in small villages or remote areas where they could live a life of love in peace and total freedom.

24. Other Cathars fulfilled the role of travel­ing evangelists or shepherds, passing on their message through their preaching or through their songs, both inspiring their brethren and reaching others who were fed up with the churchianity of their day, the dead works and dry religion of those who had little spirit or life, who wist not that I had departed from their churches.

25. Each of these groups of Cathars loved Me and they were dedicated to Me in different ways, but to those who loved Me the most and followed Me the closest, I was able to reveal the most truth and the greatest revelations of My nature. This was often to those who lived apart from the cities in their small villages of love‚ who shared love more freely and had all things common‚ living in many ways like you do today. For they were New Testament Christians, just as you are‚ while the church of their day was stuck in the Old Testament—in ceremonies, rituals‚ and works of righteousness.

26. So, many of these dear ones in the country­side had great love, great peace and great freedom arising from their great dedication. Those living in the cities often had less, either because of lesser dedication or because of the constraints of the System which surrounded them on every side.

27. Those Cathars which speak to you are often those of the countryside‚ for they are kindred spirits. They see in you a continuation of their movement, as I promised them and as their prophets and traveling minstrels recorded and proclaimed centuries ago. They see your love, your lifestyle, your dedication, and they wish to help you in whatever way they can, as do a great host of others in Heaven!

28. Their love, spirit and freedom made Southern France of their time a heaven on earth, and they were greatly envied and hated by the Catholic church. They feared their freedom, for it threatened the church's hold on the souls and finances of men‚ so they sought to stamp them out, leaving no trace of them and their beliefs. And as they sought to exterminate the Cathars, they also sought to turn their truth, My truth, into a lie.

29. During their persecution of the Cathars and the years which followed, the Catholics pro­claimed that the freedom of the Cathars was actually bondage, that their love was actually tradition, that their peace was a fairy tale. Like many evil conquerors of old, they rewrote history, painting the Cathars black or shades of gray, attempting to destroy their purity in the minds of the people even as they destroyed every scrap of their writings. Great was the fury of these evil ones as they sought My true children out and burned them and their few books and writings, so that today you are only left with the legend of the Cathars.

30. Even those few who do call themselves Cathars today know little of their predecessors and the true love and freedom which was granted them. Some memories were passed on by word of mouth, some truths were preserved in out-of-the-way places, but these memories and truths had to compete with a great body of lies spread by the System, and even with the traditions of those Cathars who lived in the big cities, who were sometimes less zealous in their faith and beliefs. So the truth of the Cathars is now only available to you through the voice of My Spirit‚ dear children—through Me speaking to you and allowing the Cathars of old to speak to you. (End of message from Jesus)

31. (Mama: ) Thank the Lord that we can get the truth about history, the real inside scoop, by asking Him! We're so privileged to be able to travel back in time and hear how things really were.

32. In another message the Lord gave us about these times and these messages from the Cathars, He said, "The messages received were in particular from those who had fled the persecution and gone up into the foothills of the Pyrenees. These were mostly young folks, as their fathers had fought and died in the wars, and many of the older generation had died in the following persecutions of those who held their beliefs. Of course, not all were young; there was a fair sprinkling of older ones among them. But it was these who for another generation flourished in the isolation of the hills and mountains after the war which have been giving you these mess­ages. In time they also suffered martyr­dom. Their mission in that age had ended‚ and they were called Home to prepare them for their ultimate mission of helping the children of David in the Endtime."

33. Now here are the Cathars themselves to tell you their stories!

The Cathar Life—

Why They Were Hated!

34. (Cathar speaking: ) We lived such peaceful‚ happy lives! That's what we wanted—peace and quiet and happiness and solitude and freedom to live our lives, freedom to love our Jesus, and freedom to love one another. We wanted to live away from the crowds, away from the pressure and the law that sought to bind us and control us. So we sought refuge in the quiet­ness and the beauty of the hills of France, the far distant hills away from the crowds, so we could be free to love one another and raise our children.

35. We had beautiful, simple villages. We sang many happy songs and we danced at night. We praised the Lord and we loved the Lord and we loved one another. We cared for each other and we cared for each other's children. We gave to each other and we served each other, and our lives were simple and beautiful.

36. We loved freely, but we also cared greatly. We gave to one another freely, but we also shared the responsibility to love the unlovely‚ to care for the weak, to care for the sick, to care for the mothers and the children.

37. Love was our creed, and this love was expressed in so many ways: in our happy praises to Jesus, in our daily prayer time when we would unite and pray for one another and thank the Lord for His mercy and His supply and His protection, for the peace that He had blessed us with and the simple life that we were blessed to live.

38. Our love was manifested as we would care for one another, as we would share each other's burdens, as we would serve one another and as we would love. We had such beautiful love, so free, so warm, so tender. We had hot, passionate love for Jesus and for each other!

39. This is what we wanted, just freedom to live our lives in peace and happiness, trusting and praising Jesus. And we did have a time of peace for a while. But the peace did not last forever, for there were those who went out from our camp. There were those who went out from the villages, who were not satisfied with the love, who wanted a lifestyle of the world rather than the peace and quietness and the simple Godly life which we lived.

40. And before long‚ news spread abroad of our love and of our freedom, and people did not understand and they hated us for this freedom. They despised our freedom because we taught and we lived and we stood for things that they never knew existed, that they didn't even think were possible! Yet here we lived them! We were living proof of the power of the love of Jesus. We were living proof that you could serve one another in love, and you could live a life of freedom, caring for one another and raising your children together, loving the Lord and loving each other.

41. They hated us for this. They hated our beautiful freedom because it showed the people how they were in such bondage. They hated our caring and giving because it exposed their extreme selfishness. They hated our faith because it manifested their lack of it. They hated our way of proclaiming the truth and our beliefs because our fervor was so hot compared to their lukewarm religion and evangelism.

42. But not everybody hated us. There were those who came to seek us out when they heard of our lives and of our love and our freedom. They came to behold and to see this freedom with their own eyes. They were hungry for the truth and they wanted more. They wanted freedom to love and to live a life of peace, a life of tranquility, a life of simplicity, and especially a life of love. They were hungry to know Jesus, they were hungry to know true love, and they were hungry for the freedom of love and sex that they had heard existed in our villages.

43. So there were those who came to seek us out, to search for us. They found us and many stayed, and this is how our villages grew. Some of them were even from families of influence. There were some young men who came from wealthy families. But they left it all, because they found that the life of wealth and prestige and power did not satisfy, because in their hearts they only wanted to know Jesus, and true love and true freedom.

44. When they came to our villages and they saw our dancing and our singing and our praising the Lord, and when they saw the love in our eyes for one another and our freedom of spirit and our beautiful little children and our happy ways and our simplicity, even though we had very little, they knew that we were very, very rich! We were rich in the most important things in life, the things that money couldn't buy, and they knew in us they had found a great, great treasure. So they were willing to leave all that they had down in the valley—all their wealth, and all their power, all their inheritance and even their names. They were willing to leave it all just to experience this love that they found in our happy villages.

45. So this is how it started. It was a time of growth, but it was also the beginning of the end for us when some went out from our happy villages and the news of our life and our love spread, and then many came to join us. Many young ones came to join us, mostly teenagers and young adults, for the youth of our day were searching for truth and freedom, life and love.

46. The powerful ones were not happy about this. The powerful ones hated us. They hated our love and they hated our message. They despised what we stood for, because we exposed them and their lack of love, their spiritless religion. We exposed their hypocrisy and their riches without righteous­ness. We exposed them, and they hated us for it, and they hated us for taking their children, the youth of that day. They hated our message of love, and they hated our freedom, and they hated the way we cared for one another. They hated the way we raised our children to believe in Jesus and to love Him more than anything else. They hated the way we didn't raise our children according to their plan, according to their mores and codes, and according to what they expected, but we raised our children in love and in freedom.

47. They were so afraid of our love and our freedom. And it was because of this fear and this hate that they sought us out and they sought to destroy us. They sought to destroy us because they were the enemies of love and the enemies of God. They said they loved Jesus, but they didn't. They hated Jesus, and they hated us because we represented Jesus. They hated us because we exposed them, because our light and our love exposed their darkness and their hatred.

48. So they sought us out and they killed us all. They thought that by killing us, they would stop the message of Jesus. They thought that by destroying us‚ our voice would be heard no more, and that our love would die with us. But they were wrong. They were such fools! They didn't realize that in killing us they only released our spirits to live forever! And our message of love would never be stopped or silenced!

49. We knew that our death was not the end. We knew that it was only opening the door to another dimension; that we would live on‚ and our freedom would live on with Jesus. We knew that He had a plan for us, and this plan would not be defeated or destroyed. Even the enemies of God could not destroy or defeat this plan. Even in our death it would not be defeated.

50. We knew that in God's perfect time our message would once again be resurrected. It would be born anew in His people, in His new young voices. It would once again ring aloud, and the freedom and truth of His Spirit and His love would be heard once again!

51. These fools who tried to stop us and defeat us and destroy our voice are the ones who were disappointed! They tried to put an end to our voice‚ but the words were not ours, but those of the Lord Who gave them to us. Their works perished, while we live on! Our works do follow us, and they have been born again in the children of David! (End of message from a Cathar)

52. (Cathar speaking: ) So dark. So dark. So dark. It was a time of great spiritual darkness and a drought for the Word of God, and for love, truth, sincerity and honesty. Men's hearts were evil and hard and cruel and dishonest. But the Lord revealed to us His light, His truth, His peace‚ His joy, His love.

53. We knew that we could not survive in the darkness‚ so we fled to the light, the light on the mountain, where there was peace and joy and harmony and love. Our joy was without bounds! Our love was sincere and deep and real, and the Lord revealed much truth to us through His living voice of prophecy and through the prophets He had chosen.

54. Our time together was happy and joyful! Our love spread throughout the mountains, and the people saw our light. The Lord warned our prophets through visions and dreams that the evil men would come, but He gave us great grace and assured us that this would lead to the end of this darkness upon the Earth—that this would be the beginning of the end of this darkness, and the return of His love and light and truth in the hearts of many. He told us that we would return again in the End to help.

55. So the men came—the evil, hard, cold, cruel men. But we had such peace, such dying grace, such joy‚ that our lights shone so brightly. It was indeed the beginning of the end. For many saw the way we lived, the way we loved, the way we died, and began to see the evil behind this evil pope and his wicked men, and their lust for power and wealth. [Note: Both Pope Innocent III and Pope Gregory IX were ruthless in their persecution of the Cathars, and were responsible for the deaths of untold thou­sands of Cathar believers.] And word spread throughout the countries round about.

56. So we were happy to be martyred for Jesus. We were young and we were strong, but we were happy to give our lives to bring light to many in this dark and evil land.

57. And now Jesus is calling you—you young people—to not be fooled by the darkness, by this evil, cold, cruel world of heartless men, power-hungry, lustful and greedy. Instead, follow the vision that Jesus has given you through your Father David, through Queen Maria, through King Peter, through this Family, this wonderful loving Family who we have been with from the beginning. We have been with you and we have helped you all along. We cheer for you, and we pray for you, and we thank God for you!

58. So be not deceived, for you have indeed been called to shed His Light in this once again dark, dark, dark world. The lights are soon to flicker out, but His sheep are bleating for you. They're calling for their God! Will you go? Will you give your life as we did? You have been given more power and more truth and even more mercy to reach the lost, the broken, the desperate and the needy.

59. Will you take up the challenge? Will you follow Jesus and David and Maria and ­Peter into the darkness to rescue His sheep? We pray you will! We will continue to fight alongside you and help you. It's not hard. Just trust the Lord. Just follow His Word and it will cut through the darkness, and you will continue to have a stream of light flowing with you through the darkness to enlighten the hearts of men. Don't give up! Forsake the temptations of your youth—the foolishness, the shallowness, the immaturity, the lusts of the world and the pride of carnal knowledge and reasoning. Follow God and you will be young forever in the Spirit with us! (End of message from a Cathar)

A Challenge to Drop Out and

Live the Law of Love!

60. (Mama: ) In the next message you'll see the role that the Cathars have played in helping to guide Dad in the many turns our Family took in our earlier years‚ including his interpret­ation and understanding of the Law of Love, FFing and our sharing beliefs. Since this mess­age highlights the Law of Love and Loving Jesus‚ and challenges you young people—and all of us—to have the conviction and dedication to live it at all costs, I asked the Lord whether these two points were the most important, or why other points were left out of this message. Here's the answer He gave:

61. (Jesus speaking: ) The Cathars' main testimony to the System of their day was their free love and spirit. They loved each other, they cared for each other, and they loved Me. This was their strength, and they seek to share the special treasure and freedoms they were given with you too. But that doesn't mean that hearing from Me in prophecy or other things that they didn't specifically mention that I have shown you are not important or are now less important.

62. Living the Law of Love, which is the main message they are proclaiming, includes all things in the life of a true Christian. The Law of Love is the basic guideline and standard by which each of you should live‚ and if you do‚ then you will be fulfilling all the law and the prophets. You will preach the Gospel out of love for lost souls. You will help those in need. You will give love to those who are lonely and destitute. You will hear from Me and confirm My will, so that you are able to perform that which I would have you to do, and so that you hurt no one through unwise or unloving actions. And on the list goes.

63. So you see, My children, the Law of Love covers everything. It does not focus only on sexual sharing or that side of the freedoms you've been given. It is all-inclusive, all-encompassing. It presides over all things. So endeavor to live My Law of Love and you will receive tremendous blessings. (End of message from Jesus.)

64. (Cathar speaking:) Thank you for asking us to speak. We have so much to say. We have spoken with your father many times. He listened to us, to our guidance, to our words of love when he was there with you on Earth. He was attuned to our instruction and to our guidance.

65. We helped him to stay dropped out. We helped him in his battles against the church system. We helped him in his discovery of the truth. We helped him in his interpretation of Jesus' Law of Love. We helped to give him the grace for the many sacrifices that he made when pioneering what you call Flirty Fishing, leading your great Family into such freedom and such light.

66. We were with your Father David from the beginning‚ instructing him and helping him and giving him courage and strength to stand strong against the status quo; to stay dropped out and revolutionary and radical and extreme; to be the iconoclast that he was!

67. We were helping and observing and supporting and directing and encouraging him, because we knew how important it was that he received the revelation of the Law of Love, and that he stayed strong in his conviction, and that he'd be faithful to pass it on to his children, who he knew would receive it, believe it, act on it and live it.

68. We knew that David's children would live it as we lived it. We knew that your parents were searching for a life of happiness, freedom and love just as we were. We knew their hearts were soft and tender to Jesus' voice, and they were willing to give anything that He would require of them so that they could be closer to Him and have more of His love, more of His Spirit, and more of His freedom; so that they could please Him and obey Him. We knew their hearts had this receptive soil to receive these precious seeds of the truth of God.

69. We knew that your Father David would be a faithful caretaker, that he would receive the Words, and that your Queen Maria would faithfully care for them and guard them and protect them and pass them on to the hungry hearts that would cherish them. We knew this precious truth would not be lost with your Father David and with his faithful, loving handmaiden, Maria.

70. So we have been amongst those Heavenly counselors round about you—helping, instructing, encouraging and strengthening. And so do we continue even now in your hour of need. We are at your beck and call, and it is our desire to continue to strengthen the hearts and minds of the children of David—to strength­en you through our words, through our presence, through our testimony. To encourage you to keep fighting and to keep trusting, to not compromise, to not let down the banner of love, to not let go of the freedom that you have been blessed with from the hand of Jesus. To not lose sight of the precious riches that have been entrusted into your care in the Words of David.

71. For these are the Last Days, and this is the greatest battle! And you, the children of David, must be stronger than ever! You must be purer than ever, in your thoughts and in your hearts and in your desire. You must be more dropped out than ever, hating the System more than ever and loving Jesus more than ever!

72. It is not a time to compromise. It is not a time to take into your hearts and minds and souls the thoughts and ways of the people of the world. It is a time to reject them more than ever—to separate yourselves so that you may stay strong and clean and close to Jesus, because the battles are great and they will be yet greater! There will be demands placed upon you that will be so great and so fierce, that only by staying close to Jesus and strong in the power of David and mighty in the ways of the Word, will you be able to withstand and conquer in the battles that are ahead.

73. So we say to you young people that it is a time to awake out of sleep! To awake out of compromise! To awake out of the lethargy and laziness of spirit, and to take your place among the ranks with your parents‚ with the faithful ones‚ with those who have proven themselves and who have been willing, as we were, to lay down their lives for the truth.

74. Don't you see that your parents have already given their lives for Jesus? They've already stood strong against the System. They've already been willing to be made of no reputation and to be mocked and scorned because of their great love and their great freedom. Their hearts and their minds are one with us. Though they may weaken in the face of the Enemy's vicious attacks, still they hold to the commission Jesus has given them‚ and they have faith and conviction that the calling they have been given is right and pure. Though they become weak‚ they do not poop out‚ but hold on to the Lord. When He sees His children weak and still holding on through their weaknesses‚ He sees soldiers who are becoming strong, waxing valiant in fight, and He is proud of them.

75. And now we proclaim the day of challenge to you young people. Are your hearts and minds one with us? Are you, too, willing to live and die for love? Is love that important to you—freedom to love one another and freedom to love Jesus? Does it mean enough to you that you are willing to die for it? Or are you willing to let the System steal it away little by little until you become blind and numb and you don't even notice that you have lost the love and freedom that you once had, and the love and freedom that your parents and those who have gone before you were willing to give their lives for?

76. We have helped your Father David and your Queen, Mother Maria. And we have helped your parents in their hour of need. We strengthened them because we knew their hearts' desire was to believe and to follow and obey and live a life of love, no matter what the cost.

77. And now we are willing to help you. We will help any who call upon us‚ who need our help, and desire our help. No matter how weak you feel. No matter how incapable and lacking in love, and selfish and tainted and polluted by the System of the world. No matter how bad and sinful you feel. If you will call out to Jesus for strength, if you will forsake your ungodly and wicked ways, you will find strength. We will be amongst your Heavenly counselors who will help you and give you strength that you know not of.

78. We have been in the war room with Jesus and with David, planning the great battles ahead. We know the battles and the choices you will face. We know the dangers and the temptations. But we also know of the great victories that are in store for you and the mighty exploits that you will do if you will only call out to Jesus for strength and power and anointing!—If you will only kneel before Him and yield yourself completely, in mind, body and spirit, and let His Words and the Words of David wash you clean of the contaminants and the pollutants, the dirt and the filth and the evil ways of the System. For they are many, and it is slowly sucking the very life out of some of you—you young warriors who should be the strongest and the most valiant, the most dropped out and the most dedicated and the most in love with Jesus because of the training that you have had, and the wonderful privilege that you have had of reading and feasting on the Words of David.

79. But instead some of you are weak and your lights are dull. Some among you are confused because you have not chosen the ways of David, but you have rejected them‚ and in rejecting them you have received strong delusion. And now many go about believing a lie, living a lie, weakening day by day. And these who have rejected the truth of the Words of David will not have the strength that they need for the battles ahead.

80. Therefore take heed to these words of warning. Prepare yourselves for the day of battle. Forsake these evil ways, these distractions of the Enemy, these lies of the Evil One, these weaknesses of the flesh, these carnal thoughts, so that you can find strength in Jesus. If you will call upon Him in your hour of need, we and many with us will be there to strengthen, encourage, support and lead and guide you as we did for your Father David, and as we are doing for your Mother Maria and your servant king, Peter.

81. Some of you may see this Law of Love, this freedom of love as a small thing, insignificant in your eyes, but we know how important it is! We know that it is a key in the Endtime events. Therefore this truth and this light must be preserved in all of its purity.

82. It is better that there be a few children of David who are willing to live this truth completely and wholly than many children of David who live it only halfheartedly or not at all. For it is not in the numbers that there is strength, but it is in how each one lives the truth of the Words of Jesus and the Words of David.

83. Your key place in the Endtime is dependent upon your faithfulness and loyalty to the truth. You have been given so much truth, and it is your responsibility to stand strong for that truth—to protect it, to speak it, to live it and to let it be a testimony, even if it costs you your life. For when you receive the truth wholeheartedly you will grow to love it, and then you will know that it is worth it to give your life for the truth, for this precious, precious freedom of love that Jesus has given you in these words of the Law of Love, in these words of your teachers and your faithful shepherd David.

84. As you receive it and as you live it, you will grow to love it, and then you will see how important this is, that this very freedom, this very Law of Love is what makes the children of David what they are. For there are many, yea, multitudes who are willing to love Jesus. There are many who are willing to praise Him and worship Him and even tell others about Him, but there are so few who are willing to live His love to the full and be a testimony of His love and an example of His Law of Love—living love to the full, loving even when it hurts.

85. This is the truth that the Enemy hates the most, and for this reason he is doing everything in his power to destroy it. So take up this truth and eat it and receive it and cherish it in your heart. Do not let the Enemy steal this treasure that has been given unto you from the hand of David and the hand of Maria. For you have been more blessed than any people on the face of the Earth because of this abundant truth. So take it, receive it, cherish it and love it!

86. There will come the day when you will die for this truth, just as we did. But there will also come the day when you will rise again in victory and you will go on to your reward, just as we did! And then you will know that it was worth it, that you made the right choice in living your lives in love.

87. So live in love! Love and live! Love and serve Jesus! And eventually you will die for love, but you will rise again to love forever in His Kingdom of love! (End of message from a Cathar.)

Follow Me, and I Will

Make Your Life Worthwhile!

88. (Jesus speaking:) My children of all ages have had to make the same decision as you: to forsake the comforts, the fleeting joys and pleasures and thrills of this world to follow My commandment to love, to live a life of sacrifice, to live a life of giving, preferring others and ministering to those in need. You look at your parents and some of you think, "They're so worn-out! They've suffered so much, forsaken so much, given up so much." But they have done it for their Lord, and these are the true greats in My Kingdom!

89. Your parents have become great in My Kingdom, for they have followed Me whither­soever I have led, and they have gone wherever I have asked them to go, and they have believed whatever I have asked them to believe. And now I ask you the same—to follow Me. And if the footmen weary you, what will you do when the horsemen arrive? If these truths offend you‚ what will you do with stronger truths?

90. So if you seek the comfort, the false security and the fleeting joys of this world, then turn aside. But if you seek to follow Me into My Kingdom, and you have the love and the idealism and the will and the desire to help ­others and lead them into My Kingdom‚ then follow Me! Follow David! Follow your queen and your king and your parents and this Family! And I will make your life a worthwhile life, a life worth living! I will give you the joy and the happiness that you desire. (End of message from Jesus.)

Cathars Who Have Come to Help

91. (Mama: ) The next two messages from departed Cathars, including the story from Hilda, were received by Family members on the field over the past year or more. It's encouraging to see that they're speaking to various ones of you‚ giving you the encouragement and help that you need.

92. (Cathar speaking:) We are your helpers! We are being sent by Jesus to help you—not only you personally, but this whole Family, to help the children of David. When your father was released into the Heavenlies, we were commissioned to come and help, as he has been gathering a big army to prepare for this Endtime battle. Your Father David has been gathering us, and we are part of his army. Fear not, therefore, for we are sent by him‚ and by Jesus, to help this whole Family.

93. Listen to the whispers, for we are here at your beck and call. We have learned much these last 700 years. Though there is so much we do not know about the fields and about this present day‚ there is much in the spirit which we have learned. We have learned many lessons through persecution, fighting the battle for the Word of God, and there is much we can do and want to do to help you.

94. Be not fearful but believing, for we have come to join this Endtime army! This is our day, and our Savior is allowing us to come back to fight this last and great, but most thrilling battle. Fear not, for we are by your side, at your beck and call. We are many! For David is a gypsy at heart, even as we were gypsies, and as you are gypsies, and we understand. David wants his children to be well cared for, and for this cause he has rallied this big army, and we are part of it. (End of message from Cathar.)

95. (After we asked for specific names, we received the following, Cathar speaking:) Our names are not important, for we are Cathars. What is important is that we have come to help, to fill you with God's Spirit and strength and the thoughts of our beloved Jesus.

96. We are young, and we are full of life and fire! We can empower you with the same life and fire and strength and youth. Many of you have been battle–weary, but we are a young and new army! Therefore, fear not, for God's Spirit is in you and His Spirit shall sustain you and carry you. His Spirit shall give you new strength and new power that you have never known—special powers given especially for this Endtime. The powers that we have in the Spirit shall be poured into you.

97. Fear not them which persecute you, for the victory shall be glorious! Fear not, for you shall fight here, and you shall fight there, and you shall be powerful, and nothing shall by any means stop you! (End of message from a Cathar.)

Hilda's Story

98. (Mama:) This next personal testimony from a Cathar gives insight into the few older folks who did drop out of the System and join the Cathars, although as the Cathars themselves have said, most of their movement consisted of youth—teenagers and young adults. Here's what the Lord said about this:

99. (Jesus speaking: ) I allowed Hilda to give this testimony to show how powerful the love of the Cathars was, for her father, though a man of nobility, left it all behind to follow a group of young freedom fighters, lovers of the truth and lovers of God. This did not happen much, but there were some of the older generation who yielded to the call of God and left their former lives behind—though for the most part the youth were the drop-outs and the Cathars' converts.

100. Hilda's father left the System behind and took his family with him, including Hilda, his daughter, to live out their remaining days on the side of the right, and to claim their blessing and rewards by living and dying for Me. (End of message from Jesus.)

101. (Hilda speaking:) I am Hilda. I am French, but I can speak English to make it easier for you to pass on my message to your household. I am a Cathar. My father was a prince who became a Cathar. He taught us about Jesus, about true love, true brotherhood, about the life of faith. First he kept it hidden, but with his witness and his love, many started following and joining us.

102. We were happy loving Jesus. Then, when we got persecuted, we went to be with our precious King in His beautiful Kingdom. We promised to come back, and here we are. As we watched your King David from the Heavenlies, our hearts were beating so fast, as we could feel the same spirit in you. You are the embodiment of what we wanted to live 700 years ago.

103. We are many and we are here to help. We love this final hour, which shall be a victorious one. For though the evil one is not yet come into full power, and though he will try to persecute and kill and massacre you, even as he did us, you shall have a greater anointing. You shall have greater power and greater faith, and you shall have all of us and many, many more at your beck and call to strengthen you, help you, and lead you into battle. Though the evil one shall rage and rage‚ casualties shall be few in number, and each one shall be a victory in the spirit; it shall be a fall upward. It shall make you stronger and more victorious until the glorious day when Jesus shall come back and take us all away with Him.

104. I am Hilda. I have blue eyes and I wear my braids gathered around my ears. I am of royal descent, but when we became Cathars we lived very simply as we shared our wealth with our brethren. So I am not dressed in noble apparel; I am dressed simply. I wear a little wooden cross around my neck‚ and I love my Jesus so much.

105. I was 22 years old when I was taken up to be with Jesus and become His bride. My ­father had gone to negotiate with the [Catholic] church, and while he was gone, they took him and killed him. Our house and our whole neighborhood was burned to the ground. We tried to flee but there was nowhere to go. They burned and pillaged everything‚ and they killed me as I was trying to run with my younger brother. They killed him too. But the pain was brief, and we knew we were going to our Savior. He received us with such great honor; He wiped all our tears away and gave us so much love that it made it worth it all.

106. We witnessed to so many in the land that even today they can still remember us. There are places in Southern France where they still talk about us. They know we were there, and when we come back, they will remember the prophecy and they will know our spirit. Even when they are persecuting you‚ they will remember how they have persecuted us and how we have come back.

Jesus is my King,

For Him will I sing.

He is my Lover,

I'm His bride forever.

Jesus is my Friend,

He takes me by the hand.

Come‚ everyone, from near and far

For we are gypsies.

We are wild and free

And we love Jesus

And He loves me.

We dance and we sing

And we love our King,

And we are with Him

For eternity.

Come on‚ everyone,

It's time to come back.

It's time to go help

The children of light.

For they are fighting

And they are winning

And they shall welcome us

With open arms.

Jesus is our King,

To Him we shall sing.

He's our Lover‚

We're His bride forever.

(End of message from Hilda.)

Did the Cathars Know About

The Loving Jesus Revelation?

107. (Mama:) You might have noticed that in the above messages from the Cathars, they mentioned how they "loved Jesus." I asked our wonderful Husband whether the Cathars had the gift of Loving Jesus, as other prophecies seemed to indicate that He had reserved this revelation for us, as His intimate Endtime Bride. Here are the interesting answers He gave:

108. (Jesus speaking:) I love those that love Me, and those who seek Me shall find Me. That is why throughout history there have been those who loved Me in an intimate way, even though I did not reveal to them the specifics of this revelation that I have given to you. Even though I did not show them the depth and detail that I have given you so plainly, I did reveal to them My desire to love them intimately—as much as they had the faith for.

109. The Cathars had a deep and passionate love for Me. They knew they were destined to live and die for Me, and so desired to love Me in the most intimate way possible. Because of their deep love for Me, I did reveal to them the treasure of loving Me in a more intimate way than the church accepted—and for this also they were persecuted, mocked, and finally put to death, because their passionate and free love for Me was too powerful‚ too overwhelming, and the leaders of the church of their day knew that it would set fire in the hearts of ­others.

110. Though I was not able to give them the full revelation, as I have given to you, My End­time children, I did entrust them with much, for they so longed and desired to love Me more deeply, more wildly, more as I longed to be loved. They were not bound in the spirit, but they were free; they hungered after My love. They had a deep and insatiable hunger for the things of My Spirit, so I revealed to them how they could love Me more intimately, beyond what was the accepted normalcy of their day. In their day it was considered radical, but it was not the full revelation as I have revealed it unto you.

111. I have given the Cathars unto you for helpers and strength in the spirit. The prophecy has been fulfilled that was spoken in the time of their death, that they would return. And though they have not returned in the flesh, they have returned in the spirit—the true reality—and are very much alive in you, My children of the End!

112. Rejoice in the love and freedom that you share, for they are akin to your spirits. They would have gladly lived in these days and carried the cross which you bear, if I had willed it. They have gone on before you, and have re­turned to Earth to help you in these, the Last Days! (End of message from Jesus.)

113. (Jesus speaking:) Have you felt their spirits helping you? Have you felt the touch of their spirits in your lives? They are so excited, they are rejoicing and applauding and jumping up and down, for now is the chance that they have been waiting for!

114. They have waited so long to have their chance to come back and take over the world. They have found their opportunity in the children of David. The children of David have manifested their faith and belief and yieldedness to Me and My Spirit and to the Loving Jesus revelation‚ so now the Cathars have finally found the willing and yielded vessels through which they can work. They're so excited to be able to help you! They're so thankful and thrilled that the children of David are going to carry on some of the things that they started.

115. They believed in sexual freedom in the same sense as you. Many of them loved Me intimately and loved each other intimately and would have loved many more intimately if the world would have accepted them. But the world scorned them and mocked them and massacred them‚ for fear that their religious beliefs would set others free from the bondage of the System—free to know Me personally and intimately‚ and therefore have no need of the religious system.

116. They did not have time to experience or pass on the Loving Jesus message or revelation in the same way that the children of David have been able to. It was just beginning in their lives. The seed was there, the dream and the vision and the desire, but they did not have time to fulfill it completely in the way that they wanted to. That is why they are so thrilled and happy and excited that the children of David will be able to carry on what they started and will be able to fulfill the Loving Jesus revelation.

117. Now the Cathars of the spirit and the children of David in this world join forces, to be a mighty fighting army of the Endtime—one which will accomplish My will in the End. (End of message from Jesus)

118. (Mama: ) Praise the Lord! Isn't it en­cour­aging to know what a supply of Heavenly help is available to us? Please do your part to forsake the temptations of the world and the lethargy and compromise that it results in, so that we can truly be the called out, Endtime army that the Lord and the Cathars are counting on us to be!

Looking Back on the Cathars

By David Roberts, Smithsonian Magazine

On a sunny June morning‚ I sat atop a high wall on the ruined castle of Montsegur in southern France‚ my feet dangling over the edge. On my left, 500 feet below, a group of schoolchildren had spread out their picnic on the edge of a field blazing with dandelions. It seemed unlikely that the youngsters knew much about that meadow, whose ancient name means "Field of the Burned." There, one March day in A.D. 1244, knights of the French army built a huge pyre of brush and wood; then they led more than 200 chained prisoners from the castle down to the pyre and burned them alive. The victims were Cathars‚ nonviolent Christian heretics who had convulsed Europe for half a century.

To the average American, the Albigensian Crusade, if the term calls up anything at all, is but a musty vapor from some forgotten history lesson. To the inhabitants of Languedoc, the green and craggy wine-growing region that sprawls across south­western France, the crusade forms a keystone of cultural identity. But for that bitter and protracted war—the only cru­sade ever declared by a pope against Euro­peans—Languedoc might today be an independent country. Its people might speak Occi­tan, not French, and troubadour poets might still sing of their love for unattainable ladies.

The Cathars were divided into an elite, called parfaits, or "perfects," and a larger population of croyants, or "believers." (There were many parfaites, females who had equal status with the parfaits.)

The Cathars were drawn to southwestern France because of the region's tolerance for unorthodox ideas. By the 12th century, Langue­doc had become, in the words of one scholar, "in many respects the most civilized part of western Europe." The city of Toulouse was more opulent and more intellectually advanced than Paris. The Occitan language was regarded by literate Europeans as superior to French or Italian. The rigid feudalism of the north did not hold sway in Languedoc, where peasants often owned their own land.

In the 12th century, France was far from the unified country we know today: its king ruled a territory only one-tenth the size of modern France. The count of Toulouse, as the most powerful lord in Languedoc, was virtually a king in his own right.

Alarmed by the rise of the Cathars, a ­series of 12th century popes set out to stop them. Their remedy was to send the best Catholic orators to Languedoc to preach the truth. The first emissary was no less a figure than Saint Bernard‚ who packed the cathedral at Albi but failed to convert more than a handful. The preaching crusade gave way to a series of debates between Cathar and Catholic spokesmen. These wildly popular frays lasted as long as eight days. Led by such eloquent parfaits as Guilabert of Castres, the Cathars gave as good as they got.

One day in 1206, a pair of discouraged Spanish clerics paused for a rest in Montpellier, where they ran into some equally disheartened papal legates, veterans of these debates. It suddenly occurred to the Spaniards that the Cathars had won much of their following by the daunting example of their poverty and sim­plicity. Why not fight the heretics with their own weapons? The Spaniards set out barefoot‚ penniless, living on bread and water‚ to preach their way across Languedoc. The older priest quickly weakened and went home to die, but the younger made people sit up and take notice. Dominic de Guzman, soon to found an order of friars now called the Dominicans, was regarded in Languedoc as an impressive madman. Yet even Dominic failed to dent the heresy.

In 1198, Innocent III was elected pope. Relentless in his determination to wipe out the Cathars, Innocent began snarling at the heels of the Languedocian nobility who sheltered Cathars. His main target was Raymond VI‚ count of Toulouse.

The papal legate charged with exterminating heresy in Languedoc set forth for a meeting with Raymond VI, and in January 1208 these two stubborn men locked horns. Raymond refused to give in to the legate's demands, and uttered vague threats when the man announced his departure. The next morning, as the legate's party tried to ford the Rhone‚ a mysterious horseman charged the camp and killed the legate with a lance through the back.

Thus, in a single stroke, began what would become one of the most savage of all medieval wars. Innocent declared the legate a martyr and launched the crusade. Monks roamed the northern roads‚ offering the papal indulgence of remission of all sins for 40 days' service in the holy war. An army of northerners‚ more than 15,000 strong, gathered in Lyon.

In July 1209 the army marched on the ill-prepared town of Beziers‚ in northeastern Langue­doc. Led by a ragtag mob, the cru­saders burst through the town gates and unleashed a riot of murder and looting. In the middle of the massacre, it was reported, leader Arnald-Amaury was asked how the soldiers could distinguish heretics from Catholics. "Kill them all," he replied; "God will recognize His own."

Though the eradication of heresy was the pretext for the crusade, it quickly became a free-for-all of secular opportunism. Petty lords of the north, languishing in bankrupt fiefdoms, saw the war as a chance to grow rich and powerful in Languedoc. Simon de Montfort was elected by his peers as head of the army, whose ranks were constantly depleted by crusaders returning home after serving their 40 days.

The bloodiest period of the Albigensian War came in its first four years, from 1208 to 1212, as Simon swept across the length and breadth of Languedoc. Victories were celebrated with atrocities. Such spectacles revealed the self-righteous cruelty of fanaticism, second nature to men like Simon de Montfort and Arnald–Amaury. … Some 300 to 400 heretics found hiding inside the walls [at Lavaur] were taken outside town where, as the cru­sade's historian, who was a participant, put it, "we burned them alive with joy in our hearts."

One of the bravest resistances took place at Minerve. After six weeks of siege, the defenders capitulated. Arnald–Amaury agreed to spare the lives of Minerve's heroic garrison, including its 140 parfaits, if only they would abjure their heresy. But as the crusaders marched through the streets‚ the parfaits told them to save their breath: "Why preach at us? We care nothing for your faith, and we deny the church of Rome." The [female] parfaites, says the chronicler‚ were even more obdurate than the men. A pyre was prepared. The conquerors were spared the trouble of dragging their victims to their deaths: many Cathars threw themselves onto the flames.

By the end of 1212, Simon had conquered virtually all of Languedoc. But the back country was a tortuous wilderness of dense forests, limestone gorges pocked with caves and mountains with overhanging cliffs. After the burnings of Lavaur and Minerve, the Cathars fled to the forests and mountains.

Gradually the Cathars and their adherents began to assemble in cliff–top castles deep in the wilderness. The ruins of more than 50 of these sanctuaries stand today. In their rude defensive isolation they remain the most spectacular medieval ruins in France.

The war wound on‚ as Simon found it harder to keep his southern holdings than it had been to conquer them. One rebellion after another sprang up; the crusaders, who had perfected the art of siege‚ found themselves besieged. By 1224 the southerners had reclaimed nearly all of Languedoc and were close to winning the war. For years, Innocent Ill had beseeched the king of France to join the crusade; in 1226, Louis VIII heeded the exhortation.

Exhausted by two decades of warfare, which had turned much of their country into wasteland, the southerners gave up in 1229. Languedoc ceased forever to be an independent state. The conquerors tore down the walls of Toulouse and erected new churches.

Pope Innocent had died, but Pope Gregory IX knew there were still heretics hiding out all over the South of France. In 1233 he put the Dominicans in charge of a systematic effort to expunge them. Thus was born the Inquisition. The burnings began again—perhaps 5‚000 all told in the subsequent half-century. The inquisitors even convicted dead Cathars, exhumed their bones and publicly burned them.

For the remaining Cathars, life became an incessant flight from one sanctuary to another. By the late 1230s, some 500 Cathars and supporters had taken refuge in the seemingly impregnable castle of Montsegur, atop its steep plug of limestone. Neither the church nor the royal army knew what to do about this bastion of heresy; for years it was left alone. Then in 1242, some knights from Montsegur rode out and killed a small band of inquisitors. Enraged, the church directed an army of several thousand troops to lay siege to Montsegur.

Montsegur held out for nine months, through the bitter winter of 1243-44. In early March, the garrison surrendered. On March 16, the army led more than 200 Cathars down the mountain and burned them in the meadow.

Through the last half of the 13th century, Cathars continued to meet clandestinely in forests and caves to hold their ceremonies, and the Inquisition continued to burn them when they caught them.

Much about the Cathars remains mysterious. In its fury, the church burned, along with the heretics, every piece of Cathar writing it could find. We know the Cathars wrote books, but we are left with mere fragments of their thought. Our grasp of the faith of the Cathars comes chiefly from confessions wrung from their lips by Catholic torturers who destroyed every­thing they stood for.